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For the censored version of the same series, see Hell's Kitchen.

Hell's Kitchen is a cooking reality show where Chef Gordon Ramsay puts aspiring chefs through different challenges and dinner services to decide who is the best. This is the uncensored international version, which is available on DVD and broadcast in Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Season 1[edit]

Episode One [1.01][edit]

Elsie: [about Chef Ramsay] He's like the Simon Cowell of the kitchen.
Jessica: He's way worse than Simon Cowell.

Narrator: The time has come for the competitors' first encounter with Chef Ramsay and his legendary high standards. They have no idea what they're in for.

[Signature dishes]
Gordon: I'm Gordon Ramsay, welcome to Hell's Kitchen. [uncovers a dish] Whose is this?
Andrew: [raises his hand] Andrew, Chef Ramsay.
Gordon: Andrew, step forward. And what is it?
Andrew: It's called Andrew's Absolute Penne.
Gordon: Andrew's Absolute Penne.
Andrew: Correct.
Gordon: [takes a taste of the dish and spits it out] That... is absolute dog shit. Have a little taste.
Andrew: [tastes the dish] Could use some salt.
Gordon: You think you're smart, yeah?
Andrew: I have my moments.
Gordon: And how long have you been cooking?
Andrew: About ten years.
Gordon: What a waste of ten years. Get back in fucking line.

Gordon: [to Wendy after revealing her dish] Explain to me what it is, please.
Wendy: This is fried rice with Chinese sausage.
Gordon: Chinese sausage?
Wendy: Had I known you were coming, I would've put lobster in it.
Gordon: You knew I was coming. [on Jimmy's dish] Whose is that?
Jimmy: Jimmy.
Gordon: Step forward, big boy. And just explain to me what it is?
Jimmy: Pan-seared chicken breast stuffed with portobello mushroom and goat cheese.
Gordon: [holding Jimmy's dish] It looks like a dehydrated camel's turd.
Jimmy: Yes, sir.
Gordon: What's all that on the side, here?
Jimmy: That's the tops of the carrot.
Gordon: Taste them.
Jimmy: [tastes] Quite bitter.
Gordon: "Quite bitter"? I guess you want me to eat that? Hold out your hands. [throws part of Jimmy's dish with a fork] There you go. Alright, stand back. [tastes Jimmy's dish] Excuse me. [spits it out] It's dry, overcooked on the outside, raw on the inside. Back in line.

Gordon: And whose is this?
Ralph: It's mine, chef.
Gordon: What is it?
Ralph: It's a seared rare tuna with some hot-and-cold sesame noodles.
Gordon: Mmm-hmm. And first name?
Ralph: Ralph.
Gordon: Why the hot-and-cold noodles?
Ralph: 'Cause I think they go good with the tuna. The tuna's got a little spice to it. So, it's a little cool with the noodle, but it's got a little flavor to it.
Gordon: [after tasting Ralph's dish] And you work professionally in a restaurant?
Ralph: That's true.
Gordon: And what position are you?
Ralph: I'm the number one.
Gordon: You're the number one? With that shit? Back in line.

Gordon: First name?
Dewberry: Dewberry.
Gordon: Blueberry?
Dewberry: Dewberry.
Gordon: Oh, Dewberry.
Dewberry: Yes.
Gordon: [twirls spaghetti with a fork] This is what?
Dewberry: It's a baked spaghetti.
[Gordon holds up a clump of spaghetti with his fork; Dewberry looks frightened]
Dewberry: (interview) I was like, "Oh my God, he's gonna kill me."
Gordon: It's completely overcooked.
Dewberry: Is it?
Gordon: That's like children's food. Really bad.
Dewberry: Thank you.

Gordon: [uncovers a dish] Bloody hell.
Chris: That's mine, chef. I'm Chris. Executive chef.
Gordon: Executive chef?
Chris: Executive chef.
Gordon: Can you explain to me what it is?
Chris: Salmon roasted on a plank of cedar.
Gordon: I think you're a plank.
Chris: Well, I don't really know what that means, chef.
Gordon: "Plank" means, an idiot. [cuts into salmon] Why is it raw on the bottom?
Chris: It's medium rare. That's how I would eat my salmon.
Gordon: You need to clean your glasses. It's raw.
Chris: I don't agree, chef.
Gordon: Let me tell you something. And listen to me. You've got a lot to learn, so be a good plank and get back in line.

[Ralph hands Gordon the first ticket of the night]
Gordon: [to Ralph] Now disappear.
Ralph: Yes, Chef.
Gordon: Blue Kitchen, on order four covers, table 22. One risotto, two spaghetti, one soup, no cheese.
Michael: Yes, chef.
[The other four stand there and say nothing]
Gordon: That was pathetic! That was absolutely pathetic! I call out the first ticket, the big excitement and you stand there like five wimps. Five bloody wimps. I'll start again: Four covers, table 22. One risotto, two spaghetti, one soup, no cheese.
Blue Team: Yes, chef!

Narrator: Now the red kitchen's first entrées are about to go out. All that's left is a piece of salmon from the most experienced chef on the red team.
Gordon: Chris.
Chris: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Come here. You're an executive chef, right?
Chris: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Yeah? What do you think of that?
Chris: It's a little fucked up, chef.
Gordon: [shoves the fish onto Chris' chest] There you go. Sorry. I told you fucking earlier, hello? And you knew it's fucked up.
Chris: You're right, chef.
Gordon: Yeah? And an executive chef doesn't serve shit like that, do they?
Chris: I apologize, chef.
Gordon: No, no, you apologize. Don't you DO it again! Okay?
Chris: I'll start it again, chef. (interview) I haven't gotten where I am today without having skills. I think Gordon recognizing talent is going to come with time.
Gordon: Send the whole fucking table back. The executive chef has just sent me an overcooked piece of shit. (interview) Chris has a huge chip on his shoulder. He's an executive chef which basically means you sit on your arse all day long. And clearly he's been doing that for the last ten years.

[Gordon checks on lamb brought up by Jimmy]
Gordon: Jimmy, come here. [shows to Jimmy that the lamb was mangled] What have you done to that? Does that look good to you?
Jimmy: No, chef.
Gordon: So if it doesn't look good to you, why are you serving it to me? That looks like a dog dinner. And you want me to serve that in there? And you want to walk away winning a restaurant?
Jimmy: No, chef.
Gordon: [dumps the lamb onto Jimmy's whites] Fuck yourself. Get it in the bin. Get that shit out of there. How can you do that? What do we talk about standards? What do we say about if it's not right...?
Jimmy: If it doesn't look right, it doesn't go out.
Gordon: So you want that to go out?
Jimmy: No, chef.
Gordon: Is that your best shot?
Jimmy: No, chef.
Gordon: And what are you going to think of me tomorrow morning if you watched me serve that? You're going to think I'm the biggest arsehole in America. Aren't you?
Jimmy: Yes, chef.
Gordon: And you expect me to serve that?
Jimmy: No, chef.
Gordon: Yeah, for as long as I'm alive, big boy, I'm never going to serve that shit! (interview) My reputation's on the line. And I didn't come to America to look second-best. (to Jimmy) Start it again!

Andrew: How does this look, Chef Ramsay?
Gordon: What do you mean, "How does this look?" Hey, Andrew, get out the habit - come here, you. I'm not going to run to you, I'm trying to run the hotplate here. So would you be so kind to come and talk to me. Is that clear?
Andrew: (interview) I firmly believe that Chef Ramsay just doesn't like me. [to Gordon] Is this acceptable, chef?
Gordon: Yeah, listen to me, did you hear my fucking question?!
Andrew: Yes.
Gordon: Answer it! Okay?
Andrew: Yes.
Gordon: Good! Now what are you saying?
Andrew: I'm asking if this looks acceptable.
Gordon: Right, get it on the hotplate.
Andrew: (interview) You - you want to pick on me? Pick on me, I don't give a shit!
Gordon: And you think every time you want to ask me a question, fat fuck, that I'm going to go down there and run to you while I'm trying to run a kitchen. You fucking come to me. Is that clear?
Andrew: Yes, it is, chef.
Gordon: Good! Now what was the question?
Andrew: Is this acceptable to you?
Gordon: I'll let you know. Now fuck off. (interview) Andrew, he likes to learn the hard way. Kitchens are run on emotions. I may get upset, but the most important thing is, it's not personal.

Lady: Chef? Mr. Chef?
Gordon: Yes, ladies?
Lady: You hurt my friend's feelings.
Gordon: I hurt your friend's feelings?
Lady: Yes, she's very upset.
Gordon: Why?
Lady: Because you told her to fuck off.
Gordon: Oh, really? Did I?
Lady: Yeah, you did.
Gordon: Could you tell her that I meant it?
Lady: Yeah, I'll tell her.
Gordon: Jean-Philippe, S'il vous plaît? Can you please escort these bimbos back to plastic surgery?

[After a dismal opening night, Chef Ramsay has had it]
Gordon: Blue team, stop what you're doing. Stop what you're doing. Forget it. [crosses over to the red kitchen] Red Team?
Red Team: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Switch it off. I'm shutting down the kitchen. I'm so pissed off, I'm not prepared to see any more shit food coming out. SHUT IT DOWN!

Gordon: Jeff, your performance as a waiter? Nobody liked you. In fact, two out of three of your tables walked out early.
Jeff: It was just a horrific, horrific experience.
Gordon: And you want to win your own restaurant?

Episode Two [1.02][edit]

Gordon: Spinach, please. [to Jeff] Spinach, please!
Jeff: [looks around] Right here, chef.
Gordon: Oh, my God.
Jeff: I had it! I—
Gordon: "I had it." Here we go.
Jeff: I did! I put it back on, I didn't realize—
Gordon: Just give me the fucking spinach, Jeff! [points at pass] Look, there's the food!
Jeff: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Hello?! It's there! (interview) You can't have the meat standing there or the fish sat there waiting for the vegetables. Why should everything else suffer? [to Jeff] Can you not see that that is burnt?
Jeff: Yes, chef.
Gordon: [scoops out burnt mashed potatoes] Yeah, so you're mixing away like a fucking donkey.
Jeff: I was keeping that on the other side, chef.
Gordon: Oh, really?
Jeff: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Throw the lot away. Start again, yeah?
Jeff: Yes, chef. [puts pot underneath stove]
Gordon: Throw that away.
Jeff: It's going in the garbage, yes.
Gordon: Now! That means you won't use it. You won't sneak it in?
Jeff: No, not at all, chef!
Gordon: Throw it away, then, you little fucker!

[A man comes up to the hot plate]
Gordon: You're waiting on a wellington and one bass, yes? Well I'm deeply, deeply, deeply sorry, but right now we're about seven tables behind.
Man: That doesn't do much for me.
Gordon: Yeah, right. Can I just say you do fuck all for me either.
Man: Sorry?
Gordon: You do nothing for me either.
Man: I just don't understand why it's so difficult to serve some people their food.
Gordon: Are you that arrogant you haven't got a clue of what's going on behind me?
Man: It seems like you have a lot of amateur sous chefs.
Gordon: Right. Finally your head's coming outside your arsehole. Now sit down, you fucking dick. What an arsehole!
Narrator: Nothing upsets Chef Ramsay more than when customers come to the kitchen.

Gordon: Away now, two cod, two wellington. [Dewberry doesn't answer] Away now, two cod, two wellington!
Dewberry: Yes, chef.
Gordon: How long?
Dewberry: 12 minutes.
Gordon: 12 minutes? Surely, your wellington's rested.
Dewberry: I have no idea. That's the answer.
Gordon: What?!
Dewberry: I have no idea, I am so confused.
Gordon: Oh, my God! You don't care any more do you?
Dewberry: At this point, no, I don't.
Gordon: You don't care?
Dewberry: No.
Gordon: You're not interested, are you?
Dewberry: No.
Gordon: No, you can't cut it?
Dewberry: No, I can't.
Gordon: You're useless, you know that?
Dewberry: I am. Goodbye! [starts to leave]
Gordon: Goodbye. That's it?
Chris: Dewberry!
Jeff: Dewberry! Come on!
[Dewberry sees Elsie, and then stops by the door]
Dewberry: (interview) When I got ready to leave and I looked across, and saw Elsie, and saw the look on her face, I couldn't walk out. I couldn't. [coming back] I mean, you know, I'm confused. I don't know what I'm doing.
Gordon: Thank you for coming back. You never—Hello? Desert your section again! You understand?
Dewberry: Yes, chef!
Gordon: You stand there like a man and you face it!
Dewberry: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Because I'm standing here in front of customers taking shit because of you!
Dewberry: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Get on your section and get those wellingtons out.
Dewberry: Yes, chef. (interview) He was trying to get me to understand what the shortcomings were and about staying with the team and.. he was trying to get me to be, I guess, better than I am evidently. [wipes away tears]
Jeff: Alright. Don't worry about it, Dewberry. Don't worry about it.
Gordon: He (Dewberry) hasn't cooked anything because he's standing there. Now, he wants to run back to his mummy.
Dewberry: Sorry.

Narrator: Three hours into dinner service, patrons from both red and blue tables start to walk out unfed. It appears the second dinner service in Hell's Kitchen is yet again, another disaster, and some customers have taken matters into their own hands
[A delivery man holding two boxes of pizza is led by a woman into the dining room, causing some customers to begin cheering]
Jean-Philippe: [to diners at a table who have begun opening the pizza boxes] S-Sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, you can't.
Male Diner: What?
Jean-Philippe: No.
Male Diner: Don't tell me I can't.
Jean-Philippe: No, no, seriously.
Male Diner: Look, I want some food, man.
Jean-Philippe: You can't. By, by, by law, by law...
Male Diner: Did you bring us our entrées? Let me ask you-
Jean-Philippe: You got the food, you got the food.
Male Diner: No, you did not.
Jean-Philippe: I wish your education could be as good as your... as your voice, yeah?
[Some nearby customers react with surprise, and the male diner looks annoyed and gets in Jean-Philippe's face]
Jean-Philippe: Yes, sir.
Male Diner: I have a doctorate in music from the University of Southern California. Do you have a doctorate?
Jean-Philippe: I do have an education.
Male Diner: Do you have a doctorate?
Jean-Philippe: I do have an education.
Male Diner: Then, you are less educated than me so don't get in [aggressively pokes Jean-Philippe] my face, buddy, about what kind of education-
Jean-Philippe: I would, I would-
Crew Member: [leads Jean-Philippe away from the man] Hey, hey, right now, right now, right now, right now. [to the man] Sir, you're out of here. Let's leave, please. Now.
Narrator: After pizza was delivered and his maître d' was assaulted, Chef Ramsay has seen enough.
Gordon: Red Team, shut the place down and clean down, yeah?
Red Team: Yes, chef.
Gordon: [crosses over to the blue kitchen] Last table, shut it down. Everything off, yes? Stoves off, turn it off.
Jessica: Whatever.

Gordon: Red Team, three quarters of your diners really enjoyed the appetizers... but nearly half your diners didn't receive their main course. In fact—and this is a real first for me—one of your tables was so frustrated, they phoned for a fucking pizza. And guess what? They ate it! And the main course still hadn't come out! That is one not to forget. And the losing team tonight... is the Red Team. [pause; to Chris] Chris, have you been squeezing your balls for the last three days? 'Cause every time you opened your mouth, you sounded like a right wanker. But tonight, you turned it around.
Chris: Thank you, chef.
Gordon: You were the least bad in your Red Team.
Chris: Thanks, chef.

Gordon: Dewberry, You're going home for one simple reason. You're a coward. You turned your back on your team after you screwed them.

Episode Three [1.03][edit]

[During the five-course meal challenge]
Michael: [removes dome] I have a grilled porterhouse.
[Gordon notices mushrooms carved out to look like the Hell's Kitchen logo next to the steak]
Gordon: Michael, you smart-arse. [some of the contestants laugh] What is that out of?
Michael: It's mushroom.
Gordon: Mushroom?
Michael: Yeah.
Gordon: Next you're going to tell me you got that tattooed on your butt.

Gordon: Why's the spaghetti not in there yet?
Wendy Liu: The water's not at a rolling boil.
Gordon: Not boiling? Did you top it up with cold water?
Wendy Liu: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Why did you put cold water in there?
Wendy Liu: I thought that cold water was supposed to boil faster than hot water.
Gordon: What?!

Gordon: Jeff, one spaghetti lobster with no lobster in it. The other is loaded with lobster. Wear that one out!
[Michael steps in and splits the spaghetti lobster for Jeff]
Narrator: Chef Ramsay's addition of Michael to the red team is already paying off.
Maryann: [to Jeff] Say, "Thank you Mike." Say, "Thank you Mike!"
Jeff: Thank you, Mike. [under his breath] They're expecting too much for someone who's never been on a fucking line before.
Maryann: Jeff, do you want him to cook your meat for you, too?
Jeff: What do you want me to do?! I've never been on a FUCKING line before! I'm doing it, I'm trying!
Chris North: Jeff, Jeff!
Maryann: Are you fucking talking to me, right now?! Are you?
Gordon: Whoa, whoa! What is going on?
Jeff: I'm trying the best I can!
Gordon: Come here, you!
Jeff: I'm doing the best I can, but I've never been on a line before! I'm doing the best I can!
Gordon: Alright, stop shouting. Stop shouting. What are we waiting on?
Jeff: I'm working on that spaghetti right now.
Gordon: Alright, then. Move your arse, and get it done! Dear, oh dear...
Chris North: Jeff, we're gonna help you, but you don't talk to chef like that, okay?

Gordon: Main course: Two wellington, one lamb, one bass.
Jeff: It's away, chef.
Gordon: Yeah, is Michael doing it or are you actually doing it?
Jeff: Michael was helping me, chef.
Gordon: Alright. So, what are you doing then if he's doing that for you?
Jeff: He jumped in ahead of me! I was working on it, and he pushed me aside to help me! [Gordon looks at him in disbelief] I'm working.
Gordon: Now, he's blaming Michael.
Jeff: I'm not blaming anybody, chef!
Gordon: The longer you're here, the worse you're getting.
Jeff: Chef, this is my first time on the line!
Gordon: Do you wanna argue?
Jeff: No, chef.
Gordon: Come here, you. You've cooked nothing exact yet. Nothing has come out of that kitchen right yet, you know that? We've struggled, and we've struggled, and we've struggled... and now I can't even get any lamb cooked! Well your fucking timing, you jumped-up motherfucker, has just stuffed the dining room! We've thirty customers not eating! Now, fuck off back on your section!

[Jeff has been struggling throughout dinner service]
Gordon: [reading the ticket] Two salmon, one bass, one cod, one lamb away. The lamb is medium, one salmon well done. You mark it and get it in the oven!
Michael: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Five minutes to the hotplate!
Chris: Yes, chef! [to Jeff] Jeff, you heard that (last order)?
Jeff: No, I'm done, man. I'm finished.
Chris: No you're not! Come back, Jeff!
Gordon: Are you going to go then? Are you going to run?
Jeff: No, I'm going to stay and finish up service.
Gordon: Oh, really. Why?
Jeff: Because I'm not a quitter.
Gordon: You're not a quitter. Hey, you're not a fucking cook either. [returns to the pass]
Jeff: [under his breath] You're an asshole.
Maryann: What was that? What did you just say? I want you to say it louder! I want you to say it louder, Jeff!
Gordon: Come here. What did you say?
Jeff: If you don't like me, I don't know what to tell you. You're an asshole!
Chris: That's not cool, Jeff.
Gordon: Unbelievable.
Chris: That is not fucking cool.
Jeff: [takes his jacket off and leaves the kitchen] Send my ass home. I've had enough of this shit!

[During elimination, the blue team nominated Wendy and Andrew]
Gordon: Andrew, why do you think you should stay in Hell's Kitchen?
Andrew: Well, I know we had our disagreement this evening.
Gordon: "We had a disagreement this evening?" You cooked a fucking salty risotto and sent it up to the hotplate! Start again! Why should you stay in Hell's Kitchen?!
Andrew: I'm a team player, I help out, I run around. I'm constantly driving to help the team.
Gordon: This is a really tough decision... because you're both crap.

Gordon: Jeff, well, I had to laugh at the end when he called me an asshole. I've been called far worse than that! Wendy, well, you know it's about time I put you out of your misery.

Episode Four [1.04][edit]

[At 2:48 A.M., Ralph and Andrew are still outside on the patio while everyone else is asleep]
Ralph: Are you trying to achieve the role of smartass?
Andrew: Alright, fine, I'm a smartass! I got a big mouth and I stood up for what I believed tonight!
Ralph: But is that the role you want?
Andrew: No, absolutely not.
Ralph: So then, put all that smartass shit away, man. If you don't wanna be under the guillotine, then just shut your fucking mouth, man. (interview) Bottom line is, you gotta check your ego at the door when you walk in the kitchen, and Andrew needs to understand that.

[While hanging out with the rest of the contestants in the dorms, Elsie notices something in the distance and gets up to get a better look]
Elsie: Did you see that? Did you see the billboard?!
Andrew: What?
Elsie: It's Ramsay! [points at billboard with Gordon's face] Look!
Jessica: Oh, my fucking God! [everyone starts laughing hysterically] No fucking way!
Elsie: He's staring right at me.
Jimmy: I saw his eye just fucking move.
Jessica: He's totally watching us! I can see his left eye from here.
Chris: Yes, chef.
Jessica: Hey, big boy.
Chris: Oui, chef. Oui, chef.
Jimmy: Oh, shit!
Jessica: Dude, that is not right! Like, I'm freaking out about that!
Jimmy: Dude, that's fucking crazy.
Andrew: He'll call us a wanker from up above.

[Gordon brings back mashed potatoes that Jimmy brought to the pass]
Gordon: Jimmy, taste that. [pause] Hurry up, Jimmy! It's stone-cold!
Jimmy: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Back in the pan, it's stone-cold!
Jimmy: Yes, chef.
Gordon: I said to you this afternoon you were done! Get it in the pan, hurry up!
Jimmy: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Why are you sending me stone-cold garnish? [Jimmy doesn't respond] Why are you serving me stone-cold garnish?!
Jimmy: I—I'm just...
Gordon: Stop!
Jimmy: Yes, chef.
Gordon: [to Michael] Let's go, yeah?
Jimmy: I'm trying my best.
Gordon: Hey, young man. That's not good enough for me. Do you understand?
Jimmy: Yes, chef.
Gordon: 'Cause that's shit! So, don't come up to me with your wimpy, "I'm trying my best!"
Jimmy: Yes, chef.
Gordon: It's CRAP! You send me one more cold garnish, you're washing pans for the rest of your life!
Jimmy: No, you'll never get a cold garnish again.

Gordon: Andrew, where is the endive? [Andrew ignores Gordon and returns to his station] He doesn't even answer me.
Andrew: The what?
Ralph: Endive. Where's the endive?
Gordon: Where is the endive?!
Andrew: Here, chef.
Gordon: Oh, fuck off. Ralph, get it back, yeah? Get it back. I've got no endive, I've got no spinach, I've got no no butternut squash! START THE TABLE AGAIN! Andrew, hello!
Andrew: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Yes, you! Fish is not even cooked yet, so I don't know what you're doing! Hello, young man!
Andrew: Yes, chef, I'm listening!
Gordon: Yeah, young man! [points at Jean-Philippe] You explain to him what just happened with the garnish! Now!
Andrew: [to Jean-Philippe] I was late on the garnish. We're re-doing the whole order.
Gordon: Yeah, Table 26, yes? Apologize. Ticket came in an hour and five minutes ago. I couldn't send anything out because a certain individual had nothing ready on the vegetables, okay?! Let's step up a gear, and get it back on track, please!
Jessica & Mary Ellen: Yes, chef.
Gordon: (interview) When Andrew kept his mouth shut and didn't bite back, the discipline was now starting to set in, and he's really starting to get the message. Finally.

Narrator: With just thirty minutes remaining, Mary Ellen in the blue kitchen gets her risottos back up to par, and the blue kitchen is cooking now... Or are they?
Gordon: [to Mary Ellen] Where is the tuna?
Mary Ellen: Tuna?
Gordon: Frog legs, tuna, spaghetti, risotto. Where's the tuna?
Mary Ellen: Coming up.
Gordon: No, but where is it?! Have you forgotten it?
Mary Ellen: I thought it was frog legs, risotto...
Gordon: Look, come here! Come here, Mary Ellen, look! [points at ticket] Frog legs, tuna, spaghetti, risotto! Read it out! Where is the tuna?!
Mary Ellen: It's gonna be two minutes, chef.
Gordon: Two minutes. Hello, starters back! [notices waiter bring risotto to hotplate] Oh, here we go. I'm taking any of that fucking bullshit, yeah? [hands tray to Mary Ellen] There you go, Mary Ellen! There you go! Take that, yeah? Take the whole fucking tray!
Mary Ellen: (interview) He sent back that whole dish because the tuna wasn't prepared. I'm so fucking mad right now. I just wanna punch him in the face.
Gordon: Come on, Mary Ellen! We're gonna start again!
Jessica: Six minutes on that, Mary Ellen.
Mary Ellen: Sorry, guys.
Jessica: Just do it right.

Gordon: Mary Ellen has left Hell's Kitchen because of her inconsistency. What the rest of the team should understand, is that it is very crucial to get better and more consistent. That didn't happen with Mary Ellen.

Episode Five [1.05][edit]

Narrator: Forty minutes into the second dinner service...
Gordon: Where's Jimmy?
Narrator: ...and Jimmy's hard work on the floor produces an unappetizing side effect.
Jimmy: [to female diner] What can I do for you tonight, miss?
Female Diner: What's going on? You're sweating? Oh, my God!
Jimmy: [chuckles; wipes forehead] I'm sorry about that.
Female Diner: Are you guys in trouble?
Gordon: Jimmy!
Jimmy: I'm getting yelled at, I'm getting pissed.
Gordon: Where is that fat fuck?
Male Diner: [to Jimmy] Wipe your sweat.
Gordon: Jimmy!
Jimmy: I'm sorry. I'll see what I can do.
Male Diner: Alright, Jimmy.
Female Diner: [laughs] He's kind of sweating like a boar!
[As he walks downstairs, Jimmy starts dropping napkins everywhere]
Gordon: JIMMY! Oh, look at him. Fucking hell. What is he doing? Like an inflated turd in a fucking cloud. Jimmy! Come on, big boy! Let's go!

[Jean-Philippe finds out that Jimmy served a tortellini order to the wrong table]
Jean-Philippe: [to female diner] Okay, tortellini and a soup. Madam, monsieur?
Female Diner: Uh, two tortellini.
Jean-Philippe: Two tortellini's. Okay, we have a problem here. [to Jimmy] Can you go see Gordon with the tray?
[Jimmy walks back to the pass with JP]
Gordon: Let's go. What's going on here?
Jimmy: I need one more tortellini.
Gordon: What do you mean, "one more tortellini?!"
Jimmy: I delivered it to the wrong table, the last one.
Gordon: What is going on?
Jimmy: (Table) 23 had gotten the two tortellini before.
Gordon: Where have they gone, then?!
Jimmy: They ate them at the wrong table.
Gordon: Oh, come on! No!
Ralph: I have extra.
Gordon: I just want four tortellini from you, Ralph! NOTHING FUCKING MORE! [to Jimmy] Where have those two tortellini gone?
Jimmy & Michael: 24, chef.
Gordon: Unbelievable! Fucking pathetic! [to Jimmy] Go for a walk and lose some weight.
[Jean-Philippe sees Jimmy scratching the back of his head and pulls him aside]
Jean-Philippe: Jimmy, stop touching yourself!
Jimmy: I was just scratching my head.
Jean-Philippe: Just stop! Don't touch your hair!
Jimmy: Okay, I'm sorry.
Jean-Philippe: Don't touch your face!!
Jimmy: I'm sorry. I had the rag in my hand.
Jean-Philippe: Stop touching yourself!
Jimmy: I'm sorry!
Jean-Philippe: Please!
Jimmy: Alright, I'm sorry.
Jean-Philippe: Come on!

Episode Six [1.06][edit]

[During the tasting challenge]
Gordon: Andrew, can you hear me, you jumped-up little politician, can you hear me? [contestants chuckle] Oh good, that's working. Jimmy, what's it like to be slim? He definitely can't hear me.
Gordon: Jimmy, don't eat my fingers.
Andrew: Feels like chicken, tastes like chicken...
Gordon: So, what is it?
Andrew: Chicken.
Jimmy: It tasted like a meat tortellini with a bit of sweated onions in the background.
Gordon: Jesus Christ! [Gordon doubles over, contestants chuckle] That was chicken, you twat!
Jimmy: Uh, okay.
Elsie: Tortellini, where in the fuck does he get tortellini from?
[During Michael and Ralph's tasting of sweetbreads]
Gordon: What is it Ralph?
Ralph: Beef with fat, chef.
Gordon: Sweetbreads.
Ralph: Ahhh... That's beef and fatty!
Gordon: [to Michael] What was that?
Michael: It's something awful, man. Something from a cow that I shouldn't be eating. It tastes like a brain or something like that. I don't know. [Gordon laughs]

[The Blue Team's storeroom has been locked for tonight's service. Once they unlock it and take the chickens out, Andrew tries to tape the latch of the door right when Scott passes by.]
Scott Leibfried: What are you doing? Get that fucking tape off of there. Now get the fuck back in there! You think I'm fucking stupid?! I'm not stupid like you. Come here. You fucking guys fuck it up, and you get a punishment you don't fucking break it so it works for you. You blew it, pay the consequences! Got it?
Andrew: Yes, chef.
Scott Leibfried: Why don't you try being as serious as these people are on your team instead of being a jerk? [takes the chickens back into the storeroom]
Ralph: Chef, I'm going to break those down right now.
Scott Leibfried: No you're not, because Andrew just ruined it for you because he was taping the door. When you need them you got to come in here and get one.

[Diners ordered from both kitchens, meaning they had to deliver their entrées together, but the blue team was lagging behind and caused diners at the same table to not receive their food at the same time]
Gordon: Service? [sees Andrew wiping his forehead] Five covers-don't you dare. Don't you fucking dare. Five covers, Table 1: One pear salad, one agnolotti. Main course: One chicken, one halibut. Desserts pickup please.
Jessica: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Can you not just see, Andrew, right now, what's going on? When I'm talking out and reading an order out, let me read the order out, then you say. What is the matter?
Andrew: I need six minutes on the hotplate for the halibut; they're not cooking fast enough. I don't wanna give you raw fish, chef.
Gordon: Hello, young man?
Andrew: Yes, chef.
Gordon: I'm trying to expedite both kitchens together and this is turning out to be a nightmare. If I say it's three minutes to the hotplate, then it's three minutes to the hotplate, okay?
Andrew: (interview) It wasn't difficult to poach the halibut. It just wasn't about to get done in four minutes. It just was—it's not chemically possible to cook that halibut in four minutes, bottom line. Science doesn't allow it!

[Ralph and Andrew are up for elimination]
Gordon: Andrew.
Andrew: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Why should you stay in Hell's Kitchen?
Andrew: [referring to Ralph's halibut dish that was put on the blue team's menu] I don't take responsibility for that dish. I can't walk out of here for the wrong reasons.
Ralph: You know what? Andrew was responsible for preparing that dish. That halibut required three ingredients to be spot-on. But I would think that he would've cared more about the dish previous to service than to figure it out during it.
Gordon: [pause] Well, I think it's really important that you're both honest, because I'm standing here fucking confused.
Andrew: Jess brought up a good point of being a team player–having a team and working within that team–and I have to tell you the honest truth that right now, I feel like I'm on the Ralph team. And that's not a good feeling because I don't feel like I'm able to put myself in there and show myself and prove it! Because that dish wasn't me, it wasn't mine, it wasn't what I wanted. If I had served what I wanted, you know what, Jessica may not have had to make that decision whatsoever tonight.
Ralph: [to Gordon] Chef, I never asked for it to become, as Andrew says, "Ralph's team." However, the team led a burden of work to be put on my shoulders. I prepared the dishes that I had to prepare today, two of the appetizers, two of the desserts. I executed 23 of the entrées, I did my job. No shortcuts, no crying, just doing it like a pro. I am strong in the kitchen–stronger than Andrew–and from there, you make your call.
Andrew: Can I say one more thing?
Gordon: You know, from the first day I met you, Andrew, you're not the kind of big-headed, arrogant little twat that likes to be steamrolled. Now you're telling me that Ralph manipulated your dish into becoming a poached halibut?
Andrew: Chef, it's like I said—
Gordon: Andrew, give me your jacket.
[Andrew gives his jacket to Gordon, then waves to the red team and gives Ralph and Jessica hugs good-bye]
Jessica: Take care.
Andrew: You, too. (interview) Maybe, I wasn’t as successful in the kitchen, but I gotta tell you, I think I had more integrity tonight. I spoke for myself, I stood up for myself, you know, and I... I said what needed to be said.

Episode Seven [1.07][edit]

Gordon: Jimmy, You won the challenge yesterday. You get to decide the person who will be serving the Caesar salad and fruit flambé tableside.
Jimmy: Oh, Jesus.
Gordon: Sorry, who was that? Jesus? No. [contestants laugh]
Ralph: He didn't make it to the final five.
Gordon: Jimmy.
Jimmy: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Right now.
Jimmy: [pause] Since Elsie was the second best, I'll choose her.

Gordon: Jess, while you want to give a big attitude, I've got to go back out there and fucking tell him. Unfold your fucking arms right now, and don't dare start getting fucking chippy or lippy or fucking pissy with me.
Jessica: I'm not, chef.
Gordon: We've got a massive problem now, and we've got no fucking filet steak!
Jessica: Okay.
Gordon: I've got twenty-seven on order. How many of you got?
Jessica: I... listen, I'm trying to tell you, Scott put them back there.
Jessica: Two!
Gordon: Two?! I hope you're fucking joking! Can I just send this food here? Get back on your section and talk to me!
Jessica: I sent it! [raising her arms]
Gordon: Hey, hello!
Jessica: I'm trying to talk to you!
Gordon: What's this?! [raises arms in a mocking gesture] GET BACK ON YOUR SECTION!
Jessica: I'm here.
Gordon: Okay, then. Hello, missy, what do you suggest for the twenty-seven filets on order? [Michael walks out of the blue kitchen]
Jessica: What I'm trying to suggest, chef, is that they must be somewhere here, and I'm gonna go try to find them.
Gordon: Okay, well, disappear and fucking look for them, then!
[Cut to the storeroom, where Michael opens a fridge]
Gordon: [to Jessica] But do you know what?! Hello! It's the way you just don't care about it! The way everything's just—
Jessica: I do care about it!
Gordon: You're not even sweating, you're walking around, you're like this. [mockingly raises his arms again]
Jessica: I do! I'm really upset about it!
Gordon: You're upset? Oh, fuck off!
Jessica: Oh, come on.
[Jessica leaves the kitchen when Michael comes back with more filets]
Michael: Chef, I got steaks.
Gordon: Yeah, well, get her. Where is she?
Ralph: She's gonna come back on the line. I got it.
Gordon: Unbelievable. [throws towel] What a fucking pile of idiots.

Gordon: [to Jimmy] Where's your risotto? [Jimmy ignores him] No answer. Where's the—
Jimmy: I—I don't have it on. I'm getting it on now.
Gordon: Oh, my God almighty. [crouches down and facepalms]
Jimmy: I'll—I'll get it for you, chef. I'll have it ready.
Gordon: Fuck me! It's the customers, big boy!
Jimmy: I'll have it ready for the customer in two and a half minutes.
Gordon: Jimmy, are you enjoying this right now?!
Jimmy: No.
Jimmy: I'm sorry, chef.
Gordon: Jimmy, it's gotta relax on there. Why are you putting that sauce on there, why are you putting chicken stock on there?
Jimmy: It's, uh, fish stock.
Gordon: Why are you putting that over there like that?
Jimmy: It—it's not—It doesn't—
Gordon: I saw you over there, I saw you going—
Jimmy: I did do it!
Gordon: Hey, hey, listen, listen. Don't fucking start shouting your fat mouth at me. Hey—Hey look at me. So I'm asking you why you're putting fucking fish stock on a fucking risotto! GET IT OFF! Because I think it's a bit bizarre that you finished it and you get a ladle of fish stock like that and you put it over the risotto! So I'm asking you and you refuse to tell me! THEN, you will open your fat fucking mouth! So why is it on there?
Jimmy: I'm sorry, chef.

Gordon: Why isn't the fish in the pan? [Jimmy doesn't respond] Why isn't the fish—
Jimmy: I'M TRYING TO FUCKING DO BOTH AT THE SAME TIME! What do you want me to do?!
Gordon: Come here, you. Come here, you.
Jimmy: No!
Gordon: What do you mean no?
Jimmy: I'm trying to do both at the same time.
Gordon: Just calm down. Just calm fucking down.
Jimmy: I'm trying to do both at the same time.
Gordon: Are you about to crack?
Jimmy: No.
Gordon: Don't fucking shout at me. What are you going to do?
Jimmy: I'm going to stay and finish.
Gordon: Calm down—while I'm standing here pissed off—what about those fucking customers there then?
Jimmy: I'm trying for them.
Gordon: Right. Talk to me properly or fuck off! Is that clear?
Jimmy: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Right. Is the fish in the pan?
Jimmy: No, chef.
Gordon: Get it in the pan!
Jimmy: Yes.
Gordon: [sees Jessica's pan catching fire] Oh, fuck's sake! Jessica, what are you doing? Shut it down, yes? [the remaining chefs groan] Yeah, and I'm going to tell you why I'm going to shut it down, okay? Because two individuals let me down here tonight, you (Jimmy) were one of them and you (Jessica) were the other one. And you think that is bad, I'll tell you what, if you'll ever going to to make it. You'll have to take a lot more pressure than that. Shut it down. [to Jean-Philippe] Tell the customers, I'm closing the place down.

Episode Eight [1.08][edit]

[Michael, Ralph, and Jessica rant about Elsie getting a live television reward while they prep the kitchen]
Michael: Next challenge, we should all make chicken soup.
Jessica: Yeah, um... Don't get me pissed off about it again, Michael.
Michael: Sewer water soup.
Ralph: With the bone in it.
Jessica: Yeah, with the bone on it, soggy wet in the soup. Sounds fucking appetizing. Should've made her (Elsie) eat one of those things.
Ralph: Oh, snap! (interview) Right now, while Elsie's over at the studio making hob-nobbin with everybody over there, we're putting the axe to the grind. Myself, Jessica, and Michael are all doing the work of five people as three. [to Michael and Jessica] Are you gonna make a risotto now? She's on TV, and I'm cooking a risotto.
Michael: You gonna carry her tonight?
Ralph: Nope. [chuckles]
Michael: (interview) You know, me and Ralph sort of joked about, like, not carrying Elsie because a lot of people have been doing a lot of stuff for her. The truth is, which station you're at, you're freaking responsible for that. So, tonight is definitely "put up or shut up" for Elsie.
Ralph: Good Day Live! Ugh, it's killing me now!
Jessica: Yeah, I should've won it, Ralph. If you look at what I made... I won.
Ralph: You're killing me, Jess. Hey, Jess, what are you gonna do if Elsie's in the weeds tonight in the garnish station?
Jessica: If what?
Ralph: Elsie's in the weeds in the garnish station.
Jessica: Nothing. [Ralph laughs]

Gordon: [Jean-Philippe enters the kitchen] Right. Hello! Come here now, yeah? Yes Elsie, you're pissed off, you should see what's going through my mind right now. [to Jean-Philippe] How many tables have walked out?
Jean-Philippe: Two tables, chef.
Gordon: I'm not going to agonise the pain any longer and if you think I'm going to stand here for the next hour, busting a gut, to get the filet, to get the halibut, then to get the veg, then to get the chicken without the sauce, then to get the sauce without the chicken, BANG! I've had enough! Shut it down!

Episode Nine [1.09][edit]

Gordon: [on making a soufflé] When they work, it's a dream come true. But when they don't work, it's a huge disappointment.

Ralph: (interview) When we saw these last five tickets counted down. It was like the countdown to the new millenium.

[Michael is on the pass on Chef Ramsay's leadership test]
Gordon: (interview) Michael, he hadn't said anything to any of his team, then all of a sudden he put his head down and he turned 'round at them and said...
Michael Wray: You guys cook like old people fuck!
Gordon: (interview) And I thought, "My God! That came out of the blue." You know, I wouldn't expect something like that to come out of his mouth.
Scott Leibfried: Yes, chef!
Maryann: Thank you, chef.
[Chef Ramsay laughs]

[Ralph is on the pass on Chef Ramsay's leadership test]
Narrator: With Ralph excelling at the pass, Michael is looking to expose any weaknesses Ralph may have.
Michael Wray: [quietly, to Scott] Trying to see how many can go without having crab in them.
Scott Leibfried: What the fuck are you talking about?
Michael Wray: My risottos. (interview) I wanted to make risottos the whole night without crab. I was just seeing what I could slip past Ralph tonight.
Gordon: Ralph, you have to taste.
Ralph: I tasted it.
Michael Wray: (interview) In my head I was just sort of laughing like I can't believe he's letting them go like that.
Ralph: Uh, Jean-Pierre? Away please table 34?
Gordon: Jean-Philippe
Jean-Philippe: (interview) He keeps on calling me "Jean-Pierre". My name is Jean-Philippe, I've been working now for so many weeks with the man and he keeps on calling me "Jean-Pierre", I mean, I'm gonna kill him.
Narrator: Ralph failed to notice that the crab risotto is missing the crab.
Female Diner: What kind of risotto is that?
Male Diner: It's like, mushroom and crab but there's no crab.

[Michael, Ralph and Jessica have successfully completed dinner service]
Gordon: Okay, well done. Bloody well done. First time ever in Hell's Kitchen, we have completed a fully booked dining room. Starters, mains and desserts. You three did it. [high fives the three chefs] Team, team and team. And last night, none of us had any sleep. 24 hours virtually. And do you know the most important thing about tonight's service? Did you see any food come back?
Michael Wray: No way.
Gordon: No. Did you see any dishes come back? No, nothing. And do you know the most exciting thing for me from a chef's point of view? Every dish looked the same. Spot on. Well done. I am a very proud man.

Episode Ten [1.10] (Two Hour Finale)[edit]

[Jean Philippe and Ralph are discussing waitstaff uniforms for Ralph's restaurant.]
Ralph: Men are men and women are women and there's no reason to dress them alike.
Jean-Philippe: No... Do you want the ladies to wear some black panties?
Ralph: Excuse me? Leggings? Uh, panty hose?
Jean-Philippe: Mm-hmm, you have to think about those things, I tell you.

Jean-Philippe: Ralph?
Ralph: Hey, Jean-Pierre. How are you? Jean-Pierre?
Jean-Philippe: If you call me one more time "Jean-Pierre," I'm gonna kill you.

Dewberry: This bass...is full of fucking love. [to Ralph] Chef, that is love. For you.
Ralph: Thank you, sir.
Dewberry: You're welcome!
Ralph: You are a rock today, aren't you, Dewberry?
Dewberry: Yes, chef!
Ralph: You are Gibraltar, you are the hope diamond!
Dewberry: I'd rather you be saying I was Brad Pitt's wife!
[Ralph and Gordon laugh]
Ralph: He's got issues.

Gordon: Ralph was great tonight. But Michael deserved to win because his creativity and standards are simply on a higher level. And I accomplished my goal of turning an unknown into a master chef. And that has to be the perfect way to close Hell's Kitchen tonight. And I'm fucking out of here!

Season 2[edit]

Episode One [2.01][edit]

Gordon: Jesus!
Rachel: [steps forward] That's mine, chef. (interview) I am proud of being a redneck. I don't have to be the big dog. But, uhh...I'm not going to let anybody run over me.
Gordon: What is that on there?
Rachel: It's a butterfly shrimp and chocolate sauce.
Gordon: Uh, fucking hell. Get me back to London. And what's all the little bits on the uhh...lemon?
Rachel: Uh, that's a chili pepper. I wouldn't eat it if your mouth is on fire, sir.
Gordon: No, sweetheart. My mouth's fucked. It's not on fire, it's fucked.

Gordon: Fuck me. Who is this?
Polly: It's mine. [steps forward]
Gordon: And, uh... first name?
Polly: Polly.
Gordon: How long you've been cooking?
Polly: Most of my life. (interview) I have had six sons, I had them all naturally and if I can endure that, Hell's Kitchen's going to mean nothing for me. I take that back, I meant Fuck's Kitchen.
Gordon: And just explain to me what it is, please.
Polly: Um, it's an undone focaccia bread with a garlic dipping oil.
Gordon: Undone, what does that mean? Undone?
Polly: It means it's not done.
Gordon: Oh, so...half-baked? Focaccia bread? [picks up undone focaccia bread and examines it] Oh, my God. Right now, I'd rather eat poodle shit than put that in my mouth.

Gordon: And whose is this?
Maribel: That's mine, chef.
Gordon: And first name?
Maribel: Maribel.
Gordon: Maribel. What is it?
Maribel: It's a Argentine planton soup.
Gordon: [tastes the soup and spits it out] I'm so sorry. It's garlicky, it's hot, and it looks like baby vomit.
Maribel: (interview) It was a disaster. He spit it out. [pretends to spit] I don't think it's too spicy, I don't think he takes the spice, he's a wimp when it comes to that.

Virginia: It's my coconut and pomegranate root salad.
Gordon: And what's cooked on the plate?
Virginia: Hmmm.... the nuts are toasted.
Gordon: [sarcastically] The nuts are toasted?
Virginia: Yes.
Gordon: Well fuck me! We've toasted nuts for 29 minutes and then grated a coconut! [tastes her food] It's fine. [Virginia smiles] As far as rabbit food goes because it's all raw and crunchy.
Virginia: (interview) I'm really proud of that salad. I know it's a good salad. A rabbit might like it, I–I don't think rabbits like coconut milk.

Tom: [as his signature dish is revealed] It's me. Fuck.
Gordon: Whose is this?
Tom: It's me, chef.
Gordon: Now, um... You're very sweaty. Are you alright?
Tom: I just... I'm a schwetzer. (interview) I sweat. I sweat all the time. I'm a schwetzer! Don't worry about that.
Gordon: What is that?
Tom: It's a shrimp scampi with Caesar salad.
Gordon: It's the first time in my entire life I've been served a cooked Caesar salad.
Tom: I understand that, chef.
Gordon: Sounds disgusting. Let's move the Caesar salad off. Just give me your hands, please.
Tom: [holds hands out] Okay.
Gordon: Thank you. [eats shrimp]
Tom: It's hot!
Gordon: [spits out shrimp into the bin] Tom, fuck off back with your Caesar salad.
Tom: Thank you, chef. (interview) I'm a man, I can take it. It's no big deal, and you know what? If he didn't care, he wouldn't break my chops!

[During prep, Tom is sweating into the boiled tomatoes]
Gordon: Tom!
Tom: Yes, chef?
Gordon: You're sweating in the fucking food! We're in danger of being closed down before we even open. Get it in the bin and start again.

Man: I don't see any pumpkin.
Jean-Philippe: There seems to be a problem here.
Man: There's no pumpkin!
Jean-Philippe: There's no pumpkin?
Woman: There's like these little bits.
Man: I don't want it.
Jean-Philippe: You don't want it? Oh, you finished it almost.
Gordon: Service, please. Pick up!
Man: There's no pumpkin in it!
Jean-Philippe: And?
Man: This is like ordering risotto with no rice!
Gordon: Table one, VIP, yes?
Man: [comes up to the hotplate] Gordon?
Gordon: Let me just serve this table.
Man: Why is there no pumpkin in my risotto?
Gordon: Right, can you get out of the way? One spaghetti, one risotto. Yes?
Man: I want the next pumpkin risotto.
Gordon: Oh? Are you always going to be that rude and interrupt when I'm trying to talk?
Man: I just want more pumpkin, that's all I want.
Gordon: Right, well I'll give you more pumpkin and I'll ram it right up your fucking arse. Would you like it whole or diced? Can we get security and get Knob back to the seat please, yeah?
Man: I just want pumpkin.

Gordon: Okay, four minutes to the window. [notices the stove on fire] Tom, you're on fire!
Tom: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Get a grip, big boy! Four minutes to the window, one risotto, one salad. Four minutes to the window!
[Tom blows on the fire and accidentally spills water over the stove, causing the flames to spread]
Gordon: Oh my God almighty! You're about as far away from your own restaurant as I am from fucking home!
Narrator: Tom's fire has slowed the blue kitchen down. Meanwhile, in the red kitchen, Polly is making her fourth attempt at her first ticket.
Gordon: [to Polly] Madam, this has been open for an hour and a half. We have served fucking zero!
Polly: Yes, chef.
Gordon: I've put more food in the bin tonight than I've ever seen in ten years! Polly, stop what you're doing! You're now the kitchen donkey! Heather, get on the fucking appetizers!
Heather: Yes, chef.
Polly: (interview) From there it just went downhill. Just like nice doesn't always cut it, sometimes your best doesn't always cut it.

Narrator: While Heather tries to relight the fire in the red kitchen, the blue team is flaming out.
Tom: This isn't hot.
Gordon: Tom, the stove is off! [Tom looks at Gordon and says nothing] And, hello?! I'm standing here, and you're there! And I know the fucking thing's off from here!
Tom: (interview) When the water spilled all over, it put out the pilot light. [laughs] That–that's what it was!
Gordon: Tom, if nothing's happening and your pan's stone cold, think, big boy!
Tom: Alright.

[With Polly on appetizers, nothing has come out of the red kitchen in 90 minutes. Heather is now on appetizers and has brought them to the pass.]
Gordon: Service, please.
Sara: Yay!!! [Heather tries to shush Sara] Sorry. Sorry.
Gordon: What's going on?
Heather: Nothing, chef. Nothing, chef.
Gordon: Who's shouting and screaming? Hey, Sara, let me just tell you something. You're not a fucking cheerleader so stop acting like one. Because we have nothing to fucking smile about. And listen, ladies, that has been one hour and forty minutes for four starters. And personally, I wouldn't laugh, or scream, or start wetting your knickers, because that is fucking embarrassing.
Heather: Yes, chef.
Sara: (interview) Nobody deserved to be shouted at. I feel like a little worm on a big fucking hook right now!
Gordon: Just take one good look at yourselves in the mirror, 'cause it's a fucking disgrace!

Gordon: [touches beef wellington brought by Virginia] Virginia, come here a minute! The meat is not cooked. Get it in the bin!
Virginia: Okay.
Maribel: (interview) Virginia, she just freaked out. You know, I wish I would've been on the hot station doing everything with the meats. I couldn't believe that he had me standing there like a big schmuck!
Gordon: Let's go! Two chicken!
Virginia: The wellingtons aren't cooked yet! They're not cooked yet.
Gordon: How long for the wellingtons?
Virginia: I don't know. [to her teammates] They're... It's about six dragging, and... [shrugs] Sorry, you guys! All of them are raw!
Gordon: "It's raw."
Heather: [to Virginia] Put them back in the oven.
Gordon: Virginia, why in the hell did we open?
Virginia: [sighs] I don't know. I'm trying my hardest, I don't know. I'm unprepared, I don't know the menu, I don't know the times. It's just...
Gordon: Twenty-four hours...
Virginia: I know. I'm screwing up!
Gordon: ...to prepare this?! Whatever you got cooked, I don't care if it's not ready! I just want some food now!
Virginia: I don't know what to do! (interview) It was horrible. Like, I'm so discombobulated.
Gordon: Oh, come on. What a disaster.
Virginia: What do you guy think we should do about the sauce?
Rachel: What have you got?
Virginia: I have a whole bunch of lamb stock and... that's all I got.
Maryann: This is veal stock! This isn't lamb stock, this is veal stock. There's no way in fuck we can pass this off as fucking lamb sauce.
Virginia: (interview) I was totally desperate. Desperate enough to go over to the other team and ask them for some lamb stock. [crosses into the blue kitchen and goes over to Giacomo] May I have some lamb stock, please?
Giacomo: I don't think so.
Keith: [laughs] No way! Get out!
Virginia: Please, you guys?
Keith: No way!
Virginia: You guys don't want to share any with me? You guys don't know if you might need something in the future.
Keith: I don't give a fuck.
Virginia: (interview) It was horrible. It was horrible. No matter what I did, something was messed up.
Gordon: We are so fucked, it's unbelievable.

Narrator: Three hours into opening night, customers have received plenty of wine but very little food.
Gordon: Listen to that shit! [to Jean-Philippe] I can't take it anymore. Shut it down. [to both teams] Stop! Turn it off!

Episode Two [2.02][edit]

Gordon: [to the blue team] Okay, listen up, here we go. On order, two covers table 24. Appetizers: one spaghetti, one Salad Saint-Jacques. Entrées: one duck, one chicken. Let's go, all together.
Tom: Would you please repeat it chef?
Gordon: Move your fat arse, and read it yourself, okay?
Tom: Fair enough, chef.
Gordon: Four minutes to the window, one spaghetti, one Salad of Saint-Jacques.
Gabe: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Four minutes?
Gabe: We need two quails, chef, with that?
Gordon: Two quail? Gabe—
Gabe: No, no, I know chef—
Gordon: Sh–shut the fuck up...
Gabe: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Would you MIND not being so rude?!
Gabe: Yes, chef.
Gordon: There's quail nowhere on that ticket!
Gabe: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Just listen!
Gabe: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Concentrate!
Gabe: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Four minutes to the window! One spaghetti of lobster, one scallops!
Gabe: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Now, would you like me to fucking e-mail that to your BlackBerry?
Gabe: No, chef.
Gordon: Move your arse!
Gabe: Yes, chef!

Gordon: Oh, my God almighty! [to Maribel after she spilled the spaghetti] Right now, here's what I suggest you do: buy a restaurant and put one table in there. Any more than that, you'd be fucked!

Gordon: One duck and one chicken!
Tom: I have a duck and a chicken ready for it's sides.
Gordon: [to Giacomo] And taste that. Taste that there. Just taste that. Why has he fried the cabbage?
Scott Leibfried: I don't know chef.
Gordon: It's like glue! Is that what you want to do is to start sneaking things in there?
Giacomo: No chef.
Gordon: So, you agree it tastes like shit.
Giacomo Yes sir, and I still served it.
Gordon: You still served it?
Giacomo: Sorry, chef.
Gordon: Hey, hey, and you want a restaurant in Vegas?
Giacomo: A lot of work to do chef.
Gordon: Hey, why don't you become a hairdresser? Poncing around with women's hair?
Giacomo: Sorry, chef.
Gordon: Now get the cabbage on.

[Gordon sees a plate of busted tortellini sent back to the pass]
Gordon: Look, it's burst.
Maryann: Virginia, please come here!
Gordon: Virginia! VIRGINIA!
Virginia: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Look, one's fucking split and...
Virginia: I know they're all stuck. They're all...
Gordon: They're all stuck together?
Virginia: ...doing that, chef.
Gordon: So it's the tortellini's fault, not yours? In your restaurant, would you serve that?
Virginia: Yes.
Gordon: S–Say that again?!
Virginia: Yes, I would, chef.
Gordon: So that's good enough for you?!
Virginia: Yes!
Gordon: I'm going to ask you one more time! Would you really serve that?!
Virginia: [beat] I'll make some more, chef.
Gordon: I think that's a really sensible idea!
Virginia: (interview) It's not like I put the tortellinis on there broken and fucked up because I manhandled them! I fondled it with care, but, um...of course he's riding me, like he always rides me.

Man: All I want to know is we're going to eat tonight or not.
Gordon: Honestly, for the first time in my fucking cooking career, yeah? I'm in a kitchen with Muppets. Thank you, sir.

[the customers have left Hell's Kitchen]
Gordon: Ladies, just come here. Just stand there and tell what you see in the dining room. [crosses over to the blue kitchen] Hey, you, hello? Gabe. You, [to Tom] Sinbad. Shut it. [to Giacomo] Mop-head, hello? Just come here. Just come here all four of you. Just stand there and tell what you see in the dining room. Right in front of your very own eyes: a death of a restaurant. [cuts to the empty dining room] Pathetic. Shut it down!

Episode Three [2.03][edit]

[In the challenge. The blue team has three dishes while the red team only has two.]
Gordon: So, blue team. Tortellinis, but sadly, no sauce.
Tom: [slouching against the counter] May I speak?
Gordon: No tortellinis...
Tom: May I speak?
Gordon: ...from the red team. [to Tom] May you speak? May you stand up straight and stop acting like a slob?
Tom: Well I'm trying... no, I need to-
Gordon: No no. Cut the fucking bullfuck, will you? Just stand up straight, at least look like a fucking cook!
Tom: Yes, chef.
Gordon: [mocks Tom] Do I slouch and slob and talk like this like some big fat fucking slob?
Tom: (interview; hands on hips like some bimbo) Who do you think you're talking to? He doesn't want to get into a street fight with me. Trust me.

Narrator: A half-hour into dinner service, with the customers enjoying Sara and Keith's appetizers, the teams are off to their best start ever. But the night is young.
Giacomo: Chef Scott, this oven is cold. It's coming out cold.
Scott: What, you're just noticing this now?
Giacomo: No, I noticed it earlier.
Scott: Dude, you don't have the fucking gas on, stupid!
Gordon: Why is the oven not on? Hello, dirt-brain! Why is the oven not on?!
Giacomo: I'm not sure, chef.
Gordon: You're not sure? YOU DONKEY!!
Giacomo: (interview) Sometimes, I do a really good job, and sometimes I don't, and it's tough because I want to make him happy, you know? And it’s really tough to do that.

Gordon: [with a pan of mashed potatoes] Tom, it's two turbot, yeah? There's only enough there for one, Tom.
Tom: We don't have any more mashed potato.
Gordon: Oh, get out of here! You've ran out of mashed potato?
Keith: Where the fuck did all the mashed po-fucking-tatoes go?
Tom: I'm looking for them, chef.
Gordon: How many wellingtons have we sent? We've only served two fucking tables their main course, Keith!
Keith: We prepped them, I don't know where they went. He said he burned them.
Gordon: Have you burnt the potatoes?
Tom: Yes, I did.
Gordon: You've stopped caring now. I can see it in your attitude.
Tom: No, I haven't.
Gordon: Yes, you fucking have. You stopped caring now. What do you care about?
Tom: I care about making an ass of myself right now.
Gordon: Really? Hey, congratulations. Exactly what you're just doing.

Narrator: It's an hour and ten minutes into dinner service, and Sara and Virginia are helping Heather get out the entrées for their fifth table...while the men once again are waiting on...
Gordon: GIACOMO!! [Giacomo ignores Gordon and keeps cooking] Hey, bozo.
Giacomo: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Tell me how pink that duck is.
Giacomo: Not pink at all, chef.
Gordon: Nowhere near it, donkey. Have you got another duck breast in?
Giacomo: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Where?!
Giacomo: Right here, chef!
Gordon: Show me!
Giacomo: [picks up small piece of duck meat from the pan] One...
Gordon: Why are you lying to me now?!
Giacomo: Chef, I–I had one here, and I–I knew I had a half one that'll be cooked enough for you!
Gordon: Why are you lying to me?!
Giacomo: I'm sorry, chef. I didn't mean to lie.
Gordon: You're fucking fuckless, you know that?
Giacomo: (interview) Tonight was one of the worst nights that I've personally ever had in my whole life.
Gordon: Come on. Fucking fuck!

Narrator: Giacomo working the meat station has brought his team to a standstill, and Chef Ramsay to the breaking point.
Gordon: I've had enough. And I'm about to do something I've never ever done in Hell's Kitchen before. I'VE HAD ENOUGH!! [to Giacomo] Giacomo.
Giacomo: Yes, chef.
Gordon: I've had enough, now. I've had enough! We're gonna switch sections! Get off of that section and get on the fish!
Giacomo: Yes, chef!
Gordon: He's put you behind, you need to pull it back now!
Garrett: Yes, chef! You got it, chef!
Keith: (interview) When I got to the meat station, it was just screwed. I don't even know what Giacomo did in there. Everything was overcooked. [to Giacomo] Where are the wellingtons?
Giacomo: I had to throw some away, Keith.
Keith: Where are they?!
Giacomo: They were well-done.
[Tom burns his hand while touching a pan]
Tom: Agh! Oh my God! Ah! Oh, dude.
Giacomo: Tom's really hurting, guys.
Keith: Let me see it. [looks at Tom's hand] Come on, Tom.
Tom: What do you want me to do? Pretend it doesn't hurt?!
Keith: (interview) He got flustered and he burnt his hand, and then that was it. He was just like lackadaisically going...[waves arms around] And then I got mad at him. [to Tom] Just fucking move!
Tom: You fucking buried me!
Keith: You're walking like this! [stretches arms out]
Tom: You fucking buried me, Keith.
Keith: What do you mean? I buried you?!
Tom: You did. [referring to the tomato sauce they ran out of earlier] When Chef asked me to make it, you're like, "What are you doing?"
Keith: I said, "Stop making them!" He gave me the other sauce!
Scott: That's it! That's it!
Tom: After I started!
Keith: I can't take it, bro.

[Gordon checks on wellingtons brought up by Maribel]
Gordon: Oh, come on. Come on. You're maybe there, but this is not fair! Read out the ticket for me for the wellington.
Maribel: Medium.
Gordon: IT'S RARE! Oh, come on! It's the only table that you're doing, Maribel! Christ almighty!
Woman: [to JP] We're going to leave. I don't see my food.
Gordon: [to JP] Is that the table?
Jean-Philippe: It's the two ladies.
Woman: We've waited too long. [exits the restaurant]
Gordon: Missy.
Maribel: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Table has walked out. And the sad thing about it: you've given up so FUCKING easily because you don't give a SHIT! [kicks the bins] SHIT!! [to the red team] Switch everything off, yeah?
Sara: Yes, chef.
[customers are leaving Hell's Kitchen]
Lady: Alright, well thank you.
Man: Yeah, thanks for nothing.
Gordon: Everyone, shut the kitchen down.

Episode Four [2.04][edit]

Gordon: [to Garrett] There's not even an ounce of salt in there. Are you serious? We can't send any food, Garrett... GARRETT... Unless we've tasted anything. If you haven't tasted your own fucking food, what chance have you got!?
Garrett: None.
Gordon: I'd rather fuck off for a burger!

Gordon: Spaghetti's cold, chef. [gives the plate to Garrett] Fucking cold. Hey.
Garrett: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Hey. Do you want to go?
Garrett: No way. No way, chef.
Gordon: Do you want to go?
Garrett: No way, chef.
Gordon: Get me a fucking spaghetti, and move your arse, yeah?
Garrett: Yes, chef.
Gordon: You're back at the institute again, aren't you?
Garrett: No way, chef.
Gordon: Serving that shit.
Garrett: No, chef.
Gordon: No, no. Hey, big boy.
Garrett: Come on. I've got to get this going.
Gordon: Hey. What did I say to you about taste, taste, taste?!
Garrett: Yes, chef. (interview) All that did for me when Chef Ramsay said, "Do you want to go to jail?" was motivate me even more. I'm gonna bust my ass, and I'm gonna prove to you that I belong here.

Gordon: [on Maribel's potatoes] Maribel, what is that?
Maribel: It's mashed potatoes, chef.
Gordon: Tell me why is it gone like glue? Missy, I'd get some fresh ones if I was you.
Maribel: [to her teammates] Do we have any more potatoes, guys?
Gordon: Oh, dear. You know what? If that's the last thing in this country to eat, I'd fucking starve.

Gordon: Service please, where's the wellington?
Tom: It was a little too pink.
Gordon: Oh no, oh come on, it's a little too pink. Keith!
Keith: Four minutes chef.
Gordon: Four minutes to the window, thank you. Tom, do you realize what's going on in here?
Tom: Yes, people are communicating.
Gordon: Yeah that's right, first thing turn around and Chef four minutes to the window. You, [gets in to a chipmunk pose] "A little pink". What fucking line of communication is that on?

Gordon: [to Tom] This order here is 7:35. Hello? Stop! Hey, lis--Stop! Come here, you! You idiot. Now, I've FUCKING HAD ENOUGH! What I'm trying to tell you in your fucking eyeballs that the quail in the spaghetti now and you're putting the quail in.
Tom: No, I have the ones there.
Gordon: THAT'S FOR THAT FUCKING ORDER THERE!!! [pounds the counter; the restaurant falls silent] You're not bothered, are you? It doesn't hurt, does it? [points to his heart]There's nothing here.
Tom: No, it does. I can't yell. I can't cry. All I have to do is, I gotta do it. [Tom's meat pan catches fire]
Gordon: Oh, my God. [Tom blows on the fire and it gets bigger] THE DUCK'S BURNT!! YOU'RE COOKING IN A BURNT PAN, YOU FUCKING DICK!! Oh, my God! Leave it! Leave it! LEAVE IT!! JUST FUCKING LEAVE IT! [places the pan off the burner and the fire goes out] You're going to blow fire in your face, you fucking donkey!! Keith.
Keith: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Get on the meat section, and stay next to him, and don't let him cook a fucking thing! And you (Tom), open those big eyes and watch what the fuck this guy is doing!
Tom: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Shut it and watch!
Tom: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Shut it!!

Tom: I'm waiting on—

[Gordon checks on wellingtons brought up by Virginia]

Gordon: Virginia!
Virginia: Yes, chef?
Gordon: What is that there? What is the wellington requested?
Virginia: Medium.
Gordon: What is that?
Virginia: I thought it was medium, but it's my bad.
Gordon: Here we go again. What is that?
Virginia: I thought it was medium, chef.
Gordon: What is that?!
Virginia: Rare?
Gordon: Rare, that's right gold-star!

Gordon: Missy.
Rachel: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Why are you glazing with butter and not egg wash?
Rachel: It was egg wash, sir.
Gordon: What's that in there?
Rachel: That's egg.
Gordon: Egg yolk or egg white?
Rachel: Egg white.
Gordon: Oh, no. Have they all been glazed all night with egg white?
Rachel: Wrong thing evidently.
Gordon: Oh, no. Why are wellingtons going in now?
Virginia: We ran out, chef.
Gordon: You ran out?
Virginia: Yes.
Gordon: Oh, fuck me... ladies, I personally don't want to do this anymore. [to Rachel] I'm fed up with your shit, [to Maribel] I'm fed up with your shit. (to Virginia) You've been a fucking letdown the minute you started cooking.
Virginia: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Then you LIED to me that the turbot's en route, when she (Sara) hasn't even got it out of the FUCKING fridge! Do you want to continue like this?
Virginia: No, chef.
Gordon: Fuck the lot of you! Is that clear?
Red Team: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Fuck the lot of you!
Rachel: Yes, chef.
Gordon: [pounds the counter] You! Come here, you. [to Keith] Fat fuck. [to Tom] Hey, doughnut. Come here, you. Hey, ladies, come here. Let me tell you something, [takes off his apron and throws it at Tom] Here you go! [throws his towel at Tom] Here you go! I've had enough! I've had ENOUGH! I cannot believe you're actually attempting to fucking win a restaurant! Get back in your fucking dorms, and hello, by the time you get back in here, from the blue team, nominate someone that's going tonight. And from the red team, come back with someone that's leaving. NOW GET OUT! OUT!! LEAVE THE STOVE!!
Lady: I don't think we're getting dessert.

Gordon: Tom's got a big heart. Sadly, he's a really crap cook. Why on earth he's ever decided to attempt to become a chef? I'll never know

Episode Five [2.05][edit]

Narrator: Chef Ramsey is giving the red team some polite words of engorgement.
Gordon: [to the Red Team] Please, please, please, please, please, please, please move your arses!!

[Gordon checks the quail brought up by Rachel]
Gordon: Oh, no. No, no, no. Rachel!
Rachel: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Come here, you. Come here. No, fuck it. All of you, come here right now. [pounds the counter] And eat. Eat that. Eat it. I'm, I'm, I'm--I'm dying to understand what's going through your FUCKING MIND! Now, what do you think of the quail?
Sara: It's overcooked. Little too much production on the sauce chef and you can see bones.
Gordon: What's your verdict?
Maribel: It's dry and tastes a little burned.
Gordon: Yeah, it's shit! A little burned?! Fuck me! Do you need some glasses? (to Jean-Philippe) Ask one of the customers for his fucking glasses. There, table seven, he's got them (to Rachel) And what's in it for you?
Rachel: It's overcooked.
Gordon: Pssss...fuck off will you?
Virginia: All right, let's do it again guys, come on. [Jean-Philippe returns with a pair of glasses]
Gordon: There they are. There's the gentleman's glasses. I'm serious now! Does anyone need a pair of glasses? Fuck off, Jean-Philippe. Did you really think I was going to go out there with the quail, burned to a cinder? (Rachel doesn't answer) Did you really think I was going to send that? I need to know in your mind. Did you actually think I was going to serve that? (still no answer) Come here, you, come here. [leads Rachel into the pantry] What the fuck are you doing? Do you want to go home?
Rachel: Ahem.
Gordon: No, no, tell me now!
Rachel: I will not let you down tonight.
Gordon: You already have! I want to pull it back!
Rachel: I will get you through entrées.
Gordon: I know damn well you can do it. I can see it in your eyes. I can identify with the hunger but right now, missy, there's just a blonde empty fucking head.
Rachel: I won't let you down.
Gordon: Get it together, communicate, open up and start talking to me. Now move!
Rachel: Yes, chef.

Gordon: This is your time now to step up and get your team together.
Keith: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Those two, yeah? Are cooking like donkeys. Come on! Donkey's Kitchen, should we change the fucking logo? D.K.?
Garrett: No, chef.

Gordon: Where's the cabbage? Come on, Garrett! Keith and Garrett! You just got all quiet! NONE OF YOU ARE WORKING AS A TEAM! Where's the lamb SAUCE?!
Heather: Come on, man!
Garrett: Just need a fuckin' minute—
Heather: Right here, chef.
Garrett: Lamb sauce is coming up.
Gordon: There's just nothing coming together!
Garrett: Right here, chef.
Gordon: Thank you very much.
Garrett: Not a problem, chef.
Gordon: Oh, fuck off you, you fat useless sack of fucking yankee-danky-doodle shite. Fuck off will you please, yeah?

[Gordon checks on wellingtons brought up by Rachel]
Gordon: [to Maryann] How's it cooked?
Maryann: It was cold.
Gordon: Uhm, Rachel, come here.
Rachel: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Just touch that. What's the lamb?
Rachel: It's well done.
Gordon: It's requested pink. That's cooked to fuck! [pounds the counter] It's barely edible!! [sits down] Aw, for God's sake!
Rachel: Rachel, this is pitiful. Rachel, you suck.
Gordon: [to Rachel] Stop right there. I'm going to put you out of your misery. Switch it off. [crosses over to the blue kitchen] Just stop. Shut it down!
Heather: Yes, chef.

Narrator: Although dinner service is finished, Chef Ramsay is not finished with one of the chefs.
Gordon: [to Keith] You've got that spoiled brat syndrome. That huffy-puffy, turn your eyes, fold your arms and not even look at me in the eyes.
Keith: I didn't mean that, chef.
Gordon: Deep down inside, you've got a big amount of talent there, you know that? My biggest problem is no one's noticed it properly. Has anyone ever actually told you how good you could be?
Keith: No, chef.
Gordon: You can cook, big man, you know that? The first hour and a half of service, you were running it. Then you made one stupid mistake.
Keith: Yes, chef.
Gordon: The quicker you get rid of the attitude... you're going to shine.
Keith: Yes, chef.

Episode Six [2.06][edit]

Heather: (referring to herself, Keith and Garrett) We're going to be the final three.

[While unloading ice from a truck]
Keith: Heather is one tough bitch!
Heather: I'm the toughest bitch there is.

Heather: I was sweating like Tom today.

[Gordon and the red team enter Nick & Stef's Steakhouse]
Gordon: So this place is renowned for its steaks.
Narrator: Now the red team has moved onto entrées at another Hollywood hot spot.
Maribel: Nice and private, very nice.
Narrator: And Virginia has an important question for the owner...
Virginia: What's the one key thing that you can honestly say? I'm saying like right when you think of it. What can you tell me here right now? I'm saying like...
Narrator: ...if only she could ask it.
Virginia: ...What have you learned now that you did then when you opened up a place?
Joachim Splichal: You need consistency. That's it. Consistency.
Virginia: I just find it very, I love the fact that you grew so quickly. I mean that's so...
Sara: (interview) We were like "Shut up! Shut up!" At what point is Virginia not fake?
Virginia: ...so on and so forth. But, you know anyway...
Maribel: (interview) "Blah. blah. blah. Yadda. Yadda." Virginia, she annoys me.

[The chefs meet in front of Chef Ramsay]
Gordon: Garrett, yesterday when I went out with the girls, you... gave me this. (the finger) Right now big boy, you've got nothing to be brash, cocky or show such attitude over. Do you want to go?
Garrett: No.
Gordon: I never, ever want to see this in front of my face again. Let's get that clear.

[Gordon checks on sashimi brought up by Virginia]
Gordon: Virginia!
Virginia: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Look what you're sending me. Come here you. It's just... It's just getting thicker and thicker and thicker.
Virginia and Sara: Alright.
Gordon: It's just fish sliced.
Virginia: Yes, chef.
Gordon: That's what it is! It's raw fish! It's fucking sliced! We still can't get that out!

[Gordon checks on duck salad brought up by Garrett]
Gordon: What in the fuck is that? What is this?! Get me a duck salad now!
Garrett: [takes the plate back] I got another one on the way chef.
Gordon: Why did you serve me that? We're doing so well?! (to Keith) Keith, if there's a time you need to get a grip for your team, it's right now!

Narrator: The red team has moved on to entrées and Sara has brought her lamb...
[Sara delivers her lamb to the pass, Gordon checks it]
Gordon: What's that?
Narrator: ...to the slaughter.
Gordon: What the fuck is that? Missy (Sara), Just what are you doing with the lamb?
Sara: I'm learning, chef.
Gordon: You're learning?
Sara: Yes, chef.
Gordon: What do you mean you're learning?
[flashback to when the red team creates their own menu]
Gordon: Sara! What is going on? Are you... fucking blind?
Sara: No, chef.
Gordon: What is that? In your-- What are-- I don't know what the fuck you're doing!
Sara: Me neither, chef.
Gordon: That is not going anywhere, missy!
Sara: Okay.
Gordon: Except in the fucking bin!!

[Gordon asks for Sara's lamb in the red kitchen]
Gordon: Where is the lamb?
Sara: It's working, chef.
Gordon: I'm about to send the third table of entrées from the blue team and I still haven't got the lamb out from the red team!
Sara: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Now it's turning into a fucking big embarrassment!
Sara: Yes, chef!
Gordon: And I'm going to kick you out any minute now, unless you get me a fucking lamb!!
Sara: Yes, chef!

Gordon: Sara! Come here, missy!
Sara: Yes, chef?
Gordon: I don't know if you're colour-blind or you've got a problem with your fucking contact lenses, that is blood. Look, it's blood! They want it medium, it's still fucking rare! [pounds the counter]
Sara: Yes, chef!
Gordon: There's blood everywhere! We still haven't sent an entrée from the red team.
Sara: Yes, chef.
Gordon: (to Jean-Philippe at the pass) Take the lamb off the menu. Stop it! I don't give a flying FUCK! (to Sara) You! Don't DARE cook any more lamb: Jean-Philippe has taken so much flak on the back of your inconsistency!
Sara: Hmm.

Gordon: If you're going to grill a salmon Sara, you don't tie it and fucking stuff it together. That is the third dish from the red team that is totally impractical. Can we just cut the salmon into a slice without fucking around?
Sara: Yeah. Consistency?
Gordon: Don't fucking dare! Don't fucking dare!! Missy, missy, come here you fat mouthed little stupid bitch!
Sara: Yes, chef?
Gordon: You're pissing around with something that's not working! Has that fucking clicked?
Sara: Yes, chef.
Gordon: IT'S FUCKING RARE!! Just stop! [calls the blue team who have just completed their service] Blue team, come here! All of you! I'm so fucking determined to have a successful completed service. I've got 11 tables waiting for main courses from the red team! You (the blue team) get on the sections and work together!
Sara: Thank you, chef.
Gordon: I personally don't want to stick around for pretty more shit. [exits the kitchen in disgust] A fucking embarrassment.

Episode Seven [2.07][edit]

Heather: You've got to watch your scallops.
Sara: Thank you, Heather. I've got it.
Gordon: Missy.
Sara: Yes, chef?
Gordon: If you sauté scallops in a non-stick pan, they won't stick. That's why it's called FUCKING NON-STIIIICK!!! [Gordon's voice goes falsetto on the "STICK"] I don't know what non-stick means in Texas, sweetheart, but fuck me!
Sara: Yes, chef!

Narrator: Hoping to satisfy Chef Ramsay, Garrett rushes his chicken to the pass.
Gordon: Garrett, the chicken is raw!
Garrett: Yes, chef.
Gordon: You're going to kill someone!
Narrator: Garrett has just brought a dish to the pass that is not only inedible but downright dangerous.
Gordon: You knew it's raw!
Garrett: I'm doing it because it's faster chef. It's the only reason.
Gordon: Faster?! You've always got a fucking answer for everything!
Garrett: I'm just trying to--

[A woman comes up to the hotplate demanding for food]

Lady: Excuse me, Mr. Ramsay.
Gordon: Yeah, just wait I'll be thirty seconds right now.
Lady: Uh... Excuse me.
Gordon: I just asked for thirty seconds, will you just be so kind, I'm in the middle of serving a table. Service!
Lady: How long do you think it might be?
Gordon: Would you mind taking your breasts off my hotplate? Look at that. How will I serve food with those fucking things there?
Lady: Oh what the fuck, you?! [flips a plate full of food on the tray; angrily pushes the tray; leaves the restaurant]
Gordon: Security, please!

Gordon: [to Sara] Hey, Missy. How many scallops are you serving per portion?
Sara: Five each.
Gordon: Are they small, big, or massive?
Sara: Well, they're medium.
Gordon: They're medium? Missy, [in a fast tone; gives her a towel] clean your fucking glasses, I'll ask you quickly, yeah? Yeah, let's do it this way. CLEAN YOUR FUCKING GLASSES!!
Sara: Alright, chef. [wipes her glasses]
Gordon: There you go. What are they?!
Sara: They are large scallops, chef. (interview) I'm like, "What are you saying?!"
Gordon: So what I'm trying to suggest is serve four.
Sara: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Okay? Because they're massive! Hello. Wakey-wakey, yes?
Sara: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Four scallops!
Sara: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Fuck me!

Gordon: Carrots!
Garrett: Yes, chef!
Gordon: "Carrots" I said, not "Garrett".

[Gordon checks on salmon brought up by Garrett]

Gordon: Look at that salmon. Is that the best piece of salmon? (Garrett doesn't answer) I'VE ASKED IS THAT THE BEST SALMON?!
Garrett: Yes, chef.
Gordon: It's chewed and buckled and... What have you done to it? (to Garrett) Mister, get a grip! I can't take it anymore!

Gordon: Virginia, what are you doing?
Virginia: I'm plating, I'm getting the tortellini, chef.
Gordon: There's not a tortellini on the order.
Virginia: But there's tortellini, chef.
Gordon: Listen, you stupid fucking fat-mouth bitch! Bring me your ticket here, bring it here! And read it out-- Come here!
Virginia: You're right, chef.
Gordon: Now, will you fucking SHUT UP! [throws the ticket at the counter] YOU JUST TALK CRAP! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! [repeatedly pounds the counter]

[Jean-Philippe is speaking with a twelve-top of swimsuit models]

Gordon: Where's that Belgian?
Jean-Philippe: I would like to sit around with you, and stay with you, but I can't. [backs to the pass] Chef!
Gordon: What are you trying to do, lose your virginity? [Jean-Philippe takes a look at Gordon, then returns to his station]

Episode Eight [2.08][edit]

Gordon: Let's go, three salmon, one turbot.
Sara: Heather?
Heather: What?
Sara: Is there any salmon left in the house?
Gordon: What's going on? What's going on?
Sara: Chef, I—
Gordon: What? Come here you! Tell me! I'm the fucking chef!!
Sara: Yes, chef. I don't have enough salmon to get through the night.
Gordon: You're not serious, are you?
Sara: I am serious, chef.
Gordon: Hey, I'd fuck off and go and buy some if I were you.
Sara: May I substitute using turbot?
Gordon: Why don't you check with the maître d'? Can we serve turbot in place of the salmon?
Jean-Phillippe: On which table?
Gordon: Table 20. Please? Thank you. [to Sara] Hey, you, fuck off, will you? You useless cow.
Sara: Turbot's in here. Sorry, chef.
Gordon: You know, missy, you're finished aren't you?
Sara: No, chef, come on!
Gordon: Hey, what do you mean, "come on?" I want you to come on! I want you to wake up!
Sara: Chef, I told you and they're resolving it now and all I can do is give you the turbot. I have the salmon in the fridge and there's only two!
Gordon: That's right! And whose fucking fault was it?! Don't get fucking upset with me in my fucking kitchen when you're standing there sulking because you fucked the salmon!
Sara: I'm not sulking, chef.
Gordon: Yeah, you're finished. Heather, get on the fish please and do something for her, yeah?
Sara: No, chef.
Gordon: So wake up and get it back together!
Sara: I don't need to be replaced, chef!
Gordon: Then tell her then.
Sara: I don't need to be replaced.
Gordon: There you go.
Sara: (interview) I screwed up one fucking table with one fucking salmon. I wasn't beat. Don't get up all about my crotch about shit.

Heather: Two minutes to the hotplate!! YES?!
Virginia: Yes!
Sara: Yes. Slow it down, Heather.
Gordon: [to Sara] Hey, Sara!
Sara: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Hey, listen, you stupid cow!
Sara: Yes, chef.
Gordon: "Slow it down?!" Hey, missy! Come here, you!
Sara: Yes, chef.
Gordon: How many tables are left on the hotplate?
Sara: Ten.
Gordon: And you've got the nerve to tell her (Heather) to slow down?!
Sara: Yes, chef. Sorry.
Gordon: Yeah.
Sara: I'll apologize.
Gordon: Fucking right! [points at Heather] Apologize to her!
Sara: Heather, I'm sorry!
Gordon: Hey, missy! Say it as if you mean it!
Sara: Heather.
Heather: Yeah?
Sara: I'm sorry.
Gordon: Next you'll be asking to pluck my eyebrows! Or shave my fucking ninny!

Heather: [to Sara] Are you going with three salmon?!
Sara: Yeah! Whenever you're ready...
Heather: Right now! Can you go right now?!
Sara: Yes!
Virginia: I can't! I can't you guys!
Heather: Jesus!
Gordon: Oh my God!
Virginia: Either someone help me or just slow it down! Please!
Gordon: Heather.
Heather: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Now, she's (Virginia) screwing you. Hey!
Virginia: I need a couple minutes on the cabbage. I just burned the cabbage.
Gordon: "I've just burned the cabbage?"
Virginia: Yes, chef! I burned the cabbage, chef!
Gordon: Heather!
Heather: Yes, chef!
Gordon: She's burned the cabbage!
Virginia: I just burned the cabbage!
Gordon: TAKE YOUR MEATS BACK! [as Heather runs back to the pass] Oh my God. [to Virginia] Hey, Virginia.
Virginia: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Look at me. I mean it! Hey, missy!
Virginia: Yes, chef!
Gordon: You're no longer safe!
Heather: (interview) Virginia's no longer safe. And I was like, [mimicking an angelic choir] "Hahh!" There is a God!

[Virginia and Sara are nominated for elimination]
Gordon: Virginia, you won the challenge. I guaranteed you a place in the final three. If you want to go, that is your choice. If you decide to stay, I'll send Sara home.
Virginia: I understand what you're telling me that I want to be in the final three because I deserve to be in the final three, not because you're a man of your word. Not because of a freakin' challenge. I want to be there because I deserve to be.
Gordon: I can't help you anymore. This is entirely your decision.
Sara: Can I ask a question, chef?
Gordon: Shut the fuck up for thirty seconds. Virginia, come back to me with your final decision.
Virginia: Well... [pause] Hell no, I don't wanna go! Of course I don't wanna go! I wanna freaking stay!
[Heather and Keith snicker and exchange surprised looks]
Virginia: You wanna know why? Because I fucking want to. [chuckles] That's why.
Gordon: Virginia.
Virginia: Yes, chef.
Gordon: I respect your decision. Sara.
Sara: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Take off your jacket...
Sara: Yes, chef.
Gordon: ...and leave Hell's Kitchen. And listen, you worked hard. I appreciate that. I think you know deep down inside, you can do it.
Sara: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Give me your jacket, please.
Sara: Yes, chef. [walks up to Gordon, who kisses her cheek] As they say in Texas... kiss my grits, chef!
Gordon: Your grits?
Sara: Kiss my grits!
Gordon: Good night, sweetheart.
Sara: Thanks! (interview) I can't be angry at Virginia. It's been one hell of a trip. I came here thinking that I had the potential to win the prize, and I’m worried that maybe I'm just really not good enough to do great things.

Gordon: Sara's not good enough as a cook. She made so many simple mistakes, she definitely didn't merit her own restaurant. Hello sweetheart, kiss my grits.

Episode Nine [2.09][edit]

[Virginia and Keith are nominated for elimination while Heather is advancing to the final round]
Gordon: This... is quite possibly the toughest decision I've had to make. The person leaving Hell's Kitchen tonight and will not be advancing to the final two is... [beat] Keith. What I am looking for is a leader. And personally big boy, you're not ready. Give me your jacket.
Keith: [gives Gordon his jacket] So you're saying that Virginia's a better leader than me? I've been leading the whole thing. Even whatever station I was on, I was leading the line throughout whatever team I was on. The whole time, with people who didn't know anything.
Gordon: I personally don't think you're ready to lead.
Keith: I personally think that you have a hard-on for Virginia. [Gordon looks shocked] Yeah.
Gordon: Why do you have to be so fucking rude?
Keith: 'Cause you're rude to me all the time.
Gordon: So? [pause] Now, I definitely know I've made the right decision. So your attitude does stink.
[Keith hugs Heather on his way out of the kitchen, ignoring Virginia completely]
Keith: (interview) I definitely deserve my own restaurant. The whole time I've been here, I did nothing but kill it! He doesn’t like my personality, so fuck him, because I cook better than all those bitches!
Gordon: (interview) You got two choices. You run the team or the team runs you. And sadly, the team ran Keith. If Keith could only lose the attitude underneath all that, there's one talented, talented cook.
Keith: (interview) He didn't like my personality, he didn’t like K-Grease, I tried to hide him but he fucking got out! So it's bullshit!

Episode Ten [2.10] (Two Hour Finale)[edit]

Gordon: Heather won Hell's Kitchen because of her determination. She stuck to what she knew best and she controlled her kitchen from start to finish. Heather clearly has great leadership qualities and this, for a 25-year old cook, is a phenomenon. This woman is going to be a big success. My work is done, it's been a phenomenal journey, I'm ready for the next challenge and fuck you all.

Season 3[edit]

Episode One [3.01][edit]

[Signature Dishes]
Gordon: And whose dish is that?
Vinnie: It's mine, chef.
Gordon: What is the dish?
Vinnie: It is chorizo encrusted pink snapper.
Gordon: Where in the fuck's the snapper?
Vinnie: It's underneath.
Gordon: That's the snapper there?
Vinnie: Yes sir.
Gordon: Okay. [tastes] God, fuck. Do you think you can really seriously eat that without burning your mouth? What a disappointment.
Vinnie: I don't think so.
Gordon: Now you want to fucking argue. Back in line.
Vinnie: Yes, chef. (interview) I think he looked at me and said "This guy's really confident." and I think I intimidated him.
Gordon: What a fucking jerk.

Gordon: [looking at Rock's dish] What is that?
Rock: It's, uh, pan-seared scallops with potato gnocchi.
Gordon: Wow. I'm excited you had time to make gnocchi.
Rock: I didn't have time to make it. [pause] It–it was frozen.
Gordon: You serve me...frozen gnocchi? [shrugs] Could have been a mind-blowing dish, that. I like the idea...but the execution sucked. [slaps his right temple]
Rock: (interview) Frozen gnocchi, it was a huge no-no. It was a big mistake. I just didn't execute my own freakin' signature dish well.
Gordon: Back in line.

Gordon: Whose is this?
Josh: (interview) Food is sex and everybody likes sex and everybody likes food. I want to make people feel like they just had great sex.
Gordon: Unfortunately, it's raw. Raw foie gras. Take that. [gives a piece to Josh and they both taste]
Josh: (interview) That foie gras was goddamn perfect.
Gordon: That is way, way, way too salty my man.
Josh: (interview) Okay, I'll give him, it was a little salty.

Narrator: Very few of the chefs have impressed Chef Ramsay with their dishes. Now it's down to the final chef.
Gordon: Oh, fuck me. Whose is this?
Aaron: [dressed up as a cowboy] It's me, chef.
Gordon: And where's your horse?
Aaron: I left him parked outside, chef.
Gordon: I've never met an Asian cowboy.
Aaron: (interview; laughs) I knew I shouldn't have worn this outfit!
Gordon: You are one chunky monkey aren't you?
Aaron: [chuckles] Yes, chef.
Gordon: What is it?
Aaron: It's finger food chef so...
Gordon: How big are your fucking fingers?
Aaron: I have big hands.
Gordon: [tastes part of the dish] This is nice, [moves dumplings away with knife] just throw all that away. Your biggest problem is you don't know when to stop.
Aaron: (interview) My plate was full but, heck, I would've eaten all the food on the plate.
Gordon: Back in line.
Aaron: Thank you, chef.

Narrator: With the red team in shambles, Chef Ramsay turns to the blue team for some reassurance.
Gordon: Aaron, how are you feeling?
Aaron: Sorry. [starts to cry] I can't believe I'm crack—I'm cracking up right now.
Gordon: Keep it together! For God's sakes, man!
Aaron: I don't know what's going on... [continues to cry]
Gordon: Now you're making me feel nervous! I am not going into service with this level of incompetence. You know that.
Jean-Philippe: [outside, to the waiting diners] Not too good... not too good...
Gordon: Stop fucking crying! Stop! STOP!! Do you want to go and lie down in the dorm?
Aaron: No sir, I'm fine, chef. I apologize.
Gordon: You can do it.
Aaron: Yes, sir.
Gordon: Good man. Now. I want to see some strength tonight. I wanna see some form of bond. Togetherness. Are we ready?
Everyone: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Let's go, yeah?

[Gordon checks on quail eggs brought up by Tiffany]
Gordon: Who cooked these quail eggs?
Tiffany: I did, chef.
Gordon: Touch that there. It's like a plastic silicon implant. Fucking bin them. Get rid of them.

Gordon: Okay, Red Team! Langoustine, spaghetti, scallops! How long?
Tiffany: We have to start over, chef, because the eggs are fucked.
Julia: Oh my God.
Gordon: COME ON, TIFFANY! A fried egg is stopping this kitchen from cooking! Come on, ladies!
Julia: I–I've been over there three times trying to help with them eggs. (interview) I don't understand how I can needed nowhere, but still nothing is getting done. So it seems to me like I would be needed somewhere!
Gordon: Bonnie!
Bonnie: Yes, chef!
Gordon: I think you should help cooking the quail eggs, yes?!
Bonnie: Yes, chef! Who needs help doing the eggs?
Tiffany: I do, obviously!
Bonnie: I need to get a grip. (interview) My hands were just like this, I couldn't concentrate. [to herself] Get a fucking grip, Bonnie! (interview) I lost it. [while placing quail eggs on a platter] I broke the fucking yolks!
Gordon: Come on, please! I can't–I–I don't know where to go now! I've had some tough nights in my life, but not over a fucking fried egg!
Julia: Jesus, help us all.

Narrator: With Brad on appetizers, things may be looking up for the Blue Team. But over in the red kitchen, teamwork continues to be a challenge.
Gordon: Can we not just cook the eggs quickly?! Tiffany, this is now on the border of sinking the ship! Just cook your fucking arse off and get some food out!
Tiffany: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Thank you. [walks over to the blue kitchen]
Julia: [to Tiffany] Do you want me to do those?
Tiffany: No.
Julia: I don't understand if everybody keeps burning their eggs and breaking them, why can't I help?
Tiffany: Okay, fair enough. I just–I'll tell you when I'm ready.
Julia: Why are you pushing me?
Tiffany: Please don't do this to me now. I'm just under two minutes on them.
Julia: Okay, I understand! I'm trying to help you!
Tiffany: Okay, thank you!
Julia: (interview) She was freaking out over me making eggs. And she couldn't see like I was trying to help her!
Gordon: [to Julia] Can you see what I'm faced with? Why are you crying? [pause] What's the matter?
Julia: [sobbing] I just wanted to help!
Gordon: You want to help? [Julia continues crying] Julia. Come here. All I want is some food. That's all I want.
Julia: I understand that! All I'm trying to do is help you get food!
Gordon: Okay.
Julia: I don't like that I can't do nothing. I can't get nothing produced!
[Gordon gathers the red team at the corner]
Tiffany: (interview) When Julia came up and started bawling and saying, "Oh, they won't let me fry an egg," it's like don't pull out the whole team because you want your two minutes in the spotlight.
Gordon: What is going on?!
Julia: I am trying to help her (Tiffany) with her eggs, but she don't wanna let me take them.
Gordon: Okay, let me just tell you something. There's more arguing going on than there is cooking. [to Tiffany] You're coming off the section.
Tiffany: Okay.
Gordon: Melissa, get on the appetizers! [to Julia] You cook the fucking quail egg, and can we just work as a little bit of a team?
Red Team: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Right now, put it to bed and fucking concentrate!
Red Team: Yes, chef!

Gordon: [to Vinnie] Hey, just come here you... you're putting water in the risotto.
Vinnie: Chef, I put water in the risotto, we don't have any more stock.
Gordon: Oh, for fuck's sake...
Vinnie: (interview) Well, stock is made of water, and vegetables are made of water. No harm, no foul. That's all we have.
Gordon: [tastes] It tastes like gnat's piss. [coughs] Stop it! Look at me now, okay? Get off the section! Hey, Brad! Get on there. Get your arse on there. And stay on there!
Brad: (interview) It was a relief when Chef Ramsay put me on the appetizers, because the apps station was going down. It was going down, big time.
Gordon: And create the seasoning, please, yes?
Brad: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Vinnie!
Vinnie: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Wash up!

Narrator: While it's total chaos in the red kitchen, in the blue kitchen, the retirement home chef seems to be feeling all of his 48 years.
Aaron: [washing his face with water] Oh, fuck.
Brad: (interview) I'd like to see Aaron get better.
Aaron: Oh, fuck.
Brad: (interview) Get better at cooking.
Aaron: I'm kind of dizzy right now. I'll be back in five, gentlemen.
Brad: (interview) He just gave up. I would never walk off the line short of being punched in the face. Finish your night.
[Aaron walks into a store room and takes off his jacket. Gordon follows him in there]
Gordon: You've gone white.
Aaron: [whimpering] Chef, I don't want to quit because of me. I don't want to quit because...
Gordon: Hey.
Aaron: But, I don't want to quit because of the guys, they're trying so hard. Everybody's trying really hard.
Gordon: Hey, shhhhhhhh. Relax, relax, relax.
Narrator: With Aaron taking early retirement from the meat station, Josh jumps in and tries to save the day.
Josh: Two minutes in, Eddie, are you okay with two minutes on that?
Eddie: Yes.
Josh: Okay, two minutes!
Brad: Come on guys, no bickering, let's do it!
Josh: (interview) I was born for this. [to blue team] Come on guys! (interview) Unfortunately, I myself, walked into the deepest pile of the shit.
Gordon: Josh!
Josh: Yes, chef?
Gordon: How many portions of chicken are overcooked?
Josh: One, two, three, four and that's all the chicken that we have, chef.
Gordon: So we've got no chicken anywhere?
Josh: We have no chicken, chef.

Scott Leibfried: We don't have any fucking chicken, we don't have any more Wellingtons, we don't have any fucking lettuce! We haven't served any food! How could we be out of anything?!
[The customers have begun leaving]
Gordon: [to Red Team] Your tables are now getting up... pissed off, and leaving! Nothing's getting done!
Brad: [sees Eddie's pan catch fire] Eddie, fill those out. They're gonna taste like fucking lighter fluid.
Joanna: People are fucking me up right now.
Gordon: Maryann, are they arguing again?
Maryann: Yes, chef, they are.
Gordon: [to both teams] STOP!!! [calls out Red Team] Come here. Shut it down, forget it! Service, [to Jean-Philippe] we're shutting it down.

Gordon: You've got every right to look down, because that was embarrassing. Ladies, I've never seen girls bitch so much. It was just evil and twisted. Hell's Bitches. [to Vinnie] Vinnie, sixty minutes without any appetizers. What have you got to say?
Vinnie: I didn't know what you wanted. You didn't want to show me, so what did you want me to do?
Gordon: You two-faced, lazy little fucker.
Vinnie: Lazy?
Rock: (interview) All I could think to myself was, "Please shut up! Who are you talking to? Are you serious?" I just couldn't–I couldn't believe it.
Gordon: What do you want me to do? Wipe your arse?

[Melissa, having been named Best of the Worst, has to choose who to nominate for elimination on the red team. Eventually, she talks to Tiffany]
Melissa: What did you think about service? What did you–
Tiffany: It fucking sucked!!
Melissa: I know, it sucked! I mean, give me a little more here, you know?
Tiffany: I mean... I don't want to go home.
Melissa: You're not going home.
Tiffany: No?
Melissa: No way.
Tiffany: If I was you, I would nominate Julia tonight.
Melissa: Definitely.
Tiffany: (interview) It has to be Julia. She works at the fucking Waffle House! I mean, come on!

Gordon: To be a great chef, you need great attention to detail, passion and great work ethic. Tiffany worked hard, but that was it. Nothing else.

Episode Two [3.02][edit]

Aaron: [to the customers] My name's Aaron. I'm a chef. I'm one of your chefs tonight. And welcome to Hell's Kitchen.
Customers: Thank you.
Gordon: [to Jean Philippe] What in the fuck is Aaron doing in the dining room?
Aaron: My name's Aaron, and I'm a chef in Hell's Kitchen. Welcome to Hell's Kitchen.
Jean Philippe: He's talking to customers.
Gordon: He's talking to customers.
Aaron: My name's Aaron. Well, you already know my name because it's on my shirt!
Gordon: Get that fucking donkey out of there!

Narrator: 45 minutes into dinner service and Eddie's spaghetti has brought the blue kitchen to a standstill so Chef Ramsay turns to the women for a little hope.
Gordon: Spaghetti, scallops how long?
Bonnie: 3 minutes, chef.
Gordon: [sees what Bonnie is doing] What are you doing? What are you doing?
Bonnie: I'm doing 3 scallops, chef.
Gordon: See? I called one spaghetti, one scallops, then she's doing three scallops.
Bonnie: I thought I heard... I'm sorry. Okay, one scallop.
Gordon: Are you a dumb blonde?!
Bonnie: (interview) I feel like I'm the one that everybody sees as the idiot in the group, so I'm always trying to prove everybody wrong.
Gordon: Fucking Barbie.

[Gordon checks on Dover soles brought up by Vinnie]
Gordon: Vinnie!
Vinnie: Yes, chef?
Gordon: I thought by this stage you'd tell me the truth. I'm telling you, one nicely cooked there, yeah? And one that is cooked to fuck.
Vinnie: Yes, chef.

[Gordon tastes Eddie's risotto at the pass]
Gordon: Eddie! Oh, no. Oh, no! [returns to the workstation] ALL OF YOU! Taste it! It's inedible! [spits it out] It's way too peppery and you wouldn't even serve it to a fucking PIG! [to Eddie] Get off the section!
Eddie: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Get off!
Eddie: Yes, chef.

[Gordon tastes Brad's risotto at the pass]
Gordon: Taste that. It's overcooked and peppery, Brad! Fucking wake up will you please, yes? That's the second one by two different cooks. One fucking risotto, as quick as possible please.
Brad: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Josh, what are you doing there, what are you doing there with that chicken there? Is that dry?
Josh: No, chef.
Gordon: It looks dry from here. Just touch that, that's the skin, my man. Yeah. Yeah.
Josh: Yes, chef. Yes, chef. [Gordon smashes the chicken from the plate] (interview) Did that honestly just happen? What just happened?!
Gordon: That's it, fuck it! [throws the chicken on the floor] That's dry.
Josh: Yes, chef.
Gordon: You, you, you, you! Hey, you, you! Come here! You, come here! Hey, you! Fucking come here, you! [calls out Aaron] Where's that fucking cowboy? Aaron! [Aaron enters the kitchen] Now you've (Josh) got dry chicken. You fucking donkey! You (Eddie) can't even do a fucking risotto, you know that? You (Aaron) can't even filet a fucking fish! You, you, you, you, you, you, fuck off out of here. Get out! GET OUT!! The fucking girls will finish the meal service! Get out!!

Gordon: Aaron, you're in the dining room like the President of the United States of America shaking hands with people. What the fuck was that all about?
Aaron: I apologize, chef. Obviously, I didn't do that great of a job.

Gordon: Eddie's got a big heart. Sadly, he couldn't even hold his own section. He made far too many simple mistakes and he didn't merit running his own restaurant

Episode Three [3.03][edit]

Bonnie: (interview; when troops wake up the chefs) I'm in the shower with conditioner in my hair. I was like run through the house half naked and I look like a drowned rat and I'm not happy.

Vinnie: (interview) It's was very disheartening to not to be able to serve the people that serve us.

[Gordon checks on risotto brought up by Joanna]
Gordon: Joanna!
Joanna: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Taste it quickly.
Joanna: Okay. [tastes the risotto]
Gordon: Come on, taste it. Let's go. [spits risotto out] It's soft, it's salty, yes? And it's just.. It's crap.
Joanna: Yes, chef.

[Gordon checks on scallops brought up by Bonnie]
Gordon: Who's coo... Who?...
Bonnie: I did the scallops, chef. What's wrong?
Gordon: What's wrong?
Bonnie: Are they raw?
Gordon: Oh, come on! Fucking hell! You just asked me are they raw. Why don't you tell me what the fuck they are?
Bonnie: They're raw, chef.
Gordon: [angrily throws a scallop in the bin] Fuck off!

Gordon: Gentlemen, today is about consistency. Brad!
Brad: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Are you consistently shit?!
Brad: No, chef!
Gordon: You're about to sink the Navy, you dick-head!

Gordon: [smelling the crab] Hey, missy (Joanna), is that crab high to you? Anyone else smell that? Where's the crab? [picks up the container and smells it] Ugh! Maryann, smell that— [seeing Joanna trying to leave] Hey you, don't you fucking dare! Come here you! Hello!
Maryann: [smelling the crab] Oh God.
Gordon: Can you not smell that?! The crab is off! It's fucking rancid! How can you do that?
Joanna: I did not smell the crab, chef.
Bonnie: (interview) I can't believe Joanna had been using that. I mean, it just made you sit up and go, "Whoa!"
Gordon: Have you sent one out already?
Joanna: No, chef, we haven't.
Gordon: Thank God for that! YOU'LL KILL SOMEONE!! [throws the crab in the bin] Hey... get off! Get off! Julia, take over.
Julia: Yes, chef.
Jean Philippe: Should I recommend something else?
Gordon: Oh, you fuck recommend. Yeah, recommend a new restaurant!

[Rock delivers his scallops to the pass with eggs cooked by Vinnie]
Gordon: Hey, hello! Come here, donkeys! Here we go. We started. Come here! What is that?
Brad: It's a raw egg.
Gordon: What is that? [shows the egg to Josh] Wha-what is that? What is that? [slams the raw egg in Vinnie's whites] Fuck off, will you? Fuck off! Okay?!
Rock: (interview) He slammed that shit right in Vinnie's... chest and Vinnie tensed up and he was about to bust and all I could think was, "Oh, my God. Do not lose your head."
Gordon: Fuck off!! Hey, why did you let it go when you know it's not fucking ready?
Vinnie: I screwed up again chef.
Gordon: Hey, look at me now. You've now just confirmed to my mind you're not trustworthy! So fuck you!
Vinnie: (interview) It's tough to bite your tongue. I just figured take it, it's the only way to win and you'll be alright.
Gordon: Start the fucking table again.

Jen: Julia, what you got in here is enough for two orders.
Julia: Okay.
Jen: I'm going to toss all this (spaghetti) out. [dumps it in the garbage]
Gordon: Away next, scallop, risotto, spaghetti yes?
Julia: Ladies, spaghetti!
Jen: You need more spaghetti Julia? Oh, I fucking just tossed it! Let me just get it. I'll get it. I'll get it. (interview) We had an order for spaghetti and I threw out what we had and I just decided to retrieve the spaghetti from the top of the garbage and washed it. 212 (degrees) kills the bacteria and I decided to serve it.
Julia: Where did you get it from?
Jen: The garbage on top.
Julia: Oh no, no, no. No way. (interview) Who in the world picks food out of the trash? You can't just do anything in the heat of the moment.
Gordon: (not having seen what Jen did) How long Julia?
Julia: Six minutes chef.
Gordon: Oh dear.
Narrator: Julia's quality control kept garbage from being served and Jen should consider herself lucky Chef Ramsay didn't witnessed her mistake. Meanwhile in the blue kitchen, the pressure is on Josh and Brad to get out some entrées.
Gordon: Let's do two wellingtons, one turbot. Lets go.
Brad: Josh, did you hear that? I'm going on two wellingtons. Can you, I need you guys to go.
Josh: That's not a problem. How long on the wellingtons?
Brad: I can go right now.
Josh: No, I can't.
Brad: You can't? I need to pull this out then.
Gordon: Hey, JOSH!!
Josh: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Fucking little bastard! Hey, are you just trying to sabotage them?
Josh: No way, chef.
Gordon: So that it makes you look good?
Josh: No way, chef.
Gordon: Who's the first person you should be telling?
Josh: I should talk to him (Brad), chef. I should talk to meat station. It was my fault, chef. (defensively) No sabotage. (interview) I wasn't trying to sabotage. Are you crazy?
Gordon: You deserve a kick in the nuts.
Josh: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Hey, start the fucking table again.

[Gordon notices Brad scraping off the bottom of a burnt wellington]
Josh: Brad, two minutes.
Brad: Yes, no go in two minutes 45 seconds.
Gordon: Hold on, there's someone being dishonest. Lift the bottom of the wellington over. [Brad does so] Oh come on. You give me them anaemic bits of shit, I'll fucking throw them up your arse sideways. [kicks a bin] Where's your fucking brain? I just cannot believe this! Can we have the two main courses TOGETHER?!!! [kicks the bins] SHIT!!! (groans)

[Gordon asks for wellingtons in the red kitchen]
Gordon: Where's the wellington? How long?
Jen: [comes up to Gordon] My wellingtons are going to be overdone.
Gordon: Oh, for fuck's sake! Oh, come on!!
[cuts to the dining room]
Male diner: I'm not waiting another minute for my main course.
Gordon: Seventeen (wellingtons) on order and you've got three to send. We're fourteen short!
Jean-Philippe: (to a female diner) You don't want to stay a bit longer?
Female diner: Uhm, no.
[The customers have begun leaving. Jean-Philippe returns to the pass]
Jean-Philippe: Chef, they are all walking out. To the left and 12, 14, from both sides, chef.
Gordon: (to the red team) Stop! (calls the blue team) Come here! Hey, hello, chef (Josh), sabotage! Your tables are now getting up and leaving! Fuck off, will you, yeah?! [gets the tickets from the pass, crumples them and throws them away] Get out! GET OUT!!!

[After the service in which the red team lost]
Gordon: Fucking hell! I still smell that (rancid) crab!

Gordon: Not only did Joanna serve rancid crab that could've seriously made a customer ill, she completely gave up, screwed her team, and if you can't handle one individual section, you got no chance of running a business.

Episode Four [3.04][edit]

[During the blind taste test]
Gordon: Ready? Brad, you sack of shit.
[Later, Gordon has Brad and Julia taste carrot as their last ingredient]
Gordon: Come on, what is that? Hello?
Brad: Papaya?
Gordon: Fucking carrot, you doughnut. [to Julia] What was that?
Julia: A radish, chef.
Gordon: Oh, dear. Brad, you've just been beaten by a Waffle House chef.
[The Blue team lost and was forced to eat various organ meats]
Gordon:: Your palates are shit, so taste everything on this platter.

Gordon: You, Melissa? You're running the appetisers, yes?
Melissa: Yes.
Gordon: You're running ahead, and no-one's with you. You're not a team player. Right now, I need some team fucking spirit!
Red Team: Yes, chef!
Gordon: I might kick you out and I'll do the fucking section myself!
Melissa: Yes, chef!
Gordon: I know what your game is. You just want to get all the appetisers out.
Melissa: No chef, I swear to God that's not true.
Gordon: Look good, [pretends to put makeup on] Oh, fuck me. [pretends to adjust his boobs] Oh, fuck me! Fuck off. Piss off. Fucking bimbo.

Gordon: We're waiting on you Bonnie! Is that just sliced in half there and put back in the pan?
Bonnie: [points at chicken on the cutting board] This chef?
Gordon: Oh no, Bonnie, not that. You're fucking here, you stupid cat. D'you know what? Every time I've asked you a sensible question, you give me a dumb blonde answer.
Bonnie: Sorry chef.
Gordon: Right, let's go back to the beginning shall we?
Bonnie: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Have you just sliced the chicken in half and stuck it back in the oven?
Bonnie: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Is it dry?
Bonnie: It doesn't feel dry but I'll start over.
Gordon: It's fucking lost its texture. Right now, you're all screwing your fucking selves. Is the chicken in for the langoustine?
Bonnie: [points to the same chicken] Yes, chef. Right here.
Gordon: Fuck me. No that's the main course one.
Bonnie: It's right here.
Gordon: Listen, Hey, listen, it's not in.
Bonnie: It's not in but I'm putting it in now.
Gordon: Right so - here we go again. - When are you going to fucking shut up? I'VE HAD ENOUGH NOW! Stop lying to me! You're saying yes all the fucking time YET NOTHING'S DONE!!! WORK TOGETHER!!
Red team: Yes, chef!

[A tall lady comes to the hotplate demanding for food]
Gordon: Jean-Philippe, what table is the lady from, please? So we can find out where food is, please?
Jean-Philippe: 23 chef.
Gordon: 23, blue, yes?
Jean-Philippe: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Take the giraffe back to her table please. Service please, let's go.
Lady: Excuse me?! I'm asking for service and he's being rude.
Gordon: Let's go. (to the tall lady) Fuck off, will you? Move your fucking arse, will you?

[Gordon checks on wellingtons brought up by Vinnie]
Gordon: Is that medium there?
Scott Leibfried: He was flashing them in the oven after they were cooked.
Gordon: [returns to the workstation] Okay guys. Just stop, stop, stop, stop, STOP!!!! Blue donkeys, come here! Touch that, touch that. IT'S RARE!! You (Vinnie), look at me. You don't care anymore, you know that?

Gordon: [checking Vinnie's wellingtons] Vinnie!
Vinnie: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Vinnie, come on chef. Look, raw pastry's trimmed off the bottom. That's the shit you don't send to the customers. It's still left on. Tell him to trim them please?
Rock: Trim them real quick.
Gordon: Chef Vinnie!
Vinnie: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Look at me. Can you trim it properly?
Vinnie: Yes, chef.
Gordon: And bring it to the hotplate and cut the pastry with a straighted knife. Donkey! Is it every other one is right? Or is it one in three is right?
Vinnie: No, chef. This one's perfect.
Gordon: This one's perfect. What have you overcooked? How much have you binned?
Vinnie: I fucked a lot up but I'm on it now.
Gordon: [seeing Vinnie's wasted meat] Oh, no!
Vinnie: (interview) I kept my own private garbage bin on my station and I had six wellington orders and one chicken in my bin.
Gordon: Hey, a restaurant wouldn't even open with that. You'd close it before you got anywhere. [slams the tray on Vinnie's station]
Vinnie: (interview) It was a mistake. It's an expensive mistake.
Gordon: Oh, fuck me senseless!

[Jean-Philippe returns to the pass with pasta]
Jean-Philippe: Table 20, spaghetti undercooked chef.
Gordon: Blue, yes?
Jean Philippe: Oui chef.
Gordon: Where's fucking pretty-boy sushi man (Josh), where is he?
Josh: Right here, chef.
Gordon: Complaint: raw spaghetti. No don't fucki– [grunts] The fuck you call that? What do you think you are? WWF Wrestling?! DICK! Taste it!

[Gordon gathers both teams to the pass]
Gordon: Let me just tell you something: The customers are deciding which team is winning this evening. Your fate is in their hands, yet you still send crap! One more dish back, and I'm going to fucking shut it down. Now, get a grip!

Gordon: Oh, God. Fucking hell. I'm just getting so fucking wound up. It's not going anywhere. We're not getting anything out. Everything's fucking done, clearly given up, and it's fucking embarrassing.
Red Team: No, chef!
Jean-Philippe: [returning with a dish] Chef?
Gordon: Aw, fuck off! Oh, fuck off! [kicks a bin] Fuck off! What did they say?
Jean-Philippe: Chicken being cold, chef.
Gordon: Ah?
Jean-Philippe: Chicken being cold.
Gordon: Right, hey, gentlemen. Hey, ladies, yeah, all look good well over. Hey, Barbie! (Bonnie) Do your hair before you come over! Stone-cold chicken, fucking salty fucking garnish, yeah? And fucking - there you go chef, there you go. [drops the dish on the floor] Fucking clear down.
Josh: (interview) Chef was furious. He dropped the plate, he said "Fuck off! Shut down!" And we were SO goddamn close again! Damn it.

Gordon: Vinnie talks the talk, but he doesn't walk the walk. The bottom line with Vinnie is he's a crap cook.

Episode Five [3.05][edit]

[During the cooking challenge, while cooking the duck breast]
Julia: Bonnie, do I sear it until it gets really, really crispy?
Bonnie: No, you have to do it very slowly. It's not a sear.
Melissa Firpo: [pushing in next to Julia] What's the problem? Julia, ask me if you have any questions.
Bonnie: Alright...
Julia: What is your problem, Melissa?
Melissa: You're supposed to listen to me, not Bonnie.
Bonnie: (interview) Excuse me?!

Melissa: Check in on your duck, Julia. You took it out of the oven.
Julia: Yeah, so it won't burn.
Melissa: I think you should stick it back in, just for a little while.
Julia: But it's already medium.
Melissa: Guys, all the food has to be plated hot. I'm assuming that you have just a little bit of knowledge of how to cook...
Julia: Don't assume!
Melissa: ...otherwise, you shouldn't be here.
Julia: I thought that you knew how to cook, too!
Bonnie: [to herself] I am above all this.
[Cut to Rock, who is standing in the storeroom by the red kitchen]
Rock: Argue, argue. Hell's Bitches, Hell's Bitches. Yes!

[Both teams have been cooking meals for a wedding reception in Hell's Kitchen]
Gordon: This menu is a crucial, critical menu. Did you use the time wisely?
Red Team: No, chef.
Gordon: What? No?
Bonnie: Too many people were arguing on our team, chef.
Gordon: Oh, come on, ladies. Why are we arguing Julia on such an important occasion?
Julia: Because there was one person who wanted to run around and do every single thing.
Gordon: Who was in charge?
Melissa: I'm in charge, but unfortunately I can't do everything at once. I need help.
Gordon: Stop. I didn't put you in charge, madam. You're standing there acting like some jumped up little cavewoman. Today's challenge quite frankly was a team effort. Let's hope what you have produced in the last hour is delicious.

[The teams are tied one to one in the wedding reception challenge]
Narrator: Now it all comes down to the meat entrée.
Rock: (interview) Tied 1-1. All the pressure is riding on...me.
Gordon: Third and final dish. Please present the meat entrées.
Melissa: [to Jen] We shouldn't send it.
Gordon: Please present the meat entrées together.
Melissa: [to Jen] It's just the duck.
Rock: You ready, Jen?
Melissa: Jen, don't send it. Don't.
Gordon: Melissa, I don't know what you're trying to do, or whether you're trying to upset our guests. But right now, I'm starting to get pissed. Now, will you send your food?!
Rock: Let's go. [Rock and Jen bring the meat entrées to the table]
Gordon: Right. Domes off. [Rock and Jen reveal their dishes; Jen's dish is a small dried up duck breast on a bare plate] Alright... okay... ahem...
Bonnie: (interview) There are no words to say how humiliating it was serving a piece of shit duck to a husband and wife to be. I really wanted to disintegrate.
Gordon: Oh, dear. Jen.
Jen: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Describe the dish.
Jen: That's a duck breast. Um...
Gordon: [facepalms and shakes his head] First of all, I'm deeply embarrassed.
Jen: I am as well. (interview) I was so embarrassed, you know? They probably think I cooked it. I had nothing to do with that!
Gordon: Rock, please explain.
Rock: We have a dry-aged rib eye that's been pan seared and served with wild mushroom cream sauce.
Gordon: Thank you. [gives Carlotta the rib eye and Cyrus the duck breast] Carlotta. [passes silverware] There we are, my darling. Excuse me.
Cyrus: [trying to cut through the duck] Oh wow, this is really tough.
Gordon: I'm so sorry. Nobody's going to be eating that, are they? [takes the duck away and covers it with a napkin, then looks at the red team in disgust]
Carlotta: [tasting the rib eye] This is delicious. That's great.
Cyrus: Definitely.
Narrator: Rock's rib eye easily beats the women's lame duck and the men win their first challenge in Hell's Kitchen.
Josh: (interview) Two things are happening right now. Number one, we finally got a win and we feel great about it. Number two, it's open hunting season on chicks and we're about to start picking them off one by one.
Gordon: My apologies, and we'll do all that we can to make sure it's a very special day. Thank you for joining us for the tasting.
Carlotta: Thank you. [she and Cyrus leave]
Gordon: [to the red team] You four Hell's Bitches, I am embarrassed. I don't think I've ever, EVER been so embarrassed inside this restaurant in my entire life. That was a joke! You should be ashamed. All four of you are going to work your arses off. Get. Out. My. Sight!

[During preparation for the wedding reception, Melissa has burned a potato dish and has to redo it]
Gordon: They are getting fucking married! I can't stop the church!

Gordon: [to Josh] You still look fabulous by the way, yeah? You should be covering GQ: you, front cover, "Captain Dick".
Josh: (interview) Chef wants to put me on the cover of GQ. That's fine and good. But what I'm waiting for is for him to put me in charge of Green Valley Ranch.

[During the wedding reception, the wedding MC (Francisco) comes to the pass to demand faster service from Gordon]
Francisco: Gordon?
Gordon: [calls the waiters] Service, please! [to Francisco] Can you get out of the fucking way? I'm trying to serve food. You get out of the way. Stand out of the fucking way!!
Francisco: Okay, I think that went well.
Gordon: Unbelievable.

[Melissa has been struggling throughout service]
Melissa: Sorry, guys. I need three minutes. This has to braise.
Jen: Melissa, come on. You're putting us behind!
Gordon: Four ribeye, two chicken. How long?
Melissa: Four minutes.
Gordon: Four minutes?
Melissa: Yes, chef. I want the lettuce to be done.
Jen: Fucking A!
Melissa: I can go!
Gordon: Wait, I thought you said four minutes.
Melissa: Guys, you still need four minutes? I can go earlier.
Bonnie: We're waiting for you!
Jen: You told us four minutes!
Melissa: Yeah, I'm ready! I'm ready!
Gordon: What is she doing?! [to Melissa] Just come here. Can you stop pissing around? Stand up straight. What is your game here today? What is your fucking game? Something's happened to you. You just switched off completely. You're turning into a right little bitch!
Melissa: No, chef.
Gordon: Wake up!
Melissa: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Fucking pathetic!

Gordon: Where is the sauce for the sea bass?
Josh: It's right here, chef. [brings his sauce to the pass]
Narrator: Josh is moving fast to get entrées to the pass.
Gordon: Hey you, come here.
Narrator: Maybe, a little too fast.
Gordon: Heat the sauce up! IT'S STONE-COOOOOOOLD!!! Look at him (Josh) running around with the pan! Oh my—GET IT ON THE STOVE!
Josh: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Ah, fuck's sake.

Gordon: Where's the zabaglione?
Melissa: [checks the container] Oh, fuck! The zabaglione fell! (interview) The zabaglione sauce was in a water bath, and after I took the spoon out of it, it must've turned over, and the water got in the zabaglione. [to her teammates] I have to get more zabaglione!
Bonnie: What?
Melissa: I have to get more zabaglione. [walks into the blue kitchen; to Brad] Can I get some of your zabaglione, please?
Brad: You need some of it? I need all of that, honey. I need all of that.
Melissa: Can I please just have–
Brad: Just–just make enough for your order.
Gordon: [to Melissa] Oh, what are you doing?! GET OUT OF HERE, YOU! GET OUT! What are you doing?
Melissa: The zabaglione fell.
Gordon: Wha–what are you doing?!
Melissa: I was gonna get some zabaglione...
Gordon: Get one on! 'Cause if you [points at the blue team] take theirs, then they run out! Oh, piss off will you, you little sabotage! GET SOME EGGS ON!

Gordon: I've never seen anyone go from being a strong chef to being such a terrible chef so quickly. And that's why tonight I'm giving Melissa one more chance. Her only hope now is that she fits in better with the boys than she did with the girls.

Episode Six [3.06][edit]

[The blue team has lost the lobster challenge]
Gordon: Losers, unfortunately, your punishment is at the other end of the spectrum. It's incredibly unglamorous. I can't think of any worse place to be. Today, I'm looking for everything that's possible to be recycled from every garbage bin inside this restaurant.
Rock: I've never seen anything inside of a garbage can that should be taken out. I might find this a little difficult.
Gordon: I can guarantee that within one hour, you'll find something.
Rock: (interview) Chef Ramsay tells us that they get to go to In Touch magazine and we have to dig through some fucking trash. I grew up in the ghetto in the hood. I ain't never been in no trash.
Brad: Let's take our punishment like gentlemen.
Gordon: Brad, thank you for being a man.
Brad: Thank you, chef.
Rock: I guess I'm not a man. [starts throwing and slamming stuff as the blue team cleans up the kitchen] (interview) I'm pissed off! That was the dumbest fucking decision I've seen! That was bullshit!
Brad: (interview) Rock, he was pissed. Pissed to the point where I thought he was going to flip out.
Rock: What kind of shit is that?
Brad: (interview) I'm sorry, "thought". He flipped out.
Rock: Lobster bisque. You can get that shit at motherfucking Corner Bakery! (interview) You can go everywhere and get a fucking lobster soup! A grilled bullshit salad with some fucking apple! ORIGINALITY!! BE CREATIVE!! [in the kitchen] And they get the fucking win! (interview) They're not creative over there and we lose?! What the fuck is original about a crab and lobster bisque?! NOTHING!!!
Melissa: Does Rock always get that mad?
Brad: I've never seen Rock that mad.
Josh: Never.

Gordon: Brad?
Brad: Yes, Chef?
Gordon: Two appetizers, you served me three. It's not a good start, guys. Water's not boiling properly for the fucking pasta, I call away a spaghetti and a fucking sea bass, I get a risotto as a little gift I don't fucking need. Stop panicking!

Gordon: Is the mashed potatoes ready yet?
Josh: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Hey, Scott. It looks like gloopy and runny, it's like he's pouring it into a fucking bowl! [bangs the overhead] (to Josh) Hey, come here. Do we put salt in the potatoes?
Josh: Uhm, not at all, chef.
Gordon: Get some potatoes on you.
Josh: Yes, chef.
Gordon: [kicks a bin and throws his spoon away] Fuck off! Fuck off! It's like a bunch of fucking retards here!

Gordon: Melissa?
Melissa: Yes, chef?
Gordon: It's like paper scallops.
Melissa: I'll get new ones, Chef.
Gordon: [handing Melissa's scallops to Brad and Josh] There you go.
Josh: (interview) Some of the scallops she did, they were, like, thin as a paper; there's like nothing there.
Gordon: Pass it back to Chef Melissa, the fucking gremlin. Everything she touches, she screws, there you go.
Melissa: Sorry, guys.
Gordon: Hey, madam, this is not our first night?
Melissa: Yes, chef. No, chef.
Gordon: "Yes, chef. No, chef?" Fucking gremlin.

Melissa: Monkfish, chef.
Gordon: Eh, right. Um, Fish King, (Josh) come here you. There's the monkfish.
Melissa: Overcooked?
Josh: It's overcooked.
Gordon: Oh, God almighty. [to Melissa] You don't know that's overcooked?!
Melissa: Sorry, chef.
Gordon: Hey, Brad, she doesn't know that's overcooked. Rock, she doesn't know that's chewed to fuck and overcooked. Scott, she doesn't know that's overcooked?
Scott Leibfried: Oh, my God. Completely.
Rock: (interview) Melissa was nervous, I could see it in her eyes, and she fell apart. The monkfish was overdone. Pressure busts pipes, baby!
Gordon: It looks like regurgitated dog shit! Where's other monkfish gone?
Melissa: I have one left, chef.
Gordon: Oh, no! So the six gone on order are all fucked?
Melissa: Yes.
Gordon: No, no, nooooo! Right Rock, listen to me, no choice now. Stop the veg, get on the fish! [to Melissa] You! Oi, oi! Get on the garnish. Get the fuck off of there! GET OFF!!
Melissa: (interview) Honestly, I got his far, and I'm not just gonna sit there and be like, "Forget it. I don't wanna do it because Chef Ramsay's yelling at me."
Gordon: Yes, we're in the shit! No, we never give up!

[An entire table of entrées has returned to the blue kitchen and Gordon has had it]
Gordon: What's the matter?
Jean-Philippe: Lobster's chewy, chef. And the beef overdone.
Gordon: Ohhhh, no. The whole fucking six top returned. Hello, look at me. Thanks (Melissa) for overcooking the monk-fish. Thanks (Josh) for shafting me on the mashed potatoes, and thanks (Brad) for being a twat on the appetizers. It's just so sad. Shut it down! Clear down.
Man: What about dessert?
Jean-Philippe: When it's closed, it's closed.
Man: Fuck that!

Gordon: Brad, tonight you were shit. In fact, you were worse than shit. You complemented shit.

Gordon: That was really difficult today, because Brad and Josh were absolutely horrible. With Melissa, she's very assertive, and she sounds like a leader, but unfortunately, she doesn't cook like a leader.

Episode Seven [3.07][edit]

Gordon: Hello! Hey, hey, hey! We haven't got the garnish now! The team's not working together and I'm getting a little bit pissed now! Not one of you talking, see what's happening!
Julia: Yes, chef.
Gordon: You're just screwing your fucking selves!
Julia: I see what's happening.
Gordon: NO-ONE'S EVEN TALKING TO EACH OTHER!!! [kicks the bins]

Gordon: [to Josh] Where's the lamb? How long please? HOW LONG, PLEASE?!!
Josh: Lamb's coming right now, chef.
Gordon: Let's go.
Josh: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Hey, you. Hey, donkey.
Josh: Yes, chef.
Gordon: One's nicely cooked, yeah, coloured, one's boiled. Fuck off, will you? So we're under pressure now and this is where it separates the fucking chef from a donkey! Come here! Let me tell you something.
Josh: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Let me tell you something in your ear: YOU CAN'T COOK! That's what's just been confirmed to me.
Josh: Good to go? We're coming, Rock.
Gordon: Yeah, you're coming. So is your fucking elimination. Come round. Just look what you're doing here, you DOUGHNUT! Look, BOILED, BOILED, BOILED, BOILED! DONKEY!
Josh: Yes, chef.
Gordon: I expected perfect!

Gordon: Hey, Josh.
Josh: Yes, chef?
Gordon: I wouldn't trust you in a hotdog stand.
Josh: Yes, chef.

Gordon: [to Red Team] They've (Blue Team) overtaken you now! Two turbot, One New York strip. Bonnie, you're cooking and your fucking gas isn't even on!
[Bonnie gives a shocked face]
Gordon: [makes fun of Bonnie] OH, IS IT?! Oh! Don't panic Bonnie, if we go at your pace we're fucked - no-one's going to get fed–let's go–
Bonnie: I don't even know what I'm doing right now chef
Gordon: Hey missy, turn the fucking gas on, it would help!

[During elimination, Brad and Bonnie are nominated by their respective teams]
Gordon: Brad.
Brad: Yes, chef.
Gordon: How do you feel?
Brad: I think I could've been either the savior or the martyr. I tried to go full force, and I tried to have the balls to do a lot of stuff when some people kinda wait in the wings, or—
Rock: Say my name. [pause] You should just say my name. That's all. If you're talking about me waiting in the wings, say Rock.
Brad: I thought I'd be politically correct about it.
Rock: There ain't no politically correct! We trying to win a competition! Say my name!
Gordon: Good to see team spirits are high as always.

Gordon: Brad was a hard worker. Unfortunately, he worked with his back rather than his brain. He lacked finesse to become a great chef.

Episode Eight [3.08][edit]

[For the black jacket punishment, Bonnie is left to prep the kitchen for dinner service with Rock and Josh]
Maryann: [to Bonnie] You feeling lonely stuck with the boys? [Rock laughs]
Bonnie: (interview) I am so nervous about tonight because we have five people left to serve the whole restaurant.
[After smelling the monkfish, Bonnie throws it all away in a nearby bin]
Maryann: Hey, did we get monkfish in today? There was like twenty-three portions, and then there was still another pan full of them, right?
Bonnie: I binned that. It smells.
Maryann: What?! [Rock and Josh look over at Bonnie] What are you doing?! You threw away monkfish?
Bonnie: It smelled awful!
Maryann: That was all that we have.
Bonnie: Ugh, God!
Maryann: Show it to me. Where is it?
Bonnie: (interview) I threw away some monkfish, and immediately, Chef Maryann made me dig it out of trash! [to Maryann] Does it smell bad?
Maryann: [to Scott] Scott, does that smell bad to you?
Scott Leibfried: It smells like monkfish.
Bonnie: Oh my God, I'm freaking out.
Maryann: Uh, yeah!
Bonnie: (interview) It was a huge mistake, and...it could be my time to go home tonight. [cries and breathes heavily]

Gordon: On order, four covers table 32: Scallops, Mullet, Langoustine straight after yes?
Josh: Yes, chef! (interview) I'm working app(etizer)s tonight. I'm totally 100% confident in myself to get the team started off with a bang. [to his team mates] Let's go. Let's go. Let's go.
Gordon: [finds that Josh has cooked risotto ahead] Why is the risotto on? We haven't given one away. How long has that been on there for?
Josh: That's been on there for four minutes. These were on there earlier. They're going away.
Gordon: [finds that Josh has cooked five other risottos] Fucking h–how many are you doing? Can someone stop this guy? You've started panicking, my ma—How many fucking risottos are you doing up front? Look at all these pans!
Josh: Yes, chef.
Gordon: What is going on? Let me just tell you something: we've opened, we haven't served anything yet, and we've lost money! What a fucking doughnut!

[Gordon checks on scallops brought up by Rock; they're badly overcooked]
Gordon: Rock!
Rock: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Yeah, you can fuck yourself! Look at that there, look at that. There you go. Come on! Oh, fucking hell. Three more scallops in! It takes one minute to sauté the scallops. Is that what we serve in Hell's Kitchen?
Rock: Not at all, chef.
Gordon: We're going from fucking bad to worse, man.
Bonnie: (interview) It just seemed so comical. Rock and Josh aren't doing well.
Gordon: Scallops, risottos, spaghetti! [to Josh] What's in that basket?
Josh: This is one of the pulled—
Gordon: Why? Just talk to me. Why? Why? Why? [sees that there's already spaghetti in the basket]
Josh: Starting over. Starting over.
Gordon: Oh, fuck me. In your restaurant when you come in here do you cook spaghetti before the customer orders it?
Josh: Never, chef.
Gordon: So why are you doing it here?
Josh: It was wrong.
Gordon: Fuck. Oh, was it really wrong?! Even my mum cooks spaghetti seven minutes before she wants it! Get it in the bin!

[Deleted Scene]
Gordon: Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck. Josh, you're putting more spaghetti in! It's not away!
Josh: I heard two spaghetti.
Gordon: It's the third and fourth table that's right. PUT IT IN THE BIN!
Josh: Going in the bin right now chef.
Gordon: Oh, fuck me.

Narrator: While Julia struggles to keep her station under control, Josh continues to test Chef Ramsay's patience.
Gordon: What the fuck is he doing? [sees more spaghetti in the basket] Wha? More spaghetti in there! [dumps it in the bin]
Josh: Sorry.
Gordon: We cook spaghetti to order! Even the fucking, dirtiest, scummiest Italian restaurant in Venice Beach cooks spaghetti to order you donkey!
Josh: Yes, chef.
Gordon: I'm just wondering what the fuck you're doing?
Josh: I'm here chef.
Gordon: You're pushing me to the fucking limit big boy. Huh?

[7:04 PM]
Narrator: More than a hour into dinner service, guests are finally getting a taste of Josh's appetizers.
Jean-Philippe: How is everything?
Lady #1: [whispers in JP's ear] It's under-cooked.
Lady #2: Oh, my God!
[Jean-Philippe returns the risotto to the pass]
Jean-Philippe: Risotto is under-cooked, chef.
Gordon: Sorry?
Jean-Philippe: It's under-cooked, chef.
Gordon: Oh, my God almighty! [tastes the risotto, then spits it out] Ugh! Ugh! Oh, fuck off! oh, fuck—come here! Come here! Come here, you! What are you doing? Just what the fuck are you doing?! Every table so far, nothing's coming out. You're standing there, you're screwing me, and you're fucking useless! What are you doing?!
Josh: Sorry, chef.
Gordon: Yeah, do me a favour.
Josh: Yes, chef?
Gordon: [rips Josh's jacket open] Take that off and FUCK OFF OUT OF HERE! GET OUT! GET OUT!! Hey, you! leave the jacket and GET OUT!! GET OUT!!! [throws a spoon at Josh, then follows him to the back area; Josh takes his jacket off]
Gordon: Give me the jacket! Give me the fucking jacket! [Gordon takes the jacket from Josh, crumples it up and throws it into the storeroom] Fucking useless sack of shit! Get out!!! GET OUT!!!
Josh: (interview; imitates a bomb falling and exploding) I would've given my right arm to stay in this service and keep fighting. I came here with a dream to win. And it appears it's over. It appears that Green Valley Ranch is not in my future. Dream's over guys.

Jen: Four and half minutes to the window, Rock!
Rock: Yes, Queen Jenny.
Gordon: Scallops, please.
Rock: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Where's the spaghetti?
Jen: It's coming, chef. It's coming! Rock, don't go until I say, okay? 'Cause you're gonna fuck me up!
Gordon: Where's the fucking scallops?
[Rock reluctantly brings the scallops to the pass while Jen shakes her head]
Gordon: Jen, please, let's go!
Jen: Yes, chef.
Gordon: One spaghetti! Come on! [claps hands] You're dreaming there!
Jen: [walks to the pass] Here you go.
Gordon: Put it down! COME ON, DO IT!!
Jen: Don't do that to me, Rock. Okay?
Rock: What'd you say? (interview; looks around confused) Who the fuck are you talking to?! My chef told me to come up there!
Jen: Forty-five seconds, Rock! I called it!
Rock: Bullshit. Don't say nothing else to me, please.
Jen: I've been calling it all the time.
Rock: [sarcastically] Yeah, okay. I hear you.
Jen: Why are you acting like this?! You're thirty years old!
Rock: Well, stop acting like an eight-year old!
Bonnie: You're not talking to us anymore, Rock! You need to talk to us!
Jen: Why is he giving us attitude?
Rock: (interview) I enjoy working with women a lot of times. Not like these bitches, you know? I understand this is a competition. I wanna win too, but I'm not trying to put anybody down to bring myself up.
[Later, Rock tosses a plate to the pass in frustration]
Gordon: Who just threw that food down there like that? Who threw that over there?
Rock: Me, chef.
Gordon: Yeah, you may be pissed off, but I'm fucking standing here screwed!
Rock: I'm not pissed off at all. I'm having a great time, chef.
Gordon: Hey! If I performed like you, I'd be pissed off!

Narrator: The four remaining chefs have managed to move on to desserts. But the moment is anything but sweet.
Rock: What is this? Is this yours?
Jen: That's the ice cream base. Put it over there if you could. On the sink. [Rock puts the base on the counter where Bonnie is working. Jen reaches in front of Bonnie for the container] Asshole.
Rock: You're a fucking asshole!
Gordon: Hey, hey, hey! Do you mind? We're not arguing amongst ourselves, yeah?
Jen: No, chef.
Gordon: Yeah, [referring to Josh, who was kicked out of the kitchen earlier] the fucking weak link is gone, now you should start fucking working as a team!
Rock: Don't jump when you say jump!
Bonnie: Stop, stop, stop.
Rock: Who the fuck you think you're talking to?
Bonnie: Stop!
Gordon: I cannot run this kitchen like this!
Jen: [sarcastically] Big man. Big man.
Rock: Big man shit.
Gordon: SHUT THE FUCK UP!! [bangs the overhead] Enough's enough.
Rock: Big man shit!
Bonnie: You guys, knock it off. Knock it off! Okay, we got one brûlée, one panna cotta, and then we're done.
Narrator: Despite the ongoing fighting,...
Rock: [to Jen] Simple ass broad.
Jen: You're crazy.
Narrator: ...The aspiring chefs manage to successfully complete dinner service.

Gordon: To become a great chef you must have a natural ability. Clearly, Julia does have it. All she needs is a little more experience. After that, she will be ready to run her own restaurant.

Episode Nine [3.09][edit]

[Gordon has introduced his mother to the three remaining chefs]
Gordon: Rock, no cursing.
Rock: No, chef.
Gordon: Never ever in front of your mum.

[Gordon has the final three contestants practice running the pass with him individually before dinner service starts]
Gordon: [to Bonnie] I'm the cook, you're the chef now. I've just screwed up. The pasta's undercooked, the scallops are raw. I want to know inside that I've a really little fiery bitch on my hands.
Bonnie: [pause] Come here. Taste this! Have you tasted anything that you cooked for me tonight? Did you taste it?! What do you taste out of that?! It's raw! IS THAT ACCEPTABLE TO SEND UP TO THE LINE?! I HAVE GIVEN YOU EVERY OPPORTUNITY TO GET YOU BACK ON TRACK, AND YOU KEEP FUCKING IT UP!
[Gordon pretends to look scared, while Rock smiles and laughs]
Rock: (interview) I just heard Bonnie screaming and cursing, and I actually got a little happy. I was like, "Whoa, she's cursing Chef out. That's good!" She can go home, and it's just me and Jen. We can skip right to the championship.
Gordon: Sorry.
Gordon: Bloody hell! What came out of there? I got the message, big time. And I will not screw up again!
Bonnie: (interview) It was so fun to yell at Chef, and have Chef just, like, sit there and take it. He didn't yell back, he just had to sit there and be like, "Sorry." You know, it was like, "You're damn right you're sorry!"

Gordon: [to Rock] You're pretty pissed with me...and I tried to make you look stupid. Give it to me.
Rock: What's—what's wrong with you? W–why is this—Why do we have this here? I told you how important that table was!
Gordon: Can I cook it again?
Rock: [stammering] You should've cooked it right! Whatcha gonna give me this time?! What are you gonna give me this time?! You gonna give me something better?!
Gordon: You got no idea how stupid you just sounded. That was pussy talk. [pause] Okay, so I've just really screwed you and you're fuckin' fuming because it doesn't get any bigger than this. "Chef, it's there."
Rock: Why–what... Just tell me! Why did you do that?
Gordon: I rushed it.
Rock: Why did you rush it?! We got a countdown for a reason! WHY DID YOU RUSH IT?!
Gordon: You were shouting at me.
Rock: Because I was shouting at you?!
Gordon: Yeah.
Rock: You want me to whisper? You want me to give you a hug?!
Gordon: No.
Rock: I trust you one time! I didn't taste one turbot, and you send the motherfucker raw! WHY?!
Gordon: Good. Welcome home. Now, you sound like a chef. [Rock laughs]
Rock: (interview, smiles and makes an "OK" gesture)

Gordon: [to Jen] Fish cooked, that's me, I just screwed it. You are fuming away and you cannot believe. Tell me off.
Jen: You think I worked fucking fifteen years so you could fuck up my career to send up raw fish?! [Rock and Sous Chef Scott chuckle] You wanna fuck off, [points at back door of the blue kitchen] you can fuck off out of here, okay?!
Gordon: [holding back laughter] That sounded like a drunk country Western singer.

Episode Ten [3.10][edit]

Episode Eleven [3.11][edit]

[Deleted Scene]
Scott Leibfried: [to Josh right before dinner service] You two need to get it together right fucking now! Don't make any of your stupid fucking things for Rock or I will take you outside and beat the shit out of you! You fuck him over and I'm coming after you! You got it? You got it?
Josh: Yes, chef.
Scott Leibfried: You understand me? Look at my eyes, I am coming for you if you fuck him over! You got it?
Josh: I will not fuck him over.
Scott Leibfried: [to Vinnie] You too!

[Deleted Scene]
Vinnie: How long on the garnish? Chef Scott?
Scott Leibfried: Am I in charge of the garnish now because you two fucking dickheads can't handle it? Green beans are coming right up. How long on the garnish? Because you two douchebags can't handle it. "How long on the fucking garnish?" I love that. What's the next pickup?
Rock: Surf and turf snapper?
Scott Leibfried: I'm not fucking talking to either one of you schmucks! Shut your fucking mouths, alright?

Gordon: Rock deserved to win Hell's Kitchen because he's a very confident cook and he has become a really good leader. He can motivate staff, he can create, all those qualities are not easy to find in one chef. Rock holds all of them.

Season 4[edit]

Episode One [4.01][edit]

[The fifteen chefs enter Hell's Kitchen and meet Jean Philippe. Among them is Gordon in disguise.]
Jean Philippe: Welcome to Hell's Kitchen. You must be all very excited to meet Chef Gordon Ramsay. Actually, I'm quite good at doing an impression of him. "ONE SPAGHETTI! ONE RISOTTO! ONE CRAB! WHAT IS THIS?! NOOOOOOOOOOO! IT'S OVERCOOKED!!" What about you? Can you do a little impression of Gordon?
Jean Philippe: How about you?
Jason: "Come on! Where is it?!"
Jean Philippe: I think you're going to have to work on it. What about you big guy?
Gordon: [steps up front] Jean Philippe, it's time to open Hell's Kitchen.
Bobby: (interview) Damn, he's doing it real good.
Gordon: Come here, you! You donkey!
Shayna: (interview) Wait a minute.
Gordon: STOP! Shut it down!
Louross: (interview) I know that voice.
Gordon: That's right. It's me.
[Gordon removes his disguise; the chefs start screaming and hollering]
Rosann: (interview) Oh, my God! I've been sitting next to the chef on the bus the whole fucking time!
Dominic: (interview) Whoo! Didn't know it was coming.
Gordon: Halt! Let's see if you guys can actually cook as well as you shout off on the bus. And you, the black Gordon Ramsay right?
Bobby: Yes, sir. Four star general.
Gordon: Time to button it now and start cooking. Get in there and cook me your signature dishes. Let's go!

[Signature Dishes]
Gordon: [reveals Jen's dish] Whose is this?
Jen: (interview) I don't see anybody being more passionate about cooking than me. I'm not afraid to toot my own horn because if I don't toot, nobody else will. Toot-toot! [laughs]
Gordon: And what do you do for a living?
Jen: I'm a garde manger chef. So, I pretty much do fruit, watermelon carvings. I could carve your face into a watermelon, and it'll look just like you. [Gordon says nothing as Jen smiles at him]
Gordon: What's the dish?
Jen: It is a Dungeness crab and corn risotto with a lobster tail. [Gordon takes a bite, then spits it out] Oh, no! Damn!
Gordon: The rice is raw. And you're on the garde manger, which is the cold part of the kitchen, which confirms you can't cook.
Jen: (interview) There's a difference between constructive criticism and someone just being a butt-head. I think Chef Ramsay might need to read a couple books. He has absolutely no idea what he's talking about, and he has absolutely no idea who he's talking to!

Gordon: Please God, let there be something on the next plate. [reveals Matt's signature dish] Whoa.
Matt: (interview) My signature dish is going to help me stand out, because I'm a true culinarian. I understand what Gordon's looking for.
Gordon: What is it?
Matt: I call it Exotic Tartare, because it's with venison and diver scallops, with caviar and white chocolate and...
Gordon: Whoa, stop. Let me get this right again. Either that or I'm just about to be Punk'd. Diver scallops chopped up, caviar and white chocolate. Do you smoke?
Matt: Cigarettes?
Gordon: No. Raw venison, raw quail egg, lime zest, olive oil, scallops, caviar and grated white chocolate. [takes a taste] Capers as well. [Matt nods]
[Gordon chews for about 15 seconds then throws up in the bin.]
Narrator: After a disastrous start to the signature dish tasting, Chef Ramsay has lost more than just his hope.
Gordon: That must be one of the worst combinations I've ever tasted in 21 years of cooking! Piss off will you?
Matt: (interview) I really don't understand what Chef Ramsay didn't like about the dish. I'm a little boggled on that.
Gordon: [picks up the platter and throws it into the bin] Unreal.

Narrator: With Rosann's dish receiving a good review from Chef Ramsay, things might be looking up.
Gordon: [reveals Petrozza's dish, which is a whole pumpkin] Oh, fuck me...
Narrator: ...Or are they?
Gordon: What in the fuck? Happy Halloween?
Petrozza: (interview) People ask me what my specialty is, but I don't have a specialty; I can cook anything.
Gordon: What is that?
Petrozza: There's a Cornish hen inside, Chef.
Gordon: A Cornish hen? What'd you do to it to get it in there?
Petrozza: It got in there—I got it in—I got it in there.
Gordon: Holy shit. [removes the pumpkin] These are potatoes?
Petrozza: Yes, sir.
Gordon: In how much grease and fat and oil did you fry them?
Petrozza: There's some butter in there.
Gordon: [holding up a dripping pile of potatoes] Some butter in that?!
Petrozza: It's a lot of butter.
Gordon: Well, stop there. That goes in there, yeah? [scrapes the potatoes into the bin] And let's see what we got for trick-or-treat, shall we?
Petrozza: Okay.
Gordon: [removes the top of the pumpkin] Oh, my God... How do you get in there and eat it? I mean, am I missing a trick?
Petrozza: It's plated tableside.
Gordon: Oh.
Petrozza: It's–it's presented like that.
Gordon: Alright, off you go. Take your time. [Petrozza splits the pumpkin open, revealing a greasy blob of meat] Oh, my God. Okay, stop right there. I don't think I'll get through that, do you?
Petrozza: Okay, no.
Gordon: So, what's the, uh... dish called?
Petrozza: Hen in a pumpkin.
Gordon: Right now, looking at that mess, I'd like to stick your fucking head in there, you know that? [tastes the dish] It's dry.
Petrozza: Yeah, well...
Gordon: And the pumpkin's not even seasoned inside, it's just bland! You'd have more of a chance sticking a candle in there for Halloween to make me happy than you would sticking a hen in there. Fuck off.
Petrozza: (interview) Chef Ramsay said he was looking for something memorable. And I believe my dish was memorable.

Gordon: Bobby, what are the five entrées on the menu?
Bobby: Uh... we have... uh, I'm not sure.
[Gordon puts his hand over his face and Christina raises her hand]
Gordon: Matt, what are the five entrées?
Matt: Uh... there's uh... [now Jen and Shayna also have their hands raised, just like Christina] I don't know, chef.
Gordon: WHAT!? Petrozza! WHAT ARE THE ENTREÉS!?
Petrozza: Um... um...
Narrator: Chef Ramsay has just discovered one minor problem...
Ben: (interview) Nobody has a damn clue of what's going on!
Gordon: My God! Christina what are the five entrées?
Christina: We have a lamb en croute, salmon, John Dory, beef filet and poached and roasted chicken, sir.
Gordon: Thank you. [in a sigh of relief]
Christina: [smirks] (interview) The guys suck and they're going to go down in flames. That makes me happy!
Gordon: Guys, what is the matter? Already you look like a bunch of dicks and we haven't even fucking opened!
Matt: (interview) Knowing the menu is one thing, cooking the menu is another thing.

Gordon: [to Sharon] What have you put in there? It stinks of garlic! Garlic risotto. Where's the water? [fills a glass with water, takes a sip and spits it out] Sharon, enough's enough! Fuck off and go put some more makeup on!

[Petrozza is performing tableside flambés in the dining room.]
Gordon: Petrozza, don't set the room on fire, you donkey!

Gordon: Scallops, risotto, how long?
Jason: Right now, right now. [brings his risotto to the pass]
Gordon: Where's the scallops? [Dominic is still holding raw scallops in his hand] What's he done?
Scott Leibfried: They're like little burnt bits of something here.
Gordon: Oh, my God. The rice is overcooked.
Jason: Ow, that's hot!
Gordon: Hey you, come here! I've had enough! You can't even get two fucking dishes together. That's how shit you've been! I don't want any more embarrassments. I JUST WANT TO GO WITH SOME FOOD!!
Narrator: It's over an hour into the first dinner service, and Jason is about to get an invitation.
Gordon: Sit down and eat that! I want you to taste what you are trying to serve Hell's Kitchen. Sit down. Let me know when you're done. I'll get dessert!
Jason: (interview) I am horribly embarrassed at myself. I should've fucking stayed home.
Gordon: Stuff your face, you bastard!

Gordon: [returning Sharon's eggs to the workstation] Who turn the eggs around like that? You served eggs like that?
Christina: (interview) Hello! I know it thinks that hard to fry an egg.
Gordon: [sees a fried egg with in disgust] I want them up! OH, COME ON!!! [to Rosann] Rosann, can you take control?
Rosann: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Vanessa, get the captain's badge on from your fucking arm will you?!
[Gordon gives the badge to Rosann]
Gordon: Rosann, away!
Rosann: Okay ladies, come on let's get one scallop, one Caesar to this window, how long?
Vanessa: (interview) I sat out as captain and it's pretty bad.
Narrator: While Rosann attempts to bring order to the red kitchen, Dominic is getting a little one-on-one time with Chef Ramsay.
Gordon: [to Dominic and his scallops] Touch that. Touch that. Rubber. They're rubber! They're like a ball of elastic band. It's like a fucking golf ball. Golf ball!
Dominic: (interview) I couldn't sauté a scallop to save my ass tonight.
Gordon: Everything you've cooked, you screwed. Have you ever cooked a scallop before?
Dominic: (interview) Whooooo! What a disaster!
Gordon: He (Jason) hasn't even got the tuna in! Why are you putting more scallops in there? And you're like this on the scallops. [mocks Dominic, holding out his right hand with a shocked face] Oh, fuck ME! SHIT! Bobby.
Bobby: Yes?
Gordon: I'm looking for someone to take control of this disgusting, embarrassing mess. He (Jason) doesn't give a fuck, he's (Dominic) dreaming, he's (Matt) standing there pissing his pants looking for his tartare, caviar, white chocolate crap! And he's (Louross) just running around like a toilet brush. IS ANYONE GOING TO TAKE CONTROL?!!
Dominic: Jump in there, Bobby. Jump in there, baby.
Bobby: I don't want to jump in! You guys, you guys got it over there! It's going to make so much confusion if I get in over there. You've got six sets of hands over there, you don't need eight sets of hands over there. I don't want to join the chaos.
Craig: (interview) He's the captain. I mean, to just be like, "Yeah, uh, I don't want to get in this chaos," that's basically like saying "Fuck you, I quit."
Bobby: I'm gonna worry about what's over here. You call for it, you got it.
Jason: That's fucked up.
Narrator: While Captain Bobby is willing to watch his ship go down without him, over in the red kitchen...
Rosann: How's that risotto Jen, you ready for us?
Jen: Yeah, I guess.
Narrator: Jen is doing all she can to keep her appetizer station afloat.

[After yet another failed attempt by the blue team to serve their first appetizers]
Scott: [with some bland sauce] Yeah, that's bland. It looks terrible.
Gordon: [to the blue team] Come here! Taste that, all of you! [the men come over and start tasting the sauce] Run Dominic! You lazy fucker! And you put your fingers in there. Aw, my God! [takes a spoonful out, lets it drip] Look! Snot! [tosses the sauce away] Fuck off. [kicks the bins] USELESS FUCKING PIECES OF SHIT!! YOU ALL KNOW IT'S CRAP, NOT ONE OF YOU HAVE GOT THE BALLS TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!
Jason: I haven't tasted it yet.
Louross: Guys, it's just simple! Go man, come on, just redo it! Season it with a bit of salt and pepper, that's all. (interview) I didn't see anyone taste their food today. You just need to get into your groove, as if you're making love to the kitchen.
Gordon: [to Bobby] Hey, you, take that badge off, give it to that little fucker over there! Thank god someone's got a set of balls!
Bobby: (interview) I'm not the type to be like, "Oh, my God, I'm a bad chef now." No, no, not at all! Louross can have that captain's position. I'm still a general. To me, he's still a private.
Narrator: As Louross tries to whip the blue team into shape, the red team has served appetizers to three more tables.
Rosann: Are we ready now with that beef?
Corey: We're ready.
Narrator: And are starting their first entrées.
Gordon: [with a piece of chicken] Who cooked this chicken?
Corey: I did, chef.
Gordon: Come here! Let's get all together now.
Rosann: Come on, ladies!
Gordon: You hold the chicken.
Rosann: Yes, sir. Oh shit!
Gordon: Pass it around.
Corey: (interview) I thought either a pan was going to get thrown, glass was going to get shattered. Someone was getting hurt.
Gordon: Throw me the ball. [Sharon throws the chicken to Gordon] Let's fucking... play rounders! [throws the chicken hard against the oven]
Corey: (interview) It happened to be the chicken so, sorry to the chicken.
Gordon: It's rubber! Plastic dry shit!

[The customers have begun leaving. Jean-Philippe returns to the pass]
Gordon: What's the matter?
Jean-Philippe: They are leaving, chef.
Gordon: What?
[Cuts to the leaving diners]
Jean-Philippe: It's going empty.
Gordon: [to both teams] STOP!! Look out there! Your customers have gone! Shut it down... clear down!

Gordon: To be a great chef you need passion, creativity, and talent. Dominic had passion, but that was it.

Episode Two [4.02][edit]

Gordon: Good morning!
Contestants: Good morning, chef.
Gordon: Bright and breezy!
Contestants: [groaning] Yes, chef.
Gordon: With everything you wasted last night on service, any restaurant would've gone out of business. You have to understand what you put in... the trash last night! Hey guys - hup! [garbage truck drives up] I've never seen so much fantastic produce wasted. Now. Every rubber chicken breast, every overcooked risotto, every rock hard potato you binned last night: get it out and put it back in the cylinders, move!
[The contestants head towards the garbage truck]
Jason: (interview) We're fucking playing through garbage this is going to suck!

Gordon: You should be ashamed of yourselves. We're not talking about a couple of hundred dollars. We're in for thousands of dollars there, carelessly just put in the trash as if... no-one gives a fuck. You all better start giving a damn. Now go and get showered, and meet me in the kitchen; you stink!

Bobby: (interview) I've never been on a yacht before. The only boat I've gotten close to was The Love Boat on TV.

Gordon: Okay, before we start...Eh, Petrozza.
Petrozza: Yes?
Gordon: The menu. Five appetizers. What are they?
Petrozza: The appetizers... Caesar salad with... with fresh anchovies and seared, uh... tuna, the, um... The, um... [Gordon facepalms] the, um...[chuckles quietly]
Gordon: Stop. Stop!
Petrozza: Yes.
Gordon: Do me a favour: Get out.
Petrozza: Okay.
Gordon: Hey, look at me. Upstairs! Hey! And read that fucking menu! And listen, your station stands unmanned until you get your fucking shit together!
Petrozza: Okay.
Gordon: Hurry up! [Petrozza leaves the kitchen to memorize the menu] Is it really too much to know the menu inside out? Eat, drink, sleep, breathe it?! I've got three thousand dishes between my ears! Pathetic.

[After Petrozza fails to memorize the menu again, Gordon pulls him aside during prep]
Gordon: Petrozza. You, in the storeroom. [walks with Petrozza into the pantry] Do you think we're here for a fucking... [to Jason] You, close the door, please. Out.
Jason: I'm leaving, chef. [leaves the pantry]
Gordon: Thank you. [to Petrozza after closing the door] What is this, a fucking–What is this, Comedy Central?
Petrozza: No, sir.
Gordon: 'Cause you know how much you're making me look stupid now? Do you understand? From the desserts, up! What are they?
Petrozza: Alright. The, uh, Valrhona chocolate and... the Valrhona chocolate and the black cherry...sorbet.
Gordon: [sighs] There is no black cherry sorbet.
Petrozza: There's no...black cherry? It's–there's some in the black–the black...
Gordon: It is a fucking Valrhona chocolate fondant with black cherries.
Petrozza: Okay.
Gordon: Upstairs, and start again!
Petrozza: Okay.
Gordon: Quick! Let's go!
Petrozza: Okay.
Petrozza: Y–yes, sir. Yes, chef.
[Petrozza walks out to the patio for a smoke]
Petrozza: (interview) You think that you're strong, you think you're bulletproof, but... [chuckles] no. Not here! [sits down holding back tears] Nah, I'm done. (interview) I'm done! I'm done, in the words of Chef Ramsay! Fuck me, I'm done! ...I'm done!
[After some time passes, Bobby walks out to comfort Petrozza]
Bobby: It's okay.
Petrozza: I'm done.
Bobby: No, no, no! Come on, [referring to Petrozza's cigarette] put it down!
Petrozza: No, I'm done, man!
Bobby: Chef wants you! Chef wants you, he's right out there! [tries to lift Petrozza off the chair] It's okay! Come on, let's go! Get it together! Put on your jacket. [buttons up the top of Petrozza's blue jacket] Come on, let's go. You're alright. Couple breaths, it's cool. Stay right there.
Petrozza: [crying] I'm fucking done, man.
Bobby: No, stay there! You're cool!
Petrozza: No, I'm done.
Bobby: Chef wants to spend more time with you. Here, wipe your fucking eyes. [holds up apron] Here, this is the cleanest thing.
Petrozza: I'm good.
Bobby: Wipe your fucking eyes. (interview) Petrozza, you know, I like him for some special reason, you know? 'Cause he has a genuine heart. You know, I felt him, you know? [to Petrozza as they walk back to the kitchen] He likes you. I told you that last night. For some strange reason, he likes you.
Petrozza: (interview) I was feeling defeated. I was a shell of a man, but I am gonna press on hard, and give every single thing I've got.
Gordon: [to Petrozza] Okay, right. Fire it to me, sing to me.
Petrozza: The, uh, grilled filet mignon... the cannon of lamb... The, um... [sees Gordon flap his arms] the chicken, and the, uh, the pavé of salmon.
Gordon: [claps and gives Petrozza a high-five] Now, get in the fucking kitchen. You're on meat.
Petrozza: Yeah, and work my fucking balls off.

[Gordon checks on tenderloins brought up by Petrozza]
Gordon: I's not even fucking hot! [to Petrozza] Come here, Petrozza! Oh, here we fucking go. Touch that. You, touch that. [to Bobby] Please touch that. There you go. Touch, touch, touch, touch, touch, touch.
Petrozza: It's rare. It's rare. It needs more fire.
Gordon: Awwww, [throws spoon] SHIT! SHIT!

[Rosann, who is serving as assistant maître d' for the red team, brings a ticket to Gordon that was written an hour before]
Gordon: Where has this just come from? [pause] Who just put this ticket on here?
Rosann: I just brought this up to the—
Gordon: What?! It come on nearly an hour ago! Oh, no. Oh, no!
Rosann: To be perfectly honest with you, chef, I have a line of tickets waiting for you, and I didn't want to bombard you with them all at once and give them to you.
Gordon: What?!
Rosann: I didn't know it was this hard. This is really difficult.
Gordon: [points at ticket] That—What time was the table written first time around?!
Rosann: They've been here two hours, chef, to be perfectly—
Gordon: WHAT?!
Rosann: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Everything you've touched, you fucked!
Rosann: Yes, chef.

Gordon: [to blue team] Where's the beef?
Scott Leibfried: I got one beef right here, chef.
Gordon: Where's the other beef? Where's the beef?!
Petrozza: [to Jason] You got a halibut yet? I have the beef.
Gordon: Yeah, yeah. [to Petrozza and Jason] Hey, you, you! Come here, you! You, you, come here! So, can I have two beef, one halibut, one fucking John Dory? And can we have it together?!
Petrozza: Yes.
Gordon: How long?!
Petrozza: How would you like those beefs cooked? [Gordon looks up in disbelief]
Jason: Oh, my God.
Gordon: One medium-well, one normal! I ASKED FOR TWO BEEF!
Petrozza: Okay.
Petrozza: [to Jason] There's one, so you need one more.
Petrozza: Okay!
Gordon: HAVE YOU NOT?!
Jason: [to Petrozza] Just let me know what's going on, please!
Gordon: Fuck me.
Jason: Let me know what's going on.
Bobby: You guys gotta start communicating, guys!
Gordon: [crouches down on the floor] Fucking unbelievable.
Bobby: Come on!
Jason: Well, let us do it! Petrozza, how long?!
Petrozza: I'm already on the medium-well.
Ben: Why are we fighting?! Everybody just calm down and focus!

[Sharon brings her meat to the pass]
Gordon: [to Sharon] Where's the beef?
Sharon: Sorry, chef.
Gordon: [reads a ticket] Two salmon, one beef, one wellington. Unbelievable. Have you asked Christina?
Sharon: No, I didn't. I thought it was coming. She (Christina) just yelled that it was coming.
Gordon: You're not really a chef, are you? You're just a showgirl with a big feather coming out of your arse.

Gordon: You (Christina) and you (Sharon) are putting the kitchen to shit. Can you move and wake up a bit, please, yes?
Christina: Yes, chef!
Gordon: You're both pissing around like a pair of Barbie twins! [Sharon sticks her tongue out] Sharon, you're scaring me. You look like the female version of fucking Hannibal Lecter. Put your fucking tongue in and concentrate.
Sharon: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Hannibal!

[Matt's garnish pan catches fire]
Gordon: Watch, he's going to set this place on fire! [to Matt] What the fuck are you trying to do? Can't fucking win in here so you set the place on fire?!
Matt: No, that's not it, chef.
Gordon: Is that your little motive?
Matt: No, not at all, chef.
Gordon: Yeah? I've never seen such fucking flames from a gnocchi!
Matt: Sorry, chef. Won't happen again.

Jean-Philippe: [to a customer] It's raw? Okay, we'll do another one for you. [brings the dish to the pass]
Gordon: Oh, fuck off...
Jean-Philippe: That's Table 31, Chef. This is not cooked.
Gordon: Blue? Come here, you!! Oi, all of you, come here!! [to Sharon] You've stopped! [to Christina] You've given up! [to Matt] You're setting the place on fire! [to Jason] And you're sending me raw fish, that's fucking cold and fucking raw! [angrily throws the fish in the bin]
Jason: It's not mine.
Gordon: "It's not mine?" How dare you?! It's just come back from the table!!
Jason: Oh, okay.
Gordon: SHUT IT DOWN!! [to Jean-Philippe] GET THE FUCKERS OUT!!!

[Corey has nominated Christina and Jen for elimination and they have stepped forward for elimination]
Gordon: Christina, why should you stay in Hell's Kitchen? Truthfully?
Christina: I should stay in Hell's Kitchen because I am intelligent chef. If I am being condescending, someone... [clears throat] being Corey, she needs to come tell me. It's not something I'd do to her to be personal. I will get better and I will [starts crying] fight for it. That's why I should stay.
[Matt and Jason start laughing]
Gordon: Thank you. Jen, why should you stay in Hell's Kitchen?
Jen: It's unfortunate for me that you don't get to see what goes on when we do prep, chef. I'm a beast back there. I know what I'm doing, I work hard and I get the food out, [abridges Jen's absurdly long plea and shortened clips of some of her sentences] I deserve to be here. I'm–I'm sorry, I'm gonna shorten it up, chef. [Gordon facepalms as she continues to do the exact opposite] There's so much creativity and I just really ask you to give me the opportunity to show you, chef, because this is not the end for me. It's really not.
Gordon: Breathe!
Jen: I'm breathing, chef. [pause] May I say one more quick thing, chef?
Gordon: Oh, fuck me.
Jen: Alright.
Gordon: Before I make my decision, there's something I'd like to say. This is one of the most important prizes ever! An executive chef's position in my own restaurant. I am not just going to give this job to someone that I do not believe in. And there's someone here... that I just don't believe in. [brief pause] So, the person leaving Hell's Kitchen is... Sharon! Come here!
Corey: [whispers] Fuck!
Gordon: [to Christina and Jen] Back in line, you two. [to Sharon] Two services, you haven't convinced me that you can cook. Take off your jacket, and leave Hell's Kitchen, please.
Sharon: (interview) I don't think Gordon liked me from the start. He just had the wrong image of me, but I'm not gonna change anything about me, I'm not gonna give up on my dream. I'll have my own restaurant one day. I'm a chef right now for a reason. I'm not gonna give up.

Gordon: Sharon clearly showed great attention to detail. Unfortunately, it wasn't for her cooking. It was for her makeup.

Episode Three [4.03][edit]

[In the last episode, Corey nominated Christina and Jen and this made Christina angry and tearful due to how blindsided she felt]
Christina: (interview) I'm feeling really angry. Corey is threatened by me and she should be [to Corey] You threw me under the bus.
Corey: So what? You might think I'm a bitch. I don't care.
Christina: [shouts back in tears] What you said was vindictive and it's evil!
Corey: (interview) The whole team hated me. I don't care, it doesn't matter to me whatever they think. If they do alienate me that's fine that's probably going to make me stand out even more as a stronger player.
[Ben, Bobby, Petrozza, Matt and Louross are down at the patio talking about Corey's strategy]
Ben: Corey played that too early in the game.
Petrozza: (interview) I think Corey has evil tendencies. I truly do. She's put scars on that team that will not heal.
Bobby: Yeah, she played a dangerous game and she lost that game.

[During the chicken cutting challenge]
Jason: (interview) We're going to win because we're men. This ain't the dusting housekeeping challenge here.
Gordon: Jason
Jason: Yes, chef. (interview after the Red team had cut all but four acceptable pieces of chicken) The girls surprised me. They did good but we're going to win because we're fucking men here. Come on. I've been butchering meat. That's what men do. There's no way we're losing.
Gordon: [to Jason] Hands off my desk, please. [showing a poorly cut chicken from Jason] Holy Mackerel, did you fucked the chicken? What did you do to that?
Jason: That one was a little messed up
Gordon: A little messed up. It's fucked. My God.

[In the dorms, after Craig single-handedly lost the challenge for the Blue Team]
Ben: [to Bobby and Petrozza] Tell you what we're going to get on that field, I'm going to start throwing motherfucking peppers at Craig.
[Matt angrily slams items on to his bed and throws his jacket in to his wardrobe. Followed by slamming his farm work clothes on his bed and angrily putting his clothes on and angrily kicks an item]
Matt: (interview) For someone that's been in this industry for thirteen years, when Craig was filleting that chicken, I felt like I was watching One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and he just had shock treatment. [imitates shock treatment] I don't get it! [angrily throws his shoe in the wardrobe]

Narrator: As the men go off for a day of hard labor, Chef Ramsay and the women are off to the Sunset Strip. Little does Chef know...
Gordon: Okay. Off we go.
Narrator: One of Hell's Kitchen's former chefs is a regular at the Saddle Ranch.
[The mechanical bull turns around, and it reveals that it's Aaron on the mechanical bull]
Aaron: Yee-hah! Howdy, Chef Ramsay!
Gordon: Oh, my God.
Aaron: [goes over and hugs Gordon] Good to see you, chef.
Gordon: I feel like crying. [pretends to cry] [flashback to season 3 where Aaron cried minutes before service]
Aaron: [laughs] Don't cry, chef!

[Jason still hasn't returned to the kitchen after Chef Ramsay kicked him out for forgetting the desserts]
Narrator: While Craig tries to deliver bacon to the pass, Louross is trying to deliver Jason to the kitchen.
Louross: [to Jason on the patio] Let's go.
Jason: I can't get it when he (Gordon) fucking puts me on the spot like that, dude.
Louross: Who cares?!
Jason: I can't fucking do it!
Louross: Don't say you can't do it! Just fucking do it in the kitchen!
Jason: I know what the fuck it is, but I can't fucking–
Louross: If you don't know what it is, then do it!
Jason: He fucks me up in front of me!

Ben: Salmon, medium.
Scott: [spots that the salmon is burnt] What's wrong with that salmon?
Ben: It's a little, uh...
Ben: (interview) I sent up, you know, perfect medium salmon, and he sent it back. It had a little, uh, tiny burnt edge on the side. I mean, this is craziness.
Gordon: You can't cook a fucking salmon?
Ben: I can cook a salmon, chef. Yes I can. Just a lot of pressure, different kitchen, different... different cooking techniques than I'm used to.
Gordon: Cook me a salmon, medium. Can you do that?
Ben: Yes, chef.
Gordon: "Different techniques?"

Narrator: While General Bobby feeds his troops in the Blue dining room, customers on the Red side are sending out distress signals.
[Cut to a table, where customers have spelled "S.O.S" with pieces of bread.]
Narrator: ...But the diners aren't the only ones in need of rescue.
[Cut to the Red kitchen, where Rosann's meat pan catches fire.]
Gordon: Oh, no. Oh, no, come on. Stop. Stop. Stop! Stand back! Stand back! Stand BACK!! [removes the meat from the pan] There's cooking, and there's fucking bonfire-- STAND BACK!! Same shit, different day. [throws the pan in the sink, where the fire blows up, then dies.] This is fucking embarrassing!!
Rosann: (interview) My mind is racing, my heart is pounding...
Gordon: That's not a fucking sauté pan, that's a FURNACE!!! LOOK AT THE MEAT!!
Rosann: (interview) I blew four pieces of meat on there. It was just really horrible for me. I'm hoping I'm never going to have that happen again.

Petrozza: How're you doing, Craig? How're you doing on those two risotto? [Craig doesn't respond] How long?
Ben: How long for the scallop, Craig? Craig, answer him!
Craig: (interview) I have, like, all my teammates just standing in front of me. "How long? Let me know how long. How long, how long?" Like, shut the fuck up! Let me just get it done! I–it's like thirty seconds ago, I said two minutes. You fucking do the math!
Gordon: [to Craig] How long? Can you talk and work at the same time? [Craig remains silent]
Matt: Answer him (Gordon), dude. 'Cause...
Craig: I do, I am! I am!
Matt: (interview) Craig sounds like...Edith from fucking All in the Family. All you hear is... [imitates Craig whining]
Craig: [to Matt] Shut the fuck up, man.
Matt: Don't tell me to shut the fuck up. I'll knock you out.

Narrator: As the red team, once again, starts over on their entrées, Jason starts preparing his first desserts.
Jason: Is this the right way to do it? I hope it is. (interview) I don't have a clue on this earth what I'm doing. I hate desserts! They're tedious! Women can make desserts, you know? It ain't my thing. (to Louross) ...5 minutes for the crème brûlée, so I have two of those in.
Louross: Your crème brûlée's done already!
Jason: No, it's not. That's not cooked.
Louross: That's cooked!
Jason: Oh, Jesus Christ. (interview) The soufflés looked like muffins in a cup! I don't know what was wrong, because I don't know desserts, but I know they would not come up for nothing!
Gordon: Jason!
Jason: Yes?
Gordon: What's happening with the desserts?
Jason: The soufflés are not coming out at all; they're sticking!
Gordon: Come here a minute.
Jason: Okay. [goes over to Gordon] I cannot get them to come up, they're sticking really bad, they look like shit, they look like muffins.
Gordon: [in a fast tone] So, are we going to take it off the menu, are we going to do something constructive, are we going to do anything about it...
Jason: I'm, I'm trying something new. I'm going to take some sugar and rub it around the rim, and try to get that... and... that's what I'm trying to do right now.
Gordon: You're going to get some sugar and rub it around the rim?
Jason: Sugar—no, no—sugar, butter, and the cocoa powder, and see if that keeps them from sticking.
[Gordon goes over to the hotplate and repeatedly bangs his head on the counter]

Scott: Salmon, chef.
Gordon: I've got a fucking headache. [checks the salmon, which is under-cooked] Ben! [pounds the counter] Salmon's raw in the middle!
Ben: Oh, maybe a little under.
Gordon: It's PINK! Come here you, hey, stop! [calls the blue team] Come here! [starts distributing pieces of salmon to the members] That's what brought to me, taste. Taste, yeah, yeah? [pounds the workstation and kicks the bin] FUCK! SHIT!! What in the fuck is GOING ON? [kicks the bins] All of you come here! Get in there! [The Blue Team enter the Red Kitchen] Let's put one shit mess with another shit mess! Get in there! There you go, join forces. We've gone backwards! And you're (Vanessa) just all over the place! And you're (Jason) just hopeless! And you (Ben) don't care! Pathetic! And then you look at me, gormless like, the salmon's raw when it was requested medium. And what do you say?
Ben: Different techniques.
Gordon: [throws the ticket at Ben] Fuck off! Not good enough! I'm not going to continue this any longer. Winning team? Forget it! What's so FUCKING COMPLICATED?! Christina, you made an effort to get all the appetizers out. Thank God! Unfortunately, we got screwed when it came to the first entrée. You've got to go upstairs and nominate one individual that's leaving here.
Christina: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Petrozza, you stayed with it. Your mind was clear. The attitude was strong. Get upstairs and think about who you are going to nominate. One from the blue, one from the red. NOW GET OUT!
Both Teams: Yes, chef.
[Bobby waves to some ladies that he served tableside]
Gordon: [calls out Bobby] Bob! Bob, come here. Yeah, I wouldn't go around looking for applauders right now. Right now is the wrong FUCKING TIME! GET OUT!!!
Bobby: Yes.
Gordon: Jack-arse waving at them! WHAT DO WE GOT TO WAVE ABOUT?! I DON'T CARE! GET OUT!!!

[After Jason's been eliminated by Chef Ramsay]
Gordon: You gave up before we started tonight. I call you back in the kitchen and you haven't got the balls to stand there and put yourself back there. [slapping his wrist] GAME OVER!
Jason: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Good night.
Jason: (interview after elimination) You know the last girls (Christina & Vanessa) that got put up on the block they start crying and maybe if I would cry like some old pansy, some chick you know, maybe I would be back upstairs chilling right now but I can't do that. I'm a man and I'm sure as hell I'm ain't going to cry about it. I am however going to go get drunk.

Episode Four [4.04][edit]

[Ben has to clean up all the manure outside the restaurant.]
Scott: This is what happens when you don't win challenges, Ben.

Narrator: 45 minutes into dinner service, blue diners are enjoying their appetizers.
Boy: The onion rings are good. I like them.
Narrator: The onion rings are getting positive reviews.
[Cut to a blue table where a boy is biting into a raw chicken wing cooked by Matt]
Narrator: The chicken however...
Gordon: (As Jean-Philippe returns the chicken.) Oh no. Oh no! Raw chicken?
Jean-Philippe: Yeah, raw chicken chef.
Gordon: Oh fucking hell. GENTLEMEN!! [slams the plates down] RAW CHICKEN! Matt! [kicks the bins] Pink and bloody! [throws the chicken in the bin] Come here you. Fucking prick!
Matt: Yes, chef.
Gordon: What the fuck are you doing?
Matt: Yes, chef. Sorry chef, it won't happen again.
Craig: (interview) Oh, my God. That's pretty major. If a kid is biting into a chicken wing that's raw, that's just fucking nasty.
Gordon: It's the tartare again with you isn't it?
[Flashback to day 1 where Matt's Exotic Tartare made Gordon vomit.']
Gordon: That's what it is, isn't it? That's what you can do?
Matt: No it's not chef. (interview) I was this close to his face and I didn't even blink at him.
Gordon: You can manage to fuck up raw food. WAKE UP!!
Matt: Yes, chef! (interview) I'm not going to break. I'm not here to break. He's not going to break me as a person.
Gordon: [angrily pushes pans on the workstation] DONKEY!!

[Gordon checks on burgers brought up by Matt]
Gordon: Why's the fucking burger's so small? [calls Matt] Hey you, Matt!
Matt: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Come here with those burgers. Why are we cooking the burgers off so early on? They're like ice hockey pucks! [throws the burgers to Louross, Petrozza and Bobby] Catch. Catch, catch, there you go. Hey look, there you go. Up, up. Are we a fast food joint now?
Blue Team: No, chef!
Gordon: And you're standing there with your little balls of fucking, look at them, fucking SHIT! [flings a burger against the refrigerator] [to Bobby] Bobby? Can someone get a grip in here?! CAN WE NOT COOK A BURGER TO ORDER?!
Blue Team: Yes, chef!!
Gordon: Then DO IT!! [kicks the bins]

Ben: This is what we've been talking about!
Bobby: Go big Ben!
Ben: What's up? [high fives Bobby] They can't break us! Not tonight! Not tonight!
Gordon: Ben, I can see it from here. Glad you think it's one big old fucking jolly!
Ben: (interview) I was just telling Bobby, "Hey man, good job!" You know.
Gordon: Wasting my fucking time, effort and fucking money. Okay, what's the joke?
Ben: We were just congratulating each other, because we're getting the food out. That's all we were doing.
Gordon: [points at the blue team's remaining tickets] 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 tables of entrées to go, they've got two tables to go. So, if I was you, I'd dig deep, touch your balls, and wake up!

Narrator: While the women race to get out their final ticket... In the blue kitchen, Craig is eager to make up the difference, and show Chef Ramsay that he can handle the pressure.
[Craig delivers a plate of spaghetti and meatballs to the pass]
Gordon: [to Scott Leibfried whilst looking at the ticket] Where's that other spaghetti? It's a spaghetti of fucking clams, no? [to Craig] Hey, Craig! Four macaroni, one burger, one spaghetti of clam, and you've given me meatballs. One's called a fucking meatball, and one's called a clam. Spaghetti is clam, meatball is meatball. Where's the spaghetti of clams?
Craig: Right here, chef.
[Gordon eats a piece of spaghetti, and instantly spits it back out]
Gordon: Fuck! [kicks a bin] Raw!
Ben: Don't worry about it. Start over, fast.
Craig: I got it, I got it, I got it.
Gordon: So, how long?
[Craig tries to snatch a pair of tongs from Bobby]
Craig: I got it.
Bobby: [pulling the tongs back] These are mine.
Gordon: He doesn't even answer you, look. He doesn't even give you an answer.
Ben: Craig, answer the chef already!
Narrator: While the men wait two minutes for Craig's spaghetti... the women see the end in sight.
Gordon: Last table ladies yeah? Let's go! [red team cheers] Two crab cakes, two meatballs. Wake up, get a grip, move!
Red Team: Yes, chef!

[After completing service, the red team comes in to help the blue team.]
Gordon: Jen, stand next to Chef Ben. Cook with him.
Ben: (interview) The thing is, it's embarrassing that chef called them in to come help.
Gordon: [to Ben] Look at the current situation. Now, go around and slap yourselves in the back now then.
Ben: I thought we were close chef, but I was wrong.
Gordon: You thought you were fucking close. Let's give a big round of applause to the captain who hit an iceberg on the fucking Titanic. Shayna.
Shayna: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Stay next to Chef Craig.
Shayna: What do you need?
Craig: I got it. I got it. I got it.
Shayna: (interview) "I got it. I got it. I got it."
Shayna: What do you need?
Craig: I got it.
Shayna: Don't tell me you got it. What do you need? (interview) Chill! Take the help. Even if it's from a girl.
Louross: Just push out the plates. Let's just do it and just end the day.
Gordon: Away now, one crab cake, one meatballs, one clam, one Caesar.
Louross: [to Craig] How long?
Gordon: How long for the fucking clam?
Shayna: You're burning, you're burning.
Gordon: He's not even giving me an answer.
Matt: Come on, answer him, please!
Gordon: He's making me feel fucking nervous!
Craig: [burns his hand] Fuck!
Gordon: Hello?!
Ben: Let's just go! Craig, Craig, the pasta's ready! Come on!
Gordon: How long for the fucking clam?
Craig: It's coming up right NOWWWW! Fucking listen! [angrily throws a pan to one side]
Gordon: Oh, my fucking God.

Gordon: If family night in Hell's Kitchen was a movie, tonight was a horror film. The Dinner Service Massacre. It was embarrassing! [to blue team] You don't need me to tell you that you lost. Craig, we couldn't even cook pasta. Was it that difficult?
Craig: No, chef.
Gordon: Ben, what you've done and the ambitions, you do seriously surprise me.
Ben: Thank you, chef, I-I was hoping you'd see that. I mean, I give it all I've got. Gave you a hundred and ten.
Gordon: You surprise me to how shit you are!
Ben: Oh... thank you.
Gordon: I was expecting more. Hey, maybe you shouldn't have quit your fucking day job so early!

[Matt, Craig and Ben are nominated for elimination]
Gordon: All three of you should walk through that door.
Ben: I'm just going to keep giving you 100% chef. Every day.
Matt: I'm going to give you 125%, chef.
Craig: I don't know percentages, but just over that.
Gordon: Okay. The person leaving Hell's Kitchen...is Craig. [to Craig] Take your jacket off and leave Hell's Kitchen.
Craig: Thank you, chef. [shakes Gordon's hand] Thank you.
Gordon: Thank you. [Craig waves as he walks out] Thank you...for giving me one, big fucking headache.

Gordon: I can teach someone how to cook but Craig was a bad cook with an even worse attitude. There was no hope for him.

Episode Five [4.05][edit]

Gordon: [checking Rosann's runny mashed potatoes] Oh come on! You, fucking piss cream. What is that shit?
Rosann: Oh, I'm sorry.
Gordon: Fuck off, will you yeah? Is that how you're going to fucking respect these tables?
Rosann: Absolutely not, chef.
Gordon: "Absolutely not, chef."
Rosann: (interview) I started getting really fucking frustrated because I couldn't catch up and I was just falling behind. So it was only just getting more and more hectic for me.
Gordon: I don't know when you're going to think about waking up but hey, soon I would appreciate it madam.
Rosann: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Pathetic. This is what you're doing... [taps the spoon on the veg pan] Would you stop tapping and start concentrating?!
Rosann: Okay, my mistake, chef.
Gordon: Oh, fucking right it was your mistake! I need the mashed and the carrots now!
Rosann: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Mashed, carrots now! I can't go unless I've got the veg! What is going on Rosann? Oh my god, almighty. This is fucking meltdown. Out of the way please. [tastes the mashed potatoes] Oh, fucking hell! No salt. [to the servers] Go, go, go. Send the vegetables separate. She gets confused over a fucking vegetable [Rosann now brings the garnish to the pass] Fuck off will you yeah? FUCK OFF! They're gone! Get away! The lamb, wellington's already gone! Fuck all! [sits in fetal position] Rosann!
Rosann: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Not good enough!

Gordon: Hey guys. Louross, come here!
Louross: Chef!
Gordon: Come on, quickly, let's go! Touch that!
Louross: Still kind of lukewarm, chef.
Gordon: What did I request, temperature?
Louross: Medium well, chef.
Gordon: Get it back in the pan!
Louross: (interview) I got this, I have to do it. I can cook a steak, you know what I'm saying, but like, what the hell happened?
Gordon: The pan's burning, Louross, it's about to go up in flames. Charcoal beef. [Louross's meat pan emits a flame]. Do you honestly not know how to cook a steak medium well?
Louross: I know how to cook a steak, chef!
Gordon: So why aren't you doing it then, Louross?
Louross: [to himself] Come on babe, come on, fuck!
Gordon: Come on, Louross!
Louross: Plating up now chef, we're plating up!
[Louross brings his steak to the pass]
Scott: [checks the steaks] Louross, What's up man? How come I can't see the nice beautiful inside of the beef?
Louross: I cut it in half then I just seared it to cook it off -
Scott: No, see, the correct answer is you fucked it up, you didn't cook it right, and you're trying to get it by me. Do you have another one that I can see a nice pink center in?
Louross: Yes, chef! [to Petrozza] Do you have another one with a nice pink center in it?
Petrozza: Nah, I.. No. That one won't work?
Louross: No, that one's not going to work.
Narrator: With no steaks ready to serve, Louross's situation is looking grim.
Louross: Fuckin' send me home, that's what they're going to do.
Narrator: But Petrozza has a plan.
Petrozza: [notices Gordon and Scott aren't in their kitchen and takes the rejected beef] This is our chance.
Louross: It's not going to work, it's not going to work.
Petrozza: This is the only shot that we got. (interview) We had to show the base of the beef, so I had to slice a sliver off it. I want to get the fucking food out!
Louross: It's not... It's fucked up already, Petrozza...
[Petrozza slices a thin part of the rejected beef off to show the center]
Louross: (interview) He sliced that paper thin and I looked at him and I'm like, "Are you serious?" And he's like, "Yeah!" But damn, do you see the color on that steak? It was straight medium-well!
Petrozza: How's that one? Looks like it fucking works to me.
Scott: Hey Louross, where's that beef? Come on!
Petrozza: Here's the beef. [brings up his altered beef]
Scott: Much better.
Louross: (interview) That was the most ghettoest thing ever in possibly kitchen ever but it still went out, you know?
Petrozza: [handshakes Louross] I'll do my best man, for ya.
Louross: (interview) You do what you gotta do in a kitchen, right?

[During elimination]
Gordon: Ben, have you come to a decision?
Ben: Yes, sir.
Gordon: Who and why, please.
Ben: We nominate Louross. He might be the weakest on the team when it comes to culinary skills, chef.
Gordon: Christina. Who is it and why?
Christina: The team decided to nominate me, chef.
Gordon: Say that again?
Christina: The team decided to nominate me, chef.
Gordon: As the weakest cook?
Christina: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Jen, explain.
Jen: Okay, chef. Um...Christina talks the talk, you know, she can verbalize her words right. But when it comes to running a brigade, you have to be headstrong and be confident in your work.
Gordon: I'm finding this hard to believe! Are you threatened by Christina's intelligence?
Jen: Right hand to the Lord, no I am not at all threatened by Christina's intelligence, chef. I'm not threatened by anyone here, chef. I feel that I decide my fate in Hell's Kitchen.
Gordon: Let me just tell you something. That's my fucking job, sweetheart. Here's the question...Rosann. Do you honestly think you're a better cook than Christina?
Rosann: Yes, I do, chef.
Gordon: Madam, you completely screwed your team.

Episode Six [4.06][edit]

[Christina brings up the risotto for the birthday girl for Melissa]
Christina: Two risotto in my hands, chef!
Gordon: [notices that there are no mushrooms in the risotto] Where are the mushrooms?
Christina: Yes, chef.
Gordon: No, where are the mushrooms? [places the pan back on the stove] Just look, they're white!
Christina: Putting them in right now. [takes the pan off the stove]
Gordon: Put the pan on the stove please!? Thank you, more mushrooms!
Christina: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Come on, Christina!
Christina: Yes, chef! [places the mushrooms in]
Gordon: There's not any mushrooms in there!

[Gordon notices Bobby is on the fish station which is Matt's station]
Gordon: Why's Bobby on the fish? What's going on there?
Matt: He's helping me out, we're working as a team.
Gordon: Well there's a big difference between helping him out and running the section!
Bobby: (interview) If we left it up to Matt. We would've done very very poorly so I caught it before it got to that point.
Gordon: Bobby, little fine for the team spirit helping them out, but did you listen to what I said? You're cooking it, he's (Matt) running around wiping your arse (to Matt) and the said thing about you, hey, you let him. If I was running this section and I was in Hell's Kitchen running the fish, give me this give me that, I'm staying here, I'm cooking!
Matt: Yes, chef.
Gordon: [whispers in Matt's ear] You can only hide for so long.
Matt: I'm not hiding, chef. I'm not hiding at all. I wasn't trying to hide, chef.
Gordon: You're doing a fucking good job of hiding. [Matt still tries to argue he wasn't] Look at me! I'VE MADE IT FUCKING CLEAR! Do you want to argue now or are you going to run your station?
Matt: Yes, chef.

Gordon: Every 16 year-old girl filled out these comment cards this evening. Gentlemen, out of all the customers you cooked for tonight, 98% of them said they'd come back. Brilliant! Ladies, on the other hand... 99% of your customers would come back. [the women cheer loudly, while the men look dismayed] Actually, tonight, there's no losing team. I can't seriously decide on a winning team on a difference of 1%.
Matt: Thank you, chef, for your generosity...
Gordon: Fuck the generosity, Matt. Both teams think of one individual, up for elimination, to leave Hell's Kitchen tonight. Now, piss off.
Matt: (interview) Chef Ramsay still wants two people chosen, and I'm going to be the one chosen for the blue team, and now I'm packing my bags.

Gordon: Matt, you've peaked, right?
Matt: No, chef, I haven't peaked yet.
Gordon: So why should you stay in Hell's Kitchen?
Matt: Chef, I should stay in Hell's Kitchen because I was pushed and bullied off of my section tonight, while others on my team was hiding behind one person.
Gordon: Who pushed you off your section?
Matt: Bobby pushed me off of my section.
Gordon: You hid behind Bobby!
Matt: Ben hides behind Bobby! Not me.
Gordon: He took over your section!
Matt: He pushed me off my section, would not let me back on...
Gordon: Look at the size of you! There's 250 pounds in there. Louross's balls are bigger than yours!
Matt: I don't even have a voice in my kitchen, no one listens to me. I guarantee you, if you put me on the red team, you will see the failure in the blue team.
Gordon: You want to cook with the girls?
Matt: I have no shame in working with women in the kitchen chef.
Gordon: Un-fucking real.

[After eliminating Shayna]
Gordon: Oh, and by the way, "Mattie."
Matt: Yes, chef?
Gordon: First thing tomorrow morning, you're cooking with the girls.
Matt: Thank you, chef. [Corey whispers a profanity]

Episode Seven [4.07][edit]

[Before the final round of the blind taste test]
Gordon: Now, listen up. There's been some great rivalries out there. Yankees versus Red Sox.
Matt: Go Yankees!
Gordon: Tyson versus Holyfield, yes? Now, ladies and gentlemen, Matt versus Ben! Let's go.

Gordon: Ben! Quickly, here. [Ben slowly comes to the pass] Look at him, speedy, quickly, yeah? Just touch that, you can see how pink it is already. Fucking hell. I just want you to know what you're doing! None of you are communicating, no-one's going together, no-one's making eye contact, and no-one's reminding each other as a team!
Ben: Chef, I'm not used to the brigade system. It takes a little time to get adapted to it, and... that's it.
Gordon: Hey, do you know what? You are so fucking sad. Every time I ask you something, you give me the limpest excuse, you know that.
Ben: I'm just being honest with you.
Gordon: Yeah, I know that. I'm being fucking honest with you!
Matt: [to Jen] I love it. He's getting his ass kicked tonight.
Gordon: You're one of the most fucking saddest I've ever met in a fucking kitchen. "It takes a little time. I can't get used to this." Sounds like the fucking weirdo on Dr Phil!

Gordon: [to Petrozza] Hey, you! Just come over here!
Petrozza: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Come here a minute, yeah? Just turn around...
Petrozza: Yeah.
Gordon: ...and look at the fucking mess!
Petrozza: It's a mess.
Gordon: No, come here. Come here! Crap on top of crap on top of crap on top of crap!
Petrozza: (interview) My station was messy, there's no question about it.
Gordon: Just look here! Look, look. From there to there! [throws washcloth at Petrozza] GET IT CLEAN!
Petrozza: Yes, chef! (interview) Wasn't as organized as I could have been. Period. Usually I have people cleaning up after me, but certainly not here.

[Gordon checks on langoustine brought up by Rosann]
Gordon: Oh, fucking hell, what is she doing? Put the pan down! Put it down! Put the pan down! Just fucking let go. Look, this-this is where you are. Just-just stop, this is where you are. Touch that. [Jen walks away] Hey, hey, just come here! Fucking come here! All of you. That's you as well, stroppy face. I don't know what it is with you, but you've given up and it fucking shows! Just the way you mope, the way you turn, and the fucking chips on your shoulder. I'VE HAD ENOUGH!
Jen: (interview) Well, what the fuck? You don't want me say nothing so I'm not going to say shit! Now, that I'm not saying nothing, you're pissed off because I'm not saying nothing. I just can't win for losing!
Gordon: Touch that!
Rosann: It's shit.
Gordon: Yeah, it's shit. [throws the langoustine at Matt] Fucking right, it's shit! [to Matt] Did it hurt?
Matt: No, chef.
Gordon: Fucking sue me! Hey, look at me, hey. Because the response is fucking shocking. No-one gives a damn! Now I've got raw, stone-cold, fucking langoustine! Raw, stone-cold LANGOUSTINE!
Rosann: Yes, chef.

Gordon: How long for those two wellingtons?
Ben: I have that wellington, chef.
Gordon: Come here, you. What is going on? You've got one. Which one have you got?
Ben: I've got both of the wellingtons.
Gordon: Listen to me. Which one is ready?
Ben: [long pause] There is nothing ready on that ticket yet.
Gordon: I'm aware you've GOT them! I need to tell the customers how fucking long.
Ben: Give me six minutes, please, chef.
Gordon: For a well-done wellington?
Ben: Yes, chef. (interview) Back at home, I ran kitchens for years and, you know, no problem. It's just that he comes over there and gets so fucking riled up, and then he gets you all fluster-fucked, and you don't know what you're doing! [to Petrozza] Petrozza, where's the mise-en-place for the lamb? Because I'm going to be three short.
Gordon: What?!
Petrozza: I'll wrap you some lamb, just as soon as I-
Gordon: [to Ben] Hey, come here you! SAY THAT AGAIN?! What time did that ticket come on?
Ben: 6:30.
Gordon: And what time is it now?
Ben: [looks at the wall clock] 8 o'clock.
Gordon: You're joking are you? We ran out of lamb? They've fired the fucking entrées, and you're telling me now?
Ben: I got it, chef. I'll take care of it.
Gordon: Ohhh, fucking hell...
Matt: Damn, Jen. And I was the problem over there? (interview) Ben wanted to use me as a scapegoat and put me out there. Said that I'm the weakest, and I hide behind everyone. The scapegoat's there, and you got no-one to blame. You can't cook, buddy!
Gordon: [to Ben] Can you fucking wake up? I'm coming to the end of it, now!

Gordon: [to Rosann] How long for that salmon?
Rosann: I need five minutes, Chef.
Gordon: [to Jen] Have you got the garnish for the salmon?
Jen: [with her back turned to Gordon] No, I didn't hear that either.
Gordon: Hey, you! Don't look at me when you talk to me!
Jen: I just said, "No!" I was putting my food in here, chef.
Gordon: Hey, Jen, look at me. You're one fucking cocky lady, for someone who knows jack-shit, you know that?
Jen: Yes, chef.
Gordon: You're so far up your own arse you don't know how fucking cocky you are!
Jen: (interview) He said I was cocky, but it's like, "What the fuck?" I-I combo every time I see him, so how the fuck am I cocky?!
Gordon: [to Jen and Rosann] That's there beef sliced, sourced, ready garnish there, salmon not ready. It's the story all the night! You can't even get two fucking dishes together! That's how shit you've (Rosann and Jen) been. Yeah, fuck, fuck off! [slams the table's entrées on to Jen's station] Start the FUCKING TABLE AGAIN!!! I've had enough, okay! It's not good enough for me, I've had ENOUGH! ENOUGH!
Jen: (interview) I-I can't please that man, and for him to turn and throw a fucking full ass tray of food on my station like I'm some kind of dog. Don't nobody disrespect me like that! I'm getting tired of this shit right know, I really am!
Gordon: [to Jen] I've had enough. I can't tell you anything anymore. I can't even give you any directions, do you know why? You're un-directable, because it's like, [mocks Jen] "Muh." Oh, really? [to Rosann] And you!
Rosann: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Yeah?
Rosann: (interview) I don't know if I even deserve to stay because after tonight's performance, I know I let the chef down, and I let myself down, and I let my daughter down and that's what's hurting me the most right know. [tries to hold back tears and puts her hand over her face]
Gordon: [throws his pencil across the Red kitchen] Fuck off...pathetic bunch of fucking women. [leaves the red kitchen]

[Jean-Philippe has just returned some food to the pass]
Gordon: What table is that?
Jean-Philippe: Um, blue side, chef. They're requested well done, and it's blood all over.
Gordon: Oh, fucking hell. Ohhh... [to Ben] There you go, there you go! [dumps the plates on Ben's station] Requested well done! Now look at it, then! SCHMUCK!! JERK!! [kicks the bins]
Ben: (interview) I have a lot of pride in myself and what I do. I'm just going to keep working and try and get the food out. That's all you can do.
Gordon: Anything to say? It's easy for you, that's your fucking problem! You've had it fucking easy, you're not even busting a gut.
Matt: [to the red team] Karma really bites you in the ass.
Gordon: All fucking night you've taken it easy. [Matt snickers] And listen, hey, look at me. STOP IT! Switch it off. You're not sending any more shit out of here, you've sent enough. Take it easy, you deserve it. You've had a hard night.
Ben: Are we done? 'Cause if we're not, I'm going to complete my station tonight, chef.
Gordon: SHUT IT DOWN! TURN IT OFF, YOU DICK! [Matt snickers again] STOP IT!

[During elimination]
Gordon: Louross, who are you nominating and why?
Louross: I'm nominating Ben, chef. Today, it was a rocky start, but I still held my ground down. I'm being heard out and that's how I feel. You know what I'm saying? I don't sugarcoat anything, I don't even fake the funk. [Christina starts laughing] It just felt like every single time, I'm just like, "Yo, anyone gonna listen to me?" That's... I don't even got nothing to say no more, chef. I'm sorry.
Gordon: I think after that, I get it. Bravo.
Louross: Thank you, chef.
Gordon: You've just grown two more inches. [Matt laughs along with Christina] Ben, whose dreams are you shattering this evening?
Ben: I'm gonna lean towards Louross on this one.
Gordon: Louross?
Ben: Yes.
Gordon: You got it in for that little fella, haven't you? Bobby, who and why?
Bobby: Tonight, I'm nominating Petrozza. I don't think that his heart is directly towards being an executive chef in a gourmet restaurant.
Gordon: Petrozza.
Petrozza: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Who are you nominating and why?
Petrozza: This is a tough decision, chef.
Gordon: Yeah, fire away, big boy. They're all being clearly honest... [looks at Ben] if slightly vindictive. You speak from the heart like you've being doing.
Petrozza: I'm gonna nominate myself, chef. [Gordon looks taken aback] I can't pick any of these guys. They work too hard and we came in today and worked our asses off, you know? I tried to get the job done. I just–I wasn't a star in that spot today.
Gordon: Your level of maturity stands out. You're the most gracious man on that team.
Petrozza: Thank you, chef.

Gordon: Ben left a manual labor job shoveling ditches to get back into cooking, but all he did in Hell's Kitchen was digging himself into a hole. A hole too deep to get out of.

Episode Eight [4.08][edit]

Gordon: Okay, two beef, one wellington, one salmon.
Red team: Yes, chef!
Gordon: [points to Matt] You, come here you! Come here, round here! Look at those pieces of meat there. You've got one fucking large one, one medium one and one small one. What are you doing?
Christina: (interview) Matt's meat, all three were totally different. Are you serious?
Gordon: That's not good enough for me. So there you go. There's the daddy, there's the mummy, there's the fucking baby. Supposing that's the critic's table; one has that (large piece of beef) and another's got that (small piece of beef). [picks up the small piece] Supposing that's medium-well. What happens?
Matt: It'll definitely shrink. (interview) The tenderloins really do shrink when they cook. I know better than that. I'm an idiot.
Gordon: Look at it! We're fucked! [pounds the counter] What did I say to you? I'm looking for everything.
Matt: Yes, chef. Got it, chef.
Gordon: Don't piss around now, yeah? That's bullshit!
Matt: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Hey, Mr. Inconsistent. Wake up.
Matt: Yes, chef!

[Gordon checks on the salmon by Christina]
Gordon: Christina!
Christina: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Salmon nice that side [flips it over with a spatula] turn it round you got a big dry overcooked piece of shit! Salmon how long?
Christina: I might need seven minutes.
Corey: (interview) Salmon is a very quick process, it only takes a couple of minutes.
Gordon: Christina can you do two things at once?
Christina: Urf, I've got two entrées & some scallops!
Gordon: If you can't control two things at once, you shouldn't be here.
Christina: No I-I!
Gordon: Shut up, will you? I really fucking mean it from the bottom of my heart!
Christina: Sorry, chef.
Gordon: Get your salmon on now!
Corey: One minute, Christina!
Christina: (interview) My timing was so wrong, it's like all a sudden I hit a train wreck
Gordon: Christina, I want it now!
[Christina brings up the salmon]
Gordon: Finally, you fucking lazy cow. Tonight's not your night, is it!?
Christina: No, chef!

Christina: How are you doing Rosann?
Gordon: Where's the fucking garnish? [Rosann's garnish pan catches fire] That's burned! Hey madam, come here. Why are you burning veg?
Rosann: It was an accident chef.
Corey: (interview) Rosann just doesn't know how to organize herself. She gets herself worked up and burns garnishes...
Gordon: The beef is cooked and I still haven't got the garnish.
Corey: (interview) ...and it screws up the rest of the team.
Gordon: You're not trustworthy on service! I'm nervous with you in the kitchen! We haven't got the garnish, Rosann!
Rosann: I'm have to tell you as a profession, this is the last order of gnocchi that I have and I'm going to be short on the last order.
Gordon: Oh...fucking shit.
Rosann: I'm sorry. Sorry, chef.
Gordon: I'm sorry you're here. Oh fucking hell. Carrot purée! How long?
Matt: Chef's calling for carrot purée.
Rosann: Carrot purée?
Gordon: Carrot purée!
Corey: Carrot purée, let's go.
Gordon: Where's the carrot purée? Where is it? Rosann!
Rosann: I'm running out of c...carrot purée.
Gordon: Oh, my God almighty. [goes over to the glass window and repeatedly bangs his head] Fuck me.
Rosann: How about some carrots chef? I'll give you baby carrots chef. Carrots or mash? I've got plenty of mash!

[Matt is cutting his beef]
Gordon: Matt, from here, they look raw. THEY LOOK RAW!!
Merrill Schinder: The Red kitchen is a disaster.
Matt: I got it, chef.
Gordon: Can you get the beef back in the fucking oven?!
Christina Machamer: (to Matt) How long, Matt?
Matt: I don't know anymore.
Christina Machamer: Come on, Matt! Bounce the fuck back!
Matt: I fucking hear it!
Corey: Let's go, Matt. Let's get that up.
Matt: Fuck!
Gordon: Beef, chicken, wellington. How long?
Matt: Coming to the pass. (brings his meat to the pass)
Gordon: [checking Matt's tenderloins] Oh, fuck. Here we go. Chef Matt, there's the beef. THAT LOOKS LIKE A PILE OF SHIT! And you have the nerve to give me that with the critics out there. Hey, hey, fuck, you serve it. See what standards you got. Serve it!
Matt: No chef.
Gordon: Stand there and look at the customers.
Matt: Chef, I won't serve it.
Gordon: Hey come here, you as well, and you, you're just as bad. Hey, would you serve that to a critic?
Corey: Definitely not.
Gordon: Would you serve that to a critic? [Rosann shakes her head] Would you serve that to a critic?
Christina: No, chef.
Gordon: Would you serve that to a critic?
Matt: No chef.
Gordon: So, let's get this right, you wouldn't serve it. But you'd give it to me. [Throws the beef on the stove] GET OUT!! GET OUT! GET OUT!! Upstairs! Fuck off will you?!
[The four members of the red team exit the kitchen and cry about it]

Episode Nine [4.09][edit]

[Jean-Philippe returns to the pass with filet mignon]
Gordon: Oh, fucking hell! Oh, come on. Louross! Raw steak!!
Louross: [throws his head back and groans dramatically] Ohhhhhh.
Gordon: And he goes like this, "Ohhhhhh." as if he's performing for the Oscars. If your fucking cooking was as good as your acting, you'd be talented, you dick!
Louross: (interview) It started off good and then all of the sudden, it fucking went downhill.
[Jean-Philippe returns again with filet mignon]
Gordon: What's the matter?
Jean-Philippe: Twenty-three. They're all medium rare.
Gordon: Oh fuck me! Ohhhhh. Louross! Come here, you! Let's go and you touch it well. Come on, touch! [touches the raw steak on his hand]
Jen Gavin: Blue, chef! BLUE!
Gordon: Yeah, it's raw. How could I get down on my knees. Yeah, it's fucking raw! Hey, look at me! Is that better? It's raw, you fucking idiot!
Jen Gavin: (interview) Louross is really just dropped the ball to horrific, horrendous, it's just horrible. He just could not handle meat station at all.
Gordon: Oh, fucking hell! Oh, come on.
Louross: [to himself] This is not good at all.
Gordon: [after Jean-Philippe returned again with filet mignon] Hey, you, you, you, come here! Look at that... look! Three of the have come back! You put your team into shit!
Louross: (interview) I hate the word "filet mignon" out, I do seriously. If I ever see another filet mignon, I will like throw it. Oh like, that someone's face.
Gordon: [to Louross] One more fucking steak returns to the kitchen, I'm closing your kitchen.
Narrator: With the threat of a shut down looming, Louross tries again on the meat station.

Gordon: (to Jean-Philippe) What about the lady on [table] 41 with the filet mignon?
[Cuts to table 41]
Jean-Philippe: They just left, chef.
Gordon: They just left? [calls out Louross] Hey, come here you! The customer's gone! Customer's fucking GONE. [tears the ticket then throws it to Louross] SHIT!! [kicks the bins]

[Sous-Chef Scott checks on a dessert brought up by Jen Gavin]
Scott: It's not even cooked.
Gordon: Is it raw?
Scott: Yeah.
Gordon: [to Jen] Watch, watch. There you go. [drains some liquid from the dessert and drops the dessert on the plate, breaking it] HEY–FUCK–OFF! Dumb Jen, turn your stove off!

Gordon: Louross was never short on energy. He was just short on cooking ability.

Episode Ten [4.10][edit]

Narrator: Christina devises a way to cook the meat twice as fast.
Gordon: Rib eye, wellington, chicken, John Dory. [notices that Christina is cooking beef and chicken in the same pan] Uh, excuse me. [to Christina] Why are we cooking chicken and beef in the same pan?
Christina: Sorry, chef. There just wasn't a lot of room up here on these burners.
Gordon: Suppose that someone doesn't like red meat!
Christina: (interview) I thought, "Hot pan, plenty of room. Let's just cook it, it'll be cool."
Gordon: Get it out!
Christina: Yes, chef. (interview) No, not cool.
[Gordon notices that Bobby is cooking salmon and scallops in the same pan]
Gordon: Bobby, they've (Christina) got beef and chicken in a pan. Now, you've got salmon and scallops in the pan.
Bobby: Uh... I needed this time to fly (interview) Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo! I didn't really have an excuse.
Gordon: Hey, aren't you allergic to shellfish?!
Bobby: Yeah. (interview) Chef was right! Woo!
Gordon: Oh, my God.

Gordon: One minute to the window: 2 ribeye, 1 filet mignon, 1 wellington. [Matt doesn't respond] Hello?
Matt: 2 filet mignon, 1 wellington.
Gordon: 1 filet mignon, 1 wellington, 2 ribeye.
Matt: 2 filet mignon, 1 wellington. [Gordon throws his spoon in frustration]
Gordon: What's going next?
Matt: I said, uhh, a filet mignon, uhhh, wellington. Umm, a beef. And, uh, fish.
Gordon: Oh, my God. Hey! Idiot! 1 filet mignon, 1 wellington, 2 ribeye urgently. How come I'm reading it blind and you're not even fucking with me? [Matt continues stuttering]
Christina: (interview) Working with Matt, like, he doesn't know what he needs, when he needs it, he can't cook it right.
Gordon: Christina and Matt, it's your call; you've got 3 meats on there.
Christina: Yes, chef.
Gordon: None of you are talking to Corey, none of you are talking to Bobby.
Matt: I'm done, I'm waiting for her (Christina) to call-
Gordon: [to Matt, while gesturing to Bobby and Corey] Communicate!
Matt: I just communicated with her (Christina).
Gordon: The team!
Bobby: You gotta talk to Corey, guys, she's mean on that veg.
Matt: Corey, you got the veg?
Corey: No, gimme a second guys, you're not fucking telling me.

Gordon: [to Corey] Where's the rest of the chicken garnish?
Corey: Coming right now, chef. [the pan catches fire after Corey turns the heat up on the stove] Oh, fuck!
Christina: Are you okay?
Corey: Fucking dammit. Shit.
Gordon: I need the rest of the chicken garnish, Corey!
Corey: Just give me a second, guys. Fuck.
Christina: (interview) Corey burned her hand, and I didn't know if she was hurt or not.
Gordon: [to Corey] You are fucking struggling big time.
Corey: Chef, I burned my fucking hand pretty bad!
Gordon: Okay, hey! Fuck off to the medic, then!
Bobby: (interview) I'm pretty surprised with Corey. She started crying, she handles it like a pussy.
Gordon: Hey, fuck off to the medic!
Corey: No!
Gordon: GET OUT!
Corey: No!
Jen: (interview) Corey must be cuckoo in the head to talk back to Chef Ramsay like that.
Gordon: Corey, go see the medic! I'm not asking, I'm fucking telling you to!
[Corey gets off her station and runs into the pantry, where a medic tends to her burned hand]
Corey: [crying] Fucking shit, dude! (interview) It was like a nightmare. Like, I couldn't move. Everything was like slow motion, and it just wasn't good.
Gordon: [to Jen] Jump on the garnish, Jen, yes? She's (Corey) hurt herself, yeah?
Jen: Yes, sir, chef.

Gordon: [sees Matt eating] Why are you eating?
Matt: I'm not. I'm ta–
Gordon: COME HERE, YOU! YOU FUCKING IDIOT! I'm standing here struggling to get food out, I just watched you turn and eat!
Matt: I'm tasting my wellingtons, chef.
Gordon: (points to the customers) They're struggling and you're going to be the one fucking eating!
Christina: (interview) Matt, are you kidding me?
Gordon: Can I get some meats out here, please?
Matt: Yes, chef!

Narrator: With food finally leaving the kitchen, all Chef Ramsay wants...
Gordon: Why are we going with this table?
Matt: I'm coming up with it, chef! [brings his meat to the pass]
Narrator: ...is to keep it going.
[Gordon returns to the workstation with meat brought up by Matt]
Gordon: All of you, just fucking come here! You (Corey) as well with your burn! This is why I'm pissed off! Touch that. That's (wellington) fucking raw, and that's (beef) fucking what? Look at the colour of it. [Matt tries to retrieve the meat; Gordon knocks his hand away, gets a filet and wellington and angrily throws them in the bin] I'M ASKING YOU A QUESTION! SHIT!! I'm asking you the question, what is it?! It's overcooked!!
Corey: (interview) Matt seems to be like a 5-year old trapped in a 35-year old body. He doesn't know when to stop.
Matt: [gets a ticket at the pass] Sorry, chef.
Gordon: Oh, please. Don't touch me.
Matt: I have a migraine.
Gordon: Oh, can you fuck... I need the ticket here! [Matt leaves the pass, Gordon asks him] What's going next?
Matt: I'm busy getting yelled at.
Gordon: Fucking idiot. Come here. What did you just say there? You're busy getting what?
Matt: Yelled at.
Gordon: You just gave me--You just gave me overcooked meat. Overcooked fucking filet. [Matt tries to protest] Overcooked. Now you're saying "I'm getting yelled at!" [underneath Matt's voice] What's going to happen when we send that?!
Matt: (interview) It wasn't my fault, because everyone else fell behind. I'm the big team player, I just don't have team players around me.
Gordon: Well, don't start acting fucking smarmy with me while we're standing here in the shit, whereas you put me in the shit!
Matt: I can't fucking concentrate anymore.
Corey: (interview) Matt started to go down hardcore.
Matt: [gets burned by touching a scalding hot plate] Who the hell put a hot plate here?!
Petrozza: (interview) Matt is FRIED!
Matt: Send me home. I need a vacation already.
Bobby: (interview) Something is really going fruity inside of his brain.
Gordon: Salmon, John Dory, chicken, wellington, filet mignon, rib eye.
Christina: Guys, how long now?
Matt: I don't know, I'm trying to work through a migraine.
Corey: (interview) Matt is someone that makes excuses for himself. Absolute bullshit. You have a headache, you know? I mean, come on, pull through it. He's a crybaby and he is definitely going more insane by the minute. [to Matt] Matt, how long on the filet?
Matt: [to Corey] I'll tell you in a second. [holds a well cooked filet] Three minutes.
Gordon: You guys are a fucking bunch of losers. [to Matt] What's going, Matt? What's going?
Matt: Two of those, one filet, one lamb and fish-salmon.
Christina: No!
Matt: I've got a migraine.
Gordon: No. That's right. No. [sees Matt tearing off a medicine packet] He's got migraine. Look. Hey, look at that, Scott.
Bobby: [laughs] Oh, fuck!
Matt: [to Bobby] That's not funny, I got a medical... Alright, I'll work with it. [swallows a pill]
Gordon: He's got a migraine. [to Matt] Come here a minute. Let me just tell you something. You've had a migraine?
Bobby: Shit.
Gordon: I've had one ever since you walked in here. What I just told you two minutes ago, you completely forgot. Do me a favor. Do me a fa...No feeling in your hands.
Matt: I know, I know. I have a migraine. I know, but I-I got no feeling in my hands, and I'm trying to work through it.
Gordon: Yeah, come here. [grabs Matt's arm and drags him out of the kitchen] Go upstairs to the dorm and lie down, yes? Lie down!
Matt: I-I want to work through it!
Gordon: [turns around] GET OUT! FUCKING GET OUT! [returns to the kitchen] "I've got a migraine?" Fuck off. Fucking useless piece of shit.
Jen: (interview) Matt doesn't take any responsibility for his food not being right. Everybody in this place has a migraine right now. My brain feels like it's about to explode, but I don't give up in that kitchen.
Gordon: Four minutes to the window, two wellington, one fucking ribeye! Hurry up, Christina!
Christina: Yes, chef. [sees a pan of rice] Oh, shit! [holds the rice and burns her hand] Who the fuck left this rice on here, guys?
Gordon: What is that?
Christina: It's burnt rice, chef.
Gordon: Who put that on there?
Christina: I don't know, chef.
Jen: Sorry, chef. I forgot about it.
Gordon: Fucking useless. [scrapes the burnt rice and throws it on a chopping board]
Christina: (interview) Jen burnt the rice. It was sitting on my station, all she has to do was say, "Hey, I'm putting this rice here."
Gordon: Get out. Get out, and get to the dorm! GET OUT! I'm not fucking around now. Get out!
Jen: (interview) I completely forgot that I put that rice on. I feel bad for that, but it was an honest mistake.
Gordon: [to Christina] Hey, she put it on, you've been standing next to it for an hour. You take off your apron and fuck off as well!
Christina: Yes, chef.
Petrozza: (interview) Oh my God, Has this been a crazy night!
Gordon: Hey, all of you. Fuck yourselves. Get out! GET OUT!!! [the remaining chefs leave the kitchen] Fuck off will you, yeah?! [rubbing his face] Oh, shit!

Gordon: There once was a boy named Matt,
Whose kitchen performance fell flat.
He was far from neat,
Miserable on meat,
So I kicked him out and that's that.

Episode Eleven [4.11][edit]

Gordon: Uh, Jean-Philippe, can I have some orders, please?
[As he makes his way to the kitchen, Jean-Philippe accidentally bumps into the glass doors]
Gordon: [chuckles] Oh, damn! Hey, would you mind not headbutting my door? [to a nearby waitress] Get a sign on here, yeah? [to Jean-Philippe] Open your eyes, you Belgian twat! He just walked into the glass! [Sous Chef Scott starts laughing] Fucking hell! [to Jean-Philippe at the pass] Alright, without headbutting the glass, can I have some orders, please? Holy shit!

Gordon: [checks steak brought by Bobby with Scott] Hey, Bobby.
Bobby: Yes, chef!
Gordon: What the fuck's that? Have you cut it all the way through? COME ON! Slice it through so we got two nice bits, yeah?!
Bobby: Okay, chef. Yeah!
Gordon: Fucking hell, I never asked you to fucking fly it!
Bobby: (interview) I didn't cut it right, so I started off rough. Once I did that, I knew Chef was gonna be on me for the rest of the night.
Gordon: [checks wellingtons] Bobby!
Bobby: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Yeah, look. Burnt on the bottom, you haven't even trimmed the fucking backs! Come on, Bobby! Take it back Bobby, and trim it!!
Bobby: Okay!
Gordon: My God!
Bobby: (interview) Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Chef was on me, man!
Jen: (interview) Bobby definitely has major issues. I'm like, "Oh my God. This is all stuff that we cooked before." And it was easy!
Gordon: Bobby, fucking wake up please, yeah?
Bobby: Yes, chef.
Jen: (interview) If that's Bobby's style, then that's him, you know? But I don't do shit like that.

Gordon: [after checking the John Dory brought by Jen] Oh, fuck me. Hello, JEN!!
Jen: Yes, chef!
Gordon: It's fucking raw. Yeah, it's raw. It's raw, yeah?
Jen: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Why are you undercooking John Dory?!
Jen: I'm sorry, chef.
Narrator: Jean-Philippe, overhearing Jen's problems with the fish, decides to take matters into his own hands.
Jean-Philippe: [to waiters] Push the meat, push the meat. Push the meat.
Gordon: [to Jen] How long?!
Jen: Right now, chef! Coming right now!
Gordon: Jen, what is going on there, tonight?! Come here! Just feel that now! It's overcooked! Come on, please, yes?!
Jen: Yes, chef, right away!
Gordon: Unbelievable!
Jean-Philippe: [walks back to the waiter in the dining room] Meat, meat, meat. Meat, meat, meat, yeah? Push the meat.

[Gordon notices Bobby's re-fired wellingtons are burnt to a crisp]
Gordon: What the fuck is that? What in the fuck is that?! Bobby, come here! [Bobby walks back to the pass] You're cremating everything! Feel that in there! You're cooking it to fuck!
Jean-Philippe: [shaking his head] Now–now I'm totally screwed here. [to waiters] Push the chicken.

Gordon: [to Corey] Dory, please!
Corey: Dory's one minute, chef!
Gordon: I need the fucking Dory, yeah?!
Corey: Yes, chef, it's still not cooked! Sorry!
Gordon: Come on, please! I'm bottlenecked here, yeah? I'm in the shit!
Corey: (interview) I didn't even finish cooking the John Dory, but at this point, I'm like, "Well, Chef is gonna yell. I mean, whatever." So, I'm gonna put it up.
Gordon: Dory, now!
Corey: Dory's coming now, chef. (interview) I know that it's not completely done, but I handed it to him anyway and just...hoped that it would slide by.
[Corey smiles as she watches Gordon flip the raw fish over before plating it]
Gordon: [to waiter] Go, please, yeah?
Corey: (interview; laughs) Aw, man!
Narrator: Corey's shortcut has entrées moving out of the kitchen...but not for long.
Female Diner: [after eating some of Corey's fish] It's a little undercooked.
Jean-Philippe: Hello, how are you?
Female Diner: If I wanted sushi, this would be perfect.
Jean-Philippe: I do apologize on that. Sorry. [walks back to the pass with the plate of raw fish]
Gordon: What's the matter?
Jean-Philippe: She would like to have it cooked, chef.
Gordon: Fucking hell. [to Corey] Corey! Corey, look at me! Come here! Everything's perfect so far, that's fucking raw! Fuck off, will you, yeah?!
Corey: (interview) When you put something up there and you're feeling 10% not sure of it, every time you try to do that in Hell's Kitchen, it bites you in the ass. [chuckles]
Gordon: Everything was so perfect!
Corey: Yes, chef.
Gordon: [points at Jen] She's dropping in standards, [points at Corey] now you are!
Corey: Thirty seconds on John Dory re-fire!
Gordon: Come on, please, Corey! I can't believe you're doing this! Is that you starting to descend now?
Corey: No, chef!
Gordon: That's you on the way down, yeah?
Corey: No, chef!
Gordon: Dory, now!
Corey: Dory's coming now, chef.
Gordon: So is fucking Halloween! [Petrozza laughs]
Corey: [walks to the pass] Dory's right here.
Gordon: Wow, fucking hallelujah! Wake up, Corey!

Gordon: Although Bobby was big in stature, he fell short in a number of areas. I kept on waiting for him to emerge, but he never did. That's why I have to say, 'Over and out, General Bobby.

Episode Twelve [4.12][edit]

[Christina brings carrot purée to the pass]
Gordon: Yeah, anything piping hot— [grabs the handle of the pan and burns his hand] Ah, shit! Fuck! Ah, shit! [to Christina] Don't stop and look stupid like some thick cow!
Christina: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Aw, fuck! Fuck's sake! [cools his hand with cold water] Christina, the handle was over the flame. The fucking handle's over the stove, at least say something to somebody.
Christina: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Now, you're just acting like a fucking idiot, yes?
Christina: No, chef.
Jen: (interview) Chef Ramsay was burning bad by Christina today. I know he was pissed!
Gordon: SHIT!
Jen: (interview) Ooh, Christina over there messing up for real.
Gordon: Fuck me!
Corey: Do not burn the chef!
Gordon: Fuck! Look at me and I'm fucking serious now. If a handle is over the fucking flame, say something, will you please, yes?!
Christina: Yes, chef.
Gordon: One more time and you're fucking finished!
Christina: (interview) I just burned Chef Ramsay. That's really not cool. My mistake. Not going to happen again, trust me.
Gordon: Garnish, please!
Christina: Coming right now, chef. Coming, chef.
Gordon: [grabs the handle and burns his hand again] Aw, shit! Fucking hell! I'm getting fucked here again! Christina, I'VE HAD ENOUGH!! [slams fist on table]
Jen: (interview) When Chef Ramsay burned himself twice, you can smell his skin all across the room burning. I'm like, "DAMN!!"
Gordon: [cools his hand again] SHIT! Hey look, come here you look. [pours cold water over the handle and steam comes off] You're not even fucking telling me.
Christina: (interview) He poured water over the handle of the pot and it sizzled. It was really hot.
Gordon: That's unbearable now.
Christina: I was just like, "Oh, shit!"
Gordon: Now I think you're doing it on purpose to fucking wire me up. Hey, you're doing it really well because I'm getting fucked off!
Christina: Sorry, chef.
Gordon: If a pan handle is over the fucking flame, say something! Will you please, yes?
Christina: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Wake up!
Christina: Yes, chef! (interview; sighs)

Narrator: Even though tonight's dinner service was a success...
Gordon: Stoves off, yeah?
Narrator: ...the chefs are anxious about the post-dinner meeting with Chef Ramsay.
Gordon: [to the final four contestants] Oh, dear. I don't know what to say anymore. [long pause; suddenly claps] Tonight was your best service!
Corey: Oh, God!
Jen: [laughs] Damn!
Gordon: [while high-fiving everyone] What do you mean?! Tonight was extraordinary! Really well done.
Petrozza: Thanks. (interview) After seeing him curse, and yell, and scream...then you see a sense of humor come out. It's phenomenal!
Gordon: We've had a few sticky patches, but then, bang! We got out of it. It was a significant improvement, and the best service so far in Hell's Kitchen.

[The remaining four chefs debate over who should be nominated]
Petrozza: Half of us are going up.
Corey: Right, but which half? How do we figure that out?
Jen: Damn. I'm actually getting a heart now. You know what I'm saying?
Petrozza: [laughs] "I'm actually getting a heart now!" (interview) You cold bitch. You finally feel like you have a heart? Why? Because you know that there's a good chance that your ass is going on the chopping block? That's why you feel like you have a heart? Or are you just full of shit?
Corey: If we all put down two names...will that determine?
Christina: Seems that way.
Jen: And we are doing two names, right?
Corey: And not the same person twice. (interview) We decided that we would write each other's names down. Two people each, you can't put the same name down, and we'll see what happens. [to black team] One for Christina...Christina...another one for Christina. [pause] Wait. [to Christina] Did you put yourself?
Christina: No.
Corey: But I didn't put you. So somebody voted twice. Did anyone vote twice?
Jen: No.
Corey: (interview) There's three votes for Christina, so that means one person put Christina's name down twice. I think we all know who that person was. Jen. And, um...it just shows her true colors. [as she counts out the votes] It's just Jen...and Christina.
[Jen gets up from the balcony and walks into the dorms]
Jen: (interview) I don't think I need to be up there. I do feel like the people here might be threatened by me! That's why they continue to put me up, because I just look around and be like, "Damn!" I just can't see that anybody here deserves this more than me!
Christina: [to Corey] I think she (Jen) just voted for me twice.
Corey: She definitely did, dude!

Gordon: A great chef should not only be consistent with their cooking, but with their attitude. I never knew which Jen I was going to get at dinner service and that's why it was her time to go.

Episode Fifteen [4.15][edit]

Christina: [notices the monkfish Matt brought to the pass] Matt! Monkfish is raw!
Matt: Yes, chef.
Christina: Fix it!
Matt: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Christina, well spotted. You keep it in the fucking kitchen!
Matt: Fucking keeps getting raw!
Christina: (interview) Monkfish came up raw. Raw, raw, raw. [to Matt] Alright, come on, Matty! (interview) I just feel like I have to watch Matt's every move! You know, it was like, "Come on!" We've done this a lot of times!
Gordon: It's raw in the middle, Matt!
Matt: Yes, chef!
Gordon: How can you do that to her?!
Matt: Shut up, already.
Gordon: [turns around and stares at Matt] Fuck's sake!
Matt: It tastes fucking good. That's what counts.
Corey: (interview) Matt was kind of, you know, as soon as he gets yelled at, he's mumbling under his breath. "Yes, chef! I'm doing my best! Nah-nah-nah!"
Gordon: [to Christina] I can't stand here and let that go.
Christina: Right. Yes, chef.
Gordon: It's too fucking important!
Matt: Shut the fuck up. You ain't stealing my thunder.
Louross: (interview) I look at Matt, and I'm just like, "Bro, what are you talking about?!" [to Matt] Just keep working, baby! COME ON!
Matt: No, no! Just let me–!
Louross: Concentrate! CONCENTRATE, BABY!
Matt: Yeah, shut up!
Gordon: Fucking useless!
Matt: Shut up. [Corey and Louross look at Matt with disgust]
Gordon: What the fuck is going on?! [to Matt] Hey, hey! Come here, you, yeah!
Matt: Sorry, chef!
Gordon: Hey! Hey, listen to me! Hey, FUCK-FACE! [Corey laughs] Come here a sec! Yeah, would you fucking mind shutting the fuck up, and just fucking concentrate?!
Matt: Yes, chef!

Gordon: Christina had the least amount of experience coming into Hell's Kitchen. But I saw something in her that was quite special. She had the best potential across any other chef in Hell's Kitchen, and in my business, I think long term. I definitely, definitely made the right choice.

Gordon: Over the last three months, it has really been a roller coaster ride. We've had plenty of highs and lows, but this season ended on a high. Now it's time for me to get the fuck out of Hell's Kitchen.

Season 5[edit]

Episode One [5.01][edit]

Gordon: Alright, grilled banana?
Danny: That's mine, chef. (interview) I'm a redneck. I like to hunt a lot, like duck or... gators or whatever. You know, it's fun because then I get to bring that home and cook it.
Gordon: And the name of the dish is what?
Danny: Mahi Gone Bananas, chef.
Gordon: [tastes the dish] It looks like you've gone slightly bananas. It's hideous. Back in line.
Danny: (interview) Ramsay's definitely just looking for a rise out of me, which he's going to eventually get.
Gordon: So the idea came from where?
Danny: I just pulled it out of my ass, sir.
Gordon: Put it back in there because it sucks.

Gordon: Who's cooked the diapers?
Colleen: No diapers, sir. That's chicken enchiladas with poblano cream sauce. My name's Colleen.
Gordon: Corinne.
Colleen: Colleen.
Gordon: Corinne.
Colleen: COL-leen.
Gordon: What do you do for a living?
Colleen: I am a culinary instructor and I own a recreational cooking school.
Gordon: And were you a trained chef before you set up a school?
Colleen: No, I am not a trained chef.
Gordon: So you're not a trained chef, yet you teach chefs to cook.
Colleen: That's correct.
Gordon: How much do you charge?
Colleen: 300 per three to four hours.
Gordon: Right. Look at the size of it.
Colleen: I feed big Nebraska boys. Would you like me to get you a bite?
Gordon: No, I'll bite it myself. [tries dish, spits it out]
Colleen: Okay.
Gordon: You seriously charge $300 to teach people how to make that crap?
Colleen: Y–Yes, chef.
Gordon: I feel like I need some plastic wrap on my arse.
Colleen: (interview) It was extremely difficult to stand there and to keep my mouth shut! [to Gordon] I teach manners, too, chef.
Gordon: Say that again?
Narrator: Cooking instructor Colleen not only offered Chef Ramsay a dish he didn't care for, but an etiquette lesson as well.
Gordon: Okay, please, Ms. Manners, fuck off back in line.

Gordon: It looks like lamb chops on a bed of ratatouille.
Seth: Uh, that's mine, chef. (interview) To be like Chef Ramsay is my dream. I've read his books, I've visited his restaurant in Manhattan. I think we have very similar styles.
Gordon: How long have you been cooking?
Seth: Fifteen years around.
Gordon: And what is it?
Seth: Cinnamon crusted rack of lamb with a(n) aubergine ratatouille.
Gordon: The ratatouille, what's in there?
Seth: Tomatoes, onion, tomato sauce, tomato paste.
Gordon: [spits out food] How come the aubergine's so sweet?
Seth: There's some honey, uh...
Gordon: Honey in a ratatouille? Uh, is that normal?
Crowd: No, chef.
Gordon: That's the worst dish I've ever tasted. [Seth laughs] Fifteen years to cook that shit and you're laughing. You could make history on being the fastest exit in Hell's Kitchen. And I'm fucking serious, you know that. Back in line. [Seth goes back in line] The quicker you understand how serious I am, the quicker you'll cook better.
Seth: I'll try harder next time, sir. (interview) I thought it looked all right. I think my presentation was good. I know it's a good dish. I got to prove to him that I can cook my ass off.

[Lacey and Coi are arguing during prep]
Coi: [to Lacey] You had all day to fucking get the soufflés started!
Lacey: Oh, really?!
Coi: You could've had this shit done a long time ago!
Lacey: Coi, I'm not gonna take your fucking shit.
Coi: I don't care whose shit you take, but you need to help me deal with this stuff.
Lacey: I was gonna help you until you were being such a bitch!
Coi: Go ahead. Fuck you, dude. If I get kicked off because of you, [Lacey blows a kiss at Coi] I swear to God I'm gonna come after you, Lacey!
[Coi leaves the red kitchen]
Lacey: [pause] Hey, guys, did you hear that? She threatened me... 'cause if something happens to me... we know who did it.
Coi: (interview) Lacey has been fucking off all fucking day! Whining and fucking complaining and every-single-body's station is set up except for hers! [sighs]
Andrea: [to Lacey] Just keep it together, Lacey. We need you here right now. We really, really do.
Lacey: (interview) I knew this was gonna happen. I'm just so sick of stupid bitches every time I work in a kitchen with women!
Coi: [to Lacey as she returns to the kitchen] How dare you sit up here and say that shit to me? [Gordon approaches Coi and Lacey]
Gordon: What's the matter?
Coi: This station is fucked up.
Lacey: Come on, Coi.
Coi: [to Lacey] Don't say a fucking thing! [to Gordon] I come over here, there's nothing fucking done, chef! Nothing!
Lacey: [to Coi] Now why don't you tell him that you're threatening me.
Gordon: [to Coi and Lacey] Oh, wait. Right. I'm just about to open the doors, okay? Don't panic. I'm not asking you two to be lovebirds, okay?
Coi: Absolutely.
Gordon: Calm down, get a grip and show me some form of composure, yes?
Coi: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Oh, my God! [claps] Jean-Philippe, open Hell's Kitchen. Quickly.
Jean-Philippe: Oui!
Gordon: Yes. Before there's a fight in here!

Gordon: On order six covers, table 20. Two spaghetti, two scallops, one risotto, one Caesar. Entrées, three wellington, get them in!
Robert: [shouting over Gordon] Ben, you guys, get going!
Ben: I'm coming! I'm coming!
Gordon: Hey you. Hey fuck-wit, Come here you. Come here! I'm calling out an order and you just shout over.
Robert: Sorry, chef.
Gordon: You fucking call out the order, then. You fuck, FUCKING call out the order!
Robert: I need one Caesar, two scallops, one risotto and two spaghetti now! (interview) Yeah, give me the reins, man! Let me drive this bitch!
Gordon: You fucking interrupt me again next time, you're going for an early bath.
Robert: Yes.
Gordon: A big one in the hot tub!

[Gordon checks on scallops brought up by Danny]
Gordon: Danny? Come here, that's you. Overcooked scallops, let's go. It's not exactly rocket science.
Danny: Well obviously, chef. [angrily slams his pan; Gordon gives him a dirty look]
Gordon: [to Danny] Hey, you. Come here, you.
Danny: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Okay, can you cook like a team member?
Danny: I'll watch their station and my station, chef.
Gordon: How about communicating with them?
Danny: I did, chef.
Gordon: Don't fucking dare start getting fucking pissy with me! Is that clear?!
Danny: I mean, chef...Yes, chef!
Gordon: Good. Now JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!
[The power supply shuts down]

[Gordon looks for spaghetti in the Red kitchen]
Colleen: We have no more pans, guys.
Gordon: Where's the other spaghetti?
Colleen: We're waiting on pasta, chef.
Gordon: [notices Colleen starting a fresh spaghetti in a dirty pan] Madam, come here. [gets Colleen's pan] Come here, come here! You're starting a fresh one in a dirty pan!
Colleen: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Ugh!
Colleen: (interview) The pan had already used and I didn't have a chance to wipe it. I felt like an idiot.
Gordon: You teach people how to cook! [slams the pan down on her station]
Colleen: We have no more pans, chef.
Gordon: [gets some pans from Andrea's station] Look! Pan, pan, pan!
Colleen: Thank you.
Gordon: You were going to start a fresh spaghetti in a dirty pan! HOLY CRAP!

Narrator: Seth is hoping to score high marks with his first entrée.
Gordon: Why's it all fucking mangled?
Scott: He didn't have it ready, and then he sliced it and seared all the chops.
Gordon: Hey, Forrest! Come here you.
Seth: (interview) Ramsay, he keeps calling me "Forrest" as in Forrest Gump. I think it's a great name!
Gordon: You didn't cook it properly temperature wise, so you decided to buckle it and bastardize it. Now you're really having a laugh, yeah?
Ben: (interview) Man, this poor lamb chop just got charred. No excuse for that first lamb.
Gordon: Would you get excited to come here and eat that shit?!
Seth: Absolutely not.
Gordon: Yeah fuck off, will you, yeah?
Seth: (interview) Listen, I screwed up the lamb, but at the end of the service, Gordon and I will be like peas and carrots once again!

Narrator: It's two and a half hours into the dinner service, and while Colleen has finally mastered the spaghetti, she still has a lot to learn about risotto.
Gordon: Look! [returns to workstation and tastes the risotto] Hey!
Colleen: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Taste!
Colleen: Yes, chef.
[Gordon spits out the risotto in disgust]
Gordon: That's the risotto! That, quite frankly, is the worst risotto I've ever tasted in my entire cooking career! Why's it so sweet?! Who put sugar in there?!
Colleen: [holds up a pot of sugar] I grabbed this. I thought it was salt.
LA: (interview) Are you fucking kidding me?
Gordon: That... [throws the risotto in the trash] is shit! Oh, my God!

Gordon: Mashed potatoes?
Wil: [brings his garnishes to the pass] Fuck!
Gordon: What are you doing, Wil?
Wil: Sorry, chef. I don't know and this is very hot. [to his teammates] You got a cold sizzle?
Gordon: Dear, oh dear! Wil!
Wil: Yes, chef?
Gordon: You're shit!
Wil: Yes, chef, I am.
Gordon: You are so shit, it's unbelievable!

Gordon: Are you on the garnish now, Robert?
Robert: I just want to help him (Wil) out, chef.
Gordon: Charlie's on the garnish, Robert's on the garnish, yeah? And Wil is on planet cuckoo.
Charlie: (interview) Wil got thrown to the dogs on the garnish station. By the time I got around to help him, it was ugly.
Gordon: Wil, there's not one cook in the kitchen that hasn't been on the garnish with you tonight!
Wil: (interview) Being on the receiving end of Chef Ramsay's wrath...yeah, that sorta sucked.
Gordon: Dear, oh dear, oh dear!

Gordon: Garnish, please! [to Wil and Robert] What in the fuck are you two doing?!
Carol: [interview; sees the customers leaving the kitchen] Oh no! When the customers got up and starting to walk out, I'm shocked.
Gordon: Let's go, 22!
Waiter: 22 just left.
Gordon: 22. 22 just left.
Giovanni: My table got up and left.
Gordon: [to Robert; tosses the plates to him] Hey! Hey, you! Hey, catch! They just left. They just fucking left!
Giovanni: The rest of tables got walked out.
Lady: Alright. Out of Hell's Kitchen.
Gordon: SWITCH IT OFF! NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!! [goes to the red kitchen] Come here, all of you! [calls the blue team] Come here, all of you! Yeah, take a look at there! Pathetic, absolute embarrassment, utter crap! Clear down! CLEAR DOWN!!!

Gordon: I found it quite strange that Wil didn't even have the will to succeed. He clearly did not belong in Hell's Kitchen.

Episode Two [5.02][edit]

[The blue team are on their reward with Gordon]
Giovanni: [to Gordon] Might wanna switch seats, chef. I think Seth wants to sit next to you. He's done a lot of homework on you.
Seth: [to Gordon] Happy birthday tomorrow.
Gordon: The fuck? [laughs along with the other men]
Seth: (interview) I'm kissing ass a little bit. [wipes his nose] Just wiping my nose off.
Gordon: Where was I born?
Seth: Uh, Glasgow.
Gordon: What was the name of my last book?
Seth: Uh, Humble Pie.
Gordon: Yeah, how many children do I have?
Seth: Four. I don't wanna tell you their names.
Gordon: You know their names?
Seth: Holly, Megan, Jack, and Matilda.
J: (interview) Seth is scary. He's coming across as a "stalker". He knows more about Chef Ramsay than, uh, Chef Ramsay. It's weird.
Seth: What else do you got for me?
Gordon: Ahhh, what kind of car do I drive?
Seth: You got the Lambo. Your wife bought you the Maranello. [Gordon facepalms whilst the other men laugh]
Giovanni: (interview) I just find it weird that he knew that much history about a man. If I was the chef I'd be a little scared.
Gordon: [to Seth whilst he gets up with Charlie] You stay there. [the other men laugh] Stay there.

[During service]
Gordon: The scallops are cooked, aren't they?
Colleen: Yes.
Gordon: Why are they still in the pan if they're cooked? They're going to be overcooked, you stupid cow! Oh, my God! Who cooked the scallops last service? Who was that?
Lacey: I did, chef.
Gordon: Come here, you! Come here! Show her how to cook a fucking scallop. Hey, by the way, [points at Colleen] she's not charging $300. Hey, this is free now. Free lesson! Stand back!
Carol: (interview) Colleen runs a cooking school, but she has no experience on the line and it clearly shows.
Gordon: [to Lacey] Teach madam (Colleen) here how to cook a fucking scallop!
Lacey: Yes, chef.
Gordon: SHIT!! Unbelievable!
Lacey: (interview) I almost felt honored in a weird way.
Lacey: [to Colleen] It's okay. It's alright.
Gordon: Ji!
Ji: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Is your ankle hurting?
Ji: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Yeah, so is my fucking head! It's throbbing!

[Lacey brings Colleen's scallops to the pass]
Gordon: Thank you, Lacey.
Lacey: You're welcome, chef!
Gordon: Colleen!! Do you see a difference? Pink in the middle, colored both sides, yes?
Colleen: Yes, I do, chef.
Gordon: Hey, did she charge you?
Colleen: [brief pause] No, chef.
Gordon: Yeah, thank fuck for that. Let's go. God bless Nebraska.

Narrator: Seth and Charlie have delivered their lobster spaghetti to the pass.
[Gordon checks the spaghetti; finds out that there's no lobster in it]
Gordon: There's no fucking lobster in there.
Scott: Doesn't look like it, no.
Narrator: But, it's missing one key ingredient.
Gordon: [returns to the workstation and pushes a pan aside] Hey, fuck-wit! Come here you! Come here!
Charlie: What's this?
Gordon: There's no fucking lobster in it!
Charlie: Shit!!
Gordon: How can you give it to me with no lobster in there?!
Charlie: We're stupid, chef. Apologies.
Gordon: Wake up, Charlie!!
Charlie: Yes, chef! Yes, chef!
Gordon: And you (Seth), docile fucking idiot! What's the dish called?
Seth: Uhm... Uhm...
Gordon: Spaghetti of lobster!!
Seth: (interview) I feel like I just got hit by a train!

[Gordon checks on salmon brought up by Colleen]
Gordon: Oh, my God! [returns to the workstation] Come here you. Hey, Coi, come here! Carol, Lacey, come here! [to Colleen] Away now, two Wellington, yes, one salmon and one John Dory. Where's the John Dory?
Colleen: [brief pause] I don't have the John Dory.
Gordon: You don't have it. Hey, look, come here. Hey, there you go, look at that. [holds up the salmon] Look, look, hold on, hey, don't run away. IT'S BLACK! On top of that, there's an added bonus. It's fucking raw in the middle.
Colleen: Yes, chef.
[Gordon angrily throws the salmon away and kicks the bin]
Gordon: Fucking useless, fucking shit. [to Colleen] You're not a cookery school teacher, are you? You're joking, aren't you?
Colleen: No, I'm not joking, chef. I am a—
Gordon: Tell me, tell me you're pumping yourself up to make yourself look good. You don't really have a cooking school?
Colleen: No, chef, I own a cooking school! I have a business just like you do!
Gordon: Your fucking business is not like my business. Hey, madam, let's get that fucking right.
Colleen: You're right.
Gordon: You're robbing people! You're a thief!! I'm concerned for the poor bastards that you've taken money off of!! [sees another piece of salmon burning] Hey, madam, lift that lid off, it looks black.
Colleen: It is black!
Gordon: GOD!!!
Colleen: Both of them!
Gordon: SHIT! [Gordon and Coi look physically shocked] SHIT!! IT'S BLACK!
Colleen: Yes, chef!
Gordon: OH, MY GOD!!
Carol: These are burning.
Colleen: I know.
Gordon: Hey, madam, madam! GET OUT!! Get on the raw bar. Lacey! LACEY! Get on the fish!
Lacey: Yes, chef!
Colleen: (interview) Chef Ramsay's definitely not going to break me. He can ask me to leave, he can kick me out of the kitchen, he can do all those things, but he's not going to break me.

[Gordon checks on salmon brought up by Giovanni]
Gordon: Giovanni! [returns to the workstation]
Giovanni: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Hey, all of you come here! [points to Danny] He's cooking his arse off, surrounded by five Muppets, yeah? The temperature's perfect, and I get that bit of shit there, look. I got given that! Would you eat that? [throws the salmon to Seth] Go on, eat it, eat it. (to Seth) Would you eat that?
Seth: No, chef.
Gordon: [to Giovanni] Would you eat that?
Giovanni: No, chef.
Gordon: [comes up to Giovanni] Hey, you can be pissed off. You got every fucking right to be pissed off. You know that, yes?
Giovanni: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Fucking RAW!!
Giovanni: (interview) I've never had a chef come that close to me in my life. He can yell at me from across the kitchen, he doesn't have to get two inches away from my face.
Gordon: [to Giovanni] Hey, is that your peak?! Prep chef, you can prep a fucking scallop! You can't prep a fucking salmon?! COME ON, GIOVANNI!
Giovanni: Yes, chef!

[After the end of service]
Gordon: Colleen, you know what they say in the industry. With the people that can't cook? Psst. They teach!
Colleen: That's not true, chef.
Gordon: Well it fucking was tonight!
Colleen: Chef, I know how to cook fish. You made me nervous, I started doing things that I don't normally do, and you have every right to be angry at me for wasting the fish.
LA: (interview) It's like she's talking out of her ass sometimes. I'm like, seriously, just shut the fuck up.
Gordon: You... you frazzle my mind. Every time I look at you, I think of "headache."

Gordon: Ji showed great courage. Unfortunately, her injury got in the way of her dream. She had a chance to win this, but sadly we will never, ever know.

Episode Three [5.03][edit]

[During the meat labelling challenge, with both teams both having five correct labels so far]
Seth: (interview) Meat is one of my fortes. I definitely had six, seven out of eight without even looking.
Ben: Ring the bell, ring the bell. Go for it!
[Seth lightly taps the bell]
Gordon: I can't hear that!
Ben: Ring the fucking bell!
[Seth hits the bell harder]
Gordon: Seven wrong for blue, let's go.
Charlie: Holy shit! We're working backwards!
Narrator: Seth's poor performance has set the men back. Now Lacey has a golden opportunity to redeem herself with her team.
Carol: Come on, Lacey!
Lacey: (interview) It's my chance to show my team that I can step up, and that I deserve to be here.
Colleen: Come on! We can do this!
LA: Move it, Lacey!
Andrea: (interview) Lacey was just moving things around for the feeling that she was doing something, and you know what, that's no different to how she is in the kitchen.
[Robert rings the men's bell]
Gordon: Six wrong.
Narrator: Robert has only improved on Seth by one.
Carol: [to Lacey] Come on, let's go! Come on, come on, come on, come on!
[Lacey rings the bell]
Gordon: Okay... [sees that Lacey has placed the "bottom round" label near one of the model cow's front legs] BOTTOM ROUND?! WHAT DOES "BOTTOM" MEAN? One, two, three, four, five, six wrong! Dear, oh dear!

[The blue team is taking their turn in the kitchen]

Gordon: On order, two covers table seven, unfold your arms Charlie. Two Caesar salad, entrees: one tuna one filet, let's go!
Blue Team: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Desserts pickup.
Ben: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Let's go Danny, ah?
Danny: Yes, chef.
Gordon: What is going on? I'm waiting on four Caesar, two with shrimp. Why aren't the shrimp on?
Charlie: I've got them right here
Gordon: Get them on!
Charlie: I am right now chef. Sorry, chef.
Gordon: Come on, Charlie.
Charlie: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Unbelievable. A Caesar salad and we're in the shit! [spots that Charlie's cooking cloth has caught fire] Your cloth's on fire! YOUR CLOTH'S ON FIRE!
J: (interview) Charlie, wake the fuck up, man.
Gordon: Get it in the water Scott please, before he burns the place down.
Charlie: I'm doing my best, chef.
Scott: [throws the cloth in the sink] If that's your best, you might want to rethink your best a little bit.
Narrator: It's thirty minutes into dinner service, and Ben is trying to impress Chef Ramsay with his speed.
Ben: [bringing some chocolate brownie desserts to the pass] Coming down with desserts. Coming down with desserts...
Narrator: Unfortunately, having dessert ready before the appetizers is not exactly what Chef Ramsay had in mind.
Gordon: Dick-head, put them down. [calls entire team] Hey, all of you, come here. Ben's now bringing me a chocolate fucking brownie. [tosses one dessert on the counter] WHAT'S GOING ON?!
Seth: (interview) I didn't know what was going on, but he brought up dessert four minutes in. I mean, I've done some stupid shit, but that's embarrassing.
Gordon: So, let's do it this way, then. There you go. [puts the desserts on the pass] Ben wants to serve a chocolate brownie before we serve the appetizers.
Ben: No, chef.
Gordon: What are you dreaming on?! Are you stupid?!"
Ben: No, chef.
Gordon: You've got cheesecake made as well!
Ben: Yes, chef.
Gordon: We've trashed six desserts before we've sent out fucking appetizers!
Ben: It was my fault, chef. (interview) It was my mistake for not exactly knowing Chef Ramsay's terminologies, but fuck me if the words "pick" and "up" don't mean "give you the desserts!"
Gordon: Have you been drinking or sniffing?
Ben: No, chef. No, chef.
Gordon: Look at me: Go upstairs for a lie-down.
Ben: No, no, chef!
Gordon: Go upstairs for a lie-down! [leads Ben out of the kitchen, then walks away] Useless. Absolutely useless. [a couple of seconds pass, then Ben quickly returns into the kitchen]
Narrator: Ben has failed to score any brownie points with Chef Ramsay. Meanwhile, Charlie's appetizers are making their way out to the dining room...
Woman: [to Lacey] I didn't know that this came with anchovies. They're like overtaking the plate.
Lacey: Oh yeah, sure.
Narrator: ...and back to the kitchen.
Woman: [to her fellow diners about Lacey after she leaves with the salad] She does not really know what she's doing.
[Lacey returns the Caesar salad to the pass]
Gordon: What's the matter?
Lacey: She just didn't know there were anchovies on it.
Gordon: You got what you asked for.
Lacey: I know, chef.
Gordon: So what did you fuck up? I know you find this is, yeah I know you laugh and it's funny.
Lacey: I'm not laughing! I'm trying not to cry.
Gordon: You're fucking worse than Britney Spears, you jumped-up bitch!
Lacey: (interview) There's a reason I don't wait tables, and this is it!

[Carol returns to the pass with filet mignon]
Gordon: What's wrong?
Carol: They say they want to brighten it up a little bit, chef.
Gordon: Giovanni, Robert come here! Robert, bounce your way down here. Let's go. [slices the beef and pounds the counter] Touch it! Touch it!
Giovanni and Robert: It's cold.
Gordon: FUCKING SHIT!! [throws the beef away] It's still walking, that fucking piece of beef!
Danny: (interview) It pisses me off. We have the executive chef of a steakhouse running our grill. Wake up, get it together and put out some decent food.
Gordon: Giovanni!
Giovanni: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Thank fuck I've never been to your steakhouse! It's fucking blue!
Giovanni: Yes, chef!

Narrator: More than halfway through the first seating, steaks continue to be returned, and Chef Ramsay would like a word with...
Gordon: GIOVANNI!!!
Giovanni: Yes, chef?
Gordon: [puts a returned plate of steak on the workstation] This is a joke! Now there's more steaks coming back! We're really screwing up!
Giovanni: Yes, chef.
Gordon: We need some help on the filet
Giovanni: Yes, chef.

Narrator: With just 30 minutes left in the first seating, Jean-Phillippe is looking for Lacey.
Jean-Phillippe: Table 23. The table which you forgot.
Lacey: I have to go up there and tell them to fire it?
Jean-Phillippe: Well, who's gonna...Who else is going to do it?
Lacey: Jean-Philippe, I never waited tables before!
Jean-Phillippe: [mocks Lacey] BUBUBUBUBU Can you just go and let the chef to call BUBUBU?!
Lacey: I need main courses for 23 fired please, chef.
Gordon: Hey madam, we're just taking the order in now? Why is it taking so long?
Jean-Phillippe: She forgot the table.
[Gordon shakes head and angrily swats Lacey away]
Lacey: Yeah, "Fuck off with me." I know.
Gordon: [to the blue team] Lacey forgot the order! One filet, one rib eye!
Giovanni: Chef, we got one filet left!
Gordon: You're telling me now we're out of filet?!
Giovanni: Yes, chef!
Gordon: [to Seth] Take the fucking meat, do something! Prep it!
Seth: Yes, chef! (interview) Chef Ramsay said, "Hey, Seth, [British accent] bugger off and cut filet!" Usually, I buy them already cut. [to Charlie] Real quick, Charlie. [Charlie starts trimming the fat off the tenderloin] Get all that shit off, okay?
J: (interview) You've never cleaned a tenderloin? Where have you worked?! In your parents' house?!
Gordon: You happy, Giovanni? Yeah?
Giovanni: No, chef.
Gordon: [to Robert] Hey, Robert! Are you happy?
Robert: Not happy at all, chef.
Gordon: So fucking pathetic. NOTHING KEEPS GOING OUT! [to Seth] What are you actually doing, Seth?!
Seth: I'm filleting the filet mignon, chef. [places trimmed bits into a nearby bin]
Gordon: Why is it not coming out? Let's go! Come on! [to Giovanni] How long, Giovanni?
Giovanni: I got two minutes, chef!
[Seth puts the trimmed filet bits into storage]
Robert: I'm waiting on you, Charlie! Come on!
Charlie: I gotta re-cook another one. He ain't gonna let that one fly. That's thirty seconds old.
Gordon: [heads over to the meat station and finds the wasted meat] Bingo. Hey, all of you, here! Quickly! There's the filet, yes? Look at the fucking waste! [empties the waste onto the counter; the amount of waste is nearly as big as the remaining filet; Seth looks confused, while the other team members look horrified] That's what he took off, and there's the filet. LOOK AT THE FILET!
Giovanni: (interview) He molested that poor thing! People have gone to jail for worse! It looked like he went at it with a jackhammer.
Gordon: We've fucking [hurls the offcuts to Seth] WASTED the most expensive part! LOOK AT IT! [to Seth] What are you going to do, get Daddy to buy you a new one?!
Narrator: With only fifteen minutes of dinner service left, Seth has butchered the filet. And possibly the Blue Team's hope of winning dinner service.
Gordon: How can you do that?
Seth: I never butchered a filet before, so...
Gordon: Congratulations, you just have!
Seth: [smiles] Thanks, yes...
Gordon: Hey, hey! Hey, smart-arse! Not in the right way, you fucking bozo!
Seth: Yes, chef. (interview) I don't think I did that bad, butchering that filet, but now I'll know for next time.

[Two minutes remain of the Blue team's half of the service]
Gordon: Where's the New York strip?!
Giovanni: Chef, I'm four minutes away!
Gordon: Oh, my God. SWITCH IT OFF!! We're now over two hours, he (Seth) fucks the filet! [to Charlie] The shrimps go down! [to Ben] This dick sent me dessert before the appetizers! [throws his apron] Fuck off! [to Jean-Philippe] Jean-Philippe, shut it down, yes? Two hours over. Clear down!!!
Robert: (interview; tonight was originally planned to have been his wedding) I've embarrassed myself, my family, my girlfriend. [throws his buff off angrily]
[Customers are leaving Hell's Kitchen]
Ben: Here we go. Here comes the pain.

[The red team is now inside the kitchen and is about to start the second half of Steakhouse night service. While the blue team is now in the dining room taking orders]
Andrea: [shouts to the blue team] Come on guys, we need orders! [customers overhear] The ladies are ready to kick your– [pauses out of shame and tones her voice down] butt. [she and LA giggle] I forgot there are customers out there.

Gordon: Where's the four Caesar salad, two shrimp?
Colleen: Coming chef. These were two, one and one.
Gordon: Where's the fucking four I asked for?
Coi: Four Caesar salad, two shrimp!
Gordon: [to Colleen] Hey!
Colleen: Yes, chef.
Gordon: You're doing this on purpose.
Colleen: No I'm not, I swear. You said two. One and one.
Gordon: Look at me! Look at me! Four fucking salads.
Colleen: (interview) There's always the person in your life that's being grumpy and you know not being nice. Then there is one that Chef Ramsay whose the arrogant vicious attack dog.
Gordon: [to Colleen] Hey, Madam, you're fucking pathetic!
Colleen: Yes, chef.

Gordon: Four salad, three shrimp, one plain! [to Colleen] Oh no, come here! What's going?
Colleen: Four Caesar salad, three shrimp, one plain!
Gordon: One more!
Colleen: Four Caesar salad chef, three shrimp, one plain!
Gordon: One more!
Colleen: Four Caesar salad chef, three shrimp, one plain!
Gordon: And last time!
Colleen: Four Caesar salad chef, three...
Gordon: [visibly shocked] Oh, m—OHH, GOD!
Colleen: ...SHRIMP, ONE PLAIN!
Gordon: Oh you fucking–Hoo, shit! She's not normal... she cannot be normal...
Lacey: (interview) My God! Colleen, if we lose tonight and I go home, I swear to God, I hope you can't sleep at night because you deserve to go home more than I.

[The blue team lost the night's service; J has been asked for the nominees]
J: First nominee would be Seth.
Gordon: Why?
J: His kitchen etiquette? He doesn't really have much kitchen etiquette. His experience? Unfortunately, he doesn't really have that much experience. He's got a lot to learn.
Gordon: Second nominee and why?
J: Second nominee would be Charlie. Execution tonight was a little off, he definitely didn't meet the par that we needed to...
Seth: [interrupts J] Chef! If I could just say something? If we could just go down the line and ask, because I don't know that J is allowed to speak for everybody.
J: The chef asked me. So I answered the chef.
Seth: Yes, that's your opinion...
J: So keep your mouth shut.

Gordon: Charlie is a prep chef, but I'm looking for a head chef. He seemed like a nice guy, but you know where nice guys finish.

Episode Four [5.04][edit]

[Robert entertains the other contestants with his Gordon Ramsay impersonation in the dorms after elimination]
Giovanni: Listen, listen, this is funny! [to Robert] Go ahead.
Robert: [in British accent] Well... Good day, yeah?
Seth: [laughs] That is amazing! Watch this!
Robert: This is the most prestigious, honorable chance of a lifetime... [LA, Andrea, and Coi giggle] to work at the most...
LA: [laughing hysterically] He's got it down!
Robert: ...greatest...
Andrea: That was good! (interview) Robert does great impersonations.
Robert: In the bin!
Andrea: (interview) We just couldn't stop laughing because it was so funny.
Robert: Crap!
[The ladies laugh and applaud Robert]

Colleen: How could we lose with cheerleaders on our side? Yeah! V, V-I, V-C-I-T-O-R-Y! [a caption reading "Vcitory???" appears]

[The blue team have lost the challenge and Ben believes that Danny was responsible for it even though it fell on Seth]
Ben: I'mma tell you one thing. I don't like fucking losing. Danny, I was over there helping with you, then I jumped over to help with eggs. We were not helping each other–
Danny: You should've been on eggs the whole time.
Ben: You were the one drowning on the pancakes, buddy.
J: [nodding] That is correct.
Danny: Look, you gave me a hand walking the pancakes up, and thank you for that.
Ben: Wait a minute, Danny! [J laughs] Come on, man! Are you serious right now?
Danny: What? You-you helped me plate some pancakes and I appreciate it! Thank you! I-I'm not a-
Ben: It's cool, man. Don't worry about it. I just–
Danny: I'm not a hero here. I never said I was.
J: You said that earlier. You said you were the best cook.
[Flashback to Gordon asking who the Blue Team's best cook is with Danny calling himself the Blue Team's best cook]
Danny: I am obviously the best cook on the team!
Ben: You want to hear something, dude?! I will cook circles around you! I will circle you like a fucking moon!
Danny: Where have you been?
Giovanni: Hey, hey come on! Danny, come on! Hey, Ben!
Ben: [over Giovanni] Are you joking me?! You couldn't cook my cock!
[The women walk past as Danny and Ben's argument starts escalating]
Giovanni: Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
Ben: Are you joking me? I AM SO FUCKING-
Danny: Where have you been!?
Giovanni: [stands between Danny and Ben] Be quiet! Quiet! Quiet!
Ben: We'll see you on garnish! Let me see you on garnish!
Danny: Shut the fuck up.
Ben: I mean–you know what? I need two minutes, I need two minutes, bro.
Danny: Take your two minutes, bro, because I haven't seen you in the kitchen yet!
Giovanni: HEY!
Danny: Where have you been?!
Ben: [heads down to the terrace] (interview) Danny's ego is getting the better of him and he needs to come back down to this planet.
Ben: (interview) I'm by no means a physical guy, but...if we were outside of Hell's Kitchen, sure.
[Ben walks outside to the terrace and throws a chair in a fit of anger]
Danny: (interview) Ben, he's got a little stick up his ass about me, which is fine. You know, 'cause I'm cocky as shit and I run my mouth. [to J] It's like, don't get uppity on me, bro, until you fucking show up.

Gordon: On order: Four covers, Table 4. Two risotto, one spaghetti, one Caesar.
Blue Team: Yes, chef!
Danny: [to Giovanni] Is it (the water) boiling?
Gordon: How long?
Giovanni: I'm waiting for the water to boil, Chef.
Gordon: You expect me to tell Jean-Philippe we're waiting for your water to boil?!
Giovanni: Oh, I'm sorry.
Ben: (interview) Oh, man, Gio. How are you gonna cook pasta in water that's not boiling?
Gordon: Hey, look at me! There's no olive oil in there, the water's not seasoned, it's not even boiling!
Giovanni: (interview) Oh, that was my fault. I didn't check my equipment. It won't happen again, that's for sure.
Gordon: Let's go, Giovanni, let's go! Oh, my God...
Narrator: While Giovanni is in hot water, over in the red kitchen, Coi is trying to get ahead.
[Gordon notices Coi cooking pasta]
Gordon: [to Coi] Why are you cooking spaghetti? We haven't even fired it! DAMN!!!
Coi: Fuck!
Gordon: Why?!
Coi: I'm sorry, chef.
Gordon: I can't believe this!! Why can't you just drop it to order?!
Coi: I will, chef.
Gordon: Tell me why you can't!!
Coi: I'm just trying to get ahead, chef.
Gordon: You can't get ahead! You're not that good!
Coi: (interview) I was trying to take so many steps ahead, so I'm kicking myself in the ass, because if I would have listened better, he wouldn't have screamed at me.
Gordon: Coi! Put some more spaghetti in to make yourself...
Coi: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Hey, I'm joking, you stupid cow!

[Gordon checks on lobster spaghetti brought up by Coi]
Gordon: Oh, my God. [returns to the workstation and slams the pan down] All of you! OH, COME HERE!! Taste that all of you. Hurry up! [to Colleen] Come on, Colleen! Stick your fucking fingers in there! What is that? Dry, bland, under-seasoned, undercooked!
Coi: I should have tasted it better, chef.
Carol: (interview) I honestly thought that Coi was going to be strong on that station.
Gordon: Now I'm up to FUCKING HERE! [raises his hand; kicks the bin] HERE!!
Coi: (interview) Oh... I got my ass handed to him. I never thought cooking pasta could be so hard.
Gordon: [to Coi] Madam, don't send me shit, yes?!
Coi: Yes, chef!

[Jean-Philippe returns to the pass with Caesar salad]
Gordon: What's going on on there?
Jean-Philippe: That's from, um, Table 20 blue.
[Gordon checks the salad, then finds a butt of lettuce in it]
Gordon: Hey, ALL OF YOU! COME HERE! Who dressed the Caesar salad?
J: I did, chef.
[Gordon shows the butt of lettuce to the members]
J: [whispering] Jesus Christ!
[Gordon returns the butt of lettuce to the plate and angrily throws the plate onto the floor]
Gordon: Oi, bozo! Are you fucking stupid?!
J: No, chef, I'm not. (interview) J feels like a jackass because of that freaking lettuce. I should have seen it, it's a disgrace. It really is.
Gordon: Did you see that?!
J: I did not, chef. If I saw it, I would never put it in there.
Giovanni: (interview) Pretty hard to believe that butt of lettuce went out there. It's pretty hard to miss that big lettuce when you try to toss it in a small salad.
Gordon: Un-fucking-believable.

[Gordon checks on lamb brought up by Ben]
Gordon: Come here! All of you, come here! Put it down! [to Ben] Put it fucking down! What is that?
Ben: Lamb chop, sir.
Gordon: Lamb chop, yeah? Eat it. [gives the lamb to Ben and he eats it] Happy now? Now it's getting thinner and thinner and thinner. There's another one. There's one ripped to fuck there now. Too thin, cowboy!
Robert: (interview) I'm like, "Dude, why are sending that out?" It looked like a piece of carpaccio on a bone, man.
Gordon: [to Ben] How can someone so fucking fat slice something so fucking thin?!
Ben: Sorry, chef. It won't happen again, chef.
Gordon: I wouldn't even serve that to my fucking dog!
Ben: I'll fix it right now, chef.

Gordon: Garnish, please. [Danny doesn't respond] Where's the garnish?
[Danny still doesn't respond]
Ben: (interview) We're going to see how Danny produces on the garnish station. As long as he's talking the talk, I'd certainly like to see him walk the walk.
Gordon: Where's the fucking MASHED POTATO!? I NEED THE GARNISH, DANNY!! [Danny still doesn't reply] He's not even answering me now.
Danny: (interview) It's just a difficult station. Chef Ramsay's, like, always calling you, and you're just heating up vegetables but...i-it was rough, man.
Gordon: Where's the fucking garnish?! Thirty seconds, I'm going to fucking kick you out personally! Danny?!
Danny: It's working, chef.
Gordon: How long?!
Danny: It's going to be a minute, chef.

[Colleen brings her wellingtons to the pass]
Gordon: Hey, stay here you. Three wellingtons, you brought me four. One medium, one medium-well, one well done. Where's the medium one?
Colleen: The medium's here, chef.
Gordon: Where's the medium-well?
Colleen: The medium-well's here, chef.
Gordon: Where's the well done one, then?
Colleen: Right here, chef.
Gordon: So what the fuck is this one?
Colleen: I don't know, chef. I'll take it back.
Gordon: You don't know? That's funny, isn't it? A little "Ha-ha"...
Colleen: No, it's not funny.
Gordon: ..."Tee-hee," and "God Bless Nebraska?"
Paula: (interview) Colleen takes a damn hard beating from Chef Ramsay just about every night, and she keeps her head up high, but I think in her brain–it's just breaking down.
Gordon: [to Colleen] And you wonder why I'm fucking pissed off?!
Colleen: No, I understand you're mad, chef!

Gordon: On order, four covers, table three. One scallops, one spaghetti, one risotto, one Caesar...
Seth: [to Giovanni] Bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon!
Gordon: Entrées: One Dory, one chicken, one lamb, one wellington.
Giovanni: It's coming.
Seth: Right here.
Gordon: Seth! SETH!
Seth: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Come here! What did I just call out?
Seth: [wiping his face with a cloth] I don't know, chef.
Gordon: Yeah, I know you don't know because you weren't even fucking prepared to listen. No wonder you're struggling.
[Seth uses the same cloth he just wiped his face with to clean a pan, then wipes his face with it again]
Gordon: What is he doing? Hey you, hey you, come here... [takes the cloth from Seth, and looks at him in disgust]
Seth: Sorry, chef.
Gordon: I just watched you wipe your face and then wipe the pan. If this one's for your fucking nose, where's your cooking cloth?
Seth: Uh, I'll have to get one, chef.
Gordon: [throws the cloth back to Seth] Fuck off, will you?

[After Jean-Philippe returned to the pass with more food, Gordon has had it]
Gordon: [disappointed] What is going on? Oh, no! Oh! [cuts to Coi accidentally dropped her spaghetti on her station] Fuck off! Oh, no! Shit! Look at that! You, guy! [to Robert] Come here, you fat fuck! Come here! All of you, come here! COME HERE! Hey, hey, look at me. You are pathetic. NO ONE WON! Fuck off! Both teams, start thinking about two of you to fucking go home. [to Coi] You, pathetic! I don't want anymore! [to Ben] I don't want to wait for your shit anymore, [to Danny] I don't want your shit anymore, [to Seth] I don't want you drying your face, and then fucking cooking with a cloth, [throws his cloth towards Seth] YOU SCUMMY FUCKER! GET OUT!!! [all chefs exited the kitchen except Ben; he approaches him] GET OUT!!!

Ben: [to blue team] Are we prepared to talk about this now? Or what do you guys think?
Giovanni: Yeah, let's just talk about it.
Ben: Giovanni, who are your people?
Giovanni: Me? I'll pick Seth. [to Ben] And I'm sorry, I'm picking you today.
Ben: So you're say–you're saying based on everything you've seen since I've been here, you think I'm the one on the chopping block, Giovanni? Are you fucking serious? [Giovanni nods his head]
Danny: I'll agree with Gio.
Ben: Oh my God. You're saying to me that I did the second worst in the kitchen today, and I do not believe that! I heard Danny's name called just as much if not more than my one lamb being sliced wrong. There's no way I need to go down for this. No fucking way. (interview) Not once have I seen Danny step up to the plate. Tonight, he sucked! He was shit, and as of right now, I'm the only one on this blue team to push his team forward! [to Robert] Robert, who's it gonna be?
Robert: His (Danny) mouth, your (Ben) lamb, [points at J] and that salad thing.
Giovanni: It's a pretty small salad to miss that big of a fucking piece.
Robert: It shouldn't have happened. Not with professionals.
J: No way is that a reason for me to be on the chopping block.
Giovanni: It's a pretty small salad!

[The chefs have entered the dining room and are ready to give out the nominees for elimination]
Gordon: Something's really bugging me, you know that? And I can't stop thinking about it and here's why. If a customer goes out for dinner and their steak is slightly overcooked or undercooked, it gets redone, and they move on and enjoy the evening. [to J] But if a customer goes out for dinner...and they get served a butt of lettuce, that's how reputations get destroyed in minutes! Butt-head!

Gordon: Seth showed that he had all the passion in the world, but the bottom line is he's a crap cook.

Episode Five [5.05][edit]

Gordon: Two tuna, two Dory, two wellington, yes?
Blue Team: Yes, chef!
Gordon: How long, J?!
J: It's gonna be a couple minutes on the wellingtons. They're still fucking rare. (interview) When I cut into that first wellington, and it was raw and fucking cold, my heart fucking stopped.
Gordon: What happened to the wellingtons?
J: Sir, I don't know. I–I fired them the same as last time!
Scott Leibfried: Pan's on low, it should be on high.
[Gordon and Robert shake their heads]
Gordon: Why is the pan down on low?!
J: I'm sorry, chef.
Gordon: I'm glad you're so fucking laid back about it!
J: (interview) I should've fucking looked at the oven. It just sucks that I look like a goddamn donkey.
Gordon: [to J] If the wellingtons aren't ready, [claps angrily] don't drop the Dory! You're just in a little world of your own!! I need a team effort!
J: Yes, chef! [to his teammates] Sorry, guys.

Narrator: While J tries to follow directions, over in the red kitchen, Chef Ramsay has found a problem.
Gordon: [sees that the oven door is open] Look at the oven! Have we got wellingtons in there?
Andrea: Yes, chef.
Gordon: [to Colleen] Hey, madam! Come here, you!
Colleen: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Right now. What happens when the door's wide open?
Colleen: The oven gets cold, chef.
Gordon: Okay, what else is in there?
Colleen: The wellingtons, chef. (interview) I was not leaving the oven door open. I don't think I did...[pause] but I could've!
Gordon: Where's the wellington, please?
Andrea: Chef, I'm re-firing the wellington. The bottom's burning.
Gordon: [begins searching] Where's the medium-well wellington?
Andrea: I'm putting projector paper.
Gordon: [finds that Andrea has hid her burnt meat underneath her station] Oh, shut up you, yeah? Shut up. What is this? [starts getting the meat]
Andrea: They burned. I'm not quite sure why.
Gordon: Watch. Look, look, look, look. [to the red team] Hey, come here! Oy, oy, oy! There you go. There you go. There—Oh, dear! [throws a burnt wellington against the refrigerator] Fucking pile of shit!!
Andrea: (interview) I'm screwed. I'm fucking screwed.
Gordon: Anything else in there?! What else have you hid?!
Andrea: No, chef. That's it, chef.
Gordon: That's it? Is it?! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!
Andrea: Trying to get it together, chef. (interview; shakes her head)
Gordon: I just don't—I just don't understand it!

[Gordon checks on chicken brought up by J]
Gordon: J! The chicken's RA-AW! J.
J: Yes, sir!
Gordon: No entrées have left this kitchen in nearly fourteen minutes! Nothing! FOURTEEN MINUTES, NOTHING'S GONE OUT!!
J: (interview) I fucked up everything. Everything! Every god-fucking-damn thing!
Gordon: Do you want go?
J: No, chef.
Gordon: Get a grip! GET A GRIP!!
J: Yes, chef!
Robert: [to J] J, can I go to the pass? Yes or no?
Lacey: J, can you go?
J: What do you need?
Lacey: Lamb.
Gordon: He's asking you now what you need, he doesn't even know.
Lacey: Come on, guys. How long on that lamb?
Gordon: Oh, J. You forgot it, yes?
J: Yes, chef.
Gordon: COMMUNICATE!! [kicks the bins]
Blue Team: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Oh, my God.
Lacey: (interview) I know J was really having a bad night. But he, like, forgot an order.
Gordon: Hey look at me, hey. You are fuck!

Gordon: [misreferred to Robert] Let's go, Bobby. [Robert doesn't answer] I'll say this once. Move Bobby, yeah? You can do with losing a few pounds. Let's go.
Robert: Fucking asshole. (interview) First of all, my name is not Bobby. It's Robert. So when he says "Bobby", who the fuck is that?!
Gordon: Bobby? [Robert still doesn't answer] No answer.
Robert: (interview) My father's name is Bobby and I had a fucked up childhood.
Gordon: Bobby, look at me.
Robert: (interview) Every time I hear that, it brings you back. So, he touched the nerve with me.
Gordon: Bobby? Dory, tuna! Where is it?! [finds that Robert has thrown his Dory in his bin] Why is he throwing stuff in the bin?
Robert: Because it's...[sees Gordon walking to his station] Fuck me. Here it comes.
Gordon: [approaches Robert's station and gets his bin] What's going on?! All this food in here! How much are you throwing away?!
Robert: Too much, chef.
Gordon: You can't just trash it like that!
Robert: I was thinking you wouldn't take it, if I put it up there... Put... Whatever, man.
Gordon: Say that again, please?!
Robert: No, I can't.
Gordon: Why can't you look at me when I talk to you?
Robert: Sorry, chef. Just...sorry, chef.
Gordon: Robert! Come here you! Come here you, fucker! Get out! GET THE FUCK OUT!! Get in there! [leads Robert into the pantry]What are you doing?!
Robert: I'm trying to do the best I can for you.
Gordon: Why didn't you serve it? Fuck me! It's not about me, it's about you!
Robert: I refuse to put anything up there that you're going to send back, chef.
Gordon: Listen to me, concentrate. Stop picking on me as an excuse. That's not good enough! You can't trash all that!
Robert: I fucked up and I'm not going to put it up to you.
Gordon: Wake up, Robert!
Robert: (interview) Dude, it took a lot from me to fucking hold back, son. I'll tell you that.
Gordon: [to Robert] Hey, have you given up?
Robert: Fuck no, chef.
Gordon: [mocks Robert] "Hey, I'm not doing that to you, chef! It's going to the trash can again!"
Robert: (interview) I ain't trying to make him proud of me anymore. [stands and pulls his trousers down, showing his bottom] Chef Ramsay, KISS MY FUCK! That's what I'm saying to him.
Gordon: [comes up to Robert] Hey, if you've got any comeback, I'll do it now if I was you, yeah? Because you look like one sulky, pissed off cook! Find some form of passion. Cook your heart out. Stop fucking around!
Robert: Yes, chef.

[Jean-Philippe returns to the pass with dessert]
Jean-Philippe: Red, (Table) 53. Tanya Steel.
Gordon: Not done? [returns to the workstation] There you go. Now I've had enough. [slams the plate on the stove] Come here! There you go. [to Carol; gives her a piece of pear] Take a bite and pass it along. [to LA] LA, wake up, yeah?
Coi: It's hard as a fucking rock.
Gordon: Raw pastry, raw pear. That's her! [kicks a bin]
Andrea: (interview) Chef Ramsay wasn't kidding when he said it was raw. It was raw. That's just, sorry, poor judgement.
Gordon: [to Colleen] You didn't know that's raw pastry with a raw pear?
Colleen: No, chef.
Andrea: (interview) Everybody else was just looking around like, "You've got to be kidding me."
Gordon: Un-fucking-believable! [goes to the blue kitchen and sits in fetal position]
Narrator: Tonight, dinner service has totally collapsed.
Gordon: Oh, Christ almighty! Two and a half hours of bullshit.
Narrator: And Chef Ramsay is at the end of his rope.
Gordon: [to Jean-Philippe; after returning to the pass with raw desserts] Oh fuck off! I'm... I've had enough! [goes to the red kitchen] Hey, when I say, I've had enough! I've had enough! Stoves off! [calls both teams] Come here! That was pathetic! [to Andrea] And you were absolutely useless! CLEAR DOWN! I can't take it anymore! It's been the worst performance so far! SWITCH IT FUCKING OFF!!! [throws his spoon away]

[Robert sits with the red team after Gordon announces both teams lost dinner service]
Robert: You notice what he (Ramsay) calls me all the time?
Paula: Bobby.
Robert: He calls me Bobby. My name is Robert. My father was like–his name was Bobby. And he was like...
Paula: So when he calls you Bobby, you don't look up.
Robert: It's like, I look at him...it's like another male figure in your life that you're supposed to respect that treats you like fuck.
[The phone starts ringing; Coi gets up to answer it]
Robert: I know he had the same kind of childhood.
Coi: Hello?
Gordon: [on the phone] Would you please send Bobby to my office? Thank you.
[Robert walks into Gordon's office to speak with him privately after requesting a meeting earlier in the kitchen]
Gordon: [hearing Robert knock on the door] Come in.
Robert: Hello, chef.
Gordon: Hello, Bobby. [Robert sits down] Okay. You wanted to see me?
Robert: The main thing is like, I know you don't understand. And that's why I'm telling you, like...my name is Robert, not Bobby. One, because that's my father's name. And, like, growing up, it's been a hard road for me. I've been told all my life that...you're a loser, you're a quitter, and...
Gordon: Right.
Robert: ...his name was Bobby. And the moment when I'm called that, and you're like, "Look me in my eyes"–that one precise second, it was just like...flashing back, all the way back, you know?
Gordon: That's fair enough. I get that, and I totally respect that. I apologize if it's upset you by calling you, Bobby. I wish you had brought that to my attention earlier because I wouldn't have done it. However, it's off your chest–totally respect that–and I will totally follow it through.
Robert: Thank you, chef. [shakes Gordon's hand] I appreciate the time.
Gordon: Not at all.

Gordon: There was no place in the kitchen I could put Colleen where she wasn't a disaster. It's time for her to go back to where she belongs, teaching. Because she certainly can't cook.

Episode Six [5.06][edit]

Narrator: As the Blue Team heads to the spa for a day of pampering...
J: Off to the spa we go...
Narrator: ...Back in the dining room, Max's mom lets J.P. know that he'll be working with someone to plan the party.
Brenda: This gentleman is very recommended.
Jean-Philippe: Yes.
Brenda: So, um...
Francisco: Bonjour, darling!
Brenda: Oh, here he is now.
Narrator: ...Someone he knows all too well.
Francisco: JP! Hello! Oh, it's so good to see you! [hugs J.P.] I'm so thrilled to be back. Are you thrilled to see me? [J.P. stiffly nods]
Brenda: Alright, well, see you tomorrow tonight.
Francisco: Thank you.
Jean-Philippe: [to Francisco] You, listen.
Francisco: Yeah.
Jean-Philippe: You are not interfering with my job.
Francisco: I respect your boundaries.
Jean-Philippe: Yes. Leave my thing for me, and then you do your little thing.
Francisco: "My little thing." I'll be so happy.
Jean-Philippe: Good.
Francisco: Oh, here they (the Red Team) come.
Jean-Philippe: Ladies, ladies, ladies, we've done a few parties in the past with Francisco.
Francisco: I'm so excited to be here, this is so fabulous! [the ladies laugh] Wait until you see what we're doing. We are going to go up, up, and away with beautiful balloons, all around. It's going to be so festive!
Coi: (interview) Oh, Francisco's just fabulous, all the way around.
Francisco: We have twinkly centerpieces on all of the tables...
Andrea: [laughing] Twinkly!
Coi: (interview) It's the way he talks, it's the way he dresses, everything. He's fabulous.
Francisco: We are going to make this the most beautiful sports arena!
LA: (interview) I'm gay, that dude is parade gay. [laughs] Wow!

Narrator: Back in the red kitchen, Coi hopes that cooking perfect burgers will make up for her forgetfulness.
Coi: These fucking burgers are sticking. (interview) I don't know what happened. I was doing so well, the next moment, it's in my face. Boom!
Carol: It's gonna be alright. Just hold your shit together, stop messing with them so much.
LA: [touches burger patty] That's fucking rare, girl. [hands patty to Coi] Fucking heat it up! Come on, Coi! (interview) You stack a fucking patty on top of a bun, some mushrooms. It's not rocket science.
Carol: [checks burgers with Coi] Oh, God. He's not gonna serve any of those.
Gordon: Ladies, you gotta hurry up, yes?! IT'S MAX'S TABLE!
Max: I'm hungry.
LA: [to Carol and Coi] Go, go! Bring them up! Bring them up! Bring them up, go!
Gordon: [after touching one of the patties] These burgers are cold!
Narrator: Coi has brought the guest of honor's burger to the pass.
Gordon: Yeah, yeah, touch them! STONE-COLD! Fuck's SAKE! [kicks bin] COME ON, COI! IT'S MAX'S TABLE!!
Coi: Yes, chef.
Gordon: HELP HER OUT! Why is no one talking to each other?!
LA: (interview) I went over there to help her, and she's kinda, like, stuck in her zone. You gotta communicate, you gotta work with us as a team.
Gordon: [to Coi] You're part cooking them, and they're still coming out cold!
Coi: Sorry, chef! (interview) When I pulled them off the grill, it was so hot. I would blink, and... they were cold.
Gordon: Where's the BURGERS?! [Coi walks to the pass with burgers]
Paula: The burgers ready?
Gordon: Holy crap. Yeah, well at least they're hot.

Danny: Two med-well plain, two—
Gordon: You got shit under the plate, yeah?
Danny: Oh.
Gordon: [lifts plate up] Please be careful. Yeah, yeah, just look.
Danny: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Yeah, but look.
Danny: I know, I'm sorry.
Gordon: Oh, come on, guys!
Danny: Chef, I thought I just—I...
Danny: (interview) Plates were cleaning my station, and when I was sending them down the line to get garnish, they were getting dragged through all kinds of shit.
Gordon: Check your plates where you're working, Danny!
Danny: Yes, chef!
Gordon: All the shit's getting stuck underneath!
Danny: Yes, chef!
Ben: (interview) Attention to detail is–is everything in this business, and Danny was a pig, a filthy mess over there.
Gordon: Danny, look. [wipes cutting board with cloth] You gotta wipe down, Danny! You gotta wipe down!
Danny: Yes, chef!
Gordon: So when you put a plate on top, [slaps cutting board] it doesn't get dirty!
Danny: Yes, chef.

[Gordon has a brisket plate brought back and touches the meat]
Gordon: Dear, oh dear! Hey! Hey, Lacey!
Lacey: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Come here. The beef, it's stone cold! Look! Touch it!!
Lacey: It sat there for too long.
Gordon: Yeah, it sat there, right. And I've served half the table! HURRY UP! The beef is cooked, so all you have to do is reheat it!
Lacey: Yes, chef!
Giovanni: Why don't you turn us up, Lacey?
Lacey: I didn't turn it down, Gio!
Gordon: For God's sake, woman! We're reheating beef!
Danny: (interview) Lacey was in charge of reheating the brisket.
Lacey: I need something to put it in!!
Gordon: Oh, my GOD!
J: (interview) Slice it and put it on a plate. It's not that difficult.
Lacey: Where's my knife?
Gordon: Where's the beef?!
Lacey: It's coming, chef! God!
Gordon: I need a beef!
Lacey: Hold on. Back up, back up! Back up!!
Robert: (interview) "Where's the beef, where's the beef?" I'm like looking for the old lady from the Wendy's commercials, man! Where's the beef?

Gordon: When this competition began, I thought Coi was gonna be a really strong chef. But tonight she was exposed when she couldn't even cook a bloody burger.

Episode Seven [5.07][edit]

J: [to Lacey] You didn't take the—this part off?
Lacey: No.
Robert: You're supposed to take the paper off.
Lacey: Robert, trust me!
Robert: You're not supposed to do that, Lacey.
Lacey: Then I fucked up, and it's not your fucking problem!
Robert: You need to stop right now and listen to what we're trying to tell you! (interview) I'm so sick of Lacey. I'm about to use a Jedi mind trick and choke the shit out of that bitch mentally.
Lacey: I'm sick of Robert yelling at me!
Robert: You're not–
Danny & J: He's trying help you, Lacey.
Lacey: I know, but–hmmm. Never mind.
Robert: [under his breath] That bitch has got to go, man.
Lacey: (interview) I don't care what that fat ass has to say to me. He needs to say in front of my face instead of mumbling under his fucking breath. [to the blue team] I'm not fighting. If I fight with anybody right now, I'm leaving, I swear to God.
J: You're what?
Ben: Oh, my God.
Robert: You're leaving?!
Danny: That's the last thing we need to know.
J: Lacey, if you got to go, then just go.
Lacey: I don't understand why everyone sticks with people yelling at me?
J: No, no, no. Don't fight back, I'm serious. This is a professional kitchen. If you want to fucking go, go. I'll fucking do everything (interview) Just shut the fuck up, get out of the kitchen, and let me do my job.
Lacey: Ben, what else? Because I can't find fennel at the moment.
Ben: Lacey. Oh, God. (interview) 1, 2, 3, 4... [to Lacey] Use your head, baby. Come on, push this back.
Lacey: I don't know what's in the fucking dish! Ugh! I hate you guys!
Ben: (interview) 7, 8, 9...
Lacey: I'm sick of taking shit from you people! It's stopping now! I quit!
[Lacey walks out of the kitchen and into the terrace outside the kitchen]
Lacey: (interview) I get treated like a donkey of the team and I'm supposed to help these people? Fuck that! I'm not going to compromise my health and happiness for fucking 250 grand! No fucking way! It's not worth it!
Danny: Where the hell did Lacey go, man?
J: I–I don't know.
Robert: That bitch needs her ass kicked, man. (interview) Lacey, she sucks. She needs to get to some psycho ward so she can get some free therapy.
Ben: I can't tell her every time to wipe her ass, man. (interview) I am literally a fraction from losing it with her, but the Blue Team needs that extra pair of hands. Lacey's the extra pair of hands.
[Ben walks out of the kitchen to look for Lacey]
Lacey: (interview) I don't want to be the bitch from Hell's Kitchen...because I'm really not a bitch! I'm really a nice, cool person!
Ben: [to Lacey at the terrace] Let me ask you a real serious question, Lace. Can you brush this off and go back into the kitchen and produce? We need you.
Lacey: (interview) Ah, here we go again.
[At Episode 5...]
Ben: We need you!
Lacey: I know, but I don't understand. I don't usually like this.
Ben: You know what I'm saying? We need you.
[Back to present]
Ben: We need–we need you. As much as we ride you, we need you tonight.
Lacey: (interview) Only need you? Okay, no. You don't need me. You want me here because you don't want to be a man down to the Red Team. [to Ben] No, I–I understand, I'm sorry.
Ben: Can you go back in the kitchen and produce?
Lacey: Yeah.
Ben: (interview) Time to push the little bird to the edge and make sure it can fly.

Giovanni: How long for the risotto and pasta?
Paula: Plating up the pasta right now.
Andrea: How's your risotto?
Carol: I'm going. I'm going.
Gordon: Where's the risotto?
Carol: Right here chef.
Gordon: Carol!
Carol: Yes, chef!
Gordon: [tastes the risotto then spits it out] Taste that rice, taste the rice. It's like mush! Show me the rice.
Carol: Right here.
Gordon: Oh, my God! It's overcooked! It's like mush! Who cooked the rice?
[Flashback to when J cooked the rice for both teams, pouring two boxes into one pan]
Andrea: The blue team.
Gordon: The blue team? What? [goes over to the blue kitchen] Oh, come here you, all of you! Who cooked this rice?
J: I did, chef.
Gordon: Look at it, J! How can you do that, J? [hurls the rice in the trash] J! For both teams?
J: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Aw, fucking hell! Oh, come on! You can't do this!
Lacey: (interview) The risotto was mushy, clumpy and nasty, and it definitely was not a good way to start the evening.
Gordon: It's mush! Did you cook it all in the same pan?
J: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Oh, fuck me! Oh, come on, fuck off, J!
J: I'll get a pot on, chef. (interview) That pissed off Chef Ramsay, and I really didn't need that, because he's been riding me hard the past couple of days.
Gordon: [to Jean-Philippe] Jean-Philippe, stop the risotto, yeah? [to J] J! I can't believe you just screwed the service in both kitchens!
Robert: (interview) J, you're my friend and I like you a lot, but today, you fucking suck, man.

[Jean-Philippe returns to the pass with pasta]
Jean-Philippe: Pasta undercooked, chef.
Gordon: Is it?
Jean-Philippe: Yeah, it's really undercooked, chef.
Gordon: [to Carol] Hey, you, madam. The pasta's raw! Who's running the appetizers?
Carol: I am, chef!
Gordon: Well, then run it, then! Does she [Andrea] wipe your arse?
Carol: No, chef. (interview) I get fucking yelled at because this stupid bitch can't fucking cook?! What the hell is up with that?! [to Ramsay] There's must be some mix-in because it's...
Gordon: What?! Why aren't you tasting?
Carol: I was tasting it chef.
Gordon: So you tasted it and you knew it's raw, yet you still sent it!
Carol: (interview) That stupid bitch doesn't fucking say anything when Chef Ramsay's yelling at me?! FUCK THIS SHIT!
Gordon: Madam, come here, you mouthy little bitch! You (Andrea) come here!
Andrea: Yes, chef.
Gordon: [to Jean-Philippe] Hey, give me that table out there! [to Carol and Andrea] And sit on that table and eat that! Both of you, fuck off out there! It's not undercooked, it's raw! RAW, Carol! [gets ticket from Jean-Philippe]
Andrea: [to Carol] Let's eat it. Yeah, let's get this fucking over with.
Gordon: [to Carol and Andrea] Hey, you're not coming back to this clear until you let me know how it tastes!
Andrea: (interview) I was appalled that I had to stop during service. That pasta was grossly undercooked. And I had to eat that shit!

Narrator: While Carol and Andrea chew on their mistakes, in the blue kitchen, J is hoping to redeem himself.
Gordon: [with a piece of undercooked salmon] J!
J: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Come on, then! Look, it's still stone-cold. Back in the oven! Fucking hell.
Ben: J, I know you're busy, buddy, but how long on the salmon, my man?
J: Five minutes.
Robert: Give me the tuna!
Ben: He said four minutes out. Can you make it four?
Gordon: Everything you've touched tonight, so far, has been screwed.
Robert: (interview) J just lost his shit, man. He was just clamming up, didn't take control. He was burning the seafood, he was sending raw seafood.
Gordon: That's called burnt salmon, not seared salmon!
Robert: (interview) It takes a real good chef to recover. [to J] You can really turn this around if you want to.
J: I know.
Robert: Wipe your face, wipe your face. [J wipes his face with his sleeve] With a rag!
Gordon: J, where's the salmon?!
J: Coming around. Right here, chef.
Gordon: [finds out that the salmon is overdone] Hey, bozo! SAUCE!! Come here, you. Put that down, come here, you. Come here, you! Get in there! GET IN! [leads J into the pantry and slams the door]
J: Fuck!
J: I'm here, chef.
Gordon: It's not good enough, J!
J: I know, chef. I got no fucking excuse.
J: I don't know. I'll fucking turn it on right now, chef.
Gordon: I can't fucking go any further! Please, wake up!
J: Yes, chef!

Gordon: I've got sauce on one, and two Dory on. LA?
[LA is standing still and staring into space]
Paula: (interview) It's almost like LA was half-asleep or something.
Gordon: Come on, LA!
Gloria: Come on! LA, wake up! Are you sleeping?!
LA: No, I'm...
Gordon: She's dreaming. Come on, more [voice cracks] SAUCE, you silly cow!
LA: (interview) He called me a cow. For the first time.
Gordon: Don't cook all the fucking Dory in one pan unless you're boiling them, yes?
LA: Yes, chef. (interview) In the real world, you wouldn't have someone yelling at you like that. You wouldn't have someone calling you a cow, a bitch. You wouldn't. 'Cause in the real world, if someone called you a cow or a bitch, you would walk up to them and sock them in the face.
Gordon: Come on LA, please?
LA: Thirty seconds, chef.

Narrator: As LA tries to get up to speed, over in the blue kitchen...
Gordon: J! Where's the other scallop?
J: Right here, chef.
[J brings the scallops to the pass; they're badly overcooked]
Gordon: Have you seen this shit?
Scott Leibfried: Disastrous, isn't it?
Gordon: I have had enough. [calls the blue team] Come here, you! Leave it, PUT THAT DOWN! You, come here! You come here!
Ben: Yes, chef.
[The team members gather around the pass]
Gordon: What is that? What is THAT? What is that?! That's us at our best, WHAT IS IT?! Wait, it gets better! Look, touch that!
Ben: It's rubber, chef.
Gordon: T-Oh, my GOD! Unbelievable— [J goes to touch one of the scallops, and Ramsay knocks his hand away] No, no, no, no, no! NO! GET OUT! OUT, OUT, OUT! Get out! OUT, GET OUT! Take your jacket off, and fuck off!!
J: (interview) I guess I don't belong here, so... I'll be going home. I'm here for a reason, and it's my boy and my wife, so of course I'm disappointed. It was a tough day. [in the dorms] Oh...that's fucked up, bro. (interview) My dream when I came to Hell's Kitchen was to win. So, uh, now it's time to move on and get my own restaurants going. You know, I don't need Chef Ramsay's opinion anymore, I've got it. [entering the taxicab] Tomorrow's another day! Let's do it. (interview) It's time for J Maxwell to do his own thing.

Gordon: Where are the wellingtons?
Ben: Five and a half minutes.
Gordon: I'm watching you like a fucking hawk.
Ben: I know you are, chef.
Gordon: You know why? Do you know why?
Ben: I don't–I don't know, chef.
Gordon: I want you out. You're not cutting it. You're dreaming.
Ben: (interview) It hurts. It hurts when someone goes at you like that.
Gordon: Stop! Stop, stop, stop, stop! Put that down. [finds that Ben has put fresh wellingtons in a tray filled with burnt bits of pastry] Oh, my God! Look! Look!!
Danny: (interview) Ben was struggling, getting just beat up by Chef. Ben's just like J; during dinner service he just falls apart.
Gordon: Come here, you! Come here! Get in there! [Gordon leads Ben into the pantry]
Ben: Yes, chef.
Gordon: What's your fucking game?
Ben: No game, chef.
Gordon: Tell me straight. What are you doing?
Ben: Chef, I'm doing everything I can.
Gordon: Why are you putting them on a dirty tray?
Ben: Chef, only because I was doing wellington on them before, and I could not find any more...
Gordon: And that's good enough for you?!
Ben: No, it's not, chef.
Gordon: Is it fucked?
Ben: It's not. I don't want to do it in a...
Ben: Yes, chef.
Ben: Yes, chef.
Gordon: One more, and you're fucking history.
Ben: Yes, chef.
Gordon: GET IN!
Ben: Yes, chef. (interview) Today, it took every little part of me to not go up in my little cocoon. I did everything I could to just push forward.
Gordon: DIRTY PIG!

Ben: [sighs] First of all... Robert, Danny, I'm sorry, man. I went down in flames. I did everything I could, I really did. (interview) I really don't think there was any good part about my performance during service tonight. There's definitely a part in my mind that makes me think that Chef Ramsay could send me home. [to Danny] I fucked up. This was one of the worst services I've ever cooked, and I'm ashamed.
Danny: (interview) Ben runs his mouth about a big game, but he sucked every dinner service! I wouldn't be sad to see Ben go.
Ben: You guys know what you guys got?
Lacey: I don't know what to do at this point. Why don't I put Robert up there, 'cause Robert kicked ass tonight? Why don't I put Danny up there when Danny's been doing good services? Who do I fucking put up there?!
Ben: For you to put me up because I had a bad service tonight... for everything I've done to try and help you along with everything like that...[shakes his head]
Robert: [to Lacey] You know as much as you've done well, I can't forgive that shit that happened today, man.
Lacey: Oh, God.
Robert: When you left the Red team, you fucking done a great job–not taking that away from you–but I was constantly stressed with dealing with your fucking emotional bullshit!
Lacey: I know how you guys feel about me. That's fine.
Robert: No, you don't!
Lacey: You just sat here and fucking blabbed shit to me!
Robert: If all you're hearing is all the negative, you're a moron.
Lacey: What did you just say that was positive?
Robert: I said that you gave a FUCK since you've been here!!
Lacey: So, you're complimenting me...
Robert: The first night you fucking left your team, up there when they're busting their ass! (interview) Lacey is not a team player. She doesn't find this serious, she blames everybody but herself. The girl is FUCKED in the head, man! [to Lacey] You care when you wanna care, when it's convenient for Lacey! That's not how a team works! If you don't give a fuck, beat it!
Lacey: (interview) Robert is just an asshole. Maybe I'll put Robert up there, because Chef Ramsay did say...go back and nominate one person you don't want on your team.
Robert: Dude, I swear to God! If you win this, I will hang up my coat and become a crack whore, dude!

Gordon: That was painful in there tonight! Do each of you know who you're voting for?
Blue Team: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Good! Tell me who you don't want on your team any longer and why?! Robert?
Robert: I don't want Lacey on my team anymore, chef. 'Cause I believe in my heart that she is a cancer. I don't appreciate holding our team up for ransom before service, by threat of quitting and...
Gordon: On service?
Robert: Yes. And I refuse to accept quitters, and we've tried to help her, but she's constantly blaming everybody else. And I'm serious emotionally, like, with this passion about this, because in the long run, she doesn't care what happens, and if I was running my restaurant... See you later.
Gordon: Holy crap.
Robert: Sorry.
Gordon: You got that one off your chest?
Robert: Yes, chef.
Gordon: And you've got a big chest?
Robert: Yeah. [chuckles] Yes, chef.

Gordon: I kept Ben and Lacey because J put the kitchen in such a hole that they never stood a chance. They're very lucky that I sent J packing.

Episode Eight [5.08][edit]

Ben: Lacey, talk to me.
Lacey: I don't know! I honestly don't know!
Ben: (interview) Boy, oh boy. Lacey had no clue what she was doing.
Danny: [to Lacey] You got your lamb reheating?
Lacey: No! I can't–guys I'm...
Danny: Hey, it's cool, man. Just breathe, girl.
Ben: Come on, keep focused.
Danny: Get your lamb in the oven. Grab a pan. (interview) Lacey on the meat station was like... Oh, man! [to Lacey] That's going to be up in four minutes, okay? (interview) Just spoon-feeding her, like... Relax, calm down. It's not that bad. [to Lacey] You're fine! Just tell me what you need.
Lacey: I don't know! That's the problem!
Gordon: How long, Ben?
Ben: I believe we're going to need some more time for the meat station, chef.
Lacey: Ahhh...
Gordon: Talk to me, madam!
Lacey: I don't know how long, chef! Really, I don't!
Gordon: WHAT?!
Lacey: (interview) What do you want me to do, lie to him? Fuck it! I didn't know, I didn't lie to him!
Gordon: [to Danny] Get in there and help her!

Lacey: I'm no good at meat, guys! I told you that!
Danny: That's fine! Which one is your well done?
[Lacey's meat pan catches fire; Gordon approaches her station]
Gordon: Leave it! Fucking hell, what is that?!
Lacey: Wha-I...
Gordon: What is that, I said! Look at it! It's on fire!
Danny: Is this your well-done?
Lacey: [tearfully] I don't know.
Ben: (interview) She was lost. [makes a crying impression of Lacey] "I DON'T KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON HERE, HUHU!!"
Gordon: What's the matter with you?!
Gordon: What do you mean you can't cook meat?!
Lacey: Obviously I'm weak and confused...
Gordon: Hey madam, madam! Get out! GET OUT!!
Robert: (interview) Can't handle the heat, get out the kit-CHEN!!
Gordon: [follows Lacey to the pantry] "I CAN'T COOK MEAT?!"
Lacey: I–I'm sorry. I just got really confused.
Gordon: If you got confused, why didn't you say something?!
Lacey: I did and then Robert put the chicken and the chicken went on fire and...!
Gordon: Why can't you just make the effort?
Lacey: I'm trying to make an effort.
Gordon: Do you want to come back in there and make an effort?
Lacey: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Well, wake up and get a grip!! Come on! [leads Lacey out of the pantry]

Narrator: It's over an hour into dinner service, and while Ben and Lacey struggle to get out entrées...
Ben: Okay, I need you right now.
Lacey: You need to put me on something easier than fucking wellingtons.
Narrator: Robert has managed to handle the appetizers on his own.
Robert: C'mon, guys! Let's fucking do it!
Ben: Yeah, move! We got this!
[Robert bends over and a ripping sound is heard. As Ben and Lacey look on in shock, we see that Robert has split open the seat of his trousers. He carries on, unconcerned.]
Robert: Come on guys, keep pushing! (interview) All I heard was "RRRRRIIIP!"
Scott Leibfried: [to Gordon] Robert's ass is hanging out all over the place.
Robert: (interview) "Ooh, I feel a little breeze on the back of my ass!" I'll cook in my boxer shorts, I don't give a shit.
Gordon: Damn!

Gordon: On the way: wellington, lamb, chicken, Dory! [to Ben] You, back on your section!
Ben: Yes, chef!
Lacey: Oh, fuck! No way!
Danny: [to Lacey] I got you! I got you! (interview) When Lacey started losing it, I was like, "Fuck. Here we go."
Lacey: Can't cook fucking meat!
Gordon: One minute to the window, yes! [to Lacey] Hey, madam! V.I.P! V.I.P, V.I.P!
Lacey: Yes, chef! I need three minutes, chef!
Gordon: Three minutes?! WHY?!
Lacey: Becau–I don't...
Lacey: (interview) Every thirty seconds, "Madam, where is this?!" Like, shut up so maybe I can get you your well-done wellington.
Gordon: Chicken, lamb, wellington! Let's go!
Lacey: Shit.
Gordon: You can do one table, surely!
Lacey: Sure, chef! I'm just gonna see what happens.
Gordon: Send it, let's go!
Lacey: [to Robert] Behind you, Robert! Excuse me, Robert! [to Gordon] Behind you, chef.
[Gordon checks on meat brought up by Lacey and finds that the lamb was badly carved]
Gordon: Oh, my God!
Lacey: Hmm... Fuck me!
Gordon: Come here, all of you! What is that?! Fucking bone's thicker than the meat! [to Lacey] WHAT IS THAT?!
Gordon: [throws the lamb in the bin] It's not good enough! GET OUT! YOU'RE NOT GOOD ENOUGH!! PISS OFF!! [follows Lacey into the pantry] Madam, look at me. Let's be honest, you're done. You can't waste my time any longer!
Lacey: I agree.
Gordon: Give me your jacket, and leave Hell's Kitchen. And go in there, and say goodbye. Properly, say it properly! Let's go.
Lacey: [to the blue team] Thank you for everything!
[Danny quickly waves to Lacey and then resumes cooking; Ben and Robert ignore her altogether]
Robert: (interview) There's a small violin, just for Lacey. [blows a raspberry] She sucks. Adios, bee-yotch.
Gordon: Piss off! Let's go! Step up a gear.
Lacey: (interview) On one hand, it's a relief. I can get back to my normal life. [packing her suitcase] At least now I can get some sleep at night. (interview) But you know, another part of me wishes to stay and learn more and have that chance to win, but unfortunately I fucked up tonight and I can only look back on the positive things...which there weren't many for me. You know, my mom told me when I came here, "Don't make enemies." and that's the first thing I did and kept doing the whole time I was here. Sorry mom, I should've listened.

[After Lacey was eliminated, the Blue team rallied and completed their service, while the Red team was nowhere completing theirs]
Gordon: Three of them in there cooking, they've [Blue team] sent all of their entrées. Five of you and we're still waiting on two wellingtons [points to Carol] from Ditsy. She [points to Andrea] gives me a rubber John Dory, she's [points to Carol] shouting at me about the oven, and she [points to LA] can't even give me hot mashed potatoes! One, two, three pathetic excuses from three pathetic women! I've had enough. Stoves off!

Gordon: LA was a real workhorse in the kitchen. I kicked her out of Hell's Kitchen because she lacked two crucial skills to be a great chef - leadership and creativity.

Episode Nine [5.09][edit]

[The Blue Team are designing their menu for the upcoming service and Ben had came up with an idea that Danny and Robert have no clue and interest about]
Ben: I'm thinking halibut, gentleman. And I think that if we go ahead, and we take a halibut, and we really try and go out there and do a method, let's say for instance, a shallowed poach...
Robert: (interview) I'm thinking of three old rich fuddy-duddies... and they're like, "I'll have the poached halibut..."
Ben: Poached Alaskan halibut.
Robert: (interview) "...and please make it extra poached".
Ben: With pomme fondant. (interview) Neither one of them are used to doing refined methods of cooking.
Danny: Pomme fondant like...I mean...
Ben: Pomme fondant is going to be something that's done very old school French.
Danny: (interview) I've worked in a lot of kitchens but, uh... some of these terms that Ben says I have no idea what he's talking about.
Ben: Pomme fondant.
Danny: [tapping ash off a cigarette] Pomme fondant?
Ben: The beautiful potatoes, uh... fondant and pomme fondant.
Robert: (interview; imitating Ben) Pomme fondant.
Ben: Pomme fondant.
Danny: (interview) I don't ever want to hear that term "pomme fondant" again. I don't even know what it is.
Ben: Shallow poached Alaskan halibut with confit tomatoes and pomme fondant, comma...natural poaching liquid.
[Danny and Robert are still clueless about the dish and say nothing; Ben stares at them as crickets start chirping]
Danny: [to Robert] What do you think?
Robert: (interview) I wouldn't order that! [to Danny and Ben] Sounds good.

[Gordon checks on sauce brought up by Ben]
Gordon: Oh, Ben!
Ben: Chef!?
Gordon: [returns the sauce to the workstation] Right, all three of you (Ben, Danny & Robert) come here. Here we go. [with spoons] Taste time! Quick, quick, dig in there, yes? Dig in. Make sure you take a nice big mouthful. Big mouthful. Mmmmmm. [spits out the sauce as does Robert]
Robert: (interview) I spit it right out. It was disgusting.
Gordon: Hey, salty soup! You're just reheating it!
Ben: Yes.
Gordon: So how can you fuck it?!
Ben: It was bland before I over reduced it, it's my fault. I should've tasted it, chef.
Gordon: You're clumsy! You salted it!
Ben: Yes chef.
Gordon: You over-seasoned it!
Ben: Yes I did, chef.
Gordon: You didn't over reduce it!
Ben: (interview) I'm a soldier, that's why I say, "Yes, chef!"
Gordon: Hey, clumsy-fuck!
Ben: Yes, chef. I'm going to put one up right now, chef.
Gordon: Why are you always looking for excuses, you?!
Ben: No, no, no excuses, chef. It was my fault! It's coming out right now!
Ben: (interview) I don't-I don't tuck my head in my fucking oven and cry! [sauce in the pan overflows]
Gordon: Oh my God, look at him, look at fucking him!

Gordon: One beef salad. Entrées: one bass, one New York steak.
[A woman comes up to the hotplate to reorder food]
Lady: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Yes, madam?
Lady: Totally flat. No flavor on the carpaccio. This the second time I've had to reorder.
Gordon: Okay, thank you. [to the blue team] Hey, get the veal along please, yes? Let's go.
Lady: Chef! [whistles to Gordon]
Gordon: [to the woman] Right! Don't whistle at me, I'm not your fucking dog, yeah? You look more like a dog than I do. Fuck off, will you?

[Gordon checks on potatoes brought up by Carol]
Gordon: Oh, dear. Excuse me! Oh, dear! Let's go, come down! Hurry up! Taste them. There, there you go, there's a nice slice for you. Yeah, fuck it!
Carol: Hard and raw, chef.
Gordon: Fucking hell! [throws the potatoes away] Why are the potatoes crunchy? Who cooked them, then?!
Carol: I did, chef. If they go in the oven when the order comes in, they should be fully cooked! (interview) I don't know why they didn't cook. I never cooked potatoes that long before I sliced that thin.
Gordon: [to Jean-Philippe] Hey, come in here, you! Have I got news for you, yeah? Tell him then, tell him! HE'S GOING TO GO AND EXPLAIN TO THE CUSTOMER!!
Jean-Philippe: What's happening?
Carol: The potatoes are undercooked. If they go in when the order comes in, they should be fine.
Jean-Philippe: What's undercooked?
Gordon: Say that again?!
Carol: If she (Andrea) fires it when the order comes in, when it's ready to go–
Gordon: Au-gratin dauphinois need to be cooked before service!
Carol: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Now you're blaming her.
Carol: I'm not blaming her, chef.
Gordon: Hey, Andrea, she's trying to sabotage you. She can't even tur–
Carol: I'm not.
Gordon: What?
Carol: I'm not sabotaging.
Andrea: (interview) I was embarrassed for Carol. She's pointing out other people's mistakes. Point me out! I dare you!
Gordon: Here's the next question, how long then til they cook?!
Carol: Maybe ten minutes.
Gordon: Oh, look how cool she is! She said "maybe ten minutes!"
Carol: (interview) They should've been done. Why didn't they cook?
Gordon: [to the customers] MAYBE TEN MINUTES, EVERYBODY! FOR YOUR AU-GRATIN DAUPHINOIS!! Look at them! The poor souls! [to Carol] Are you stupid?!
Carol: No, chef. I'm not.
Gordon: Bullshit! [throws his towel away]
Andrea: (interview) Those potatoes! I was embarrassed for Carol.
Gordon: Why didn't they cook to begin with?!
Carol: Chef, yes, I cooked them in the cream for an hour!
Gordon: WHAT?!
Carol: Yes.
Gordon: You cooked them in the cream for an hour?
Carol: In boiling cream for an hour!
Gordon: Crunchy gratin dauphinois. Useless.

Narrator: With the red kitchen at a standstill, Chef Ramsay turns his attention to the blue kitchen and Ben's potatoes.
Gordon: Where's the pomme fondant?
Danny: That's it, chef.
Gordon: I thought pomme fondant was cooked in butter, nicely done! [to Ben] A pomme fondant, butter...
Ben: Yeah.
Gordon: ...fine, nicely coloured.
Ben: I blanched them, chef. I'm sorry.
Gordon: You blanched them?
Ben: Yes, I did. Sorry, chef.
[Gordon tastes a pomme fondant potato then quickly spits it out]
Ben: (interview) "Pomme fondant" means something completely different to him!
Gordon: [to Sous Chef Scott] Isn't a pomme fondant in America the same as a pomme fondant in Europe?
Scott Leibfried: Yes, it is.
Ben: (interview) Chef Ramsay's entire vocabulary is completely foreign to me! He's foreign to me!
Gordon: [to Ben] How can that be a fucking pomme fondant? [hands potato to Ben] Just taste that, you. If that's a pomme fondant, yeah, then I'm the fucking Pope! [throws the potatoes onto the floor]
Danny: (interview) Ben is all about these fancy terms or whatever, but I guess it's not even a pomme fondant!

[Carol pours more cream over her potatoes]
Gordon: What is that on there?
Carol: I just poured more cream on it, and I'm going to put it back in.
Gordon: My God! Oh, Jesus Christ! [gets the potatoes dumps them in the bin] Are you mad?
Carol: No, chef.
Andrea: (interview) There were no saving those potatoes. None whatsoever. They just looked like shit. They looked like fucking shit. It was awful.
Gordon: I wouldn't even serve that to a fucking pig farm, madam. Forget it. [throws the tray into the sink] You don't care do you? Because if you did care, you wouldn't serve me that crap! This is supposed to be your exciting menu! [shrugs] Really?
Carol: (interview) I feel completely awful. This is such a great dish and I fucking ruined it.
Gordon: [to Carol, Andrea, and Giovanni] I expect you, you, and you to come up with an alternative! Sautéed potato, green potat—COME UP WITH ONE!! IT'S YOUR MENU! You all look like this! [puts finger to lips] No! COME UP WITH ONE!
Giovanni: Potatoes! Sautéed fingerling potatoes! (interview) We should've just cooked the potatoes all the way, but everybody's been in the weeds. Everybody's been in the fucking shits. You know, it's about picking yourself up, and keep on going, and never quit.
Gordon: [to Carol] You're going a little bit loopy, you stupid cow.

Gordon: Carol knew she was out of her depth in Hell's Kitchen. I just put her out of her misery.

Episode Ten [5.10][edit]

Gordon: On order, six covers table 20. Entrées: Two wellington, two chicken, one lamb, one Dory. Wellington's medium, yes?
Final 6: Yes, chef!
Gordon: (to Andrea) Right Andrea, what's going? [gets no answer] No answer. I'm not in the best of moods, ah? I don't like being ignored in my own fucking kitchen. What's going?
Andrea: I have no idea, chef.
Gordon: Oh, my God almighty.
Robert: (interview) On garnish, you've got to be thirty seconds before everybody else. If she's not checking the tickets for us, we're screwed.
Giovanni: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Hey, she's running the section, yet she has no idea of what's going. [to Giovanni] Tell her, chef.
Giovanni: Two wellingtons one medium, one medium-rare and lamb medium? I'm sorry, lamb medium-rare. Two lamb medium-rare.
Gordon: Oh my God.
Robert and Ben: Two chicken.
Paula: Two chicken and a Dory.
Giovanni: Two wellington, Two chicken and a lamb.
Gordon: Two wellington, two chicken, one lamb, one fucking Dory.
Final 6: Yes, chef!
Gordon: One wellington's medium, the rest is fucking nor-MAL.
Final 6: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Unlike us! [to Andrea] What's going, madam?
Andrea: I have no idea, chef.
Gordon: You have no idea.
Andrea: I have no idea, chef.
Gordon: Hey, come here you. Hey... fuck off! Hey madam, [points to the front entrance] through the door there! FUCK OFF!
[Andrea walks out of the door while the camera crew follows her]
Andrea: Get that fucking camera out of my face.
Jean-Philippe: Andrea. Just relax. The only thing he wants from you is to come back. You need to fight back. If you don't, you're finished.
Andrea: (interview) This is the hardest...most difficult, most up-and-down thing that I've ever, ever done in my entire life! [to Jean-Philippe] It's just been out of fucking control all night. There's no communication with anybody, and I just haven't recovered.
Jean-Philippe: You want to stay?
Andrea: Yes, I want to fucking stay! I've been through too much hell right now to fucking leave!
Jean-Philippe: Absolutely. So keep it to Gordon.
Andrea: (interview) It's just a reminder of how difficult it's been and how much...how much I just want this so bad.
Jean-Philippe: So now you need to be strong. Go back in there, and give it your best shot. Go on, then!
Andrea: (interview) I put everything I have into this every day, and I just had to go in there and fight for the rest of it.
Gordon: [to Andrea] Right, what's going?
Andrea: Two chicken, two lamb, one wellington, one Dory.
Gordon: Thank you. Back in the kitchen! NOW WAKE UP, ANDREA!
Andrea: Yes, chef!

Gordon: Dory, salmon, lamb, wellington!
Robert: Two minutes, chef!
Gordon: [notices Robert putting the bacon into the John Dory] Robert, just come here!
Robert: Oh, shit!
Gordon: Why have you put the bacon inside the Dory?
Robert: To crisp it up, chef, real quickly.
Gordon: What's the bacon with?
Robert: For the scallops.
Gordon: So why have you put it with the Dory? Suppose he's allergic to bacon! You can send somebody to the hospital on the back of that!
Robert: Oh, you're right.
Gordon: Oh, come on! [kicks a bin] "You're right?" COURSE, I'M FUCKING RIGHT! GET THE BACON OUT!
Robert: (interview) Yeah, I fucked up, but you know what? I know in my heart, I got it. I'm a bull.
Gordon: Come on, Mr. Bacon Man!
Narrator: While Robert tries again on the John Dory, Chef Ramsay is counting on Giovanni on the meat station to get out the first entrée of the night.
[Gordon checks on chicken special at the pass]
Gordon: [with a chewed up piece of chicken] What is that?
Scott Leibfried: Giovanni's best.
Gordon: Hey, Ben.
Ben: Chef?
Gordon: Is that a chewed up bit of chicken from the dog? Here. [gives the chicken to Ben] That's your special. Yeah, have a word with him, yeah? He's (Giovanni) given up. Take all the garnish back, do whatever you wish with it. Your special has now become not very special thanks to dick-face there. Hurry up, Giovanni!
Giovanni: Yeah, but I'm not dick-face, chef. [Paula and Danny look up in shock]
Gordon: Yeah, say that again?!
Giovanni: I said I'm not dick-face, chef!
Gordon: Yeah, you're pissed, are you? Not as fucking– [gets in Giovanni's face] Look at me, LOOK AT ME IN THE EYES!! NOT AS PISSED AS I AM!! YOU FUCKING ARE!! DONKEY!!
Giovanni: No.
Ben: (interview) Whooo! Boy, oh boy!
Gordon: Because right now, I don't give a fuck! DICK-FACE!
Giovanni: (interview) I'm an emotional person, but he can get in my face all he wants, he will not break me.
Gordon: You're sending shit, and you're trying to get away with it! Now I'm ready for an argument! SENDING ME THAT, YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED!!
Robert: (interview) Dude, he just wants you to pop off.
Gordon: And you want to get all sensitive! You want to get all fucking negative!
Giovanni: No, chef!
Gordon: Look at me, look at me, you send me shit like that, take your jacket and FUCK OFF!
Giovanni: Yes, chef!
Gordon: I'm not sending that shit, "chef!"
Giovanni: No, chef. Sorry, chef. (interview) I wasn't angry at him, I was angry at myself. It was just, I was boiling inside and... and he said something to me.
Gordon: That's the well done one. And look at me, I think you're too fucked to get upset with me, you don't give a fuck what I call you. This is not personal, this is professional! That personal was a piece of shit, now PULL IT BACK!!
Giovanni: Yes, chef.
Gordon: DICK-FACE!

Gordon: Ben, why are you cutting the chicken and putting it back in?
Ben: It was not cooked all the way when it was cut, chef.
Gordon: Doesn't it go dry when you cut it and put it in?
Ben: It's juicy, chef.
Gordon: Oh my God.
Ben: (interview) Every single service, Chef Ramsay finds something to really just nail my ass to the wall about.
Gordon: All the goodness is running out of it 'cause you cut through it, you thick cunt! Let's just stand back, and watch that chicken and the juice piss out of it. See all that there? Taste. It's delicious. Unfortunately, it should be the customer tasting it, not you. I think you've tasted enough.
Ben: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Fucking idiot.
Paula: (interview) On any given day, Chef could be up anybody's ass. It just so happens that Ben has more of those days than some of us.
Gordon: [to Ben] You cut them, you can fuck off.
Ben: No, I will not cut them!
Gordon: Yeah? Why aren't you gonna cut them, then?
Ben: Because if I cut them, all the juice will come out!
Gordon: Why?!
Ben: Because—
Gordon: WHY?!
Ben: It won't be juicy! It won't be flavorful, chef! I will not cut them! [pause] It will rest!

Gordon: Giovanni, are we dressing? Andrea, sent the garnish, I get no answer. No answer. Are we going?!
Giovanni: I–Like I said, chef, I need two minutes.
Gordon: But all the garnish is here! Where's the teamwork between you three?!
Andrea: Yes, chef. (interview) There was no communication at all! [to Giovanni] What's up on that one, Gio? (interview) I got nothing from Giovanni, and then when I did, it was like this stuttering...[imitates Giovanni talking]
Giovanni: I need two lamb garnishes, and a well—and a...
Andrea: (interview) He was speaking in tongue! I don't know what the fuck he was saying!
Giovanni: A wellington and a lamb, med-rare. A well...a lamb med–a well-done.
Robert: Can I drop the Dory, guys? How long is that wellington?! (interview) I'm yelling out my Dory, but if Giovanni ain't got his part of the dish ready, then you gotta start all over again!
Gordon: Giovanni, how long?!
Giovanni: Four minutes, chef!
Robert: Four minutes?!
Giovanni: Yeah.
Robert: Oh, man. My Dory's gonna be fucked. (interview) And then you gotta start over, and then you gotta start over!
Giovanni: I'm one out on the–on the lamb and a filet! And the chicken!
Gordon: What about your team, then?! Are they all ready?
Giovanni: [to Robert] Are you ready?
Gordon: "Are you ready?!" COME AS A TEAM, GIOVANNI!!
Giovanni: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Giovanni, Robert! Hey, Andrea, come here, you! [gathers them at the corner] All three of you are pathetic! You (Giovanni) don't care...
Giovanni: I care, chef.
Gordon: ...you're (Robert) way behind, and you (Andrea) haven't got a fucking clue! Can we work together as a team?!
Giovanni, Robert and Andrea: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Two wellington! One well-done! GET IT ON!!!

Gordon: HERE WE GO! We haven't got any team spirit, we've got fuck all!
Danny: (interview) We should have this shit down, just like clockwork.
Giovanni: One piece is ready, one piece ain't.
Danny: (interview) When one station fails...
Scott: [Andrea's one pan catches fire] Pan's on fire! Pan's on fire!
Danny: (interview) ...another station fails and it snowballs.
Gordon: We're going up in flames. [pick Andrea's pan]
Paula: (interview) First night with the black team, one big cluster fuck.
Gordon: Same shit, different day! [throws the pan into the sink]
Scott Leibfried: [Ben's pan also catches fire] What about the rest of the table? We need cover-up.
Gordon: Dynamic six, yeah. My fucking arse. Fuck off, the lot of you! [walks out of the kitchen and throws his towel away]

Gordon: [calls the five chefs back in the kitchen after Giovanni's elimination] I just spent the last hour upstairs in my office thinking. It just doesn't make sense! How can the final six be so shit? I called you all down here because on the back of that performance, I'm now going to do something I have never ever done before. I'm shutting down Hell's Kitchen.

Episode Eleven [5.11][edit]

Narrator: After a couple of days without any word on how Robert is doing, Chef Ramsay calls the chefs down for a meeting.
Gordon: So you're feeling fresh, very relaxed. Did you enjoy the whole atmosphere at the Borgata Resort?
Danny: Very much so.
Ben: Incredible, chef.
Gordon: Sadly, you came back minus one individual. Clearly, you're all deeply concerned. I'm not going to tell you how he's doing, I'm going to let him tell you himself. Chef Robert.
[Robert appears and everyone applauds and smile]
Gordon: Okay, big boy. Let me just say how pleased I am to see you.
Robert: Thank you.
Gordon: How are you feeling?
Robert: Not good.
Gordon: Ah?
Robert: Not good.
[Ben stops smiling.]
Gordon: What did the medics say?
Robert: I have pericarditis, which is the swelling of the sac around the heart which leads to heart disease.
[Gordon shakes his head in dismay, Andrea and Paula fight back tears.]
Gordon: Oh dear. Hey. Are you coming back?
Robert: No.
Gordon: No?
[Danny's face drops and Paula starts tearing up]
Robert: I'm not coming back.
Gordon: The fact you can't continue is a great shame.
Andrea: (interview) It's just sad. It's really, really sad because he's put his heart and soul into this. It really sucks.
Robert: [to Andrea as he hugs her] Good luck to you.
Andrea: Take care of yourself, okay?
Robert: Paula. Ben.
Ben: I'm so sorry. I wish you were...
Robert: Good luck my man.
Ben: (interview) I feel awful for Robert. It's upsetting to lose a friend and a competitor in that way. He's a banged-up guy, and I'd be honored to work with him.
Robert: Danny, my man! [hugs Danny]
Gordon: [to Robert] I just want to tell you that you have been a fantastic competitor...
Robert: Thanks, chef.
Gordon: ...and you had the potential to win this competition. You never, ever, ever forget that.
Robert: Thank you very much.
Gordon: Okay, big boy. Give me your jacket and leave Hell's Kitchen. [Robert shakes his hand and hugs him]
[The final five contestants clap for Robert]
Gordon: Hey, well done, buddy. Now get better.
Robert: Thank you, chef.
Gordon: Take care.
Robert: Good luck, guys!
Ben: We love you, man.
Robert: I knew I was coming in as the underdog, I knew I had to fight and scrape my way to the top. I have no regrets...I'm proud of every day that I've been here, I'm proud that I got to associate myself with one of the best chefs in the world. I'm leaving Hell's Kitchen so I have my health for my family, for my career. I feel like I've won.

[Ben has been struggling on the garnish station]
Gordon: What's going, Ben? [gets no response] Oh, my God almighty! Oh, come on. Three Dory, two salmon, one chicken. [sees what Ben is doing] Why is he putting the lettuce there like that? He's trying to sauté it.
Scott Leibfried: I don't know, chef.
Gordon: Look at–look at the mess of this guy.
Scott Leibfried: He's throwing everything in a pot.
Ben: (interview) I'm just absolutely... just mind-boggled. [laughs]
Gordon: [picks up a pan and a piece of lettuce] You've got a pan here like that and you're throwing lettuce on top like that... you're shit. You are so shit, you don't even realize what you're doing!
Danny: (interview) I'm like, "Oh, man Ben! Come on!" Like, you know better than that.
Gordon: Hey, come here a minute. Why are you doing this? You're just adding the lettuce to the tomato and cucumber, you're not sautéing the lettuce?
Ben: Chef, I was in a side pan s-sautéing the tomatoes and the cucumbers, chef. But I did it wrong, chef.
Gordon: Yeah, you're fucking up, you're cutting corners, and you're slipping big time! Do you know what? Do you know your biggest problem that'll always be the downfall of your career? You're full of fucking shit! Because every time you got fucking something wrong, you give a bullshit fucking excuse! Well, right now, I'm fed up with your bullshit excuses!
Ben: Yes, chef. (interview) There's really nothing that I can do to please Chef Ramsay, and I'm slowly but surely being able to accept that.
Gordon: FUCK OFF!!
Ben: Yes, chef.
Gordon: You're too dangerous to have on service. I asked you what you're doing, you said you're sautéeing tomatoes, ARE YOU FUCK?! YOU DIRTY PIG! GET OUT!! GET OUT!! Un-fucking-believable!
[Ben walks into the pantry and bangs his head on the door]
Ben: (interview) What the fuck is going on?! I–I'm very upset right now, but I don't give up. I'm a good cook, I know how to cook. You know, I feel like I need to really try and pull it together. [goes in the bathroom to wash his face] Okay, we're back. (interview) I certainly ain't leaving here without a fight. I'll tell you that.

[Ben returns to the kitchen after a quick break]
Gordon: Yeah, right. Hey, you! Come here you!
Ben: Yes, chef!
Gordon: What's going through your mind now? You still going to fucking butcher me and slice me and serve shit to them?!
Ben: No, chef!
Gordon: Where's your fight, man?!
Ben: It's here, chef!
Gordon: Where is it?!
Ben: I got it, chef!
Gordon: Then wake up, you doughnut!

[A plate of underdone salmon made by Andrea gets sent back to the kitchen]
Gordon: What's the matter?
Jean-Philippe: It's raw, chef.
Gordon: Oh, here we go. Andrea.
Andrea: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Re-fire the salmon. It's raw. One medium, let's go. Hurry up!
Andrea: Yes, chef! (interview) The hardest thing for me was having my food come back. I was pissed off about it!
Gordon: How long for the salmon medium?!
Andrea: It's–I just flipped it, chef!
Gordon: Yeah, hey, madam! I want a fucking time! HOW LONG?!
Andrea: (interview) An ass-load of fish was sold tonight and I was moving as fast as I fucking could.
Gordon: ANDREA!
Gordon: SPEED UP!!
Andrea: YES, CHEF!
Andrea: YES, CHEF!
Gordon: You're not even concentrating!
Andrea: I am concentrating, chef.
Danny: (interview) You know, fish is the easiest station here. Chef's looking for a leader. She can't even lead her own station.
Gordon: [to Andrea] HOW LONG?!
Andrea: I give a... a minute and a half, chef!
Gordon: What about him (Ben) and his garnish?!
Andrea: Ben, can you fire garnish and be ready in a minute?
Gordon: Oh, fuck me. Like he (Ben) was half an hour ago. Completely switched off!
Andrea: Absolutely not, chef!
Gordon: I know you're safe, but–Hey, madam! Look at me! Stop fucking around!
Andrea: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Now we can really spot the fucking weak ones.

Gordon: Let's go. Two Dory, one salmon, one lamb.
Andrea: Fuck!
Gordon: Look at the state of her.
Andrea: I'm re-firing two pieces of Dory!
Gordon: Come on, Andrea! If she can't cook two Dory, she shouldn't be here. Danny!
Danny: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Give her a hand on the fish, yes?! She is absolutely sinking!
Danny: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Where's your team spirit, yes?!
Danny: Right here, chef.
Gordon: COME ON, THEN! YES?!
Danny: (interview) It's irritating that I have to fucking babysit the one that has the "get out of jail" free card.
Gordon: [to Andrea] MADAM!
Andrea: YES, CHEF!
Gordon: Andrea!
Andrea: [walks to the pass] Yes, chef! Coming right now, chef!
Gordon: [picks up a piece of Dory] Unbelievable. [to Andrea] Madam, IT'S RAW!
Andrea: Fuck!
Gordon: Yeah, there you go! [tosses raw fish to Ben, who catches it] Touch! Oh, fucking hell! [to Andrea] What, is this a game with you? You're safe so you sabotage everyone else?!
Andrea: Absolutely not, chef!
Andrea: Yes, chef!! (interview) I wanna crawl out of my body right now and just get away and... it's really frustrating, 'cause I'm giving this everything I fucking have.
Gordon: Paula, check her John Dory. Last one was fucking sashimi! Come on, Andrea!
Andrea: YES, CHEF!
Gordon: [sees the fish on Andrea's pan] Hey, madam! Your tuna's burnt!
Danny: (interview) Andrea, you are so lucky to have gotten that safe card.
Gordon: Oh, my God. [to Andrea] Right now, you're the luckiest person ever! Madam, you're shit!
Andrea: Yes, chef, I am shit! (interview) My performance was absolute shit and pathetic and useless, and... being safe is not even a thought in my mind at this point.
Gordon: Oh, fucking hell.

Episode Twelve [5.12][edit]

Narrator: An hour and a half into dinner service, the kitchen continues to work on entrées and appetizers at the same time, and Chef Ramsay is anxious to keep the momentum going.
Gordon: Ben, mixed salad, yeah? With plain vinaigrette for the vegetarian, yes?
Ben: Yes, chef! Would you like tuna on this as well, or just the rest of the ingredients?
Gordon: Oh, fuck me. It's a vegetarian! You're like, "Do you want tuna on this?!"
Ben: No, I—
Gordon: Shut up!
Ben: Yes, chef.
Gordon: That's a salad with plain vinaigrette?
Ben: Yes, chef. (interview) You know, my thing is this: if you're not sure, ask. So, I'll ask. I'll take an ass-whooping for it, but at least I know for sure.
Gordon: It's got croutons in there? [looks into salad bowl] Oh, fuck me.
Jean-Philippe: Just a green salad, chef.
Gordon: I know! I fucking told him a green salad! [throws salad on the table] Fucking hell! [to Ben] Always one, here we go! Is this the start? Is this the beginning of the end?!
Ben: No!
Gordon: Hey, is this the wind-up now?!
Ben: No, chef! Not at all, chef!
Gordon: ONE PLAIN FUCKING SALAD! Did you go to school?!
Ben: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Do you know anything about a plain salad?!
Ben: Yes, chef!
Ben: (interview) Chef Ramsay just goes at me hard all the time. And the only reason I can come up with is that he sees that potential to be the champ of this thing, and that's why he constantly pushes me.
Gordon: [to Scott] What does a plain salad mean here in America? Hey!
Scott Leibfried: It just means plain.
Gordon: Plain fucking salad!

Danny: [to Andrea] Four minutes on those two medium wellingtons. Behind that, you have a chicken, two lamb, and three wellies, right?
Andrea: Yes, I do. I do have those.
Danny: Behind that Andrea, two more wellies, okay? That's here all day. [Andrea says nothing] Five all day?
Paula: Hey, you have five all day? [Andrea remains silent]
Danny: Andrea!
Andrea: (interview) I counted the wellingtons, they weren't all there! And then all of a sudden, where's the last two wellingtons? I'm like...I don't know. [to Paula] I–I'm down two.
Paula: You're short two?
Gordon: What?! [to Andrea] WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!
Andrea: I did a miscount, chef.
Danny: (interview) Andrea said, "Oh, shit. I need two more." Bam! Me and Paula grabbed her wellies, grabbed her puff pastry. Got it rolled, and we got it in the oven for her.
Gordon: How long for those wellingtons?
Andrea: Fifteen minutes out, chef.
Gordon: Why now in the last three tables? Like him (Ben) with the appetizers! Completely oblivious to keeping the momentum in service.
Andrea: Yes, chef.
Paula: (interview) Ben was struggling and Andrea was struggling. That's half of your kitchen right there, so what do you think is gonna happen? Things are gonna be fucked up.
Danny: Andrea, how long?
Andrea: They could still be in for two minutes, guys.
Gordon: Andrea! You just fucked the perfect service!
Andrea: (interview) It was just a nightmare for me. And I'm kicking myself in the ass for finishing as poorly as I did.
Gordon: Come on, Andrea! Wellingtons!
Andrea: Right now, chef.
Gordon: Painful, painful, painful. Unreal. What a shame! Switch everything off, Danny!
Danny: Yes, chef.

Episode Thirteen [5.13][edit]

Andrea: [tasting fish at the pass] Gloria! Christ, that's too much fucking salt!
Gloria: Oh, too much? I'm sorry.
Andrea: Come on, re-fire it! Get it right! [Gordon looks surprised] Chicken, lamb, wellington! Danny, where is it?! It was forty-five seconds, that was forty-five seconds ago!
Danny: I got it right now, chef.
Andrea: [tastes John Dory brought by Sous Chef Scott] Scott, you need to season this.
Scott Leibfried: Oh, come on.
Andrea: Dory sauce needs to be seasoned!
Scott Leibfried: You don't know what the fuck you're talking about.
Andrea: Come on, I need that Dory! That Dory's not on! Where is it?!
Scott Leibfried: I'm getting the Dory! The scallops are in the pan right now! Dory's going down!
Andrea: (interview) I loved being up there. I seriously think that that was the least nervous that I've ever felt in Hell's Kitchen the entire time. [to Scott] Scott, I want three new eggs! These ones look like hell!
Scott Leibfried: [laughs] Are you sure?
Andrea: I am sure! GET THEM ON!
Scott Leibfried: Okay! Go fuck yourself, you stupid cunt.
Gloria: Whoo!
Paula: (interview) Honestly, I thought Andrea was like too much over the top.
Andrea: [checks scallops brought by Scott] Scott, these are raw in the middle!
Scott Leibfried: Are you sure?!
Andrea: They need to be cooked further, Scott!
Scott Leibfried: How much longer?
Andrea: Forty-five seconds longer in a hot pan! Come on, make that Dory happen fast! The rest of the table's gone!
Scott Leibfried: Yeah, fuck you. I'm gonna start losing my fucking mind.
Andrea: Where's that Dory?! LET'S GO!
Scott Leibfried: Cooking it as fast as it'll let me! One minute.
Andrea: (interview) He just kept giving me excuses. Now I know why Chef Ramsay's such a fucking lunatic!

Scott Leibfried: We're gonna have a fucking problem.
Paula: (interview) Andrea... Man, she was really rough on Chef Scott. She was riding him like a donkey, man!
Andrea: What the fuck? What is going on here, man?! [walks up to give Scott more cream for the John Dory sauce]
Scott Leibfried: [angrily bangs spoon on workstation] I'm telling you right now, I'm gonna fucking punch her in the face.
Danny: (interview) I knew he was pissed. Dude, I thought he was gonna kill her.
Scott Leibfried: Ten seconds on Dory, eggs right now! [walks to the pass with quail eggs]
Gordon: [to Andrea] Finish your scallops. Come on, hurry up. We're gonna be in the shit big time.
Andrea: These need to be seasoned! [to Scott] Season these eggs, right now!
Gordon: Well spotted.
Andrea: Thank you, chef.
Scott Leibfried: [after sprinkling salt and pepper on the eggs] Fuck you.

Episode Fifteen [5.15][edit]

Danny: [to his teammates] Guys, we need to pick this up, okay? Let's go! Where's my lobster at? [Carol doesn't respond] Carol?
Carol: Two minutes! (interview) He would say he needed something and then want it right that second.
Danny: Let's go lobster! Come on!
Carol: (interview) I'm like, "What the fuck?"
Danny: (interview) I haven't worked with Carol, and uh... she sucked.

Paula: [to Lacey] So you're working two pork, one chicken, one halibut, yes?
Lacey: Yeah!
Paula: After that you're working two pork, one chicken, one halibut again!
Lacey: Oh, shit. Alright, hold on.
Paula: Give me another chicken garnish, too, while you're at it.
Lacey: Oh, fuck me.
Andrea: It's two of the same tickets, honey!
Lacey: I know, but now I have–Never mind. It's just a lot of different stuff in a lot of pans.
LA: Just get it done, Lacey.
Lacey: (interview) I think Paula's menu is too complicated. I got a little flustered, you know, Paula's telling me to do five things at once.
Gordon: [to Lacey] Come on, Lacey! GIVE IT ALL YOU GOT!
Lacey: YES, CHEF!
Gordon: Move, Lacey! Come on! Pan's on fire, Lacey! Don't burn yourself!
Lacey: God forbid, chef.
Gordon: Lacey!
Lacey: Yes, chef?!
Gordon: Look at me! Look at me, just try harder! That's all!
Lacey: I AM, CHEF! (interview) I think this is the first and only time that Chef Ramsay actually got to me. Like, he's...yip-yapping British shit in my ear.
Gordon: COME ON, THEN! Don't start losing it! Come on!
Lacey: (interview) What's he gonna do, kick me off the show? Oh, wait! He already did that!

Gordon: Danny won Hell's Kitchen because in a very short period of time, he grew more than any other chef I've ever seen. He now has the talent, the maturity, to become a great head chef. Borgata Resort should consider themselves lucky. I know I would.

Season 6[edit]

Episode One [6.01][edit]

[Louie has brought up his signature dish]
Gordon: What is that?
Louie: Sausage gravy over biscuits.
Gordon: Sausage gravy?
Louie: Yes.
Gordon: Over biscuits?
Louie: Yes. I sell about five gallons of it a week.
Gordon: Gallons? What, you sell this to pigs?
Louie: No, actually, I own a diner.
Gordon: Uh-huh, okay. And how much do you charge for that?
Louie: $4.75.
Gordon: $4.75?
Louie: Yeah. With coffee.
[Gordon tastes some of the dish, and quickly spits it out in disgust]
Gordon: Fuck me.
Louie: What's wrong with it?
Gordon: What's wrong with it? It tastes like gunk.
Louie: [glares at Gordon] (interview) Hundreds of people eat that in my diner each week. I don't think it was worth spitting out!

Joseph: (interview) I feel like a dog that's been taken off his leash. I'm hungry, I'm hungry and I want this, and I'm going to get it. None of them will get in my fucking way.
Gordon: So, this is...?
Joseph: This right here's a roasted veal chop, with roasted root vegetables.
Gordon: Uh-huh. Lovely colour on there.
Joseph: Thank you.
Gordon: What a shame the Brussels sprouts are rock hard. Are they supposed to be that crunchy?
Joseph: No, they're not.
Gordon: (gives a sprout to Joseph) Will you have a little taste for me please?
Joseph: Absolutely. You got a fork? (interview) I ain't no animal. If there's a fork available, I like to fucking use it.
Gordon: You can bite that. You're a big boy.
Joseph: I'm not an animal. (interview) Do I look like a caveman? Do I eat with my fucking hands?
Gordon: Don't get defensive. Relax.
Tony: (interview) I was like "Damn! Throw it down, Chef Ramsay!"
Gordon: Are you mad?
Joseph: (interview) Me and him, we're going to go head to head, without a fucking doubt. I will drag him out to the parking lot by his fucking jacket and stomp the shit out of him. That's bullshit! I nailed that fucking dish. He knew it and I knew it! No fucking way!

Van: (interview) I think sometimes people underestimate me because I'm just a tatted-up country boy from Texas...
Gordon: Alright, off you go.
Van: (interview) ...but I'm a beer drinker with a sophisticated palette! [laughs]
Gordon: That looks interesting. What is it?
Van: It's a seared foie gras with mint and caramel.
Gordon: It's very neat.
Tennille: (interview) Aw, it's looking grim for us. But, if the other guy's dish sucks, there's still hope!
Gordon: [tastes Van's dish] There's something quite intriguing about that. The mint cuts down the richness of the foie gras. Congratulations, men. Well done.
Van: (interview) WOO-HOO!
Kevin: (interview) Looks are very deceiving! That guy's got some talent under those muscles.

Gordon: [to Tony and Amanda] Let's go.
[Tony and Amanda went in front of Gordon to present their dishes]
Amanda: Two seconds chef. I need to grab one thing.
[Amanda returns to the pass to get two shots of tequila]
Gordon: What's that?
Amanda: Tequila.
Gordon: Tequila.
Amanda: (interview) I'm definitely asking Chef Ramsay to do a shot of tequila with me. It goes with the dish.
Gordon: And what's your dish?
Amanda: Margarita French toast with tequila lime butter.
Gordon: Show me? [looking at Amanda's dish] I thought you were joking. You're cooking a slice of fucking toast dipped in egg with...
Amanda: Tequila.
Gordon: ...to get me drunk.
Amanda: (interview) One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, four... [cuts to Amanda took a shot of tequila] Give me a lot more! Keep on going!
[Gordon was shocked at Amanda]
Lovely: (interview) Are you kidding me? [laughs] Why would you do that?
Gordon: [raises a piece of toast with a knife] That's it? [brief pause] What the fuck were you doing for 42 minutes? Because that takes literally 3 minutes. SHOCKING!

Melinda: We have a poached lobster and savory portobello mushrooms. (interview) My dish is very rich and succulent and luscious and velvety. You just feel what's happening on your mouth and the satisfaction that comes. [laughs]
[Melinda lifts the lid off her dish, revealing that the mushrooms make up most of the dish, with just a few small chunks of lobster scattered around; Gordon is shocked]
Gordon: Where's the lobster tail? [portions her dish] Where's the fucking tail?
Melinda: During the cooking process, I had some challenges.
[Gordon raises the "tail"]
Gordon: Poached lobster tail, where's the fucking tail? [grabs Melinda's plate and throws it in the trash] ABSOLUTELY FUCKING PATHETIC!
Sabrina Gresset: (interview) Dang... That's another zero.

[Before dinner service started]
Narrator: But moments from opening, his optimism...
Gordon: [sees some fondants at the pass] Oh, dear. Who cooked these?
Narrator: ...begins to fade.
Gordon: Who cooked the fondants?
Sabrina Gresset: Lovely.
Gordon: [calls out Lovely] Lovely!
Lovely: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Which they're not... come here! Why these are cooked? We put it in the oven when the order comes on.
Lovely: Yes, chef.
Gordon: We haven't even opened yet and you cooked them.
Tennille: (interview) That's all we have to work with. We're fucking screwed.
Gordon: [raises one fondant] Look at that! [scoops the fondant and drops it] Look. It's like a fucking hockey puck. Oh, my God! We're not even opened yet and you screwed it up! What a fucking disaster!
Sabrina Gresset: (interview) That's it. The end.
Gordon: Get fffucked!!
Suzanne: (interview) Obviously I was thrown in a kitchen with a bunch of circus clowns!

[Gordon checks on scallops brought up by Jim]
Gordon: Jim!!!!!
Jim: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Look at me. Three scallops cut in half means what?
Jim: Six pieces.
Gordon: I've got four! Are you doing this on purpose to get me going?
Jim: No.
Dave: (interview) Don't insult Chef Ramsay's intelligence.
Gordon: So look at me. Count to six for me.
Jim: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.
Gordon: Louder!
Jim: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6!
Gordon: THEN WAKE UP!!
Jim: Yes, chef. (interview) I just wasn't paying attention. Ones and twos, and threes and twos, and I thought I had yahtzee at one point.
Gordon: Jim, one minute out, drop six pieces of scallop.
Jim: Yes, chef.

[Gordon checks the scallops on Tek's station]
Gordon: Look at this. I swear to God, [gets some scallops] it's the kind of shit you'd expect Tiger Woods to tee off with. Look at it. Rubber, rubber, RUBBER!! [throws the scallops away]
Narrator: But, they have to start over.
Gordon: [on Melinda's cappelini] It's limp and shit!
Narrator: And over.
Gordon: [on Tek's scallops] It's fucking raw!! [throws the scallops away]
Tennille: (interview) We've only had one table, but have made the same dish six million times. That's chaos! That's like apocalyptic chaos!

[Gordon notices Louie putting an unseasoned lamb in the oven]
Gordon: Louie? Did you just put the lamb in the oven?!
Louie: Yes.
Gordon: Oh, my God! [calls out the entire team] Hey, guys! Come here quick! Quickly! At least you know, Louie's on entrées and the fucking lamb goes in the oven like that. No salt, no pepper, no seasoning, not even seared! [slams the lamb on the plate]
Louie: Sorry.
Gordon: Louie, why do we sear meat?
Louie: To lock in the juices, sir.
Gordon: To give it colour, to improve the flavour!
Louie: Sorry, sir.
Jim: (interview) You're a man. There's a primal instinct inside you that knows how to cook meat. You need to find it.
Gordon: Fucking hell!

[Gordon returns to the red kitchen for the Red Team's first appetizers]
Gordon: For the eighth time, can I have one fucking scallops and a fucking beautifully cooked capellini?!
Tennille: Let's go! This is right this time!
Lovely: [to Melinda] Okay, you taste the pasta and you tell me. [tastes capellini with Melinda]
Tennille: First second, we're rolling! Let's go, we can do it! [to Melinda] Is it cooked or not?
Melinda: Good.
Tennille: Yes?! Let's go!
Gordon: [on Melinda's capellini] Is that cooked? It looks undercooked.
Melinda: Is it cooked?
Gordon: [tastes the capellini] Not cooked.
Melinda: Not cooked?
Gordon: Nah, that's not cooked. Not cooked. [Melinda throws the undercooked capellini away] Oh, my God! Why did you throw that away, Melinda? Just put it back on the stove, put the lid on the top and, thirty seconds cooking it! What do you do, you just... trash it straight away!
Sabrina Gresset: (interview) Melinda... she had that deer-in-the-headlights look and that'll kill you.
Gordon: [discovers a capellini thrown in the bin] Look at all this fucking... Who's putting all this in the bin?! How many portions are you putting in there? How much is in the bin?! '[voice cracks] LOOK! LOOK! WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?!
Narrator: An hour into dinner service and the red team has cooked ten appetizers. But unfortunately, none of them have made it to the dining room.
Gordon: [to Melinda] Hey, madam, how much capellini are you throwing away?! [Melinda doesn't reply] Look at it! What are you doing, Melinda?! What are you doing?!
[Melinda begins attempted interview and doesn't speak]
Melinda: Yes, chef.
Melinda: Yes, chef.
Tennille: (interview) That girl's gonna lead us to destruction. She's stupid! [shakes her head] Man!

[Gordon notices Louie cooking spinach in a pan instead of meat]
Gordon: Joseph.
Joseph: Yes, chef!
Gordon: You're on the garnish.
Joseph: Yes.
Gordon: Louie's on the meat.
Joseph: Yes.
Gordon: He's cooking the spinach! Why?
Joseph: I don't know why.
Louie: I–I thought I had to put it altogether, chef.
Gordon: What's your section?!
Louie: I'm doing lamb, and–and rack of lamb, and chicken!
Louie: I thought it went on the plate, sir. (interview) I was just trying to get a head start. Maybe Chef Ramsay should just pull the panties out of his ass or something.
Gordon: Louie!
Louie: Yes, sir.
Gordon: We got enough problems cooking lamb! I don't want you touching the fucking spinach!
Louie: Okay.
Joseph: Chef, let me do the lamb. Bring him over here, please.
Gordon: Listen, listen. Listen to me. Hey, listen to me, yeah?
Joseph: Yes.
Gordon: My fucking kitchen.
Joseph: [puts hands up] Absolutely.
Gordon: My fucking restaurant.
Joseph: Alright.
Gordon: Hey, and right now, big boy—Hey! I'm looking like a fucking idiot!
Joseph: I got it!

Gordon: Salmon, lamb please, how long?
Tennille: Seven minutes, chef.
Gordon: Hey, what's that piece of shit there?
Suzanne: It's supposed to be the salmon.
Gordon: Holy fuck. Look at that. It's like a... bison's penis! WHAT IS THAT SHIT?! [opens up the salmon wrap, revealing the interior to be totally frozen] Look at that! Stone-cold, frozen salmon. Who put the salmon in the freezer?!
Amanda: Me. I fucked it up. (interview) The salmon was my fault because I stuck it in the freezer instead of the fridge, and it was frozen.
Gordon: Yeah, you fucked up, big time!
Tek: All the salmon's the same, I think we should eighty-six it.
Gordon: That's right! 'Cause she's (Amanda) wrapped it frozen!
Heather: And we have five on order.
Gordon: And we've got five on order?
Heather: Five on order.
Gordon: [to Amanda] Hey, ditzy! Great job!
Amanda: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Oh, fuck off.

[Gordon checks on lamb brought up by Louie]
Gordon: Louie! [raises a chewed up piece of lamb] Wha... what is that?! What is that?! Did you bite that? Look! That's one, that's the other! It's on the same fucking table!!
Joseph: (interview) Louie's lost. He's out of his league.
[Gordon discovers that Louie has wasted a huge amount of lamb]
Gordon: What's all that lamb here? Look at this! Hey, Van! You, hey, Joseph! STOP!! Look... at... this! Look! LOOK! LOOK! WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?! LOUIE!
Louie: Yes, sir?
Gordon: Fuck off back there! GET OUT! Yes! GET FUCKED! PILE OF SHIT! [follows Louie outside the blue kitchen] Hey, get upstairs, get your bags packed...
Louie: Can I help? Can I help in the kitchen?
Gordon: Yeah, you can help me! GET OUT!!
Louie: (interview) You want me out? You want me to pack my fucking bags? I'm out. My bags are packed. HE CAN KISS! MY! FUCKING! ASS!!
Narrator: With the kitchen at a complete standstill...
Van: It's like a bad dream, really.
Narrator: ...Chef Ramsay is left with no choice.
Gordon: [to Joseph] Switch it OFF!
Joseph: Yes, chef.
Gordon: [to the red team] Fuck off!
Tennille: (interview) Anybody sitting at home thinking they can do this... Good luck. It's tough.
Joseph: (interview) I've never had a dinner service like that. It was a complete and utter nightmare.

[Gordon sits with Robert at one of the tables]
Gordon: First of all, it's bloody good to see you. Yes.
Robert: Thank you, chef. Thank you.
Gordon: You lost your opportunity due to health reasons... right now, I'd love you to seriously consider [pause for effect] coming back into Hell's Kitchen.
Robert: (interview) I've a second chance, and you know, you don't get many second chances in life. [to Gordon] I would love to take that offer. [applause from the other tables]

Melinda: (interview) I'm really disappointed. I really was looking forward to be spending more time with Chef Ramsay. Chef Gordon Ramsay, I'd love to make you a four-course dinner and you could see exactly what kind of talent I have.

Gordon: Melinda was completely lost in space. So I sent her back to whatever planet she came from.

Episode Two [6.02][edit]

[During the Blue Team's reward where they are having Shrimp Cocktails with Gordon]
Gordon: Enjoy it.
Dave: It's a treat to be sitting here by Chef and not being screamed at.
Gordon: Trust me, each and every service, you're going to get stronger. Have you any idea how much shit I've taken in the kitchen? And the more I took, the better I became.
Joseph: (interview) What am I learning by shooting shit? Nothing. What gets accomplished by running your mouth? Not a thing. [to blue team] I didn't come here for lunches you know. That's not what I'm here for. I'm not going to lose my eye on the prize.
Dave: Well, we're fired up too, man. I'm not relaxing because I get to have a good nice lunch with the chef.
Joseph: It's good to get out, but I don't really care.
Dave: (interview) Joseph, he's a complete dick. He's a little hotheaded, and he's being a little too intense in the way he disrespects Chef Ramsay.

Narrator: Lovely is having trouble getting started.
Gordon: [sees some scallops on Tek's station] Stop, stop! What's the scallops doing down here?
Lovely: It wasn't hot enough, Chef. I won't get a nice sear on it.
Gordon: What?! [goes to Lovely's station; finds that the stove is not on] It's off! Turn the fucking gas up! You can't cook with no gas!
Lovely: (interview) Well, duh? I thought they were on. (to Gordon) Tek told me they were on.
Tek: (interview) It's your responsibility to turn on the flame. I mean, come on.
Gordon: Now, it's on!
Lovely: I apologize, Chef.

[Tony brings his scallops to the pass, Gordon checks it]
Gordon: [finds that the scallops are raw] Oh, no. Tony? You've got better vision than anybody with those four eyes of yours. Look at that! It's stone-cold and it's raw! Can you cook?
Tony: Yes, chef.
Gordon: What can you cook?
Tony: Anything, chef.
Gordon: You are dreaming. Move, Tony, yeah?

Jean-Philippe: [to Van] Can you just listen to me?
Van: NO! (interview) I was just trying to keep Hell's Kitchen going, and JP's all in my nuts!
[Jean-Philippe returns to the pass after seeing Van serving tableside to a Red diner]
Jean-Philippe: Chef, he's going to the wrong table.
Gordon: Oh, no. VAN, COME HERE!!
Van: [to a red diner] I'm going to get yelled at right now, but I'll be right back. [returns to the pass; to Gordon] Yes, chef!
Gordon: That's the Red table. You're running the Blue. Hey Bozo, give me one scampi special on the right table.
Van: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Thank you! [to Jean-Philippe] Hey, what's the matter between you two?
Jean-Philippe: There's a language barrier there.
Gordon: What do you mean a language barrier? He's speaking English, you dick!
Jean-Philippe: I know, but he's from Texas. [Gordon laughs and rolls his tongue around]

Van: (interview) Hell yeah! That shrimp was Van-licious tonight! [to diner] You're gonna love it, brother! You're gonna love it. My name's Van by the way. (interview) They were lovin' it, they were eatin' it up. It's all about charisma and finesse.
[Van suddenly drops the pan while preparing the tableside scampi, and the shrimp fall on the floor]
Van: Come on! Alright. (interview) I wasn't having too much finesse when I dropped the pans, but they still loved it. [to diners] Alright, we're gonna try that again. [drops the pan again] I'm sorry! He's gonna yell at me here in a minute! I gotta go get a pan, okay? I will be right back.
Female Diner: Don't get in trouble!

Jean-Philippe: [to Van] Don't run in the restaurant, please?
Van: (interview) Jean-Philippe better stop trying to tell me what to do. I know that.
Jean-Philippe: I'm going to explode. I'm going to explode, my friend! Listen to me!!
Tony: (interview) WHOA, WHOA! JP!! He's about to like pound him down. DAMN!
Jean-Philippe: [to Van and even turns red] Listen!! Listen!! LISTEN TO ME!!!
Andy: (interview) I cannot believe I'm seeing this.
Jean-Philippe: Listen to me!!
Kevin: (interview) He's going to fucking hit him.
Jean-Philippe: [to Van] We have a problem here!
Jim: (interview) Hit him!
Van: [to Jean-Philippe] Don't touch me, bro! You better get out of my face! [JP pushes Van]
[Gordon saw JP and Van fighting; becomes furious]
Gordon: OI!! Hey, stop! Hey both of you, come here! [referring Van] Bozo, both of you, come here! NOW!!!
Van: I'm going to fuck you up, bro. (interview) We're going to get it down and it's going to be a first round knockout.
Gordon: What's is going on?
Jean-Philippe: [referring Van] He's got no respect, chef.
Van: I'm sorry, chef.
Jean-Philippe: He's not respecting this dining room, chef.
Van: (interview) Bitch, shut the fuck up. He thinks he's some kind of boss man around here and he ain't nothing.
Gordon: [to Van] Calm down, listen to him. [to Jean-Philippe] And you, pay a little bit to respect. [points to Van] And if you do your job, [points to Jean-Philippe] and if you do your job, we'll come together. 'Cause right now, you're turning the whole place upside down! Are you going to do it?
Jean-Philippe: [referring Van] If he listens to me.
Gordon: [to Jean-Philippe] ARE YOU GOING TO DO IT?!
Jean-Philippe: Yes, I will if he listens to me.
Gordon: [to Van] ARE YOU GOING TO DO IT?!
Van: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Last chance.
Jean-Philippe: [letting Van out of the pantry first] Ladies first.

Tennille: Chef Ramsay, sir, I'm definitely behind.
Gordon: [calls the Red Team] Okay, hey, come here you. All of you! So, how many tables are you backed up?
Tennille: Team, I have 55, 40, 54 and 32 to go.
Gordon: Yeah, basically, six tables she's backed up.
Ariel: (interview) Tennille is sinking the team. We are so far in the weeds right now, I don't even know how we're going to to get out.
Gordon: Do you know something?
Tennille: Yes, chef?
Gordon: You're a great fucking talker, but you're a shit cook. You've just sunk your team!
Tennille: I did not, chef.
Gordon: Madam, FUCK OFF!!

Gordon: Where's the chicken?
Andy: Just a second. I'll cook it a little bit more.
Gordon: [sees what Andy is doing] Oh, no. Oh, dear. We're cutting up a piece of chicken and frying it off. What do you think it is, a chicken nugget? OI!! Come here you! Now you've cut them up like bits of chicken nugget, and fryin' them off?
Andy: Yes, chef.
Gordon: You fuckin' donkey!!
Joseph: (interview) Andy, if you're sitting there all night long with a meat thermometer on your arm, why are you not checking the chickens? What the fuck is it doing on your arm? It don't look good on you.
Gordon: [grabs Andy's pan] Is that how you cook in Whistler?
Andy: No, chef.
Gordon: So why are you cooking it like it now?!
Andy: I made a mistake chef.
[Gordon throws the pan into the sink]

Gordon: Where's the chicken?
Sabrina: Chicken to the pass.
Gordon: Yeah. I'd like to get something out, yes?
Sabrina: Yes, sir.
Suzanne: (to Robert) It's raw.
Gordon: [returning with chicken] Oh, dear. The chicken's pink!
Suzanne: (interview) Hmm, put it back in the oven. For the future, you should listen to me. Period. (to Sabrina) If I tell you I know that it's raw, it's raw. That's the last time it's done.
Gordon: The chicken is pinker than your fucking lipstick!
Sabrina: Yes, chef. [Gordon angrily throws the chicken in the bin] Sorry, chef.

[Gordon checks on sea bass brought up by Lovely]

Gordon: Sea bass is raw. Lovely!
Lovely: Yes, chef?
Gordon: It's not! IT'S SHIT! COME HERE! Sea bass is raw! Translucent and pink! [throws the sea bass away]
Lovely: Yes, chef. (interview) The sea bass was not raw. I didn't see any pink, it was all opaque. [brings another sea bass up to the pass] Chef, the re-fired sea bass is coming up. (interview) So, Chef Ramsay, get your eyes checked. I think that he's getting kind of old.
Gordon: Lovely!
Lovely: Yes, chef?
Gordon: (holds up the re-fired sea bass, which this time is burnt) There you go, there you go. Come here you! She sends out black sea bass.
Suzanne (interview) Um, Lovely did burn the sea bass. I don't believe that Lovely knows how to cook.
Gordon: I didn't ask for blackened cod! [throws the sea bass away]
Lovely: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Dumbo!

[Gordon asks for chicken in the Red kitchen]
Gordon: One roasted crown chicken!
Sabrina: Yes, chef. I'm ready for it.
Gordon: [sees that the chicken is burnt] It's burnt, the chicken!
Sabrina: Is it?
Gordon: It's crispy and burnt! Oh, my God!
Sabrina: Damn!
Gordon: [calls the Blue team] Hey, come here you! All of you! Both kitchens are down and they're waiting. So we're standing here and we got fuck all going out! Nothing! That's where I draw the line. I'm about to do something I've never done before in Hell's Kitchen!
Dave: (interview) It's a desperate time. I don't know what's going to happen. For all I know, we're all going home.
Gordon: I have no option now! There's one fucking thing that you can do here, it's a fucking shrimp cocktail. Do you know why? Cause it's not cooked! Give me a fucking shrimp cocktail!
Suzanne: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Give me some shrimp cocktails now. Jean-Philippe! I'm serving shrimp cocktail. At least they're going to get something to eat! Hey you, nothing cooked! Nothing seasoned! Crushed ice in a glass with ketchup!
Sabrina: (interview) When Chef Ramsay says "You know what, stop cooking and just send out cold stuff!" That's embarrassing.
Gordon: Let's go. Shrimp cocktail. Let's go.
Narrator: With no cooking required...
Van: GO! GO!! GO!!!
Narrator: ...both kitchens...
Sabrina: Five more right here.
Narrator: ...manage to get shrimp cocktail to the dining room.
Jean-Philippe: With the compliments of Chef Ramsay.
Lady: A shrimp kind of night. Isn't it?
Gordon: Hey ladies, come here. Hey, come here! Come here!
Tony: (interview) Everybody's like freaking out! Like Chef Ramsay's going to walk over with a fricking machine gun and like [imitates a machine gun] blow us all away!
Gordon: The entire fucking dining room has shrimp cocktail. That's a first for me! You just turned my restaurant into a shrimp stand! And what's the point of going on? Shut it down!

[After a disastrous dinner service in which both teams lost, the Red team has already nominated Lovely and Tennille for elimination, and the Blue team is about to nominate two of its chefs]
Gordon: Gentlemen. Joseph: let's be honest, that's a pretty sorry battalion you got there, isn't it.
Joseph: Right now it is.
Gordon: Who's the first nominee for the men?
Joseph: They can speak for themselves but they know who they are.
Gordon: Hey smart-arse, I asked you to tell me. Who's the first nominee, and why?
Joseph: No problem: Tony, and Andy.
Gordon: Listen... I know you may be slightly stupid... first nominee and why?
Joseph: First nominee and why? Tony. He knows why. We sat down as a group and they wouldn't pick each other. You know. No peer pressure! We're men!
Gordon: Just, just just - what do you want, a fucking medal?
Joseph: What do you want me to fuckin' say? What do you want me to say? They know who they fuckin' are. We chose as a group and they stand out and they said they belong there. Stand up, they know who they are.
Gordon: [approaches Joseph] Listen, you chippy idiot. I asked for one nominee and why, plain English. And you're mouthing off and you couldn't answer me. Now can you just tell me in fucking plain English, the first nominee, and why he's nominated. Is that fucking clear?!
Joseph: That's clear.
Gordon: Thank you! [walks back] Unbelievable! One simple request, who and why, and you make a big fucking song and dance about it!
Joseph: I ain't no fuckin' bitch, chef! I don't give a fuck. I ain't no bitch!
Gordon: ...What???
Joseph: I'm not no bitch!
Robert: He's trying to bring the best out of you. You got to look past it.
Joseph: He's not bringing the best out of me.
Ariel: Yeah, show some respect.
Joseph: Shut your fuckin' mouth is what you should do right now.
Suzanne: Come on, man!
Joseph: I'm talkin' here. I don't give a fuck about you. I didn't come here for you.
Suzanne: You want to be an executive chef, Joe?
Joseph: Shut your fuckin' mouth!
Gordon: Oh, my God!
Tek: You signed up to fucking learn and grow, and...
Joseph: Yeah, shut your fuckin' mouth.
Tek: ...you do this, dude!
Gordon: Okay, answer the fucking question!
Joseph: We can keep talkin' like this out in the fuckin' parking lot! I don't give a fuck. What do you want me to say?
Gordon: I ask the fucking questions, YOU give the fucking answers!!
Joseph: [takes off his jacket and walks out of the line] Fuck that shit, dog. I ain't here for that! [approaches Gordon and tosses his jacket at him] You want a fuckin' jacket? You want talk some shit? Let's go step outside, motherfucker! [gets in Gordon's face] I ain't here for that, dog!

Episode Three [6.03][edit]

[continuing the confrontation from the episode before. A couple of guards step in to separate Joseph from Gordon.]

Joseph: Want to talk about fuckin' fighting?
Gordon: Oh wow.
Joseph: Want to get fuckin' rough?
Gordon: D'you think I'm scared? Huh? Look at you.
Joseph: Yeah, keep talking for the fuckin' cameras.
Gordon: You've just blown your - Yeah, fuck the cameras.
Joseph: Yeah?
Gordon: Yeah.
Joseph: We can step outside!
Gordon: We're standing here. I asked you one simple question, and you couldn't fucking answer me. And then you want to get all tough and up close and personal.
Joseph: Fuck you.
Gordon: There you go.
Joseph: You ain't nothing but a bitch.
Gordon: You've got no respect.
Joseph: No respect?
Gordon: Now get out.
Joseph: Fuck you. You fuckin' bitch! [Double flips off the chefs] Fuck all y'all! You heard it? [Joseph trips over the step]
Gordon: Watch the step.
Joseph: Yeah, watch the step, bitch.
Gordon: What an idiot. Total, total shame. [kicks Joseph's jacket up to the table]
Joseph: (outside the restaurant) I don't need this or that. I don't need some limey fuckin' prick talking to me like that. Without skippin' a beat, go back home, I'll work. Anybody would fuckin' hire me to work in their kitchen, and they'd be proud to have me there! Fuck him... fuck him...

Gordon: Where's the lamb?
Amanda: Right here, chef! (brings her lamb to the pass)
Gordon: [finds that Amanda has brought up eight lamb chops instead of nine] I'm missing... I'm missing... Hey madam! I got eight chops! I'm missing one. Three threes are what!?
Amanda: Three.
Gordon: Three threes are three, fuck me. Three times three is what?!
Amanda: Six, chef.
Gordon: Six?! Oh, my God!
Amanda: Nine, I'm sorry! I'm not listen- !
Gordon: What?! Three times three, Amanda?!
Amanda: Nine!
Gordon: Nine! Then give me nine fucking chops, you stupid thick bitch!
Amanda: Yes chef! (interview) I might not be able to add or multiply whatever he wants, but I can definitely cook.
Gordon: Come here! All of you! Is that the best lamb we got?! A magical experience inside Hell's Kitchen (throws the lamb away) and that's the best lamb we got?!
Amanda: Okay, chef.
Gordon: Bullshit!
Amanda: Yeah, I have another lamb.
Ariel: Come on, Amanda!

Gordon: (after sparing Lovely and Tennille from elimination) Now listen up: Because Joseph took himself out of the competition, tonight you get a gift--and I'm not sending anybody home. Last chance.
Chefs: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Understand?
Chefs: Yes, chef!
Gordon: And I've got one more thing to say to you - in fact, to you all: (in Joseph's tone) I'm nobody's bitch. (everyone laughs) Now get some sleep.

Gordon: Amanda!
Amanda: Yes, Chef!
Gordon: Twelve threes?
Amanda: Nine! (that was the correct answer when she incorrectly made eight lamb chops [three portions of three, but she incorrectly said the answer to that question four times])
[Everyone laughs]
Gordon: Oh, my God!
Amanda: Thirty-six chef. Thirty-six, I'm sorry, Chef.

Episode Four [6.04][edit]


Van: I gotta clean up after these fucking pigs, man? Fuck that!
Kevin: A bunch of fucking executive chefs up there can't even make a sausage. What the fuck's that all about?
Robert: You better watch your motherfucking mouth when you speak about that shit in here!
Kevin: Who me?
Robert: Yeah, you.
Kevin: Watch my mouth?!
Robert: Yeah! Yeah, you!
Kevin: What the fuck did you put up to the pass?! Don't fucking tell me to watch my mouth!
Robert: Let's fucking go, man!
Kevin: Go ahead! Push me!
Robert: What the fuck are you talking about?!
Kevin: Push me!
Robert: I've given you nothing but motherfucking respect! Why don't you watch your fucking mouth?!
Kevin: WHY?! WHY CAN'T I SAY THAT?! What did you guys put up?!
Robert: Stop talking to me! I'M DONE WITH THIS SHIT, MAN! FUCK THIS SHIT, MAN! You made me look like a horse's ass, man! I'm mad at us, man! Me and you, Jim! (interview) I'm boiling because all my life I've been batted down and told that you ain't shit. I refuse to take that! Like, I am a winner, dude. I ain't no fucking loser. I'm a winner all day!
Van: Just keep it together, y'all.

[The blue team has to clean up the dorms as punishment]
Robert: Right now, I wanna just win a challenge. I want to win. All through my life I hear bullshit. You know, people thinking shit I'm too fat, too slow, too this, too that. I ain't about to be a loser, I hate it.
Scott Leibfried: Good, Robert. That's how you should feel. It kinda sucks that the intensity is coming out during being punished and not necessarily during the...
Robert: You know, chef I...
Scott Leibfried: Well Robert, what do you want me to tell you? You could've won, you didn't. But you know, the competitive parts should come out at that time and not afterwards.
Robert: [throws his broom down] Motherfucker, I almost died last time for this fucking shit! Don't tell me I ain't fucking got it like I don't give my shit 110%! Dancing around that line like fucking Fred Astaire all fucking day [kicks bin] up in this place!! LAST SEASON, I ALMOST FUCKING DIED FOR THIS SHIT!! AND I'M HERE AGAIN AND I DON'T FUCKING LIKE LOSING!! [breaks his broom]

[Gordon checks on lamb brought up by Andy]
Gordon: Andy! [raises a lamb] You're a first class cunt!
Robert: [to Andy] I told you not to send that shit!
Gordon: Hey, look! There you go! That's Whistler for you, yes?
Andy: No, chef.
Gordon: Yeah? That's the Araxi Restaurant in Whistler, yes?! [throws the lamb away] Fuck off, will you?!

[Both teams are coming down to the wire during service]
Gordon: Where's the chicken?!
Robert: Come on! Come on!
Andy: [rushing with the chicken] Coming right behind you. Go now!
Scott Leibfried: Hey, fucking nitwit, that is fucking raw.
Robert: Oh man! (interview) Here we go again!
Scott Leibfried: [gets in Andy's face] You get that ready by the time the rest of the fucking table is ready to go! You got it?!
Andy: Yes, chef.
Scott Leibfried: GO!

[After a solid good dinner service for the second time in a row]
Gordon: Right, no close. Ladies, you've beaten by the sides.
Suzanne: [raises her right hand] Chef, can I get play-by-play on that?
Gordon: Yeah, first of all, okay? I'm telling you, straight to your face, you lost. And you, one more thing, you do have one more member than the men, they did it with eleven arms. No play-by-play, take it on the fucking chin, with a little bit of respect. End of fucking story.

Gordon: If people were named for their cooking, her name wouldn't be Lovely. It would be Useless.

Episode Five [6.05][edit]

Gordon: Where's the steaks?
Tek: Coming up with steaks. [brings her steaks to the pass]
Gordon: [checks the steaks] Now, they're burnt. [returns to Tek's station] I am fucking so upset. That's nicely cooked, that's nicely cooked, but what are they for? They're black. HOW CAN SERVE THAT AND THAT ON THE SAME TABLE, TEK?!!
Tek: Sorry, chef!
Gordon: I'M SO EMBARRASSED!! What's the matter with you, madam?! Half the dining room have got their entrées! YOUR HALF ARE STANDING STARING!
Suzanne: (interview) Tek talks more of a game. But, if she can't back it up, she's going home.
Gordon: This may not be important for you madam, hey madam! This is fucking serious and you're shit!! [to the Red Team] Just take the fucking lot back will you? Get out of my sight.

[Jim is poking the steaks with tongs]
Gordon: Hey, Jim! Touch it with your fingers! You've got control of your fingers.
Jim: Yes, chef.
Gordon: There, touch–there we go, they're ready. When you've got the tongs and you're stabbing it, stabbing it, stabbing it–you're not performing appendicitis, you fuck!
Jim: Yes, chef.

[Gordon checks on lobster brought by Amanda]
Gordon: Oh, come on. This is not possible! [returns to the workstation] Come here! All of you, come here!
Amanda Davenport: (interview) Whatever it is, it's not my fault.
Gordon: This is not fucking possible! This cannot be true! [gets a piece of lobster] What is that there? What is that there?! WHAT IS THAT?!
Suzanne: This is—
Gordon: Yeah, its fucking raw! RAW!! [kicks the bins]
Tennille: (interview) Come on, Amanda! All you have to do is put the lobster on the grill, make sure it didn't char, baste it and send it up. That's all you had to do!
Gordon: It's a fucking restaurant, not a sushi bar! How can you get confused on a raw fucking grilled lobster?! I don't know where to go! I can't even turn and look at the dining room, I'm so fucking embarrassed! This is still your first table... [points to the Blue kitchen] that's their last! FUCK OFF!! WE HAVEN'T SENT AN ENTRÉE OUT!! STUPID COWS!!! [crosses over to the Blue kitchen, where the men are starting to clear down] Oh, fucking hell... Hey, have you all finished?
Andy: Desserts, chef.
Gordon: Desserts? Kevin, stay on desserts. All of you, come in here! Hey guys, get on a section will you, please, yes?
[The Blue team goes over to the Red kitchen and started working]
Tennille: (interview) OHHH! Add insult to injury, rub salt in the wound, what... just... happened?!
Gordon: Away now: Two penne, three New York Strip, two chicken, one catfish!
Blue Team: Yes, chef!
Robert: (interview) AAAAAAAAGH! YEEAAAAH, BOOOOOYS! [cups his ear] That's right, I can hear it! It's them bitches crying!
Tennille: Do you need anything?
Jim: No, I'm good. (interview) It was just scraps of meat, everywhere. It was a kitchen-pocalypse. Like a hand grenade went off in a cow's ass.

Gordon: Tennille.
Tennille: Yes, chef.
Gordon: First nominee and why, please.
Tennille: Chef, the first nominee was Tek.
Gordon: Tek?
Tennille: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Why was that?
Tennille: The team felt as if Tek has deflated the last several services.
Gordon: Right. Second nominee?
Tennille: [pause] Unfortunately, chef–which is a load of bullshit–I've been put up, chef. [Gordon looks shocked] I'm not the fucking weakest person on this team, though.
Gordon: Who do you think should be the second nominee?
Tennille: Amanda, chef.
Gordon: Interesting. [sighs and facepalms] Oh, God almighty. Right, Tek and Tennille, step forward please. Let's cut the bullshit, shall we? Amanda... get your arse up here. [Amanda walks up with Tek and Tennille] Tennille, why should you stay in Hell's Kitchen?
Tennille: Every fucking challenge, every fucking service I get better. I'm better for the team, I'm getting stronger. I think it's bullshit that I'm up here.
Gordon: How many times have you been up here?
Tennille: I've been up here twice, man! They know I'm getting strong, so now they're scared.
Gordon: Have you got anything left in the tank?
Tennille: Yes, chef! I've been busting my fucking ass! Don't you see how pissed off I am that I'm even up here?! This is bullshit! I shouldn't even be up here!
Gordon: Do me a favour.
Tennille: Yes, chef.
Gordon: [pause] Back in line.
Tennille: Yes, chef!

Gordon: I kept on waiting for Tek to emerge. She couldn't even handle her station. Tek had a total meltdown.

Episode Six [6.06][edit]

[In the final round of the health food challenge]
Gordon: Gentlemen, I can't wait for a fantastic dessert. I hope it's substantial. You've probably saved the best until last.
[Dave carries the platter with the blue team's dessert over to Ramsay]
Amanda Davenport: (interview) Man, that had better be a giant piece of chocolate something, to beat us!
Kevin: (interview) I was worried, the girls had some really nice stuff. This has got to kick some ass.
Andy: (interview) I make an apple fruit compote every day of my life. No problem.
[Dave lifts the lid on his platter, and Ramsay instantly starts laughing]
Gordon: Oh, come on! What is that?
Dave: (interview) When Chef Ramsay laughed, it definitely like, stung. I felt like a loser. (Ramsay samples the dessert) Chef, we have an egg white crepe filled with a fruit compote, and we have a blackberry and vanilla yoghurt cream.
Gordon: It tastes... foul! That's the kind of crap they serve when you have a heart bypass or an ulcer operation, that is a joke! Back in line, Dave.

[Gordon has found out that Tennille has over-portioned a spinach]
Gordon: What's all this spinach for? [to Tennille] I know you're wearing glasses, come here. Why is all the spinach cooked like this? You've got twelve portions in there.
Tennille: Uh chef, I made enough spinach for all that was on order chef.
Gordon: So you can't do one table at a time reheating spinach?
Tennille: Yes, chef. I can, chef.
Gordon: Well, wake up! Wake up!
Tennille: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Cook the spinach to order, you lazy cow!
Tennille: (interview) Chef Ramsay needs to learn how to show some respect, especially when I'm up there working hard.
Gordon: Stewed spinach? Yeah, rabbit food! [slams the garnish pan on her station] Fuck you!
Tennille: (interview) He's a disrespectful old British motherfucker!

[Tennille brings her mashed potatoes to the pass]
Gordon: [finds that the mashed potato was under-portioned] Oh, no. [returns to the workstation] Tennille! That's my two portions of mash, look at that. That's the way I get treated. [shows the mashed potatoes] What the fuck is that! [throws the pan down] Fuck off will you, yeah?
Tennille: (interview) I take something up to the pass, it's too much–take something else, it's not enough–he's just got to find something to bitch about!
Gordon: And what'd you want me to do, scoop round inside?
Tennille: I thought I was over-portioning again, chef.
Gordon: You're so bizarre - whether this is a joke or an act for you, let me just tell you something: you act pathetically. Why did you send me that pan with no mashed potato in there?
Tennille: Chef, the other orders you said I over-portioned chef, so I put up—
Gordon: So now you've gone back the other way with fuck-all in there! Is that clear?!
Tennille: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Good! You're upset now?
Tennille: Yeah, I'm fucking pissed off!
Gordon: I'm fucking glad you are! Because you're crap!
Tennille: You're crap. (interview) I'm sick, I'm sick of his shit, man! You're not going to keep talking to me like that!
Gordon: Hey, madam, madam. Get out.
Tennille: Yes, no problem, chef.
Gordon: Get fucking out.
Tennille: Oh, I'm out!
Sabrina: Oh, no!
Gordon: Get the fuck out of here!
Tennille: Fuck you! Fuck you!! (interview) Right now, I'm pissed off and I'm trying to maintain my cool for slapping him in his jaw.
Sabrina: Thanks a lot, Tennille. (interview) Now we have to work her station. [sarcastically] Thanks a lot!
[Gordon follows Tennille to the back area, following her walk-out]
Gordon: Hey!
Tennille: Busting my ass for you!
Gordon: That's right. That's right.
Tennille: Busting my ass for you!
Gordon: You're not, you're lying.
Gordon: You're lying.
Gordon: Get off your back? Who the fuck–You're lying.
Gordon: Don't you dare turn around and tell me that I'm fucking crap...
Tennille: You know off my ass!
Gordon: ...or you FUCK off through those doors! That's right!
Tennille: You can dish it, but you can't take it?! [pushes over a rack of trays]
Gordon: Hey, madam, what are you doing?
Gordon: Listen to me, you're not-
Tennille: It's not good enough for you, man!
Gordon: You're not listening to me! Shut your fat fucking mouth and listen to me! The potatoes are—
Tennille: I'm trying to learn from you!
Gordon: You're not learning, you're only opening your fat mouth!
Tennille: I am! I am! You're the one who's trying to—
Gordon: Shut up, then! SHUT UP! Are you going to keep it shut? [Tennille doesn't reply] Are you going to keep it shut?
Tennille: Shut.
Gordon: Good! If you can't hack it, fuck off. If you can, get back in there! [Tennille returns to the kitchen] Hey madam!
Tennille: Yes, Chef!
Gordon: Come here! I want an answer!
Tennille: I'm on my way back into the kitchen, CHEF!
Gordon: Good! Let's go.
[Tennille returns to the kitchen, where Amanda and Suzanne have taken over the garnishes]
Tennille: GET OFF MY STATION, PLEASE!! What's working?

Gordon: One halibut, one chicken!
Kevin: You hear that, Andy?! You need to pay attention! I can't remember everything for you!
Gordon: One halibut, yes?!
Andy: Yes, chef!
Gordon: How many halibut?
Andy: Two halibut, one–
Gordon: Oh my GOD! He can't count to fucking two! DID YOU GO TO SCHOOL?!
Andy: (interview) I don't think you really need to go to school to learn to count. I think you can go learn that at home if you'd like. [to Gordon as he brings halibut to the pass] Right behind you.
Gordon: Oh, no. [to Andy] Hey.
Andy: Yes, chef.
Gordon: I can't even separate it! It's raw! RAW! RAW! GET IT BACK IN THE OVEN!!
Andy: Yes, chef!
Kevin: (interview) Andy's just fucking everything up. It's just really, really driving me nuts.

Narrator: While the Blue Team waits for Andy to cook one halibut, the Red kitchen...
Gordon: Let's go. Service, please.
Narrator: ...is quickly sending out entrées.
Female Diner: [to Jean-Philippe about a piece of raw pork] It's raw. Inedible.
Narrator: Perhaps a little too quickly.
Female Diner: That's raw pink.
[Jean-Philippe returns to the pass with pork]
Jean-Philippe: Chef, it's raw in the centre.
Gordon: Oh, no. Hey ladies, all of you come here a minute! I'm fed up with it! Give me an answer for that. That's raw pork!
Suzanne: (interview) Sabrina sent out raw, raw pork. You can't send out raw pork. It will make you seriously ill.
Gordon: Give me a fucking answer!
Sabrina: It's me.
Gordon: Yeah, was it?! [angrily throws the plate away] FUCK OFF!! [gets the raw pork in the bin] "It's me"?! [gives the pork to Sabrina] Hey, there you go. Just touch that!
Sabrina: Yes, chef. It's raw. (interview; sighs) Sorry, chef. That's my bad. Oopsie-doopsie.
Gordon: How can you do that?
Sabrina: I have no excuse, chef.

[Andy brings his second attempt at halibut to the pass]
Gordon: [after touching the halibut] Oh, no. Andy, come here! Now, we go from one extreme to the other. Touch that there! It's like a FUCKING BULLET!
Andy: I'll go fire some more, chef.
Kevin: (interview) Andy's not getting his shit right. It was really getting me worried.
Gordon: It's like an ice hockey puck! It's disintegrating into mush, look!
Andy: I see, chef.
Gordon: Look! Look, look. You [angrily throws the fish] SEE FUCK ALL!! And then you say that's cooking? You're screwing your team!
Andy: Yes, I am, chef.

Gordon: Andy! Have we got one more piece of halibut?! [brings another overcooked halibut filet] Look what you've given me.
Andy: Guys, I gotta slow down! I'm sorry!
Kevin: Come on!
Dave: (interview) He's dragging the whole service down for the team.
Gordon: [to Andy] This is fucking dire!
Andy: I'm in the weeds, guys.
Dave: (interview) We're all screwed.
Gordon: HURRY UP!!

[After Jean-Philippe returned to the pass with lamb, Gordon has had it]
Gordon: Oh, get away. Not the Blue team.
Jean-Philippe: No, it's the Red kitchen.
Gordon: The Red? [returns the lamb to the workstation] Yeah, damn! There you go! Come here!
Sabrina: Oh, what?
Gordon: "Medium-well." What do they request?
Sabrina: They were medium-well.
Gordon: THAT IS NOT MEDIUM-WELL!! You're arguing the customer's wrong!
Sabrina: No, chef.
Gordon: Raw pork, undercooked lamb, now you're blaming the customers!
Sabrina: No, chef.
Gordon: Come here!
Sabrina: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Andy!
Andy: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Hey, come here! [to Sabrina] You think the customer's wrong, yes? [to Andy] And you can't fucking cook!
Andy: Yes, chef.
Gordon: [to Sabrina] SWITCH IT OFF! [to Andy] You! Fuck off, will you?!
Andy: Yes, chef.

Gordon: [after eliminating Jim from Hell's Kitchen] Big man, let me tell you something. I can teach a chef how to cook but I can't give you a heart. You're not the Tin Man and I'm not the fucking Wizard of Oz. Give me your jacket, please.
Jim: (interview) It's just not fair, you know? I gave it my all every day, but I guess it's not what he was looking for. Chef Ramsay wanted to see me give him back some fire and that's just not me. So at the end of the day when my head hits the pillow, I know that I never wavered on who I am.

Gordon: At times, I thought Jim was sleepwalking, but then I realized he just has no passion. And that's why it was time for him to leave Hell's Kitchen.

Episode Seven [6.07][edit]

Gordon: All of you, come here! Come here! Come here! Come here! [to Kevin] Hey, Kevin, you're starting to piss me off! PUT IT DOWN! When I ask you to stop with you're doing, you better fucking stop it! Come here! Cocky! OUT OF THE WAY! [holds a cooked rabbit] Fucking raw! [throws the cooked rabbit on the floor; to Kevin] Happy now? You're standing there tossing your tagliatelle to make yourself look good, "I'm serving raw rabbit, chef?"
Kevin: Understood, chef.
Gordon: [to Robert] You? Fuck off!
Robert: Yeah. Yes, chef.
Dave: Fuck!

Robert: (interview) [after blue team lost the dinner service] Yes, I have bad service. But I do not deserve to go home. Because people here, but Andy has better than me.

[Robert and Van walk up to Ramsay after being nominated for elimination]
Gordon: Uh, before you go any further...Andy, come here, you.
Robert: Thank God.
Gordon: What was that, Robert?
Robert: Thank God he's up here!
Gordon: Andy.
Andy: Yes, chef.
Gordon: I can't feel that standing in front of me right now is Whistler's head chef. [Robert nods in agreement] That's me being blunt! Now...Van.
Van: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Plastic?
Van: No excuses, chef. No excuses!
Gordon: Have you peaked?!
Van: No. You got twenty-something years in this business! You can spot talent!
Gordon: Do me a favour. [pause] Get back in line.
Van: Thank you, chef.

Gordon: Robert, tell me why do think you should stay in Hell's Kitchen on the back of that performance?
Robert: My history here on Hell's Kitchen, never been up on the block once. And I'm disgusted that I even share the same fucking stage with this guy (Andy) right here! Alright?! Been there three times, not there for the team, always fucking around!
Andy: Chef, can I address that for a second?
Gordon: Yeah.
Andy: If you ask my whole team, they'll all tell you that he (Robert) does nothing during the day. He barely does anything–
Robert: You fucking fly underneath the radar...
Andy: He says–
Robert: ...all fucking night! Huh?!
Andy: He says that he "reserves his energy", which means he does shit.
Robert: Yeah, and then all fucking night, you're on desserts, fucking hiding from Chef! At least my fat ass is right there in his face!
Andy: Fuck that, dude! I was assisting you!
Robert: WHAT WERE YOU DOING?! You're fucking hiding there, like, [crouches down] "Chef, don't see me! Chef, doesn't see me!"
Andy: Cleaning up your oil and cleaning up your lamb shit!
Robert: Whatever! The fact is you don't like being told that you fucking don't have it! I don't need to fucking have your respect!
Andy: Dude, you don't got it.
Robert: If you win Hell's Kitchen, I'll fucking hang up my fucking chef clothes for life! You hear me?!
Andy: So, do it now.
Gordon: [facepalms] Okay. My decision is... Andy. [as Andy is about to take off his jacket] Get back in line!
Andy: [sighs with relief] Thank God.
Gordon: Robert, take your jacket off. And the reason being, big boy, you've had more services in Hell's Kitchen than any of these. And that last dish you sent me this evening, it was raw.
Robert: But you'll see me again, chef. You know it.
Gordon: I can't wait to see you again. And thank you for trying.
Robert: Thank you. [as he walks out] Andy, your time has come, man! I guarantee it! (interview) I left Hell's Kitchen last time because of my health. It was an honor just to be invited to come back. I felt like I was under a lot of pressure. I may have lost it a few times... and I fought back. I will damn sure say that Gordon Ramsay and Hell's Kitchen changed my life for the better, but I'm going home and just focusing on my career and my health. They better watch out, 'cause three times is the charm!

Gordon: Robert's closing plea was quite entertaining, but I'm not looking for a performer. I'm looking for a Head Chef, and Robert's not that guy.

Episode Eight [6.08][edit]

[The blue team has to make sorbet in the kitchen as their punishment for losing the blind taste test]
Dave: (interview) We're making blueberry, blackberry, and raspberry sorbet, but the berries were all in one container. So they had to be sorted through. [to Van] Oh, I can tell all of this is gonna get old real fast.
Dave: I've never seen that many pomegranates.
Van: Yeah, that's a lot, bro.
Dave: (interview) Everybody got pretty dirty today making the sorbet, but it looked like Van had been involved in a drive-by shooting.

Narrator: While the women are in the dark about what they're eating, back at Hell's Kitchen, the men are happy with what they see.
Dave: Looks good, chef. (interview) Chef Scott brought in these beautiful looking dishes, and I was really surprised.
Kevin: What do we have here?
Scott Leibfried: We have a risotto with some seared scallops and grapefruit. [pours contents of the dish into a blender]
Dave: [sarcastically] That's nice of you. (interview) But then he took that beautiful food...
Scott Leibfried: Confit duck leg.
Dave: (interview) ...and put it into a blender.
Van: [as Scott blends the duck in the blender] Oh, come on!
Dave: It's, like, heartbreaking.
Scott Leibfried: Oh, yeah! Look at that!
Dave: He's having much too much fun.
Scott Leibfried: [pours duck smoothie into several glasses] Here you go, guys.
Andy: Drink it up, boys!
Dave: Cheers.
[The men make a toast before drinking their duck smoothies]
Kevin: I feel like I'm gonna puke. (interview) Augh! It was just fucking disgusting! [to Dave] Watch out for the bones.
Dave: Can't touch that. I'll die. (interview) You're not supposed to drink duck!
Van: (interview) I was starving. I ate it like a protein shake! [starts pouring a second smoothie for himself after chugging the first one down] That's that good!

[After serving table side sorbets, Kevin returns to the blue kitchen]
Kevin: What can I do to help right now? You gotta talk to me, Andy! (interview) When I came back, everybody seemed to be confused. [to his teammates] What are we going on next, guys?
Dave: I'm not sure, dude.
Andy: [checks ticket at the pass with Dave] I think this is next. (interview) They think I gotta call the tickets, but I'm too busy trying to figure out my own shit.
Gordon: Where's the lamb?
[The men look up with confused looks]
Gordon: Where's the halibut?! [no one responds] Hey, blue! Blue, I'm calling out orders! [points at Van] You're confused, [points at Kevin] you're confused, [to Andy] and you're fucking on the end of your dick! [pause] Listen to what's going, to what's coming on order, to what's being fired! LISTEN!!
Blue Team: Yes, chef!

[Jean-Philippe returns to the pass with lamb]
Gordon: Oh, fucking hell... What's the matter?
Jean-Philippe: Raw, chef.
Gordon: What?
Jean-Philippe: It's not cooked.
Gordon: Oh, fucking hell. Sabrina!
Sabrina: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Look, raw! Like you're still running around in the fucking field! Is that on purpose?!
Sabrina: No, chef!
Gordon: So WHY?!!
Sabrina: (interview) I should have stuck to my grounds when I said it wasn't ready. I said we can't go and Suzanne forced me to go. Suzy fucked me.
Gordon: Hey madam! Madam, come here! [gives her the lamb] Take that.
Sabrina: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Inconsistent, dry lamb on the outside, raw in the centre! Fuck off and eat it! [leads Sabrina to the dining room] There you go! Taste your own medicine! PISS OFF!!
Sabrina: Thank you, chef.

Gordon: Sea bass, Suzanne!
Suzanne: I need another minute. I'm sorry.
Gordon: [to waiter] Stop!
Sabrina: God! (interview) Ugh! Not again!
Gordon: Come on. Fucking hell.
Suzanne: Sorry, chef!
Gordon: Come on!
Suzanne: Chef, I thought I could do it, but...
Gordon: Well, I'm fucking out to dry now, aren't I? I'm standing here with my fucking pants down again!
Suzanne: It's one minute, chef! One minute!
Gordon: Still one minute?!
Tennille: Everybody, buckle down! Let's go, we can do this!
Gordon: Tennille!
Tennille: Yes, chef.
Gordon: And you wonder why I go fucking ape-shit?! Stand there for five minutes, see how painful it is!
Tennille: Understood, chef. (interview) Everybody's got their stuff up, but we don't wanna hold up the whole thing and then get cold!
Gordon: I'm not gonna–This is not gonna die here?
Suzanne: No, chef.
Gordon: Thirty seconds with the sea bass, yes?!
Suzanne: Yes, chef! [checks the bottom of sea bass in the pan] Shit! Fuck me!
Gordon: Come on!
Suzanne: Sorry, guys. Chef, I killed the table.
Gordon: TAKE THE FUCKING TRAY BACK! Fuck off, will you, yeah? Fuck, fuck right off, yeah? [carries tray of cold food and hands it to Suzanne] There you go. Hey, that's you! There you go! Take it back!
Tennille: (interview) Now we gotta do it all over again? Thanks a lot, Suzanne!
Ariel: Are you fucking shitting me? [Suzanne groans as she carries the tray out of the kitchen]
Gordon: Right now, I am not gonna start serving half a fucking table! No chance!
Suzanne: No, chef!
Gordon: And now you're dragging the fucking kitchen!
Tennille: We're behind. We gotta pick it up, okay?
Suzanne: I'm trying to go as fast as I can.
Tennille: (interview) Suzanne...SUNK! THE! SHIP! She sunk us! Left us on the curb!
Gordon: [to Suzanne] DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!
Suzanne: You guys, I can't have my station be a fucking dung pit!

Suzanne: Alright, Amanda, can you drop my fish in the pan?
Amanda: Okay.
Suzanne: Do my fucking bass, man!
Amanda: I got it. (interview) Apparently, Suzanne doesn't know how to time out fish right. So, I'll help her out. I don't want us to lose.
Gordon: One fucking re-fired halibut, urgently!
Suzanne: Yes, chef! Let's go, come on! [brings halibut and garnish to the pass with Amanda]
Gordon: [flips halibut over] It's cooked one side. [sighs] Suzanne! It's STONE FUCKING COLD!
Suzanne: I didn't even work that, chef! I mean–
Gordon: Oh my God!
Suzanne: Amanda.
Amanda: I'm sorry!
Suzanne: I had it on the stove, she (Amanda) put it up. She was basting it.
Amanda: I thought it was ready. (interview) You bitch! I was just like, "You gotta be fucking kidding me!" [to Suzanne] I thought it was ready! (interview; impersonating Suzanne) "Oh, I didn't cook it. Amanda cooked it." You know, dude, it's like, "Fine, chef. No problem, chef."
Gordon: Oh my GOD! IT'S A FUCKING INSULT! Oh, fucking hell. Oh, shit! [sits down on the floor and facepalms] It's not possible!

Gordon: Amanda was a sweet girl, but sweet girls don't make great head chefs.

Episode Nine [6.09][edit]

Andy: Awwww! [hurts his finger when slicing a potato] Fuck me!
Scott Leibfried: Medic! I need a medic!
Dave: Are you serious?
Andy: Aahhh! It's just a cut, second on the middle thumb, middle finger. It's getting in the fingers too.
Dave: (interview) Andy, like, the tips of his fingers were literally taken off. It was so deep and so horrible.
Medical Crew: [dispatching to the paramedics] I have Andy. He needs to go to the clinic and needs stitches on all three fingers.

Gordon: Andy! Crepes, please!
Andy: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Let's go!
Scott Leibfried: Come on, Andy.
Gordon: [sees Andy walk to the pass with crepes] Oh, what the fuck is that? Look at the state of that. [to Andy] Hey, get fucked, will you? Come on, guys! Let's draw the line somewhere, shall we?! Have a little more self-esteem, will you, yeah? [angrily drops the tray]
Kevin: (interview) It's crepes, man! Fold it, fold it, flip, flip, package it, you're done! I mean, it's not rocket science. [to Andy] Get that stuff going.
Andy: I got it going!
Gordon: I'm sorry, but a simple fucking crepe! Let's go!
Van: Yes, chef. Come on, fellas. We got this, y'all.

Gordon: How long? Three lamb, one duck?
Suzanne: A minute and a half.
Gordon: Is the lamb sliced already?
Suzanne: [pause] Um... A minute and a half out, chef.
Gordon: Hey, that's not what I'm asking. I'm getting fucking sick to death of your shit! Is the lamb sliced?
Suzanne: Yes, chef.
Tennille: (interview) Now, the lamb's gotta go back. At this point, we'll never even get an entrée out.
Gordon: [to Suzanne] Come here! Yeah, all the goodness is running out of it! Why are you slicing it ahead of the time?!
Tennille: (interview) We're screwed! SCREWED!
Gordon: So if it's sliced, I WANT IT!
Suzanne: Yes, chef.
Gordon: All the goodness is running out of the lamb! [to Suzanne] For God's sake, woman, GET A GRIP!!
Suzanne: Yes, chef.
Suzanne: I'm sorry, Ariel. I thought I was catching up.
Ariel: (interview) If I were Suzanne, I would wait until I see garnish go up, and then I would slice the lamb. How hard is that? Suzanne fucked us again!
Gordon: [to Suzanne] My timing, not your fucking timing! If I deliver at your time at midnight, we'll still be sending fucking main courses!
Suzanne: Yes, chef!

Andy: I'll finish two crepes.
Kevin: (interview) Andy was just fucking up all night long. He's just turn into a disaster. [to Andy] Bring one crepe up, and I'll follow with another.
Gordon: Andy, what aren't you doing anything?
Andy: He's (Kevin) assisting me, chef.
Gordon: You're not assisting him, you're doing it! And he's standing there watching you. [to Andy] Hey, you! Hey, come here! Do me a favour: FUCK OFF! UPSTAIRS! GET OUT! PISS OFF!!
Andy: (interview) Chef told me to fuck off, so I'm out of the kitchen. But Chef Ramsay just yells to yell, and I don't necessarily think you need to be a douche nozzle to make a kitchen run well.
Gordon: [to the remaining members of the blue team] Anyone who acts like a fucking idiot can piss off! [to Van] Hello! Are you listening?!
Van: I'm listening, chef.
Gordon: Next fucking person OUT!
Van: I'm sorry, chef.
Gordon: Concentrate!
Dave & Kevin: Yes, chef!

[Gordon checks on lamb brought up by Suzanne]
Gordon: Fuck me. [returns to the workstation] Come here, both (Sabrina and Suzanne) of you! It's requested med-rare! All of you, come here! Touch that! Yeah, touch that! Touch that–YOU (Sabrina) TOUCH IT AS WELL!! What is that?!
Suzanne: Medium-well, chef.
Gordon: Medium-well?!
Suzanne: Well-done, chef.
Gordon: Yeah, hey! Overcooked!
Suzanne: (interview) I overcooked liked an entire pan of lamb. Oh, it was terrible!
Gordon: [slams the plates down] Medium-well! And... that's well done. [to Suzanne and Sabrina] Well-done to you! And well-done to you! I can't believe just how inconsistent you are!! Do me a favour: You and you FUCK OFF UPSTAIRS! GET OUT!! Both of you!
Tennille: (interview) Holy shit! He's gonna shut us down!
Gordon: Get out! GET OUT! Tennille! Ariel, come here! I haven't finished yet! Ariel, do the fish and the garnish!
Ariel: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Tennille, you do the meats, yeah?
Tennille: Yes, chef.
Sabrina: (interview) I got heave-hoed out of the kitchen. I'm so embarrassed.

Kevin: (interview; after escaping elimination) We don't want Suzanne (moved to blue team), we don't want her all. But it doesn't matter what jacket Suzanne has all on me. She's going to go home just like anybody else. I will be the last man standing.

Gordon: Andy has had good and bad moments in Hell's Kitchen. Unfortunately, most of them were bad.

Episode Ten [6.10][edit]

[Gordon has found out that Van has brought up 7 scallops instead of 6]
Gordon: Van, come here! Straight away! Two three's are what?
Van: Two three's?
Gordon: Two times three?
Van: Two three's?
Gordon: Two three's are what? Two times three?
Van: (interview) I'm kind of confused on that right now. [to Gordon] What?
Gordon: Van!
Van: I don't understand chef.
Gordon: You don't understand two times three?
Van: (interview) I can count, yes. [to Gordon] Yeah, it's six.
Gordon: So you gave me seven—
Van: I gave you an extra. I'm sorry, it won't happen again.
Gordon: Dumbo!

Gordon: Come on, blue! I want the halibut urgently!
Van: Halibut's coming. [walks up to the pass with yet another attempt at halibut]
Gordon: [touches halibut] Oh, dear, oh dear.
Van: Oh, fuck.
Gordon: Come here, all of you! Just come here! COME HERE! ALL OF YOU! Look, it's not–it's just—
Van: Oh.
Gordon: No, it's not about, "Oh!" IT'S NOT ABOUT THAT!! [slams fist on raw halibut]
Dave: (interview) Oh... dammit! Halibut splurged all over my face. And I have little, tiny bits of halibut in my eyes.
Van: (interview) I don't know why I keep fucking up on fish, and that's what I do. You know what I mean?
Gordon: [to Van] When I'm thirty seconds under, I'm fucking fine, but that's about four minutes away! Look at me! Twice on the trot!
Van: Yes, chef.
Dave: (interview) This halibut sets the team back big time. Van, what's up with that, dude? I don't know.
Gordon: [to Van] Cook it properly!
Van: Yes, CHEF!

[Sabrina brings halibut to the pass, and Gordon finds it raw in the middle]
Gordon: Oh, no. Sabrina, come here! Ariel, come here! Tennille, right now, come here! [to Sabrina] Put down the pan!
Sabrina: Yes, chef!
Gordon: It'll look great on an exhibition. [breaks apart the halibut] There we go, yeah? It's rarer than a sushi bar. [angrily throws towel] Fuck off!
Sabrina: I got another one.
Tennille: (interview) It was raw and ice-cold in the middle! Absolutely ice-cold!
Gordon: They went out flipping on the plate, 'cause it's so raw.
Sabrina: Yes, chef.
Sabrina: Sorry, chef! (interview; sighs) How embarrassing!
Sabrina: I didn't mean to, chef! I'm sorry!
Gordon: It's not even thirty seconds away! That's what fucks me off! Yeah, fuck it. Fuck it. [to Sabrina] Hey!
Sabrina: Yes, chef.
Gordon: If it makes you feel any better, he's (Van) just as fucking bad! He can't cook a halibut either! Yeah, both kitchens can't cook a halibut. [walks back into the blue kitchen] Hey, Van! Come here! [to Sabrina] Hey, you! Hey, madam, come here!
Sabrina: (interview) Oh, no. When Chef calls you up, you know it's bad.
Sabrina: (interview) This can't be good.
Dave: (interview) I'm getting sick of getting shut down because we couldn't get that halibut up! It's ridiculous!

Gordon: Sabrina wanted to be the head chef in Whistler. Now all she needs to do is take those red lips and whistle on out of here.

Episode Eleven [6.11][edit]

[Dave and Suzanne are about to leave for their lunch with Ramsay as their reward, while the others have to prep the kitchen for tonight's service.]
Van: [to Dave] Be good, have fun!
Dave: Thanks, man.
Van: (interview) Dave hates Suzanne, and they're going on a date.
Dave: [to Suzanne] Ladies first.
Van: (interview) Dave and Suzanne sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

Gordon: Van, so you started to sear on the sea bass. Come here! Quick and you leave it there! You're searing a sea bass!
Van: It's big.
Gordon: LISTEN TO ME!!!
Van: Yes, chef.
Gordon: We haven't sent the appetizers!
Gordon: [to Van] Hey! I'm watching you like a horn fucking eagle! Poissonier! Let's go.
[Van begins to cook scallops]
Van: Coming up, chef.
Gordon: Scallops!
Van: Coming right now, chef. [beads of sweat fell on his scallops]
Gordon: Van! VAN!!! NO, NO, STOP!!! Come here, you're sweating in the food!
Van: It's hot, chef.
Gordon: I know it's fucking hot!! [throws his spoon down] YOU'RE SWEATING IN THE FOOD!!!
Van: (interview) Man, I was sweating my ass off. [flashback of sweat fell on his scallops] I own there to win the food.
Gordon: [to Van] What's wrong with you? Serve them? By the way, you can touch on there that one. Look at me, help me out of here!
Van: (interview) I'm not going to bust my ass, bro. I'm sweating my ass off! [to Gordon] I'm working that I can do for you chef.
Gordon: You're sweating in the food, Van.
Van: (interview) He makes me look like a bitch constantly.

[Gordon finds a lettuce burning on Ariel's station]
Gordon: [gets Ariel's garnish pan] Just stop! Come here, come here. ALL OF YOU, COME HERE!!
Dave: Yes, chef!
Gordon: [points to Ariel] You!
Ariel: I'm sorry, chef. I turned around for a minute.
Gordon: Look!
Ariel: (interview) That lettuce, I didn't even know that fucking burner was on! [to Gordon] I'm sorry, chef.
Gordon: What the fuck are you doing?!
Ariel: (interview) Obviously, I wasn't intentionally cooking the lettuce!
Gordon: In front of your fucking eyes!! [throws the pan in the bin]
Ariel: (interview) I just got this jacket. I told myself, "When you get to that black jacket, do not fuck that shit up..."
Gordon: This is not possible!
Ariel: (interview) ...and this is what I did.
Ariel: Yes, chef.
Gordon: [holds up a piece of burnt lettuce] WHO THE FUCK'S GOING TO EAT THAT?!! [throws it in the bin]

[After Ariel burned the lettuce, Gordon has reached his breaking point]
Gordon: Scott, clear out, come here. Fuck off. Fuck me. [he and Sous Chef Scott exits the kitchen and restaurant]
Van: Is that it? Or what?
Gordon: Fuck that. Absolutely fuck that.
Scott Leibfried: Not worth it.
Gordon: Fuck them.
Dave: What the hell is going on here?
Gordon: Can't take it any more. I cannot take it any more. Un-fucking real. Oh, fuck me. That's a first.
Jean-Philippe: They're gone. So, are they coming back?
Gordon: I can't take it anymore. Oh, dear.

[Gordon and Sous Chef Scott return to the kitchen; Gordon calls Van, Ariel and Suzanne to the pass]
Gordon: [to Kevin in the dining room] Kevin, now.
Kevin: (interview) Oh, shit. Here we go.
Gordon: Urgently, Kevin. Let's go. [Kevin enters the kitchen] I've never done that. No one's ever pushed me that far to fucking just disappear in my own fucking restaurant. Nobody! [to Van, Ariel and Suzanne] You, you, you. Fuck off, will you, yeah?! Get out of here! Just get out! All of you!

[Ariel, Suzanne, and Van return to the dorms after getting kicked out]
Van: (interview) Fuck that shit! I'm done, bro! I got no TIME for this shit! I'm a FUCKING MAN! Don't fucking treat me like a little BITCH! This shit ain't real! [sits down with Suzanne and Ariel] Fuck 'em.
Suzanne: [to Van] Why are you so pissed?
Van: Because he's (Gordon) riding my fucking dick 24/7 in here!
Ariel: (interview) I'm worried about Van. He's seriously fucked in the head right now.
Van: (interview) I'm working my FUCKING DICK in the dirt, and I'm getting screamed and yelled at from some psychotic British motherfucker all the time! I–I'm losing it, man. I'm losing it. I don't give a fuck anymore, man. [to Ariel and Suzanne] Fuck all y'all! (interview) I can't fucking take it! I'm done! DONE! [walks out of the living room] Fuck you, fuck this. (interview) It's a total mind-fuck right now, but... I'm not a quitter. I know I wanna be here. I just gotta keep fighting.

Gordon: Van may have been a poissonier, but his performance on fish was anything but Vantastic.

Episode Twelve [6.12][edit]

Dave: Is there anything new on cold apps? Like, salads or anything?
Tennille: No. [to herself] What a fucking idiot.
Gordon: I don't care if you guys don't love each other. Right now in this kitchen, you're gonna give some attention to detail and work as a team, yes?
Dave: Yes, chef. (interview) I personally can't stand Tennille, but I will never bring conflict onto the kitchen floor. Never.
Gordon: Where's the scallops?! [claps]
Tennille: [to Suzanne] You got two scallops?
Suzanne: No. You need to give me a proper time!
Gordon: Oh, fucking hell. You've got to talk to each other!
Suzanne: Give me three minutes on two scallops. (interview) Tennille, it's her job to tell me to drop scallops. If you don't tell me, well then you fucked up because I'm listening to you.
Tennille: What do you need over here? Dave, watch my back, please.
Dave: Yeah.
Suzanne: I need these scallops down.
Gordon: Don't do this to me, guys, yeah? I asked you for fucking two scallops and to talk and communicate.
Suzanne: [to Tennille] Alright, put it down.
Gordon: Two scallops, one truffle salad, one tortellini! Let's go!

[Gordon checks Tennille's re-fired risotto with Sous Chef Scott]
Gordon: It has gone mushy. Why is that?
Scott Leibfried: I don't know. She's overcooking it.
Gordon: [returns to workstation] Tennille!
Tennille: Yes, chef!
Gordon: It's gone mushy now! I don't know what you're doing, but you gotta see what's happening on here!
Tennille: Fucking A! (interview) Usually I'm the risotto wizard! What's going on here?!
Gordon: Look! [plates overcooked risotto] Who cooked the rice today?!
Kevin: [pause] I cooked the rice, chef!
Gordon: Yeah, come here! All of you! Look! All bitty, mushy, grainy... Yeah?! Look! Underneath all that muck, that's supposed to be a risotto! [angrily drops plate] No way! No way!
Dave: (interview) Kevin made a terrible error, but Tennille should've picked up right away that that risotto was shit, man. Shame on Kevin, shame on Tennille.
Kevin: I overcooked it, chef.
Gordon: [picks up a handful of rice] But if you overcook it, we don't use it, Kevin!
Kevin: (interview, shrugs) I fucked it up. There's no blunt way to say it. I fucked it up.
Ariel: I can start more rice, chef.
Kevin: Please.
Suzanne: Oh, there's one up here. [runs to the pantry]
Gordon: Tennille.
Tennille: Yes, chef.
Gordon: I wanna see the grains of rice on there! I want a stunning fucking risotto!
Tennille: Understood, chef.
Gordon: You guys have been doing this in your sleep!
Suzanne: [brings tray of rice] This is fine! This stuff is good!
Gordon: So if that stuff's good, why were we using the shit stuff?! That's my question! [to Tennille] How can you perfect a risotto if you haven't got the perfect rice?
Tennille: Understood, chef.
Gordon: And my question to him (Kevin) is why if he overcooked it, why is he stuck on your section?!
Kevin: I set it up, chef. I overcooked it, I...
Gordon: I'm aware of that, Kevin!
Tennille: Kevin, it was my fault!
Gordon: I have one fucking rule in here! Anything overcooked hits the fucking trash!
Tennille: (interview) Kevin should've known better, I should've known better. We look like a bunch of idiots.
Gordon: One, two, three, four, five of you left here! You've all made a perfect risotto before, and I can't even see a grain of rice on there! [angrily throws bin] COME ON, GUYS!
Kevin: Alright, alright, alright.
Gordon: Kevin! Haven't you got a base here? There's the standard here, and that's the line of not up to standard, we don't cook it! Why haven't you got that?! TELL ME!
Tennille: (interview) Man! Chef was on Kevin like white on risotto, man!
Gordon: [to Kevin] You're one of the most technical chefs in this kitchen today!
Tennille: (interview) Just over and over and over again!
Kevin: I fucked up the risotto, chef!
Kevin: Yes, chef. Understood. (interview) I fucked it up. There you go. What more do you want from me?

Gordon: [checks chicken brought by Ariel] Is that red to you? Pink, yeah? That's not cooked. [throws chicken across workstation] Just stop! Just all of you, stop! All of you! DAVE!
Dave: Yes, chef.
Gordon: [points at Tennille] Shit fucking overcooked rice, and now I've been given pink bloody fucking chick— [Ariel tries to touch a chicken breast] Hold on! Yeah, while you dive in there...
Ariel: I just wanted to feel it!
Gordon: ...I'm gonna show you. Yeah, look. That's cooked... and that one there is raw. RAW!! [kicks bin] SHIT! I DON'T SERVE PINK CHICKEN, ARIEL!!
Ariel: Sorry, chef! I need one minute! (interview) It's so frustrating, dammit! I don't wanna ever disappoint him like that. I hate disappointing him, it pisses me off!
Gordon: Ariel!
Ariel: Yes, chef, one minute out!
Gordon: One minute out?!
Kevin: (interview) I mean, Ariel, fuck! I mean, it's chicken and lamb! That's all you got to do! Easiest station there is, it's the meat station.
Gordon: Kevin, fresh fucking garnish!
Kevin: Fresh garnish heard! (interview) And then, I get hosed on garnish, 'cause then I have to do re-do it.
Ariel: Coming to the pass right now.
Kevin: (interview) I thought Ariel was a lot better than that.

Gordon: [breaks apart John Dory brought by Suzanne] Oh, fucking hell. Suzanne! [returns to workstation; Kevin lowers his head and sighs] Oh, is it fucked? Is it [throws towel] FUCK?! [to Suzanne] Come here, yeah! It's your turn now! There you go. Just–just touch that. [to Dave] Don't run away! Really important, you! Just touch that! There's fucking fish hotter than that in a fucking sushi bar! [angrily throws John Dory on the floor] RAW! SHIT!!
Kevin: (interview) First, Ariel sends raw chicken. Now, Suzanne's sending up... sushi. These girls just can't cook! [to Suzanne] Come on, Suzanne. Pick it up, would ya?
Suzanne: Sorry, dude.
Kevin: Don't be sorry. Just do your job. (interview) She's down to the final five. She should know enough to fucking cook a piece of fish.
Gordon: You have to take the spoon and you baste the fucking thing inside! Then you roll it around, and you stand it, and then you baste it, and you baste it, and you BASTE IT! SHIT!
Kevin: [to Suzanne] Keep basting that thing over and over and over.
Suzanne: (interview) I really don't feel very good about myself right now. I know I can do better than this. Raw food is like number one no-no in the kitchen.
Gordon: I'm shitting myself! We are so inconsistent, WE'VE GOT NO IDEA!
Suzanne: Four minutes out.
Gordon: Oh, my God. This is not fucking possible. It cannot be possible. It cannot be possible, it's not physically possible, and it's just not fucking normal.
Suzanne: Sorry! I'm sorry! Chef, I'm sorry.

Gordon: Where's the lamb?
Suzanne: Push it, push it, guys! Come on!
Ariel: [walks up to the pass] Lamb's coming to the pass, chef!
Gordon: [flips lamb piece over] Oh, my God! [returns to workstation] Ariel!
Ariel: Yes, chef!
Gordon: What are you doing to this?
Ariel: Nothing, chef.
Kevin: (interview) Ariel's sending fucking lamb that's raggedy. I mean, it's ridiculous. It's painful to watch. [sighs]
Gordon: Just–just–just hold that. And come here a minute, madam. Come here a minute.
Ariel: Yes, chef. [follows Gordon into the dining room]
Gordon: Come here! Before you get the fuck out of here, answer me one fucking question.
Ariel: Yes.
Gordon: [gives Ariel a piece of badly cut lamb] Would you send that if you were standing at Araxi?
Ariel: What? I'm sorry. I thought one of these was—
Gordon: Would you send that lamb if you were standing at the Araxi restaurant in Whistler on the hotplate?!
Ariel: No, chef.
Gordon: Tell me!
Ariel: No, chef!
Ariel: (interview) It was very embarrassing in front of all the diners. He calls me out in the middle of service, and he's like, "Is this good enough?" You know the answer is no.
Kevin: Come on, guys. Let's pick it up.
Gordon: Hey, Kevin. You wonder why I go a little bit fucking doolally? It's in front of you. Just all taking place naturally! Oh, fuck me. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! Every FUCKING TABLE I'm getting screwed!
Kevin: Ariel, let's go.
Gordon: We're getting fucked, 'cause her (Ariel) fucking lamb's not ready!
Ariel: Doing it right now, chef!
Gordon: Oh, fuck me. All of you, come here! RIGHT NOW, COME HERE!
Tennille: (interview) Chef's been screaming his head all night. So right now, I'm scared shit-less.
Gordon: Now, I'm fucking serious. I am NOT gonna bust my balls to send one lamb, one chicken, one bass, one halibut, and then the rest of the fucking table! Either you GET IT TOGETHER RIGHT NOW, OR FUCK OFF!!
Ariel & Kevin: Yes, chef!

Gordon: Suzanne had a red jacket, she had a blue jacket, she had a black jacket. Now she has no jacket.

Episode Thirteen [6.13][edit]

[Gordon finds out that the sea bass brought by Tennille is overcooked and burnt on the bottom]
Gordon: What is that? What's all the burnt bits in there?
Tennille: It's–it's the... The part from the top, chef.
Gordon: It's the part from the top? What've you done to this? Come on.
Tennille: (interview) Gordon Ramsay wants absolute perfection, but that damn bass, man! People don't realize that bass can mean the death of you!
Gordon: Tennille, you're just cooking your fish too fast, no control! I want it evenly cooked all the way through, not panicked cooked! I look at that, and it breaks my heart! I don't know how the fuck you're cooking! Look, come here a minute! That's raw! Yeah, that's not cooked well. It's broken up, dry.
Ariel: (interview) Come on. We're all waiting on you. Like, seriously. You gotta get your shit together!
Gordon: [to Tennille] There you go. That's the stuff on the bottom? Where's that going? [grabs a pan on top of the oven] Where's this one going?
Kevin: (interview) There was just burnt pans, there was fish just thrown all over the place. I don't know what Tennille was doing.
Gordon: Look, look. Show some composure! [pause; walks to the back of the blue kitchen] Hey, guys, come here! Tennille, they're not even seared, properly! This is the example, look! [picks up sea bass] That's what I've been given!
Dave: (interview) It looked like a shriveled up little piece of leather. Like, I—I don't know how she made it this far!
Gordon: I'm told the black shit at the bottom has to do with the bits on top. [throws pan across workstation] Fuck off, guys.
[Tennille sighs and shakes her head during her confessional]
Tennille: I'll re-fire it, guys.

Gordon: Where the fuck is the halibut? Tennille, two halibut, how long?!
Tennille: Two halibut, six minutes, chef.
Gordon: Six minutes?!
Dave: (interview) Are you kidding me, Tennille?! I just got this all lined up. He told me two minutes, and now you're going back to six minutes? You're making me insane!
Gordon: Oh, come on! You can't go back! You're telling us a time, Tennille...
Tennille: Yes, chef!
Gordon: ...and then you're reneging on the time!
Dave: I cut my lamb!
Gordon: He's cut the fucking thing! You're standing here, look! Come here, madam! COME HERE! QUICKLY! [takes Tennille into the pantry] YOU'RE SERIOUSLY STARTING TO PISS ME OFF! [slams door] I'VE HAD ENOUGH! You're not even talking to the team, Tennille!
Tennille: Chef, I am talking to them! I'm fucking trying!
Gordon: I'm telling you now, I'm not disputing the trying! Please get it together, but don't give up!
Tennille: I'm not! I can do this! (interview) I'm not giving up. I know in my heart I deserve to be here. I'm a fighter! I am a fighter!
Gordon: Big deep breath, come on!
Tennille: No, I am not giving up, chef!
Gordon: Yeah, how about talking to your brigade, then?!
Tennille: Yes, chef! I got a sea bass and halibut coming up, guys!

[After dinner service, the final four meet with Chef Ramsay in the kitchen]
Gordon: I'm going to get straight to the point. One thing that did make me happy: Tonight was the fact that we did work as a team. We started off talking, communicating, and it was a bit of a dream come true. Even when we made mistakes, we still had that bond of a team, yes? [pause] But, Dave...I've never ever, ever seen a chef suffer with that amount of pain.
[Flashback to when Dave felt his broken wrist crack and left the kitchen to deal with the pain]
Gordon: I'm deeply concerned that you may not be able to continue in this competition.
Dave: [pause] Chef, I can pull through this. I feel fine now. I would not lie to you, chef. I respect you too much to lie to you. I feel fine! [holds up his good arm] This-this hand is fine. Like, I'm fine! I'm fine! I feel good, I feel strong! Please don't take me outta this. Unless you think I'm not a good enough chef, then take me out. But not because of my wrist.
Gordon: [pause] I hear you. But I'm watching you carefully. [Dave nods] Okay. Tennille.
Tennille: Yes, chef.
Gordon: You had a bad service. And... I'm gonna be really honest now. I don't want any nominations. [to Tennille] I don't wanna prolong your agony. Come here, madam. [Tennille hangs her head] Take off your jacket... and leave Hell's Kitchen.
Tennille: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Listen to me. I am so proud of you! [Tennille starts crying as she gives Gordon her jacket] You fought back like I've never ever seen anybody in Hell's Kitchen fight back! And you are an amazing competitor, and you have got a massive heart. You're young. Now use that experience and do some good with it.
Tennille: Thank you. [Ariel walks over to Tennille to give her a hug] You guys are awesome. [Dave and Kevin join in a group hug] You guys are awesome. Thank you so much.
Kevin: Take care, Tennille.
Tennille: Thank you! [gives Gordon a high five]
Gordon: The greatest comeback. You never forget that!
Tennille: No way!
Gordon: Head up high!
Tennille: Always, chef! [she and Kevin smile and point at each other] (interview) When I first came to Hell's Kitchen, I knew absolutely nothing about fine dining. It's hard not to let your nerves get to you. I got into it with Chef Ramsay... but I fought back. When somebody kicks you, stomps you, throws you down and says, "You're not good enough"... never give up. Never give up. Chef Ramsay comes across people left and right. For him to take the time to say, "Hey, you. You're a great chef, keep going"... that's all he needed to say.

Episode Fifteen [6.15][edit]

Gordon: Dave has a very natural ability and a very sophisticated palate. He fought through excruciating pain and excelled and went on to win Hell's Kitchen. He's gonna be an amazing asset to the Araxi Grill and Bar in Whistler and I'd like to wish him the best of luck, but honestly, I don't think he'll need it.

Season 7[edit]

Episode One [7.01][edit]

[At a press conference Gordon is holding before the Signature dish challenge]
Gordon: I want to officially guarantee that we will complete the opening night dinner service at Hell's Kitchen!
Jason Ellis: (interview) Oh, man! Has he lost his damn mind? Why would you promise that?
Autumn: (interview) I'm like, thinking to myself, I don't know how we're going to do that. It's never been done before.
Gordon: Is that clear?
Contestants: Yes, chef!
Gordon: I can't hear you, is that clear?
Contestants: YES, CHEF!

[Signature dishes; among the sixteen chefs is Tana Ramsay in disguise.]
Gordon: Okay, so there are few out there who are executive chefs, right? [Jay and Siobhan raises their hands] Okay, good. There was one I seem to remember, you (points to Tana) with the glasses.
Tana: Yes, chef.
Gordon: What do you do for a living?
Tana: I'm a mom, but I'm a cookbook author.
Gordon: Never worked in a restaurant?
Tana: No, chef.
Gordon: Okay, let's start from the bottom. Bring your dish.
Fran: [whispering] Oh, geez.
Gordon: Apart from looking like a baby vomit, what is that?
Tana: It's a veal scallopini.
Gordon: (tastes the dish) Oh, God. (to the lady) Listen to me. That dish... was delicious.
Tana: [smiles] Thank you, chef.
Gordon: I mean, I'm shocked. It may looked slightly dull and boring, a little bit like you. But well done! [the chefs laugh] Don't look so nervous.
Tana: You're scary.
Gordon: I'll give you a hug, yeah? Right. Relax, relax, relax.
Maria: (interview) That is not his side. He doesn't just hug people. He's not that type of person. He's not personable at all.
Gordon: What a great start! If this is the sight of things to come, well done! Thank you! [kisses her on her cheeks] God, it was good! [kisses her on her lips; the chefs were shocked and started laughing]
Holli: I wanted to be first! [the others laugh]
Jamie Bisoulis: (interview) Chef Ramsay, you're a little slutty.
Siobhan: (interview) I was just so stunned, Chef Ramsay really did like that dish.
Gordon: That was fucking amazing. [chefs laugh again; to the chefs] Listen to me, before we go any further: this person is not who you think she is. [Tana removes her glasses] This person is... my wife. [Tana removes her disguise] Tana. (to Tana) Take that off. [chefs gave her an applause]
Jay: (interview) Thank God it's his wife. He just like, licked her teeth.
Gordon: [to Tana] A job well done. [kisses her again]
Jay: (interview) What a filthy bastard!
Gordon: [to the chefs] The point I'm trying to make is that I don't give two fucks about how much experience you've got. What I do care about, if who has the magic, who has it? She definitely has it. [to Tana] Well done, my darling.
Tana: Thank you. [to the chefs] Good luck to you all.
Gordon: Thank you, for helping to make my point. Thank you.

Gordon: [looking at Holli's signature dish] Now what the fuck is that thing there?
Holli: Halibut wrapped in a banana leaf.
Gordon: And that's is your signature dish? [throws away the leaf]
Holli: It's a... like a classic Indian dish.
Gordon: I've been to India, I haven't seen food like that.
Holli: It's Northern Indian.
Gordon: Northern Indian?
Holli: I believe... Yeah, I believe Northern Indian. I believe it has...
Gordon: [tastes and spits it out] Ugh!
Holli: I messed it up a bit.
Gordon: You messed it up a bit?
Holli: Yes, I did.
Gordon: You're being polite! [dumps the dish in the trash] Holli, that was a disaster.

[Mikey and Siobhan remove the lids from their signature dishes]
Gordon: Now... [pause; to Mikey] what the fuck's going on with your hair? [Mikey swipes his mohawk] Do you mind if I touch it? Is it... [touches Mikey's hair] Oh, it doesn't get—Holy crap! What is that?
Mikey: Wax, chef.
Gordon: Wax?!
Mikey: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Did you fall in it? [Mikey laughs with some of the contestants] What's with the tattoos? How many do you have?
Mikey: Uh, quite a few, chef. My latest one, chef... [pulls up bottom of shirt]
Gordon: Oh, shit.
Holli: Oh, wow!
Nilka: Wow.
Maria: Oh, my God!
Nilka: Wow!
[Cut back to Mikey, who is revealed to have a Hell's Kitchen logo tattooed on his stomach]
Jay: (interview) I have just one word, and it's "what-the-fuck."
Gordon: Clearly dedicated. Let's see if you can execute. What is that?
Mikey: Brie stuffed with lobster.
Gordon: [after tasting dish] Looks a mess... but it tastes delicious.
Mikey: Thank you, chef.

Gordon: [looking at Andrew's dish] Now, what is that?
Andrew Forster: Steak Tartare. [licks his lips] I guess the inspiration from that came from the fact that I've raised and butchered my own animals and I like to eat them raw. [the other chefs are shocked by this fact] (interview) When I win this competition, I'm going to buy two walk in coolers. That's all I want is two walk in coolers.
Gordon: Do you do some form of Hell's Kitchen Hannibal Lecter?
Andrew Forster: Maybe. (interview) Then I can start butchering animals which is what I like to do.
Gordon: [tastes the tartare] Bland. What a shame. [to Nilka] Okay, Nilka, why did you become a chef?
Nilka: I love cooking. That is my passion. (interview) I'm a single mom with three kids. I want to teach my kids that in order to get something in life, you have to go for it. I know I'm going to win Hell's Kitchen. I will not settle for less.
Gordon: And this is your...
Nilka: My sweet and spicy wings.
Gordon: So, chicken wings?
Nilka: Uh-huh. This is an old family favorite.
Gordon: [bites into a wing] Fucking hell, they're hot. My lips are fucking burning!
Nilka: I apologize, chef.
Gordon: How much Tabasco did you put in there?
Nilka: Um, half a bottle.
Gordon: Half a bottle of Tabasco?!
Fran: [whispering] We're screwed.
Nilka: I apologize.
Gordon: [drinks water and spits it out] Jesus shit!
Siobhan: Holy shit!
Gordon: That's going to blow your fucking arsehole out! Burned my mouth. Nobody gets a point. But the men win. Congratulations, well done.

Gordon: [looking at Jamie's dish] What is that?
Jamie: It's a cream of chicken kiev.
Gordon: What in the fuck is that?
Jamie: That... That is the toothpick. Please don't eat that.
Gordon: Can you imagine if that hit someone's throat?
Jamie: (interview) I'm a little embarrassed.
Gordon: I'm not even going to taste it.
Jamie: (interview) Pretty much... a lot embarrassed.
Gordon: Okay. Scott, what is the dish?
Scott: You have a duck breast, parsnips in star anise. (interview) It'll be a struggle for me to be a cook amongst other cooks because I've been accustomed to being a chef amongst cooks. I would be embarrassed to finish second place.
Gordon: I mean it's, you know...rather pathetic. There's not one appetizing ingredient. [to Jamie and Scott] No one's won that one. Fuck off, both of you.

Gordon: So how long have you been cooking?
Salvatore: I've been a pizza chef for 21 years, chef.
Gordon: And where are you from?
Salvatore: Naples, Italy, chef.
Gordon: How long have you been in the U.S.?
Salvatore: 21 years.
Gordon: 21 years? Holy crap! How come the accent's so strong?
Salvatore: For woman.
[The ladies start smiling and giggling]
Jason: Oh my God.
Salvatore: Girls like in America, so I kept it.
Gordon: Okay. So what is this?
Salvatore: It's bucatini amatriciana.
Gordon: And you made the bucatini?
Salvatore: No, I didn't make it, chef.
Gordon: An Italian that doesn't make his own pasta? From Naples? [takes a bite of pasta] Is that normally undercooked like that? Embarrassing!

[Gordon checks on potatoes brought up by Fran]
Gordon: Un-fucking-believable. Look at this. I got bits of fucking no cooking, overcooked and that one there, look. I can't even describe that one there! Come on, ladies! Fuck off, will you?
Fran: (interview) Now, he can make you dizzy. Oh, my God. Why did I sent that up to him like that.
Gordon: How long for the potatoes? [Fran doesn't answer]
Holli: Time for the potatoes, Fran.
Gordon: She's not even answering me.
Fran: Two minutes, chef!
Gordon: Oh, my God.

Narrator: While the red team gets a pep talk from Autumn, over in the blue kitchen, Chef Ramsay looks for Benjamin to maintain Hell's Kitchen's standards.
Gordon: Hey, guys, get a grip. And you start tasting stuff huh?
Benjamin: Yes, chef. [tastes the risotto and puts the spoon back in it]
Gordon: Oh, fuck me. Hey, Benjamin!
Benjamin: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Come here! There's customers standing right over there.
Benjamin: Yes, chef.
Gordon: You're tasting the food and putting the spoon back in it!
Benjamin: Yes, chef. (interview) I stirred it. I tasted it. I stirred it again instead of dropping my spoons in the water.
Gordon: You can't stand there and eat the food and dip all your fucking saliva in there and then serve it! I'm not serving that!
Benjamin: Throw it away, let's start again.
Narrator: Benjamin's performance has left a bad taste in Chef Ramsay's mouth. Meanwhile, Fran works on her lobster risotto.
Fran: [cooking the lobster risotto] It's got lobster right? Okay, lobster. Here we go. I think we're good there. [Gordon looks at the "lobster"] Yes, sir? That's lobster, no?
Gordon: That's crab! SHIT!
Fran: Fuck!
Gordon: You're putting the crab in the lobster risotto!
Fran: (interview) I put the crab by accident. We switched the things. Yeah, I made a mistake but give me a break!
Gordon: Can someone explain to Fran what the fuck a lobster looks like?!
Autumn: (interview) I don't know how Fran is gonna explain her performance tonight. I mean her 30 years of experience, I'm guessing wasn't in this type of restaurant?
Fran: I'm sorry!
Autumn: Alright, everybody stop what you're doing, and concentrate.
Fran: (interview) Autumn, I saw her true colors today. She wasn't part of the team; we're all sweating our ass off and she's sitting there sitting pretty.
Narrator: It's 45 minutes into dinner service and Chef Ramsay's guarantee to serve every customer is in danger.
Nilka: [serving tableside] Just be patient and he'll get the entrées out.
Narrator: He's hopeful that Jamie's first entrée will get things rolling in the right direction.
Gordon: What in the fuck is that?
Jamie: More in the oven, chef, right?
Gordon: Oh, leave me alone. Leave me fucking alone. [slams the beef on the stove] Just touch that there. Just all of you put your fingers on there!
Maria: Cold, chef.
Gordon: Yeah, there you go.
Maria: Yes, this is very cold.
Gordon: Come here you, touch it! It's like cold cream on a fucking hot steak! [Maria laughs; Gordon stares at her] Maria, madam. Let me tell you something, there's nothing right now to laugh about. [points to Fran] I can't get sautéed potatoes. And there, you [points to Stacey], she's on her third time cooking scallops, and you think it's funny?
Maria: But...you're right. You're right. [laughs again]
Gordon: Now she's laughing again. What's funny then? Maria.
Maria: Chef, nothing's funny.
Gordon: You're not laughing, no? You're seeing things. Come here a minute! Jamie–Hey, Fran, come here. You come here. Hey: you, you, you, fuck off out of here! We'll finish the service. GET OUT! You (Siobhan) on meat!
Fran: Chef, I'm not leaving my team, chef!
Gordon: I'm telling you, if you don't get out, I'll drag you out! Get upstairs to the dorm! Videos, recipes, demos, it's a fucking joke!

[Mikey brings halibut up to the pass after being rushed by Scott Hawley]
Gordon: Fuck off! Mikey, come here! COME HERE!!! [kicks the bins] There you go, raw fucking halibut! [smashes it] Shit!
Mikey: (interview) Chef Ramsay dynamites the thing right in front of us. There was like halibut shrapnel all over us.
Mikey: (interview) Scott was making me look bad. [to Gordon] Yes, chef.
Gordon: RAW!!

Narrator: An hour and a half into dinner service, with the red diners enjoying their entrees, Chef Ramsay is eager to send out Benjamin and Salvatore's final appetizers.
Gordon: Capellini, two risotto, one scallops. How long?
Benjamin: Five minutes chef.
Gordon: Five minutes? Get your rice in there!
Benjamin: Yes, chef.
Gordon: You're cooking the risotto with no fucking rice in there! How's that possible?
Benjamin: It's not possible, chef.
Gordon: The fucking rice has to go in before the stock!
Benjamin: Yes, chef.
Salvatore: (interview) Benjamin, the kind of fucking chef. He can't even cook a fucking risotto. He's a "chef".
Gordon: What's Salvatore doing? Put it down. It's a cold pan. You got to get the pan hot first. This is basic now!
Salvatore: Yes, chef.
Gordon: You can't put fucking cold food into a cold pan. It absorbs the olive oil. So at the center of the potato, it's like eating a mouthful of grease!
Salvatore: Yes, chef. Sorry chef.
Gordon: There's two of you on there. [Benjamin and Salvatore looks down] How long? [Benjamin looks at Gordon and then looks back down without responding]....He's not even listening! [calls out Salvatore and Benjamin] Hey, do me a fa - come here you! Hey, you as well. [calling out to blue haired Jay] Hey, where's fucking... Smurf? SMURF!! Come here, you. You and you, fuck off will you? Get out! Piss off!! I'm not going to stand here and struggle time after time!
Salvatore: (interview) I don't know what happened. I got lost with the freaking appetizers.
Gordon: Fuck off up to the dorm! GET OUT OF HERE!!
Salvatore: (interview) Maybe he don't likes the way I talk. I don't know. He don't likes me, who knows? Maybe he don't likes Italian people!

Gordon: How can I wait nearly two hours for an entrée, now you want five more minutes for the salmon?
Stacey: Three minutes.
Gordon: How long?
Stacey: Three minutes.
Gordon: Three minutes now. Why are you jumping all over the place? Five, three. Tell me!
Stacey: I'm not sure how long it's going to take.
Gordon: You're not sure?
Stacey: No chef.
Gordon: Madam, come here.
Stacey: Yes chef.
Gordon: Right now, I'm not too sure about you! Full fucking stop! Do me one big favor: FUCK OFF OUT OF HERE! Join the rest of them! "I'm not sure!"

[Gordon checks on halibut brought up by Mikey; after finding out that it's still raw, he has had it]
Gordon: Halibut's raw. Unbelievable. Mikey!
Mikey: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Come here! Again, raw fucking halibut! Take that, yeah? Do me a favour: FUCK OFF! GET OUT! Up to the FUCKING dorms! And get your fucking hair done! GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN! What is going on?!!

[Gordon calls both teams to the pass]
Gordon: You guys are fucking USELESS! But I am NOT going to shut this fucking place down! (to the red team) You, you, you, over there (the blue kitchen), work together! DOUBLE UP!
Red team: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Move your arse!
Holli: What do you guys need?
Gordon: Fucking hell. What do we need? Yeah, I need sixteen cooks.

Gordon: It's a good thing Stacey's a private chef, her food wasn't good enough for the public.

Episode Two [7.02][edit]

[During the eggs four way challenge. Siobhan who was to have cooked all four eggs by herself is next]
Gordon: Siobhan by herself. Soft boiled egg, how long did you boil it for?
Siobhan: Um I... I just cook them every day chef so I have a very good grasp of how long they are cooked for.
Gordon: Just answer me the question. How long did you cook it for?
Siobhan: My teammates helped me chef.
Gordon: Your teammates helped you?
Siobhan: Yes chef.
Gordon: I asked you to work on your own. Because I put you out, singled you out thinking that you could cook fucking eggs four ways.
Siobhan: I could and I wanted to.
Gordon: You were working by yourself. So if you wanted to, why didn't you?
Siobhan: Because there was pressure from my team.
Nilka: Are you serious?
Siobhan: Not from my team, from Autumn.
Gordon: Oh, Christ almighty.
Autumn: I just said "Let me give you a hand." I can help you make one of the eggs.
Gordon: Which one of these four eggs did you do?
Siobhan: I did the poached egg chef.
Gordon: So you only poached one egg in five minutes?
Siobhan: I did two poached eggs.
Gordon: One simple instruction, how can I make it any more fucking clearer than that?!
Siobhan: I should've pushed her out of the way and I'm so mad at myself that I didn't. [starts crying] I'm so mad. (interview) I should have not listened to my teammates that were forcing me to do something that I should've known it was wrong to do. And I'm just so mad at myself.
Gordon: Listen, please! You do as I say! Holy Moses!
Narrator: Siobhan failed to follow his instructions and did not work on her own.
Gordon: Is that what you're capable of doing?
Siobhan: No, I'm so mad that I didn't step up and push her out of the way.
Autumn: (interview) Siobhan got flustered and pointed fingers at me. She doesn't have a lot of backbone and under the pressure, she just doesn't know when to shut her mouth.
Gordon: So you're only going to get credited for the ones you did yourself. So, you did the poached egg yes? [tastes egg] That's delicious, one point.
Siobhan: Thank you, chef.
Gordon: Fuck off, yes?

Gordon: Next pair, Fran and Autumn. Let's go. Soft boiled egg, [slices off the top] Hold on a minute. Who cooked this?
Autumn: I did, chef.
Gordon: [tastes] Delicious.
Autumn: Thank you chef.
Gordon: [to Fran] Which one did you cook?
Fran: Scrambled chef.
Gordon: [the scrambled egg is overcooked] Well, that's chopped omelet. Ooh. Sunny side up, [tastes the egg] Not an ounce of salt anywhere. Fucking lazy cooking. [checks the poached egg which is stuck to the plate] Who poached this egg?
Siobhan: I poached that egg chef.
Gordon: Oh, Jesus! One point. Fuck off, will you, yeah? Sorry, plain fucking English.

[The entire red time walks to the dorms as they lost the eggs 4 way challenge]
Nilka: Fucking eggs? Eggs? Fucking eggs, are you fucking shitting me? (interview) Irritating the hell out of me. Like I didn't understand Siobhan's mentality. It doesn't matter what Autumn said, you're supposed to be smart enough to do what you're supposed to do.
Holli: Siobhan...
Maria: Deal with it, move on.
Holli: It doesn't matter.
Sibohan: I just need to cry for a minute.
Holli: Just let it out, but it doesn't matter, because.....
Jamie: Siobhan, don't let this ruin your day.
Siobhan: It's not going to ruin my day if I cry, It will make me feel better. (interview) I'm not going to second guess myself again. Ever!
Nilka: She... she threw us under the bus completely!
Autumn: Here's what happened you guys, I was like "Hey, I can fry your egg for you if you need a hand." and she said "Well, I can poach your egg." (interview) I know in this competition that I'm going to be the fall guy for a lot of things that go wrong. Strong people can take a lot. And I'm ready to take it.
Autumn: Hey, Siobhan, it's alright. It's over, and I'm sorry that you're upset.
Siobhan: I never fall out with anybody I always stand on my two...
'Autumn: No, you weren't following me, that's not what happened.

Gordon: Uh... Blue Jay?
Jay: Yes, Chef?
Gordon: [referring to Salvatore] Run upstairs and get Bozo for me, please.
Jay: Oui, chef.

Gordon: How long?
Autumn: One minute, chef.
Gordon: Why are you sea-- oh, Jesus! She's (Siobhan) cooking it, yet she's (Autumn) seasoning it!
Autumn: No, I just added more salt.
Gordon: [to Siobhan] Come here you! Can you cook me a risotto?
Siobhan: Yes, chef, but she wants to do it and I'm trying and she's--.
Gordon: TELL HER TO GET LOST! You've got to do your dish!
Siobhan: I said that to her, but she keeps going in so I'll have to start again.
Gordon: Oh!
Nilka: Somebody season it, [to Autumn] let her finish her dish. We don't have time for this shit. We've lost three fucking times in a row, we've got to do what we've got do!
Gordon: Oh, fucking hell! [walks into the blue kitchen] Get me out of here!

[Gordon checks on risotto brought up by Mikey]
Gordon: Yeah, rice undercooked, Mikey.
Mikey: (interview) I didn't want it mush. That's one I hate in risottos, it's mush.
Gordon: The rice is fucking crunchy!
Mikey: Yes, chef. (interview) Chef Ramsay has a different outlook on risotto.
Gordon: [calls Scott in the dining room] Carrot-top, hey come here, you! [knocks his hand on the counter] Serve me four more fucking tartare on Table 12 and four more five, please. Urgently.
Scott Hawley: Right away, chef.
Gordon: And apologise for the incompetence of a bunch of dicks!
Scott Hawley: Yes, chef.

[Jean-Philippe returns to the pass with risotto]
Jean-Philippe: An undercooked rice.
Gordon: Oh, fucking hell. [returns to the workstation] Yeah, gold-star! Under-fucking-cooked rice.
Jason Ellis: (interview) Dude, snap back! Get your mind back into the game not just for yourself, but for your fucking team!
Gordon: Yeah, [tastes the risotto and spits it out; to Mikey] young man! The rice is bullet. I'm pissed off! Hurry up, one more! What's going on?! NONE OF YOU ARE TALKING TO ME!! [bangs the overhead] Fucking MAD!! SHIT!!

Gordon: Salvatore!.....That's the wellington cooked perfectly.
Salvatore: Thank you, chef.
Gordon: Where is the fucking chicken?!
Salvatore: [to Jason] The chicken?
Jason Ellis: [slicing it and it's raw] Fuck! Should be ready. Damn!
Ed: Hold it, you got to get that chicken to the window!
Jason Ellis: I got it.
Salvatore: (interview) He's always "I got it. I got it. I got it." You ain't got shit out.
Gordon: [as Jason is cooking the sliced chicken] Where's the fucking chicken? Jason, can you talk to me, please?!
Jason Ellis: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Where's the fucking CHICKEN?!
Jason Ellis: Two minutes chef.
Gordon: [sees Jason pan-frying the chicken; throws a spoon] Oh, fuck off. Is that - oh, fuck off! I'm not cooking like that.
Benjamin: (interview) He was rushing his chicken. The chicken wasn't even ready. Jason's not taking care of business. He totally fucked us.
Gordon: Come here you. So the fucking chicken's raw, yeah, and you're frying it like a fucking first class - look at that. That's your best?!
Jason Ellis: No, chef! (interview) Yes, chef, I fucked the chicken up! He got in my face. I took it like a man. Started over with a brand new chicken.
Gordon: Fine dining?!
Jason Ellis: No, chef!
Gordon: A FINE FUCKING MESS!!! [kicks the bin so hard that it falls over]

[Gordon checks on salmon brought up by Jamie Bisoulis]
Gordon: Oh, God. Why's the salmon coming out like a - ? Hey madam.
Jamie: Yes, ch-chef?
Gordon: Come here! Look, fucking salmon crispy as fuck on the bottom. Because the pan you put them in were like smoking. Like, I'd expect her (Holli) to sear a beef in it. [angrily smashes the salmon] SHIT!!
Jamie: Okay, chef.
Jamie: Re-fire two salmon, one tagliatelle. (interview) Chef Ramsay lost it and just went like Satan on my ass.
Gordon: That wouldn't even pass as fucking kitty cat fucking cat food!
Jamie: (interview) I think I still have some salmon in my ear.
Gordon: You (Holli) aren't even talking to her (Jamie) and Jamie's not talking to fucking Nilka. Can you please get it together?!
Holli: We're talking.
Gordon: So how long then?!
Jamie: Four minutes chef, please?
Holli: Guys, I need seven minutes on the beef.
Jamie: How many minutes?
Gordon: Oh, fucking hell.

Narrator: There's a clear lack of communication in the red kitchen. But over on the blue side, Andrew is having a pleasant conversation...
Andrew Forster: Don't fucking burn. Stay right there. Stay hot.
Narrator: ...with the garnishes?
Andrew Forster: Stay cold. Stay there. [pushes Mikey aside] What the fuck are you doing? Go away. Go away. Go away. Go away!
Ed: (interview) Andrew was doing great on garnishes and then all of a sudden, he flipped his lid and started talking like a maniac.
Mikey: What do you need?
Andrew Forster: What do I need? I need to get out of the fucking weeds! That's what I need! What the hell do you think I need?!
Ed: (interview) I don't know what that was.
Andrew Forster: Tell me how the salmon is. Please talk to me.
Benjamin: Two and a half minutes.
Scott Leibfried: I don't care if I get the salmon last. I want to make sure that the garnish is ready.
Andrew Forster: Holy shit!
Scott Leibfried: Send the fucking plates.
Andrew Forster: Holy shit! Yes chef! Coming over. Coming over. Blue Jay! Come here for a second. Please start bringing these garnishes up or he's gonna fucking kill me.
Gordon: Mash please! Where is it? [Jay brings the mashed potatoes] Why is Jay on the fucking garnish?
Andrew Forster: Holy shit!! Grrrrrrrr!!
[Gordon checks on mash potatoes brought up by Andrew; finds out that it's extremely thin and runny]
Gordon: What's he done?
Scott Leibfried: Potato soup.
Andrew: (to himself) Holy crap, holy crap, holy crap, holy crap!
Gordon: Blue team, come here all of you, a minute. That's you as well, Salvatore! There you go, there's our mashed potato! There you fucking go!
[Andrew takes back the mashed potato, then puts some fresh mashed potato into the same batch]
Gordon: Don't add it - oh, no!
Andrew: [snaps] Why?!
Gordon: Come here, you idiot! Let me fucking explain why!
Andrew: Yes, please do.
Gordon: You've put the thick stuff in, and you add the runny to it.
Andrew: That was a brilliant idea, chef.
Gordon: "That's a brilliant idea, chef!" You think this is funny, don't you?
Andrew: No, I don't think this is funny.
Gordon: So we're serving liquid fucking mashed potato, so I expect you to put that fucking fresh stuff in a pan, and you add the liquid to it! That's not going to make any ounce of difference there, it's gone!
Andrew: That's not true.
Jason: (interview) Man, this guy, damn! He's just crazy!
Andrew: And now you're going to tell me I can't cut up in the sauté pan?
Jason: (interview) Chef Ramsay, he's like the Jay-Z of fucking restaurants! You don't talk back to a man like that!
Gordon: Come here! I'm fucking losing my temper with you. Say that again?
Andrew: So now I've got to take it out of the sauté pan?
Gordon: Yeah, come here, you. Get out!
[Chef Ramsay ushers Andrew out of the kitchen, into the dining area]
Gordon: Yeah, get out.
Andrew: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Yeah, fuck off.
[Chef Ramsay and Andrew are standing in the dining area]
Gordon: You don't care, you've got no respect, and do you know what? You're a fucking joke to the industry.
Andrew: Am I?
Gordon: Yeah, that's what you are! Fuck off! [walks back into the kitchen] That guy's fucking useless.
[Andrew walks through the dining room towards the front exit; Jean-Phillipe catches up to him]
Jean-Phillipe: What's wrong?
Andrew: Nothing's wrong with me, JP.
Jean-Phillipe: What are you doing here?
Andrew: I'm walking out the damn door! What does it look like I'm doing? That man asked me to leave, and you expect me to stay here?
Jean-Phillipe: He's just testing you.
Andrew: Right, and if I walk back in there, I don't want to hear him yelling at me again.
Jean-Phillipe: There are, I don't know how many people which would be willing to be in your shoes now.
Andrew: [kicks his shoes off] You know what, they can take my shoes, JP.
Jean-Phillipe: But...
Andrew: I don't need this! I'm walking out these doors. (interview) Chef Ramsay got pissed at me. I'm sure he looks at me as a little prick. You know, whatever, I don't really care what Chef Ramsay thinks of me. I'm done. Have a nice day.

Jason: (interview) Andrew, I don't know what happened to that cat. Chef Ramsay hit his ass with some fairy dust and made his ass disappear.

Gordon: Okay, the person leaving Hell's Kitchen, for all the right reasons... Mikey! Get your fucking arse up here! [to Mikey after he walks up] You backed your team up, but not just one service, two shit services...
[Flashback of Mikey's two miserable dinner services]
Gordon: ...and I can't work with that.
Mikey: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Take your jacket off. [Mikey gives his jacket to Gordon]
Mikey: (interview outside the restaurant) Chef Ramsay really didn't like my performance. I know I did crappy, but I still got my tattoo of Hell's Kitchen and I wear it with pride. I don't regret a thing coming here and I accept my fate.

Gordon: Mikey was all about appearances. Unfortunately for him, it didn't appear he could cook.

Episode Three [7.03][edit]

[After surviving elimination, Jason confronts his teammates for nominating him while the Red Team watches]
Jason: That shit was not fucking cool! We've been here, we're supposed to be crew! We're supposed to be down for each other! These my brothers in blue?! Don't fuck me because you don't understand me! Don't sit around and plot! [Nilka voices her agreement] We don't do that shit where I'm from!!
Jay: (interview) Jason has a temper, and I think he's starting to get a little ridiculous. [to Jason] You don't think this carries over to the kitchen?
Jason: Get the fuck outta here.
Jay: You're ridiculous to work with. Look at you!
Jason: Am I upfront, outspoken? You're goddamn right! You gonna crucify me for that? (interview) Get the fuck outta here! You're fucking with my life, my wife, my kids. All of our future. [to Jay] I'm not the weakest up in there. I am not. [pushes chair] THAT AIN'T FUCKING ME! AND THEY FUCKING KNEW THAT! They knew that shit!
Nilka: Jason!
Jason: Stop.
Nilka: (interview) Oh, my God! Jason just got fucking out of control.
Jason: I could break this fucking chair right now with my goddamn hands.
Maria: (interview) The boys are pretty screwed up right now. And they're all pissed at each other, and we have 'em right where we want 'em!
Jason: There's nothing you can say to come back and make that shit right. You can't! [Jay shrugs] I'm gone.

[Salvatore is an assistant maître d' for tonight's service and brings tickets to the pass.]
Gordon: Salvatore, show me. Oh my God! What is that? What is that?
Scott Leibfried: Ah, I can't read that.
Gordon: Are you writing in Japanese? Fuck off will you yes?

[Salvatore returns a wellington to the pass]
Gordon: What's wrong with that?
Salvatore: It's that she requested medium well.
Gordon: Yeah, and it's not wrote on the ticket!
Salvatore: Yes chef.
Gordon: It's not on the fucking ticket! What do you want me to do now? Do you want to fuck your team? Go in there, take it to them, there you go.
Salvatore: Now he's going to lose his shit. [walks into the blue kitchen] Guys, please, may I please have a wellington medium well, please? On the fly? Thank you very much.
Gordon: Yeah, basically, it's not even written out on the ticket. So we sent it out perfectly, and it's not your fault, okay?! [to Salvatore] Don't you dare! Hey, hello! Get rid of that plate! Take the fucking plate and fuck off!
Salvatore: (interview) I take and take it, only so many I can take. How much you can take? [walking past JP] Fuck this.
Jean-Philippe: Where are you going?
Salvatore: I'm leaving. (interview) Sooner or later, you start breaking apart. [walks into the dining room and waves at JP]
Jean-Philippe: Salvatore... Salvatore...
Salvatore: (interview) That's it.
Jean-Philippe: Salvatore.
Salvatore: I'm done.
Jean-Philippe: Salvatore, hey do me a favour, don't–don't do that! Salvatore, fight back, young man! [finds Salvatore sitting on a bench] Fight back, man! Hey, listen, I've known Gordon Ramsay for sixteen years.
Salvatore: The humiliation, it's too much.
Jean-Philippe: No, no, no! Just don't take it personal! I mean, he names me so many different ways, yeah? It goes in, it goes out. Because...
Salvatore: I'm done, Jean-Philippe.
Jean-Philippe: No, you're not!
Salvatore: I finish the service and go home tonight. [gets up and starts walking away] I put myself on the chopping block.
Jean-Philippe: Don't do that!
Salvatore: (interview) I know that Jean-Philippe encourage me to at least not give up on my team, but...you know, if team blue do bad, I'll put myself up the chopping block tonight.

Gordon: Where's the halibut?
Siobhan: Right here, chef. [brings her halibut to the pass]
Nilka: Let's push!
[Gordon checks the halibut; finds that it's raw]
Gordon: Dear, oh dear. Siobhan! [returns to the workstation] There you go, come here. Just touch in there, all of you and you as well Jamie.
Siobhan: That's my fault.
Gordon: Yeah, touch FUCKING THAT!! [angrily smashes the halibut] So you're wasting all this time wiping her (Jamie) arse, and making yourself look stupid. Now I've got a raw halibut!
Siobhan: Yes, chef!

Gordon: To be a great chef you need creativity, leadership qualities, and passion. Jamie had passion.

Episode Four [7.04][edit]

Narrator: Siobhan is ready with her second attempt at the crab capellini.
Siobhan: Hot pan. (brings her capellini to the pass; Gordon checks it; finds that it contains lobster again instead of crab)
Gordon: It's the lobster again. (returns to the workstation) I've got lobster in the fucking capellini!
Siobhan: Chef, I pulled the one right here that says crab.
Holli: No, it's not.
Siobhan: It says crab.
Gordon: Look! Look! Come here! (gets some lobster) What are they? Wha-wha-wha-
Siobhan: Oh, yeah. That is lobster.
Gordon: Oh, come on. [shot of Kevin Frazier and his wife at the Chef's Table, laughing] Even though it says "crab", look at it. What is it?
Siobhan: That looks like lobster, chef.
Gordon: That's the second time.
Siobhan: (interview) "Crab" was not crab. It was lobster.
Gordon: Where's the crab?
Siobhan: (interview) It was lobster.
Gordon: Oh.
Siobhan: Here it is, chef. I got it.
Gordon: How can we not spot it twice, Siobhan?
Siobhan: It's my fault, chef. (interview; sighs). [back in the kitchen] It's okay! I can do it!
Narrator: While Siobhan tries to figure out which crustacean belongs on her station...

[Gordon checks on beef brought up by Scott Hawley]

Gordon: Oh, dear. Scott! (returns to the workstation)
Scott Hawley: Yes, chef?
Gordon: All of you, come here!! Just touch that beef. Just touch it, hurry up. (points to Jason) How's that temperature?
Jason: Rare.
Gordon: Yeah? How's that temperature?
Blue team: Rare.
Gordon: (to Scott Hawley) That's fucking rare. I requested it medium!
Scott Hawley: It was medium-rare for me, chef.
Gordon: You're fucking miles off! And each and every one in your fucking team said it's undercooked! Just get it in the oven!!
Scott Hawley: Yes, chef.

[Gordon checks on wellingtons brought up by Scott Hawley]

Gordon: It's fucking raw.
Scott Leibfried: Yeah, that's no good.
Gordon: Everybody, come here a minute! Just touch that! I requested it rare!
Blue team: Raw.
Gordon: There's a big fucking difference between rare and raw! WHAT ARE YOU DOING, SCOTT?! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU ON?
Scott Hawley: Nothing chef.
Jason: (interview) Scott fucked up twice; he destroyed us tonight. He should be gone.
Jay: (interview) Scott tries to be the leader, the best, bla-bla-bla, but that was still mooing.
Gordon: It's bright white fat! It's fucking raw!
Ed: How long, Scott?
Scott Hawley: I need 3 minutes, okay?
Gordon: Fuck off, okay?!

Gordon: After our best service yet, I've decided to give Autumn and Scott another chance. But they better excel or they'll both be gone.

Episode Five [7.05][edit]

[During the pork challenge]
Gordon: What's your dish?
Nilka: (sighs) We have blood sausage with a prune purée.
Gordon: Already you look negative.
Nilka: I'm not pleased with the plate, that's why I don't look happy. I'm really, really not.
[Gordon tastes the dish, then spits it out in disgust]
Gordon: Ugh, that's shit. Who in the fuck chose prunes with blood sausage? Talk to me, red team!
[flashback to Scott Hawley telling Nilka and Fran to cook the prunes with blood sausage. In the present, Maria and Fran point at Scott]
Fran: (interview) It was his decision to put those items together on the plate, and Scott's trying not to own up to it.
Nilka: It went completely wrong.
Gordon: Understatement of the year!
Nilka: (interview) I knew it. I'd rather have just gone up there with an empty plate, like "voilà, chef!"
Gordon: That's a fucking disaster. (throws the plate away)
Maria: D'oh!
Gordon: Right, Benjamin. What is that?
Benjamin: We have a pan-roasted pork loin, drizzled with thyme, star anise and baby bok choi. (interview) The dish that we did was a beautiful dish. The pork was fucking gorgeous.
Gordon: That was delicious. Just... phenomenal.
Benjamin: (interview) I mean, I would have made love to it right there.

[The final round of the pork challenge, with the teams tied 1-1]
Gordon: Maria, what is that?
Maria: You know, when we had sweet potato, I was like, "sweet potato soup," and then ham-hock, and then we do a honey-infused oil. We put another pan over it and let it pressure cook, and like, one sprig again, of thyme, we just let it marinade. Not, like, a lot. At all.
Gordon: Breathe.
Maria: (interview) I don't know, maybe I talk a little too much. I don't know if it's just flat-out a lack of self-control. It's just outrageous. Look at me now, I can't even stop myself.
Gordon: Nice soup. The winning dish? [looks at Maria] Congratulations... [Maria smiles] ...you've just screwed your team! [Maria looks upset] Listen to me. I asked for the ham-hock as the main ingredient. And you're serving me a sweet potato soup garnished with a spoonful of ham-hock? Blue team, congratulations. Back in line!
Maria: (interview) Wonderful. Idiot, I'm an idiot.

[Only few hours before barbecue night service started]
Nilka: [while cooking some chicken] Chicken is frying perfect.
Gordon: [sees what Nilka is doing] Oh, come on. Why are we frying chicken off already? Come here, all of you. Bring me that tray of chicken that's fried off. [Nilka brings the chicken to the pass] This is a barbecue evening, yes? Not a fast food joint. We haven't even got an order yet and you've fried half the fucking chicken! [gets a piece of chicken] Look what you're doing to yourselves. You're fucking yourselves before we even start! (throws the chicken back to the tray)

[Salvatore brings tickets to the pass]
Gordon: Let's go. [reads, finds out that it says DAIGS instead of DATES] Oh Jesus! What is that there? What does that say? Wha–what... You went to school, right?
Salvatore: No, chef.
Gordon: You didn't go to school?
Salvatore: No, chef.
Gordon: What were you doing?
Salvatore: [pause] I came to America because my family needed me, needed money.
Gordon: So what were you doing when you didn't go to school?
Salvatore: Working every day, chef. To help my father and my mom, bills.
Gordon: Thank you for being honest.
Salvatore: I'm always being honest, chef.
Gordon: Just take your time.

[Autumn returns to the pass with burgers]
Gordon: Oh, guys. Come on. What's the matter?
Autumn: They're supposed to be medium and medium-well.
Gordon: Medium and medium-well, yes?
Autumn: Yeah.
Gordon: It's raw. [returns to the workstation] Siobhan, Siobhan, Siobhan. Burger requested medium-well, stone-cold in the middle and it's fucking rare! [throws the burgers in the bin] Fuck off!
Scott: Come on, guys!
Siobhan: Okay, re-fire two burgers.

[Gordon checks on fried chicken brought up by Scott]
Gordon: How long is he cooking this for? Scott, this chicken is like something from outer space. Just feel it a little bit! It's cooked to fuck! It's like something from a leftover fast food joint, Scott! Pathetic.
Siobhan: (interview) Scott's got the most experience, but he still screwed up the whole chicken section. I mean, just a complete disaster.
Gordon: [Scott opens the oven door] Blackened bullshit chicken. [sees Maria next to the open oven] Oh my God. Close the fucking oven door! [goes over to Scott's station and closes the oven door] I don't want a conversation going on with the oven door open. She's (Maria) going to come pass with a fucking pan, walking back and bang! One fucking arm in the fryer, one in the fucking stove! Now STOP IT!!
Scott: Yes, chef.
Fran: (interview) He was working so dangerous, Scott. He should've known better.
Gordon: We never cook with the door open! Health and fucking safety!
Scott: This is the worst fucking night of my life right now. (interview) I feel miserable right now. Thank God nobody got hurt.
Gordon: We're now the most dangerous kitchen in the fucking country!

[Only one minute remaining on the Red team's half of service on Barbecue night, Gordon checks on burgers brought up by Siobhan]
Gordon: Oh, dear. All of you, come here! ALL OF YOU!! [shows Siobhan that the burger is raw]
Siobhan: That's my fault. Completely my fault. It was the last one I did.
Gordon: [repeatedly smashes the burger] IT'S FUCKING RAW!!
Siobhan: I should've asked–I needed more time.
Gordon: STOP! Time's up! Enough is enough! Fucking shut it down!
Siobhan: Fuck.
Scott: (interview) That was just such a fucking joke. I mean, I don't know what else to say.

Gordon: Maria!
Maria: [to Scott] You already have it?
Gordon: MARIA! Where's the ticket?!
Maria: [snatches ticket from Maria's hand] Right here.
Gordon: Come on, then!
Maria: Sorry, chef.
Gordon: Fucking hell! She's so weird!
Maria: [to waitress] You already have a Table 33.
Waitress: Yeah, I have two 33's now. From Holli I got one as well.
Maria: [gasps; to Gordon] Chef! That Table 33, we double took the order, and that's a double order.
Gordon: So, how can you take the same order twice?
Maria: I took it and Holli took it.
Gordon: Are you trying to screw the blue team?!
Maria: No. No way!
Holli: [to diners] Excuse me one second, please.
Gordon: Unbelievable! Come here, you! This is out of order!
Maria: [to Holli] I took 33's order and you took 33's order, so we double-ordered it, and it's my fault.
Holli: But 33's in my section.
Maria: [to Gordon] 33's in her section. It's my fault.
Holli: (interview) Man, Maria is losing it right now. [to Maria] Yeah, I took their order already.
Gordon: Listen to me! LISTEN TO ME!!
Holli: [to Maria] Listen!
Gordon: [to Maria] Just out of interest, when you hit the table for the second time, why don't you at least check if their order's been taken?
Maria: [deadpan] I don't know.
Gordon: You don't know?
Holli: (interview) I think she's overstressed or something, 'cause she's just not there.
Gordon: [to Holli and Maria] Now, fuck off and leave me alone!

[Autumn brings ribs to the pass]
Narrator: Disgusted with the Red team, Chef Ramsay turns his attention to Autumn's next order of ribs.
Gordon: Oh, Jesus! All of you, come here! Come fucking here! Just touch inside that! Oh, fuck off! IT'S STONE FUCKING COLD! ICE-COLD IN THE CENTRE!!
Autumn: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Don't know why she's so laid back. Just walking around like you're just shopping.
Autumn: I'm not walking around, chef. I'm–I'm rushing.
Gordon: You're rushing?
Autumn: Yes, chef.
Gordon: I'd hate to see you slow.

[Maria returns to the pass with dates]
Gordon: What's the matter?
Maria: Doesn't want the dates.
Gordon: Why?
Maria: Because I sold the–I wrote down dates and they wanted shrimp.
Gordon: So, you're lying to me. You fucked up the order.
Maria: Not intentionally.
Gordon: Not intent–Come in here you! Come in! Come in! COME IN!!
Maria: (interview) Surprise! I screwed up. Again. [enters the blue kitchen] I wrote down shrimp and they wanted dates. Er, I wrote down dates and they wanted shrimp.
Jay: Okay.
Gordon: Basically, she fucked up the order! Yeah? She fucked up the order! [throws the dates in the bin] Fucking bullshit!

Narrator: With the clock running out on their two hours...
Gordon: Come on guys, you got 25 minutes to clear this board, yes?!
Blue Team: Yes, chef!
Narrator: ...the blue team is moving quickly but not carefully.
Gordon: [finds fried chicken along with fries in the fryer]All of you, come here! [gets the fryer and slams it on the stove] So who's the fucking smart-arse? Who's the fucking smart-arse?
Jason: I put the chicken in there, chef.
Gordon: What, with the fries?
Jason: I just dropped the chicken in the fries, chef.
Benjamin: Let's go! Go with the chicken! Come on!
Gordon: Jason!
Jason: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Jason, LOOK AT ME!
Jason: I'm looking, chef!
Gordon: It's not fucking good enough!
Jason: Yes, chef!
Gordon: It's a fucking fine dining restaurant, yeah? Not a fucking fast food pick-up joint! Get the fries out of there first, then put your fucking chicken in there!
Jason: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Thank you!
Jason: The fries weren't done, chef.
Gordon: The fries are a fucking side! Get your chicken going and get the fucking–Listen to me Jason!
Gordon: THEN, DO IT THEN!! DO IT!!!
Jason: I'M DOING IT, CHEF!! I don't want to sit here and put up with this fucked-up ass bullshit. It's fucking crazy. I don't give a fuck. Fuck it!
Benjamin: (interview) I don't know what's going on in Jason's head. I just wanna turn around and say, "Shut the fuck up. Just listen to what Chef has to say. Don't talk back to Chef like that."

Episode Six [7.06][edit]

[After escaping elimination the previous episode, Nilka confronts her teammates for throwing her under the bus]
Nilka: I wanna tell y'all... Y'all can kiss my fucking ass! Every last one of you, 'cause that was FUCKED UP! Y'all could've told me I was going up on the chopping block!
Fran: Nilka, I'm sorry. It wasn't–
Nilka: Bullshit! I don't wanna hear it...
Scott: Nilka!
Nilka: ...and that's it!
Scott: Nilka!
Nilka: I don't wanna hear SHIT!
Scott: That's gonna get you a long way if you keep it up like that.
Nilka: I'll do what I got to do in the kitchen, but fuck y'all! And I mean that from the bottom of my ass!
Siobhan: (interview) Oh my goodness. Nilka is completely pissed off. It was like a freaking bomb exploded.
[Nilka notices Fran walking towards her while she smokes outside with the blue team]
Nilka: Fran, don't come near me. Not now. Don't come near me!
Fran: I'm sorry.
Nilka: Like, don't come near me. I don't wanna hear it. I never voted your ass up on that fucking—No! I will do what I gotta do! I will talk to you in the kitchen, but until then, get the fuck out of my face. That's it, 'cause I don't roll like that.
Fran: (interview) It was just the wrong freaking decision. And if I ever had to do it again, I would put myself up before that woman. That's how bad I feel right now.

Gordon: [tonight is family night] Now, there's going to be a lot of children. Don't make me fucking swear tonight!

Gordon: Where's the spaghetti? Who's cooking the spaghetti?
Scott: I don't know. Is the spaghetti coming out?
Gordon: What do you mean, "I don't know?" Why aren't you discussing it together?! Fucking hell, first ticket. Who's cooking the spaghetti?
Siobhan: [points at Scott] They are.
Gordon: [to Scott and Siobhan] A, come here, you and you, come here, both of you. Fuck off, will you? [walks into the blue kitchen] Who's cooking the spaghetti?!
Benjamin: I am, chef!
Gordon: Thank you, why?
Benjamin: Because the garnish does sides.
Gordon: Tell those fucking Muppets!
Benjamin: Garnish is cooking the spaghetti.
Siobhan: Got it. I need to cook the spaghetti. (interview) Pasta? No one told me I was cooking pasta on my side!
Siobhan: I got the spaghetti down right now.
Gordon: Siobhan, step one, pasta doesn't cook unless the fucking water's boiling. Pasta does not cook unless the water is...
Siobhan: ...boiling. My fault.
Fran: (interview) Come on! Hello? Is this brain surgery? It's pasta.
Gordon: Hey red team, what are we doing? We're going to hold up the whole fucking dining room because we're waiting for fucking spaghetti! [to Siobhan] Get a grip! You need to wake up!
Siobhan: Yes.
Gordon: Oh, Jesus. Not tonight.

Narrator: But Salvatore has a question.
Salvatore: Chef, did you say one risotto? One risotto, one capellini?
Scott Leibfried: Two risottos, one capellini, one truffle salad.
Salvatore: Yes, chef.
Scott Leibfried: Let's go. How long?
Salvatore: One minute, chef.
Scott Leibfried: Let's go!
Salvatore: Yes, chef!
Autumn: Have you got enough in there for two?
Salvatore: Yeah, I got it. [puts more rice in the pan]
Gordon: Why are you putting more rice in there? Is that because you just found out there's two risotto?
Salvatore: No, no, no.
Gordon: Oh, my God! Hey, blue team, come here, all of you! The risotto's one minute away from being cooked. He realizes we're one portion short. Then, they start dumping fresh rice in there! Who's smart idea was that?!
Salvatore: It was my idea, chef. It was fault.
Gordon: Why didn't you tell me, then?
Salvatore: I apologize, chef.
Gordon: Salvatore, working with a cook that tells lies is 10,000 times worse than working with a chef that can't cook! You just lost my trust! How dare you!? PATHETIC!! Benjamin, watch him; the guy's a fucking liability!
Benjamin: Yes, chef. (interview) You don't lie to your chefs and you don't lie to your fellow cooks. That's like a fucking no-no.
Gordon: Salvatore, now we should start the whole fucking lot again!
Salvatore: Yes, chef!

Gordon: Nilka, where's the risotto?
Nilka: Right here, chef.
Gordon: [checks the risotto and notices something missing] Nilka, no lobster!
Nilka: Oh, shit! I thought I put lobster in there, chef!
Gordon: Hey, madam.
Nilka: Yes, chef.
Gordon: [points at the dining room] You're cursing in front of the children.
Nilka: Sorry, kids!
Gordon: Hey look at me, I need you to wake up rapidly. Just cook!
Nilka: You got it. Say no more.
Narrator: With Nilka's risotto stalling the red kitchen, Jean-Philippe distracts the customers.
Jean-Philippe: [goes over to where a little girl is coloring a picture of Gordon on her menu and adding the quote "YOU DONKEY!"] Let me have a look at it. What's on there?
Girl: "You donkey."
Jean-Philippe: Yeah but it's not my picture, who's picture is that? Chef Ramsay, and you call him donkey.
Girl: No, he says it.
Jean-Philippe: Well, whatever Chef Ramsay says now and then, don't use it.
Girl: I won't.
Jean-Philippe: When he's out of the kitchen, I keep reminding him, "Chef, you can't do that."

[Gordon checks on scallops brought up by Fran]
Gordon: Fran! Fuck! They're overcooked, Fran! Come here! They're rubber, just touch! That's rubber! That's burnt to fuck!
Siobhan: (interview) Can't cook freaking scallops? You know, I don't understand.
Gordon: This is shambolic! It's a disaster! I swear to God, I'll throw every one of you out of here and Andi and I will do the fucking service because this is bullshit!
Nilka: This shit is just fucked up!
Gordon: So much for no fucking swearing.

[Gordon checks on wellingtons brought up by Scott]
Gordon: Oh, fucking hell. Oh, I just... I don't know where to fucking go! [throws his spoon away] I can't take it much more. I can't take it. It's not even pink, it's not even cooked... [Scott tries to retrieve the wellingtons] Just PUT IT DOWN! AND TOUCH IT!! Are you colour-blind?!
Scott: No, chef.
Gordon: GET THEM IN THE OVEN! Come here ,you! [leads Scott to the pantry and slams the door] WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!
Scott: Nothing, chef.
Scott: Okay, chef. No problem. It won't happen again. I promise. I promise.

[Gordon goes to Red kitchen for the Red team's entrées]
Narrator: Teams got back on track and now Chef Ramsay gathers the Red team.
Gordon: Come here, all of you! All of you! [Gordon interrupts Holli] That's you, ditsy!
Narrator: For one simple question.
Gordon: Is that the best roast chicken and is that the best fucking beef requested mid-rare? [grabs Siobhan's hand] I want you to touch it. I want you to touch it! Touch it! Touch it! Touch fucking IT! [throws spoon away]
Holli: No.
Fran: No, no, it's not. The chicken's dry.
Siobhan: Where's the gratin on top?
Scott: It got pulled off. It was on there before.
Nilka: No, it wasn't.
Gordon: Look at me! IS THAT THE BEST?
Red Team: No, chef!
Gordon: Is that the best?
Red Team: No, chef!
Gordon: Is that the best?!
Red Team: No, chef!
Gordon: Do me a favour: FUCK OFF, ALL OF YOU! GET OUT!!!! GET OUT!!! And don't you dare switch it off, I'll finish it! Fuck off!
Nilka: I would love to stay an-
Gordon: GET OUT! OUT! GET OUT! [throws the chicken into one of the units] GET OUT!
Nilka: [to herself] I'm sick of this shit.
Gordon: [follows the red team] GET OUT!
Holli: That's really embarrassing. What happened?!
Gordon: [goes into the blue kitchen] Scott, come in here with me and I'll finish this one, please, yeah?
Scott Leibfried: Okay.
Narrator: Now, Chef Ramsay and his trusted sous chefs, Scott and Andi, will complete the red kitchen's dinner service.
Gordon: Three spaghetti, one tagliatelle, yes?
Scott Leibfried: Three spaghetti, one t– [sees the mess that the red team left] Oh, my God! What the fuck did they do to this place?
Gordon: Yeah, I know.
Scott Leibfried: Wow, they're really bad, huh?
Andi: Yeah.
[Later, after Scott and Andi complete the red team's service]
Narrator: While the blue team gets out all the desserts, Chef Ramsay calls the red team back to the kitchen.
Gordon: All your entrées are served, everything's done. Now come back and do something you're good at, fucking cleaning! At least you'll do something as a team!

[To the teams, after service]
Gordon: Let's get one thing right, shall we? The Red Team... lost! I have never, ever, witnessed such a disastrous service in all my fucking life. It was, across the board, the most disorganized service, EVER! [pause] Okay, do me a favour. Piss off upstairs, decide on two nominees for elimination. Now, fuck off out of here! Leave me alone!

Narrator: The Red Team lost, but there seems to be some confusion as who the nominees should be.
Gordon: Who is the best chef on the Red Team?
Scott: Chef, I feel like I'm the best.
Nilka: Absolutely not! You just take over and say, "Oh well, I did this, I did that!" You want to gloat and rub it in our faces, and you don't do shit.
Scott: It's not gloating or rubbing it in your face, it's letting you know the truth.
Nilka: No, but own up to it! If you do it, you do it! We don't need to hear it because we've been doing it before you. [Gordon facepalms]
Scott: None of you guys work in fine dining restaurants.
Fran: You could have surprised us, the way you've produced over the last two days.
Scott: Oh, thank you Fran. Yeah, you as well, you've had a pretty easy ride the whole way through.
Fran: Yeah? I guess I did.
Scott: Injure your hand a little bit, and you get treated like a little fucking princess.
Fran: Oh, yeah, okay.
Gordon: [rolls eyes] Wow. Great teamwork there. Fran and Scott, step forward. With Siobhan.

Gordon: Fran, why the fuck do you think you should stay in Hell's Kitchen?
Fran: I've got the guts to stay here, and I'd love to stay here because I have now...I can come into my own. I learn from my mistakes, one hundred percent. I never do them twice.
Gordon: Okay. Siobhan, why do you think you should you stay in Hell's Kitchen?
Siobhan: I take pride in my work, and I put my best effort forward. I use that little bit of knowledge I have, I have passion, and I ask a lot of questions...
Scott: [interrupting Siobhan] You shouldn't be asking simple fucking questions. It should take care of itself. This isn't culinary school, the common-sense things are driving the Red Team down, big time.
Gordon: Scott, why are you back here?
Scott: I was voted up, chef. I don't–I don't agree with it. I've had a tough couple of services, but I'm a hard worker. Obviously, you know that. I just bust ass every day, I have a calmness about me during service, no matter what the stresses bring. By no means, I'm not the worst cook in this team by far, [Gordon facepalms again] I'm the best cook in this team, the best leader in this team, I can accomplish...
Gordon: [interrupting Scott] I can't take it any more! Fran, Siobhan, fuck off back in line!
Scott: This team will fucking die if I'm not here.
Gordon: Scott, give me your jacket! I can't take it any more! I cannot take it. [shakes Scott's hand as Scott leaves] I kept waiting and I waited and waited, but it didn't happen. Good night.
Scott: Good night, chef. (interview) I certainly am the best cook on the Red Team, but when you're working with teammates that aren't as qualified to be there as you are, it makes it hard. But at the end of the day, I'm still gonna go on and continue to be a great chef.

Gordon: If Scott could cook as well as he talks, he'd be the winner of Hell's Kitchen. Unfortunately for him, he can't.

Episode Seven [7.07][edit]

Gordon: [checks scallops brought by Benjamin] Fucking hell. Benjamin!
Benjamin: Yes, chef.
Gordon: They're fucking stone cold in the middle!
Benjamin: What's that?
Gordon: Yeah, they're fucking cold in the middle!
Fran: (interview) You know, I like Ben, but I think he's a little pompous. He definitely thinks that he's the better cook than everybody here.
Gordon: I'm not gonna deep-fat fry them, fucking Benjamin! But what I am is give them a little colour!
Benjamin: Yes, chef!
Gordon: But the sogginess around the outside is because it's stone cold in the middle! I need some more oil in the pan!!
Benjamin: (interview) I screwed up crab cakes. Chef Ramsay's screaming and yelling at me. It sucks.
Benjamin: (interview) I mean, it's embarrassing. [to Gordon] Coming now, chef!
Gordon: Scallops for the 50th anniversary! [checks scallops again after Benjamin brings them to the pass] Benjamin!
Benjamin: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Now I've gone to fucking burnt fucking shit!
[Benjamin takes the plate of burnt scallops and throws them in the bin]
Holli: What's wrong with that?
Siobhan: (interview) What do you do, you know? That's one of the easiest things you can do.
Gordon: When it's brown, it's cooked, when it's black, it's fucked!

Gordon: [checking Fran's broccolini] It's not all over cooked in there, is it?
Fran: No, I just dropped it, chef.
Gordon: Well, why are you draining it in one bit and not the other bit in the same fucking time?
Fran: I just did another piece.
Gordon: So, if you left that in there, it's going to overcook. Get the fucking hell out! It's a piece of broccolini, show a little bit of respect.
Fran: I will, chef. Ready?
Gordon: Now, Benjamin's on the garnish! Fucking hell. [Fran comes to the pass with piping hot undrained potatoes] Cut the bullshit! Let go! Let go! Lazy. [drains the potatoes in the sink] Madam!
Fran: Yes, chef.
Gordon: You fucking drain the potatoes, or next time, fuck off, yeah? Okay? You're just running over here with a hot pan and say, "There you go! You bunch of fucking idiots!"
Fran: I'm sorry, chef!
Gordon: Show a little bit of respect not to give me a baking hot pan!
Fran: I won't do it again, Chef.
Gordon: Before all the fat doesn't spread all over the fucking stupid fucking place!
Benjamin: (interview) I think Fran is definitely over her head and you can't just disregard safety just because you're busy.
Gordon: Engage your brain!
Fran: Yes, chef. What are we working on next?
Gordon: Yeah, I like that. "What are we working on?" One trout, one spaghetti, two steak. We're bound to fuck that one up.

Gordon: Salvatore had a big heart. Too bad he couldn't cook with it.

Episode Eight [7.08][edit]

[Siobhan is upset with her team for leaving her out, and subsequently causing their loss, during the sandwich challenge]
Benjamin: Hey, Siobhan. If you wanna win, we gotta win as a team. We need to make sure that the best food goes up there, okay?
Siobhan: I knew that mine was one of the best.
Benjamin: Okay, your sandwich was...not good. Your dish got voted off. I would not serve that sandwich in my kitchen.
Siobhan: That's fine. And that's your personal opinion.
Benjamin: It's not my personal opinion, this is my professional opinion. When I tell you something, it's not because I'm trying to undercut you, but you don't have the experience that I have. And if you don't know what you're doing, and you just start putting stuff together, and you need to ask for help, you need to do that. I am purely confident in my decision.
Siobhan: (interview) You need to take a step down, get off your podium, and stop being a fucking bossy bastard!
Benjamin: Cheese, pineapple, oranges, and tuna do not go together.
Siobhan: [shrugs] It went together on mine. I'm confident in what I did, and that's the end of it. [takes her drink and walks away]
Benjamin: Okay.
Siobhan: You guys obviously have it out for me, and I don't really give a shit. (interview) They all think they're better than me? Fuck them!
Benjamin: [stops Siobhan in the hallway] Like Chef is brutally honest, I'm brutally honest, too.
Siobhan: Fine.

[The blue team has returned from their wine-tasting reward and are drunk]
Autumn: (interview, slurred speech, while footage of her laying in her bed is shown) We had a great time. It was a great bonding experience... feeling great going into the ne- the next dinner challenge and... [spins dizzily in the interview while footage of her taking her boots off and falling off the bed is shown] No more drinks for Autumn!
[Ed stumbles into the hot tub with Holli]
Holli: (interview) I may have encouraged Ed to drink a little bit more. [to Ed] Cheers, Ed.
Ed: Salud, Holli. [Ed has an entire wine bottle and Holli only has a wine glass]
Holli: (interview) Ed is completely trashed so, [giggles] it's kinda funny. [cut to Ed drinking]
Ed: Another one.
Holli: Cheers to that!
Ed: Damn right. [Ed drinks some more]
Holli: (interview) A little encouragement... [to Ed] Where's your beer? [Ed drinks even more] (interview) ..to add to his bad feelings in the morning never hurts. [laughs]
Ed: Love you, hon.
Holli: [now holding a cigarette] You're so drunk.
Ed: Little bit.
[Siobhan arrives with a cigarette]
Ed: Siobhan!
Siobhan: I'm coming in. (interview) I come out to the hot tub and there's Ed and Holli and I'm like, "Oh God, like, are they making out? [Siobhan gets into the hot tub] And they're like fooling around and being silly.
[Ed begins dancing provocatively in the hot tub while Holli and Siobhan laugh]
Siobhan: Oh, my goodness, Ed. (interview) Oh my God, the quiet reserved Ed has turned into like a wild animal.
[Jay and Benjamin arrive]
Jay: What're you doing, Eddie? [Benjamin lights a cigarette]
Ed: Jay! We're dancing!
Holli: [to Ed while she tugs on his swimming trunks, causing an audible rip] Sit.
Ed: Did you hear that?
Holli: Get naked, Ed.
Jay: You won't do it.
Ed: You dare me?
Holli: Yes, I dare you! [Siobhan turns around and covers her eyes]
Benjamin & Jay: I dare you.
Jay: You're not gonna do it.
Holli: Please? Why are you being chicken?
[Holli tugs on Ed's trunks again and screams with Siobhan when his private parts are revealed]
Benjamin: I'm glad I have my goggles on.
[Ed stands up naked in the hot tub; Jay and Benjamin clap]
Ed: (interview) Fist-pump, come and get ya, how ya like me now?
Jay: Wow, you are drunk.
Holli: (interview, awkward and giggly) Okay... there's Ed. [back to the dorms; tosses Ed's trunks out of the tub]
Siobhan: (interview) He is buck naked in the hot tub! Oh, my goodness.
Ed: [to Siobhan, who is hysterical and covering her eyes] Relax, it's a penis. (interview) Whoo, man! That shit was wild! [back to the dorms] There she goes! Get crazy!

[Gordon asks for scallops in the red kitchen]
Gordon: Where is the scallops?!
Fran: How's the scallops?
Siobhan: I had to re-fire one order of scallops.
Gordon: [goes to Siobhan's station; gets her pan of scallops] Look at this! What are you doing there?
Siobhan: I thought they look golden brown, chef.
Gordon: Stop, fuck off, will you?
Siobhan: I thought they look fine, chef.
Gordon: You thought they look golden brown?!
Holli: (interview) They were fucking black.
[Gordon pours the scallops on a plate]
Gordon: Take that, yeah?
Siobhan: There are some on here that were fine, chef.
Gordon: So, where's the fine ones then?
Siobhan: They're right over here.
Gordon: Where are they? Where are they?
Nilka: (interview) Shut the fuck up and cook. Keep your mouth shut. "Yes, chef," and cook. Don't talk, 'cause he's only going to put his foot deeper in your ass!
Gordon: You've got the nerve to tell me that some of it were fine. [points out some scallops] Wishy-washy, not even seasoned and you know what? More importantly, they're boiled! YOU DONKEY!! Fuck off OUT! Get out. Get out. Get out, there you go. Get out! Fuck off to the bar and eat it!
Narrator: And Chef Ramsay has sent her to the dining room to eat her mistakes.

Narrator: In the dining room, one customer...
Female Diner: Is it cooked?
Male Diner: It's rare at best.
Female Diner: [talks to waiter] I asked for medium and that's rare completely.
Male Diner: Shit!
Narrator: Decides to take manners into his own hands.
Male Diner: [at the pass] Oh no! This is rare.
Gordon: [standing at the red kitchen] Service, please! Let's go, please! Two beef and–Oh, who is this man throwing food on the hot plate like that?
Male Diner: Fuck!
Gordon: What's the matter? Oh, talk to me?
Male Diner: [pointing at the beef] Medium?
Gordon: Excuse me? Hey, you don't come in here acting jumped up like some little gym bunny. [to male diner] Yeah, do me a favour: That's his (JP) job, you fuck off, yes?!
Male Diner: You trying to poison me?
Gordon: Poison you? What a fucking dick! It's beef, you fucking idiot! You eat tartare! [to male diner again] You never heard of that, have you?
Male Diner: It's low-grade beef, at best.
Gordon: Go get a shave, you fucking knob-head!
Male Diner: It's low-grade dog food, at best.
Gordon: [goes to blue kitchen] Let's go. Standing there like some fucking jerk. [to the diner] Stand strong, buddy! Stand nice and strong. Push your arms out! You look like a fucking quail!
Narrator: Now, that Chef Ramsay has dealt with the "fowl" customer, he can refocus his attention on...
Gordon: Nilka!
Nilka: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Two beef, two chicken, let's go!

[Gordon checks on chicken brought up by Nilka]
Gordon: All of you, come here! Pink chicken. Not just pink but fucking raw! And you what? Not even cooked. Raw, raw, RAW!! [smashes the chicken on the plate]
Holli: (interview) It's sliced! You could obviously see that's fucking raw. You can't send up raw chicken no matter what.
Gordon: [to Nilka] I would respect you 10 times more when you tell me the chicken's raw!
Nilka: (interview) Aaarrrggghhh! Why? I tried so hard, I don't want to fuck up tonight!
Gordon: It's not fair! You can't just do that! The chicken's raw!!
Nilka: You're right.

[After failing to serve a single entrée, Gordon has finally had enough with the blue team; returns to the workstation with duck brought up by Ed]
Gordon: Where's the fuck?!
Ed: Ten seconds, chef. Slicing right now.
Gordon: Don't do this to me, guys! I'm getting a bit of this, a bit of that, a bit of this, and a bit of that! COME TOGETHER!!
Ed: [walks to pass] Sorry, chef. Duck.
Gordon: Oh, what the... Just—just all of you, come here a minute! No, Jay, it's not good enough! That's how it comes in sliced, but yeah, it's FUCKING RAW! IT'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH GUYS!!! [throws his spoon on the floor]
Ed: Let's go, guys!
Gordon: [returns to the workstation and gives a tray of entrées to Ed] Hey, Ed, come here! Hold your hands up! Yeah, look at me! You, you, you and you, fuck off out! LEAVE ME ALONE! GET OUT! Fuck off!

[Gordon checks on risotto brought up by Fran; after finding out that it's undercooked, he has also finally had enough with the Red team]
Gordon: [to Fran] Hey, madam! I can't even get a fucking salad dressed! [holds up piece of lettuce] Look! Look, that's not even dressed, look! Like rabbit food!
Benjamin: (interview) I think Fran talks like she knows how to fucking cook, but she can't do shit.
Gordon: Not one piece, not two piece. Look, nothing.
Fran: I'll re-do it, chef.
Gordon: I want it dressed nicely!
Fran: I'll re-do it, chef!
Fran: (interview) You know, there's only so much one person can do that had started.
Gordon: Two risotto, how long?!
Fran: [walks to the pass with pans] It's coming right now!
Holli: Come on, Fran.
Siobhan: You can do it, Fran. Come on.
Gordon: It's raw, every fucking bit. [to Fran] Your risotto! Madam, madam! Touch the risotto, taste the rice! Up and down, up and down, up and fucking down!! [kicks the bin] Do me a favour. Look at me! You, you, you, you and him (Benjamin), GET OUT!! Get out! Get out of my sight! Get out!
Holli: [to Fran] Just get out. Just get out.
Gordon: Useless bits of crap!
[Benjamin shuts the oven door on his way out]

Gordon: Siobhan got pushed around a lot in Hell's Kitchen. So it was up to me to finally push her out.

Episode Nine [7.09][edit]

[The chefs walk into the kitchen where Gordon has prepared for them a frozen dinner]
Gordon: Morning, guys.
Benjamin: Morning, chef.
Gordon: Chicken gorgonzola yes? One of the dishes that's featured on the brunch menu at Claridge's. Now have a little taste.
[The chefs taste the dish]
Gordon: Nilka, what's it taste like?
Nilka: It melts in your mouth.
Fran: The chicken is delicious.
Benjamin: I can see the tomatoes lighten up the sauce.
Jay: Big bold spices.
Gordon: You like it?
Holli: Yeah, I love it.
Jay: Delicious.
Gordon: Good.....The dish that all of you enjoyed was in fact... frozen fucking food!
Holli: Wow. (interview) Oh, I feel like a complete ass right now. Oh, completely.
Gordon: The chicken was cooked about three and a half months ago. Freshness? Vibrant? Excitement? All I did was put it in a microwave!
Jay: In retrospect, the only thing that I would question was the chicken.
Gordon: Oh.
Jay: I thought the chicken tasted a little watery.
Gordon: OH, COME ON!!! [throws his towel]
Jay: (interview) Ok, fine. I fell for it. Hook, line and sinker.

Benjamin: What do we wanna do for sides? We have those rainbow carrots which are beautiful.
Fran: No, it's too many colors.
Benjamin: Listen, don't worry about fucking colors! Worry about flavors. I mean, have you seen any of the dishes that I put out that looked like shit? I'm a professional.
Nilka: (interview) Ben was like the leader of the fucking pack. But it's aggravating when someone just keeps, you know, shouting out shit.
Benjamin: What do we wanna do for sides?
Nilka: I love rice, I love mashed potatoes.
Benjamin: I'm not a big fan of serving rice in restaurants because it's like poor food.
Nilka: Rice is poor food? Wow. (interview) That's fucking crazy.

[Gordon samples the dishes the blue team created for their menu ]
Gordon: So, talk to me.
Jay: It's a baby spinach salad, it's got some crumbled goat cheese, strawberries.
Gordon: [after eating some spinach] If I was a fucking rabbit, I'd be fucking wetting myself. That's a joke. Right, this is what?
Jay: Chef, it's a Hawaiian style tuna tartare.
Gordon: Okay. I've gone from bland to boring. Just bring some fucking creativity, guys. [turns his attention to the entrée]
Jay: That's a filet mignon, pan-seared.
Gordon: That's steak set on three potatoes with three onions. Come on! [looks at the dessert] Jesus, that is...
Autumn: This is a berry compote, and it's a thyme whipped cream.
Gordon: Uh-huh. [eats two spoonfuls of compote] That is quite frankly one of the worst desserts I've ever been served. [spills contents of the glass onto the table] I'm disgusted with that, guys! Across the board, too easy!
Jay: (interview) We definitely played it safe. There's no question there, and we got called out.
Gordon: This is your one fucking chance to show off...and so far, it's been a fucking insult, Jay.
Jay: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Let me tell you something. Even before you serve a fucking appetizer, you're all fucked. Don't fucking insult me!

[Deleted Scene]
Autumn: Yes chef
Ed: Autumn you're not dragging them right?
Autumn: No, I'm not dragging anything. Right let me make sure I'm not dragging any beefs, I had a whole case of beefs that I put in the lockers
Jay: What did you ask him for?
Autumn: I need an all day on my beef to make sure I'm not dragging anything, thank you
Gordon: Let's go, one salmon, one bass, two beef
Blue Team: Yes chef
Ed: Eleven all day
Jay: Protein reach that The Red Team took
Autumn: Oh they took them out of our protein
Ed: Hurry up go to The Red Team, quickly.
Autumn: Thank you.
[Autumn goes into the red kitchen for more beef.]
Andi: You guys, pick it up!
Autumn: Those steaks that we had in the walk in, do you guys have them over here?
Andi: I didn't fucking touch your shit! Get out of here! Ask your sous-chef.
Gordon: Where's fucking Autumn gone?
Ed: Looking for more beef, chef.
Gordon: What?
Scott Leibfried: What?
Ed: She's dragging six.
Scott Leibfried: How come she doesn't fucking tell me? How come no one says anything?
Ed: One medium, one medium rare.
[Scott meets with Autumn in the pantry]:
Autumn: Chef Scott, I had another pan of beef.
Scott Leibfried: Get your–What do you mean you had another pan of beef that just disappeared? In your fucking mind, you have this thing where everybody's here to wait on you!
Autumn: No, chef.
Scott Leibfried: Get more beef, get back in the fucking kitchen and you better shape up!
Autumn: Yes, chef.

Narrator: While Chef Ramsay has the challenge of coordinating entrées for two kitchens, Holli has the challenge of getting the rest of her team to join her at the pass.
Holli: [to Nilka, who's on garnish] Are you coming?
Gordon: Garnish!
Holli: Are you coming yet, Nilka?
Gordon: Fuck her! Come on, you!
Holli: Yes, chef!
Gordon: "Are you coming?" What is this, a night out?! If you're ready, do me one big favour. Put it up there and then drag them, yes?!
Holli: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Un-fucking-believable! You must be MAD!
Holli: (interview) I'm like, "Okay, if my food's perfect, I'm putting it up." I can watch out for my own ass now. I don't have to worry about anybody else.
Gordon: Holli, next time you leave that lamb dying there–Look at me! Look at me–you're out!
Holli: Yes, chef.

Gordon: Where's the chicken?!
Fran: [walking to the pass] Right here, chef.
Gordon: [swats Fran away] Get out my way! Where's the chicken gone? Fran, where's the rest of it?
Fran: I think it was a small chicken.
Gordon: [puts chicken on tray] There you go. Does that—WHERE'S MY FUCKING CHICKEN?! Where have the other pieces gone?!
Fran: I'll get them.
Gordon: [sees a poorly cooked chicken breast on Fran's station] There you go!
Fran: What am I doing to them?
Gordon: [tries to cut into the meat] You're leaving half the fucking chick... [holds up the breast] Look at all of this.
Benjamin: (interview) The chickens were horrible. Fran doesn't know how to slice it, she doesn't know how to dice it, she's doesn't even know how to cook it.
Gordon: Look at the chicken that's been left on there. Look, there's the breast there. Look. Look at this.
Fran: (interview) I've never taken a cooked breast off of a chicken before. [to Gordon] It's my fault, chef, and I'm sorry.
Gordon: You're the robbing the customers of their PORTIONS!!
Fran: (interview) I made a mistake and I did screw up the chicken.
[Gordon throws the chicken across the kitchen and into the sink]

[Autumn has just brought pork to the pass]
Gordon: The pork's raw. [to Autumn] The fucking pork is raw! I'm not serving a fucking pork that's raw! Slightly pink, fine! But fucking bright pink, NO! NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!
Jason: Let's go, Autumn! Let's go! (interview) I ain't trying to say that I'm Jay-Z in the kitchen, nothing like that. But Autumn, you ain't shit. I can cook better than you.
Autumn: [looks around for a pan] I need my pork to cook fast.
Gordon: Where's the pork? [to Autumn] MADAM!
Autumn: [to Ed] Is this too rare still? Too rare?
Ed: Yes, it is.
Autumn: Yes, chef.
Autumn: I need another minute.
Gordon: Come here, you! Fuck off in the dining room, and you explain to the fucking customer why you're so shit! Fuck off, will you, yeah?! GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN!!
[As Autumn leaves the blue kitchen, Jean-Philippe leads her to the table waiting for her pork]
Jean-Philippe: Here we are.
Autumn: [to diners] Hello, I know that everyone's already eating and it's my fault that your pork is not ready. I'm very, very sorry, and I'm working my best to get it to you, okay?
Male Diner: Thank you.
Autumn: Alright. You're welcome. [walks back into the kitchen]

Gordon: Fran wanted her team to communicate, but it seems the only thing her team agreed on was wanting her gone.

Episode Ten [7.10][edit]

[Gordon checks the lobster brought up by Nilka]
Gordon: [to Sous-chef Andi] Look at this, Look. It's raw. Nilka?
Nilka: Yes, chef?
Gordon: The lobster is raw. [Nilka groans] Come here, madam, come here! Just touch it will you?
Nilka: I just took it out of the pan.
[Nilka goes to take the lobster back to her station]
Gordon: Look at me! Look at me, put it down! Put it down! Look at me, LOOK AT ME! [Nilka puts the lobster down] Out! GET OUT! Benjamin!
Benjamin: Oui, chef?
Gordon: One lobster. Nilka!
Nilka: Fuck!
Gordon: Get out!
Nilka: I'M GOING!
Autumn: (interview) He was annnngry!
Gordon: Madam? Hey, madam!
Autumn: (interview, slaps her cheek)
Gordon: MADAM!
Nilka: Yes, chef?
Jason: (interview) Nilka just kept getting hit like a ship by torpedo after torpedo after torpedo, and then finally just - she just sunk to the bottom of the ocean. And Chef said just - she needed to go.
Nilka: CHEF! PLEASE! Chef, please don't say that! [picks up a "wet floor" sign and throws it across the corridor] Oh my fucking God!
Gordon: Fucking hell. [to the chefs] Now pick it up!
Jason: Yes, chef.
Narrator: With Nilka gone, the kitchen jumps into action.
Gordon: Two minutes to the window.
Benjamin: Two minutes, chef!
Narrator: But Nilka isn't ready to leave just yet.
[Nilka walks back into the kitchen]
Gordon: Let's go, Scott please?... [sees Nilka] Nilka!
Nilka: Chef...
Gordon: No, no, no. I'm in the middle of service. Take your jacket off and get out of Hell's Kitchen. I've had enough. I-I can't do it, okay?
Nilka: Please!
Gordon: Nilka, don't do this to me. They're under pressure, we're under pressure. Take your jacket off and get out!
Nilka: I want to still cook and prove myself, chef. (interview) Am I gonna stop? No! 'Cause this is my dream, this is my fucking destiny, and this is what I want!
Gordon: [reading off a ticket] Lobster, turbot, wellington...
Nilka: I want to cook!
Gordon: Lobster, turbot, wellington, beef. Let's go.
Nilka: I don't want to leave like this, chef.
Gordon: Oh, fuck me. Fucking hell.
Nilka: Let me go to my station.
Ed: (interview) Nilka wouldn't leave. She was asked to leave one time, then leave. Get the hell out of here.
[Nilka tries to push Benjamin off the fish station and get back on it herself]
Nilka: Please? I can do this shit!
Gordon: Turbot, lobster, wellington, beef.
Benjamin: Oui chef.
Gordon: Nilka!
Nilka: I want to cook!
Gordon: GET OUT!
Nilka: I want to cook! I can do this! Please!
Gordon: Hey, guys, I'm telling you now, do something for me: GET HER OUT OF HERE!
Benjamin: Nilka, you got to go.
Gordon: Benjamin!
Benjamin: Oui, chef.
Gordon: GET HER OUT!
[Benjamin starts to usher Nilka out of the kitchen]
Benjamin: Nilka, you got to go.
Nilka: I can do this!
Benjamin: You have to go! When chef tells you to go, you got to go.
Jay: Go, go, go! (interview) Hurricane Nilka just had an absolute category five meltdown.
Nilka: Oh my fucking God, I don't want to leave.
Benjamin: Nilka, get out!
Nilka: This is so fucked up. I gave my whole life for this shit. (interview) It hurts to get kicked out of here like this, it really really does. Like, I don't want to take my jacket off. [walking out] Fucking bullshit. (interview) It, it—Oh, it's just... it pisses me off that it went down like this. It really, really did. [wipes off tears] It really, really did.

Narrator: Dinner service has been completed with time to spare and the diners are off to the theater. [cuts to Nilka packing her bags] But they aren't the only ones exiting Hell's Kitchen in a hurry.
Nilka: (interview) You know it hurts to get kicked out of here like this. It really, really does! I don't want to go home. I don't want to go home! I don't... I came here for a reason. [sheds a tear]
[Nilka walks out the back exit and sees Gordon standing alongside a waiting taxicab]
Nilka: I was hoping I'd get to see you again.
Gordon: Listen, I just want to say that you walk out of here with your head up high. Sadly, you're not ready to take that head chef's job. But what you are ready to continue doing is following your dream. Don't stop that.
Nilka: I'm not, I'm just so mad at myself because I think I was ready. But tonight proved otherwise.
Gordon: Listen, you have done phenomenally well. I've never come out here to say goodbye, but I wanted to make the effort to say goodbye and to say thank you.
Nilka: [tearfully] Thank you.
Gordon: Come here. [they both hug each other] Thank you. Yes. [opens the passenger side door of the taxi] Now, one more thing.
Nilka: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Your jacket.
Nilka: No, you don't have to.
Gordon: [laughing] Your jacket.
Nilka: [laughing] I don't want to. [hands over her chef's jacket] Thank you, chef.
Gordon: Good night, darling.
Nilka: Good night.
Gordon: Well done. [as the taxi starts up] Head up high.
Nilka: I will. Always.

[The final six after receiving black jackets and Chef Ramsay speaks on Nilka's elimination]
Gordon: Tonight was the best service we've had in Hell's Kitchen, and that's why I rewarded the final six. Now, only the best chefs remain. Nilka was clearly out of her depth.

Episode Eleven [7.11][edit]

Jean-Philippe: (Table) 42, the lady's pregnant. The gents are nearly finished eating.
Gordon: Ed! The two halibut we're dragging, the lady's pregnant on the table, and the two gentlemen have now finished their duck!
Ed: Sorry, chef, coming right up!
Gordon: She's about to give birth!!
Benjamin: [to Ed] Go. Throw it up on the window with the halibut.
[After Ed brings halibut to the pass, Gordon tears a piece in the center and sees that it's cold and raw in the middle]
Scott Leibfried: Oh, Jesus.
Gordon: [returns to workstation with halibut tray] All of you! ALL of you!
Holli & Ed: Yes, chef.
Gordon: STOP! Come here! Fifth time. [to Jay] Just take it, hold it, and pass it along! Pass it along to them! [throw spoon across workstation] Fuck off! Benjamin, Jay, any answers?!
Jay: I don't know, chef. (interview) I can understand a couple mistakes, but that many mistakes, clearly you're having an issue. You only need to cook it at 120. You're not curing cancer.
Benjamin: [to Ed] You gotta sear them harder, dude.
Ed: I need five halibut. Where are they at?
Holli: Coming with some halibut. I'm gonna sear them and just get them ready to go over here. (interview) Ed was just scrambled. If we can't get those entrées out, pretty soon Chef's gonna kick us all out of the kitchen. We're the final six, we gotta get it out.
Gordon: Now we're cooking halibut on the fucking appetizer section.
Autumn: I was just staying out of their way. I'm making space.

Benjamin: [walks to pass] Two halibut, two beef.
Gordon: [examines and touches steaks] Unbelievable. It's like Day One all over again. [returns to workstation] The beef's not even hot. [to Benjamin] Just touch the side of the beef. Get it in the oven for me, yeah?
Benjamin: Yes, chef. (interview) My two steaks came back because they were fucking sitting there waiting for Ed's fish.
Gordon: BENJAMIN! Open up and bring your team with you! I've given you the fucking lead, I can't keep on telling you! Pick it UP!
Benjamin: Yes, chef! (interview) I understand that he wants me to start talking and counting down, but it is difficult to talk while you're trying to concentrate on your food. It's like talking while you're trying to paint or something like that.
Gordon: I'll tell you something here and now. You can cook, but you can't lead!
Benjamin: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Well, why is no one picking this up?! He's (Jay) gone silent, I'm never gonna talk to him ever again! He's (Ed) in the fucking shit, and you—You've got your fucking head up your arse!
Benjamin: Yes, chef. (interview) I was a mess up there. I thought I was gonna start crying. We were totally fucked.
Gordon: Benjamin!
Benjamin: Oui, chef!
Benjamin: Jay, up to the window right now! Halibut, duck, wellington, beef!
Ed: Yes!
Benjamin: Jay, you have that stuff?
Jay: Yes.
Gordon: Christ!

Narrator: It's over two hours into dinner service, and with diners still waiting to receive entrées and the V.I.P. guest arriving at any moment, Ben finally has entrées ready for Chef Ramsay.
Gordon: Three halibut, one wellington. [finds that the brought up entrées are for the other table] One tagliatelle, one chicken. It's the next table.
Narrator: Unfortunately, they're not the entrées he's looking for.
Gordon: I've really fucking had enough, Benjamin. Because no one's fucking concentrating. So easy for you to ruin things! Well, let me tell you something, you fucking ruined my night!
Autumn: (interview) It was crazy over there, I think he was just off. And people need to, like, take a step back from everything that's going on and just cook.
Gordon: You all done it before and you can do ten times better, BUT NO ONE GIVES A FUCK!! [kicks the bins] THAT'S WHAT FUCKS ME OFF! WHAT ARE WE DOING JAY, ED AND BENJAMIN?!!

[Gordon checks on scallops brought up by Ed; they're badly overcooked]
Gordon: Oh, fucking hell.
Jason: [brings his appetizers to the pass] Oh, fuck!
Gordon: [returns to the workstation] Benjamin!
Benjamin: Oui, chef!
Gordon: Come here. Ed!
Ed: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Come here, Ed! So he [points to Benjamin] brings the next table to me, He's (Jay) fucking say nothing and then that comes up to me! Do me a favour. [to Ed and Benjamin] You and you GET OUT!! ENOUGH!!
Man: [overhears Gordon] Don't think I'm going to get my lamb.
Gordon: Fuck off up to the dorm! Get out! Get out, Benjamin! Get out! [to Jason] Jason, on the fish.
Jason: Yes, chef.
Gordon: [to Autumn] Autumn, on the meat.
Autumn: Yes, chef.
Gordon: [to Holli] Holli, on the appetisers.
Holli: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Fucking unbelievable.

Gordon: Ed was one of the favourites because of his strong start. Unfortunately in cooking it's not how you start, it's how you finish.

Episode Twelve [7.12][edit]

[Holli and Jay return from their shopping spree reward, while Autumn, Benjamin and Jason clean the dining room]
Jay: We're gonna be in the patio smoking cigarettes and drinking if you need us. [Holli and Autumn laugh]
Jason: (interview) Holli and Jay, I think there's some chemistry between them. I just think something's there between them.
[Outside the dorms, Holli and Jay change into their bathing suits and get in the hot tub]
Benjamin: [in the dining room] An eleven hour day. (interview) Holli and Jay, I mean, I think there's a little energy there. A little something going on, a little something something. They're both single.
[Cut back to the hot tub]
Holli: [to Jay] You want another one (beer)?
Jay: [lightly touches Holli's butt] I'm okay for the next seven seconds.
Autumn: (interview) I honestly don't think there's anything serious going on between Holli and Jay. I think that they had a good time and they had a few drinks.
Jay: [continues flirting with Holli] Assume the position.
Holli: This is one of my favorites.
Autumn: [walks outside] I brought you guys towels.
Jay: [straddles Holli on his lap] Hurry up.
[Holli sees Autumn looking at her and Jay together and laughs]
Autumn: (interview) Holy crap. This is going down.
Holli: (interview) Thanks, Autumn. Good job.
Jay: (interview) Oh my God, what a mess! [as Autumn gets in the hot tub] Autumn, Autumn, Autumn.
Autumn: This is gonna be awesome. Funny.

Narrator: As Chef Ramsay leaves the kitchen for a quick moment...
Scott Leibfried: Tuna!
Jason: Yes, chef.
Narrator: Sous Chef Scott steps in to keep the momentum going.
Jason: Hot sizzle platter, chef. Tuna
Scott Leibfried: Who's got the garnish for the tuna?
Benjamin: Garnish for the tuna, chef.
Narrator: And Benjamin unwisely decides this would be a good time to become a leader.
Benjamin: [reading off the next ticket] Next pick-up, two chicken, one–
Scott Leibfried: Hey, hey, hey, hey!
Narrator: Unfortunately for him, Chef Scott is not impressed.
Scott Leibfried: You think for one minute you're going to start fucking running this pass? You may be a fucking good cook, but you suck as a leader.
Benjamin: Yes, chef.
Scott Leibfried: If you think you're going to do my fucking job, I'll leave right now. You think you can do it?!
Benjamin: No, chef.
Scott Leibfried: [turning red] You think you can put up with all this BULLSHIT?
Benjamin: No, chef.
Autumn: (interview) Holy crap! I don't think Ben had a good night.
Scott Leibfried: YOU GOT IT?!!
Benjamin: Yes, chef!
Scott Leibfried: GET OVER THERE!
Benjamin: (interview) Chef Scott ripped my fucking asshole. You know, ripped my asshole this big. That totally sucked.

Gordon: Jason was good enough to make it to the final five, but he just didn't instill the confidence I needed to see to be my head chef.

Episode Fourteen [7.14][edit]

[Benjamin has decided to quit the competition after not participating in prep due to back and shoulder pains]
Gordon: [hears Benjamin knocking on his office door] Come in. [shakes Benjamin's hand] Alright, sit down.
Benjamin: I pulled my back out, chef. It's progressively gotten worse, and it's just taken so much out. I'm feeling pretty beat up, chef.
Gordon: Here's the thing. We're at the final hurdle now, so if I didn't think you were capable of doing this, you would've left ages ago. But deep down inside, I know how good you are. You're throwing away something that you may regret. Just think carefully. The ball's in your court.
Benjamin: Yes, chef.
[Back in the kitchen, Holli, Jay and Autumn wait for Benjamin to come out of Gordon's office]
Holli: If he (Benjamin) comes in here after not doing fucking anything all day, I'm gonna be freakin' mad.
Jay: I'm starting to get mad now.
Holli: I don't even wanna look at it.
Jay: [sees Benjamin walk downstairs] Here he comes.
[Holli shakes her head as Benjamin walks into the kitchen]
Benjamin: What's up?
Jay: What's up.
Autumn: What's going on?
Benjamin: So, I'm going to cook tonight.
Jay: Yeah?
Holli: (interview) When Ben walked in, the first thing I really wanted to do was throw a pan at him. [to Benjamin] So you're not in that much pain right now, Ben?
Benjamin: I'm still in pain.
Holli: You still are?
Benjamin: Yeah, I'm still in pain.
Holli: (interview) You quit. You gave up. You didn't fucking help with prep, you have no business being back in the kitchen at all. [whispering to Jay] Make him go tonight.
Jay: Oh, I feel the same way.
Andi: [to Benjamin] You okay to work?
Benjamin: Yeah, I'll work. I'll–I'll get it done.
Autumn: (interview) I'm actually really happy that Ben's here because I honestly want to just beat him outright.

Episode Fifteen [7.15][edit]

Jay: (interview) I'm not psyched about losing but it was very close and Holli did a great job and deserved to win. Hopefully, I can take her pants off tonight.

Gordon: Holli won because she has grown as a chef more than any other chef in Hell's Kitchen. At the start, she was barely noticeable. But then, she got her confidence. She emerged and there was no holding her back. I'm absolutely thrilled she'll be working with me at the Savoy Grill in London.

Season 8[edit]

Episode One [8.01][edit]

[During the signature dish tasting]
Gordon: What is it?
Antonia: It's a Mardi Gras gumbo. [lifts the lid]
Gordon: Oh, God! And does it normally look like a plate of liquid shit?
Antonia: No. (interview) Every time I make my gumbo it always gets eaten, and everybody loves it. It's going to be good.
[Gordon samples the dish]
Gordon: [burp] Excuse me. [he coughs it up into the trash can] Fucking hell!
Antonia: [rolls eyes] Oh, God.
Gordon: Are you crazy? Have you tasted that?
Antonia: No, I didn't get a chance to taste it, chef.
[Gordon retches briefly over the bin before continuing]
Gordon: So you cooked it, and you didn't even taste it?
Antonia: I didn't have enough time. I'm so sorry you don't like it.
Gordon: Don't like it?!
Antonia: I'm sorry it wasn't up to par.
Gordon: Up to par?! It's inedible!
Antonia: [shrugs] Okay, then throw it out!
Gordon: No! I'm not going to throw it out! [to Raj] Big man!
Raj: Yes, sir!
Gordon: You like your food, take a mouthful. Pass it along.
[Raj samples the dish and passes it along to Rob, who also tastes it]
Rob: (interview) It was completely repulsive. I would rather have had a cat shit in my mouth than have eaten that any further!
[Vinny, Boris, and Nona taste the dish, and also look disgusted]
Gordon: [reacting as if he got heartburn] Oh, shit!
Nona: (interview) Oh, my God. I don't even know how to explain that!
Gordon: Vinny! What does that taste to you of?
Vinny: A big bowl of mud.
[Sabrina brings the bowl back over to Ramsay, who throws it into the trash can]
Gordon: Dear, oh dear!

[Raj and Sabrina Brimhall are about to present their signature dishes]
Gordon: [to Raj] Nice suspenders. [they are both wearing suspenders]
Raj: Oh thank you. Sir, yes sir, Chef.
Gordon: Right. [to Sabrina] What's under there?
Sabrina: Under there... Do you want me to take it off?
Gordon: Ugh, fuck me. It would help.
Sabrina: This is a pancetta fish with grilled endive and blood orange fennel salad with a brown butter vinaigrette.
Gordon: That sounds like a very sophisticated dish.
Sabrina: Okay.
Gordon: Which book did you copy out of?
Sabrina: I didn't copy out of a book, chef.
Gordon: No?
Sabrina: (interview) Okay, I'm gonna be honest. I don't really even read that often!
Gordon: The balance of the dish... is beautiful. And you've done something slightly unique because the fish is cooked perfectly.
Sabrina: Thanks, chef.

Gordon: Big boy, first name is...
Raj: Raj. (interview) I am an executive chef and I began cooking when I was 14 years old.
Gordon: Show me your dish.
Raj: (interview) I was always the best cook in the kitchen, so I can't see why this would be any different. [to Gordon] This is a seafood and vegetable pancake.
Gordon: My God! It's a what?
Raj: A seafood and vegetable pancake.
Gordon: Pancake?!
Raj: Yeah a pancake.
Gordon: What?! That is a pancake?
Raj: It's uh–Yeah.
Gordon: Does that look like a pancake?!
Raj: Mm-hmm.
Gordon: [tilts the plate allowing the grease from the pancake to drip down] It's going for a piss. A pancake that pisses. [tastes] It's a shame because the seafood actually tastes quite nice inside.
Raj: Oh, thank you.
Gordon: However, it looks a mess. Presentation's shocking.

[12:09AM; shot of red team members heading to bed]
Narrator: After hours of tedious cleaning, the women are ready to crash for the night. Meanwhile, the oldest chef, Raj... [Raj yells an Asian-sounding battle cry, causing Russell to glance at him] ...is ready to put on a show.
[Raj does tai-chi whilst stereotypical Asian music plays]
Russell: Oh, my God.
[Raj does some karate moves]
Rob: Holy shit, we gotta Mr. Miyagi! [Trev laughs]
[Shot of Raj downing a glass of champagne]
Raj: (interview) I start drinking, and I start doing karate... It's a bad habit.
[Raj screams and does a karate kick]
Curtis: (interview) Just kick it down a notch and let's put that energy towards your food!
[Raj does a karate kick and punch in Rob's direction, then does a spin. Vinny laughs]
Rob: Y'know, I'm gonna get out of the way.
Curtis: (interview) I thought he was about to have a damn heart attack!
[Raj does some more karate moves and raises his hands with a circular gap between them; a moon appears from the gap and transitions to the night sky]

[Gordon returns a salad to the workstation]
Gordon: All of you. ALL OF YOU, GET HERE!! Who dressed that?!
Trev: I did. [Gordon raises an overdressed piece of lettuce] Too much.
Gordon: "Too much?!" Did you honestly think they came here for that?!
Trev: No.
Gordon: We got worse now. We can't even dress a fucking salad! [throws the salad away] SALAD, TREV! LET'S GO!!
Trev: (interview) Who doesn't know how to make a salad? [points to himself] This guy!
Narrator: Thanks to Trev, no appetizers have left the blue kitchen.
Donald Schultz: We've had a long wait. Very bright.
James Lukanik: Apologies.
Narrator: The red team however, have served half of their customers' appetizers. But some of them have not received their welcoming pizza.
Gordon: [with a pizza] Melissa.
Melissa: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Touch that. Touch that. What is that?
Melissa: It's raw, chef.
Gordon: It's what?
Melissa: It's raw, chef.
Gordon: Touch that! It's raw, Melissa!
Melissa: Yes, chef.
Gordon: It's raw! Come on!
Melissa: Yes, chef.
Boris: [mocking Gordon] "It's rawww!!" "It's fucking rawww!!"
Louis: (interview) Boris, what were you thinking, buddy? You don't mock Gordon Ramsay.
Gordon: Boris.
Boris: Yes, sir?
Gordon: Come here.
Boris: Yes, sir.
Gordon: So I'm telling her about a raw pizza and you mimic me out in the back.
Boris: I'm sorry, chef.
Gordon: Yeah, so I'm telling her the pizza's raw, come here, you. Fuck-face!
Boris: (interview, facepalms) Oh, no!
Gordon: And there you go, you touch it, then. Now look at me! Take the piss out of me now, fuck-face! What's your fucking crack?
Boris: I don't have any crack, chef.
Gordon: Yeah. What's your game?!
Boris: I'm just here to cook, sir.
Gordon: Now look at me! You're fucking take the piss out of me one more time in the middle of fucking service, yeah, kiss your fucking arse goodbye. Is that clear?
Boris: Understood, chef.
Gordon: WAKE UP!!
Boris: It will not happen again. (interview) I shouldn't have done that and I meant no disrespect. What can I say? I'm losing my mind.
Gordon: [to Boris] Just concentrate. Look at me, look at me. Just fucking concentrate.
Boris: Will do, chef. Yes, sir.

Narrator: While Lisa's work on the fish station has left her teammates seriously underwhelmed...
Gordon: Trev!
Trev: Yes, chef?
Narrator: ...Trev's salad is once again seriously overdressed.
Gordon: [wipes off a large amount of dressing off a lettuce leaf] Oh, my God!
Trev: Probably too much, chef.
Gordon: That's just on one fucking leaf, come on!
Trev: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Dress me a fucking SALAD!! [angrily throws the salad on the floor; the plate shatters] Hey, fuck you all!
Louis: (interview) I almost wrapped my hands around his narrow neck. Salad! Salad! [shot of Trev remaking the salad] Get the salad out! Nothing's easier.
Trev: [brings up his salad] Here's that salad you're waiting on.
Gordon: Thank you.
Trev: You're very welcome.
Gordon: Service, please. BLUE TEAM!
Blue Team: Yes, chef?
Gordon: One hour and thirty minutes into service, that's the first table of appetizers gone!
Blue Team: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Ohhh, fucking hell!
Narrator: The men have finally sent out their first appetizers.
Customer 1: I like it.
Customer 2: It's good.
Narrator: But in the red kitchen, Sabrina is ready with her team's first entrees.
Sabrina: Okay, I'm coming up!
Narrator: Unfortunately, there's a slight problem.
Gail: Sabrina, hold up on that. We need the salmon and the tagliatelle first before anything else.
Sabrina: Dude, I can't wait! Come on man!
Gail: Sabrina, don't get mad at me; we're going in the order of the tickets.
Sabrina: What? (interview) I just spent like 20 minutes cooking all this, letting it rest, doing it right, you know and it's like honestly, I want to show him that. [brings her meat to the pass] Here's the two beef and a lamb.
Nona: What is she doing?
Gordon: Two beef and a lamb, where's the halibut?
Sabrina: Oh, I just wanted to bring this to you, chef.
Gordon: You just what?
Sabrina: I wanted to bring this to you, chef.
Gordon: What?!
Nona: (interview; in a high pitch voice) Wha—a—Is this bitch crazy?!
Gordon: And where's the halibut, then? And where's the garnish? [to Gail] Are you ready?
Gail: No, chef. (interview) I told her not to bring the beef up because everything has come up at the pass together so that we can send the whole entire table together at the same time.
Gordon: Why are you throwing them under the bus?
Sabrina: I'm not, chef.
Gordon: So what the fuck is this doing here?!
Sabrina: I'm sorry, chef. I cooked it for you, chef. I don't know—
Gordon: What can I do with it?
Sabrina: Nothing, chef.
Gordon: Oh, fuck off. Hey, Baby Spice. As long as you're okay, right?
Sabrina: No, chef.
Gordon: "Here's my food, fuck everybody else!" She doesn't fucking care.
Narrator: While Sabrina needs to get back in sync with her team, in the blue kitchen, Chef Ramsay needs...
[Raj is standing at the pass writing orders to the kitchen]
Gordon: Raj! Help them, or fuck off!!
Raj: [enters the Blue kitchen] (interview) It was fairly abusive on his part, but I'm a little bit worried about Chef Ramsay's, you know, karma.
Gordon: Russell.
Russell: Yes, sir.
Gordon: Get off of there and let these two work as a team.
Russell: (interview) Boris and Raj are working together. It's like watching two idiots do a Rubik's Cube. There's no chance on Earth they're going to get it right.
Boris: Mozzarella cheese, I got the cheese. [to Raj] All I'm asking you is to please help me the roll the fucking dough.
Raj: Where the fuck is it?
Boris: It's here. First, shape it. Here. Put it here, put it down, shape it.
Raj: The dough's there, you can't roll it.
Boris: Roll the fucking pizza dough!
Raj: Here's more mozzarella. [starts slicing the mozzarella]
Boris: [to Raj] ROLL THE FUCKING PIZZA DOUGH! What are you doing?! Are you fucking... RGGH! (interview) My partner was sent here to sabotage. That guy is fucking nuts.
Gordon: Why aren't you two working as a team?!
Boris: We're doing the best we can, chef.
Gordon: We're screwed on a fucking pizza.
Narrator: Raj and Boris's inability to make pizza has slowed down the blue team. But over in the red kitchen...
Lisa: [brings her halibut to the pass] Halibut coming here.
Narrator: ...Lisa has picked up the pace and is ready with her halibut.
Gordon: Halibut down here please. [checks the halibut] Lisa!
Lisa: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Come here! [returns the halibut to the workstation] It's sushi!
Lisa: I'm sorry, chef.
Gordon: Hey, madam. What's happening here?!
Lisa: (interview) It was a mess. I fucked up big time and I'm really disappointed at myself.

[The customers have begun leaving. James returns to the pass]
James: Chef, I got tables walking out. They've been here two hours chef.
Gordon: Fucking hell. Hey, ladies, come here. Hey, all of you, come here! LADIES! Move your fucking arse! BORIS!
Boris: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Look out there! Are you kidding me? Tables are leaving. No-one's even working together. No-one's even caring. You're (Sabrina) bringing me the main courses, bypassing your team. You (Boris) laughed at me earlier, pissing around with your fucking pizzas. And you (Raj) just switched off! Where do we go? Where the fuck do we go? Any bright ideas? No-one's even working together. No-one's even caring! Fuck off, is that clear?
Chefs: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Everything off. Clear down.

Gordon: Raj. Why should you stay in Hell's Kitchen?
Raj: Now that I'm more familiar with everything, I'll be able to jump in there and really cook the food correctly.
Gordon: Aren't you the most experienced chef in here?
Raj: Yes.
Gordon: You've been cooking longer than me!
Raj: Yes.
Gordon: Shit!

[During the elimination process]
Gordon: Sabrina, you are quite frankly the most selfish cook in here.
Sabrina: Believe it or not, you don't know me and you don't know what I'm capable of, chef. I made a mistake, I fucked up. Give me an opportunity to prove to you that I can do better, chef. And honestly if it's between us two... I mean... I'm... she's spent, chef... you know...I'm young. The world is my oyster, just give me–
Lisa: What was that? I'm spent? Spent?
Sabrina: Spent. Yeah, you're finished.
Lisa: Are you kidding me?
Sabrina: No, I'm serious.
Lisa: I will cook circles around you, honey. I may be 48, but believe me, you don't have a chance.
Gordon: Sabrina, who do you think who should go home?
Sabrina: I think that Nona should go home, chef. Her idea of fine dining is fried chicken, chef. She can't cook asparagus. She snores, and it keeps us all awake, and I honestly believe she's good for nothing, chef.
Gail: [whispering] That was low.
Gordon: She's crap she can't cook asparagus, but she's not standing in your shoes there. Quite frankly all four of you (Lisa, Sabrina, Raj and Trev) should go. My decision is... Sabrina.
Sabrina: Please give me another chance, chef.
Gordon: Shut it. Back in line!
Sabrina: [smiles] Thank you, chef.

Gordon: The only thing positive I can say about Lisa's performance tonight: She didn't kill anyone.

Episode Two [8.02][edit]

[The chefs meet in front of Chef Ramsay]
Gordon: Good morning.
Chefs: Good morning, chef.
Gordon: Last night's service was memorable, [red team members turn to Raj, who was breathing loud] for all the wrong reasons. [Gordon hears the breathing as well] Who's breathing? What is that? [Russell points to Raj] Are you okay?
Sabrina: (interview) Raj was breathing a little bit creepy like, [imitates Raj's breathing; as does Jillian]
Vinny: (interview; imitates Raj's breathing) And it sounded like a big jerk!
Gordon: Slow down!
Raj: Yes, chef.

[Raj and Russell present their sushi platter]
Gordon: Who did the nigiri tuna?
Raj: Me, chef! Raj, chef.
Gordon: Well, now I know it's Raj. [examines sushi piece Russell made] Nice. First tuna, in. [peels back the piece Raj made to show...] No wasabi. Out.
Boris: (interview) It's perfect, but...
Gordon: Wasabi, yes or no.
Raj: Yes.
Gordon: [drum roll; notices no wasabi on Raj's sushi] No!
Boris: (interview) ...you left out the wasabi! JACKASS!

Gordon: On order, four covers away, Table 23, yes? Two risotto, two scallops, entrée one chicken, three rib-eye.
Blue Team: Yes, chef!
Gordon: [sees Raj turning back without answering] You, come here. You're standing here next to me, I called it out, and you just turned your fat arse around! You didn't even acknowledge me!
Raj: I'm-I'm here. Yes, chef. What do you need? I'm here.
Gordon: "What do I need?!" What did I just call out? [Raj doesn't answer] WHAT DID I JUST CALL OUT, RAJ?! I'M TALKING TO YOU!
Louis: (interview) The fact that Raj is 49 and still alive and not in jail or an asylum is a goddamn miracle.
Gordon: What did I just call out?
Raj: I didn't-I didn't catch it.
Gordon: Oh, fuck me. Useless.
Narrator: Just over half an hour in the dinner service, Raj hasn't even begun cooking but has already disappointed Chef Ramsay.

Gordon: One sushi, one chowder!
Blue Team: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Let's go!
Curtis: Coming to the pass with sushi.
Narrator: With the blue team already lagging behind because of Vinny, Curtis is trying to get his kitchen back on track.
Gordon: Curtis! [returns some sushi to the workstation]
Curtis: Working on it again ,chef.
Gordon: Yeah, fuck off. Gentlemen, gentlemen, GENTLEMEN! Look at this! [points to some sushi] Fat fuck, fat fuck, fat fuck, look at that there. Look at that. Look. Look at— [to Curtis] come here, you! It's not good enough for me. It's not good enough for me!
Curtis: Yes, chef. Working now, chef.
Trev: (interview) Sushi's coming back. Seriously, you're not cooking anything.
Gordon: [also notices the plate is dirty] Do you think that I'm going to fucking send–you can't even clean the fucking–fuck off, Curtis! Fuck right off!

Narrator: It's 90 minutes into dinner service, and food has been ridiculously slow leaving the blue kitchen...
Vinny: [walking up the stairs to take a table's order] Hello guys.
Narrator: ...but Vinny has a plan to speed things up.
Vinny: [to the diners] I'm gonna be perfectly honest with you: you guys order sides, you're gonna be here till next Tuesday. (interview) I have zero confidence that Raj is getting out garnishes and sides.
Male Customer: No sides.
Female Customer: Yeah. [Vinny smiles and gives a thumbs-up]
Vinny: (interview) So I came up with a bit of a clever idea.
James: [to the same diners that Vinny just waited on] How's the service this evening?
Female Customer: We can't order sides...
James: Why are you not allowed to order sides?
Female Customer: Because I guess we can get our food quicker if we don't order sides?
James: No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Um, let me go speak to the chef about this.
Gordon: [to Scott] Yeah, just check that. There's no sides on there, and I don't know why.
James: [leading Vinny to the pass] Oh, come over here! Chef!
Gordon: [to James] Yes?
James: One of his tables, he's telling them they can't have side orders because it takes too long to get it out of the kitchen.
Vinny: What I said was, I'd be happy to bring them to you...
Gordon: SHUT UP!
James: Yeah, he said they could not have side orders because it would take too long.
Gordon: Come in here!
Vinny: That is not what I told them.
Gordon: Why?
Vinny: That is not what I told them!
Gordon: What did you tell them?!
Vinny: Exactly what I told them was this: I said, "I'm telling you the truth. The sides are delicious, but it's going to take a lot longer if you want sides, so..."
Gordon: STOP, EVERYBODY! Now Captain Vinny here is telling the customers not to order sides! [to Raj] Come here. Did you tell him not to order sides?
Raj: Of course not! Why would I say that?!
Gordon: Don't fucking shout at me, fuck-face! You told him that? "Don't push the sides, so I look good."
Raj: No, I'm ready with the sides! Look, I got all the sides ready, I'm waiting for them.
Gordon: So why's he not taking the orders?
Raj: I have no idea, but look at these sides, it's all ready! He's–he's–I'm–he's–okay...
Vinny: Do you want to know the truth?
Gordon: Yeah, I do want to know the truth!
Vinny: The truth is, I have no faith that he's going to be able to get the sides out.
Gordon: You'd better understand one fucking thing: You do NOT decide what goes out this kitchen!
Vinny: [mumbles] I do not.
Gordon: GET OUT!
Vinny: Yes, chef.
Gordon: GET OUT, YOU!

[Boris took over scallops from Trev but served them raw]
Narrator: Thanks to Boris, appetizers are still not leaving the blue kitchen.
Gordon: Nearly two hours into service: two risotto, two spaghetti, one fucking salad!
Narrator: Meanwhile, the red kitchen has overcome their mistakes and served half their entrees...
Jillian: How does it taste?
Customer: It tastes delicious.
Jillian: Awesome.
Melissa: [to Emily whilst bringing some garnishes to the pass] Beef coming?
Emily: Beef is coming, chicken is coming.
Narrator: ...and Melissa on garnish is looking to keep things running smoothly.
Emily: Beef and sauce, chef.
Gordon: [goes to the garnish station and tilts the pot to let the potatoes drip out] Runny mash.
Melissa: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Hey hold on, hold on. It gets better: one that's stone-cold, the second one we don't even need them.
Melissa: There's a wellington up, chef.
Gordon: [gets a ticket] Come here you. [reads the ticket] One salmon, one halibut, one chicken, one beef. Where's the wellington?
Melissa: Wellington's coming up—
Gordon: Where's the wellington?
Melissa: It's not on the window chef.
Gordon: It's for the next table.
Melissa: Yes, chef. (interview) I just put up the wrong thing. I can't explain it. It's fucking embarrassing.
Gordon: You are about to sink your team. Now.
Melissa: Focus chef.
Gordon: No, don't focus. Swap places with Jillian. Now, fuck off!
Melissa: Yes, chef. [to the red team] Guys, I have to go out to the dining room. If you need—
Gordon: Get out! Get out! Fuck the explanation! GET OUT!
[Melissa goes out to the dining room and looks for Jillian]
Melissa: Jill? (interview) I look like a bumbling fucking idiot
Jillian: I have table 71 upstairs-
Melissa: I need your coat. You gotta take my coat. (interview; crying) I am so frustrated and pissed off at myself because I know I am good.
[Jillian goes into the kitchen while Melissa is now the assistant maitre d']
Jillian: What are you guys doing? What's going on?
Narrator: With Jillian quickly solving the issues on the garnish station...
Emily: Jillian, how's the garnish for my wellies?
Jillian: I got your mashed potatoes and I got your carrots.
Gordon: [serving some entrees] Go, please.
Narrator: ...the red kitchen is back in a groove.
Gordon: Service, please.
Jillian: [to herself] C'mon ladies, c'mon ladies.
Narrator: Meanwhile, what put the blue team in trouble at the start of service...
Gordon: Scott, what's going on on sushi? [referring to Curtis] He's not even cooking anything and you're in a mess!
Narrator: ...continues to plague them almost two hours later.
Gordon: Sushi! Can you believe we're dragging the sushi?
Rob: (interview) Curtis put the kitchen off to a really bad start.
Curtis: [to himself while making sushi] Dammit, I'm fuckin' trying.
Rob: (interview) You know I could slide over and help but uh, that's not my problem. Let him sink.
Gordon: [returns to the workstation] I've got the sushi now with no wasabi! [to Curtis] You, fuck off out of here!
Curtis: (interview; sulkily) Don't tell me to fuck off. Man, fuck that!
Gordon: I've had enough! I'VE HAD ENOUGH!
Curtis: (interview) I tried my best at least, unlike some motherfuckers, at least I fucking tried! [to himself while walking back to the dorms] I put fucking wasabi on there, I swear to fucking God. (interview) Gimme a break! [takes off his hat] Dammit! [in the dorms with a cigarette] RGGHHH!
Narrator: As the number of blue team members in the dorm is multiplying...
Gordon: Look at the fucking garnish.
Narrator:...so are Raj's pans of garnish.
Gordon: Come here. The big fucking sack of piss and wind. You're stacking up your garnishes, and it's getting longer, and longer, and longer, and longer. In about five minutes time, you'll have all those fucking garnishes right outside the kitchen!
Raj: No, no. That's all I need.
Gordon: Shut up! Get out!
Raj: (interview) I don't know what to do. I mean, I don't know how to... I don't know. I don't know how to handle the situation, I mean...
Gordon: GET OUT! NOW!!
Raj: (interview) I don't even know what the hell's going on or what happened or why! [returns to the dorm and puts his head inside the freezer]
Narrator: [shots of Raj with his head in the freezer and Curtis and Vinny in another part of the dorms] With three chefs from the blue team cooling off in the dorm...
Curtis: RGHHH!!!
Louis: [brings up two Caesar salads] Two salads coming right now.
Narrator: ...the remaining team members are eager to show Chef Ramsay what they're capable of.
[Gordon returns to the workstation with the salads]
Gordon: Come here, all of you!
Louis: Fuck!
Gordon: [removes lettuce leaves to show that one salad has a lot more walnuts in it] There's the walnuts on one, there's the walnuts on the other! FUCK!!! [to the blue team] Hey, you, you, you! Hey, you! Come here! Hey, you! Come here! [leads the remaining blue team members to the washroom and kicks the door straight out to the dorms] Get out! GET OUT!!!
Louis: (interview) Not only did he throw us all out of the kitchen. He led us out of the kitchen. [screenshot of Louis and the remaining blue team members walking back to the dorms] It makes you feel like you're [shows a tiny gap between his fingers] this big.
Rob: Almost had a fucking table!
Louis: The girls were calling out entrées for the last two hours. I didn't come here to look like an asshole two nights in a row, okay? And we're going to do it again tomorrow if we don't—
Raj: Okay, fellas, yeah. Please, please, please, kids...
Louis: HOW DARE YOU CONDESCEND TO ME! I'm 28 years old! I've been a professional in this industry for 14 years! I work in a camp and I work my fucking ass off! You're 50! How dare you fucking condescend to me, YOU STUPID FUCK!
Boris: [to Raj] Shut the fuck up.
Raj: Listen, listen!
Louis: How dare you condescend to me!
Boris: [to Raj] Shut the fuck up!
Raj: Hey, listen!
Boris: [throwing a box at Raj] You're a fucking douchebag!
Vinny: [to Boris] NO, BRO!
Raj: You're attacking me, motherfucker!
Boris: Fuck you, man.
Raj: Fuck you!
Boris: Raj! You're a waste of life.
Raj: [flips Boris off] FUCK YOU, BITCH!
Boris: You're a fucking waste of life, Raj.
Raj: Oh, fuck you. (interview) They just blame me because I'm an easy target for them. You know, here I am. I'm in that snake pit, and I'm the mongoose, and the mongoose is trying to fight the cobra. [to his teammates] Listen! If you guys wanna get out of this, you listen to me, okay?
Vinny: Okay, yeah. Tell us how- show us what we gotta do to do a better job.

Gordon: [irate with the blue team] Men, you lost! Vinny decided that it was a bright idea to tell the customers, "Don't order sides, because the kitchen can't deliver!" How dare you?! That's MY decision, and not yours! None of you are here to kiss my arse, but I EXPECT SOME FUCKING RESPECT!!

[The blue team lost the night's service; they nominated Raj and Boris for elimination, but Chef Ramsay also nominated Vinny]
Gordon: Boris, Raj. Step forward. Unbelievable! [pause] Wait a second. Somebody else needs to be up here. [pause] Vinny, step forward! [Vinny stands in between Boris and Raj] I am PISSED! You have no right to recommend to the guests not to have a side with an entrée!
Vinny: After my first table waited nearly two hours for their appetizers, I just wanted them to have an opportunity to experience some of your food. That's what they came here for.
Gordon: Entrées on that menu are designed to go with sides! Is that clear?!
Vinny: Yes, chef.

Gordon: Raj, why should you stay in Hell's Kitchen?
Raj: I should stay in Hell's Kitchen, chef, because I am being falsely accused, and I'm getting more familiar with everything, and it's going to be good. It's just I need a little more time. I'm a slow learner.
Gordon You're forty-fucking-nine! I need a fast learner!
Raj: Yes, chef.

[After Curtis was eliminated for his terrible performance on sushi]
Gordon: Get a good night's sleep, because seven of you need to fight back. Quickly!
Blue Team: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Now FUCK OFF!
Gail: (interview) The blue team should get used to getting their asses kicked. They're like little dominoes and the red team is gonna knock each one of them out. [laughs]
Boris: (interview) I'm there scrambling trying to save my fucking guys' asses and they threw me under not only the bus. They threw me under the train, the plane, the helicopter, and the... fucking buggy.
Raj: (interview) I know that the guys in my team are shitting in their pants knowing that Raj is going to destroy them. [gets up and points to the camera] I'M HERE TO STAY, WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT, 'CAUSE I AM THE BEST! [falls off his interview chair] WHAAAOW! [climbs back up to the chair] HAAA!
Gordon: [to himself, after everyone has returned to the dorms] God! (voiceover) Curtis might have been a good old boy, but unfortunately, he wasn't good at cooking.

Episode Three [8.03][edit]

Rob: [to Trev about Curtis' elimination after both teams are dismissed] I didn't fucking see that happening, man. Wow. (interview) It was really surprising, Curtis getting eliminated. It was definitely a shocking turn of events. [to Raj after Raj stops to stare into a boiling pot of water] Keep moving, Raj. (interview) I'm more shocked that that lunatic is still here.
Raj: (interview) YAHOOO! WOOAOOAOAAAAOOAH! WHOO! ALL RIGHT!! Thank you, Lord! Thank you, Jesus! Whoo! I'm feeling great! Now I am definitely going to win this competition now. I know it! [to Louis and Vinny] Reel in the karma, baby! Can't get off, these hands are tied!
Vinny: Raj. Raj, please, please.
Raj: You have malice! You know what I mean? Malice. I don't have evil designs. I don't lie! I tell the truth!
Vinny: I didn't lie either.
Raj: For you to tell the dining room customer not to order food because I'm working it. I mean, that is sick!
Vinny: (interview) I did not tell those people, "Do not order sides." I highly recommended it! [to Raj] I want to win a restaurant.
Raj: Guess what?
Vinny: What?
Raj: You ain't!
Vinny: What?
Raj: You ain't!
[Jillian, Sabrina, and Russell gather in another area of the dorms]
Jillian: [to Russell] You guys have some shitty-ass people on your team, dude. We have a strong-ass team. Except for Emily, that bitch needs to go, dude. (interview) I believe that the main disaster was Emily, I mean everyone else was pulling their weight all night long. I don't wanna her dragging down the kitchen because we're all trying really hard. I think she needs to go back and work in that nursing home that she came from. [to Sabrina and Russell] I'm not here to make fucking friends.
Narrator: While there's real animosity developing within the teams, there's one chef...
Narrator: ...who's not letting all this negativity dampen his spirits.
[It is 2:18 AM and Raj is still celebrating his survival of elimination]
Raj: WOO!!! I'M WINNING THIS MOTHERFUCKING THING!!! [the other chefs attempt to shush him]
Trev: Deep breaths, deep breaths.
Raj: (interview) I know that the guys on my team have absolutely no chance, so they're doing anything they can to get rid of me. [to the chefs] Lie, don't die!
Vinny: The guy is here to be an anchor to us. We're gonna have to learn to work with him.
Trev: Somebody's gotta get him in line and you guys aren't getting through at all, he seems to listen to me.
Boris: Raj listens to you?
Trev: Yeah I don't know, I'm one of the few guys who hasn't yelled or screamed at him. (interview) If I can just get Raj to focus, I will. [shot of Raj doing tai-chi in the bedroom] We need to learn to work with the tools that we're given, and he just happens to be one of those tools. [to Vinny, Rob, and Boris] You have to handle him with gloves though, his... [points to his temple]
Raj: [in the background] WHAAAAOW!!! [Vinny chuckles]
Rob: We gotta get this guy to work somehow.
Boris: You can't.

[During the breakfast cooking challenge]
Scott Leibfried: We haven't sent one table yet!
Gordon: Raj, where's the scrambled egg?
Raj: Okay. [brings his scrambled eggs to the pass]
Gordon: [tastes] Hey guys, guys. Come here. All of you, come here! Quick! Hurry up! [pushes Raj out of his way] Get out of the way. Get out of the way. Oooh, get out of the way. Taste it. Taste it. Taste it, taste it, taste it, taste it! Not an OUNCE of seasoning!
Raj: Whaddaya—?!
Louis: We're doing it again! Don't argue with chef!
Trev: (interview) Don't talk back to chef. He says something, you say, "Yes, chef" and move on. That's it.
Gordon: Say that again? Hey, say that again? Say–say–Don't spit fucking scrambled egg in my face! Say that again?! Say that again?!
Raj: Yes, chef.
Gordon: There's not an ounce of fucking seasoning in there. These guys save lives for a living, yeah, and you're about to fuck up their breakfast! Got it?
Raj: Yes, chef! (interview) Chef Ramsay's like "Oh, my God! THERE'S NO SALT! THERE'S NO PEPPER!" and I'm like "What the–?" [to his teammates] Go ahead, go ahead, go! Go! (interview) I thought I seasoned it, chef, correctly. But no. Obviously, I didn't.
Gordon: Why's he cooking scrambled egg when he can't even season it?
Raj: (interview) I tried to make some sense out of this intense chaos. [goes into the pantry and puts his head in the refrigerator] I got to cool off somehow. (interview) I tried to clear my head by sticking my head in the refrigerator... but I couldn't.
Gordon: RAJ, MOVE YOUR FAT FUCKING ARSE!! [to blue team] Somebody take control, please!!

[After losing the breakfast challenge, the blue team has to clean glasses as part of their punishment]
Trev: Don't be scared, Raj! Jump in!
Raj: I was.
Trev: Everybody's polishing. You're just kinda standing there. You're blowing it with me over here. The one guy who had your back, and you're blowing it!
Raj: Oh, please! (interview) Trevor, he's–he's really not a nice person, and... he's also being very mean!
Louis: [to Raj] What do you want us to do with you?
Raj: Just leave me alone! (interview) I'm a professional chef. I'm working with a bunch of kids! I'm in a situation where it's me versus them.
Trev: [inspects glass Raj just cleaned] Water marks. [chuckles] Water marks! Raj, seriously? I mean, can you not see that? Are you gonna look?
Russell: Just do his glasses over.
Trev: That's not fair!
Russell: Just do it over!
Raj: [to the guys] This is harassment now.
[Russell and Rob laugh hysterically at Raj]

[During the blue team's punishment; Trev has just found a stack of haphazardly covered loaves of bread]
Trev: Raj? Raj? Just give up halfway?
Raj: No, I just wanted to cover it.
Trev: Give me the fucking wrap! (interview) I've tried everything I can with this big, dumb animal and it's just–it's frustrating. It's tiring. [to Vinny] It's bullshit that he's even still here.
Raj: Hey, hey. Hey, hey, wait.
Vinny: You might have been cooking the longest. Obviously, you've cooked in shit restaurants for the last thirty years.
Raj: Unfair.
Trev: What's unfair about it?! You suck!
Vinny: And you tanked us.
Raj: You guys are going to keep going with it?
Trev: Yes! Until it gets through that thick skull of yours!
Raj: (interview) Trevor's harassing me for no reason, and he's being more of a problem than a solution. [to Trev and Vinny] You guys seem to be targeting me in a vicious fashion. You got something about me, because I'm older?
Trev: Go home, Raj! Just go home. Go home and stuff yourself with Twinkies so you have a fucking heart attack on your recliner!
Raj: Oh, so now you're going to make fun of my weight?
Trev: We got to figure out what you're good at. You got to be good at something, right? Aside from sleeping and fucking eating and running your goddamn jaw. You got to be good at something! Mr. "I'm a chef and I'm almost fifty. I got more experience than everybody." What the fuck have you done so far?! You're fucking dilly-dallying in the fucking pastry section, and the shit you've cooked doesn't even work–
Raj: Shut up! [snaps and gets in Trev's face] SHUT UP!! SHUT UP!! SHUT THE FUCK UP!!
Trev: Or what?
Boris: Guys, guys, guys! Come on!
Raj: I said shut up!
Trev: Or what?!
Raj: Just shut up!
Trev: Or what?!
Raj: Fuck all you motherfuckers! YOU GUYS ARE A BUNCH OF SNAKES! [to Trev] YOU FUCKIN' SNAKE! (interview) I'm being targeted, I'm being harassed, and I'm really at the point where I don't know what to do!
Boris: Raj, can I have a word with you?
Raj: I'm tired, dammit!
Boris: One minute? Listen to me. Listen to me. Raj, please! Raj! Raj! [takes Raj into the hallway] We need to listen and work together! (interview) I don't want to see anybody getting hurt. I don't want to see anyone throwing it off, because we need every man on our team. Including Raj.
[Russell comes into the hallway as Boris calms Raj down]
Boris: You gotta listen to me. You alright? (interview) But, that guy is fucking nuts!

[The chefs meet in front of Chef Ramsay]
Gordon: Raj, haven't given up on you. However, push it tonight.
Raj: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Come back.
Raj: Yes, chef.
Gordon: And stay out the fucking fridge.
[Flashback to where Raj sticks his head in the fridge during the team challenge]
Raj: Yes, chef.

[James returns to the pass with appetizers]
Gordon: What's wrong with that?
James: Red team, salty.
Gordon: Oh, dear. [returns to the workstation] Ladies.
Jillian: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Now it's coming back, salty! [tosses the plate on the workstation] Wow!

Narrator: While the blue team...
Gordon: Salmon!
Raj: The salmon's ready.
Narrator: ...has moved on to entrées.
Raj: And it's perfect! (interview) I have personally cooked thousands and thousands and thousands of pieces of salmon in my life.
[Raj brings his salmon to the pass, Gordon checks it; finds that it's floating in a brown liquid]
Gordon: What's that in there? Wh-what...?
Scott Leibfried: That's not grilled.
Gordon: Oh, dear. Raj! What's that? What is that stock he's putting in that salmon?
Vinny: It's supposed be grilled, dude.
Raj: Yeah, I grilled it, and then I finished it with a little bit of sauce.
[Gordon tastes some of the liquid in the pan, then spits it out in disgust]
Russell: No sauce, bro. [Gordon drains the contents of the pan onto Raj's worktop and drops the pan] C'mon, get another one going, bro!
Raj: (interview) My personal techniques are not working for Chef Ramsay.
Gordon: Disgusting!
Raj: (interview) He's the chef, it's his opinion, and I have zero opinion.
Scott Leibfried: Start over.
Narrator: Raj's cooking techniques aren't cutting in with Chef Ramsay. And in the red kitchen...
Gordon: [with an overcooked Dover Sole] Melissa, it's overcooked!
Narrator: ...neither are Melissa's.
Gordon: Out it comes, look at that. Overcooked on the bottom, crispy as fuck, and it looks like Gandhi's flip-flop! [drops the Dover Sole] What a shame!
Jillian: (interview) I don't know where he comes up with this stuff! Gandhi didn't even wear flip-flops, he lived in the jungle. I don't think the dude even had shoes.
Gordon: Look it underneath! [knocks his hand on the workstation]
Melissa: (interview) Shit!

Narrator: As Melissa starts over with her Dover sole, guests on both sides of the dining room continue to wait, but not for long. In the blue kitchen...
Gordon: Where's the salmon?!
Raj: T-two seconds.
Narrator: Raj is ready with his second attempt on the salmon.
Gordon: Two seconds! One, two!
Raj: I mean um, thirty sec-I mean, um, one minute.
Narrator: Well... almost ready.
Gordon: Just concentrate. I don't want a blah-blah-blah.
Raj: I'm sorry to say that, but it's true.
Gordon: What a fucking bozo!
Raj: Here it is. Here it is. [brings his salmon to the pass, Gordon checks it and finds that it's raw]
Gordon: Oh, dear. Raj! Come here, you. It's raw. [angrily smashes the raw salmon] It's fucking RAW!!!
Raj: Oh, okay.
Boris: (interview) COME ON, MAN!
Gordon: IT'S RAW!!!
Boris: (interview) The guy can't change his underwear the right way!
Gordon: We haven't even served the fucking entrée, but I need to get food out!
Boris: Oh, boy. Here we go.
Gordon: I'VE HAD ENOUGH!!!
Raj: Chef, can I—would you mind if I said something, chef, or no?
Gordon: [plugs his ears] Not to me, you're not.
Boris: No, don't say a damn thing. Just finish your tickets!
Raj: You know the salmon I gave you that you smashed, right? (interview) I'm not this timid man who's just going to sit back and just say, "Okay, chef." You know, I'm going to try to make a case for myself. [to Gordon] Really, chef, really.
Gordon: We're in the middle of service right now and I want food! SHUT IT!!
Raj: (interview) But, um... it's-it's hard. [to his teammates] I got it now. Go ahead! Go, go!
Gordon: Hey, what do you think this is? A talk show?!
Raj: No, no.
Raj: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Vinny, get a piece of salmon on there, yes?
Vinny: Yes, chef. (interview) Raj just cannot cook at all, anything, ever! [to Russell] Give me a time. (interview) So, I have to go over and do it for him. [brings Raj's salmon to the pass] Hot behind, salmon on the pass.
Gordon: Perfect, let's go.
Narrator: Thanks to Vinny, Raj's salmon is finally on its way out to the dining room.

Narrator: Thanks to Boris, no food is leaving the blue kitchen.
Scott Leibfried: There you go, send it back.
Narrator: But thanks to Raj, none of them are going to waste.
[Raj starts eating the leftover fish]
Raj: (interview) I see all this food, and it looks delicious, so I just, you know, ate it.
Boris: Raj, please don't do that.
Gordon: Look, he's eating it, look! Haven't you got enough in there?!
Raj: But that's so good! It's really a waste.
Gordon: Wow!
Raj: No. I mean—just a quick little bite. It's really tasty.
Gordon: Ah, fucking hell!
Raj: (interview) How could Chef Ramsay blame me for eating this delicious food? It's fantastic.
Narrator: While Raj has snack time in the blue kitchen, over in the Red kitchen, Gail...
[Cut to Gail staring in space]
Gordon: Gail!
Narrator: ...has nap time.
Gordon: Wakey-wakey! [sees Gail's meat pan catching fire] You're on fire.
Nona: (interview) Oh, my God! There's flames shooting up! And Gail was [sticks her tongue out in disgust] nothing. Nothing's happening.
Gordon: Gail, out the way! Oh my God. [removes the pan off the burner and throws it into the sink; gets the burnt rib-eye beef] Gail, I think your pan's a bit too hot. [throws the rib-eye back in the sink] You've lost it.
Gail: I haven't lost it.
Gordon: Yes, you–look, you've given up. Body language, face, attitude, you've given up. Anyone that can stand there, and watch a piece of rib-eye beef SET ON FIRE is out of control! You've given up!

Narrator: Back in the blue kitchen...
Raj: Up to the pass with the halibut. [brings his halibut to the pass]
Narrator: Raj is eager to finally impress Chef Ramsay.
Gordon: Sorry about the delay, let's go.
Raj: (interview) HIIYYYYAAAHHHH! HAH!
Narrator: Maybe, a little too eager.
Gordon: [finds that Raj has cooked three other Dover soles] How many have you cooked? One, two, three. Oh my God.
Raj: (interview) When I get busy, I just start firing everything. So when they need it, I got it.
Gordon: What are you doing? Playing the odds? Maybe one will be good out of three?!
Raj: (interview) But this is Chef Ramsay's kitchen, you can't do that.
Gordon: Why would I try to fire three tables?!
Raj: Um, yes. Um...
Gordon: [disgusted] Donkey!
Vinny: Dude, you can't serve this to anybody! He's not going to take that! (interview) Raj cooks three Dover soles before they were even remotely close to... to needing them.
Raj: Chef, we ran out of the sole special.
Gordon: What...? [reaches for a ticket] I've got three on ORDER??!!!
Louis: (interview) We ran out of Dover sole? Oh, man. This is going to be real ugly.
Gordon: Oh, no... [goes near the door and sits in fetal position]
Boris: (interview) This sucks. Embarrassing! Fuck!
Raj: (interview) It's a very bad situation. I don't know what we're going to do. I think we have to figure something out quickly.
Gordon: [to Raj] Get out there and tell them you're dragging two! And you go to the customers and tell them you fucked it up!
Raj: I need another jacket, though. I can't go out there with this jacket.
Gordon: Hey come—come here, you! If I tell you to get out there, I don't give a fuck if you've got a thong up your fat crack! GET OUT THERE!
Raj: I can't with this thing. I can't, I'm sorry, chef.
Gordon: Hey, hey, listen. Fuck off out there, will you?
Raj: [removes his apron and goes over to Chef Scott] I can't put this—
Scott Leibfried: PUT IT DOWN, AND GET OUT THERE!!!!
[Raj leaves the kitchen and goes to the diners to apologize]
Raj: (interview) Couple of things are going to my head. [talks to hungry diners] Hi, my name is Raj. (interview) My God, look at this, I'm a star. [talks to some other diners] I'm terribly sorry, but we ran out of the sole special. (interview) Then the next thing you know, look at this, I'm an idiot. So it's this elation and then this degration. All at the same time. [to the diners] We have other nice fish, though, if you'd like to try that instead.

[The red team lost the night's service; they have nominated Emily and Sabrina for elimination]
Gordon: Sabrina, your team really wants you up here, yeah? Tell me very quickly, why should you stay in Hell's Kitchen.
Sabrina: I don't think that I should go home! I shouldn't be here, Melissa should be here. Who has been consistently horrible? The executive chef, right there! Emily, yeah, she fucked up and she sucks, but at least she hasn't done as horribly as Melissa.
Gordon: Take a big, deep breath. I want to know why you think you should stay in Hell's Kitchen, yeah? You.
Sabrina: I'm here to learn, and I'm here to grow! I have bigger balls and more determination than any of these fucking girls here! All of them put together, chef!
Gordon: Okay, this is a very difficult decision. The person leaving Hell's Kitchen is... [long pause, then points to the blue team, who won the night's service] Raj. Get your arse over here. [Raj stands up and goes to Gordon, while the assembled red and blue team members smirk and laugh at him] You, big boy, are out of your league. Big time. And I personally can't go an inch further. Jacket. [Raj hands over his jacket, then goes in the direction of Gordon's office; Gordon points him to the actual exit] There's the door there, big boy.
Raj: (interview; outside the restaurant) I can't believe it. It's just a shock. I didn't get along with anybody, I didn't get along with Chef Ramsay. I didn't get along with Scott, I didn't like the menu. But it was a great experience. I had a great time, and I'm really glad I did it.
Gordon: [to the blue team] Relieved?
Vinny: Oh, man. That was like a reward, bro. Thank you.

Gordon: When the going gets tough in the kitchen, a chef puts his head down and cooks. All Raj wanted to do was put his head in the freezer, and that's why his stay in Hell's Kitchen was a short one.

Episode Four [8.04][edit]

Narrator: While Louis starts over on his first entrees...
Louis: Refire!
Narrator: ...back in the red kitchen, Melissa is ready to redeem herself on appetizers.
Gordon: Three ravioli, one minute?
Melissa: Yes, coming right now, chef.
Gordon: So three three's are what?
Melissa: [while cooking ravioli] Six.
Gordon: [shakes his head in shock] Oh...
Melissa: Oh, three three–nine! Yes!
Gordon: And you've got–Hey, come here you. Come here. Three three's are six?
Melissa: No–I was counting the pans, chef. I'm sorry.
Gordon: Yeah, I'm watching you like a hawk. Do you know why? You can't even count to nine. You scare me.
Gail: (interview) What the fuck is she doing over there? Melissa can't handle it.
Gordon: Two three's are six! Three three's are what?!
Melissa: Nine.
Gail: (interview) Do you want me to come over there and cook for you?
Gordon: Right now, get it together, and we need to focus!
Melissa: Yes, chef.

[James returns to the pass with pizza]
James: Blue Team, Table 3.
Gordon: [finds that the pizza is burnt on the bottom; returns and slams the pizza on Rob's station] Come on, chunky monkey! I trusted you. I don't need to turn your pizzas upside down. When it's fucking burnt, don't send it! [gives the pizza to Rob] In fact, you know what? Fuck off to the bar, eat the pizza. Get out, eat it, and come back!
Rob: (interview) Come on, get over yourself. It's the last thing I wanted to do while my team's getting pummeled, and it's so degrading. [goes into the bar and eats the burnt pizza]
Gordon: [to Louis] You can't fucking cook a pork chop, he (Rob) cremates a fucking pizza!
Trev: (interview) I don't know if that was really a punishment for Rob. I mean, come on. Chef Ramsay sends the fat guy to the bar to go eat his own burnt pizza.
Rob: [eats burnt pizza at the bar] Fucking humiliating bullshit.

Gordon: One chicken, one pork chop!
Louis: Five minutes, chef.
Gordon: [holds the tickets] He's trying to propose to his future fiancée!
Louis: Yeah.
Gordon: Move, Louis!
Louis: Yes, chef.
Gordon: You'll make them break up before they even fucking get married!
Louis: Thirty seconds, cutting pork now. (interview) Once you get behind on something it can't let things get to you. I am just hitting my stride and ready to rock. [on his pork chop] Pork is fucking pink. Chef Scott?
Scott Leibfried: What?!
Louis: [carries the pork in his hands] I fucked the pork and it's pink. It's pink, chef.
Scott Leibfried: You can't even put it on a pan, you goddamn slob?! You're going to walk around with a pork chop in your hands like that?! GET IT IN THE FUCKING OVEN!!!
Louis: Yes, chef.
Scott Leibfried: [to Louis] You walk around like a pig, what kind of slob are you?
Trev: (interview) Seriously, WHAT THE FUCK?!
Gordon: All of you, come here!
Louis: Fuck!
Gordon: ALL OF YOU! You fucking go on the reward, you take advantage, you come back and you perform like FUCKING IDIOTS!!
Louis: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Get a grip...
Louis: Yes, chef.
Gordon: ...or fuck off!!
Louis: Yes, chef!

Narrator: While the blue team tries to regroup, Boris decides that this might be a good time to clean up.
Gordon: [to Boris] Can you stop washing pans?
Trev: Boris!
Rob: (interview) Wow, Boris! What the fuck?!
Gordon: This is a fucking kitchen!! I'M TRYING TO FUCKING RUN A RESTAURANT!!!
Boris: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Come here you! [leads Boris to the washroom] You want to wash pans?! Get down there and fuck off will you, yeah?! DO IT FULL-TIME! GET ON THERE! What a Muppet.
Boris: (interview) I've never been kicked out of the kitchen in my life. It was all my fucking fault.

[After Russell failed to bring the polenta for the pork, Gordon has had it]
Gordon: All of you, just stop! You make yourself look so stupid. And look, the food died. It's like a funeral in here. Do me one big favour: Get out. GET OUT! We'll (Gordon, Scott and Andi) cook. Get Out. Andi, Scott, let's go. [the women and the remaining men leave the kitchen]
Trev: (interview) Let's throw a whole bunch of chicks in to the mix and maybe it'll make everything all better. No it made it worse, too many cooks in the kitchen man!

[The red team decides to nominate Gail and Melissa, but Nona doesn't agree]
Nona: [to Gail and Melissa] I'm pissed. I don't think either one of y'all deserve to go up there. Honestly, I think it'd be only one person.
Melissa: Who?
Nona: Who the fuck do you think?! (interview) We don't want Sabrina on the team anymore! She is dead weight! How come no one else sees this?! [to Melissa] You have got to fight and be like, "You know what? This is fucking bullshit!"
Melissa: She fucked you guys over.
Gail: She fucked me over. She fucked me over!
[Nona, Gail and Melissa return to the dorms to confront the rest of their teammates]
Melissa: (interview) For some reason, this bitch is out to get me! You know what? Game on!
Nona: I think that we should put Sabrina up.
Jillian: Why are you gonna do that again?
Nona: [to Sabrina] If Melissa had not saved your ass tonight, it would've gone down.
Sabrina: No!
Emily: I agree.
Sabrina: That's fine! Put me up! PUT ME UP, I DON'T GIVE A FUCK! [to Melissa] Put me up, put me up!
Melissa: Calm down your little ghetto attitude and shut the fuck up!
Sabrina: No! You're a little pussy-ass bitch! YEAH, YOU DESERVE TO FUCKING GO UP! YOU'RE AN EXECUTIVE CHEF! YOU HAVEN'T DONE BETTER THAN ME AT ALL! AT ALL!! SIGNATURE DISH, CHALLENGES, NOTHING! (interview) I totally lost respect for all of them. I'm gonna make their lives literally Hell. Put my ghetto ass up there, go right ahead. They haven't seen anything yet.

Gordon: Louis the camp cook dreamed of fine dining, but the only thing I would trust him with is toasting a marshmallow. Kumbaya, my friend.

Episode Five [8.05][edit]

[During the blue team’s punishment; they’re tasked with decorating the dining room for a Prom for students at Beverly Hills High School]
Prom Committee Member 1: Russell, you have to put the colored one down before the film.
Russell: Colored what?
Prom Committee Member 1: The colored...
Prom Committee Member 2: See, this teamwork is exactly what helps in the kitchen, right? Like teamwork in the kitchen?
Russell: Yo. Don’t talk about the kitchen, ‘cause you guys don’t know shit about the kitchen.
Prom Committee Member 1: How about you not give us attitude?
Russell: Are you kidding me? We’re doing this for you. How about you back up a little bit? (interview) This is not a joke. I’m not here to play with little kids. They’re pushing me to the limit! (to the Prom committee) I’m not doing this for my fifteen minutes of fame. I’m doing this for a fucking career, so step off!
Prom Committee Member 2: Watch your language!
Russell: Watch my language? I’m a grown ass man.
James: Hey, guys. Come on. These are clients of Hell’s Kitchen. Stop being disrespectful! Get on with the job, get it done, and show a little bit of respect. Alright?
Trev: (to the Prom committee) Why don’t you guys just keep going through me? These guys are just frustrated. (interview) For Russell to blow up like that; unacceptable. Up and down the board, unacceptable.

[Gordon checks on crab cakes brought up by Emily]
Gordon: Crab cake, aiyayay. (returns to the workstation) Excuse me! All of you, come here! This is what you've just served me! Just look at that, look. They're not even crispy, touch that on top. They're soggy. THEY'RE SOGGY!! It's like I've eaten it and sent it back!
Jillian: (interview) The only thing Emily had to make is crab cakes. My 6-year old could do this.
Emily: Give it back. I'll make new ones.
Gordon: OH, MY GOD!!
Emily: Yes, chef.
Gordon: (to Jillian) Jillian, three fucking salad, fresh!
Jillian: Okay, chef. (interview) Emily sucks.

Narrator: Meanwhile, in the Blue kitchen...
Gordon: Boris? How many crab cakes have you got in the pan?
Boris: Ten altogether, chef.
Narrator: Boris is getting a little ahead of himself.
Gordon: There's only two away and you just cook me ten. Boris?
Boris: Yes, chef?
Gordon: I fired two, I got ten. Is this the sign of things to come?
Russell: (interview) Boris started firing like a gang-bang on crab cakes. It is like, "dude, learn to count."
Gordon: Look at me! We'll do one table at a time, it's not a race! Common sense, gentlemen!
Boris: Yes, chef. Understood.
Gordon: Fresh crab cakes, let's go!

Narrator: While Boris is now cooking his crab cakes to order, in the Red kitchen, Melissa has already moved onto entrées.
Gordon: [finds that Melissa has put out filets from the oven] What in the fuck?
Narrator: Unfortunately, her team is not even close to completing the appetizers.
Gordon: Melissa!
Melissa: Yes, chef?
Gordon: What is that?! All of you, come here!
Nona: (interview) Melissa had put in a huge pile of filets in the oven. Apps weren't even done yet. I don't even know what to do in this situation.
Gordon: We've sent three tables of appetizers, and you're sticking all the beef in the oven!
Sabrina: (interview) Why the hell would you do that? I wouldn't even do that.
Gordon: [to Melissa] Do you want to go home? Why don't you make my life easier and just fuck off home? You can't be normal! [starts counting the filets] 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6...
Jillian: (interview) Oh, my God!
Gordon: ...7, 8, 9, 10, 11...
Jillian: (interview) Stupid!
Gordon: ...12, 13, 14, 15, 16...
Nona: (interview) Oh, hell no!
Gordon: ...17, 18, 19, 20, 21...
Emily: (interview) What the hell are you doing, lady?
Melissa: There's 23 on the board, chef.
Gordon: SO WHAT?! WHY ARE YOU COOKING THEM NOW?! [no response from Melissa] Nona, WHY?!
Nona: I don't know, chef.
Gordon: It doesn't make sense! They're gone, they're overcooked.
Melissa: Yes, chef.
Gordon: I can't do it anymore with you. You need a system! THERE'S NO SYSTEM! I CAN'T KEEP ON TELLING YOU EVERY FUCKING SERVICE!!
Melissa: Yes, chef. (interview) Sometimes, I just go stupid. But I'm better than this. I just have to show Chef Ramsay that I have what it takes.
Gordon: Madness!

Jillian: [notices that one of Melissa’s filets are undercooked] Rare as fuck, dude.
Melissa: This is still too mid-rare.
Gordon: Melissa.
Melissa: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Why are you slicing it and sticking it back in the oven?
Melissa: I cut into it and it was too rare, chef.
Gordon: Melissa.
Melissa: Yes, chef?
Gordon: If the steaks aren't cooked, don’t slice them. Rule number one.
Nona: [interrupting] This is—
Gordon: Slice— [immediately turns to Nona]
Nona: Sorry, chef.
Gordon: NONA! Get a fucking grip.
Melissa: (interview) When Chef Ramsay’s yelling, just shut the fuck up.
Nona: Sorry. I’m sorry. I apologize.
Jillian: (interview) Seriously, just shut up.
Gordon: Come here, you! I said, COME HERE!!!
Nona: (interview; mock-pained scream)
Gordon: Talk to them, then. You tell them.
Nona: No, I'm sorry.
Gordon: No, you stand there. You tell the brigade. Tell them all, then.
Nona: I’m sorry.
Gordon: Explain why we don’t slice meat raw, and if the first one’s not cooked properly, we stop there and we put them back in the oven. Explain to your team. [hands Nona his towel] There you go.
Nona: (interview) Insert foot in mouth. I know now, I will never make that mistake again!

Gordon: Like everyone in Hell's Kitchen, Emily started at the bottom. Unfortunately, she stayed there.

Episode Six [8.06][edit]

Gordon: [checks entrée salad brought by Rob] Is that scallop cooked? I can tell it's raw. [walks back to workstation] Oh... Rob. We go from small scallop, small scallop, and look at this one here. Look.
Rob: Oh, shit!
Gordon: Raw. Oh, "Oh, shit?" THIS IS YOUR SALAD!! IT'S RAW!
Rob: (interview) I'm getting screamed at because I can't get a done scallop to finish my salad with. I'm screamed at because of that!
Gordon: I'm dragging a SCALLOP!
Russell: COME ON!
Rob: I'm getting perfect salads all night, that's it! No more! It's not gonna happen again! (interview) I'm pissed! [to Melissa] Melissa, just make sure these scallops come to me perfect. Every single time You're already losing your color over there!
Russell: [to Rob] Hey, you make sure they're perfect! It's your fucking dish!
Rob: Guess what?! They're not already! 'Cause... Look, they're burning! [to Melissa] Just work your stuff, I'll do this.

[The chef's table in the red kitchen is still missing a scallop salad from Nona]
Jillian: How long on my scallops?! (interview) Everyone on the chef's table had their food except for the poor, little old lady waiting for her freakin' salad with the scallops, and I'm like, "Come on, Nona! What the fuck?!"
Nona: It's just not–it's... they're not coloring, man!
Gordon: There's one lady sat at the chef's table with nothing in front of her. Salads urgently, Jillian! Urgently, let's go!
Trev: Scallops!
Nona: [walks to the pass] Walking on scallops for Jillian!
Jillian: Scallops, yeah! Thank you. [Gordon stops Jillian from plating Nona's scallops]
Gordon: Where's the knife? [cuts one scallop in half and shows the raw center to Jillian]
Jillian: Raw as fuck! Come on, Nona!
Nona: They're raw?
Gordon: Scallops are raw! Raw!
Nona: Give them to me now. I'll re-fire them, chef. (interview) Chef's yelling at me in front of these... the celebrity V.I.Ps, and it's frustrating. It's frustrating as hell. [to Gordon] I got a re-fire. Do you want these?
Gordon: Are they cooked perfectly?
Nona: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Right, put them down and fuck off! [cuts another scallop in half...and it's once again raw] And they're still raw!
Nona: They're raw? Still?! (interview) Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me?!
Gordon: Yeah, Nona, just—Come here, all of you! ALL OF YOU! They're in the kitchen sat for an exquisite evening! I'VE HAD ENOUGH! Oh, fuck off. [throws scallop tray across workstation] Fuck off! Trev, fire me a scallop!
Trev: Yes, chef! (interview) I will take this red team by the back of their hair through the next couple of dinner services just to make sure we get it fucking done.

Gordon: Rob, get ready, stand by. Send the chef's table.
Rob: Chef, I'm waiting on scallops. I had to send them back.
Gordon: Oh, come on! Come on!
Rob: (interview) She (Melissa) was burning scallops left and right. [to Melissa] Are these fucking perfect? 'Cause you're killing me on these, man. (interview) They were terrible, so I refused to put them out. [to Melissa] I can't–I can't put these up!
Melissa: Throw them back! (interview) Not one of them is right?
Rob: Please give me more, I can't use these.
Melissa: What is wrong with the scallops this time? (interview) What the fuck?! I'm sorry, but what the fuck?!
Russell: How long on a fucking scallop?!
Gordon: Melissa! Scallop salad, how long?!
Melissa: I'm all out of scallops, chef.
Gordon: What?!
Melissa: I cooked the shit out of all the scallops. I fucked the team, chef.
Gordon: What the fuck are we doing? [gets the rejected scallops on Melissa's station] Oh, my God...
Russell: Look at all the scallops!
[Gordon pours all the scallops on one plate]
Rob: Oh, my God.
Gordon: Just come here, all of you. Stop. All of you, Vinny! [gives the plate of scallops to Russell] Take the plate, take the fucking plate! Pass it around!
Russell: Seven pounds of scallops.
Vinny: (interview) She just can't cook.
Rob: (interview) Melissa must have cooked about ten pounds of scallops, all cooked off to the garbage.
Melissa: (interview) This is just fucking embarrassing.

Trev: How's my sides? [Sabrina keeps cooking and ignores Trev] How's my sides, Sabrina?!
Sabrina: I got your carrots and I got your pommes for your wellington!
Trev: I just need you to say, "I'm ready."
Sabrina: Yes! (interview) Trevor doesn't listen to me, and Trevor doesn't take me seriously, and it's fucking frustrating.
Trev: Where are your carrots?
Sabrina: I'm getting them right now!
Trev: Carrots, carrots!
Sabrina: (interview) It pissed me off.
Trev: How long on garnish?!
Trev: How long?
Trev: THANK YOU! That's all I need!
Sabrina: Fuck him, man! I just wanna fucking sock that motherfucker! (interview) Trev's sitting there screaming at me the whole time. There's, like, a million things you have to do, okay?!
Trev: Let's go, let's go, let's go! Two to the window, wellington's ready! Chicken's ready! Walking, walking! (interview) I am a nice fucking guy, but my patience is wearing thin.
Gordon: Wellington's perfectly cooked.
Trev: Thank you, chef.
Gordon: Where's the rest?! COME ON!
Trev: [to Sabrina] Let's go! Get the garnish up there!
Sabrina: Fuck! I can't do it all! I can't fucking do it all! That's all I'm saying!
Trev: Sabrina, you're gonna have to handle the station by yourself sooner or later.
Sabrina: No, that's fine! THAT'S FINE!
Gordon: Madam. Hey, you. Come here, you.
Sabrina: I'm sorry, chef! I didn't do it, man!
Gordon: Look at me. Just get it ready and shut your mouth at once, yes?!
Sabrina: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Look at me! Show you've got some discipline and SHUT IT!!
Sabrina: Yes, chef.

Gordon: Melissa had a red jacket, she had a blue jacket and now she has no jacket at all.

Episode Seven [8.07][edit]

James: [Gives Gordon a ticket] It's your family.
Gordon: Here we go. On order: six covers, table one.
Blue team: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Three wings, one mozzarella, one risotto, one truffle salad.
Boris: Yes, chef!
Gordon: My family!
Boris: (interview) We better get this fucking order right.
Boris: Let's go, guys yes?
Russell: Three wings, one mozz is coming chef. Vinny, are you ready on the risotto?
Vinny: No, no.
Gordon: Vinny, I need the fucking risotto! What are you doing?
Vinny: (interview) I can't sit there and [waves his hands] go like this and have my risottos' magically finish.
Gordon: Hurry up Vinny! We've got to go up now!
Vinny: Yes, chef. (interview) I grabbed the risotto I had just sent up for the previous table. There's nothing wrong with it.
Vinny: Yo, I'm going up with the risotto, guys!
Gordon: No, that's not fair. That's old! Trying to get away. Hey bozo, come here, you.
Vinny: Yes, chef. What happened?
Gordon: Shut your fat East Coast mouth!
Vinny: Yes, chef.
Gordon: This table that you just sent me that shit for happens to be my family!
Boris: (interview) Oh, no. What are you doing?
Gordon: And even if it's not my family, they deserve a fresh risotto. Look at me...
Vinny: Yes, chef.
Gordon: ...you dirty little fucker! If you can't be bothered to do it, fuck off out of here! Do you want to go home?! Whether it's my family or not, if your family were here, or your family were here, or your family, I'd make your family or your wife or your children A FRESH FUCKING RISOTTO! He sneaks that in there. Yeah. That's the shit I served five minutes ago!
Rob: Okay, re-fire guys!
James: Everybody's really happy, apart from your family.
Gordon: Apart from my family? Come on, Vinny!
Vinny: (interview) Yes, chef. Sorry about that, won't happen again, I'll fix it. That's all he wants to hear and that's it.

Boris: Guys, I've been up on the chopping block three times, and to be quite honest with you, I really don't feel like going up there again.
Russell: [scoffs] So what you're saying is I should just vote myself up because you've gone up three times and put myself in danger?
Vinny: Seems like suicide.
Russell: We're not stupid, Boris! (interview) The weakest team member is Boris. He can kiss his Russian ass good-bye. [to his teammates] Boris has to go home.
Boris: I am not going home. I deserve to go home, I'm not ready to go home. I'm gonna fight until the last drop of sweat. I'm going with Vinny.
Vinny: Okay, so do what you gotta do. But I got no business going up there tonight. (interview) I made one mistake, and I corrected the mistake quick, and it turned out to really not be that big of a deal. The two people that were getting yelled at the most tonight were Boris and Rob. [to Boris and Rob] I have no choice but to vote for the two of you.
Rob: I don't feel like I should go up either. I fucking worked my ass off. I feel like Russell could've slid, and he saw me fighting the whole night by myself on garnish.
Russell: GODDAMN! [gets up from his chair]
Rob: I understand. Listen, Russell! Based on what I'm feeling, I felt a little slide could've been warranted here and there.
Russell: Goddamn, bro.
Rob: (interview) Russell I feel like should be the one up there. He could've slid over and helped me, but he decided not to do that. [to Russell] I got fucking peppered there!
Russell: So, that's your votes. Fine. That's fine.
Rob: Whatever.

[Nona and Rob are up for elimination]
Gordon: Rob, give me your jacket, big boy... [Rob takes off his jacket] because it's filthy and dirty. This is a clean one. Get it on and get back in line! Nona, back in line! Both of you! Hey, relax. It was a good service. Why should anyone go home?
[Everyone smiles and laughs in relief]
Rob: Are you kidding me? Come on!
Gail: Really?!
Rob: You can't do that to a fat guy, chef!
Vinny: Oh my God. [Boris bumps fists with Rob]
Gordon: After six horrible services, we finally cracked it! On service seven!
Rob: Yes, chef!
Gordon: [high fives everyone on the blue team] Thank you very much, yes?! My God, YES! [does the same with the red team] Well done, well done! Jeez!

Gordon: Tonight, I finally got a respectable service, so I gave them a little respect and didn't send anyone home. But tomorrow, they're in for the most intense dinner service in the history of Hell's Kitchen.

Episode Eight [8.08][edit]

[Gordon checks on gnocchi brought up by Trev]
Gordon: All of you, come here! What night is this? What fucking night?!
Red team: Important night of the year!
Gordon: Yeah, the most important night. Is this the most important gnocchi you've ever cooked?!
Trev: No, it's not.
Gordon: Fuck off will you?! [slams the pan on the workstation]
Jillian: Come on, Trev.
Gordon: What is that?
Sabrina: (interview) That looks like a big-ass booger.
Holli: Oh, my God.
Gordon: Wake up, Trevor! Nothing's coming out! ON A NIGHT LIKE TONIGHT!! WAKE UP!!!
[Later in the red kitchen...]
Jillian: [to Trev] My lobster's up and you have no garnish.
Trev: (interview) Get off my ass and let me cook!
Danny: [to Holli] Trev is gone tonight. What do you think?
Holli: Yeah.
Nona: What do you need Trev?
Jillian: He doesn't know what he needs. (interview) Trev sucks. Dude, are you stoned? Like, did you smoke a fat joint before you came in here?
Gail: Trevor, you can't serve with those carrots in a burned pan.
Trev: I am going to fucking fix it.
Sabrina: I am, you fuck! I'm helping you!
Trev: Do not help me! Get the fuck out of my ass! Don't fucking help me!
Sabrina: (interview) God, he is so stupid!
Nona: Does anybody need any help right now? I'm good on apps.
Trev: Could use a hand over here, definitely.
Nona: Here's your shallots.
Gordon: How many are on the garnish!? One... two... three of you! Sabrina, garnish! Nona, garnish! Trev, what are you doing?!
Trev: Working it, chef.
Gordon: [to Gail] Gail, go over to the garnish as well, you might as well!
Gail: (interview) I've never seen Chef Ramsay called over the entire kitchen to help one person. Ridiculous. [to Trev] The squash is burning.
Gordon: The squash is what?! Burning?! [facepalms]

Rob: I need an all day on wellingtons and an all day on chicken! [Russell doesn't respond] Tell me what I need! Just a wellington, right? (interview) Russell just wasn't answering me, man. He was not communicating with me. No one's helping me here.
Rock: [to Christina] They're all on wellingtons, they ain't given to him (Rob) yet.
Rob: Nobody's fucking helping me here! I'm in the cold!
Russell: (interview) Rob, if you're that fat and you can't walk five steps up to the pass and see what you have on order, my mouth is closed.
Rob: Walk to me, Russell. Someone's gotta talk to me, man! I can't get every entrée in my head! Someone help me!
Gordon: Two chicken, one wellington, one lobster! How long?
Rob: I need about eight minutes, chef.
Gordon: Why?
Rob: I'm dragging on the chicken, chef.
Gordon: Did you forget it?!
Rob: I missed it on the ticket, chef.
Gordon: Oh, fuck.
Rob: (interview) I never heard him say anything about chicken. I'm pretty pissed because Russell definitely could've helped. He's making the fucking garnish for it and not letting me know shit!
Gordon: [to Rob] You just brought the kitchen to a stand-still!
Rob: I'm dragging chickens, chef.
Gordon: On a fucking night like tonight! [claps sarcastically for Rob]

Trev: Three broccolini, one squash! One squash is in!
Gordon: Where's the fucking broccolini?
Jillian: Dude, Trev, you have to put the basket down or it's gonna stick.
Gordon: Nona!
Nona: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Give me three broccolini! [to Trev] Hey, you, come here! I haven't sent one garnish out at the same [slams fist on the workstation] fucking time! I haven't sent them out yet! Do me a favour: Fuck off back and get some fresh air!
[Trev walks through the dining room into the hallway]
Trev: (interview) I'm pissed at myself, 'cause I'm supposed to be the guy that can do anything. I feel like shit because I've let them down. They expected me to be Superman, and Clark Kent showed up.

[Vinny brings his lobster to the pass; Gordon checks it]
Gordon: [to Scott] Is it cooked?
Scott Leibfried: Uh, it's cooked alright. Half of it is mush on the outside and the center's well done.
Christina Machamer: Uh oh.
Gordon: [returns the lobster to the workstation] On a night like tonight! You (Rob) keep me dragging for the chicken! You (Boris) keep me dragging for the appetizers, then Vinny sends me this.
Vinny: I'll fix it.
Gordon: [sarcastically] "I'll fix it."
Russell: (interview) We're going down in a heap like a California mud-slide.
Gordon: Chicken?
Rob: [brings his chicken to the pass] Going up with the chicken!
Gordon: It's pink. [returns the chicken to the workstation] All of you, come here!
Boris: (interview) Uh-oh. It's fucking chicken, Rob.
Gordon: Pink, pink, don't dare touch it! Pink, pink. All of you, what are we doing here? [pause] GET OUT! Get out of here! [angrily throws his spoon at the blue team as they exit the kitchen] GET OUT!!

Episode Nine [8.09][edit]

Gordon: [points at red kitchen] They're on their fifth ticket, you're on your second.
Russell: [to Rob] Step it up.
Trev: We gotta come back from this. Let's go. Push it out!
Gordon: Come on, Rob!
Rob: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Move it, big boy!
Rob: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Rob, [claps] MOVE!
Rob: Yes, chef! [brings scallops to the pass]
Gordon: [checks scallops with Sous Chef Scott] There's no colour on there.
Scott Leibfried: He's just not starting with the pan hot enough.
Gordon: [returns to workstation] I've got no fucking colour on my SCALLOPS!! [angrily drops plate] FOR FUCK'S SAKE!!
Russell: (interview) Come on! Let's get through a fucking service, please!
Gordon: They're raw, Rob!
Rob: I gave them a minute each side!
Gordon: What's that gotta do with it?! Where's your oil?! They're fucking raw! [starts cooking Rob's raw scallops] You take them out when they're fucking cooked! Their table's eating bar one!
Trev: (interview) Ninth service, and Rob still can't cook scallops.
Gordon: Rob, the largest one is the thickest one, so that comes out last.
Trev: (interview) I mean, Rob... Are you a complete fucking idiot?
Gordon: Sorry about the delay, let's go.
Rob: That won't happen again, guys. I got it.

[Gordon checks on halibut brought up by Rob]
Gordon: [returns to workstation] Fuck! Off! Yeah, come on. [to Rob] Come here you. Look at that. It's like split vomit. Look at that. Hold on, it gets worse. [splits one halibut in half] Raw. [angrily throws the halibut away on the workstation] Fuck off!
Rob: Sorry, bro. Sorry.
Russell: Quit saying sorry and just go! Guys, we need to GO!
Gordon: Here we go, yet again. Nothing's coming out! Hey, (Rob) you! Come here, you! Come here, come here you. Come here, you. [leads Rob into the dining room]
Trev: (interview) Here goes Rob. Bye, Rob.
Gordon: You've got five minutes to wake up, otherwise you're history. [Rob and Gordon head back into the kitchen] Hey, hey, hey, hey, big boy. And I mean five minutes! I'LL DO IT MY FUCKING SELF, AND I'LL DO IT ON THE SECTION MYSELF AND I'LL RUN THE FUCKING HOT PLATE ON MY FUCKING OWN!

Gordon: Two beef, how long?
Nona: We're about six minutes.
Gordon: Just why is it so long?
Nona: I've got one beef... one beef going, one beef resting.
Gordon: So you forgot a beef?
Nona: No, I didn't forget it.
Gordon: Come here, you. Come here. Let me explain something to you in plain English.
Nona: Yes?
Gordon: By now, these meat should be seared.
Nona: Yes, chef.
Gordon: One's seared, one's just gone in the pan. This late in the day, I'm amazed that is only one beef!
Nona: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Yeah, next ticket is three beef, one salmon.
Nona: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Where's the three beef?
Nona: I'm putting them in right now, chef.
Gordon: Hey, look at me. You're not evening listening. I'm trying to help you!
Nona: I know, and I'm taking what you're saying!
Nona: Yes, chef!
Gordon: It would help if the pan was on!
Nona: It's on, chef!
Gordon: Fuck off, will you? [starts walking down to Nona's station] Out of my way. Get out. Does that look fucking hot to sear three beef? Let me show you something. [takes the three beef out of the pan, showing that the pan is not hot enough] Look, there you go. "It's hot, chef."
Nona: I just put 'em in!
Gordon: Get out my way! [Nona walks back slowly] Get out my fucking way! Get out my fucking way! [Nona is at the back of the kitchen] GET OUT OF MY WAY!
Nona: Alright, fine. [exits the kitchen]
Gordon: FUCK OFF! Jillian!
Jillian: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Start working that section.
Jillian: I got it, chef.
Nona: (interview, crying) You know, I get kicked out of the kitchen, and I was just starting to emerge and showing Chef I can try and lead this team. I have so much more to show, and so much more to prove! [exhales deeply]

[Gordon returns to the workstation with an overcooked egg for the spinach]
Gordon: Are you serious?
Rob: (interview) Oh, what the fuck?
Gordon: Hey, come here! All of you, come here! Just touch that egg. Just touch that! Yeah, look. Just touch it, Vinny! I don't know what the fuck you're doing!
Vinny: I'm sorry, chef.
Gordon: Fucking hell. Look, a big fucking rhinoceros arse. [angrily throws spinach and towel on workstation]

[Gordon returns to the workstation with gnocchi]
Gordon: Who cooked the gnocchi?
Vinny: I did, chef.
Gordon: Yeah, crispy one side and raw. They're raw underneath. [throws the gnocchi away] Hey!
Vinny: I'll fix it.
Gordon: Hey, GET OUT!! Fix your FUCKING HAIR! Fuck off out upstairs, get out! Fuck off!
Vinny: (interview) Of all the things, the fucking gnocchi. Gnocchi of all things.
Trev: Garnish is in the window! [brings his garnish to the pass]
Russell: Coming to the window with chicken! [brings his chicken to the pass]
Gordon: [touches Russell's chicken] My fucking head's throbbing! [returns to the workstation; to Russell] That is raw!
Russell: Okay, can I send this one?
Gordon: GET OUT, Russell! Get out!! Because the chicken's raw! [to Rob] Hey, big boy. One more fuck-up, you're next. Except it won't be up there, it'll be [points at dining room] FUCKING STRAIGHT OUT THERE!
Rob: (interview) Chef Ramsay's pissed! Fuming! We're going down like a sinking ship, and there are no lifeboats left.

[Rob brings his halibut to the pass; Gordon finds that it's raw]
Gordon: [quietly in Rob's ear] Get out.
Rob: Why, chef? (interview) Ah? Did I hear that right?
Narrator: It's more than two hours into the dinner service. [shot of Russell, Vinny and Nona] Three chefs have already been kicked out of the kitchen, and much to Rob's confusion, he is about to join them.
Trev: (interview as the only chef remaining in the blue kitchen) Uh... Hi?

Gordon: If the size of one's waist corresponds to the size of one's talent, then Rob would be a fantastic chef. Instead, he just wears gigantic pants.

Episode Ten [8.10][edit]

Narrator: With both kitchens sending appetizers, Chef Ramsay is ready to send out entrées.
Russell: [to Vinny] Where's your lamb? Is it in?
Vinny: Lamb?
Narrator: Unfortunately, Vinny is not.
Trev: Vinny, you got a lamb chop pulled?
Vinny: I need a lamb for this order?
Russell: Yeah.
Gordon: Where are we out on the lamb?
Vinny: I don't have it all. (interview) I forgot it completely.
Gordon: Where's the lamb?
Vinny: Six minutes on the lamb, chef!
Vinny: Yes.
Gordon: Oh, fucking hell.
Vinny: I forgot the lamb, chef.
Gordon: That lamb...was for Josiah Citrin's table. James! Come in!
Vinny: Fuck! FUCK!
[James walks into the blue kitchen]
Gordon: [to James] There's the fucking lamb! It's still got its fur on there!
James: [to Vinny] You know who this guy is, yeah?
Vinny: I know who this guy is and I am very sorry!
James: You ate in his restaurant. How long are we at?
Vinny: Ab–about five minutes.
Gordon: Of all the tables, Josiah Citrin!
Vinny: I'm very sorry.
Gordon: Yeah, fucking right you'll be.
Russell: (interview) Oh, dude, you're killing me. And not only are you killing me, you're killing yourself, bro.

Vinny: For the love of God, please be fucking medium rare. [slices lamb] Oh, Jesus Christ.
Gordon: Fucking lamb! Josiah! The lamb, how long?!
Trev: LAMB!
Vinny: I am bringing it up right now, chef. [reluctantly runs to the pass] Goddammit.
[Gordon checks on lamb brought up by Vinny]
Scott: Lamb's still not ready.
Gordon: Un-fucking-believable. Vinny! Are you fucking kidding me?! With a man like that with his reputation, [knocks his hand on the workstation] ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?!! OH, COME ON!!
Russell: (interview) Don't serve it if ain't right. You should know better Vinny.
Josiah Citrin: If my lamb was here, these guys wouldn't be getting yelled at.
Gordon: It's still fucking walking! Look at it!!
Josiah Citrin: Get him, chef!

[Josiah Citrin has finally been served his entrée but disapproved of it for being overcooked]
Gordon: [to James] How's Josiah?
James: Really, really unhappy.
Gordon: [to the blue team] All of you, so you fucking go there. You grace his table, he looks after you, he comes in here, and look at the treatment. Hey, [to Trev] have you ever won a Michelin star?
Trev: No, I haven't. I haven't even won one!
Gordon: Yeah there's a guy out there with TWO MICHELIN STARS AND LOOKING AT US LIKE A BUNCH OF FUCKING PRICKS! Well done! Unbelievable!

[Vinny has brought Gordon an undercooked bass]
Gordon: This is not possible!
Russell: We're done.
Vinny: Huh?
Russell: You're done.
Gordon: [to the blue team] That's what I get served! Look, come here, all of you! [tilting the tray] He brings that pissing over, and the big surprise is the fucking bass is FUCKING RAW! [Gordon slams the bass down on the countertop] WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!

[Gail brings her fifth lobster capellini re-fire to the pass; Gordon tastes a pasta strand before spitting it out]
Gordon: Gail! Look, I've got raw pasta! [picks up several strands of undercooked capellini] Hey, look at it! It's standing up straight! Look, madam! It's like a fucking thong leftover from a fucking night out in Vegas! COME ON!! All of you, just taste that, will you?! Taste it! Taste it! That's what you're sending me, taste it!
Jillian: It's hard. [Nona spits out pasta into a trash bin]
Gail: (interview, groans) Bad night. Bad night for me.
Gordon: Hold on, hey. It gets worse! [lifts pasta pan to show another pan with raw lobster underneath it] Touch that.
Jillian: Rubber.
Sabrina: It's raw.
Gordon: [to Gail] Every lobster you sent me tonight—Its been undercooked, overcooked! Undercooked, overcooked! Now, it's [slams fist on workstation] FUCKING RAW! Look at me! Get out!
Gail: Yes, chef. [leaves red kitchen for the dorms]
Gordon: Get out! Get OUT! [to Jillian] Fish and garnish!
Jillian: Okay, chef.
Gail: (interview) That fucking lobster! I failed my team. I failed Chef Ramsay, so, um... It hurts. [sighs] There's no crying in the kitchen.

Gordon: When the competition first started, I thought Vinny was the one to beat. But after tonight's dismal performance, he's now the one to go home.

Episode Eleven [8.11][edit]

Jillian: (interview) I thought Michelin was a tire.

[Gordon checks on risotto brought up by Sabrina]
Gordon: Oh, no! What is that? Sabrina! That is cooked to fuck, and that there, fried risotto?
Russell: Burnt!
Jillian: (interview) Come on, Sabrina! Don't start us off like this!
Gordon: I want risotto, not fried risotto!
Sabrina: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Right now!

Sabrina: How long Trev, two spaghetti?
Trev: Four!
Sabrina: Four! Four minutes that is pasta getting to cook in four minutes, Trev?
Jillian: Stop yelling!
Scott Leibfried: [approaches to Trev and yells at him] Hey! You watch your mouth right now! You don't stand over there and scream, I'm the one that's waiting for food from you, GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER AND COOK THE PASTA!
Gordon: Shit!
Trev: (interview) Now I'm trying, all you want to do is berate me, belittle me, get on my ass?! Piss off!
Gordon: Talk about out of fucking control.

Gordon: Oh, no. Gail?
Gail: Yes, chef?
Gordon: It's not possible! That's what I got at the pass. [Gordon holds up a piece of halibut stuck to the pan] When it's brown, it's cooked. When it's black, it's fucked!
Gail: (interview) Stuck to the pan. Yeah.
Gordon: That's what I got given at the FUCKING PASS! SHIT!!! [Gordon slams down the pan, and a pair of tongs almost hit him in the face]

Gordon: There's no teamwork, there's no care, there's no passion! FUCK OFF!
Jillian: (interview) I've never seen such chaos!
Gordon: I'm dying, I'm dying, I'm fucking dying!
Gail: (interview) He's gonna kick us all out of the kitchen.
Gordon: All of you, JUST STOP!!
Gail: (interview) We're done, this is over.
Gordon: COME HERE! [pause; to Sabrina] What's wrong with you?!
Sabrina: Nothing, chef.
Gordon: Look at me! Hey, look, you ignorant bitch!! Look at my fucking eyes when I'm talking to you!
Sabrina: Yes, chef.
Sabrina: I'm trying to work, chef. I'm trying to communicate.
Gordon: WAKE UP!
Sabrina: Yes, chef.
Gordon: [to Trev] You! What's wrong with you?!
Trev: Nothing.
Gordon: GET A GRIP!
Trev: You got it.
Gordon: [to Russell] Hey, you! You may bark, but there's shit all coming out! [to Gail] And, you, look! Hailbut's STUCK TO THE PAN!! [slams fist down]
Gail: (interview) We don't deserve to wear the black jackets, and this far into the game, we should be able to run a kitchen.
Gordon: For GOD'S SAKE! [throws spoon across the kitchen]

[Gordon checks on rib-eye beef brought up by Russell; after finding out that it's raw, he has had it]
Gordon: Russell! [goes worried] Stop! [throws spoon on the floor] I can't take anymore. I can't. I can't do this. I CANNOT DO THIS ANY-FUCKING-MORE! I CAN'T DO IT ANYMORE! It's not fair on fucking me, [turns to the customers] and it's not fair on them! [to the final six] GET OUT!! FUCK OFF!! GET OUT!!! YEAH, THAT'S RIGHT! GET OUT!! GET OUT!!! [to Trev; tosses a blue steak to him] Hey, catch your blue steak! Fucking blue!
Trev: (interview) This sucks. It's a horrible feeling, feels like you're letting down the world. [shamefully lowers his head]
[Customers are leaving Hell's Kitchen]

Gordon: Sabrina was quite dramatic in her final plea, but I'm not looking for a drama queen. I'm looking for a head chef.

Episode Twelve [8.12][edit]

Gordon: This is like a joke. It's like you've been Punk'd, like you've been set up to look stupid.

[Gordon returns an undercooked appetizer to the workstation]
Gordon: [to Trev] Hey bozo! [does a stop signal; angrily knocks the workstation with both hands] Just all of you, look at me now! It's like you're doing it on purpose!
James: Oh, chef's losing it.
Gordon: Hard, undercooked, and stone-cold. Three beef—Oh, hold on. Hey, just put your finger on that. Look at us! WE DESERVE BETTER THAN THIS!! WHERE'S YOUR PASSION?!! [angrily throws his spoon] I'm done standing here with a bunch of idiots. [throws his apron on the workstation] Fuck you all. Good luck, superstars. [he and Sous Chef Scott exit the kitchen through the dining room] Fucking useless. Aiyayayay.
Nona: (interview) We are fucked! Come on!
Paris Hilton: Oh, man.
Steven Cojocaru: Aw, there he is.
James: Oh, he's left.
Gail: (interview) This is over. Over.
Jillian: (interview) Holy shit. What the fuck just happened? Chef is pissed.
Gordon: [to himself] Oh, fuck! I can do some real damage by staying there.

Gordon: Gail's performance in Hell's Kitchen was up and down, up and down, and up and down. Roller coasters are great for amusement parks, not kitchens.

Episode Thirteen [8.13][edit]

[Gordon checks on risotto brought up by Nona]
Gordon: (tastes) It fucks me off. [returns the risotto to the workstation] STOP! (to Nona and Trev) Come here you! (to Russell) Come here! (to Jillian) And you as well! Have a fucking good taste! [Gordon tastes, as well as the final four]
Nona: (interview) Awesome. It's freaking great. I love what's happening right now.
Gordon: What's the first thing that comes to your mouth?
Russell: Pepper! (interview) Yeah, can we have some risotto with the pepper, please? Refire.
Gordon: [spits out the risotto in disgust] Three stunning risottos away.
Nona: Yes, chef. (interview) Sucks, sucks, sucks.

[After dinner service, the remaining four debate over who should go home]
Jillian: I killed it on garnish tonight! There's no reason I should go up for elimination.
Trev: I thought I had a great night, too. [to Nona and Russell] I'm nominating you two. You guys were the ones who had fuck-ups tonight.
Nona: I had a good night. My votes are Trev, and... my second one is Russell because of the scallops and the halibut. (interview) Russ was not perfect tonight, and Trev did not do too bad, but it's hard to go wrong when you have Chef Ramsay wiping your ass for you.
Jillian: My votes are for Trev and Russell, too.
Trev: (interview) What the hell?! [to Jillian] What happened to the plan?
[Flashback to before dinner service]
Jillian: [in the flashback] Let them get put up for elimination tonight. Even if they do good.
Trev: [in the flashback giving Jillian a high-five] Boo-yah, shocka!
[Back to present]
Trev: (interview) Jillian's selling me out.
Russell: I'm definitely voting for you, Trev because of your attitude and communication lapses. It's fucking ridiculous. [Trev just shrugs] If you talked to me like you talked to me before about that salmon, I would have slapped the shit out of you! [Jillian and Nona stare at Russell in shock] If you ever think you can cop an attitude like that with me, best believe you're gonna catch one to the side of your fucking head!
Nona: W–Whoa!
Trev: [shrugs again] Okay.
Russell: I will fuck you up, bro!

Episode Fourteen [8.14][edit]

Trev: New order! One spaghetti, two scallops, one truffle salad! [pause] How long?! [no one responds]
Jillian: (interview) Nobody's listening to anything Trev says. Just like, "Blah-blah-blah," coming out his mouth!
Trev: Knock it out, guys! Let's get 'em in, get 'em out! [Nona continues to ignore Trev]
Gordon: Answer him!
Jillian: (interview) Nobody respects him, and that's why while he's on the pass, everyone's ignoring him.
Trev: One spaghetti, two scallops, one truffle salad! [beat; Sous Chef Scott looks up]
Gordon: Is there an answer?!
Nona & Russell: Yes, chef!
Narrator: The chefs may not be listening to Trev, but that doesn't stop him from calling more tickets.
Trev: One salmon, two beef, one wellington! Six minutes to the window!
Nona: Six minutes!
Trev: Thank you!
Gordon: [facepalms] Stop two beef, one salmon, one wellington! 'Cause we haven't the fucking appetisers yet!
Trev: Son of a bitch.
Gordon: "Son of a bitch?!" Ah, [throws spoon] fucking hell!
Trev: Fucking hell's right.
Jillian: (interview) Trev sucks. Sorry, Trev, you suck.

[During the penultimate dinner service; Jillian is the last on the hot plate]
Narrator: After failing to notice Chef Scott's swapping of the meat, Jillian is on high alert.
Gordon: Come on, Trev!
Jillian: You’re not sending that shit out. That one looks like crap! Fire a new one (halibut), fire it now!
Trev: It’s ready right now, if you want it.
Jillian: COME ON! (interview) Trev, you’re fucking up and it’s not right. [Trev brings his fish to the pass] This one’s skinny as shit and that one’s fat as fuck! You got a different one?
Trev: It’s gonna take six minutes if you want me to do that!
Jillian: Well, this is not how they look on the same table! It’s bullshit!
Trev: They’re not all cut equal!
Nona: (interview) Jillian is just [makes a clawing motion with her hand] "RAWRAWRAWRAWRAWR!!!", all over Trev!
Jillian: [checks on more halibut brought up by Trev] Trev!
Trev: Yes, chef.
Jillian: YOUR HALIBUT IS FREAKIN’ RAW! Come here! Come here! Look at that shit, dude! It’s fucking raw! COME ON! HOW MANY TIMES ARE YOU GONNA DO IT?!
Trev: Sixteen, if it takes.
Jillian: As many times as it takes?!
Trev: As many times as it takes to get it right!
Trev: Doesn't make any sense to me.
Jillian: (interview) I just don’t understand, like... I don’t get it.
Gordon: You’ve got to control the kitchen, otherwise the kitchen controls you.
Jillian: Yes, chef. [to Trev] YOU’RE SCREWING ME ON THE PASS!
Trev: Dude, they’re all different fucking sizes!
Gordon: Jillian, you have to convict this! This is just not good enough! [to the Black Jackets] LISTEN TO ME, IT’S NOT GOOD ENOUGH![to Trev] YOU MAY WANT TO SCREW HER, BUT YOU’RE NOT GOING TO FUCKING SCREW ME! COME HERE, YOU! Next time you fuck her again, or fuck me on one halibut, you’re fucking out! NOW WAKE UP! A JOKE’S A JOKE, BUT QUIT IT!
Jillian: (interview) I wanted to throw a fucking hot pan at Trev’s head. Stop making me look bad, do your job! [to Trev] Move it!
[Trev brings up his halibut, which is finally perfectly cooked]
Gordon: Now, yeah. You know how it feels standing here, yes?
Jillian: Yes, chef. It fucking sucks.
Gordon: Sideways.

Gordon: Jillian didn't let her lack of fine dining experience get in the way. She made it this far because of her passion and determination. Unfortunately, it just wasn't enough to get her into the final.

Episode Fifteen [8.15][edit]

Russell: (interview) I'm pissed. I'm not happy at all. I chose the team that I wanted, and I thought they would help me win. In fact, they helped me lose, so... you know, thanks a lot, guys. [to his dad] I felt like I was being sabotaged. (interview) You will never get a job in any city I work. I'm gonna definitely blackball you guys, because you guys fucked me so royally tonight.

Gordon: When Hell's Kitchen first started, I used to say, "No, no, no" to Nona. After every service, she improved dramatically, and I was soon saying "Yes, yes, yes". She has a phenomenal palate and a real passion for cooking. Soon, all of America will be saying "yes" with me when they see her excel as the head chef of LA Market.

Season 9[edit]

Episode One [9.01][edit]

[The eighteen chefs arrived at Orpheum Theatre to dream to become a "star"]
Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Orpheum Theatre. Please put your hands together for the Hell's Kitchen chefs. [unveils the curtain; gives the chefs to raise their arms up. The chefs then see that there is no audience and Chef Ramsay at the top, clapping his hand loudly and slowly]
Gordon: Seriously, what on earth did you expect? A packed house? Standing ovation? Screaming fans? Really? Right now, none of you are stars. Résumés mean nothing, got it?
Chefs: Yes, chef!
Gordon: GOT IT?!
Chefs: [louder voice] YES, CHEF!
Gordon: Un-fucking real. Want to be stars? MY ARSE!

Gordon: Right? First name and what in the hell is that on there?
Krupa: My name is Krupa. This is a traditional Gujarati dish of stuffed naan.
[Chef Ramsay sees the stuffed naan]
Gordon: First off, doesn't exactly look appetizing, does it?
Krupa: No.
Gordon: No. It's like you've got four bits of arse wipe on a plate. Splat!
Krupa: You're right.
Gordon: [takes a bite of naan] Spices are raw, bland. My dear Krupa, yeah? That is crap-a!

Gordon: What is it?
Carrie: It is a chicken-fried ribeye with Yukon gold mash and white truffle cream gravy. I actually have a little sugar in there.
Gordon: Stop! Say that again?
Carrie: I have sugar in there. That's what my mother always did!
Gina: (interview) I do not know who in their right mind would put sugar in mashed potatoes.
Carrie: Just try it! (interview) Chef Ramsay is going to love it because it's fuckin' delicious! It's like an orgasm in your mouth, come on! [as Gordon spits out the mashed potato] Oh, God!
Will: [stifling a laugh] I'm sorry, I don't mean to laugh!
Gordon: That... is disgusting.

[Jamie and Steven are the next two contestants up during the signature dish challenge]
Gordon: First name?
Jamie: Jamie.
Gordon: What do you do?
Jamie: I'm a sous chef.
Gordon: You're already a sous chef?
Jamie: Yes. (interview) I'm still a young chef, but I know how good I am.
Gordon: Tell me about the dish.
Jamie: It's lamb lollipops with a red onion confiture.
Gordon: [after eating a bite of lamb] You've overcooked the most important thing: the lamb. If you're going to have the balls to call yourself a sous chef, learn to cook lamb properly first.
Jamie: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Okay, uh...
Steven: Steven.
Gordon: What is that? [picks up plate]
Steven: I have seared diver scallops over wild mushroom risotto. (interview) I've been cooking thirty years. Nobody else has a chance in this thing!
Gordon: Honestly, it's like toenails. I'm a fucking dinosaur! [some of the contestants laugh] Look at them!
Steven: It's got good flavor.
Gordon: "It's got good flavor?" You can't be that deluded. The point goes to... none of you. Stop fucking around.
Steven: Sorry, chef.

Gordon: [as Jonathon's signature dish is revealed] What the fuck is that on the plate?
Jonathon: I call this the Punch Drunk Chicken. (interview) I got the Southern flavor, you know? I put a lot of flavor in the food, raw but real. So, if Chef Ramsay complains about it, well he's full of shit, man.
Gordon: Hold on, it gets worse. [holds up sliced piece of pineapple] The pineapple looks like... canned?
Jonathon: Yes.
Gordon: You open a can of pineapple, and you stick it on top of a chicken?
Jonathon: Limited time today.
Gordon: "Limited time?" Forty-five minutes?! Limited time?!
Jonathon: Yes.
Gordon: You're so full of shit, even your eyes are brown! While you come in here and serve me a canned fucking pineapple, you can fuck off now. Seriously! I'll pay for the ticket! You tell me.
Jonathon: No, sir.
Gordon: It's an absolute freaking mess. But the surprising fact was you opened it out of a can. That's what pissed me off more than anything. I'm not even going to taste it! Ladies, congratulations.

Gordon: Oh, fuck me. So the lobster's ready for the second table thanks to Steven, but I just want the first!
Steven: I'm working on the first, chef!
Steven: I'll–I'll go one at a time.
Gordon: The thought of you doing two things at once, forget it! Just focus on the first ticket, Steven!

[Gordon checks on cod brought on Chino]
Gordon: What's he done to this? [returns the cod to the workstation] BLUE TEAM!
Paul: Yes, chef?
Gordon: NO garnish anywhere, STILL fragmented, and look! It's burnt! [holds up the cod, shows it to the Blue team and angrily slams it on the workstation]
Chino: (interview) I burnt a miso cod. You know, I should know that shit too because I'm Asian.
Gordon: Oh, guys!
Jonathon: (interview) Chino really fucked the cod up, man. Basted that motherfucker with roof tar or something.
Gordon: Chino!
Chino: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Come here, you! Get out of my sight.
Scott Leibfried: Sit down!
Gordon: Scott, get him peeling onions, garlic, but away from the stove!
Scott Leibfried: There you go, at least you won't be able to burn any of that.
Chino: (interview) Ugh. Horrible.
Gordon: Absolutely fucking useless!

Steven: Scallops are in the window!
[Gordon heads to the pass to check on them; they're not properly seared]
Gordon: (to Steven) Hey. come here, you. Just touch.
Steven: They're springy, chef.
Gordon: They're what?
Steven: Springy. When you spring back, usually they're ready.
Gordon: So they're ready, are they?
Steven: I feel that they're ready.
Gordon: That fucking rubbery?
Steven: Sorry, chef.
Paul: (interview) Everything Steven was touching was turning to shit tonight. You know how they say you can't teach an old dog new tricks?
Gordon: Sit down and eat them. Enjoy your "springy" scallops! Let me know how you feel halfway through! Bon appétit.
Steven: I think they're perfect.

Gordon: [checks on scallops brought up by Tommy] Hey, rock and roll! Bozo, come here! I go from springy to boiled bits of shit.
Tommy: (interview) Yeah, that sucked. Took a hell of a dive.
Gordon: Take a seat and fucking eat them. (to James, who's in the dining room) Service, please. Little glass of wine, sauvignon blanc goes beautifully well with the raw ceviche scallop. One, two, three of you, ALL ON THE FREAKIN' FISH STATION!
Steven: I jumped over to help out, chef.
Gordon: Yeah, I wish you'd jump in the oven! That would make my life a lot easier!

Narrator: Back in the red kitchen, Carrie is looking to redeem herself on the fish station.
Elise: [goes to Carrie's fish station and takes over] I'll cook the fish, I'll cook it.
Narrator: But Elise has other plans.
Carrie: I got it babe. No, I got it.
Elise: Don't push me!
Carrie: Thank you.
Elise: (interview) Clearly, Carrie is the weaker cook than I am. So I felt like I want to take charge to impress Chef Ramsay.
Gordon: Why is she (referring Elise) cooking fish?
Carrie: I don't know what she's doing! She just came here and grabbed it, chef. (interview) I mean, are you fucking kidding me? That bitch is crazy.
Gordon: (to Carrie) What in the fuck is she doing?
Carrie: I didn't let her cook it. She came over and grabbed it chef.
Elise: So I was going to cook it for you because we're all a team, right?
Gordon: Ugh.
Carrie: She's trying to prove a point.
Gordon: Elise!
Elise: Yes, chef?
Gordon: [holds a ticket] I got a six top dying for the appetizers, and you're cooking fish!
Elise: I'll put the spaghetti up.
Gordon: [to Elise] You, fuck off! Sit on the chef's table.
Krupa: (interview) HA!

[Jonathon has perfectly cooked the wellingtons twice but Brendan has burned the potatoes]
Gordon: That's twice in a row. Cooked to perfection, but we can't even send the table together! Because nobody's together! SMOOTH SERVICE? MY ARSE!!
Jonathon: I have never, in my whole career ever been stopped by fucking side items. Never.

[The customers have begun leaving. James returns to the pass]
James: Chef...
Gordon: James?
James: Tables are walking out.
Gordon: Blue team, they're walking out! You Muppet, get off your fat arse! Let me show you something: Not one entrée has left this fucking kitchen! NOT ONE!
Steven: Yes, chef.
Gordon: And look at the pans back there! Any bright ideas?
Steven: Want me to jump in? I'll clean them.
Gordon: I'm talking about the customers! Not the fricking pans!
Steven: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Any ideas?
Steven: No.
Gordon: Hey, what are you going to do now? They are walking out! FUCK OFF!
Brendan: (interview) At that point, it was a train wreck on ice. There was nothing we could do about it.
Gordon: Stop! You're out of your misery! [throws his spoon away; goes over to the Red kitchen]
Carrie: [to Red Team] Let's do this ladies, come on. Let's not disappoint the customers.
Gordon: Carrie! They've gone! [brief pause] SHUT IT DOWN!
Carrie: Fuck!

Gordon: I realised early on that Steven had as much of a chance of being the head chef of BLT Steak as I do of winning a gold medal in figure skating.

Episode Two [9.02][edit]

Chino: Risotto, chef.
[Sous-chef Scott checks the risotto; finds out that it's burned on the bottom again]
Scott Leibfried: I can't believe it, he did it again.
Gordon: [returns to the workstation and scrapes the risotto] I've got another burned risotto, it's burnt. [throws the risotto in the bin] It's FUCKING BURNT!!! Chino, what the fuck is going on? How long for the risotto?
Chino: Eight minutes chef.
Gordon: Eight minutes? [to James] Excuse me, I apologise for the risotto, it's falling behind, yes? [to Chino] Come on, Chino!
Chino: (interview) I can't have another bad service tonight. Right now, I have to take this one seriously like nobody else. I have to prove to Chef Ramsay that I belong here.
Gordon: [warningly] If you burned me that risotto one more time. Look at me...
Chino: No, chef.
Gordon: Hey, look at me... I'll drag you out of here.
Chino: No, chef. No, chef.

Narrator: Brendan on the fish station is now ready to move onto entrées.
Brendan: Sea Bass is ready. Are we ready to go?
Paul: Coming out now.
Gordon: Brendan, I haven't called it. Who called the entrées?
Narrator: Even if Chef Ramsay hasn't.
Gordon: Who fired? I didn't fire.
Brendan: Yes, chef. Sea bass is fired and it is ready.
Gordon: What is going on? You cooked the bass. Is your meat ready?
Tommy: No, chef.
Gordon: And the garnish all ready?
Paul: No, chef.
Gordon: You've got to work as a team! Please!
Jonathon: (interview) Brendan, man he jumped the gun. You know, he's too busy trying not to fuck up and he forgets. It's about communication.
Gordon: Okay, let's go for the first entrée together!
Brendan: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Timing!
Brendan: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Away now: One seabass, one wellington, one New York strip, one prime rib.
Blue team: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Get it on the pass!

Gordon: Brendan?
Brendan: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Is that the same bass?
Brendan: No, chef.
Gordon: You didn't start a fresh one?
Brendan: Yes, I did, chef.
Gordon: So where's the old one then?
Brendan: I threw it away.
Gordon: Show me.
Brendan: Yeah. [looks through the garbage] Chef, I can't find it.
Gordon: Are you lying to me? Because I'm going to stop this whole fucking kitchen. I'm going to ask you one more time to tell me the truth. Is that the bass from ten minutes ago or is that a fresh one you cooked? Because I'm going to turn this fucking kitchen upside down.
Brendan: (interview; wiping his face) Oh, my God. [to Gordon] Chef, yes.
Gordon: [tosses the bass down] Why?
Paul: Start a new bass. Start a new bass. Everyone stop your garnishes.
Chino: (interview) Brendan is an idiot for lying to Chef Ramsay. It's like seriously, you're making a fool of yourself.
Gordon: And how dare you go to the garbage can, search it and turn me out like that. Period!
Brendan: Yes, chef. Firing again. Firing again.
Gordon: You do that to me one more time, trust me, fuck the elimination, I'll send you out there and then. Let me tell you that.
Brendan: Yes, chef. Won't happen again. (interview) Chef Ramsay's not a stupid person. I was blowing smoke up his ass and he called me out on it.
Gordon: Start again!
Brendan: Firing a new bass now, chef.

[Gordon checks on duck brought up by Tommy]
Gordon: Oh, come on. Hey, Tommy! The duck is overcooked!
Will: Fuck! It's ridiculous, man!
Paul: Tommy, start a new chicken. It's overcooked! You have one ready.
Gordon: That's a duck! [throws his spoon away]
Paul: Duck. Sorry, chef.
Gordon: [calls the entire team] All of you, come here! Not one entrée has left this fucking kitchen! GET IT TOGETHER!
Blue Team: Yes, chef!

[Krupa accidentally dropped her prime rib while serving tableside; returns to the pass with James]
Krupa: Chef Ramsay, I just fell with the whole rib in my hands s—
Gordon: Oh, fuck's sake. The whole fucking thing?
Krupa: The whole fucking thing. I'm sorry.
Gordon: Oh, you're kidding me. Oh, come on. One simple task. [calls Monterray] Monterray!
Monterray: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Once you've finished the rib, serve the ribs to Krupa. [to Krupa] Hey, Butterfingers. When you finish serving the ribs from the Blue team, take the trolley. Do not drop it!
Krupa: Yes, chef.

[After failing to serve a single entrée, Gordon has finally had enough with the Blue Team]
Gordon: [checks Brendan's seabass] Oh, come on. Brendan, it's raw.
Will: [to Brendan] COME ON, BRO! REALLY?! (interview) Brendan, you suck! You suck!
Gordon: Blue Team! Blue Team!!
Paul: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Stop! It's just got worse. Not one entrée has left together yet. Not ONE! (Chino) You fucked me on the risotto! (Tommy) You screwed me on the duck, and now I got a raw bass! What are we going to do now?! Any suggestions? [no one answers] I've got one big suggestion! [points to every member of the Blue Team] You, you, you, you, you, fuck off out of here! Get upstairs!!
Jonathon: (interview) What the fuck, man?! It is so frustrating, dude. It made us look like a bunch of little sissy-ass bitches, man!
Gordon: [calls to the Red Team] Ladies!
Jamie: Yes, chef?
Gordon: I need four of you in here to finishing the Blue Team. Any of you.
Carrie: Yes, chef!
Paul: (interview) Having another person coming in to finish what I fucking started is the most infuriating slap in the face, literally "taking your dick out and whipping it across my chin" feeling that I have ever had in my life.
[The entire Blue Team goes outside to smoke after returning to the dorms]
Jonathon: [angrily throws water bottle] FUCK!!
Will: I didn't sign up for this, bro. Send my ass home, bro. People just don't know how to fucking cook. (interview) That was, like, the biggest pussy bullshit I've ever experienced in my life, man. [to his teammates] I've never been kicked out of a kitchen, bro.
Will: I didn't sign up for this! I signed up to win! We're all supposed to be professional chefs, right?!
Paul: I agree!

[The Blue Team lost the night's service second time in a row]
Gordon: Men, I'm disappointed. Will?
Will: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Who should leave Hell's Kitchen tonight?
Will: A hundred percent, Brendan and Chino.
Gordon: Paul, who should go?
Paul: Brendan and Chino.
Gordon: Jonathon?
Jonathon: I voted for Brendan and Chino.
Gordon: If you have to pick one?
Jonathon: I choose Chino.
Chino: Some of you guys are just a bunch of fucking phonies, you know that? All you do is scream while Chef Ramsay says...and when Chef Ramsay leaves, you just clam up. You–you don't wanna put yourself out there.
Jonathon: You can go fuck yourself, Chino.
[Will shakes his head while the Red Team stares on in shock]
Chino: You know why they're (Red Team) winning? You know why the girls are winning? They may not like each other, but they all fucking study their shit! I–I'm getting balled out on risotto. What do you do? You go at me!
Jonathon: I didn't see you trying to help out somebody else like I was!
Chino: I couldn't! 'Cause I was getting fucked up! I was fucking up! How could I help somebody if I'm fucking up?! [Gordon facepalms]
Jonathon: Team player? You ain't no team player!
Chino: Okay?! I felt sorry for him, alright?!
Jonathon: You don't even know what that means! Fuck you!
Paul: Guys!
Gordon: Anyway, Brendan and Chino, step forward.

Gordon: The only thing bigger than Brendan's ego are the lies that he tells and I can't have that in Hell's Kitchen.

Episode Three [9.03][edit]

[During the Mommy and Me team challenge, Gordon checks on quesadilla brought up by Jamie]
Gordon: It's burnt. It's children. Ladies. LADIES! COME HERE, ALL OF YOU! Would you serve that to your baby?
Red Team: No, chef.
Gordon: Unbelievable! [to Jamie] Jamie, stop sulking like a fucking baby! The babies are out there! Not in here! [slams the tray on the workstation] Start again!
Jamie: Fucking shit!

[Gordon checks on panini brought up by Jonathon]
Gordon: All of you, just stop! Look at me! LOOK AT ME!! There's no chicken in here, and you think I'm going to push that out. You've got a small lead, but it's shrinking away! Start the table again!
Blue Team: Yes, chef!

[Gordon checks on chicken fingers brought up by Tommy]
Gordon: They're overcooked and they're fucking dry. Tell me. [returns to the workstation] Come here, come here. Another children, right? I've got four of my own. [gets a piece of chicken] Would you serve them that shit?
Blue Team: No, chef.
Gordon: What is that? It's-it's like a fucking baby's flip flop! [throws the chicken away] Oh, piss off will you?
Natalie: Come on, quality product Tommy!
Gordon: Piss off.

Gordon: Blue Team, job well done.
Jonathon: You know, if I'd known it was that easy to bring a beautiful lady (Natalie) in to get everybody talkin', I'd have had Tommy put a dress on, man! [Gordon starts laughing along with the men]

[Carrie and Jennifer bring their meat entrées to the pass]
Andi: Why do we have a kid's burger?
Gordon: It's not even on the ticket.
Andi: Neither is the wellington.
Gordon: [returns the entrées to the workstation] All of you, come here! It's the first fucking ticket of the night. Two bass, two New York strip, one lamb, one cod.
Jennifer: Fuck!
Gordon: No burger, no wellington.
Jennifer: (interview) Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
Gordon: Your first ticket. Jennifer, THIS IS EMBARRASSING! Half the dining room is filled with children! PATHETIC!!
Jennifer: (interview) I'm mortified that I was even a part of this. I will not go down for Carrie. I should have just pushed her away and had her do something else.
Red Team: Yes, chef!

Gordon: [to Amanda] What's going, Amanda?
Amanda: I'm sorry, chef?
Gordon: WHAT'S GOING?!
Amanda: I have two bass on this ticket with the lamb.
Gina: And a cod.
Gordon: And a cod?
Amanda: And a cod.
Gordon: The cod is not on?
Amanda: The cod is not on chef.
Jennifer: What?
Amanda: I forgot about it.
Gordon: OH, MY GOD!!
Elise: (interview) Amanda, is there anyone home?!
Gordon: You haven't got the cod on?!
Amanda: I forgot about it. (interview; laughs nervously) Ugh.
Gordon: Family night?! DISASTER NIGHT!!
Amanda: I'm sorry, chef.
[Gordon throws his spoon away on the workstation out of disappointment]

Jamie: How much time now?
Jennifer: I'm waiting on the lamb!
Elise: Are you standing there with your hand on your hip while we're trying to put this ticket out?
Carrie: No, I am not.
Elise: I better see you cooking something.
Carrie: (interview) Elise is always yelling at me.
Elise: See what I mean?
Carrie: (interview) I'm not going to let her het to me. I know I can cook. I'm know I'm good.
Elise: How long to the window?
Carrie: One more minute.
Elise: Please, let's get it up.
Gordon: Garnish, let's go! Here we go! Thirty seconds to the window.
Andi: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Where's the bass?
Amanda: It's coming up right now.
Gordon: Service! Where's the lamb?
Carrie: Right here, chef.
Gordon: Let's go! Garnish please. [sees that the lamb is raw] Look at this. Ah, fuck me. It's raw! (returns to the workstation)
Carrie: Is it still raw?
Amanda: Come on, it's walking. No, it's right there.
Jamie: You've got to be kidding me, guys!
Carrie: [touches the raw lamb] Know that- that- okay.
Gordon: STOP! [letting Carrie out of his way] Leave me alone! [sounding as if he might cry] All of you, come here. Look at the fucking state of this.
Carrie: I thought it looked good.
Elise: (interview) I obviously think that Carrie doesn't have all her marbles.
Gordon: [to Carrie] Why are you doing this to me?
Carrie: I saw this and I thought it was okay, chef, and I tried--
Gordon: "I saw this." It's not even hot, it's raw! RAW! [slams the lamb on the counter] SHIT! [throws the lamb away; calls Gina] Gina - please!
Gina: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Take this useless brigade around every fricking table, and I want a sincere apology on the back of your crap performance! Piss off! Every one of them!
[Red team exits the kitchen to apologize with the hungry customers]
James: Why don't you explain to this table? Could you look all of these children? They're all... famished.
Elise: We sincerely apologize about your entrées. (interview) It was humiliating apologizing to the tables when I felt like it wasn't my fault.
Carrie: We're very sorry.
Elise: We apologize.
Carrie: We're sorry you don't have any entrées right now.
Elise: (interview) Yes, we're a team, but you can only do so much when you have a broken leg.
Carrie: [while returning to the red kitchen] Ladies, our promise it will not happen again, okay.
Gordon: Ladies.
Red team: Yes, chef?
Gordon: That was the first useful thing you have done tonight. It's also the last. Get out of here! All of you! And hang your heads in shame! Because you absolutely suck! Piss off! Embarrassing, AND ON FAMILY NIGHT! YOU CERTAINLY DON'T CARE ABOUT THE CHILDREN!
Carrie: Oh, my God.
Young Male Diner: "Shut it down!"

[The Red Team return to dorms after their disappointing performance]
Amanda: Chef is going to call me out, I'm telling you.
Elise: [to Amanda] He's going to call you out, but there's two of you going up. (interview) This could be a great opportunity for the Red team. We can get rid of Carrie, and turn something negative into a positive.
[Carrie confronts Elise in the dorm]
Carrie: The first time, all the food was up there.
Elise: [interrupting Carrie] Don't talk to me right now!
Carrie: No, Elise, you're gonna talk to me anyway.
Elise: I don't want to hear what you got to say. Get out of my face!
Gina: Just wait! You can talk to her later.
Elise: She can talk up on the chopping block, that's when she can fucking talk. Don't say a word.
Gina: [distant, off-camera] Stop.
Carrie: No, I'm not going to have you talk like this! Just listen to me.
Elise: Nobody's sitting here talking to you. Okay, let me ask you to a serious question right now, do you take medication?
Carrie: Elise, stop it. Quit acting like this.
Elise: [talking over Carrie] Because I think that you are living in another world. You are nothing but a distraction on me. You didn't call anything. You fucked up the whole rhythm of the kitchen, and I-I knew this was gonna happen!
Carrie: THE FUCK I DID! Elise, stop it! I did not! You know how bad I wanted this! Stop it!
Elise: [talking over Carrie] Yes, you did! Yes, you did. Yes, you did.
Gina: Stop it, ladies!
Carrie: (interview) I do deserve to be here. I'm not ready to leave Hell's Kitchen! And I'm ready to fight.

[The Red Team lost the night's service; Gordon became the only nominator for the episode]
Gordon: Jennifer, step forward please!
Jennifer: Shit!
Gordon: My next choice is... Carrie, step forward! [thinks on a third nominee] You know what? Amanda, join them.
Gordon: Carrie, tell me why do you think you should stay in Hell's Kitchen?
Carrie: I love cooking, but is in my passion and it is in my heart. I'm not ready to go yet, chef. I am going to prove you I am good enough.
Gordon: Why is your team is so desperate to see you out of here?
Carrie: I don't know have Elise against me. She's had something against me since day one; I'm not quite sure what it is.
Amanda: It's not just Elise, Carrie.
Gordon: Amanda, why do you think you should stay in Hell's Kitchen?
Amanda: Well, chef, unlike Carrie, I'm not in denial that I had a fucking crap performance tonight. Not in denial at all. I want this, chef. I'm not going to piss around and lie to you and say like, "Oh, save me and feel bad for me, I'm good." I can work my ass off for you, chef. You've seen me do better.
Gordon: You didn't fight back!
Amanda: Yes, chef.
Gordon: You threw the towel in!
Amanda: I know, chef.

Amanda: (interview after being eliminated) I'm so completely and utterly embarrassed and disappointed with myself. My dream coming in to Hell's Kitchen was to win, so to have one of my idols tell me, "You're not worth it..." That shit sucks!

Gordon: Amanda lost the will to cook on the line tonight. I lost the will to keep her here.

Episode Four [9.04][edit]

[During their punishment prep, the Blue Team decides to rehearse running dinner service]
Paul: Alright, order in. Squab, risotto, tart. Entrée: wellington, cod, strip, and bass.
Will: Yep, rice is going.
Natalie: Scallop.
Will: Starting to go, starting to go. (interview) We had our first two services, and it was a loss. It sucked.
Natalie: Doing my fish thing.
Will: (interview) We got an opportunity to work out any kinks we might've seen in service. [to Natalie] Three minutes out.
Chino: Now, I'm gonna say, "Okay, dude, it's not ready. So, it's still, uh... in the oven, so... Hey, you gotta give me four minutes."
Natalie: No, that's not good!
Paul: [impersonating Gordon's British accent while slamming his fist on workstation] How long?!
Chino: You gotta give me four minutes, dude.
Will: (interview) Chino sat there and was like... [chuckles and shakes his head]
Chino: I got three minutes—three minutes on the wellington.
Paul: Three minutes!
Will: (interview) He can't even fake being a good cook. [facepalms]
Natalie: So I need two minutes!
Chino: Say—say I'm behind again.
Jonathon: (interview) I mean, really? There's no cooking involved. I mean, how hard is that?
Chino: I just—I'm gonna try.
Paul: [in British accent] HURRY UP!
Natalie: CHINO!

[During prep]
Narrator: While the Blue Team seems focused and united, in the red kitchen, Elise...
Andi: That's all we have?
Elizabeth: Yeah, that's everything we get.
Elise: That's why I'm putting eggs on there, because it cooks down, like...
Andi: Could you stop talking to me like I'm your fucking child?
Narrator: ...has found someone else to agitate.
Elise: Whatever.
Andi: You need to calm down.
Elise: I am calm! I'm just saying...
Andi: Yeah, you're always talking back to me, and you don't need to talk back to me. [Carrie smirks]
Narrator: ...Seems to have a problem with authority.
Andi: I'm here, you're here. Get it straight. Hello?
Elise: I heard you.
Andi: You're so fucking disrespectful!
Carrie: [smiling with Krupa] This is the first time I smiled all day.

Gordon: Cod, bass!
Monterray: Oh, Jesus Fuck! Sea bass is fucking falling apart.
Gordon: Sea bass is what?
Monterray: Sea bass fell apart.
Gordon: Oh, boy. Scott.
Scott Leibfried: [gives Monterray on a lesson] When you take the fish out of the pan, you leave it on the spatula.
Monterray: It fell apart. There's nothing I can do. It fell apart.
Scott Leibfried: You leave it on the fucking spatula! Is that what you did? No, you didn't. So it's the fish's fault again?
Monterray: No, it's not. It fell apart. There's nothing I can do. It fell apart.
[Screenshot of Janet Evans and Mark Spitz (two Olympic gold medalists on swimming) on Chef's Table]
Monterray: (interview) I understand what he's telling me and I'm listening to him, but you ain't going to keep fucking cussing at me. I don't give a fuck who you are: Chef Ramsay, Chef Scott, Chef Andi. You ain't going to keep talking to me like that!
Monterray: I'm not bullshitting you. I put it on- I have it. I'm putting it on there-
Narrator: And Monterray has decided to go toe-to-toe with Sous Chef Scott.
Monterray: I understand. I understand.
Scott Leibfried: DO YOU?! THEN FUCKING DO IT!
Monterray: I'm positive.
Scott Leibfried: THEN DO IT!
Monterray: Then, it's done then.
Scott Leibfried: FUCK YOU!
Monterray: Well, fuck you too, then! [throws pan into the sink] You fucking serious, man?
Jonathon: (interview) When you fucking got too much pride and you wanna stand there and fucking cuss at Chef Scott, that's the motherfucker that needs to go home.

[Gordon checks on wellingtons brought up by Chino]
Gordon: What is that?
Scott Leibfried: Cold, too. Ice-cold.
Gordon: CHINO!!
Natalie: (interview; sighs)
Gordon: All of you, come here! Just touch that. Touch the meat. It's raw! RAW!!

[Gordon checks on sea bass brought up by Elise]
Gordon: What's she done to that? Elise!
Elise: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Come here. Come here! That's right! Come here! I've got one bass dry, and one bass raw. Raw! RAW!! Get the bass back in the pan!
Elise: Fuck!
Carrie: (interview) Elise had some problems on the fish station. I mean, I thought Chef was about to kick her out of the kitchen. I was kinda hoping for him to, but you know... [shrugs]
Gordon: Elise!
Elise: Yes, chef.
Gordon: I don't know what kind of frame of mind you're in, but it's not on a fucking championship performance, let me tell you!
Krupa: (interview) Elise will never admit that she's wrong. She just stood there with her eyebrows up and just looking. [pouts like Elise]
Gordon: Who're you going to blame now?
Elise: Nobody, chef!
Gordon: It's about time you looked at yourself in the mirror and took some responsibility!
Elise: Yes, chef.

[Gordon checks on meat brought up by Chino]
Gordon: [on the wellington] Look at that. Chewed up to fuck. [on the lamb] And that? That's raw.
Scott: Yep.
Gordon: It's pink. [returns to the workstation and throws his spoon away] Blue Team, stop! [to Chino] Come here, you. Look at that. [points at lamb] That is raw. That is white fat, [points at wellingtons] and what have you done to this? Wha-wha-what is that? So now, you've just fucked [knocks his hand on the workstation] me!
Chino: Yes, chef. Yes, chef. (interview) I feel like a dumbass, moron, idiot because I can cook better than that. It's just... It's embarrassing.
Gordon: There you go. [tosses the tray on the floor] All of you! FUCK OFF OUT OF HERE! GET UPSTAIRS!
Will: I'm so fucking pissed, it's not even funny. (interview) We suck. The way I look at it is, any time you get a service shut down, you suck.
Gordon: [to Janet Evans & Mark Spitz] My apologies. In the last service, they were good. That’s what hurts.
Janet Evans: You gotta fight for it!
Mark Spitz: Exactly.

[Gordon checks on lamb brought up by Gina]
Gordon: Oh, come on. Stop. All of you, come here. What is that?
Gina: It's raw, chef. I just sliced into it.
Gordon: Oh, really? I'd never have guessed. So in front of (Misty May-Treanor and Jen Kessy) these ladies here, this is how we want to perform? Raw bass, overcooked bass. Raw lamb, what an embarrassment.
Gina: Sorry, chef.
Gordon: Why are you doing this to me? It's like being in a volleyball match and I'm the ball getting pounded.
Gina: (interview) I was just like, "Oh, my God." It was bad.
Gordon: Let me tell you something really important: SHUT IT DOWN!
[Customers start leaving Hell's Kitchen]
Narrator: After shutting down both kitchens...
Gordon: I'd rather send something.
Andi: Oui, chef.
Narrator: Chef Ramsay has Sous Chefs Scott and Andi make the entrées for the chef's tables. And after a disastrous dinner service, Chef Ramsay sums up the evening with one word:
Gordon: PATHETIC! So therefore, the winning team tonight is... Nobody! Both teams, think of two individuals that could really make your team stronger... by exiting! [pause] Get out of here.

[The Blue Team nominated Chino and Monterray, while the Red Team nominated Carrie and Elise]
Elise: If you asked my team who they'd rather see leave between me and Carrie, I'm sure the answer would be Carrie.
Gordon: Elizabeth, if you had to drop Elise or Carrie, who would you drop?
Elizabeth: Carrie, chef.
Gordon: Jamie?
Jamie: Elise, chef.
Gordon: Krupa, who would you drop?
Krupa: Elise as well.
Gordon: Jennifer, who would you drop?
Jennifer: Elise.
Gordon: Gina?
Gina: Elise, chef.
Gordon: Natalie (transferred to blue team since previous episode), you were in the Red Team. Who would you send home? Elise or Carrie?
Natalie: Elise, chef.
Gordon: No hesitation there. Elise, I did what you asked! I took a vote! Here's the sad news for you. Your team wants you out of there so badly, you may be better off.
Elise: I can guarantee one thing: I never make same mistake twice. This is my first time on the carpet, (Carrie) this is her second, (Monterray) his second and (Chino) his third. It is not my time to go yet, chef! I'm not here to throw anybody under the bus.
Monterray: It's too late! [laughs]
Elise: I'm keeping it 100% with you, chef. I can work on my attitude, but you can't give somebody common sense and talent, [points at Carrie] especially when you're 31! I'm 26! I have so much to learn and so much more to give!
Gordon: Are you done?! [pause] Okay. Time for a difficult decision. My decision is... Elise. [everyone on the Red Team smiles as Elise walks up to Gordon] Stop crying and get back in line!
[Jamie and Jennifer facepalm while Krupa shakes her head]

Gordon: Chino took his time in Hell's Kitchen very seriously. The problem is he seriously couldn't cook.

Episode Five [9.05][edit]

[Gordon checks on risotto brought up by Krupa]
Gordon: Who made this? Who made that risotto? The risotto's like soup! [returns to the workstation and pours the risotto into another pan] Krupa, risotto is like soup. Soup, soup, soup, fucking soup!
Krupa: (interview) Soupy risotto, what the fuck was wrong with me?
Gordon: Come on, Krupa! I know you don't know the difference between veal and beef, but you must know the difference between soup and risotto!
Krupa: Yes, chef.

Gordon: How long, Gina?! [Gina doesn't respond] Talk to your team!
Gina: I'm–I'm ready.
Krupa: Can you slow it down? I need a minute and a half on my pasta.
Gina: I'm good to go!
Krupa: Slow down a little bit. (interview) Gina seemed to be in a rush to try and get things done, but the pasta wasn't ready. So, I kept pushing it back and pushing it back.
Gina: I'm walking with the scallops!
Gordon: Oh, are you? Everybody else ready?
Krupa: Hold on. Hold, fifteen seconds!
Gina: [walks to the pass while Krupa continues cooking pasta] Walking with my scallops!
Gordon: Oh, fuck me.
Krupa: (interview) It's frustrating that she's not listening to me. She was focused on the task that she was doing, but there was no communication.
Gordon: Let's go, spaghetti!
Krupa: Lobster spaghetti coming right now, chef!
Gordon: You're not even working as a team yet. Hurry up, Krupa!
Krupa: Lobster spaghetti.
[Gordon checks on lobster spaghetti brought up by Krupa]
Gordon: Undercooked. Fuck me. [returns to the workstation and throws his tongs away] Krupa, taste that! Hurry up! RAW!
Krupa: I'll give you another one, chef.

[Gordon checks on lobster spaghetti brought up by Krupa]
Gordon: Oh, my God! So pissed off! I can't take it anymore! [returns to the workstation and throws tongs away] ALL OF YOU, COME HERE! AT MY FUCKING SIDE! [knocks his hand on the workstation; to Elise] What's wrong with that?
Elise: It looks like shit.
Gordon: There's no pasta! It looks like baby food out of a fucking tin! [to Krupa] IT'S DISGUSTING!! [slams the pan down]
Krupa: Sorry, chef.
Gordon: From a soupy risotto to fucking spaghetti drowned in sauce!
Elise: (interview) Right now, appetizers is sinking the whole ship.
Gordon: [to Krupa] Hey, you! You! Fuck off upstairs! Get out! I can't bear to look at you anymore! GET OUT!

Gordon: Two cod, one lobster, one wellington!
Blue Team: Yes, chef.
Monterray: [to Tommy] Three and half minutes, yes? On the two cod? The wellington? [Tommy doesn't respond]
Gordon: Tommy!
Paul: Tommy, how long on the cod?! You're driving!
Gordon: TOMMY!
Paul: (interview) Tommy doesn't talk. He shuts down, he gets all quiet! And then he doesn't talk to Chef, and that's a sign of disrespect to Chef, so Chef gets even madder at him! [to Tommy] Tommy, how long?!
Gordon: Tommy, you're keeping us all fucking waiting now!
Tommy: I'm just going, chef. It's coming, I promise.
Gordon: Yeah, then give me a fucking time!
Monterray: Two minutes, yes?
Tommy: No, give me five!
Gordon: Oh, fucking hell.
Tommy: I gotta re-do that cod. [to Will] Can't put that out, right?
Will: Fuck, man!
Tommy: [to Monterray] Yeah, push it back. Five on that cod. It's five on that two cod. (interview) I'm being a leader for myself in Hell's Kitchen right now. I'm making sure things leaving my hands are perfect, and that's how I'll be noted.
Gordon: Monterray! Hey, bozo! How can you keep on reheating your meat before it's overcooked?!
Monterray: It's not, chef!
Monterray: It won't be, chef! It won't be!

Gordon: Cod, sea bass, wellington, (New York) strip! I hope it's working!
Tommy: These are up for the cod. Can we plate this?
Natalie: [to Monterray] Wellington!
Monterray: [cuts into the wellington] Oh, my fucking God! [both halves of the wellington are raw in the center] Will, take a look at this. I don't think that's gonna pass.
Will: If you don't think that's right, you need to let them know now.
Monterray: Guys, I don't think it's right! Pull back!
Gordon: Oh, fuck off! [slams spoon on workstation] Fuck off! [to Monterray] Come here, you!
Monterray: That was me, chef.
Gordon: I sent it four minutes ago! How can you continue cooking a wellington?!
Monterray: I had two, chef. One was over and I still had one to send with the others, chef. And that one was overcooked as well.
Gordon: So they're both overcooked?! [points at Tommy] You! Come here, you!
Tommy: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Last table was the cod, overcooked. Now it's the wellington. Let me communicate to both of you! FUCK OFF OUT OF HERE!! Get out of here, both of you! PISS OFF! Get upstairs and fucking sit and high-five each other! GET OUT, TOMMY!

Gina: [walks to the pass with sea bass] It's hot, chef. Very hot.
Gordon: Oh, stop. Fuck off, will you? [separates the fish] Aaaahhhh. [returns to the workstation] All of you! Come here! Raw bass! Raw fucking bass!
Gina: (interview) Oh, my God. Like, here it comes.
Gordon: Anything to say now?!
Elise: No, chef.
Gordon: Nothing at all? Anything to say?! Anybody, FUCK OFF!! [smashes the bass; to Gina and Elise] Both of you, fuck off upstairs!

Gordon: They say good things come in small packages. But unfortunately in Gina's case, her talent matched her size: Tiny.

Episode Six [9.06][edit]

[The red team have to make the cake for tonight's dinner service for their punishment; Carrie and Jennifer notice some of their teammates slacking off]
Jennifer: Alright, can we have a team meeting for five seconds?
Carrie: This cake's gonna look like shit, and it's not funny.
Elise: Who's laughing?! Stop saying that like no one's taking it seriously! (interview) Carrie got a big mouth as always. If she wanna try and get in my face with it, she better back down.
Carrie: I wasn't saying that I was making a joke!
Elise: That's exactly what you said!
Carrie: No!
Elise: You said, "No one's laughing either!" Like, that to other people, makes them feel as though they're not taking it serious.
Carrie: Okay, I'm not trying to make anyone feel inferior.
Elise: I'm just telling you what you said.
Carrie: Elise, can I please talk for fucking once?!
Elise: You don't make me feel inferior. I just don't like how you try to act like no one else around you is taking it seriously.
Carrie: (interview, impersonates Elise talking) "Blah-blah-blah-blah-blah, Carrie! Blah-blah-blah-blah-blah!"
Elise: You're a trifling-fuck bitch.
Carrie: Are you kidding me?
Elise: I'm about to show you, bitch!
Carrie: You don't have to yell at me! I'm right here!
Elise: You better get out of my face!
Carrie: Goddammit, Elise.
Elise: Know that! You get up out of my face!

[Before the start of the dinner service, Gordon presents a cake for the high school reunion]
Gordon: Where's the cake? Please? [to Scott] Scott, we ordered a special stand for the cake, right?
Scott Leibfried: Yes.
Gordon: Okay, good. Excellent. [Krupa and Elise bring the "cake" into the blue kitchen] What on earth? [finds that the cake that the Red team prepared during their punishment was poorly made] Holy crap! Did someone vomit on it? What's all the bits of brown-what's on the-what is that? What a mess.
Carrie: We thought it would look like sand.
Jennifer: [laughs] Yeah chef.
Gordon: Look at it! It looks like a Mexican sombrero gone wrong, when someone shat on it. (to the blue team) Blue team, have you seen this disaster?
Paul: [raises his right arm] Olé!
Gordon: Yeah. We have tell you something, we are definitely not serving that thing. Do you mind, Scott? Do you mind, just...putting it over there? Thank you.

[Gordon notices Carrie adding an old rice into a fresh risotto that she is cooking]
Gordon: Carrie, look at me. LOOK AT ME!!
Carrie: Yes, chef.
Gordon: You're adding the old rice into the fresh rice, just reheating it. I'm watching whatever you're doing.
Carrie: I'll start over right now.
Elise: [to Carrie] Drop that pan and start over!
Gordon: She wants to cut corners! [to Elise] And you wonder why I'm pissed off?
Elise: No, chef.
Gordon: [to Carrie] I know the name of your restaurant: "Chez Leftovers".
Carrie: Yes, chef.

[Gordon checks on snapper brought up by Paul]
Gordon: Paul? It's cold in the centre and it's fucking raw.
Paul: Yes, chef. I'll re-fire chef.
Gordon: I'm struggling, Paul! I don't expect that from you! It's our first table! [smashes the snapper] I'm struggling, Paul! I don't expect that from you! NOT TONIGHT!!!
Paul: Yes, chef!

[Gordon checks on snapper brought up by Paul]
Gordon: It's fucking raw. [returns to the workstation] All of you! [angrily throws his spoon away] I'm struggling! The fish is fucking RAW! [knocks the workstation] IT'S THE SECOND TIME!! And is the committee's table! You can't do that to me!
Paul: Yes, chef.
Jonathon: (interview) Paul's crashing and burning on the fish station. Like the Titanic, you know, it's fucking going down.
Gordon: [to Paul] YOU, OFF FISH!!
Paul: [angrily slams his towel] Fuck!!
Gordon: Jonathon, Monterray! On the fish!
Monterray: (interview) I'm like, "okay." [to Jonathon] Come on. Let's go, let's go.
Gordon: Get a grip, guys!
Monterray: Four to five minutes.
Gordon: Jesus Christ.

Gordon: Jonathon! Monterray! Committee table, we've got to pull it together!
Monterray: Two minutes.
Jonathon: Two minutes chef.
Monterray: Jump in.
Jonathon: You do what you got to do.
Monterray: No, no, no, no.
Jonathon: Just do what you got to do.
Monterray: (interview) Chef Ramsay throws me on fish station, so I do what I can. And Jonathon's sittin' back and I'm like, "Dude! What the hell are you doing? Start fucking cooking for your team please! Like, what is wrong with you?!"
Gordon: What the fuck is Jonathon doing?
Jonathon: I'm trying to help chef. I'm just trying to help.
Monterray: (interview) Jonathon's sitting in the corner like some stray dog with his tail between his legs.
Jonathon: If anybody needs anything, just holler at me, okay?
Monterray: (interview) So I guess I'm by myself, I have to step up and I'm like, more capable of doing this job.
Gordon: Where is the snapper?
Monterray: Right here, chef.
[Gordon checks the snapper]
Gordon: It's raw. All of you, come here!
Monterray: What the fuck happened?
Gordon: Just touch that! [grabs snapper] Put your hand on top of there. Touch it! Touch it! [Tommy touches the snapper while Monterray walks away] Don't you dare! I am so pissed off! I can't take it anymore. I've had-I've had enough!
Monterray: Sorry, chef. Sorry, chef.
Gordon: He (Paul) screws me, you (Monterray) walk away!
Monterray: Sorry, chef.
Gordon: Where's your respect? GET OUT! Fuck off!
Natalie: Ugh.
Jonathon: Can a couple of us stay, chef, and try to do something?
Gordon: PISS OFF!
Jonathon: Fuck!

[Monterray, Paul and Jonathon have been nominated for elimination]
Gordon: Paul, that was one of the worst dinner services I’ve ever witnessed.
Paul: I’m sick to my stomach for what happened tonight. I ruined somebody’s 20-year anniversary that they’ll never get back. I feel that I’m not done, chef. I take full responsibility for what happened, but I really, really don’t want to go.
Gordon: I’m unconvinced. You disintegrated! You backed up the entire dining room!
Paul: I know, chef. I had the worst service of my life! I am so disappointed in myself, that I’m literally cringing–cringing of watching you at the pass, and I’m shitting on you every fucking table, 'cause I couldn’t get my shit together! I don’t want that to ever happen again, and I have enough determination to ensure it WON’T fucking happen again! That’s why I still want to be here, because MY FIRE ISN’T OUT!
Gordon: Paul.
Paul: Chef.
Gordon: ...Back in line!
Paul: Thank you, chef.

Gordon: It was high school reunion night in Hell's Kitchen. Unfortunately, for Monterray, he flunked the test.

Episode Seven [9.07][edit]

[Gordon is about to tell the Blue Team what their reward is for winning the beer challenge]
Gordon: Blue Team, you've got an amazing day. Do you like speed?
Tommy: Meth or coke? [the contestants laugh; Gordon slaps himself] Kidding! I'm only kidding!
Will: [to Natalie] Switch spots with me, please.

Gordon: Elise!
Elise: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Salad!
Elise: [runs to pass] Sorry to keep you waiting.
Gordon: [checks salad before returning to workstation] Come here! All of you, come here! Hey, look. Look. [pours water out of salad bowl] That's the state of where we are now. [drops bowl]
Carrie: (interview) I did tell her right before dinner service, I was like, "Elise, you need to drain that salad." As always, she never listens.
Gordon: [to Elise] Look at me! Why is it in the water?
Elise: I... I didn't touch the station. Carrie touched the station, it's in water, I'm gonna drain it.
Carrie: It's supposed to be drained before we start, and I did ask you to do that.
Elise: I didn't—
Gordon: [to Elise] What section are you on?!
Elise: I am on appetizers, chef!
Gordon: Right. So who's responsible for draining the fucking salad?!
Elise: I am, chef! I'm sorry, chef, I'm draining it now!
Gordon: As usual. It wasn't drained for me.

Narrator: Despite Elise's soggy salad, the Red Team quickly recovers, getting most of their appetizers out to their hungry diners. Back in the blue kitchen...
Natalie: Going up with scallops.
Narrator: ...Natalie is ready to impress with her second attempt on the scallop appetizer.
[Gordon and Sous Chef Scott flip the scallops over and see that they're once again undercooked]
Gordon: Natalie.
Natalie: Yes, chef!
Gordon: It's rubber! Touch! Rubber! Come on, Natalie, please! COME ON!
Natalie: Yes, chef!
Gordon: The pan's not hot enough, Natalie! Even from here! It's gotta be searing quick!
Natalie: It's–it's searing, chef. It's sizzling, chef.
Gordon: [walks to Natalie's station] Not enough.
Natalie: Okay.
Gordon: Not enough! They're gonna boil. The scallops are massive, not enough!
Natalie: Okay, yes, chef. (interview) You know, it's just–it's just really frustrating. I was getting stuff sent back. I was having to trash scallops. It's just like a catastrophe.
Gordon: [notices several trays of raw scallops] Oh, my God! Look at all those scallops! Will, Paul, Jonathon! Tommy, come here! How many scallops are we having to re-fire?!
Paul: (interview) Natalie had to sear off a million scallops tonight because she couldn't get them right. This is not gonna be good.
Gordon: Oh, my God! [quickly counts the scallops] One, two, three, four, five, six...
Jonathon: One, two, three...
Gordon: ...seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, four— [to Jonathon] SHUT IT! Fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three, twenty-four, twenty-five, twenty-six, twenty-seven, twenty-eight, twenty-nine, thirty! Oh, come on! We haven't even sent any out! Natalie, WAKE UP!
Will: (interview) I'm sitting here watching Natalie sink faster than the Titanic on fish. [to Natalie] Take your pan, put here. Drop your scallops. (interview) So, I go over there to show her how to sear a scallop.
Gordon: Scallops, I'm dying! Let's go!
Will: [to Natalie] You need a scallop up there now.
Natalie: Yeah. [brings re-fired scallops to pass]
Gordon: [flips scallops] Thank you! Finally! [to Natalie] Now you got the colour on the scallops, STICK TO IT! Yes?
Natalie: Yes, chef.
Will: Good job, Natalie. Keep it going.

Gordon: Wellington, New York!
Krupa: I got the wellington and the New York ready. I'm cutting it right now. [gasps after seeing the center of the cut wellington] Oh, this one's gonna be overcooked. Shit!
Gordon: Oh, my God. Holy fuck, this is not real. Everything's fucked! [looks at wellingtons on Krupa's station] Oh, come on. Red Team, stop! Everything's overcooked!
Elizabeth: (interview) Krupa was cooking all the meat wrong. She was a nightmare.
Gordon: [to Krupa] What are you doing?!
Krupa: I don't know, chef. (interview) I honestly don't know what happened. There's no reason. [sighs; to Gordon] I'm frazzled, chef. I'm sorry.
Gordon: You're telling me? Krupa, do you wanna go home?
Krupa: No, chef.
Gordon: Let's go!

Jonathon: How long on the bass?
Natalie: Three and a half minutes. (interview) I've never cooked sea bass here before, but it's just like in a piece of fish, and you know, I've already messed up once. I don't plan on doing that again. [to Jonathon] How long do you need?
Jonathon: Go ahead, I'm fixing to cut two wellingtons.
Natalie: [brings the sea bass to the pass] Behind.
Jonathon: I think this wellington's overdone. Yep, here it is, baby. (interview) I'm almost to the point of panic! Tommy prepped my wellingtons like big balls of shit. What am I supposed to do?! [to Paul] That's a little bitty motherfucker right there. Probably gonna get my ass handed to me on that one. Yep! [brings the wellington to pass] Here.
Gordon: Oh, fuck me. [returns the sea bass and wellington to the workstation] All of you, come here!
Jonathon: (interview) Chef Ramsay's about to fucking kill my ass.
Gordon: One, I don't know what the fuck that is. [grabs a wellington]
Jonathon: That's a little one, that's my fault, chef. It won't happen again. It's a fucking little bit overcooked because of the size. I realize that. It won't happen again. I promise.
Gordon: Just like that... [throws a spoon on a workstation; to Natalie] ...and you? It's raw in the center. Raw! You're a talented cook!
Jonathon: Chef, I've got some more wellingtons.
Gordon: [points at Jonathon and Natalie] You, and you, fuck off! Get out!
Jonathon: For crying out, man. I'm–I'm so sick of this bullshit, man.
Gordon: Hey, hold on! Hello! [picks up the wellingtons and bass] Take that shit with you.
Jonathon: I'm done. I quit.
Gordon: JONATHON! Come here, you!
Jonathon: You can kiss my ass.
Gordon: [follows Jonathon outside the blue kitchen] JONATHON! I'd respect you more if you told me BEFORE you brought it to me! A-Anything to say!?
Natalie: It won't happen again.
Natalie: Yes, chef. Won't happen again.
Gordon: FUCK OFF!

Episode Eight [9.08][edit]

Gordon: [to Red Team] Table 31, look at me! The appetizers now, U.S. Coast Guard, yeah? Show them some respect.
Elise: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Let's go.
Jamie: Jennifer, a minute out?
Jennifer: Yeah, one minute out. We're walking in thirty seconds.
Gordon: Good. Wow, drive it, Jamie.
Jamie: Yes, chef! (interview) We have really solid cooks on our team.
Elizabeth: [to Carrie] How long on the pizza, Carrie?
Carrie: How long does it take? About two minutes?
Jamie: (interview) I mean, with the exception of Carrie.
Gordon: [to Carrie] What is it with you and pizza?!
Carrie: I know, chef. I can do this, chef.
Gordon: There's a pizza on the next table...
Carrie: Yes, chef.
Gordon: ...and it's not even rolled out.
Carrie: Rolling it right now, chef.
Elizabeth: (interview) Carrie is just so, like, frazzled in her head that she's not even thinking straight, and can't see in front of her.
Gordon: [to Carrie] Look at me. That's already fucked. [holds up thin pizza dough] When you roll it looking like a pair of fucking knickers... [Elise shakes her head]
Carrie: I'll start a new one, chef.
Gordon: Jesus Christ. [throws dough on workstation]

Jonathon: Capellini, chef.
Gordon: [after examining the capellini] Fuck me. [returns to workstation] Over my fucking dead body! All of you, come here. Where's your spoons? [to Natalie] Just taste that! Taste it! I swear to God, it's like food from a kindergarten! I've tasted better canned spaghetti! And this is the U.S. Coast Guard! [to Paul] You! Show them how to do a lobster capellini!
Paul: Yes, chef!
Gordon: If it doesn't sink in, THEY'RE OUT!! I don't care, they're gone!

Gordon: Jonathon, come here. I want a word with you.
Jonathon: (interview) The pain is starting to get to me. I thought I could push through dinner service, man. But it's–it's gradually getting worse.
Gordon: [follows Jonathon into the pantry] What's happening?
Jonathon: Honestly, chef...
Gordon: What's happening? Look at me straight in the eyes! What's happening? Come on!
Jonathon: Uh...
Gordon: Give it to me!
Jonathon: My mobility's a little limited. I didn't want to give up on the team or be a bitch or give up. So I'm in here doing the best I can.
Gordon: It doesn't stop you using your brain! [referring to Dave, who won season 6] I've had a young man in here two years ago that broke his fucking arm! He went on to win the fucking competition!
Jonathon: Yes, chef.
Gordon: If you've given up, GET OUT!
Jonathon: I'm not giving up!
Jonathon: I am fighting, chef!
Jonathon: Yes, chef!

[As she reaches for a pan, Natalie nearly trips over Tommy, who laughs as he opens the oven.]
Natalie: (interview) We were just all over the place. I mean, at one point, I almost fell over Tommy opening an oven, and he starts laughing.
Tommy: [to Natalie while laughing] Careful!
Gordon: Tommy!
Tommy: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Come here! Yeah, HURRY UP!
Tommy: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Stop fucking laughing because this is not funny! It's not funny, okay?
Tommy: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Fucking hell! What do you want, an accident?!
Tommy: Hell no!
Gordon: Go in slowly when it comes back out!
Tommy: Okay!
Gordon: Take it the fuck out of there, and work on this one, yes?!
Tommy: Alright.
Natalie: (interview) What if I had fallen with a hot pan and, like, fried my face off? Like, that's not funny!
Gordon: Wanna laugh?
Tommy: No!
Gordon: No? Well, let's go, then!
Tommy: Yes, chef!

Gordon: New York strip, wellington. Where are we?
Jonathon: How long, Tommy?
Gordon: Anybody helping him or what?
Tommy: Hold on, I got it! I got it!
Jonathon: You gotta cut those too, man!
Tommy: Hold on. I got a rhythm going.
Gordon: Oh, fuck me. You three.
Jonathon: Cut it and bring them up.
Paul: Bring it up!
Gordon: What's this one, normal or medium? Is that medium?
Will: Tommy, which one's well?
Tommy: I don't know which one's well!
Jonathon: Medium or well?
Paul: (interview) Tommy can cook, but Tommy doesn't communicate. Tommy's in his own fucking world.
Natalie: Tommy, what's this one?
Gordon: Where's the two medium? [to Tommy] Stop. Leave me alone. Leave me alone, Tommy.
Tommy: That's the medium rare, chef.
Gordon: Leave me alone. My fucking head hurts.
Tommy: The last two are medium.
Gordon: [to Blue Team] All of you. All of you, just touch that. Just touch that! Where's the two medium?
Tommy: Here, chef. And that is the medium rare.
Gordon: Oh, the cold one? [to Tommy] You made me look like a fucking arsehole in front of Wolfgang Puck today! Now, that's... that's hot, that's lukewarm, and that's cold. Are you done?
Tommy: No, no, no!
Gordon: Yeah, I'm done with you!
Paul: Tommy, heat them up! Get them back to the fucking pass!
Gordon: How long?!
Paul: HOW LONG?!
Tommy: Three minutes, chef.
Jonathon: You have another wellington you can use, or do I need to put this one in?
Gordon: WHY CAN'T WE JUST FUCKING REHEAT THEM?! [slams fist on workstation]

Gordon: The only thing worse than the pain in Jonathon's neck was listening to him blame everyone else for all his mistakes. I was glad to put him out of his misery.

Episode Nine [9.09][edit]

[Gordon notices Tommy firing a sea bass]
Gordon: Hey! Hey, hey, look at me! Hey, hello? [calls the attention of the blue team by knocking the workstation twice] He's (Tommy) cooking the seabass, what the fuck is he doing?!
Paul: Come on, Tommy! Tommy, are you serious?
Gordon: Come here you! Hey, come here! He's cooking the fucking entrée [knocks his hand on the workstation] before we get to the fucking appetisers!
Tommy: (interview) I got a little ahead of myself, I was on Speed Racer Mode. Started to get a little racy in the brain. I'm doing everything a hair early.
Gordon: So he's cooking the sea bass now! For the third table, we haven't even sent the appetiser!
Tommy: Okay, I'm rushing it.
Gordon: Rushing it? Do me a favour. Fuck off outside, get a big, deep breath of fresh air. Piss off! Go on. Outside. Outside! Hey, look at me, fuck off! What a fucking Muppet!

[Gordon checks on sea bass brought up by Carrie]
Gordon: Now, look at this. [returns to the workstation] All of you, come here. Yeah, that's you (Carrie).
Carrie: What? [sees her sea bass] Oh, God. I didn't even see that. Oh, shit.
Gordon: (to Carrie) Hey, come here. You didn't see that?
Jamie: (interview) Burning stuff to crisp and trying to pass it off like you didn't see it? That's some kind of joke.
Gordon: Get out!
Carrie: I didn't even see that. I have another one in the oven. Don't kick me out, chef. Please. I'm not ready to quit, chef--
Gordon: Yeah, look at- get out!
Carrie: No!
Gordon: Get out.
Carrie: No, I have another one in the oven!
Gordon: Get out of here.
Carrie: [tries to return] Goddammi—I have another one—
Gordon: Get out!
Carrie: Fuck! [tries to return again] Chef, please, no! I have another one in the oven! I can do this!
Gordon: [knocks his hand on the workstation] Fucking move! You thick fucking idiot! [calls Carrie and gives her the burnt sea bass] Hey madam! Madam! Take your shit with you. Yeah. Enjoy your romantic dinner on your fucking own!

Narrator: Meanwhile, in the blue kitchen...
Gordon: How long two bass, one chicken, one cod?
Paul: Walking now, chef.
Narrator: Paul is ready with the blue team's first entrées.
Gordon: What's he done? It's raw! (brief pause) Paul!
Paul: Is it raw chef?
Gordon: Stop! All of you, come here! Paul just asked me, 'Is it raw?'
Paul: It's under!
Gordon: (To Paul) Will you tell me? Just touch that! TOUCH THAT! [Natalie touches the chicken] ROMANTIC DINNER?! [throws his spoon away on the workstation]
Will: (interview) It pisses me off because Paul knows better that. I mean... you just can't serve raw chicken.
Gordon: (to Paul) Hey, chef! Let me ask you, is that raw?
Paul: Chef, its under. I have another one. I'll give it to you right now--
Gordon: Hey, come here you! Answer my fucking question.
Paul: Yes, chef. It's raw.
Gordon: GET OUT!
Paul: [throws his towel on the floor] Fuck!
Gordon: Pink carnations, maybe. Pink chicken, no chance!
Paul: [knocks on the wall] (interview) I fucked up on a chicken! I mean, I'm fucking furious with myself! [kicks his door to the dorms] Chef Ramsay, let me back in! Let me finish what I started.
Gordon: Tommy, give that to Paul for his fucking romantic dinner. Upstairs, hurry up!
Gordon: Shut up!

Elise: Vegetarian cap(ellini)?
Narrator: Elise is ready with the vegetarian capellini.
Gordon: Oh, Jesus Christ! That's not vegetarian. Elise! It's the–Shut your fucking mouth! One capellini, no lobster.
Elise: I'm sorry.
Gordon: Start again. Yeah, fuck off! I'm sorry you're here. You [points to Jamie] are like her. You just can't be bothered anymore!
Elise: No, chef!
Jennifer: (interview) Elise is one of those people that thinks that she's one of the strongest, but not tonight.
Gordon: Entrées! [knocks his arm to the workstation; reads the ticket] One fucking vegetarian capellini, no lobster, just plain tomato sauce! Call it out, chef!
Elise: [begins to read the ticket] Entrées! One vegetarian lobster capellini.
Elise: Entrées is vegetarian lobster capellini!
Elise: One lobster capellini vegetarian!
Gordon: IS IT IN?!
Elise: Yes, chef!
Gordon: WAKE UP!!
Elise: Yes, chef! (interview) I know Chef Ramsay's pissed off at me, because I know he expects so much more out of me, and I expect more out of myself, and I'm pissed off at myself.
Gordon: A black jacket? You need a straitjacket!

Narrator: As Elise contemplates Chef Ramsay's motivational talk...
Tommy: (to Paul) I really have to give this to you. [hands Paul the raw chicken that got him ejected]
Narrator: Tommy hurries back to his fish station, but he's not alone. [Gordon is cooking the scallops]
Tommy: (interview) I get back and Chef's making the scallops for me, and I'm like, waiting for him to get out of the way, and I didn't want to interrupt him or ask him.
Gordon: One minute to the window, scallops.
Tommy: (interview) Gordon Ramsay's in the kitchen.
Gordon: [looks around, sees Tommy standing next to him] So are you gonna watch me? Chef, I put them!
Tommy: Chef. Can I take over?
Gordon: Can you take over?
Tommy: Yes, I got it, chef! I got it!
Gordon: TELL ME, THEN!
Tommy: I have it--I have it right now!
Gordon: LET'S GO, THEN!
Tommy: All right. (interview) Yeah, it's kinda fun yelling at Chef. I wouldn't say it's even yet...but, maybe it's like this [raises his right hand and lowers his left hand].
Gordon: [returns to the pass] Fucking bozo.

Narrator: While Tommy finishes what Chef Ramsay stared, over in the red kitchen...
Elise: Vegetarian cap(pellini). [brings to the pass]
Narrator: Elise is ready to impress with her next oyster dish.
Gordon: Let's go! [Elise brings her oysters to the pass; they're overcooked] Oh, come on. In fact, you tell me, chef. Are they overcooked?
Elise: [after touching oyster dish] Yes they are, chef.
Gordon: Come here you, GET OUT! Hey! Do you know what? You don't care.
Elise: I do care!
Gordon: Look! Come here! Look, look! They're like bullets! Look at the water. Look at-You're going to say-You're going to say they're fresh and delicious?
Elise: No, chef.
Gordon: Yeah. Take that. [hands Elise the oyster dish] Take that. Fuck off out of here. Eat them! Enjoy your dinner! Nice romantic plate of oysters for a little superstar!
Elise: (interview, groans)
Gordon: (to Elise) Bon appétit, princess!
Elise: (interview) I'm pissed, I'm embarrassed. The only way to get worse is if I don't have a chance to redeem myself, because I know I can fucking do it.

[After dinner service, Gordon speaks to both teams]
Gordon: Elise... no concentration, a lack of respect, and between you and Jennifer, two of you on appetisers!
Elise: And when I offered to take leadership, what did she (Jennifer) say? "No, I got this. I got this, I got this!" And nobody had it.
Jennifer: You know what, Elise? How many appetizers did I get out that didn't get sent back? Let's think about that answer.
Elise: Yeah, whatever.
Jennifer: Okay.
Elise: Whatever.
Jennifer: Exactly, whatever.
Elise: Whatever!
Gordon: Jamie, I'm worried because unfortunately, whether you like it or not, your performance is actually getting worse. Elizabeth, I don't know when you're going to come out, but HURRY UP! Carrie, I'm fed up with your arrogance, I'm fed up with your attitude. You're not even a chef! You didn't know you burnt the bass!
Carrie: I would've never served it if I saw that, chef! I do have passion, I am a talented chef!
Gordon: Yeah? Fucking sandwich girl!
Carrie: I'm not just some fucking pantry girl!
Gordon: Clearly, the winning team is the blue team! [Natalie sighs in relief] Ladies, get upstairs to the dorm, and come to a consensus of which two should be up for elimination. Get lost!

[The red team return to the dorms and argue over who should be nominated]
Jennifer: I am so pissed right now! I am, like, livid!
Elise: So, who's going up?
Jennifer: Well, I would say Carrie
Carrie: 'Cause I fucked up on a piece of fish.
Jamie: No, for arguing with Chef Ramsay.
Carrie: You're actually mad at me, 'cause I didn't wanna go?
Jennifer: If he kicks you out, you get the fuck out! You don't fucking argue with him!!
Carrie: I'm sorry that I like to fight for my position! [gets up and tries to leave]
Jennifer: [gets in front of Carrie] You fight now! You get your ass up there and you fucking fight!
Carrie: I am gonna fight!
Jennifer: You don't fight with him!
Carrie: (interview) I mean, I knew they were gonna choose me. I'm just ready to go up there and tell Chef Ramsay I deserve to be here. I want to be here. [to Elise] Well, obviously I'm going up.

Episode Ten [9.10][edit]

[During the blind taste test, Will and Elizabeth failed to identify anything correctly and are down to the last ingredient]
Narrator: Will and Elizabeth are both over three, and their last shot at redemption lies with...
Gordon: Mushy peas. [spoon feeds Elizabeth and Will] It's on the menu.
Elizabeth: Uh... um... I don't know. Um...um–uh... I–I don't–Um... [Gordon starts laughing] I don't know. Um, I don't know.
[Elise and Carrie both laugh while Paul throws his hands up]
Paul: (interview, eyes closed) "I don't know. I don't know. Um, I don't know! I don't know! I don't know!"
Elizabeth: I don't know! I don't know, uh... Fuck! FUCK! I–I have no fucking idea! Um, uh...
Paul: (interview) Please! Just answer the guy so we can go on, please!
Elizabeth: I'll–I'll say anything. Spinach.
[Everyone starts smiling and laughing hysterically]
Jennifer: (interview) Oh... Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Elizabeth.
Gordon: Will?
Will: Mushy peas.
Paul: Yes!
Will: (interview, deadpan) I got one point. Whoopty-fucking-doo. [to Tommy] That sucked. That was so hard. (interview) I'm just friggin' pissed that I missed things that I missed.
[Later, Jennifer and Paul also struggle to identify anything]
Gordon: Pecans. Paul?
Paul: Walnut. [Gordon sighs]
Jennifer: (interview) Chef Ramsay put nuts in my mouth! [to Gordon] Walnuts.
Gordon: Guys! [feeds Jennifer and Paul the last ingredient...] Cheddar cheese.
Paul: Parm(esan).
Will: [to Paul] I'm pulling your Italian card!
Jennifer: Cheddar cheese.
Elise: YAY!
Will: Fuck! (interview) I knew she was gonna get Cheddar cheese. She's from New England, whatever. You guys put Cheddar cheese on apple pie, so... [shrugs]

[During the blue team's grape peeling punishment]
Tommy: Hey, what do you guys call a purple gorilla?
Natalie and Will: What?
Tommy: A grape ape. [Will chuckles]
Natalie: I'm gonna go crazy.
Tommy: Grape jokes! So many grape jokes! [Natalie laughs]
Will: [to Tommy] Are you serious right now, bro?
Tommy: Why?
Will: Natalie's gonna fucking snap if you tell one more grape joke, bro.
Natalie: [laughs] I'm gonna kill you!
Paul: (interview; with a deep funny voice) Hey, guys! This is grape! Hey-o! [laughs then groans in frustration]
Tommy: If you hold on a second, uh... you know, I think my brain will work if I have "grape" expectations.
Natalie: I'm so tired!
[Paul, Will, and Tommy laugh]
Natalie: (interview) Please say one more damn grape joke. Please do it. because, I'm going to fucking choke you!
Tommy: Natalie, I feel like after my jokes, I've lost all ap-peel to you.
[Everyone except Natalie laughs]
Natalie: (interview; softly) Oh, my God. [Natalie has enough] I am tired of these stupid fucking grapes. [throws the grapes away]
Paul: Calm down, Natalie.
Natalie: You know why? Because I'm not peeling any more grapes, this is the stupidest shit, and I'm not doing it... [throws grapes on the floor]
Paul: [chuckles] What the fuck are you doing?!
[Tommy, Will, and Paul all laugh]
Natalie: (interview, smiles and says nothing)
[Natalie calms down]
Paul and Will: Do you feel better?
Natalie: [calmed] I feel better.
Tommy: Oh, that was grape.
Natalie: [throwing grapes at Tommy] Tommy, I'm... I'm going to kill you. [Tommy starts laughing]

Gordon: Natalie, New York strip!
Natalie: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Come on, then! Hurry up! [Natalie's pan suddenly catches on fire] Jeez, what's going on? Natalie, stop!
Paul: Fire, fire!
Gordon: STOP!! Stop! That means STOP!! [to Natalie] Stand back! SHIT! FUCK! [picks up flaming pan and puts it in sink] WHY ARE WE OUT OF CONTROL?!
Natalie: I don't know, chef.
Paul: (interview) It's not even funny anymore! It's infuriating! There was four things on the menu, and not one hot appetizer. Everything should've just flowed tonight.
Gordon: STOP! Clear down!
Natalie: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Switch off!
Will: (interview, groans) This sucks.
Gordon: Ninety minutes, gone! Time-out! [counts remaining tickets at the pass] One, two, three, four, five. Five tables not fucking served.

[Gordon checks on mashed potatoes brought up by Carrie]
Gordon: What the fuck? [returns to the workstation] All of you, just stop! Come here.
Elise: Uh-oh.
Gordon: [sees Carrie still doing her garnishes] Oh, my God. Look, she's so fucking rude.
Carrie: I'm not rude, chef.
Gordon: Put your fucking pan down. [gets a spoonful] That's burnt! [angrily slams the pan upside down]
Carrie: I got more potatoes coming right now, chef.
Jennifer: Come on, Carrie!
Elise: (interview) Garnish was slow as hell today. Stuff was not coming off.
Gordon: [throws the spoonful on the workstation] SHIT!!
Carrie: I have more potatoes coming right now.
Gordon: It's like a fucking bullet!

[Both teams failed to serve all their tables during service]
Gordon: Customers left hungry. They didn't get fed! This is the worst any group of chefs have performed at this stage in this competition. Tommy, you buried your head in your station, you ignored your team. It's like you have a barrier! Elise, you have a bright future in this industry... as a customer! Your biggest problem is you can't work with a team.
Elise: That's not true, I have been trying to work with my team since I got here! [Carrie shakes her head]
Gordon: How many people on The Red Team think Elise is a unique, dynamic team player, then?
Jennifer: I think she's an individual, I'll say it.
Gordon: More concerned about her little world!
Elise: [over Gordon speaking] Was I an individual when I went up and read the tickets for everybody? [Carrie sighs in disbelief] Was I an individual then? [bangs the work surface] When no one else would step up, and I did?! Was I an individual then?!
Carrie: One time, Elise!
Elise: Oh, I take constructive criticism!
Jennifer: SHUT UP! MY FUCKING TURN! [Will shakes his head] That's the problem, no one fucking listens! [Paul gives off a shocked look]
Gordon: [rubbing his eyes] Oh, dear. So tonight, the winning team is... none of you!

Episode Eleven [9.11][edit]

Gordon: Two entrée: one New York strip, one wellington!
Blue Team: Yes, chef!
Will: One minute, Tommy! You got thirty seconds, homeboy!
Tommy: Alright.
Scott Leibfried: Tommy, put the onions on a towel when they come out of the fucking fryer!
Tommy: I am. I am, I know.
Scott Leibfried: PUT 'EM ON THE TOWEL!
Tommy: (interview) Chef Scott yells at me all the time. I think he thinks I'm an idiot.
Scott Leibfried: I swear to God, I will fucking beat you with that thing!
Tommy: (interview) But I'm not gonna argue. You know, it's his job to be an angry dictator. [to himself while walking up to the pass] That's how I want it. (interview) I know how to cook an onion ring.
Gordon: [checks onion rings brought by Tommy] Oh my God!
Scott Leibfried: I've been telling him (Tommy) all night to put it on a towel as soon as it comes out of the fryer. Just doesn't want to do it.
Gordon: [to Tommy] Hey, look. Onion ring. Onion ring, like a handful of onion worms! Soggy!
Tommy: I'll fire another one right now, chef.

[On the red team, Elizabeth struggles to cook sea bass correctly]
Gordon: What happened to them? [walks back to workstation] Elizabeth! Yeah, come here, you! [to Jennifer] And you! Touch that there. Hold on a minute, look. Hold on, look. Look at that! [to Elizabeth] Why are you doing this to yourself?! It's dry!
Elizabeth: Sorry, chef. (interview) I felt going into dinner service that I was going to do a really good job. I'm going through the motions of sucking! It's like this weird zombie person took over Elizabeth!
Gordon: Look at the state of you! You're looking frazzled! Two bass, how long?!
Jennifer: Talk to him!
Elizabeth: Uh... Yes, I'll be four minutes on this cod, chef.
Gordon: That's a bass in your pan!
Elizabeth: [quickly] I'm sorry! I'm sorry, chef! I'm sorry, chef! I'm sorry, chef! It's my fault, chef! I'm very sorry, chef! [Gordon looks at her in disbelief] I'm sorry, chef!
Gordon: Hey, come here. Come here. Hey, hey, hey...
Elizabeth: I'm sorry that I'm freaking out. I called the cod, bass!
Gordon: Come here a minute. Time-out.
[Elise and Jennifer see Gordon lead Elizabeth into the pantry]
Jennifer: (interview) Oh, my God. Elizabeth, like, I don't know what you need to do, but you need to fucking wake up.
Elizabeth: I'm sorry, chef!
Gordon: Come here, madam!
Elizabeth: No, I'm fine right here!
Gordon: Look at me! Talk to me!
Elizabeth: I–I'm–I'm already...
Gordon: Talk to me! [closes pantry door]
Elizabeth: I just–
Gordon: You don't know the difference between a cod and a bass?
Elizabeth: [tearful] I don't like to fuck up. I feel like I've been fucking up too much tonight. It's like the beginning.
Gordon: There's nothing wrong! We're just dragging two bass!
Elizabeth: Okay, I will calm down and I will be smooth for the rest of service. (interview) I feel like I'm losing my fucking mind!
Gordon: You're frazzled, yeah?! Big, deep breath and come back!

Gordon: [sees four wellingtons at the pass that are badly cut] Oh, come on. What is that? Elise! All of you, come here! [picks up wellington tray] Who chewed that?! [to Elise] That's what you presented me!
Elise: They were falling apart, chef. I'm sorry.
Gordon: Fuck off, Elise! Start again! Hey, you. Bring me that tray here. All of you, come here.
Jennifer: Yes, chef.
Gordon: She's (Elise) complaining they're falling apart. When you score pastry that deep with a sharp knife, it falls apart.
Elise: (interview) I'm not gonna just sit there and take the blame myself. I have to do something.
Gordon: How many of these have you screwed?
Elise: Chef, I did not score the first tray.
Gordon: So who scored them, then?
Elise: Tommy did.
Gordon: Now you're blaming Tommy?
Elise: I'm just saying that I didn't score the first tray!
Gordon: Go over there and fucking tell him then. [hands wellington tray to Elise] I want to see what you say to him. Come here, you.
Jennifer: (interview) The problem with Elise is she never admits that she's wrong. She always blames someone else.

[Gordon leads Elise into the blue kitchen to confront Tommy about the wellingtons]
Elise: I'm telling the truth, chef.
Gordon: Tommy! She's got something to tell you!
Elise: That first tray of wellingtons that you basted and scored, they all fell apart. Did you or did you not score the first tray of wellingtons?
Tommy: [pause] No. (interview) She's crazy. Don't come over bitching to me, coming into my kitchen when we're working. I didn't even score the damn thing. [to Elise] I did not score them! I brushed them with butter!
Elise: [points at workstation] Tommy scored right over there in front of me...
Tommy: I didn't score the damn thing!
Elise: ...before service and scored and basted them!
Tommy: No, I did not score them and I'm not lying! Play the replay!
[Flashback to service prep, where Tommy tells Elise he will only wrap the pastry around the wellingtons]
Tommy: [to Elise] Hope you don't do a polygraph! I'm telling you the damn truth!
Elise: Yeah! [walks back to the red kitchen]
Will: If he scored them, why wouldn't he have scored ours?
Paul: Why didn't he score ours?
Will: No! Learn to slice a wellington!
Paul: (interview) Yo, that's some booty-ass shit, man! That girl was coming over there fucking trying to blame us 'cause she can't cut wellingtons! Man up! Own up to your mistakes!
Elise: Fucking pissed about these wellingtons!
Gordon: Elise, do you know the biggest problem with you? Yourself. Who are you going to blame? Carrie?! Krupa?! Jamie?!

[Elise brings her meat to the pass]
Gordon: Unbelievable. [returns to the workstation] Hey, stop! This is ridiculous!
Jennifer: Oh, my God. We're so going to get thrown out again.
Gordon: [to Elise] Is this the one you sliced?
Elise: Yes, chef. [touches the meat]
Gordon: It's dry. What are you doing? You've been to New York, you've had your hands on the prize. This like night one in here.
Elise: No, chef.
Gordon: And you, Elizabeth. You can't time and you can't talk to anybody. You've given up over there.
Elizabeth: No, chef. No, chef.
Gordon: [calling Elise and Elizabeth out of the kitchen] You and you, fuck off out of here. Get out! Take that with you, just leave me alone. Get out of here, both of you! Fuck off up to the dorm... [Elise kicks the bin out of anger; to Elise] Hey, you! Pick that fucking thing up! You want to serve shit, overcooked meat, now start kicking the bin! Wow! Un-fucking-believable! GET OUT! FUCK OFF! Pathetic! Embarrassing!

Gordon: Natalie was lucky enough to get to see BLT Steak in New York. She may get to see it again... as a customer.

Episode Twelve [9.12][edit]

[Gordon checks on the Red Team's capellini]
Jennifer: [to Elise] Elise, give your opinion.
Elise: It looks good.
Gordon: [finds that two of the plates have different amount of lobster] "It looks good?" "It's looks good?!" [gets two plates from the pass] Look at this one with four little bits of lobster on. Twelve on there, five on there! LOOK AT THAT TO THAT!!! DAMN!! [pounds the counter; throws his spoon away] I'M SO EMBARRASSED!! COME ON!!
Elise: Jennifer, what do you want me to do?
Jennifer: What the hell is wrong with you guys?! Are you trying to sabotage me?! [pause] I fucking helped both of you!
Elise: What do you want me to do?! (interview) Why would I try to sabotage? I didn't have to sabotage! Jen's fucking up so bad on her own! [to Jennifer] Do you want me to put this up there?
Jennifer: Yes!
Elise: Okay! Well, you have to give me direction! Like, you're just...
Jennifer: You know what, Elise? Back off!

[Gordon checks on the Red Team's apples]
Gordon: [slicing the apples] The apples are raw. Just touch that inside. [Elise touches the apples] Fuck off, will you? CAN WE GET THE APPLES BACK IN THE PAN?!!
Jennifer: (interview) I had Elise cook one fucking pan of apples, and it's raw. This fucking bitch will do anything to get rid of fucking me. Anything!
Gordon: You (Jennifer) put them on, you (Elizabeth) put them on, not one of you can tell her (Elise) they're undercooked. You don't care for each other!
Jennifer: [tearfully] I worked fucking hard with them for them, I make sure you guys are fucking great!
Elise: I did exactly what you told me to do.
Jennifer: Elise!
Elise: Are you serious?
Jennifer: Yeah, this is for the whole mashed potato thing. You know what, Elise? You're petty as you can be. You know what? I kept my mouth shut for a long time, I'm not keeping it shut anymore. War's on!
Elise: WHAT?!
Jennifer: [brings her apples to the pass; to Elise] I don't need your help. Thank you.
Elise: I'm going to help anyway.
Jennifer: I–I really don't want it.
Elise: (interview) Is that how it's going to be? Jen's blaming me trying to make me look bad. She's going to regret not making a friend in me.
Gordon: [to the servers] Go, please! [throws his apron on the counter out of disappointment] Anything to say?!
Jennifer: We suck, yes.

[After the service in which the Blue Team had clearly won and were rewarded with black jackets]
Gordon: [to the Red Team after they lost the night's service] The only thing I can say to all three of you is get ready to plea for your lives! Because tonight, all three of you can be leaving this competition. Now, FUCK OFF!!

Gordon: Tonight was all about charity in Hell's Kitchen and after watching Elizabeth's performance, I'm now ready to donate her jacket to a worthy cause.

Episode Thirteen [9.13][edit]

Elise: Hope you all brought sunglasses, because we're going to shine.
Tennille: No, I just brought body bags.

[Elise gets angry with the other contestants while they create their menu]
Elise: If I feel like everybody's ideas ain't being considered, then we're gonna start nixing ideas. 'Cause no person here is gonna dominate, because this is a team effort!
Paul: Look, we're making tuna tartare!
Elise: You are! [to Paul and Will] Everything that you guys say, I've noticed you two try to stick with! Anything that I'm saying...
Paul: You wanted tuna tartare!
Elise: ...you don't want!
Paul: You want tuna tartare?
Will: [to Elise] You can't say that at all, girl! You got your risotto up on the board!
Elise: No! [points at Tommy] That's his risotto! I said lemon parm! I didn't say thyme!

Tommy: What do guys think of that wasabi-crusted tuna?
Elise: No, I don't like it.
Will: I think the tuna tartare idea was a good idea.
Tommy: I do, too.
Will: [to Elise] You brought it up.
Elise: I said tuna tartare, and he (Tommy) completely dominated everything I was saying. I didn't even get to finish my thought!
Paul: [points at Tommy] He said tuna tartare with avocado!
Will: So, finish your thought. Tuna tartare with—
Elise: What's the point?!
Will: Because we're here to listen!
Elise: No, you're not listening! Because I've thrown out so many ideas...
Will: I'm sitting here, telling you!
Elise: ...and all of y'all are saying, "No!"
Jennifer: You know what? You need to chill right now! Seriously, we all just need to chill.
Paul: Elise, what kind of tartare...
Elise: It's not your menu, it's not Will's menu. It's the black team's menu!
Jennifer: SHUT UP! [to Elise] You need to sit down for a minute!
Elise: You let me say what I wanna say! You're not my mother! I can say what I need to say! I'm not fucking cooking Will's menu, I'm not fucking cooking Paul's menu!
Jennifer: You all need to calm down!
Elise: This is not Red Team, Blue Team! This is Black Team!
Will: NO!! I'm sick of this!
Elise: Me too!
Will: This is exactly what I was talking about when I said that we didn't want the Red Team's bullshit coming over here! [to Elise] You had to have been the problem.
Elise: Whatever.
Will: You had to have been the problem on the Red Team.
Elise: I'm not the problem because I'm still here!
Will: Look, my reason–
Elise: No! You're trying to overstep, and try to—
Will: I'm not overstepping you!
Elise: You fucking came out here...
Will: Give me the marker. Just write "Elise's Menu" on top. You do what you wanna do.
Elise: No! No! Why don't we write "Blue Team Menu!"
Tommy: [to Elise] If you want to make the whole menu, go ahead. But I'm gonna vote you out if we lose.
Will: I'm done. I'm done, I'm not dealing with this. I'm done. I'm gonna go home right now!
Elise: So?
Jennifer: Will! [sees Will about to walk out] Please come back!
Will: For what reason?!
Elise: Please stop the dramatics, Jennifer! It's annoying!
Paul: Just–Oh my God, Elise!
Elise: Oh, please! Oh, please!
Will: [walks upstairs to the bedroom] This is some bullshit!
Jennifer: No, please! Will!
Paul: Oh, my God!
Elise: Buh-bye! If he wants to act like that about it, then fine. It's less competition. I don't tolerate disrespect!
Will: (interview) There's just something about Elise that lights my fuse. But I can here to win, I gotta stay focused on the prize. And if it entails me having to remove myself from the situation, that's what I need to do.

Episode Fourteen [9.14][edit]

[Jennifer has a communication breakdown with Elise over improperly timing their salmon]
Gordon: [to Jennifer] Where are you going?
Jennifer: [points at Elise] I'm waiting on her.
Elise: For a change!
Jennifer: Oh!
Tommy: Guys, don't start arguing. Please.
Paul: Are you fucking kidding me?!
Elise: You called me, two scallops!
Jennifer: Yeah, you know what?
Tommy: IT DOESN'T MATTER, ALRIGHT?! In real life, when a restaurant stops serving, everyone gets fucking fired!!
Gordon: Oh, my God.
Will: [to Jennifer and Elise] Guys, just get the food out! You guys can wrestle later on.
Gordon: So how long, then?!
Elise: [to Jennifer] How long do you need?
Jennifer: I'm waiting on you!
Gordon: Oh, my God!
Jennifer: I'm waiting on scallops! I told you that two minutes ago!
Elise: I'm working on the scallops right now!
Jennifer: [to Gordon at the pass] Right behind.
[Gordon checks the risotto then starts walking back to the workstation]
Elise: Uh-oh.
Will: Oh, guys! Guys!
Gordon: Hey. Hey, guys. My fucking risotto's burnt at the bottom. [angrily taps pan with spoon]
Jennifer: Fuck me!
Gordon: Yeah, fuck off. [wipes risotto off his hands with towel]
Will: (interview) Putting up rice in a burnt pan, that's like day one. And the thing that really pissed me off was, like... I thought Jen was gonna be the girl that came over here to push me to be better.

Gordon: SALMON!
Elise: Salmon walking, chef!
Gordon: [flips over and separates salmon] Fucking useless. [to Elise] Hey, you. Hey, come here, you. [to Paul] You, come here. Is that what you presented to me?
Paul: No, chef.
Gordon: [shows burnt bottoms of the salmon] Is that what the best dish of the day was?!
Paul: (interview) It's definitely not my dish, the one that I made today. It's not that at all! It's an over-fucking-cooked piece of salmon!
Gordon: Look at the state of that! Dry as FUCK! [bangs spoon on workstation; to Sous Chef Scott] Send the meat, please, Scott.

[Gordon checks on salmon brought up by Elise; after finding out that it's raw, he has finally had it with the final five]
Gordon: [returns to the workstation] All of you, stop. [throws his spoon away] Just fucking stop, all of you! [to Elise] Come here, you. Put your finger in there. [Elise puts her finger inside the salmon] Not pink, raw! I'm done! [to the other chefs] Leave me alone. All of you, fuck off out of here! All of you! Get out, please! Just FUCK OFF! Enough is enough!
Paul: (interview) We are the final five black coats! And I'm getting kicked out of a fucking service! [pause] No, not cool!
Scott Leibfried: Am I finishing?
Gordon: Put them back in the pan, yeah?
Scott Leibfried: Yeah, I'll finish this.
Gordon: Can you get Andi to bring Paul and Will back?
Scott Leibfried: Yes.
Gordon: I mean, how shit can three individuals (Jennifer, Tommy, and Elise) be?
[Sous Chef Andi walks outside the kitchen to the patio]
Andi: Will, Paul, come with me.
[Will and Paul put their aprons back on and follow Andi back into the kitchen]
Paul: (interview) The greatest pick-me-up you can ever have in your life, to have Chef Gordon Ramsay...
Gordon: Let's go, Paul! Let's go, Will, please!
Paul: Yes, chef! (interview) ...say, "You know what? It wasn't you, go finish what you started!"
Gordon: Two salmon, one dragging, yes?
Will: Yes, chef.

[After the end of service, in which Elise, Jennifer and Tommy were sent out of the kitchen]
Tommy: Chef? I got to ask you something. Why did you send me out of the kitchen? I wanted to be back in there with my team. I should not have had to fucking leave tonight, and I could have fucking held it down and fixed it! I'm so fucking mad!
Gordon: Fuck off, Tommy! Because I'll stick your fucking head in that oven, and I'll talk to you through the fucking gas burner.
Tommy: Do it.
Gordon: [pause] Please don't rub any more salt in the wound!

[Jennifer and Elise are nominated for elimination for the second time in a row]
Gordon: Right now, I have a big issue. I have a chef that can't shut the fuck up... and I have a chef that can't fucking talk! Paul! Who is the weakest chef?!
Paul: Ugh! [pause] Um...
Gordon: PAUL!
Paul: Son of a bitch.
Gordon: Honestly?! [sees Will raise his hand] Will?
Will: Solely based on cooking, chef...
Gordon: Pure cooking?!
Will: ...I think Elise is a stronger cook than Jennifer.
Jennifer: Are you fucking serious?! You are kidding me!
Elise: It's the truth! The truth hurts!
Will: [to Jennifer] I'm not saying you can't cook!
Gordon: Paul! Do you have a pair of balls?!
Paul: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Then fucking use them! WHO'S THE WORST COOK?!
Paul: Jennifer, chef.
Gordon: Thank you!
Jennifer: You are fucking kidding me!
Paul: I just–I'm being honest!
Jennifer: You know what? You better hope I fucking go home!
Gordon: Tommy! Do you have a ball bag?!
Tommy: Uh, yeah, it's still here. Uh... nothing personal, but, I have to say it's Elise.
Jennifer: Someone that's fucking honest.
Elise: No, it's not honest. It's real!
Jennifer: [to Elise] Someone who's not fucking afraid of you!
Elise: Wha–?! They're not afraid of me! They're not afraid of me! It's the truth!
Jennifer: Wow.
Elise: It's the truth.
Jennifer: That's fucked.
Elise: It's the truth!
Gordon: ENOUGH'S ENOUGH! The person leaving Hell's Kitchen... Jennifer. [Jennifer shakes her head] Darling, come here. The heart is amazing, the palate is extraordinary. I just don't think you're ready to run a team. You're a lady, and you don't like fighting.
Jennifer: No, I fight. I just–I want a foot against [turns head to look at Paul and Will] these fucking two schmucks right now. I wanna show them where I fucking stand. I can't believe you two would actually sit here and say that she (Elise) is better than me!
Elise: I am!
Jennifer: I have a fucking better palate, and I can cook way better than you!
Elise: You didn't show it in the challenge!
Jennifer: What?!
Paul: Elise! Elise!
Will: No, that's totally the wrong way to go about it.
Paul: You're going about this all wrong!
Elise: Okay.
Will: Totally the wrong way.
Gordon: [to Jennifer] Thank you. Please give me your jacket.
Jennifer: Thank you, chef.
Gordon: Thank you, darling. [shakes Jennifer's hand] Good night.
[The remaining four chefs clap for Jennifer as she walks out]
Elise: Keep your head up, Jennifer!
Jennifer: [flips Elise off] Fuck you. (interview) You know, I'm tired of being second best. I wanted to be the best, that's why I came here. You know, to make it this far in Hell's Kitchen, I proved to myself that I can cook. That's the only good thing right now. They get to deal with Elise. I have more passion and more heart than any of these schmucks. They're lucky I'm gone, 'cause I would've kicked all their asses, because I can fucking cook.

Episode Fifteen/Sixteen [9.15/16] (Two Hour Finale)[edit]

Gordon: [to finalists Paul and Will as they walk into their Final Challenge] Remember when I told you that you weren't stars?
Paul and Will: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Now you are! Enjoy the moment!

[Will and Paul pull a ribbon to open a giant present box where the previously eliminated contestants were hiding in. Tommy flashes them as the other contestants cheer them on.]
Paul: Oh, that's Tommy's ass! (interview) All of the past contestants... and Tommy's ass.

[Unused footage shown during the credits]
Tommy: Can I buy something for my lady?
Gordon: Focus on you, Tommy. Don't worry about your lady.
Tommy: Right. All right.
Gordon: Let her graduate from high school, then you can worry about some dresses.
[Paul and Will laugh]
Tommy: Aw, come on! Really, man? Really?
[Gordon laughs]

[Unused footage shown during the credits]
Gordon: Tommy, how was it?
Tommy: I ended up going to get something for my lady.
Gordon: Oh, really? How nice.
Tommy: Yeah.
Gordon: Where did you go? Toys "R" Us?
Tommy: Hey! I can't-- It's not gonna stop!
[Everybody starts laughing]
Gordon: Baby Gap? How was it?
Tommy: It's not gonna stop, is it, 'til I go home?

Gordon: Paul won tonight because he's probably the most passionate, determined chef ever to enter Hell's Kitchen. He'll make a great head chef because his enthusiasm is contagious. I'm so proud to hand him over to BLT Steak in New York City.

Gordon: [to Elise during the celebration] Get out there and continue, all right? Take this and run with it and really go with it. I mean, seriously. Just stop being such a bitch!

Season 10[edit]

Episode One [10.01][edit]

[Sous Chef Scott meets with the contestants when they first arrive; Two of them happen to be decoys]
Scott Leibfried: Many years ago, when I first met Chef Ramsay, I told him I wanted to work for him so bad that I would shave my head. [holds up picture of himself with hair] This is what I looked like before I started working with Chef Ramsay. [some of the contestants laugh]
Robyn: Wow.
Scott Leibfried: Yesterday, Chef Ramsay was asking how I'm gonna test your commitment. I couldn't think of a better way than for you to do what I did eight years ago. Andi, please bring in the barber's chair.
[Sous Chef Andi walks into the dining room pulling a rolling chair]
Danielle: (interview) This cannot be happening. Who wants to shave their head? What girl wants to shave their head?
Scott Leibfried: I have even convinced Andi to make the same commitment.
Justin: (interview) No way. There's no way she's gonna cut her hair.
Andi: Oh, fuck it. I already beat you to it. [pulls wig off]
[Everyone laughs as Andi reveals herself to be completely "bald" underneath]
Scott Leibfried: Bravo, Andi!
Patrick: Wow!
Clemenza: (interview) Whoa! Honestly, I did not see that fucking coming.
Scott Leibfried: Show of hands, first volunteer.
[The contestants all stare each other down nervously]
Dana: (interview) He's staring right freakin' at me! I'm not cutting my hair. I'm not shaving my head!
Scott Leibfried: [sees most of the contestants raise their hands] Quite a few of you. You, Shaggy, come here.
Patrick: (interview) Oh, boy. He's taking long-hairs first. That guy almost has the same hair as me. [watches Scott shave one of the male decoy's heads] I can't believe it.
Danielle: [looks away] Oh, my God.
Robyn: (interview) Oh, shit! This is really gonna happen! We're all gonna get our heads shaved! [high fives the male decoy] That looks good.
Scott Leibfried: Who's next? [the contestants all raise their hands again] Young lady in the pink shirt.
Briana: (interview) I just can't believe this is happening right now. I mean, for the guys, it's easy! 'Cause if you're a guy, it's a no-brainer! I just... I—I'm single!
Scott Leibfried: [hands mirror to one of the female decoys] What do you think?
Female Decoy: It's great!
Danielle: (interview) I didn't want to even look him in the eye. Please don't cut my hair, please don't cut my hair, please don't cut my hair!
Scott Leibfried: [pause; points at Danielle] You.
[Danielle reluctantly sits down in the chair; The ladies gasp while Danielle squirms and moves her head away from Scott's razor]
Gordon: SCOTT! [walks up to balcony] What the fuck is going on down there?! STOP, SCOTT!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!
Scott Leibfried: I'm sorry, chef.
Gordon: [to Danielle] You, out of the chair! Back in line!
Danielle: (interview) Yes, yes! Thank God, this is totally not gonna happen.
Gordon: Enough's enough! I want all of you to get into the kitchens and cook me your signature dish! Let's go! [looks at Andi's "bald" head after the contestants run to both kitchens; to Scott] What the fuck happened to Andi?

[During the signature dish challenge]
Gordon: Right, first name is?
Tavon: Tavon.
Gordon: Your position now is what?
Tavon: Executive Chef at (Washington) D.C.
Gordon: Wow. And how old are you?
Tavon: I'm only 22.
Gordon: You're only 22?
Tavon: Yes.
Gordon: And you're an executive chef running brigade of chefs?
Tavon: Yes.
Gordon: Well done. Amazing.
Tavon: Thank you.
Gordon: What is it? Jesus.
Tavon: Shrimp, scallops, and crab on top of a bed of fettuccine noodles with Alfredo sauce with whiskey infuse.
[Gordon tastes Tavon's signature dish]
Gordon: How much vinegar you put in there?
Tavon: A drizzle.
Gordon: Drizzle?
Tavon: Well, more than a drizzle.
Gordon: I mean, it's hideous. It's rank, I mean, it really is bad. I mean, really bad. Congratulations, ladies. Good job. [to Tavon] That's a mess.
Tavon: (interview) That's the first time anybody said my food was so fucked up on so many different levels. This is horrible.
Gordon: Alfredo, my arse.

[Gordon checks on scallops brought up by Roshni; finds that they're raw]
Gordon: Hey, all of you, come here!
Dana: Oh, man!
Barbie: (interview) This is some bullshit! Wow!
Gordon: I've had enough! Just touch these! [to Roshni] I mean, honestly?!
Roshni: I'm sorry, chef.
Gordon: Yeah, we're standing here forty-five minutes into service, we haven't got a fucking appetiser out yet! [Roshni throws the raw scallops in the bin; to Roshni] Get out! Get out of there!
Roshni: [holds the pan] No, chef! No!
Gordon: Hey, look at me! Look at me!
Roshni: Please.
Gordon: I am not telling you one more time, get the fuck out of here! Fuck off upstairs! Get out! [to Barbie] Barbie! Get on the scallops! Cook me fucking scallops!
Barbie: Yes, chef.
Roshni: [exits the kitchen and throws her apron out] (interview) I've never ever walked off the line. I've always completed dinner service. [buries her face in her hands and cries]

[Tavon has brought pigeon to the pass; Gordon tears the meat apart and notices it raw in the middle]
Gordon: Fucking raw. [walks back to workstation] The pigeon's still raw! Hey, hey! Hey, all of you, stop! Look! This fucking pigeon's that raw it can still fly! Touch it! [hands plate back to Tavon] Stone fucking cold and raw! Come on!
Royce: (interview) Tavon couldn't cook a squab. He's just a fucking moron.
Gordon: Are you seriously—You're an executive chef?
Tavon: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Yeah?
Tavon: I actually am, yes.
Gordon: How long for this table?
Tavon: Four minutes on the squab, chef.
Gordon: [returns to the pass] Fuck me!

[Gordon returns to the workstation with scallops brought up by Justin]
Gordon: Okay, STOP! [points at Justin] You, don't touch another fucking scallop! Come here! Just touch these! Touch them! [Clemenza touches the scallops] Jesus Christ!! [goes to Justin's station; finds that the scallops are poorly sliced] Why are they all broken? What the fuck have you done?
Justin: (interview) I'm working with scallops that are complete shit! I was completely sabotaged.
Gordon: Who sliced all these?
Justin: Someone else did my part, chef.
Chris: Who sliced the scallops? Chef asked a question!
Tavon: I did.
Gordon: Come here you, executive chef. Come here. Look at these.[holds up some scallops] Expensive hand dived scallops. Look! You sabotaged them!
Patrick: (interview) This is ugly. The scallops were just mutilated.
Gordon: Hold on, it gets better. [shows a scallop ripped in half] Look at this one!
Clemenza: (interview) It looked like they got cut with a paper clip!
Gordon: I mean, fucking hell! Look!
Justin: That's it. That's everything.
Brian: (interview) We're in trouble.
Gordon: [to Tavon] You sliced all them?! We haven't even served one fucking table! [knocks the workstation twice] They're all fucked! Look! Look!! I've got a bunch of idiots here!

Narrator: It's seventy-five minutes into dinner service, and the blue kitchen has yet to send out a single appetizer.
Gordon: We're serving onion tart in place of scallops.
Justin: Oui, chef. Thank you.
Brian: (interview) Tavon treated those scallops like a homeless rat. You should never do that to scallops.
Gordon: [to Tavon] Hey, you, executive chef. Do you actually cook in your restaurant?!
Tavon: Yes, I do.
Gordon: And do they do the same there?
Tavon: Do we do what?
Gordon: The same shit?
Tavon: No, no.
Gordon: So why are you doing it here?
Tavon: I guess I froze, I mean...
Gordon: You froze?
Tavon: What else-what else do you want me to say?
Gordon: You haven't even fucking defrosted! [Tavon laughs to himself] You think it's funny? All those fucking customers? Do me a favour.
Tavon: Yeah?
Gordon: Fuck off upstairs! Get out!
Tavon: (interview) This is the first time I've ever been kicked out of the kitchen in my career. Chef Ramsay, you're a fucking douchebag.
Gordon: One onion tart, one spaghetti, how long?!
Brian: What are we waiting on? What do we got?
Gordon: What are waiting on? I'm waiting on some fucking TALENT!!
Brian: Yes, chef!

[Gordon checks on wellingtons brought up by Christina]
Robyn: Ladies, we got this! We got this, for real!
Gordon: Oh, my God. I mean, seriously? [returns to the workstation] What in the fuck is that?
Robyn: I guess not.
Gordon: Who cooked that? Come here. The dough is still raw. Are you fucking for real? Do you want me to serve that out there?!
Christina: No, chef.
Gordon: It's just a joke!
Dana: (interview) Damn it! We've got to push out the entrées! Christina's killing us right now.
Gordon: Have you got another wellington?
Christina: Yes. (interview) That's the thing with baking wellingtons. You don't know until the end and there's nothing you can do. So I'm praying like, "Oh, one of these beef, they have to be okay."
Gordon: [slices the pastry of a wellington] Look, that's raw. It's fucking raw.

Narrator: While the red team waits for the wellingtons, over in the blue kitchen...
Gordon: Spaghetti, onion tart, pigeon! How long?!
Narrator: ...Chef Ramsay is unbelievably still waiting for the first appetizers.
Gordon: Royce!
Royce: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Tavon's gone! Are you going to lead the fucking section?!
Royce: Yes, chef! [wanders around aimlessly]
Gordon: [claps] ROYCE, COME ON! GET IN THE GAME!!
Royce: I'm here, chef. (interview) Royce can make spaghetti, Royce can make squab, Royce can make anything. I got this.
Gordon: Break a sweat, Royce!
Royce: Yes, chef.
Clemenza: We've got about a minute and a half on the pasta!
Royce: My spaghetti's coming up. I'm fucking ready, we're ready. We're fucking—Let's go!
Clemenza: You sure that's done?
Royce: Yeah, yeah, we got it. It's good to go.
Clemenza: (interview) I worked for a pasta company that produces a million pounds of pasta a day. Royce, let me clue you in on a little something. That spaghetti ain't done! [to Royce] Don't put that.
[Gordon checks and eats a piece of spaghetti; finds that it's crunchy]
Gordon: [returns to the workstation; to Royce] Hey, come here. Crunchy fucking spaghetti. Crunchy. You can just see it. Pick that up, look. Crunchy.
Royce: Sorry, chef. I'll have another one in thirty seconds.
Gordon: Hey, hey. Get out!
Royce: I'll have another one in thirty seconds!
Gordon: Hey, hey! Look at me! GET OUT!! Join the fucking exec (Tavon) upstairs! GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!

[The blue team still haven't sent out appetizers]
Gordon: I hope you're fucking proud of this. Like a bunch of idiots here!
Don: Come on, guys. We need to rally back here.
Guy: (interview) Don is living in his own world. He was wandering around not knowing what fuck not to do with himself.
Gordon: [holds the ticket] Two Caesar salad, one onion tart, how long?
Chris: Onion tart working! Get on onion tart! Three right now! Three right now! [brings to the pass]
Clemenza: Check to see if they're done, man!
Gordon: Put that down! Just put the fucking tray down! [knocks the workstation] Fucking RAW! [calling all remaining members of the blue team] All of you, ALL OF YOU!
Brian: Shit!
Gordon: RAW!!!
Justin: Fuck!
Gordon: You (Chris) can't cook pastry! END OF THE DAY FOR ME! GET OUT!,m! All of you, GET OUT!
Justin: (interview) Never in my life have I ever been so embarrassed. Anybody who was on that line that wasn't embarrassed doesn't belong anywhere in the kitchen.

[Gordon returns to the workstation with wellingtons brought up by Christina]
Gordon: It's still the same fucking table! All of you, come here!
Kimmie: Fuck me.
Gordon: Look! [grabs a wellington] It's like fucking snot! There's just no thought! Shut it down and fucking clean up!
Red Team: Yes, chef.
Robyn: Fuck. [Gordon throws his towel on the workstation]

[The blue team has lost and has to nominate two people for elimination]
Gordon: Patrick.
Patrick: Yes?
Gordon: First nominee and why?
Patrick: Our first nominee is Tavon. He was in charge of the hot appetizers, and the squab really set us off the wrong way, and he couldn't recover from those.
Gordon: Yeah, he got screwed by a pigeon. [Christina smirks] Second nominee and why?
Patrick: The second nominee... uh, is Don. [Don rolls his eyes]
Gordon: Don?! Why? He didn't even cook. Not only did you put in a shit performance, but you came to a crap consensus! The two worst tonight: Tavon... and Royce.

Gordon: Tavon, tell me from an executive chef's point of view, why you think you should stay in Hell's Kitchen. Hurry up.
Tavon: I definitely believe that I was more of the reason that everything went down... and I took responsibility for everything that happened.
Gordon: What would you rate your performance this evening as? Line chef? Sous chef?
Tavon: Probably like a prep cook that got thrown onto the line.
Gordon: Well, that's way off my estimate. I would have said, "dishwasher." On a fucking shit day. [Barbie chuckles]

Gordon: Tavon may be an executive chef at 22, but he did little to impress me in his short stay in Hell's Kitchen.

Episode Two [10.02][edit]

[Gordon returns to the workstation with risotto brought up by Briana]
Gordon: All of you, come here. Three risottos on the same table. A light one, a dark one, and a medium one. The same fucking table.
Briana: (interview) Ohh! Dagger in the heart, shit!
Gordon: Who's in charge of the appetisers?
Briana: I am, chef.
Gordon: So you don't them into one pan and finish them together?
Briana: I should have.
Gordon: You cook them all the way, one minute to go into one big pan? Fuck me!
Danielle: (interview) I'm like, "Briana, do something." She wasn't doing anything.
Gordon: COME ON!! Hurry up! Get them into one pan! I'm not going to serve them in three different colours!
Briana: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Oh, my God!

Gordon: [to Barbie] Scallops, how long?!
Barbie: Two scallops coming up to the pass, chef!
Tiffany: Are we missing pieces?
Barbie: No.
Tiffany: I thought it was five pieces. (interview) They are supposed to be five per order, and I looked at the bitch and she fucking hands me eight scallops. [to Gordon] Chef, scallops right here! (interview) Here you go, Barbie. I'll just throw you under the bus, 'cause that's where you belong.
Andi: [to Gordon] I'm missing two.
Gordon: Two scallops! [Barbie looks up] Two times five is what?!
Barbie: Ten, chef.
Gordon: And you give me eight scallops?
Barbie: Yes, chef.
Gordon: What's the matter with you?! Okay, everybody! Two scallops away, two times five is ten! Barbie gives me eight scallops! We're waiting for two more! That's the state of the concentration going on currently in this kitchen.
Kimmie: (interview) Do you even know how to count?! [holds up both hands] Ten! Ten scallops!
Barbie: [runs to the pass] Coming up, coming up!
Gordon: Leave me the fuck alone, will you?

[Chris brings up four orders of scallops to the pass]
Gordon: Fucking hell. You are kidding me. [takes the scallops back from the pass] All of you! ALL OF YOU! How dare you! Didn't you learn anything yesterday?! I mean, come on! [pounds the table] This is where it really hurts. Touch those fucking scallops. [The blue team touches the scallops] How fucking dare you?! HOW DARE YOU?! All of you, get over there, take your fucking shit, and eat it. Just see what we are about to send out. Fuck off, you. NOW! All of you, NOW! Let's go! Have a snack!
Clemenza: (interview) My fat ass sat in a pile of snow picking up scallops, and now I'm sitting there like a jerk-off eating these things, because you can't pan sear a scallop? What, are you fucking kidding me?
Gordon: No one leaves until they fucking eat them, and if you don't want to eat them, fuck off home. I've had enough.
Brian: Yes, chef. Come on. I've got six in my mouth. (interview, burps)

Gordon: Oh, my God! One, two, three, four, five, six of you cooking scallops?! There's more freaking chefs cooking scallops than there are scallops in the PAN!! [slams fist on workstation] GUYS! Have you any idea how stupid you look?
Chris & Clemenza: Yes, chef.
Guy: (interview) Six chefs. One for each scallop, and one to rub their asses.

[The blue team is trying to cook on their first entrées]
Gordon: Two wellington, two opah! How long?
Justin: Coming out now, chef! Coming out! Out! [brings the wellington to the pass]
Gordon: Where's the opah?
Chris: Right behind.
Gordon: [checking Chris' opah] Fucking hell, that's raw. Stone-fucking-cold. All of you, come here! [calls Chris] You, especially! Just touch that! Cold, touch that! Here, look! [Blue team touches the cold opah] Touch... it's stone-cold you... [smashes the opah twice on the tray] ARGH! AAH! MERDE! Who cooked the wellington?
Justin: I did, chef.
Gordon: Because they're cooked perfectly. Take it back now.

Gordon: [bringing the mashed potatoes back from the pass] Bland. Look, it's bland. It's bland. Just stands in there.
Royce: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Butter! Cream! Look, it's bland. It's like fucking plasticine. My God, work it!
Royce: (interview) Chef Ramsay, I want to say I'm sorry, uh... I'm sorry I disappointed you. I, uh... I didn't know how you wanted your mashed potatoes. [sniffles and pretends to wipe away a tear from his eye]
Gordon: I don't know how to wake you up anymore. You're like a zombie!
Royce: Sorry, chef.
Gordon: You make him (Don) look fucking good!

Narrator: Two hours into dinner service, and not a single entrée has left either kitchen. Patience is wearing thin in the dining room.
Female Diner: I'm hungry.
James: We do apologize.
Narrator: And the red kitchen is crumbling quickly.
Robyn: How long on the bass?
Barbie: Two minutes, tops.
Robyn: A real fucking two minutes or a playful two minutes?
Christina: Coming through. Pardon me, chef.
Gordon: [sees the fish cooking] I've got six bass going. What?
Tiffany: Chef, I told them to start the bass, because—
Gordon: Six?!
Tiffany: Yes.
Gordon: They should be cooked to order! It's fish!
Barbie: Coming down with scallops.
Tiffany: (interview) I don't understand why I'm getting yelled at. I'm trying to fucking put out food for the customers. I mean, I'm pissed off that he's mad at me.
Gordon: Ladies, STOP! All of you, come here! [to Tiffany] You're telling her (Danielle) to cook six bass for three tables in front of what we're doing. [points to Barbie's scallops] And then this arrives!
Roshni: (interview) Agh! We're screwed.
Gordon: For the seventh time, touch them! Touch them! [He touches the scallops, then the red team touches it] All of you, GET OUT! [to Barbie] And you, take that with you! [hands Barbie a tray of scallops] Get out of my fucking sight. GET OUT! OUT!
Christina: (interview) God! Oh, my God!
Gordon: Absolutely useless!
Narrator: Two hours into the second dinner service in Hell's Kitchen...
Gordon: [sees the mess that the Red team left] Holy fuck!
Narrator: ...and the Red Team has been kicked out.
[In the dorm room]
Robyn: [to Barbie] I got fish! I got fish, you cocky bitch!
Barbie: Don't ever call me a fucking bitch again, you understand?!
Robyn: (interview) Barbie's the reason why we went down tonight. I don't know why she's fucking here!
Narrator: And the lack of harmony in the kitchen has now exploded in the dorms.
Tiffany: FUCKING GET THAT SHIT!! [knocks the bottle over with her hand] YOU FUCKING IDIOT!!!
Barbie: What is wrong with you?!
Kimmie: Bitch, stop!

[Gordon returns an overcooked steak to the workstation]
Gordon: All of you, come here! What is that?
Clemenza: A piece of overcooked steak.
Gordon: I'm opening a steakhouse in Vegas! [gives the steak to Clemenza] Take that...
Clemenza: Yes, chef.
Gordon: ...and fuck off! All of you, get out! Get out! Get out!

Dana: The first nomination is gonna be Barbie.
Kimmie: Yes.
Tiffany: All I wanted to do was to see this dinner service finished! (interview) You fucking idiot, like, go the fuck home! Nobody wants your bitch ass here!
Barbie: I fucked it up, I'm going up there!
Kimmie: You done brought the Memphis out me, hoe! You fucked up, I swear to God!
Christina: We've already—We already have one nominee! Is that what you're saying?
Barbie: Yes, we already have one! We're working on the second!
Christina: So now, we're only voting on the second.
Kimmie: [to Barbie] I'll go against you, dawg. Put me up against you!
Dana: Hey, stop! We need to decide on two, so do your fucking paper. (interview) We all want Barbie to go home. [to Tiffany] Tiffany, come talk to me. (interview) However, we have to pick two people for elimination. [to her teammates] I don't feel that anything happened tonight to anybody to warrant them going home besides Barbie. (interview) I am going to nominate Roshni tonight because I don't think she's gonna get sent home, so if I vote for Roshni, I think Chef will definitely get rid of Barbie next.
Robyn: [to Dana] I agree with you.
Tiffany: It makes sense, totally.

Gordon: I'm sure that Chris prays that he never sees another scallop. And after tonight, I pray I don't see any more of him.

Episode Three [10.03][edit]

[Barbie wakes up the entire dorm by stomping her feet on the floor while emptying the dishwasher]
Robyn: (interview) What the fuck is that?
Barbie: (interview) Wake up.
Robyn: I don't even make that much noise when I walk. [walks downstairs to the kitchen] Do you want to rumble this morning?
Barbie: I just want everybody to remember where they are and what we're here to do.
Robyn: Really?
Tiffany: What are you doing?
Barbie: I just washed the dishes.
Tiffany: I came out here with you going like this, you dumb bitch! (interview) Somebody needs to tell that fucking bitch what's up! [to Barbie] You're about to get choked out! Knock it off! Grow up! You're 33!
Barbie: I'm not about to get choked out.
Justin: [off screen] Yo! People are trying to sleep!
Tiffany: You want to get fucking choked out? You want to get fucking choked out?! You dumb cunt! Yeah, CUNT!
Barbie: (interview, sarcastically) Shaking in my boots, I'm shaking.
Robyn: I'm this close to snapping your neck. This close!
Barbie: I know you're this close to snapping, Robyn!
Robyn: I don't give a fuck, bitch!
Barbie: I know you don't!
Robyn: I don't give a fuck!

[During the American citizen lunch service challenge]
Narrator: With Guy and Clemenza coming to the rescue, salads are finally leaving the blue kitchen. Meanwhile, in the red kitchen, the women are ready to send out their first table of entrées. All they need is...
Gordon: Pizza!
Kimmie: Barbie, pizzas need dressing. Oh, my fucking GOD! You're killing me! (interview) Barbie, you're a stupid bitch! Get the fuck off my station, I don't need your help. It's just garnishing the fucking pizza. [to Barbie] Barbie! Barbie, I need–Bro what are you doing?!
Barbie: Okay, got it.
Kimmie: (interview) She's moving around like a jumping jack and she's cooking pizzas when she's not supposed to.
Gordon: LADIES! Where is the fucking pizza?
Barbie: Pizza's here, chef!
Gordon: [checks pizza with Sous Chef Andi] That looks like shit! [returns to workstation] Hey, all of you, come here! Welcome to America. Look at that. [to Barbie] You eat that bit now. [to Briana] Hey, come here. You eat that as well. That's what you're serving them. Burnt, shitty, black pizza. [throws pizza in the trash bin] I'd rather flee the fucking country!
Kimmie: [to Robyn] I'm so sick of this bitch (Barbie).
Briana: (interview) With Barbie the way that she is, I can't tell if she's sabotaging or if she's actually trying to help.
Gordon: Get off the pizzas!
Barbie: Yes, chef.
Dana: (interview) It's getting old! Seriously, Barbie sucks. She pisses everybody off, she needs to go home!

[Dana brings her lobster spaghetti to the pass]
Gordon: Put it down! [checks her spaghetti; finds that it has too much sauce] Fuck, it's like soup. Dana? [returns to the workstation] All of you, come here. It's like canned soup! How much sauce you in there, Dana?
Dana: Too much, chef.
Gordon: [pours the spaghetti on a plate and drops the pan on the plate] Just fuck off will you? I mean, it's just like piss!
Dana: I have another one coming right now chef.

[Clemenza has found out that he has ran out of wellingtons for the US Marines table]
Gordon: US Marines, how long?
Clemenza: (interview) I'm in trouble. This is not good. [to Gordon] Chef, I don't have anymore.
Gordon: Say that again?
Clemenza: Chef, I don't have anymore.
Gordon: Hey, fucking baby rhino screws the Marines! IT'S PATHETIC!! IT'S THE US MARINES! [to Clemenza] Hey, let's go you. Your fucking mess, you get yourself out of it. [to James] I know it's going to look embarrassing, fucking take him to the Marines.
James: Yes, chef.

[Gordon asks for dumplings for the cod dish in the Red kitchen]
Gordon: Where's the dumplings?
Roshni: Coming chef.
Gordon: Coming?
Roshni: I'm sorry, chef.
Gordon: They're not ready yet?
Roshni: No, chef.
Gordon: Because you forgot?
Roshni: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Pathetic!
Robyn: (interview) Rosh, where are the dumplings? "I forgot." Really? Really?!
Gordon: Can I get two full portions of cod?! With the garnish!
Barbie, Roshni & Briana: Yes, chef!

[Gordon returns a cod dish to the workstation]
Gordon: Hey, come here all of you. [throws his spoon away; splits a dumpling in half] Here's the big insult. Just touch them. Stone-cold. Pass it on, touch it. They're cold. Stone-cold.
Dana: (interview) Touch these. TOUCH THESE! Oh, Roshni! Dumplings? Come on, that's the easiest part of the dish!
Gordon: [to Roshni] You can't even poach a dumpling!
Roshni: I'm sorry, chef.
Gordon: Brutal!

[Gordon and Sous Chef Andi checks on cod brought up by Briana]
Gordon: I got a half portion of fucking cod. Where's the other half gone?
Andi: Yeah.
Gordon: Stop, all of you! [raises a piece of cod] That's barely a portion and where's that going?
Christina: Fuck!
Briana: Ugh! I didn't realize they shrink down that much, chef.
Gordon: It's a bit like your brain. Not only it has shrunk, but it has disappeared! Can I have two New York strip and two full portions of cod?!
Red Team: Yes, chef!

[Gordon checks on cod and wellingtons brought up by Briana and Kimmie]
Gordon: Oh, Jesus. [on the cod] Burned underneath. [on the wellingtons] I got a raw meat here. [returns to the workstation] Who cooked the wellington?
Kimmie: I did, chef.
Gordon: Kimmie! I got one sort of rare and one sort of looking weird. [slams the wellingtons on the workstation] Look at that.
Kimmie: Fuck me, dude!
Gordon: And here's the big insult: [holds a piece of burnt cod] Boiled one side and black the next. In over two hours, it's been a nightmare! Pathetic!
Robyn: (interview) Chef's definitely about to explode. [imitates a bomb falling down]
Gordon: You'll never ever get entrées out like this, ever! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 of you. Fuck off out of here! Get out! OUT! And one more thing, GET OUT!

Gordon: Tonight, Briana had a battle with the cod, and the cod won. And that's why her time in Hell's Kitchen was a short one.

Episode Four [10.04][edit]

[Gordon checks on risotto brought up by Danielle]
Gordon: Hey, [returns to the workstation] all of you, come here. Taste that, yeah? Just fucking taste that. How does that taste?
Tiffany: Undercooked and not seasoned.
Gordon: [to Christina] How does that, you? Tell me.
Christina: I just spit it out, chef.
Gordon: Oh, really?
Danielle: It was undercooked, chef. Sorry.
Gordon: So you're rushing and cooking bland food! [knocks his hand on the workstation] Come on, Danielle!
Danielle: It's coming, chef.

[Gordon checks on cod brought up by Brian]
Gordon: Cod's raw. BRIAN! Hey you, Bozo come here! Cod is raw. Fucking cat food. [gets a piece of cod, then throws it on the workstation] Fuck off will you?!
Brian: [knocks his hand on the workstation] Fuck me!
Gordon: [to Brian] Hey, hello, chef! Wha-what is that? [tosses a small piece of cod to him]
Justin: Get another one in the pan guys.
Gordon: Three cod, two lamb. How long?
Brian: One minute chef.
Guy: You need help?
Brian: I got it. (interview) I just can't seem to cook fish. I just can't seem to do it tonight!
Gordon: Three cod, two lamb. What are we waiting on?
Brian: The cod chef.
Gordon: Oh, come on. Check if that's cooked Justin.
Justin: Oui chef.
Blue team: What's going on?
Justin: That's burnt.
Brian: Fuck. I burned my goddamn fish.
Gordon: Oh, my God.

Gordon: Three cod, two lamb. How long?
Brian: I have one cod left chef.
Gordon: You ran out of cod?
Brian: Yes, chef.
Gordon: What? Hey you, what... in the fuck are you doing?!
Narrator: It's an hour and fifteen minutes into dinner service and neither kitchen has sent out an entrée.
Gordon: James?
James: [enters the blue kitchen] Yes, chef?
Gordon: We ran out of cod. Can we serve the sea bass?
James: Yes, chef. [exits the kitchen]
Gordon: Let's go. Three bass, two lamb.
Brian: Yes, chef. Coming right now, baby.
Gordon: Hey! "It's coming, baby?!"
Brian: Sorry, chef.
Brian: Won't happen again, chef.
Gordon: GET OUT!!
Brian: Yes, chef. [knocks his hand on side of the oven as he exits] FUCK!!!
Gordon: What's the matter with that jerk?!
Brian: [throws his apron in the dorms] Come on, man!

[Gordon checks on wellingtons brought up by Royce]
Royce: [to Don] Pray.
Gordon: Royce, who cooked that wellington?
Royce: [points to Don] He did, chef.
Gordon: Yeah, it's perfect.
Don: What'd I do?
Royce: Perfect wellington.
Don: Oh. (interview, cheers by swinging his head wildly) Yes!
Narrator: Thanks to their wellington savant...
Gordon: Service?
Narrator: The blue team is getting entrees out to their diners.
Customer 1: This is really good.
Customer 2: Yeah.
Narrator: Meanwhile, back in the red kitchen,
Gordon: Where's the wellington?
Danielle & Roshni: Walking, chef.
Narrator: Roshni is finally ready with her wellington...
[Danielle begins walking wellingtons to the pass]
Roshni: [to Danielle] Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Narrator: ...or is she?
Danielle: [examining wellington halves] They don't match.
Robyn: Wellington!
Gordon: Wellington!
Kimmie: Wellington, waiting on the wellington.
Roshni: Right now, chef!
Gordon: Wellington!
Roshni: Behind, behind, behind, behind, behind...
Dana: One wellington!
Roshni: ...behind, behind...
Kimmie: Walk your Wellingtons up.
Roshni: ...behind, behind... Yep.
Kimmie: It's a little raw. Put it back in. [Roshni puts the wellington in the oven]
Roshni: 45 seconds!
Gordon: Unbelievable
Robyn: (interview) Roshni is taking the meat out of the oven [shot of Roshni taking the wellington out of the oven], putting the meat back in the oven, taking the meat out of the oven, putting the meat back in the oven [shot of Roshni putting the wellington in the oven]. Make up your mind what you wanna do with this damn meat.
[Kimmie takes a tray of steak out of the oven]
Roshni: [to Kimmie] Gimme that, gimme that, gimme that.
Robyn: (interview) You're only leaving it in there for two minutes, what do you think is gonna happen? Some little fairy people are gonna be in the oven going "cook!" "cook!"? It doesn't work like that.
Gordon: Where's the wellington?
Roshni: Right now, chef! Pull that, pull that.
Danielle: [examining wellington halves] That one looks more like this one.
Gordon: Wellington!
Roshni: Yeah, right now. Walking. [brings her wellington to the pass] Behind you chef, wellington up.
Gordon: Oh, fuck me. It's still stone-cold. [returns to the workstation] All of you, come here.
Roshni: [whispering to herself] No, no, no, no.
Gordon: This far into service, look. It's fucking raw! [to Roshni] You, get out!
Roshni: Chef, please no! Can I get one more—
Gordon: Get out! GET OUT!! PISS OFF!! Can someone put that one back in the oven?
Roshni: But, I have a fresh one!
Gordon: GET OUT!

Gordon: Come on, Donald! Let's go!
Don: One minute, chef.
Gordon: One minute.
Guy: (interview) "One minute, I'm going up."
Scott: You've got to be kidding me.
Royce: (interview) "One minute!!"
Don: One minute on that steak, chef.
Gordon: Donald!!
Don: One minute, chef.
Gordon: Three minutes ago, you said one minute, yeah?
Don: Yeah, I'm right there. One minute!
Gordon: What's going on? You're shouting "one minute" just like a fucking idiot!
Don: Um... Like a minute and a half.
Gordon: Oh, my God. Fucking hell! Come on, Donald!
Don: Yes, chef! Coming up. [delivers his meat to the pass] Sorry, chef.
Gordon: Jesus Christ!! [checks the steak] What the fuck? Oh, my God! [returns to the workstation] Yeah, stop, STOP!! [Don groans] You keep me waiting and they arrive in the window, medium-well. And you're telling me one minute, I came back four minutes later it's still one minute.
Don: Fuck.
Gordon: Get out! Fuck off!