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Emir Kozcuoğlu is a fictional character played by Kaan Urgancıoğlu in Kara Sevda (Endless Love).

Emir-Nihan: "Give up on me!"[edit]

(Emir writhes in pain on the ground.)
Nihan: Emir, are you okay?
Emir: You're back!
Nihan: Not for you. I have come to avoid losing my humanity in spite of you. Can you get up?
Emir: I don't feel my leg.
Nihan: Can you walk if you hold on to me?
(Nihan reaches Emir to help)
Emir: Why are your eyes so green?
Nihan: Shut up, Emir!
Emir: You don't give your heart, at least leave your eyes. When I missed my mother, I thought of you. I'd say, "Oh, God, thank you, you took my mother, but you sent Nihan." When I looked into your green eyes, it was rain forest everywhere.
Nihan: If you say one more word, I'll go, really!
Emir: Don't go .. Don't go ..
Nihan: Get up and force yourself.
Emir: Don't look at me with such pity. When you look at me like this, I believe I'm pathetic. The most dangerous thing is the self-pity.
Nihan: Don't talk, come on.
Emir: You look at me with pity. That's the look. Why can't I escape? Because I don't feel my leg. Because I carry my enemy in my spinal cord. There's no hand to hold if I run. You're not giving me your hand. I can't escape either. Because I won't go without you. I won't even die without you. But right now, or the moment you pity me, now I say ... I'm fighting for it .. I'm fighting for it ...
Nihan: Emir hush come on ... come on Emir! Come on, let's get out of here, come on, hold on to me!
Emir: I have held on you for years. You'il never love me? Will you ever hold my hand? If you were a stone, it would crash against my stability!
Nihan: give up on me! look there is someone carrying your baby .. she loves you ...
Emir: I don't want a woman who sells her brother for her future without blinking. Did you ever wonder how I found you when you was about to run away with Kemal? Zeynep told me where you and kemal were at. I want the hero of this story. I want Nihan, who even gives me a hand when the time comes. because only you can reset Emir Kozcuoğlu. You are my promise. to the world, beyond! I endure it all for you. The moments when you're close to love me shouldn't be the ones you pity me ... How can I live like this? Tell! But I can 't let you go. If I don't have anything, I might even agree you to pity me... but I won't give up on you!
Nihan: This is my curse. Come on, get up![1]

Emir-Zeynep: "You will marry me"[edit]

Emir: Tell me what you're going to say. I don't have much time.
Zeynep: I will not marry hakan.
Emir: The right decision.
Zeynep: you will divorce nihan and marry me.
Emir: Your hormones hit you in the head!
Zeynep: I'm serious if you want this child, you'll marry me!
Emir: Or?
Zeynep: You'll restore the honor of my family, understand?
Emir: You smell like a subculture, my little one!
Zeynep: I am so! what are you, huh? who are you? You've become a slave to a woman who doesn't love you! You're holding a kid by force who's not yours. Who's helpless? nihan doesn't love you! You're no different from a insect for her, you understand !?
Emir: Emir Kozcuoğlu wakes up from the sweltering dreams one morning and finds himself turned into a giant beetle in his bed! Nihan is my Kafka, you're suburban literature!
Zeynep: You will marry me! we will raise our baby together! raise your own baby!
Emir: We will raise! But Nihan and me. you can give birth, it is enough!
Zeynep: I would never give him to you, never!
Emir: You don't deserve any more for someone who uses her baby as a trump card against me! What did you think when you got pregnant? I give birth to a child and cage Emir? You were wrong, little one. I didn't want you to have a abortion because now I know what it's like to be a father. You think you're too important! my son will born, will grow like a Kozcuoğlu, you like a mother of a Kozcuoğlu , you will continue to take advantage of me!
Zeynep: I will remind you all of these words!
Emir: Is it a lie?" Can you breathe without resting on a man?
Zeynep: You will marry me!
Emir: in your dream?
Zeynep: I will remind you one by one these words![2]

Emir-Nihan: "You will really be my wife!"[edit]

(Nihan is about to take a bath. Emir enters and begins to watch her.)
Emir: What happened tonight?
Nihan: what are you wondering?
Emir: I wonder about you, darling. I wonder about my wife. Should I read from the newspapers tomorrow morning or that she fell into the sea?
Nihan: It was accidental!
Emir: I thought you were jealous of me and tried to commit suicide. pity! I'm not the reason again, you see !?
Nihan: Emir, say what you have to say quickly. I want to take a shower and sleep.
Emir: Why do you hate me so much? (Holding Nihan by her arm and getting close) Nihan it has been five years!
Nihan: I know.
Emir: I've been waiting for five years. I'm waiting for you to love me.
Nihan: Please!
Emir: I have been waiting for five years when this marriage will be a real marriage!
Nihan: Emir, I am condemned to this marriage. Don't expect anything else from me!
Emir: I'm condemned to you. My passion for you is crazy!
Nihan: Don't touch me!
Emir: I just wanted you. An opportunity came out! I used it but I didn't condemn you!
Nihan: you threatened me with my brother!
Emir: Your parents preferred this option, darling! they did not want to send their son to prison! they sacrificed you! they sold you to me!
Nihan: God damn you! (Nihan slaps and pushes Emir)
Nihan: Go, Emir Go!
Emir: I have never changed! Always the same man, I loved you steadily, wanted to marry you! You've changed your mind, you didn't want me first, and then for whatever reason, you were dying to marry me!
Nihan:you dog!
Emir: Let's finish, if you want! I can change the situation right away, right away, right away! Ozan will confess his crime and get his punishment!, everyone will suffer the consequences! answer me! what you say?
Nihan: Emir, let me go! OK! Leave!
Emir: I am changing all the conditions from now on, this marriage will not be a clown anymore! so from the fifth wedding anniversary on, you'll really be my wife!
(Emir leaves the room angrily, Nihan begins to cry.)[3]

Emir-Leyla: "I have a lot of sin!"[edit]

Emir: Hello, Ms. Leyla!
Leyla: What do you want?
Emir: Last night we broke up bad with you. I was in trouble! I came to take your heart!
Emir: Do not do, but we are relatives, as a result .. I am considered your son-in-law. Aunts are like mothers. Even if we don't know her in all these years, that aunt is our aunt!
Leyla: Look at me, you don't know who I am!
Emir: I am open to learning. Tell me, I listen!
Leyla: now, as you come, go quietly from here!
Emir: Don't get angry, if it makes things easier, let me ask and you answer.
Leyla: I have even no sin to give you!
Emir: No matter. I have a lot of sin! but never mind .. why did Vildan and Önder offend you? tell!
Leyla: Why should I tell you?
Emir: Let me be your insurance. so your secret will not fall out! otherwise suddenly.. journalists, magazine reporters will come to your door in an hour!
Leyla: Look, you have time until I come in my home.
Emir: You are not hospitable at all ..
Leyla: my kindness to the humans!
Emir: An Acemzade standing in front of me without fear! you are nothing like your sister...
Leyla: Impudence is sold for money? you bought too much, so that you can find it, huh!
Emir: I like you, you are just like me! we'll get along!
Leyla: I don't have insects niether in my garden nor in my life! Don't you dare go inside my door again? go!
(Emir grins and watches Leyla's leaving.)[4]

Emir-Nihan-Hakan-Kemal: "You wanted it, I got it!"[edit]

Nihan: You will not be able to stop me again!
Emir: If you love your death, go. Despite your daughter, go! but I will not pity Kemal Soydere! not even a second!
Hakan: Don't go, Kemal.
Kemal: He burned the house.
Hakan: You know the reason. He wants to destroy you.
Kemal: I have no fear of anyone. To die for Nihan and my daughter is considered a worship for me.
Hakan: For Emir, it is considered a victory! What will happen to Deniz and Nihan if something happens to you, huh? Don't surrender to your anger! They don't need the tombstone with your name on it. They need you.
Emir: Get well, Mr. Kemal!
Kemal: You burned this place!
Emir: Prejudices!
Nihan: When the review is done everything will be understood and after!
Emir: Any other wishes?
Kemal: These are your last tricks! You're afraid!
Emir: Should we go back to my childhood?
Kemal: After I took you surname from you, there will be no importance of your name. then I'll take the measure of your heart!
Emir: You didn't learn, at least memorize it! Soydere surname would break the law, not Kozcuoğlu! Because I do everything in a way that leaves me with profit. Because no Kozcuoğlu can go to jail!
Kemal: I'll put you in jail with my own hands!
Emir: With your hands you couldn't save your sister from me? or nihan? or Deniz?
Nihan: Kemal, he wants to provoke you, please!
Emir: Zeynep is under my auspices, Nihan is my wife and Deniz is using my surname ... you wanted it, I got it!
(Kemal punches Emir)
Nihan: Kemal!
Hakan: Calm down!
Emir: I will create the road to my victory with this anger!
Nihan: Don't pay attention to his words!
Kemal: I will not play your game ..
Emir: Anyone who crosses the path of love comes to my game!
Nihan: Emir, enough!
Emir: Come here, my officially married wife!
Nihan: Don't touch!
Kemal: Don't touch her!
Emir: Let him come![5]

Emir-Nihan: "Custody of Deniz"[edit]

Emir: my wife, get well! Wait, did you learn your lesson? no, you didn't, you didn't get it!
Nihan: I have no intention of doing so. Look, here is the proof!
Emir: What is this?
Nihan: you can read and write .. I think you can try to read ..
(Reads and throws the file in the air.)
Emir: I.. to you. You.. to me! Divorce contracts were flying in the air .. were... were...
Nihan: Yes, but this is not a show contract like yours. The biggest difference I filed for the divorce. My captivity in this house will end on May 24.
Emir: I will never divorce you.
Nihan: but I will divorce.
Emir: I will make you age while running on court roads! a paternity suit? a divorce suit? and all your life will go by these things! Meanwhile I never leave custody of Deniz .. She will grow up with me in all those years!
Nihan: I will not leave my daughter or my freedom to you .. it is over! You'd better repeat that in you all the time. I lost Nihan because it's the end of this story.
Emir: You can also recite, then, my wife. it won't end. You call it freedom. I would get the meaning of freedom in all the languages of the world from you! I would take Kemal from you! you would prefer the lure of freedom to the pain of bondage, but it would be too late for everything. Nihan: I'm not afraid
Emir: Fear is something that smart people can feel. But you've lost your consideration because of that guy! You've been walking around the border ... you forgot that Emir Kozluoglu is a mined area, but watch out for your step because it will be too late! Not for you, of course. You are my jugular vein!
Nihan: you will do nothing!
(Emir walks away with a scornful expression like 'Do you think so?')[6]

Emir-Müjgan: "You are like Galip Kozcuoğlu!"[edit]

Müjgan: Let her go!
Emir: Don't say, mom, please!
Müjgan:Let her go!
Emir: I can not live! After you left me. I mean, when I thought so .. So after that .. I forgot about your absence in one person. Therefore; I hedged in, put up walls, laid foundations, invented shackles. So she can't leave me! Because I loved her, Mom. 'Cause I'm so in love. I said, "It doesn't matter if she doesn't love me back?" I love. I love her to death. love like illness. love like a pain. I am the one who created this love. What does it matter even if she doesn't love me back? If she goes, I don't know how to live in that void. If I let Nihan go, I will let go of my own life. If she goes I will die. This disease will kill me! don't say, please!
Müjgan: You are like Galip Kozcuoğlu![7]

Emir-Müjgan: "Some wounds do not heal at all!"[edit]

Emir: I saw it in a cartoon I watched when I was little. When the child fell, his mother was blowing on his wound. so it doesn't hurt. then I started blowing myself every time I got hurt. but the pain never stopped. I would say, God, give me the breath of my mother. He gave it! One day while I was running at school, I fell. I blew on my wound, to myself, again the pain does not pass. Nihan has come. Mom, I wish you could see how green her eyes were! the girl who doesn't even play with me; she approached, leaned over me, began to blow on my wound. I said, thank God. You gave me the breath. that day I rubbed Nihan to my wounds. But now I understand that those wounds have never healed. They fell asleep in the name of Nihan! When she left, they started bleeding again. Some wounds do not heal at all!, Mom. Do you think Zeynep can be my Nihan?[8]

Emir-Kemal: "Good Bye Kemal!"[edit]

Emir: You're dying, Kemal! I'm gonna go home and celebrate it while you slowly die here! With your sister! I'il tell you what will happen then. After you ... After your sister gives birth to my son, I will take her out of my life. After that, I'm gonna get rid of the court problem that you created for me! Even if I go to jail, I will finally be out. Then I will find a way to connect Deniz and Nihan to myself. You trust my genius of creative solutions, I know! I'il make you understand how you died. The room you're in? We're slowly reducing the oxygen in the room. for example now! Did you feel it, Kemal? did you feel it? You'il be dead in half an hour. Then I'll make you get out of there. You'il be found on a roadside for no reason, with your lungs exploded. How? did you like your end? [9]

Emir-Nihan-Zeynep: "I can't live without you!"[edit]

(Zeynep is sleeping in Nihan's room. Emir comes near her. He takes Zeynep's bedside book, called In the Shadow of Young Girls in Flower. He starts reading the text on the back cover of the book.)
Emir: When we love, love is so great that it cannot fit within us as a whole. It spreads towards the person we love. it finds a surface that forces it to return to its starting point. what we call the feelings of the other person is the multiplication and return of our own love. The reason it influenced us more than its departure is because we didn't realize it was coming out of ourselves.
Emir: This bed was my forbidden area ...
(lying on the bed, looking towards Zeynep)
Emir: I couldn't sleep here, even for one night. I always dreamed. I closed my eyes. I dreamed I was here.
(Emir closes and opens his eyes and dreams Nihan in Zeynep's place.)
Emir: Have you ever thought about what it would be like if you loved me? once you were mine ... more than a dream ... if I knew the taste of your lips ... count the lines on your skin ...
(He sees Zeynep crying in front of him)
Zeynep: Then would you stop loving her?
Emir: I wouldn't give up ... it hurts so much. It is the end of the world?
Zeynep: No, it isn't! you will heal ..
Emir: Will you heal me ?
Zeynep: I wish I could, but I have no hope.
(Sees Nihan, then sees the real Zeynep again)
Zeynep: cause to get rid of you .. to see the bottom .. to pull yourself out of your heart ..
(Imagines Nihan)
Emir: I can't live without you.
Zeynep: You will be my end.
(Imagines Nihan)
Emir: be my end. '
(Imagines kissing Nihan but kisses Zeynep in reality.) [10]

Emir-Nihan: "The Ring"[edit]

Emir: I think I'll get tired. But no, I am not.. I'm not tired! I think I will get tired of wanting you ... I go to bed some nights! I say oh, no pain! In the morning I get up and my heart has become a stone and crushes my chest! It's overcrowded with you! Whatever it is, it doesn't stop! I'm not tired! It doesn't give up on wanting you, waiting and loving you ... so that ring is just a ring? huh?
Nihan: yes, a ring around my neck and you're proud of it !?
Emir: Yes.
(Pretends to strangle Nihan's throat)
Emir: Because I'm the one who decides how much you breathe!You can't go when you want to, Nihan! I tighten this ring if I want it, I loosen it if I want it.
(He puts his hands down Nihan's shoulders.)
Emir: You can go, but because I let you!Even though I'm madly in love with you, Nihan. I obey the agreement! you will too![11]

Emir-Nihan: "Nihan's Nightmare!"[edit]

(He waits for Nihan and drinks whisky. Nihan comes in with her mother and Deniz.)
Emir: I said, "You won't go to that wedding!"
Nihan: mom, let's take Deniz to her room.
Nihan: What's wrong with you?
Emir: You didn't listen to me!
Nihan: So it was null.
Emir: I went to the hospital, you went to the wedding. You didn't even think of a second? My father could have died tonight.
Nihan: In that case, if you thought of me, your father's condition was not bad.
Emir: Even the world is burned, it doesn't matter. all you care about is being with that engineer!
Nihan: Yes, despite all your psychopathic behaviors, your crazy sister and your murderer father! all I want is to be with the man I love!
Emir: Did you dance with him?
Nihan: I can't stand you, I'm leaving!
(He grabs Nihan's waist, pulls her to himself, forces her to dance with him.)
Emir: Is that how you danced? huh? Nihan: Emir, let me go!
Emir: answer me?
Nihan: Yes, yes, we did! Leave me!
Emir: Have you hugged? Answer, or you will not be saved! Hugged you?
Nihan: no, you're a maniac!
(Nihan tries to escape, Emir captures her.)
Emir: On top of that, I'm a wounded animal. Aren't you afraid to break into the lair of an injured animal?
Nihan: I'm not afraid!
Emir: Don't leave me no way out because of your courage! I'll do anything if I'm desperate. I left you no way out once! You jumped out of the window. Don't you ever think? What would Emir Kozcuoğlu do if he finds no way out?
Nihan: What would he do?
Emir: what do you think I would do?
Nihan: Would you kill me?
Emir: I wouldn't kill, I want to be with you.
(Strangles Nihan's throat.)
Nihan: Emir , let me go!
Emir: I want to live with you!
Nihan: Emir, let me go. You make me sick! do not touch me!
Emir: every time you push my limits! Don't! I won't let you be happy with him! Do you understand? The throat that I strangle is mine! The breath you can't take is mine! Because you are my breath, I live in your body! I strangle your throat but I'm the one who's out of breath!
Nihan: you really hurting me, let me go!
Emir: don't leave me no way out! Don't make me a bad one! if I find no way out, I would do everything... I would do the same thing you did .. I would die with your suicide! I would kill you while knowing I will die!
Nihan's mother: Don't touch my daughter! what are you doing?
Emir: Got it?
(Nihan's mother pounds the vase on Emir's head!)
Nihan: Go! Mom, go!
Emir: Your mother's route has changed!
Nihan's mother: Don't touch me!
Nihan: what are you doing?
Emir: I'm kicking an ungrateful one out of my home!
Nihan: mother, come here!
Emir: Once you step out, you can't walk into this house again! I will take Deniz, I will be lost!
Nihan's mother: Don't leave Deniz alone, I'll take care of myself!
Emir: If you walk out this door, you will never see Deniz again!
Nihan: open the door! open the door and apologize to my mother!
Emir: Your mother can never wallk into this house again! I've come to the end of the stock of ungrateful mother-in-law who sold her daughter to me!
(Nihan slaps Emir and tries to get away.)
Nihan: I will get rid of this hell and you! It's over, Emir! Over!
Emir: Don't make me mad!
Nihan: you're already crazy! You are worse than your sister!
Emir: You can't go anywhere!
Nihan: Don't touch me!
Emir: I do not allow.
Nihan: I don't ask permission!
Emir: You can't go
Nihan: what are you going to do? Will you lock all the doors!
Emir: good idea!
(He starts dragging Nihan up the stairs)
Nihan: let me go
Emir: Come!
(Nihan falls. Emir goes to help, romp starts again.)
Emir:Are you okay? Come, get up.
Nihan: let me go
(Nihan falls down the stairs)
Emir: nihan! nihan!
(Emir tries to help Nihan. Meanwhile, Emir's mother sees Nihan lying on the floor. Emir looks his mother with shame.)
Nihan: Don't touch me! it is enough! I am sick of you! '[12]

  • Poor Zeze. Fathers don't die because of lovelessness. But a father who doesn't know how to love is worse than dying, Mom.
  • If I knew you'd miss me, I would will to disappear.
  • I'd give you my whole life to look at me once, just like you looked at him.
  • It is these sudden movements that make me me.
  • If you become friend of my enemy, you become my enemy.
  • I'm a gun you're holding. If you pull my trigger, I'm not to blame.
  • You said that, Kemal? Nihan is not goods or property! I bought Nihan. I bought her whole life. Until I get paid back...
  • You are a legendary enemy, Kemal Soydere! But after all, you're an enemy!
  • You will have a brother, Deniz. Let's hope his mother's genes remain recessive.
  • I'm not making a show, Nihan. Making shows is the job of jugglers. I am an educator. I give people lessons they will never forget.
  • Don't carry your brain as an entrust! Use it, Tarık! You're gonna do everything I want until I say it's over! Like any treacher who sells his brother to his enemy! Like any murderer who doesn't choose to seek justice, but hide his guilt! You will do what I want!
  • Do you think you can be happy with that slouchy Hakan, Zeynep? At the end of two weeks, you would start having stomachache due to overdose unhappiness. You love adrenaline, you love passion. You like to go into a married man's room where you live in the same house as a married woman!
  • If I had time, I would start by correcting your lumpen behaviors at first, Zeynep!
  • I'm not the one who upset you, Zeynep. It is your dream world! I'm telling you there's no room in my heart, there's a shortage of quota! But every time you say, Where can I put my love in your heart ... When I'm with you, I'm becoming another man I don't want to be all the time, Zeynep.
  • You love me, just like I love Nihan, Zeynep! Desperately ... But when I look at a stone and I look at you, I see the same thing. It is Nihan's face!
  • To know you, was adrenaline-filled, my little one (Zeynep).
  • What if I don't find you when we die, Nihan! In the other world... If you had died today, I would have killed myself. It's simple, clear, but the more I thought about it, the more scared I was. What if I can't find you there? I don't know what's out there? But I know something. You won't wait for me! This fear connects me to your life, your breath. I commit all my sins to be with you while I live. I know I'm gonna pay for them...I know when you're gone; even in return for my life, I won't find you there.