Alon Mizrahi

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Alon Mizrahi

Alon Mizrahi (born November 22, 1971) is an Israeli football player. He plays as a striker and he is the best scorer in Israel's football history.

Translator's note: as usual, when the original makes a Hebrew grammar mistake which is pertinent to the quote, translation is non-trivial. Please do not change any translations unless you speak Hebrew.


  • The problem with this season was that 7-8 players were released — and that's just what I count on one hand.
    • Zeno, Yediot Ahronot, June 2005.
  • I know it was a writer.
  • I want to play in Europe and I said it in the media and on television.
    • In an interview with Channel One.
  • It amazes me that all teams in the eighth-final are European.
    • Commentary on Euro 2004.
  • I want to play either in Europe or in Spain.
    • In an interview to the Sports Channel.

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