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Groo the Wanderer is a fantasy/comedy comic book series written and drawn by Sergio Aragonés, rewritten, coplotted and edited by Mark Evanier, lettered by Stan Sakai, and colored by Tom Luth. Groo was one of the first widely successful creator-owned comics, one of the few successful humorous comic books (outside Archie Comics) during its time, and one of the longest running collaborations in comic book history. Sergio Aragonés Domenech (born 1937) is a cartoonist and writer probably best-known for his contributions to Mad magazine.


  • There once was a barbarian --
    Who roamed about the plains --
    And used the power of his sword --
    To substitute for brains.
    • Minstrel; Groo: The Most Intelligent Man in the World, p. 8 (approx.)[1]
  • His mighty swords are in his hands --
    His eyes are flaming red --
    He doesn't have a bit of fear --
    Or brains inside his head.
    • Minstrel; Groo: The Most Intelligent Man in the World, p. 16 (approx.)[1]
  • You think you can confuse Groo by giving him two things to think about at once!
    • Groo; Groo & Rufferto, p. 10[2]
  • Maybe I could get a job collecting taxes! Then I would earn money so I could pay those taxes! That is how government works!
    • Groo; Groo & Rufferto, p. 27[2]
  • I want my dog back! I would give you until the count of five if I could count to five!
    • Groo; Groo & Rufferto, p. 97[2]


  • Did I err?
  • Now Groo does what Groo does best!
  • Mmmm, cheesedip!
  • A Fray!
  • Narrator: History is made by the winners, and told by those with the loudest voices.


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