Dear Mr. Gacy

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Dear Mr. Gacy is a 2010 film based on the memoirs of Jason Moss a college student who corresponded with serial killer John Wayne Gacy to get him to reveal why he killed. It stars William Forsythe as John Wayne Gacy and Jesse Moss as Jason Moss.

Jason Moss[edit]

  • I'm gonna write a letter to John Wayne Gacy. I'm gonna get information out of him that no one else that has been able to. Not the police, the not FBI, not even his own wife. I'm gonna get inside this guy's head.


[Telephone rings]
Jason Moss: Hello?
Operator: I have a collect call from inmate John Gacy from the Menard Correctional Center will you accept the charges?
Jason Moss: Operator I accept!
Operator: Go ahead please.
John Wayne Gacy: What's up buddy?

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