Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid

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Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid is a 2004 film about a team of researchers set for an expedition into the Southeast Asian tropical island of Borneo, which comprises territories belonging to three countries, to search for a sacred flower, which they believe will bring humans to a longer and healthier life, but soon become stalked and hunted by the deadly anacondas inhabiting the island.

Directed by Dwight H. Little. Written by Hans Bauer.

Sam "Samantha" Rogers

  • We're in the middle of the jungle Jack, at this point your authority is what we say it is.

Gordon Mitchell

  • You mention "food" once more and I'm voting you off this island.

Cole Burris

  • [after Sam decapitates an anaconda] That's what I'm talking about! That's what I'm talking about, Sam! Oh, my God! You're the bomb! You Lorena Bobbitt-ed that ass! How you like that, bitch? She sliced you! Diced you! She cut you up! That was like Sam with the samurai action! Say it now... [another anaconda snatches up Cole]


Cole Burris: I had this friend, who had this friend who shot documentaries, and he and his whole crew went down to the Amazon, and they were all eaten by snakes, and that's a true story.
Gordon Mitchell: Come on Cole, you knew a guy who knew a guy. That's an urban myth.

Bill Johnson: It's mating season.
Cole Burris: Wait so you're telling me there's some snake going on in the jungle?
Bill Johnson: Yeah, something like that.

Gordon Mitchell: Are you okay now?
Gail Stern: Yeah, I'm fine. And keep your hands off of me!
Gordon Mitchell: It might be hard, but I'll try!

Ben "Benjamin" Douglas: [the expedition is wading through a marsh - Ben starts humming the theme from "Jaws"] Duuh, dum, duuh, dum. Dum dum dum dum dum dum...
Gail Stern: Stop that, or I swear to God I'll kill you!
[Ben giggles. Just then he gets pulled under the water]

Cole Burris: (separated from the group) Guys, guys!(Cole sees a skeleton. He still screams in terror. Luckily, Tran finds him) Oh, no, no!
Tran Wu: Stay together.

Gail Stern: So how much further to my bath?
Bill Johnson: Kotabaru? I'd say... another day downriver.
Cole Burris: Another day? I'm not rowing another day, homeboy.
Bill Johnson: All right. Let's see, we got this shortcut right up -
Sam Rogers, Cole Burris, and Gail Stern: No!