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Drew Gerald (June 16, 1987) is an American author and contemporary spiritual teacher. He is most known for his self-help books and the creator of the therapeutic modality Cinesomatics[1].


  • You only struggle because you're ready to grow but aren't willing to let go.
  • In the stillness, everything happens. In the silence, everything is said.
  • Om is said to be a four-syllable word in Sanskrit, originally as AUM. A, the waking state. U, the dream state. M, the unconscious state. And the fourth, the silence that surrounds it—wherefrom everything arises and whereto everything inevitably returns. It is the silence that surrounds om that contains everything. It is the silence in your own life that contains and gives birth to everything you have, and everything you will ever need. It is this same silence we avoid, overlook, and disregard as nothing. The white space of life we abhor. We fill our lives with noise, drama, screens, people, and “stuff” to avoid the void that reminds us of our truth—that beyond flesh that once was not, and will inescapably become not, we are eternal.
  • When you're ready, nothing can stop you. If something's stopping you, you're not ready.
  • Deviation from perfection is the beauty of human experience.
  • Surrender is not submission; it is a letting go not a giving in.
  • Love is simultaneously the message, medium, method, meaning, and messenger—it is both the origin and destination.

Why You're Still Stuck: How to Break Through and Awaken to Your True Self (2020)[edit]

  • Everything serves, even what doesn’t.
    • p. 18
  • The truth requires no defense.
    • p. 51
  • There’s a difference between intellect and intelligence. Noise propagates the former, silence the latter. Intellect is inherited; intelligence is inherent.
    • p. 64
  • You cannot suffer your way to joy—you must enjoy yourself to joy.
    • p. 103
  • When we fight the universe, it fights us. When we yield to the universe, it yields to us. When we accept ourselves as-is, we accept the universe as-is. When we accept what-is, we have peace.
    • p. 105
  • Your humanity is your divinity.
    • p. 108
  • I realized that true hope is the recognition that you can save yourself. That you can bring yourself out of your own suffering.
    • p. 162
  • All feedback is love. There is no “good” or “bad” feedback—it’s just information.
    • p. 227
  • The spiritual practice isn’t about rejecting darkness—it’s realizing that both the light and dark are love.
    • p. 276
  • Inertness is the universal sign of death. Nothing can exist without movement.
    • p. 325
  • It’s not about feeling good—it’s about feeling.
    • p. 361
  • Absolute freedom requires absolute responsibility.
    • p. 383

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