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Dilip Sankarreddy, 2011

Dilip Sankarreddy (born 1981) is an Indian politician, social worker, business professional, environmentalist and poet. He is the winner of World Bank India Development Marketplace Award in 2007.


  • Honest politics needs honest money.
    • From his fundraising speech in 2012 as part of his "Dilip for Malkajgiri" campaign.
  • The greatest tragedy of the current Indian politics is the lack of public participation in political donations.
    • From the 2013 speech at the Harvard India Conference conducted by Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School of Government at Boston, USA.
    • Great Andhra, 2013. (retrieved Apr. 29, 2013)
  • I want to make it very expensive for the other political parties to compete. I want them to feel the pinch. Even if I don't win, if they win, I will make it very hard for them to make money. So, they will be splurging lot more than what they are doing right now, and in addition to that, they will not be able to make more money than what they are doing right now. That means, the business of politics will not be so opportunistic any more.

Song of a Bard and Other Poems (2005)[edit]

  • Let me remain a traveler
    Searching my meaning ever.
    Let me remain a poet
    Singing my reason simple.
    • From the poem Let me remain a poet

Wanderings with Poetry (2007)[edit]

  • A tired flying bird
    Has to perch somewhere to rest.
    So should my old knees.
  • “I have friends among beggars
    And can speak their language.
    I have friends among rulers
    And can understand their strategies.
    So fear not, o stranger,
    That you may be misunderstood,
    Speak your heart of your trouble
    And trust me to help solve it.”

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