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The Beano Video (or Beano All-Stars for DVD releases) is a VHS of the Beano series originally released in 1993 and also broadcast as a Television special on ITV Network (CiTV). It marked not just the first animated release by Margret and H.A. Rey, but also 55 years of the hugely successful children's comic that has spanned many generations. It was later re-released in DVD more than 10 years later, by then known as Beano All-Stars. The video is also the first animated appearance for characters like Dennis, Gnasher, Minnie, The Bash Street Kids and The Three Bears.

It features voices by Susan Sheridan, Kate Robbins, Enn Reitel, Gary Martin, Jonathan Kydd and other actors. Gary Martin, Jonathan Kydd and Kerry Shale later appear in the 1996-98 TV series adaptation of Dennis the Menace and Gnasher, as does Bernard Cribbins, Mollie Sugden, John Baddeley and Denis Quilley.

A sequel to this video was made, in 1994, dubbed the Beano Videostars, and featuring an expanded list of characters.


Adventures in Dennis Sitting[edit]

Mrs. Walters: Here are your cabbages, Mrs. Blakeningsop!
Mrs. Blakeningsop: Thank you!
Mrs. Walters: All the customers will be in line of course!
Mrs. Blakeningsop: Uh, [The Bash Street Kids and Gnasher look for her] There should be customers here in line so you can see them. [Mrs. Blumberg, Mrs. Thompson, the ginger Harry Potter, the kid in the yellow jumper, Mr. Zakinski, Medroom and Jacques are in line]
Dennis: Gosh, there should be customers who are in line. Right, Gnasher?
Gnasher: [giggles]
Mrs. Blakeningsop: I'm gonna bring those cabbages home. Goodbye. [exits the shop]

In on the Act[edit]

Walter: What a swizz! We'll enter our string quartet for the talent contest! [He, Bertie, Spotty and Professor Chapweze play violins]
Dennis: Pathetic! Yuck! Time for a bit of menacing, chums!
Walter: Oh! Stop it, you rotters!

Face the Music[edit]

Professor Quaver: Enough of that! [clears throat] Time to hear our instruments should be played! I'll put on a record!
Danny: But we haven't got a record player!
Professor Quaver: But don't worry! Just listen to my hat!


Man: [to the Hotdog owner] Why don't you place a ketchup?


Ted: [pulls the roast beef] Now, I brought it home, I was very cooking on the next part of the thing that makes! [pulls the roast beefs faster, chuckles, the roast beef flies off and zooms through the air]
Pa: Whoa! Follow that Roast Beef! Oh, shucks! [the coyotes are eating roast beef] Those kind of coyotes are eating! They're right!
Ma: When I heard of those, either my porridge will be into no rough!

Minnie Chairs[edit]

George: [bounces Minnie] Now we have to go to the shop and buy a new chair!
Chair Store Man: I can say where this model here that I like something that he's just been here, the cushions here.
[Minnie bounces on the sofas, sees the customers trying on chairs]
Minnie: I wonder what will happen if I pull that out!

Soap Box Cart[edit]

[Dennis rides a soap box cart with his dad (on crutches)]
Dennis' Dad: I didn't leave to direct this if I survive!
Dennis: Must remember my handsome clues!
Dennis' Dad: But you can't turn that, it's a soap box! [gate bonks on him]
Dennis: Why don't you finish a show caught? I need a time loose!
Dennis' Dad: [His hat pulls off] Well, what is that handsome on me?
Dennis: It means things, beware of funny things on the ride!

Dennis's Hiccups[edit]

Plug: Hello, Dennis!
Dennis: Hey, Plug!
Plug: What you have been doing?
Dennis: We were playing train and I've got hiccups, Plug.
Plug: That's it.
Minnie: Hello, Dennis.
Dennis: Hi, Minnie.
Minnie: I was checking out Mrs. Walters to do the shopping and since we can tell Danny and Toots all about it.
Dennis: Good idea.

Mr. HaHa: Good day, Dennis. How is your hiccups?
Dennis: Very well.
Mr. HaHa: Hmm. How about this, and this, and this? Does it look right?
Dennis: You are the bestest friend I ever made. [hugs Mr. HaHa, chuckles]

Lake Beautiful[edit]

Headmaster: He's uglier than ever! Par the School Doctor!
Par the School Doctor: There is a cure in the mountains of Tibet! Lives a man called the keeper! He has a small lake! Lake Beautiful! Find this and its waters can make anyone handsome!
Headmaster: Take our school funds! Go and find this place in Tibet! It's for the good of the school!

Danny: [chuckles] Neither you need to pay for some, sir! [giggles]
[a bear does the cash register]
Narrator: It's not just the mountains in the sky high right here! [chuckles] The prices are too! [cash register rings]


Pa: Well, it's a baby dragon! Ooh! And it must have been waiting to [chuckles] hatch for thousand years! Oh hello! You're a cute little fellow! We'll call you Scorcher! And you can be just been what we've been looking for!


Both: Grrr! That Gnasher!
[Dennis licks, He and Gnasher laugh]

Minnie Apples[edit]

Minnie: It's a beautiful day, the sun is shining and the apples are red! [jumps through the air] The problem is how to get them. Hmm. [carries a ladder, cause her dad grabs it and she falls down]

Space Case[edit]

Plug: Cool! He looks like a Martian!
Danny: A Martian? Hey? Now, there's an idea! Sir! Sir! [zooms past] A Martian's just landing in our playground!
Teacher: Uh, piffle and poppycock, silly boy!
Danny: Look! [Spotty walks by]
Spotty: [Martian speaks]
Teacher: [gasps] It is! Uh, a Martian!
Spotty: [Martian speaks]
Teacher: What is it?
Fatty: Perhaps he wants something to eat!

Pink Glove[edit]

[Dennis kicks the door of his room.]
Dennis: It's a great day for menacing! Come on, Gnasher! Charge! [both run to the front door]
Narrator: [off-screen] Oh, no! What dastardly deed lurks on Dennis's door step? [sniffs] Poo! A bath full of sweet smelling water and a bucket full of rose petals!
Dennis: [runs by] Ow! [falls into the water and all the rose petals fall too]
Pink Glove: [laughs] Beware the Pink Glove! [laughs, zooms past, the pink glove falls down]
Dennis: Bah! I'm not gonna let any softie Pink Glove get the better of me.

Katzenberger: [walks with his family, chuckles] Oh Ho, I didn't know Dennis liked hugging teddies! [laughs]
Dennis: He's in for it when I catch him! Making a softie out of me!

[The Softies return to their home, singing.]
Walter: Come along, fellow softies. We've got some rather fetching needlepoint to do. Cool! It appears we have guests, chums!
Chums: Oh, I say!

Greedy Bears Picnic[edit]

Narrator: Those naughty greedy bears are having a lovely run today! Pizzas, pies and chocolate cakes, they surely love the stuff for a lot away! [Pa, Ma and Ted pop out of the bush, dancing] Since they slide and sneak about! They wouldn't freak to jump, they leap on your unawares!

Minnie Flying[edit]

George: Minnie! [pops out]
Minnie: Not so lucky!
George: I've got a way to make you for getting that about mine!

Big Surprise[edit]

[Dennis feeds Gnasher with some corn flakes.]
Dennis: Have some more corn flakes, Gnasher?
Dennis' Dad: You're over-feeding that dog! Watch out! He'll grow as big as an elephant!
[Dennis and Gnasher enter, along with other people at the zoo.]
Dennis: Let's go in here, Gnasher!

Hare Soup[edit]

Hare: [sticks his tongue, shines his teeth, runs past, zooms past, Pa chases after him to the top of the mountains, he is slow as he wins] Let's call the tortoise, Pa!

Molar Mouth[edit]

Professor Moderoid: [arrives] Good morning, children! Now, let me see your teeth! Give me a nice smile! Good, Plug! How many of those? Marvelous, Danny! [cash register rings] [chuckles] There must be any more little food, Fatty! Conrad's got his teeth! Nice teeth, Sally! That's it, Dennis! Something did it, Spotty! How can you see Wilfred's teeth? Sidney and Toots chewed too much gum! Ken Bahn has a cavity on his doh-re-mi tooth! Brilliant, Minnie! [camera shutter clicks] Ooh. Too bad, Erbert. Uh, [cash register rings] These people have the best teeth! How excellent to show your smile, Smiffy!

Professor Moderoid: This elephant from East Brooklyn Zoo has good teeth because of its dire! Can anyone guess what it is?
Fatty: Buns? Goodie! Make sure my teeth will be in super contention!
Professor Moderoid: [gives Fatty the bandage on his mouth] Not buns, apples! Eat lots of apples! Everyone, your teeth would last and love! [eats an apple, coughs]
Teacher: He's choking! And slap him on the back!
Conrad: Well, pleasure!


Dennis: Maybe we're just around. We didn't think we want!
Vilhemina Slop Bucket: Come on, Katzenberger! We're going home!
Katzenberger: Home? Why?
[boys giggle]
Vilhemina Slop Bucket: Wait! Don't go there!
Reg Trademark: We should get home!
Slasher Brown: Yeah!
Mrs. Blakeningsop: I need some cabbages!
The ginger Harry Potter: Hold on, Mrs. Blakeningsop!
The kid in the yellow jumper: Wait a minute!
Mrs. Blakeningsop: Uh, what do you think of that?
Fatty Fudge: Let's need some watermelon!
Boy: Yeah!
Fatty Fudge (Red): Hey! Excuse me!
Fatty Fudge (Blue): Sorry!
Fatty Fudge (Yellow): Huh?

Gnipper Pecker[edit]

Gnipper: Huh? [grunts] [chatters as a woodpecker] [snores]

Minnie Clones[edit]

Danny: We're your fans, Minnie! We think you're the greatest and we want to be like you!
Minnie: I'm honored! Now, let me show you how to minx.

[last lines]
Erbert: Did you see that?
Wilfred: Very impressive!
Conrad: What a man!
[George walks so he holds Minnie]
Minnie: Oh, no.
Erbert: Cool! You forget Minnie! [He, Spotty, Ken Bahn, Dennis, Toots, Sidney, Smiffy, Conrad, Fatty, Plug, Danny, Wilfred and Sally return as themselves]
Toots: Dad's our new hero!
George: I'm the greatest!

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