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Winx Club is a 2004 Italian animated television series, created by Iginio Straffi and produced by Rainbow S.r.l.. Most of the quotes on this page are from the dub of the show made by 4kids Entertainment, which produced the first three seasons, and Nickelodeon who dubbed the third, fourth, fifth and sixth seasons. The seventh and eighth seasons are produced by Video art.

A spinoff show, World of Winx takes place in an alternate reality of Earth, featuring the seven fairies: Bloom, Stella, Flora, Tecna, Musa, Layla/Aisha and Roxy.


Season One (2004-2005)[edit]

It Feels Like Magic[edit]

Vanessa: Wake up sleepyhead, the sun's been up for ages!
Bloom:[Still in bed] Just 5 more minutes Mom!
Vanessa: You're late Bloom.
Bloom: School? Oh no! [running around, doing mostly everything at once] Why didn't you wake me up before? Oh, the alarm didn't go off! Oh no! I can't believe this! [suddenly realizing something] Hang on, school's out! The alarm didn't go off because I'm on vacation, oh mom! Your joke is NOT funny!

Mike:[reading newspaper, to Bloom] Good Morning Sunshine!
Bloom: I'm not going to spend my summer working in a shop! I wish I could go somewhere fun, with my friends!
Mike:When you're older you can go wherever you want.
Bloom: How old is older? I'm already 16, Dad!
Mike: Only 16! You are still my little girl!

More Than High School[edit]

  • Musa, Tecna and Flora (Fairies of Music, Technology and Nature) transform into their regular Winx/Fairy forms for the first time.

Flora's Plant: Whaoow! That hurt!
Bloom: Wow. I'm sorry.
Flora: He's my latest creation
Bloom: He talks?
Flora: He's cute, isn't he? My theory is that if more plants talked, deforestation would be dramatically reduced. It's worth trying. If it just saves one tree... Hi, I'm Flora. [knocks over plant] Oopsie.
Plant: Can't a plant get a break around here? Oahhh.
Flora: Sorry, honey.
Bloom: Anyway, I'm Bloom.
Stella: [clears throat, and whispers] Uhh, Bloom.
Bloom: Oh! Uhh... What I meant to say is Bloom's a name I like a lot, but it's not my name. Actually, my real name is... [backs up and reads what is written by the door] Veranda of...of... Valisto. Yup. That's me.
Tecna: Valisto. Fourth world of Magix upper realm. Well known for its renowned artists and tradition. It's beaches are very popular with tourists.
Bloom: Right. That's where I'm from.
Tecna Cool. My name's Tecna.
Stella: Hey Tecna! I'm Stella. But I'm also...the princess of Solairia
Tecna: You are quite infamous.
Musa: That's the word on the street. Yo. If you plan to blow up more stuff, let us know ahead so we can bounce.
[Bloom, Tecna and Flora giggle]
Stella: It was in the name of fashion. I don't regret it.
Tecna: I'm curious. Were you actually able to create this new shade of pink?
Stella: No! But when I do, it's going to be the official color of Solaria!

(All five Winx Club girls transformed into their standard Winx/Fairy forms)
Tecna: Digital Web.
Musa: Sub-woofer Blast.
Flora: Ivy Rope.

Icy: Alright you little firsties! You are history! Now it's gong to get piercing cold!
Tecna: Everybody get behind me! Firewall.

Stella: It's okay. You could have survived at least another 15 minutes in that ice. You know, considering your from Earth and all, you did an outstandingly splendid, Bloom. You are so brave!
Musa, Flora, and Tecna: Stella!
Stella: Uh...
Flora: Why did you just call her Bloom and say that she's from planet Earth?!
Stella: Uh, right. There might be some tiny minor details we need to fill you in on. I'll give you the whole scoop on the way back to Alfea.

Bloom: My name is Bloom and I come from Earth.
Griselda: From Earth as in planet Earth? How can that be possible?
Bloom: But please, don't send me back home. This is the most amazing place ever.

Faragonda: I thought there were no more magical beings left on Earth.
Griselda: Me neither. I thought they all died centuries ago.
Faragonda: Well then, who is Bloom?

Save the First Dance[edit]

  • Bloom achieves her standard Winx/Fairy form for the very first time, further developing and magnifying her inherent magical powers as a fairy.

Icy: You pathetic Earth girl. How'd you even get into this school? You don't have any Winx at all.
Bloom: You're wrong! I do have Winx!
Icy: No. I don't think so.
Bloom: I'll show you! I do have Winx! I know it!!
(Taps into her innate magical powers and transforms into her regular Winx/Fairy form)

(After transforming into her standard Winx/Fairy form for the first time)
Bloom: Cool! I knew I could do it! Now let's see what you're made of!
Icy: Aw, isn't that so cute? You got your fairy wings. Too bad your little outfit can't do your fighting for you.

Bloom: I can handle this. Come on, focus! Just focus, Bloom. I got! Now you better hand over Stella's ring or you'll have to face my wrath!
Icy: Hey, get a load of that, too.
Darcy:I know. A couple of wings and she thinks she's all that.

Icy: We're gonna teach you a lesson! Frozen Prism.
Stormy: Attic Blast.
Icy: All right, let's wrap this up with my personal favorite. Ice Coffin. We got the ring and Earth girl is history. We're done here.

The Voice of Nature[edit]

Flora: That tree turned to stone.
Stella: Turned to stone? Talk about being statuesque!

Bloom: Maybe the voice of nature can give us a clue.
Flora: That's right, the voice of nature!
Tecna: What do you mean "voice"? I can't hear a thing.

Date with Disaster[edit]

(After transforming into her Winx/Fairy form)
Tecna: Firewall Shield.
Musa: You go, Tecna!

Bloom: Guys, that's not Stella. You know who calls us pixies. Are you Icy or Darcy!!?
Evil Stella: And the slowest horse crosses the finish line! Congratulations. Here's your prize.
(Transforms into her true form, Darcy)
Bloom: What have you witches' done with Stella!!?
Icy: She's right here!

Bloom: Everybody stop! Okay, the wings are coming off!
(Turns back to normal)
Flora: Bloom?
Bloom: We can't risk Stella's safety. You guys win this time.

Secret Guardian[edit]

Daphne: Bloom. Listen to me, Bloom. I can save you.
Bloom: What?
Daphne: You have to trust me. I want you to follow my voice. You know my voice. Think back in time, Bloom. Way back. Remember? I used to watch over you.
Bloom: Oh.
Daphne: This way, Bloom. Follow me.

Tecna: Bloom, what happened to you back there?
Bloom: Well, I heard this voice. It told me to follow it. This might totally bananas, but I knew I could trust the voice.
Stella: Bananas got us out. So I guess you were right to listen to it.


Darcy: A real witch would let such an offense go unpunished.
Icy: And neither shall we, my dear Darcy. Since the power of the Dragon's not in the Solaria Ring, we'll go find the true source of power, and then use it to destroy their entire school.

Darcy: Shall we go?
Icy: Because of those twits!? I want the Dragon Fire power, and I'll burn in the flames of before I let a handful of pixies get in my way!
Stormy: Me, too. Once we get, we're so gonna rule, they'll be naming entire realms after the three of us.
Icy: So let's conjure the Wisperian Crystal. They'll find the source of the Dragon Fire, and lead us straight to it.

Icy: It's like the power keeps moving.

Icy: Interesting. The Wisperian Crystals are responding strongly. That means the Dragon Fire is in this room. But I don't see anything, so we'll just trash the place until we find it!!
Bloom: You're not trashing anything!! Turn on the lights, Riven.

Faragonda: The Dragon Fire power is just a myth. Or is it? Well, the Witches' said it was right here in this room, but I know it's not in the Solaria Ring. Is it possible they're right? And if they are, how did it get here? And who's got it?

The Day of the Rose[edit]

Musa: I lost my mom when I was kid, so today's kind of a bittersweet day. And my dad's out of town at that hip hop tour of his.


  • The Trix sisters discover the current possessor of the ancient, almighty Dragon Fire power- Bloom.

Flora: It's so wired. It's like her Winx is activating.
Stella: Activating in her sleep? Whoa. Did you see her outfit change? I wish I could do that in my sleep.
Flora: When this happens to magical beings, it means her powers are evolving.

Bloom: I've definitely seen that face before. I remember where I saw her! She's one of the nymphs on the walls Town Hall.

Bloom: Now I know her name- Daphne.

Bloom: It was the same voice that led us out of Cloud Tower. I'm sure of it.

Bloom: Musa! Move!!
stormy: You can't help your friend! She's finished!
Bloom: No, she isn't! Get out of my way!!

Stormy: Icy, check your crystal.
Icy: Whisperia! Show me! Show the Dragon power! It's her!

Sky: You had an insane amount of power. Do you realize this?
Bloom: All I really remember is getting super mad.
Tecna: Well, I believe that Bloom's power has evolved to a completely higher level.

Stormy: I almost broke a nail out there.
Darcy: I can't believe we were defeated by a freshman. I hope it doesn't ruin our rep.
Icy: It doesn't matter. Not even one bit. We know who has the Dragon power.
Stormy: We are so gonna rule.
Icy: We'll rule everything and everybody.

Magical Reality Check[edit]

Icy: The Dragon Fire will be ours.
Stormy: But she has to unleash it so we can capture it, right? So, what if she doesn't use the Dragon Fire?
Darcy: She will as long as we make her really mad.
Stormy: If can do a simple thing like that...We don't deserve to be called witches.

Faragonda: Oh no, the chamber. It picked Sparx.

Icy: Bunny burgers anyone?
Bloom: STOP!!
Icy: It's all your fault.
Stormy: You did let it happen.
Darcy: That's right.
Icy: It's a shame. Bunny was so cute.

Icy: Now! Move girls!
Stormy: This is it!
Icy: The crystals are working. Yes! Yes! Yes!! The power is ours! NO!!
Stormy: It got away!?
Icy: The Dragon Fire is meant to be ours and we'll get it, no matter what it takes!!

Junior League[edit]

Tecna: And now for a light source. Digilluminator.

Tecna: Bloom, you have to help me. We're going to need all the Winx we can muster.

Miss Magix[edit]

Meant to Be[edit]

Musa: What's with all the gloom, Bloom?

Mitzi: How dare she interrupt my regular scheduled programming!

Musa: Your Earth parents sound really cool.
Bloom: that's just it- my Earth parents.
Stella: This new info's got you thinking about your birth parents, huh?
Bloom: That's right, Stella. I'm probably not even from Earth.
Tecna: So then what you doing in a fire in Gardenia?
Bloom: That's what I'd like to know, Tecna. I'm just so confused. Where did I come from? What realm and what part of the universe?
Flora: You may never find the answers.
Bloom: Would that stop you from looking?
Flora: I guess not.
Bloom: I have to find out about my origins.

The Witch Trap[edit]

Bloom (furious): I told you to leave her alone!!
(Unleashes a strong fiery wave of Dragon Fire energy that knocks the Trix away)

Stella: Bloom, your power rocks.

Pushing the Envelope[edit]

Faragonda: The last witch coven, Sparx, and now Daphne. It doesn't seem possible.

Faragonda: If the voice belongs to the Daphne of Dragon Fire legend, than it's possible you might be more than you are.

Faragonda: According legend, when the kingdom of Sparx was destroyed, Daphne became the guardian of the mystical Dragon Fire.

Daphne: Bloom. I have been waiting for you.
Bloom: Daphne.
Daphne: I have something for you. It came from the palace, from the kingdom of Sparx.
Bloom: A crown?
Daphne: The Ember Tiara. The Dragon Fire has not sopped burning. It still exists within-

The Nightmare Monster[edit]

Mirta: They're after Bloom's power. They sent that nightmare monster to drain everyone else's magic, so they can get to her.

Flora: Tecna, make a shield!
Tecna: I'm trying! I don't have enough magic.

Icy: Pixies on Ice. Coming soon to a stadium near you!
Bloom: I'll get you, Icy!!
Icy: NOW!!
(Icy, Darcy and Stormy restrain Bloom in a green aura)
Bloom: Oh no!!
Icy: Got her! She's all ours!

Icy: Struggle all you want, Bloom. You're not going anywhere. You have something that we want!
Bloom: I don't know what you're talking about!!
Icy: You really don't, do you?

Royal Behavior[edit]

  • Bloom learns that "Brandon" is, in reality, Prince Sky of Eraklyon.
  • A fairy named Diaspro, who is the fiancee of Sky, debuts.

Senior Witches Go to Earth[edit]

  • Bloom learns she is the last survivor of the long-dead world of Sparx (Domino) and is, in fact, royalty.

Flora: She said no.
Stella:Well,what does 'no' mean, really?
Musa: What are you saying?
Tecna: Don't answer that.

Mitzi: Bloom! We have Show & Tell tomorrow at school. Can I bring you? I was gonna bring my scooter but you'd be better.
Bloom: Don't expect me to dignify that with an answer.

Bloom: I have plenty of friends, Mitzi!
Mitzi: Imaginary friends don't count.
Bloom: Whatever!

Icy: You weren't likely to mess up and let the ultimate power fall into the hands of witches, were you? 'Cuase that's happening. Besides, the Dragon Fire should be ours. Our coven earns the right to have it. They spent centuries tracking its last remaining pieces. And when they finally located it on Sparx, they put a spell on the whole planet, freezing it, turning it into a sea of ice. The ultimate power was within their grasp. But the guardian of the Fire tricked them--that nymph hid the Dragon Fire inside the heir to the kingdom's throne: Inside you, Bloom.
Bloom: You're saying that I'm the heir to the throne of Sparx? That I'm a princess?
Icy: Yeah, but once you lose the Flame you'll just a figurehead. Ready, ladies? All right! Let's finish what our coven started.
Stormy: Let's get the Dragon Fire!
Bloom: No. I won't let you get it.
Darcy: It's not up to you.

Darcy: Look at her. She's so weak.
Icy: If I could feel sorry for her, I would. An entirely powerless fate awaits her; a whole magic-less existence.
The Trix: "Crystals of Wisperia, dark magic from our kin
"Reach inside this girl and steal her powers from within"

Knut: What's up?
Icy: What's up is that the Fire is ours. Let's get back to Cloud Tower.

Bloom: The witches' trapped me. They took my power. According to them, it's actually the Dragon Fire.

The Army of Decay[edit]

Bloom: I was thinking of quitting Alfea. I didn't feel like I belonged. Then I went back home and I found out who I really am and where I come from, and now I kind of wish I hadn't. I'm a member of the royal family of Sparx, and that's cool, but I am the last one left. And apparently, I'm the keeper of a power called the Dragon Fire, and Daphne, you know, the nymph who's been calling for me in my dreams and stuff, she gave it to me.
Faragonda: Yes, I suspected as much, Bloom.
Bloom: You knew something about this? Then why didn't say anything to me?!
Faragonda: I wanted to, Bloom, but I've always believe that truth should come to us, only when we are ready to hear it.
Bloom: Maybe, but I wasn't ready to hear it, especially not from those three witches!
Faragonda: What three witches? What are you talking about?
Bloom: Icy, Darcy, and Stormy followed me to Gardenia. They're the ones who told me everything! They attacked me and... and then they took the Dragon Fire! They said they're going to use it to summon some magical army or something!
Griselda: Not the Army of Decay!
Bloom: That's it. What's does mean?
Faragonda: It means we are all in very grave danger.

[after taking over Cloud Tower]
Icy: Griffin, you and your students have just earned yourselves a nice vacation in the damp snake and rat-infested dungeons of Cloud Tower. What, you're not happy? How ungrateful.
Griffin: You wretch!
Cloud Tower Professor: If you think you'll get away with this, you're wrong!
Icy: Oh yeah, we all saw how you can stop us. It was very impressive.

Riven: What's going on here? Since when does Griffin let you use her office?
Darcy: Since we took it from her.
Riven: What do you mean? I don't know what you've done, but I really don't like what's going on around here.
Stormy: Oh Riven, you're still in the dark, aren't you? [cuts him with her nail] But rest assured, you were fundamental to our success. We couldn't have done it without your help.
Icy: You spying skills made all the difference in our power struggle with the Fairies.
Riven: No! You've tricked me! Curses on you! You snakes!

Icy: Witches of Cloud Tower, welcome to our little pep rally! As your newly self-appointed student body presidents on planning on making some major changes around here and I'm not talking about things like putting soda machines in the cafeteria, ladies. We're gonna take over the whole realm of Magix!
Griffin: No!
Cloud Tower Professor: We won't let you do this, Icy!
Icy: You have no say because you're be spending a nice long sabbatical in the dungeons of Cloud Tower.
Griffin: You won't get away with this, Icy!
Icy: Oh yes we will, Miss headmistress 'casue we got the Dragon Fire.
Griffin: Oh no!
Stormy: That's right. The most powerful force in all the known realms.
Darcy: And we're gonna use it to summon the army of Decay.
Griffin: No! Not that! You can't do this, Icy! The army of Decay is too powerful! Once unleashed, it will completely destroy everything in its path!
Icy: Just watch me!

Sparks of Hope[edit]

Icy: [over hologram to Faragonda and Saladin] Time to face the facts, Professors:
You don't stand a chance against us. If you want your precious schools spared from total destruction, you must follow these conditions- First, lay down your arms and surrender. Second, all of you have to stand up in front of your students and say "Icy rules, Icy's the greatest." And then you've gotta swear allegiance to us! If you don't do that we're gonna wipe your schools right off the face of the realm. You've got five hours to decide. [hologram goes off]
Faragonda: [to Saladin] If those witches think we're just going to hand our schools over to them they're crazier than I thought!

Icy: Ooh, we're scared now Professor Saladin. You've managed to draft a mindless ogre and a duck.

Palladium: Before we can send you, we have to suit you up in the appropriate attire. You see, the weather on Sparx is quite brutal, so I'm afraid open-toe shoes and exposed midriffs simply will not do.
Griselda: If I had my way, this would be the year-round dress code.
Faragonda: Oh, Griselda.

Flora: Just find your warm inner place and keep walking.
Stella: You find your warm inner place, Flora. Me, I'll get an extra blanket.

Flora: I can't take it anymore.
Musa: What happened to your warm, inner place?
Flora: It froze.

[After destroying Red Fountain]
Darcy: Weren't we just great. We totally sent them flying.
Stormy: We rule.
Icy: Ah, but we're not done yet, Sisters. The best is yet to come.

The Frozen Palace[edit]

  • Daphne, Nymph of Magix, makes her actual appearance, though still as a transparent ghost.

Bloom: This so weird. I remember this place. This home.

Daphne: Welcome, Bloom. I have been waiting for you.
Bloom: Daphne.
Stella: That's a great outfit.
Daphne: Please follow me.
Bloom: She's the one from my dreams.
Stella: Maybe she's like your fairy godmother or something.

Daphne: Bloom, I know the Dragon Fire was stolen. But you must know, the Dragon Fire is not here on Sparx.
Bloom: It's not?
Daphne: No.

Bloom: A crown?
Daphne: Pick it up. It will show you your story. When you were born, Sparx was still filled with pure magic, but then the Coven launched a sneak attack. They took over the entire planet and destroyed everything. What was once the most magical place in the universe became lifeless. The King called on me to save you and to guard the Dragon Fire. I took you and the Flame, and I brought you to the last place anyone would look for a magical creature: I delivered you to Earth. It was the place where your destiny was waiting, a destiny that would nurture and care for you, and that would prepare you to one day return to Sparx to reclaim your throne.
Bloom (tearful): I just can't believe it. I messed everything up.
Daphne: Bloom, it's not your fault. You did what you could.
Bloom: Yeah?
Musa: Yeah.
Bloom: But all of this happened so I could protect the Dragon Fire. It was my responsibility and I so failed. Tell me what to do, Daphne. I'll do anything! I'll do whatever it takes to get the Dragon Fire back from the witches.'
Daphne: You will get the Dragon Fire back. It belongs to you. It is your destiny. Look for it and you'll find it.
(Vanishes in sparkly light)
Bloom: But, wait! Where am I supposed to look?

Stella: Off topic, but what about all the fabulous jewelry?
Musa: I think Stella's got her eye on a necklace or two.
Bloom: OK, after I reclaim the throne you can take your pick.

Bloom: Thanks.
Tecna: Oh, don't mention it, just a little technical support.

Flora: That's so nice, and romantic.
Stella: Hold your horses, Miss Cheery, no one said he's off the hook yet.

Mission to Cloud Tower[edit]

The Search for the Flame[edit]

Bloom: The Dragon Fire. It's behind those doors.
Sky: How do you know?
Bloom: I can sense its presence.

Stormy: What is she doing?
Darcy: It looks like some kind of advanced.
Griffin: What I'm doing is putting you in dentition!! And if you talk, pass notes or chew gum, the detention barrier will double in strength.

Battle for Alfea[edit]

Stella: You gotta be kidding! There's, like, thousands of 'em!

The Great Witch Invasion[edit]

  • With the aid and guidance of Daphne, Bloom regains her full fairy powers as the rightful Keeper of the ancient and almighty Dragon Fire

Flora: I'm so glad to see you!
Mirta: And I'm glad to have legs and arms again!

Daphne: You haven't lost your powers, Bloom. Look over there.
Bloom: That's my parent's house. I mean... my adopted parent's house.
Daphne: Yes, you were brought up on Earth by two caring and understanding people, who loved you well enough to let you go when the time came.
Bloom: And I let them down. Same at Alfea, I didn't meet anyone's expectations. I don't belong anywhere.
Daphne: Bloom, you still are who you were and your past will forever belong to you, just like your powers. No one can take that away from you.
Bloom: So what happened to me then?
Daphne: Nothing that doesn't happen to us all. You had doubts, you were afraid. You came to believe that, what you loved most dearly, could be taken away from you. But the truth is, no one in the whole universe could ever steal your past, your dreams, or your magic powers. The witches do not own them. They are yours to keep, forever. Bloom, to recover your powers, look deep inside yourself. your journey has ended, Bloom. You have arrived.

Bloom: Who I am. I am Bloom! I am a princess! I'm the keeper of the Dragon Fire. And no one can take that away from me!
(Emerges from the lake in full Winx/Fairy form)

Icy: You ladies want to hear something funny? The quiz in last month's Teen Witch said "What would you do if you got to take over the whole universe?
Darcy: What did you put?
Icy: I wrote "You'll find out soon enough, loser," and sent it in.

Codatorta: [after beating Saladin in a game] What's the matter? Ya giving up?
Saladin: I am surrendering, but only the round, not the whole match.

Bloom: Hey there, tentacle mouth, back away from the prince!

Bloom: Sorry I'm late, are you okay?
Sky: Yeah, but if you hadn't come along, I'd be worm food.
Bloom: C'mon, that's not true.
Sky: So, what was that about "nobody messes with my boyfriend"? Did I hear you right?
Bloom: I just needed something to shout, like trash talking in the heat of battle kinda thing.
Sky: Oh yeah, I figured that's what it was.
Bloom: No big deal, just got... carried away in the moment.
Sky: Right. So your powers are back.
Bloom: They never left me. I just hope I didn't realize that too late.
Sky: Better late than never.

Stormy: I know we're traveling in grand style, but I gotta ask... are we there yet?
Darcy: You're kidding, Stormy. You're actually going to start witching now?
Icy: You don't like your throne, I suggest you hop down and walk. Otherwise, stay focused.
Darcy: I agree with you, Icy, but, uh, do you have any ballpark sense of how much longer this is going to be?
Icy: [annoyed] Fifteen minutes or so. Now pay attention, all right?

Flora:: Aha!Gotcha!
Flora:Triple Blossom. (shoots to Icy)
Delta Driver: EXCEED CHARGE!
Flora: Palm Strike.
Stormy: Gaaaaah!

Bloom: I am Bloom. I am a princess. I am the Keeper of the Dragon Fire. And no one can take that away from me!!

Faragonda: Do you hear that, Griffin?
Griffin: I do. They're here.

Fire and Ice[edit]

  • This the Season One finale.

Flora: [after blowing Stormy and Darcy away] Still think this is pathetic, Stormy?

Bloom: That's not the Dragon Fire! This is the Dragon Fire!

Icy: They destroyed your precious little planet! And I'll destroy you!! I'm glad we got more Dragon Fire, Bloom. 'Cause that means there's more for me to take!
Bloom: You're not taking anything! The Dragon Fire's mine!!

Icy: And the winner is...Was there ever any doubt? Enjoy the rest of your frozen frigid life! No!!
Bloom: You're done!
(Furiously unleashes the full strength of the almighty Dragon Fire)

Faragonda: Are you sure you don't want to stay for prom?
Griffin: We don't do prom, we crash prom. So enjoy it. This will be the one year we don't try to ruin it.

Stella: Let's toast to non-royalty people too. We can not forget about them, 'cause, you know, they can be pretty cute.

Flora: Hey, guys, we're going to be sophomores this year. And you what that means: Sophomore-year is even more exiting than the first year.

Season Two (2005)[edit]

  • This season is the Winx Club's second year at Alfea, during which they each earn their evolved and enhanced Charmix powers.

Back to School[edit]

  • The sixth additional to the Winx Club is Aisha/Layla, Fairy of Waves.

Bloom (narrating): Summer was over and it was my first day back at Alfea.

Lord Darkar: Look, it's a bird! No, it's a man. No! It's Lord Darkar.

Tecna: I have my map. I'll have it match a scan. She's a princess from the realm of Tides.
Bloom: It's a baby pixie. She's so sleepy. This is just what the psychic said- a fairy with long flowing hair and a sleepy baby pixie.
Musa: What else did she say?
Bloom: That there's gonna danger and darkness like nothing we've ever seen before.

Princess of Tides[edit]

Musa: [after Layla faints] Okay, she's either a little whacked or she's still need to sleep.

Stella: Have some cafeteria food!
Flora: Keep it down, Stel.
Stella: Why? What's the big deal? [Piff cries] What's she doing? Doesn't she want a sandwich?
Bloom: Uh, Stella, Piff's not even teething yet.

Into the Under Realm[edit]

Bloom: My powers are draining. I feel weak. (faints)
Sky: Bloom.

Layla: I'm from the realm of Tides. I can mold water molecules into any shape.
Sky: Cool.

Queen of Perfection[edit]

Rescuing the Pixies[edit]

Sky: Uh, what are the doing?
Layla: They're bonding. Pixies and fairies are like best friends. They're like soulmates.

Lockette: I'm Lockette, the Pixie of Portals. Your aura is very pink.

My Boyfriend's Wedding[edit]

Stella: Meanwhile, my boo is being forced down the aisle!

The Dark Tower[edit]

Stella: I can't believe Bloom's still out there blasting that thing.
Musa: You know how she gets when she's determined.

Party Monster[edit]

The Angel of Doom[edit]

Reaching for the Sky[edit]

  • The Trix sisters manage to get the first piece of the Codex.
  • Bloom is revealed to possess great healing powers, courtesy of the ancient and almighty power of the Dragon Fire, the very source of the whole magical universe itself.

Bloom (with tears in her eyes): Please! Don't leave me, Sky. I really do need you.
(Draws more strength from her ever-growing, almighty Dragon Fire energies to wake Sky from his slumber)
Timmy: You saved him, Bloom.


Truth or Dare[edit]

  • The six Winx Club girls' learn how to use their unique fairy magic and spells in convergence.

Gangs of Gardenia[edit]

Stella: I can say "Do you have this in a size four?" in ten different languages, but I'm afraid that's about it.
Layla: I wasn't even allowed to pick out my own clothes. My parents only wanted me to look one way.
Tune: Prim and proper, I'm sure.
Layla: Yeah, that's it. It was such a drag.
Tune: Hmph!

Bloom: Mom, this pendant comes from Sparx. It's a symbol of my birth family. The writing says Daphne, Bloom, Oritel and Miriam. I'm gonna try and find out more what happened to them.

Vanessa: What's Kiko playing with? There's nothing there.
Bloom: Well, it's kinda hard to explain.

Layla: Why don't you sneak a little magic and play DJ, Musa.
Musa: As long as we're not using magic on people.

Triplet 1: I'm tellin' you, those girls are witches or sorcerers.
Triplet 3: Dude, the correct gender-specific term is sorceress.
Triplet 1: That's what I just said; weren't you listenin'?! Now go get me another soda.

The Wrong Righters[edit]

Magic In My Heart[edit]

  • Musa's father debuts.

Musa: My magic comes from the music around me. So I just figured the more singing, the more power.

The Fourth Witch[edit]

Elle: Aren't these the girls who go to reform school?
Bloom: What did you say?!
Elle: Don't take offense. The truth is I would probably be in boarding school too if my father weren't rich, famous, and connected.

Stella: You can smell her perfume a mile away! She wears way too much fragrance, big faux pas.
Mitzi: Faux pas you, loser!
Stella: You know, you should thank me for telling you.

Mitzi: That's gonna leave a stain. Permanently.
(Bloom magically wipes the stain off her sparky Winx/Fairy top)
Bloom: Mitzi. Don't worry about it. The stain came right out.
Mitzi: Huh?

Exchange Students[edit]

[the Winx are running through the halls of Cloud Tower, trying to think of a plan to stop the Trix from getting the Codex]
Musa: Check this plan: We pretend we know where the Codex is then we go there and lay a trap and –-
Stella: [sarcastically] Oh great idea, Musa. [seriously] Icy isn't exactly an idiot, ya know!

Stella: How are gonna stop them when they have that superpowered Gloomix thing?

The Heart of Cloud Tower[edit]

  • The Winx Club fail in stopping the Trix sisters from getting the second fragment of the Codex.

Stella: Ray of Light.

Darcy: Perfect Darkness.
Bloom: Ah! My eyes!

Griffin: They must go back to Alfea to replenish their Winx. They must learn to work together and trust one another because Lord Darkar will be attacking Alfea next.

Shadows in Bloom[edit]

  • Bloom sees her birth parents, King Oritel and Queen Miriam of Sparx, for first time, though in a vision.
  • The third piece of the Codex is taken by none other than Bloom who had been spelled by "Professor Avalon."

Bloom: Oritel and Miriam. Hey, do you know who I am!? Whoa. The Dragon.

Lord Darkar: It's so nice when the light finally sees the darkness. Go, my little puppet.

Stella: Bloom, I'm sorry but you're asking for it! Solar Burst.
Dark Bloom: Don't forget, Stella! I can fight fire with fire!

Lockette: We're your friends, Bloom, and we love you.
Dark Bloom: Get away from Lockette!
Chatta: A bonded pixie's kiss can break almost any dark spell.

Dark Bloom: Ha! You got nothing! I'm gonna enjoy wiping the floor with you guys!

The First Charmix[edit]

  • A secondary, evolved transformation for fairies' is revealed: Charmix, a greater though temporary evolution of the standard Winx/Fairy form.

Chatta: You got a Charmix, Bloom. Fairies get them when they get in tough with their true selves.
Bloom: It's filling me with some new kind of power. (Everyone cheers)

Last Resorts[edit]

  • Stella earns her enhanced Charmix powers by apologizing to Layla.
  • Musa earns her greater Charmix powers by admitting to Riven that she really likes him.

Stella: I like you Layla. I want us to be friends. Whoa.
Layla: you got your Charmix, Stella.

Musa: Oh, and I do like you...a lot. See you around.
Riven: Huh?
Musa: wow! I got a Charmix!

Trouble in Paradise[edit]

  • Layla receives her enhanced Charmix abilities and spells due to strong desire to find her friends.
  • Tecna earns her greater Charmix powers.

Layla: I miss my friends. No! I can't give up! I'll find them! Wow. I got my Charmix.

Timmy: You got your Charmix, Tecna.

Darkness and Light[edit]

  • Bloom, Stella, Musa, Tecna and Layla receive Charmix training, with all of their stronger Charmix spells nonverbal.
  • Flora earns her Charmix by finally confessing her true romantic feelings to Helia.

Griselda (about the witch-goblin): Your regular powers won't beat it. If you don't use your Charmix...
Bloom: Alright, girls! It's Charmix time!

Flora: Ms. Faragonda, I not sure I can do this. I mean, I haven't even gotten my Charmix yet.
Faragonda: You're the Fairy of Nature. You can do this. Now I want you to try and save that flower.

Flora: Helia! I really, really like you.
Helia: I love you, too.

Chatta: You did it, Flora.
Flora: My Charmix!

False Avalon: I found a new way to boost your powers. It's called the Empowerment Bubble.
Bloom: I'm feeling so much negative energy in here. What is this thing doing to my power?
False Avalon: It's taking all of your power and giving it me, Bloom. Isn't it marvelous?

Desperately Seeking Bloom[edit]

False Avalon: What you going to do now that you got her, Dakar? Steal her power from her?
Lord Darkar: Actually, her power alone is useless to me. I need her because the Dragon Fire and the Shadow Fire must be united. It will take both parts of the Fire to enter the realm of Realix. Then we'll use her light and my darkness to take the Ultimate Power! Bloom, you're going to help take over the universe! You have no choice!

Stella: Look, I'm in a two-top dress, and it's ridiculously cold in here! So I'm going take care of this right! Go Charmix! Solar Blast.

Bloom: I am not like you! I'll never be evil!
Lord Darkar: That's what our friend over here said too. Avalon used to be a cloud spirit and now he's on my side. You will be on my side, too.
Bloom: I have a good heart! You can't turn it dark!
Lord Darkar: Cloud spirits are the purest beings. If I can convert a cloud spirit, I can change anyone. And that includes you, Bloom.

Flora: Roots and vines, bind this creature!
Musa: Sonic Boost.

Bloom: It doesn't matter what you do to me! My friends will stop you!!
Lord Darkar: You will destroy anyone who tries to stop us! So if they try, you will end up destroying them! There is nothing you can do, Bloom! Because as of right now, you belong to me!

Storming Shadowhaunt[edit]

Lord Darkar (to Dark Bloom): The time has come to activate the Codex, my dear. Hand in hand, we will seize the Ultimate Power.
Icy: My dear! I hate to interrupt your sweet little "together we will rule the universe" moment, but we got a little problem outside.
Stormy: The Winx girls and their boy toys have managed to fly a ship into the main cavern.
Darcy: While you're in here flirting with Bloom, they're out there turning your shadow monsters into a shooting gallery.
Lord Darkar: A minor annoyance. You three deal with it.
Icy: What about entering the realm of Realix together!?
Stormy: That's right!
Lord Darkar: Bloom and I need time to open the vortex. Go and lend all your Gloomix powers to my creatures, so they can crush the fairies.

Darcy: I can't believe this!
Icy: He may need Bloom's power to open the gate to Realix! But once she does, we'll witch her up and remind Darkar who we are!!

Darkar: We're almost ready, my dear Bloom.
Icy: Hey. L.D.
Darcy: You're not leaving are you?
Icy: You wouldn't leave without your main witches, would you?
Darkar: I only have one main witch now. And, no, I don't plan on leaving without her.
Stormy: What are you talking about!?
Darcy: You better not be suggesting what I think you're suggesting.
Icy: We have been running all over the realms for you, and now you're gonna ditch us for some nitwit little wannabee at the last minute?
Darkar: Bloom's my main witch now. As for you three, considers yourselves dumped. now it's just you and me, my sweet.

Lord Darkar: To open the vortex, we must present light and darkness allied in together. The Codex doesn't know you turned to darkness. It only sees the light of the Dragon Fire within you.

Lord Darkar: Yes! The gateway to Realix! When we step through there, we will be face-to-face with the Ultimate Power! And anyone who tries to follow us will have to deal with Curvok. Shall we? As they say, lightness before dark.

(In their evolved Charmix forms)

Flora: Blossom Blast.
Musa: Sonic Boom. Good one, Flo. Now let's catch up with Stella and Layla.

The Ultimate Power Couple[edit]

  • This is the final time Charmix is used by any of the Winx Club fairies.

Lord Darkar: Here we are, you and me, the Ultimate Power couple.

(Stella and Layla enter Realix through the portal)
Stella: Solar Burst.
Layla: Ocean Bast. Whoa. Look at Bloom.
Stella: He must have put a dark spell on her.

Lord Darkar: You keep chanting, Bloom. I'll destroy them

Layla: Bloom, it's us.
Stella: Darkar put a spell on you, Bloom.
Lord Darkar: You got that right. And the spell is unbreakable.
Stella: In that case, we're gonna have to make you undo it!
Lord Darkar: I'm sorry, but I think darkness suits your friend rather well.

Stella: Let's use our Charmix. Come on! Solar Eclipse Blast.
Layla: Aquarius Current.
Layla and Stella: Now! Together!
(Fire concentrated beams of magical sunlight and watery energy at Darkar)

Stella: I guess we got him.
Layla: So what are gonna do about Bloom?

Flora: What do we do if she actually beats him?
Tecna: If either of them gain complete control of the Ultimate Power, there will be no way to stop them.

Lord Darkar: Wait for me, my dear! The power is ours!
Stella and Layla: No!
Lord Darkar: And now Bloom with hand it over to me and I will rule all the realms!

Sky: If I can talk to her, maybe she'll listen and I can reach beyond the spell.
Brandon: Sky?
Lord Darkar: What are you going to do, ask her to the prom? Sorry, she's busy!
Sky: Bloom!
Lord Darkar: Give me the power now, Bloom!
Sky: Wait, Bloom, try to listen to my voice. It's me- your boyfriend.
Dark Bloom: Huh?
Sky: Darkar put you under a spell.
Dark Bloom: Huh?
Sky: This is not who you are. You're not evil. You may not be able to see it now Bloom, but you have a true heart.
Lord Darkar: He doesn't know anything!
Sky: I know what your heart is like! I've felt it. Your heart is full of light, Bloom. Your heart is so pure and good, that it saved me. You didn't let me go and I'm not gonna let you go. So you have to fight this Bloom! You have to break free! You have to come back, because you!

Layla: Whoa.
Stella: How did she do it?
Flora: She used the power in her heart to fight the darkness.
Timmy: I can feel it.

Lord Darkar: NO! What did you do to it!?
Bloom: I gave it back. The Ultimate Power is staying in Realix, where it belongs.

Stella: It's gonna take all six of us giving it everything we have.
Layla: We'll use our Charmix.
Bloom: The power of six Charmix converging at once.

(All six Charmix fairies focus their unusually strong magic into one single attack)
Winx Club: Winx Club, Charmix Convergence!!
Darkar: NO!! This can't happening!! NO!! NOOO!!!

(Vanishes into oblivion from the combined force of the Winx Club)

Icy: That idiot fairy gave the Ultimate Power back!! I hate her more than ever!!

[Bloom is standing at the top of stairs and Sky goes towards her and Bloom is with Kiko]
Bloom: Hey, Sky, I am glad you found me! We need to talk about what happened in Realix.
Sky: So, you don't remember what I said to you.
Bloom: Of course, I remember. What you said to me was totally sweet.
Sky: So you liked what I said to you, using the L word and all?
Bloom: I love you too, Sky.
[They kiss]

Season Three (2006-2007)[edit]

  • This marks the Winx Club's third and final year at Alfea College for Fairies, as they each achieve their full-fledged fairy form: Enchantix.

The Perfect Dress[edit]

Musa: I'm gettin' my hair spelled.

Beauty Is a Beast[edit]

Bloom: I ask you to show me my birth parents, Oritel and Miriam. Show me what happened them. Sparx! That's when the Coven destroyed my planet. Oritel and Miriam.
Stella: Don't cry, sweetie. Oritel and Miriam were standing there, which must mean they're still alive.
Bloom: Do you really think that's what it means?
Stella: You asked the room to show what happened to them. So it must mean that they're out there somewhere.

Chimera: As pretty as you are is how hideous you will become.
(casts the dark spell to turn Stella into a monster)
Cassandra: Radius, listen to me. That monster is not your daughter.

Stella: Tell the guards who I am!
Bloom: Hey, this is Princess Stella!
Chimera: That hideous monstrosity? That can't be Princess Stella.

Musa: I have the feeling were not gonna be invited to the next party!
Bloom: We'll be happy if we just get out of here in one piece.
Stella: Hey! [Flora screams] Oh no, I'm so ugly I even scare my own friends!
Flora: I'm sorry, Stella, I didn't mean to scream. Come here, sweetie!

Flora: Since there's no hip-hop in this palace, how about rap? Ivy rap, that is.

Guard 1: Get the monster!
Bloom: That's not a monster, it's Princess Stella!
Guard 2: She's lying. Our princess could never look that hideous.
Guard 1: He's right! Get her!

Pretty, Pretty Princess[edit]

Musa: Wow, this rain, it's like anti-magic.
Tecna: It weakened our spells and strength but luckily, we still have enough Winx left to save Stella.
Stella: The way I look, I probably be better off if you hadn't.
Bloom: We'll get you changed back, Stella, but in the meantime, I think you're kind of cuddly.
Flora: Yeah, kind of like a cross between a frog and a bear or on second thought, maybe a dragon.
Stella: I'm green, I'm hideous, and I'm giving a whole new meaning of the term, bloated!
Bloom: It's a spell. We'll figure out a way to break it.

Bloom: Hold on, are we forgetting something?
Musa: Narrow passageway, plus-size fairy? Not good.
Stella: Plus-size fairy?! That's not very nice!
Bloom: We got you, Stella!
Musa: And I didn't mean anything by calling you plus-size.
Stella: Musa, you're too concern with your figure.

Bloom: The leeches are gone! Thanks, Stella, you saved us!
Stella: Hey, I might not be pretty, but I'm still tough!

Brandon: Hey there, beautiful!
Stella: Way to go, inner self! You got it going on!
Brandon: Say what?
Stella: Come on!

The Mirror of Truth[edit]

Faragonda: Sophomores have be able to achieve their Charmix. This year, you must acquire your Enchantix. This is your final fairy form, which will give you access to far greater powers; such as fairy dust and miniaturization. The test will find you at a critical moment in time. You must rescue someone from your own world. This the only way you can earn your Enchantix. And the only way for you to protect your worlds from evil and destruction.

Bloom: Rescue someone from my own world? But everyone on Sparx disappeared a long time ago. Unless Oritel and Miriam are still alive, then no one from my world is left. And I'll never get my Enchantix.

Brandon: Stella...
Stella: You don't understand!
Brandon: I do!
Stella: You see me as my old self because of Flora's spell!
Brandon: Stella, maybe this isn't the best time to tell you this, but I can see what you look like.
Stella: Hmm? But how is that possible?
Brandon: Flora's illusion spell wore off back on the ship.
Stella: And you can still look at me even though I look like a hideous monster?
Brandon: You're still the same beautiful person inside. You still have the same heart, Stella. Girls, tell her what you see when you look at her.
Tecna: I see a totally honest person, who always says what's on her mind.
Flora: Is cheerful and upbeat and fun.
Musa: A kind of crazy fairy that makes me laugh.
Bloom: And I see a best friend forever.
Stella: Do you really think all that about me? I always thought people just thought I was pretty.

Mission to Tides[edit]

Bloom: Every time you mention Baltor's name, I have these visions. Weird visions of Sparx. And what's even weirder is that I see things I couldn't have seen 'cause I was just a baby. And then everything starts racing through my head until it all goes to black!!

Icy: This new power Baltor gave me is cool.
Darcy: Baltor gave you a new power?
Stormy: We know she's his favorite. But don't worry: she'll mess it up just like she always does.
Icy: Spoken like a real witch, but true, although perhaps Baltor will be different. Nah. Eventually he'll disappoint me, but in the meantime, it could be fun.

Baltor: Let's see if what they say is true. So it is you, the lost heiress to the throne of Sparx.

Stormy: I can't wait to crush those fairies.
Baltor: Yes, go. Just make sure to leave Bloom out for me.

Bloom: You think you'd understand the balance of power by now, Icy! Whenever you face us, you lose!

Baltor: Don't worry, Bloom. I don't want to harm you. I just wanted to see you face-to-face.
Bloom: You're destroying all of Tides, you've turned wondrous mermaids into horrible monsters! what is it you want, Baltor? What are you after?
Baltor: I just what belonged to me a long time ago. And I'm here as an old and forgotten courtesy to warn you to say out of my way.
Bloom: What do you mean by an old courtesy?
Baltor: You and I share a common past, Bloom. A shared history; something you're far too young to remember.

The Mermaid Queen[edit]

  • Layla achieves her Enchantix form and greater water-controlling powers by sacrificing herself for her aunt, Queen Leshia.

Bloom: I don't know if my fire spells will work underwater.

Bloom: It's Layla's Enchantix.
Musa: It's beautiful.
Flora: It's totally amazing.
Bloom: Congratulations, Layla. Your sacrifice for Queen Leshia earned you your Enchantix powers.
Layla: So what?
Bloom: what do you mean "so what?"
Layla: I still can't see, Bloom. Everything is still dark.

Royal Behavior[edit]

Faragonda: What happened to your friend is both terrible and wonderful. A dark spell has taken her sight. However, Layla was able to achieve her final fairy form. She now has Enchantix powers and that means she is strong enough to break Baltor's spell by herself. There is healing energy in the fairy dust on your new wings. If you concentrate hard, you be able to release it. Feel it all around you, dear. You don't need your eyes to see it.
Layla: I can see! I can see!
Faragonda: Fairy dust upon the wings of an Enchantix is one of strongest healing elements in the magical universe.

Faragonda: There are things you must know about Baltor. things that connect him to you.
Bloom: Baltor said something like that on Tides, but I didn't know what he was talking about.
Faragonda: This book will explain to you what happened. What you see here is the Company of Light, a group of noble warriors who fought the three Ancient Witches.
Bloom: Baltor was with the Ancient Witches?
Faragonda: Yes. They are the ones who created him. At the beginning of the magical universe, when the Great Dragon was born, a tiny spark of its Fire fell into the darkness. The witches' took that dark ember and used it to create him. Now, the Company of Light was founded by your birth parents, Oritel and Miriam.

Bloom: But if nobody really knows what happened to them, do you think it's possible they could be...?
Faragonda: What, dear?
Bloom: Well, that my parents could still be alive somewhere?
Faragonda: Bloom, I can't tell you. Nobody can.
Bloom: Nobody but Baltor! He's the last one saw my parents! He knows the answer!
Faragonda: Bloom, you must be very careful! Baltor is a vengeful creature, and if he finds out who you are he's going to try to destroy you!

Dark Sky[edit]

  • Stella earns her Enchantix form and powers by saving her father King Radius from a dragon.

Layla: Whoa! My Enchantix power has made this rubber glue spell a thousand times stronger. If I were you guys, I'd stop firing right now.

Baltor: Bloom's heart is hurting. This loss will make her weak, which is exactly how I want her.

Operation: Boyfriend Rescue[edit]

Stella: [trying to figure out if she should call Brandon] On the one hand, he has a lot to do on Erakylon, but I am not the type of girl you don't check in on. Never have been, never will be, don't wanna be.

Riven: How about operation let the dude choose, I mean your all assuming Sky wants to be rescued?
Bloom: How could you say that!?!

Stella: It's gonna be the end all right, but not for us! (Transforms into her Enchantix form) Shower of Light.

Bloom: I don't want to fight you, Sky, I just want to talk to you. Then if you really want, I'll get out of your life for good.
Sky: You'll get out of it right now!
Stella: Hey, have it!
(Blasts him with solar energy, revealing an all too familiar mark on his left forearm)
Stella: That's Baltor's mark.

Bloom: Somehow, Baltor must have met up with Diaspro. And that goblet she gave him must have been his potion.
Musa: That's gonna be a strong spell, but maybe fairy dust can break it.
Stella: Coming right up.

Attack of the Zombie Witches[edit]

  • Musa earns her Enchantix by refusing to leave Princess Galatea of Melody (the Harmonic Realm) behind.

Musa: No! Never! I am not leaving you!!

Princess Galatea: Oh, Musa. You've got your Enchantix.
Musa: Cool! Maybe I can stop this fire. And since it was dark magic that took your wings, some fairy dust should bring them back, too.

Missing in Action[edit]

Flora: The trees were too scared, so they turned away.
Bloom: The trees were scared of Baltor?

(Seeing Ms. Faragonda one with an oak tree)

Bloom: Oh no. Ms. Faragonda.
Stella: Trans-combined with a tree?
Bloom: We have to do something! Especially for everything Ms. F's done for us. I only made this far as a fairy because of you.
Musa: Ms. Faragonda, I don't know if you can hear me. But trust me. We're gonna save you.

Tears of the Black Willow[edit]

  • Flora achieves her Enchantix powers by saving her younger sister Rose (Miele).

Flora: This is my sister Rose, everybody.

Stella: Welcome to the Enchantix squad, Musa.
Musa: I love my new wings.
Layla: Can you feel just how powerful is in them?

Rose: Your friends are really brave.

Bloom: Did you hear that, Tecna?
Tecna: Let's not try to disappoint her.
(Fires a ray of virtual energy)

Stormy: Say goodbye, goody-goody!
Rose: No!
(Takes the blast that was meant for her elder sister)
Flora: Rose! That was my sister!

Flora: Why didn't you go back home, Rose?
Rose: I just wanted to be brave.
Flora: I'm not going to make it, sweetie.
Rose: Wait! Flora.
Flora: Bubble, bring her to the surface.

Bloom: Rose! What happened? Where's Flora?
Rose: She saved me.

Layla: Congratulations, Flora. You got your Enchantix powers.
Rose: Thanks for saving me, Flora.
Flora: Hey, you saved me first.

Bloom: You three, stop misbehaving or we may have to spank you!

Point of No Return[edit]

  • Tecna achieves her Enchantix powers due her self-sacrifice in closing the Omega portal and saving the realm of Tides, even it means of her being trapped in there.
  • When Bloom is screaming for Tecna, a closeup of her horrified face shows the makeup of her Enchantix attire, even though she has not yet achieved it.

Flora: Ivy Rescue Vine.
(Stops Stella's fall)

Tecna: I can do this!
Flora: No, Tecna! Don't go in there!
Bloom: Tecna!!

Layla: Let go! she can't risk her life for my planet!
Tibok: If she has chosen to go forward, you must let her do it. Perhaps she will be the one to close the gate. Perhaps this act of sacrifice is her destiny.

(Tecna has just achieved her Enchantix form and far stronger technology/data-based powers)
Musa: What's she gonna do with the fairy dust?
Bloom: She's using it to force her way inside the portal!!

Baltor: I must say, those fairies are certainly not afraid of sacrifice.
Stormy: Yeah, and they're lucky, too. They survived the Omega gate.
Darcy: Well, all but Tecna.
Icy: Which means there are only five fairies left for us to finish off.


  • The Nickelodeon title for this episode is "Revenge!"
  • Bloom is now the only Winx Club member who remains in her standard Winx/Fairy form.

Flora: Tecna was a great fairy.
Layla: And she saved the entire realm of Tides with her sacrifice.
Timmy: Tecna's not gone! She's just trapped!
Riven: Tecna disappeared inside the Omega portal!
Musa: And the gate closed forever, Timmy.

Bloom: The Winx Club was the six of us together. It's just not the same without Tecna.
Musa: Maybe we should end it, like disband the group.
Stella: I hate to say it, but I agree.
Layla: It's the right thing.

Bloom: It's over, Baltor!!
(Baltor strikes Musa and Flora with his evil magic)
Bloom: Dragon Fury
Baltor: Your powers are strong, Bloom, just like your mother's.
Bloom: What?!
Baltor: Miriam, the queen of planet Sparx.
Bloom: My mother? What do you know about her!?
Baltor: I defeated her.

Baltor: Your birth parents, Oritel and Miriam, were the leaders of the Company of Light. A bunch of do-good-er warriors who fought to save the magical dimension.
Musa: Base Boom.
Baltor: I recently visited a planet whose magic was all about silence. Let me show you one of the strong spells I took from them.
(Traps Musa in a soundproof bubble)
Flora: Ivy Vine Wrap.
Baltor: And for you, some magic of the cave dwellers of the Under Realm. They like total darkness. Flowers can't survive long without light, right?

Baltor: So do you want to fight or do you want to hear about your parents, Bloom?
Bloom: I'm listening.
Baltor: I met Oritel and Miriam when I was a young wizard. I was the one who faced them in their final battle. First I trapped Miriam with a spell I learned from the dwellers of the dark dimension. Of course, King Oritel came to rescue her as I knew he would. Your birth father was very powerful. I could never have defeated him unless he lowered his guard to save your mother. While he used his magic to save his beloved, I used mine to send them both to Oblivion. And that's how it ended for your birth parents, Oritel and Miriam, the great king and queen of planet Sparx. I'm so glad we could share that story.
(a furious Bloom is overflowing with Dragon Fire energy)
Bloom: Why you!!
Baltor: Come on! Show me what you've got! Do it for Sparx! Do it for your parents!
(A thoroughly enraged Bloom releases a tremendous amount of Dragon Fire energy)
Baltor: Oposotius. And so goes the last survivor of the planet Sparx. Destroyed by her own magic.

Stella: This calls for some fairy dust.
Griffin: I see you made progress. I remember when Faragonda first got her Enchantix. All my best spells became useless against her.

Faragonda: Stella, get us out of here!
Bloom: NO!! we have to beat him! For Tecna and for Miriam and Oritel!!
Faragonda: I'm sorry, Bloom, but not today.

Faragonda: There is just one place you can go to become stronger, Bloom. It is called Pyros, also known as the Island of Dragons. The power you can get there is great, but the dangers are severe.
Bloom: I don't care! Baltor destroyed my parents and took Tecna! If will help me beat him, then I'll do it.

Baltor: I cannot allow the heir to the throne of Sparx to survive!
Icy: How about we just go get Bloom for you?
Darcy: Yeah. We'll wait till she's away from her friends.
Baltor: Good. Go and bring her here, then we'll destroy her together.

The Island of Dragons[edit]

  • Bloom has a vision of her ghostly elder sister Daphne.

Daphne: Bloom. Bloom.
Bloom: Daphne?
Daphne: You must find your inner dragon.
Bloom: My inner dragon? What dragon?
Daphne: Your dragon.

Layla: Enchanted Morfix.
Guard: I don't like stepping stuff, and I don't like pink!

The Power Within[edit]

  • The Nickelodeon title is "Building Hope."
  • Bloom earns her immense Enchantix by "being fearless and open to her powers". However, it dangerously incomplete as she did not earn it via bravery and self-sacrifice but rather through sheer willpower. In the Nickelodeon version, she earns it by refusing to let Baltor win.

Baltor: I don't know how, but Tecna has managed to communicate from the Omega Dimension.
Icy: But that's impossible.
Baltor: And now they're going to get a rescue party together, fly there and bring her back to Alfea.
Icy: And do you want us to ruin their party?
Baltor: No. What I want you to do is go deal with Bloom.
Stormy: I am totally game for that.
Icy: I'm always game for messin' up Bloom.
Baltor: Bloom is strengthening her already impressive powers. She's training on an island called Pyros.
Icy: I'm guessing you want us to mess up Bloom's little island vacation?

Bloom: My name is Bloom and I came to Pyros to get stronger. And so far, I found my inner dragon, and that's good and all. But I'm still not strong enough and I don't what else to do to make that happen.
Maya: If you want to get stronger, you must open your heart and your mind. I can see that the universe has given you a mission. You are destined to battle an evil force. You possess plenty of power to destroy it.
Bloom: You can really see all that?
Maya: I see it clearly.

Maya: You want to ask me about your Enchantix?
Bloom: Yes. Even though there's no one left from my realm, is it still possible for me to earn it?
Maya: Many things are possible on Pyros that are not possible elsewhere. For you to achieve your goal, Bloom, you must let go of your fear.
Bloom: Is losing all your fear really possible?

Musa: Sound Wave Attack.
Stella: Can't have sound without light. Sunbeam Shower.

Maya: I have something for you. Here. Take this, so you can always remember the lessons you leaned on Pyros.
Bloom: That's so pretty. What's in it?
Maya: Every magical place and every magical being has a unique essence. And this contains the essence of Pyros. And now I'm going to help you let go of fear and believe in your ability to get what you want. Sit. When you do these things, you'll understand your true essence. And that's how you get stronger.
Bloom: I feel like I'm getting there, I just wish I had my Enchantix.
Maya: I believe that it's within you. I believe that you can find your Enchantix if you truly set your mind to it.

(Bloom breaks out of the ice cube)
Darcy: Whoa! She got stronger.
Icy: It seems like our little friend learned a new trick or two at Loser Bootcamp.

Icy: Just so you know, after we capture you, we're bringing you back to Baltor:
Bloom (thinking): Baltor! I've had enough of Baltor! I believe. I believe I have the power in me. I'm gonna use it to stop Baltor! And it's starting right here, right now with these witches!
(Starts overflowing with great mystical energy)
Bloom:I am fearless and open to my powers!
(transforms into her Enchantix form for the first time)
Bloom: Enchanted Sphere.
(Encases the Trix sisters inside an orb of Dragon Fire)
Bloom: This is my island, witches!

Maya: I knew you had it in you.
Bloom: Did you see that, Maya? I believed that I could do it, and I got my Enchantix.
Maya: Yes you did. You found your inner dragon, and now you've unlocked your deepest source of power. And for that, you should be very proud of yourself. You came to Pyros looking for more strength. But because of your courage, what you ended up finding was even bigger than any magical power you could ever have. Listen. You are finding yourself and there is nothing more powerful than that. Now go back to Alfea and put your gift to good use.

The Omega Mission[edit]

  • Bloom was unable to transform at first, due to her Enchantix being dangerously incomplete.

Bloom: I was able to grow so much, and I got way more in touch with my powers, but...
Griselda: There's always a "but."
Bloom: I don't understand how I got my Enchantix without saving anybody from my realm.
Faragonda: You've became a rare exception to the rules of fairies, a very rare exception. On Pyros, you used all of your willpower. And your belief in yourself was powerful that it simply transformed you. It's as if you willed yourself into an Enchantix.
Griselda: Very impressive.
Bloom: Thanks a lot.

[Bloom and Sky are on the bench]
Sky: I didn't go to the omega dimension prison has dead prisoners because I was put under active control at Red fountain, but when I heard you were back I asked Codatorta to escort me special permission.
Bloom: And cause you were so nice he said yes?
Sky: Exactly yeah.
[They hug]
Bloom: Who told you I was back from pyros.
Sky: That's confidential Imfornation bloom sorry.
[Amore comes out from behind the bench]
Amore: I told himbecause of true love.
[Bloom and Sky leave each other and blush]
Chatta: Amore!
Amore: What, what's wrong with what I said?
Tune: Look! You made them both blush!

Bloom: I wish I could go with you, Tecna, but I haven't been able to transform since I got back from Pyros.
Tecna: Then we'll walk.

Tecna: What are you doing, Bloom? You can't transform.
Bloom: I'm gonna have to.

Bloom: Musa's fairy dust must have fixed whatever was keeping me from transforming. So what do you say we take this snake out, get our guys, and head for home?

Stella: I think your new mega dragon attack finished him off.
Musa: Alright! Way to go, Bloom.

Bloom: Wait a second. It's not over yet.
Layla: What are you talking about, Bloom?
Musa: That snake is history
Bloom: No it's not, you guys. When my dragon form collided with it, we formed a kind of instant connection. And now it's speaking to me or as long as I'm hearing what it's thinking.
Flora:And what is it telling you, Bloom?
Bloom: It's telling that is the ice snake's purpose to keep all things imprisoned. And since its part of the Omega Dimension itself, Is impossible to destroy.

Day at the Museum[edit]

Bloom: Dragon Energy.
Tecna: A logical strategy. Increasing the air friction around the creature should slow it down.
Layla: She's losing control.
Flora: Griselda, you have to do something!
Faragonda: Not just yet. Give her a second.

Bloom: Did I do it?
Faragonda: You successfully repelled the negotiator, yes. But your magic was out of control. Bloom, I'm not going to lie to you. Your Enchantix power is dangerously incomplete. The others have a power that was born out of sacrifice. But your Enchantix was created by pure force of will. It's not the same thing at all.
Bloom: All that I really care about, Ms. F, is that my power works against Baltor. And it should do that, don't you think?
Faragonda: I'm not sure how your power will work. And speaking of Baltor, he's disappeared.
Bloom: What do you mean? I thought he was a Cloud Tower.
Faragonda: He escaped. But on the plus side, Cloud Tower is safe again.
Bloom: That's great. But...Baltor is the only one who knows what happened to my birth parents, Oritel and Miriam. So I have to find him and make him tell me.

Baltor: Well, look at you. Enchantix and Dragon Fire together. Finally, a decent challenge.
Bloom: Come and get me, Baltor! The protection glass is magic-proof. Your spells won't go through it!!
Baltor: Yes, but they will go around it.
(Throws a ball of fire, but Bloom's orange fairy dust purifies it)

Bloom: The Dragon Fire and the Enchantix aren't what's going to beat you Baltor. It's six Enchantix together!

Baltor: Bloom, someday I'll get that little fairy dust pendant right from your neck and add it to my collection of trinkets. But I'm afraid I'm going to fight all of you today. Just you!!

Biker Wedding Crashers[edit]

Stella: Stop right there! As long as I'm around, you'll never become the queen of Solaria!
Cassandra: Stella!
Stella: People of Solaria, this monster and her wannabee daughter have bewitched your king!
Cassandra: Don't listen to her! She's lying!

Stella: No! Daddy!
Chimera: Daddy can't hear you.
Stella: Can you not take a hint!!?

King Radius: Who are you?
Stella: I'm your daughter, Daddy. Your Stella. Don't you remember? You used to call me Stella-my-Bella and my little ray of sunshine.
King Radius: I don't recall.
Stella: Stupid, Baltor! No way is he taking my father away from me!! Fairy dust!!

The Golden Kingdom[edit]

Musa: See what you think of this. Sound Cage.
(Bloom is encased in a dome of sound, but easily overwhelms it with a mighty burst of Dragon Fire energy)
Musa: Man, I channeled all my Winx into that attack.
Flora: OK. Guess I'm up next. Don't take this personally.

Lockette: You leave Bloom alone.
Stella: Don't worry. We're not really fighting.
Bloom: Yeah. Since Baltor and I both get our power from the Dragon Fire, we figured that we found a way to beat my power, we can use to beat his. But so far, no luck.

Tecna: I've got it! I know how to defeat the Dragon Fire! According to the book, at the beginning of the magical universe when the Great Dragon was born, another opposite force was created as well. This opposite force was contained in Water Stars.
Amore: But, Tecna, Water Stars don't exist anymore.
Tecna: In this dimension they don't.
Bloom: What do you mean by that?
Tecna: Because they're naturally opposed to each other, the Dragon Fire and Water Stars couldn't exist in the same dimension. So the Ancient Wizards came together and opened a portal to seal them off from our dimension.
Bloom: Where are they now?
Tecna: In the Golden Kingdom.

Icy: I felt something really gross, like the way a sunset feels.
Baltor: It was a wave of positive energy. And there's only one place it could've come from- the Golden Kingdom. Show me the Red Tower! So they have gone to the Golden Kingdom. For Water Stars. Here! Take this and destroy Bloom now. That's my girl.
Darcy: Icy's your girl?
Baltor: You're all my girls! Now go!

The Crystal Labyrinth[edit]

Sky: Looks like some kind of ancient language. Can any of you guys read it?
Bloom: It says "only those who are pure of heart may enter."

Bloom: I have an idea. Since our fairy dust is anti-darkness, I bet if we spray it on ourselves it should remove all traces of darkness from us.
Stella: What darkness?
Timmy: Everybody's got some kind of darkness. Like vanity.
Stella: Oh.

Musa: We're miniaturizing.
Tecna: I guess the time was right.
Bloom: I couldn't do it. Since my Enchantix wasn't earned the same way as yours, Ms. Faragonda said it may have limitations. But I want you girls to on ahead. We need the Water Stars. They're our only hope to stop Baltor.

Icy: Looks like it's just you and me, Bloom.
Bloom: You don't have a chance, Icy!
Icy: 'Cause of your big bad Enchantix powers? well, Baltor wanted me to give you this! Anti-dark dust from the dark dimension. It renders you powerless. How do you like my chances now? What should we do with you, Bloom? I know! How about we reenact the night we first met? I seem to remember putting you into a block of ice!

The Wizard's Challenge[edit]

Bloom: I think we should try a more practical approach. If they activate when they come into contact with Dragon Fire energy, then maybe I'm the key to unleashing their full power.
Musa: But remember, Boom, if they can destroy Baltor because of his Dragon Fire then they can destroy you too.
Bloom: I know it's very risky for me, but I don't we have a choice.

Tecna: No one's allowed in here without a library card!!
Layla: Morfix Shield.
Flora: Ivy Vine Wrap.
Stella: Solarian Sunbeam.
Bloom: Dragon Fury.

Bloom: I know it's risky, you guys, but I try to activate the Water Stars.
Stella: wait! Don't do it, Bloom! You don't know how they could affect you!
Baltor: What they do to me, they'll do to you.
Flora: We can do this without the Water Stars.
Bloom: Flora, you know we can't. They're our only hope. Dragon Essence.
Flora: Bloom are you OK?
Bloom: I'm fine, but what about Baltor?

Bloom: Baltor, it's over.
Baltor: If you destroy me, Bloom, you'll also destroy your parents.
Bloom: What!? What are you talking about!?
Baltor: They're inside of me. As I'm sure you are aware, when I fought the final battle between your birth parents, Oritel and Miriam, they defeated me.
Bloom: Yeah?
Baltor: But what you don't know is just before they sent me away, I cast an absorption spell and imprisoned them in my body. And so, Bloom, if you destroy me, they will be gone forever, too.
Bloom (tearful): Oh no, that's...
Layla: Baltor just escaped.

The Witches' Crypt[edit]

  • The Nickelodeon title is "Finding the Truth"
  • Bloom discovers that her biological parents are very much alive, in a dark realm separate from the magical universe itself.

Faragonda: No, I don't know if Baltor is telling the truth about your parents or if's just trying to trick you to gain an advantage in the battle. But if he is telling the truth and he did use an absorption spell, then his fate and your parents will be one and the same.
Bloom: I thought my strong connection with Baltor was because both of our powers come from the Dragon Fire, but maybe there's another reason.
Faragonda: And what do you think that is, Bloom?
Bloom: Maybe what I'm actually hearing is my parents trapped inside of him! That they're calling out to me, begging me to help them.

Bloom: Let's try to add the magical energy of the Water Stars to our Enchantix powers.
Musa: Good idea, Bloom. But what about their affect on you?
Bloom: They only affect me once they're activated. So I'll put up a shield to protect myself.
Stella: All right! Let's activate them!

Bloom: I wish I could go along with you, but my Enchantix power is still incomplete. And no matter what I try, it won't let me miniaturize.
Stella: Don't worry, Bloom. We got it covered.

Bloom: You did it! You broke Baltor's spell!
Stella: It was just as easy as changing my sweater back.

Baltor: You know all about the power of laughter, don't you? Well, soon you'll learn about the power of tears.
Icy: You and Bloom are inseparable. It's like there's some fate aura drawing you two together.
Baltor: And I think you three are linked to Bloom. But the sad fact of the matter is that neither of you has or ever has had what it takes to destroy her.
Icy: It's her Enchantix that's the problem.
Darcy: It gives her advantage.
Baltor: Sounds like an excuse to me. But then again, maybe you're right. Maybe all we need to do is level the playing field and give you ladies your own new power. Something we can call your Disenchantix. I'm going to cast a spell on you from the misery dimension. Power of the wind, power of ice, power darkness, it's time to grow. Draw from the void of misery and thieve and flourish. Now you have your own version of the Enchantix, only way cooler.

Bloom: This is the presence Ms. Faragonda sensed. I feel it. Show yourself dark witches!
Belladonna: Heiress to the throne of Sparx, you have come to inquire about the fate of your birth parents, Oritel and Miriam, have you not?
Bloom: Yes. I want to know what happened to them! I want to know where they are!
Lysslis: Do you want the truth or simply something that will comfort you?
Bloom: I want the truth about what happened, no matter how hard it is to hear!
Belladonna: Then the truth is exactly what we will tell you.
Bloom: Huh?
Belladonna: Your parents, the King and Queen of Sparx, are not prisoners in Baltor's body. That was a trap he set for you. Oritel and Miriam are alive.
Bloom (relieved): Alive!? Where are they?
Lysslis: In a place far away. Not in this realm or even this dimension.
Bloom: Nothing is too far away for me! Tell me where they are and I'll go there!
Belladonna: It is not a place you can go! And that is all we will say!
Bloom: No! Wait! I want to know where my parents are! You can't leave me like this! You can't!

Bloom: Baltor lied to me. He didn't capture my birth parents, and they aren't trapped inside of him. And now that know this, I can fight him with all of my might and all my power.

The Spell of the Elements[edit]

  • The Nickelodeon title is "Valtor's Fury"

Baltor: I am unbeatable!!
Icy: It sure didn't look that way, dude.
Darcy: Yeah. No offense, but those Water Stars knocked you on your unbeatable butt.
Stormy: Maybe you need to get some new spells and, you know, bulk up.
Icy: Yeah. Like get some new buff in the Magix department. (the Trix laugh)
Baltor: SILENCE!! I am Baltor! I am the greatest wizard in the magical universe!! Do not dare challenge me!!

Bloom: We're still going to beat you Baltor. As long as there's a single once of energy in our bodies, we'll fight you!
Baltor: Here! See how you like this!
(Blasts Bloom with the Water Stars immeasurable, mystical energy) The Water Stars are painful, aren't they, Bloom?
Stella: To me, they're no different than a regular blast.
Tecna: Same goes for me.
Musa: Come on, girls! We have to protect Bloom.

Baltor: Oblivion awaits you, Bloom! The same place I sent your parents! Fairy dust can't stop me. I'm not a dark spell and neither are the Water Stars.

Layla: I'm' going in.
Stella: Wait! Don't. We have to trust that Bloom knows what she's doing.
Musa: What if she doesn't?
(Bloom collapses, due to repeated energy blasts from the Water Stars)
Flora: Oh no.
Baltor: And so goes the last survivor to the throne of Sparx.

Baltor: You five are next.
Stella: Before you start firing, you might wanna check your box. It looks like it's leaking.
Baltor: What!? NO!!
Stella: Bloom's fairy dust may not have affected you, but it busted your stash of spells right open.

Baltor: You three get back here, right now!!
Icy: I wish we had time ti discuss this, but let's make one thing clear: You and us, we're over!!
Darcy: Yeah, see ya, loser.
Stormy: Buh-bye.

Fire and Flame[edit]

  • This Season Three finale is followed by The Secret of the Lost Kingdom 3D CGI movie.

Stella: That was an Enchantix Sunburst. You should be gone.

Bloom: There's no point in fighting this thing. The only way I can beat is to attack the one who controls it. Find Baltor! And hit him where he hides!!

(Fires an orb of Dragon Fire, which unexpectedly hits Baltor from behind) This thing stopped, which means I must have hit Baltor.

Ancient Witches: Baltor. Baltor.
Baltor: Who are you!?
Ancient Witches: Is it possible that you forgot about us, Baltor?
Baltor: Show yourself!
Ancient Witches: You don't give orders to us, Baltor! We give orders to you!
Baltor: The three Ancestresses.
Ancient Witches: You disappointed us, Baltor. So we're calling you back from this world!
Baltor: You think you can make me go back with you!? You three may have created me, but you do not control me! I've outgrown you and passed you by! What are you doing!?
Ancient Witches: From the limbo where we are exiled, we're not allowed to act on the outside world. But nothing can stop us from acting on you, because you are ours, Baltor!
Baltor: No! Stop it!!
Ancient Witches: You failed! Your magic powers were squandered. And for that you must pay! We will take the part that is the wizard and leave the part that is the beast! You will be stronger and more brutal! Now go destroy all that is in your path!

Layla: Not looking too good, Baltor.
Baltor: Soon you won't be either!
Layla: Morfix Bolt.
Flora: Enchantix Ivy Wrap.

(Combining Enchantix powers with Musa and Tecna)
Stella: Enchantix convergence power.
Baltor: Is that it?
Stella: I thought that was pretty strong.
Bloom: As a beast, Baltor is much stronger than he was as a wizard. But I have an idea. There's a spell I learned on Pyros that just might work.

Bloom: Power of the Flame, leave me. Go and find Baltor's fire.
(A tiny orb-shaped spark of the Dragon Fire leaves her, causing her to faint)

Musa: Whoa, look.
Tecna: It's her Dragon Fire.

Bloom: I did it, Baltor! I've traveled to the inner sanctum of your Dragon Fire. And now that I'm here, I'm gonna put out your Dragon Fire flame once and for all!

Sky: Bloom, talk to me!
Stella: She's not here, Sky. She's over there, fighting for all of us.

Baltor: Your fairy dust erased the dark magic of the Ancestresses.
Bloom: But that's...!
Baltor: And now I am myself again- A wizard created from a dark ember of the Great Dragon's fire!
Bloom: I'm still gonna finish you off!!
Baltor: I have a better idea, Bloom. Something that will help me achieve my destiny, and you finally locate your birth parents.
Bloom: I don't believe you know anything about my birth parents!!
Baltor: But the Ancient Witches do. In fact, they hold the key to both our destinies:
For you finding Oritel and Miriam, and for me achieving the greatness that I deserve. So this is what I propose to you, Bloom: Turn your rage on the Ancestresses and join me. Together we will be strong enough to defeat them and make them give us what we want. You and I are the same, Bloom. We are book ends, matching pieces of the greatest ancient magic ever to exist.
Bloom: The only thing we have in common is our Dragon Fire! And right now, my is gonna fight yours until one of them is out.
Baltor: So be it. I gave you one last chance! And now I'm going to destroy you!
Bloom: Not if I destroy you first! Dragon Fire Fury.

Faragonda: Well done, girls. Baltor's essence now rests with the Ancient Witches.

Nabu: You're the best thing that's ever happened to me, Layla.
(The two lovers share a loving hug)

Faragonda: Your Enchantix powers are still incomplete. But the courage you showed on Tides, tells me that you're ready, Bloom. I believe you now have what it takes to find the Ancient Witches, break their dark spell, and finally find your birth parents.
Bloom: I think I'm ready. Mom, Dad, I feel like we're going to meet really soon.

Season Four (2009-2010)[edit]

The Wizards of the Black Circle[edit]

Ogron: It may come as a surprise to you, Bloom, but the wizards of the Black Circle are immune to fairy magic.
(Bloom strengthens her spell)
Bloom: Dragon Energy.

Ogron: The last fairy of the Earth is finally ours!
Anagan: Ogron, what's happening?
Ogron: The circle has rejected her. She is not the fairy we are looking for.

Fear in Pixie Village[edit]

  • Bloom is now capable of using her fairy dust to miniaturize, which is due to her Enchantix finally being completed since rescuing her whole home world and people from eternal frost, in The Secret of the Lost Kingdom movie.

Flora: Gardenia. She's in Gardenia.
Bloom: The last Earth fairy was born in my hometown?

Winx on Earth[edit]

  • The original Italian title is "The Last Fairy of Earth."
  • Roxy, the last terrestrial fairy of Earth, debuts, though as a cameo.

Magic Pets[edit]

Ogron: Gardenia. Why did the last fairy of Earth have to be in this lame town? Must have been difficult for such a powerful creature to live among all this...Mediocrity. The sooner we find her, the sooner we can leave this depressing excuse for a city.

Faragonda: And what about the second part of your mission? Is there any sign of the last fairy?
Tecna: Not yet, but we are looking.
Faragonda: Remember how crucial this part of the mission is. If the last Earth fairy falls into the hands of the Wizards of the Black Circle, they will be the most powerful wizards in all the dimensions. And their darkness will make unbearable for mankind.

Ogron: Tell me right now!! Where is the last Earth fairy!!? Star talking!
Stella: Ocean of Light.
Bloom: Stella no!
Ogron: Attack me all you want. All it does is make me stronger and more powerful. Here's your Ocean of Light right back at you.

Ogron's Spell[edit]

Flora: I love Earth, but it has a lot of problems.
Musa: I wonder what it was like the fairies' ruled it.
Bloom: I don't know, but since they disappeared there's a total lack of harmony.

Bloom: Sky! What are you doing here?
Sky: Eh... ehm-ehm... we just... well you know, we missed you guys so eh... surprise!
Bloom: Sky!
Sky: What, aren't you happy to see us?
Bloom: Stop it, I know what's going on.
Sky: Okay Bloom, listen. I know you're not gonna like this, but you guys are gonna need all the help you can get if you're taking on the Wizards of the Black Circle!
Bloom: Sky, you just don't think that we can handle them, do you? Well for your information, this is our mission and we were doing just fine.
Riven:Yeah right! [gestures to the destroyed park]
Bloom: Sky we appreciate what your doing but if you don't trust us knows the time to tell us?
Riven: We trust you too much! Who were those guys at the club!?
Bloom:What are you talking about?
Sky:Come on Bloom! Don't tell me your denying it? That Andy guy!
Bloom: What!? You been spying on us!?
Sky:Well, we.. a uh...
Bloom: I can't believe you'd do this! I thought you knew me better then that! What's worse is I thought I knew you!
Sky: Bloom if you just let me explain.
Riven: Awe, let them go. Tomorrow they'll have forgotten all about it.
Sky: Riven, please just stop talking!

A Fairy Found[edit]

  • The last terrestrial fairy of Earth is revealed- Roxy, Fairy of Animals.
  • Enchantix is seen for the final time, evolved into Believix.

(Roxy comforts her pet dog Artu)
Bloom: She's giving off magic energy. Can you feel it?
Flora: It's the same one we felt since we first arrived in Gardenia.
Tecna: So it must have come from her, bot Ogron and his wizards.
Stella: So she must be...
Bloom: The last fairy of Earth.

Ogron: I heard those girls say you are the one- a fairy!
Roxy: Not this again.
Ogron: It's true! You are the destined one! Now, wizards, open the portal!
Roxy: NO!! Help!!
Ogron: Yes! We finally have her! The Black Circle shall consume your powers and our mission will be complete!!

[Upon seeing the Winx Club transform off-screen]
Ogron: It's the same old song and dance with them.
Gantlos: Speak for yourself, Ogron, I kinda like it.
Stella: It's nice to have such big fans. Ocean of Light.
Bloom: Roxy, take cover and don't move! Dragon Fury.

Ogron: You led us to Roxy, so we are in your debt. For that, we'll let you live. Humiliated, defenseless and on your knees, but alive.

Roxy: This is crazy, I must be seeing things. I'm not a fairy. Fairies don't exist! There's no such thing. Oh fairies don't exist. They don't exist! I can't be a fairy!
Ogron: Oh yes Roxy. Fairies indeed exist and you're one of them. There's no need to cry.
Roxy: Girls, please help me! You're the only ones who can save me!
Bloom: Roxy, open your heart!
Anagan: I don't think they heard you.
Roxy: Fairies, I need you.
Ogron: Ah, so now you believe in fairies.
Bloom: Well done Roxy, this is exactly what you have to do. Keep going. Have faith, Roxy.
Roxy: Yes. I believe. I believe in fairies and I hope they wipe those smirks off your ugly faces!

(All six Winx Club fairies have achieved their Believix forms)

Bloom: Thank you. Your belief in us transformed us into Believix Fairies. We are so much stronger now, right, Winx?
Layla: Let the battle begin.

I Believe In You[edit]

Stella: Double Eclipse. Uh, did you read the chapter about my powers?
Musa: No. But I know my by heart. Stereo Clash.

Roxy: These girls are risking their lives for me. I just wish I was as brave as them.
Morgana: Roxy. Roxy.
Roxy: Who are you?
Morgana: I will guide you. Remember you are a fairy, the Fairy of Animals. Do not be afraid. Fight!

Bloom: We must combine our attack spells in a magic convergence. Fire Arrow.
Stella: Sun Dance.
Musa: Harmonic Attack.
Tecna: Megawatt.
Layla: Morfix Wave.
Flora: Autumn Wind.

Roxy: I'm scared. Scared of being...a fairy.
Morgana's Voice: But you don't have to be afraid. You are the last fairy of Earth, Fairy of Animals. And the animals will help you if you let them.
Roxy: Who are you?
Morgana: You will find out soon enough. You believed in the Winx, now you must believe in yourself, just as I believe in you.

Morgana's Voice: You are a fairy, Roxy, and I believe in you.
Roxy: Yes! I am a fairy, the Fairy of Animals!

Bloom: We have found the last Earth fairy, Headmistress. Her name is Roxy.
Faragonda: Excellent work, Girls, but your mission is no yet complete.
Tecna: The Wizards' are still strong. Even the Believix power is useless against them.
Faragonda: That is because you have yet to reach your full potential. Did you know there are three types of wings, each with its own special power?
Winx Club: Oooh.
Faragonda: Yes. There is "Speedix" which allows you to fly faster, "Zoomix" which enables you to teleport over long distances, and "Tracix" which lets you see into the past.

Hidden in the Country[edit]

  • Believix Fairies are able to use their fairy dust to miniaturize, as with Enchantix.

Roxy: I know what to do! No more running away! Creatures of the sky and forest, come to me! Come to me now!
Ogron: When she has possession of the White Circle, that girl is too strong!

Nebula's White Circle[edit]

Nebula: Never! This white Circle belongs to Nebula! Now and forever!!
Stella: Nebula. I heard that name before from the Book of Fairies.
Tecna: Yes. A very powerful warrior-fairy who faced Orgon and his wizards.

Bloom: Let's use our shields. We have to separate Roxy from the negative energy controlling her. Flaming Armor.
Stella: Sirius Shield.
Musa: Sonic screen.
Tecna: Defender Plate
Flora: Summer Thunder
Layla: Plasma Wall.

The Audition[edit]


  • Roxy's inherent magical abilities as Fairy of Animals gradually begin to develop when she is able to give Artu the ability of human speech.

Roxy: Go, Winx! I want to be like them! I want to use my powers to help people.

Roxy: Bloom, I did it!
Artu: Hello, Bloom.
Bloom: Roxy, you managed to use your magic.
Roxy: Yeah. But it's it's only temporary.

The Pets' Pursuit[edit]

  • Roxy finally achieves her standard Winx/Fairy form by tapping into her inherent magical powers due to her rage and sorrow.

Ganthos: What are you sobbing about? It's just a dog.
Roxy (furious): What!!? Just a dog!? Just a dog!?
(Her fury enables her to tap into her exceptionally strong magical powers and transform into her standard Winx/Fairy form for the first time)
Klaus: Wait! This...this is impossible.
Roxy: You're gonna pay for that, you monster!! I did it! I managed to transform into a fairy. Dad! Artu! Don't worry. I can help you now.
Ganthos: Nice, little one. But now what are you planning on doing?
Roxy: My attack magic is weak compared to the wizard's. But maybe there is something...I'm the Fairy of Animals.

Bloom: I'll finish them off with...Wait! I'm sensing something.
Flora: Yes, I feel it too. Roxy's magic trail. It's much stronger than before.

Bloom: Roxy, you managed to transform into a fairy.
Roxy: Yes, I did. I...Oh, Artu. Artu, answer me! Oh, Artu!

Roxy's Energy[edit]

  • The adult fairy who appears in Roxy's visions is revealed to be Morgana, Queen of the terrestrial fairies.

Roxy: Leave me alone!! If it wasn't for you this would never have happened!! I don't want be a fairy! Why me!? I didn't ask for this.
Bloom: I know how you feel, Roxy, believe me. But you must move forward. A fairy lives for others, never for herself.
Layla: Not now. She's too upset, Bloom.
Stella: Stay with her. We'll handle the Fairy Hunters.

Bloom: Roxy, are our last hope now. Here. Take it.
Roxy: No! I don't want the negative energy of the White Circle to control me again.
Bloom: If it falls into Ogron's hands, it will be the end for us all.
Roxy: I can't, Bloom.
Bloom: Please...I can't...I can't protect it any longer.
Roxy: Bloom!
Ogron: Ha! She fainted.

Morgana: We are what we are. You are a fairy, remember that- the Fairy of Animals. And the White Circle is a very powerful weapon, Roxy. Do not be frightened. Use it. Fight.

Ogron: You wouldn't dare! (Roxy emits a sea-green beam of mystical energy at him)
Ogron: Foolish, girl! You just condemned Gardenia to it's destruction!
(Blasts Roxy backward)
Morgana: Get up, Roxy. You have great power. The energy of Earth is in you. Use it properly.

Bloom: That's the power of Believix. The people of Earth believe in fairies again, and that is our strength. Dragon Heart.

Bringing Magic Back[edit]

Roxy (thinking): They're fairies but they manage to live their lives like regular girls. I wonder I'll be able to do that, too.
Bloom (conversing telepathically): I know how you feel, Roxy. Believe me, I understand.

Faragonda It is good to see you, Roxy, even though it is from a distance. I'm sure the Winx have told you all about the Magix dimension, where fairies like you study at Alfea College. It will take much training, three intense years.
Roxy: Wait! What!!? There's no way I'm going to a school in another dimension! My life is here in Gardenia!

Faragonda: You must be patient with her, girls. The wizards' are still out there. Roxy is inexperienced. She could end up in trouble.

(All seven Winx Club girls have transformed)

Bloom: Wow, Roxy. You learn fast.

Animal Smuggler: Nice costumes! For Halloween!
Roxy: We are real fairies and you'll pay for taking all these innocent animals!

The New Witch in Town[edit]

Bloom: The size of the object you're levitating is not as powerful as how strong your actions are.
Roxy: Okay. I think I get it.
(Manages to use her magic to telekinetically lift an ice cream stand)
Bloom: That was great, Roxy.

The Virtual Hideout[edit]

Roxy: How does it work?
Flora: Objects and places have memories, Roxy. With this spell, we can go back and relive them.
Bloom: We don't know what we're going to see. Are you sure you wanna do it?
Roxy: When Nebula used me to fight against the Wizards, I understood how the Earth fairies' suffered.
Bloom: You're more and more like me. You used to act instinctive, but now you know what you want.

(The seven Winx Club fairies see a vision hundreds of years ago, back when Earth was full of magic)
Morgana: Here it is- the last White Circle. There are many paths to our world, but this Circle will the last hope for us fairies to escape from the human world and go back to our realm, the isle of Tir Nan Og. The gates are disappearing, destroyed by Ogron and the Dark Wizards. A Black Circle appears to combat the White Circle. Many of us fought against the Fairy Hunters. The White Circle is our salvation. No shadow will obscure its light.

Roxy: That woman's voice is the same one who told me believe in myself because I'm the Fairy of Animals.
Tecna: You're also the last fairy of Earth, but somewhere beyond that gate there are other Earth fairies.
Layla: And we'll find them. We promise.

Bloom: Roxy, what's wrong? Are you sick?
Roxy: Someone broke into your place and is threatening the pests. They're in danger.

Island Tricks[edit]

  • The Terrestrial fairies of Earth are finally released, but desire nothing more than bitter vengeance against the humans' who had stopped believing in them, therefore greatly weakening their powerful fairy magic, as well as the Fairy Hunters who imprisoned them.

Flora: So the Wizards' defeated the Earth fairies and imprisoned them...
Musa: In their own realm. How horrible.
Roxy: All of this has to end!
Faragonda: Yes, Roxy. And your magic will be most fundamental for this mission. Use the White Circle. It will take you to Tir Nan Og, the main realm of the Earth fairies.

Roxy: I...know that I must save the Earth fairies. But I don't know how.

Diana's Attack[edit]

Diana: I am Diana, warrior Fairy of Nature. Our queen Morgana wants to know you better, Roxy.
Bloom: Your wasting your time! Roxy will never join you!
Diana: The last Earth fairy will join her sisters in the fight against Ogron and the humans!
Bloom: I understand your rage, but why must you destroy humans? They didn't imprison you, the fairy hunters did!
Diana: You dare defend Earth people!? They've been afflicting this world with wars and environmental catastrophes! They are guilty! Now they'll pay!

(About the enlarged spider)
Roxy: It's not my type of pet, but I may be able to establish contact.

Faragonda: To go into Diana's kingdom of the Amazon, you must go beyond Believix.

In the Amazon Forest[edit]

  • The Winx Club, minus Roxy, acquire a greater evolution, Sophix. Like Charmix, it can only be used for a brief period.

Ethereal Fairies: We the ethereal fairies. We shall give you the gifts of destiny. They are an evolution of Believix. The first is Sophix, the gift of wisdom. Bloom you will have the gift of Inner Flame. Stella, the Drop of Light, Musa, Pure Harmony, Tecna, Superior Order, Flora the Breathe of Nature, and Layla; the gift of Vital Beat.
Nabu: Now you stronger than ever, Layla.

Roxy: I want to go, too.
Bloom: Sorry, Roxy. But this mission is too dangerous for a fairy with no Believix powers.

(After evolving into her Sophix form)
Bloom: Inner Flame. This the flame of life; to never give and to be born again.
Stella: Drop of Light. This the light of hope, which must never go out.
Musa: Pure Harmony.
Warrior Fairy: These fairies! They are totally and completely in true with nature!
Warrior Fairy # 2: But, Diana says they're our enemies, so we better attack again!
Tecna: Superior Order. This the gift of order, the substance of all living things.

Amazon Warrior Fairy: These fairies- they are totally and completely in tune with nature.
2nd Amazon Fairy: But, Diana says they're our enemies, so we better attack again.

Diana's Redemption[edit]

Diana: My strength! The heart of the forest is in danger.

The Fairy of Justice[edit]

Aurora's Tower[edit]

  • The Winx Club, excluding Roxy, acquire the gift of heart, Lovix. As with Charmix, it is a temporary evolution of a previous, less powerful fairy level.

Morgana: Agreed. But...the youngest fairy, Roxy. No one is to touch a single hair on her head.

Roxy: Look out! Enchanted Cloak.
(Creates an orbicular shield to defend Flora and Tecna)

Roxy: Wolf Talon.
(Fires a wolf of pure mystical energy at the ice monster)
Flora: Fierce, Roxy.

Musa: You're the animal expert. What do you think, Roxy?
Roxy: Slip lock spell. Wild Heartbeat. (Fires a beam of sea-green magic that makes polar bears fight the ice creatures). That'll buy us some time.

Morgana: Join me, Roxy. No one will ever hurt you.
Roxy: Thanks, Morgana. Stop! Do you know how close you came to hitting me!?
Arctic Fairy: Step backward!
Bloom: It's working, Roxy. whatever you're doing.
Roxy: Trust me. We need to combine our powers and nothing will happen to us.

Aurora: In my hand is the Blizzard. In it, there is enough power to freeze the whole universe. But I sense that one of you holds a great power within. (to Bloom). Yes. You hold the formidable power of the Dragon Fire. I don't want an ice and fire fight.

Bloom's Challenge[edit]

Bloom: For some reason, Morgana seems to really care about Roxy. Roxy knows it too. During the fight, she noticed the fairies' were trying not to hit her. She used that to defend us. We need to find out the connection between Morgana and Roxy.
(Roxy regains consciousness)
Roxy: Hey, girls. What's going on? Maybe I don't want to know.
Flora: You were freezing to death, and Bloom managed to buy us time by challenging Nebula to a duel.
Roxy: What!? You really did that, Bloom?

Morgana: Why will you not join me, Roxy? I offered you so many chances to save yourself, but in order to do so you must leave the Winx.
Roxy: I will never leave my friends! I will share their destiny!
Morgana: I made sure nobody harmed you.
Roxy: Yes, and I took advantage of that to save the Winx!

Nebula: We've been talking for too long! We must have our revenge on the wizards', even if it means destroying Sybila's cave!!

Aurora: Nebula is out of control! Stop her before she destroys my ice tower!

Bloom: You're making a mistake! You can't solve anything with vengeance!
Nebula: What do you know about vengeance and hatred!? You have nothing to teach me, you naughty child!! Have you ever been locked for centuries in a prison, humiliated and beaten!?
Bloom: Ice Wall.
Nebula: My revenge against the humans is even greater! They stopped believing in us and condemned us to Oblivion!

Bloom: That's enough, Nebula!
Nebula: I'm here, Bloom. I'm waiting for you.
Bloom: Dragon Fire.

Musa: Bloom defeated Nebula. You have to respect the deal.
(Bloom collapses from exhaustion)
Flora: Oh no. Bloom!
Nebula: The fight drained all of her power.

Roxy: Morgana, Bloom did all this for me. If something happens to her, I would never forgive myself.
Morgana: And neither could I. Your friend won the challenge, and so we must respect the arrangement.

Flora: We need to trust, Roxy. She's good and she learns quickly.
Tecna: You're right, Flora.

Nebula: Come, young fairy! Show me how good you are.

Morgana: I command you to stop. Bloom fought fairly. We must keep our word.
Roxy: Morgana, now you must keep your word and stop your revenge against humans.
Morgana: I'll do as you say, Roxy. But only becasue you asked me to.

The Wizards' Trap[edit]

Roxy: Stop!
(Uses her abilities to calm the crows)
Nebula: I guess you can't argue with the Fairy of Animals.

Ogron: The last fairy of Earth! We still have a bone to pick with each other, don't we, Roxy!?

Flora: Surrender, wizards! This your last chance!
Anagan: The casnm will close until the last Earth fairy falls in its depths.

Sky: Nabu, what are you doing!!?
Nabu: The cashn! I have to close it!
Riven: But there's not a magical object strong enough to hold it!
Nabu: My staff is magic object.
Layla: Roxy's White Circle! What about the White Circle!?
Nabu: It's also the key to the fairies' realm! You need to protect it!

Bloom: The Black Gift! Now's the time to use its power!
Layla: Ethereal fairies! Please help me!
Ogron: Oh, dear me. I wasted the gift of destiny on reviving this small flower.

Home at Last[edit]

Roxy: Scorpion's Tail.
(Uses the tail of a scorpion to swipe away the warrior fairies' weapons)

Layla: So, I see it didn't take you long to replace me!
Roxy: You surprised us before when we weren't ready, but we are not going to let that happen again!
(emits a sea-green beam of mystic energy)

Roxy: Wolf Talon.
Bloom: Nice one, Roxy.

Morgana: Even though Nebula has taken my place, that does not make a queen. After me, the throne goes to the Princess of Tir Nan Og- my daughter. You, Roxy.

Roxy: Me?'re my mother?
Morgana: Roxy, I have waited so long.
Roxy: I- I thought you were...
Morgana: I'm here. I'm alive. And you're ready to accept all of this. You the last Earth fairy, the last hope for us all. Thanks to your friends, you found us and you found yourself.

Bloom: But, Gantlos has disappeared.
Roxy: Don't worry. I know how to find him.
(Creates a bird of prey out of ice)
Roxy: Ice Raptor, find Ganthos' tracks.

Duel in the Omega Dimension[edit]

Roxy: What a creepy place.
Tecna: This is were they exile the most dangerous criminals in the universe.
Stella: But, don't worry. These ice blocks are pretty secure.
Roxy: "Pretty secure"? You're always so comforting Stella.

Ogron: You want to avenge Nabu, but you're too weak to do it.

Bloom: Nebula.
Nebula: I'll stay here.
Bloom: No, Nebula!
Nebula: I left the light for the dark side, so I should stay.
Bloom: No, that's not true. You always have light inside you. It's a part of you. Come on and start over.

Morgana: Earth fairies, release your magic into the human world and make a better place.

Season Five (2012-2013)[edit]

The Spill[edit]

Roxy: I got into Alfea.
Bloom: Roxy, that's wonderful.
Roxy: I could never have done it without you Bloom. You there for me, just like a big sister.
(Bloom flashes back to when she last saw her own big sister)
Daphne: You've come a long way, Bloom.
Bloom: I couldn't have done it with you, Daphne.
Daphne: I think you could.
Bloom: I just wish I could do something for you.
(End of flashback)
Bloom: My big sister. Oh, Daphne.
Roxy: Bloom?
Bloom: I'm fine.

The Rise of Tritannus[edit]

Layla: I can't believe that monster is my cousin.

Return to Alfea[edit]

Faragonda: Welcome to a new year. I see some new faces and some familiar ones. Here there is one fairy I want everyone to meet. I am happy to introduce Roxy.
Roxy: Hey.
Faragonda: Roxy is from Earth, where magic was absent for a very long time. But thanks to her courage, magic is back on Earth. And she is here at Alfea, thanks to some of your fellow students- the Winx.

Bloom: The things is that our Believix powers seem to work well underwater.
Faragonda: Your powers as Believix fairies are great. But far from land and the worlds of water. They are less...effective.
Flora: But Tritannus is strong.
Layla: And getting stronger.
Bloom: How are we going to stop him?
Faragonda:There is one way. You must try to acquire Sirenix.
Stella: Great. Just when I thought we were done.
Faragonda: Sirenix is an ancient power, born of the magic of the oceans. It will make you strong to defeat Tritannus. But no one has become a Sirenix fairy for quite some time.
Bloom: Then how do we acquire the power? Become Sirenix fairies?
Faragonda: You must start by finding the ancient book of Sirenix. But that will a great challenge, for it is hidden and I do not know where. However, I do knows its hiding place. Bloom, you must ask your sister Daphne. She was the last fairy to acquire Sirenix. Only she can tell you.

Daphne: I am so happy to see you again. Do you need my help, little sister?
Bloom: Yes, Daphne. I want you to tell where the Sirenix book is hidden.
Daphne: No! Not Sirenix! Look at me! Look at Sirenix did to me! When the three Ancient Witches attacked the magic dimension, I was ready to confront them. But the Witches' cast a spell on Sirenix. And when I used its power to defend myself, it turned against me. And I became this- a spirit without a body. Do not seek Sirenix! If you fail, your fate will terrible.
Bloom: But I must try! There is a deadly threat the magic dimension, and to stop it, I need the power of Sirenix.
Daphne: I wish I could protect you.
Bloom: But you can't. Please, Daphne, tell me. Where is the Sirenix book?
Daphne: The Sirenix book is in the magic archive of Alfea. Find it at your peril.

The Sirenix Book[edit]

Queen Lesia: Sirenix is ancient power of the fairies. But no fairy has achieved Sirenix for a very long time. The last one to possess it was a fairy named Daphne.
Tritannus: That's it!!?
Queen Lesia: Yes.

Bloom: We have found the Sirenix Book. And if we open it our quest will begin. It will mean risking everything we have, everything we are. Are we sure we want to do this?

Tritannus: Icy, I know where to start our quest for Sirenix. We must find Daphne.
Icy: Daphne?
Stormy: Bloom's sister?
Darcy: Who else?
Icy: And I know right where she is.

The Lilo[edit]

  • This episode is also considered the very first of the fifth season, taking place before the events of "The Spill."

Faragonda: Because you Winx brought magic back to Earth, the Lilo will blossom there for the first time, in centuries. However, it only does so once at sunset. After which it loses its power.

Mike: We believe in you, Winx.

The Power of Harmonix[edit]

  • This is the last time the six Winx Club girls' use their Believix powers, which is succeeded by Harmonix.

Layla: Open it, right? Right?
Flora: But...but it could be dangerous.
Tecna: There's the curse of Sirenix.
Musa: And we don't even know what that means.
Bloom: The Sirenix curse left my sister Daphne a disembodied spirit.
Layla: But we need Sirenix powers to defeat Tritannus.
Stella: And save the whole magic dimension.
Faragonda: Whatever you decide, you must do it freely and with open heart. You will not be able to begin the quest until you all agree. If you fail in the quest for Sirenix, you will lose your fairy powers forever.

Bloom: I've been thinking. If we complete the quest, maybe can break the curse. Maybe we can...
Layla: Help your sister Daphne.

Sirenix Book: Winx, you have now begun the quest for Sirenix. You must find the Gems of Self-Confidence, Empathy and Courage, which are hidden deep within the waters of the magic universe.
Layla: That will be challenging.
Sirenix Book: Be warned. There is a curse upon the Sirenix. If you do not complete the quest within one lunar cycle, you will lose your powers forever. These are your Sirenix boxes. inside is your own Guardian of Sirenix. You call upon her for help during your quest.
Stella: Cool.
Sirenix Book: Your Guardians have granted you a new fairy power- Harmonix. It will allow to swim faster and use your powers freely in the ocean. Your quest has begun.

The Shimmering Shells[edit]

Diaspro: Sky doesn't love you, Bloom.

Negative Stella: You will never be a fashion designer. Never going to happen.

Layla: How did you know that would work?
Stella: I didn't. But I thought this must be the Gem of Self-Confidence.

Secret of the Ruby Reef[edit]

Stella: Know you, love you. Communing with your ghostly sister is cool and all, but it's not now. This party is right here, in the moment.

Icy: We would've knocked but there's no door.
Stormy: Who lives under a lake?
Daphne: What do you want?
Tritannus: Just one thing!! I want the secret of Sirenix!!

Sky: Bloom?
Bloom: I just a horrible feeling about Daphne.

The Gem of Empathy[edit]

Brandon: Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess named Stella.
Young Stella: That's me.

A Magix Christmas[edit]

Trix Tricks[edit]

Tritannus: Tell me how to get Sirenix now, Daphne, or I'll let them tear your mind part!!
Daphne: Never!
Tritannus: Stop! She fainted.
Darcy: Lightweight.
Tritannus: She'll never talk to save herself!
Icy: But she would talk to save her sister.
Tritannus: Bloom! Of course! Find Bloom and bring her here!

Tritannus: We'll never get Daphne to talk now!

Test of Courage[edit]

(In the castle of Domino)
Sky: Still worrying about Daphne? I'm sure she's proud of you today. You're receiving a great honor.
Bloom: You're receiving the bigger honor, Sky. You saved Domino.
Sky: I did?
Bloom: Yes, you did. With this. You managed to pull the sword from its stone, then you destroyed the Witches' and brought the whole world back to life.
Sky: I don't remember that guy. He's so...fearless.
Bloom: You're still that guy, Sky.
Sky: OK, Bloom.
(Oritel and Miriam, King and Queen of Domino, arrive)
Bloom: Come on. My parents are here.
Sky: I don't remember them either.

(In the depths of Lake Roccaluce)

Tritannus: Speak!!
Daphne: I will never let you have Sirenix, monster!!
Darcy: This is getting us nowhere.
Stormy: She's never gonna spill.
Icy: I know how to break her. Isn't today Domino's renewal celebration? I bet your parents will be all dressed up with nowhere to run.
Daphne: No!!
Icy: I thought that might hit a nerve.
Tritannus: And it did. Go to Domino! Capture Oritel and Miriam. Then she'll tell us what we want to know! Maybe I'll see you there. I have some hunting to do!

Serena: You will not enter the oceans of Domino!
Tritannus: It's such a special day for Domino.

King Oritel: We owe a great debt to this brave young man. Without his courage our world would still be frozen in ice.

Tritannus: Go on! Tell me how to acquire Sirenix or watch your parents be destroyed!!
Daphne: Please, no!
Tritannus: Speak!!
Icy: If I push her over do you think she'll break?
Daphne: Please don't hurt them!! Please no! I'll...I'll tell you want you want to know.
Tritannus: Good work, Icy. Hurry back.

Sky: Oh no.
Bloom: Sky, what is it?
Sky: Tritannus has taken Daphne prisoner and he's forced her to tell him the secret of Sirenix.
Bloom: Oh no.
Stella: We'll find her Bloom. We're with you.
Flora: We'll find her, wherever she is, and save her.
Layla: Count on it.


  • The Winx Club finally achieve the ancient ocean/sea-related fairy power of Sirenix, even though it is still cursed with dark magic.

Faragonda: That was not like you, Bloom. You must maintain focus to control Sirenix.
Bloom: I know, but Daphne is still Tritannus' prisoner and I don't how much more she can take.

Tritannus: Give up, Daphne! Your parents are sculptures and you're all doomed!
Daphne: No!
Tritannus: Tell how to acquire Sirenix!
Daphne: My Sirenix powers are protected by the source of Sirenix at Lake Roccaluce. You will never obtain Sirenix, monster!
Tritannus: Unless I destroy the source and then I can rip Sirenix right out of you!
Daphne: Oh no.
Tritannus: I win, fairy! Icy!
Icy: Coming. So? She talked?
Tritannus: Yes. I know what to do. And once I get Sirenix, you will have it too, beautiful Icy.

Bloom: Fire Blade.
Tritannus: Why you!
Bloom: Tell me where Daphne is, monster!
Serena: Bloom, the lake is almost dry.
Bloom: But...
Tritannus: Go on, fairy. Save the pretty lake.
Bloom: This isn't over, Tritannus!
Tritannus: It is for now, my dear fairy.

Tritannus: I have a gift for- Daphne's Sirenix powers!
Daphne: No! No! My powers!
Tritannus: I give you Sirenix!

Alyriss: She is the supreme guardian of Sirenix:
Omnia: I am Omnia and you are Sirenix fairies now. Enter the Infinite Ocean.

Omnia: Winx. as Sirenix fairies, you are each given a wish. You may ask your guardians' to grant it. But only after you have pleased destiny.
Stella: There's always a catch.
Omnia: There is something else. Something evil has entered the Infinite Ocean.
Layla: Tritannus!
Omnia: He is stronger than before. And he has powerful allies who possess dark Sirenix.
Stella: The Trix!
Omnia: To rid the Infinite Ocean of their evil, you must develop your powers fully.

The Emperor's Throne[edit]

Daphne: Be careful, Tritannus. Sirenix is cursed.
Icy: Oh, be quiet, you! You're just saying that 'cause we forced you into telling us how to get it. My mighty Tritannus will become the emperor of the Infinite Ocean.
Tritannus: And you, Icy, will be my empress.

Daphne: I told you, Tritannus. Sirenix will destroy you.
Tritannus: Who asked you, fairy!? Lock her up!

(Daphne is imprisoned in a cell, right below the Emperor's throne)

The Pillar of Light[edit]

Stella: All the worlds? Even Solaria?
Faragonda: Yes. Even Solaria.
Stella: I have to go home! My father- without the sun, he could die!

The Eclipse[edit]

Stella: I am the Fairy of the Shinning Sun and no one's gonna put the lights out on my watch! Light of Sirenix.

Faraway Reflections[edit]

Daphne: Darcy, Stormy! You must stop him!
Darcy: Are you speaking to moi?
Daphne: Please, listen to me! You must stop Tritannus before he activates the emperor's throne!
Darcy: and why would we do that, Daphne?
Daphne: The throne will unleash a power that not even Tritannus can control! He will destroy himself and all of us in the Infinite Ocean! He will destroy you!!
Darcy: Yeah right.
Stormy: Can you believe her?
Daphne: I must reach Bloom. I must try. I cannot. Tritannus is too strong.

Daphne: Little sister, Tritannus has taken my powers. I am his prisoner.
Bloom: I will find you! I will save you!
Daphne: No! The magic dimension is in great danger! You must stop Tritannus! He seeks tthe seals from the Pillar of Balance and the Pillar of Control. Do not let him have them!
Bloom: But I don't even know where the pillars are.
Daphne: Look to the Eye of Inspiration.

The Devourer[edit]

Daphne: Bloom. Bloom.
Bloom: Daphne?
Daphne: Bloom, the selkies are in danger!
Bloom: Danger? What sort of danger?
Daphne: A monster- a monster to devour them.
Bloom: Where, Daphne?
Daphne: Near the Pillar of Light.

The Singing Whales[edit]

Riven: What's that sound in the tune of that song?
Musa: That's the sound of the singing whales of Melody. The whales' singing keeps the whole world in balance.

Daphne: Bloom. Bloom.
Bloom: Daphne!?
Daphne: Tritannus is on his way to take the seal!

The Problems of Love[edit]

A Perfect Date[edit]

(Another vision between the two sisters)
Daphne: Bloom, you must destroy the seal of the Pillar of Control!
Bloom: Destroy it?
Daphne: Destroy the seal of the Pillar of Control- Destroy it.
Bloom: But, Daphne...

Bloom: Daphne says we should destroy the Pillar of Control.
Stella: Destroy it?
Flora: But if we do, it throw the magic dimension into chaos...again.
Layla Wait! Think about it. We stabilized the other pillars when they lost their seals.
Bloom: If we can destroy the seal, there's no way Tritannus can take it.
Stella: And then we can stick a fork in Tritannus.
Layla: Because he'll be done!

Tecna: Aura of Sirenix.

Listen to Your Heart[edit]

Tritannus: NO!! The seal is gone!!
Serena: You will never have it! The Winx destroyed it!
Icy: Those obnoxious fairies beat us to it!!

Tecna: My Sirenix box.
Tecna's Guardian of Sirenix: Impressive, Tecna. You have earned the right to make a wish.
Tecna: I wish the people of Zenith would feel connected to all the worlds of the magic dimension and understand that we are all one.
Tecna's Guardian of Sirenix: Done.

Tritannus: You know, don't you!? You know how to activate the throne! How I can become emperor!
Daphne: You must not activate the throne, Tritannus. The curse of Sirenix will destroy you, as it destroyed Politea.
Tritannus: Politea!? Who's that!!
Daphne: She was a Sirenix fairy. Cursed by her lust for power, she lost herself in darkness and became...a monster.

Stormy: Monstrous dark power? Sounds good.
Darcy: If we grab Politea and take her power, we can ditch your wack boyfriend and still rule the Infinite Ocean.
Icy: Never going to happen, so wy don't you two just get lost?
Stormy: Sister, you do not have to ask me twice.

The Shark's Eye[edit]

  • How Daphne, as Nymph of Magix, was turned into her present form as bodiless spirit and ghost is revealed.

Daphne: The throne! It weakened him. It is the curse of Sirenix. It will destroy you, just as it destroyed Politea.
Icy: Oh zip it, Debbie downer.
Tritannus: Politea, of course! Her Sirenix power is tremendous. I can use it to activate the emperor's throne if we can find her.
Icy: My dark Sirenix powers will lead me to her.

Daphne: Bloom. Bloom, you must find Politea before the Trix do!
Bloom: But who is she? Where do I look for her?
Daphne: Alfea. In the room of faraway reflections. Be careful, Bloom! The curse of Sirenix! Politea is evil! Evil!

Bloom: Oh. So Politea was a nymph, just like Daphne. The Ancestral Witches. Daphne fought them to save the Infinite Ocean. She was so brave. Oh no! When the witches' attacked again, when Daphne needed her most, Politea refused to help. And so the witches' destroyed them both. And cursed Sirenix.

Icy: Well, look who it is? Bloom and Mini Bloom.
Bloom: I am so not in the mood, Icy! Dragon Kick.

Stella: I wish my parents would always listen to each other and to me. I want that more than anything.

Saving Paradise Bay[edit]

  • Roxy, Fairy of Animals, makes a cameo here.

Flora: Breath of the Ocean, reveal yourself.

Flora: I wish for all people to treat nature with love and respect.
Sirenix Guardian: A lovely wish. Consider it done.

Diaspro: It's not fair! [points to Bloom, angrily] This is your fault, Bloom!

Battle for the Infinite Ocean[edit]

Bloom: Ingenious Protection.

Layla: NO!! Tide of Sirenix.

Layla: I wish for Nereus to live.

Layla: Ahh!! No!! My Sirenix!!

The End of Tritannus[edit]

Bloom: No!! Dragon Kick. Dragon Punch. Lava Jab.

Tritannus: No!! My trident!!
Bloom: Fire of Sirenix.
(Creates a powerful geyser of flame that breaks his trident)

Bloom's Sirenix Guardian: Bloom, I am so proud of you. You banished the deepest darkness. What is your wish?
Bloom: I wish to break the Sirenix curse and end its legacy forever.
Bloom's Sirenix Guardian: Your wish, dear Bloom, is granted.

Daphne: Best little sister in the known universe.

Season Six (2014-2016)[edit]

Inspiration of Sirenix[edit]

  • Finally restored to a physical body, Daphne regains her full strength and powers as a Sirenix Fairy.

Miriam: It's a perfect day for a party.
Bloom: Daphne's welcome home party.
Daphne: Ow.
Bloom: Daphne! Oh, man. Are you all right?
Daphne: I just keep forgetting.
Bloom: It hasn't been that long. You'll get used to being corporeal again.
Daphne: Thanks, Bloom.
Miriam: We've just been talking about your party. We've invited the entire kingdom.
Oritel: And every king, queen, prince and princess in the magic universe.

Daphne: I just didn't think it would be so hard.
Bloom: You mean to return to life? I'm sure you'll stop bumping into things soon. That's it, isn't it?
Daphne: I'm just not myself. Not the old Daphne.
Bloom: No. You're a new Daphne. The real, live Daphne.
Daphne: But I think I lost my powers. I am the nymph of Domino. I must defend this world and its people. What if something happens? What if I can't?
Bloom: You still have your Sirenix powers.

Daphne: It is the Beast of the Depths. You can't beat it. It can only be controlled.
Layla: Then let's control it.
Oritel: Only one person can control the Beast of the Depths.
Daphne: The nymph of Domino-me! But I can't! I lost my powers and I can't! Mom.

Guardian of Sirenix: There is only one way to help Daphne restore confidence in her powers: the Inspiration of Sirenix.
Bloom: Where do we find it?
Guardian of Sirenix: The source.
Bloom: The source?
Tecna: In Lake Roccaluce, where we first got Sirenix.

Daphne: I will not endanger my friends and family any longer! Beast of the Depths, I am here!

Bloom: Daphne, believe in yourself!
(Daphne finally taps into her magical powers and transforms into her Sirenix form at last)
Daphne: Daphne, Nymph of Sirenix!

The Legendarium[edit]

Selina: My name is Selina and I'm from Earth.
Griffin: Well, Selina, show us what you can do.
Selina: With great pleasure. (Enlarges the book at her waist) This is the Legendarium.
Griffin: Go on.
Selina: In its pages are all the myths and legends of the worlds. And I have the power to bring them to life simply by reading them out loud.
Griffin: Interesting. Show me how it works.
Selina: This a legend about the Gloomy Trolls. They used to live in the forests of Magix, spreading terror and destruction until they defeated by the pixies.
Griffin: I know that story. The pixies' chained the trolls under their village.
Selina: That's right. Legendarium! Trolls of Gloomy Wood, I release you to take vengeance on Pixie Village.

Griffin: You possess a rare ability, Selina. If what you are saying is true, it must be utter chaos now in Pixie Village.
Selina: That's right.
Griffin: I need to see this for myself. Magic Eye. That's enough. This Legendarium is extremely powerful. You've proven your prowess, Selina, but you must put an end to this destruction now.
Selina: May the story of the trolls end here.

Icy: Hang on. We saw what you did with that book. Yes, that one.
Selina: The Legendarium?
Icy: The Legendarium, of course. You are a very talented witch.
Stormy: We could learn a few things from you.
Selina: Are you serious?
Icy: Oh, yes. Very serious. And we'd like to make you an offer.
Darcy: We'll teach you all we knew about dark arts.
Icy: In exchange, we only ask you to read us some tales from that book.
Selina: Sounds good to me. I'm in.

The Flying School[edit]

Faragonda: Thank you for coming Roxy. The Winx found this crow outside Alfea. We don't know what happened to it, but we believe it's trying to tell us something.
Roxy: There, there. I'll try to find out what happened.
Faragonda: Thank you. It couldn't be in better hands. If anyone can help, it's you, Roxy.

Flora: Miele.
Miele: Flora? It's so good to see you.
Flora: Cold this really be my little sister?

Flora: There's so much life in a single touch. I'm so glad you are studying to learn all about nature's true powers.
Miele: Behind us are the Tree-ants, the human trees.

Flora: Miele, take cover!
Miele: Don't worry about me, Flora. I got this! (Transforms into her regular Winx/Fairy form)
Flora: Wow.
Miele: Spring Shower.

Roxy: Ms. Faragonda, I'm back. Do you have a moment? I managed to use my vocalization spells and I got it to speak.
Crow: Danger...misfortune...Griffin.
Faragonda: Misfortune? Griffin?
Crow: Cloud Tower...ambush...Trix.
Roxy: So it's the Trix. They must be back at Cloud Tower. That can't be good.
Faragonda: You're right, Roxy. And that must be Griffin.

Selina: I cannot let anyone get to the Legendarium!! (The Legendarium forms an orbicular magic shield around her)

Bloom: The source of negative energy is inside that magic bubble!
Layla: Let's destroy it!
Bloom: Come on, Winx!
Winx Club: Sirenix convergence!

Faragonda: Winx, we heard the Trix are back.
Bloom: There are. Their dark magic is too strong, and they conquered Lynphea College.
Faragonda: Layla, what happened to your powers?
Layla: We don't know, headmistress.
Tecna: At Cloud Tower, a witch was enveloped by a magic shield.
Musa: And when we tried to fight it, we lost our powers- all of us! Except Bloom.
Daphne: What kind of magic could be that strong?
Bloom: And why didn't I lose my powers?
Faragonda: It's easy, Bloom. your power comes from the inextinguishable Dragon Fire, the source of the magic universe.
Bloom: Take these. They're a part of my Dragon Fire that will give you strength.

Bloomix Power[edit]

  • Flora achieves her advanced Bloomix transformation by saving her younger sister Miele.

Layla: I'll make sure very one is prepared Ms. Faragonda. Plus, Bloom still has her Dragon Fire.
Faragonda: Don't forget. Fragments of Bloom's Dragon Fire are in each of you. And special acts of courage will grant you the Bloomix power.

Miele: Focus, Miele. Try to use your Magic Seeds.

Flora: It's true then. Good and courageous acts with earn us a new power- Bloomix. You're in trouble now. Chloralfyte Bolt. Playing hard to get, huh? Lilac Vortex.
Miele: I have the coolest sister.

The Golden Auditorium[edit]

  • Stella and Layla, Musa and Tecna all acquire their advanced Bloomix abilities
  • Selina is revealed to be the willing subordinate and devoted pupil to a supremely powerful, evil sorcerer by the name of Acheron, whom she promises to work with and release, in return for great power.

Stella: Ray of Pure Light.

Miele: Wood Tendrils.
Flora: I'm so proud of you, Miele.

Icy: We we getting tired of you anyway!
Layla: And we're getting tired of you! Morfix Cloud.

Flora: You were great, Miele.
Miele: I'm no longer just your little sister, right?
Flora: Right. You are also an incredibly brave fairy. Maybe we can do this again sometime, without the rampaging monsters, of course.
Miele: I'm counting on it.

Icy: Poof! And out nowhere those Winx just got a new power! What's the deal with that anyway!!? I need you to step it up for our next story time! And make it interesting.
Selina: I can do that.
Icy: The Legendarium is still no match for the Winx. Sisters, on to the next magic college.

(The Legendarium suddenly opens of its own accord, revealing the form of a robed, hooded man in one of its pages)
Acheron: I'm watching you, Selina. You're getting so much stronger.
Selina: Acheron! I promise I will not let you down.

Tecna: Yes. And these acoustics will make your voice even louder. Sing.
Musa: Let me just savor that request for a sec. OK.

Cherie: Tecna, Musa! You have the Bloomix power.
Musa: Now let's turn the volume down on this racket.
Tecna: If you sing again, I can use my new powers to make it even louder. Harmony Flat.
Musa: Crystal Voice.

Vortex of Flames[edit]

Icy: Selina, I bet that book of yours could get us to Bloom faster.
Selina: Yes. I got the perfect story. Under the palace of Domino is the Vortex of Flames. Its magic is so fierce, not even Bloom could stand up to it.
Stormy: Really? A burning pit. Boring.
Selina: That's too bad because the Vortex of Flames is also home to the fire eaters.
Stormy: Ooh, now you're talking. Let's fight fire with fire.
Diaspro: Funny you should mention Domino because I just got invited to an exclusive ceremony there. You won't find a better connection than that.
Icy: Go to this little party, find a way to destroy Boom and then maybe you'll have a future with us.

Sky: It's alright, Bloom. Daphne, what's wrong with her?
Daphne: It's the Dragon Fire. She doesn't have enough left to sustain her.

Diaspro: We have ourselves an easy target, ladies.
Icy: Oh. Do tell.
Diaspro: Bloom's so weak, she can't even talk.

Flora: What are those things?
Daphne: Fire eaters. They're part of an old Domino legend. Sky, you can't let them near Bloom! (Transforms into her Sirenix form)

The Lost Library[edit]

Roxy: Hey, girls.
Bloom: Roxy! What's up?
Roxy: I could really use your help. I can't break the Trix's spell on Headmistress Griffin.

Faragonda: Winx, we have reason to believe that the Trix are in possession of an extremely powerful and dangerous book. It is called the Legendarium.
Bloom: So all those monsters who attacked us...
Daphne: Were brought to life by the Legendarium.
Layla: Then what are we waiting for? We need to destroy the Legendarium.
Faragonda: I'm afraid you already tried to do just that, Layla, without even knowing it.
Bloom: That's why the negative energy was so powerful.
Faragonda: The Legendarium is indestructible. We must find a way to lock it forever.
Daphne: Especially since it is in the wrong hands, but it wasn't always that way. The Legendarium used to reside in the lost library of Alexandria in Egypt. A fairy godmother, who guarded the book, is the only one who knows how to lock it. From what I've read so far, the fairy godmother kept a diary containing all the secrets of the Legendarium.

(Chuckles lightly as she enlarges the Legendarium to its original size)
Selina: It's only a matter of time...before I get enough power and free you, Acheron.

Attack of the Sphinx[edit]

Daphne: I call upon the element of Fire! Flame Spiral.

Selina: I'm listening, Icy.
Icy: Selina, that last attack was pathetic! Find something else.
Selina: I have to find something more powerful. In ancient Egypt, only those who solved the riddle of the Sphinx are saved from its wrath. Legendarium! Mighty Sphinx, I invoke you. You are free to spread panic throughout the desert. Cast your shadow of despair over the city of Alexandria.

Daphne: My students! I upon the element of Water! Dome of the Ocean.

(Selina opens the Legendarium, in which her master and mentor remains imprisoned)
Acheron: Selina, you must work harder.
Selina: Huh?
Acheron: You must stop the Winx from finding the dairy. If you don't, I could be locked in the Legendarium forever.
Selina: But, Acheron, I don't know where the diary is.
Acheron: I do. I've had plenty of time to spy on the fairy godmother all these years.
Selina: Hmm.
Acheron: So I will teleport you to where she hid the dairy. It is deep in the heart of the library, in a secret hidden chamber.

Daphne: Keep your paws off them! I upon the element of Earth! Dance of Leaves.

Selina: The diary is in here somewhere! Where are you, diary!? Where!? Time is running out! I have to destroy it! Acheron's counting on me!

Bloom: Selina, is that really you?
Selina: Bloom, hello.
Bloom: It's so good to see you. What are you doing here? It's dangerous.
Selina: Well, it's a long story. I, um...
(secretly creates smoke as a cover, so her master Acheron can teleport her back)
Bloom: Selina!? Selina, where are you!?

Bloom: The fairy godmother's name is Eldora. She traveled all over, searching for a way to lock the Legendarium.
Daphne: And what happened?
Bloom: It doesn't say.
Daphne: Then the next thing to do is to follow Eldora's path.

Shrine of the Green Dragon[edit]

Bloom: I can't stop thinking about Selina. Why was she there? I haven't seen Selina in years. We used to be so close. Could Selina also have been looking for Eldora's dairy?

Selina (to herself): I need more power so that I can finally free Acheron.

Icy: Hey you, Miss Head-in-the-Clouds. Give us another story.
Selina: Did someone mention the Dragon Shrine? That right there is the perfect tale.

The Secret Greenhouse[edit]

Paladin: All we need is a metamorphosis potion and a fairy with animal prowess. After you, Roxy. Now focus.
Roxy: Nullify the Wild.
(focuses her exceptionally strong animal magic to change the crow back into Ms. Griffin)
Bloom: Wow, Roxy. You did it.

Selina: Trust me. I need to go to Alfea and show my face. I have the perfect plan.
Stormy: How do we know you're not gonna jump ship?
Darcy: Yeah. She could be playing both sides as far as we know.
Icy: Don't worry. We'll be watching her the entire time.
Selina: I know what I'm doing.

Broken Dreams[edit]

Layla: The next bar only appears if you believe you can do it.
(Roxy manages to do the high bar)
Layla: Excellent, Roxy! You're on to to Level 2.

Acheron: If you don't stop the Winx, they could find Eldora.
Selina: I know Acheron! But if I just-
(The Trix sisters suddenly barge in)
Stormy: Honey, we're home! Your plan to get Bloom all on her own worked like a charm.
Icy: Congratulations, Selina. And now it's time to unleash an attack. Show us, Bloom. Aw. Poor, sad Bloom.
Darcy: She's back home on Earth. Typical.
Selina: Earth? Well, I know just the story to tell. A long time ago, darkness was everlasting on Earth. This the story of the Children of the Night. Legendarium! Vampires of the Dreadstock, go to Gardenia and eliminate Bloom!!

Bloom: What happened to Selina? We used to be so close. We used to play forever in the Forest of Flowers. Wait! That flower looks familiar. It's lenushia! The fairy godmother lives right here in Gardenia!

Shimmer in the Shadows[edit]

Stella: I know this place.
Bloom: This where we first met, Stella.
Stella: Yeah. You gave that monster a good blast of magic. Think how far we've come since then. How far you've come, Bloom. Without me, Bloom would never have come to Alfea.
Layla: And there wouldn't be a Winx Club.

The Fairy Godmother[edit]

(In the depths of Cloud Tower, Selina has a secret conversation with her master and mentor)
Acheron: Selina, you have been using the Legendarium quite often on behalf of those witches. I hope you haven't forgotten your ultimate goal.
Selina: Of course not, Acheron. But to free you, I need the powers we been gathering from the magic schools.

Eldora: Oh. I'm afraid a lot has changed since you two played together, Bloom. I sensed in you both a strong magical potential. But with Selina, I knew she could benefit with extra guidance along the way. So I decided to become her fairy godmother and take her under my wing. I started by teaching her small spells at first, and then we progressed into much bigger ones.

Bloom: It sounds like Selina was learning to be a good fairy.
Layla: So why the change?
Eldora: I was the keeper of the Alexandria library. I brought Selina there and showed her the Legendarium. Though I only heard rumors of its powers, but never had I tried to use it until that very day. Discovering how dangerous the Legendarium really was, I traveled all over the world...
Bloom: Looking for a way to lock it.
Eldora: Yes. But once I returned from my search things took a turn for the worse.

(Acheron and Selina's very first meeting, several months ago)
Acheron: Selina, in here. Hello, Selina.
Selina: What? Who are you?
Acheron: I am Acheron. Work with me and I'll teach you how to harness all the powers of the Legendarium.
Selina: Really? You can do that?
Acheron: Why, of course, Selina. I can give you the most extraordinary powers, right this very moment.
Selina: Show me what you've got.
Acheron: Now you are the Witch of Snakes.

Eldora: Selina? Selina, what were you doing?
Selina: Nothing, just reading.
Eldora: But that's Acheron! He is the evil sorcerer who created the Legendarium, only to be trapped inside these very pages. You must stay away from this book, Selina! Understood!? But I felt a change in her. She was not the fairy she used to be. An evil power was lurking deep inside her. One night, in the light of a full moon, Selina declared her loyalty and devotion to Acheron. And with that, she stole the Legendarium and fled from the Forest of Flowers. And now I am afraid that Selina is trying to free him.
Bloom: Well, then we better stop her before it's to late!
Layla: Something tells me that even the Trix don't know the whole story.
Eldora: You're right, Layla. The Trix have no idea that they are the ones being used.

Selina: There are so many legends from the Forest of Flowers. However will I choose just one? Oh, wait. This one looks like fun. A long ago, the Forest of Flowers was haunted by a malevolent force. Legendarium! Ectoplasmic specters, raise the Forest of Flowers and whoever lives in it!


  • As a backup plan, Selina intends to obtain a fraction of Bloom's almighty Dragon Fire to release Acheron.
  • The six Winx Club girls receive the Ancestral Wands and evolve into Mythix Fairies, granting them access to the fictional world within the Legendarium itself.

Eldora: By reading the book, Selina can summon any number of creatures from the Legendarium world, a dimension where fictional characters are real.
Layla: So the book is a cross between our world and the imaginary world.
Eldora: Yes. And to lock the book, we will need an item that was once part of the Legendarium world.

(In the castle of Tir Nan Og, the realm of the terrestrial fairies of Earth)
Nebula: Winx, it is good to see you again.
Layla: Oh, Nebula, it's great to be back here.
Bloom: I can't believe you turned Morgana's castle into a school for fairies. What a great idea!
Nebula: We learned a lot from you, Winx. It is our mission to inspire that same ray of hope.

Eldora: What was that spell I used to love? Oh, yes. Natural Twist.
(turns a witch into a bird)

Bloom: Not so fast, witches! Volcanic Attack.
(strengthens her Bloomix spell, which frightens the witches)
Witch: Lets get out of here!

Selina: Enjoy it now, Bloom.
(Looks down at her master and mentor)
Acheron: It seems that the Trix will not share their power with you. So how will you free me now?
Selina: I have something else in mind, something even stronger- Bloom's Dragon Fire.

Earth Fairy: Wow, Bloom. We've never seen such powerful magic.
Bloom: Your welcome. But remember, you have just as much strength inside of you too.

Selina: Bloom, long time no see.
Bloom: Selina? What you doing!?
Selina: Surprised to see me again? Didn't you miss me?
Bloom: Acheron can't help you! His evil is too dangerous. And I know that deep inside you know that too! Trust Eldora!!
Selina: Eldora was lame!! She just wanted me to follow the rules! she never gave me any real power! But now, thanks to the power of the Dragon Fire, I can free Acheron- the only real friend I have!!
Bloom: No!! I won't let you! Flame Storm Vortex Burst.

Faragonda: Welcome to Mother's Day at Alfea.
Morgana: Roxy.
(Hugs her daughter)

Miriam: Bloom, when did you learn to cook like this?
Vanessa: She's been practicing.

Mystery of Calavera[edit]

Selina (annoyed): Acheron, the Trix refused to share any of their powers, making it impossible for me to help free you!!
Acheron: Then we need to do something about that.
Selina: I want them gone!
Acheron: I have an idea. Offer the Trix the power to enter the Legendarium world.
Selina: What will that do?
Acheron: Just you wait.

Selina: Well, you could...No, forget it.
Stormy: What!?
Selina: Nothing.
Icy: Out with it, Bookworm!
Selina: I could get you into the Legendarium world. And you'd have plenty of power to defeat the Winx.
Icy: You can do that?
(Selina nods)
Stormy: And you're just telling us this now?
Darcy: Something gives.
Selina: There was no reason for you to enter the Legendarium world before.
Stormy: So why now?
Selina: The Winx are going to use their wands to enter the Legendarium world. You could be there waiting for them.
Darcy: Then lets go.
Stormy: Any time now, Selina.
Selina: Let me tell you the story of three powerful witches. "They had an insatiable appetite for power. And they hated everything good. Especially fairies."
Icy: Go on.
Selina: Legendarium!

Bloom: Wrapping Flame.
Icy: Oh, please. Are you ready for some real power!? Lucky for you, those darts are attracted to heat.

Layla: what's going on? The Trix are more powerful than ever!
Stella: But we've got our new Mythix powers. Bright Star.

Flora: Natural Camouflage.

Zombie Invasion[edit]

Thoren: We should out there, helping the Winx.
Daphne: The Winx can take care of themselves.

Icy: Sisters, newsflash! If we stay here too long, we'll be stuck in this place forever!
Darcy: I'm not spending eternity with these guys!

Selina: Icy! You're back.
Icy: Try to contain your excitement, Selina.
Selina: I just thought it would take you longer to finish off the Winx. I mean...
Darcy: well, that's the thing.
Stormy: It seems if you stay too long in the Legendarium world...
Icy: You don't come back at all! Did that little factoid slip your mind!?
Selina: Uh, I had no idea. It's a good thing you left when you did, then.
Darcy: Yeah. Otherwise, we'd be locked in the that book forever.

Icy: Selina, warm up the Legendarium. Send some of those creatures after the Winx.
Selina: Which ones?
Icy: The pirate zombies. Tell them to get their fantasy emerald back. And as a special favor, see if they can make Bloom walk the plank!

The Curse of Fearwood[edit]

Selina (thinking) This is not good. Should the Winx's mission be successful, Acheron will be trapped forever.

Icy: Selina, I want to get the power of a character from that book.
Selina: Tell me who and their power will be yours.

The Magic Totem[edit]

Daphne: I've got this. Warmth Reveal. There's ice in his heart.
Flora: Icy's spell!
Bloom: I'll use my Dragon Fire to melt that ice.
Daphne: Unfortunately, it's not that simple. It cannot be melted by fire.

Eldora: Stone and metal, become a key!
Bloom: The Legendarium key.
Eldora: I entrust it to you, Bloom.

Selina (thinking) I need to think of something fast! Or else Acheron will locked in the Legendarium forever.

Queen for a Day[edit]

Selina: (thinking) If they lock the Legendarium, I'll never be able to free Acheron.

Selina: A long time ago, there was a queen who had a magic mirror. Legendarium! Magic Mirror, tempt Stella and darken her heat.

Stella's Big Party[edit]

A Monster Crush[edit]

The Music Cafe[edit]

Roxy: We'll work hard, Musa. We promise.

The Anthem[edit]

Fish Tales[edit]

Selina: Oh, Acheron, I have failed you. The Winx have the key to lock the Legendarium and I will never be able to free you!
Acheron: No need to fret, Selina.
Selina: Huh?
Acheron: Those meddlesome fairies may have the key, but they were forced to hand it over that little elf you summoned. I am pleased. All you hard work and devotion to me are about to pay off very soon.
Selina: Yes. It won't be long now. Just as soon as I acquire Bloom's Dragon Fire. Nothing and no one will stop me from freeing you, Acheron. Not even the Trix!
Acheron: Excellent. Now listen carefully. Here is what you must do.

Icy: Andros, the perfect world for us to conquer its magic school.
Stormy: Yeah. This will be fun. I've always wanted to thrash some mermaids.
Darcy: At least it'll be way easier than the last time we were here.
Icy: Indeed. Selina, got any sad tales to tell?
Selina: As a matter of fact. Many years ago, rogue mermaids of irresistible beauty and charm lurked beneath the pristine waters of Andros. Their songs were so melodious, so angelic that no man could resist their pull. Legendarium! Dark Sirens of the Depths! Go forth and summon all who oppose you to destruction!

Attack of the Centaurs[edit]

Daphne: I don't know, Bloom. I like Thoren. He's really nice to me. But I can't tell how he really feels.
Bloom: He loves you, Daphne. Trust your heart.

Icy: Am I right, Selina?
Selina:Leave her to me. Seeing as they like horses so much, I have the right story to have some fun. Legendarium! Centaurs, I invoke you! Go to Earth! Unleash your brute strength against the Winx and their friends!

The Kingdom of the Dark Elves[edit]

The Legend of the Lantern[edit]

The Rainbow Mountain[edit]

The Queen of Hearts[edit]

Legendary Duel[edit]

Selina: Mighty Acheron, I will soon free you from this prison. I only need a spark of Bloom's Dragon Fire.
Icy: Selina, who are you talking to? Hmm?
Selina: No one, Icy. Just practicing my incantations.
Icy: Good. Becasue you're about to show everyone what you got.

Bloom: It's not too late, Selina! You can still leave the witches.'
Selina: Give it up, Bloom! I like who I am now! I have power!!
Bloom: You're more than just dark power, Selina! I know you still have good inside you.
(Selina angrily restrains her with her snakes and drains a fraction of the almighty Dragon Fire from her)
Selina: I got what I need! Congrats, Bloom! You win!
(Triumphantly flies off to Cloud Tower; ready to release her master and mentor at last)

Bloom: What did Selina need? What just happened? Trix! Selina forfeited, which means I win.
Icy: What!? Selina's got some explaining to do!

Selina: Mighty Acheron, the time has finally come! You will soon be out of that book and back in the real world with me!!


Stormy: Selina, who do you think you are!?
Icy: What were you doing back there?
Selina: I was sticking to my own plan. I stole a spark of Bloom's Dragon Fire. So that I can do this.
(Uses her fraction of the almighty Dragon Fire to release her master and mentor into the real world)
Acheron: Finally!! Freedom is mine!!
Stormy: Who is that?
Icy: What's going on?
(Acheron lands next to his devoted minion)
Icy: Which Legendarium story is he from?
Acheron: I created the Legendarium.
Icy: Oh.
Acheron: But I was trapped in the book's only blank page.
Darcy: What a drag.
Stormy: Well, at least he's on our side, right?
Acheron: Wrong! It's time for me to rule and only me!
Selina: What do you mean "only you"? You promised me great power.
Acheron: I did what I had to do. I owe you nothing, Selina!
(Selina looks angry and dejected)
Icy: That was your plan, too, wasn't it!? To remove us from the equation! How dare you!
Darcy: After everything we did for you.
Icy: No one double-crosses the Trix!!
Acheron: Ha! Until now!

Acheron: Get ready, Witches'! There's an empty page in the Legendarium with your name on it!!
Selina: Oh no. He trapped them, for good.

Bloom: Volcanic Attack.
Acheron: Not sure if you've been made aware, but I too hold the power of the Dragon Fire!
(Attacks Bloom with a burst of multicolored Dragon Fire energy)
Selina: Bloom! This is all my fault! Everything!
Bloom: I have an idea.
Selina: Tell me what to do, Bloom.
Bloom: Make him chase me and then we'll lock the book.

Bloom: As long as there is dark magic like yours, we will never give up!
Acheron: Well, isn't that an inspiration for the ages!?
(Selina is angry and hurt)

Winx Forever[edit]

Selina: Fairy Godmother, I believe this belongs to you.
(Eldora tries to open the Legendarium but it remains firmly shut)
Eldora: Was it always this stubborn?
Selina: I locked it. For good.
Eldora: As only you could do, my dear.

Selina: Fairy Godmother, do you think you could let me study with you again? To become a better fairy?
Eldora: Yes, I think I can arrange that.
Bloom: I'm so happy, Selina. You made the right choice.
Selina: I was lost big-time, but you helped me get back on track.

Season Seven (2016)[edit]

The Alfea Natural Park[edit]

Faragonda: And along the Keepers, a friend of yours will also be joining us.
Winx Club: Roxy!
Roxy: Hey, girls.
Faragonda: I thought, who better than the Fairy of Animals to get the Kangormai safely back to the park?

Faragonda: I created this place as a refuge for all the fairy animals. Each one of them is a unique creature with its own special power or talent.
Roxy: There are already some animals in the park who are nearly extinct on their native worlds. But here, they can live peacefully; safe from any threat.

Young Fairies Grow Up[edit]

Roxy: Roxy, Fairy of Animals.
(Transforms into her Winx/Fairy form)

(After witnessing Kalshara tame the deer)

Bloom: Now that's a real fairy animal tamer.

Note: Roxy transforms into her regular Winx/fairy form since the fourth season.


Roxy: I was actually impressed by your skills. It's rare for a digmole to bond with a fairy.
Young Faragonda: But, my digmole ran away.
Bloom: Faragonda, we'll help you find him.
Young Faragonda: Wow. Really?

Young Faragonda: I'm sorry. I borrowed your book without asking. But Kalshara promised she'd put it back.
Headmistress Navilla: So you're saying this is all Kalshara's fault?
Bloom: Look! Up there!
Roxy: that's the same bird Kalshara transformed into in Wizgiz's class.
Bloom: Headmistress, it can't be a coincidence that Kalshara's flying away after stealing your book and during all of this.

Young Barfilius: Back off, monster!
Kalshara: Don't you recognize your own sister, Brafilius?
Brafilius: Kalshara? It sounds like you but what happened?
Kalshara: I'm a master shapeshifter now, thanks to wild magic.
Young Brafilius: You're an animal! It's horrible.
Kalshara: You finally have a chance to wield the Ultimate Power and you back away!!?
Brafilius: I don't want it anymore! No thank you.
Kalshara: Wrong answer, brother dear!

Young Faragonda: That voice.
Kalshara: If it isn't Faragonda and the gaggle of newbie losers!
Young Faragonda: Kalshara, is that you? You're so changed.
Kalshara: It's called wild magic. You should try it some time.
Stella: Lets teach those two what magic can do.
Flora: But if we transform, Navilla will know we're not real students.
Bloom: We don't have a choice. These digmoles are our mission. We have to protect them from Kalshara.

Navilla: Kalshara, why are you doing this? You were my best student.
Kalshara: And you were incompetent, headmistress! You taught me the power of animal magic! In fact, why I show you just how much I've learned!?
Young Faragonda: I've learned quite a bit myself! Now, little kitty, time for to go to your cage.

The First Color of the Universe[edit]

Bloom: We'll stop her. We just need to find the animal mentioned in the secret before she does.
Faragonda: And you're going to help them, Roxy. Your expertise has already proven crucial to this mission.
Roxy: Oh! Rounding up digmoles is easy. Those little gluttons will follow food anywhere.

Bloom: We need to stop Brafilius. If he's in the park, every animal here is danger.
Roxy: I think it would be better to keep searching, Bloom. Fairy animals know who the defend themselves. Don't underestimate them.
Bloom: Don't underestimate Brafilius either.
Roxy: I'm the Fairy of Animals. Trust me. This is why Faragonda sent me with you!
Bloom: Please wait, Roxy! We need to convince her to come back. It's too dangerous for her to go on alone.

Bloom: Roxy, are you OK?
Roxy: Brafilius! He took the digmole and my Stone of Memories!
Musa: Oh no.
Tecna: That means that bad wizard...
Bloom: ...Can travel through time now.

A Friend from the Past[edit]

Roxy: Oh, Bloom, I am so sorry.
Bloom: Don't cry, Roxy. It's not your fault.
Roxy: Yes it is. Brafilius took me by surprise and took my Stone of Memories. It couldn't get any worse than this.
Bloom: It could have happened to any of us.

Bloom: Remember what Faragonda said? They're all magically linked to one another.
Layla: That means that Brafilius has activated Roxy's Stone.
Musa: But to where?
Roxy: The prehistoric Magix. It is there that the most ancient species of fairy animals live-the Cry-Cries.
Musa: Maybe that's the solution to the riddle of the secret.
Stella: But how would we be able to find this animal without Roxy's help?
Roxy: You'll be fine. In prehistoric times, all animals used to blend in with the environment, but the cry-cry didn't.

Adventure on Lynphea[edit]

Bloom: Hi, Roxy. Did you find anything?
Roxy: Yes. Kalshara and Barfilius are searching for the animal who holds the Ultimate Power.

Roxy: They sense a threat on Lynphea. The magi wolves, they're in danger.
Bloom: What kind of danger?
Roxy: I don't know. That's all I can tell from here.
Bloom: You did great, Roxy.
Flora: My parents may have something that can help us.

Beware the Wolf[edit]

Back in the Middle Ages[edit]

The Fairy Cat[edit]

Winx, Trapped![edit]

Mission in the Jungle[edit]

A Fairy Animal for Tecna[edit]

The Unicorn's Secret[edit]

Tynix Transformation[edit]

Elas: They have the Tynix power.

The Magic Stones[edit]

Back to Paradise Bay[edit]

Lost in a Droplet[edit]

A Magix Rainbow[edit]

Creature of Graynor: A shapeshifter attacked me and put this collar on me.
Bloom: Kalshara!
Brafilius: She must be talking about you!
Kalshara: Shh.

Banana Day[edit]

Baby Winx[edit]

Layla: We're children.

It's a Crazy, Crazy World[edit]

Digmole: I want to find my fairy. The one I am bonded with. Faragonda.
Bloom: Huh?

The Kingdom of Diamonds[edit]

The Secret of Alfea[edit]

Flora: It's up to us, Amarok. Let's combine our powers! Strength of the Magi Wolf.

The Golden Butterfly[edit]

(To Roxy and other Winx fairies)

Griselda: As you know, we're running a serious risk. The barrier of Alfea has disappeared!

Daphne: Don't worry. I've just called for backup.
Faragonda: Watch out. The Trix could return at any moment.
Icy: Surprise! We're already here.
Roxy: Girls, ready to face them!?
Fairy: More than ready.

Young Faragonda: The Golden Butterfly's power is closest to Alfea's natural park. So it must be here somewhere.
Flora: There! a field of golden flowers.

New Magic Harmony[edit]

(Elas' horn turns from silver to gold)
Bloom: Thanks to your heroic act, your power has increased.

(Icy attacks the teachers with a nonverbal ice spell)
Daphne: Back off! Embracing Wind.
(Turns to Roxy and the other fairies)
Daphne: We have to defend Alfea at all cost! Follow me!

Musa: Look how they're playing 'casue they're no longer scared of anyone.
Roxy: They sensed the positive aura coming from Alfea.
Bloom: The power of the Golden Butterfly is linked to the fairy animals.
Roxy: Yes. They all feel at home now.
Faragonda: Your dream came true, Roxy. You should be proud. Here at Alfea, fairy animals and fairies can finally live together in peace and harmony.

Bloom: Kalshara!
(Bloom, the rest of the Winx, Daphne and Roxy get ready to fight)
Layla: Heads up, girls.
Kalshara: I'm not here to fight, Winx, but to propose to alliance. An alliance against a common enemy.

The Power of the Fairy Animals[edit]

Elas: You fooled us more than once. Why should we trust you now?
Kalshara: Becasue I will be taking the same risk as you. For my brother. Only I can lead you to the Trix. I can sense Brafilius' magic presence.
Bloom: Can we trust you?
Kalshara:' Absolutely. I am a fairy like you, after all.

(Roxy, standing next to Bloom's elder sister Daphne)
Roxy: We'll come with you.
Bloom: Not today, Roxy. We have to play this game with the Trix.
Elas: And we have to as well.
Bloom: We'll be careful.
Stella: Trouble always seems to find us.
Daphne: Good luck, Winx Club.

Infinity Swan: I am the Infinity Swan. Those who respect nature have no need to fear me. Those who doesn't will be cast in my shadow.
Stormy: We are the rulers of nature!

Bloom: We'll use our Stones of Memories. We'll trap the Trix in limbo outside of time, where they will never be a danger anyone.
Layla: We need all seven of the Stones.
Bloom: Power of the Stones, I command you...
(Icy, Darcy and Stormy are slowly overwhelmed by such fairy power, and Roxy's sea green-colored Stone floats away)
Brafilius: Hey, that's mine!


The Secret of the Lost Kingdom (2007)[edit]

Tecna: Their control unit is behind that door.
Flora: They'll never get me!
Bloom: Winx, get ready! Full Dragon Energy. Fusion Fire.

Bloom: Master Hagen? From the Company of Light?
Hagen: The Company of Light doesn't exist anymore. Take another step, and neither will you.

Faragonda: Hagen, put that down. It's very sharp.
Stella: Ms. Faragonda!
Hagen: I can't believe my eyes. Faragonda, is it really you?
Faragonda: My dear Hagen, it's been ages.
Hagen: Centuries since our Company of Light disbanded.
Faragonda: Yes. A little early for this reunion. Now lower your sword in the presence of Bloom, the last surviving princess of Domino.
Hagen: Oritel and Miriam's daughter? She's alive? I thought she was...
Faragonda: No. Our dear Bloom was rescued. She was adopted by a lovely Earth couple and grew up there. Now she's come back here, to find her birth parents.
Bloom: That's why I came to talk to you, Master Hagen. I know my parents, my real parents, are trapped somewhere in the magic dimension. I must find them! You're the only one who can help me.
Hagen: Don't expect too much from me, young lady. You'll only end up disappointed.
Faragonda: Bloom studied about the sword. She knows.
Bloom: The sword of King Oritel, my father.
Hagen: Ah, yes. The sword.
Bloom: A magical blade that no one can ever take away from its rightful owner.

Daphne: Bloom.
Bloom: Daphne.
Daphne: Remember, you are never alone. Listen to me, little sister. You must continuing searching. You know it your heart- our parents are still alive. And now they're closer than ever. I need to speak with you, Bloom. Come to Lake Roccaluce. Come to me.

Bloom: Daphne? Daphne where are you?
Daphne: Bloom, my dear sweet sister. I am so happy to see your face again.
Bloom: And yours too. You said before that our parents could be...
Daphne: All is not lost, Bloom. But you must be ready to face the dangers.
Bloom: Daphne, you sacrificed yourself to save me. With your help, I'm ready for anything.
Daphne: Listen carefully. Our father had a book called the Book of Fate. Its pages contain every chapter of our family's history.
Bloom: So if our parents are alive...
Daphne: The book will tell you.
Bloom: Wait. Why haven't told me about the book before?
Daphne: I was sure the Ancient Witches had destroyed it when they attacked Domino. But our father had hidden in the chambers of the secret library, high on the mountain of the Roch, where he knew it would remain safe.
Bloom: Then I will go to Domino and find that book! Nothing can stop me!
Daphne: Bloom, wait. There is one more thing. It's my mask. I want you to have it. When you wear this mask, you'll be looking through my eyes. You'll see Domino as I remember it, and it will help you find your way. The mask will guide you the mountain of the Roch.
Bloom: Wait! Daphne!
Daphne: My power is growing weak. I must return to the bottom of the lake to rest.
Bloom: Daphne, please don't leave.
Daphne: Bloom, this not goodbye. Remember, I'm always by your side. You're never truly alone.
Bloom: and we'll be a family again. Someday.

Bloom: Daphne! (Sees her holding her dark blue-colored fairy dust vial) Thank you, Daphne. With your help, I know I can do this.

Bloom: Winx, all together!
Flora: Energy of Mother Nature.
Tecna: Techno Magical Union.
Layla: Pure Enchanted Morfix.
Stella: Power of the Sun.
Musa: Power of Sound.
Bloom: Dragon Fire.
Mandragora: Yes! This is the power!
Bloom: We got her!
Faragonda: Don't let go, Bloom. I don't how you managed to get out, but my the power of all that is good and light, I command you to return to your abyss!
Mandragora: Bloom! So that's her name! She's the one I was looking for!

Ancient Witches: So the power of Domino is not contained in an object. It's within a person, just a fairy!
Mandragora: An annoying fairy named Bloom.
Ancient Witches: Bloom! King Oritel surviving daughter! Daphne saved her before we could kill her!
Mandragora: I tried to kidnap Bloom from Alfea, but it was impossible! She had too many strong friends and allies, like Faragonda and Hagen!
Ancient Witches: Faragonda and Hagen! From the Company of Light! May they burn for sending us into this dark abyss!!

Daphne: Bloom, you are not alone.
Bloom: Daphne.
Ancient Witches: Daphne!? Well, they say you only die once, but we'll be happy to make an exception.
Bloom: You thought you destroyed the power of Domino!! Now it shall destroy you!!
Daphne: Go, Bloom.

Bloom: Sky, how were you able to use my father's sword?
Sky: Only a true king can wield the sword and I'm a king in training. My coronation was the night I had to leave you.
Bloom: So the prophecy was right-"A king without a crown with save the ruler of a lost kingdom. And those who were trapped in the darkness, now a good energy can return them all to freedom."

Daphne: Mother, Father.
Miriam: Daphne? What happened to you?
Daphne: More then I could ever explain. What matters now is that you're free, and it's all thanks to our dear Bloom.
Oritel: It can't be.
Miriam: My sweet baby daughter.

Wizgiz: A celebration for the rebirth of Domino? What could be better?

Magical Adventure (2011)[edit]

Bloom: Good morning, Domino.

Daphne: Hello, Bloom.
Bloom: Hello, big, sis. Nice entrance. Impressive.
Daphne: Did I scare you?
Bloom: Well of course you did. Without you, life here at the palace would be so boring.
Daphne: What were you running from, little sis?
Bloom: everybody here just bosses me around.
Daphne: Mom and Dad, too?
Bloom: No, not them. They're fantastic. It's just, the rules, the fifty-six, dresses, the fish that's good for your skin.
Daphne: And your hair.
Bloom and Daphne: It makes princesses even more beautiful.

Sky: Father, I have the most wonderful news.
Erendnor: A king's happiness is the happiness of his kingdom.
Sky: Bloom and I are getting married!
Erendor: What!? It's out of the question! You- you mustn't!
Sky: What are you talking about!? We love each other!
Erendor: Forget about love!! You will not marry Oritel's daughter!! Don't ask me why, just promise you will not marry her!!
Sky: But this is crazy! What are you hiding from me!?
Erendor: The truth is a cruse I never wanted to burden you with.
Sky: What curse!? And what does Bloom have to do with all this!?
Erendor: It's here, Sky. It's all in here. I've never confessed this to anyone. Out of fear, I betrayed a dear friend and desecrated an entire city. The world of Sparx suffered a terrible injustice and it was all because of me. The only way of redemption is by not marrying the princess and hoping that she'll forget you. What was done can never be forgiven.

Belladonna: Oritel. Did you miss us? It's time we take you back!
Oritel: It's because of you my daughter Daphne is dead, and my kingdom was destroyed! Now you'll pay!

The Mystery of the Abyss (2015)[edit]

Icy: Just who are you!?
Politea: I am Politea.
Icy: Politea!?
Darcy: But how? We beat you.
Politea: Ha! You didn't beat me! After my physical body was destroyed, my spirit still lived on! But I required pollution from Earth's oceans to revitalize me!

Icy: Are saying there is a power greater than that of the emperor's throne?

Tritannus: I...remember. The Winx!

Season One (World of Winx)[edit]

The Talent Thief[edit]

Note: Roxy, Fairy of Animals and the on-and-off seventh fairy of the Winx Club, debuts in this spinoff show.

Layla: And now we go to Bloom who is interviewing the owner of the Bar.
Bloom: We're so excited for you to host this, Roxy.
Roxy: It'll be great. And for the occasion, we've created a brand-new smoothie called "Rainbow WOW!"

New Powers[edit]

Gomez: So, you know about that singer from WOW!?
Roxy: Annabelle? Yeah, I know her.
Evans: Where is she?
Roxy: I don't know. After her dressing room, nobody saw her.

Roxy: Two strangers were asking me about the dressing room.
Bloom: Thanks, Roxy. We're take it from here.

Tecna: What happened to us?
Musa: It's like our inner strength has grown and taken shape.

Note: As the title suggests, the Winx Club (excluding Roxy) achieve the power of the Dreamix transformation, enabling them to enter the world of dreams.

The Legend of the Crocodile Man[edit]

The Monster Under the City[edit]

Stylist Wanted[edit]

The Fashion Week[edit]

Bloom: stage one is complete.

Tecna: Here's our target. A creature that has Sophie's features but is not Sophie.
Layla: She could be dangerous. We better be ready to defend ourselves.
Bloom: Winx, action!

The Chef Contest[edit]

Bloom: There is a bright side.
Stella: There's a bright side?
Bloom: Finding out more about this thing. This watch was found in Annabelle's apartment. It probably belongs to her kidnapper.
Tecna: Wish we could help you.
Bloom: If I need help, I'll ring... (doorbell rings)
Stella: The doorbell?

The Shaman[edit]

(At the Frutti Music Bar)
Bloom: I know you're busy, Roxy, but I need your help.
Roxy: What's the problem?
Bloom: Evans and Gomez: Two detectives we need to keep an eye on. They are in danger. They have a watch that belongs to a supernatural creature.
Roxy: Who wants it back, I imagine.
Bloom: We need it to save the imprisoned talents.
Roxy: Doesn't seem like a piece of cake.
Bloom: It's not. That's why I thought of you. Roxy? What is it?
(Roxy magically detects sudden danger through the eyes of her beloved dog)
Roxy: Your detectives just got here. Arthur saw them parked outside.

Roxy: Don't turn around. They just sat down.
Bloom: They followed me.
Roxy: We can buy some time.
(Telepathically contacts her dog Arthur with her exceptionally strong animal magic)

(After having a new Dreamix vision about the next Talent Scout)
Bloom: I have to go, Roxy. I'm counting on you.
Roxy: Don't worry, Bloom. Good luck.

Layla: We're the legendary Winx.
Silica: I've been watching you since the first episode of WOW! It would be an honor to be on the show.

Shattered Dreams[edit]

Bloom: You three follow Madelyn, we'll go after the Shaman.

Dangerous Waters[edit]

Bloom: Arthur found them.
Roxy: I can see them through his eyes. Evans and Gomez are on their way to the airport. They have the watch!
Bloom: We need to reach them before they get there. Arthur will lead the way.

(Roxy continues to magically see what Arthur sees)
Roxy: They stopped a traffic light, two blocks from here.

Bloom: Let's go!
Roxy: Wait, Bloom! Arthur sees Jim who's just landed on the street.

Roxy: If only we had our wings.
Bloom: They'd recognize us. Remember, we're incognito.

Bloom: Ugh! He got away again!
(Roxy picks up the watch)
Bloom: It doesn't work. It's broken!
Roxy: What do we do now?
Jim: Need some help? I can help you.
Bloom and Roxy: Huh?

Shadows on the Snow[edit]

Note: This is Roxy's fifth and last appearance in Season One.

Jim: Gimme the watch. I know how to make it work.
(Bloom and Roxy are skeptical)
Bloom: And now you wanna help us!? It's your fault that Annabelle's locked up forever!
Jim: You're wrong. I wasn't tryin' to kidnap her! I was tryin' to protect her.
Roxy: That's ridiculous!
Bloom: Why should we believe you!?
Jim: My name's Jim and the watch is mine.
Bloom: Prove it!
Jim: I lost when it was I tryin' to protect Annabelle. That's why I came back to look for it.
Bloom: Hey! You forced me to chase you and fight you!
Jim: I had no choice. I had to hide or the Queen's servants would've found me and captured me.
Bloom:'re running away from this queen, right?
Roxy: You don't believe him, do you!?
Jim: The Queen of the world of dreams is a harsh ruler. I tried to revolt against her, but... I could not even protect Annabelle and the talents.
Bloom: Why did she kidnap them!?
Jim: I'd like to why, too. But with your help, we can release them and defeat the Queen.
Bloom: There. Too bad it's impossible to open the portal without the watch.

Roxy: Bloom?
Bloom: Thanks for your help, Roxy. I'm going to Switzerland...with Jim.
Roxy (uncertain): Are you sure?
Bloom: I don't want you to risk it.

The Watchmaker[edit]

Jim: Why do you take orders from him!?
Smee: Since you betrayed us!
Jim: You're wrong. I've always been faithful to our cause.
Smee: Get 'em!

Jim: If you know any tricks, Bloom, now's the time to use them!
Bloom: (thinking) Dreamix time is here!

Shadow Monster: She's a fairy! Capture her! The Queen will be even happier.
Bloom: You're never catch me!

The Fall of the Queen[edit]

Bloom: You sing and dance, but only because you took their talents.
The Queen: Those talents-
Bloom: Those talents belong them as do their dreams.
The Queen: Their talents are payment for the dream that was taken from me.
Bloom: What was...your dream? Listen!
The Queen: Stop talking!! It's time to make my new dream come true!! Your fairy power is just what I need!!

The Queen: Your fairy powers are strong but mine are stronger!
Stella: What's going on!?
Tecna: She's got Bloom's fire power.

Season Two (World of Winx)[edit]

Note: Roxy, the Fairy of Animals, does not appear in this season.


Peter Pan's Son[edit]

The Alligator Man[edit]

Mermaids on Earth[edit]

Fashion School Thrills[edit]

The Girl in the Stars[edit]

A Flower in the Snow[edit]

Tiger Lily[edit]

A Hero Will Come[edit]

Technomagic Trip[edit]

Jim's Friends[edit]

Old Friends and New Enemies[edit]

Tinker Bell Is Back[edit]

Tinker Bell: Oh, Matt! I have my magic back. I'm a fairy again.
Mermaid: Oh, now we recognize you.

Season Three (World of Winx)[edit]















Main Characters[edit]

  • Bloom, Fairy of the Dragon Fire
  • Stella, Fairy of the Shinning Sun
  • Musa, Fairy of Music
  • Flora, Fairy of Nature
  • Tecna, Fairy of Technology
  • Layla/Aisha, Fairy of Waves (Seasons 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)
  • Roxy, Fairy of Animals (Seasons 4, 7, 8)
  • Daphne, Nymph of Sirenix (Season 6)

Recurring Characters[edit]

  • Faragonda
  • Griselda
  • Roxy, Fairy of Animals (Seasons 5, 6)
  • Daphne, Nymph of Magix (Season 5)
  • The Specialists
    • Sky
    • Brandon
    • Helia
    • Timmy
    • Riven (Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
    • Roy (Season 6)
  • The Paladins
    • Thoren (Season 6)
    • Nex (Seasons 6 and 7)

Supporting Characters[edit]

  • Daphne, Guardian Nymph of Magix (Seasons 1 and 3)
  • Roxy, Fairy of Animals (Seasons 5, 6, and World of Winx)
  • Krystal (Season 5)
  • King Oritel and Queen Miriam (Seasons 5, 6, 7)
  • King Radius and Queen Luna (Seasons 3, 5, 6)
  • King Teridor and Queen Niobe (Seasons 3, 5, 6)
  • Eldora (Season 6)
  • The Pixies (Seasons 2-7)
    • Lockette, Pixie of Portals
    • Amore, Pixie of Love
    • Tune, Pixie of Manners
    • Chatta, Pixie of Chatter
    • Digit, Pixie of Technology
    • Piff, Pixie of Dreams
    • Cherie, Pixie of the Weather (Season 6)


  • The Trix (Seasons 1, 2, 3, 5, 6)
    • Icy, Witch of Ice and Snow
    • Darcy, Witch of Illusions
    • Stormy, Witch of the Weather
  • Lord Darkar/the Shadow Phoenix (Season 2)
  • Baltor (Season 3)
  • The Wizards of the Black Circle (Season 4)
    • Ogron
    • Gantos
    • Anagan
    • Druman
  • Tritannus (Season 5)
  • Selina and Acheron (Season 6)
  • Kalshara and Brafilius (Season 7)

World of Winx (2016-2017)[edit]

Main Characters[edit]

  • Bloom, Fairy of the Dragon Fire
  • Stella, Fairy of the Shinning Sun
  • Musa, Fairy of Music
  • Tecna, Fairy of Technology
  • Flora, Fairy of Nature
  • Aisha, Fairy of Waves

Recurring Characters[edit]

  • The Queen/Tinkerbell
  • Jim/Captain Hook
  • Smee
  • The Shaman
  • Ace (Season 1)
  • Annabelle

Supporting Characters[edit]

  • Roxy, Fairy of Animals (5 Episodes)
  • Arthur ("The Shaman")
  • Evans and Gomez (9 Episodes)
  • The Spirit of the Worlds of Dreams (Season 2)

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