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Flourish is a 2006 comedic thriller written, produced and directed by Kevin Palys. The plot revolves around Gabrielle Winters, a tutor/proofreader with mental problems and how she elaborately recounts the events leading up to the disappearance of a 16-year-old girl she was babysitting.

Gabrielle Winters Eddie Gator Bridget Burnham Carter Kaufman
Wendy Covner Lucy Covner Charles Covner Mary Wilcox
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Gabrielle Winters[edit]

  • I lost the girl I was babysitting... technically, of course. But it doesn't really matter... I mean, fuck it, people lose their kids all the time, right?
  • [To Lucy, lifting up her shirt to expose her abdomen.] This one right here is a scar from when a piece of glass cut right into me. Inside me, it went right inside me, it cut inside me, right inside the baby.
  • If you want it told right... about me, the girl I lost that night... with all the facts, and all the drama... then the beginning's where I'll start.
  • You have to tell it in a certain way, so that it sounds right... so it sounds realistical.
  • [To Mary.] See... logicalistically... I can tell from your eyes that you're lying. How does that make you and Jesus feel?
  • [To Eddie.] You have a temperature of at least three or four hundred!
  • [At Bridget's suggestion that her car keys may be in her room, in her desk.] No, wait. That was, like, simple logic, it would never be that easy! [Scoffs.] Desk... What do I look like, a fucking paraplegic?
  • [About the location of her car keys.] I have 20/20 on these things. And things tell me... [Turns to look to the living room] ...that they're behind the couch.
  • [Scoffs.] Babysit? You're joking. No. No! I'm a tutor, I don't... I don't even look like a babysitter anymore.
  • Getting back to me, my feelings are these: Logicalistically... I can't babysit anymore!
  • What do you mean, overnight? Like... stay over the night? Probably... no, not probably gonna happen. No way. No!
  • [To Mary.] And, uh... my roommate stole my car, or... I lost it, I don't know, but... all I know is I'm later than fuck.
  • [About Lucy.] She's probably definitely sad because she can't go to the funeral.
  • I... don't know the relative details, only the ones that matter.
  • [To Lucy.] Your mother pays me to help you because I'm quantified to help you.
  • Six... five... three... two... Oh, I've had enough of this shit. Come out, come out, wherever you are!
  • [To Lucy's parents.] There's no reason to overreactivate. Lucy's in the shower, you can count on me!
  • Lucy! You better not be fucking around. I mean it. I need you to get on the phone... with your mom... prove to her that you exist, that you're good in English, that I'm tutoring, and we're fine! Now! I need you to get on the phone now!
  • The envelope? It turned out to be a false lead, a red... herring.
  • I knew we owned a blue car!
  • [Alone, driving her car.] What the fuck's that? ...Anybody heard it?
  • Confused? Oh, fuck! I didn't end it right!
  • And let's not forget what probalistically happened... to the Covners. Wendy... Charles... Who, as we remember inductively, were driving their car, but to where?
  • Charles' noble acts, however, had naughty results. And nastier results for Wendy, because as we know, in the end, she cradled her dead hubby, all because some karate novice in a karate gi, with a green karate belt killed him, and then stood there deliriously unsure how he executed a man he never even knew.
  • I mean, i got it mostly right, right? I mean, it sounds right, it feels right, FUCK, it IS right!
  • But come on, Kaufman! Who the hell DOESN'T look and sound like you?

Eddie Gator[edit]

  • [To Gabrielle.] You're-- getting my karate gi wet!
  • Bridget! This towel is weird!
  • [On the phone with Carter.] What, are you, like, pranking me? 'M gonna be real funny when I karate prank your fucking face!
  • Augh...! I'm itchy... I itch...!
  • [To Charles Covner, after shooting him.] You alright? You okay? [pats Charles' shoulder] Hmm?

Bridget Burnham[edit]

  • You're a tutor. No one cares what you look like. Here, just... [pushes clothes into Gabrielle's arms] ...put these on, and leave.
  • [Locked in the trunk of her car.] Help me! I'm not who you think I am! Please, please, you have to believe me! My name is Bridget! NOT... MARYYY! Ooh, I've got ERRANDS to DO!

Carter Kaufman[edit]

  • No no no no no, don't protect her! Alright? No names, no codenames, other names... none of that name shit.
  • Your fiancée isn't Bridget, she's Mary... and she's not your fiancée, she's a whore, and a corporate spy. And now where would Bridget, who's actually Mary, who's also a spy, who's actually not your fiancée, put some envelope that everybody wants?

Wendy Covner[edit]

  • Don't say the word "fuck"!
  • Okay, there's food in the fridge, this is the oven-- but don't use it! That's the microwave over there, that's for heating up food, but be very careful. This is the can opener... but I prefer you not eat canned food. The dishwasher... I like to keep it lying up. And this is... [picks up a piece of paper] Barbara, next door, this is her number; she has a spare key to the house, even though she shouldn't. Donald, [points] over there across the street... um, but we had a feud, so don't call him. There's fire, police... 911, which you know... Poison Control Center... yeah, um, you can call them, they'll come, OR just drink milk... Uh, my phone number, my cellphone number, Mr. Covner's number, his cellphone number... My number again, just so it'll be down twice, for safety... And, uh, [points] don't go in that room.
  • [To Lucy.] Go upstairs and get ready to learn!
  • Hey, hey, hey! Asshole... Who the hell are you? Come here-- [gasps] I have a... [wields purse like a weapon] ...a sharp knife in my purse!

Lucy Covner[edit]

  • [To Gabrielle.] You think you're hot shit... I know all about you.


Carter: So Gabrielle, some people say you're insane.
Gabrielle: I don't agree with people in theory, but yeah, I'm insane. That's why I'm here.
Carter: And you're here voluntarily?
Gabrielle: Of course. I had no choice.

Gabrielle: What happened to that big funeral? That would be fun to go to... you should go to that.
Wendy: We went, Gabrielle, we're done.
Gabrielle: Don't be done. Have fun, go back!

Carter: Well, the police report states...
Gabrielle: [Interrupting him.] The police report was wrong.
Carter: Wrong... as in false, wrong?
Gabrielle: No, not false.
Carter: It was missing something.
Gabrielle: No... [Laughs.] It was blurry.

[Over the phone, about babysitting Lucy.]
Gabrielle: Why till tomorrow?
Wendy: We... have a funeral to attend.
Gabrielle: An overnight funeral?
Wendy: Overnight... yeah.
Gabrielle: So why can't Lucy go?
Wendy: It's not that kind of funeral. Look... I said I'd pay you!

Bridget: You know something else? You're in deep shit!
Gabrielle: Don't tell me that, I know that. [Scoffs.] What do I look like, a fucking moron?

Bridget: You know the blue car? Someone stole it.
Gabrielle: Well, that's hilarious, because we don't own a blue car.
Bridget: We absolutely own a blue car... and now it's gone.

Carter: And again, why were you so averse to spending the night with her?
Gabrielle: I... don't know what you mean by averse. See, you're not using the word gramatically, so I don't know what you mean.
Carter: Why were you so opposed?
Gabrielle: Oh. [Scoffs.] Opposed... for sexual reasons. I lost my virginity there a bunch of times.

Carter: Alright, you wanna know how it is? Here's how it is... okay? Mar-- Bridget... Bridget, your girlfriend...
Eddie: My fiancée, dude.
Carter: Okay, fine, your fiancée, whate--! Your fiancée is fucking some other guy! She's fucking some other married guy, alright? Some other married guy named Charles. Charles Covner. Charles Covner. You remember that name, man.

Wendy: Okay, we covered... uh, Lucy being grounded, we covered the bedrooms, the phone...
Gabrielle: I got all of that probably! But what about the money, in terms of there being more of it?
Wendy: Just... look after my daughter.

Wendy: We're counting on you.
Gabrielle: I'm... counting on me, too.

Gabrielle: Let's play a game! I have candy, you can have them... It's mine, I brought it from home. It's candy!
Lucy: Leave me the fuck alone!

Eddie: Is this his house?
Gabrielle: I-- I don't know, I can't talk right now-- [Eddie grabs her arms] AH!
Eddie: Is it Charles' house?
Gabrielle: Yes, this is Charles Covner's house! What?
Eddie: Where's Bridget? What's her middle name?
Gabrielle: Ah, I don't know and I don't know.
Eddie: Is she here? Is he here? They're here together?
Gabrielle: I don't know. I don't know! Let me go! AAAHHH! Let me GO!

Carter: The police suspect horseplay... not suicide. They suspect you.
Gabrielle: The hell's horseplay? Did you just fucking make that up right now?

Gabrielle: [Finding Bridget locked in the trunk of their car.] Bridget?
Bridget: [Crying.] My name's not Bridget... it's... Bridget... Bridget... [Mumbles.]
Gabrielle: I know your name's Bridget, that's why I just... called you Bridget!


  • Keep it realistical.


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