Constantine: City of Demons

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Constantine: City of Demons is an American animated web series from executive producers Greg Berlanti and David S. Goyer. It is based on the DC Comics character John Constantine, a demon hunter and occult detective.


Butler: Enter freely... and of your own free will... Ah I've always wanted to say that.

John: If I'm working for you, I want a fat salary, and a swanky hotel.
Beroul: Done... Now get out, it's time for The Young and the Restless. And I never miss it

[Being chased by demon dogs.]
Chas: Who sent them?!
John: One of Beroul's competitors, no doubt. Wants to stop me before I stop them.
Chas: Can't you just, I don't know. Magic them away!?
John: Who the hell do you think I am, Benedict bloody Cumberbatch.


  • Matt Ryan as John Constantine:
  • Damian O'Hare as Chas Chandler
  • Laura Bailey as Asa the Healer / Nightmare Nurse, Trish
  • Emily O'Brien as Renee Chandler
  • Rachel Kimsey as The Queen of Angels Angela
  • Robin Atkin Downes as Butler, Nergal
  • Jim Meskimen as Beroul / Nergal, Cheleb, Quedbas
  • Kevin Michael Richardson as Mahonin
  • Rick D. Wasserman as Mictlantecuhtl

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