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Burlesque is about a small town girl named Ali (Christina Aguilera) who leaves Iowa and heads to L.A. to pursue her dreams of becoming a singer. Looking for a job and seems to not find any luck doing so, she finds herself on Sunset Blvd. in front of a Burlesque lounge and becomes enthralled with what she see's. Ali tires to convince Tess (Cher) to let her on stage, but Tess won't budge. Along the way Ali meets a cute bartender Jack (Cam Gigandet)decideds to pick up a tray and hires herself as the Lounge's new waitress. Since Georgia (Juulianne Hough), a dancer,becomes pregnant Tess holds auditions and Ali becomes the next best thing. Nikki (Kristen Bell) a jealous dancer tries to take back her spot as Burlesque's biggest star & finds herself in a mess that could ruin her and Tess's relationship. As Ali finds her way through the club she meets a very eager man named Marcus (Eric Dane) who wants to buy the lounge and make Ali's dreams come true. Ali follows her heart with Jack and helps Tess win her club back.

  • Cast
  • Christina Aguilera as Alice Marylin "Ali" Rose
  • Cher as Tess
  • Eric Dane as Marcus Gerber
  • Cam Gigandet as Jack
  • Julianne Hough as Georgia
  • Alan Cumming as Alexis
  • Peter Gallagher as Vincent "Vince" Scali
  • Kristen Bell as Nikki
  • Stanley Tucci as Sean


  • Only if your buying
  • Iowa
  • My mom died when i was 7 and it's my first lesson.
  • Thought you looked familiar
  • Who does a girl have to flirt with to get from here to up there?
  • With someone wearing more eyeliner than me? ya


  • can I get you a drink?
  • Kentucky, we're practically related
  • (talking to bartender) Hey sweetheart,you wanna do your job? let's go
  • is this you flirting?
  • Through that door over there, ask for Tess, she's your guy flirt away

SEAN & TESS[edit]

  • Sean:Would you ever do this again? (Sean and Tess dancing at Georgia's weddding)
  • Tess:No,uh uh, you know there's only one man that I could see spending the rest of my life with, and unfortunately, except for a really drunk night in Reno 25,000 years ago, he bats for the other team
  • Sean: Oh no, he bats for the pink team
  • Tess: Quel dommage
  • Sean: Quel dommage. That is tragique
  • Tess: Well it's like all truly great love affairs
  • Sean: Yea tragic, it wasn't Reno it was Tahoe baby and it was lovely
  • Alexis: Get a room
  • Sean: Get away


  • Tess: Let me help you, first of all you gotta wet it if you want a clean line... close your eyes, when your putting on your make up its like your an artist but instead of painting a canvas your painting a face, didnt you ever watch your mom put on her make up?
  • (watches Ali look at her face) beautiful.

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