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Birds of Prey (2002) was a short-lived live-action television series loosely based on the female heroines of the DC Comics universe, specifically the Birds of Prey loosely associated with Batman and Gotham City.

Opening Narration[edit]

[Opening naration]
Alfred Pennyworth: Legend tells of a caped crusader, Batman, guardian of New Gotham, and his one true love, Catwoman, the queen of the criminal underworld. Their passion left behind something extraordinary: a daughter, Huntress. Half metahuman, she has taken up her father's mantle and fights to protect the innocent and helpless. Joining her in this struggle: Oracle, once Batman's protégé, Batgirl, she was caught in the crossfire of the war between Batman and Joker. Now she fights crime a different way, a master of the cyber-realms and trainer to heroes. Together, they have taken in Dinah, a metahuman herself, with powers that she is only beginning to explore. These three are the protectors of New Gotham: the Birds of Prey. My name is Alfred Pennyworth and this is their story.

Season One[edit]


Jesse Reese: Why don't you carry any weapons?
Helena Kyle: I am the weapon.

Helena Kyle: Gazillion dollars worth of computer equipment and not one jar of peanut butter! You know, I'm the one that does all the night sweeps. I'm the one that does all the fieldwork. I'm the one with bruises in really embarrassing places. Would it kill you to go to the grocery store every once in a while?
Oracle: What is this obsession with food?
Helena Kyle: You try fighting the forces of evil when your blood sugar's low!

Barbara Gordon: She knows how to get in. What if she knows who we are?
Helena Kyle: We could kill her.
Barbara Gordon: We're the good guys. We don't kill innocent people. We don't kill anyone.
Helena Kyle: Speak for yourself.

Dr. Harleen Quinzell: Just goes to show you, never send a business man to do a psychopath's job.


Prey for the Hunter[edit]

Three Birds and a Baby[edit]

Sins of the Mother[edit]

Barbara Gordon: (Talking About Dinah) She could be every bit as great as you.
Carolyn Lance: And she could get shot at before breakfast, tortured before lunch, and knocked unconscious for dinner also like me.

Helena Kyle: (Discussing Dinah) What are you gonna do when she's out past curfew? Blast her with your Canary Cry?
Carolyn Lance: What did your mother do? Oh, that's right. She was too busy stealing your childhood.

Primal Scream[edit]


Lady Shiva[edit]

Lady Shiva: Why can't you do it? I would've killed you all!
Barbara Gordon: I know, Shiva... Sandy. That's the difference between us.

Prey for the Hunter[edit]

Nature of the Beast[edit]



Feat of Clay[edit]

Devil's Eyes[edit]

Alfred: Oh, Mistress Harley? Buttle this!


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