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Bones (2005-2017) is a crime drama television series on the FOX Network, inspired by real-life forensic anthropologist and novelist, Kathy Reichs. Forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperance 'Bones' Brennan specializes in reading clues left behind in a victim's bones. Consequently, law enforcement calls her in to assist with murder investigations when the remains are so badly decomposed, burned, or destroyed that the standard identification methods are useless.

Season 10[edit]

The Conspiracy in the Corpse [10.1][edit]

Hodgins: It is nice talking conspiracy without being called uno.

Aubrey: [in Booth's home, sees Christine on the couch] Aww, that is adorable. I gotta get one of those.

Caroline Julian: Move fast, cher. This is a Cinderella warrant. When Sanderson's attorneys find out about it, it'll turn into a pumpkin.
Sweets: Great, finally get to use my siren.

The Lance to the Heart [10.2][edit]

The Purging of the Pundit [10.3][edit]

The Geek in the Guck [10.4][edit]

Brennan: Using your guts in the field is one thing but there's absolutely no room for guts in my lab.
Cam: [holding the victim's intestines for Brennan to see] [deadpan] Then...what do I, uh, do with these?

Booth: Never ever underestimate a squint. I've seen them solve a crime with two fingers and a bottle cap.
Aubrey: [to himself] And I thought I was smart. [looks at Booth] I mean, I am but not that way.

[Booth and Aubrey are discussing the case]
Booth: Aubrey, what do you remember about your kindergarten experience?
Aubrey: [stunned with Booth's sudden change of topic] Woah, woah, you really don't trust me if my background check's going that far...

Aubrey: This is the coolest thing I've ever seen in my life––
Booth: [glares at Aubrey] Aubrey.
Aubrey: [sheepishly] But it does not compare with my daily service to my country.

Hodgins: [pleading with Angela to let him to do an experiment] My sweet wife, please let a man have his toys.

Brennan: I hated it. I had no consistency. I had to make a way for myself when I was too young to do it. I want to give Christine more. I want her to have a better life than I did growing up.

Jessica Warren: Change is the one reality that we can count on. Trying to hang on to our expectation, that is death.

Booth: [flashes badge] FBI! Take a break, huh?
Suspect: I don't care who you are. We're in the middle of something here. Get off my stage
Aubrey: [shakes head] I don't think he understands.
Booth: [smirks] He doesn't understand.
Aubrey: Ok. [snaps fingers] Hi, we're from the FBI.
Suspect: Oh, you're from some sort of cop game? [Booth and Aubrey look at each in bemusement] Then you should know about ruining an entire sequence. Now get off my stage before I make you.
Booth: Ok, you just need to relax there, Mr. Light-Bright, ok? We have permission to be here...ok? I'm Special Agent Booth.
Suspect: Now watch it...
[Suspect attempts to swing a punch at Booth, who quickly and easily brushes him aside]
Booth: [looks at Aubrey] He doesn't understand!
Suspect: That was a big mistake buddy.
[Suspect tries to punch Booth again and Booth flips him over]
Booth: Ok...that was a bigger mistake. [stretches shoulder] Shoulders hurt...the rotator cuff. [to Aubrey] You wanna get this one?
Aubrey: Sure!
[Suspect charges at Aubrey and Booth and Aubrey subdues him]
Booth: Look at that, we restrained a manotaur.
Aubrey: Minotaur.
Booth: Whatever.

The Corpse at the Convention [10.5][edit]

Aubrey: [to reporters gathered outside the room (crime scene)] All right everybody, listen up! I know these are all forensic super experts but today you have to stay on the other side of the yellow tape!
Booth: You still love being the G-Man?
Aubrey: [sighs in frustration] It's like security at a Beyoncé concert!

Aubrey: We have to look at you just like we would any other person of interest.
Hodgins: This is unbelievable. This is the third time I've been a murder suspect! It makes me wanna kill someone so you won't waste your time.
[Booth stares at Hodgins and looks at an equally stunned Aubrey.]
Hodgins: [realizes] It's a joke. I was joking.

Booth: I'll bet you a hundred bucks they'll be even more jealous when it's done.
Brennan: Booth, you're in Gamblers Anonymous. You shouldn't be betting.
Booth: [deadpan] Right, and you're a genius, all right? So don't say stupid things. [motions to his plate] Have some pie.

Wendell Bray: [points to a pile of evidence] ...and two trays of stuff yet to be identified.
Hodgins: Particulates. Don't say stuff. It's sacrilege.

Booth: Listen, I know what it's like to be innocent and have a whole bunch of circumstantial evidence stacked against you.
Hodgins: Thank you, Booth.
Aubrey: [to Hodgins] I really do think you're a good guy.
Hodgins: Yeah, great. [leaves]
Aubrey: [calls after Hodgins] So please don't be the killer!

Edward Harkness: Conventions usually devolve into carnivals of indiscretion anytime. The ringmaster fell victim to its hedonistic pleasures.
Aubrey: So you cheated on your wife, now you've turned it into a poem. That's great.

The Lost Love in the Foreign Land [10.6][edit]

Lee: This is an old house. It creaks.
Aubrey: Guess it's got a cough too.

Arastoo: I remember the first morning I woke up as a citizen. It meant everything to me, but I never thought anything like this could happen here.
Brennan: Anthropologically speaking, in any society, one group will always occupy a higher status and will exploit those who are more vulnerable.
Arastoo: 15,000 people a year are brought into this country to be slaves. Are we supposed to accept that?
Brennan: No, Mr. Vaziri. We fight it. No matter what the anthropological reasons, we fight to make the world a better place.

Booth: Andy Doltmeier, you've gotta be kidding me. [glances at suspect, Andy's client] How's this low life before you?
Defense Attorney Andy Doltmeier: Sometimes I do pro bono work.
Booth: I'm sure you do. During tax deduction time.

Aubrey: One more thing, an apology... I guess. I was sort of ass-like.
Booth: Because you were looking at other people's pain for what it could do for your own career.
Aubrey: [nods] Yeah. [Booth looks at him pointedly] But once I saw those women, thought about Min-Yan's life and how she died...
Booth: Ass.
Aubrey: Yeah. Won't happen again.
Booth: [sarcastically] Right. Yes, it will. But what you have here is a good start so, good boy. [smirks]
Aubrey:'s gonna sound like you were treating me like a dog.
Booth: Aubrey, I don't have a bone I could throw at the front door here so let's go. [leaves]
Aubrey: That was very insulting, even to an ass.

[Aubrey and Alex Radziwill from the State Department observe Booth interviewing a migrant worker]
Aubrey: [in shock] He was trafficked like she was!
Radziwill: Welcome to hell, kid.

Brennan: For me, I keep thinking about her trying to find Sung. I could've so easily been like her, just missing the opportunity to live my life with you. I would thank God, if I believed in one.
Booth: [smiles] Then I'll do it for you.

The Money Maker on the Merry-Go-Round [10.7][edit]

Christine: [to her stuffed bunny] The bubbles are pink, jackass.

Christine: [after being told by Booth not to say "jackass"] But it's not my fault. Bunny is a jackass.

Cam: What kind of person shoves a dead body under a piece of playground equipment?
Oliver Wells: Fun-loving person.

Angela: [watches Cam attempt to do a facial reconstruction using the corpse's face skin] Cam, you're either a genius or a deeply disturbed human being.
Cam: Would you mind passing me the victim's nose?
Angela: It's weird that that's not a weird question.

Brennan: Dr. Wells, I often find you to be a real pain in my ass!
[Oliver stares at Brennan in shock over her language]
Oliver: [deadpan] Wow. If I wasn't so shocked I would be offended.
Brennan: [collects herself] The occasional curse word can serve as a healthy form of non-violent retribution.
Oliver: So you swore to stop yourself from hitting me?
Brennan: Given your personality, I imagine you're quite used to that.

Hodgins: It was the hooker in the bedroom with the candlestick. Tell me this case is not starting to sound like a game of Clue.

Hodgins: Look, I like a good underdog story as much as the next guy, but my money's on Dr. B.
Oliver: What the hell, Hodgins? I thought we were, y'know, "beard buddies".
Hodgins: [smirks] Sorry, dude, but I've worked with this woman for over ten years and I have never, not once ever, seen anyone better. And as for the beards, when I look at you, I feel like I'm looking in the mirror when I have a hangover. You might wanna, you know, clean up a bit there.
Oliver: [unimpressed] Hmm, I'm gonna remember this conversation when I'm the one running things and you are looking for a job.
Hodgins: [deadpan] In a world where that scenario exists, I won't need a job because I will be a power forward for the Lakers.

The Puzzler in the Pit [10.8][edit]

Cam: [to Daisy, about her unborn son] Wow, you are so much bigger than I expected. It looks like he might come out dressed and ready for school.

Brennan: [regarding fracking] Well, I'm sorry, but I'm not going to be as careless with my science as they are about theirs.

Hodgins: We all change, all the time. That is science.

Angela: [about Daisy] Cut her some slack, Valentina. A human being is trying to escape from her vagina.
Brennan: [takes Daisy's hand comfortingly] Perhaps I can walk with you and you can squeeze my hand. I did that when I was in labor and I took great comfort in knowing that Booth was in pain too.

Daisy: [in labor] Who here has the balls to argue with the pregnant woman?!?!?!

The Mutilation of the Master Manipulator [10.9][edit]

The 200th in the 10th [10.10][edit]

The Psychic in the Soup [10.11][edit]

The Teacher in the Books [10.12][edit]

The Baker in the Bits [10.13][edit]

The Putter in the Rough [10.14][edit]

The Eye in the Sky [10.15][edit]

The Big Beef at the Royal Diner [10.16][edit]

The Lost in the Found [10.17][edit]

The Verdict in the Victims [10.18][edit]

The Murder in the Middle East [10.19][edit]

The Woman in the Whirlpool [10.20][edit]

The Life in the Light [10.21][edit]

The Next in the Last [10.22][edit]

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