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Deadly Premonition, known as Red Seeds Profile (レッドシーズプロファイル?) in Japan, is an open world, survival horror video game developed by Access Games for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


York:George, which do you prefer, mustard or hot sauce?
George Woodman: Shut your crap, York.
Generic zombie: Donn'tt waanttt to dieeee.....
York: Did you see that, Zach?! Clear as a crisp spring morning! F.K... In the coffee!
York: Do you feel it, Zach? My coffee warned me about it.
York: The balance of milk and butter you've achieved here... oh my...
York: Now that is a good biscuit. I've never tasted a biscuit this delicious.
York: She'll think you're a psycho. Don't want that, do we Zach?"
Emily Watt: Didn't think you'd keep me waiting in the rain so long.
York: Zach, there goes the civilized world.
York: Zach, she's quite the philosopher, isn't she? Then again, death makes everyone a philosopher.

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