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My very existence is the evidence that God is...

Anandmurti Gurumaa (born 8 April 1966) is a new age spiritual guide. Gurumaa teaches the disciplines of meditation, yoga, present moment awareness and self realisation, using meditation techniques from yoga, zen, tantra, sufism, buddhism and devised methods.


  • Truth cannot be given to you; especially if you are following an organized religion, then truth will be as far from you as darkness is from light. Truth is not found by observing rituals, undertaking pilgrimages or reading the scriptures. It is simply a waste of time.
    • Truth is Beyond Words[1]
  • The Master never claims that he is god and others are not; on the contrary the master gives us hope that we are similar to him, very much like him with this little difference - we are not aware of who we are and the Guru knows who he is.
    • The Need of Guru [2]
  • We are told that if you are not occupied with the mind all the time, then you will invite the devil. It is such a heightened misconception that people are going crazy just because of this. An empty mind is not the devil’s home but an empty mind is the home of the Buddha.
    • The Present Moment [3]
  • God is a fiction, a fairy tale. Every religion has its own and every religion says ours is the best. So there are a lot of Gods and Gods and a lot of God vendors, retailers who sell you this idea. Don’t be fooled!
    • Who is God?[4]

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