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Devil (also known as The Night Chronicles: Devil) is a United States 2010 supernatural horror film based on a story by M. Night Shyamalan and is the first of The Night Chronicles trilogy. Centering on five people trapped in a lift following a mysterious suicide, who begin to realise the Devil is among them as they start to mysteriously die.

Directed by John Erick Dowdle. Screenplay by Brian Nelson
Bad Things Happen For A Reason taglines

Jane Kowski ("Old Woman")[edit]

  • [Last Lines] Damn I really wanted you
  • You think you can be forgiven?
  • You think this will make you good? You're not good.
  • You think you can make up for the choices you made?
  • Whores, liars, cheaters, & deserters: all in the same.
  • Is he picking a fight?

Ben Larson ("Guard")[edit]

  • What was that?
  • (To mechanic) It wont work, not until there dead for a few hours.

Sarah Caraway (Young woman)[edit]

  • Are you threatening me? (towards the Mechanic)
  • It feels like something *bit* me!
  • Turn on the lights!
  • Oh my god, it is you. (towards the Mechanic)
  • Please dont let him kill me Ben.
  • Do i look like such a threat?

It hurts.

  • Dont come near me, any of you.

And what will be your defense? Huh? She killed them all, so i had to kill her?


You take me down, they're pinning all of this on you.

Ill put this down if you do too.

I think someone pulled my blouse.

Well this is reassuring.

Wheres Ramsey? He knows me.

Im Sarah.

What is that.

Hes trying to escape.

Keep him away from me.

Do you seriously think i would do this to myself?

Ive never seen a person die.

Vince McCormick (Mattress Salesman)[edit]

  • When's the last time you heard somebody say 'hang tough'?
  • Oh, this is not good...

Anthony "Tony" Janekowski (Mechanic)[edit]

  • Must be working on the power again.
  • Yeah ! I spent some time in Afghanistan..
  • Ooh-rah
  • If I can get up there, I can maybe figure out what's wrong with this thing.
  • I'am a mechanic. I'm pretty good with this sort of thing..
  • They cant hear you. We BOTH know who did this."towards Sarah"


  • Ramirez: [voiceover] When I was a child, my mother would tell me a story about how the Devil roams the Earth. Sometimes, she said, he would take human form so he could punish the damned on Earth before claiming their souls. The ones he chose would be gathered together and tortured as he hid amongst them, pretending to be one of them. I always believed my mother was telling me an old wives' tale.
  • Ramirez: [voiceover] My mother's story would always begin the same way, with a suicide paving the way for the Devil's arrival. And it would always end with the deaths of all those trapped.
  • Ramirez: When he's near, everything goes wrong. Toast falls jelly-side down, children hit tables, and people get hurt.
  • Ramirez: [seeing ghostly face on monitor] You see it?
  • Lustig: Yeah, look, that's just... That's just grain in the image. That's, you know, it's a mistake. It's like when people see Jesus in a pancake or something.
  • Lustig: [Over radio] What did you say?
  • Detective Bowden: Any luck with the elevator company?
  • Detective Markowitz: They're out of business.
  • Detective Bowden: I guess that figures.
  • Detective Bowden: An apology note left at the site of a hit and run. My wife and son were killed out on Bethlaham Pike five years ago, but that's OK, because whoever did it is *sorry*. You can tell by the heartfelt apology on the back of a carwash coupon.


  • Detective Bowden: So no, I don't believe in the Devil. You don't need him, people are bad enough by themselves.
  • Business Bureau Clerk: It's not our policy to discuss cases under review.
  • Business Bureau Clerk: The line would stretch around the block. The guy was a real scumbag.
  • Detective Bowden: According to your story, how would I save them?



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