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Season 6[edit]

Operation: Z.E.R.O.[edit]

Benedict/Father: You... big... JERK!! Now you've made me angry! VERY, VERY, VERRYYY...!!
Benedict/Grandfather: "Is this the cafeteria? It's mushi bean night, you know."

Operation: S.A.F.E.T.Y. [6.01][edit]

Operation: R.E.C.E.S.S. [6.02][edit]

Operation: H.A.M.S.T.E.R. [6.03][edit]

Operation: W.H.I.T.E. - H.O.U.S.E. [6.04][edit]

Operation: S.P.I.N.A.C.H. [6.05][edit]

[A few Spinach Henchmen chant]

Spinach Henchmen: Eat spinach-us or else-us, we sing-us

Operation: M.E.S.S.A.G.E. [6.06][edit]

Operation: B.R.I.D.G.E [6.07][edit]

Operation: S.I.X. [6.08][edit]

[Numbuh 2 walks to a truck with a Rainbow Monkey theme]

Numbuh 2: [Surprised] This can't be the truck.

[Numbuh 2 presses the button on his key. The truck beeps the "Rainbow Monkey" theme song]

Numbuh 2: [Disappointed] It is the truck.

Operation: T.R.I.C.Y.C.L.E. [6.09][edit]

Operation: C.R.I.M.E. [6.10][edit]

Operation: P.A.R.T.Y. [6.11][edit]

[A rock band introduces themselves to the Delightful Children.]

The Upper Crusts: ...We are the Upper Crusts.

DCFDTL: The who?

The Upper Crusts: No. The Upper Crusts.

Operation: P.L.A.N.E.T. [6.12][edit]

Operation: D.O.G.H.O.U.S.E. [6.13][edit]

Operation: S.C.I.E.N.C.E. [6.14][edit]

Operation: A.M.I.S.H. [6.15][edit]

(Numbuh Jedediah wakes up Numbuh 2, who is sleeping in a barn.)

Numbuh Jedediah: Wake up.

Numbuh 2: Are you kidding me? It's like, 4 in the morning!

Numbuh Jedediah: (a little surprised) I know. Must have overslept.

The Grim Adventures of the KND (The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy Crossover)[edit]

[The Eds are in Eddy's garage, over which a sign is hung reading "Ed's Pesky Problem Fixers". Eddy is behind a desk, Edd (Double Dee) is with a typewriter, and Ed is mopping up some of his own drool. Suddenly, the phone rings.]
Ed: Hello!
Eddy: [picking up the phone] Ed, Edd n Eddy's Pesky Problem Fixers! Got a problem that's pesky? We'll fix 'er... for just 1 lousy quarter!
[Billy muffled gobbling comes from the telephone. Eddy gives it a look.]
Eddy: [angry] WHADDYA MEAN, YOU'RE BROKE!? Hey, if you're looking for charity, call Kids Next Door! They're cheap. [angrily hangs up the phone]

Numbuh 1: All right. Phase 1 complete. [hears doorbell] Uh... [clears throat and in his Billy voice] I'll get it! Hello...?!
Mandy: Who are you?
Numbuh 1 [in Billy's goofy laughing]: I'm Billy!
Mandy: No, you're not. What have you done to him?
Numbuh 1: I told you I'm– [Mandy slaps him on the tomato; in his normal voice] Hey! [Mandy slaps him again] Stop that–! [Mandy slaps him again] I– [Mandy slapped him several times]
Mandy: Tell me who you are and what you've done with Billy before I've enough with you.
Numbuh 1: I'd like to see you try!

Billy: [to the Delightful Children] Excuse me. Are you in line for the bathroom?
Delightful Children From Down the Lane: Why, no. [shows Billy the Delightfulization Chamber, mistaking it for the bathroom] Go right ahead.
Billy: Thank you! [runs into the chamber]
DCFDTL: You're wel– [finally notices] Hey! That's not a bathroom!

Numbuh 5: Is everyone okay?
Delightful Children: Yes! I can feel the power going through me! I can feel the–
Billy: Hey! Can you slow down? This talking at the same time is really hard.
Numbuh 3: OOH! ooh! I want to try talking at the same time too!
Billy and the Delightful Childen: That can be arranged, for you can be first to be assimilated by.. THE DELIGHTFUL REAPER!
Numbuh 3: Wait, start over! I wasn't ready!
Numbuh 5: Come on back to the ship! [Numbuh 2 has just been assimilated by the delightful reaper] NUMBUH 2!!
Delightful Reaper: He's only the first one to be assimilated by us. [Numbuh 2 joined the Delightful Reaper] Soon all children will assimilate!

Numbuh 5: What in the heck is going on around here, and where is Numbuh 362?!?
Mandy: She seemed to have caught the same virus as you did, so I had her quarantine in the med lab. In the meantime, I'll be taking over as supreme commander.
Numbuh 4: Yeah, and we get to be Numbuh 1's personal guards!
Numbuh 5: I keep telling ya' all that is not Numbah 1!
Mandy: You're obviously sicker then I thought, and whatever it is you've got, it's spreading. So in order to contain it my first order as the leader is that I'll now be referred to as... Mandy.
Numbuh 5: Mandy? (That's you real name?) That's the stupidest name tha–
Mandy: And not only that, (but) until a cure can be found, the KND will be renamed... the MND.
Numbuh 3: The "Mean Nasty Doggies"?
Numbuh 4: The "Big Rubber Toilets"? (No, wait. That would be BRT.)
Mandy: No, you dolts! "Mandy New Dictator".

Computer Voice: Mandy New Dictator, M.A.N.R.O.B.O.T. - Monkeys and Nice Doggies relax on Bodies of Turtles.
Mandy: What kind of (2x4 technology) acronym is that?
Numbuh 3: Well, if you weren't in such a rush, maybe I would have come up with a better one!
Billy: Hiya, Mandy! Did you came to assimimamamalate, or whatever is we're doing?

Operation: G.I.R.L.F.R.I.E.N.D. [6.16][edit]

Numbuh 1 Shut up and let me say I'm sorry.

Operation: C.A.R.A.M.E.L. [6.17][edit]

Numbuh 5: Hey Heiny, Hard to believe it's five years since the last time we were here in Guatemala. Ah, just a couple of candy hunters after the ultimate prize, and I see you're doing it again. Haven't you learn you lesson?

Heinrich Von Marzipan: Zis time, it is different, zis time it's to get back, vhat I lost. You see, I found out how.

Numbuh 5: Really?

Heinrich Von Marzipan: Ja, und I could use you help. If you could chust hand me vone uf zose bags uf sugar, I'll finish ze circle, und all vill be as it vas.

Numbuh 5: Of course, Heinrich. Anything I can do to help.

Numbuh 5: Heinrich, Just share with me, I promise and all will be ok?

Heinrich Von Marzipan: Vhy should I believe you?

Numbuh 5: Because, You're more important to me than candies.

Heinrich Von Marzipan: I, I vas so beautiful.

Numbuh 5: And then you will be again, I swear it, now come on!

Numbuh 2: Hey Numbuh 5, who's your friend? Oh what a fox?

Numbuh 5: This is Henrietta Von Marzipan. She an old friend of mine.

Henrietta Von Marzipan: Who must now go to help undo ze wrongs I haff done. Zanks for not giving up on me, Abigail. Until ve meet again! Auf Wiedersehen!

Numbuh 5: Be good, Heiny!

Operation: M.O.O.N. [6.18][edit]

Operation: T.R.E.A.T.Y. [6.19][edit]

Numbuh Infinity: (fixes his bow tie) This calls for some diplomacy. *ahem* Get him!

(Numbuh 1's about to shoot Chad)

Numbuh 5: No! Don't do it!

Numbuh 1: Why not?! Give me one reason why I shouldn't finish this traitor once and for all!

Numbuh 5: Because... he's one of us!

Numbuh 1: He's what?

Chad: I'm still a Kids Next Door operative. I always have been!

Numbuh 1: You expect me to believe that? After all the things you've done?!

Chad: Everything I've done is been to help the Kids Next Door!

Numbuh 1: Yeah right! Trying to send the moon base into the sun really helped us!

Chad: Cree was on her way to do the same thing, so I have to stop her! And today I was trying to warn Numbuh Infinity about the teens' trap, until you had to come and blow my cover! Practically every mission you and Sector V did, I was right there, helping from the sidelines... and you didn't even know it. But they still picked you instead of me!

Numbuh 1: Who picked me? The splinter cell?

Chad: There is no splinter cell you dupe! They just use that to cover their tracks!

Numbuh 1: W-Who did?

Chad: There are others. Others that Numbuh 362 doesn't even know about. Higher up than her... higher up than us teenage operatives.

(After Nigel had successfully defeated the training robot; Numbuh 274 claps his hands)

Nigel: Numbuh 274, sir!

Numbuh 274: At ease, cadet. You handled that O.C.T.O.-P.A.D.D.L.E.R. pretty well. But do you have what it takes to fight me?

Nigel: Fight you, sir? No way!

Numbuh 274: I don't recall giving you a choice, cadet. (attacks Numbuh 1)

(Numbuh 1 and Chad being handcuffed together; being sent to the Arctic Prison)

Numbuh 1: (while fighting) What are you and Infinity up to? Tell me!

Chad: Listen kiddo, the absolute last person I want to be handcuffed to right now is you! And the only thing keeping me from bucking your block off is I don't want to drag your unconscious butt around when I bust out of here!

Numbuh 1: Just where do you think you're going?

Chad: To stop that treaty.

Numbuh 1: Huh?

Chad: And unfortunately, wherever I go, you go! Now if you don't mind, it's time to rock! (plugs on super noisy music)

(after crashing the ship)

Numbuh 1: (sarcastically) That was brilliant Chad! Any other ways of getting us killed aside from crashing our ship into a mountain?!

Chad: Well, at least I got us out so I can stop that treaty!

Numbuh 1: (stops Chad) And what makes you think I'll help you do that?

Chad: Because it's a trap! (pulls Numbuh 1)

Numbuh 1: Well of course it's a trap! But then... why would you want to stop it? Unless... you're been double-crossed as well! Of course! The splinter cell's goal is to read the world of all adults. So it makes sense to include you teenagers as well.

Chad: (sarcastically) Brilliant deduction. Now will you shut your yap? We're here. (stops in a grocery in the middle of the deserted place)

Numbuh 1: A mini mart?! (sarcastically) Well! I'm so glad you got us here. Now we can stuck up on microwave breetles and slashies!

Chad: Just sit down.

Numbuh 1: Oo, that's an even more brilliant idea! Hanging out at the parking lot which will get us in a huge-parking carrier real fast!

Chad: I said sit down and shut up! (pulls down Numbuh 1)

Numbuh 74.239: (in a voice changer) Nigel Uno is finally ready.

Numbuh Infinity: Agreed. It is time to take him away. (gets witty) But enough with the voice-changer things already!

Numbuh 74.239: Aaaww, but it makes me sound so cool! (in a voice-changer; mimics Darth Vader) Nigel Uno, I am your father.

Numbuh Infinity: Give me that! (takes away voice-changer)

Operation: I.N.T.E.R.V.I.E.W.S. [6.20][edit]

Adult Abigail Lincoln: Right here?
Interviewer: Yeah, that's great. Just great. So, do you know why we brought you here?
Adult Abigail Lincoln: Well, it's something about when I was a child, right?
Interviewer: Exactly. When you were younger, you were a part of a secret organization to fight for kids' rights. But after you turned 13, you and your teammates had all memories at that time erased in the process called
Interviewer: [first lines] Please sit down. [an adult version of Numbuh 5 walks in] 'decommissioning'.
Adult Abigail Lincoln: Oh, I remember now. Yeah.
Interviewer: That's because we've found a way to temporarily reverse the process, so we can ask you some questions.
Adult Abigail Lincoln: Questions, about what?
Interviewer: About your last mission and what happened to Numbuh 1.
Adult Abigail Lincoln: Who?
Interviewer: Nigel Uno, your sector leader. You never saw him again after that mission.
Adult Abigail Lincoln: Well, I'm not sure I remember all that.
Interviewer: Then, start at the beginning. Tell me what you do remember.
Adult Abigail Lincoln: Well, it was... it was the Delightful Children's birthday. And as always, they was gonna have the most delicious birthday cake in the whole world and they wouldn't share with anybody. Nobody knew when they was going to eat it. But Numbuh 1 thought that if he could get a trace on them, that'll lead us right to the cake. (the flashback begins)

Interviewer: A car carrier for cruise ships? Well, where were you when this was going on, Numbuh 3?
Adult Kuki Sanban: (first lines, furious) My name is Kuki. And I was following the carrier in one of those death-trap vehicles we used to ride around here, and my dimwitted husband who was...
Adult Hoagie Gilligan: (first lines) I was...! Was I... wait. W-Where was I?

Interviewer: Did you catch them, Numbuh 4?
Adult Wallaby Beatles: (first lines) Well, they were going pretty fast, not as fast as my care nowadays mind you, but they had the petal to the metal.

Numbuh 362: Numbuh 1, you let the Delightful Children get away!
Numbuh 1: Don't worry, sir! We'll catch them. Come on, team!
Numbuh 362: No, just forget it.
Numbuh 5: But what about the cake?
Numbuh 362: Look. I think it's time to take you guys off the case.
Numbuh 1: What?! My sector is always in charge of liberating the cake from those Delightful dorks!
Numbuh 363: And it's your sector that always loses it! I mean, have you clowns ever gotten the cake back in one piece?
Numbuh 2: Well, yeah! Once.
Numbuh 4: And just who the crud are you, beaver-teeth?!
Numbuh 362: He's my brother.
Numbuh 4: (realizes) R-Right... your brother... I-I can see the family resemblance.

Numbuh 362: You and your team are off this mission, Numbuh 1. Is that clear?
Numbuh 1: B-But...!
Numbuh 362: Is that clear?!
Numbuh 363: (tauntingly) Yeah, Numbuh 1, is that clear?
Numbuh 1: (forcefully) Yesss...
Numbuh 362: Good. Sector W, it's your show now. So go get us that cake!
Sector W: Yes, sir!
Adult Abigail Lincoln: Numbuh 1 took getting kicked off the mission pretty hard. We tried to cheer him up, but he wouldn't have any.
Interviewer: So what did you do next?
Adult Abigail Lincoln: Only thing we could do, go back to the tree house and you're never going to believe what we found there.

Numbuh 3: Wow, Numbuh 1! Numbuh 363 was totally right! We never have got the cake back in one piece!
Numbuh 2: We did once!
Numbuh 3: Really? I don't remember! Hmm, let's see. There was the time we blew it up by accident, and oh, we sent it to the wood chipper that other time... Oh, oh! And remember when the birdies pooped on it? (laughs) Remember that one, Numbuh 1?
Numbuh 1: (Had enough) YES! THANK YOU FOR THE MEMORIES!!!

(upon finding the DCFDTL in their tree-house)
Numbuh 1: Kids Next Door, battle sta-- (gets trapped by Father's flame)
Father: No, no, no, cut! You Kids Next Door are not in my script! (groans in frustration) But, on the other hand, you might just be what this picture needs!
Numbuh 1: (to Father) Father! What are you doing in our tree house?!
Father: Just indulging my more artistic side by producing...the mega-blockbuster movie of the century!
DCFDTL: And we're the stars! It's called, "Let us eat cake", and once it's complete, jealous kids worldwide will get to see us enjoying our delicious birthday cake on the big screen! And what better backdrop for us to savor it in than your stupid tree house?!?!?!
Numbuh 4: (as the DCFDTL laugh evilly) Oh, man! It ain't gonna be one of those chick flicks, is it?!
Father: (gets in Numbuh 4's face, enraged) ENOUGH!!!!!! (to DCFDTL) We must film before the muse escapes me! Alright, my stars, in this scene, you will unveil the cake! I want to feel the passion between you and its "scrum-dilly-yumminess": The electricity, the LOVE! (to his working crew) Quiet on the set! Places! AAAAAAAAND....Action!
DCFDTL: (acting in a love scene) At last, we are alone, my love. I have yearned too long to taste your frosty icing. (the scene cuts to Sector V struggling in the fiery hands) Come to me, my tasty-- (the DCFDTL pulls off the sheet, revealing Numbuh 74.239 with a beach umbrella and a table with a fruit drink, making them all scream in shock)
Numbuh 74.239: (smirking) Hello.
Numbuh 1: (in surprise) NUMBUH 74.239?! What are YOU doing here?!
Father: (enraged) Cut, CUT, CUUUT!!!!! (bursts into flames) YOU ARE RUINING MY SCENE!!!
DCFDTL: (points to Numbuh 74.239, angrily) AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH MY CAKE?!?!?!
Numbuh 74.239: Oh, we took it, but I assure you, it is quite safe. (slurps his fruit drink) Mmmmm!
Father: (enraged) HOW DARE YOU??!!??!!

Adult Hoagie Gilligan: After that, 74.239 ordered Father to release us or he'd destroy the cake.
Adult Wallaby Beatles: He told us to meet him the very next morning in the old, abandoned amusement park! (thinks) I forgot what it was called...
Adult Kuki Sanban: "The Rainbow Monkey Let's Learn About the Lavatory Fun Park". Can you believe they tried to make a theme park based on potty-training? The minute I took over the Rainbow Monkey Corporation, I tore the place down. Just to stop the smell.
Adult Abigailk Lincoln: 74.239 told us he would explain his little test once we got there, for the place was deserted.

Numbuh 4: What part of you is your sister gonna recognize after I get done rearranging your... (Sector W aimed at him)
Numbuh 84: Not cool.
Numbuh 5: 'Not cool' is right! You better get your yo-yo out of my teammate's face!

The Toiletnator: Hi guys! (KND aimed at him) Hey, don't point those things at me!
Mr. Boss: Oh, jeeze, it's The Toiletnator.

Announcer Nick: And the person or team with the highest point total by 8 o'clock will win the Delightful Children's mouth-watering tasty-licious birthday cake.

Numbuh 1: Look at this list! We'll never get enough of these things to win! Might as well just quit now.
Numbuh 5: Hello? Has anybody seen Numbuh 1 around here? 'Cause this guy definitely isn't here.
Numbuh 3: Sure he is! Look, he's got the bald head, and the glasses...
Numbuh 5: ...and he's talking about giving up! That's not the Nigel Uno Numbuh 5 knows!
Numbuh 3: Then who is it? Cause he looks like Numbuh 1 to me!

Numbuh 4: So that runt finished a couple of dumb missions. We've completed tons! We're practically veter and arians.
Numbuh 2: Veterans.
Numbuh 4: Yeah, that too.

Numbuh 5: Look. You know we can win the cake and have fun doing it! But even if we fail, there's going to be other missions! And as long as we're all together, that's all that matters. So who's with me? Five!
Numbuh 4: Four!
Numbuh 3: Three!
Numbuh 2: Two!
Numbuh 1: One! Thanks guys.

Numbuh 1: ...And Numbuh 2...
Numbuh 2: Yes sir!
Numbuh 1: Stir the ship, we're about to hit the mountain.

Limburger Lips: You dare challenge me?!
Numbuh 86: Bring it on, Limburger Lips!
Limburger Lips: AAARGGHH!! (both throw a little ball and tried to shoot it in one of the fishbowls, but failed)
Both: Aaaw!

Announcer Nick: Boys and girls, we have an exclusive interview here, Numbuh 1, your team is in dead last. You've been spanked by Spankulot, yelled at by Numbuh 362, and embarrassed by her little brother.
Numbuh 1: (irritated) Is there a question in there?
Announcer Nick: Indeed there is. The world is dying to know: Will you go to Numbuh 363's funeral?
Numbuh 1: Huh? What'd you mean?
Announcer Chip: Haven't you heard? Numbuh 363 is going after the item worth the most points ever!
Announcer Chip and Nick: (dramatically) Father's pipe!

Numbuh 1: What are you doing here? Father is way out of your lead!
Numbuh 363: Don't touch me! Don't ever touch me! And if you think I'm letting you get to Father's pipe before I do, you're crazy!
Numbuh 5: We're not here for the pipe, kid!
Numbuh 4: Yeah, we're here to rescue your big, dumb squirrel teeth!
Numbuh 363: I don't need rescuing! Especially from a couple of hasbeens like you old farts!
Numbuh 4: (gasps) Come here, you! (tries to attack Numbuh 363, but his team holds him back)
Numbuh 83: Look, why don't we all just get out of here before Father hears us?
Numbuh 363: Whose side are you on, Sonya?
Numbuh 83: Everyone's! We're all supposed to be on the same team!
Numbuh 363: Fine! Go, then! I'll do this alone!
Numbuh 1: (pats his shoulder) You've got a lot to learn about teamwork, 363.
Numbuh 363: (fired up) Don't... TOUCH ME!!!!
Father: (wakes up, in shock) Huh? What? What?! Hey, who's there?!

Adult Abigail Lincoln: Months later, when I became Supreme Commander of the KND, I had to order Numbuh 363's decommissioning! Not because he got too old, but because of his 'freaking out!' whenever someone touched him!
Adult Wallaby Beatles: In light-man's parliaments, he went 200% bananas. Reminds me of a fellow student botching a liver biopsy in my second year at med school at Harvard.
Interviewer: So, what happened next?
Adult Hoagie Gilligan: (wakes up after snoring) Well, surprising to say, Father was not happy finding us in his house. (returns to the past)
Father: (furiously) I AM NOT HAPPY FINDING YOU IN MY HOUSE!!!!!!

Numbuh 83: Numbuh 363, are you all right?
Numbuh 363: (in pain, happily) I won! I got the pipe!
Numbuh 83: (angrily shocked) Is that all you can think about?! Sector V just saved your life, and all you say is I WON?!?!?! Gimme that! (takes the pipe from Numbuh 363's hand, then turns to Numbuh 1, happily) Here, Numbuh 1. You deserve this more than us.
Numbuh 363: (in defeat) NOOO...!
Numbuh 84: (shoves his yo-yo into Numbuh 363's mouth, angrily) Cork it, Harvey!

Numbuh 4: Looks like Father's coming back!
Numbuh 5: That's right, so get going, Numbuh 1! We'll hold him off!
Numbuh 1: No way! My place is with you, guys.
Numbuh 2: We'll take care of it, just go. And make sure you save us some cake when you win.
Numbuh 1: But what about --
Numbuh 3: Just go already! (pushes Numbuh 1) Hmph! Does that guy want a personalized invitation or something?!
Interviewer: So, Numbuh 1 went back to the amusement park, right?
Adult Abigail Lincoln: Yep, for a one last battle with the Delightful Children. (laughs) I'm waiting you to hear about it.

DCFDTL: It's over, Nigel Uno! You're finished! It's the end. Say it...
Numbuh 1: (unimpressed) No.
Numbuh 1: (sadly) I... I... can't.
DCFDTL: WHY NOT?!!?!! (a passing sign that says "Welcome to New Jersey" appears)
Numbuh 1: Because...(bravely smiling) the Kids Next Door will never end! (he jumps, grabs Father's pipe while grabbing the bottom of the sign, leaving the DCFDTL behind)
DCFDTL: (in defeat) NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! (they all sigh sadly until they notice that there's a gap in the ride, causing them to all fall while screaming into the huge toilet bowl and into a deep hole below)
Numbuh 1: I always wondered how those guys went to the bathroom together.

(upon seeing the GKND spaceship)
Numbuh 1: The cake... it's... beautiful...
Numbuh 74.239: No, that's not the cake! This is! (brings out a small cupcake and eats it) It's a bit small, but it might just be the best one yet!
Numbuh 1: But if that's the cake, then what's that?
Numbuh 74.239: A spaceship of course! Now come on, we don't have much time.

Numbuh 1: Numbuh 74.239, will you please tell me what exactly is going on around here?!
Numbuh 74.239: Don't you get it yet? You've been chosen to join the Galactic Kids Next Door! Only one kid from every planet's picked, and you're it!

Numbuh 74.239: You don't think Earth is the only place where adult tyranny needs to be fought, do you? Why, on some planets, children have 37 parents instead of just 2!

Numbuh 74.239: We need kids like you to help us learn about planets that have been infected!
Numbuh 1: Infected? By what?
Numbuh 74.239: By adulthood. The horrible truth Nigel, is that adulthood is a disease! Sweeping the universe in an alarming rate! Without galactic-level operatives, more and more planets where kids rule will fall. By joining us, you won't be saving a neighborhood, or even a planet from adult tyranny. You will be saving the universe.
Numbuh 1: I... I understand. Just tell me when I'll be back.
Numbuh 74.239: Back? You can't ever come back.
Numbuh 1: What? But what about my family? What about my friends?
Numbuh 74.239: Your friends can't ever know. I know it's hard, but earth people just aren't ready to know about the galactic fight against adulthood! If you honor what your friends are fighting for, you'll make that sacrifice.

Numbuh 1: Dad?! Mom?! What are you doing here?
Mrs. Uno: We came to see you off, dear.
Numbuh 1: Mom, you know about all this? About the Kids Next Door?
Mrs. Uno: Well of course! They were nice enough to recommission Numbuh 0 (Monty Uno) and me to say goodbye.
Numbuh 1: You were a Kids Next Door operative TOO?!?!?!
Monty Uno: Only the first girl operative on the seventh day of the Kids Next Door, Numbuh 999 herself. And now you're going to be the first earth operative in the Galactic Kids Next Door. Do you have any idea how proud we are of you?
Mrs. Uno: Now run along and promise to stay away from all those black holes and exploding supernovas, all right?
Numbuh 1: I promise, mom.

Numbuh 1: H-How did you know I was leaving?
Numbuh 2: Well, science nerds kind of stink in keeping secrets from each other. So I put together some stuff for your trip. All the essentials. Yipper comics, a couple of boxes of chewy pellets, some new 2x4 tech stuff I've been working on... (cries) probably useless compared to what these galactic guys have, but... you never know.
Numbuh 1: I'm sure your inventions will be way better, Hoagie.
Numbuh 2: I wish we were going with you... everything's going to be new and exciting for you, and everything here is going to be the same... except you won't be with us...
Numbuh 1: I'll be with you. Even if I'm a million, trillion miles away. Goodbye, old friend.
Numbuh 2: Good luck, Nigel.

Numbuh 3: (cheerfully) So... what are we going to do tomorrow, Numbuh 1?
Numbuh 1: Uh... I'm not going to be here, Numbuh 3.
Numbuh 3: Oh. Then what about the day after that?
Numbuh 1: Uh, let me explain, Kuki...
Numbuh 3: (still cheerfully) Oh, I know you're leaving, silly! What do you think I am? An airhead or something?
Numbuh 1: (smiles, then says gently) Never for a second.
Numbuh 3: (tears in her eyes) We're going to miss you a lot, Numbuh 1.
Numbuh 1: (tears in his eyes) I'm going to miss you too, Kuki. (Numbuh 3 kisses Numbuh 1 on the head)

Numbuh 4: So, this is it then, Huh? You're leaving us?!
Numbuh 1: Wally, it's not like that.
Numbuh 4: Yeah I know, I know, you got to go save space kids up in Canada and stuff, but what about us here on Earth, we need you too, you know!
Numbuh 1: I guess the Kids Next Door think they need me more out there.
Numbuh 4: (tears in his eyes, angrily) Yeah well, if you need any help you'll call right, cause you know we'll come running, right?!
Numbuh 1: (tears in his eyes) Of course I know. You take care, okay?
Numbuh 4: (calmly walks away) Yeah, see you.

Numbuh 5: Look at you. Best operative on the planet. And to think I had to convince you not to quit this morning.
Numbuh 1: If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be in the Kids Next Door in the first place.
Numbuh 5: Oh, please. They wouldn't find out eventually. I mean, this guys did. Look, are you sure you want to do this? You don't have to go!
Numbuh 1: You know I can't pass this up, Abby. You're only a kid once, right? So this means you're in charge of Sector V again. (hands sunglasses)
Numbuh 5: Oh, no, no, no... Nu-uh-uh-uh!
Numbuh 1: I'm not giving you a choice this time. Who else is going to take care of the guys?
Numbuh 5: B-But...!
Numbuh 1: Abby, we both know you're the only one on this team with a real common sense. While I'm screaming that we're being invaded by tiny kid-eating leeches falling from the sky, you're the one telling me it's only snowing. You're a way better leader than I ever was. So lead the Sector V.
Numbuh 5: (teary-eyed) But... it won't be the Sector V... without you...
Numbuh 1: It was before, and will be after.

Numbuh 1: All right guys, listen up. Even if we'll never see each other again, just promise me one thing, that you'll never grow up. Even if you are 100 years old and don't remember a thing about our times together, you'll still be a kid at heart, okay? So who's with me!
Numbuh 5: 5! (puts hand out)
Numbuh 4: 4! (puts hand on top of Numbuh 5's hand)
Numbuh 3: 3! (puts hand on top)
Numbuh 2: 2! (puts hand on top)
Numbuh 1: 1! (puts hand on top and smiles) KIDS NEXT DOOR! (group hugs) goodbye...
Father: (stomping with rage into the Splinter Cell) NIGEL UNO!! I AM DONE PLAYING GAMES WITH YOU, BOY!! GIVE MY BACK MY PIPE THIS...!!!! (enters the Splinter Cell, only to find everything and everyone gone) No. No! (screaming in defeat) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (the scene pans up to where the spaceship flies into space and out of sight)

Adult Kuki Sanban: (voice breaking) And that was the last time we saw Numbuh 1. We all missed him so much... but I think Wally took the hardest.
Adult Wallaby Beatles: Yeah, I sure did... (to Hoagie, angrily) And would you mind hugging your own wife instead of mine?!
Adult Hoagie Gilligan: (backs away from Kuki, shocked) Hey! You're not Abby.

Adult Abigail Lincoln: (voice breaking) And that's all I remember. Everything is getting kind of fuzzy again, but I hope I have answered all your questions.
Interviewer: Oh, you've helped me all right... (reveals himself to be Father)
Father: ...Now I know where Numbuh 1 is! (burst into flames)

Adult Abigail: (answers the phone as she enters the P.I.P.E.R., final lines) Hello? Yeah. We told him everything he wanted to hear. We'll meet you up on the moon base, okay? Oh, and Numbuh 1... welcome back.

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