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Ben 10: Ultimate Alien was an American animated television series that was aired on Cartoon Network. The Omnitrix has been destroyed, and Ben must learn to master the incredible and incomprehensible secrets of the new Ultimatrix, a gauntlet-like version of the old Omnitrix that not only gives him access to all of his original alien abilities, but also allows him to evolve his alien forms into far much stronger and more powerful versions; called "ultimate forms."

Season One[edit]



Hit 'Em Where They Live[edit]

Gwen: You have no idea who you're dealing with!!
Zomboozo: We've seen what your cousin can do.
Gwen: I'm not talking about him!! I want you to listen to me then pass the word to every lowlife you know!! If you wanna come after Ben or Kevin or me, fine!! That's the life you chose!! I'm talking to you!! Look at me!! Look at me!! As of right now, the Tennyson family is off limits!! If any of you ever attacks one of our loved ones or hurts one of your loved ones or even bumps into someone we love in the street, THIS is what awaits you!!

Video Games[edit]

Escape from Agreggor[edit]

Too Hot to Handle[edit]

Andreas' Fault[edit]


Gwen: I got a better idea.
(casts a nonverbal spell to teleport her, Kevin and Amphibian away in a swirl of magenta energy)
Agreggor: Enjoy you're respirator, brief though it will be. No one escapes from Agreggor.

Kevin: What was that?
Gwen: A teleportation spell.

Hero Time[edit]

Ultimate Agreggor[edit]

Map of Infinity[edit]

Reflected Glory[edit]


Where the Magic Happens[edit]

Gwen: We traced Agreggor to the Door to Anywhere. He escaped to a dimension I couldn't name. The place was practically made out of mana.
Charmcaster: Made of mana?

Gwen: Wow. I feel...
Charmcaster: Powerful? Of course you do. All the magic in the universe flows from this dimension. The Alpha Rune is here.

Ben: You said you grew up here. Maybe your people could help us.
Charmcaster: There aren't many left. Adwaitta enslaved everyone. My father fought against him. He died getting me and Uncle Hex out of here.
Gwen: I didn't know.
Charmcaster: Yeah. You didn't.

Adwaitta: My might has long since cowed any resistance that once dared challenge me.
Charmcaster: Is that your way of saying you killed my father!?
Adwaitta: You actually managed to hurt me. You must be Spellbinder's daughter. Why return when your entire thieving race couldn't stop me!?
Charmcaster: Becasue, Adwaitta, every single creature you enslaved wants their freedom! And you'll never control us all!


The Forge of Creation[edit]

Nor Iron Bars a Cage[edit]

The Enemy of My Enemy[edit]

Absolute Power, Part 1[edit]

Absolute Power, Part 2[edit]

Season Two[edit]

The Transmogrification of Eunice[edit]

Eye of the Beholder[edit]

Viktor the Spoils[edit]

The Big Story[edit]

Girl Trouble[edit]

Revenge of the Swarm[edit]

The Creature from Beyond[edit]

Basic Training[edit]

It's Not Easy Being Gwen![edit]

Ben 10,000 Returns[edit]


Prisoner #775 Is Missing[edit]

The Purge[edit]

Simian Says[edit]

Greetings from Techadon[edit]

The Flame Keepers' Circle[edit]

Double or Nothing[edit]

The Perfect Girlfriend[edit]

The Ultimate Sacrifice[edit]

The Widening Gyre[edit]

The Mother of All Vreedles[edit]

A Knight to Remember[edit]

Solitary Alignment[edit]

Inspecter 13[edit]

The Enemy of My Frenemy[edit]

Gwen: Wait! It's about Charmcaster!
Hex: What have you done with her?
Gwen: I'm trying to help her. Charmcaster took us to Ledgerdomain. We left to stop Agregggor but she stayed behind the fight Adwaitta.
Hex: She went back to Ledgerdomain? She's still there?
Gwen: She told me she was going to try and free her people.
Hex: Don't bother. If she's in Ledgerdomain, then my niece is already dead.
Gwen: You don't understand. Agreggor took the Alpha Rune. Adwaita was practically powerless.
Hex: My brother gave his life so that his daughter and I could escape the accused dimension. I love my niece dearly, but I am not about to go on a suicide mission. Take the book. Take whatever you want. Leave me in peace.

Spellbinder: Hope, is it really you? You've grown.
Charmcaster: Oh, Daddy. I've missed you so much.
Spellbinder: But I don't understand. How is this possible?
Charmcaster: I did it, Daddy. I studied for years. I found the secret spells and talismans. I sacrificed everything living thing in Ledgerdomain all for you.
Spellbinder: You did what!?

Couples Retreat[edit]

Catch a Falling Star[edit]

The Egg Man Cometh[edit]

Night of the Living Nightmare[edit]

The Beginning of the End[edit]

The Ultimate Enemy, Part 1[edit]

The Ultimate Enemy, Part 2[edit]

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