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Dirty Bomb, formerly known as Extraction, is a free to play first-person shooter multiplayer video game set in London after a radiological attack. It was developed by Splash Damage and initially published by Nexon America for Microsoft Windows, and the open beta version was released in June 2015.



I do Crowd Control. I'm like a traffic cop. Just with a machine gun. And Grenades. And I don't give out tickets, I...you know what, bad analogy


I specialize in bang. Is more than job. Is ART. Also job.


You get what you pay for. I am the best. So I cost more. This is natural.
I'm Fletcher. You can call me... Fletcher
Here you go, no charge for you... OH WAIT, EXPLOSIVE CHARGE!


I'd tell you what I think of you, but there aren't enough asterisks in the world to print it.


Why won't people just see me for who I am, and not for the colossally destructive weapons satellite I control?
Too bad, so sad, you're dead to me, you're sashimi
I'm feeling Genki!


I'll bomb you back into, well, any age you fancy really!
Don't let your gun go hungry. Feed it. Feeeeed it..


Aura the Medic, yadda yadda, heals the ill, shoots the healthy - are we done?
Aura's the name, healing's the…hell, it ain't no game. Serious business!


With one hand I save life, with the other I take it... Actually it's the same hand, but that don't sound as good.


Call me Sparks. I heal. I kill. Is ironic paradox. Yadda Yadda.
I am back! Like movie sequel!


I'm a sniper. I'm sniper-er than the other snipers. I'm the sniper-est sniper there is.
The only reason I ever miss is lag

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