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Hell's Kitchen is an American cooking reality show based on the British program of the same title, where Chef Gordon Ramsay puts aspiring chefs through different challenges and dinner services to decide who is the best.

Episode One [10.01][edit]

[Sous Chef Scott meets with the contestants when they first arrive; Two of them happen to be decoys]
Scott Leibfried: Many years ago, when I first met Chef Ramsay, I told him I wanted to work for him so bad that I would shave my head. [holds up picture of himself with hair] This is what I looked like before I started working with Chef Ramsay. [some of the contestants laugh]
Robyn: Wow.
Scott Leibfried: Yesterday, Chef Ramsay was asking how I'm gonna test your commitment. I couldn't think of a better way than for you to do what I did eight years ago. Andi, please bring in the barber's chair.
[Sous Chef Andi walks into the dining room pulling a rolling chair]
Danielle: (interview) This cannot be happening. Who wants to shave their head? What girl wants to shave their head?
Scott Leibfried: I have even convinced Andi to make the same commitment.
Justin: (interview) No way. There's no way she's gonna cut her hair.
Andi: Oh, fuck it. I already beat you to it. [pulls wig off]
[Everyone laughs as Andi reveals herself to be completely "bald" underneath]
Scott Leibfried: Bravo, Andi!
Patrick: Wow!
Clemenza: (interview) Whoa! Honestly, I did not see that fucking coming.
Scott Leibfried: Show of hands, first volunteer.
[The contestants all stare each other down nervously]
Dana: (interview) He's staring right freakin' at me! I'm not cutting my hair. I'm not shaving my head!
Scott Leibfried: [sees most of the contestants raise their hands] Quite a few of you. You, Shaggy, come here.
Patrick: (interview) Oh, boy. He's taking long-hairs first. That guy almost has the same hair as me. [watches Scott shave one of the male decoy's heads] I can't believe it.
Danielle: [looks away] Oh, my God.
Robyn: (interview) Oh, shit! This is really gonna happen! We're all gonna get our heads shaved! [high fives the male decoy] That looks good.
Scott Leibfried: Who's next? [the contestants all raise their hands again] Young lady in the pink shirt.
Briana: (interview) I just can't believe this is happening right now. I mean, for the guys, it's easy! 'Cause if you're a guy, it's a no-brainer! I just... I—I'm single!
Scott Leibfried: [hands mirror to one of the female decoys] What do you think?
Female Decoy: It's great!
Danielle: (interview) I didn't want to even look him in the eye. Please don't cut my hair, please don't cut my hair, please don't cut my hair!
Scott Leibfried: [pause; points at Danielle] You.
[Danielle reluctantly sits down in the chair; The ladies gasp while Danielle squirms and moves her head away from Scott's razor]
Gordon: SCOTT! [walks up to balcony] What the fuck is going on down there?! STOP, SCOTT!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!
Scott Leibfried: I'm sorry, chef.
Gordon: [to Danielle] You, out of the chair! Back in line!
Danielle: (interview) Yes, yes! Thank God, this is totally not gonna happen.
Gordon: Enough's enough! I want all of you to get into the kitchens and cook me your signature dish! Let's go! [looks at Andi's "bald" head after the contestants run to both kitchens; to Scott] What the fuck happened to Andi?

[During the signature dish challenge]
Gordon: Right, first name is?
Tavon: Tavon.
Gordon: Your position now is what?
Tavon: Executive Chef at (Washington) D.C.
Gordon: Wow. And how old are you?
Tavon: I'm only 22.
Gordon: You're only 22?
Tavon: Yes.
Gordon: And you're an executive chef running brigade of chefs?
Tavon: Yes.
Gordon: Well done. Amazing.
Tavon: Thank you.
Gordon: What is it? Jesus.
Tavon: Shrimp, scallops, and crab on top of a bed of fettuccine noodles with Alfredo sauce with whiskey infuse.
[Gordon tastes Tavon's signature dish]
Gordon: How much vinegar you put in there?
Tavon: A drizzle.
Gordon: Drizzle?
Tavon: Well, more than a drizzle.
Gordon: I mean, it's hideous. It's rank, I mean, it really is bad. I mean, really bad. Congratulations, ladies. Good job. [to Tavon] That's a mess.
Tavon: (interview) That's the first time anybody said my food was so fucked up on so many different levels. This is horrible.
Gordon: Alfredo, my arse.

[Gordon checks on scallops brought up by Roshni; finds that they're raw]
Gordon: Hey, all of you, come here!
Dana: Oh, man!
Barbie: (interview) This is some bullshit! Wow!
Gordon: I've had enough! Just touch these! [to Roshni] I mean, honestly?!
Roshni: I'm sorry, chef.
Gordon: Yeah, we're standing here forty-five minutes into service, we haven't got a fucking appetiser out yet! [Roshni throws the raw scallops in the bin; to Roshni] Get out! Get out of there!
Roshni: [holds the pan] No, chef! No!
Gordon: Hey, look at me! Look at me!
Roshni: Please.
Gordon: I am not telling you one more time, get the fuck out of here! Fuck off upstairs! Get out! [to Barbie] Barbie! Get on the scallops! Cook me fucking scallops!
Barbie: Yes, chef.
Roshni: [exits the kitchen and throws her apron out] (interview) I've never ever walked off the line. I've always completed dinner service. [buries her face in her hands and cries]

[Tavon has brought pigeon to the pass; Gordon tears the meat apart and notices it raw in the middle]
Gordon: Fucking raw. [walks back to workstation] The pigeon's still raw! Hey, hey! Hey, all of you, stop! Look! This fucking pigeon's that raw it can still fly! Touch it! [hands plate back to Tavon] Stone fucking cold and raw! Come on!
Royce: (interview) Tavon couldn't cook a squab. He's just a fucking moron.
Gordon: Are you seriously—You're an executive chef?
Tavon: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Yeah?
Tavon: I actually am, yes.
Gordon: How long for this table?
Tavon: Four minutes on the squab, chef.
Gordon: [returns to the pass] Fuck me!

[Gordon returns to the workstation with scallops brought up by Justin]
Gordon: Okay, STOP! [points at Justin] You, don't touch another fucking scallop! Come here! Just touch these! Touch them! [Clemenza touches the scallops] Jesus Christ!! [goes to Justin's station; finds that the scallops are poorly sliced] Why are they all broken? What the fuck have you done?
Justin: (interview) I'm working with scallops that are complete shit! I was completely sabotaged.
Gordon: Who sliced all these?
Justin: Someone else did my part, chef.
Chris: Who sliced the scallops? Chef asked a question!
Tavon: I did.
Gordon: Come here you, executive chef. Come here. Look at these.[holds up some scallops] Expensive hand dived scallops. Look! You sabotaged them!
Patrick: (interview) This is ugly. The scallops were just mutilated.
Gordon: Hold on, it gets better. [shows a scallop ripped in half] Look at this one!
Clemenza: (interview) It looked like they got cut with a paper clip!
Gordon: I mean, fucking hell! Look!
Justin: That's it. That's everything.
Brian: (interview) We're in trouble.
Gordon: [to Tavon] You sliced all them?! We haven't even served one fucking table! [knocks the workstation twice] They're all fucked! Look! Look!! I've got a bunch of idiots here!

Narrator: It's seventy-five minutes into dinner service, and the blue kitchen has yet to send out a single appetizer.
Gordon: We're serving onion tart in place of scallops.
Justin: Oui, chef. Thank you.
Brian: (interview) Tavon treated those scallops like a homeless rat. You should never do that to scallops.
Gordon: [to Tavon] Hey, you, executive chef. Do you actually cook in your restaurant?!
Tavon: Yes, I do.
Gordon: And do they do the same there?
Tavon: Do we do what?
Gordon: The same shit?
Tavon: No, no.
Gordon: So why are you doing it here?
Tavon: I guess I froze, I mean...
Gordon: You froze?
Tavon: What else-what else do you want me to say?
Gordon: You haven't even fucking defrosted! [Tavon laughs to himself] You think it's funny? All those fucking customers? Do me a favour.
Tavon: Yeah?
Gordon: Fuck off upstairs! Get out!
Tavon: (interview) This is the first time I've ever been kicked out of the kitchen in my career. Chef Ramsay, you're a fucking douchebag.
Gordon: One onion tart, one spaghetti, how long?!
Brian: What are we waiting on? What do we got?
Gordon: What are waiting on? I'm waiting on some fucking TALENT!!
Brian: Yes, chef!

[Gordon checks on wellingtons brought up by Christina]
Robyn: Ladies, we got this! We got this, for real!
Gordon: Oh, my God. I mean, seriously? [returns to the workstation] What in the fuck is that?
Robyn: I guess not.
Gordon: Who cooked that? Come here. The dough is still raw. Are you fucking for real? Do you want me to serve that out there?!
Christina: No, chef.
Gordon: It's just a joke!
Dana: (interview) Damn it! We've got to push out the entrées! Christina's killing us right now.
Gordon: Have you got another wellington?
Christina: Yes. (interview) That's the thing with baking wellingtons. You don't know until the end and there's nothing you can do. So I'm praying like, "Oh, one of these beef, they have to be okay."
Gordon: [slices the pastry of a wellington] Look, that's raw. It's fucking raw.

Narrator: While the red team waits for the wellingtons, over in the blue kitchen...
Gordon: Spaghetti, onion tart, pigeon! How long?!
Narrator: ...Chef Ramsay is unbelievably still waiting for the first appetizers.
Gordon: Royce!
Royce: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Tavon's gone! Are you going to lead the fucking section?!
Royce: Yes, chef! [wanders around aimlessly]
Gordon: [claps] ROYCE, COME ON! GET IN THE GAME!!
Royce: I'm here, chef. (interview) Royce can make spaghetti, Royce can make squab, Royce can make anything. I got this.
Gordon: Break a sweat, Royce!
Royce: Yes, chef.
Clemenza: We've got about a minute and a half on the pasta!
Royce: My spaghetti's coming up. I'm fucking ready, we're ready. We're fucking—Let's go!
Clemenza: You sure that's done?
Royce: Yeah, yeah, we got it. It's good to go.
Clemenza: (interview) I worked for a pasta company that produces a million pounds of pasta a day. Royce, let me clue you in on a little something. That spaghetti ain't done! [to Royce] Don't put that.
[Gordon checks and eats a piece of spaghetti; finds that it's crunchy]
Gordon: [returns to the workstation; to Royce] Hey, come here. Crunchy fucking spaghetti. Crunchy. You can just see it. Pick that up, look. Crunchy.
Royce: Sorry, chef. I'll have another one in thirty seconds.
Gordon: Hey, hey. Get out!
Royce: I'll have another one in thirty seconds!
Gordon: Hey, hey! Look at me! GET OUT!! Join the fucking exec (Tavon) upstairs! GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!

[The blue team still haven't sent out appetizers]
Gordon: I hope you're fucking proud of this. Like a bunch of idiots here!
Don: Come on, guys. We need to rally back here.
Guy: (interview) Don is living in his own world. He was wandering around not knowing what fuck not to do with himself.
Gordon: [holds the ticket] Two Caesar salad, one onion tart, how long?
Chris: Onion tart working! Get on onion tart! Three right now! Three right now! [brings to the pass]
Clemenza: Check to see if they're done, man!
Gordon: Put that down! Just put the fucking tray down! [knocks the workstation] Fucking RAW! [calling all remaining members of the blue team] All of you, ALL OF YOU!
Brian: Shit!
Gordon: RAW!!!
Justin: Fuck!
Gordon: You (Chris) can't cook pastry! END OF THE DAY FOR ME! GET OUT!,m! All of you, GET OUT!
Justin: (interview) Never in my life have I ever been so embarrassed. Anybody who was on that line that wasn't embarrassed doesn't belong anywhere in the kitchen.

[Gordon returns to the workstation with wellingtons brought up by Christina]
Gordon: It's still the same fucking table! All of you, come here!
Kimmie: Fuck me.
Gordon: Look! [grabs a wellington] It's like fucking snot! There's just no thought! Shut it down and fucking clean up!
Red Team: Yes, chef.
Robyn: Fuck. [Gordon throws his towel on the workstation]

[The blue team has lost and has to nominate two people for elimination]
Gordon: Patrick.
Patrick: Yes?
Gordon: First nominee and why?
Patrick: Our first nominee is Tavon. He was in charge of the hot appetizers, and the squab really set us off the wrong way, and he couldn't recover from those.
Gordon: Yeah, he got screwed by a pigeon. [Christina smirks] Second nominee and why?
Patrick: The second nominee... uh, is Don. [Don rolls his eyes]
Gordon: Don?! Why? He didn't even cook. Not only did you put in a shit performance, but you came to a crap consensus! The two worst tonight: Tavon... and Royce.

Gordon: Tavon, tell me from an executive chef's point of view, why you think you should stay in Hell's Kitchen. Hurry up.
Tavon: I definitely believe that I was more of the reason that everything went down... and I took responsibility for everything that happened.
Gordon: What would you rate your performance this evening as? Line chef? Sous chef?
Tavon: Probably like a prep cook that got thrown onto the line.
Gordon: Well, that's way off my estimate. I would have said, "dishwasher." On a fucking shit day. [Barbie chuckles]

Gordon: Tavon may be an executive chef at 22, but he did little to impress me in his short stay in Hell's Kitchen.

Episode Two [10.02][edit]

[Gordon returns to the workstation with risotto brought up by Briana]
Gordon: All of you, come here. Three risottos on the same table. A light one, a dark one, and a medium one. The same fucking table.
Briana: (interview) Ohh! Dagger in the heart, shit!
Gordon: Who's in charge of the appetisers?
Briana: I am, chef.
Gordon: So you don't them into one pan and finish them together?
Briana: I should have.
Gordon: You cook them all the way, one minute to go into one big pan? Fuck me!
Danielle: (interview) I'm like, "Briana, do something." She wasn't doing anything.
Gordon: COME ON!! Hurry up! Get them into one pan! I'm not going to serve them in three different colours!
Briana: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Oh, my God!

Gordon: [to Barbie] Scallops, how long?!
Barbie: Two scallops coming up to the pass, chef!
Tiffany: Are we missing pieces?
Barbie: No.
Tiffany: I thought it was five pieces. (interview) They are supposed to be five per order, and I looked at the bitch and she fucking hands me eight scallops. [to Gordon] Chef, scallops right here! (interview) Here you go, Barbie. I'll just throw you under the bus, 'cause that's where you belong.
Andi: [to Gordon] I'm missing two.
Gordon: Two scallops! [Barbie looks up] Two times five is what?!
Barbie: Ten, chef.
Gordon: And you give me eight scallops?
Barbie: Yes, chef.
Gordon: What's the matter with you?! Okay, everybody! Two scallops away, two times five is ten! Barbie gives me eight scallops! We're waiting for two more! That's the state of the concentration going on currently in this kitchen.
Kimmie: (interview) Do you even know how to count?! [holds up both hands] Ten! Ten scallops!
Barbie: [runs to the pass] Coming up, coming up!
Gordon: Leave me the fuck alone, will you?

[Chris brings up four orders of scallops to the pass]
Gordon: Fucking hell. You are kidding me. [takes the scallops back from the pass] All of you! ALL OF YOU! How dare you! Didn't you learn anything yesterday?! I mean, come on! [pounds the table] This is where it really hurts. Touch those fucking scallops. [The blue team touches the scallops] How fucking dare you?! HOW DARE YOU?! All of you, get over there, take your fucking shit, and eat it. Just see what we are about to send out. Fuck off, you. NOW! All of you, NOW! Let's go! Have a snack!
Clemenza: (interview) My fat ass sat in a pile of snow picking up scallops, and now I'm sitting there like a jerk-off eating these things, because you can't pan sear a scallop? What, are you fucking kidding me?
Gordon: No one leaves until they fucking eat them, and if you don't want to eat them, fuck off home. I've had enough.
Brian: Yes, chef. Come on. I've got six in my mouth. (interview, burps)

Gordon: Oh, my God! One, two, three, four, five, six of you cooking scallops?! There's more freaking chefs cooking scallops than there are scallops in the PAN!! [slams fist on workstation] GUYS! Have you any idea how stupid you look?
Chris & Clemenza: Yes, chef.
Guy: (interview) Six chefs. One for each scallop, and one to rub their asses.

[The blue team is trying to cook on their first entrées]
Gordon: Two wellington, two opah! How long?
Justin: Coming out now, chef! Coming out! Out! [brings the wellington to the pass]
Gordon: Where's the opah?
Chris: Right behind.
Gordon: [checking Chris' opah] Fucking hell, that's raw. Stone-fucking-cold. All of you, come here! [calls Chris] You, especially! Just touch that! Cold, touch that! Here, look! [Blue team touches the cold opah] Touch... it's stone-cold you... [smashes the opah twice on the tray] ARGH! AAH! MERDE! Who cooked the wellington?
Justin: I did, chef.
Gordon: Because they're cooked perfectly. Take it back now.

Gordon: [bringing the mashed potatoes back from the pass] Bland. Look, it's bland. It's bland. Just stands in there.
Royce: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Butter! Cream! Look, it's bland. It's like fucking plasticine. My God, work it!
Royce: (interview) Chef Ramsay, I want to say I'm sorry, uh... I'm sorry I disappointed you. I, uh... I didn't know how you wanted your mashed potatoes. [sniffles and pretends to wipe away a tear from his eye]
Gordon: I don't know how to wake you up anymore. You're like a zombie!
Royce: Sorry, chef.
Gordon: You make him (Don) look fucking good!

Narrator: Two hours into dinner service, and not a single entrée has left either kitchen. Patience is wearing thin in the dining room.
Female Diner: I'm hungry.
James: We do apologize.
Narrator: And the red kitchen is crumbling quickly.
Robyn: How long on the bass?
Barbie: Two minutes, tops.
Robyn: A real fucking two minutes or a playful two minutes?
Christina: Coming through. Pardon me, chef.
Gordon: [sees the fish cooking] I've got six bass going. What?
Tiffany: Chef, I told them to start the bass, because—
Gordon: Six?!
Tiffany: Yes.
Gordon: They should be cooked to order! It's fish!
Barbie: Coming down with scallops.
Tiffany: (interview) I don't understand why I'm getting yelled at. I'm trying to fucking put out food for the customers. I mean, I'm pissed off that he's mad at me.
Gordon: Ladies, STOP! All of you, come here! [to Tiffany] You're telling her (Danielle) to cook six bass for three tables in front of what we're doing. [points to Barbie's scallops] And then this arrives!
Roshni: (interview) Agh! We're screwed.
Gordon: For the seventh time, touch them! Touch them! [He touches the scallops, then the red team touches it] All of you, GET OUT! [to Barbie] And you, take that with you! [hands Barbie a tray of scallops] Get out of my fucking sight. GET OUT! OUT!
Christina: (interview) God! Oh, my God!
Gordon: Absolutely useless!
Narrator: Two hours into the second dinner service in Hell's Kitchen...
Gordon: [sees the mess that the Red team left] Holy fuck!
Narrator: ...and the Red Team has been kicked out.
[In the dorm room]
Robyn: [to Barbie] I got fish! I got fish, you cocky bitch!
Barbie: Don't ever call me a fucking bitch again, you understand?!
Robyn: (interview) Barbie's the reason why we went down tonight. I don't know why she's fucking here!
Narrator: And the lack of harmony in the kitchen has now exploded in the dorms.
Tiffany: FUCKING GET THAT SHIT!! [knocks the bottle over with her hand] YOU FUCKING IDIOT!!!
Barbie: What is wrong with you?!
Kimmie: Bitch, stop!

[Gordon returns an overcooked steak to the workstation]
Gordon: All of you, come here! What is that?
Clemenza: A piece of overcooked steak.
Gordon: I'm opening a steakhouse in Vegas! [gives the steak to Clemenza] Take that...
Clemenza: Yes, chef.
Gordon: ...and fuck off! All of you, get out! Get out! Get out!

Dana: The first nomination is gonna be Barbie.
Kimmie: Yes.
Tiffany: All I wanted to do was to see this dinner service finished! (interview) You fucking idiot, like, go the fuck home! Nobody wants your bitch ass here!
Barbie: I fucked it up, I'm going up there!
Kimmie: You done brought the Memphis out me, hoe! You fucked up, I swear to God!
Christina: We've already—We already have one nominee! Is that what you're saying?
Barbie: Yes, we already have one! We're working on the second!
Christina: So now, we're only voting on the second.
Kimmie: [to Barbie] I'll go against you, dawg. Put me up against you!
Dana: Hey, stop! We need to decide on two, so do your fucking paper. (interview) We all want Barbie to go home. [to Tiffany] Tiffany, come talk to me. (interview) However, we have to pick two people for elimination. [to her teammates] I don't feel that anything happened tonight to anybody to warrant them going home besides Barbie. (interview) I am going to nominate Roshni tonight because I don't think she's gonna get sent home, so if I vote for Roshni, I think Chef will definitely get rid of Barbie next.
Robyn: [to Dana] I agree with you.
Tiffany: It makes sense, totally.

Gordon: I'm sure that Chris prays that he never sees another scallop. And after tonight, I pray I don't see any more of him.

Episode Three [10.03][edit]

[Barbie wakes up the entire dorm by stomping her feet on the floor while emptying the dishwasher]
Robyn: (interview) What the fuck is that?
Barbie: (interview) Wake up.
Robyn: I don't even make that much noise when I walk. [walks downstairs to the kitchen] Do you want to rumble this morning?
Barbie: I just want everybody to remember where they are and what we're here to do.
Robyn: Really?
Tiffany: What are you doing?
Barbie: I just washed the dishes.
Tiffany: I came out here with you going like this, you dumb bitch! (interview) Somebody needs to tell that fucking bitch what's up! [to Barbie] You're about to get choked out! Knock it off! Grow up! You're 33!
Barbie: I'm not about to get choked out.
Justin: [off screen] Yo! People are trying to sleep!
Tiffany: You want to get fucking choked out? You want to get fucking choked out?! You dumb cunt! Yeah, CUNT!
Barbie: (interview, sarcastically) Shaking in my boots, I'm shaking.
Robyn: I'm this close to snapping your neck. This close!
Barbie: I know you're this close to snapping, Robyn!
Robyn: I don't give a fuck, bitch!
Barbie: I know you don't!
Robyn: I don't give a fuck!

[During the American citizen lunch service challenge]
Narrator: With Guy and Clemenza coming to the rescue, salads are finally leaving the blue kitchen. Meanwhile, in the red kitchen, the women are ready to send out their first table of entrées. All they need is...
Gordon: Pizza!
Kimmie: Barbie, pizzas need dressing. Oh, my fucking GOD! You're killing me! (interview) Barbie, you're a stupid bitch! Get the fuck off my station, I don't need your help. It's just garnishing the fucking pizza. [to Barbie] Barbie! Barbie, I need–Bro what are you doing?!
Barbie: Okay, got it.
Kimmie: (interview) She's moving around like a jumping jack and she's cooking pizzas when she's not supposed to.
Gordon: LADIES! Where is the fucking pizza?
Barbie: Pizza's here, chef!
Gordon: [checks pizza with Sous Chef Andi] That looks like shit! [returns to workstation] Hey, all of you, come here! Welcome to America. Look at that. [to Barbie] You eat that bit now. [to Briana] Hey, come here. You eat that as well. That's what you're serving them. Burnt, shitty, black pizza. [throws pizza in the trash bin] I'd rather flee the fucking country!
Kimmie: [to Robyn] I'm so sick of this bitch (Barbie).
Briana: (interview) With Barbie the way that she is, I can't tell if she's sabotaging or if she's actually trying to help.
Gordon: Get off the pizzas!
Barbie: Yes, chef.
Dana: (interview) It's getting old! Seriously, Barbie sucks. She pisses everybody off, she needs to go home!

[Dana brings her lobster spaghetti to the pass]
Gordon: Put it down! [checks her spaghetti; finds that it has too much sauce] Fuck, it's like soup. Dana? [returns to the workstation] All of you, come here. It's like canned soup! How much sauce you in there, Dana?
Dana: Too much, chef.
Gordon: [pours the spaghetti on a plate and drops the pan on the plate] Just fuck off will you? I mean, it's just like piss!
Dana: I have another one coming right now chef.

[Clemenza has found out that he has ran out of wellingtons for the US Marines table]
Gordon: US Marines, how long?
Clemenza: (interview) I'm in trouble. This is not good. [to Gordon] Chef, I don't have anymore.
Gordon: Say that again?
Clemenza: Chef, I don't have anymore.
Gordon: Hey, fucking baby rhino screws the Marines! IT'S PATHETIC!! IT'S THE US MARINES! [to Clemenza] Hey, let's go you. Your fucking mess, you get yourself out of it. [to James] I know it's going to look embarrassing, fucking take him to the Marines.
James: Yes, chef.

[Gordon asks for dumplings for the cod dish in the Red kitchen]
Gordon: Where's the dumplings?
Roshni: Coming chef.
Gordon: Coming?
Roshni: I'm sorry, chef.
Gordon: They're not ready yet?
Roshni: No, chef.
Gordon: Because you forgot?
Roshni: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Pathetic!
Robyn: (interview) Rosh, where are the dumplings? "I forgot." Really? Really?!
Gordon: Can I get two full portions of cod?! With the garnish!
Barbie, Roshni & Briana: Yes, chef!

[Gordon returns a cod dish to the workstation]
Gordon: Hey, come here all of you. [throws his spoon away; splits a dumpling in half] Here's the big insult. Just touch them. Stone-cold. Pass it on, touch it. They're cold. Stone-cold.
Dana: (interview) Touch these. TOUCH THESE! Oh, Roshni! Dumplings? Come on, that's the easiest part of the dish!
Gordon: [to Roshni] You can't even poach a dumpling!
Roshni: I'm sorry, chef.
Gordon: Brutal!

[Gordon and Sous Chef Andi checks on cod brought up by Briana]
Gordon: I got a half portion of fucking cod. Where's the other half gone?
Andi: Yeah.
Gordon: Stop, all of you! [raises a piece of cod] That's barely a portion and where's that going?
Christina: Fuck!
Briana: Ugh! I didn't realize they shrink down that much, chef.
Gordon: It's a bit like your brain. Not only it has shrunk, but it has disappeared! Can I have two New York strip and two full portions of cod?!
Red Team: Yes, chef!

[Gordon checks on cod and wellingtons brought up by Briana and Kimmie]
Gordon: Oh, Jesus. [on the cod] Burned underneath. [on the wellingtons] I got a raw meat here. [returns to the workstation] Who cooked the wellington?
Kimmie: I did, chef.
Gordon: Kimmie! I got one sort of rare and one sort of looking weird. [slams the wellingtons on the workstation] Look at that.
Kimmie: Fuck me, dude!
Gordon: And here's the big insult: [holds a piece of burnt cod] Boiled one side and black the next. In over two hours, it's been a nightmare! Pathetic!
Robyn: (interview) Chef's definitely about to explode. [imitates a bomb falling down]
Gordon: You'll never ever get entrées out like this, ever! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 of you. Fuck off out of here! Get out! OUT! And one more thing, GET OUT!

Gordon: Tonight, Briana had a battle with the cod, and the cod won. And that's why her time in Hell's Kitchen was a short one.

Episode Four [10.04][edit]

[Gordon checks on risotto brought up by Danielle]
Gordon: Hey, [returns to the workstation] all of you, come here. Taste that, yeah? Just fucking taste that. How does that taste?
Tiffany: Undercooked and not seasoned.
Gordon: [to Christina] How does that, you? Tell me.
Christina: I just spit it out, chef.
Gordon: Oh, really?
Danielle: It was undercooked, chef. Sorry.
Gordon: So you're rushing and cooking bland food! [knocks his hand on the workstation] Come on, Danielle!
Danielle: It's coming, chef.

[Gordon checks on cod brought up by Brian]
Gordon: Cod's raw. BRIAN! Hey you, Bozo come here! Cod is raw. Fucking cat food. [gets a piece of cod, then throws it on the workstation] Fuck off will you?!
Brian: [knocks his hand on the workstation] Fuck me!
Gordon: [to Brian] Hey, hello, chef! Wha-what is that? [tosses a small piece of cod to him]
Justin: Get another one in the pan guys.
Gordon: Three cod, two lamb. How long?
Brian: One minute chef.
Guy: You need help?
Brian: I got it. (interview) I just can't seem to cook fish. I just can't seem to do it tonight!
Gordon: Three cod, two lamb. What are we waiting on?
Brian: The cod chef.
Gordon: Oh, come on. Check if that's cooked Justin.
Justin: Oui chef.
Blue team: What's going on?
Justin: That's burnt.
Brian: Fuck. I burned my goddamn fish.
Gordon: Oh, my God.

Gordon: Three cod, two lamb. How long?
Brian: I have one cod left chef.
Gordon: You ran out of cod?
Brian: Yes, chef.
Gordon: What? Hey you, what... in the fuck are you doing?!
Narrator: It's an hour and fifteen minutes into dinner service and neither kitchen has sent out an entrée.
Gordon: James?
James: [enters the blue kitchen] Yes, chef?
Gordon: We ran out of cod. Can we serve the sea bass?
James: Yes, chef. [exits the kitchen]
Gordon: Let's go. Three bass, two lamb.
Brian: Yes, chef. Coming right now, baby.
Gordon: Hey! "It's coming, baby?!"
Brian: Sorry, chef.
Brian: Won't happen again, chef.
Gordon: GET OUT!!
Brian: Yes, chef. [knocks his hand on side of the oven as he exits] FUCK!!!
Gordon: What's the matter with that jerk?!
Brian: [throws his apron in the dorms] Come on, man!

[Gordon checks on wellingtons brought up by Royce]
Royce: [to Don] Pray.
Gordon: Royce, who cooked that wellington?
Royce: [points to Don] He did, chef.
Gordon: Yeah, it's perfect.
Don: What'd I do?
Royce: Perfect wellington.
Don: Oh. (interview, cheers by swinging his head wildly) Yes!
Narrator: Thanks to their wellington savant...
Gordon: Service?
Narrator: The blue team is getting entrees out to their diners.
Customer 1: This is really good.
Customer 2: Yeah.
Narrator: Meanwhile, back in the red kitchen,
Gordon: Where's the wellington?
Danielle & Roshni: Walking, chef.
Narrator: Roshni is finally ready with her wellington...
[Danielle begins walking wellingtons to the pass]
Roshni: [to Danielle] Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Narrator: ...or is she?
Danielle: [examining wellington halves] They don't match.
Robyn: Wellington!
Gordon: Wellington!
Kimmie: Wellington, waiting on the wellington.
Roshni: Right now, chef!
Gordon: Wellington!
Roshni: Behind, behind, behind, behind, behind...
Dana: One wellington!
Roshni: ...behind, behind...
Kimmie: Walk your Wellingtons up.
Roshni: ...behind, behind... Yep.
Kimmie: It's a little raw. Put it back in. [Roshni puts the wellington in the oven]
Roshni: 45 seconds!
Gordon: Unbelievable
Robyn: (interview) Roshni is taking the meat out of the oven [shot of Roshni taking the wellington out of the oven], putting the meat back in the oven, taking the meat out of the oven, putting the meat back in the oven [shot of Roshni putting the wellington in the oven]. Make up your mind what you wanna do with this damn meat.
[Kimmie takes a tray of steak out of the oven]
Roshni: [to Kimmie] Gimme that, gimme that, gimme that.
Robyn: (interview) You're only leaving it in there for two minutes, what do you think is gonna happen? Some little fairy people are gonna be in the oven going "cook!" "cook!"? It doesn't work like that.
Gordon: Where's the wellington?
Roshni: Right now, chef! Pull that, pull that.
Danielle: [examining wellington halves] That one looks more like this one.
Gordon: Wellington!
Roshni: Yeah, right now. Walking. [brings her wellington to the pass] Behind you chef, wellington up.
Gordon: Oh, fuck me. It's still stone-cold. [returns to the workstation] All of you, come here.
Roshni: [whispering to herself] No, no, no, no.
Gordon: This far into service, look. It's fucking raw! [to Roshni] You, get out!
Roshni: Chef, please no! Can I get one more—
Gordon: Get out! GET OUT!! PISS OFF!! Can someone put that one back in the oven?
Roshni: But, I have a fresh one!
Gordon: GET OUT!

Gordon: Come on, Donald! Let's go!
Don: One minute, chef.
Gordon: One minute.
Guy: (interview) "One minute, I'm going up."
Scott: You've got to be kidding me.
Royce: (interview) "One minute!!"
Don: One minute on that steak, chef.
Gordon: Donald!!
Don: One minute, chef.
Gordon: Three minutes ago, you said one minute, yeah?
Don: Yeah, I'm right there. One minute!
Gordon: What's going on? You're shouting "one minute" just like a fucking idiot!
Don: Um... Like a minute and a half.
Gordon: Oh, my God. Fucking hell! Come on, Donald!
Don: Yes, chef! Coming up. [delivers his meat to the pass] Sorry, chef.
Gordon: Jesus Christ!! [checks the steak] What the fuck? Oh, my God! [returns to the workstation] Yeah, stop, STOP!! [Don groans] You keep me waiting and they arrive in the window, medium-well. And you're telling me one minute, I came back four minutes later it's still one minute.
Don: Fuck.
Gordon: Get out! Fuck off!

[Gordon checks on garnishes brought up by Robyn]
Gordon: What is that? It's not even hot. [returns to the workstation] All of you, come here. Just taste that for me. All of you, taste that. Taste the fucking garlic on there. Who seasoned that?
Robyn: Sorry, chef.
Gordon: Hey madam, madam. Your mouth just explodes from the garlic.
Robyn: I understand that, chef!
Gordon: After that: stone-cold sauce! Who sent me that sauce?
Danielle: Um, I did.
Gordon: Stop! Both of you, fuck off. Get out of my sight. Get out of my sight! Get out!
Narrator: While the women look for somebody, anybody, to take over on the meat station. Over in the blue kitchen...
Gordon: I need two bass urgently!
Justin: You got it. [seasons his fish]
Royce: Yes. I got 'em, I got 'em, I got 'em.
Narrator: ...For some reason, both Royce and Justin are cooking fish.
Gordon: Two bass! Let's go!
Justin: [cooking his fish] Oui, chef! One minute!
Royce: [cooking his fish] One minute!
Gordon: Hey, who's cooking the bass?
Royce: Right here, chef.
Justin: I am, chef.
Royce: I got your bass.
Justin: I have it in my hands for this order.
Royce: I got two more.
Gordon: OH MY GOD!! Hey, Royce! Are you stupid?!
Royce: No.
Gordon: You've (Royce) got bass there, he's (Justin) got bass there! It's the same table, you idiots! And not one of you are fucking communicating! Both of you! FUCK OFF out of here!
Justin: Fucking hell.
Gordon: FUCK OFF! [throws towel at Justin as he walks out]

[After service, Gordon addresses both teams]
Gordon: Tonight, it was painful just watching you disintegrate. It was like having a root canal and passing a kidney stone at the same fucking time! The losing team has to be... both teams. All of you, go back to the dorms, and come up with two individuals from each team that you want to send home. Now, fuck off out of here, will you?

Gordon: Everyone in Hell's Kitchen starts at the bottom. Unfortunately, Don stayed there.

Episode Five [10.05][edit]

[Gordon prepares to open Hell's Kitchen for Mexican Night.]
Gordon: Let's go. Uh, James...
[James is wearing an enormous Sombrero.]
Gordon: What the fuck are you wearing?

[Dana and Kimmie are about to bring their entrées to the pass]
Dana: Are you putting these all in one thing?
Kimmie: Yeah. [puts her meat into Dana's tray of fish; Dana brings them to the pass]
Gordon: Look, hey look. Fish and meat on the same tray. Meat dripping into the fish, fish dripping into the meat.
Dana: (interview) I said to her, "Where do you want me to put this? Do you want it on this tray?" She's like, "Yeah, sure. Put it on that tray."
Gordon: Who put that on there? That's disgusting. Who's done that?
Kimmie: (interview) I'm waiting on Dana to say she did it because that bitch did it!
Gordon: How can you put that onto one fucking tray?! [throws his spoon away]
Dana: (interview) I think Kimmie needs to grow some balls. It's your station, man up!
Gordon: Who put that on there? Was it a ghost?! Somebody tell me what is happening! Fucking idiots!
Kimmie: I did, chef!
Gordon: Fucking tray! [throws his spoon away]
Kimmie: (interview) Dana fucking put that shit on there. I said, "I did it," to Chef Ramsay because it was my station, but it was her fault.
Christina: [to Kimmie] Go ahead.
Kimmie: Move! [shoves Christina away]
Christina: O–Okay!
Kimmie: I got it! Move! Get off my station!

Gordon: Now we're dragging the New York strip.
Kimmie: (interview) I was fucking pissed that I'm getting in trouble for something somebody else did. [to Robyn about the tray mishap] You know I didn't put that shit on there, right? [Robyn nods] Alright, just checking.
Robyn: Dana, did you put that on there?
Dana: Nope. I asked her specifically, did you want–
Kimmie: No, you put it on there, alright!
Christina: STOP!
Tiffany: Who the fuck cares?! Just finish the fucking food and shut the fuck up! I don't wanna hear it!
Christina: Stop!
Kimmie: [to Dana] Just stay over there and off my shit. Fucking nasty bitch, dude.
Dana: (interview) Kimmie, like, for a big girl is a big baby. That's what she is. You know, I don't need to deal with that shit. If I'm trying to help you, that's bullshit!

[Gordon checks on pork brought up by Danielle]
Gordon: Fuck me.
Danielle: [sees Gordon return to the workstation] Oh, fuck.
Gordon: All of you!
Robyn: Yes, chef!
Gordon: STOP!!
Robyn: Oh, fuck.
Gordon: Yeah, come here! The ultimate insult. Raw pork! Not pink, not slightly undercooked, fucking RAW!! [smashes the pork] SHIT!! [throws his spoon across the workstation]
Robyn: (interview) He was pissed! I felt really bad for the pig. The pig didn't do it, it was Danielle.
Danielle: Sorry, chef.
Gordon: Oh, Danielle.

Narrator: And in the Red Kitchen...
Gordon: Where's the pork?!
Danielle: Right here!
Narrator: Danielle is looking to redeem herself with her second attempt at the pork.
[Danielle brings up the pork]
Danielle: I think it's good. If it's not, I'm going to freak out.
[Gordon starts to cut into the pork]
Dana: Oh, shit. Danielle, he's cutting it. So just get another one going...
[Danielle gapes in horror]
Robyn: He's coming back!
Christina: Danny, get the pan hot. Right now.
Robyn: He's coming back! It's raw!
Christina: Danny, get another pork working right now. Now.
[Gordon turns around with the tray of pork]
Gordon: Hey! Just STOP!! Raw pork again! Pink and bloody in the middle! I give up! [to Danielle] And one more thing: GET OUT!

[Gordon checks on pork brought up by Justin; finds that it's raw]
Gordon: [to Clemenza and Justin] Hey, both of you come here! [knocks the workstation] BOTH OF YOU!
Clemenza: [to Justin] I said it wasn't done.
Gordon: [shows the raw pork] That is it. GET OUT!
Clemenza: Yes, chef! [to Justin] I said it wasn't done!
Justin: Can I please—?
Gordon: GET OUT!!
Clemenza: (interview) I just told you the pork's not cooked five motherfuckin' times! How dumb can you fucking be?!

Narrator: The total number of chefs in the dorms is now up to five and in the red kitchen, Barbie is taking special precautions to make sure she isn't joining them.
[Barbie uses her meat thermometer in her chicken breast]
Gordon: Hey you, come here, you. Give me that. The day we need–look at me–a thermometer. The day we need that to cook a breast of chicken! You, GET OUT!!
Tiffany: (interview) I don't know why she can't cook chicken, I really don't. Cooking a breast of chicken is about as easy as taking a shit. Anybody can do that. Are you that dumb?
[Tiffany brings her mashed potatoes to the pass, Gordon checks it; finds that it's burnt]
Gordon: Tiffany, put that down.
Tiffany: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Look at me. Seriously, I've had enough. [slams the pan on the workstation] Shit burned mash. Get out. Get out! I swear to God, I don't give a fuck if the whole team goes home tonight. I. Don't. Care!
Dana: (interview) Chef Ramsay's on like a kicking out spree right now. I'm scared shitless right now, I'm not gonna lie.

Gordon: [to Royce] Hey, chef. Shit chef, come here. Burnt bits of crispy skin. Eat that. [Royce tastes the burnt chicken skin] How did that taste?
Royce: Terrible, chef.
Gordon: GET OUT! Hey, I'm done! You're over your head! [claps angrily] Get out of here!
[Royce walks back to the dorms, leaving just Brian and Roshni in the blue kitchen]
Brian: (interview) All of a sudden, it's just me and Roshe. [buries face in his hands] Holy shhhiiittt!
Gordon: I don't give a fuck if I finish this table on my own with Scott. I don't care anymore!
Roshni: (interview) We are screwed, big time.

Episode Six [10.06][edit]

[Kimmie is still upset at Robyn for not taking her advice during the fashion challenge]
Kimmie: [to herself] Stupid bitch. (interview) I'm still fucking pissed. I don't even wanna look at Robyn. She makes me sick, so I'm trying to put this nasty bitch in the back of my head.
[The red team returns to the dorms]
Robyn: [to Barbie and Dana] I'm annoyed that she (Kimmie) blamed it all on me. (interview) Kimmie got pissed off, and she told Chef Ramsay I said, "No," to everything, and I'm like... "I didn't say no to everything." [to Tiffany] That's what I'm pissed off about!
Dana: (interview) Somebody as big as Kimmie should be able to stand up for herself. I think the people on the red team don't respect her, and we have good reason!
Robyn: I didn't call her out up there!
Dana: Right.
Robyn: I didn't say that! You're gonna fucking call me out like that?! That shows your character now! (interview) Kimmie never takes fault for anything! I've been nothing but helping this girl out since the fucking beginning.
Barbie: We will not make any progress with her. The only thing that we're gonna do is put ourselves even further behind. (interview) Kimmie's usefulness is running thin with the red team.
Robyn: I can't push someone who doesn't want to be pushed!
Tiffany: (interview) Nobody's really talking about the fact that I fried the fucking eggplant, so thank God for that.
[Kimmie walks upstairs]
Dana: Somehow she just keeps fucking skating by.
Robyn: I don't give a fuck how tall you are, how big you are! Do not step up to me like that!
Kimmie: Leave me the fuck alone!
Robyn: It's ridiculous! We need to fucking talk about it!
Christina: (interview) The red team's breaking down from the inside out, and it's–it is not good. Even the two (Robyn and Kimmie) that were ride or die with each other are not even in the same room.
Kimmie: [gets into bed] I got crazy bitches on my team.

Narrator: Minutes before Hell's Kitchen opens for its ever first fashion night, the red team...
Gordon: Hey, ladies. Once that last model has walked off the catwalk, [claps] bang! We go!
Dana: Yes, chef!
Narrator: ...is standing by, ready for action.
Dana: Is everyone ready?
Narrator: Meanwhile, in the blue kitchen...
Guy: Let's go.
Narrator: ...Clemenza on the fish station is waiting for no one.
[Clemenza starts cooking scallops before service begins]
Gordon: STOP! Clemenza! What are you doing?!
Clemenza: Scallops, chef.
Gordon: We're not even open yet! Why is he cooking the scallops?! Oh God, Clemenza. How many portions of scallops have we wasted?
Clemenza: Four.
Justin: (interview) Clemenza, what the fuck are you doing?
Gordon: Clemenza, I am fucking pissed off!!
Patrick: (interview) Oh, my God. Someone's leaving right now.
Gordon: Are you ready to go home?!
Clemenza: No way, chef!

Episode Seven [10.07][edit]

Gordon: Stop! Clemenza!
Clemenza: Yes, chef!
Gordon: What are you doing?! Nothing gets sent until the first catwalk! [to Roshni] You knew that, right?!
Roshni: Yes, chef.
Gordon: [to Guy] Did you know that?!
Guy: Yes, chef.
Gordon: So why is he (Clemenza) cooking the scallops?! [pause] Clemenza, talk to me!
Clemenza: I made a mistake, chef. It won't happen again.
Gordon: Oh, come on.
Clemenza: (interview) I just start firing the scallops like an idiot, and people that knew staring at me. No one says a fucking word.
Gordon: How many portions of scallops have we wasted?!
Clemenza: Four.
Gordon: Fucking hell.
Guy: (interview) Clemenza, come on! He needs to pay attention to what the fuck is going on in that kitchen!

Gordon: Scallops, please!
Guy: [walks to the pass] Coming up!
Gordon: Over-fucking-cooked. [returns to workstation] Stop!! All of you, come here! Look, now we've gone overcooked to fuck! Horribly-done, grainy rubber. [hands scallop to Clemenza] Feel that, feel it! Just cooked to fuck! Who cooked them?
Guy: I did.
Gordon: Guy! I'd rather you do it with control than try to rush them and create that mess!
Roshni: (interview) Oh my God. We're done!
Gordon: Clemenza! CLEMENZA!! Scallops, please! I'm running out of time! [still no response from Clemenza]
Royce: (interview) Guy just fumbled on the scallops, and I'm watching Clemenza go down like a body in the East River.
Justin: [to Guy] Get that scallop perfect, Guy. Come on, brother.
Patrick: (interview) It's scallops! I mean, it's scallops!
Gordon: Scallops, how long?!
Blue Team: Two minutes!
Clemenza: Three minutes!
Blue Team: Three minutes, chef!
Gordon: Jesus Christ. Royce, get out there and tell them we need an extra five minutes. Hurry up!
Royce: Yes, chef.

Gordon: [to Barbie] What's your first three tables?
Barbie: Our first three tables are swordfish, pigeon.
Gordon: How many?
Barbie: Uh...
Barbie: Uh, we have five swordfish to start.
Gordon: [shakes his head] Robyn, what's going?
Robyn: Four beef, two pigeons.
Gordon: Thank you.
Robyn: (interview) It's fucking four beef and two squab, bitch! Get it fucking right, Ms. Fucking-Know-It-All!
Gordon: [to Barbie] I've told you, focus.
Robyn: (interview) Something about this girl, Barbie, makes my fucking skin crawl. And those fucking glasses, they're like fake glasses.
Gordon: Wake up, guys.
Red Team: Yes, chef.
Gordon: [to Blue Team] Lock it in tight together, tight, yes?
Blue Team: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Let's go, run the dishes through your mind.
Patrick: Chef, we're gonna redeem ourselves.
Gordon: You're gonna what?
Patrick: Redeem ourselves, chef. (interview) We screwed up in the first part, so let's get our shit together and let's get it back in the second part.
[The swimsuit competition of the fashion show begins]
James: [presents the second collection] The swimwear designs of Amanda Che.
[The blue team gets distracted as they prep for the second part of dinner service]
Guy: Hey, baby.
Brian: Oh, fuck my ass! (interview) Holy fuck! That is sexy!
Patrick: (interview, says nothing with his jaw dropped and eyes wide open)
Justin: How the fuck am I supposed to cook with that going on?
Guy: [begins to stare at the models] That's what we're gonna deal with? I fucked up, don't look. [to himself] Don't look, Guy. (interview) So, there's a few boobies and stuff like that running around. I see those models, but they're not gonna distract me. I'm focused.
Scott Leibfried: Get those beef in the pan and get them seared!
Guy: (interview) My head is in the steaks. [begins daydreaming while watching the models walk]
Gordon: [distorted due to Guy's daydreaming effect] Guy, focus! Guy! GUY! Pan's on fire! You're fucking charring now! Look at what the fuck we're doing here. It's a filet steak! Hardly any fat, so it needs searing beautifully, but with control.
Patrick: (interview) All Guy had to do was to sear off the beef, and then finish it in the oven, and let them rest. So, it seems very simple and basic, yet he was having a hard time doing that. He tuned out.
Gordon: Show's almost over, can we get a grip? [to Guy] Wake up, you, yeah?
Guy: Yes, chef!

Gordon: [to Blue Team] Swordfish!
Clemenza: Fish, right now! Right now!
Justin: [brings fish to the pass] Chef, this is hot.
Gordon: Yeah, I hope it's fucking hot. It's a kitchen, you doughnut. [the swordfish sticks to the tray as he tries to plate it] Oh, guys! Hey! What is this, a fucking... Hey! [bangs tray on workstation; the swordfish falls off] What–what is that? Rubber, overcooked.
Clemenza: One more swordfish! Yeah, yeah, I got it. I got it.
Roshni: (interview) This is Clemenza's dish on the menu and it's hard for him to execute this dish.
Clemenza: I got it, I got it!
Roshni: (interview) He's just screwing up really bad today!
Scott Leibfried: I'm dying for a swordfish!
Clemenza: One swordfish, right here. [looks around the kitchen] I need a plate for the pass, please! Anybody, somebody!
Justin: (interview) Clemenza's like a lost cat sometimes. He's just, "doo-doo-doo, doo-doo!" Like, I don't get it!
Patrick: [to Clemenza] Right here, right here! I got it.
Clemenza: Go, go, go! (interview) I get frazzled, everybody gets fucking frazzled! But, you know what, I got it!

[Robyn has run out of beef and is trying to get someone to get some more from the blue kitchen]
Narrator: Meanwhile, in the red kitchen, Chef Ramsay is relying on Robyn...
Gordon: Away now, Robyn: Two beef, two pigeon.
Robyn: Yes, chef! Two beef, two pigeon!
Narrator: ...to keep up the good work on the meat station.
Robyn: [cuts into filet] Fuck, my beef's overcooked. Fuck! They're over! [cuts into another filet] That's well-done. [to red team] Could somebody ask and see if the men have any more meat?
Tiffany: How many do you need?
Robyn: I need two more beef, guys.
Tiffany: Fuck. I'm scared, I don't know! (interview) I don't wanna go over there! I'm scared! I'm scared of Chef! [laughs]
[Tiffany is about to leave the red kitchen through the back door, but she sees Gordon looking in her direction]
Tiffany: [turns around and walks back] Hold on. [to Christina] I couldn't do it.
Robyn: No beef?
Tiffany: I couldn't get over there. I didn't wanna get yelled at.
Robyn: Someone go get me another fucking beef, please!
Dana: (interview) Fuck, no! I'm not going over to the blue kitchen and getting my ass reamed!
Robyn: (interview) So all these fucking girls on my team talk up the talk, but they don't back it up! Get your fucking finger out of your ass and stop being fucking scared! [to Christina] Christina! I need more beef!
Christina: Alright. Two?
Robyn: Two!
Christina: (interview) You are so going to notice a red jacket in the blue kitchen, it's not even funny.
[Christina enters the blue kitchen, unnoticed]
Christina: (interview) I was looking, and I'm looking and I started to go in...
Gordon: [to the blue team] Let's go!
Christina: (interview) And then, here comes Chef Ramsay. I was all like, "Oh, fuck this!" I can't stop their service to get this beef. There's no way!
[Christina quickly leaves the blue kitchen]

Robyn: I can't serve this beef!
Barbie: You better say something.
Gordon: Away now, Robyn! Two beef, two pigeon!
Robyn: Yes, chef! Two beef, two pigeon!
Barbie: (interview) Robyn was, like, all over the place. He misses nothing.
Gordon: Beef, how long? How long, Robyn?!
Robyn: Chef, I have an overcooked beef!
Gordon: What?! [pause] Have you got any more beef left?
Robyn: No, that's it!
Gordon: So any ideas?!
Robyn: I would like to get another beef from the gentlemen so I can do it real quick!
Gordon: [stares at Robyn in disbelief] Let me tell you something! We just don't go to the blue kitchen and get what you want! It's a competition, you silly cow!
Robyn: Okay, yes, chef.
Gordon: That's the last fucking time I'm telling you all! GOT IT?!
Robyn: Yes, chef.
Tiffany: (interview) I am so glad I didn't get some filets from the blue kitchen. I didn't get in trouble. [laughs]
Gordon: [to Robyn] Get in the dining room, get a hold of James urgently, and tell him your fuck-up! Hurry up!
Robyn: Okay. Yes, chef.

[After the successful dinner service, Gordon has discovered the swordfish was left on a tray]
Gordon: What's all that?! Fuck me. [calls the blue team; as they lost the service] Hey, stop! STOP! All of you! ALL OF YOU!!
Roshni: (interview) Shit, man! Now what?!
Gordon: Who cooked this? [to Clemenza] Clemenza, come here, you! What the fuck have you done?
Brian: (interview) Oh, no, no, no. [moans]
Gordon: Royce, come here, you!
Royce: Yes, chef?
Gordon: [puts out all of the leftover of swordfish into the workstation] 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11. Why did you cook so much?
Royce: No idea, chef.
Gordon: Clemenza?
Clemenza: [to Royce] I called for you all day. It was 18, and I did four more.
Gordon: That's not four more, it's 11 more!
Gordon: [to Royce] You told him (Clemenza), 18?
Royce: No, I told him— [to Clemenza] I told you sixteen plus one.
Clemenza: Okay, 17. (interview) I said, "What the fuck is 16 plus one?" You called fucking 17, you jerk off!
Royce: There were 16 orders plus one. That was everything all day.
Gordon: But we don't need all of these!'
Clemenza: I was told 18, chef. (interview) I owned up to what the fuck I did. He's with the... [imitates Royce talking to Gordon] He wants to talk around in circles. Like, what the fuck's the matter with your brain?! [to Royce] This was 18!
Royce: I told you exactly 16 plus one!
Gordon: So what're we gonna do with them?! Go on!
Royce: It's another waste. it's another waste, chef.
Gordon: Go on, here we go. [picks up trash bin and hands it to Royce] You love that bit, don't you?
Royce: No, I don't, chef.
Gordon: Here, you hold it up. [to Clemenza] You put them in. [walks out of the blue kitchen] Oh, my God.

[The Blue Team unanimously voted to send Clemenza home]
Gordon: Clemenza, why do you think you should stay in Hell's Kitchen?
Clemenza: I think I've been an asset to this team since the beginning, I've won some challenges, I was... my dish got on the menu tonight.
Gordon: Justin.
Justin: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Who should be going home tonight?
Justin: I would have to say Clemenza, chef.
Gordon: Royce, same question.
Royce: You know, chef... Clemenza.
Clemenza: Chef, I have always played a hundred percent! And even tonight, I felt like I played a hundred percent!
Gordon: Patrick, who should be going home tonight?
Patrick: I'm gonna say, Clemenza.
Gordon: Clemenza? [pause] Roshni.
Roshni: Clemenza, chef.
Gordon: Clemenza?
Roshni: Yes, chef. [Clemenza shakes his head]
Gordon: Brian?
Brian: Clemenza, chef.
Clemenza: Chef, I've chased animals, I've dug trees, I gave it my all every single time that I've been in that kitchen. I've played a hundred percent and I have not once, not once ever, have I stopped and let my guard down once! [Robyn and Christina nod in agreement] I have tried to help everybody and do everything in every way that I possibly can, and I always played a hundred percent! [turns around to face his teammates] Everybody's trying to fucking get rid of me, but you know what? I still put out better food than everybody standing there!
Gordon: Clemenza, I want you to listen to me carefully. You've done well... you had a bad night. Are you done?
Clemenza: [pause] I'm not even close to done, chef. I'm ready! I'll go put out another dinner service right now if you need.
Gordon: Wow. Based on everything I've seen and witnessed, my decision is... Clemenza. [pause; Clemenza is about to take off his jacket] Back in line!
[The red team cheers and applauds for Clemenza; Robyn stands up]
Robyn: YES! [high fives Clemenza]
Gordon: Guy, your time is up, buddy. Give me your jacket, please.
Guy: Thank you for the opportunity.
Gordon: Thank you.
Guy: [shakes Gordon's hand] Thank you very much.
Gordon: Thank you for your hard work.
Guy: (interview) I never thought that I'd be eliminated this early in the game. Chef Ramsay definitely made the wrong decision. I stand behind everything that I did, and I stand behind every dish I put out there. I thought he would respect that, and apparently he doesn't.
Gordon: Clemenza.
Clemenza: Yes, chef.
Gordon: You have passion. Use it!
Clemenza: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Piss off!

Gordon: Guy's performance in Hell's Kitchen was extremely inconsistent. And that is why I know he is not the guy to run Gordon Ramsay Steak.

Episode Eight [10.08][edit]

Gordon: Risotto! How long, Brian?
Brian: Coming right now!
Gordon: [tastes it quickly then walks back] It's fucking soupy!
Brian: Soupy?
Gordon: Yeah, you...
Brian: I'll fix it right now.
Gordon: No, but you know it is! Fuck off, Brian!
Brian: Yes, chef. (interview, facepalms) Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no. Not–not already.
Gordon: Our V.V.I.P. guests sat on the chef's table and you serve them piss risotto!
Brian: [punches himself in the face] Stupidity, chef!
Gordon: You know it's wrong and you send it! Fucking lazy!
Brian: Yes, chef! (interview) This isn't happening right now, is it? [to himself] Really, Brain, you fucking dipshit?! Un-fucking-believable!

[Gordon and Sous Chef Scott check the wellingtons and New York strip brought by Roshni]
Gordon: [looks at wellingtons] That's still raw, Scott.
Scott Leibfried: Not doing so hot over here either.
Gordon: [looks at strips] It's overcooked, that's why. [returns to workstation] Blue Team, all of you, come here! What temperature are these?
Patrick & Justin: Medium well, chef.
Clemenza: (interview) Roshni, come on!
Gordon: [holds up raw wellington] And then this! Raw! Our first fucking table! [to Roshni] I'm about to kick you out. Is that your best?!
Roshni: No, chef!
Gordon: Is this now the beginning of the end?!
Roshni: No, chef!
Roshni: (interview) Oh, fuck. I'm screwed!
Gordon: You fucking idiots! Pull it together! COME ON, WAKE UP!! Two lobster, two New York strip! Start again!

[Gordon checks wellingtons brought by Tiffany with the pastry falling apart]
Gordon: Oh, fucking hell. [looks over at Robyn entertaining Sugar Ray Leonard at the chef's table] Hey! Robyn! [to red team] All of you, come here! ROBYN!! Urgently!
Robyn: Oh, I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
Sugar Ray Leonard: Go, go, go! [laughs with his wife]
Gordon: [to Robyn] I'm not going to do it in front of a legend.
Robyn: No, I know!
Gordon: I am not going to go anywhere near it! [throws spoon] I mean, are you fucking... I mean, honestly? [holds up poorly sliced wellington] Honestly?! Please?!
Barbie: (interview) I told you so, Tiffany. [to Gordon] Coming down, hot!
Gordon: Where are you going?!
Barbie: Into the convection oven with these (wellingtons), so they can cook a little—
Gordon: [points at Tiffany] She—?!
Tiffany: She's always all over my shit.
Gordon: What?!
Tiffany: She's fucking just picks up shit!
Gordon: Well, can you please organize it, Tiffany?!
Tiffany: Yeah, I got it organized, and she's (Barbie) picking up shit that's already cooked! I don't know what she's fucking doing!
Tiffany: I've been trying to tell her that!!

[Gordon checks on lobster brought up by Patrick]
Gordon: Oh my God. Fuck me. [returns the lobster to the workstation] Hey. Come here, you! ALL OF YOU! Not one of you know what the fuck is going on, and you're embarrassing in front of him. (Tito Ortiz) Come here. Cold lobster, for the second time tonight! I swear to God! Look at me! I've got one big message for you! Hey, you! Get out! Fuck off! I'll do it on my own! Get out! Get out!
Justin: I don't want to get out, chef.
Gordon: [to Justin] Hey! You want to argue in front of me? I'm fucking ready.
Justin: No, chef.
Gordon: Get out! [to Roshni] You, get out! Fuck off! Totally fucking useless. [Tito Ortiz takes a photo of the blue team leaving the kitchen; Sugar Ray Leonard looks on from the red chef's table] GET OUT! GET OUT!

Narrator: With dinner service complete...
Justin: He's (Gordon's) really mad.
Brian: [to Justin] Yeah, as he should be.
Justin: [to Brian] No, really mad.
[Chef Scott enters the dorms]
Narrator: ...Chef Scott makes a rare visit to the dorm.
Scott: Let's go, everybody downstairs right now.
Blue Team: Yes, chef!
Scott: Chef wants to talk to all of you.
Brian: Absolutely, chef.
Scott: Right now.
[The Blue Team head downstairs and enter the corridor, only to be stopped by Ramsay at the doorway to the dorms]
Gordon: Stay there! All of you, just stay there! There's no way on Earth you're going back in there. I'm done! Red Team finished for you. Brilliantly! BRILLIANTLY! How can they be so much better than you?
Brian: They're not, chef.
Gordon: They're not?
Brian: No.
Gordon: [to Brian] You serve me soupy fucking risotto, (Roshni) wellingtons undercooked, (Patrick) cold lobster twice. [throws his towel] It's an absolute fucking joke!
Brian: (interview) He had every right to be mad. It was embarrassing, it's our seventh dinner service. It's embarrassing.
Gordon: All of you, get upstairs and decide on two individuals leaving. Don't take long. Fuck off.
Brian: Yes, chef.
Gordon: [to himself, shaking his head while returning to the kitchen] Fuck.

[During elimination, the Blue Team nominated Brian and Clemenza, but Gordon overrules them and decides to nominate Roshni and Patrick instead]
Gordon: Roshni, why do you think you should stay in Hell's Kitchen?
Roshni: Since I've come on the Blue Team, chef, I have improved. The first night of service, myself and Brian finished service on our own. And I'm a team player! I'm honest, loyal, and dedicated! Today, yes, I screwed up. But I am here to stay, chef.
Gordon: Tough one tonight. [pause] Justin, who should I send home?
Justin: [beat] Roshni, chef.
Gordon: Brian, who should I send home?
Brian: Roshni, chef.
Gordon: Royce?
Royce: Patrick, chef.
Gordon: Clemenza, who should I send home?
Clemenza: [pause] I—I'd have to say... Roshni, of what I've seen in two days on our team.
Roshni: [turns around to look at Clemenza] Two days? I finished the service when you guys got kicked out. You're gonna tell me I deserve to go home?! You guys all got kicked out of that kitchen! Myself and Brian finished that service!! [the ladies on the Red Team clap for her]
Gordon: Okay. The person leaving Hell's Kitchen is... Roshni. Give me your jacket, please. Your time is done in Hell's Kitchen. [shakes her head after taking her jacket] I know you have a lot of heart. Don't you stop that, okay?
Roshni: [tearfully] I won't, chef.
Gordon: Head up high.
Roshni: Always.
Gordon: Thank you.
Christina: Love you, Rosh.
Dana: Bye, Rosh.
Christina: Thank you!
Roshni: (interview) I'm extremely disappointed I'm not in Hell's Kitchen anymore. It's a competition, and I'm definitely not the weakest. I never got involved in the drama, I never got involved in all the bullshit. I was here for a purpose, and I just don't think I got enough time to prove it.
Gordon: Patrick, back in line. Blue Team, don't bullshit me. Got it?
Blue Team: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Fuck off.

Gordon: Roshni is a small lady with a big heart. Unfortunately, her performance tonight matched her stature.

Episode Nine [10.09][edit]

[Robyn returns to her bed early in the morning after leaving to escape Kimmie's snoring the previous night]
Barbie: [gasps] Who's that?
Dana: It's Robyn.
Barbie: (interview) What the fuck?! I see this Hobbit-like figure pop up. "What's that?!" That is Robyn.
Robyn: I came in here at 5:30 in the morning 'cause I couldn't sleep 'cause Kimmie was chopping wood.
Barbie: (interview) We could use not to have her there. It's just so creepy.
Robyn: If you see someone in here again, it's me.
Dana: Dude, that's our room. Fuck that. Sorry, I don't mean to be mean, but sleep on the sofa, dude.
Robyn: (interview) Really? Really?
Christina: I don't want the energy in this room changing at all.
Robyn: (interview) Getting mixed up with the fucking red team and their cattiness. "I'm gonna be friends with you today, I'm not gonna be friends with you tomorrow." That's why I don't trust anyone on the red team!
[After cleaning her "bed", Robyn walks outside to where Tiffany, Royce, and Justin are smoking]
Robyn: [to Tiffany] I'm so fucking pissed right now.
Tiffany: Why? Now what?
Robyn: They're all bitching that I slept in that room.
Justin: Hmm.
Tiffany: Are you serious?
Robyn: 'Cause these fucking females are fucking catty as shit! And they wonder why I don't have any fucking female friends!
Tiffany: Catty.
Robyn: Yeah.
Tiffany: Back-stabbing.
Robyn: Would you guys have rather have me wake you up in 5:30 in the morning and ask if I can sleep in your room? [Royce looks at her in disgust]
Tiffany: You're the only one in the room, so tell them to go fuck themselves.
Robyn: Yeah, my list is gonna be changing, who I'm gonna get knocked off first! [laughs]

Narrator: Over on the red team...
Barbie: [sees Tiffany cutting onions into thick pieces] They're supposed to be sliced like that?
Tiffany: I don't fucking know. Wh cares?
Narrator: ...Tiffany's "practices" are called into question.
Barbie: (interview) Tiffany doesn't care about her standards, and I'm not gonna let her bring us down. [to Sous Chef Andi] Tiffany's onions, they were too thick.
[Robyn, Tiffany, and Christina look up from their stations]
Andi: Tiffany! That onion is cut way too thick.
Tiffany: (interview) Barbie's trying to do a little kiss-ass today to Chef Andi, 'cause she thinks she's gonna win, so... Good luck, Barbie.
Robyn: Fucking Barbie, always calling people out to make herself fucking look good.
Tiffany: "Yep, these onions aren't right!" Okay, great. Then, fix them. (interview) Barbie knows everything, she knows how to fucking cook everything. You know, she's–she's the H.B.I.C. (Head Bitch In Charge) Yeah! You know, fuck that bitch! [to Robyn] She needs to mind her own business and worry about herself.
Kimmie: We really don't have time for this. You know that, right?
Tiffany: (interview, groans) Honestly! I could just break something over her fucking head right now!
Barbie: Tiffany, I have to re-do these.
Tiffany: Yeah, thank you, Barbie! I didn't realize you run the show!
Christina: (interview) Going into service in under thirty minutes, there's now this fight between Barbie and Tiffany happening. We don't have time for this today during prep.
Tiffany: (interview) Don't fucking talk to me, don't look at me, just fucking get out of here! Don't fuck with me, bitch. [to Barbie] It's be one thing if you could actually cook on a fucking line first before you start fucking running your mouth.
Barbie: She is out of her mind. (interview) I have no idea why Tiffany's mad at me. I don't care. I'm not gonna let this bickering bullshit get to me. I came here for a job.
Dana: (interview) Barbie and Tiffany, they're fighting. Kimmie and Robyn are still pissed off. You don't have to be friends, but when we are in this kitchen, drop all of your fucking drama at the door! That's what we have to do if we wanna win tonight's service!

Episode Ten [10.10][edit]

[Kimmie and Gordon are outside the kitchen with medic attending to Kimmie's burned hand]
Medic: So, this just now happened right now?
Kimmie: Yeah. Yeah.
Medic: I know it hurts. I know it hurts. Let's go.
Kimmie: It hurts so bad.
Gordon: How did you manage to burn yourself all the way up there? What were you doing?
Kimmie: I was just grabbing the pans.
Medic: Okay, breathe. Just breathe while I do this. [spraying the top of Kimmie's hand]
Gordon: The good news is, it's only a burn.
Kimmie: (interview) My hand hurts like hell. But this is not the end for me. I'm here to win this competition, so I am not giving up!
Medic: This just real quick. [putting a plaster around Kimmie's finger], I know you want to going to get back there. Good luck. Keep that one dry. [Kimmie running back to the kitchen]
Tiffany: Hey, you're okay, Kimmie?
Kimmie: Yeah, I'm good.
Barbie: Yay, Kimmie! (interview) Proud of Kimmie. She came back with a 2-inch burn on her hand, but she's fighting back.
Dana: (interview) That's some dedication. You go, girl.
Robyn: (interview) Everyone is like, "Go Kimmie!" Are you kidding me? She is a baby. She is a cry-baby.

[The Blue Team has served several pizza, Gordon is awaiting for pizza from the red team]
Gordon: There's a lovely young lady waiting for her pizza. COME ON, TIFFANY!
Tiffany: Yes, chef!
Gordon: You're so slow!
Tiffany: Yes, chef! (interview) I really hate cooking for children. Kids don't know what fine dining is... so their opinions really don't matter to me. [laughs]
Robyn: [looking underneath the pizza dough] It's burnt. Look. Just cut that part out.
Tiffany: Who gives a shit? (interview) I really don't like kids at all.
Gordon: Pizza, how long?!
Tiffany: Coming right now, chef. [bring the pizza to the pass]
Gordon: Come on, please!
Tiffany: Yes, chef.
Gordon: The idea of a pizza is to be served first.
Andi: This side is alright, [looks underneath the pizza] but I don't want to eat that.
Gordon: It's for kids. Fuck me. [to Tiffany] Stop!
Tiffany: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Now, we're sending burnt pizza. Not crispy and delicious. Fucking burnt. Burnt with bits of shit in there. What is going on?! All of you get a grip!
Red Team: Yes, chef.
[Tiffany gets accidentally hit in the head by Robyn with the pizza oven peel while cleaning it]

[The Red Team has begun serving the entrées]
Kimmie: (interview) Robyn is acting as crazy as fuck right now. I honestly think she's still holding a grudge for the challenge about that fucking ribeye.
Robyn: Kimmie, lets me when you're walking, okay.
Kimmie: Sure will.
Robyn: I'm coming, okay?
Kimmie: Yeah. I'm slicing, dude.
Robyn: Can I walk?
Kimmie: Uh, give me just one second.
Robyn: Can I walk?
Kimmie: Dammit!
Andi: You guys, how long?
Kimmie: Two minutes, chef, two minutes. These steaks are fucking huge. Not my fault. Not my fault, dude.
Robyn: (interview, double flips at the camera) Really?! Kimmie, she doesn't know what she's fucking doing. Fucking bitch!
Kimmie: Running!
Robyn: Alright, running.
Kimmie: I got it. I got it. [both Kimmie and Robyn bringing the food to the pass] Bitch!
Andi: [to Gordon] You're alright with that?
Gordon: No. Nowhere near. Oh, Jesus.
Robyn: (interview) Here we go, it's going down! Kimmie's going to get yelled at. This is going to be fun, folks! Get the popcorn, 'cause it's about to get good!
Gordon: All of you!
Robyn: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Come here. Hey, look. We can't even get steak cooked. It's badly sliced. Who did what here?! Kimmie, Robyn, look at me! Who's done it, then?
Kimmie: I did the filets.
Robyn: I cut the steak, chef.
Gordon: Looked at the way it's (the steak) sliced. It's like it's been cut with a spoon. It's not even sliced there. And then next to it, where's the filet? That's cooked beautifully, sliced beautifully.
Kimmie: (interview) HELL, YEAH! I knew my shit was right. Robyn is fucking up and I'm just outshining her.

Gordon: Blue Team, away now Table 22, Concentrate. Three filet, one hanger steak.
Patrick: Yes, chef, four minutes. [Royce just stares at Gordon]
Gordon: Royce doesn't even answer. Three filet, one hanger! Tell him, chef, three filet, one hanger.
Royce: Yes, chef, three filet, one hanger!
Gordon: One more time!
Royce: Three filet, one hanger!
Gordon: One more time!
Royce: Three filet, one hanger!
Gordon: One more time!
Royce: Three filet, one hanger! I got two minutes on mine. [Ramsay claps slowly]
Patrick: Give me three minutes—three minutes, chef, on...
Gordon: On what?!
Patrick: Two filet, one hanger.
Gordon: Oh, my GOD!
Patrick: Three filet! Sorry, chef! Three filet, one hanger!
Gordon: Hey, you! Hey, fuckwit. Come here, you.
Patrick: Fuck!
Gordon: [to Justin] Hey, you! You, on meat. Let's go. PATRICK! Fuck off!
Patrick: Oh, fuck me! Fuck!
Gordon: Hey, outside and get some fresh air. Fuck off.
[Patrick goes into the dining room where a kid starts laughing at him]
Patrick: (interview) I yell, two, like an idiot!! It's a stupid bonehead move, and I can't fucking believe in all my experience, I fuck up like that! I can't believe it! I can't!! I know I've made my mistakes in the kitchen, but I do not quit, and I always fight. I can get this right. [returns to the kitchen; to Gordon] Chef, may I come back to the kitchen?
Gordon: [pause] Get on there, you!
Patrick: Yes, chef!
Gordon: What's going?
Patrick: Three filet, one hanger!
Brian: There you go!

[The Red Team bringing the next table of entrées to the pass]
Gordon: Honestly, it gets fucking worse. All of you, come here. Just touch that fish there. Just touch how dry. It's got more fucking wrinkles on it than I have, and I'm forty-four years of age! That should be [pounds the counter] fucking cooked fresh!
Kid Diner: We're not going to yell unless he's yelling at one of the chefs.
Gordon: [to Robyn] How long ago did you cook that?
Robyn: Three minutes ago!
Gordon: Three minutes ago?
Robyn: Yes, chef.
Gordon: That's fresh three minutes ago? Just touch.
Dana: (interview) That shit is nasty.
Robyn: I took it off three minutes ago, and I covered it!
Gordon: So?! Again, when did you cook it?!
Robyn: Seven minutes ago, then.
Gordon: Oh, seven minutes ago?
Robyn: Well, I took it out three minutes ago. So four minutes for it to cook, so seven minutes ago.
Gordon: Yeah, maybe seventeen minutes ago. [throws the plate with the fish onto the counter]
Kimmie: (interview) You've got to be out of your fucking mind to lie to Chef Ramsay, because he knows, he's not stupid.
Robyn: What's going on with the fish, Kimmie? I gotta re-fire it.
Kimmie: Three minutes.
Gordon: Get rid of that shit. [gives the plate to Christina, who bins the fish] I wouldn't even serve that to my fucking cat! Fuck off, Robyn!

[Gordon checks on hanger steak brought up by Patrick]
Gordon: Fucking raw. [returns to the workstation] Hey.
Patrick: Yes, chef?
Gordon: [to Justin] Come here, you. [gets a filet; Justin comes up to the workstation] Is that what you served me today?
Justin: No, chef.
Patrick: Fuck! [comes up to the workstation] Um, chef, I'm sorry it's raw.
Clemenza: (interview) Not good. Not fucking good.
Gordon: It's raw?! GET OUT!
Patrick: Fuck!
Gordon: Really?!
Patrick: Fuck!!

[Gordon checks on hanger steak brought up by Royce]
Gordon: Fucking raw. [returns to the workstation] All of you, come here. ALL OF YOU!
Clemenza: Yes, chef!
Gordon: A hanger steak, [gets a piece of steak] raw and perfect. I knew it was too good to be true! [to Royce] Hey you, Rolls-Royce. Fuck off!

Tiffany: [to Barbie] Can you shut up and stop fucking yelling at me?! I AM SICK OF THE YELLING! [Gordon throws his towel in frustration] You wanna talk, talk! DO NOT YELL!!
Christina: Oh my God! I can't!
Gordon: Look at you all! What a sad situation! Oh, Jesus. [walks into the blue kitchen] Blue Team!
Justin: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Blue team!
Brian: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Come here! Justin, on the fish!
Justin: Yes, chef!
Gordon: [to Brian] You, on the meat! Let's go!
Dana: (interview) Chef Ramsay does not need to put the blue team in our kitchen. It's embarrassing. You know, obviously at that point, the Red Team has lost tonight.
Kimmie: [to Brian] I don't need any fucking help! I'm good, I don't need nothing. [Brian is still trying to get in her station] Oh, my God! I don't need anything!
Brian: Okay! I understand!
Robyn: [to Justin] I don't need it! These are my fish pans! Leave my fish alone!
Clemenza: Talk to me, somebody, anybody! What do you need?
Robyn: I got her (Christina) right here listening to me!
Christina: Dude, who fucking cares?! Just cook!!
Brian: (interview) They're all yelling and screaming and arguing, and... Holy shit, it is chaos.
Robyn: [to Barbie] Her (Tiffany) count on the rib eyes for the second check is why I fucked up my fish. Just shut the fuck up and cook.
Christina: Oh my God, I can't.
Brian: Hey, hey, hey!
Justin: There's kids in the dining room!
Brian: Breathe, breathe! Hey, you guys–
Christina: Dude, pull it together!
Robyn: [to Kimmie] How long on your rib eye?!
Kimmie: Rib eye, three minutes.
Robyn: Fucking stupid, dumb bitch.
Kimmie: You gotta go back because of the filets that you fucked up.
Robyn: [chuckles] Yeah. Maybe your count's fucked up. What a fucking cry-baby she is.

[Gordon has had it with the Red Team; returns to the workstation with hanger steak brought up by Robyn]
Gordon: Hey! Hey, hey, hey, all of you! Just STOP!! Come here, all of you! Just touch them. Put your hand on top. Put your hand on–[to Robyn and Tiffany] PUT YOUR HAND ON TOP!!!
Robyn: I'm putting it on top. I need to get over there.
Gordon: Put it on top. Put it on top. Stone-cold! Red Team! You, you, you, you, you, FUCK OFF! [Kimmie slams her towel on her station upon exit; to Christina, who's still in the kitchen] GET OUT!!

Gordon: Kimmie, first nominee and why?
Kimmie: The first nominee, chef, is Tiffany. Because of the appetizers, she got us off to a slow start.
Gordon: Second nominee and why?
Kimmie: Our second nominee, chef, is Robyn... because she pretty much lied to you and told you that she cooked the fish in three minutes, and she cooked it for seven, so...
Robyn: [interrupts Kimmie; looks depressed] What?! I didn't lie to you, chef, when I said that fish was out at three minutes. The fish was cooked seven minutes prior, so there was miscommunication on what I said. [Barbie facepalms] I did not lie to you.
Kimmie: What?
Robyn: I know I've been true to myself about not lying because that's the way my mother raised me.
Kimmie: Oh my God.
Robyn: Oh my God, Kimmie! Please! [groans] I'd been–You know what, Kimmie, if you want to really get dirty right now, we can get dirty. You think I'm scared of you?! YOU CALL ME A FUCKING BITCH TODAY AND YOU WANT TO KEEP MY MOUTH SHUT?! Guess what?! There's no friends in this competition because I want to work [points at Gordon] for him!
Gordon: [facepalms] Wow.

Gordon: Tiffany.
Tiffany: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Do you care?
Tiffany: Right now, I'm not done. It's just the cattiness sometimes on our team just sucks. You know what I mean?
Gordon: [sees Barbie shaking her head] Barbie?
Barbie: Yes, chef.
Gordon: You've been shaking your head. What the fuck's going on back there? Talk to me.
Barbie: I feel like Tiffany doesn't care about standards. She doesn't care about technique, she doesn't care about service.
Tiffany: Really?
Barbie: She doesn't care about professionalism, or she wouldn't have stood at the pass and turned to curse at me.
Tiffany: Barbie, you gave me attitude. Twice, you gave me attitude. You were like, "Uh-uh! I'm not ready, don't being those up!" [to Gordon] This is the cattiness I'm talking about! I don't deal with that. If you want my opinion, I think that Barbie's the weakest person in this kitchen because she can't run a station by herself. [Barbie stares open-mouthed at Tiffany]
Barbie: What?!
Tiffany: I don't wanna hear your attitude or your eyerolling or your crap! Honestly!
Barbie: She doesn't care, chef.
Gordon: [to Tiffany] Do you care?
Tiffany: I do care.
Gordon: How much on a scale of 1 to 10?
Tiffany: [pause] I care... on a scale of 1 to 10, like a 9. [Gordon facepalms again]

Gordon: Patrick talked a good game, but he couldn't back it up with his cooking so it was time for him to leave Hell's Kitchen.

Episode Eleven [10.11][edit]

Gordon: You are on a... D!
Justin: Daikon, chef.
Gordon: Daikon? White radish.
Clemenza: (interview) Really? Daikon?
Gordon: Robyn, let's go! [Robyn rolls the dice] D. Ten seconds!
Robyn: Fuck me.
Brian: (interview) I'm thinking...protein, protein, protein, duck, duck, duck, duck. Protein, protein, protein, protein, duck, duck, duck, duck! Protein, protein, protein, protein, duck, duck, duck, duck! Protein, protein, protein, protein, duck, duck, duck, duck!
Robyn: Dragon fruit?
Gordon: Holy crap! You said dragon fruit?!
Robyn: Yes. Only thing I could fucking think of.
Brian: (interview) Dragon fruit. What the fuck is dragon fruit?!
Gordon: Wow, what a dish. Brian, let's go. [Brian rolls the dice] And... E!
Brian: Eh...
Gordon: Five seconds. Go on.
Brian: Uh... shit! (interview) I'm telling you right now, as soon as you're standing there, your mind goes blank! Uh...
Gordon: Time's up! Let's go!
Brian: Uhh... (interview) Blank! [to Gordon] Um... edamame.
Gordon: Uh, guys. I'm not opening a vegetarian restaurant in Vegas, let me tell you that!

[The Red Team is preparing pulled pork for dinner service as their punishment]
[11:12 PM; Christina and Dana are in the bathroom when an alarm goes off]
Dana: Oh, my God. That’s loud, dude!
[Christina walks over to a grill stationed in the dorm and hits a big red button next to it to shut off the alarm]
Kimmie: That is fucked up!
Christina: (interview) There’s this big red button on the side of the grill. And when an hour expires, there’s this horrendous alarm that goes off throughout the dorm.
Kimmie: I’m so fucking pissed!
Christina: (interview) And it will not stop ringing until one of us hits that red button so that they check the coals, check the internal temperature, the pig, baste it, flip it, and then it starts another hour until the alarm goes off again.
Kimmie: I can’t believe they’re gonna do this all night.
[1:19 AM; the alarm goes off again]
[2:23 AM, the alarm goes off again]
Barbie: (interview; imitates alarm) Just hit the button!
Kimmie: I’m tired now.
[3:27 AM, the alarm goes off AGAIN; Tiffany screams as she hits the button to make it stop]
Kimmie: (interview) This is by far, the worst punishment I’ve had to do since I’ve been here.
[4:31 AM]
Tiffany: Does it have to be that loud?! [cut to the entrance of Hell's Kitchen] We could be in Vegas right now.

Gordon: Royce!
Royce: Yes, chef!
Gordon: I'll flip the tickets.
Royce: Yes, chef!
Gordon: I got two pork, two New York strip, one cod! How long?
Royce: Four minutes!
Gordon: Unbelievable.
Robyn: (interview) Royce has no idea what the fuck's going on. He's like a fucking ostrich with his head underneath the fucking sand!
Gordon: Two pork, two New York! How long, Royce?!
Royce: The two New Yorks are down. They got eight minutes!
Robyn: You kidding me, man?!
Gordon: [to Royce] You screwed the three wellington!
Royce: Yes.
Gordon: So flip the ticket!
Royce: Yes, chef.
Gordon: You said four minutes!
Royce: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Now you're saying eight?!
Royce: I need five minutes, chef.
Brian: (interview) Royce is in a funk, he's all over the place. He can't seem to fucking bounce back.
Gordon: Royce, how long?
Royce: Five minutes, chef.
Gordon: Still five minutes?! It's just five minutes every time I look at you!! You said five minutes ago!
Royce: I meant four minutes, chef.
Gordon: [to Justin] Hey, you, come here! [to Brian and Clemenza] Hey, you, you! Come here! [to Robyn] You stay there. [to the men on the Blue Team] Hey, all of you! Fucking come here!
Royce: (interview) Jeez. This is not good at all.
[Gordon takes the men into the pantry]
Gordon: Brian, I'm done! I've had enough! I've got Lee (DeWyze) and Haley (Reinhart) on the chef's table, and David Beckham and his son in there. I don't know what's going on! IT'S LIKE YOU'VE LOST IT!! Have a fucking meeting here, get a fucking grip, and I swear to God, when you walk back through that fucking door, change your attitude, OR FUCK OFF!
Blue Team: Yes, chef!
Justin: Yes, chef.

Narrator: For tonight's dinner service, both teams are excited to host their own VIP guests. But in the red kitchen...
Tiffany: There's David Beckham.
Kimmie: You are shitting me! Dude, he's so hot!
Narrator: ...the excitement is a little overwhelming.
Christina: (interview) When David Beckham arrives, I'm just like, "Holy shit! Holy shit!" He rode in on a rainbow carried by a unicorn eating a cupcake. He is a magical creature.

[Tiffany accidentally serves cod instead of sea bass]
Gordon: [to the Red Team] Hey, all of you, come here! I asked for three pork, two wellington, one sea bass. I get three pork, two wellington, and one cod!
Tiffany: Oh, shit!
Gordon: "Oh, shit?"
Barbie: SHIT! (interview) I had five perfectly cooked pieces of meat on that order. How could you not know the difference between the cod and the sea bass?! Come on, what are you doing?!
Gordon: Hey, Tiffany!
Tiffany: Yes, chef?
Tiffany: Yes, chef!
[Christina tries to help]
Tiffany: I've got it. I've got it. Don't worry about it.
[Tiffany starts cooking the cod again]
Barbie: That's a cod! That's a cod!
Tiffany: Well, what's that then?! Isn't that sea bass?! (interview) Whoops.
Gordon: [to Tiffany] Your mind must be somewhere else if you've mistaken twice cod for sea bass! And do you know what it hurts? A great start!
Tiffany: Yes, chef! Sorry, chef! (interview) Okay, yeah, so my fish fucked up the whole order. But you know what? I'll another put one on. It'll be done in three minutes! 'Kay? [to Gordon as she brings sea bass] Hot, chef!
Gordon: [touches fish] Fuck me. Finally!

Narrator: Thanks to Barbie's perfect run on meat, the women are nearly finished with their entrées. But over in the blue kitchen...
Gordon: I want two pork, two New York strip!
Royce: Yes, chef.
Narrator: ...it's a completely different story, as they are still attempting to serve their first table of entrées.
Gordon: Two New York strip, two pork chop!
Royce: Ten minutes, chef.
Gordon: Ten minutes? [walks back to the pass; sighs] Fuck me.
Brian: (interview) Ten minutes. Chef Ramsay wasn't happy about that!
Gordon: Honestly, I don't know where to go!
Royce: Sorry, chef.
Gordon: BLUE TEAM!
Robyn: (interview) Clusterfuck in 5...
Gordon: Hey, look at me. Hey, stop there! Look at me!
Robyn: (interview) 4...
Gordon: STOP! All of you!
Robyn: (interview) 3...
Gordon: Honestly, I swear to God...
Robyn: (interview) 2...
Gordon: ...I'm seriously...
Robyn: (interview) 1...
Gordon: You, you, you, you...
Robyn: (interview, imitates a bomb going off)
Gordon: Come here! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 tables! Come here! [walks to the red kitchen, which has no tickets left]
Robyn: None. (interview) We look at the women's side, and they completed their service.
Gordon: [points at the Red Team] You, you, you, and you, come here! Dana, stay on desserts!
[Christina, Tiffany, Kimmie, and Barbie enter the blue kitchen]
Robyn: (interview) I am embarrassed that the Red Team has to come help us.
Gordon: HEY, BLUE TEAM! We're manning up and we're going to double up on the stations to get this machine going! Let's go!

Gordon: Royce came in promising a Rolls-Royce service. But instead, his service was like a broken-down car. Time to send Royce to the junkyard.

Episode Twelve [10.12][edit]

[After Royce was eliminated the previous episode, the blue team is about to leave]
Gordon: Clemenza.
Clemenza: Yes, chef?
Gordon: This fucking jacket's like a tipi. Get out of here. [Clemenza throws his arms up while Tiffany and Kimmie laugh] You could sail across the Atlantic with this thing. [chuckles]

[Kimmie and Barbie fight over the punishment during Delivery Day & Barbie insults Kimmie's weight]
Kimmie: (interview) Barbie doesn't want to get off the truck to carry anything in. This stupid fuckin' bitch! I've had it. I've fuckin' had it. [to Barbie] Barbie, come up here and start loading this shit! Get the fuck out of the truck! You're not gonna get the easy shit every fucking time!
Barbie: This is fucking easy?! (interview) Kimmie might be 6'1" and 300 pounds, but hell no, I'm not afraid of Kimmie.
Kimmie: Go fuckin' load that thing!
Barbie: Don't fucking talk to me that way!
Kimmie: I'll talk to you any way I want to, stupid bitch!
Barbie: [gets out of the truck and walks away] I'm working harder than you? I've been working harder than you!
Kimmie: You're fucking crazy, you stupid bitch! You ain't worked harder than anybody! How much do you get done by staring? How many?! Oh, yeah, that's right! None! My fat ass dropped off more than you have!
Barbie: You ain't never jogged a day your life, and your ass shows it!
Kimmie: [walks away from Barbie] Oooh-hooh-hooh, I want to hit you so bad, you nasty bitch! LAZY BITCH!!
[Christina can hear Kimmie and Barbie arguing from inside and runs out]
Kimmie: [sees Barbie carrying a bag of ice over her shoulders] Now we got Barbie running upstairs! Good job, good job!
Barbie: [flips Kimmie off] Fuck off.
Christina: KNOCK IT OFF!! (interview) Dude, like, shut up!
Kimmie: Get back in the truck, dude!
Christina: Stop! (interview) Now you're wasting time for everybody. We're gonna expend a lot of energy today. I definitely don't need to do it fighting.

Episode Thirteen [10.13][edit]

Gordon: [touches ribeye brought by Kimmie] It's overcooked now. [returns to workstation] We got overcooked ribeye!
[Tiffany spits out the garnish she was tasting]
Tiffany: (interview) It's all easy food, so if nobody can make it, then they shouldn't really be there.
Gordon: [to Kimmie] I thought you cared.
Kimmie: I do, chef.
Gordon: Yeah, so you're just like, "Oh, her you go, chef! Here you go!" [angrily drops ribeye tray]
Dana: (interview) Kimmie, I hate losing dinner service! I'm like, "Ahhhh!!"
Gordon: At this stage of the game, your fucking menu, my standards! That's not good enough! You've given up?!
Kimmie: No, chef!
Gordon: I swear to God, I don't give a fuck if the whole team goes home tonight. I. Don't. Care.
Kimmie: I got you right now, chef.

[After calling the next order for the red team, Gordon sees Tiffany throw out the contents of her pan and nearly start firing new garnish with the same pan]
Tiffany: Forty-five seconds on the dauphinois.
Gordon: You're preparing fresh garnish in a DIRTY FUCKING PAN!! Oh, hello! All of you, I just watched Tiffany scrape out all the old shit. So she gets the dirty pan, and sticks all the fresh garnish in there.
Dana: (interview) Tiffany is definitely a little gross. She's nasty.
Gordon: When a chef can't be bothered to get a clean pan and sauté fresh vegetables, trust me, it tells me something!
Tiffany: Sorry, chef.
Barbie: (interview) We have two million sauté pans in Hell's Kitchen, and you're gonna pick up a dirty sauté pan and cook in it. How gross is that?
Gordon: [to Tiffany] Look at you! SHIT!

Narrator: With diners on the blue side growing more hungry and less hopeful, the red team is stuck on their last two tickets...
Kimmie: How long, Tiff?
Tiffany: I don't know exactly.
Narrator: ...still waiting for Tiffany's undercooked potato garnish.
Christina: (interview) You should know. They were your potatoes, right? That was your component, right? That was your idea for the menu, right?
Tiffany: I'm sorry. What do you want me to say? Don't give me that look!
Kimmie: Don't get an attitude with me, dude! You're just killing my steaks!
Tiffany: I don't know, Kimmie! I don't know!
Andi: Tiffany.
Tiffany: I'm sorry.
Andi: No, you're not!
Tiffany: Yes, I am!
Andi: No, you're fucking not!
Tiffany: Yes, I am.
Andi: You're the sloppiest cook I've ever seen in my whole entire life!
Tiffany: Sorry.
Andi: No, you're not!
Tiffany: Okay, I'm not.
Andi: You have such a fucking attitude! Why don't you take a walk?! And Dana take over her section!
Dana: Yes, chef.
Tiffany: [leaves] Have fun. (interview, tearing up) "Okay, look at Tiffany. Let's make fun of her. I don't care about anything apparently." So, what the fuck? You all just made me look like a fucking idiot. Bye!

Gordon: How long?
Kimmie: Potatoes are not ready.
Andi: We're just waiting on the potatoes.
Kimmie: Fuck!
Andi: How do those potatoes look, Dana?
Dana: No. (interview) They're crunchy! So, I add cream, and I put 'em in the oven... again. And again... and again... and again! No matter how much I cook these potatoes, they are still crunchy! FUCK THE LAST TICKET! [to Kimmie] Dude, these still aren't fucking done!

Gordon: A little bit of fish here, a little bit there. You're (Clemenza) stuffing your face with fucking desserts! Hey! [pounds fist on table]
Clemenza: Yes, chef.
Gordon: All of you, come here! And put that one down. [checks Brian's fish] A fucking blind man can see that's raw, raw, raw.
Brian: (interview) It's my fault. It's my fault.
Gordon: Honestly, [points at every member of the blue team] your menu, your menu, your menu, your menu! You give me that, followed by that. You, you, you, you, GET OUT! Fucking idiots! Get the fuck out of here!

[Gordon calls up both teams after dinner service]
Gordon: All of you, listen carefully. I have in my hand the comment cards. I was hoping that they would decide the winning team. [rips up the comment cards into pieces and throws them everywhere] Tonight, it was the most shocking dinner service yet! Here's the sad news: Your menu, your creativity, your execution, and supposedly, your teamwork! Blue Team, embarrassing! I mean, really embarrassing! It's just like you didn't care. And ladies, raw potatoes. And then, Dana, raw fucking lobster. I expected tonight to be your absolute best! Unfortunately, it's gone down in history as one of your worst! There will be no winning team.
[The red team, who had managed to finish service, are visibly upset]
Dana: (interview) I'm so confused right now! Somebody tell me what the hell's going on!
Kimmie: (interview) I don't even know what to say. Like, I really thought we had this.
Gordon: Both teams, decide which two people you want to nominate to lose from your team. Fuck off.
Clemenza: (interview) We all bust our fucking ass. To get so close and put in such an effort to fall flat, it just fucking hurts, man. It hurts.

Gordon: The most passionate I ever saw Tiffany was moments ago when she was already on her way out. That was just too late.

Episode Fourteen [10.14][edit]

Gordon: [checks oysters brought by Brian] They're cooked to fuck. I mean, it's like a fucking ball of snot. [walks back to workstation] Blue Team! Hey, come here, you! All of you! Just touch them. Touch them, touch them! Look how cooked they are. It's like bullets! Solid bullets!
Robyn: (interview) They look hard, overdone. Not attractive whatsoever. It looks like something a rabbit shat out.
Gordon: SPEED UP!
Brian: Dropping right now. (interview) Dammit! Why did I do that?! Ugh, you idiot, Brian. Idiot.

[Gordon checks on catfish brought up by Brian]
Gordon: Fuck me. Burnt one side. [returns to the workstation] Hey, all of you, come here! Yeah, come here. Look. No colour and look. Burnt.
Clemenza: (interview) Really, dude? It's a fucking piece of fish. Like, I mean, come on! Step it up a little bit.
Gordon: [to Brian; gives him a piece of fish] Come here, just take a bite of that. Just take a bite. Eat it, you fuck-wit. How does it taste?
Brian: Tastes like fish, chef.
Gordon: Excuse me?! [brief pause] Hey, smart-arse, you want to be funny now, do you?
Brian: No!
Gordon: [throws his spoon] Yeah, you're such a dick!
Robyn: (interview) Brian, really? Right now is not the time to fucking crack jokes, bro!
Gordon: Get out, get out.
Brian: Fuck me!
Gordon: Fucking idiot.
Brian: [walks out of the kitchen and takes off apron] Are you fucking serious, man? (interview) It was a mistake of epic proportions. I did not mean to be a smart-ass.
Gordon: [quotes Brian] "Tastes like fish." What a fucking dick.
Brian: (interview) It was just the first thing that came to my head.

[Brian returns to the kitchen after talking to James]
Gordon: [sees Brian] Hey, come here, you fuck-face. What are you doing here?
Brian: I'm not done!
Gordon: Don't fucking shout at me. I'm going to ask you one more fucking time. You give me a bullshit answer, that jacket's coming off, and you're going through that door home. How did that fish taste?
Brian: Shit.
Gordon: So why did you give it to me?
Brian: I didn't see the bottom. I didn't see the bottom, chef. It's not going to happen again.

[Gordon checks on chicken brought up by Robyn]
Gordon: Oh, fuck me. The chicken is raw! All of you! ALL OF YOU!! [to Brian] THAT'S YOU, YOU FUCKER!! [knocks his hand on the workstation] The chicken, it comes up...
Robyn: Raw.
Gordon: RAW!
Clemenza: Fuck! (interview) Robyn, really? It's pink, it's still fucking bleeding. Come on, get it right.
Gordon: Robyn, really? Really?! [throws his spoon away] RAW! [to Brian] Hey, comedian! Crack a fucking joke now! I fucking dare you! [knocks his hand on the workstation]
Brian: I have nothing funny to say, chef.
Gordon: Start again!

[Gordon checks on chicken brought up by Robyn; after finding out that it's raw, he has had it with the blue team]
Gordon: I mean, fuck me. [returns to the workstation] Hey.
Robyn: Really?!
Gordon: You, you, you, you. Come here. [Robyn whips her towel] Hey, look. Raw.
Robyn: Son of a bitch!
Gordon: Do I really have to serve that? [throws the chicken away] MADNESS!! Get out.
Robyn: Don't kick them out, chef, Just kick me out—
Gordon: Hey, listen.
Robyn: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Don't you fucking dare tell me what to do.
Robyn: Yes, chef.
Gordon: You, you, you, you: Fuck off!
Robyn: FUCK! I fucking hate this damn chicken! [Clemenza throws his towel away]
Gordon: GET OUT!!! [as they exit] We are fucked here.

[Gordon checks on catfish brought up by Kimmie]
Gordon: Stop. Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop. Oh, Jesus. [sighs; returns to the workstation] I could cry. I could just–I could just cry. [throws his spoon]
Christina: Ah, fuck!
Gordon: [knocks the workstation with both hands] STOP!! [to Kimmie] Come here, you! Let me show you something! I've got raw, raw fucking catfish there!
Christina: Ah...
Gordon: Then there's burnt shit there.
Dana: (interview) What are you thinking, Kimmie?! This is not happening! NO!!
Gordon: [points to each member of the Red team] You, you, you, you, GET OUT! YOU'RE A FUCKING DISGRACE!!
Christina: Fuck!
Gordon: [to Christina] Hey, hey! Yeah, touch! [tosses a piece of catfish to Christina] That's the raw bits!
Christina: Yeah, I see it, chef. I see it!
Christina: (interview) We didn't complete service because of that fucking fish station. It was supposed to Kimmie's time to shine. I don't fucking get it.

[Sous Chef Scott goes up to the dorms and gathers the teams, but Gordon stops them once they get to the kitchen]
Narrator: After a horrific service, Chef Ramsay has sent Chef Scott...
Scott Leibfried: WHERE IS EVERYBODY?!
Robyn & Clemenza: Right here, chef.
Narrator: ...to gather the teams.
Scott Leibfried: I need everybody right now downstairs. Let's go.
Clemenza: Yes, chef. (interview) I don't know what's going on. Chef Ramsay might send every fucking one of us home.
[Both teams make their way to the kitchen, but Gordon stops them in the back entrance]
Gordon: Stay there! Stay there! Trust me–Scott, Andi, and I will finish the service. Let me tell you that. That was shocking! I can't take any more! Do me a big favour: Each of you have a good chat, based on tonight's service, and come up with one individual from each team that should be leaving Hell's Kitchen tonight. And I hope to hell all of you are feeling like shit!
Dana: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Pathetic. All of you, upstairs. Get out of here.
Justin: (interview) Dinner service was disgusting once again. It's just dumb mistakes. It's really frustrating.

Gordon: As a woman from Memphis, tonight's Southern cuisine menu should've been an easy walk in the park for Kimmie. But it turned out to be a difficult uphill battle, and that is why it was her time to go.

Episode Fifteen [10.15][edit]

[In the team communication challenge, both teams fail to score a single point.]
Clemenza: (interview) The lamb is nicely cooked, the sauce is on, we got this, we got this, got this.
[Gordon tastes blue team's lamb]
Gordon: Unreal! [chokes the undercooked lamb]
Clemenza: Fuck!
Gordon: Wow! Ugh!
Brian: (interview) Yeah, we're fucked.
Gordon: The sauce is disgusting. It's like something out of a gas station. Nasty!
Dana: (interview) Okay, this could be good for us. I mean, our lamb is cooked perfectly!
Gordon: Red team! [holds the lamb]
Barbie: I sliced the lamb, chef. I apologize.
Gordon: [to Barbie] You sliced the lamb or you chewed the lamb?
Dana: (interview) Barbie, what have you done to this lamb?! Did you cut it with a fucking spoon?!
[Gordon tastes red team's lamb and then spits it out]
Gordon: Wow. I am seriously disappointed. I expected at this stage in the game something so much better! For the first time ever in Hell's Kitchen history... I, Gordon Ramsay, cannot pick a winner! Red team, blue team, you both lost! One team would've had an amazing day with a beach in Santa Monica, visiting Malibu in the helicopter. You had a beach club this afternoon for yourselves.
Dana: (interview) Hell's Kitchen season 10 making history! Only we're making history because we SUCK!
Gordon: You have a long day cleaning. The front of Hell's Kitchen needs sprucing up. After that, Hell's Kitchen SUV's need detailing. But more importantly, I'm opening Hell's Kitchen tonight.
Christina & Clemenza: Yes, chef.
Gordon: And do you know why? Redemption. You need it. I swear to God, it's going to be a great service. Because if it's not, I am not waiting until the end of service to get rid of dead wood.
Clemenza: Fuck.
Gordon: Get cleaning.
Justin: Let's go, guys.
Robyn: (interview) Chef's pissed and do you know what? He's got every right to be pissed. We should all be embarrassed to be wearing these jackets right now.

Clemenza: [walks to the pass with three pans] Five risotto coming up, chef!
[Sous Chef Scott comes up to check the pans]
Gordon: Uh, stop there, Scott. It's–it's not even in one pan. That's what I'm saying. I got three different colours. I mean, honestly? [returns to workstation carrying the pans] All of you, come here!
Clemenza: Fuck!
Gordon: Multi-coloured fucking risotto!! A light one, a dark one, and an in-between one. WHEN WE HAVE FIVE RISOTTO ON ONE TABLE, WHAT DO WE DO?! WHAT DO WE DO?!
Justin: On one pan.
Gordon: Louder!
Justin: One pan, chef!
Gordon: LOUDER!
Gordon: [points at Clemenza] Tell him, then!
Justin: All in one pan!
Clemenza: Yes!
Gordon: Tell him!
Justin: All in one pan!
Clemenza: Yes!
Gordon: [to Brian] Tell him!
Brian: All in one pan, Clemenza!
Clemenza: Yes!
Brian: All in one pan!! (interview) One pan!
Gordon: COME ON, THEN!
Clemenza: Yes, chef! I'll re-fire five right now!
Gordon: Get it together! FOCUS ON A FUCKING RISOTTO!!
Clemenza: Yes, chef!

[Gordon comes back with the fish that Justin just brought up]
Gordon: Justin! Hey, you! Come here, you! So he (Brian) cooks fresh New York strip, because he screwed the previous table. And you reheat the same bass?! [Robyn smirks]
Gordon: [to Robyn] And you think it's funny?
Robyn: No, I don't think it's funny. I'm pissed right now. I don't think it's funny at all. (interview, laughs) Justin's a dumbass! Are you kidding me? I think it's hilarious right now.
Gordon: Justin, is that your best?! [no response] Hey! IS THAT YOUR BEST?!
Justin: No, chef! No!
Gordon: So all that time, you were cooking—
[Robyn's stove suddenly bursts into flames, momentarily distracting Gordon]
Gordon: ...All that time you were cooking, you couldn't think to put two fresh bass in?
Justin: Chef, I wasn't thinking. I'm sorry. I've got to re-fire these right now. (interview) What was I thinking? That was just a dumb, dumb mistake.
Gordon: All of you, look at me! [points at each member of the blue team] WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP!

Gordon: Three New York, two wellington, one bass. How long?
Brian: Three minutes, chef!
Gordon: Drive the ticket! Let's go!
Brian: Yes, chef! (interview) It's still our first table, and all I want is the ticket to be done. I just want it to be done. But everything kept coming out wrong.
Justin: Come on, Brian. Here's the bass. Let me know when you're ready to go.
Brian: Walk with your bass. I'm slicing New York.
Clemenza: Yes. Go, go, go! Make sure it's cooked!
Brian: [slices steak in half] Raw. Ah, fuck.
Clemenza: No, no, no, no, no!
Brian: More time. It needs more time.
Clemenza: No! Get another one! [to Gordon] He's backed up! He's gonna be dragging steak at least two minutes!
Brian: Hold on! It's not ready! [to Justin] It's not ready.
Gordon: It's still coming out WRONG! Are you serious?! [to Brian] MUPPET!! FUCKING HELL!! [sees several diners leave the dining room] Are you serious? They're walking out! Oh, my God. Urgently, where's the wellington?!
Brian: Okay, wellies walking. Wellies walking.
[Brian brings wellingtons to the pass, and Gordon checks them quickly]
Gordon: Oh, fuck me. Not another overcooked wellington. [sighs] Fucking hell. Honestly, I'm gonna go crazy. [returns to workstation] Overcooked wellingtons! It's like a joke now. [Brian pounds his fist] Honestly, guys, it's like a big fucking joke.
Clemenza: Come on! [Brian punches his forehead]
Gordon: [to Brian] Hey, come here, fucking comedian! I have had enough. Come here, you! [leads Brian into the red kitchen] Barbie!
Barbie: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Come here, please! URGENTLY! You, on the meat!
Christina: Show him (Brian) how to do a wellie, Barbie.
Gordon: He's not capable! Get over there!
Barbie: Yes, chef, I got it.
Gordon: Get him in, Barbie! Urgently!
Barbie: [to Brian] Come on.
Brian: Fuck! (interview) Oh, I'm fucking furious. You gotta be kidding me. [carries wellington tray] GODDAMNIT!!
Gordon: Oh, my God.
Brian: (interview) On a black jacket night, Barbie comes over to finish my fucking station?
Barbie: Seven minutes. They're resting, chef.
Brian: [shouting through his teeth] GODDAMNIT!! (interview) I feel like a castrated dog.
Barbie: You can't put all that meat on one fucking tray!
Brian: (interview) And I think Barbie is enjoying this, I really do.
Brian: [pounds fist again] DAMNIT!
Clemenza: Stay with it, Brian.
Brian: I can't do anything!
Clemenza: STAY WITH IT!
Brian: There's nothing I can fucking do! I've been demoted!
Barbie: [to Robyn] Wellie garnish, how are you?
Robyn: Walking with garnish, Barbie!
Barbie: Walking with wellingtons.
Gordon: Cooked perfectly! [to waiters] Service, please.
Robyn: Nice job, Barbie.
Brian: Goddamnit! (interview) Oh, my God. [holds up left hand and pretends to hang himself]

Gordon: Brian had a lot of energy and was a funny guy. But after tonight's performance, I wasn't laughing. And that's why he has to leave Hell's Kitchen.

Episode Sixteen [10.16][edit]

[Gordon introduces the runners-up from past Hell's Kitchen seasons who will be competing against the current season's black jackets]
Gordon: From Hell's Kitchen Eight: Russell!
[Flashback to several scenes from Season 8, including an interview where Russell takes his loss in the finale badly]
Russell: (interview from Season 8) I chose the team that I wanted and I thought they would help me win, and I'm definitely going to black ball you guys, because you guys fucked me so royally.
[In the present, Gordon greets Russell]
Gordon: Russell, good to see you.
Russell: Good to see you, Chef.
Gordon: Welcome back.
Russell: Thank you very much.
Christina: (interview) I remember Russell for sure. What a fucking ass. I don't care what station he's on tonight. I hope it burns down. I hope he goes down harder than anyone on that team.

Narrator: Over in the blue kitchen...
Gordon: Two scallops, one Caesar salad away!
Narrator: ...Robyn has enlisted the help of Clemenza...
Clemenza: Robyn, how many more spaghetti we got? One more?
Robyn: Yes!
Narrator: ...who is determined to make up for lost time.
Gordon: Why is he doing spaghetti? We don't even fucking need it.
Narrator: Perhaps a little too determined.
Gordon: [to Clemenza] What are you doing?!
Clemenza: Spaghetti of lobster.
Gordon: Look at me! We haven't even got that on!
Clemenza: (interview) I'm looking at Robyn like, "What the fuck?"
Gordon: Big man out of control, come here! It's not even on! She's (Robyn) putting the spaghetti down, now she's shaking the pan! IT'S NOT ON!!
Paula: [walking back to her station in the red kitchen] I would not wanna be over there right now.
Gordon: How could both of you be doing something that's not on fucking order?! [slams fist on workstation]
Dana: (interview) Are you kidding me? What an embarrassment! That is embarrassing!
Gordon: That just tells me that both of you are out of control!
Robyn: No, chef!
Gordon: So if you are in control, then why are you cooking food we don't need?! Answer me that one, then!
Robyn: No answer, chef!
Gordon: Both of you are out of control! You and you, do you want to go?!
Robyn: (interview) FUCK, DUDE!
Gordon: FOCUS!
Clemenza: (interview) I came over, I said, "What do you need?" Robyn said, "Make this." Done, and I started making it. Now, I'm catching shit for it.
Gordon: Are you feeling like a bit of a spare prick at a wedding?!
Clemenza: No, chef.
Gordon: 'Cause you look like one!
Clemenza: [to Robyn] Get rid of it. (interview) Gee, thanks. Thank you, Robyn.

Gordon: Making it to the black jackets was a dream come true for Robyn. But cooking against the runners-up was a reality check for her and for me.

Episode Seventeen [10.17][edit]

Gordon: Away now, first entrée: One arancetti, two filet, one chicken parm! [to Dana] How long?
Dana: [pause] I need six minutes.
Gordon: Let's go!
Dana: (interview) I'm focusing on searing the hundred orders of filet that I have coming in. It's a lot of meat, so I'm a little concerned. And by a little, I mean a lot.
Gordon: [to Dana] Stop! Stop, you! Stop! All of you, come here! [shows everyone Dana's burnt pans] Come here. [to Christina] Talk to me. What do you think?
Christina: Obviously, the pan got too hot, chef.
Gordon: [to Barbie] Go on then, "chef."
Barbie: It's burnt, chef. (interview) Dana has two filets, and they are black as night. Everything in the pan was black.
Gordon: Oh, fuck off, the lot of you, will you?
Dana: (interview) FUCK! I should've just thrown them out!

[Gordon inspects a capellini that was prepared by Barbie]
Gordon: [shows Barbie the capellini] What is that? What is that?
Barbie: [mumbling] I don't know, chef.
Gordon: [turning away in disgust] Look, she's not even answering me.
Barbie: It's the crab!
Gordon: Hey, you. Come here, you. [Barbie goes over to Gordon] This is how bad it is: One capellini and one risotto away. And I've got a ball of capellini, and there's over two portions there. You don't know what you're doing anymore. I've got too much capellini and not enough crab.
Barbie: Yes, chef.
Gordon: You stupid idiot!
Barbie: Yes, chef.
Gordon: You've given up! Look at me: I beg you to go home! I just don't get it! I-I just honestly do not understand what the fuck is going on! [kicks a trash can over in anger]

Episode Eighteen [10.18][edit]

Episode Nineteen [10.19][edit]

[Justin notices Clemenza dozing off while going over his menu with his brigade]
Justin: The next app–Clemenza, pay attention to this. The next app is a truffle edamame ravioli. So, essentially it's ravioli, but it's done in wonton skins. [facepalms as Clemenza yawns] (interview) They've got to know that menu inside out, and I need Clemenza to stay focused. I need him to keep his head in the game. I need to know he has my back 100%. [to his teammates] Listen, I just wanna know—and I want a real answer—who the fuck is here really to be here and who really wants to get back in that kitchen and has something to prove. [to Clemenza] I'm going into it tomorrow with more pressure than you could ever imagine, and I want you to just get your head right where it needs to be.
Clemenza: Like, what the fuck? Who the fuck do you think you're talking to?!
Justin: I'm taking this 100% serious, man. This is the most important day of my life.
Clemenza: I get it. Here's my thing: I'm proud of what I did. I'm happy of my accomplishments, I don't got anything to prove to anybody.
Justin: Clemenza, shut the fuck up, please. (interview) Clemenza's a disaster right now. He's gotta pull his shit together. I need him to step up and get it done. [to Clemenza] I need you to be 100% focused.
Clemenza: Drill me as hard as you fucking want! It's all bullshit, it doesn't matter to me!
Brian: (interview) Clemenza is dead weight! Justin's gotta cut the fat where the fat needs to be cut!
Justin: [to Clemenza] Like, honestly to me, it's my fucking life right now! I need you to do it for me, but I want you to do it for yourself.
Clemenza: Dude, get off my fucking back. I don't care. I'm done! (interview) You wanna be the leader, you gonna be in command? You know what? You're gonna sink fucking quick. Stand back, 'cause I'll fucking roll over you like no tomorrow.
Justin: If you don't feel what I feel right now, that you wanna win, then you got a problem! You should just go the fuck home! [Brian throws his hands up]
Clemenza: (interview) I'm done. I'm done with this fucking kid.
[Clemenza gets up to leave]
Justin: Clemenza!

Episode Twenty [10.20][edit]

[Just before the final dinner service starts, Clemenza opens the oven and sees all of the crostini beard is burnt]
Clemenza: Motherfucker!
Justin: Shut that, shut that! Shut it! What is that? What was that?
Clemenza: Fucking crostini.
Brian: (interview) AHH, CLEMENZA! CLEMENZA!!
Justin: This is not good.
Barbie: (interview) Oh, my God. You just burned the fucking crostini!
Justin: Fuck me! [to Clemenza] You gotta get that on fire right away! Get that thing out of here in the garbage and get some more on the fire right away!

[Finalists Christina and Justin have just finished their final service and standing in front of Ramsay, along with their teams]
Gordon: That was an amazing service, you know that. That was amazing. Really good job! [everyone applauds]
Christina: Thanks so much, guys. Seriously.
Gordon: Really good job indeed. And on the back of that, I'm changing things. For the first time ever, I've decided to do away with the whole two-door thing, because I'm ready to decide a winner. The winner of Hell's Kitchen is... Tavon.
Christina: Shut up! [everyone laughs]
[Flashback to Tavon, who was the first contestant to be eliminated this season]
Brian: I KNEW IT!!
Gordon: [laughs and high fives Christina and Justin] Justin, Christina, relax! Come on!

Gordon: Christina's passion and talent are undeniable. She's a strong leader who is totally at home in the kitchen. I know I'm not rolling the dice with her in Vegas because she is the real deal.