Blue's Clues & You!/Season 12

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Mailbox: (laughs) hiya Josh. I hear there's a sound coming up. So we can make your sound anyone can hear. listen. (imitating drum): bum bum. Josh: (laughter) bum bum. Mailbox: how about this one. (imitating cymbal): tiss tiss Josh: tiss tiss. How about this one (imitating trumpet): brr brr brr brr. Mailbox: (laughter) brr brr brr brr. How about this one (imitating piano): ping. Josh: ping. (laughs) or how about this (imitating banjo): ding ding dang dang ding ding dang dang Mailbox: ding ding dang dang ding ding dang dang. Josh: (laughs) you sound like an instrument too. Mailbox: ooh ohh. I know exactly where I am. See. Here's your letter. Josh: (gasps) I got a letter for you. Thank you Mailbox. Mailbox: (chuckles) you're welcome. Bye-bye. Josh: we just got a letter.