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Bruce Cockburn
If I had a rocket launcher..

Bruce Douglas Cockburn OC (born May 27, 1945) is a Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist. As of 2006 he has released 29 albums. Mr. Cockburn was born in Ottawa and spent a portion of his childhood on a farm near Pembroke. He attended Nepean High School in Ottawa and Berklee School of Music in Boston. Cockburn was inducted as a Member to the Order of Canada in 1982 and promoted to Officer in 2002. He is also the recipient of five Honorary Doctorates.


All the diamonds...

Salt,Sun and Time (1974)[edit]

  • All the diamonds in this world
    That mean anything to me
    Are conjured up
    by wind and sunlight sparkling on the sea
    I ran aground in a harbor town
    Lost the taste for being free
    Thank God he sent some gull chased ship
    To carry me to sea...
    • All the Diamonds in the World, Track 1

In The Falling Dark (1976)[edit]

  • Catching the light and falling into dark
    And the world fades out like an overheard remark...
    In the falling dark

Dancing in the Dragon's Jaws (1979)[edit]

Wondering where the lions are...
  • Had another dream about the lions at the door
    They were not half as frightening as they were before
    But I'm thinking about eternity
    Some kind'a ecstasy's got a hold on me
    Walls, windows, trees, waves coming through
    You be in me I'll be in you
    Together in eternity
    Some kind'a ecstasy's got a hold on me
    Up among the firs where it smells so sweet
    Or down in the valley were the river used to be
    I got my mind on eternity
    Some kind'a ecstasy's got a hold on me, and I'm
    Wondering where the lions are and I'm
    Wondering where the lions are...

Stealing Fire (1984)[edit]

  • These fragile bodies of touch and taste
    This vibrant skin, this hair like lace
    Spirits open to the thrust of grace
    Never a breath you can afford to waste, when you're
    Lovers in a dangerous time
    Lovers in a dangerous time...
  • Nothing worth having comes without some kind of fight
    you got to kick at the darkness 'til it bleeds daylight
Situation desperate...
  • I want to raise every voice
    At least I got to try
    Every time I think about it
    Water rises to my eyes
    Situation desperate
    Echoes of the victims cry
    If I had a rocket launcher
    If I had a rocket launcher
    If I had a rocket launcher
    Some son of a bitch would die

Breakfast in New Orleans, Dinner in Timbuktu (1999)[edit]

  • If this were the last night of the world
    What would I do
    What would I do that was different
    Unless it was champagne with you...
  • Last Night of the World

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