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Friedrich Dürrenmatt (January 5, 1921December 14, 1990) was a Swiss author and dramatist.


  • A story is not finished, until it has taken the worst turn.
  • Who sows fear, reaps weapons.
    • About Tolerance (1977)
  • We do not consider patriotism desirable if it contradicts civilized behavior.
    • Romulus the Great, act I (1956)
  • Ein Widerstand um jeden Preis ist das Sinnloseste, was es geben kann.
    • Resistance at all cost is the most senseless act there is.
    • Romulus the Great, act III (1956)
  • That there is also freedom in captivity, only a prisoner can claim. Coming from a prison guard, this statement would be blasphemy.
    • About Tolerance (1977)
  • A major power can afford a military debacle only when it looks like a political victory.
    • Portrait of a Planet (1971)
  • The only remedy against hunger is reasonable birth control.
    • Portrait of a Planet (1971)

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