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Hell's Kitchen is an American cooking reality show based on the British program of the same title, where Chef Gordon Ramsay puts aspiring chefs through different challenges and dinner services to decide who is the best.

Episode One [5.01][edit]

Gordon: Alright, grilled banana?
Danny: That's mine, chef. (interview) I'm a redneck. I like to hunt a lot, like duck or... gators or whatever. You know, it's fun because then I get to bring that home and cook it.
Gordon: And the name of the dish is what?
Danny: Mahi Gone Bananas, chef.
Gordon: [tastes the dish] It looks like you've gone slightly bananas. It's hideous. Back in line.
Danny: (interview) Ramsay's definitely just looking for a rise out of me, which he's going to eventually get.
Gordon: So the idea came from where?
Danny: I just pulled it out of my ass, sir.
Gordon: Put it back in there because it sucks.

Gordon: Who's cooked the diapers?
Colleen: No diapers, sir. That's chicken enchiladas with poblano cream sauce. My name's Colleen.
Gordon: Corinne.
Colleen: Colleen.
Gordon: Corinne.
Colleen: COL-leen.
Gordon: What do you do for a living?
Colleen: I am a culinary instructor and I own a recreational cooking school.
Gordon: And were you a trained chef before you set up a school?
Colleen: No, I am not a trained chef.
Gordon: So you're not a trained chef, yet you teach chefs to cook.
Colleen: That's correct.
Gordon: How much do you charge?
Colleen: 300 per three to four hours.
Gordon: Right. Look at the size of it.
Colleen: I feed big Nebraska boys. Would you like me to get you a bite?
Gordon: No, I'll bite it myself. [tries dish, spits it out]
Colleen: Okay.
Gordon: You seriously charge $300 to teach people how to make that crap?
Colleen: Y–Yes, chef.
Gordon: I feel like I need some plastic wrap on my arse.
Colleen: (interview) It was extremely difficult to stand there and to keep my mouth shut! [to Gordon] I teach manners, too, chef.
Gordon: Say that again?
Narrator: Cooking instructor Colleen not only offered Chef Ramsay a dish he didn't care for, but an etiquette lesson as well.
Gordon: Okay, please, Ms. Manners, fuck off back in line.

Gordon: It looks like lamb chops on a bed of ratatouille.
Seth: Uh, that's mine, chef. (interview) To be like Chef Ramsay is my dream. I've read his books, I've visited his restaurant in Manhattan. I think we have very similar styles.
Gordon: How long have you been cooking?
Seth: Fifteen years around.
Gordon: And what is it?
Seth: Cinnamon crusted rack of lamb with a(n) aubergine ratatouille.
Gordon: The ratatouille, what's in there?
Seth: Tomatoes, onion, tomato sauce, tomato paste.
Gordon: [spits out food] How come the aubergine's so sweet?
Seth: There's some honey, uh...
Gordon: Honey in a ratatouille? Uh, is that normal?
Crowd: No, chef.
Gordon: That's the worst dish I've ever tasted. [Seth laughs] Fifteen years to cook that shit and you're laughing. You could make history on being the fastest exit in Hell's Kitchen. And I'm fucking serious, you know that. Back in line. [Seth goes back in line] The quicker you understand how serious I am, the quicker you'll cook better.
Seth: I'll try harder next time, sir. (interview) I thought it looked all right. I think my presentation was good. I know it's a good dish. I got to prove to him that I can cook my ass off.

[Lacey and Coi are arguing during prep]
Coi: [to Lacey] You had all day to fucking get the soufflés started!
Lacey: Oh, really?!
Coi: You could've had this shit done a long time ago!
Lacey: Coi, I'm not gonna take your fucking shit.
Coi: I don't care whose shit you take, but you need to help me deal with this stuff.
Lacey: I was gonna help you until you were being such a bitch!
Coi: Go ahead. Fuck you, dude. If I get kicked off because of you, [Lacey blows a kiss at Coi] I swear to God I'm gonna come after you, Lacey!
[Coi leaves the red kitchen]
Lacey: [pause] Hey, guys, did you hear that? She threatened me... 'cause if something happens to me... we know who did it.
Coi: (interview) Lacey has been fucking off all fucking day! Whining and fucking complaining and every-single-body's station is set up except for hers! [sighs]
Andrea: [to Lacey] Just keep it together, Lacey. We need you here right now. We really, really do.
Lacey: (interview) I knew this was gonna happen. I'm just so sick of stupid bitches every time I work in a kitchen with women!
Coi: [to Lacey as she returns to the kitchen] How dare you sit up here and say that shit to me? [Gordon approaches Coi and Lacey]
Gordon: What's the matter?
Coi: This station is fucked up.
Lacey: Come on, Coi.
Coi: [to Lacey] Don't say a fucking thing! [to Gordon] I come over here, there's nothing fucking done, chef! Nothing!
Lacey: [to Coi] Now why don't you tell him that you're threatening me.
Gordon: [to Coi and Lacey] Oh, wait. Right. I'm just about to open the doors, okay? Don't panic. I'm not asking you two to be lovebirds, okay?
Coi: Absolutely.
Gordon: Calm down, get a grip and show me some form of composure, yes?
Coi: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Oh, my God! [claps] Jean-Philippe, open Hell's Kitchen. Quickly.
Jean-Philippe: Oui!
Gordon: Yes. Before there's a fight in here!

Gordon: On order six covers, table 20. Two spaghetti, two scallops, one risotto, one Caesar. Entrées, three wellington, get them in!
Robert: [shouting over Gordon] Ben, you guys, get going!
Ben: I'm coming! I'm coming!
Gordon: Hey you. Hey fuck-wit, Come here you. Come here! I'm calling out an order and you just shout over.
Robert: Sorry, chef.
Gordon: You fucking call out the order, then. You fuck, FUCKING call out the order!
Robert: I need one Caesar, two scallops, one risotto and two spaghetti now! (interview) Yeah, give me the reins, man! Let me drive this bitch!
Gordon: You fucking interrupt me again next time, you're going for an early bath.
Robert: Yes.
Gordon: A big one in the hot tub!

[Gordon checks on scallops brought up by Danny]
Gordon: Danny? Come here, that's you. Overcooked scallops, let's go. It's not exactly rocket science.
Danny: Well obviously, chef. [angrily slams his pan; Gordon gives him a dirty look]
Gordon: [to Danny] Hey, you. Come here, you.
Danny: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Okay, can you cook like a team member?
Danny: I'll watch their station and my station, chef.
Gordon: How about communicating with them?
Danny: I did, chef.
Gordon: Don't fucking dare start getting fucking pissy with me! Is that clear?!
Danny: I mean, chef...Yes, chef!
Gordon: Good. Now JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!
[The power supply shuts down]

[Gordon looks for spaghetti in the Red kitchen]
Colleen: We have no more pans, guys.
Gordon: Where's the other spaghetti?
Colleen: We're waiting on pasta, chef.
Gordon: [notices Colleen starting a fresh spaghetti in a dirty pan] Madam, come here. [gets Colleen's pan] Come here, come here! You're starting a fresh one in a dirty pan!
Colleen: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Ugh!
Colleen: (interview) The pan had already used and I didn't have a chance to wipe it. I felt like an idiot.
Gordon: You teach people how to cook! [slams the pan down on her station]
Colleen: We have no more pans, chef.
Gordon: [gets some pans from Andrea's station] Look! Pan, pan, pan!
Colleen: Thank you.
Gordon: You were going to start a fresh spaghetti in a dirty pan! HOLY CRAP!

Narrator: Seth is hoping to score high marks with his first entrée.
Gordon: Why's it all fucking mangled?
Scott: He didn't have it ready, and then he sliced it and seared all the chops.
Gordon: Hey, Forrest! Come here you.
Seth: (interview) Ramsay, he keeps calling me "Forrest" as in Forrest Gump. I think it's a great name!
Gordon: You didn't cook it properly temperature wise, so you decided to buckle it and bastardize it. Now you're really having a laugh, yeah?
Ben: (interview) Man, this poor lamb chop just got charred. No excuse for that first lamb.
Gordon: Would you get excited to come here and eat that shit?!
Seth: Absolutely not.
Gordon: Yeah fuck off, will you, yeah?
Seth: (interview) Listen, I screwed up the lamb, but at the end of the service, Gordon and I will be like peas and carrots once again!

Narrator: It's two and a half hours into the dinner service, and while Colleen has finally mastered the spaghetti, she still has a lot to learn about risotto.
Gordon: Look! [returns to workstation and tastes the risotto] Hey!
Colleen: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Taste!
Colleen: Yes, chef.
[Gordon spits out the risotto in disgust]
Gordon: That's the risotto! That, quite frankly, is the worst risotto I've ever tasted in my entire cooking career! Why's it so sweet?! Who put sugar in there?!
Colleen: [holds up a pot of sugar] I grabbed this. I thought it was salt.
LA: (interview) Are you fucking kidding me?
Gordon: That... [throws the risotto in the trash] is shit! Oh, my God!

Gordon: Mashed potatoes?
Wil: [brings his garnishes to the pass] Fuck!
Gordon: What are you doing, Wil?
Wil: Sorry, chef. I don't know and this is very hot. [to his teammates] You got a cold sizzle?
Gordon: Dear, oh dear! Wil!
Wil: Yes, chef?
Gordon: You're shit!
Wil: Yes, chef, I am.
Gordon: You are so shit, it's unbelievable!

Gordon: Are you on the garnish now, Robert?
Robert: I just want to help him (Wil) out, chef.
Gordon: Charlie's on the garnish, Robert's on the garnish, yeah? And Wil is on planet cuckoo.
Charlie: (interview) Wil got thrown to the dogs on the garnish station. By the time I got around to help him, it was ugly.
Gordon: Wil, there's not one cook in the kitchen that hasn't been on the garnish with you tonight!
Wil: (interview) Being on the receiving end of Chef Ramsay's wrath...yeah, that sorta sucked.
Gordon: Dear, oh dear, oh dear!

Gordon: Garnish, please! [to Wil and Robert] What in the fuck are you two doing?!
Carol: [interview; sees the customers leaving the kitchen] Oh no! When the customers got up and starting to walk out, I'm shocked.
Gordon: Let's go, 22!
Waiter: 22 just left.
Gordon: 22. 22 just left.
Giovanni: My table got up and left.
Gordon: [to Robert; tosses the plates to him] Hey! Hey, you! Hey, catch! They just left. They just fucking left!
Giovanni: The rest of tables got walked out.
Lady: Alright. Out of Hell's Kitchen.
Gordon: SWITCH IT OFF! NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!! [goes to the red kitchen] Come here, all of you! [calls the blue team] Come here, all of you! Yeah, take a look at there! Pathetic, absolute embarrassment, utter crap! Clear down! CLEAR DOWN!!!

Gordon: I found it quite strange that Wil didn't even have the will to succeed. He clearly did not belong in Hell's Kitchen.

Episode Two [5.02][edit]

[The blue team are on their reward with Gordon]
Giovanni: [to Gordon] Might wanna switch seats, chef. I think Seth wants to sit next to you. He's done a lot of homework on you.
Seth: [to Gordon] Happy birthday tomorrow.
Gordon: The fuck? [laughs along with the other men]
Seth: (interview) I'm kissing ass a little bit. [wipes his nose] Just wiping my nose off.
Gordon: Where was I born?
Seth: Uh, Glasgow.
Gordon: What was the name of my last book?
Seth: Uh, Humble Pie.
Gordon: Yeah, how many children do I have?
Seth: Four. I don't wanna tell you their names.
Gordon: You know their names?
Seth: Holly, Megan, Jack, and Matilda.
J: (interview) Seth is scary. He's coming across as a "stalker". He knows more about Chef Ramsay than, uh, Chef Ramsay. It's weird.
Seth: What else do you got for me?
Gordon: Ahhh, what kind of car do I drive?
Seth: You got the Lambo. Your wife bought you the Maranello. [Gordon facepalms whilst the other men laugh]
Giovanni: (interview) I just find it weird that he knew that much history about a man. If I was the chef I'd be a little scared.
Gordon: [to Seth whilst he gets up with Charlie] You stay there. [the other men laugh] Stay there.

[During service]
Gordon: The scallops are cooked, aren't they?
Colleen: Yes.
Gordon: Why are they still in the pan if they're cooked? They're going to be overcooked, you stupid cow! Oh, my God! Who cooked the scallops last service? Who was that?
Lacey: I did, chef.
Gordon: Come here, you! Come here! Show her how to cook a fucking scallop. Hey, by the way, [points at Colleen] she's not charging $300. Hey, this is free now. Free lesson! Stand back!
Carol: (interview) Colleen runs a cooking school, but she has no experience on the line and it clearly shows.
Gordon: [to Lacey] Teach madam (Colleen) here how to cook a fucking scallop!
Lacey: Yes, chef.
Gordon: SHIT!! Unbelievable!
Lacey: (interview) I almost felt honored in a weird way.
Lacey: [to Colleen] It's okay. It's alright.
Gordon: Ji!
Ji: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Is your ankle hurting?
Ji: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Yeah, so is my fucking head! It's throbbing!

[Lacey brings Colleen's scallops to the pass]
Gordon: Thank you, Lacey.
Lacey: You're welcome, chef!
Gordon: Colleen!! Do you see a difference? Pink in the middle, colored both sides, yes?
Colleen: Yes, I do, chef.
Gordon: Hey, did she charge you?
Colleen: [brief pause] No, chef.
Gordon: Yeah, thank fuck for that. Let's go. God bless Nebraska.

Narrator: Seth and Charlie have delivered their lobster spaghetti to the pass.
[Gordon checks the spaghetti; finds out that there's no lobster in it]
Gordon: There's no fucking lobster in there.
Scott: Doesn't look like it, no.
Narrator: But, it's missing one key ingredient.
Gordon: [returns to the workstation and pushes a pan aside] Hey, fuck-wit! Come here you! Come here!
Charlie: What's this?
Gordon: There's no fucking lobster in it!
Charlie: Shit!!
Gordon: How can you give it to me with no lobster in there?!
Charlie: We're stupid, chef. Apologies.
Gordon: Wake up, Charlie!!
Charlie: Yes, chef! Yes, chef!
Gordon: And you (Seth), docile fucking idiot! What's the dish called?
Seth: Uhm... Uhm...
Gordon: Spaghetti of lobster!!
Seth: (interview) I feel like I just got hit by a train!

[Gordon checks on salmon brought up by Colleen]
Gordon: Oh, my God! [returns to the workstation] Come here you. Hey, Coi, come here! Carol, Lacey, come here! [to Colleen] Away now, two Wellington, yes, one salmon and one John Dory. Where's the John Dory?
Colleen: [brief pause] I don't have the John Dory.
Gordon: You don't have it. Hey, look, come here. Hey, there you go, look at that. [holds up the salmon] Look, look, hold on, hey, don't run away. IT'S BLACK! On top of that, there's an added bonus. It's fucking raw in the middle.
Colleen: Yes, chef.
[Gordon angrily throws the salmon away and kicks the bin]
Gordon: Fucking useless, fucking shit. [to Colleen] You're not a cookery school teacher, are you? You're joking, aren't you?
Colleen: No, I'm not joking, chef. I am a—
Gordon: Tell me, tell me you're pumping yourself up to make yourself look good. You don't really have a cooking school?
Colleen: No, chef, I own a cooking school! I have a business just like you do!
Gordon: Your fucking business is not like my business. Hey, madam, let's get that fucking right.
Colleen: You're right.
Gordon: You're robbing people! You're a thief!! I'm concerned for the poor bastards that you've taken money off of!! [sees another piece of salmon burning] Hey, madam, lift that lid off, it looks black.
Colleen: It is black!
Gordon: GOD!!!
Colleen: Both of them!
Gordon: SHIT! [Gordon and Coi look physically shocked] SHIT!! IT'S BLACK!
Colleen: Yes, chef!
Gordon: OH, MY GOD!!
Carol: These are burning.
Colleen: I know.
Gordon: Hey, madam, madam! GET OUT!! Get on the raw bar. Lacey! LACEY! Get on the fish!
Lacey: Yes, chef!
Colleen: (interview) Chef Ramsay's definitely not going to break me. He can ask me to leave, he can kick me out of the kitchen, he can do all those things, but he's not going to break me.

[Gordon checks on salmon brought up by Giovanni]
Gordon: Giovanni! [returns to the workstation]
Giovanni: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Hey, all of you come here! [points to Danny] He's cooking his arse off, surrounded by five Muppets, yeah? The temperature's perfect, and I get that bit of shit there, look. I got given that! Would you eat that? [throws the salmon to Seth] Go on, eat it, eat it. (to Seth) Would you eat that?
Seth: No, chef.
Gordon: [to Giovanni] Would you eat that?
Giovanni: No, chef.
Gordon: [comes up to Giovanni] Hey, you can be pissed off. You got every fucking right to be pissed off. You know that, yes?
Giovanni: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Fucking RAW!!
Giovanni: (interview) I've never had a chef come that close to me in my life. He can yell at me from across the kitchen, he doesn't have to get two inches away from my face.
Gordon: [to Giovanni] Hey, is that your peak?! Prep chef, you can prep a fucking scallop! You can't prep a fucking salmon?! COME ON, GIOVANNI!
Giovanni: Yes, chef!

[After the end of service]
Gordon: Colleen, you know what they say in the industry. With the people that can't cook? Psst. They teach!
Colleen: That's not true, chef.
Gordon: Well it fucking was tonight!
Colleen: Chef, I know how to cook fish. You made me nervous, I started doing things that I don't normally do, and you have every right to be angry at me for wasting the fish.
LA: (interview) It's like she's talking out of her ass sometimes. I'm like, seriously, just shut the fuck up.
Gordon: You... you frazzle my mind. Every time I look at you, I think of "headache."

Gordon: Ji showed great courage. Unfortunately, her injury got in the way of her dream. She had a chance to win this, but sadly we will never, ever know.

Episode Three [5.03][edit]

[During the meat labelling challenge, with both teams both having five correct labels so far]
Seth: (interview) Meat is one of my fortes. I definitely had six, seven out of eight without even looking.
Ben: Ring the bell, ring the bell. Go for it!
[Seth lightly taps the bell]
Gordon: I can't hear that!
Ben: Ring the fucking bell!
[Seth hits the bell harder]
Gordon: Seven wrong for blue, let's go.
Charlie: Holy shit! We're working backwards!
Narrator: Seth's poor performance has set the men back. Now Lacey has a golden opportunity to redeem herself with her team.
Carol: Come on, Lacey!
Lacey: (interview) It's my chance to show my team that I can step up, and that I deserve to be here.
Colleen: Come on! We can do this!
LA: Move it, Lacey!
Andrea: (interview) Lacey was just moving things around for the feeling that she was doing something, and you know what, that's no different to how she is in the kitchen.
[Robert rings the men's bell]
Gordon: Six wrong.
Narrator: Robert has only improved on Seth by one.
Carol: [to Lacey] Come on, let's go! Come on, come on, come on, come on!
[Lacey rings the bell]
Gordon: Okay... [sees that Lacey has placed the "bottom round" label near one of the model cow's front legs] BOTTOM ROUND?! WHAT DOES "BOTTOM" MEAN? One, two, three, four, five, six wrong! Dear, oh dear!

[The blue team is taking their turn in the kitchen]

Gordon: On order, two covers table seven, unfold your arms Charlie. Two Caesar salad, entrees: one tuna one filet, let's go!
Blue Team: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Desserts pickup.
Ben: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Let's go Danny, ah?
Danny: Yes, chef.
Gordon: What is going on? I'm waiting on four Caesar, two with shrimp. Why aren't the shrimp on?
Charlie: I've got them right here
Gordon: Get them on!
Charlie: I am right now chef. Sorry, chef.
Gordon: Come on, Charlie.
Charlie: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Unbelievable. A Caesar salad and we're in the shit! [spots that Charlie's cooking cloth has caught fire] Your cloth's on fire! YOUR CLOTH'S ON FIRE!
J: (interview) Charlie, wake the fuck up, man.
Gordon: Get it in the water Scott please, before he burns the place down.
Charlie: I'm doing my best, chef.
Scott: [throws the cloth in the sink] If that's your best, you might want to rethink your best a little bit.
Narrator: It's thirty minutes into dinner service, and Ben is trying to impress Chef Ramsay with his speed.
Ben: [bringing some chocolate brownie desserts to the pass] Coming down with desserts. Coming down with desserts...
Narrator: Unfortunately, having dessert ready before the appetizers is not exactly what Chef Ramsay had in mind.
Gordon: Dick-head, put them down. [calls entire team] Hey, all of you, come here. Ben's now bringing me a chocolate fucking brownie. [tosses one dessert on the counter] WHAT'S GOING ON?!
Seth: (interview) I didn't know what was going on, but he brought up dessert four minutes in. I mean, I've done some stupid shit, but that's embarrassing.
Gordon: So, let's do it this way, then. There you go. [puts the desserts on the pass] Ben wants to serve a chocolate brownie before we serve the appetizers.
Ben: No, chef.
Gordon: What are you dreaming on?! Are you stupid?!"
Ben: No, chef.
Gordon: You've got cheesecake made as well!
Ben: Yes, chef.
Gordon: We've trashed six desserts before we've sent out fucking appetizers!
Ben: It was my fault, chef. (interview) It was my mistake for not exactly knowing Chef Ramsay's terminologies, but fuck me if the words "pick" and "up" don't mean "give you the desserts!"
Gordon: Have you been drinking or sniffing?
Ben: No, chef. No, chef.
Gordon: Look at me: Go upstairs for a lie-down.
Ben: No, no, chef!
Gordon: Go upstairs for a lie-down! [leads Ben out of the kitchen, then walks away] Useless. Absolutely useless. [a couple of seconds pass, then Ben quickly returns into the kitchen]
Narrator: Ben has failed to score any brownie points with Chef Ramsay. Meanwhile, Charlie's appetizers are making their way out to the dining room...
Woman: [to Lacey] I didn't know that this came with anchovies. They're like overtaking the plate.
Lacey: Oh yeah, sure.
Narrator: ...and back to the kitchen.
Woman: [to her fellow diners about Lacey after she leaves with the salad] She does not really know what she's doing.
[Lacey returns the Caesar salad to the pass]
Gordon: What's the matter?
Lacey: She just didn't know there were anchovies on it.
Gordon: You got what you asked for.
Lacey: I know, chef.
Gordon: So what did you fuck up? I know you find this is, yeah I know you laugh and it's funny.
Lacey: I'm not laughing! I'm trying not to cry.
Gordon: You're fucking worse than Britney Spears, you jumped-up bitch!
Lacey: (interview) There's a reason I don't wait tables, and this is it!

[Carol returns to the pass with filet mignon]
Gordon: What's wrong?
Carol: They say they want to brighten it up a little bit, chef.
Gordon: Giovanni, Robert come here! Robert, bounce your way down here. Let's go. [slices the beef and pounds the counter] Touch it! Touch it!
Giovanni and Robert: It's cold.
Gordon: FUCKING SHIT!! [throws the beef away] It's still walking, that fucking piece of beef!
Danny: (interview) It pisses me off. We have the executive chef of a steakhouse running our grill. Wake up, get it together and put out some decent food.
Gordon: Giovanni!
Giovanni: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Thank fuck I've never been to your steakhouse! It's fucking blue!
Giovanni: Yes, chef!

Narrator: More than halfway through the first seating, steaks continue to be returned, and Chef Ramsay would like a word with...
Gordon: GIOVANNI!!!
Giovanni: Yes, chef?
Gordon: [puts a returned plate of steak on the workstation] This is a joke! Now there's more steaks coming back! We're really screwing up!
Giovanni: Yes, chef.
Gordon: We need some help on the filet
Giovanni: Yes, chef.

Narrator: With just 30 minutes left in the first seating, Jean-Phillippe is looking for Lacey.
Jean-Phillippe: Table 23. The table which you forgot.
Lacey: I have to go up there and tell them to fire it?
Jean-Phillippe: Well, who's gonna...Who else is going to do it?
Lacey: Jean-Philippe, I never waited tables before!
Jean-Phillippe: [mocks Lacey] BUBUBUBUBU Can you just go and let the chef to call BUBUBU?!
Lacey: I need main courses for 23 fired please, chef.
Gordon: Hey madam, we're just taking the order in now? Why is it taking so long?
Jean-Phillippe: She forgot the table.
[Gordon shakes head and angrily swats Lacey away]
Lacey: Yeah, "Fuck off with me." I know.
Gordon: [to the blue team] Lacey forgot the order! One filet, one rib eye!
Giovanni: Chef, we got one filet left!
Gordon: You're telling me now we're out of filet?!
Giovanni: Yes, chef!
Gordon: [to Seth] Take the fucking meat, do something! Prep it!
Seth: Yes, chef! (interview) Chef Ramsay said, "Hey, Seth, [British accent] bugger off and cut filet!" Usually, I buy them already cut. [to Charlie] Real quick, Charlie. [Charlie starts trimming the fat off the tenderloin] Get all that shit off, okay?
J: (interview) You've never cleaned a tenderloin? Where have you worked?! In your parents' house?!
Gordon: You happy, Giovanni? Yeah?
Giovanni: No, chef.
Gordon: [to Robert] Hey, Robert! Are you happy?
Robert: Not happy at all, chef.
Gordon: So fucking pathetic. NOTHING KEEPS GOING OUT! [to Seth] What are you actually doing, Seth?!
Seth: I'm filleting the filet mignon, chef. [places trimmed bits into a nearby bin]
Gordon: Why is it not coming out? Let's go! Come on! [to Giovanni] How long, Giovanni?
Giovanni: I got two minutes, chef!
[Seth puts the trimmed filet bits into storage]
Robert: I'm waiting on you, Charlie! Come on!
Charlie: I gotta re-cook another one. He ain't gonna let that one fly. That's thirty seconds old.
Gordon: [heads over to the meat station and finds the wasted meat] Bingo. Hey, all of you, here! Quickly! There's the filet, yes? Look at the fucking waste! [empties the waste onto the counter; the amount of waste is nearly as big as the remaining filet; Seth looks confused, while the other team members look horrified] That's what he took off, and there's the filet. LOOK AT THE FILET!
Giovanni: (interview) He molested that poor thing! People have gone to jail for worse! It looked like he went at it with a jackhammer.
Gordon: We've fucking [hurls the offcuts to Seth] WASTED the most expensive part! LOOK AT IT! [to Seth] What are you going to do, get Daddy to buy you a new one?!
Narrator: With only fifteen minutes of dinner service left, Seth has butchered the filet. And possibly the Blue Team's hope of winning dinner service.
Gordon: How can you do that?
Seth: I never butchered a filet before, so...
Gordon: Congratulations, you just have!
Seth: [smiles] Thanks, yes...
Gordon: Hey, hey! Hey, smart-arse! Not in the right way, you fucking bozo!
Seth: Yes, chef. (interview) I don't think I did that bad, butchering that filet, but now I'll know for next time.

[Two minutes remain of the Blue team's half of the service]
Gordon: Where's the New York strip?!
Giovanni: Chef, I'm four minutes away!
Gordon: Oh, my God. SWITCH IT OFF!! We're now over two hours, he (Seth) fucks the filet! [to Charlie] The shrimps go down! [to Ben] This dick sent me dessert before the appetizers! [throws his apron] Fuck off! [to Jean-Philippe] Jean-Philippe, shut it down, yes? Two hours over. Clear down!!!
Robert: (interview; tonight was originally planned to have been his wedding) I've embarrassed myself, my family, my girlfriend. [throws his buff off angrily]
[Customers are leaving Hell's Kitchen]
Ben: Here we go. Here comes the pain.

[The red team is now inside the kitchen and is about to start the second half of Steakhouse night service. While the blue team is now in the dining room taking orders]
Andrea: [shouts to the blue team] Come on guys, we need orders! [customers overhear] The ladies are ready to kick your– [pauses out of shame and tones her voice down] butt. [she and LA giggle] I forgot there are customers out there.

Gordon: Where's the four Caesar salad, two shrimp?
Colleen: Coming chef. These were two, one and one.
Gordon: Where's the fucking four I asked for?
Coi: Four Caesar salad, two shrimp!
Gordon: [to Colleen] Hey!
Colleen: Yes, chef.
Gordon: You're doing this on purpose.
Colleen: No I'm not, I swear. You said two. One and one.
Gordon: Look at me! Look at me! Four fucking salads.
Colleen: (interview) There's always the person in your life that's being grumpy and you know not being nice. Then there is one that Chef Ramsay whose the arrogant vicious attack dog.
Gordon: [to Colleen] Hey, Madam, you're fucking pathetic!
Colleen: Yes, chef.

Gordon: Four salad, three shrimp, one plain! [to Colleen] Oh no, come here! What's going?
Colleen: Four Caesar salad, three shrimp, one plain!
Gordon: One more!
Colleen: Four Caesar salad chef, three shrimp, one plain!
Gordon: One more!
Colleen: Four Caesar salad chef, three shrimp, one plain!
Gordon: And last time!
Colleen: Four Caesar salad chef, three...
Gordon: [visibly shocked] Oh, m—OHH, GOD!
Colleen: ...SHRIMP, ONE PLAIN!
Gordon: Oh you fucking–Hoo, shit! She's not normal... she cannot be normal...
Lacey: (interview) My God! Colleen, if we lose tonight and I go home, I swear to God, I hope you can't sleep at night because you deserve to go home more than I.

[The blue team lost the night's service; J has been asked for the nominees]
J: First nominee would be Seth.
Gordon: Why?
J: His kitchen etiquette? He doesn't really have much kitchen etiquette. His experience? Unfortunately, he doesn't really have that much experience. He's got a lot to learn.
Gordon: Second nominee and why?
J: Second nominee would be Charlie. Execution tonight was a little off, he definitely didn't meet the par that we needed to...
Seth: [interrupts J] Chef! If I could just say something? If we could just go down the line and ask, because I don't know that J is allowed to speak for everybody.
J: The chef asked me. So I answered the chef.
Seth: Yes, that's your opinion...
J: So keep your mouth shut.

Gordon: Charlie is a prep chef, but I'm looking for a head chef. He seemed like a nice guy, but you know where nice guys finish.

Episode Four [5.04][edit]

[Robert entertains the other contestants with his Gordon Ramsay impersonation in the dorms after elimination]
Giovanni: Listen, listen, this is funny! [to Robert] Go ahead.
Robert: [in British accent] Well... Good day, yeah?
Seth: [laughs] That is amazing! Watch this!
Robert: This is the most prestigious, honorable chance of a lifetime... [LA, Andrea, and Coi giggle] to work at the most...
LA: [laughing hysterically] He's got it down!
Robert: ...greatest...
Andrea: That was good! (interview) Robert does great impersonations.
Robert: In the bin!
Andrea: (interview) We just couldn't stop laughing because it was so funny.
Robert: Crap!
[The ladies laugh and applaud Robert]

Colleen: How could we lose with cheerleaders on our side? Yeah! V, V-I, V-C-I-T-O-R-Y! [a caption reading "Vcitory???" appears]

[The blue team have lost the challenge and Ben believes that Danny was responsible for it even though it fell on Seth]
Ben: I'mma tell you one thing. I don't like fucking losing. Danny, I was over there helping with you, then I jumped over to help with eggs. We were not helping each other–
Danny: You should've been on eggs the whole time.
Ben: You were the one drowning on the pancakes, buddy.
J: [nodding] That is correct.
Danny: Look, you gave me a hand walking the pancakes up, and thank you for that.
Ben: Wait a minute, Danny! [J laughs] Come on, man! Are you serious right now?
Danny: What? You-you helped me plate some pancakes and I appreciate it! Thank you! I-I'm not a-
Ben: It's cool, man. Don't worry about it. I just–
Danny: I'm not a hero here. I never said I was.
J: You said that earlier. You said you were the best cook.
[Flashback to Gordon asking who the Blue Team's best cook is with Danny calling himself the Blue Team's best cook]
Danny: I am obviously the best cook on the team!
Ben: You want to hear something, dude?! I will cook circles around you! I will circle you like a fucking moon!
Danny: Where have you been?
Giovanni: Hey, hey come on! Danny, come on! Hey, Ben!
Ben: [over Giovanni] Are you joking me?! You couldn't cook my cock!
[The women walk past as Danny and Ben's argument starts escalating]
Giovanni: Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
Ben: Are you joking me? I AM SO FUCKING-
Danny: Where have you been!?
Giovanni: [stands between Danny and Ben] Be quiet! Quiet! Quiet!
Ben: We'll see you on garnish! Let me see you on garnish!
Danny: Shut the fuck up.
Ben: I mean–you know what? I need two minutes, I need two minutes, bro.
Danny: Take your two minutes, bro, because I haven't seen you in the kitchen yet!
Giovanni: HEY!
Danny: Where have you been?!
Ben: [heads down to the terrace] (interview) Danny's ego is getting the better of him and he needs to come back down to this planet.
Ben: (interview) I'm by no means a physical guy, but...if we were outside of Hell's Kitchen, sure.
[Ben walks outside to the terrace and throws a chair in a fit of anger]
Danny: (interview) Ben, he's got a little stick up his ass about me, which is fine. You know, 'cause I'm cocky as shit and I run my mouth. [to J] It's like, don't get uppity on me, bro, until you fucking show up.

Gordon: On order: Four covers, Table 4. Two risotto, one spaghetti, one Caesar.
Blue Team: Yes, chef!
Danny: [to Giovanni] Is it (the water) boiling?
Gordon: How long?
Giovanni: I'm waiting for the water to boil, Chef.
Gordon: You expect me to tell Jean-Philippe we're waiting for your water to boil?!
Giovanni: Oh, I'm sorry.
Ben: (interview) Oh, man, Gio. How are you gonna cook pasta in water that's not boiling?
Gordon: Hey, look at me! There's no olive oil in there, the water's not seasoned, it's not even boiling!
Giovanni: (interview) Oh, that was my fault. I didn't check my equipment. It won't happen again, that's for sure.
Gordon: Let's go, Giovanni, let's go! Oh, my God...
Narrator: While Giovanni is in hot water, over in the red kitchen, Coi is trying to get ahead.
[Gordon notices Coi cooking pasta]
Gordon: [to Coi] Why are you cooking spaghetti? We haven't even fired it! DAMN!!!
Coi: Fuck!
Gordon: Why?!
Coi: I'm sorry, chef.
Gordon: I can't believe this!! Why can't you just drop it to order?!
Coi: I will, chef.
Gordon: Tell me why you can't!!
Coi: I'm just trying to get ahead, chef.
Gordon: You can't get ahead! You're not that good!
Coi: (interview) I was trying to take so many steps ahead, so I'm kicking myself in the ass, because if I would have listened better, he wouldn't have screamed at me.
Gordon: Coi! Put some more spaghetti in to make yourself...
Coi: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Hey, I'm joking, you stupid cow!

[Gordon checks on lobster spaghetti brought up by Coi]
Gordon: Oh, my God. [returns to the workstation and slams the pan down] All of you! OH, COME HERE!! Taste that all of you. Hurry up! [to Colleen] Come on, Colleen! Stick your fucking fingers in there! What is that? Dry, bland, under-seasoned, undercooked!
Coi: I should have tasted it better, chef.
Carol: (interview) I honestly thought that Coi was going to be strong on that station.
Gordon: Now I'm up to FUCKING HERE! [raises his hand; kicks the bin] HERE!!
Coi: (interview) Oh... I got my ass handed to him. I never thought cooking pasta could be so hard.
Gordon: [to Coi] Madam, don't send me shit, yes?!
Coi: Yes, chef!

[Jean-Philippe returns to the pass with Caesar salad]
Gordon: What's going on on there?
Jean-Philippe: That's from, um, Table 20 blue.
[Gordon checks the salad, then finds a butt of lettuce in it]
Gordon: Hey, ALL OF YOU! COME HERE! Who dressed the Caesar salad?
J: I did, chef.
[Gordon shows the butt of lettuce to the members]
J: [whispering] Jesus Christ!
[Gordon returns the butt of lettuce to the plate and angrily throws the plate onto the floor]
Gordon: Oi, bozo! Are you fucking stupid?!
J: No, chef, I'm not. (interview) J feels like a jackass because of that freaking lettuce. I should have seen it, it's a disgrace. It really is.
Gordon: Did you see that?!
J: I did not, chef. If I saw it, I would never put it in there.
Giovanni: (interview) Pretty hard to believe that butt of lettuce went out there. It's pretty hard to miss that big lettuce when you try to toss it in a small salad.
Gordon: Un-fucking-believable.

[Gordon checks on lamb brought up by Ben]
Gordon: Come here! All of you, come here! Put it down! [to Ben] Put it fucking down! What is that?
Ben: Lamb chop, sir.
Gordon: Lamb chop, yeah? Eat it. [gives the lamb to Ben and he eats it] Happy now? Now it's getting thinner and thinner and thinner. There's another one. There's one ripped to fuck there now. Too thin, cowboy!
Robert: (interview) I'm like, "Dude, why are sending that out?" It looked like a piece of carpaccio on a bone, man.
Gordon: [to Ben] How can someone so fucking fat slice something so fucking thin?!
Ben: Sorry, chef. It won't happen again, chef.
Gordon: I wouldn't even serve that to my fucking dog!
Ben: I'll fix it right now, chef.

Gordon: Garnish, please. [Danny doesn't respond] Where's the garnish?
[Danny still doesn't respond]
Ben: (interview) We're going to see how Danny produces on the garnish station. As long as he's talking the talk, I'd certainly like to see him walk the walk.
Gordon: Where's the fucking MASHED POTATO!? I NEED THE GARNISH, DANNY!! [Danny still doesn't reply] He's not even answering me now.
Danny: (interview) It's just a difficult station. Chef Ramsay's, like, always calling you, and you're just heating up vegetables but...i-it was rough, man.
Gordon: Where's the fucking garnish?! Thirty seconds, I'm going to fucking kick you out personally! Danny?!
Danny: It's working, chef.
Gordon: How long?!
Danny: It's going to be a minute, chef.

[Colleen brings her wellingtons to the pass]
Gordon: Hey, stay here you. Three wellingtons, you brought me four. One medium, one medium-well, one well done. Where's the medium one?
Colleen: The medium's here, chef.
Gordon: Where's the medium-well?
Colleen: The medium-well's here, chef.
Gordon: Where's the well done one, then?
Colleen: Right here, chef.
Gordon: So what the fuck is this one?
Colleen: I don't know, chef. I'll take it back.
Gordon: You don't know? That's funny, isn't it? A little "Ha-ha"...
Colleen: No, it's not funny.
Gordon: ..."Tee-hee," and "God Bless Nebraska?"
Paula: (interview) Colleen takes a damn hard beating from Chef Ramsay just about every night, and she keeps her head up high, but I think in her brain–it's just breaking down.
Gordon: [to Colleen] And you wonder why I'm fucking pissed off?!
Colleen: No, I understand you're mad, chef!

Gordon: On order, four covers, table three. One scallops, one spaghetti, one risotto, one Caesar...
Seth: [to Giovanni] Bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon!
Gordon: Entrées: One Dory, one chicken, one lamb, one wellington.
Giovanni: It's coming.
Seth: Right here.
Gordon: Seth! SETH!
Seth: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Come here! What did I just call out?
Seth: [wiping his face with a cloth] I don't know, chef.
Gordon: Yeah, I know you don't know because you weren't even fucking prepared to listen. No wonder you're struggling.
[Seth uses the same cloth he just wiped his face with to clean a pan, then wipes his face with it again]
Gordon: What is he doing? Hey you, hey you, come here... [takes the cloth from Seth, and looks at him in disgust]
Seth: Sorry, chef.
Gordon: I just watched you wipe your face and then wipe the pan. If this one's for your fucking nose, where's your cooking cloth?
Seth: Uh, I'll have to get one, chef.
Gordon: [throws the cloth back to Seth] Fuck off, will you?

[After Jean-Philippe returned to the pass with more food, Gordon has had it]
Gordon: [disappointed] What is going on? Oh, no! Oh! [cuts to Coi accidentally dropped her spaghetti on her station] Fuck off! Oh, no! Shit! Look at that! You, guy! [to Robert] Come here, you fat fuck! Come here! All of you, come here! COME HERE! Hey, hey, look at me. You are pathetic. NO ONE WON! Fuck off! Both teams, start thinking about two of you to fucking go home. [to Coi] You, pathetic! I don't want anymore! [to Ben] I don't want to wait for your shit anymore, [to Danny] I don't want your shit anymore, [to Seth] I don't want you drying your face, and then fucking cooking with a cloth, [throws his cloth towards Seth] YOU SCUMMY FUCKER! GET OUT!!! [all chefs exited the kitchen except Ben; he approaches him] GET OUT!!!

Ben: [to blue team] Are we prepared to talk about this now? Or what do you guys think?
Giovanni: Yeah, let's just talk about it.
Ben: Giovanni, who are your people?
Giovanni: Me? I'll pick Seth. [to Ben] And I'm sorry, I'm picking you today.
Ben: So you're say–you're saying based on everything you've seen since I've been here, you think I'm the one on the chopping block, Giovanni? Are you fucking serious? [Giovanni nods his head]
Danny: I'll agree with Gio.
Ben: Oh my God. You're saying to me that I did the second worst in the kitchen today, and I do not believe that! I heard Danny's name called just as much if not more than my one lamb being sliced wrong. There's no way I need to go down for this. No fucking way. (interview) Not once have I seen Danny step up to the plate. Tonight, he sucked! He was shit, and as of right now, I'm the only one on this blue team to push his team forward! [to Robert] Robert, who's it gonna be?
Robert: His (Danny) mouth, your (Ben) lamb, [points at J] and that salad thing.
Giovanni: It's a pretty small salad to miss that big of a fucking piece.
Robert: It shouldn't have happened. Not with professionals.
J: No way is that a reason for me to be on the chopping block.
Giovanni: It's a pretty small salad!

[The chefs have entered the dining room and are ready to give out the nominees for elimination]
Gordon: Something's really bugging me, you know that? And I can't stop thinking about it and here's why. If a customer goes out for dinner and their steak is slightly overcooked or undercooked, it gets redone, and they move on and enjoy the evening. [to J] But if a customer goes out for dinner...and they get served a butt of lettuce, that's how reputations get destroyed in minutes! Butt-head!

Gordon: Seth showed that he had all the passion in the world, but the bottom line is he's a crap cook.

Episode Five [5.05][edit]

Gordon: Two tuna, two Dory, two wellington, yes?
Blue Team: Yes, chef!
Gordon: How long, J?!
J: It's gonna be a couple minutes on the wellingtons. They're still fucking rare. (interview) When I cut into that first wellington, and it was raw and fucking cold, my heart fucking stopped.
Gordon: What happened to the wellingtons?
J: Sir, I don't know. I–I fired them the same as last time!
Scott Leibfried: Pan's on low, it should be on high.
[Gordon and Robert shake their heads]
Gordon: Why is the pan down on low?!
J: I'm sorry, chef.
Gordon: I'm glad you're so fucking laid back about it!
J: (interview) I should've fucking looked at the oven. It just sucks that I look like a goddamn donkey.
Gordon: [to J] If the wellingtons aren't ready, [claps angrily] don't drop the Dory! You're just in a little world of your own!! I need a team effort!
J: Yes, chef! [to his teammates] Sorry, guys.

Narrator: While J tries to follow directions, over in the red kitchen, Chef Ramsay has found a problem.
Gordon: [sees that the oven door is open] Look at the oven! Have we got wellingtons in there?
Andrea: Yes, chef.
Gordon: [to Colleen] Hey, madam! Come here, you!
Colleen: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Right now. What happens when the door's wide open?
Colleen: The oven gets cold, chef.
Gordon: Okay, what else is in there?
Colleen: The wellingtons, chef. (interview) I was not leaving the oven door open. I don't think I did...[pause] but I could've!
Gordon: Where's the wellington, please?
Andrea: Chef, I'm re-firing the wellington. The bottom's burning.
Gordon: [begins searching] Where's the medium-well wellington?
Andrea: I'm putting projector paper.
Gordon: [finds that Andrea has hid her burnt meat underneath her station] Oh, shut up you, yeah? Shut up. What is this? [starts getting the meat]
Andrea: They burned. I'm not quite sure why.
Gordon: Watch. Look, look, look, look. [to the red team] Hey, come here! Oy, oy, oy! There you go. There you go. There—Oh, dear! [throws a burnt wellington against the refrigerator] Fucking pile of shit!!
Andrea: (interview) I'm screwed. I'm fucking screwed.
Gordon: Anything else in there?! What else have you hid?!
Andrea: No, chef. That's it, chef.
Gordon: That's it? Is it?! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!
Andrea: Trying to get it together, chef. (interview; shakes her head)
Gordon: I just don't—I just don't understand it!

[Gordon checks on chicken brought up by J]
Gordon: J! The chicken's RA-AW! J.
J: Yes, sir!
Gordon: No entrées have left this kitchen in nearly fourteen minutes! Nothing! FOURTEEN MINUTES, NOTHING'S GONE OUT!!
J: (interview) I fucked up everything. Everything! Every god-fucking-damn thing!
Gordon: Do you want go?
J: No, chef.
Gordon: Get a grip! GET A GRIP!!
J: Yes, chef!
Robert: [to J] J, can I go to the pass? Yes or no?
Lacey: J, can you go?
J: What do you need?
Lacey: Lamb.
Gordon: He's asking you now what you need, he doesn't even know.
Lacey: Come on, guys. How long on that lamb?
Gordon: Oh, J. You forgot it, yes?
J: Yes, chef.
Gordon: COMMUNICATE!! [kicks the bins]
Blue Team: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Oh, my God.
Lacey: (interview) I know J was really having a bad night. But he, like, forgot an order.
Gordon: Hey look at me, hey. You are fuck!

Gordon: [misreferred to Robert] Let's go, Bobby. [Robert doesn't answer] I'll say this once. Move Bobby, yeah? You can do with losing a few pounds. Let's go.
Robert: Fucking asshole. (interview) First of all, my name is not Bobby. It's Robert. So when he says "Bobby", who the fuck is that?!
Gordon: Bobby? [Robert still doesn't answer] No answer.
Robert: (interview) My father's name is Bobby and I had a fucked up childhood.
Gordon: Bobby, look at me.
Robert: (interview) Every time I hear that, it brings you back. So, he touched the nerve with me.
Gordon: Bobby? Dory, tuna! Where is it?! [finds that Robert has thrown his Dory in his bin] Why is he throwing stuff in the bin?
Robert: Because it's...[sees Gordon walking to his station] Fuck me. Here it comes.
Gordon: [approaches Robert's station and gets his bin] What's going on?! All this food in here! How much are you throwing away?!
Robert: Too much, chef.
Gordon: You can't just trash it like that!
Robert: I was thinking you wouldn't take it, if I put it up there... Put... Whatever, man.
Gordon: Say that again, please?!
Robert: No, I can't.
Gordon: Why can't you look at me when I talk to you?
Robert: Sorry, chef. Just...sorry, chef.
Gordon: Robert! Come here you! Come here you, fucker! Get out! GET THE FUCK OUT!! Get in there! [leads Robert into the pantry]What are you doing?!
Robert: I'm trying to do the best I can for you.
Gordon: Why didn't you serve it? Fuck me! It's not about me, it's about you!
Robert: I refuse to put anything up there that you're going to send back, chef.
Gordon: Listen to me, concentrate. Stop picking on me as an excuse. That's not good enough! You can't trash all that!
Robert: I fucked up and I'm not going to put it up to you.
Gordon: Wake up, Robert!
Robert: (interview) Dude, it took a lot from me to fucking hold back, son. I'll tell you that.
Gordon: [to Robert] Hey, have you given up?
Robert: Fuck no, chef.
Gordon: [mocks Robert] "Hey, I'm not doing that to you, chef! It's going to the trash can again!"
Robert: (interview) I ain't trying to make him proud of me anymore. [stands and pulls his trousers down, showing his bottom] Chef Ramsay, KISS MY FUCK! That's what I'm saying to him.
Gordon: [comes up to Robert] Hey, if you've got any comeback, I'll do it now if I was you, yeah? Because you look like one sulky, pissed off cook! Find some form of passion. Cook your heart out. Stop fucking around!
Robert: Yes, chef.

[Jean-Philippe returns to the pass with dessert]
Jean-Philippe: Red, (Table) 53. Tanya Steel.
Gordon: Not done? [returns to the workstation] There you go. Now I've had enough. [slams the plate on the stove] Come here! There you go. [to Carol; gives her a piece of pear] Take a bite and pass it along. [to LA] LA, wake up, yeah?
Coi: It's hard as a fucking rock.
Gordon: Raw pastry, raw pear. That's her! [kicks a bin]
Andrea: (interview) Chef Ramsay wasn't kidding when he said it was raw. It was raw. That's just, sorry, poor judgement.
Gordon: [to Colleen] You didn't know that's raw pastry with a raw pear?
Colleen: No, chef.
Andrea: (interview) Everybody else was just looking around like, "You've got to be kidding me."
Gordon: Un-fucking-believable! [goes to the blue kitchen and sits in fetal position]
Narrator: Tonight, dinner service has totally collapsed.
Gordon: Oh, Christ almighty! Two and a half hours of bullshit.
Narrator: And Chef Ramsay is at the end of his rope.
Gordon: [to Jean-Philippe; after returning to the pass with raw desserts] Oh fuck off! I'm... I've had enough! [goes to the red kitchen] Hey, when I say, I've had enough! I've had enough! Stoves off! [calls both teams] Come here! That was pathetic! [to Andrea] And you were absolutely useless! CLEAR DOWN! I can't take it anymore! It's been the worst performance so far! SWITCH IT FUCKING OFF!!! [throws his spoon away]

[Robert sits with the red team after Gordon announces both teams lost dinner service]
Robert: You notice what he (Ramsay) calls me all the time?
Paula: Bobby.
Robert: He calls me Bobby. My name is Robert. My father was like–his name was Bobby. And he was like...
Paula: So when he calls you Bobby, you don't look up.
Robert: It's like, I look at him...it's like another male figure in your life that you're supposed to respect that treats you like fuck.
[The phone starts ringing; Coi gets up to answer it]
Robert: I know he had the same kind of childhood.
Coi: Hello?
Gordon: [on the phone] Would you please send Bobby to my office? Thank you.
[Robert walks into Gordon's office to speak with him privately after requesting a meeting earlier in the kitchen]
Gordon: [hearing Robert knock on the door] Come in.
Robert: Hello, chef.
Gordon: Hello, Bobby. [Robert sits down] Okay. You wanted to see me?
Robert: The main thing is like, I know you don't understand. And that's why I'm telling you, like...my name is Robert, not Bobby. One, because that's my father's name. And, like, growing up, it's been a hard road for me. I've been told all my life that...you're a loser, you're a quitter, and...
Gordon: Right.
Robert: ...his name was Bobby. And the moment when I'm called that, and you're like, "Look me in my eyes"–that one precise second, it was just like...flashing back, all the way back, you know?
Gordon: That's fair enough. I get that, and I totally respect that. I apologize if it's upset you by calling you, Bobby. I wish you had brought that to my attention earlier because I wouldn't have done it. However, it's off your chest–totally respect that–and I will totally follow it through.
Robert: Thank you, chef. [shakes Gordon's hand] I appreciate the time.
Gordon: Not at all.

Gordon: There was no place in the kitchen I could put Colleen where she wasn't a disaster. It's time for her to go back to where she belongs, teaching. Because she certainly can't cook.

Episode Six [5.06][edit]

Narrator: As the Blue Team heads to the spa for a day of pampering...
J: Off to the spa we go...
Narrator: ...Back in the dining room, Max's mom lets J.P. know that he'll be working with someone to plan the party.
Brenda: This gentleman is very recommended.
Jean-Philippe: Yes.
Brenda: So, um...
Francisco: Bonjour, darling!
Brenda: Oh, here he is now.
Narrator: ...Someone he knows all too well.
Francisco: JP! Hello! Oh, it's so good to see you! [hugs J.P.] I'm so thrilled to be back. Are you thrilled to see me? [J.P. stiffly nods]
Brenda: Alright, well, see you tomorrow tonight.
Francisco: Thank you.
Jean-Philippe: [to Francisco] You, listen.
Francisco: Yeah.
Jean-Philippe: You are not interfering with my job.
Francisco: I respect your boundaries.
Jean-Philippe: Yes. Leave my thing for me, and then you do your little thing.
Francisco: "My little thing." I'll be so happy.
Jean-Philippe: Good.
Francisco: Oh, here they (the Red Team) come.
Jean-Philippe: Ladies, ladies, ladies, we've done a few parties in the past with Francisco.
Francisco: I'm so excited to be here, this is so fabulous! [the ladies laugh] Wait until you see what we're doing. We are going to go up, up, and away with beautiful balloons, all around. It's going to be so festive!
Coi: (interview) Oh, Francisco's just fabulous, all the way around.
Francisco: We have twinkly centerpieces on all of the tables...
Andrea: [laughing] Twinkly!
Coi: (interview) It's the way he talks, it's the way he dresses, everything. He's fabulous.
Francisco: We are going to make this the most beautiful sports arena!
LA: (interview) I'm gay, that dude is parade gay. [laughs] Wow!

Narrator: Back in the red kitchen, Coi hopes that cooking perfect burgers will make up for her forgetfulness.
Coi: These fucking burgers are sticking. (interview) I don't know what happened. I was doing so well, the next moment, it's in my face. Boom!
Carol: It's gonna be alright. Just hold your shit together, stop messing with them so much.
LA: [touches burger patty] That's fucking rare, girl. [hands patty to Coi] Fucking heat it up! Come on, Coi! (interview) You stack a fucking patty on top of a bun, some mushrooms. It's not rocket science.
Carol: [checks burgers with Coi] Oh, God. He's not gonna serve any of those.
Gordon: Ladies, you gotta hurry up, yes?! IT'S MAX'S TABLE!
Max: I'm hungry.
LA: [to Carol and Coi] Go, go! Bring them up! Bring them up! Bring them up, go!
Gordon: [after touching one of the patties] These burgers are cold!
Narrator: Coi has brought the guest of honor's burger to the pass.
Gordon: Yeah, yeah, touch them! STONE-COLD! Fuck's SAKE! [kicks bin] COME ON, COI! IT'S MAX'S TABLE!!
Coi: Yes, chef.
Gordon: HELP HER OUT! Why is no one talking to each other?!
LA: (interview) I went over there to help her, and she's kinda, like, stuck in her zone. You gotta communicate, you gotta work with us as a team.
Gordon: [to Coi] You're part cooking them, and they're still coming out cold!
Coi: Sorry, chef! (interview) When I pulled them off the grill, it was so hot. I would blink, and... they were cold.
Gordon: Where's the BURGERS?! [Coi walks to the pass with burgers]
Paula: The burgers ready?
Gordon: Holy crap. Yeah, well at least they're hot.

Danny: Two med-well plain, two—
Gordon: You got shit under the plate, yeah?
Danny: Oh.
Gordon: [lifts plate up] Please be careful. Yeah, yeah, just look.
Danny: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Yeah, but look.
Danny: I know, I'm sorry.
Gordon: Oh, come on, guys!
Danny: Chef, I thought I just—I...
Danny: (interview) Plates were cleaning my station, and when I was sending them down the line to get garnish, they were getting dragged through all kinds of shit.
Gordon: Check your plates where you're working, Danny!
Danny: Yes, chef!
Gordon: All the shit's getting stuck underneath!
Danny: Yes, chef!
Ben: (interview) Attention to detail is–is everything in this business, and Danny was a pig, a filthy mess over there.
Gordon: Danny, look. [wipes cutting board with cloth] You gotta wipe down, Danny! You gotta wipe down!
Danny: Yes, chef!
Gordon: So when you put a plate on top, [slaps cutting board] it doesn't get dirty!
Danny: Yes, chef.

[Gordon has a brisket plate brought back and touches the meat]
Gordon: Dear, oh dear! Hey! Hey, Lacey!
Lacey: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Come here. The beef, it's stone cold! Look! Touch it!!
Lacey: It sat there for too long.
Gordon: Yeah, it sat there, right. And I've served half the table! HURRY UP! The beef is cooked, so all you have to do is reheat it!
Lacey: Yes, chef!
Giovanni: Why don't you turn us up, Lacey?
Lacey: I didn't turn it down, Gio!
Gordon: For God's sake, woman! We're reheating beef!
Danny: (interview) Lacey was in charge of reheating the brisket.
Lacey: I need something to put it in!!
Gordon: Oh, my GOD!
J: (interview) Slice it and put it on a plate. It's not that difficult.
Lacey: Where's my knife?
Gordon: Where's the beef?!
Lacey: It's coming, chef! God!
Gordon: I need a beef!
Lacey: Hold on. Back up, back up! Back up!!
Robert: (interview) "Where's the beef, where's the beef?" I'm like looking for the old lady from the Wendy's commercials, man! Where's the beef?

Gordon: When this competition began, I thought Coi was gonna be a really strong chef. But tonight she was exposed when she couldn't even cook a bloody burger.

Episode Seven [5.07][edit]

J: [to Lacey] You didn't take the—this part off?
Lacey: No.
Robert: You're supposed to take the paper off.
Lacey: Robert, trust me!
Robert: You're not supposed to do that, Lacey.
Lacey: Then I fucked up, and it's not your fucking problem!
Robert: You need to stop right now and listen to what we're trying to tell you! (interview) I'm so sick of Lacey. I'm about to use a Jedi mind trick and choke the shit out of that bitch mentally.
Lacey: I'm sick of Robert yelling at me!
Robert: You're not–
Danny & J: He's trying help you, Lacey.
Lacey: I know, but–hmmm. Never mind.
Robert: [under his breath] That bitch has got to go, man.
Lacey: (interview) I don't care what that fat ass has to say to me. He needs to say in front of my face instead of mumbling under his fucking breath. [to the blue team] I'm not fighting. If I fight with anybody right now, I'm leaving, I swear to God.
J: You're what?
Ben: Oh, my God.
Robert: You're leaving?!
Danny: That's the last thing we need to know.
J: Lacey, if you got to go, then just go.
Lacey: I don't understand why everyone sticks with people yelling at me?
J: No, no, no. Don't fight back, I'm serious. This is a professional kitchen. If you want to fucking go, go. I'll fucking do everything (interview) Just shut the fuck up, get out of the kitchen, and let me do my job.
Lacey: Ben, what else? Because I can't find fennel at the moment.
Ben: Lacey. Oh, God. (interview) 1, 2, 3, 4... [to Lacey] Use your head, baby. Come on, push this back.
Lacey: I don't know what's in the fucking dish! Ugh! I hate you guys!
Ben: (interview) 7, 8, 9...
Lacey: I'm sick of taking shit from you people! It's stopping now! I quit!
[Lacey walks out of the kitchen and into the terrace outside the kitchen]
Lacey: (interview) I get treated like a donkey of the team and I'm supposed to help these people? Fuck that! I'm not going to compromise my health and happiness for fucking 250 grand! No fucking way! It's not worth it!
Danny: Where the hell did Lacey go, man?
J: I–I don't know.
Robert: That bitch needs her ass kicked, man. (interview) Lacey, she sucks. She needs to get to some psycho ward so she can get some free therapy.
Ben: I can't tell her every time to wipe her ass, man. (interview) I am literally a fraction from losing it with her, but the Blue Team needs that extra pair of hands. Lacey's the extra pair of hands.
[Ben walks out of the kitchen to look for Lacey]
Lacey: (interview) I don't want to be the bitch from Hell's Kitchen...because I'm really not a bitch! I'm really a nice, cool person!
Ben: [to Lacey at the terrace] Let me ask you a real serious question, Lace. Can you brush this off and go back into the kitchen and produce? We need you.
Lacey: (interview) Ah, here we go again.
[At Episode 5...]
Ben: We need you!
Lacey: I know, but I don't understand. I don't usually like this.
Ben: You know what I'm saying? We need you.
[Back to present]
Ben: We need–we need you. As much as we ride you, we need you tonight.
Lacey: (interview) Only need you? Okay, no. You don't need me. You want me here because you don't want to be a man down to the Red Team. [to Ben] No, I–I understand, I'm sorry.
Ben: Can you go back in the kitchen and produce?
Lacey: Yeah.
Ben: (interview) Time to push the little bird to the edge and make sure it can fly.

Giovanni: How long for the risotto and pasta?
Paula: Plating up the pasta right now.
Andrea: How's your risotto?
Carol: I'm going. I'm going.
Gordon: Where's the risotto?
Carol: Right here chef.
Gordon: Carol!
Carol: Yes, chef!
Gordon: [tastes the risotto then spits it out] Taste that rice, taste the rice. It's like mush! Show me the rice.
Carol: Right here.
Gordon: Oh, my God! It's overcooked! It's like mush! Who cooked the rice?
[Flashback to when J cooked the rice for both teams, pouring two boxes into one pan]
Andrea: The blue team.
Gordon: The blue team? What? [goes over to the blue kitchen] Oh, come here you, all of you! Who cooked this rice?
J: I did, chef.
Gordon: Look at it, J! How can you do that, J? [hurls the rice in the trash] J! For both teams?
J: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Aw, fucking hell! Oh, come on! You can't do this!
Lacey: (interview) The risotto was mushy, clumpy and nasty, and it definitely was not a good way to start the evening.
Gordon: It's mush! Did you cook it all in the same pan?
J: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Oh, fuck me! Oh, come on, fuck off, J!
J: I'll get a pot on, chef. (interview) That pissed off Chef Ramsay, and I really didn't need that, because he's been riding me hard the past couple of days.
Gordon: [to Jean-Philippe] Jean-Philippe, stop the risotto, yeah? [to J] J! I can't believe you just screwed the service in both kitchens!
Robert: (interview) J, you're my friend and I like you a lot, but today, you fucking suck, man.

[Jean-Philippe returns to the pass with pasta]
Jean-Philippe: Pasta undercooked, chef.
Gordon: Is it?
Jean-Philippe: Yeah, it's really undercooked, chef.
Gordon: [to Carol] Hey, you, madam. The pasta's raw! Who's running the appetizers?
Carol: I am, chef!
Gordon: Well, then run it, then! Does she [Andrea] wipe your arse?
Carol: No, chef. (interview) I get fucking yelled at because this stupid bitch can't fucking cook?! What the hell is up with that?! [to Ramsay] There's must be some mix-in because it's...
Gordon: What?! Why aren't you tasting?
Carol: I was tasting it chef.
Gordon: So you tasted it and you knew it's raw, yet you still sent it!
Carol: (interview) That stupid bitch doesn't fucking say anything when Chef Ramsay's yelling at me?! FUCK THIS SHIT!
Gordon: Madam, come here, you mouthy little bitch! You (Andrea) come here!
Andrea: Yes, chef.
Gordon: [to Jean-Philippe] Hey, give me that table out there! [to Carol and Andrea] And sit on that table and eat that! Both of you, fuck off out there! It's not undercooked, it's raw! RAW, Carol! [gets ticket from Jean-Philippe]
Andrea: [to Carol] Let's eat it. Yeah, let's get this fucking over with.
Gordon: [to Carol and Andrea] Hey, you're not coming back to this clear until you let me know how it tastes!
Andrea: (interview) I was appalled that I had to stop during service. That pasta was grossly undercooked. And I had to eat that shit!

Narrator: While Carol and Andrea chew on their mistakes, in the blue kitchen, J is hoping to redeem himself.
Gordon: [with a piece of undercooked salmon] J!
J: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Come on, then! Look, it's still stone-cold. Back in the oven! Fucking hell.
Ben: J, I know you're busy, buddy, but how long on the salmon, my man?
J: Five minutes.
Robert: Give me the tuna!
Ben: He said four minutes out. Can you make it four?
Gordon: Everything you've touched tonight, so far, has been screwed.
Robert: (interview) J just lost his shit, man. He was just clamming up, didn't take control. He was burning the seafood, he was sending raw seafood.
Gordon: That's called burnt salmon, not seared salmon!
Robert: (interview) It takes a real good chef to recover. [to J] You can really turn this around if you want to.
J: I know.
Robert: Wipe your face, wipe your face. [J wipes his face with his sleeve] With a rag!
Gordon: J, where's the salmon?!
J: Coming around. Right here, chef.
Gordon: [finds out that the salmon is overdone] Hey, bozo! SAUCE!! Come here, you. Put that down, come here, you. Come here, you! Get in there! GET IN! [leads J into the pantry and slams the door]
J: Fuck!
J: I'm here, chef.
Gordon: It's not good enough, J!
J: I know, chef. I got no fucking excuse.
J: I don't know. I'll fucking turn it on right now, chef.
Gordon: I can't fucking go any further! Please, wake up!
J: Yes, chef!

Gordon: I've got sauce on one, and two Dory on. LA?
[LA is standing still and staring into space]
Paula: (interview) It's almost like LA was half-asleep or something.
Gordon: Come on, LA!
Gloria: Come on! LA, wake up! Are you sleeping?!
LA: No, I'm...
Gordon: She's dreaming. Come on, more [voice cracks] SAUCE, you silly cow!
LA: (interview) He called me a cow. For the first time.
Gordon: Don't cook all the fucking Dory in one pan unless you're boiling them, yes?
LA: Yes, chef. (interview) In the real world, you wouldn't have someone yelling at you like that. You wouldn't have someone calling you a cow, a bitch. You wouldn't. 'Cause in the real world, if someone called you a cow or a bitch, you would walk up to them and sock them in the face.
Gordon: Come on LA, please?
LA: Thirty seconds, chef.

Narrator: As LA tries to get up to speed, over in the blue kitchen...
Gordon: J! Where's the other scallop?
J: Right here, chef.
[J brings the scallops to the pass; they're badly overcooked]
Gordon: Have you seen this shit?
Scott Leibfried: Disastrous, isn't it?
Gordon: I have had enough. [calls the blue team] Come here, you! Leave it, PUT THAT DOWN! You, come here! You come here!
Ben: Yes, chef.
[The team members gather around the pass]
Gordon: What is that? What is THAT? What is that?! That's us at our best, WHAT IS IT?! Wait, it gets better! Look, touch that!
Ben: It's rubber, chef.
Gordon: T-Oh, my GOD! Unbelievable— [J goes to touch one of the scallops, and Ramsay knocks his hand away] No, no, no, no, no! NO! GET OUT! OUT, OUT, OUT! Get out! OUT, GET OUT! Take your jacket off, and fuck off!!
J: (interview) I guess I don't belong here, so... I'll be going home. I'm here for a reason, and it's my boy and my wife, so of course I'm disappointed. It was a tough day. [in the dorms] Oh...that's fucked up, bro. (interview) My dream when I came to Hell's Kitchen was to win. So, uh, now it's time to move on and get my own restaurants going. You know, I don't need Chef Ramsay's opinion anymore, I've got it. [entering the taxicab] Tomorrow's another day! Let's do it. (interview) It's time for J Maxwell to do his own thing.

Gordon: Where are the wellingtons?
Ben: Five and a half minutes.
Gordon: I'm watching you like a fucking hawk.
Ben: I know you are, chef.
Gordon: You know why? Do you know why?
Ben: I don't–I don't know, chef.
Gordon: I want you out. You're not cutting it. You're dreaming.
Ben: (interview) It hurts. It hurts when someone goes at you like that.
Gordon: Stop! Stop, stop, stop, stop! Put that down. [finds that Ben has put fresh wellingtons in a tray filled with burnt bits of pastry] Oh, my God! Look! Look!!
Danny: (interview) Ben was struggling, getting just beat up by Chef. Ben's just like J; during dinner service he just falls apart.
Gordon: Come here, you! Come here! Get in there! [Gordon leads Ben into the pantry]
Ben: Yes, chef.
Gordon: What's your fucking game?
Ben: No game, chef.
Gordon: Tell me straight. What are you doing?
Ben: Chef, I'm doing everything I can.
Gordon: Why are you putting them on a dirty tray?
Ben: Chef, only because I was doing wellington on them before, and I could not find any more...
Gordon: And that's good enough for you?!
Ben: No, it's not, chef.
Gordon: Is it fucked?
Ben: It's not. I don't want to do it in a...
Ben: Yes, chef.
Ben: Yes, chef.
Gordon: One more, and you're fucking history.
Ben: Yes, chef.
Gordon: GET IN!
Ben: Yes, chef. (interview) Today, it took every little part of me to not go up in my little cocoon. I did everything I could to just push forward.
Gordon: DIRTY PIG!

Ben: [sighs] First of all... Robert, Danny, I'm sorry, man. I went down in flames. I did everything I could, I really did. (interview) I really don't think there was any good part about my performance during service tonight. There's definitely a part in my mind that makes me think that Chef Ramsay could send me home. [to Danny] I fucked up. This was one of the worst services I've ever cooked, and I'm ashamed.
Danny: (interview) Ben runs his mouth about a big game, but he sucked every dinner service! I wouldn't be sad to see Ben go.
Ben: You guys know what you guys got?
Lacey: I don't know what to do at this point. Why don't I put Robert up there, 'cause Robert kicked ass tonight? Why don't I put Danny up there when Danny's been doing good services? Who do I fucking put up there?!
Ben: For you to put me up because I had a bad service tonight... for everything I've done to try and help you along with everything like that...[shakes his head]
Robert: [to Lacey] You know as much as you've done well, I can't forgive that shit that happened today, man.
Lacey: Oh, God.
Robert: When you left the Red team, you fucking done a great job–not taking that away from you–but I was constantly stressed with dealing with your fucking emotional bullshit!
Lacey: I know how you guys feel about me. That's fine.
Robert: No, you don't!
Lacey: You just sat here and fucking blabbed shit to me!
Robert: If all you're hearing is all the negative, you're a moron.
Lacey: What did you just say that was positive?
Robert: I said that you gave a FUCK since you've been here!!
Lacey: So, you're complimenting me...
Robert: The first night you fucking left your team, up there when they're busting their ass! (interview) Lacey is not a team player. She doesn't find this serious, she blames everybody but herself. The girl is FUCKED in the head, man! [to Lacey] You care when you wanna care, when it's convenient for Lacey! That's not how a team works! If you don't give a fuck, beat it!
Lacey: (interview) Robert is just an asshole. Maybe I'll put Robert up there, because Chef Ramsay did say...go back and nominate one person you don't want on your team.
Robert: Dude, I swear to God! If you win this, I will hang up my coat and become a crack whore, dude!

Gordon: That was painful in there tonight! Do each of you know who you're voting for?
Blue Team: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Good! Tell me who you don't want on your team any longer and why?! Robert?
Robert: I don't want Lacey on my team anymore, chef. 'Cause I believe in my heart that she is a cancer. I don't appreciate holding our team up for ransom before service, by threat of quitting and...
Gordon: On service?
Robert: Yes. And I refuse to accept quitters, and we've tried to help her, but she's constantly blaming everybody else. And I'm serious emotionally, like, with this passion about this, because in the long run, she doesn't care what happens, and if I was running my restaurant... See you later.
Gordon: Holy crap.
Robert: Sorry.
Gordon: You got that one off your chest?
Robert: Yes, chef.
Gordon: And you've got a big chest?
Robert: Yeah. [chuckles] Yes, chef.

Gordon: I kept Ben and Lacey because J put the kitchen in such a hole that they never stood a chance. They're very lucky that I sent J packing.

Episode Eight [5.08][edit]

Ben: Lacey, talk to me.
Lacey: I don't know! I honestly don't know!
Ben: (interview) Boy, oh boy. Lacey had no clue what she was doing.
Danny: [to Lacey] You got your lamb reheating?
Lacey: No! I can't–guys I'm...
Danny: Hey, it's cool, man. Just breathe, girl.
Ben: Come on, keep focused.
Danny: Get your lamb in the oven. Grab a pan. (interview) Lacey on the meat station was like... Oh, man! [to Lacey] That's going to be up in four minutes, okay? (interview) Just spoon-feeding her, like... Relax, calm down. It's not that bad. [to Lacey] You're fine! Just tell me what you need.
Lacey: I don't know! That's the problem!
Gordon: How long, Ben?
Ben: I believe we're going to need some more time for the meat station, chef.
Lacey: Ahhh...
Gordon: Talk to me, madam!
Lacey: I don't know how long, chef! Really, I don't!
Gordon: WHAT?!
Lacey: (interview) What do you want me to do, lie to him? Fuck it! I didn't know, I didn't lie to him!
Gordon: [to Danny] Get in there and help her!

Lacey: I'm no good at meat, guys! I told you that!
Danny: That's fine! Which one is your well done?
[Lacey's meat pan catches fire; Gordon approaches her station]
Gordon: Leave it! Fucking hell, what is that?!
Lacey: Wha-I...
Gordon: What is that, I said! Look at it! It's on fire!
Danny: Is this your well-done?
Lacey: [tearfully] I don't know.
Ben: (interview) She was lost. [makes a crying impression of Lacey] "I DON'T KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON HERE, HUHU!!"
Gordon: What's the matter with you?!
Gordon: What do you mean you can't cook meat?!
Lacey: Obviously I'm weak and confused...
Gordon: Hey madam, madam! Get out! GET OUT!!
Robert: (interview) Can't handle the heat, get out the kit-CHEN!!
Gordon: [follows Lacey to the pantry] "I CAN'T COOK MEAT?!"
Lacey: I–I'm sorry. I just got really confused.
Gordon: If you got confused, why didn't you say something?!
Lacey: I did and then Robert put the chicken and the chicken went on fire and...!
Gordon: Why can't you just make the effort?
Lacey: I'm trying to make an effort.
Gordon: Do you want to come back in there and make an effort?
Lacey: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Well, wake up and get a grip!! Come on! [leads Lacey out of the pantry]

Narrator: It's over an hour into dinner service, and while Ben and Lacey struggle to get out entrées...
Ben: Okay, I need you right now.
Lacey: You need to put me on something easier than fucking wellingtons.
Narrator: Robert has managed to handle the appetizers on his own.
Robert: C'mon, guys! Let's fucking do it!
Ben: Yeah, move! We got this!
[Robert bends over and a ripping sound is heard. As Ben and Lacey look on in shock, we see that Robert has split open the seat of his trousers. He carries on, unconcerned.]
Robert: Come on guys, keep pushing! (interview) All I heard was "RRRRRIIIP!"
Scott Leibfried: [to Gordon] Robert's ass is hanging out all over the place.
Robert: (interview) "Ooh, I feel a little breeze on the back of my ass!" I'll cook in my boxer shorts, I don't give a shit.
Gordon: Damn!

Gordon: On the way: wellington, lamb, chicken, Dory! [to Ben] You, back on your section!
Ben: Yes, chef!
Lacey: Oh, fuck! No way!
Danny: [to Lacey] I got you! I got you! (interview) When Lacey started losing it, I was like, "Fuck. Here we go."
Lacey: Can't cook fucking meat!
Gordon: One minute to the window, yes! [to Lacey] Hey, madam! V.I.P! V.I.P, V.I.P!
Lacey: Yes, chef! I need three minutes, chef!
Gordon: Three minutes?! WHY?!
Lacey: Becau–I don't...
Lacey: (interview) Every thirty seconds, "Madam, where is this?!" Like, shut up so maybe I can get you your well-done wellington.
Gordon: Chicken, lamb, wellington! Let's go!
Lacey: Shit.
Gordon: You can do one table, surely!
Lacey: Sure, chef! I'm just gonna see what happens.
Gordon: Send it, let's go!
Lacey: [to Robert] Behind you, Robert! Excuse me, Robert! [to Gordon] Behind you, chef.
[Gordon checks on meat brought up by Lacey and finds that the lamb was badly carved]
Gordon: Oh, my God!
Lacey: Hmm... Fuck me!
Gordon: Come here, all of you! What is that?! Fucking bone's thicker than the meat! [to Lacey] WHAT IS THAT?!
Gordon: [throws the lamb in the bin] It's not good enough! GET OUT! YOU'RE NOT GOOD ENOUGH!! PISS OFF!! [follows Lacey into the pantry] Madam, look at me. Let's be honest, you're done. You can't waste my time any longer!
Lacey: I agree.
Gordon: Give me your jacket, and leave Hell's Kitchen. And go in there, and say goodbye. Properly, say it properly! Let's go.
Lacey: [to the blue team] Thank you for everything!
[Danny quickly waves to Lacey and then resumes cooking; Ben and Robert ignore her altogether]
Robert: (interview) There's a small violin, just for Lacey. [blows a raspberry] She sucks. Adios, bee-yotch.
Gordon: Piss off! Let's go! Step up a gear.
Lacey: (interview) On one hand, it's a relief. I can get back to my normal life. [packing her suitcase] At least now I can get some sleep at night. (interview) But you know, another part of me wishes to stay and learn more and have that chance to win, but unfortunately I fucked up tonight and I can only look back on the positive things...which there weren't many for me. You know, my mom told me when I came here, "Don't make enemies." and that's the first thing I did and kept doing the whole time I was here. Sorry mom, I should've listened.

[After Lacey was eliminated, the Blue team rallied and completed their service, while the Red team was nowhere completing theirs]
Gordon: Three of them in there cooking, they've [Blue team] sent all of their entrées. Five of you and we're still waiting on two wellingtons [points to Carol] from Ditsy. She [points to Andrea] gives me a rubber John Dory, she's [points to Carol] shouting at me about the oven, and she [points to LA] can't even give me hot mashed potatoes! One, two, three pathetic excuses from three pathetic women! I've had enough. Stoves off!

Gordon: LA was a real workhorse in the kitchen. I kicked her out of Hell's Kitchen because she lacked two crucial skills to be a great chef - leadership and creativity.

Episode Nine [5.09][edit]

[The Blue Team are designing their menu for the upcoming service and Ben had came up with an idea that Danny and Robert have no clue and interest about]
Ben: I'm thinking halibut, gentleman. And I think that if we go ahead, and we take a halibut, and we really try and go out there and do a method, let's say for instance, a shallowed poach...
Robert: (interview) I'm thinking of three old rich fuddy-duddies... and they're like, "I'll have the poached halibut..."
Ben: Poached Alaskan halibut.
Robert: (interview) "...and please make it extra poached".
Ben: With pomme fondant. (interview) Neither one of them are used to doing refined methods of cooking.
Danny: Pomme fondant like...I mean...
Ben: Pomme fondant is going to be something that's done very old school French.
Danny: (interview) I've worked in a lot of kitchens but, uh... some of these terms that Ben says I have no idea what he's talking about.
Ben: Pomme fondant.
Danny: [tapping ash off a cigarette] Pomme fondant?
Ben: The beautiful potatoes, uh... fondant and pomme fondant.
Robert: (interview; imitating Ben) Pomme fondant.
Ben: Pomme fondant.
Danny: (interview) I don't ever want to hear that term "pomme fondant" again. I don't even know what it is.
Ben: Shallow poached Alaskan halibut with confit tomatoes and pomme fondant, comma...natural poaching liquid.
[Danny and Robert are still clueless about the dish and say nothing; Ben stares at them as crickets start chirping]
Danny: [to Robert] What do you think?
Robert: (interview) I wouldn't order that! [to Danny and Ben] Sounds good.

[Gordon checks on sauce brought up by Ben]
Gordon: Oh, Ben!
Ben: Chef!?
Gordon: [returns the sauce to the workstation] Right, all three of you (Ben, Danny & Robert) come here. Here we go. [with spoons] Taste time! Quick, quick, dig in there, yes? Dig in. Make sure you take a nice big mouthful. Big mouthful. Mmmmmm. [spits out the sauce as does Robert]
Robert: (interview) I spit it right out. It was disgusting.
Gordon: Hey, salty soup! You're just reheating it!
Ben: Yes.
Gordon: So how can you fuck it?!
Ben: It was bland before I over reduced it, it's my fault. I should've tasted it, chef.
Gordon: You're clumsy! You salted it!
Ben: Yes chef.
Gordon: You over-seasoned it!
Ben: Yes I did, chef.
Gordon: You didn't over reduce it!
Ben: (interview) I'm a soldier, that's why I say, "Yes, chef!"
Gordon: Hey, clumsy-fuck!
Ben: Yes, chef. I'm going to put one up right now, chef.
Gordon: Why are you always looking for excuses, you?!
Ben: No, no, no excuses, chef. It was my fault! It's coming out right now!
Ben: (interview) I don't-I don't tuck my head in my fucking oven and cry! [sauce in the pan overflows]
Gordon: Oh my God, look at him, look at fucking him!

Gordon: One beef salad. Entrées: one bass, one New York steak.
[A woman comes up to the hotplate to reorder food]
Lady: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Yes, madam?
Lady: Totally flat. No flavor on the carpaccio. This the second time I've had to reorder.
Gordon: Okay, thank you. [to the blue team] Hey, get the veal along please, yes? Let's go.
Lady: Chef! [whistles to Gordon]
Gordon: [to the woman] Right! Don't whistle at me, I'm not your fucking dog, yeah? You look more like a dog than I do. Fuck off, will you?

[Gordon checks on potatoes brought up by Carol]
Gordon: Oh, dear. Excuse me! Oh, dear! Let's go, come down! Hurry up! Taste them. There, there you go, there's a nice slice for you. Yeah, fuck it!
Carol: Hard and raw, chef.
Gordon: Fucking hell! [throws the potatoes away] Why are the potatoes crunchy? Who cooked them, then?!
Carol: I did, chef. If they go in the oven when the order comes in, they should be fully cooked! (interview) I don't know why they didn't cook. I never cooked potatoes that long before I sliced that thin.
Gordon: [to Jean-Philippe] Hey, come in here, you! Have I got news for you, yeah? Tell him then, tell him! HE'S GOING TO GO AND EXPLAIN TO THE CUSTOMER!!
Jean-Philippe: What's happening?
Carol: The potatoes are undercooked. If they go in when the order comes in, they should be fine.
Jean-Philippe: What's undercooked?
Gordon: Say that again?!
Carol: If she (Andrea) fires it when the order comes in, when it's ready to go–
Gordon: Au-gratin dauphinois need to be cooked before service!
Carol: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Now you're blaming her.
Carol: I'm not blaming her, chef.
Gordon: Hey, Andrea, she's trying to sabotage you. She can't even tur–
Carol: I'm not.
Gordon: What?
Carol: I'm not sabotaging.
Andrea: (interview) I was embarrassed for Carol. She's pointing out other people's mistakes. Point me out! I dare you!
Gordon: Here's the next question, how long then til they cook?!
Carol: Maybe ten minutes.
Gordon: Oh, look how cool she is! She said "maybe ten minutes!"
Carol: (interview) They should've been done. Why didn't they cook?
Gordon: [to the customers] MAYBE TEN MINUTES, EVERYBODY! FOR YOUR AU-GRATIN DAUPHINOIS!! Look at them! The poor souls! [to Carol] Are you stupid?!
Carol: No, chef. I'm not.
Gordon: Bullshit! [throws his towel away]
Andrea: (interview) Those potatoes! I was embarrassed for Carol.
Gordon: Why didn't they cook to begin with?!
Carol: Chef, yes, I cooked them in the cream for an hour!
Gordon: WHAT?!
Carol: Yes.
Gordon: You cooked them in the cream for an hour?
Carol: In boiling cream for an hour!
Gordon: Crunchy gratin dauphinois. Useless.

Narrator: With the red kitchen at a standstill, Chef Ramsay turns his attention to the blue kitchen and Ben's potatoes.
Gordon: Where's the pomme fondant?
Danny: That's it, chef.
Gordon: I thought pomme fondant was cooked in butter, nicely done! [to Ben] A pomme fondant, butter...
Ben: Yeah.
Gordon: ...fine, nicely coloured.
Ben: I blanched them, chef. I'm sorry.
Gordon: You blanched them?
Ben: Yes, I did. Sorry, chef.
[Gordon tastes a pomme fondant potato then quickly spits it out]
Ben: (interview) "Pomme fondant" means something completely different to him!
Gordon: [to Sous Chef Scott] Isn't a pomme fondant in America the same as a pomme fondant in Europe?
Scott Leibfried: Yes, it is.
Ben: (interview) Chef Ramsay's entire vocabulary is completely foreign to me! He's foreign to me!
Gordon: [to Ben] How can that be a fucking pomme fondant? [hands potato to Ben] Just taste that, you. If that's a pomme fondant, yeah, then I'm the fucking Pope! [throws the potatoes onto the floor]
Danny: (interview) Ben is all about these fancy terms or whatever, but I guess it's not even a pomme fondant!

[Carol pours more cream over her potatoes]
Gordon: What is that on there?
Carol: I just poured more cream on it, and I'm going to put it back in.
Gordon: My God! Oh, Jesus Christ! [gets the potatoes dumps them in the bin] Are you mad?
Carol: No, chef.
Andrea: (interview) There were no saving those potatoes. None whatsoever. They just looked like shit. They looked like fucking shit. It was awful.
Gordon: I wouldn't even serve that to a fucking pig farm, madam. Forget it. [throws the tray into the sink] You don't care do you? Because if you did care, you wouldn't serve me that crap! This is supposed to be your exciting menu! [shrugs] Really?
Carol: (interview) I feel completely awful. This is such a great dish and I fucking ruined it.
Gordon: [to Carol, Andrea, and Giovanni] I expect you, you, and you to come up with an alternative! Sautéed potato, green potat—COME UP WITH ONE!! IT'S YOUR MENU! You all look like this! [puts finger to lips] No! COME UP WITH ONE!
Giovanni: Potatoes! Sautéed fingerling potatoes! (interview) We should've just cooked the potatoes all the way, but everybody's been in the weeds. Everybody's been in the fucking shits. You know, it's about picking yourself up, and keep on going, and never quit.
Gordon: [to Carol] You're going a little bit loopy, you stupid cow.

Gordon: Carol knew she was out of her depth in Hell's Kitchen. I just put her out of her misery.

Episode Ten [5.10][edit]

Gordon: On order, six covers table 20. Entrées: Two wellington, two chicken, one lamb, one Dory. Wellington's medium, yes?
Final 6: Yes, chef!
Gordon: (to Andrea) Right Andrea, what's going? [gets no answer] No answer. I'm not in the best of moods, ah? I don't like being ignored in my own fucking kitchen. What's going?
Andrea: I have no idea, chef.
Gordon: Oh, my God almighty.
Robert: (interview) On garnish, you've got to be thirty seconds before everybody else. If she's not checking the tickets for us, we're screwed.
Giovanni: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Hey, she's running the section, yet she has no idea of what's going. [to Giovanni] Tell her, chef.
Giovanni: Two wellingtons one medium, one medium-rare and lamb medium? I'm sorry, lamb medium-rare. Two lamb medium-rare.
Gordon: Oh my God.
Robert and Ben: Two chicken.
Paula: Two chicken and a Dory.
Giovanni: Two wellington, Two chicken and a lamb.
Gordon: Two wellington, two chicken, one lamb, one fucking Dory.
Final 6: Yes, chef!
Gordon: One wellington's medium, the rest is fucking nor-MAL.
Final 6: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Unlike us! [to Andrea] What's going, madam?
Andrea: I have no idea, chef.
Gordon: You have no idea.
Andrea: I have no idea, chef.
Gordon: Hey, come here you. Hey... fuck off! Hey madam, [points to the front entrance] through the door there! FUCK OFF!
[Andrea walks out of the door while the camera crew follows her]
Andrea: Get that fucking camera out of my face.
Jean-Philippe: Andrea. Just relax. The only thing he wants from you is to come back. You need to fight back. If you don't, you're finished.
Andrea: (interview) This is the hardest...most difficult, most up-and-down thing that I've ever, ever done in my entire life! [to Jean-Philippe] It's just been out of fucking control all night. There's no communication with anybody, and I just haven't recovered.
Jean-Philippe: You want to stay?
Andrea: Yes, I want to fucking stay! I've been through too much hell right now to fucking leave!
Jean-Philippe: Absolutely. So keep it to Gordon.
Andrea: (interview) It's just a reminder of how difficult it's been and how much...how much I just want this so bad.
Jean-Philippe: So now you need to be strong. Go back in there, and give it your best shot. Go on, then!
Andrea: (interview) I put everything I have into this every day, and I just had to go in there and fight for the rest of it.
Gordon: [to Andrea] Right, what's going?
Andrea: Two chicken, two lamb, one wellington, one Dory.
Gordon: Thank you. Back in the kitchen! NOW WAKE UP, ANDREA!
Andrea: Yes, chef!

Gordon: Dory, salmon, lamb, wellington!
Robert: Two minutes, chef!
Gordon: [notices Robert putting the bacon into the John Dory] Robert, just come here!
Robert: Oh, shit!
Gordon: Why have you put the bacon inside the Dory?
Robert: To crisp it up, chef, real quickly.
Gordon: What's the bacon with?
Robert: For the scallops.
Gordon: So why have you put it with the Dory? Suppose he's allergic to bacon! You can send somebody to the hospital on the back of that!
Robert: Oh, you're right.
Gordon: Oh, come on! [kicks a bin] "You're right?" COURSE, I'M FUCKING RIGHT! GET THE BACON OUT!
Robert: (interview) Yeah, I fucked up, but you know what? I know in my heart, I got it. I'm a bull.
Gordon: Come on, Mr. Bacon Man!
Narrator: While Robert tries again on the John Dory, Chef Ramsay is counting on Giovanni on the meat station to get out the first entrée of the night.
[Gordon checks on chicken special at the pass]
Gordon: [with a chewed up piece of chicken] What is that?
Scott Leibfried: Giovanni's best.
Gordon: Hey, Ben.
Ben: Chef?
Gordon: Is that a chewed up bit of chicken from the dog? Here. [gives the chicken to Ben] That's your special. Yeah, have a word with him, yeah? He's (Giovanni) given up. Take all the garnish back, do whatever you wish with it. Your special has now become not very special thanks to dick-face there. Hurry up, Giovanni!
Giovanni: Yeah, but I'm not dick-face, chef. [Paula and Danny look up in shock]
Gordon: Yeah, say that again?!
Giovanni: I said I'm not dick-face, chef!
Gordon: Yeah, you're pissed, are you? Not as fucking– [gets in Giovanni's face] Look at me, LOOK AT ME IN THE EYES!! NOT AS PISSED AS I AM!! YOU FUCKING ARE!! DONKEY!!
Giovanni: No.
Ben: (interview) Whooo! Boy, oh boy!
Gordon: Because right now, I don't give a fuck! DICK-FACE!
Giovanni: (interview) I'm an emotional person, but he can get in my face all he wants, he will not break me.
Gordon: You're sending shit, and you're trying to get away with it! Now I'm ready for an argument! SENDING ME THAT, YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED!!
Robert: (interview) Dude, he just wants you to pop off.
Gordon: And you want to get all sensitive! You want to get all fucking negative!
Giovanni: No, chef!
Gordon: Look at me, look at me, you send me shit like that, take your jacket and FUCK OFF!
Giovanni: Yes, chef!
Gordon: I'm not sending that shit, "chef!"
Giovanni: No, chef. Sorry, chef. (interview) I wasn't angry at him, I was angry at myself. It was just, I was boiling inside and... and he said something to me.
Gordon: That's the well done one. And look at me, I think you're too fucked to get upset with me, you don't give a fuck what I call you. This is not personal, this is professional! That personal was a piece of shit, now PULL IT BACK!!
Giovanni: Yes, chef.
Gordon: DICK-FACE!

Gordon: Ben, why are you cutting the chicken and putting it back in?
Ben: It was not cooked all the way when it was cut, chef.
Gordon: Doesn't it go dry when you cut it and put it in?
Ben: It's juicy, chef.
Gordon: Oh my God.
Ben: (interview) Every single service, Chef Ramsay finds something to really just nail my ass to the wall about.
Gordon: All the goodness is running out of it 'cause you cut through it, you thick cunt! Let's just stand back, and watch that chicken and the juice piss out of it. See all that there? Taste. It's delicious. Unfortunately, it should be the customer tasting it, not you. I think you've tasted enough.
Ben: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Fucking idiot.
Paula: (interview) On any given day, Chef could be up anybody's ass. It just so happens that Ben has more of those days than some of us.
Gordon: [to Ben] You cut them, you can fuck off.
Ben: No, I will not cut them!
Gordon: Yeah? Why aren't you gonna cut them, then?
Ben: Because if I cut them, all the juice will come out!
Gordon: Why?!
Ben: Because—
Gordon: WHY?!
Ben: It won't be juicy! It won't be flavorful, chef! I will not cut them! [pause] It will rest!

Gordon: Giovanni, are we dressing? Andrea, sent the garnish, I get no answer. No answer. Are we going?!
Giovanni: I–Like I said, chef, I need two minutes.
Gordon: But all the garnish is here! Where's the teamwork between you three?!
Andrea: Yes, chef. (interview) There was no communication at all! [to Giovanni] What's up on that one, Gio? (interview) I got nothing from Giovanni, and then when I did, it was like this stuttering...[imitates Giovanni talking]
Giovanni: I need two lamb garnishes, and a well—and a...
Andrea: (interview) He was speaking in tongue! I don't know what the fuck he was saying!
Giovanni: A wellington and a lamb, med-rare. A well...a lamb med–a well-done.
Robert: Can I drop the Dory, guys? How long is that wellington?! (interview) I'm yelling out my Dory, but if Giovanni ain't got his part of the dish ready, then you gotta start all over again!
Gordon: Giovanni, how long?!
Giovanni: Four minutes, chef!
Robert: Four minutes?!
Giovanni: Yeah.
Robert: Oh, man. My Dory's gonna be fucked. (interview) And then you gotta start over, and then you gotta start over!
Giovanni: I'm one out on the–on the lamb and a filet! And the chicken!
Gordon: What about your team, then?! Are they all ready?
Giovanni: [to Robert] Are you ready?
Gordon: "Are you ready?!" COME AS A TEAM, GIOVANNI!!
Giovanni: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Giovanni, Robert! Hey, Andrea, come here, you! [gathers them at the corner] All three of you are pathetic! You (Giovanni) don't care...
Giovanni: I care, chef.
Gordon: ...you're (Robert) way behind, and you (Andrea) haven't got a fucking clue! Can we work together as a team?!
Giovanni, Robert and Andrea: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Two wellington! One well-done! GET IT ON!!!

Gordon: HERE WE GO! We haven't got any team spirit, we've got fuck all!
Danny: (interview) We should have this shit down, just like clockwork.
Giovanni: One piece is ready, one piece ain't.
Danny: (interview) When one station fails...
Scott: [Andrea's one pan catches fire] Pan's on fire! Pan's on fire!
Danny: (interview) ...another station fails and it snowballs.
Gordon: We're going up in flames. [pick Andrea's pan]
Paula: (interview) First night with the black team, one big cluster fuck.
Gordon: Same shit, different day! [throws the pan into the sink]
Scott Leibfried: [Ben's pan also catches fire] What about the rest of the table? We need cover-up.
Gordon: Dynamic six, yeah. My fucking arse. Fuck off, the lot of you! [walks out of the kitchen and throws his towel away]

Gordon: [calls the five chefs back in the kitchen after Giovanni's elimination] I just spent the last hour upstairs in my office thinking. It just doesn't make sense! How can the final six be so shit? I called you all down here because on the back of that performance, I'm now going to do something I have never ever done before. I'm shutting down Hell's Kitchen.

Episode Eleven [5.11][edit]

Narrator: After a couple of days without any word on how Robert is doing, Chef Ramsay calls the chefs down for a meeting.
Gordon: So you're feeling fresh, very relaxed. Did you enjoy the whole atmosphere at the Borgata Resort?
Danny: Very much so.
Ben: Incredible, chef.
Gordon: Sadly, you came back minus one individual. Clearly, you're all deeply concerned. I'm not going to tell you how he's doing, I'm going to let him tell you himself. Chef Robert.
[Robert appears and everyone applauds and smile]
Gordon: Okay, big boy. Let me just say how pleased I am to see you.
Robert: Thank you.
Gordon: How are you feeling?
Robert: Not good.
Gordon: Ah?
Robert: Not good.
[Ben stops smiling.]
Gordon: What did the medics say?
Robert: I have pericarditis, which is the swelling of the sac around the heart which leads to heart disease.
[Gordon shakes his head in dismay, Andrea and Paula fight back tears.]
Gordon: Oh dear. Hey. Are you coming back?
Robert: No.
Gordon: No?
[Danny's face drops and Paula starts tearing up]
Robert: I'm not coming back.
Gordon: The fact you can't continue is a great shame.
Andrea: (interview) It's just sad. It's really, really sad because he's put his heart and soul into this. It really sucks.
Robert: [to Andrea as he hugs her] Good luck to you.
Andrea: Take care of yourself, okay?
Robert: Paula. Ben.
Ben: I'm so sorry. I wish you were...
Robert: Good luck my man.
Ben: (interview) I feel awful for Robert. It's upsetting to lose a friend and a competitor in that way. He's a banged-up guy, and I'd be honored to work with him.
Robert: Danny, my man! [hugs Danny]
Gordon: [to Robert] I just want to tell you that you have been a fantastic competitor...
Robert: Thanks, chef.
Gordon: ...and you had the potential to win this competition. You never, ever, ever forget that.
Robert: Thank you very much.
Gordon: Okay, big boy. Give me your jacket and leave Hell's Kitchen. [Robert shakes his hand and hugs him]
[The final five contestants clap for Robert]
Gordon: Hey, well done, buddy. Now get better.
Robert: Thank you, chef.
Gordon: Take care.
Robert: Good luck, guys!
Ben: We love you, man.
Robert: I knew I was coming in as the underdog, I knew I had to fight and scrape my way to the top. I have no regrets...I'm proud of every day that I've been here, I'm proud that I got to associate myself with one of the best chefs in the world. I'm leaving Hell's Kitchen so I have my health for my family, for my career. I feel like I've won.

[Ben has been struggling on the garnish station]
Gordon: What's going, Ben? [gets no response] Oh, my God almighty! Oh, come on. Three Dory, two salmon, one chicken. [sees what Ben is doing] Why is he putting the lettuce there like that? He's trying to sauté it.
Scott Leibfried: I don't know, chef.
Gordon: Look at–look at the mess of this guy.
Scott Leibfried: He's throwing everything in a pot.
Ben: (interview) I'm just absolutely... just mind-boggled. [laughs]
Gordon: [picks up a pan and a piece of lettuce] You've got a pan here like that and you're throwing lettuce on top like that... you're shit. You are so shit, you don't even realize what you're doing!
Danny: (interview) I'm like, "Oh, man Ben! Come on!" Like, you know better than that.
Gordon: Hey, come here a minute. Why are you doing this? You're just adding the lettuce to the tomato and cucumber, you're not sautéing the lettuce?
Ben: Chef, I was in a side pan s-sautéing the tomatoes and the cucumbers, chef. But I did it wrong, chef.
Gordon: Yeah, you're fucking up, you're cutting corners, and you're slipping big time! Do you know what? Do you know your biggest problem that'll always be the downfall of your career? You're full of fucking shit! Because every time you got fucking something wrong, you give a bullshit fucking excuse! Well, right now, I'm fed up with your bullshit excuses!
Ben: Yes, chef. (interview) There's really nothing that I can do to please Chef Ramsay, and I'm slowly but surely being able to accept that.
Gordon: FUCK OFF!!
Ben: Yes, chef.
Gordon: You're too dangerous to have on service. I asked you what you're doing, you said you're sautéeing tomatoes, ARE YOU FUCK?! YOU DIRTY PIG! GET OUT!! GET OUT!! Un-fucking-believable!
[Ben walks into the pantry and bangs his head on the door]
Ben: (interview) What the fuck is going on?! I–I'm very upset right now, but I don't give up. I'm a good cook, I know how to cook. You know, I feel like I need to really try and pull it together. [goes in the bathroom to wash his face] Okay, we're back. (interview) I certainly ain't leaving here without a fight. I'll tell you that.

[Ben returns to the kitchen after a quick break]
Gordon: Yeah, right. Hey, you! Come here you!
Ben: Yes, chef!
Gordon: What's going through your mind now? You still going to fucking butcher me and slice me and serve shit to them?!
Ben: No, chef!
Gordon: Where's your fight, man?!
Ben: It's here, chef!
Gordon: Where is it?!
Ben: I got it, chef!
Gordon: Then wake up, you doughnut!

[A plate of underdone salmon made by Andrea gets sent back to the kitchen]
Gordon: What's the matter?
Jean-Philippe: It's raw, chef.
Gordon: Oh, here we go. Andrea.
Andrea: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Re-fire the salmon. It's raw. One medium, let's go. Hurry up!
Andrea: Yes, chef! (interview) The hardest thing for me was having my food come back. I was pissed off about it!
Gordon: How long for the salmon medium?!
Andrea: It's–I just flipped it, chef!
Gordon: Yeah, hey, madam! I want a fucking time! HOW LONG?!
Andrea: (interview) An ass-load of fish was sold tonight and I was moving as fast as I fucking could.
Gordon: ANDREA!
Gordon: SPEED UP!!
Andrea: YES, CHEF!
Andrea: YES, CHEF!
Gordon: You're not even concentrating!
Andrea: I am concentrating, chef.
Danny: (interview) You know, fish is the easiest station here. Chef's looking for a leader. She can't even lead her own station.
Gordon: [to Andrea] HOW LONG?!
Andrea: I give a... a minute and a half, chef!
Gordon: What about him (Ben) and his garnish?!
Andrea: Ben, can you fire garnish and be ready in a minute?
Gordon: Oh, fuck me. Like he (Ben) was half an hour ago. Completely switched off!
Andrea: Absolutely not, chef!
Gordon: I know you're safe, but–Hey, madam! Look at me! Stop fucking around!
Andrea: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Now we can really spot the fucking weak ones.

Gordon: Let's go. Two Dory, one salmon, one lamb.
Andrea: Fuck!
Gordon: Look at the state of her.
Andrea: I'm re-firing two pieces of Dory!
Gordon: Come on, Andrea! If she can't cook two Dory, she shouldn't be here. Danny!
Danny: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Give her a hand on the fish, yes?! She is absolutely sinking!
Danny: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Where's your team spirit, yes?!
Danny: Right here, chef.
Gordon: COME ON, THEN! YES?!
Danny: (interview) It's irritating that I have to fucking babysit the one that has the "get out of jail" free card.
Gordon: [to Andrea] MADAM!
Andrea: YES, CHEF!
Gordon: Andrea!
Andrea: [walks to the pass] Yes, chef! Coming right now, chef!
Gordon: [picks up a piece of Dory] Unbelievable. [to Andrea] Madam, IT'S RAW!
Andrea: Fuck!
Gordon: Yeah, there you go! [tosses raw fish to Ben, who catches it] Touch! Oh, fucking hell! [to Andrea] What, is this a game with you? You're safe so you sabotage everyone else?!
Andrea: Absolutely not, chef!
Andrea: Yes, chef!! (interview) I wanna crawl out of my body right now and just get away and... it's really frustrating, 'cause I'm giving this everything I fucking have.
Gordon: Paula, check her John Dory. Last one was fucking sashimi! Come on, Andrea!
Andrea: YES, CHEF!
Gordon: [sees the fish on Andrea's pan] Hey, madam! Your tuna's burnt!
Danny: (interview) Andrea, you are so lucky to have gotten that safe card.
Gordon: Oh, my God. [to Andrea] Right now, you're the luckiest person ever! Madam, you're shit!
Andrea: Yes, chef, I am shit! (interview) My performance was absolute shit and pathetic and useless, and... being safe is not even a thought in my mind at this point.
Gordon: Oh, fucking hell.

Episode Twelve [5.12][edit]

Narrator: An hour and a half into dinner service, the kitchen continues to work on entrées and appetizers at the same time, and Chef Ramsay is anxious to keep the momentum going.
Gordon: Ben, mixed salad, yeah? With plain vinaigrette for the vegetarian, yes?
Ben: Yes, chef! Would you like tuna on this as well, or just the rest of the ingredients?
Gordon: Oh, fuck me. It's a vegetarian! You're like, "Do you want tuna on this?!"
Ben: No, I—
Gordon: Shut up!
Ben: Yes, chef.
Gordon: That's a salad with plain vinaigrette?
Ben: Yes, chef. (interview) You know, my thing is this: if you're not sure, ask. So, I'll ask. I'll take an ass-whooping for it, but at least I know for sure.
Gordon: It's got croutons in there? [looks into salad bowl] Oh, fuck me.
Jean-Philippe: Just a green salad, chef.
Gordon: I know! I fucking told him a green salad! [throws salad on the table] Fucking hell! [to Ben] Always one, here we go! Is this the start? Is this the beginning of the end?!
Ben: No!
Gordon: Hey, is this the wind-up now?!
Ben: No, chef! Not at all, chef!
Gordon: ONE PLAIN FUCKING SALAD! Did you go to school?!
Ben: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Do you know anything about a plain salad?!
Ben: Yes, chef!
Ben: (interview) Chef Ramsay just goes at me hard all the time. And the only reason I can come up with is that he sees that potential to be the champ of this thing, and that's why he constantly pushes me.
Gordon: [to Scott] What does a plain salad mean here in America? Hey!
Scott Leibfried: It just means plain.
Gordon: Plain fucking salad!

Danny: [to Andrea] Four minutes on those two medium wellingtons. Behind that, you have a chicken, two lamb, and three wellies, right?
Andrea: Yes, I do. I do have those.
Danny: Behind that Andrea, two more wellies, okay? That's here all day. [Andrea says nothing] Five all day?
Paula: Hey, you have five all day? [Andrea remains silent]
Danny: Andrea!
Andrea: (interview) I counted the wellingtons, they weren't all there! And then all of a sudden, where's the last two wellingtons? I'm like...I don't know. [to Paula] I–I'm down two.
Paula: You're short two?
Gordon: What?! [to Andrea] WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!
Andrea: I did a miscount, chef.
Danny: (interview) Andrea said, "Oh, shit. I need two more." Bam! Me and Paula grabbed her wellies, grabbed her puff pastry. Got it rolled, and we got it in the oven for her.
Gordon: How long for those wellingtons?
Andrea: Fifteen minutes out, chef.
Gordon: Why now in the last three tables? Like him (Ben) with the appetizers! Completely oblivious to keeping the momentum in service.
Andrea: Yes, chef.
Paula: (interview) Ben was struggling and Andrea was struggling. That's half of your kitchen right there, so what do you think is gonna happen? Things are gonna be fucked up.
Danny: Andrea, how long?
Andrea: They could still be in for two minutes, guys.
Gordon: Andrea! You just fucked the perfect service!
Andrea: (interview) It was just a nightmare for me. And I'm kicking myself in the ass for finishing as poorly as I did.
Gordon: Come on, Andrea! Wellingtons!
Andrea: Right now, chef.
Gordon: Painful, painful, painful. Unreal. What a shame! Switch everything off, Danny!
Danny: Yes, chef.

Episode Thirteen [5.13][edit]

Andrea: [tasting fish at the pass] Gloria! Christ, that's too much fucking salt!
Gloria: Oh, too much? I'm sorry.
Andrea: Come on, re-fire it! Get it right! [Gordon looks surprised] Chicken, lamb, wellington! Danny, where is it?! It was forty-five seconds, that was forty-five seconds ago!
Danny: I got it right now, chef.
Andrea: [tastes John Dory brought by Sous Chef Scott] Scott, you need to season this.
Scott Leibfried: Oh, come on.
Andrea: Dory sauce needs to be seasoned!
Scott Leibfried: You don't know what the fuck you're talking about.
Andrea: Come on, I need that Dory! That Dory's not on! Where is it?!
Scott Leibfried: I'm getting the Dory! The scallops are in the pan right now! Dory's going down!
Andrea: (interview) I loved being up there. I seriously think that that was the least nervous that I've ever felt in Hell's Kitchen the entire time. [to Scott] Scott, I want three new eggs! These ones look like hell!
Scott Leibfried: [laughs] Are you sure?
Andrea: I am sure! GET THEM ON!
Scott Leibfried: Okay! Go fuck yourself, you stupid cunt.
Gloria: Whoo!
Paula: (interview) Honestly, I thought Andrea was like too much over the top.
Andrea: [checks scallops brought by Scott] Scott, these are raw in the middle!
Scott Leibfried: Are you sure?!
Andrea: They need to be cooked further, Scott!
Scott Leibfried: How much longer?
Andrea: Forty-five seconds longer in a hot pan! Come on, make that Dory happen fast! The rest of the table's gone!
Scott Leibfried: Yeah, fuck you. I'm gonna start losing my fucking mind.
Andrea: Where's that Dory?! LET'S GO!
Scott Leibfried: Cooking it as fast as it'll let me! One minute.
Andrea: (interview) He just kept giving me excuses. Now I know why Chef Ramsay's such a fucking lunatic!

Scott Leibfried: We're gonna have a fucking problem.
Paula: (interview) Andrea... Man, she was really rough on Chef Scott. She was riding him like a donkey, man!
Andrea: What the fuck? What is going on here, man?! [walks up to give Scott more cream for the John Dory sauce]
Scott Leibfried: [angrily bangs spoon on workstation] I'm telling you right now, I'm gonna fucking punch her in the face.
Danny: (interview) I knew he was pissed. Dude, I thought he was gonna kill her.
Scott Leibfried: Ten seconds on Dory, eggs right now! [walks to the pass with quail eggs]
Gordon: [to Andrea] Finish your scallops. Come on, hurry up. We're gonna be in the shit big time.
Andrea: These need to be seasoned! [to Scott] Season these eggs, right now!
Gordon: Well spotted.
Andrea: Thank you, chef.
Scott Leibfried: [after sprinkling salt and pepper on the eggs] Fuck you.

Episode Fifteen [5.15][edit]

Danny: [to his teammates] Guys, we need to pick this up, okay? Let's go! Where's my lobster at? [Carol doesn't respond] Carol?
Carol: Two minutes! (interview) He would say he needed something and then want it right that second.
Danny: Let's go lobster! Come on!
Carol: (interview) I'm like, "What the fuck?"
Danny: (interview) I haven't worked with Carol, and uh... she sucked.

Paula: [to Lacey] So you're working two pork, one chicken, one halibut, yes?
Lacey: Yeah!
Paula: After that you're working two pork, one chicken, one halibut again!
Lacey: Oh, shit. Alright, hold on.
Paula: Give me another chicken garnish, too, while you're at it.
Lacey: Oh, fuck me.
Andrea: It's two of the same tickets, honey!
Lacey: I know, but now I have–Never mind. It's just a lot of different stuff in a lot of pans.
LA: Just get it done, Lacey.
Lacey: (interview) I think Paula's menu is too complicated. I got a little flustered, you know, Paula's telling me to do five things at once.
Gordon: [to Lacey] Come on, Lacey! GIVE IT ALL YOU GOT!
Lacey: YES, CHEF!
Gordon: Move, Lacey! Come on! Pan's on fire, Lacey! Don't burn yourself!
Lacey: God forbid, chef.
Gordon: Lacey!
Lacey: Yes, chef?!
Gordon: Look at me! Look at me, just try harder! That's all!
Lacey: I AM, CHEF! (interview) I think this is the first and only time that Chef Ramsay actually got to me. Like, he's...yip-yapping British shit in my ear.
Gordon: COME ON, THEN! Don't start losing it! Come on!
Lacey: (interview) What's he gonna do, kick me off the show? Oh, wait! He already did that!

Gordon: Danny won Hell's Kitchen because in a very short period of time, he grew more than any other chef I've ever seen. He now has the talent, the maturity, to become a great head chef. Borgata Resort should consider themselves lucky. I know I would.