Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran

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The Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran abolished the Constitution of 1906. The 1979 Constitution dates 24 October 1979 and is in force since 3 December 1979 Significant amendments were adopted on 28 July 1989


  • ...there shall be security against deviation by various organizations ("The course of affairs is in the hands of those who know God and who are trustworthy in matters having to do with what he permits and forbids") - Quotation from the Arabic.
  • Since the language of the Qur'an and Islamic texts and teachings is Arabic, and since Persian literature is thoroughly permeated by this language, it must be taught after elementary level, in all classes of secondary school and in all areas of study.
  • The Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran must be an Islamic Army, i.e., committed to Islamic ideology and the people, and must recruit into its service individuals who have faith in the objectives of the Islamic Revolution and are devoted to the cause of realizing its goals.

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