Everything's Gone Green

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Everything's Gone Green is a 2006 Canadian comedy film starring Paulo Costanzo, directed by Paul Fox and written by Douglas Coupland. The film has been rated R for some language, sexual material and drug content.

The film was produced by Radke Films and True West Films. The distributor is ThinkFilm in Canada, and Shoreline Entertainment elsewhere.

This movie, Coupland's first screenplay, won the award for best Canadian feature film at 2006’s Vancouver International Film Festival.

A new sort of comedy. (taglines)


Ryan: You went into the system and read my poetry? Even I don't read it!
Boss: Let me guess: You don't like it here.
Ryan: No! It's not here I don't like, it's more like what we do.
Boss: And what is it we do, Ryan?
Ryan: Well, basically we push electrons around with a stick.


  • A new sort of comedy.


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