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Ayanda Candice Sibanda (27 May, 2000) is a model, activist and law student at the University of Zimbabwe. She is the founder of the Ayanda Candice Foundation, which advocates for albinism and girls’ rights, as well as the founder of Zimbabwe’s Outstanding Teen. She uses her platforms to dispel myths and superstitions that surround albinism and uses modelling and beauty pageantry to bring more attention to these issues. Her striking beauty has caught the attention of many outlets, brands and she has walked on several pageant shows and won a fair number of accolades.


  • “As persons with Albinism we should not allow someone else to dictate us. Like all humans, we have the freedom of expression, lets utilize it. l am advocating for change in society and the world at large."
  • “What drove me to be a model is my burning desire to be the best, not just for me, but for those I stand to represent. As a beauty queen, you are an ambassador and advocate, thus when you step onto the ramp, you don’t stand as one, but as many."
    • The Chronicle [2]
  • “Refuse to be defined by someone else’s belief of what is possible.”

Quotes about person/work[edit]

  • “Her positive attitude and no-nonsense approach towards prejudice is helping her succeed in her career and life in general. This has driven her to continue pushing for the end of deceptive cultural beliefs that have tarnished the appearance of albinism in the African society for centuries."
    • Newspaper [[4]]

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