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I wasn’t trying to break any rules. But I wrote the way I heard things.

Burt Freeman Bacharach (May 12, 1928February 8, 2023) was an American composer, songwriter, record producer, and pianist who composed hundreds of pop songs from the late 1950s, many in collaboration with lyricist Hal David. A six-time Grammy Award winner and three-time Academy Award winner, Bacharach's songs have been recorded by more than 1,000 different artists.[4] As of 2014, he had written 73 US and 52 UK Top 40 hits.[5] He was one of the most important composers of 20th-century popular music.


  • Somewhere there's a happy harbor
    far from the storm.
    Out where the sun shines there is someone
    I'm meant to adore,
    and I know the day I find her,
    I'll smile once more.
    • "Nikki"

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