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Eunor Guti (born January 1944) is a Zimbabwean prophetess, apostle, business woman. counselor and pastor. She is married to Ezekiel Guti. Apostle Eunor Guti is the Director of the Women's Ministry in Forward in Faith Ministries International. She also founded a number of ministries that have impacted on many lives in Africa.


  • "Women, you are highly favored of God. Rise up and take your position... not above your husband's head, not under his feet, but side by side with him next to his heart with a sweet spirit. Be outstanding in the things of God."
  • "I had dedicated my life to serving the Lord and vowed that Jesus was my husband and the engagement ring the Holy Spirit."
  • "The voice continued asking me if I wanted to get married and I said yes again thinking it was my vow to Jesus."

Quotes about her[edit]

  • Along with her credentials and achievements, she is credited as being the first female marriage officer in Zimbabwe, and has made a practical demonstration of how a woman can submit to her husband while remaining a vessel of influence.
  • As one of the Christian power couples the Guti`s have been serving God ever since they were married.

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