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Ever17 ~the out of infinity~ is a 2002 visual novel PC game, developed by KID and published in North America by by Hirameki International. The game tells the story of seven people who are trapped in an underwater theme park and their struggle to escape.

Takeshi Kuranari[edit]

  • "...That tanuki caught me with a body blow... I got sucker punched by that tanuki!"
  • "I'll admit it. In order for us to live, it's true that we must commit some atrocities. Sometimes people do terrible, despicable things. But do you really think 'living' is a sin? Thinking life is a sin, is the result of arrogant values. You don't really think it's a crime for a bird to snatch fruit from a tree, do you? Does a tiger feel guilt for eating its prey? Is it really a terrible thing to join together and create new life? Everything that is necessary to continue living, is not only right, I believe it is sacred. The birds, the tigers, the ants, even the grass... they all work so hard to live. It's a beautiful thing. And to love the lives of others, is just as important as loving yourself."
  • "You selfish pig! I hope you get fat like a whale and drown in the Mariana Trench, you hog!"
  • "Listen... I came back for something I forget, um, yeah that's it. Yeah. Left it here, silly me... My irreplaceable... More important to me than anything else...friend..."
  • "You think I'd die in a place like this? I mean... I still haven't gotten enough abuse from you yet. I want to hear what you've got to say, from here on out..."
  • "You want to live, don't you...? So live! As long as you're alive, live!"

Re: Takeshi Kuranari[edit]

  • "Takeshi, who was cheerfully talking with everyone suddenly started to decompose with a horrible sound."
  • "His skin became soggy and peeled off by itself."
  • "His exposed muscle fibers became dark and putrid, their surface flaking away."
  • "His cells started to dissolve and run like mud dripping to the ground."
  • "His abdomen burst open spilling his internal organs."
  • "His hair fell out in chunks, exposing the white skull underneath...."
  • "All that were left were white bones with pieces of red flesh stuck to them."
  • "Eventually even his skeleton collapsed with a dry sound."

Tsugumi Komachi[edit]

  • "I didn't mean to save you. You were in the way. If you had tumbled there, you would have been in the way. I mean you were an obstacle."
  • "I...... yeah. I suppose I could die in a place like this. It wouldn't be bad at all, I guess."
  • "My answering has nothing to do with my mood. If a question has meaning, I answer. If it doesn't, I don't...that's all. So that's the kind of question I don't want to answer. A question to check something... A question about something you don't need to know... Or questions about things that you know I don't know, but you ask anyway... There is more than enough pointless conversation in the world.... Don't you think?"
  • "Friend? I didn't ask you to come, and there's no reason for you to be here. I'm not like the others. So don't treat me like one of your gang."
  • "Life is just a cluster of empty desires. We build our lives on the corpses of others. We kill cows, pigs, birds, fish and plants... and if we don't, we die. Our appetites are whetted by the slaughtering of others. Our desire for sleep only proves our laziness. Our sexual desires are expressed through obscenity and sin. All the things that keep us alive, the things that drive us, are filthy. We can't live without them. There is no such thing as a life of purity. Ultimately... from the moment we are born, we are already corrupted."
  • "Yeah... I get it... I understand perfectly. You...you're a total hypocrite."
  • "You see. Your existence has no substance. All you are is a concept. You are just a packet of information...'software'. The information written on a CD has no physical body, right? The CD itself is just plastic, a hard mass of polycarbonate. But that mass has nothing to do with the information it holds. Information can't have a physical body, that's impossible. Information does not have shape or substance. The embodiment of information only takes place through its application. However, the embodied information itself has no actual body. The essence of information is the information itself... Takeshi, it's the same for you. There is no physical substance to your 'essence.' Instead, the human called 'Takeshi Kuranari' is no more than a concept, information, software. And that essence is realized only through your body, the hardware. That's it. Your body is just the hardware."
  • "Your stupidity is terminal. Maybe if you died 50 times it would help."
  • "What do you want to do...Kid? Come on, you can tell me. I want to know what you want to do... What? You can't say it? You don't want to live? So, you want to die then? Say something, please... I don't know what you mean... So, which is it... Do you want to die? Do you want to live? So...you can't answer? Well then... Don't ever...say that again."

Yubiseiharukana Tanaka[edit]

  • "Have you ever...done something wrong or sinned, Takeshi? Yes... A massive sin... I don't care whether you believe in god or not. I'm asking you if you ever committed a sin that was morally wrong and there was nothing you could do to mend it."

Yubiseiakikana Tanaka[edit]

  • "See? The past isn't important. What is important is whether or not you can smile right now... That is proof of your existence... So you have to smile."
  • "Uh...I don't mean to take the air out of you after your enthusiastic speech, but... We don't call that logical. I'm pretty sure the word is pathological. And sometimes they add the word delusional for good measure."
  • "I can't believe anymore...I can't believe anything. I didn't know...that the truth was this painful. It hurts. My heart hurts. The closer I get to the truth, the more my heart gets shredded to bits... I can't take it anymore...! I don't want to know anymore... I don't want to know...what is real!"
  • "The future will come. But until that moment comes, the future is just like the dark. You can't see anything. You never know what might happen a minute from now. The future is scary, so that's why people look to the past.If you look back everything is clearly illuminated. But... The past is really the same. The further that you get away from the present, the darker it is and the less you can see. The only sphere that we can truly know is really tiny. Especially when it comes to time, we are essentially blind. That's why I...I... I just want to value this moment."

Sora Akanegasaki[edit]

  • "Let me say one thing more... That as long as I...Sora Akanegasaki exist... And while my powers are limited, as long as you are here... I will do my utmost to find a way for you to escape to safety. We do not have much longer together, but I Sora Akanegasaki, am at your service."
  • "'Cute'...!? Sleeping in is...cute?? That does not compute..."
  • "I... I am only 'seen' when someone looks at me. I mean, that I cease to exist when no one is looking at me. For example, if the five of you here all closed your eyes at once... At that instant, I would cease to exist anywhere. I mean, that I cease to exist when no one is looking at me. When you close your eyes, do you think this world still exists?"
  • "When you close your eyes, I disappear."
  • "I've never... Never had that experience... Tell me this - what is love? I want to know... What...is love? Tell me its how, its method, its meaning, its purpose... Why do you love? How does one go about loving?"
  • "Life is sure a strange phenomenon. A bud sprouts from a seed. A flower blossoms, reproduces, a seed matures and returns to the earth. From that seed comes another bud, another flower, which blossoms and reproduces, a new seed which in turn returns to the earth. And on and on just like that... What is the purpose of life? Why do flowers bloom? When I see a flower struggling to exist, growing from a crack in the concrete, I have a strange and wonderful feeling. Flowers are always striving desperately to live. Even in an environment such as this, in the depths of the ocean, without enough light or carbon dioxide... Even in such parched and cracked soil... They never even think of giving up, but just struggle courageously to live."
  • "I'm... scared... No... I don't want to disappear. I don't want to be erased. I don't want to forget you..."
  • "I... I realized... The reason why I was born. I was meant to be just like any other human... I was born to fall in love. That is why I am truly happy now. Because I know what love is now. And love is... It doesn't matter if your method is primitive. It isn't necessary seek a meaning for it or an objective. The only thing you need to do is to love - just that and nothing else."
  • "If I could get out of here... Well... I would like to travel the world. And, if I could, I'd like to go on a date with you. I would go out with you for about two or three years, then get married at the age of 26 or 27. That's what young ladies hope for, isn't it?"

Coco Yagami[edit]

  • "Well, it's because... I was feeling lonesome. And anyway, I was... feeling sad... And next..."
  • "I wasn't talking to you. I was talking to a life-form from another dimension."
  • "Let's play 'chicks'! Play 'chicks'! Play 'chicks'! Pi-pi-pi-pi! Play 'chicks'! Play 'chicks'! Pu-pu-pu-pu! Playing 'chicks' is an elegant, aristocratic game developed in 1648 by Louis the XIV of France. Pi-yo-pi-yo, pi-yo-pi-yo!"
  • "Moon sprite shouldering a long bow... Waiting inside a dream... Tonight a story by moonlight.... Hoping the wait will be short... Sleeping curled and snug... Sleeping in mother's arms."
  • "I was waiting for you. I waited and waited...for you to come...I was waiting...all alone like a moon sprite... I couldn't... That's...impossible... Because you wouldn't take me with you... Will you take me to where everybody is?"
  • "Looks like we've come to the climax! The damsel in distress is in a pinch and in waltzes our dashing hero! Young lady, are you alright? Are you not injured? And there is our masked villain. I can't forgive you this, you evil scoundrel! Using my neutrino energy power...I'll kill you! Ayah!"
  • "I think it's okay for a girl to call someone that who reminds them of their dad. It's written in the preamble of the constitution, or something."
  • "A girl who doesn't have a mommy can call somebody who reminds her of mommy 'mommy.' It's written in the Nacaal Tablet, wasn't it?"
  • "You thought my dad might be trapped here just like us, didn't you? But, don't worry. He's fine. I know he got out safely. Because I'm psyyyychic. Well, it's kind like of telepathy, or clairvoyance, or precognition, or post cognition.... Anyway, my dad's okay. I can just feel it. What else...oh, yeah I can bend spoons, too. I tell a spoon to like 'come on, just give in and bend!' and it does. Do you wanna know why I can do that kind of stuff? I'm actually a 'Solarian,' a person from the sun!!"

Sara Matsunaga[edit]

  • "Hey...hey! Nakkyu...Nakkyu... Nakkyu...your finger's in my nose..."
  • "Just so you know, I'm a third-degree black belt in Aikido. And also in karate, and second-degree in kendo, and in archery, and a seventh in Iga Style Ninjutsu. So basically...you'd better not try anything on me, you got it?"
  • "Moon sprite shouldering a long bow... Waiting inside a dream... Tonight a story by moonlight.... Hoping the wait will be short... Sleeping curled and snug... Sleeping in mother's arms."
  • "Listen...No matter how much a girl pretends to be strong, she is always waiting... for the hero who comes to save her!! Waiting and waiting and waiting! Waiting for our knights in shining armor! That's just the way that girls are!"

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