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Broken Social Scene is a Canadian Indíe Rock band out of Toronto.


Feel Good Lost[edit]

Passport Radio[edit]

  • Some boys I know

They speak with broken mouths
I have to sit inside their stomachs
To find out what they're really about

You Forgot It In People[edit]

KC Accidental[edit]

  • All your kind they're coming clean

They shut their eyes, their mess, their scenes
All your kind, their spool and lance
Their crash, their kiss, they harmonize

Stars And Sons[edit]

  • Then when you let it

You asked for nothing
Why don't you share it

Almost Crimes[edit]

  • You're like a missile kind

Little kingdoms in your chest

Looks Just Like The Sun[edit]

  • Heart is pounding in his chest

Reaches suddenly for his gun
Ship is sailing in the west
Flower that could be his fun

Anthems For A Seventeen Year Old Girl[edit]

  • Used to be one of the rotten ones and I liked you for that

Now you're all gone got your make-up on and you're not coming back
Can't you come back?


  • You come in, check my time

You got fornication crimes
I've seen your hope on television
Where you've been, wore my word
They've got tricycles in skirts
This is a mouth that needs religion

Shampoo Suicide[edit]

  • I'm sitting cold

There was love
You loved him
Take him
Trust in you

I'm Still Your Fag[edit]

  • Heard about your wife and kids where we slept

Felt their mouths with stitches at that were slowly lit
Capture uniform this time because I couldn't quit
Haven't felt the ground so cold without getting sick

Lover's Spit[edit]

  • All these people drinking lover's spit

They sit around and clean their face with it
And they listen to teeth to learn how to quit
Tied to a night they never met



  • Market fresh

Stand by me
Where will it ever land
Scar and stains, Emily
Turn our little crab
I could've meant it if you let me


  • Broken boys look good sitting on their shelves

Silent waves responds expose to fear
Library cards, rented faces, line up and make a train
Hard parades with nothing skin
Things that breathe way too thin

Broken Social Scene[edit]

Ibi Dreams Of Pavement (A Better Day)[edit]

  • I got shot right in the back

And you were there
I said I was never coming back
And you were there you were there
I know the eyelids are under attack
'Cause you were there you were there

7/4 Shoreline[edit]

  • And you want to get away

Oh where to go to
When you want to get it out
Oh how to get through
If you want to get it all
You can own what you choose
And you want to live a lie
And love what you lose

Major Label Debut[edit]

  • I'm just comin' here to come down

I could be here
I could move town

Put my suits right on the guest list
Saw my pa's boy
Became weightless

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