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Eric Schmitt (June 20, 1975–) is an American politician and the 46th State Treasurer of Missouri.


  • We must have a new commitment to excellence and transparency at MU. The leadership of the school failed the students who expected more from the great university they chose to attend. Professor Click, on the grounds of an institution that is supposed to carry the banner of free thought and expression, on a campus with one of the world’s leading journalism schools -- trampled on the First Amendment, the very sacred defender of individual thought. The actions of a rogue professor and rudderless leaders have embarrassed the university and our state. To begin moving forward, it is long past time for the University to remove Professor Click. We must renew our commitment to Mizzou, which really is a commitment to the students, who are the future of our great state.
  • For years there has been anger and distrust percolating across many Missouri communities. The citizens in these communities are right to be angry about how they have been treated by their elected leaders. The root of the problems in communities throughout the St. Louis area is that many local municipal governments no longer exist to serve their citizens, and only see them as ATMs to fund their municipal boondoggles.
  • Reform is never easy and there are municipalities fighting to maintain the status quo. They are surviving on borrowed time. We continue to fight these bureaucrats and are confident that taxation by citation will soon be coming to an end. Our efforts in Missouri are rooted in the belief that government is supposed to work for the people and not to grow government’s reach and influence by abusive schemes.

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