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Captain Kidd is a 1945 film about the adventures of a pirate.

Directed by Rowland V. Lee. Written by Norman Reilly Raine.
Roaring Seas! Flaming Hearts! Riotous Adventure!  (taglines)


Capt. William Kidd: Stab me, there's a pretty sight!
Orange Povey: It'll be prettier still when the fire reaches the magazine, Captain.
Cyprian Boyle: Pity though. Lots of stout seamen among 'em. They've been with us a long time.
Capt. William Kidd: We can none of us live forever, Mr. Boyle. Dead men don't talk.

Capt. William Kidd: There's none would be so loyal, nor fight so desperate, as cutthroats under sentence of death... if they knew that at the end of the voyage a royal pardon would be in their pockets.
King William III: I shall hold you responsible for their good conduct.
Capt. William Kidd: Between their conduct and mine, your majesty, there will be little to choose.

King William III: Captain Kidd is dead, my Lord Blayne. His account is closed. Now in what manner can I atone for the injustice I worked upon your father? Off with you, First Sea Lord. What do you suggest?
First Sea Lord: We've a fine frigate of 50 guns commissioned for American waters that we thought of naming the Lady Anne.
King William III: It should be a wedding gift to you from the crown for your loyalty and service to King and Country.


  • Adventure on the high seas!
  • Roaring Seas! Flaming Hearts! Riotous Adventure!


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