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Attilio Mariani (1921 - 1971), Italian architect, designer and academic.

Quotes of Attilio Mariani[edit]

  • I consider that apartment building, The Abstract House (Viale Beatrice d'Este, Milan), our (Mariani with Carlo Perogalli and the painter Francesco Magnelli) the best result in this area: the idea was not to make the condominium "disappear", but to see it as little as possible in a composition of only architectural elements coinciding with the structural parts of the house. We have thus created the abstract motif of the blue balconies, playing on the motif of color and on that of solids and voids.
    • Quote of Mariani, in [1], Ordine Architetti Milano, Casa Astratta, Viale Beatrice d'Este 24, Claudio Camponogara, Elisabetta Dulbecco

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