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David William Bone (22 June 1874– 17 May 1959) was a Scottish Commodore and author of nautical fiction. His work includes The Brassbounder about a brassbounder, a young apprentice on a British Merchant ship


  • It's 'Damn you, Jack - I'm all right!' with you chaps.
    • The Brassbounder (1910), Chapter 3. 1910, Chambers Dictionary of Quotations, p. 139
  • When the anchor is off the ground and the ship begins a voyage one of the first orders is "a hand aloft to the lookout."
    • The Lookoutman (1923), Chapter 1, Getting under Way, p. 23
  • The maritime importance of a nation in the ways of commerce is not wholly measured by the numbers and tonnage of fast and luxurious steamships possessed, but rather by the countless smaller and perhaps unimposing vessels that carry its national flag to remote places.
    • The Lookoutman (1923), Chapter 6, Tramp Steamers, p. 97
  • When an ocean voyage is drawing to an end and the passengers are busily employed in their preparations for disembarking, the lookoutman's bell rings out with unusual frequency.
    • The Lookoutman (1923), Chapter 10, Fishing Craft, p. 151

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