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The Foolkiller is a vigilante character appearing in Marvel Comics, created by writer Steve Gerber. He was the main character in a 1990–91 limited series and a current Marvel Max series. All quotes, except when indicated otherwise, are from the Foolkiller limited series. There have been four individuals to assume the mantle of the Foolkiller.

Kurt Gerhardt (Foolkiller III)[edit]

  • The joke used to be that "If a conservative is a liberal who's been mugged, then a liberal is a conservative who loses his job during the most sustained economic boom in history". What does this make a person who's been mugged and lost his job?
  • The way we live today, diligence in never rewarded. The prize goes not to the most qualifed but to the one who presents himself in the slickest possible manner and who makes the most minimal demand on the limited attention span of his audience. The principle is as true in executive suites as it is in movie theaters. The trick seems to be: tell them what they want to hear, especially about themselves, and dress appropriately when doing so.
  • Thinking demands effort. Principle presupposes thinking. Conscience presupposes principle. Restraint presupposes conscience. Ordinary civility presupposes restraint. Recognition of a common good presupposes at least a minimal level of civility. Without belief in the common good, the link between actions and all but their immediate personal consequences is severed. Devalue effort and it all collapses.
  • The underdog wins through the exertion of effort, which makes him by current standards, not a winner but a sucker. The winner is someone who never has to try. Once you grasp that, the world makes a horrifying kind of sense.
  • War may bring out something noble in the men and women whose lives are truly at stake--I don't know. At home however, in this new age of barbarism, it seems to bring out the fools.

Greg Salinger (Foolkiller II)[edit]

  • Let us agree from the outset that most of humanity is not insane. Madmen cannot be held accountable for their actions. If lunatics had fashioned the world we inhabit--its culture, its laws, its politics, its economics--there would be no one to blame for its condition or ours.
  • The poetry had gone out of living, the cognizance that things of beauty--acts of beauty--were essential to human existence. We were living only to consume--treating our lives, our values, our friends and lovers as nothing more than mere products.
  • Can't you see that it's mediocrity like yours that's an excuse for fools everywhere? That's why my mission is so important. I draw the line!
  • I wasn't mad in the beginning. And my assessment of the human condition wasn't wrong. What drove me past the brink was my failure to change anything. The fools are still running the planet and now their senselessness has spread to the common man.

Darren Waite[edit]

  • This is a man who hates success and hides his fear and envy behind a mask and some idiot notion that he's on a holy crusade.
    • on the Foolkiller

Reverend Mal Flapton[edit]

Flapton: Who are you calling a racist? Racism is the tool by which the powerful exploit, exclude, and oppress the powerless. See my skin? I'm powerless. By definition, I can't be racist!
Kurt Gerhardt: By definition, you're a fool.

Dean of ESU[edit]

Dean: We certainly wish to safeguard the rights of women. However, students who pursue alternative lifestyles are most apt to suffer damage to their self esteem as a result of insensitive language.
Kurt Gerhardt: Would your self esteem suffer, Dean--if I called you a fool?


  • A fool is a person who would trust his car to someone who can't spell what he does for a living. Everyday I walk past this sign and it restores my faith in my own intelligence.
    • said to Kurt Gerhardt while noting a misspelling in an Auto Repair sign.

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