An American Tail: The Treasure of Manhattan Island

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An American Tail: The Treasure of Manhattan Island is a 1998 Universal Studios Home Entertainment animated video about the young mouse Fievel who has found a map to a secret Native American mice civilization underground. This is the first direct-to-video sequel of the An American Tail film series.

Directed by Larry Latham. Written by Len Uhley.
Meet Fievel. In his search to find his family, he discovered America. (taglines)


[first lines; after "We Live in Manhattan"]
Fievel: Morning, Mama!
Tanya: Morning!
Mama: Good morning, my darlings. You had a good night?
Tanya: [giggles] Yes, Mama.
Fievel: I dreamed we moved out west and I became a famous gunslinger!
Tanya: [sarcastically] Ha. Like that could happen.
Fievel: Well, it seemed real to me.
[clock chimes]
Mama: Look at the time. Where is your father?
Tanya: I'll go get him.
Fievel: No, I will.
[Papa snores]
Tanya: Good morning, Papa.
Fievel: Time to get up.
Papa: Okay, okay. I'm fine. I'm awake! [sleeps and snores]
Fievel: Then how come you look asleep?
Papa: [groans and covers his head with a pillow] Wishful thinking.
Tanya: Hurry, Papa, or you'll be late for your job at the factory.
Papa: [snaps] Alright. Okay. I'm up! Happy?!
Tanya: [about to weep] I...I was trying to help. [weeps]
Papa: Tanya, wait. I didn't--
Mama: What's with all excitement?
Tanya: [walks towards Mama weeping; voice breaking] Papa is so mean lately.
Mama: [angered; to Papa] So! I hope you're satisfied.
Papa: Tanya, I'm sorry. Tell her I'm sorry! [Mama gives him a glare as Tanya weeps, he moans]
Fievel: Papa, are you okay?
Papa: Ah, Fievel, it's just that I'm not as young as I used to be.
Fievel: Me, neither!
Papa: Fievel, what I mean is I'm tired. Back in Russia, I taught music, sometimes, I made a few violins to sell. Two jobs was enough! Aye, but here in America, here, you need three.
Fievel: Isn't that good?
Papa: Well, yes and no. Yes, because it's the only way for us to get ahead and build a better life. And also no, because when I'm so worn out, I forget to be kind to my own family.
[Tanya who heard what Papa said, comes back to embrace him]
Fievel: Aw, don't worry, Papa. It'll work out. Like you always tell me, "In America, you are truly free."
Papa: [chuckles] That is true.
Fievel: "Free to succeed and free to fail."
Papa: Ay, that is also true.
Fievel: "Free to be a little crumb one day and the next, a big cheese."
Papa: That is also, also true.
Mama: Of course, he also said there were no cats in America.
Papa: Hmph!
Fievel: That's okay, Papa, you can't be right about everything.
Papa: [laughing] Little Fievel. It's good you are so full of hope.
Mama: Of course, he's full of hope. He's your son, isn't he?
Fievel: Yeah, and you're my papa, [hugs him] Papa.

[during the reprise of "We Live in Manhattan"]
Mama: [inside house] Be careful, Fievel!
Fievel: G'bye!
Tony: [walks toward Fievel] Hey, Filly! [Papa leaves for work] [to Papa] See ya, Mr. M!

[after the reprise of "We Live in Manhattan"; Fievel, Tony, and Tiger are buying Swiss Cheese Ice Cream.]
Tony: Hey! This one's on me.
Fievel: Thanks, Tony.
Tony: It's the least I can do. After all, it was your dad who got me my job at the Cheese Factory.
Tiger: Wow, you must be rich! [he eats ice cream] Oh. [burps] Pardon me. Ha! Ooh,
Tony: Tiger, I only been workin' for a week. Gettin' rich takes at least a month.
Fievel: Gee, I can't wait to get a job!
Tony: Ooh, I wouldn't rush if I was you.
Fievel: How come?
Tony: Well, now that I'm working, I've got responsibilities.
Fievel: Ooh!
Tony: But you can still go wherever you want whenever you want!
Fievel: Yeah! So... where am I going?
Tony: Right in there.
Fievel: Wow! What is it?
Tony: Oh, something I, uh, personally discovered just recently. The Beach Pneumatic Subway.
Tiger: Beach? Uh, I don't see any beach.
Tony: Beach is the guy who built it.
Tiger: Oh, good. Because I get fleas... at the beach.
Fievel: What's a subway?
Tony: An underground train.
Fievel: This I gotta see!
Tiger: We're talkin' about a really big, nasty, loud machine here, right?
Tony: What are you, afraid?
Tiger: Who, me? Ha-ha! No! I just think it would be better if I stand guard up here and, uh, uh, and protect your flank.
Tony: [chuckles sarcastically] And we are supposed to buy this story?
Tiger: Actually, I was kinda hoping... yes.
Fievel: Tony, c'mon, c'mon!
Tony: Fine. Wait here.
Tiger: Good plan!

Tony: There it is.
Fievel: Ooh!
Tony: See that huge fan over there? When they turned it on, whoosh! It blew the car along so fast you slammed back in your seat.
Fievel: Wow!
Tony: Your eyes bugged out. Your hair stood back. Your cheeks flapped in the wind. [he shakes his head]
Fievel: [looks in window of train and gasps] Double-wow!
Tony: Problem is, it didn't work too good. So about 12 years ago, they closed it up.
Fievel: Aw.
Tony: Hey, get a load of this. Hello! ["Hello!" echoing]
Fievel: Hoo! [owl imitation hoot echoing]
Fievel and Tony: HOO! [owl imitation hoot echoing] Oooh! [they slide down part of the transit and walk through it. Meanwhile, back in the surface, Tiger is "standing guard" so he won't have to go into the tunnel]
Tiger: Hup, two, three, four! Hup, two, three-- Oh, who am I fooling? The only flank I'm protecting is mine! Those poor little guys, down there in that dark pit all by themselves. I'm a fraud, I'm a failure, I'm-- [growls in frustration] I'm going after them! [runs into the subway tunnel] It's so dark in here!

Tiger: Fiev? Fievel? Yoo-hoo? Yoo-hoo-hoo? Tony? [he looks around the control room] Maybe I can see 'em from there.
[Rumbling sounds and rocks fall down close to them, and they yell in shock]
Fievel: Tony, maybe we oughta go back.
Tony: Yeah. I mean, Tiger's probably getting worried about us, huh?
Fievel: That too.
Tiger: [groaning] Oh! Whoa! [he pulls a switch, the huge fan starts to spin and blows away as the train car starts to move] Uh-oh.
[rumbling and clattering]
Fievel: WHAT'S THAT?!
[Train car moves faster, Fievel and Tony run until Fievel's coat gets caught on a nail]
Tony: Fievel!
Fievel: Tony, help! I'm stuck! [grunting]
[As soon as Tony helps Fievel break free, the train rumbles past them and the floor gives way, causing them to fall into a hole, while screaming as the screen fades to black, and a thud is heard as the screen fades back to Fievel and Tony, as they stop screaming.]
Tony: We're dead. Right?
Fievel: Uh, I don't think so.
Tony: Hey, my body's numb, and I'm staring into a tunnel of light. We are talking deceased here.
Fievel: Tony, we fell into a hole underneath the tunnel. The floor just gave away.
Tony: Oh, boy. Am I relieved.
Fievel: What kind of place is this?
Tony: You got me. But from the smell. I'd say something crawled in here and... [bumps into a mouse skeleton] DIED! [Tony grabs the skeleton and throws it, and runs back to Fievel as he screams, and the skeleton falls onto the ground] What was that?
Fievel: I-It's--Ew! It's got something in it's paw. [Tony grabs a piece of paper from the skeleton's paw] What's it say?
Tony: It's too dark. I'll light the match.
[Tony gives unknown paper to Fievel, and he strikes a match; Fievel and Tony look around to find themselves in a room full of mouse skeletons and skulls, and Fievel and Tony scream in terror, and immediately jump out of the hole and dash away]
Tiger: [turns off the fan and runs out of the control room] Tony! Fievel! Where are you?! Ya-hoo!
[as soon as Tiger sees Fievel and Tony dashing out of the tunnel, he plays along and dashes with them]

Fievel: Are you sure this is the place?
Tony: Absotively. I helped this guy, Dr. Dithering, move some stuff last month. [he knocks at the door] He's real smart.
Dr. Dithering: Ah, my, yes. Young, young, um, uhh...
Tony: Tony, Tony Toponi.
Dr. Dithering: Yes, of course. Do come in. [lets Fievel and Tony in, and then opens a bigger doorway for Tiger]
Tiger: [chuckles] I just, a little snugger than I...Oh!
Dr. Dithering: So, what brings you here?
Tony: Uh, see, my pals and me. well, we got a question maybe you could answer.
Dr. Dithering: Fine! Always glad to encourage young minds and all that.
Tony: Great! So, you know that subway tunnel you told me about?
Fievel: You said you discovered it.
Tony: I didn't say I didn't have help.
Dr. Dithering: Wh-what? You didn't go in there, did you?
Tiger: I told 'em not to. Honest I did.
Tony: Ah, put a lid on it, will ya? Honest, Nothin' happened.
[As the mice walk through Dr. Dithering's lab, Fievel begins to make funny faces through the beakers until he notices a telescope; he picks it up and looks through it backwards to see two tiny figures]
Dr. Dithering: Oh, oh, careful. [Fievel puts down the telescope to see that the two figures are really Tony and Dithering standing right in front of him, and screams] Oh! Delicate, you know.
Fievel: Sorry.
Tony: Anyway, we walkin' in the tunnel, mindin' our own business--
Fievel: Then a train came, and my coat got caught, and we fell down a hole and we saw this skeleton.
Dr. Dithering: [chuckling] Oh, my. Nothing happened, you say?
Tony: Well, nothin' permanent, anyway. Filly, show him a map.
Dr. Dithering: Hmm? Map? [looking at the map that Fievel just gave him] Hmm. Scuttlebutt?
Scuttlebutt: What? [pops out of a file drawer, startling Dithering, Fievel and Tony]
Dr. Dithering: Oh, uh, what are you doing in there?
Scuttlebutt: I'm... cataloging! That's it! Um, keeping your files up to date.
Dr. Dithering: Ah, good lad. Now, I need you to bring over the large magnifier.
Scuttlebutt: Oh, yes. the large magnifier. It's what I live for, shovin' around half a ton of glass.
Tony: [sarcastically] Who's the ray of sunshine?
Dr. Dithering: My assistant, Scuttlebutt. Odd chap, really. Always poking about, wondering what I'm up to.
[Scuttlebutt wheels in a magnifying glass]
Scuttlebutt: [grunting] The large magnifier, like you asked.
Dr. Dithering: Excellent. Hold this, will you?
Scuttlebutt: Right. But I won't enjoy it.
Dr. Dithering: Hmm. Ah! This is a artifact from the former indigenous population.
Fievel: What does "indigenous" mean?
Dr. Dithering: The local inhabitants. What we incorrectly refer to as "indians."
[Tiger incoherently yells in shock, falls down, and gets back up]
Tiger: Indians? Hmm.
Dr. Dithering: Some branch of the Delaware tribes, or rather, from the size of this map, the mice who lived among them.
Tony: Told you he was smart.
Dr. Dithering: If you'd like I shall attempt to decipher it for you.
Tony: Hey, Professor, that'd be ter-- [he hears a bell chiming] Holy spumoni! I gotta get to the factory!
Fievel: What about the map?
Tony: Can't wait! If they catch me comin' late, I am a dead rodent!
Fievel: Maybe Tony was right. Having a job doesn't sound fun at all.
Tiger: It has a downside. Definitely. Definitely.

[Tony arrives late for his job at the cheese factory]
Mr. Grasping: Stop right there. [the rich factory owners: Grasping, Toplofty, and O'Bloat arrive on their sedan chair; Grasping snaps his fingers, ordering a servant to support him as he gets off his chair] What have we here, Mr. O'Bloat?
Mr. O'Bloat: [nibbling on a piece of cheese] Hmm. It appears to be one of our workers, Mr. Grasping, but he's late for his shift!
Mr. Grasping: Well, we can't have that. Can we, Mr. Toplofty? [he then points to Tony with his cane]
Tony: Ay!
Mr. Toplofty: [walks on the same servant mouse] No, indeed. Sets a bad example.
Tony: [groans] Let me explain!
Mr. Grasping: We don't want excuses, boy. We want results.
Papa: Then don't fire him.
Mr. Grasping: And you are?
Papa: My name is Mousekewitz, sir.
Mr. Grasping: Alright, Mousekewitz. Why should let this dawdler keep his job?
Papa: He won't be late again. He-he's afraid of you. I'll make sure he knows that you call the shots.
Mr. Grasping: Hmm. See that you do.
[Papa and Tony walk away]
Mr. O'Bloat: Have you gone soft, Grasping? [jumps on the servant mouse] Why didn't you fire that boy?
Mr. Grasping: Because the Russian was right. a powerful motivator. From now on, that boy will be the very picture of punctuality.
Mr. Toplofty: Yes, well, be that is it may, why is that old mouse butting in? Who is he to say what's right and wrong?
Mr. O'Bloat: Yes. What is he? Some sort of leader among mice? [he and Grasping laugh]
Mr. Grasping: The spineless old fool? He could hardly look us in the eye.
Mr. Toplofty: He may be spineless, but he got what he wanted out of you... and that makes him a troublemaker.
Mr. Grasping: Very well. Perhaps we will keep an eye on Mr. Mousekewitz.

Mouse: [in another scene] The coast in clear.

[Tony is wrapping cheese in paper as his job]
Tony: 751. [he rings a bell] 752. [he rings a bell again] 753. [he rings a bell again, and he notices that the cheese he stacked is gone] Huh? [notices Papa hauling away the cheese] Hey, Mr. Mousekewitz. Boy, you really saved my tail back there. Thanks.
Papa: You're welcome.
Tony: The way you spoke up to them guys, it was amazin'! You ain't afraid of nothin'.
Papa: No, Tony. Lately, I'm afraid of everything.
Tony: I don't get it.
Papa: They let you keep your job because I convinced them that I was a coward, and that I could teach you to be one, too!
[Tony is then hit on the head by a cheese and he wraps the cheese in paper in rapid pace]
[scene cuts to Dr. Dithering studying the Native American map]
Dr. Dithering: Ah. Hmm. Ah-ha. [gasps in shock] Ah-ha!
Scuttlebutt: Ahh! [he falls on a bowl of glue]
Dr. Dithering: We must find Tony! Ahh! [he slides on Tiger's back]
Tiger: [snorting] Ah. Hey!
Fievel: What is it? What does it say?
Scuttlebutt: Here, now. What's the rush? [he sees his bottom stuck on a bowl of glue] Oh, lovely.

[at the end of the day]
Male Worker: Thanks.
Tank Top Mouse: Here ya go. Here.
Kid Worker: Thank you.
Tank Top Mouse: Here ya go.
Female Worker: Thanks.
Tank Top Mouse: [Tony comes to collect his week's pay at the factory] Nothin' for you, Toponi. Bosses said you was late.
Tony: Well, yeah, maybe ten minutes. So I lose a whole week's pay?
Tank Top Mouse: You're lucky you still got a job. Next!

Tony: [alone in the street after losing a week's pay at the factory] [sighs] So much for gettin' rich.
Tiger: Whoa! Tony! Just the guy we're lookin' for.
Dr. Dithering: [stuttering] You lads have made an amazing discovery! O-O-One for the history books, I should think.
Tony: What are you talkin' about?
Dr. Dithering: This, uh, m-m-map is a-a diagram of an underground t-t-tunnel system.
Fievel: You mean, the subway?
Dr. Dithering: No, no. Another one, un-un-underneath it, built centuries ago by the Indian mice. Uh, kind of a, a maze.
Tiger: Yeah? That's amazing!
Dr. Dithering: Oh, why, yes. Oh, but wait until you hear what's at the bottom of it. [chuckles]
Fievel, Tony, and Scuttlebutt: [to Dr. Dithering] Well?
Dr. Dithering: According to this, at the end of the maze is and I quote, "Our greatest Treasure."
Tiger: Treasure?
Scuttlebutt: Treasure?
Fievel and Tony: Treasure.
[scene switches to Papa]
Papa: Absolutely not!
Fievel: But, Papa--
Papa: "But, Papa" Nothing. What? You wanna crawl down some rat hole... [to Dr. Dithering] No offense.
Dr. Dithering: Oh, none taken.
Papa: ...after some cockamamie buried treasure?
Fievel: It's not cockamamie, it's real! Mama, can't I go?
Mama: Sure. So what if it gives your mother a heart attack from worrying? Go. Enjoy.
Fievel: Ah, Mama, I'll be okay. And I'll come back with a treasure.
Papa: Ah, feh! Where is the proof? A so-called map? Not even written in a language; Just a bunch of d-d-d-d-doodles!
Tanya: I think it's pretty.
Papa: Tanya, don't help!
Fievel: Papa, why did we leave Russia?
Papa: We were going to be eaten. You need a better reason?
Fievel: Papa, I'm serious! You always say that in America, if a mouse works hard and get lucky, he can make a fortune.
Papa: So?
Fievel: So finding the map was the lucky part. Going down that tunnel; That's the hard work.
Tony: Filly's right, Mr. M. We're never gonna make it workin' for those fat rats at the factory.
Fievel: Please, Papa. There's no reason to be afraid.
[A look of fear goes through Papa as he imagines the factory owners glaring down at him]
Papa: Okay, So, go. [Mama sobs in worry]
Tanya: He can't go, he's just a kid. I'm older, let me go!
Fievel: Tanya, don't help!
Mama: No! If Tanya goes, nobody goes!
Papa: Relax, Mama, she's not going.
Tanya: No fair, no fair, no fair! He always gets to go do the exciting stuff, and all I get to do is... laundry.
Papa: She does have a point.
Mama: Which only matches the one on your head! Tanya, you are staying here, and that is that!
[Fievel blows a raspberry at Tanya]
Tanya: I am going to be putting a lot of starch on everything you wear.
Dr. Dithering: I assure you, Madam, there's nothing to be concerned about. Think of it as a, uh, uh, well, as a, uh, a field trip.
Papa: See?
Dr. Dithering: Think of it as a rite of passage.
Tony: See?
Tanya: Think of it as a disaster waiting to happen.
Fievel, Tony, Mama and Papa: [annoyed] TANYA, DON'T HELP!
Dr. Dithering: Ah, then it's settled! We'll start off in the morning. In the meantime, we must gather supplies. Scuttlebutt? Strange. Where did he go?

[At the Les Club Des Grands Fromages]
Police Chief McBrusque: So me and the boys cornered the little rabble-rouser, see? Then he looks at me and asks, "Have you no mercy?" So I says, "Wait, now. Let me check. As a matter of fact, no!" And that's when we let him have it. [laughs cockily]
Mr. Toplofty: Bravo. [he, Mr. Grasping, and O'Bloat chuckle and applaud]
Police Chief McBrusque: The way I see it, every time a ship docks in the harbor, we get a new load of troublemakers. So it's my job to keep them in line. [drinks his wine]
Mr. Toplofty: That is why we pay you. [throws a sack of money to McBrusque, who catches it in his hat]
Police Chief McBrusque: For which I am most grateful.
[there's a knock on the door, the butler comes in holding Scuttlebutt]
Butler: A Mr. Scuttlebutt, sirs.
Scuttlebutt: Begging your pardons, gents.
Mr. Grasping: Come in, come in.
Mr. Toplofty: Uh, Chief McBrusque, have you two met?
Police Chief McBrusque: Well, I don't see any broken bones, so probably not! [he and the factory owners laugh; Scuttlebutt chuckles nervously]
Mr. O'Bloat: Scuttlebutt here works for Dr. Dithering, a pack rat who lives up in the museum on 79th.
Mr. Toplofty: [pours a glass of wine for Scuttlebutt] We support Dr. Dithering's research as part of our public "commitment to culture", but, um--
Mr. Grasping: What Dithering doesn't know is... Scuttlebutt reports... to us.
Mr. Toplofty: Yes, just in case the good doctor digs up something we might like to keep for ourselves.
Scuttlebutt: Well, then, gents. [drinks his wine] Interested in a treasure map?

Papa: I hope you find your fortune.
Mama: Here, Fievel. Take this for luck. [gives Fievel a pot]
Fievel: Thanks, Mama. Uh, what is it?
Mama: Matzo ball soup.
Fievel: Mama, it's not a picnic, we're exploring the tunnel!
Mama: So? A person's got to eat.
Dr. Dithering: I assure you, Madame. we have more than enough provisions, which are also easier to carry.
Scuttlebutt: [carrying an enormous pack of supplies] That's a matter of opinion.
Fievel: Don't worry, Mama. I'll be fine.
Tanya: He always says that, but then--
Papa: Tanya.
Tanya: [annoyed] I know, I know, don't help.

[Fievel, Tony, Tiger, Dr. Dithering, and Scuttlebutt walking through the tunnel]
Scuttlebutt: Sure. March me to the Center of the Earth. Save for the constant pain, I don't mind at all.
Fievel: Cheer up, Mr. Scuttlebutt! If we're right, there's a reward waiting at the end of the line.
Scuttlebutt: [chuckles] Spotty little runt. If I had me way, the only thing waiting for you at the end of the line would be the end of the line!
[creatures whispering in an unintelligent language and they walk away; scene fades to the mice walking into a tunnel, as water can be heard rushing]
Dr. Dithering: I say. Do you hear something?
Fievel: Sounds like...running water.
Scuttlebutt: What? Like them injuns had indoor plumbing? Get off! [chuckles]
Tony: I don't know, it's awful wet.
Dr. Dithering: I believe there's an underground river just beyond this wall.
Fievel: Ooh, what's this mean? [he run towards an Indian painting wall]
Dr. Dithering: Ah. It seems the natives suffered some sort of cataclysm, as in an invasion or a flood.
Tiger: Flood? I-I-I'm allergic to that much water. Guys? Huh? Uh, Fiev! Tony! Hey, guys, wait for me! [he trips and falls on Scuttlebutt]
Scuttlebutt: Get off! Get off! Get off!
Tiger: Oh, uh, sorry. [to Fievel, Tony and Dr. Dithering] Whatcha lookin' at? [Fievel, Tony, and Dr. Dithering points at the secret chamber] Ooh!
Tony: Get a load of this place! [Tiger accidentally pushes on a pressure pad and the ground rumbles] Hey, what's going on?!
Tiger: I'm getting a real sinking feeling!
Dr. Dithering: Oh, my! Seems we've triggered some sort of a pressure pad.
Tony: Which means?
Dr. Dithering: Which means, we're going to, uh, what is it? Oh, you know--
Tiger: Die?!
Dr. Dithering: Yes, that's it.
[when the ground stops rumbling, 2 seconds later, hot coal is poured from the ceiling; the mice and Tiger run through different passage ways]
Scuttlebutt: Coming through! Coming through! Make way! Make way!
[Fievel, Tony, Dr. Dithering, Tiger, and Scuttlebutt running into their booby trap sides, Fievel and Tony are running from swinging-hammers, Tiger running on sharped-treadmill, Dr. Dithering and Scuttlebutt are running and stopped]
Scuttlebutt: Alright, I quit. Live it up. Here you go. Take it, take it, take it! [he gives the big backpack to Dr. Dithering] Huh?
[a creaking sound is heard; Scuttlebutt turns around to see automatic bows primed with arrows; Scuttlebutt runs towards Dithering as the bows fire their arrows; Scuttlebutt hides behind Dithering who unknowingly uses the backpack as a shield against the arrows]
Scuttlebutt: Give me that!
[the bows reload, causing the two to dash away; soon, Fievel, Tony, Tiger, Dr. Dithering, and Scuttlebutt meet up again after going through the booby traps]
Tiger: Can we go home now?
[Fievel, Tony, Dr. Dithering, Tiger, and Scuttlebutt running from spinning booby traps and then they sliding on a slide and they fall into a Native American net]

Tiger: Uh, where are we?
Tony: Ask them. [he points at Lenape mice, who poke at the Tiger with their spears]
Tiger: Whoa!
Scuttlebutt: Hey, now, those are sharp!
[Chief Wulisso appears]
Chief Wulisso: You talk with the English tongue.
Dr. Dithering: [stammering] Yes, yes. English. Right. Cheerio. Pip-pip. [sings] ♪ God save our gracious-- ♪ [Tony covers his mouth]
Chief Wulisso: And you have a cat with you.
Tiger: Who? Me? Oh. [chuckles nervously] Yes, but... I'm thinking of converting.
Fievel: Honest, mister. We're harmless.
Tony: Regular choirboys.
Dr. Dithering: If only we had some sort of a peace offering.
Fievel: I know. Mama's matzo ball soup. [he gives Mama's matzo ball soup to the Lenape mouse who then give to Chief Wulisso]
Chief Wulisso: [sniffs) Ah. We have heard legend of this matzo ball soup. Strong Medicine. [he drinks the matzo ball soup, and speaks Lenape]
[Lenape mouse switches the lever; Fievel, Tony, Tiger, Dr. Dithering, and Scuttlebutt fall on the ground]
Tiger: Oy, that must be some soup!
Chief Wulisso: I am Wulisso, sakima of this clan.
Dr. Dithering: [groaning and stammering] Look, I-I-- I don't wish to be rude, but what are you doing here? There haven't been Indians in New York for 200 years.
Chief Wulisso: You speak of the Lenape.
Dr. Dithering: Ah, quite so. Lenape is what the Delaware Indians called themselves.
Chief Wulisso: Our ancestors the European humans came in their boats, bringing disease, gunpowder... [hisses and points to Tiger] Cats!
Tiger: I feel so ashamed!
Chief Wulisso: And we watched as the Europeans mistreated the Lenape. Killed many... and scattered the rest. Our ancestors did not wait for the European mice to do the same to them. Instead the found refuge here in the ground, safe, hidden from the world. And that is how we have stayed!
Scuttlebutt: They're gonna scalp us?! HELP!! [with his enormous backpack falls down, he run and climbs on a wall and he falls down]
[Dr. Dithering and Tiger shout in shock]
Fievel: [scared] Are you really gonna scalp us?
Chief Wulisso: [chuckles] Of course not. [he grabs Fievel's hat] We are peaceful mice. [he drops Fievel's hat on his head and he smiles] And to prove it, we shall have a feast in your honor. Until then, you will need someone to show you around the cavern. Cholena.
Cholena: [she appears] Yes, Father.
Tony: [lovestruck, in Italian] Buona sera, bella signorina. [Good evening, beautiful young lady.]
Chief Wulisso: This is my daughter, Cholena. She will serve as your guide.
Tony: No kidding? Fantastic! Terrif-- [Fievel angrily stares at him, implying that Tony still has a relationship with Bridget, as Bridget is rarely ever mentioned in this movie] If you got nothing better to do.
Cholena: It will be my pleasure.
Scuttlebutt: [he get hugged by Cholena's handmaiden, Tankho] What's this?!
Cholena: My handmaiden, Tankho. She has volunteered to be your guide. [Both Fievel and Tony laugh at Scuttlebutt being hugged]
Scuttlebutt: Then again, that bit about scalpin' don't sound so bad.

Chief Wulisso: [speaking Lenape Language]
Fievel: What's he saying?
Cholena: He's calling upon the spirits of the Earth to embrace you.
Tony: [excitedly] Great! When do we start? [Fievel suspiciously looks at Tony, concerning he's flirting with Cholena outside his pairing with Bridget]
Cholena: [giggles] It is only a figure of speech.
Tony: [Fievel smiles over Tony's disappointment] Oh, yeah. Well, I like those.
Scuttlebutt: [he is stealing Indian goods] Mine. Mine. Mine. Also mine. Ooh, and this is mine too. [after stealing the goods from the longhouse, he goes into another longhouse, Tankho giggles and follows him, attempting to tease him]
[Chief Wulisso throws magic dust into the fire]
Fievel: What are all the drawings on his stick? Why is he pouring--?
Cholena: [covers Fievel's mouth] So many questions. You are like a chirping cricket.
Fievel: Sorry.
Cholena: Do not apologize. It is good to ask. That is how we learn.
Fievel: So, it's okay to be a cricket?
Cholena: Yes. In fact, from now on, I will call you Zelozelos. [pronunciation: Chulu-Chulus] In our language, that means "Cricket."
Tony: What are you gonna call me?
Cholena: Hmm. I will call you... Pulaook.
Tony: [excited] Pulaook! Yeah! [has a suspicious look on his face; whispers to another Indian mouse] What means Pulaook?
Lenape Mouse: It is our word for "Turkey."
Tony: [annoyed] Swell.
[Scuttlebutt stealing goods and he goes another longhouse and Tankho, while attempting to tease Scuttlebutt, follows him and giggles]
Scuttlebutt: You again?! Back off!
Tankho: [gasps in shock] You are stealing!
Scuttlebutt: And what are you going to do about it?!
[Tankho punches Scuttlebutt sky-high, causing Scuttlebutt to drop the stolen goods and fall into a patch of watermelons. Scene switches to Tankho sobbing]
Dr. Dithering: Good grief, man! What could possibly possess you to do such a thing? Incredibly poor form!
Scuttlebutt: Nah, you got it all wrong. Uh, Everyone was off dancing, so I thought I'd tidy up a bit.
Chief Wulisso: This is a serious matter. We open our home to you, but how do you respond? With thievery, and deceit!
Tony: Chief, you gotta believe me. We had nothing to do with this. I mean, look. The guy's a rat, you know.

[Fievel sits alone while Tiger is asleep]
Tiger: [snoring and unintelligent muttering]
Cholena: What's the matter, Zelozelos?
Fievel: Oh, I just was thinking. We're no better than Scuttlebutt. See? We found this map, and it told us about your... treasure. That's why we came; to grab it for ourselves... just like Scuttlebutt.
Cholena: You did not know we were here. You are not thieves.
Fievel: [sternly] Yes, we are!
Tiger: [sighing and muttering]
Cholena: Come with me, Zelozelos. [takes Fievel's hand. Scene switches to her showing Fievel their treasure.] This... is our greatest treasure.
Fievel: But, it's just a string of beads.
Cholena: It is wampum. It is the history of our tribe told in symbols.
Fievel: W-We risked our lives for that?
Cholena: Zelozelos, treasures comes in many forms. For us, it is our heritage. The wampum reminds us of our life with the Lenape, of our journey here and being separated from everything we once knew.
Fievel: [upset] See what I mean? The settlers just stomped in and took over. If that's "The American Dream," I want nothing to do with it!
Cholena: Do not be hasty, Zelozelos. [Fievel tears up] This dream of yours is a wonderful thing, even if it has not always been taken to heart. [wipes Fievel's tears away]

Tony: [he sees Cholena and Fievel singing "Anywhere in Your Dreams"] Oh, Filly, whatcha doin'? You're gonna get Cholena killed!

[after "Anywhere in Your Dreams"]
Fievel: Hey, I know! Cholena, Why don't you come back with us?
Cholena: You the surface?
Fievel: Yeah. You've shown us all of your world. We could show you ours.
Tony: [he falls down on the ground] Ow! Posituvely... Oh-- [topples over]

Tankho: [sobs and blow her nose]
Cholena: Goodbye, Father.
Chief Wulisso: May the spirits protect you during your journey, Daughter. Remember, Cholena: Make no contact with the upper-worlders. You task is to see if they have changed their deceitful ways. However unlikely that may be.
Cholena: As your wish, Father.
Fievel: Don't worry. She'll have a great time. Besides, what could happen?

Mr. Toplofty: Your attention, please. Today, I am pleased to announce that my associates and I now control all cheese manufacturing in the tri-state area. [pause] Oh, come now. This is great news.
Mr. O'Bloat: Course, all of you will have to triple your output.
Random workers: What? Triple our output?!
Mouse With Glasses: What's in it for us?!
Mr. Grasping: Your jobs, that's what.
Mouse With Glasses: We work too many hours as it is!
Female Worker: That's right!
[all the workers begin to protest]
Papa: Calm Down! Calm Down! Don't make trouble!
[Grasping makes throat-slicing gesture, McBrusque salutes in agreement, he and his goons run away, workers still continues protesting]
Mouse With Glasses: We're workin' ourselves to the bone, while you're all gettin' fat! How 'bout cutting us in?!
Police Chief McBrusque: Actually, we're cutting you OUT!
[he and his goons beat the mouse with glasses with their billy clubs, in shadows]
Papa: Ayish! This is like Russia all over again!
Police Chief McBrusque: Aw. You feeling homesick old mouse? [Papa walks away angrily] Hey, I'm talking to you!
Mr. Toplofty: You see? There's a Mousekewitz again, stirring up trouble.
Mr. O'Bloat: They're all ungrateful louts, and it's just the beginning. Dissent is like a disease.
Mr. Grasping: So we must cure them of it, before the infection spreads.

Papa: [he look at the stars] We could use some help, you know. Nothing showy. Just a sign to let us know you're listening. [he puts his hand on the door sign (mezuzah) and kisses it before he walks in the house] Fievel.
Fievel: Papa.
Mama: Oh, it's about time you got home.
Papa: I want to hear everything, but first, oh, you wouldn't believe what happened at the factory.
Mama: [clears throat] Papa, we have a guest.
Papa: [to Cholena, nonchalantly] A pleasure, I'm sure. So, as I was say... [stunned]
Fievel: Papa, this is Cholena.
Cholena: It is an honor to meet the father of my friend, Fievel.
Papa: [stuttering in shock] You are an Indian?
Fievel: Yeah. She's from this really old tribe that lives in a big cave right under New York City.
Papa: This is your idea of a sign?

[Scuttlebutt told the factory owners about Cholena]
Mr. Grasping: An Indian?
Scuttlebutt: Uh-huh.
Mr. Toplofty: Oh, that's charming. First you let Mousekewitz tell you what to do. Now his son is giving that little princess a guided tour! We have to find her fast!
Mr. O'Bloat: Forget about her. What about the rest of them? Good gravy. A tribe of savages under our feet? What if they invade us?
Police Chief McBrusque: Ah, they wouldn't stand a chance against my boys.
Scuttlebutt: And what makes you so sure?
Police Chief McBrusque: Well, for one thing, WE DON'T FIGHT FAIR!! [chokes Scuttlebutt with his billy club]
Scuttlebutt: Oh. That does make a difference. [he falls off of McBrusque's billy club]
Mr. Grasping: You're all missing a point. These Indians are the answer to our problems with the workers.
Mr. O'Bloat: Are you mad?
Mr. Grasping: Not at all. The best way to keep those malingerers in line is to provide them and us with a common enemy.
Mr. Toplofty: I see. We set ourselves up as the workers' champions and protectors.
Mr. Grasping: And turn them against the Indians.
Mr. O'Bloat: Of course, there'll be horrible losses among the workers.
Mr. Toplofty: But If we're clever about it, most of them will be anarchists and miscreants in the crowd. [chuckles]
Mr. Grasping: Gentlemen, a toast to us. The friends of the working mouse. [he, Mr. Toplofty, & Mr. O'Bloat laugh as they toast]

[after "Friends of the Working Mouse"]
Mr. Grasping: We come to you not as your bosses but as fellow American mice, Out of concern for you and your families. For it has come to out attention that there is a spy in our midst. Yes, a spy. Whose were presence chills us to the bone! A savage, bloodthirsty, injun! [all the workers begin clamoring] What's more, this interloper is the spearhead of a sinister invasion force! These fiends are not attacking from some far-off shore. No! Even as we speak, they lie in wait beneath our very paws.
Papa: Oh, he knows about the cave. He's talking about Cholena!
Mr. Grasping: Now, you all know what these creatures are like. If we let them, they'll steal our food, burn our homes, kidnap our children. If we let them, they will destroy everything we have worked for. [all the workers begin to murmuring] So now the question is, will we let them? Will we stand by and let them ruin our American way of life?!
Workers: No! [they begin to rouse up]
Mr. Grasping: Then let us go forth together. Let us find the infiltrator. And send her back to her fellow barbarians with the message. This land is our land, and we are going to keep it that way. [workers shout in agreement] A week's pay for the first one who sees the injun! 2 weeks' pay for anyone who helps catch her! Hurry! Hurry!
[the mob run out of the factory carrying torches]
Papa: Nobody's invading nobody! Wait, oof! [falls over to find himself in front of McBrusque, Scuttlebutt, and McBrusque's goons]
Police Chief McBrusque: Well, if it isn't Mousekewitz, king of the troublemakers. I've been looking forward to this. [Papa runs away] Grab him!
[Papa runs away with McBrusque, his goons, and Scuttlebutt in hot pursuit; Papa runs into horse's cart and he climbs into a cart; Papa sees McBrusque, his goons, and Scuttlebutt, Papa climbs on a pile of fruit, and he jumps onto the horse]
Papa: [to the horse] Believe me, I'm not going to like this either! [bites the horse causing it run away and for him to escape from McBrusque, Scuttlebutt, and McBrusque's goons]
Police Chief McBrusque: Okay, old man. You go hide the Indian. All the better for me.
Scuttlebutt: [stuck in a cantaloupe] Help! I can't see! I can't see! [McBrusque hits the cantaloupe with his billy club and set him free] Oh, yeah. That's much better.

Mama: Okey-dokey, who wants more?
Fievel: Oh. No, thank you, Mama.
Mama: Oh, now you don't like my Blintzes?
Tanya: No, Mama. We're just stuffed.
Mama: Stuffed, schmuffed! Meanwhile, there are mice starving in Irkutsk.
Tony: My ma used to say the same thing. 'Cept her mice were starvin' in Sicily.
Mama: See? It's an epidemic. Now eat.
[Papa opens the door and he puts his hand onto the door sign, and closes the door while panting]
Fievel: Papa, what's the matter?
Papa: A mob is coming, looking for Cholena. And the police, too!
Mama: Tanya, get the baby!
Cholena: W-W-What are police?
Fievel: They're these guys, they wear uniforms, and they make sure everyone obeys the law.
Cholena: Th-Th-Then they will help us.
Mama: No.
[Tony and Tanya see an angry mob come to the Mousekewitzes house]
Tanya: Here they come! [Mob shouts] Oh, if we stay here, they'll find Cholena for sure!
Fievel: Hurry, wear this. [he gives Cholena a bandanna] And keep your head down!
Police Chief McBrusque: My guess is she's probably wearin' a disguise. Search every rat nest and mouse hole in the city. Tear everything apart until you find that injun! Now, go!
McBrusque's goons: Yes, sir!
[the angry mob has captured Dr. Dithering]
Random Mob Female Mouse: There he is!
Dr. Dithering: Stop this instant! Let me go!
Random Mouse: You're in on the injun plot, aren't ya?! Don't deny it!
Dr. Dithering: What plot? Oh, Scuttlebutt! Thank heavens. Quickly! Tell them I'm innocent.
Scuttlebutt: Who? Me? No. No-no-no-no-no-no. I've never seen this bloke in my life! Traitor! Turncoat! [blows a raspberry] Whew.
Tanya: Ahh! Papa! Mama!
Mama: Tanya!
Cholena: Help me!
Random Mob Male Mouse: Get that girl!
[Mob shouting]
Other Mob Male Mouse: Traitors!
Fievel: Cholena!
Fat Mouse: Buzz off, kid! [he throws Fievel away]
Fievel: AAH!
Tony: Hang on! I'm coming! Oof!
Random Mob Female Mouse: Indians!
Fievel: We've got to save Cholena!
Tony: [stepped on the head] OW! Hey! I'm with ya!
Cholena: Fievel?
Random Mob Male Mouse: Make 'em pay!
[a mob mouse bumps into Cholena, making her drop her necklace; she tries to grab the necklace, but is dragged away by the mob, then the mob run away]

Papa: Fievel! Tanya!
Tanya: [screams] In here, Papa. [sneezes]
Mama: Oh! My poor darlings!
Papa: Where are Fievel and Tony? And where is Cholena?
Mama: She must have been carried away by the mob.
Tanya: [gasps] If they recognize her. They'll--
Papa: Tanya. Find Fievel and Tony, then meet us back here. Mama and I are going to help.
Mama: We are?
Tanya: Who's going to help?!
Papa: Could everyone just go and do?!
[Papa, Mama, and Tanya run in different directions]
Dr. Dithering: Oh, my! Oh, help! Oh, oh, help!
Random Mouse: We got one of the traitors!
Police Chief McBrusque: Good. Take him to the butcher shop. [he sees Cholena's necklace] Huh? Hmm. [he picks it up] What have we here? [to the mob] But don't do nothin' till we get there! We've got a little unfinished business.

[Cholena thinks she evaded the police and mob, and takes off her bandanna.]
Police Chief McBrusque: [out of nowhere] Well, what do you know? [Cholena gasps in shock] It's the little Indian maiden.
Tony: Yo! Potato-for-brains, up here!
Fievel and Tony: CHA-A-A-A-ARGE! [they ride on a clothing line, and they land on a window, crushing McBrusque and his goons, and save Cholena]
Cholena: [sighs in relief] Oh, thank you.
Tanya: Fievel, would you hurry?
Police Chief McBrusque: Come back here, you hooligans!

Tanya: Papa? Mama? Papa said they'd be here.
Fievel: What if the mob got 'em? What if they're in jail? What if--
Papa: What if we stop already?
Fievel: Papa! Mama!
Tanya: Mama, you're okay.
Papa: Fievel, you and Tony take Cholena back underground.
Tanya: Wait a minute! What about me? It's not fair! I never get a chance to do any--
Papa: Okay, okay, already. Go.
Tanya: [stunned] Honest? You mean it?! [happily] Yes! Ya-hoo! [gasps and corrects herself] I mean... [clears throat; nonchalantly] Good.
Papa: Fievel, you have the map?
Fievel: Sure, but what are you gonna do?
Papa: While you take Cholena home, Mama and I will keep the crowd occupied and save Dr. Dithering.
Fievel: Gee, how you gonna do that?
Papa: We will create a diversion.
Fievel: What's a diversion?
Tiger: Me. [chuckling]

[At the Butcher Shop]
Mr. O'Bloat: Look. Is it wise for us to be here? I mean, that mob's out for blood!
Mr. Grasping: Yes, but since McBrusque here failed to catch the Indian girl, we'll have to make Dr. Dithering the designated donor. Dr. Dithering, do you admit to aiding the Indian?
Dr. Dithering: Well, yes, but I-I don't see why--
Scuttlebutt: Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! Make him pay!
Police Chief McBrusque: You heard the man!
Various mice: [repeating] Guilty!
[McBrusque snaps his fingers, McBrusque's goons turn the handle to the mincer, McBrusque snaps his fingers again to two mice who push Dr. Dithering off of the platform]
Dr. Dithering: Oh, oh, oh, my. Oh, oh!
[Dr. Dithering almost falls into the mincer, but Tiger catches Dr. Dithering into his mouth, with various mice gasping. He takes Dr. Dithering out of his mouth]
Tiger: Excuse me, for just one minute, Doc. [he roars and blows away McBrusque and his goons] Woof! I-du-whoo. [chuckles] Wrong species.
Papa: Stop! Enough! Didn't we come to America to escape such madness? Yet here you are condemning someone based on lies and rumors. Don't you see? The enemy isn't Dr. Dithering or the Indians. It's them! [points to the factory owners] Dividing us with hatred, ignorance, fear!
Mr. Grasping: Don't listen to him! He's not one of us; He's a foreigner!
Papa: Mister, we are all foreigners. The only ones who really belong here are the Indians. All the rest of us have in common, is our dream of a better life. All we got in common is...America.
[Various Mice cheer]
Dr. Dithering: Bravo! [Tiger sniffles] Bravo! Bravo!
Mr. Grasping: Get us out of here!
[later, the factory owners leave in their sedan chair as Chief McBrusque, his goons, and Scuttlebutt try to push back the angry mob]
Police Chief McBrusque: Stand back there! I'll split your noggin! Back off!
Mr. Toplofty: Congratulations, Grasping. Now you've got every mouse in Manhattan hating us!
Mr. O'Bloat: W-What if the Indians send reinforcements? Form an alliance with the workers? TAKE OVER THE FACTORY?!
Mr. Grasping: [slaps O'Bloat] Get a grip on yourself! We're not through yet. McBrusque!
Police Chief McBrusque: Yes, sir?
Mr. Grasping: Find that Indian cave, and turn it into a burial ground!
Police Chief McBrusque: Yes, sir!
Scuttlebutt: Ah, good luck with that.
Police Chief McBrusque: Which reminds me. I'm gonna need a guide.
Scuttlebutt: I'd sooner die than go down there again.
Police Chief McBrusque: Well, that just about sums up your choices, doesn't it?
[Scuttlebutt chuckles nervously]

Fievel: Stop, stop, stop! Here it is.
Cholena: Huh?
Police Chief McBrusque: This way, boys!
Fievel: It's Chief McBrusque, and he's got his goons with him.
Police Chief McBrusque: Here. [sniffs] I love the smell of it.
Tony: Which way?!
Police Chief McBrusque: We're gainin' on 'em, boys!
Fievel: Oh, I wish Dr. Dithering were here!
Cholena: Wait, those are our footprints from before. This way!
Scuttlebutt: I'm telling you, turn back! Those Injuns are fiends, brutes! They tried to scalp me.
Police Chief McBrusque: You keep whinin', and I might let 'em.
Scuttlebutt: [gulps] Suit yourself! But if we're all walkin' around like a rack of Snooker balls, don't blame me! [McBrusque whacks him with his billy club] YEOW-HA-HOW!!! Ooh! Oh-oh-oh!
[Fievel Tanya, Tony, and Cholena running]
Fievel: [alarmed] Tanya, no!
Tanya: What's the matter?
Fievel: The room on the other side is full of booby traps.
Tony: Whoa! That's right. We barely got through there in one piece.
Tanya: So, we either go in there, or back up to meet the cops.
Cholena: Wait. My father once told me of a way around the traps. If only I could remember. I can almost see it, as if it were here in my paw.
Fievel: That's it!
Tanya: Fievel, what are you doing?
Fievel: [runs to the door-wall] I wondered what that paw print on the map meant. Look!
[Fievel pushes on the paw print, causing the wall to roll upwards like a door]
Cholena: Hurry!
[the door-wall closes as soon McBrusque, his goons, and Scuttlebutt running, McBrusque stopped running and see an empty cave, McBrusque and his goons run into a chamber and Scuttlebutt sneaks to door-wall and McBrusque grabs Scuttlebutt]
Scuttlebutt: [gasps in shock] NO! Sorry, stop! As far as I go!
Police Chief McBrusque: [growls] What's the matter NOW?!
Scuttlebutt: You go through that door, you're gonna be Minced Mouse Pie!
Police Chief McBrusque: Are you telling me that we're almost there?
Scuttlebutt: Well, yes and no.
Police Chief McBrusque: About time. Alright, men. Attack-Formation. [he and the other goons hold Scuttlebutt like a battering ram] CHARGE! [he and other goons hold Scuttlebutt and they run into the chamber. A few seconds later, a creaking sound is heard, and slashing sounds are heard, and they begin to scream in pain, offscreen.]

Tanya: Wow!
Tony: You got that right.
Cholena: Forgive me, Father. I failed.
Chief Wulisso: Cholena, do not blame yourself for the ways of the upper world. It is not your fault that they are still greedy and ruthless.
Fievel: Not all of us. Just some.
Tanya: What are you going to do?
Chief Wulisso: We do not have any choice. We will defend ourselves. But I fear that we will go down in defeat.
Tony: Hey, what about all those booby traps? All you need is a few more and you--
Chief Wulisso: They were built long ago by our ancestors. Today, we do not know the ways of war. We are no match for the upper-worlders.
Fievel: Maybe, you don't have to be.
Tanya: What do you mean?
Fievel: It's like what Papa said; We need to create a diversion.

Police Chief McBrusque: Now I'm angry.
Scuttlebutt: Told you it was dangerous, but did anyone listen? No. Might as well be talking into a brick wall!
[McBrusque grabs Scuttlebutt's nose and he throws him to a ground, his goons climbs down on a ground with a rope, and Scuttlebutt screams as McBrusque jumps down]
Police Chief McBrusque: Alright, where are they? Cowards! Soon as they heard us comin', they turned tail! [he and his goons walk around the village he knocks over any food in his away]
Fievel: NOW!
[Fievel throw the fruit at McBrusque; Lenape mice will attacking with some fruits at McBrusque, his goons, and Scuttlebutt]
Police Chief McBrusque: Where do you think you're going? [he see his goons running away from the onslaught of food]
McBrusque's goons: Home!
Scuttlebutt: Ow. [he gets hit by a jumbo-sized watermelon] I suppose I should except this by now.
[Lenape mice still attacking McBrusque's goons with some fruits]
Police Chief McBrusque: Come back, you nose-wipin', tail-turnin', double-dealin'-- [he gets hit by a downpoor of fruit] Ah, forget it.
Scuttlebutt: Wait for me! [he bumps onto a wall when a watermelon breaks and he grabs the rope, and is pulled up.]
[Lenape mice cheer]
Lenape Mice: Yeah! Hooray!
Cholena: Oh, Father. We are safe!
Chief Wulisso: Not for long, child. The upper-worlders will be back. They will come in greater numbers with more powerful weapons, and we will be lost.
Fievel: Isn't there anything you can do?
Chief Wulisso: Yes: Seal the ancient tunnel.
Tanya: No; You'll be buried alive!
Chief Wulisso: Do not worry, our air shafts will not be harmed. Besides, we have other ways to visit the upper world.
Fievel: [sniffles] You do? Where?
Chief Wulisso: Perhaps it is better that you do not know. Remember, Zelozelos, the upper-world is a gift from The Great Spirit. Perhaps someday the mice there will learn to share it. Perhaps you can teach them.
Tony: Uh, Chief? Exactly how do you plan to seal the tunnel?
Chief Wulisso: Show me the map. [Fievel show with the map] There. There is a great underground river here, close to the tunnel.
Fievel: Yeah. I remember.
Chief Wulisso: Once you find it again, you must destroy the wall that separates one from the other.
Fievel: Uh, how're we supposed to do that?

Chief Wulisso: [pulls out bomb] Take this.
Tony: [chuckles nervously] Better not be a cat in here. [he holds the bomb]
Chief Wulisso: No. Gunpowder.
[Fievel, Cholena, Tanya, and Tony gasp in shock]
Tony: Whoa! No sweat.
Fievel: But you said gunpowder was evil.
Chief Wulisso: Hmm. It is, and we would never use it to harm anyone else. But we can put it to a good use and protect ourselves. Place the box where the river's roar is loudest. Light the fuse, and then run.
Fievel: [sniffles] I'll never forget you, Cholena. [tears up]
Cholena: And I will never forget you. [she and Fievel hug] Farewell. [NOTE: These were the last lines from Elaine Bilstad in her acting occupation, as she died of heart failure the following year after the film's completion.]
Tanya: Thank you. [she hugs Cholena; Tony gets kissed on the cheek by Cholena, and he blushes and chuckles in embarrassment] Steady there, Romeo, or we all go up in smoke.

Fievel: Come on.
Tanya: There it is.
[Fievel, Tony, and Tanya are heading into the tunnel where the river's roar is loudest.]
Fievel: Okay. Now we all have to do... is light the gunpowder. [Tony puts a bomb on a ground]
Tony: Sure.
Tanya: Simple.
Fievel: No problem.
[Tanya gives the fire torch to Fievel]
Tony: You do it.
Fievel: I-I... I can't.
[McBrusque and Scuttlebutt runs from dark tunnel and they head towards to Fievel, Tanya, and Tony and they shriek, and run away; McBrusque grabs Fievel]
Scuttlebutt: Where do you think you're going?! [he grabs Tony and he slams him onto the wall] Nobody makes a fool of Scuttlebutt!
Tanya: [she runs and jumps on Scuttlebutt] Leave him be, you rat!
Scuttlebutt: [his last words] Hey, what the-- HEY!
Police Chief McBrusque: [his last words] Didn't your mother ever tell ya? [he throws Fievel to the ground; tauntingly] Kids shouldn't play with fire. [he waves a torch at Fievel] You might get burned.
[Fievel snarls and jumps and he bites McBrusque's arm and he screams in pain, Fievel stomps on McBrusque's foot, and grabs the torch. Tanya pushes Scuttlebutt off of Tony, and punches Scuttlebutt, who falls backwards on McBrusque back into the dark cave. Fievel throws a torch onto the bomb, McBrusque and Scuttlebutt gasp in shock, then the bomb explodes violently and the underground river shakes and floods the tunnel, together with McBrusque and Scuttlebutt as they fall, screaming, into the chasm to their deaths. Fievel, Tanya, and Tony run from the water, but Fievel gets washed into the water. Tanya and Tony climb to higher ground and the water slows and turns into mud]
Tony: Where's Filly?!
[Tony and Tanya jump onto the mud in worry]
Tanya: Fievel?
Tony: Filly, where are ya?!
Tanya: Fievel?!
Tony: Over here!
Tanya: Fievel!
[Tony and Tanya, thinking Fievel is dead, hang their heads sadly, and tear up, until they see bubbling in the mud, and Fievel pops out]
Fievel: [coughs] Here!
Tony: [happily] Filly!
Tanya: [happily] Oh, Fievel!
[they share a muddy group hug.]

[last lines]
Papa: Fellow mice-- Fellow... Americans... [various mice chuckle] ...I am honored you should ask me to be your negotiator with the factory owners. Thank you.
Worker: All right!
[various mice cheer]
Papa: I hope that we and the owners can work together, to make a better future for everyone. [they cheer again]
Mr. O'Bloat: Must we really make a deal with that riffraff?
Mr. Toplofty: Well, if we don't, they all stay out on strike, and we go broke.
Mr. Grasping: Patience. We'll find a way to regain control. Remember: There are lots of ways to skin a cat.
Tiger: [out of nowhere] I beg your pardon?
Mr. Grasping: Uh, never mind.
Mr. O'Bloat: [alarmed] Eep!
Mr. Toplofty: Move along.
Tiger: [after chasing away the factory owners as the new head of police, as they were never seen in the series again] Oh, I just love my new job! [chuckles]
Papa: I also want to thank you, Fievel.
Fievel: Me, Papa? Why?
Papa: Like I said. You are my inspiration you reminded me why we came to America. You showed me how the greatest treasure is not cheese or money, or even wampum. No, the greatest treasure is hope, enough hope to have a dream. And a chance to make it come true.
[various mice cheer]
Tanya: I wished Cholena were here to see us.
Tony: [dreamily] Boy, me too. [Tanya suspiciously looks at Tony, as she has part knowing about his pairing with Bridget] [tries to cover up] I mean, yeah. [embarrassed] I mean--
Tanya: [smiles; knowingly that he's been falling for Cholena behind Bridget's back, considering him busted] Never mind, Tony.
[various mice cheer]
Dr. Dithering: Here, Fievel. A little gift for my farsighted friend. [he gives a telescope for Fievel]
Fievel: Really? Wow! Thanks.
Dr. Dithering: I think you'll find the view most interesting in that direction.
Fievel: [he uses a telescope and he look around at the park] Huh? [He sees Cholena, Tankho, and Chief Wulisso at the statue in their final scene for the series.] Wow! [Tankho and Chief Wulisso walk inside the statue, Cholena grabs a door and she waves goodbye and closes the door, and Fievel is happy and smiles, as the screen fades to black, and the credits roll.]

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