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Hell's Kitchen is an American cooking reality show based on the British program of the same title, where Chef Gordon Ramsay puts aspiring chefs through different challenges and dinner services to decide who is the best.

Episode One [13.01][edit]

[During the signature dish challenge]
La Tasha: What I have here is a grilled hickory-rubbed watermelon.
Gordon: Seriously? You had forty-five minutes to make me anything, and you grill me a slice of fucking melon?
La Tasha: Yes, chef.
Gordon: The rub doesn't work. I'm disappointed, it's underwhelming! One! [to Fernando] Okay, young man, could you take your glasses off for one minute? How old are you?
Fernando: Twenty-eight.
Gordon: Stop! Harry Potter looks older! [audience laughs] Jesus, are you on a diet?
Fernando: It's enough.
Gordon: It's enough?!
Fernando: It's enough.
Gordon: [laughs along with the audience and contestants] For you or me?
Roe: Oh, shit!
Gordon: Okay, so what's the dish?
Fernando: Pan-seared pigeon, chef, with a sweet potato purée and a...California fig and balsamic reduction.
Gordon: You cooked the squab beautifully. Purée's just absolutely sublime. Congratulations, four.
Fernando: Thank you, chef.

Gordon: Young man, first name is...
Frank: Frank.
Gordon: And you're Italian, right?
Frank: That's correct.
Gordon: Tell me what amazing Italian dish you have under that dome.
Frank: [removes lid] It's a filet mignon Bordelaise.
Gordon: Filet mignon Bordelaise. Does that sound Italian?
Frank: No, not Italian at all.
Gordon: [picks up bone] Frank, where's the dog? [audience laughs]
Frank: Well, I mean, you've never had bone marrow before?
Gordon: Well, normally they take it out of the fucking bone!
Frank: Really?
Gordon: Uh, yeah. So...[takes out bone marrow with a knife] let's take out the bone marrow. Now it looks like the dog shat on my plate! Wish me luck.
[Gordon tastes the dish before spitting the bone marrow out]
Gordon: This is all bad. Uh, one.
Frank: I'm sorry.

Gordon: Sterling?
Sterling: Yes, sir! My name is Sterling.
Gordon: You look so excited like you're about to piss your pants!
Sterling: [laughs along with the audience] I'm always one hundred!
Gordon: What's his hundred?
Sterling: I'm a hundred percent.
Gordon: O-kay! A hundred percent, right. Show me what you're made.
Sterling: I'm from the South, so I did shrimp and grits.
Gordon: Jesus Christ! Look at the size of that...!
Sterling: I made it with love.
Gordon: [after tasting the dish] Shrimp cooked beautifully. Unfortunately, I mean, it looks a mess! Three!

Gordon: [to JP] When you were cooking your signature dish, you finished with literally twenty minutes to go. Did you cook another one?
JP: Yes, I did.
Gordon: It better be amazing. [JP removes the lid] What is it?
JP: It is a Boston baked haddock with fingerling potatoes, haricot verts, and a lemon berblanc sauce.
Gordon: The fish is dry. [takes another bite of fish before spitting it out] The potatoes are solid. [picks up lemon] And that looks like something out of the 1970s. [audience laughs] You plate early, overcook the fish the second time around, and then send me undercooked potatoes. You're the only one tonight that actually cooked their dish twice, so... I'm struggling whether to let you come to Hell's Kitchen or just send you home. Do you want to go home right now?
JP: Not at all. It won't happen again, chef.
Gordon: Really? Uh, out of five, JP, you get a one.
JP: Sorry.

[Gordon has found out that Janai has brought up 8 scallops instead of 10]
Gordon: Hey Janai!
Janai: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Two times five?
Sade: (interview) Uhh... [laughs]
Janai: Ten.
Gordon: Are you okay?! I'm missing two scallops! [Janai laughs] Not funny!
Sade: (interview; laughs)

[Gordon checks on lobster and scallops brought up by JP and JR]
Gordon: Hey, HEY! All of you, come here! Look at that! Touch that! Look at what you're giving me!
Fernando: They're raw.
Gordon: It's still fucking moving! [smashes the scallops]
JR: Sorry, chef.
Santos: (interview) Once the snowball starts, man, it doesn't stop!
Gordon: Raw lobster!
JP: That was my fault, chef.
Gordon: Jesus Christ!
JP: I'm dropping three more.
Gordon: JP!
JP: Yes, chef?
JR: Yes, chef?
Santos: (interview) You’re sabotaging us! Thank you for the fucking snowball! ASSHOLES!!! [double flips]

Gordon: Two chicken, two halibut!
JP: [to JR] We don't have another halibut. We can't serve that one, dude.
Gordon: Push them!!
JP: Right now, chef! (interview) Fuck it. I'll bring it up. Whatever. [to Gordon] Here's two pieces of halibut.
Gordon: [examines JP's fish] Oh, what have you done there? It's fucking... [to blue team] Blue team! [to JP] Come here, you!
JP: Yes, chef.
Gordon: [to Steve] Chicken's cooked perfectly.
Steve: Thank you, chef.
Gordon: Look what's next to it, on the same fucking table! Look at that!
Frank: (interview) Everything's fucked up in front of us. It's nuts.
Gordon: And that is an example of the shit that's been coming out of that station all [slams fist on plate] FUCKING NIGHT! [to JP and JR] You, and you fuck off upstairs! GET OUT! FUCK OFF!! GET OUT!!

Gordon: Blue team! I cannot take ONE MORE MISTAKE!
Blue Team: Yes, chef!
Blue Team: Yes, chef!
Sterling: (interview) I still believe my team can do it. I believe we're gonna do it!
Gordon: Halibut!
Fernando: Walking!
[Gordon checks on halibut brought up by Fernando]
Gordon: Holy fuck! ALL OF YOU, COME HERE!
Blue Team: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Fucking halibut's raw and cold!
Fernando: That was my fault, chef.
Gordon: Yeah, FUCK OFF!! [angrily throws the halibut away; points to every member of the Blue team] You, you, you, you, you, you and you FUCK OFF! GET OUT! GET OUT!!

Gordon: Everyone in Hell's Kitchen starts at the bottom. Unfortunately, JP stayed there.

Episode Two [13.02][edit]

Gordon: [tastes risotto brought by Janai] Mush. [returns to workstation] All of you! ALL OF YOU!
Red Team: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Taste that! Quick!! It's like baby food, it's mush! Janai, it's overcooked!
Janai: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Not by two minutes, but by ten minutes!
Janai: Yes, chef.
Jennifer: (interview) Janai... "Fuck, fuck, FUCK," is all I have to say! You're creating baby food! It looked like shit coming out the fuckin' blender!

Gordon: STOP! [throws spoon] STOP! Time-out! Time-out! Marino!
Marino: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Get in here. You're Italian, taste that fucking shit risotto. [Marino takes a bite of the risotto]
Marino: Mushy.
Gordon: Overcooked lobster tail, overcooked scallops, and mush risotto.
Denine: (interview) My hands are shaking right now.
Ashley: (interview) Holy shit!
Gordon: All of you, come here, yeah all of you. All of you, all of you. Get the fuck out. [sends the red team to the storage room]. Get in there! GET IN!
La Tasha: Yes, chef.
Gordon: [slams the storage room door]. Have a fucking meeting, and sort it out. But when you walk back in that kitchen, if anyone hasn’t gotten their shit together, GAME OVER!
Red Team: Yes, chef!

Gordon: How long?
Frank: Is it already done?
Steve: [to Sterling] The halibut's ready!
Sterling: I'm not ready yet! Give me three minutes tops, man! Three minutes!
Gordon: Fucking hell.
Steve: I'm walking in one.
Sterling: Three minutes, man! I'm not serving that!
Steve: Then you better plate...
Steve: ...and shut the fuck up!!
Sterling: Three minutes!
Frank: Whoa, whoa, whoa! [to Steve] Listen! Fucking pay attention! Pay attention to what's going on!
Sterling: [to Steve] Why would you send it up when my food ain't ready, man?
Santos: (interview) Really, guys? Really? It's not a measure of how big your cock is. Just put your food out!

Gordon: Blue team! Two halibut, two lamb!
Steve: Walking with the halibut!
Fernando: Lamb walking!
Steve: [to Gordon as he brings fish to the pass] Two halibut.
Gordon: Lamb! [Sterling doesn't respond] No answer. LAMB!!
Sterling: Lamb is one minute off! It's too rare, chef!
Gordon: One minute off?! Oh my God!
Sterling: That was too rare, but I got one! I got one ready! By the time I cut this, I'll be ready!
Steve: Go! COME ON!
Fernando: [to Sterling] If it's not good, don't slice it.
Sterling: It's good!
Fernando: Wait, check. Check it. Check first. It's raw! Don't slice it more! Just put it back!
Sterling: (interview; facepalms) Oh, no. What have I done now, man?
Gordon: [to Sterling] Hey, you! FUCK-WIT! Come here, you! Get me the fucking lamb! Get me the lamb!
Sterling: Fuck.
Gordon: ALL OF YOU, COME HERE!! HURRY UP, FERNANDO! [places raw lamb next to the halibut] Look how we are reverting to cooking.
Sterling: Fuck! [slams fist]
[Gordon separates the halibut to show the raw center and slams his fist onto the plate; Sterling slams both fists down]
Gordon: [throws fish onto the floor] SHIT!! HEY, ALL OF YOU! CAN YOU SLOW IT DOWN AND GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER?!
Blue Team: Yes, chef!

Gordon: All of you, come here! Two salmon, two wellington, one pork, one lamb. [points to the lamb] Shit lamb, and the pork's where?
Steve: It's rare, chef.
Gordon: [points at every single member of the blue team] One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight fucking idiots! Fuck off! Get out! Pathetic! Out! OUT!

Gordon: Cooking risotto is elementary. But tonight, I found out Janai is still in kindergarten.

Episode Three [13.03][edit]

Frank: Spinach, cream of spinach.
Gordon: Fucking hurry up! COME ON!
Frank: Sorry about that.
James: Brussel sprouts!
Frank: In my hand, right here. [walks to the pass with garnish]
Gordon: We're dying here! [checks Brussel sprouts in the pot] Why is it so black? [walks back to workstation] Hey, blue team, come here! This is the thanks I get. Too much fucking vinegar. They're black as fuck, look at that there. Fuck me. [pours Brussel sprouts onto a nearby plate] Look, you don't even know what they are.
Bryant: (interview) Big surprise. Frank fucked up on garnish. [sarcastically] Great job.
Gordon: There's the halibut. All the bits that's broken off and overcooked around it. Just touch the top of that. Come here!
[Everyone on the blue team follows Gordon out of the kitchen]
Santos: (interview) Where are we going? I have my proteins to watch. I–I... Fuck!
Gordon: It is bedlam in here! I'm done! [opens the pantry door] GET IN HERE! The dining room is filled with V.I.P.'s. Where's the communication gone?! GET A FUCKING GRIP! Have a meeting and PULL IT TOGETHER! NOW!!
Blue Team: Yes, chef!
Sterling: We got it, blue team! Let's go!
[Some of the men try to leave the pantry, but Gordon stops them]

[Gordon sees the raw lamb brought to the pass by Kalen]
Gordon: Ah, fuck me. [walks back to workstation] Ladies! LADIES! [throws spoon] I mean, does anyone need glasses?! What is that?!
Red Team: Raw, chef.
Kalen: I'm sorry, chef.
Denine: (interview) Kalen talks a big game, but she's sending out shit!
Kalen: Sorry, guys.
Denine: (interview) Raw as day, dog shit on a fucking platter!
[Kalen constantly opens the oven door]
Jennifer: (interview) Kalen, just keep the oven shut. You keep letting out the heat.
Gordon: I need the proteins! MOVE! LET'S GO!
Kalen: Lamb can walk, please!
Gordon: [checks the lamb again] That's still raw! [walks back to workstation] What are we serving?!
Roe: Lamb.
Gordon: [to Kalen] Get it back in the fucking oven!
Kalen: Yes, chef.
Gordon: It's so fucking raw, it's still got its wool on it!
Kalen: Yes, chef!
Gordon: MOVE!!

Gordon: FRANK!
Frank: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Get a grip, yeah?!
Frank: I got it, chef. [to Aaron and Santos] You ready to go?
Aaron: No.
Frank: You ready to walk? I wanna see you walk.
Aaron: No! Stop, Frank! They're not ready! They're three minutes out, Frank! You just gave him the chicken veg for three minutes out.
Gordon: [spits out spinach after tasting it] All of you, come here! So Frank hits the window two minutes early! [to Frank] Just taste what you've given me. Taste that!
Frank: I just seasoned it!
Gordon: Taste that. And what's the one thing it's missing?
Aaron: Salt.
Santos: Salt and pepper, chef.
Gordon: Frank! Frank! FRANK!!
Frank: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Fuck off upstairs! GET OUT!
Frank: Yes, chef. (interview) Messing up, it's like... I don't know. It's like a monkey and a wrench. A monkey, a wrench and a monkey. Monkey and a... That's not right. Hold on.

Gordon: WHAT IN THE FUCK IS GOING ON?! The salmon is raw... and the chicken is as dry as a fucking camel’s arsehole in the fucking desert storm! Look how stringy that is! [throws chicken]
La Tasha: Heard, chef.
Gordon: Hey no, no, no, not heard! [throws spoon] NO, STOP! That’s food leaving the kitchen expected to be served. No! No! No! NO! [slams the raw wellingtons and overcooked chicken]
La Tasha: (interview) It feels like, I just took one, two, like three uppercuts straight to the gut.
Gordon: Let me communicate something to you all: GET OUT! GET OUT!
Wendy Williams: [shocked] He’s kicking them out.
Gordon: And so much for Wendy Williams being a source of inspiration. V.I.P.’s?! You certainly didn’t treat them like V.I.P.’s! Pathetic! ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC!

Episode Four [13.04][edit]

Steve: Where's that florentine, guys?
Bryant: In my hand! [to Gordon] Two florentine!
Santos: This is breakfast, guys. It's not fucking rocket science.
Gordon: Is that raw? Blue team! BLUE TEAM!!
Bryant: Yes, chef!
Gordon: COME HERE!
Sterling: It's raw, man!
Gordon: It's just–It's raw!
Bryant: Two more! Get two more!
Gordon: Move your arse, or take a seat with the students! First table! COME ON!
Steve: [to Bryant] I got these plates, though!
Bryant: No, no! I got this! You–you do that! (interview) I'm getting reamed here by Chef Ramsay, the team's just trying to be like, "Yo, I got this. Just go over there."
Sterling: I got the station, man!
Bryant: (interview) I'm gonna get in there and fight! I don't want Chef to look at me like a little bitch! I'm not losing, I'm not giving up. [to Steve] Don't you take over my station just 'cause I fucked up one dish! Now finish it up!
Steve: No, no, no! I got it! Just let me plate!
Gordon: Florentine! Let's go! [looks at florentines again] It's still raw!
Sterling: COME ON, Y'ALL!
Santos: (interview) Oh, man! NO!
Gordon: BLUE TEAM, STOP! That is your best?! Is it?!
Blue Team: No, chef!
Gordon: Do they deserve better?!
Blue Team: Yes, chef!
JR: (interview) Bryant, you need to learn how to cook an egg, bro.
Santos: Bryant, what are you doing?!
Bryant: (interview) I'm just getting knocked down, man. And it's like someone taking a mallet and just being like, "Boom, boom, boom, boom!"

Sterling: (interview) Everybody's just like a bunch of slobs and a lot of fuck-ups! We really gotta get it together. [to the blue team] Coming up next! LISTEN TO ME, PLEASE! Coming up next: Four florentines, one French toast from this side, one crepe! That's the next order, okay?!
Gordon: Finally, someone fucking organizing them!
Sterling: (interview) Felt like I was doing orchestra.
♫ French toast, crepes! Florentine, how long? ♫
♫ French toast, crepes! Florentine, how long? ♫
♫ French toast, crepes! Florentine, how long? ♫
It felt good, man!
Narrator: Under conductor Sterling's masterful direction, the blue team gets back into harmony.
Sterling: Let's cook and do it with a fucking smile, man!

[Steve is approached by JR as he prepares risotto with Sterling]
JR: Hey, Steve. Touch this, tell me what you think.
Gordon: [to Steve] Hey! Why are you touching his meat?!
Steve: He asked, chef.
Gordon: FRANK!
Frank: Yes, chef!
Gordon: He's (Steve) up to his eyeballs in risotto, and he's touching JR's meat!
Frank: I don't know! I'm over here! I'm...Chef, we got it. I got it.
JR: (interview) Frank is pretending like he's doing something when he's really not. Get it together or go home.

[Gordon checks the scallops brought by Kalen]
Gordon: All of you, come here!
Kalen: [to Roe] Told you!
Roe: Well, then you should've got it right the first time!
Gordon: It's like a fucking joke! Just touch!
Roe: (interview) No matter who cooked them, it's still got my name on it because I'm on fish station. Thanks, Kalen.
Gordon: Just touch.
Kalen: [to Roe] I said they were not ready!
Sade: So shouldn't have sent them if they're not ready!
Gordon: STOP!! STOP!!
Kalen: Dammit!
Gordon: THEY'RE ACTUALLY OVERCOOKED! THEY'RE RUBBER!! [to Kalen and Roe] GET A GRIP! It's gone from bad to worse! You're not learning form your mistakes! Come here, both of you.
Sade: (interview) He is fucking flipping his lid.
Gordon: [to Kalen and Roe while pointing at the chef's table] Sit down, enjoy your scallops! Service!
Roe: (interview) Not a good feeling. I felt like I was sitting at the kids' table.
Jennifer: I'll re-fire!
Gordon: [to Marino] Two nice glasses of sauvignon blanc for the Saint-Jacques, please. Quickly.
Roe: (interview) Kalen, I mean, this is your fault. You failed!
Gordon: [to Kalen and Roe] Eat them!
Kalen: Eat them, eat them. (interview, facepalms) Ugh... Why did I put them up there?!

Frank: [to JR] I think it's undercooked. I'm telling you.
JR: No, it's not.
Gordon: JR, come on!
JR: [to Frank] Let's just walk it. (interview) Frank, shut the hell up! I've been cooking for eleven years. I know how to cook pork.
Frank: (interview) JR's an idiot. When that pork was ready to go, I said to him, "Pork, cook it a little longer!"
[Gordon inspects the halibut and pork brought by Santos and JR, respectively]
Gordon: [to Santos] Halibut's cooked beautifully!
Santos: Thank you, chef! [bumps fists with Fernando] (interview) WOO-HOO!!
Gordon: Hey, blue team! Come here! That halibut is cooked beautifully. Good job.
JR: Thank you, chef.
Gordon: [to JR] You didn't even fucking cook it! Why are you saying, "Thank you?!"
JR: Because we're a team, chef.
Gordon: What's funny?!
JR: Nothing, chef.
Gordon: Let me tell you something. The pork is fucking raw!
Frank: (interview) I told you to fucking–I...[sighs]
Gordon: [to Frank and JR] Back together in the oven! [slams fist on table repeatedly]
Santos: (interview) Aw, man! Really?! I just put love into that thing!
Gordon: JR, how long?!
JR: One minute, chef!

Gordon: The rest of the table are fucking eating!
Santos: Yes, chef! One minute right now!
Gordon: And there's two ladies sat there with nothing in front of them!
Santos: I'm walking with salmon, guys!
[Gordon sends back the salmon brought to the pass and separates it to show that it's raw]
Steve: Do we walk? You wanna walk?
Gordon: SHUT UP! [to Santos] COME HERE!!
Santos: (interview) When Chef Ramsay says, "Come here," your heart just goes to your fucking feet.
Gordon: What does V.I.P. mean?!
Santos: Very important person, chef.
Gordon: Louder!
Santos: Very important person, chef!
Gordon: LOUDER!
Gordon: LOUDER!!
Gordon: SO WHY ARE YOU SERVING RAW FUCKING SALMON?! [points at Sterling] Overcooked! [points at Santos] Raw! What's next?!
Santos: Perfect!

Gordon: One chicken, one lamb! HOW LONG?!
Frank: Coming in right now, chef. Chicken right here.
Gordon: Lamb?!
JR: Forty-five seconds on the lamb, please. (interview) I'm trying to come back. I'm gonna make sure that the lamb is cooked perfectly. Chef Ramsay is ready to explode at any moment.
Gordon: [looks at the lamb] That looks like shit! [walks back to workstation] That's for Chris Bosh! Yeah, [throws spoon] fucking raw! Raw!
JR: (interview) It's just like... Fuck!
Gordon: [to JR] You, fuck off! Get out! [to Frank] You, GET OUT! [to Fernando and Santos] You two, FUCK OFF!
Santos: (interview) JR dropped the ball on the meat station. He fucked me, he screwed me over! He's the one that screwed up dinner service.
Gordon: Sterling!
Sterling: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Get on meat!
Sterling: (interview) What the fuck is going on?!
Gordon: Steve, beet salad!
Steve: Yes, chef!

Gordon: I waited for JR to wake up and find his voice, but he never did. And so I let him sleepwalk out of here.

Episode Five [13.05][edit]

[During the team challenge, Steve and Sterling taste calamari chowder and try to recognize the meat]
Steve: Soup?! Where's the protein? (interview) You're eating it, and it's like, "This could be anything. This could be anything, this could be anything!"
Gordon: Hurry up! It's not lunch, guys!
Steve: Alright!
Sterling: Let's go, man!
Gordon: Come on!
Steve: [grabs scallop plate] Scallops!
Sterling: Scallops, chef!
Gordon: No!
Sterling: Clams!
Gordon: NO!
Steve: (interview) Your head's racing a mile a minute. You're just going nonstop, but I know it's gotta be something in the ocean. [to Gordon] Alligator!
Gordon: NO! Alligator chowder? What?!
Ashley: (interview; laughs) Time's a-tickin', fools. And you're fucking up!
Sterling: Cod.
Gordon: NO!
Frank: Fuck!
Steve: Monkfish!
Gordon: NO!
Santos: Come on, guys! Taste, taste it! (interview) Boys, just taste it! Put it in your mouth! Come on!
Steve: [to Sterling after tasting yet another meat] Squid. Come on.
Gordon: COME ON!
Sterling: (interview) Lord God, please hear my prayer.
Steve: Squid!
Gordon: YES!
Sterling: (interview) Can I get an amen?!

[Aaron is the last member of the blue team to guess the meat correctly during the team challenge]
Narrator: With two dishes remaining, Aaron's on his own to identify the alligator.
Santos: [to Aaron] We got this! Come on!
Aaron: (interview) Oh my God. This is a really spicy dish. [to the blue team] It's so fucking covered up with shit!
Sterling: That's a Cajun dish, man! It's alligator! Alligator! (interview) Man, I'm from the dirty South! That's alligator right off the damn dome, you know?!
Aaron: Buffalo!
Gordon: No!
Aaron: Fuck!
Sterling: Alligator, man! It's Cajun!
Sade: (interview) Sterling is yelling, "Alligator," but nobody is listening to him. I'm like, "Yes! This is the perfect time for you guys to ignore his ass!"
Aaron: Chicken!
Gordon: No!
Aaron: FUCK!
Sterling: No, alligator, man!
Gordon: Come on!
Aaron: Alright, Sterling! (interview) Sterling, I'm sure you're right right now! [to Gordon] Alligator!
Gordon: YES!
Sterling: [to Aaron] Thank you! THANK YOU! (interview) You ain't from the South if you can't recognize that shit there!

Sade: [brings mussels and capellini to the pass] Right behind, chef. Right here, chef.
Gordon: It's just cooked to fuck.
Sade: How you looking, Tash?
La Tasha: I'm looking good! Looking good!
Gordon: Hey, red team! Who just shouted, "Looking good?" Come here, all of you! Let me show you something that's looking shit! [to Kalen] That's you, ignorant lady!
Kalen: Sorry, chef.
Gordon: Look at that. What in the fuck is that? Anybody?
La Tasha: A dry capellini, chef.
Katie: Cold, chef.
Roe: (interview) Kalen, you brought that capellini to Chef? Are you insane?!
Gordon: That looks like something that's been left over in the fucking pot wash. Start again!
Sade: Yes, chef.

Narrator: Meanwhile, back in the blue kitchen...
Gordon: Scallops, risotto! How long?
Aaron: 30 seconds, chef!
Narrator: ...it's up to Aaron on the fish station to complete the last order of appetizers.
Aaron: Walking with scallops!
Sterling: [brings risotto to the pass] Heard! Walking now. Risotto in the window!
Aaron: [brings scallops to the pass] Chef, scallops behind.
Gordon: This is a joke. [to the blue team] Blue team!
Aaron: Yes, chef.
Gordon: All of you, come here! Just touch that.
Sterling: Raw, man.
Aaron: Raw, chef.
Gordon: Fire one more scallop!
Aaron: Yes, chef!
Steve: Come on, Aaron.
Gordon: [to Aaron] Hey! I turn my back and they're raw. How?
Aaron: I couldn't--
Gordon: I deserve an answer!
Aaron: I wish I could give you an answer, chef.
Steve: Aaron, let's bounce back.
Aaron: All day, every day. (interview) We all gotta calm down, you know? Just relax. [exhales]
Steve: Here, here!
Aaron: [hands scallops to Steve] Walk!
Sterling: [pounding the workstation] Come on!
Steve: [brings scallops to the pass] Scallops, chef!
Gordon: Table two, John.
Frank: Nice work, guys. Nice work.
Aaron: (interview) See? I cook an amazing fucking scallop.

Narrator: Meanwhile, back in the red kitchen...
Sade: [to Roe] Branzino and salmon garnish, you can go on that.
Narrator: ...Sade on fish is doing her part to keep the entrées flowing.
Sade: Can I walk this?
Roe: Yes, baby, you're up there! I'm ready.
Sade: Let's go! Wait, wh–where's the garnish?
Roe: What?
Sade: Salmon and branzino.
Narrator: But Roe on garnish can't seem to keep up.
Sade: What's up?! You said you had it! (interview) It is so frustrating to have all of my proteins cooked perfectly, ready to go up, and I do not have cauliflower that is ready. It's extremely irritating.
Gordon: Where's the cauliflower?
Sade: [to Roe] I can't walk the protein before the garnish. Come on, you got that?
Roe: You're not the only one I'm fighting for.
Sade: (interview) Bitch, are you serious? Please!
Gordon: Red team! What did I say at the beginning of service?!
Kalen: Quick service, chef!
Gordon: [to the red team] Hey! All of you, come here! All of you! One, two, three, four, five. Yeah? And one ticket left in the blue.
Red Team: Yes, chef!
Gordon: We're just destroying ourselves! So lackadaisical!
La Tasha: (interview) Chef Ramsay said that we're lackadaisical. As soon as I find out what that means, I'm gonna make sure that I'm never that way again!

Gordon: In Kalen's mind, her performance was flawless and every dish she cooked was perfect. Unfortunately for her, I live in reality. Dream on, Kalen.

Episode Six [13.06][edit]

Sterling: (interview) Old McDonald had... No, we gonna do a remix!
♫ Old McSterling had a pig ♫
♫ And Aaron's eyes I wanna go ♫

[Gordon spits out risotto brought by Roe after quickly tasting some]
Gordon: [returns to workstation] STOP! All of you, come here! ALL OF YOU! Taste that!
Sade: Add salt.
Roe: Salt.
Gordon: So that doesn't stink of garlic to anybody here...
Sade: Yes, it does, chef.
Gordon: ...or are you just kissing Roe's arse?!
Sade: No, chef. No.
Gordon: And that's the scallop for the V.I.P. guests. [to Katie and Roe] You and you, fuck off! GET OUT! GET OUT! [Roe throws her towel in anger]
Jennifer: (interview) Raw garlic, raw scallops.
Gordon: [to La Tasha] One scallop. [to Sade] You, one scallops!
Sade: Yes, chef.
Jennifer: (interview) You both fucking definitely deserve to get the fuck out of the kitchen!

Gordon: [checks scallops brought by Ashley] This is the chef's table.
Andi: Yeah.
Gordon: What are they doing, Andi?
Jennifer: Keep talking, ladies! Come on, where are you guys at?!
Gordon: [returns to workstation] Hey, hey, hey. Come here. I'm not gonna embarrass myself for the third time in front of that table. Look at them, look. Just touch them. Touch.
La Tasha: I'm jumping on scallops.
Gordon: [to Ashley] Hey. Hey, you. Hey, come here. Let me whisper something very important to you here. Very important. [whispers in Ashley's ear] Fuck off. Get out. GET OUT!!

Gordon: Gentlemen, line up, please. Quickly. I was ready for a successful, smooth service tonight. It was about as smooth as the fucking wrinkles on my forehead. Embarrassing. I can't see the talent I thought I had. I'm actually worried because I don't even think I've got a winner on the heels of tonight's service. There's no winning team. Blue team, red team... think of two individuals that you wanna lose from your team. I wouldn't base it just on tonight's service. Time to clean the house. Get out of here.

[During elimination]
Gordon: Red team, have you reached a decision?
Roe: No, chef, we have not.
Gordon: No?! Are you kidding me?
Roe: I wish I was, chef.
Gordon: Oh, come on, Roe. What have you got?
Roe: We have a split decision on two pairs, three and three, chef.
Gordon: A split decision on two pairs?
Roe: Yes, chef. Not the assignment, chef.
Gordon: So, it's four of you?
Sade: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Oh, what the fuck? I mean, this is so insane. [facepalms] This is so insane! I can't do this! All of you, fuck off in the red kitchen, and come back with two names!
[Later, the red team returns after quickly deliberating their nominees]
Gordon: Red team, have you reached a decision?!
Red Team: Yes, chef.
Gordon: La Tasha!
La Tasha: Our first nominee is Katie.
Gordon: Why?!
La Tasha: Because she's not starting strong and finishing strong throughout service.
Gordon: Second nominee and why?!
La Tasha: Roe. [pause] Roe started really strong for us, chef, but it's been mistake after mistake, and we don't see any growth.
Gordon: Blue team, have you made a decision?!
Blue Team: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Thank God for that!

Gordon: Steve, why do you think you should stay in Hell's Kitchen?
Steve: I had a really bad night, chef, but I have proof that I do know how to cook. I take this competition serious, and my goal is to work for you, chef. I will not be back on this chopping block.
Gordon: Sterling.
Sterling: I don't talk about what I can do, I go out and do it! [to Steve] How many times have you sent anything back these last few services of mine?! And how many he done sent of yours?!
Steve: Dude, I fucked up one halibut tonight.
Sterling: No, you fuck up a lot! [Frank nods in agreement]
Gordon: Unbelievable! The performances from both kitchens tonight were dreadful. The person leaving hell's Kitchen... Katie, give me your jacket. [walks up to Gordon with her jacket] You can cook, young lady, but you are not ready to be a leader.
Katie: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Good night.
Katie: Good night. (interview) I most definitely could've handled Chef Ramsay. It was just the girls that I couldn't handle. Maybe I should have taken a chance at getting my eyes scratched out. I let strong personalities overcome me... and it sucks.
Gordon: I'm not done yet. I'm not gonna tolerate it. And I am not gonna continue banging my head against the wall. Take off your jacket...

Episode Seven [13.07][edit]

[Continuing from last episode]
Gordon: I am not gonna continue banging my head against the wall. Roe... back in line. [long pause] Sterling... take off your jacket. Your team have given up on you, I haven't. You're in the red team.
Sterling: Thank you, man. [hugs Gordon before joining the ladies] What's up, red team! I'm home! [high fives La Tasha and Jennifer]
Jennifer: (interview) We are so screwed right now.

[Marino returns to the pass with calamari from the Italian consulate table]
Marino: The Italian consulate, they told me the calamari are raw and got no flavor.
Gordon: Raw calamari, fucking hell. Unbelievable. [to red team] ALL OF YOU, STOP! ALL OF YOU! Have I got news for you, raw fucking calamari. Touch them, raw. Yeah, raw.
La Tasha: (interview) Ashley, what is happening? Undercooked? Seriously?!
Gordon: That's from the Italian Consulate table. WHAT IS GOING ON?! WHAT IN THE FUCK IS GOING ON?! [to Sterling] Any ideas now? All of you, get out! Just leave me alone! Get out! Get fucking out!
Sade: (interview) Again? Fuck me!
Sterling: (interview) From what I've seen so far, the red team is kind of a let down for me, it's just ridiculous.
Jennifer: Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
Gordon: Last ticket! Come on guys, MOVE!
Fernando: Alright, garnish is walking!
Frank: Okay.
Fernando: You coming with steaks?
Frank: Behind you. [brings his steaks to the pass]
Gordon: Here we go, story of the night. Tagliatelle? [to Aaron] Give me a fucking time, you.
Aaron: Thirty seconds, chef.
Gordon: Thirty seconds.
Santos: (interview) I don't here any more yelling over there in the Red team, which means the girls just got kicked out, so we have to close this service down.
Aaron: Behind, two tag. [brings his tagliatelle to the pass]
Gordon: Oh, my God. Man. That is extraordinary. Happy now?
Steve: Yes, chef!
Gordon: [to Steve] Yeah, fuck it. You start slow, he (Frank) sends raw food. Clear down.
Aaron: Yes, chef.

Episode Eight [13.08][edit]

Gordon: Whose is this dish, here?
Sterling: [raises hand] It's my dish.
Narrator: From the red team, Sterling has served panko-breaded crab cakes with frisée salad.
Sterling: The key ingredient I used was love.
Fraser: What does love taste like?
Sterling: You're tasting it now.
Aaron: (interview) Guess what? Love's not a fucking ingredient, asshole! No way they picked Sterling's dish. If I had to describe Sterling's crab cake in one word, it'd be fast food.

Gordon: On order, and obviously not away, two risotto, two scallops.
Blue team: Heard chef!
Fernando: Scallops are not going to be a problem today.
Narrator: Fernando on the fish station...
Gordon: Why are you seasoning the scallops?
Fernando: I'm sorry, chef?
Narrator: ...has jumped the gun.
Gordon: You fucking heard me! Why are you seasoning scallops? [Fernando doesn't answer] What a fucking idiot!
Narrator: And Chef Ramsay has something to say about that.
Gordon: All of you, come here.
Fernando: (interview) Oh, fuck! Here we go.
Gordon: I'm going to call out the orders and after the first show, we're going to start cooking. You're seasoning the scallops. Why?
Fernando: I forgot about that.
Gordon: You forgot? We haven't even started and you just forgot, just like that. Hey Blue team, fucking wake up will you?
Fernando: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Listen!
Fernando: I will chef. Fuck!
Gordon: I just, I don't fucking get it!
Narrator: While Fernando...
Gordon: Fucking Muppet!
Narrator: Begins dinner service already in the doghouse...

Gordon: Frank, Sterling, step forward. [to Sterling] Sterling, why do you think you should stay in Hell's Kitchen?
Sterling: I know I'm strong! I'm built for this!
Gordon: Why are you stronger than Frank?
Sterling: Me and my personality shows through it all, every bone, every breath in my body. I'm here to fight.
Gordon: Frank, why do you think you should stay in Hell's Kitchen?
Frank: I'm the strongest I've ever been since I came here and stood by you. Um... I have the passion and the drive, everything that you want and need...I executed everything that you asked me to do. I'm going to win this. I will win this. I–I'm going to be next to you in the end... I have the passion and drive to do it. I mean, to just keep on repeating those words, it's not that they mean nothing to me... It's more than you know! You literally gave me a second chance, a third chance—
Gordon: Stop. My decision is... both of you. [Sterling and Frank are about to walk to Gordon with their jackets] Take your jackets... and yourselves back in line! Now. For the first time since you all entered Hell's Kitchen, truthfully I'm satisfied with the performance I got from both teams. And that is why I decided not to send somebody home. [Sterling and Frank hug it out] But... all of you, the bar is much higher. Because I know now that you can do it. You got it, Sterling?
Sterling: I need to change my underwear.
[Gordon stifles a laugh]

Gordon: Tonight, I finally got a respectable service. So I gave them a little respect and didn't send anyone home.

Episode Nine [13.09][edit]

[Steve heads back to the dorms after straining his knee during the blue team's punishment; Gordon goes upstairs to check up on him after learning of his absence in the kitchen]
Gordon: Steve.
Steve: Chef Ramsay.
Gordon: Wow. This is a bit of a shock. That doesn't look good. What happened, bud?
Steve: Um, my knee...won't straighten out.
Gordon: Damn.
Steve: All around here is all swollen...[fights tears] and shooting pain.
Gordon: Uh, this is bad news. I'm sorry. [pause] And I think you know what this means.
Steve: (interview; buries face in his hands)
Gordon: The competition's going to get tougher, there's a lot of running around to do, more challenges. [Steve sighs] You cannot do it on one leg, and I am not comfortable with you even attempting. You should not be standing on this.
Steve: (interview) I'm pissed. I have to leave because of my fucking leg. It's heartbreaking to hear Chef Ramsay say I can't go any further.
Gordon: It's tough, but you know what?
Steve: What?
Gordon: You've been strong in that blue kitchen. I want you to walk out of here with your head up high...and just remember what you've done, what you've achieved. Okay?
Steve: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Who knows? I may see you again.
Steve: I hope so. (interview) I'm not gonna let this break me. I'm gonna get my knee fixed so I can get better and get back in the kitchen. Chef Ramsay definitely hasn't seen the last of me or heard the last of me yet.
Gordon: [shakes Steve's hand before leaving] Bye, Steve.
Steve: Bye, chef. [sighs] Fuck.

Frank: Walking with the two lobster.
Roe: Hot, coming up, chef.
Frank: Here you go, chef.
Gordon: Lobster! [to Frank] Are those scallops in the pan yet?
Frank: Coming right now!
[Jennifer sees pan of raw scallops]
Jennifer: (interview) Frank, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!
Frank: Thirty seconds!
Gordon: Come on, Frank!
La Tasha: Get it out! Go, Frank! Go!!
Frank: Scallops walking! Sorry about that, chef.
Gordon: [flips over scallops] What has he done to them? Hey, red team! Come here, all of you! Just touch them. So heavily cooked one side and rubber as fuck on the other underneath! COME ON! GET IN TWO MORE PORTIONS! Someone needs to eat this, not play fucking tennis with it!

[Gordon and Sous Chef Andi look at the lobster brought by Frank]
Andi: Overcooked.
Gordon: Hey, red team, come here! Come here, come here! Steven Tyler's sat on the chef's table. What in the fuck–Just touch that! Yeah, it's fucking rubber! More overcooked than the scallops! What are you doing?! LOOK AT IT!
Frank: Yes, chef! I'm sorry! I apologize.
Gordon: Did you leave your brain in Vegas?! Fuck off, will you! [to red team] Hey, hey! All of you, come here!
[Gordon leads the whole red team into the pantry]
Frank: Girls, it's my fault. I'm sorry.
Gordon: [to Frank] Hey, get in there!
Frank: Fuck.
Gordon: This is what happens after a trip to Vegas? This is the payback? WHAT'S HAPPENING?!
Frank: I don't know, chef. I don't know why–
Frank: Right away. Coming right back, chef.
La Tasha: Bounce back, Frank. We need you! Come on. Get your head in the fucking game, man! Let's go! (interview) Come on, man. You're sinking us!
Roe: Do I have tails for two risotto?!
Frank: Tails walking to the window!
Roe: Walking risotto!
Gordon: Where's the lobster?
Frank: Right here, chef.
Roe: I'm gonna need those scallops, Frankie!
Frank: Wait, the scallops?
Jennifer: (interview) Oh God. Here we go again!
Gordon: He's standing there! He doesn't know if he's shit, shaving, or shampooing!
La Tasha: [to Frank] Let me do your scallop! (interview) I cannot believe this is happening!

Andi: [to Frank] You owe me a salmon because you fucking suck at fish station tonight!
Frank: I know, sorry chef.

Gordon: Oh, dear. Interesting night. I mean, different night. Because while one kitchen continued to excel, the other took a step backwards. Congratulations, blue team. Great service! [To elaborate: Gordon never returned any of the blue team's food in this service, for any reason]
Blue Team: Thank you, chef.
Gordon: Red team! The blue team finished seven tickets in front of you! Frank, what happened?
Frank: I didn't accept help, because I wanted to tell--literally show what I got, to try to get back into it. I just kept on trying to fight back and fight back, and I just--I fucked up my team and I didn't mean to do that. I feel like a piece of shit, and I apologize to everyone here, including yourself and the customers, and Steven Tyler.

[Gordon has asked the red team to nominate two people for elimination, except...]
Gordon: [to himself] ...I can't do that. [to both teams] Wait! Blue team, red team! Come back! Hurry up! Red team!
La Tasha: (interview) Oh man. What's happening?
Gordon: Line up.
Sade: (interview) Whoa! What is going on?
Gordon: Uh, here's the thing. Sometimes, things happen in Hell's Kitchen, and we have to adapt. Steve left tonight because of injury, so we already lost a chef. And do you know what? Sometimes when this happens, I choose not to send anybody home. But that won't be the case tonight.
[Frank gives a disheartened look]
Gordon: Sterling.
Sterling: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Roe.
Roe: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Jennifer.
Jennifer: Yes, chef.
Gordon: La Tasha.
La Tasha: Yes, chef.
Gordon: [beat] Say goodbye to Frank. Your time has come.
Sterling: [gives Frank a hug] Keep your head up, man. I love you, man.
Frank: I'm very, very, very sorry about tonight.
Gordon: Young man. [holds up a letter of gratitude that Frank wrote earlier] I really appreciate what you wrote to me. Unfortunately tonight, Frank...
Frank: I can't believe it.
Gordon: ...I didn't appreciate your cooking. Give me your jacket. Your time is done in Hell's Kitchen. [Frank gives Gordon his jacket] Thank you. [gives Frank a goodbye handshake] Good night.
Frank: Thank you.
Gordon: Good luck.
Frank: Thank you very much.
Red and Blue Teams: Bye, Frank.
Sterling: Love you, man.
Frank: [walking through the dining room, towards the front door] It's not my time. I can't believe I did this. [outside the restaurant] I feel sick to my stomach. The saddest part is that I didn't get to show Chef Ramsay I'm so much better than this, and that's what's really ripping me apart. But I still will always have the passion to do what I'm doing, and I still will succeed in life doing what I do.
Gordon: Elimination–trust me–can happen at any time, as was the case tonight.

Gordon: Frank wrote me a letter with gratitude and then, with his performance tonight, he wrote his ticket out of here. Ciao, Frank.

Episode Ten [13.10][edit]

Fernando: [to Gordon] Risotto, behind you!
Gordon: [after touching the risotto and cutting into the lobster] Blue team!
Blue Team: Yes, chef!
Gordon: COME HERE! Just touch that! Touch it!
Fernando: Oh my God. That's from the fridge, man!
Gordon: Hey, hey, team! Touch it!
Santos: Fucking cold. (interview) What the fuck is going on?! Aaron, how do you send a cold lobster?
Fernando: Come on, Aaron.
Aaron: You can't throw...
Gordon: Scallops are undercooked.
Aaron: ...fucking lobster tail in!
Gordon: Lobster's stone cold!
Aaron: Fuck!
Fernando: Come on, man! Just tell us what you need! How–how long?
Bryant: [to Aaron] Put it on the burner, bro.
Aaron: No, I don't have to, dude! You don't throw cold lobster tail in! (interview) Every time Bryant touches something on my station, it's fucked!
Bryant: I didn't touch your lobster tail. Take ownership! I didn't–I put it in right here in your butter. (interview) Aaron can't cook to save his life! [to Aaron] Calm the fuck down, dude. (interview) That's how you wanna be a team? Alright, man. Fuck you! I'm not doing none of your shit now!

Andi: Sterling, by yourself, you're doing two more capellini with two risotto, right?
Sterling: Yes, chef! (interview) I got all my pans gettin' hot, so I give myself a little music. Risotto, risotto, capellini, I'm hot!
[A brief music video for a song called "My Name Is Sterling" begins playing]
Sterling: My name is Sterling. ♫ Risotto right now!
La Tasha: Everybody bounce, up! ♫ (interview) Come on, Sterling.
Jennifer: Keep on the risotto, baby.
Sterling: Risotto! ♫ (interview) Hot, hot, hot.
Gordon: Risotto, how long?
Sterling: I'm ready on risotto! ♫ Risotto, risotto, capellini, I'm hot! ♫
[The music video ends]
Sterling: (interview) Damn! We got this!

Gordon: Halibut garnish!
Sade: Halibut garnish is coming! [to Aaron] Let's go! Wellington's in the window!
Gordon: Beautifully cooked.
Sade: Thank you, chef. [to blue team] Come on, guys! We need those two halibut!
Aaron: Right now, right now!
Sade: Let's go! (interview) Like, seriously, Aaron? Get your shit together! I am putting up meat that is perfect.
Gordon: [sees Aaron running to the pass with halibut] Fucking hell. Come back, John, please. [separates the halibut and notices they're both raw in the center] Hey, blue team!
Bryant: Yes, chef.
Aaron: Fuck!
Gordon: Raw halibut in the middle there...and raw halibut in the middle there.
Fernando: Aaron, you got two more, right?
Sade: [to Aaron] You got two more?
Gordon: Oh, fucking hell.
Aaron: Move, move!
Bryant: The fuck? (interview) Aaron is just a fucking wreck! [to Aaron] You don't even know what you're doing, man! (interview) That bitch can make desserts, but that's it! [to Aaron] You lost it. (interview) Fuck him!

[The blue team walks back to the dorms after being named the losing team]
Bryant: (interview) Dinner service was an absolute fucking joke! I'm not going down for it tonight. I'm not. I'm done playing nice. I–I'm seriously done. I am fucking done.
Aaron: I'll probably be the first to admit that I've probably had the most ups and downs here. (interview) I own my mistakes. I had a bad fucking night! [to blue team] But I say Bryant.
Bryant: Yo, bro! Fucking heated right now, dude!
Aaron: Yeah?
Bryant: Yeah, you! I don't know why you tonight...I'm talking to you! You listened to her (Sade) more than you listened to garnish!
Aaron: Because she was more organized than you were!
Bryant: You can't listen and cook at the same time! You need a bullhorn at the end of the table here to tug over me to talk to you?!
Sade: Bryant, you're talking to him. Don't bring my name into this.
Bryant: Well, I'm asking him a question!!
Aaron: HEY!
Sade: You need to relax!
Bryant: I'm asking him a question!
Bryant: NO! FUCK YOU, DUDE!!
Aaron: Dude, calm down!
Bryant: NO, FUCK YOU!
Aaron: You asked a question, you wanted a response! I gave you one!
Aaron: HOLY SHIT! Are we all gonna agree, he and I are going on the block tonight, right?
Bryant: Well fuck all of y'all motherfuckers! I'm not going nowhere! [to Aaron] Yo, you suck, dog. I'm telling you right now, your ass is going, [points at Fernando] and I'm picking you!
Fernando: Me?
Bryant: Yeah.
Aaron: Fernando?!
Bryant: From all around, from all up and down!
Fernando: (interview) What?! Fuck you! You know? [to Bryant] What are–What are my ups and downs?
Bryant: Look, you've already been up twice.
Fernando: No, it was only once.
Bryant: Okay. How about the other night? He couldn't hang in there on fish.
Fernando: Wait, what?
Bryant: No, I'm sorry. Not on fish. You couldn't–It was something.
Fernando: Keep going. Keep going, come on. Keep going! Come on!
Bryant: Well, I'm still voting for you!
Fernando: (interview) Bryant's throwing words. Bryant, you know, your attitude sucks. You will never be able to fucking manage a brigade with that fucking attitude.

[The blue team continues debating on who should be nominated for elimination]
Bryant: [to Sade] We can't judge you at all. There's no way.
Sade: I mean, I've been here for three services, so judge how you want.
Bryant: That doesn't show anything though.
Sade: Okay, so then what are you saying?
Bryant: I don't know how to judge you right now.
Sade: Well, then you gotta find a way, honey. Because...
Bryant: Don't call me honey. I'm not your honey! Let's get that straight from the get-go. [Sade laughs] Or sweetie or any of these other fucking pet names!
Sade: (interview) Listen. I'm from Philadelphia. All that rowdy cursing, I deal with that on a daily basis. So seriously, Bryant. Simmer down, sweetie!
Bryant: Tell me–Tell me about me, then! Tell me about me!
Aaron: You? Where would you like to start?
Bryant: I don't give a fuck, bro. Get it out, man!
Aaron: You sent up raw scallops for me tonight!
Bryant: Really?! You fucking couldn't justify to me showing that you're a weak-ass man!
Aaron: Well, I owned my shit tonight. I didn't even ask for help.
Bryant: You don't own shit! "Oh, it's mine, chef! I did the scallops!" Man, fuck that! I did the shit! I was gonna tell him!
[Flashback to dinner service, where Aaron took responsibility for the raw scallops as Bryant was telling Gordon about his mistake]
Aaron: But you certainly didn't go, "I cooked them."
Bryant: 'Cause I was like, "Uh...!" And you were like, "Bluh-bluh-bluh!" Shut the fuck up! You wanna talk?!
Aaron: You should've jumped on it!
Bryant: Motherfucker, how could I?! Chef was like, "Argh!"
Aaron: (interview) Bryant thinks that he's fighting to stay here, but I think he's staying to fight. [to Bryant] If you wanna go cap somebody, that'd be fine.
Bryant: I'm not fucking capping no one! I'm fucking talking to you like a grown-ass man!
Aaron: No, you're not.
Bryant: Like you need to talk to me! Yeah, I am!
Aaron: You're standing, we're all sitting here...
Bryant: That's right! I'm not sitting down!
Aaron: ...we're calm.
Bryant: I'm dominant more than you! That's why I'm standing!
Aaron: You're what?
Bryant: More dominant than you.
Aaron: No, you're not.
Bryant: Yes, I am.
Aaron: Not a chance in Hell, buddy.
Bryant: That's what's up, bro. We've set the fucking tone now. Everyone knows how the fuck I roll, man! Y'all can each vote for me–that's fine–but I'm not leaving!
Aaron: No executive chef in their right mind blows their fucking stack like that.
Bryant: Oh yeah? Would they work around some fucking pastry chef that thinks he can cook fish?! Y'all fucking barked up the wrong tree. You don't even know. I've stayed humble and peaceful the whole time, tried to support and encourage every fucking one of you! [to Aaron] Besides you!

[During elimination]
Gordon: Santos, based on everything that has happened since the day you stepped into Hell's Kitchen, who is the blue team's first nominee and why?
Santos: The first blue nominee, chef, is... Aaron.
Gordon: Aaron? That's based on everything so far?
Santos: Everything, chef.
Gordon: Explain it to me. Why?
Santos: Basically, he has peaks and valleys right now and you need to be consistent.
Gordon: Second nominee and why?
Santos: Uh, the second nominee, chef... is Bryant.
Gordon: Why?
Santos: He can cook, but tonight's demonstration of blowing up and then, basically, just losing it upstairs. He just totally let everybody and the team down.
Gordon: I don't give a fuck what happens upstairs. I care what happens when you step in to this kitchen to run my restaurant. Let's get that right.
Santos: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Aaron and Bryant, step forward. Bryant, why do you think you should stay in Hell's Kitchen?
Bryant: Chef, I think I should stay in Hell's Kitchen because from the beginning I've showed you that I'm a great chef and I feel like I have the strengths of a chef that you're looking for.
Gordon: Can you lead?
Bryant: Yes, chef, I can.
Gordon: Aaron, why do you think you should stay in Hell's Kitchen?
Aaron: Actually, chef, as much as I'd love to run a restaurant for you, [Sade looks surprised] I'd love to be a Michelin-star chef and I don't think winning Hell's Kitchen is actually gonna get me any closer to my goal. [Roe raises her eyebrows]
Gordon: This is unbelievable. [Bryant raises his eyebrows]
Aaron: It's... it is what it is. [Fernando shakes his head] I'd like to be master of my craft before I have to teach and lead it.
Gordon: Why have you come to that decision?
Aaron: I've never been pushed this hard to realize that the things I do not know. [Sade looks puzzled]
Gordon: Wow.
Aaron: For me, [Bryant turns his head to Aaron] I need more education. I'd like more education. [Roe shakes her head]
Gordon: I think you would've learned a lot more here [Aaron lowers his head] and you're not willing to fight for it [Aaron shrugs, Sade shrugs, and Roe rolls her eyes]. Yeah I'm not gonna waste my time with you any longer. Give me your jacket please.
[Aaron unbuttons his jacket]
Bryant: Hey, man [handshakes Aaron]. Good luck. [Santos shakes his head]
Aaron: [handshakes Gordon and surrenders his jacket] Thank you for the education, chef.
Gordon: Good luck.
Aaron: Thank you. [exits the building]
Gordon: Disappointing.
Aaron: (exit interview, voiceover) When I first came to Hell's Kitchen, I wanted the Executive Chef spot, but this is one of the hardest things I had to do in my life, physically, mentally, emotionally... It's ten thousand times more difficult to cook in Hell's Kitchen than it is in any other situation.

Gordon: I found it quite strange that Aaron didn't even have the will to succeed. He clearly didn't belong in Hell's Kitchen.

Episode Eleven [13.11][edit]

Gordon: Blue Team, they're (Red Team) plating!
Fernando: Yes, chef!
Bryant: I'm ready to plate, guys! Ready to plate! Come on!
Fernando: (interview) Both kitchens have to deliver at the same time, but everything has to be cooked to perfection. That's it. That's all he wants. [to Santos] In the middle, okay? Make sure you get in four per pan!
Santos: We're good?
Sade: No! We don't have enough. (interview) We are so screwed right now. It's going to take a very long time to re-fire.
Gordon: Fucking hell. Ran out of fucking risotto. How many portions are we short? [to Fernando] Hey! Tell me, please!
Santos: Two short.
Gordon: Two short?! [throws spoon; to Fernando] Hey, you, come here! You've ran out of risotto. [to the rest of the Blue Team] Hey. Hey, stop. Stop! We're not serving until we're all together!
Santos: Yes, chef.
Gordon: They deserve to be served at the same time!
Bryant: Yes, chef.
Gordon: We are not serving this course until we're all together!
Sade: Come on, Fernando. How long?
Fernando: Give me a minute.
Sade: Alright, hurry up. (interview) Come on, Fernando! You're supposed to be an executive chef. You should know a little bit better than that.

Gordon: Fernando's cooking was adequate, but his leadership was lacking. Being my next head chef requires both.

Episode Twelve [13.12][edit]

Narrator: While the blue team works on their communication, back in the red kitchen, Sterling is hoping to make a bold statement with his scallops.
Sterling: Scallops to the window!
Roe: (interview) Sterling please get these scallops out!
Gordon: [to takes raw scallop out of Sterling's batch] Red team! RED TEAM!
Red Team: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Four scallops cooked properly, and one raw.
Sterling: MAN!
Gordon: One raw! Hey, do we need to change stations?!
Jennifer: (interview) That's a good idea.
Roe: (interview) Of course.
La Tasha: (interview) Hell, yeah!
Sterling: [to Gordon] NO!
Gordon: At this stage, it's driving me MAD! You're not learning from your mistakes! Just stop! I've had enough. All of you, get in there and have a meeting, will you?!
La Tasha: (interview) Come on, Sterling!

La Tasha: [to Sterling as the red team walks into the pantry] Sterling, can you do this?!
Sterling: I can do this, man!
La Tasha: Well, what's happening?
Jennifer: Sterling, let me tell you! Do not pull a Frank right now! If you need help...
Sterling: I'm not pulling no Frank! I GOT THIS!!
Jennifer: ...we can change!
Roe: One more thing comes back, we'll switch.
Sterling: Alright, I'll switch! One more thing, I'll switch!
[The red team runs back into the kitchen]
Jennifer: [to Sterling] One more, and we're done!
Sterling: And I'll switch!
La Tasha: [to Sterling] Behind you, eggplant!
Jennifer: (interview) I'm so close to just yanking the fucking scallops, and trying to cook them over on the fucking meat station right now.

Gordon: It wasn't a bad service, but it wasn't the kind of service I was hoping to get. But there is one thing I am sure about. [pause] Sterling. Step forward. [Sterling walks to Gordon] Sterling, you have been a phenomenal, relentless competitor... but I know that you're not ready to be my next head chef. Okay?
Sterling: Yes, chef.
Gordon: You've been a joy to be around, and you've put smiles on all of our faces. And because of that, I want you to keep your jacket.
Sterling: [hugs Gordon] That's what's up, man. Thank you!
Gordon: And let that be a reminder of what you've achieved in this competition.
Sterling: Thank you so much!
[La Tasha and Santos smile while Sade and Jennifer try not to cry]
Gordon: Listen, continue cooking.
Sterling: I will, chef.
Gordon: You will always be 100 to me. Time to head up to the dorms and pack your bags.
Sterling: Yes, chef. This has been the greatest opportunity of my life, man. Can I hug everybody before I go?
Gordon: Whatever you want.
Sterling: Alright! I'm gonna miss y'all!
[Sterling goes up to everyone on both teams for a farewell hug]
Sade: I'll miss you, too, Sterling.
Sterling: (interview) 100 is no longer part of Hell's Kitchen, but I learned a whole lot. I was all happy-go-lucky at first... [to Roe] Hey, have a good time, okay? (interview) Some of the other chefs told me I didn't deserve to be here... [to Gordon before leaving the kitchen] Thank you, chef, for the opportunity! I love you, man! (interview) It made me come back even stronger. I had to make myself better and I did that. And on top of that, I got too many wins in challenges. I'm a leader, and it took me coming all the way to California to realize that. I might not have won Hell's Kitchen, but I got something that nobody in Hell's Kitchen have never accomplished—I got Chef Ramsay's heart!

Gordon: Sterling went further in this competition than I thought he would. And even though he was always at 100, it wasn't enough to earn him a black jacket.

Episode Thirteen [13.13][edit]

Gordon: Santos dodged a bullet in the last two nominations, but tonight, there was nowhere to hide.

Episode Fourteen [13.14][edit]

Gordon: Roe thought she would row, row, row herself into the final four, but her performance tonight in the kitchen put her up a creek with no paddles.

Episode Fifteen [13.15][edit]

Episode Sixteen [13.16][edit]

Frank: [to Bryant] Is that too overcooked for you or no?
Bryant: It tastes burnt. Yeah, fix it.
Frank: (interview) I tasted it. I thought it was unbelievable, but do whatever you want.
Bryant: You're about three minutes away. You need to get the fuck out of this kitchen, dude.
Frank: No, Bryant, I will get it for you!
Bryant: I'm fucking serious, Frank! (interview) My menu is supposed to be Frank-proof. Can you imagine if this menu was any harder?

[Bryant continues to wait on garnish from Frank]
Bryant: Two halibut, two pork, two rib eye! How long?!
Jennifer: [to Frank] Can you walk?!
Santos: I can walk!
Jennifer: Frankie, garnish!
Frank: No, I got the mash coming with that!
Bryant: What about broccolini?
Frank: Then, the broccolini!
Bryant: How long?
Jennifer: This is ridiculous! (interview) Frankie's fucking us up right now. It's just unreal.
Bryant: [to Frank] Broccolini, how long?! [Frank doesn't respond]
Santos: Come on, Frank!
Frank: A minute and a half! (interview) I've been giving him pretty fucking accurate times. If anything, I'm off by a minute. I mean...it's pretty fucking accurate.
Jennifer: Get it together, Frank! KEEP TALKING!
Frank: Yes.
Jennifer: Yes is not a proper response!
Bryant: Look! Alright, you know what? (interview) At this point, I can't let them run me. [to Frank] I need to send this food now, dude. People are getting pissed off and they're tired of waiting! (interview) I need to do anything I possibly can!
Frank: Look, I—
Bryant: You know what, you know what? [waves hand] See you later, man. I'm sorry, I didn't like this...
Frank: I'm sorry, man.
Bryant: ...but I'm fucking serious! [to Sterling] Sterling, I need you here...
Sterling: Yes, chef!
Bryant: ...to run this damn station!
Sterling: Yes, chef!
Bryant: [to Frank] Bye-bye!
Frank: [starts walking out of the kitchen] Fuck!
Bryant: Let's go, Sterling.
Sterling: Yes, chef! Thirty seconds, chef!
[Frank makes his way upstairs to the dorms]
Frank: (interview) I started off a little slow, but everything was going perfect. Everything was perfect. Dude, what just happened was so beyond fucked up. [angrily slaps the couch]

Gordon: La Tasha has all the right ingredients to be a great chef. She's creative, a strong leader, has great attention to detail and has an outstanding palate. But the thing I love most about La Tasha, is her determination. I know that she's ready for the challenge of being my head chef in Atlantic City and I couldn't be happier.