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Azur Lane (Chinese: 碧蓝航线; pinyin: Bìlán Hángxiàn) is an anime television series released in September 2018. When the "Sirens," an alien force with an arsenal far surpassing the limits of current technology, suddenly appeared, a divided humanity stood in complete solidarity for the first time. Four countries—Eagle Union, Royal Navy, Sakura Empire, and Iron Blood—formed Azur Lane, paving the way for the improvement of modern warfare, which led to an initial victory against the common threat. However, this tenuous union was threatened by opposing ideals, dividing the alliance into two. Sakura Empire and Iron Blood broke away and formed the Red Axis, and humanity became fragmented once again.

As a seasoned and experienced fighter, the "Grey Ghost" Enterprise shoulders Azur Lane's hope for ending the war. But behind her stoic persona hides a frail girl, afraid of the ocean. Even so, she continues to fight as she believes that it's the only purpose for her existence. Meanwhile, Javelin, Laffey, and Unicorn—three ships from the union—stumble upon Ayanami, a spy from the Red Axis. Strange as it may seem, they try to befriend her, but as enemies, their efforts are for naught. Still, they persevere in hopes of succeeding one day.

Amidst the neverending conflict within humankind, the keys that could unite a fragmented race might exist: a soldier coming to terms with her mysterious personality and camaraderie between those with different ideals.

"Episode 1" [ACTIVATION - The Girls Who Soar on the Seas][edit]

USS Enterprise: "The truth is... war never changes, it's exactly the same, no matter which era it happens upon."
USS Enterprise: "In the age of discovery, humanity sailed to oceans unknown. Their hearts hungry for adventure. But soon, those hearts were filled with the desire to conquer the seas."
USS Enterprise: "Unfortunately, a new enemy appeared. One that hailed from another world."
USS Enterprise: "With their vastly superior technologies, the sirens effortlessly pushed humanity out of the oceans. There was no longer any place in the seas for mankind. To counter this extraordinary threat, humanity organized a global alliance. It was called Azur Lane.. Their mission was to fight valiantly against the siren. This grand alliance consisted of four major camps. They were; Eagle union, Royal Navy, Ironblood, and Sakura Empire."
USS Enterprise: "After a prolonged and desperate struggle, Azur Lane was finally successful in repelling the siren onslaught."
USS Enterprise: "Which brings us to the present day."

USS Vestal: "Is everyone here prepared for departure?"
USS Vestal: "This could potentially be a violent battle. Please use caution."
USS Enterprise:The most important lesson to learn from history is... new eras may begin, but war never changes."

HMS Illustrious: "Hood and the others should be joining here shortly."
HMS Prince of Wales: "Is someone keeping an eye on the Iron Blood? Where are they currently?"
HMS Illustrious: "There's a temporary lull for a lack of a better description. But the more pressing matter."
HMS Prince of Wales: "Sakura Empire, right?"
[ HMS Illustrious Nods ]
HMS Prince of Wales: "If Sakura Empire's making a move, this base will become one of the hottest fronts. Reinforcing it now would be a logical defense."
HMS Illustrious: "True, but why wage such a meaningless conflict?"
HMS Prince of Wales: "Warfare stays the same no matter the era. It's the reason we were even brought into existence."

IJN Ayanami: "Command, this is Ayanami, reporting."
IJN Akagi: "We're on a mission. Use your code name."
IJN Ayanami: "Right, I'm sorry. This is citrus. I'm looking at the general layout of the base in question.
IJN Akagi:"Good, we're ready to move out as well. We'll reconvene when appropriate."
IJN Ayanami: "Understood."

IJN Kaga: "Ready when you are Phoenix, just say the word."
IJN Akagi: "Tell me, Kaga. What's the fundamental nature of battle?"
IJN Kaga: "Sister Akagi please, use my codename."
IJN Akagi: "To battle is to inflict injury. Battle also invites injury. Therefore a battle is a mutual exchange of pain. Pain is an interpreter, helping us understand each other's feelings.So you could say,when we battle, we share love. "
IJN Kaga: "None of that poetry has anything to do with your question of war. I battle to destroy my enemies. Plain and simple."
[IJN Akagi giggles]
IJN Akagi: "Well excuse me.."

IJN Akagi: "Lets do this right, Azur Lane. We declare war."
IJN Kaga: "We, Sakura Empire have joined forces with Iron Blood to lay waste to your alliance. "
IJN Akagi: "You know, they say those who wield the most power can control the future, and since heaven's perfect will reside within us, we are the conquerors of the sea, the alliance of Crimson Blood. We are Red Axis."
USS Enterprise:"One battle ends, but soon, another will begin."

HMS Prince of Wales: "Despite all that happened, they managed to get away. But I am grateful to her for saving us."
HMS Illustrious: "Enterprise's the mightiest warrior of Eagle Union, a tower of strength. But, she holds so much pain inside."

USS Enterprise: "One battle ends, but soon, another will begin."

"Episode 2" [MELEE - Pulsing Waves, Steel Wings][edit]

USS Enterprise: "We look like humans, but we are powerful weapons. This is the mental cube. They're mysterious crystal substances acquired by humanity through their battle against the sirens. They are also the foundation upon which we were created. Filled with their power, we have the strength to fight the sirens. It is the power of warships, strong enough to tame an ocean and silence sirens. Humanity reclaimed the seas with the help of the mental cubes, but it wasn't enough. Some people wanted more and alliances eventually split. One side was called the red axis, this included the Sakura Empire and Iron Blood. Due to their desire to acquire the siren's power for themselves, they raised a rebellion against Azur Lane. Even when facing a common threat; the sirens, conflict between human factions continues. The truth is; war never changes. It's exactly the same, no matter the era."

HMS Prince of Wales: "They got us, I didn't expect them to attack us first."
HMS Illustrious: "We're not surprised that they joined the Iron Blood. It's to be expected, but..."
HMS Prince of Wales: "Perhaps they moved too soon. They don't know the siren's power, how dangerous it is."
HMS Illustrious: "We need to focus on rebuilding. The main Royal Navy forces will be arriving soon. We mustn't be caught off guard ever again."
HMS Prince of Wales: "Thank goodness for Eagle Union's Enterprise. She truly saved us this time."
HMS Illustrious: "Yes, but at great risk to her own existence."
HMS Prince of Wales: "Her strength is limitless, she fights without hesitation like an arrow loose from it's bow, indeed."
HMS Illustrious: "Let's not forget that when a bow is strung too tightly, it can easily snap."

USS Cleveland: "Hey Enterprise! You shouldn't be here right now! You should be recovering from how hard you pushed in that last battle!"
USS Enterprise: "I'm fine, thanks."
USS Cleveland: "How's that possible?!"
USS Enterprise: "All emergency repairs are complete. I've still got some fight left in me."
USS Cleveland: "See what I mean? You need to rest!"
USS Enterprise: "The enemy hasn't gone very far. I'm not going to lower my guard just yet."
USS Cleveland: "Good Grief!"

IJN Akagi: "There we go, just hold still.."
IJN Kaga: "But, but why are you so close, sister?"
IJN Akagi: "Oh no, you got a cut on your face too.."
IJN Kaga: "It's such a minor injury, pay it no mind."
IJN Akagi: "No it's not, a scar left on your beautiful face would be a tragedy.Hehe~ I insist to take care of yourself. If something were to happen to you, I would be very sad."
IJN Kaga: "..My deepest apologies, dear sister. But this body isn-"
[ Akagi cuts Kaga's sentence ]
IJN Akagi: "I understand, but we are as close as actual sisters, and elder sisters always love their baby siblings deeply."

KMS Prinz Eugen: "Oh, bad timing, I could come back."
IJN Kaga: "What do you want."
KMS Prinz Eugen: "Well first, I want you to stop glaring at me, we're allies. You are apart of Sakura Empire and Iron Blood. Right?"
IJN Akagi: "Absolutely, we are all very fortunate to have the same goals and ideals, everything we do is to ensure the victory of red axis."
KMS Prinz Eugen: "Right like you control the siren ships, that was quite impressive, even if they were merely mass production models, or is that apart of the achievement, yeah?"
IJN Akagi: "Well, everything that happens is heaven's will.."
KMS Prinz Eugen: "And yet you're still being quite cautious, I'm confused as to why you didn't go ahead and destroy that base, did the scratch on your sister's face frightened you?"
IJN Akagi: "Oh goodness no, a face I love could never frighten me, they need to be teased a bit more. That ship's quite special, you'll be foolish to underestimate her."
KMS Prinz Eugen: "Eagle Union's Enterprise, yeah? Also known as the Grey Ghost. It's true that she can be troublesome."

KMS Z23: "Ayanami."
IJN Ayanami: "Z23"
KMS Z23: "They are being sent on a mission, we'll be heading out soon so please follow me."
IJN Ayanami: "There's another battle already?"
KMS Z23: "Yes, an enemy fleet is away from the base. We'll just strike them before they return."
IJN Ayanami: "Enemy... It's not that I'm against fighting, but, I don't like it."
KMS Z23: "Fuck off! This isn't about whatever you like or don't like!"
IJN Ayanami: "What about what you like, do you enjoy fighting?"
KMS Z23: "It's not about me, our preferences are not relevant. We have a duty to execute our mission. We don't get to choose the mission, we're warships after all. Our entire purpose is to fight has been requested."
IJN Ayanami: "How can that be all there is, I don't understand."

HMS Javelin: "That girl, I hope she's okay."
USS Laffey: "Oh, you mean Ayanami."
HMS Javelin: "Ayanami, right. I wonder if we'll have to fight her."

HMS Javelin: "W-would you like a bite off my food?"
USS Enterprise: "No thank you."
USS Laffey: "Enterprise, are you hurt?"
USS Enterprise: "So you can tell, it seems like my healing is slowed down lately."
HMS Javelin: "Huh? And why aren't you resting now?"
USS Enterprise: "All critical repairs are complete. there's nothing to worry about."
HMS Javelin: "huh.."
HMS Javelin: '( Enterprise is the strongest Eagle Union ship, I think that probably explains her stubborness, but... )'
HMS Javelin: "But why? Why would you push yourself so far in battle , aren't you exhausted?"
USS Enterprise: "...that's a strange question, considering.. I never analyzed how much I fight, or why, it's my purpose for existence."
USS Laffey: "Yes, me too... I don't like to fight when I'm sleepy."
HMS Javelin: "Okay, go back to sleep!"
USS Laffey: "I'm still so tired, but I don't like it when mean people pick on my friends. When I do, I fight harder. What do you think about that, Enterprise?"
USS Enterprise: "....Well, I.."

USS Hornet: "My sister, yeah, I guess it is a bit annoying being related to a champion."

IJN Shoukaku: "I feel so faint, how could the superiors be so mean and bully me like this! I didn't do anything, right Zuikaku?"
IJN Zuikaku: "You really shouldn't take it so personally, big sis. Besides, we have a good opportunity here. The first carrier elders will finally see our strength."
IJN Shoukaku: "I see, I admire the way you're always thinking ahead Zuikaku, and I'm giving you my word that I will always have your back no matter what!"
IJN Zuikaku: "And as long as you're with me, I have nothing to fear!"

USS Cleveland: "Enterprise wait! You're going too far ahead!"
USS Enterprise: "Slowing down is a waste of time."
USS Cleveland: "You can't fight like this if you're severely damaged! It's irresponsible and reckless!"
USS Enterprise: "Hornet's my sister, I have to."
USS Cleveland: "Oh, I understand. I mean- It's great to see you have a human side after all! Well in that case, I'm with you. I have many sisters myself, so I know how you feel! I just wish we had some escort vessles to back us up, you know?"

IJN Shoukaku: "This melody's a requiem, it's purpose is to bring peace to the dead."

IJN Zuikaku: "Eagle Union's strongest carrier, you are a worthy opponent!"

KMS Z23: "I am Z23. A strong Iron Blood destroyer. You are standing in the place of your final defeat."

KMS Z23: "Does this mean you're volunteering to surrender? That is a honorable act, even by an enemy."

HMS Prince of Wales: "Hello, Azur Lane base command."
HMS Queen Elizabeth: "It's been a long time, Wales!"
HMS Prince of Wales: "Your majesty..!"
HMS Queen Elizabeth: "The wait is over, I, Queen Elizabeth and my nobel fleet to make everything splendid!"
HMS Prince of Wales: "Thank you, your majesty, our allies are currently under attack."
HMS Queen Elizabeth: "Yes, I know what's going on Wales, and I've already made my brilliant move!"

IJN Zuikaku: "You are going down!"
HMS Belfast: "Pardon my interruption."
IJN Zuikaku: "Are you kidding?.. What the..? Who are you?"
HMS Belfast: "...I'm no one, really. Just a maid passing by."

"Episode 3" [ELEGANCE - Perchance, Like A Human][edit]

USS Yorktown: "Look at that, the ocean is so lovely today."
USS Enterprise: "I've never felt any form of beauty when looking at it. From the moment we were born, the ocean was a place for war, and there is nothing lovely about that. Besides, the ocean is the place where-"
USS Yorktown: "What you're thinking is wrong. You seem to forget, sister, that we arent human. We are ships in human forms, therefore the sea is a part of us. Engraved deep within our souls."
USS Enterprise: "I-"
USS Yorktown: "I have faith that one day you'll remember, so many people have placed their trust in your name. May Azur Lane be blessed, and especially you, Enterprise, my dear little sister."

HMS Belfast: "I work as a maid, my name is belfast."

IJN Shoukaku: "Are you hurt?"
IJN Zuikaku: "A maid? Is this some kind of joke?"
KMS Prinz Eugen: "I assure you it is not. This is belfast, the second ship in the Edinburg Class of the light cruisers from the Royal Navy. Despite her looks, she is still a legendary warrior of the Seas. Do not underestimate her."
HMS Belfast: "Thank you, Prinz Eugen of Ironblood. Always a pleasure to cross paths with you, but though I did not expect the two of us to be meeting on this journey."
KMS Prinz Eugen: "Neither did I. But since we are both here, it would be good to settle grudges away from Iron Blood, and Royal Navy."
HMS Belfast: "I make no objections to this proposal."
IJN Shoukaku: "Is that-"
HMS Belfast: "However, I should remind you that we never battle at less than full force."
USS Enterprise: "It's the main Royal Navy fleet."
HMS Belfast: "Well then, let us know when you've made your decision."
KMS Prinz Eugen: "I guess it's best to quit."

KMS Prinz Eugen: "Auf Wiedersehen, Azur Lane."

HMS Prince of Wales: "She didn't just protect our base, she rescued the Hornet fleet as well. There can be no doubt of her extreme power."
HMS Illustrious: "Indeed, but some of our fears were realized as well, we are fortunate that belfast intervened. Who knows what could've happened."
HMS Prince of Wales: "What are you saying, you're concerned for her?"
HMS Illustrious: "I find myself endeared to her after she saved unicorn. Walking in grind, iron, and dust, don't wish that upon her."
HMS Prince of Wales: "In that case, we should have a word with her majesty."

HMS Queen Elizabeth: "I already know what you want from me."

HMS Queen Elizabeth: "Isn't this a problem the eagle union have to deal with? It feels rather inappropriate to assume things from their prespective."
HMS Prince of Wales: "Right..."
HMS Unicorn: "But Enterprise rescued me, so we need someone as strong as her on our side."
HMS Illustrious: "Unicorn is right, we need her strength, especially in the many battles that lie ahead. We musntn't allow her to perish here."
HMS Hood: "You're determined, aren't you? May I ask why?"
HMS Illustrious: "It's the holy light showing me the way!"

HMS Warspite: "Are we honestly dragging out this rubbish again?"
HMS Illustrious: "The last thing I would do if I were you is underestimate her intuitions like that. Risky, don't you think?"
HMS Warspite: "Err..."

HMS Prince of Wales: "Even if she's viewed as merely a fighting force, Enterprise's a key factor for us. Which is why we mustn't forget her issues. We cannot ignore them."

HMS Queen Elizabeth: "I like your prespective on this as well, Warspite."
HMS Warspite: "But I trust in your judgement, your majesty."
HMS Queen Elizabeth: "... Well in that case, I'll leave the judgement up to me! Miss Enterprise, let's see what kind of ship you really are! Bel?"
HMS Belfast: "As you wish, your majesty."

USS Hornet: "Vestal! It's about time the repair ship showed up. I'm so relieved."
USS Vestal: "I apologize for not being faster."
USS Hamann: "How is her sister, Yorktown, doing?"
USS Vestal: "She's..."
USS Hornet: "So you're saying everything's exactly as it was?"
USS Hamann: "I see..."

USS Enterprise: "The reason for our existence is to fight."

USS Laffey: "Javelin, why do you have such a weird look on your face?"
USS Javelin: "Oh, do I?"
USS Laffey: "Having fun is the best solution and makes every bad thing go away."
USS Javelin: "... You might be the source of my concern."

USS Hornet: "Relax! Eat well, sleep well, and play well! It's a solution to having a good life!"

USS Hornet: "It just goes to show that we're more than just fighting, you know?"

HMS Unicorn: "Enterprise, thank you for saving me earlier!"
USS Enterprise: "Ah, you're talking about the attack earlier. No need to thank me. I'm just fulfilling my duties."
HMS Unicorn: "But..."

HMS Unicorn: "The ocean is so pretty."
USS Enterprise: "Everybody says the same thing. But I've never see the ocean as a beautiful thing. I look at it, and it reminds me of the roar of artillery filling my ears. The smell of gunpowder. Those kinds of things. The ocean is a battlefield. There's no beauty to see in that."
HMS Unicorn: "...Are you afraid of the ocean, Enterprise?"
USS Enterprise: "Me? Afraid?"

HMS Belfast: "How long do you want it to stay this way?"
USS Enterprise: "Don't you need to keep an eye out for Unicorn?"
HMS Belfast: It'd be better for her to hang out with her peers."
USS Enterprise: "I see. So why're you following me around?"
HMS Belfast: "The Queen actually ordered me to secretly look after you and this situation. Unfortunately, I don't have the ability to be subtle about it."
USS Enterprise: "What are you looking for?"
HMS Belfast: "I'm sorry if I sound blunt, but how long are you going to continue fighting the way that you have been? From what I can tell, you seem to grow grievly of fighting with such force, meanwhile you're being unconcerned with your own safety and survival. The way that you're living is completely Flawed. If you remain on this coarse, you'll lose sight of the reason why we battle."

HMS Belfast: "You're soft hearted, Enterprise."

HMS Belfast: "I apologize for this personal remark, but I have become interested in you."
USS Enterprise: "What?"
HMS Belfast: "Please allow me to teach you the ways to becoming the proper decorum expected from a gentlewoman."
USS Enterprise: "Huh?"

"Episode 4" [SAKURA - Cloak and Dagger][edit]

IJN Yukikaze: "I, Yukikaze, have gone out of my way to welcome you home! Be grateful! "
IJN Yuudachi: "So how was it? How many ships did you sank?! "
IJN Ayanami: "Uh... "
IJN Shigure: "Let's listen to her stories while we have tea. "
IJN Yuudachi: "Yay! Food! Food!"
KMS Z23: [ Sighs ] "How restless..."
KMS Prinz Eugen:"Oh, well in my opinion it's charming and cute."

IJN Shoukaku: "I, have returned."

"Episode 5" [REUNION - Reaching Out To You][edit]

"Episode 6" [SHACKLES - Tying Bonds, Binding Hearts][edit]

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