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Alan Brownjohn (born 28 July 1931) is an English poet and novelist.


  • Following daily such a dread-
    ful trade to earn a living,
    With every second on that cliff
    So cruel and unforgiving,
  • Is fine - as long as no one comes
    And asks us what we do there...
    We'd have to say, Without our toil,
    Just who would know it grew there?
    • The Cat Without E-Mail (2001).
  • At dawn, a railwaywoman
    On a country platform whirls on the end of a chain
    An irrelevant key, while a young guard makes to wipe
    A crumb from her lapel; and see, she smiles
    A permissory smile you take in from your corner seat:
    A cameo of unrehearsed perfection.
    • The Old Flea-Pit (1987).

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