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Blue's Clues (1996–2006) is an American children's television series that airs on Nickelodeon. Steve Burns and Donovan Patton are the hosts of Blue's Clues. It premiered on September 8, 1996 and ended on August 6, 2006.


Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
Season 4
Season 5
Season 6

Season 1[edit]

Snack Time[edit]

[First lines]
Steve: Hi! Come on in! We're so glad you're here! (starts walking) It's almost snack time. Blue? Blue?
[Blue is seen hiding under the table]
Steve: (looks around, then turns to the viewers) Did you see Blue?
Kids: Right there! Under the table!
Steve: Oh. (gives the viewers the signal)
Steve: A big circle, lines for the sides, a line for the bottom, two lines and we have a cup.
Steve: There's the top, a couple of lines, that little bendy part, two long lines, and a strip down the middle.
(cow moos)
Steve: We'd got the cow's head, a big circle for the body, lines for the legs and tail, hoofs, and an udder.
Steve: Hey, now, that we have all three clues that means we're ready to back home to our thinking chair and figure out what Blue wants with her snack! Great, let's go!


  1. Cup
  2. Straw
  3. Cow

What Time Is It for Blue?[edit]

Steve: Okay, we got a line on the top, two cuvry lines for the sides, and the dots, and there is a blanket.
Kid: Behind the books!
Steve: Draw a couple of lines for the side, a retangle, and line for for the pages.

Mailbox's Birthday[edit]

Blue: Can you put the stars, square, circle, trangle and diamond? A green star. Pink circle. Yellow diamond.

Blue's Story Time[edit]

Steve: Hi, out there! It's me, Steve! Have you seen Blue, my puppy?
Kids: There she is!
[Blue comes out of her hiding spot and barks happily]
Steve: Come on in!
[Blue throws the ball over to Mailbox before throwing it back at her, Blue barks before running through the doggy door]
[Steve opens the door]
Steve: You see a clue? Where?
Kids: In the wheelbarrow.
Pail: I'm not sure it was a mountain.
Shovel: Oh, yeah.
Steve: Okay. So, we have bricks. A line here, a line there, kind of like a rectangle and we have bricks.
Pail: Ice cream!? Did you just say ice cream!? Jack and Jill are fetching a pail of ice cream!? Help! We need more help!
Steve: Jack and Jill.
Steve: So, a wolf's head, the ear, the eye, the nose, those big teeth, the body, the leg, the toe and of course, the tail and we have a wolf!
Steve: A pig's head, a big, round body, circle for the snout, lines for the legs and a squiggly tail.

Clues List[edit]

  1. Brick
  2. Wolf
  3. Pig

Adventure in Art[edit]

Steve: She wants to paint my house with the door, a window and a roof. We just figured out Blue's Clues.

Blue Goes to the Beach[edit]

Kid: On top of the bed.
Isaiah: On top of the bed.

A Snowy Day[edit]

Steve: A long line like a trangle and a squiggly line for that green stuff on top and there we have a carrot.
Kid: No, it's a clue!
Steve: An oval for the top a line down here another line. There's the brim and a hat.
Steve: Looks like a big circle.
Steve: Could Blue want to put the snowball in the hat, huh? And have a snowball sundae with a carrot on top?
Kid: No!
Steve: Let's go outside and make a snowman in the snow.

The Trying Game[edit]


Blue Wants to Play a Song Game[edit]

Steve: Hi, out there! It's me, Steve! Have you.

What Story Does[edit]

The Grow Show[edit]

Tickety's Favorite Nursery Rhyme[edit]

Steve: We draw a line, and another line, and line across here. And we a 1.
Steve: First, we have a square, then, two lines down a rectangle for the bottom a squiggly line here circle for the face the hands a long line and a circle and we have a grandfather clock.
Steve: No! That was the fox!
Bryce: No Blue is gone!
Steve: Draw an oval shape for the body semi-circles for the ears, the eyes and nose lines for the whiskers and a long, squiggly line for the tail.

Blue's News[edit]

( birds cawing )

Steve: Hey!


  1. Mr. Salt
  2. Mr. Pepper
  3. Bottle

Season 2[edit]

Steve Gets the Sniffles[edit]

Steve: ( sneezes ) No!!!

Blue's ABCs[edit]

No! Bye, Girls! See you week! Go home!


[First line]
Steve: Hi, out there! It's me, Steve! Have you seen Blue, my puppy?
Kids: There she is!
Steve: Come on in!

Steve: So, how many does Mr. Salt have?
Kids: 3.

[The twleve black birds are up in the tree]

Steve: So, how many graham crackers does Shovel have?
Kids: 8.

Steve: Okay. We go to our...
Kids: Thinking Chair!
Steve: Thinking Chair, right! Come on.


Steve: Okay, now, that we're in our... Thinking Chair. Let's think.

What Does Blue Want to Do on a Rainy Day?[edit]

(cow moos)

(cow mooing in low, normal, and high pitches)

(cow mooing in normal, high, and normal pitches)

Blue's Big Holiday[edit]

Steve: So, we with a circle, and then a line.

Season 4[edit]

Blue's School[edit]

Steve: Great.
Periwinkle: Tickety, can we be school buddies, too?
Tickety: Sure, Periwinkle.

( ringing )

Tickety: It's weather time! It's weather time!
Blue: That's right, Tickety. This is the yellow sunny. Can do a snow, rain, cloud or sun?
Tickety: Oh, no!
Steve: What's the matter, Tickety?
Tickety: I have any pink paint and I need to paint my self-portrait.
Steve: Which two colors can.
Tickety: Well, red looks a little like pink. Red and white make pink!

Season 5[edit]

Can You Help?[edit]

Joe: Oh, it's you. Hi.
[Blue says "hi" to the viewers and is hiding behind Joe's duck, Boris.]
Joe: Oh. I'm so glad you're here. Blue and I are playing Hide and Seek, I could really use your help. Will you help me? You will? Oh good. Let me know if you see Blue.
Joe: Oh, no!

Blue's Big Band[edit]

Joe: Hi.
Kids: Hi.

no blue! no magenta!

Mrs. Pepper: you can use it to clean clothes or to play rhythms. hop!
Joe: Fantastic, and you two, we're great on the rattles.
Mr. Salt: We to leave --- but, it's time to wash the clothes! No!!!
Joe: Bye!
Kid: A clue! A clue!
Joe: You see a clue? Where?
Kid: Right there!
Joe: Is it in of me or behind me?
Kid:: In front of you.

( drum rolls and cymbals crashing )

Joe: On this, lid or top.
Kid: Notebook.


Joe: First, an oval like this. Then, a line that goes down and around for the bottom. There, we have a lid. So, what instument could Blue want to play in the band with a lid? Oh, maybe. But, let's keep looking for clues, so, we can be sure.

( drum )

Joe: I hear a rhythm. Hey, Periwinkle!
Periwinkle: Hey, Joe! Look, I'm playing rhythm on my drum. I'm going play them in Blue's Big Band.
Joe: Thanks, Mailbox.
Girls: Hi, Joe!
Girls: Bye, Joe! ( drums two times at once )

(Blue barks angry to at once)

Kid: A clue!
Joe: You see a clue? Where?
Kid: Right there! On the table!
Joe: On the table.

( beans clatters leaves in the table )

Joe: Where is it? I don't see it.
Kid: In the pot!
Joe: In the pot.

( drum rolls and cymbals crashing )

Kid: Notebook!


Joe: Let's draw a round shape that curves in a little add a few more. We have beans.

(Blue barks mad to at once)

( Blue talks to excited at once )

Bryce: Let's go, Blue!
Piano: Well, it almost time for my music class! I don't want to be late! Bye!!!

( Blue left the leave alone in the face )

Joe: Bye!

( Blue say leave! )

Kid: A clue!
Joe: You see a clue? Where?
Kid: Right there!
Joe: I don't see it.
Kid: Behind you.
Joe: Behind me.

( drum rolls and cymbals crashing )

Joe: There's a clue on this an empty can.
Kid: Notebook!

Empty Can

Joe: First, let's draw a round shape for the top. A line that goes down and back up, two curves on the front. We have an empty can.
Joe: We have all three clues to figure out what instruments Blue wants to play in the band.
Kid: A maraca.
Joe: We just figured out Blue's Clues!

Joe's Surprise Party[edit]

August 24, 2002

Mr. Salt: Let's put out the party hats. Oh, no! I need more hats. How many more hats do I need to finish setting the table?
Kid: Three.
Periwinkle: Here you go. Three hats.
Mr. Salt: Thanks, Periwinkle and thank you, too. One, two, three. There, the hats are ready.

( all cheering )

Periwinkle: Now, you can with me. I'm putting out the plates, the green and orange to Joe's favorite colors.
Slippery Soap: Cool cake.
Kid: A clue!
Slippery Soap: You see a clue? Where?
Kid: Under the beak!
Slippery Soap: Under the beak.
Boy: no this. wheel!
Girl: I wear a blue shirt.
Boy 2: I love you. Happy birthday, Joe!
Girl: Happy birthday, Joe!
Girl 2: How old are you anyway?
Boy: no this. flag!
Kids: Happy birthday, Joe!

no pail! bye-bye! see you week!

Periwinkle: Come on, back to the kitchen with me. We're almost ready for the party. Look, steamers and lots of balloons. Oops. Oh, no! ( grunts )
Kid: A clue! A clue!
Periwinkle: You see a clue? Where?
Kid: There! It's right there! On the wrapping paper!

( presents chattering to at once in the kitchen hall, twirling around in the house wall left clue falling )

( evil music ends )

Joe: Oh! Okay. I'll be right there!
Periwinkle: He's coming! Joe's coming!
Bryce: Get down! Bye-bye! See you week!

( door opens, closes and floor creaks in the yellow squares into a house )

Tickety Tock: Quiet, characters!
Joe: Does the beak go to my left or to my right?
Kid: To your left!
Joe: To my left. Okay. So, does the beak go... up here?
Kid: No, lower.
Joe: No, lower. Down here?
Kid: No, higher.
Joe: No, higher.
Kid: Yes!
Joe: Okay. I'll put it here. And this candle has sqaures. I love squares. Ready, 1, 2, 3.

( candle blows )

Evil Dora: April 21, 1841 - April 21, 1847 ( giggles )

( bird chirps )

Let's Write[edit]

100th Episode Celebration[edit]

Places We've Been

Joe: We got furter in the line and didn't even notice!
Steve: Let's try the lion!

Laughs We've Had ( laughs )

Kid: It's a clue!
Steve: What?
Steve: Hello, Ticktey Tock!
Joe: I'm running! I'm feeling the rhythm!

Clues We've Found

Steve: Tape Cassette - Where? Where? Where's the clue?
Steve: Mr. Salt - Oh, Hi, Mr. Salt. I'm looking for a spoon.
Steve: Spoon - Oh, yes! I agree it is quite!
Bryce: No!!! Stop! Steve, this is NOT anything!
Steve: Water - Yes! Thanks to you!
Bryce: No!!! Stop! Steve, this is NOT aqurl!
Kid: No, it's a clue!
Steve: You see a clue? Where?
Kids: Right there!

Morning Music[edit]

[Night becomes day in the Blue's Clues House, and then the rooster crows to wake everyone up.]
Joe: Good morning.

Bedtime Business[edit]

Kid: A clue! A clue!
Joe: You see a clue? Where?
Kid: Right there! A mirror.
Joe: First, a rectangle, another rectangle in the center and two lines like this.

( Blue sad oh at once )

Joe: Come on!
Kid: A clue!
Joe: First, let's draw.
Kid: A clue!
Joe: Let's draw.

Shape Searchers[edit]

Kid: A clue!
Joe: Let's draw the shapes, we see. First, a rectangle, another rectangle for the drawer, a smaller one here. Then, a straight line like this for the front, a bunch of little squares for the buttons, a circle for the knob. There, a cash register.
Kid: A tree.
Joe: That pine tree is a triangle.
Joe: Let's start with a trapzoid, a rectangle for the bottom, a circle for the handle, criss-crossing lines, wheels and we have a cart.
Kids: Bye, Joe!
Joe: First, an oval with a line around for the can. Then, a trangle for carrot, a crescent shape for the banana, lines on the can, a stem on the carrot and a curve on the banana.

The Alphabet Train[edit]


The episode starts with Joe saying HI to the viewers, and he said that they needed help today because there is making an alphabet train. First, there is the letter A, and we find an Airplane, that starts with A. Next, there is B and Blue comes to the letter B box. Then, we help Tickety Tock sort out C, D, and E boxes. A Crayon starts with C, a Drum starts with D, and an Eagle starts the letter E.


  1. White
  2. Black
  3. The Letter Z

Season 6[edit]

The Legend of the Blue Puppy[edit]

Joe: Okay, let's keep looking for locks. Come on. Hello. Is Lock there? Oh, um... wrong number. Sorry. Bye.

Love Day[edit]

Kid: A clue! A clue!

( drum rolls )

( mop chattering )

Girl: Hi, Joe-- I'm making a Love Day card for my grandma.
Kid: No, on the other side of the paper.
Joe: Third clue, where are you?
Kid: A clue! A clue!


  1. Mop
  2. Castle
  3. Glass Slipper

Blue's Wishes[edit]

Wand: Wish? Did you say wish?
Bryce: Bye, Wand! No!!!

( purple and white circle spin star blows stop appearing at once and no wand say good-bye )



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