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Bruce Cockburn
If I had a rocket launcher..

Bruce Douglas Cockburn OC (born May 27, 1945) is a Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist. As of 2006 he has released 29 albums. Mr. Cockburn was born in Ottawa and spent a portion of his childhood on a farm near Pembroke. He attended Nepean High School in Ottawa and Berklee School of Music in Boston. Cockburn was inducted as a Member to the Order of Canada in 1982 and promoted to Officer in 2002. He is also the recipient of five Honorary Doctorates.


All the diamonds...

Salt, Sun and Time (1974)[edit]

  • All the diamonds in this world
    That mean anything to me
    Are conjured up
    by wind and sunlight sparkling on the sea
    I ran aground in a harbor town
    Lost the taste for being free
    Thank God he sent some gull chased ship
    To carry me to sea...
    • All the Diamonds in the World, Track 1

In the Falling Dark (1976)[edit]

  • Catching the light and falling into dark
    And the world fades out like an overheard remark...
    In the falling dark

Dancing in the Dragon's Jaws (1979)[edit]

Wondering where the lions are...
  • Had another dream about the lions at the door
    They were not half as frightening as they were before
    But I'm thinking about eternity
    Some kind'a ecstasy's got a hold on me
    Walls, windows, trees, waves coming through
    You be in me I'll be in you
    Together in eternity
    Some kind'a ecstasy's got a hold on me
    Up among the firs where it smells so sweet
    Or down in the valley were the river used to be
    I got my mind on eternity
    Some kind'a ecstasy's got a hold on me, and I'm
    Wondering where the lions are and I'm
    Wondering where the lions are...

Stealing Fire (1984)[edit]

  • Don't the hours grow shorter as the days go by?
  • These fragile bodies of touch and taste
    This vibrant skin, this hair like lace
    Spirits open to the thrust of grace
    Never a breath you can afford to waste, when you're
    Lovers in a dangerous time
    Lovers in a dangerous time...
  • Nothing worth having comes without some kind of fight
    you got to kick at the darkness 'til it bleeds daylight
Situation desperate...
  • I want to raise every voice
    At least I got to try
    Every time I think about it
    Water rises to my eyes
    Situation desperate
    Echoes of the victims cry
    If I had a rocket launcher
    If I had a rocket launcher
    If I had a rocket launcher
    Some son of a bitch would die

Breakfast in New Orleans, Dinner in Timbuktu (1999)[edit]

  • If this were the last night of the world
    What would I do
    What would I do that was different
    Unless it was champagne with you...
  • Last Night of the World

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