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George R. Price's headstone

George Robert Price (October 6, 1922 – January 6, 1975) was an American population geneticist.


  • Believers in psychic phenomena — such as telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition and psychokinesis — appear to have won a decisive victory and virtually silenced opposition... What is unique about the present is, that during the last 15 years, scarcely a single scientific paper has appeared attacking the work of the parapsychologists.
    • Price, G.R. (1955). "Science and the supernatural". Science. 122 (3165). Aug, 26. p. 359–367
  • A model that unifies all types of selection (chemical, sociological, genetical, and every other kind of selection) may open the way to develop a general ‘Mathematical Theory of Selection’ analogous to communication theory... Selection has been studied mainly in genetics, but of course there is much more to selection than just genetical selection... yet, despite the pervading importance of selection in science and life, there has been no abstraction and generalisation from genetical selection to obtain a general selection theory and general selection mathematics
    • Price, G.R. (1995). "The nature of selection." Journal of Theoretical Biology 175:389-396 (written circa 1971)

Quotes about Price[edit]

  • For his groundbreaking insight into the evolution of altruism, Price merits a special place in the history of evolutionary biology. The painful irony is that his struggle to extinguish all selfish motives in his own life nearly prevented him from achieving it.
    • James Schwartz, "Death of an Altruist", Lingua Franca (July/August 2000)

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