Francis I of France

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Francis I (12 September 149431 March 1547) was King of France from 1515 until his death in 1547.


  • De toutes choses ne m'est demeuré que l'honneur et la vie qui est saulve.
    • Of all I had, only honour and life have been spared.
    • Letter to his mother, Louise of Savoy, after his defeat and capture by Chares Vat Pavia, 24 February 1525
  • Souvent femme varie,
    Mal habil qui's fie
    • Woman is often fickle,
      Foolish the man who trusts her.
    • Couplet scratched by the King on the glass of a window at chambord. Quoted in Vincent Cronin Louis XIV, p. 175, 1964

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