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Hell's Kitchen is an American cooking reality show based on the British program of the same title, where Chef Gordon Ramsay puts aspiring chefs through different challenges and dinner services to decide who is the best.

Episode One [12.01][edit]

[Signature Dishes]
[Mike presents his signature dish to Gordon]
Gordon: Tortellini, what's inside the filling?
Mike: It's just a cheese. It's a packaged tortellini. Fresh tortellini.
Gordon: Packaged fresh tortellini?
Mike: That's how it's sold, chef.
Gordon: Please tell me you used fresh tomatoes.
Mike: Uh, they were canned tomatoes. [audience groans; Gordon throws the dish in the trash without tasting]
Gordon: Come on! That was a joke!
Gabriel: (interview) His whole meal came out of a box. Who does that? You know, you're cooking for Chef Ramsay.
Gordon: [to Kashia] Congratulations that was delicious, well done ladies. Next two dishes. Let's go.
[Melanie and Richard come up with their dishes]
Mike: (interview) I'm a little insulted. It's not like it's packaged dog food. [under his breath] Fuck it, that's bullshit, bro.
Gordon: [to Mike] Come here, you. What did you just say?
Narrator: It's the signature dish challenge and Mike from New Jersey has cost the men their first point and now his mouth may have cost him something else.
Gordon: [Mike stands in silence] Yeah, okay. You got anything to say to me, say it to my face, not my back.
Mike: Got it, chef.
Gordon: Now, fuck off!

[Sandra and Gaurav come up with their dishes]
Gordon: [looks at Gaurav's dish] What is that?
Gaurav: Tuna steak crusted in a little African dukkah spice. (interview) After taking first bite of my dish, he's gonna be in that orgasm. Like the zen mode.
Gordon: It's dreadful. What a big disappointment.
Narrator: With Gaurav missing the mark, Sandra from New York has the chance to give the ladies their first lead with her pan-seared cod.
Gordon: [looks at Sandra's dish] If I ate that, it would back me up like an L.A. fucking freeway. None of you a point. Disgusting.

[Rochelle and Ralph are next up to present their dishes]
Rochelle: Hello! (interview) My name is Rochelle.
Gordon: Okay, well, first of all...[Rochelle starts laughing] What is so funny?
Rochelle: I don't know! [laughs] I think I laugh a little when I'm nervous! (interview) I am definitely nervous and very excited for Chef Ramsay to try my food. [to Gordon] It is a sautéed chicken. (interview; laughs) [to Gordon] It's something my mom made growing up, so it's something that stuck with me.
Gordon: Yeah, it's definitely stuck with me, but all in the wrong way.
Rochelle: Oh... [audience laughs]

Ralph: My name is Ralph, I'm special because I have a spark in my ass, and... [contestants and audience start laughing along with Gordon]
Gordon: You should get somebody to look at that!

Gordon: Hey. All of you, come here. [pours risotto onto a tray] Soup. Like liquid. Runny liquid. It's so fucking runny, you can't even spot the fucking rice in there. Then here, hey. [points at DeMarco] You as well. What do think of that lobster tail?
Anton: (interview) DeMarco, it just looks nasty.
Gordon: Shriveled, rock hard. It's like a fucking golf ball! Then here, hey. Scallops come up, beautifully seared.
Gabriel: (interview) I was like, "yes!"
Gordon: On ONE FUCKING SIDE!! Look. [flips the scallops over] How opposite can one scallop be?
[Gabriel facepalms]
Gordon: Get a fucking grip. Let's go!
Gabriel: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Wake up!

Gordon: Two Caesar salad, one risotto, one scallops! How long?
Joy: I need two minutes on the scallops, and I'm on them.
Sandra: I'm gonna need, like, five minutes.
Gordon: She said five. She's not even talking to you!
Sandra: [to Joy] I need five minutes, okay? I'm sorry. It takes a minute.
Joy: Why are you two fucking me like this?
Gordon: Hey, Joy.
Joy: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Have you given up?
Joy: No, chef!
Gordon: What did I just say there?
Joy: Uh... Chef, can you run the order back to me please? [Gordon says nothing and leaves the red kitchen] OH MY GOD!
Bev: Relax!
Sandra: (interview) She's over there crying and screaming. [makes crying impression of Joy]
Jessica: Relax, girl. Just relax.
Rochelle: (interview) Joy, please calm down! Get it together!

Narrator: As the bad news continues to pour into the Red kitchen...
Joy: I'm pulling the scallops now.
Narrator: ...Chef Ramsay shifts his attention back to the Blue kitchen...
Gordon: How long for the risotto?
Gaurav: Risotto's two more minutes, chef.
Narrator: ...desperate to witness something...
Gordon: There's nothing coming out!
Narrator: ...anything positive.
Gordon: There's nine of you fucking standing there playing with yourselves. [Gaurav sticks his finger into the risotto and tastes it] Oh, no! Hey, you. Hey, come here, you. We do not stick our fingers in the fucking food, lick it and go back inside! What is this?!
Gaurav: Sorry, chef.
Gordon: Does anyone have any respect for the customers standing behind me?
Gaurav: I'll get a grip, chef.
Gordon: Don't worry about getting a grip. Next time, YOU'RE OUT!
Gaurav: (interview) Are you kidding me? You're gonna not take my risotto just because I checked the rice and then finally cleaned my finger with my tongue?
Gaurav: Yes, chef.

Gordon: [to DeMarco and Gabriel] Where's the lobster?!
DeMarco: I'm ready! You want it?
Gabriel: No, no, no, no! Leave it. Put it back in there! Put it back in! (interview) DeMarco, you gotta be a fucking idiot! I'm not sending out raw lobster! [to DeMarco] Is it cooked?
DeMarco: Yes, it's good to go. [brings lobster to pass] Lobster tail, chef.
Gordon: [checks on lobster brought up by DeMarco] Hey, DeMarco, it's overcooked! It's like a fucking bullet! Come here, you!
Anton: (interview) Oh, shit. This can't be happening. Not again, man.
Gordon: Just touch it.
DeMarco: Yes, chef. I'm getting another one right now.
Gordon: [points to Gaurav] So he gets the risotto ready, and then you give him a big ball of elastic band. Supposedly a lobster! Fuck off, DeMarco!
DeMarco: (interview) Gabriel, like come on dude. If you just let me do it, they'd be fucking perfect!
Gordon: Hey, wake up you!
DeMarco: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Wake up!
DeMarco: Yes, chef!

[Sandra brings her risotto to the pass]
Sandra: Walking with the risotto.
Gordon: Where's the lobster?
Nicole: Coming right now, chef. Drop the lobster, Joy.
Gordon: [points to Nicole] Stop right there! Did you just say drop the lobster?
Nicole: Yes, I did, chef.
Gordon: [to Nicole and Joy] Come here you two. [points to Sandra] You, come here. [to Nicole] The lobster is not even in. How long is it going to take for you to cook that lobster tail?
Joy: 45 seconds, chef.
Gordon: Really?
Joy: Yes.
Gordon: Do you know what? Get me a lobster cooked in 45 seconds. Your time starts now.
Sandra: (interview) Good luck, best wishes.
[Joy is now cooking the lobster tail]
Gordon: Fifteen seconds gone.
Jessica: (interview) The pressure's on. On!
Gordon: Thirty seconds gone.
Rochelle: (interview) I was like, "Oh, my gosh! Cook faster!"
Gordon: Forty seconds gone. Time! [Joy brings her lobster tail to the workstation]
Sandra: (interview) Here we go!
Gordon: [slicing the lobster] Cold! Touch it in the middle. Cold and raw.
Sandra: (interview) ...Oops.
Joy: Chef, I did not hear from risotto.
Gordon: You didn't hear?
Nicole: The communication is fucked up.
Gordon: Yeah, the communication is really fucked up! Now, let me communicate something really clear to you. [points to Joy, Nicole and Sandra] You, you, you fuck off upstairs! I'M DONE! GET OUT!! Hope you heard that one!

Gabriel: Scallops to the window, chef!
[Gordon checks on scallops brought up by Gabriel]
Jason: Ugh!
Gordon: [to Gabriel] Big boy, come here you! All of you, just touch the scallops! They're bullets, they're rubber bullets! Look at the color of them. It's overcooked, rubber shit! [to DeMarco and Gabriel] What are you two doing?! MERDE! [angrily smashes the scallops; to the Blue Team] Fuck off out of here! GET OUT!! All of you, GET OUT! I'm done!
Jason: (interview) Dude, we got kicked out of the kitchen. It's really fucking frustrating!
Scott: Chef, can I stay?
Gordon: GET OUT!!

Narrator: With all of the men kicked out of the kitchen...
Gordon: [to Kashia] How long?
Kashia: Thirty more seconds, chef.
Gordon: Let's go, then! If they're ready, I'll take them!
Kashia: Okay, yes, chef!
Narrator: ...Chef Ramsay turns to what's left of the women to save opening night.
[Kashia brings her scallops to the pass, Gordon checks it]
Gordon: They're rubber. Way, way overcooked.
Kashia: My scallops are up there.
Gordon: Who cooked them?
Kashia: I finished it. Bev started it, I finished it.
Gordon: Just touch them! They're rubber! They're bouncy! [throws the scallops like a ball on the workstation] They bounce! This is the worst opening night in the history of Hell's Kitchen! GET OUT!
Kashia: Yes, chef!
Gordon: [to JP] Jean-Philippe!
Jean-Philippe: Oui, chef?
Gordon: I cannot stand the embarrassment any longer. Shut it down.
Jean-Philippe: Yeah.

Gordon: There's so many things about India that I love. It's a shame Gaurav isn't one of them.

Episode Two [12.02][edit]

[Gordon checks on risotto brought up by Simone]
Gordon: All of you, come here! Grab a spoon, come on! [knocks his hand on the workstation] Hurry up and taste that! What does that need?
Kashia: Mascarpone.
Bev: Where's the butter?
Gordon: There's no butter, there's no richness and it's just bland. [to Nicole and Simone] Can you make risotto now?
Nicole: Yes, chef.
Gordon: [to Simone] You, yeah? Fuck off!
Simone: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Come on, Nicole. Two more risotto, let's go.
Nicole: Walking with the risotto, behind. [brings her risotto to the pass]
Melanie: (interview) I'm a little concerned about Nicole stepping up because of her attitude and her unwillingness to be a team player.
Nicole: I hope that shit is okay.
Gordon: [checks Nicole's risotto; finds that there's no lobster in it] Where's the lobster? Nicole!
Nicole: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Come over! Two lobster risotto, where's the lobster?
Nicole: It's my fault chef. I didn't put enough for two, I put enough for one.
Gordon: Get some energy, or both of you, get out of here. Okay?
Nicole & Simone: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Get involved or fuck off home!

[Gordon notices DeMarco cooking tuna in a cold pan]
Gordon: DEMARCO!! What are you doing?! The pan's fucking cold!
DeMarco: Yes, chef.
Gordon: The pan's cold! [goes to DeMarco's station] What's a sear mean? [makes a hissing sound]
DeMarco: Hot. Real hot pan.
Anton: (interview) DeMarco is pathetic. Literally searing tuna, a three-year old could do it.
Gordon: Okay?! It's not hot the pan!
DeMarco: Yes, chef.
Gordon: [knocks his hand on the workstation] If you can't sear this tuna, [points to DeMarco's chef's jacket and apron] take that off, get that off and fuck off home, okay?
DeMarco: Yes, chef.

[Gordon checks on lobster brought up by Beth]
Gordon: They're raw.
Andi: They're fucking cold.
Gordon: And they're fucking cold. All of you, COME HERE!
Nicole: Oh, God.
Gordon: Look, a raw lobster tail. No, no, no, NO! [throws the lobster tail away on the workstation] I don't know where to go! [to Nicole and Simone] Both of you have given up [to Bev and Beth] and you two are shit! Where do I go?! WHERE DO I GO?!!
Rochelle: (interview) Beth, I just told you make sure that's the temperature!
Gordon: Can I have two risotto and two lobster?!
Red Team: Yes, chef!

Narrator: Back in the blue kitchen, DeMarco...
Gordon: Let's go.
DeMarco: Chef, tuna.
Narrator: ...is trying to prove he can complete the simple task of searing a tuna.
DeMarco: (interview) I do know how to sear tuna. There's an incredible amount of pressure in this fucking place.
Gordon: [checks DeMarco's tuna] DeMarco! Did the pan make a hissing noise?
DeMarco: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Congratulations, that's seared tuna!
DeMarco: Yes, chef. (interview; claps) Yes! [smiles]

Gordon: [to red team] We're gonna fire entrées now. Two halibut, two wellington! Away!
Red Team: Yes, chef!
Gordon: How long?
Kashia: [to Beth] How long for the halibut?!
Gordon: Hello, Beth! WHERE'S THE FISH?!
Beth: [to Bev] Where did they go? They've disappeared!
Gordon: Oh my God.
Beth: I just had it! Did you see it?! They're gone!
Kashia: (interview) Beth looked like she was in space...
Joy: [to Beth] Your halibut is here!
Beth: Thank you.
Kashia: (interview) ...but I was on those wellingtons. I treat them as like I was caring for my baby. [to Beth] Slicing my last wellington now! Getting ready to walk to the pass! (interview) I made sure I got them on the dime.
[Kashia and Beth bring their entrées to the pass, Gordon checks them]
Gordon: [on Kashia's wellingtons] Wellington's cooked beautifully.
Kashia: Thank you, chef!
Gordon: Hey, don't dare start celebrating! Let's get that right!
Kashia: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Half the table's missing, Beth and Bev!
Beth & Bev: Yes, chef?
Gordon: The two B's! [gets a piece of halibut] Just touch how firm that is. Just a dry, just flaky mess. Dry fucking mess. [throws the halibut on the tray]
Kashia: (interview) Beth's got to pull it together, she want to be here.
Gordon: [disgusted] Oh, fuck off.
Beth: (interview) I'm not stupid, I know how to cook fish.
Gordon: [to Beth] Re-fire two halibut!
Melanie: Heard that.
Beth: Fuck!

Narrator: Back in the blue kitchen...
Scott: I'm ready on two halibut whenever the chicken's ready!
Narrator: ...Scott takes on the role of coordinator as he tries to get his team to push out their first entrées.
Scott: [to Gabriel] How much time you need?
Gabriel: Three minutes. It has to be cooked! It cannot be raw! (interview) Chicken takes longer to cook than fish, so why the fuck would you drop the fish before it's time?
Scott: Guys, I gotta walk on halibut.
Gabriel: I can't send raw chicken!!
Scott: I understand that!
Gabriel: I can't do it, okay?!
Scott: (interview) I'm trying to keep everybody moving, but I'm sitting and waiting for chicken from Gabriel.
Gordon: Halibut, chicken! Let's go!
Gabriel: [takes chicken out of oven] Alright! Hot, hot!
Scott: Ready on halibut. Let's go.
Gabriel: Don't walk with that yet.
Scott: [starts walking to the pass with halibut] Right behind. Walking with a halibut. I got one more coming up.
Gabriel: (interview) He fucking walks with fish and I still have chicken on the fucking cutting board! Give me a minute to cut it and check it!

[Gordon checks on halibut and chicken brought up by Scott and Gabriel]
Gordon: [on Gabriel's chicken; finds that it's raw] Oh, my God. ALL OF YOU!!
Blue Team: Yes, chef?
Gordon: [angrily knocks his hand on the workstation] COME HERE!! Pink chicken! PINK FUCKING CHICKEN! [angrily throws the chicken away; on Scott's halibut]
Gabriel: (interview; places headband over his eyes)
Gordon: Raw halibut! And it's cold in the middle!
Scott: Fucking halibut! FUCK! DAMMIT! [throws his spoon away; Gordon angrily smashes the halibut]
Richard: (interview) Scott rushed Gabriel to the pass with raw chicken, but the fish wasn't done. Come on, dude.
Gordon: [to Gabriel] Do you want to eat that?!
Gabriel: No, chef.
Gordon: Why?
Gabriel: It's raw chef.
Gordon: Oh, [points to the customers] so they deserve to eat that?
Gabriel: No, chef.
Chris: We're going to come back right now chef.
Gordon: GET A GRIP!!!
Blue Team: Yes, chef!

Narrator: In the red kitchen...
Nicole: Yes, chef!
Narrator: Chef Ramsay is still waiting for Nicole and Simone to deliver an acceptable lobster risotto.
Gordon: [to Joy] How does that make you feel?
Joy: Disappointed, chef.
Nicole: Oh, shit.
Joy: (interview) It's one thing to be frustrated, but I think Nicole is feeling a little bit defeated.
Nicole: Walking with the risotto. [brings her risotto to the pass]
Joy: (interview) You know, Nicole? If you feel like you have no more to give, then maybe you should go home.
Gordon: [returns and slams the risotto on the workstation] All of you, stop! That is so fucking peppery, it's actually started discoloring! [to Simone and Nicole] You two, get out! [to Rochelle] Rochelle, get on the appetizers. [to Joy] Joy, get on the fucking appetizers.
Rochelle & Joy: Yes, chef.
Nicole: Whatever. (interview) It definitely sucks that I got kicked out of the kitchen. Again.

Gordon: [to blue team] CHICKEN!!
Gabriel: [to Richard] Go, go!
Richard: Walking to the window with the kitchen!
[Richard brings Gabriel's chicken to the pass, Gordon checks it]
Gabriel: Come on, baby. Come on, baby, please! (interview) It has to be on the money. I'm sweating bullets right now.
Gordon: Oh, my good God. [returns and angrily throws a piece of chicken on the workstation] Again, chicken that is fucking PINK!! [angrily slams the chicken on the workstation] FUCK!!!
Gabriel: (interview) Fuck, man.
Jason: (interview) I can't believe this happened. Some people are just idiots. If you cannot work under the pressure or the demands of Chef Ramsay, then go home.

[Gordon checks on halibut brought up by Beth]
Gordon: Hey ladies, come here! Beth, that's you!
Beth: (interview) Oh, no...
Gordon: The halibut is still raw. Just touch the skin, Beth! Move, it doesn't mind! It's dead! Soggy and cooked to fuck!
Melanie: (interview) I don't understand why Beth and Bev couldn't pull it together for the life of them.
Gordon: [angrily throws his towel in the workstation] SHIT!! BYE-BYE! GET OUT!!
Rochelle: (interview; sighs, then pretends to faint)
[Gordon throws away the halibut against the wall which the fish smashes into pieces]

Gordon: [to both teams after kicking them out] That was embarrassing. All of you simply forgot how to cook! You need to give me two nominees, from each team, of your weakest chefs. [pause] Now, fuck off.
Ralph: Sorry about that, chef.
Gordon: You're sorry? Oh, Ralph, not as sorry [Ralph slams his fist on the table as he walks out] as the customers standing there staring at me. Fuck off, Ralph!
Anton: (interview) Everybody has a bad day, but this is just ridiculous. I don't blame Ramsay for getting pissed. I mean, if it was my place, I'd tell everybody to get the fuck out, too!

[Beth, Simone, DeMarco and Gabriel have been nominated for elimination]
Gordon: Okay. When I think of the choices that I have tonight, standing in front of me, I think there's one person who has shown me no passion, no fightback, and no leadership. The person leaving Hell's Kitchen is... [points behind the nominated chefs] Nicole! You've got to get out, immediately. [Nicole hands her jacket over to Chef Ramsay] Good night. [Nicole walks toward the exit without saying anything] Good night!
Nicole: [under her breath] Yeah, good night, asshole. (voiceover, as she flips the camera off on the way out) I'm not going to cry like a little bitch. I don't give two flying fucks what he thinks, or what he says. He can kiss my big, fat ass. [blows a kiss] Bye, Chef Ramsay.

Gordon: I'm not looking for a line cook. But if I were, I still wouldn't have hired Nicole. She was useless.

Episode Three [12.03][edit]

[Gordon checks on salmon brought up by Simone]
Gordon: Oh, man. Raw salmon.
Jessica: Oh, God.
Gordon: Look, raw. Not pink, but raw. Congratulations for being the worst two cooks ever to graze the fish station. [Simone laughs; Gordon throws his spoon away; to Simone] It's funny now, right?
Simone: No.
Gordon: All of you, come here. We're just destroying ourselves! [to Simone and Jessica] You two, fuck off! Get out!

Narrator: Back in the blue kitchen...
Gordon: Two risotto, one tuna, one salad. Where is it?
Anton: Risotto's coming, chef.
Mike: Give us...Give us one minute!
Chris: We gotta go on scallops.
Narrator: ...Mike is helping Chris keep track of the orders for the fish station.
Mike: Not yet. He (Anton) went up with the risotto.
Chris: What?
Mike: Yeah, he called one minute.
Chris: No! Not on this one! It's a fucking risotto. Now you're confusing me. Please fucking listen, 'cause now I'm getting confused! (interview; inhales deeply) Mike is an idiot. [to Mike] Please, please, please. Just listen, listen, listen! (interview) I can't fix stupid!

Narrator: While Chris and Mike try to work out their timing issues...
Chris: [to Mike] Don't be afraid to ask for help.
Mike: I'm just saying, dude.
Narrator: ...over in the red kitchen, Joy...
Joy: Where's that lobster, ladies?
Narrator:...is waiting on...
Joy: Simone, follow me. I'm walking with the risotto! [to Gordon] Risotto, chef.
Simone: [to Gordon] Here's your other two lobsters.
Gordon: Hey. I've got one...one lobster tail raw still!
Joy: SIMONE, LISTEN TO CHEF! [Simone looks up]
Gordon: Yeah. Oh, is that me?! [Simone looks at Gordon and says nothing]
Melanie: (interview) If I'm at Hell's Kitchen, and a world-famous chef is yelling at me, I'm gonna yell back. Either speak up or get the fuck outta here!
Gordon: [to Simone] Why did you enter this competition?
Simone: I thought this would be an amazing opportunity to...
Gordon: Right. And how about your performance? How about a little break of sweat?!
Joy: (interview; impersonates Simone talking to Gordon) "I think it's a great opportunity, chef!" You think it's a great opportunity? You're not working like it! Where's the push, where's the drive?
Gordon: Let's go!
Simone: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Look at the attitude of it.
Gordon: Look at the fucking attitude over there!
Joy: She gotta go home.

[Scott brings his lamb to the pass]
Gordon: I've got the lamb. Where's the halibut?
Blue Team: The halibut! Where's the halibut?
Chris: The halibut is two and a half minutes away, chef.
Gordon: Hey, stop. [drops his spoon] Stop. So the halibut's two and a half— [to Chris] Come here, you!
Chris: Yes, chef.
Gordon: [to Scott] Hey you, come here, you! And why you can't talk to him?!
Scott: Fuck!
Gordon: [to Chris] I WANT TO KNOW, CHRIS!!
Chris: He (Scott) never told me he was slicing the lamb.
Scott: No—!
[Flashback to Scott bringing lamb to the pass despite Chris telling him not to]
Gordon: [to Scott] COME HERE, YOU! WHAT IS THIS?!!
Scott: I didn't know, chef. Damnit!
Gordon: You're just shooting yourself in the foot! Hey, hey, all of you! FUCK OFF OUT OF HERE!
Scott: [quietly] Fuck!
Gordon: GET OUT!! GET OUT!!
Gabriel: (interview) We didn't finish a service not once, not twice, but the third fucking time. I mean, it's just fucking embarrassing!

[Bev and Sandra bring their entrées to the pass]
Bev: Please be right.
Gordon: [on Sandra's wellingtons] Wellington cooked perfectly!
Sandra: Thank you, chef!
Gordon: [on Bev's halibut] It's just gets worse. All of you, come here. Yeah, just touch that one first.
Bev: It's overcooked.
Gordon: That's overcooked, now touch that one.
Bev: Undercooked.
Gordon: Yeah. What are we fucking doing to each other? To the Red Team? What are we doing? All of you, GET OUT!!
Bev: Yes, chef.
Sandra: Fucking nuts I get thrown out. (interview) Tonight, all my dishes come out perfect! This sucks! It just flat-out sucks!
Gordon: Jean-Philippe, shut it down!
Jean-Philippe: Yeah.
[Later, Sous Chef Andi meets both teams in the dorms]
Andi: Guys, get downstairs. Let's go.
Gordon: [stops everybody in the hallway] Stay there. Stay there! That was the most embarrassing service I've ever seen! I have to cut some dead weight, and cut it fast. I want three nominees from each team up for elimination! [pause] HURRY UP!

Sandra: I'm sorry, but Simone... you're gonna be my first choice.
Bev: What's the majority? Simone? [everyone on the red team raises their hands in agreement] Let's just get it out of the way!
Joy: Anybody for Bev?
Melanie: I'm... I'm gonna go. Yeah.
Jessica: (interview) Bev is dead weight anyway. Buh-bye, good luck! Don't let the door hit ya where the Lord split ya!
Joy: Anybody for Rochelle?
Rochelle: I'm freaking sick! I hate this!
Melanie: (interview) Rochelle, she just can't put her hundred percent, and we need a hundred percent from everybody right now.
Joy: Anybody for Sandra? [six members of the red team raise their hand]
Sandra: (interview) I don't know why my team is throwing me under the bus. I mean, we've got an idiot (Bev), we've got a sick one (Rochelle), we've got one that's sick in the head (Simone)! I–I'm on point with fucking everything! [to the red team] I haven't fucked up a dish yet! I haven't fucking–I haven't...
Simone: Yes, you have.
Sandra: Get the fuck outta here! I haven't fucked nothing up! Fuck that!
Joy: Some of it has to do with attitude. I mean, maybe that's what it is. I don't know. Like, I don't think it's all based...
Sandra: I look out for my fucking team a hundred fucking times a day!
Bev: With this coming into it...
Sandra: [gets up and leaves] That's some team shit right there. Sorry!
Bev: You have to fucking listen! Please do! That's all that we want from you!
Sandra: Nah, nah! Not right now!
Bev: You never listen! That's...
Sandra: I haven't fucked nothing up! Fuck you, bitches!

Jason: Sorry, man. I'm banning DeMarco.
Ralph: Yeah, me, too. (interview) Right from the get-go, DeMarco's done shit. I mean, you could see a good chef and a shitty chef from a mile away.
Anton: Gabriel?
Gabriel: Based on tonight, I did good, Chris did bad.
Chris: Mark my words, I'm not dead weight, guys. I guaran-fucking-tee that. (interview) I own everything and anything that I do in that kitchen. I know I could've done better, but Mike, he's poison for the team. Keep DeMarco, keep me, but get fucking Mike outta here! [to Mike] If I'm getting all the elements composed, you're seasoning my fucking fish at this point. And that's all you did for me tonight.
Mike: Wait, wait, wait! I gotta say something! Chris wanted to fucking be the first guy to leave!
Jason: You know what they say? One person just works in the other. It doesn't, you fucking idiot!
Chris: [to Mike] If you don't see me do something, you're my man. You're listening to every fucking order being called out and you're watching what my hands are doing.
Mike: Alright, the guy that's cooking is supposed to be cooking!
Gabriel: [to Mike] Both of you are responsible!
Jason: Yeah!
Gabriel: But if he's saying that he didn't do it right, you're his fucking backbone!
Jason: He's been trying to sabotage our whole team, he sucks so bad!
Mike: I think we should send Gabriel up because he did just as much on hot apps as I did on fucking fish.
Gabriel: What?! Are you fucking crazy?! You stood there like a bitch! Just standing there watching him!
Mike: That's right. I did.
Jason: [to Mike] GO BACK TO THE GROCERY STORE, MOTHERFUCKER! Back to the grocery store, and keep working there, you little bitch!
Mike: [to Jason] Fuck you! You loud-mouthed, fucking dough-boy bitch!
Jason: Oh, really?! You're fatter than me, you little motherfucking piece of shit!
Mike: I don't give a fuck!
Jason: Seriously?! Fuck you, man!
Scott: Come on! Guys, come on!
[Some of the guys intervene and step in between between Jason and Mike to break up the fight]
DeMarco: Jay, Jay! GUYS, NO!!
Scott: Hey, hey! Hey, Mike!
Mike: [to Jason] You got one shot! One shot and you'll be dead before you even fucking register with your little fucking brain!
[DeMarco and Gabriel pull Jason away from Mike as Scott and Anton do the same with Mike]
Gabriel: [to Jason] Come on, man.
DeMarco: [to Jason] He's not worth it!
DeMarco: I know, exactly!
Mike: [to Jason] You can talk all the shit you want, bro!
Ralph: Guys, listen! Listen!
Gabriel: That's it, that's done! THAT'S DONE!!

[DeMarco, Mike and Simone have stated their pleas; Gordon makes his decision]
Gordon: My decision is...
Simone: [interrupts Gordon] It's okay chef. I can go. [Rochelle and Gordon give a shocked face]
Gordon: Simone, good night. [calls Mike and tosses his chef's jacket to him] Mike, here's your jacket. Back in line. [to DeMarco and also tosses his chef's jacket to him] DeMarco, back in line. [brief pause] Get out guys.

Gordon: Hell's Kitchen is about making someone's wish come true. Simone wished to leave Hell's Kitchen. That was an easy one. Wish granted.

Episode Four [12.04][edit]

Gordon: Two ravioli, two salad. How long?
Ralph: I'm waiting on crab cakes! I NEED THOSE CRAB CAKES!!
Gordon: There's not even a crab cake on there.
Ralph: Fuck me!
Jason: (interview) Really? Good job, Ralph. Can't remember?
Gordon: Blue Team! [to Jason] He's asking for crab cakes. It's not on!
Jason: I don't know why, Chef. I don't know why, Chef.
Gordon: The first table. [to Ralph] Come on, Ralph! Please!
Ralph: (interview) I'll just be honest with you. I fucked up. What else do you want me to say?
Anton: Is he still waiting on that crab cake?
Jason: No! There's no crab cakes on order. There never was.
Anton: Oh. All right. I thought I heard crab cake. My bad.
Gordon: Oh, my God.

Gordon: [touches crab cake brought by Richard] Hey. [returns to workstation] Crab cake, stone fucking cold in the middle!
Jason: (interview) The crab cakes are very simple. You just drop it in the fryer. Any monkey can do that. It's not hard.
Gordon: Fridge cold! Merde!
Jason: (interview) I don't even know how the fuck he does that. Like, he doesn't check the food before it goes out.
Gordon: God help the next person that gives me a stone-cold fucking dish! God help anyone!

[Gordon checks on the crab cakes Richard brought out]
Gordon: Oh, my God. [walks back from the pass]
Anton: Ohh...
Ralph: Fuck me!
Gordon: STOP! [pounds the table] Stone-cold again! [to Ralph] You. Ravioli. Watery, bland, no seasoning, no fine herbs. Come on!
Mike: Come on, guys!
Gordon: FUCK OFF! Hey, John. John, come here. [to Richard and Ralph] Hey, you. Come here, you. Both of you. [to JP] Table 11. They've both got an appetizer and maybe a little chardonnay.
Jean-Philippe: Yes. Chardonnay, please.
Gordon: I want to know what it's like for you to eat stone-cold crab cakes. Now, fuck off!
Jean-Philippe: Sit down.
Richard: (interview) I don't like getting belittled or berated. I'm too old for that shit.
Gordon: Sit down, Richard!
Jean-Philippe: I know you both want to go back there. As long as this is not finished, you won't go back into the kitchen.
Ralph & Richard: Yes, J.P.
Gordon: Anton. Can you get those appetizers fired up? 'Cause I'm going to flip my lid in a minute.

Narrator: Over in the blue kitchen...
Gordon: How long for the ravioli?
Ralph: One minute and a half, chef.
Gordon: Okay, let's go!
Mike: Raviolis are in.
Narrator: ...Mike is trying to get involved in the service.
Ralph: [to Mike] Hey, you–you're puttin' them down too quick, man! I need to tell you!
Mike: You said a minute and a half.
Ralph: It doesn't matter! I'll tell you to drop them!
Mike: (interview) Ralph was trying to do everything. Get the fuck out of the way, and let me do it. [to Ralph] I can help with that.
Ralph: I don't need help!
Gordon: Why is Mike not doing anything?!
Mike: 'Cause nobody wants help, chef!
Gordon: What?!
Mike: I can't force somebody to help, chef!
Gordon: GET IN THERE!! Ralph, you got the big bear standing behind you! HE'S GOTTA DO SOMETHING! GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE FUCKING SAND!!
Ralph: Yes, chef! (interview) Mike has had terrible service since day one. I wasn't gonna let him lead tonight!
Gordon: Oh, my God.

Mike: [walks to the pass] Ravioli, chef.
[Gordon and Sous Chef James taste the lobster ravioli]
Gordon: There's no lobster. [walking back to workstation] Hey, Blue Team! All of you, come here!
Anton: Fuck!
Gordon: ALL OF YOU!
Blue Team: Yes, chef!
Gordon: What's missing in there, visually?!
DeMarco: Crab meat.
Richard & Scott: Lobster, chef.
Gordon: [to DeMarco] You said, "crab?!"
DeMarco: I meant to say lobster, chef.
Gordon: We practice these ALL FUCKING MORNING! And now it comes up minus the lobster! GET! A! GRIP!
Ralph: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Right now!

Anton: [brings filet steak to the pass] Filet's ready, chef.
Jason: Anton! I have to acknowledge you, dude!
Anton: I thought you heard me. I'm sorry.
Jason: You can't just run up like that like a jackass. (interview) "Oh, my stuff is done, so I'm just going up there! I don't give a shit about anyone else!" The guy's just a stupid beast.
Gordon: [returns to workstation after checking filet] Hey! Medium-rare I asked, and it comes out rare, and it's still cold in the middle. Easiest steak to cook, the filet, and we're dragging the whole kitchen down!
Anton: Sorry, chef!
Gordon: All of you, come here! [points at red kitchen] They've (Red Team) got every appetiser out, and they've barely got three tables left! Look at it! Come here, you fuckers! [to Sous Chef James] Out the way! [counts tickets left at the pass] One, two, three fucking tables of APPETISERS STILL! STILL!
Anton: (interview) Clearly, we're in the shitter. We're not getting out. It's that bad.
Mike: How are they moving so fucking fast?

[The Red Team has just finished dinner service while the Blue Team continues to struggle with theirs. Gordon calls the ladies over after serving their last table.]
Gordon: I want all of you now to go into the Blue Team, and get on every section and help them get out nine tables. Let's go!
Red Team: Yes, chef!
Melanie: (interview) That was a gangster service. I mean, we even had to go over and help the guys 'cause they didn't even know what the fuck they were doing.
Richard: [sees the Red Team enter the blue kitchen] Aw, here we go.
Mike: This is fucking bullshit!
Jason: [to Kashia] We're good over here. Go over there.
Gordon: Alright, Blue Team! The ladies are finished! They're in here now to wake you up and finish.
Richard: No, I'm good. I got a...
Gordon: Hey, shut up! YOU FUCKING DO NEED HELP! Anyone that gives me a stone-cold crab cake twice, trust me, you need help!
Joy: (interview) Take the help! Run with it! The more help you take, the faster you can get out the kitchen!

Sandra: Jason, this one's gonna need like three minutes, alright? They're really raw.
Jason: Look, we know what we're doing here! Don't...
Sandra: I'm not saying you don't!
Jason: Well, don't cut it open!
Sandra: He told me to come! Don't argue with me!
Jason: I know, but he said...
Sandra: I was just checking!
Jason: (interview) It's not fired yet. Of course it's raw! And then she's cutting it open?! Like, who the hell does that?! You're just gonna lose valuable, tasty juice!
DeMarco: We just need to get this food out!
Jason: [to Sandra] You don't need to cut it open!
Sandra: You know what? I'm doing what Chef tells me! Did he tell you to fucking tell me what to do? No.
Jason: Well, then... Get out of here!
Sandra: Don't push me with a knife!
Jason: Move away!
Joy: There's no need to argue!
Jason: Why are you cutting it open?!
Sandra: What?!
Jason: It's not on fire! It's not on fire yet!
Gordon: [to Jason and Sandra] Hey, you! And you, come here!
Jason: Aw, shit.
Joy: You fucking serious? (interview) To get in her face like that and yell, I don't know. Maybe his balls shrunk up a little bit because a woman had to jump on his station.
Jason: [to Gordon] Dammit! I just yelled in front of your kitchen and I owe the whole restaurant an apology.
Gordon: Look at me!
Jason: Yes.
Gordon: I told Sandra to get on there. You may not fucking like it, but it's my fucking choice! So, take it, shut the fuck up...
Jason: Yes, chef.
Gordon: ...and put your head down!
Jason: Yes, chef.
Gordon: [to Sandra] Stay on the section!
Sandra: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Let's go!
Sandra: (interview) Did I look scared for a minute when Jason got in my face? I don't freaking think so! He's all huff and freaking puff. Screaming in my fucking face!
Jason: Just don't cut it open.
Sandra: I'm not gonna fuck up your chicken!
Jason: I just didn't want the juice to leak out! That's all I'm saying.
Sandra: Okay.

[After Mike was eliminated]
Gordon: There once was a cook name Mike.
He couldn't cook fish, or any other dish.
So I told him to take a hike.

Episode Five [12.05][edit]

Narrator: And now, the continuation of Hell's Kitchen.
Gordon: Blue Team, get out of here
Jason: (interview) It's just a weird relief to have Mike gone. Chef Ramsay, you have made the wisest decision ever, thank you so much for eliminating this scourge on the Blue Team.

Anton: [after getting off the phone with Gordon, who has just told all the contestants to come downstairs] Downstairs, right away.
Melanie: Everybody, downstairs, right now!
Gordon: [quietly] Come on!
Jessica: Oh, no.
Gordon: [holds a finger to his lips] Shhh!
Melanie: Come on, you guys.
Gordon: [quietly] There’s something very special going on in the dining room. Do not make a sound! Let’s go.
[All the chefs head into the restaurant]
Rochelle: (interview) Oh, my gosh! What’s going on? And it’s all quiet, it could be anything.
Gordon: [whispering] Let’s go.
[It’s a wedding ceremony]
Singer: ♫ Ave Maria ♫
Melanie: (interview) Oh, my god. This is not wedding attire.
Master Of Ceremonies: Ladies and gentlemen, we welcome you here today to share with us as Parker [the groom] and Joanna [the bride; not to be confused with Season 3’s Joanna] pledge their vows that will unite them in marriage. Parker, do you here declare your commitment to Joanna and choose her to spend the rest of your life?
Parker: I do.
Master Of Ceremonies: Joanna, do you choose him as the one with whom you wish to spend the rest of your life?
Joanna: I do.
Ralph: [yawns]
Master Of Ceremonies: [to the groom] I give you this ring as a symbol of my vow.
Joy: [quickly glances at Rochelle] (interview) I looked at Rochelle, ‘cause you know, she just got engaged. And I’m like, lemme see if she gets teary-eyed. And she had this glow on her face like, “Oh, I can’t wait for my special day!” Chicks love weddings. Come on, now. You know the Red Team loved it.
Master Of Ceremonies: It is my great honor to pronounce you husband and wife.
[Parker and Joanna proceed to kiss; the audience and contestants applaud in response]
Richard: (interview) You know, he’s all smiles today. Give him a couple of weeks, wait ‘till the honeymoon’s over. No, I shouldn't say that. Yeah, yeah, I guess there’s a lot of people that are happily married. I just happen to be one of the people that’s happily divorced.

Gordon: Wedding party, top table! Two scrambled egg, one croque monsieur, one waffles! We're going up at the same time, guys, yeah?!
Red Team: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Let's go.
Melanie: (interview) Breakfast is the easiest thing to cook, but we have to work with the Blue Team. We have to make sure we coordinate and get the food out on time.
Joy: Walking.
Gordon: Where's the croque monsieur, waffles?! Come on, guys!
Kashia: Yes, chef! Come on, she need that croque, Beth!
Beth: Yes, ma'am, I know the egg is up! [the egg explodes in the pan] FUCK! Dammit, it bust. Fuck!
Melanie: (interview) Beth, you don't torch eggs, and you don't let pieces of bread get burnt on the bottom. COME ON!
Gordon: Where is it?!
Kashia: One minute out, chef.
Gordon: Oh, fuck off! It's the bride and groom's table!
Beth: I—I'm...
Joy: Oh, my gosh.
Sandra: (interview) Everyone's waiting on Beth. Because of an egg. Not good.
Gordon: I'm not stopping the Blue Team's order! Let's go!

Gordon: [looks at Ralph's pans] Is that hot?
Ralph: Yeah, it's getting there, chef.
Gordon: No, that's not what I'm asking. [sighs] It's all greasy! The pan has to be hot, why?
Ralph: So it crisps up quick.
Gordon: So if you out it into a cold pan full of oil, what's happening?!
Ralph: It's—it's just soaking up. Sorry, chef.
Gordon: It's grease!
Scott: (interview) Ralph, dude, that was a rookie move, bro. Rookie move.
Gordon: Look at me!
Ralph: Yes, chef.
Gordon: It's the bride and groom!
Ralph: Yes, chef.
Gordon: I want them to enjoy their big day, not spend it worrying about their cholesterol! COME ON!
Ralph: Yes, chef. (interview) No excuses.
Gordon: It's GREASY!
Ralph: Yes, chef!

Gordon: [to Red Team] Croque monsieur!
Kashia: Come on!
Beth: Honey, I can't give him a raw egg!
Joy: Beth, you gotta push! STOP TALKING! COOK!! THAT'S ALL YOU GOTTA DO!
Beth: I am cooking!
Bev: Hey! [tries to shush Beth]
Beth: It can't cook any faster! (interview) Everybody here wants to tell everybody else how to do their fucking job. If they worried about their own self instead of what I'm doing or she's doing—Because you know what? I know how to cook a fucking egg! Shut your goddamn mouth and do your fucking job!
Joy: If you don't belong in this kitchen, get out! (interview) Yo, Beth, shut up and cook! [resumes cracking eggs over bowl] It's breakfast service! You can't handle breakfast?! Come on now!
Kashia: Come on now, Beth.
Beth: It's not gonna be cooked enough, but go ahead. Send it up.
Kashia: Get another one! [starts walking to pass] Get another one started!
Beth: I'm going, I'm going!
Kashia: [to Gordon] Here you go, chef.
Andi: That's raw.
Gordon: Oh, no. [returns to workstation] Hey! Hey! Hey, all of you! ALL OF YOU, COME HERE! [punches workstation twice] A big day, bride and groom, and look! Runny, raw. Look at that. Look. It's like fucking snot on your wedding day! [drops plate] That is EMBARRASSING! [pause] Kashia, Beth, look at me! Stop sending me shit!
Beth: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Or fuck off home!
Beth: Yes, chef.
Kashia: (interview) These things you should know! Like, you've been cooking years before I was thought about, baby!
Gordon: Start the whole fucking table again!
Red Team: Yes, chef!
Beth: (interview) I know how to do this! I just... God! [holds back sob]
Gordon: Pathetic!

[Gordon touches an egg yolk on one of the croque monsieurs brought by Richard]
Gordon: The egg's raw.
Jason: Come on, DeMarco!
DeMarco: You guys are all in my way.
DeMarco: It's not a three minute fucking station!
Gordon: [returns to workstation] Hey! Hey. all of you, come here! Raw egg white, and yolk's barely fucking cooked. Fuck off, yeah? Look, DEMARCO!
DeMarco: Yes, chef.
Gordon: You put that on there! It's RAW!
DeMarco: (interview) Fuck, dude! Like, listen to me! I told them that the eggs were raw, and they said, "Put it up anyway."
Gordon: BLUE TEAM!!
Blue Team: Yes, chef!
Gordon: It's like you've given up!
Anton: No, chef!

Gordon: [to Beth] Hey, you. Oh, Jesus. Hey, what are you doing? [holds up overcooked egg] How can an egg get like that? Tell me so I can help you! [Beth doesn't respond; drops egg on tray] She's not even answering me now.
Kashia: (interview) Beth, get your shit together! I need you to be here! Get your shit together, bitch!
Beth: It's very hot, chef.
Gordon: [shakes head quickly] Jesus Christ. Is she okay?

Gordon: DeMarco: Demented, demoted, denied.

Episode Six [12.06][edit]

[Gordon checks on lobster brought up by Beth]
Gordon: All of you, come here. All of you. COME HERE! [leads the Red team to the back counter]
Kashia: (interview) Oh, no. Oh, no.
Gordon: [raises the lobster] Look at it. Rubbery, chewy, overcooked for the Chef's Table. [angrily throws the lobster away]

Narrator: Both kitchens have moved on to entrees, and Chef Ramsay has a simple question for Kashia.
Gordon: How long for the table, two halibut two wellington?
Kashia: Wellington's restin' now, chef, and I'm pullin' some out now! [Joy looks confused]
Gordon: How long?
Kashia: On that Wellington we need thirty seconds for Rochelle and I'm slicin' mine! [Jessica and Gordon look at Kashia with disgust and confusion]
Gordon: Kashia, come here. [bangs the table; Kashia walks up to the hotplate] How fucking long?!
Kashia: On the one that we gonna–
Gordon: No...
Kashia: Sorry, chef.
Melanie: (interview) Oh my God! People just do not know how to fucking reply! Chef Ramsay is right in your face, Kashia!
Gordon: Just give me a fucking time!
Kashia: It's gon' be takin'–
Jessica: Seven minutes.
Kashia: Seven minutes.
Gordon: Oh my God. Ah, Jesus Christ!
Kashia: (interview) I'm not stupid. I'm not dumb. I'm very flustrated. I'm very flustrated. I'm tired, lookin' like a fuckin' child. I just gotta fight hard and come back.

[Gordon checks on halibut brought up by Melanie]
Gordon: Oh, my God. All of you, come here!
Kashia: Oh, no!
Gordon: This is brought by your captain! It's just raw, solid, pink halibut. You can't even rip it apart.
Sandra: (interview) How stupid you look when the captain of our team brings us raw fish. She's just way over her head.
Gordon: Melanie, are you done? Have you given up?! ANSWER ME!
Melanie: I'm trying, chef.
Gordon: I'm not going to tell you one more time, cut the bullshit! Or go home! Good night!

Gordon: Beth thinks the reason she hasn't advanced in the culinary industry is the fact that she's a woman in the south. I think it's because she can't cook.

Episode Seven [12.07][edit]

[During the Italian Night dinner service, Chris is put in charge of the pizza station on the blue team]
Narrator: Meanwhile, back in the blue kitchen...
Chris: For fuck's sake, dude!
Jason: How long?
Chris: I still gotta get this other one on!
Sous Chef James: We're falling behind, guys!
Chris: I know, chef.
Narrator: ...Chris is still fumbling on the pizza station...
Scott: The bottom's burnt!
Gordon: BLUE TEAM!
Narrator: ...and Chef Ramsay is turning up the heat on everyone.
Gordon: Scallops, how long?!
Anton: Scallops are walking!
Gordon: Where's the other fucking order?
Anton: We got one more order of scallops coming.
Gordon: Come on, Richard, please!
Richard: Thirty seconds, chef!
Gordon: Come on, guys! You're dragging!
Anton: [to Richard] Move that oil over. That shit's melting, dude. (interview) The corner of my eye, I see the bottle. The second I went to pick it up, the bottom just fell right out, and the oil went right on the flattop...
[The flattop bursts into flames immediately after Anton spills the oil]
Chris: Dude, that thing is way too freakin' hot.
Ralph: Come on, Anton!
Jason: Be careful! Watch it! Hot, hot, hot, hot! Guys, put salt on it!
Anton: Salt! RIGHT NOW!
Gordon: Out the way! Out the way! [shoves Anton away from the fire] Out–OUT THE WAY! [places tablecloths over the fire] I swear to God! Un-fucking-believable! Smother a flame instantly! Oh, man. As if it couldn't get any fucking worse.

Scott: [to Chris] Chef, you doing okay on pies?
Chris: Not yet. I gotta get these two kid's (pizzas) and then one more to follow.
Scott: I can do sauce if you want. I'm good at sauce. (interview) Chris just couldn't get it together. I wanted to get over there and try to help get things moving along.
Gabriel: Man, that smells burnt. (interview) Burnt, burnt, burnt, burnt, burnt, burnt, burnt.
Chris: Fuck!
Scott: It's burnt. It's fucking bullshit, dude!
Gordon: Fucking hell, look what he's (Chris) doing!
Gabriel: (interview) You just see one go in trash, two go in the trash, ten go in the trash. And we look like assholes.
Gabriel: Coming up right now.
Gordon: [after checking the pizza at the pass] All of you, stop!
Jason: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Shit! [holds up pizza slice that's burnt on the bottom] That's black! There's a big difference between something that's crisp and something that's black! That is disgusting! [to Gabriel, Scott, and Chris] You three! Hey, come here, you! Come here, all of you! COME HERE!
[Gordon takes them into the pantry]
Gordon: What the fuck are you three doing?! WHO's RUNNING THE STATION?! [slams the door shut] WHO'S FUCKING FIRING THEM?!!
Scott: Anton was making us fire them!!
Gordon: You have to turn them every ninety seconds!
Scott: Chef–I understand! That's what we've been doing, chef!
Gordon: SO WHY IS IT RAW?!
Scott: ...Because it's not cooking properly!
Scott: I will, chef! I will! (interview) Man, every night's a tough night here in Hell's Kitchen! It's crazy, but we've gotta find a way to just punch through.
[Scott, Chris, and Gabriel return to the kitchen]
Anton: Let me see. It's gotta be in and out very quick.
Scott: Listen to me, Anton! It's not the case, okay?
Anton: I'm just letting you know. If we keep rotating, it'll do better.
Scott: No, no, no, no! No! Just–just listen to me!
Anton: (interview) "No, no, no! I know what I'm doing!" Dude, you just burnt, like, fifteen pizzas.

[Bev and Kashia are preparing pizzas for the red team, and are also struggling]
Bev: [pulls out pizza that is...] Thick and burnt.
Kashia: I'll make sure they're brought out more.
Melanie: (interview) It's really upsetting to see all these kids in the dining room waiting to get their little pizzas, and they can't even deliver one pizza to a little kid.
Bev: It's too thin, guys! It's too thin!
Joy: [to Kashia] If Bev is having a hard time with the pizza, y'all need to switch out! Y'all are letting the same person make the same mistake! KASHIA!
Kashia: I'm busy! I'm trying to–
Joy: Take over the oven...
Melanie: Switch!
Joy: ...and switch with her! Switch!
Melanie: You guys switch!
Kashia: I'm staying where I'm staying. Shit. I'm getting irritated. (interview) At the end of the day, I'mma make sure my ass is not on the line.
Gordon: Four kid's pizzas!
Bev: Walking to the window right now, chef!
Gordon: They fucking ruin more pizzas than they send, you know that? What have they done? Who cut that? [to red team] All of you, come here! [picks up slice of raw pizza] What the fuck is this? Who's cutting that?
Bev: It was probably me.
Gordon: Is it you or not?!
Bev: It's me, chef! (interview) Kashia was the one that was rolling fucking thin-ass pizza dough!
Gordon: Look how soggy it is!
Bev: (interview) I don't wanna get blamed for this whole thing!
Gordon: They may be children, but they still deserve a stunning pizza!
Bev: Yes, chef!

[Gordon walks over to Ralph, who brought a raw rib eye to the pass]
Gordon: Rib eye's undercooked! I asked for medium rare and it's fucking raw!
Ralph: Fuck me!
Jason: Throw it back in the oven right now! (interview) Ralph wasn't sure about his meat times, like, whatsoever. [to Ralph] It's been fifteen seconds! Wait fifteen more seconds! (interview) He can't cook for shit. He's just getting on my fucking nerves.
Anton: Branzino's walking!
Ralph: [carrying lamb tray] Right behind!
Gabriel: Coming through, lamb.
[Anton and Ralph arrive at the pass with their second attempts]
Anton: Branzino, chef.
Ralph: Right behind, lamb.
Gordon: [examines lamb again] Raw. [walks back to workstation] Just come here! ALL OF YOU! BLUE TEAM! [holds up lamb portion] How do you manage lamb like that? That's not cooked! And that one there is like a scrag end! [throws lamb down onto the table]
Richard: (interview) You're not a kid, Ralph. Really? You want this guy to fucking lose his mind? What's wrong with you, dude?!
Gordon: How long, Ralph?!
Ralph: I got another one in the oven.
Gordon: Hurry up, Ralph! Let's go!

Gordon: Three mushroom pizza! HOW LONG?!
Scott: Six minutes, chef!
Chris: Give me another dough.
Gabriel: Come on! (interview) Oh my God, it was hurting my heart because every pizza that went in the garbage, that was a kid not getting fed. [to Scott] I need more dough!
Gordon: Anything coming?! Mushroom pizza?!
Chris: Fuck!
Gabriel: (interview) We sent twenty pizzas in the trash! [checks storage with Scott] That's it, we're out of dough!
Gordon: Say that again?!
Gabriel: We're out of pizza dough, chef.
Gordon: WHAT IS GOING ON IN HERE?! [slams fist on workstation] SHIT! Scott, Chris! Come here! We're out of dough?!
Chris: I believe so, chef.
Gordon: And what are we going to do now, then?! There's thirty-six portions of dough! We've only sent ten fucking pizzas!
Scott: (interview) What a fucking debacle, man. Absolutely ridiculous. It's embarrassing.
Chris: We've fucked you, chef. I'm sorry.
Gordon: Get me Jean-Philippe! We have an emergency!
Chris: (interview) I am not the one who bombed that station. It was Scott.
Gordon: [to Scott and Chris] Get out to that table and give a sincere apology.
[Jean-Philippe leads Scott and Chris to the dining room]
Scott: (interview) I make pizzas all the time with my family, so this is embarrassing.
Jean-Philippe: [to family] Bad news for the pizzas, so...the boys will apologize.
Scott: Pizzas were our fault. Is there anything else we can get you? We have the spaghetti and meatballs this evening.
Kids: Spaghetti and meatballs.
Jean-Philippe: Two spaghetti.
Chris: I do apologize.

Gordon: I'd like to think every chef has a talent. Chris needs to keep looking for his.

Episode Eight [12.08][edit]

[After Jason ruins another chicken]
Jason: Yes, chef.
Gordon: No, NO! [slam the table again]
Woman: Oh, my God.
Gordon: I'm done. NO... NO!
Gabriel: Come on, man. We gotta bounce back, baby. (interview) Jason screwed up two times now. Like, what the fuck are you doing?
Gordon: I just need the FUCKING CHICKEN!
Anton: [to Jason] How long?!
Jason: I need to check these! I need to cut 'em open!
Gabriel: Look, where do you want me to cut it?
Jason: Here.
Gordon: [to Jason and Gabriel] You both have sat there discussing it, the plates are empty!
Anton: That one's done. Coming right now, chef!

[When Kashia brings her chicken to the pass, Gordon cuts a breast in half and notices the chicken is still raw in the middle]
Gordon: [walks back to workstation] It's pink and it's FUCKING RAW! [to Jessica and Kashia] Both of you, COME HERE!
Jessica: Yes, chef.
[Jessica and Kashia follow Gordon into the pantry]
Gordon: What in the hell is going on?! [slams the door shut] WHAT IS HAPPENING?! [to Kashia] Are you trying to kill somebody?
Kashia: No, chef, I'm not. Chef, the breasts are—it's only the breasts, like, the—
Jessica & Kashia: Yes, chef.
Kashia: (interview) I'm fucking embarrassed. I feel like this little on the inside, but I need somebody who's gonna help my back. Come on, Jess, I'm asking for your help. I mean, at least check it for me or something!

Kashia: [to Jessica] Just get the one that's ready to go now before Chef come back over here and bring it on my ass.
Jessica: That one's good. We got one order of chicken ready.
Kashia: (interview) It's Southern cuisine. I take this kinda personal.
Jessica: [to Sous Chef Andi at the pass] Chicken.
Kashia: (interview) I'm definitely not gonna go out on something I'm used to, something that's basic and second nature to me.
Gordon: [after cutting into chicken breast] Raw there. [to red team] All of you, come here. IT'S STILL RAW!
Kashia: Yes, chef.
Gordon: What is going on?!
Jessica: It looked cooked. I–I...
Gordon: "It looked cooked?!"
Jessica: It looked cooked.
Kashia: My partner tested it, that's why I sent it up.
Gordon: [to Kashia] If you come up with one excuse, you and you can fuck off!
Kashia: I thought she checked it before we went up there, but that's fine. I don't have no help on chicken over here! I'm over here like–by myself on the fucking chicken!
Jessica: (interview) Basically, I'm getting thrown underneath the bus for her fucking faults! I don't know what to do, and this is her fucking specialty, which she lost on the challenge! [to Kashia] Do you wanna do the catfish?!
Kashia: No! I mean, no, because you said up there you checked the chicken!
Rochelle: [to Kashia] Calm down, don't worry! Don't worry! Three orders in the oven right now.
Kashia: I know, but I can't get 'em together! Just give me a sec!
Rochelle: Okay, that's fine!
Kashia: I can't even get myself back together 'cause I'm getting irritated, 'cause I'm sinking on something I know how to do!
Gordon: Kashia, GET IT BACK TOGETHER!!
Kashia: YES, CHEF! (interview) The message from Christina helped me out a lot to keep my mind cool. [to Jessica] I need a thigh and a wing. (interview) As flustrated as I got, I remembered the words that she told me...
[Flashback to when Christina Wilson from Season 10 gave advice to the Red Team during their reward]
Kashia: [to Gordon] I'm walking with these three now.
Gordon: [checks chicken again] That's it! Perfect!
Kashia: (interview) Thank God!

Gordon: Bev may be a great food truck chef. Unfortunately for her, Hell's Kitchen doesn't have wheels.

Episode Nine [12.09][edit]

Episode Ten [12.10][edit]

[After Scott brings the garnish to the pass]
Gordon: Oh, my God! [to the Blue Team] Hey! [brings the bowl of fries back to the kitchen] Soggy-- Hey! Hey!
Anton: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Soggy, soft as shit fires! Not even fucking crisp. Hey! [pounds the table] Hey, FRIES!! NOT EVEN CRISP!
Anton: (interview) How do you bring up fucking soggy fries? I have no idea. [To Scott] Get the fries in right away, please?
Scott: They're already in! They're already in!
Anton: (interview) It's called "pure stupidity." It's called "cracking under pressure."
[Gordon brings the bowl of salad back to the kitchen]
Gordon: Hey, all of you! All of you, come here!
Richard: Yes, chef.
Anton: Fuck!
Gordon: All of you!
Jason: Damn it!
Gordon: Hey. [pours the water onto another bowl] That's the salad. [throws the salad onto the counter] That's the fucking salad.
Richard: I got it. Just go make another one. I'll clean it.
Gabriel: (interview) Scott! I mean, come on, dude. Like, watered salad and soggy French fries is just ridiculous. All he does is talk.
Scott: That's my fault, chef. That was my fault, chef.
Gordon: Hey. Now we're serving...
Anton: Come on....
Gordon: ...piss fucking fries, and salad soaked in FUCKING WATER!! WHERE'S OUR RHYTHM, GUYS?! WHERE THE FUCK IS OUR RHYTHM?!
Richard: We're finding it, chef. We're finding it.
Anton: We're looking, chef.

[A couple is about to walk out due to a loss of patience for their entrées]
Jean-Philippe: Hello.
Woman: Hi uh... I've got other places to be. We've been waiting for an hour.
Jean-Philippe: Yeah? [to Gordon] Chef.
Gordon: Yes.
Jean-Philippe: A table is about to walk out.
Gordon: Can you bring them over please?
Jean-Philippe: Yeah, [to the couple] please with me.
Gordon: [to the couple] Please come through.
[the couple enters The Blue Kitchen]
Gordon: Hey, Blue Team! Come here! You as well, Anton! This couple are now walking out because they're not prepared to wait any longer! And you just say [mocks Gabriel] five minutes, chef! Two minutes, chef!" I'm going to apologize on their behalf. [to the couple] My apologies, please take the details, I'd like to invite them back in a couple of weeks time.
Jean-Philippe: Definitely.
Gordon: [to the Blue Team] WAKE UP!
Richard: We apologize, folks!
Gordon: And now when you look at me, Gabriel, and say, "Hey it's five minutes," they're leaving now!
Gabriel: I can't send out anything raw, chef!
Gordon: Hey! Come here, you! [slams his fist on the work surface] I told you at the beginning of service to get the fucking chicken cooked!
Gabriel: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Yeah, you're right, you can't send it out fucking raw. But how long do you need? FORTY-FIVE FUCKING MINUTES!?
Gabriel: Yes, chef.

[Once again, the red team finishes dinner service before the men]
Gordon: [to red team] Ladies, well done.
Red Team: Thank you, chef!
Sandra: (interview) It feels so good to kick the blue team's ass! We whipped it hard, man!
Gordon: Sandra, stay on desserts. [to Joy, Kashia, Melanie, and Rochelle] The four of you, come with me. Let's go.
[Gordon takes the red team, minus Sandra, into the blue kitchen]
Gordon: Men!
Blue Team: Yes, chef!
Gordon: You have left me NO FREAKING CHOICE! [to Joy, Kashia, Melanie, and Rochelle] One of you on each section! HURRY UP!
Joy: Chef, where we at on meats?!
Anton: We're waiting on the last two steaks.
Richard: [to Rochelle and Kashia] All the chickens are firing. I'm fine here! (interview) I didn't need girls! I was caught up fine. My stuff was ready to go!
Gordon: We need speed! NOBODY'S BEEN GIVING IT TO ME! Melanie!
Melanie: Yes, chef!
Gordon: He's (Ralph) served raw fish and chips! Watch him!
Melanie: [to Ralph] Why are you serving raw fish and chips?
Jason: [notices Melanie looking at him] I was on apps! [chuckles]
Ralph: (interview) What a bitch!
Rochelle: [to Scott] Is this salad dressed?
Scott: No, I'm not dressing anything yet. I'm waiting on food.
Rochelle: Guys, come on.
Kashia: We're just trying to help!
Jason: No, thank you!
Scott: We're just waiting on chicken right now.
Kashia: (interview; impersonating Scott) "Oh, I got this! I got this!" No, you don't!
Rochelle: You guys have three New York in the oven, right?! Two for that order, one for the next one!
Ralph: Three, yes.
Richard: Yes.
Rochelle: We have two chickens following that! Make sure those are in RIGHT NOW!
Anton: [laughing] Is she fucking for real? (interview) I got this girl yelling at my face, and I'm laughing at her like, "Are you fucking kidding me?" You sound like a twelve-year old child up there.

Melanie: How long on two strips?!
Anton: Put those back in!
Joy: Thirty seconds!
Gabriel: No, no, no! The strips!
Gabriel: [to Anton] We're doing strips.
Melanie: [pointing at Jason] He asked you!
Anton: The strips are coming right after!
Joy: What are you talking about?!
Melanie: How long on two strips?
Anton: But we need to know what they're doing!
Gabriel: SHIT!!
Melanie: Stay on time! He said, "How long on two strips?"
Anton: Exactly! But I gotta get the chicken before I get the steak!
Melanie & Joy: That wasn't the question!
Anton: I already told you six times I don't wanna fucking listen!
Jason: I wanna rip that guy's fucking head off right now.
Gordon: Where's your dignity, blue team?!
Jason: Anton lost our dignity.

[Gordon checks on the fish and chips by Ralph]
Gordon: Hey, blue team, all of you! Come here!
Anton: Yes, chef.
Gordon: ALL OF YOU!!! Just touch that. Yeah, just touch how wet it is. It's not overcooked, it's like mush! It's like SOAKING WET DIAPER SHIT FISH AND CHIPS! All of you, come here! This is way too painful. You, you, you, you, you, and you, fuck off upstairs and have a rapid meeting. And come up with two individuals for elimination to get the fuck out of here. Now GET OUT!
[The blue team leave the kitchen]
Gordon: [to Melanie] Two fresh fish and chips urgently!
Melanie: Dropping right now, chef!

[The blue team are forced back into the dorms where they stay for the rest of dinner service]
Anton: (interview) The blue team is a disaster. It's a little hard for me to be a leader when I got the Three Stooges standing on the other side doing shit! Open your ears and listen to what I'm saying, 'cause I'm speaking for a fucking reason! [to blue team] These are the rules that we were stated, guys. And I want you guys to seriously think. When I say, "Two minutes left on steak," that means steak goes up thirty seconds before. So, if I tell you two minutes...
Jason: It's realistically two real fucking minutes, dumbass!
Anton: I did give you two real fucking minutes!
Jason: (interview) Are you fucking serious? Anton's no fucking leader! It's bullshit that we have to put up with him! He's gonna keep doing it his way, the wrong way! And he's sucking us all down with him. [to Anton] You ain't no leader, man. I could run that meat station with my eyes closed!
Anton: You wanna bitch about the meat station, but not one fucking steak came back!
Jason: You're a bitch, Anton!
Gabriel: Yelling is not doing shit, dude!
Jason: I'm pissed off! I wanna argue!
Anton: (interview) I never asked to be the leader, you guys asked me! Now you're gonna jump out at me and stab me in the fucking back? You're gonna burn, I'm gonna watch you burn. [as he walks out] Dumbest chefs I've ever seen!
Jason: He can't be flying off the handle like that. That's no fucking leader at all.
Gabriel: Yeah, that ain't how you lead, dude.
Jason: That's how you sink a ship.

Jason: Who's going up?
Ralph: We all fucked up tonight!
Anton: We know who the weaker links are right now.
Ralph: So who do you think, Anton?!
Anton: Honestly, all three of us on that side...standing there, getting your asses chewed out all night.
Ralph: I mean, I understand I fucked up tonight. But personally, I think it'd be Scott and Gabriel.
Gabriel: I don't think so.
Ralph: Dude, tonight was so confusing!
Gabriel: How was it confusing?!
Ralph: That wasn't the only issue, man!
Ralph: Dude, you have given us random fucking times!
Gabriel: No, I wasn't!
Jason: Yeah.
Gabriel: How was I giving you random times?
Jason: 'Cause every two minutes, you'd be like, "Another two minutes."
Ralph: They need to be exact times. And that's what we didn't get at all.

Gabriel: [pause] I had two bad services, alright? Let's just do it like that. I had two bad services.
Anton: I've had one.
Ralph: I had one tonight.
Richard: I've had one.
Jason: I've had one.
Ralph: So...?
Gabriel: Let's not—No, no, no, no, no.
Scott: Gabriel, every single service, when's the first time you took a front man to any station?
Gabriel: You shut the fuck up! You can't even say nothing, dude! 'Cause all you do is talk! All you do is talk, Scott! That's it, baby!
Scott: [pause] I screwed up one French fry, and I had some water in the salad. I have no idea why I'd be going up there. I have no idea! (interview) Gabriel and Ralph really sunk everything and my name gets called out! What?!
Richard: [to Anton] Who do you think should go up?
Anton: Gabriel and... I'm gonna say Scott. [Scott shakes his head] I'm not gonna lie to you.
Ralph: Jason?
Jason: Yeah, Gabriel and Scott.
Richard: I'm gonna agree with you guys.
Gabriel: (interview) I can't believe this shit right now. To pick me over Ralph... all he had was fish and chips, and he completely fucked it up! Like, are you serious?! He ain't better than me! [to blue team] I'm not going up.
Ralph: We already voted for you.
Gabriel: I'm not going up.
Jason: It's not your choice!
Gabriel: I'm not going up.
Jason: Alright. Well, we're all voting for you, so...
Gabriel: It doesn't matter. I'm not going up.
Jason: It's not your choice, dumb-fuck!
Gabriel: It is what it is, man.

Gordon: Ralph has a lot of heart. But when it comes to cooking, he comes up a little short.

Episode Eleven [12.11][edit]

Narrator: In the red kitchen, Rochelle is ready with her first appetizer. It just needs one important ingredient from Sandra.
Gordon: Lobster! Let's go!
Sandra: [picks up lobster tail with tongs ] FUCK ME! It fell apart.
Gordon: Sandra!
Joy: [to Sandra] Let him–let him know!
Sandra: I have to re-fire one lobster tail!
Gordon: Oh my God.
Joy: (interview) What are you doing, Sandra?! We've been through the lobster tail thing plenty of times.
Gordon: Ladies, start the whole fucking table again!
Sandra: Yes, chef!
Rochelle: Oh my God, guys.
Joy: I'm checking these lobster tails.
Sandra: Leave it. I just dropped it a minute ago. (interview) Joy, no. It's my station! [to Joy] I just checked it! Give it twenty seconds! (interview) If I need your help, I'm gonna ask you for it! [to Joy] Don't turn it over yet!
Joy: Sandra, you gotta move with purpose, girl!!
Sandra: Don't pull it out yet!
Joy: (interview) I wanted to sock the shit outta her! I understand why everybody says they can't work with her. You can't work with her!
Sandra: I got it.
Joy: Alright, I'm done. [leaves the station]
Sandra: Let me finish it! Thank you, sweetie. Thank you.
Gordon: Unreal.

[Gordon checks on halibut brought up by Anton]
Gordon: It's overcooked. Anton, come here! I just want you at your fucking best!
Anton: Honestly, chef, Scott is causing a lot of confusion in the corner for me. [Scott gives a shocked face] And that threw me right off from the beginning.
Jason: You can't just always blame it on us, man.
Richard: (interview) Scott got you all fucked up? How did Scott get you all fucked up?
Anton: I'm not blaming it to anybody.
Gordon: Hey, all of you! ALL OF YOU, FUCKING COME HERE!! SHIT!! [kicks a bin; leads the Blue Team to the pantry] GET IN HERE!! I suggest you fuckers have a meeting and sort your shit out! [slams the door; returns to the pass]

Narrator: Over in the blue kitchen...
Gordon: Wellingtons!
Richard: Behind you, two wellingtons, chef.
Gordon: Wellington garnish!
Gabriel: Coming, chef! Mushrooms.
Narrator: Richard on meat and Gabriel on garnish are a picture of togetherness.
[Gordon checks the Blue Team's next order at the pass with Sous Chef James]
Gordon: [checks wellingtons] Beautifully cooked.
James: [after touching some of the wellington garnish] They're cold. Ice cold. Feel that one.
Gordon: [to Blue Team] Hey! All of you! Just touch that. Just touch it, it's not gonna burn you. It's fucking ice–it's ice cold! [throws fork onto the workstation]
Richard: (interview) Gabriel, really? What the fuck?!
Gordon: ICE FUCKING COLD!! Gabriel!
Gabriel: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Look at me in the FUCKING EYES! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!
Gabriel: It–it was my fault!
Gordon: Re-fire the whole freaking table. Fuck me.
Richard: (interview) You're telling me I have to do it all over again?! Man! Oh, I'm so frustrated.

[Gordon checks on salmon brought up by Anton]
Gordon: [while touching the salmon] It's overcooked. All of you, come here! ALL OF YOU!! What is the one thing I asked, Anton?!
Anton: Don't let it overcook, chef.
Gordon: So look at that! Touch it!
Jason: (interview) Pfft! Yeah, that's gonna fly real...Yeah, yeah. No.
Gordon: It's overcooked and fucking dry, Anton!
Anton: Sorry, chef.
Gordon: I can do something when it's undercooked, I can cook it more, but I can't do anything when it's overcooked!
Anton: [to Scott] Put the salmon down. Let me do my shit my way. [to the Blue Team] I'm tired of doing everything, but nobody talk to me unless I ask, please? Seriously.
Gabriel: Doesn't work like that, man.
Scott: (interview) Anton's a douchebag, man. There's zero finesse in what he's doing. It's all, rush, rush, rush, get it out, and scream as loud as you can.
Gordon: You've got to have the confidence to cook salmon!
Anton: I do have the confidence, chef, but I don't want to hear everybody talk to me!
Gordon: Okay, come here! Don't sear it off too FUCKING EARLY!! It's dry! Fire one more salmon!
Gabriel: One more salmon going down, chef!
Anton: (interview) I'm disappointed. I'm a better chef than that.
Gordon: Salmon in?
Anton: I had two right here.
Gordon: What's under the pan there?
[Anton lifts the pan covering the other pan]
Anton: There it is. I dropped it when I was checking to see if it was cooked.
Gordon: Anton, move.
Anton: (interview) When Chef Ramsay came over to bail me out, it's embarrassing.
Gordon: You got to stay on your pitch!
Anton: (interview) Tonight's service was a nightmare for me. It was pathetic.
[Anton slips and falls on the floor]
Anton: Aw, fuck! Fucking Scott, dropping oil.
Scott: (interview) Of course it was my fault. I've seen it all now in Hell's Kitchen. I think I might've seen it all.

[Both teams lost the night's service; the Blue Team have nominated Scott and Anton while the Red Team have nominated Rochelle and Sandra for elimination; Gordon makes his decision]
Gordon: My decision is... Anton. Take off your jacket. Stay there. [points to Sandra] Sandra, take your jacket off. [to Scott and Rochelle] Scott, Rochelle. Take your jackets off. All four of you, listen carefully. Since your teams felt that you were the reasons that they could not coordinate, I'm changing it up. Anton and Scott, both of you are going to the Red Team.
[Joy and Melanie exchange concerned looks with each other]
Gordon: Rochelle and Sandra, both of you are going to the Blue Team. [Jason and Gabriel give shocked looks] Give me your jackets. Join your new teams. Everyone of you, right now has a chance of winning this competition. Stand out, shine. Get out of here.

Episode Twelve [12.12][edit]

Gordon: [to Kashia, who's cooking tortellini] Have you checked if they're hot in the middle? I don't see you checking. [Kashia says nothing] No answer. Fucking hell.
[He takes a tortellini out of the pan with a spoon and cuts into it]
Gordon: Oh, dear! Kashia, Kashia, Kashia! [eats the tortellini] Yeah, Kashia, pasta's undercooked.
Melanie: Let's go, let's go.
Kashia: Come on, Melanie! You said those were done, I trusted you.
Melanie: (interview) Why am I being blamed for your rookie-ass mistake? It's your dish. You have to make sure it's going out perfectly.
Gordon: Kashia! TASTE THEM!
Kashia: I can't believe this. Come on, y'all! We gotta get these done!
Anton: It'll be done. Don't worry.
Kashia: I am worried because it's my dish and he (Ramsay) looking at me like I'm crazy. (interview) This the fucking thanks I get?! I'm busting my ass for everybody else's dish, but y'all wanna fuck me?! I feel like they threw me under the motherfucking bus!
Gordon: How long, Kashia?
Kashia: Give us another minute please, chef!
Gordon: Oh, fucking hell.
Kashia: Come on! Hurry up, hurry up! Let's move!
Gordon: Kashia, I wanna HEAR YOU!!
Kashia: Yes, chef! I'm getting on them now! (interview) I'M FUCKING PISSED OFF!! [to Melanie and Anton] HURRY UP! I NEED Y'ALL TO MOVE IT! Y'ALL ARE MOVING SLOW!
Gordon: Oh, man!
Melanie: Kashia, you taste them this time because Anton and I thought they were ready and we were wrong.
Kashia: I trusted you and you made me look like shit. I can't believe this.
Anton: Make sure it is cooked.
Kashia: [tastes tortellini] Go up there and start plating, Melanie.
Gordon: You slowed down massively!
Kashia: Move, move! I need y'all to press for me!
Gordon: Kashia, come here!
Kashia: (interview; crying) What can I do?! I got the two strongest people on the tortellinis, and both of y'all are sitting up there not done! I'm just so fucking mad!
Gordon: You've got to taste everything! Do you wanna go?
Kashia: No, chef, I don't wanna go. I wanna be here!

[Everyone on the Blue Team starts plating their tortellinis at the pass]
Gordon: Come on, guys!
Sandra: I need one tortellini on this dish!
Rochelle: Right behind you. [to Gabriel] How many do you need on that one over there?
Gabriel: I need three.
Rochelle: [notices a plate with two tortellinis instead of three] Did you guys run out of tortellini?! (interview) Um...we're out of tortellini and there's, like, two more plates left!
[Rochelle and Richard run back to the pasta section to check the tortellinis on the pans]
Gabriel: I need three!
Gordon: They're overcooked!
Rochelle: Oh, damn!
Gabriel: Fuck, man!
Gordon: Who took the tortellinis out?!
Richard: I did, chef!
Gordon: Fucking hell! HEY! So what're you gonna do?! THINK, RICHARD! [Richard starts stuttering] FOUR EACH THEN!!
Richard: Okay! [to Gabriel] Put out four each!
Gabriel: (interview) It's embarrassing that you have to take our food from one person's plate to stretch food because we've run out of tortellini.
Gordon: Excuse me. Count the plates! How many?!
Richard: [counting out plates at the pass with Jason] Thirteen, chef.
Gordon: So I'm asking for twelve.
Richard: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Who put the plates out?!
Gabriel: I did, chef.
Richard: (interview) Come on, dude. I don't see it being a hard thing to count to twelve. You got ten toes and fucking fingers. All you gotta do is add two to that.
Gordon: Which one are you gonna take away then?!
Rochelle: Richard, it's on you!
Richard: Yeah, I'm thinking this one! I got it down!
Gordon: Oh my God!
Richard: I got it down already!
Gabriel: Somebody must've put an extra plate up. (interview) It's not my fault! Like, I can fucking count! You know...[counts quickly] One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, right, nine, ten! You know what I'm saying?!
Gordon: GO, PLEASE!

Sandra: [to Jason while they cut lamb] Cut between the bones, please.
Jason: It's–you can't do that. They have to be equal size.
Sandra: They need to be diagonal.
Jason: (interview) Ugh, Sandra! [groans] I try to help her out and she's like, "No! No!" [to himself] God help me with this shit. (interview) She won't take any help or criticism, so she can go fuck herself!
Gordon: [to Sandra] Madam! This lamb's not that hot!
Jason: (interview) The bitch just does not know how to cook meat! And it pisses me off!
Gordon: [walks to the pass] Is that lamb cold as well?
Jason: Not that hot, no. (interview) I hate her!
Gordon: Don't do this to me!
Rochelle: Touch that! How does that feel over there, Sandra?
Gordon: Look! I've got medium over here and pink there! I've got one pink one! TALK TO ME!
Rochelle: Sandra, what do you want us to do?!
Sandra: Please, get them back together and let's get them back in the oven!
Gordon: They're all going medium!
Sandra: [to Gabriel and Jason] Grab the cold ones and flash them right now!
Jason: Ugh!
Gordon: Don't do this to me! YOU CANNOT OVERCOOK THE LAMB!!
Sandra: No, chef! We're gonna flash them real quick!
Jason: You're gonna overcook it!
Sandra: I'm not gonna! Give me thirty seconds!
Gordon: I cannot believe this.
Sandra: Mother of fuck.

[Sandra takes the second attempt of lamb out of the oven]
Sandra: PLEASE!
Gabriel: Right here, come on! Right here in the middle.
Sandra: Okay, let me plate!
Rochelle: [watching Sandra place lamb on plates] Wait, that one's over.
Gabriel: It's over.
Gordon: Oh my God.
Gabriel: Is there more lambs coming?
Gordon: Yeah, that's overcooked! "Is there more lamb com—" Talk to Sandra!
Gabriel: Sandra, is there more lamb coming?!
Sandra: There is no more lamb!
Gordon: I've got overcooked lamb and three plates with no lamb on!
Richard: What do you want us to do?
Gordon: [to Sandra] Young lady, make a decision!
Sandra: [pause] Can we at least cut the tops off a little bit? Heat it up?
Gordon: Leave me alone.
Jason: (interview) Ugh, Sandra! I fucking hate her and her overcooked lamb!
James Avery: Find the best twelve pieces of lamb you have and set the twelve plates.
Sandra: Alright.
Jason: I wanna f– [shakes his head]
Richard: Pull a piece off of there.
Sandra: Let me see.
Gordon: Go, please!
Sandra: Go, go. (interview) I fucked up the lamb. I'm, like, so ashamed. I can't even look at it right now. I'm fucking pissed at myself! [facepalms and cries]

Gordon: It may have been charity night in Hell's Kitchen, but when it comes to Sandra, I wasn't in a charitable mood.

Episode Thirteen [12.13][edit]

James: How long on the surf and turf?
Jason: Gabriel, how are you looking?
Gabriel: Whenever you're ready! [to Richard] You got the garnish?
Richard: In thirty seconds!
Gordon: James, surf and turf! Why isn't it going?
James: Waiting on garnish, chef.
Gordon: We're waiting on garnish?!
Jason: Fuck! (interview) These guys are making too many mistakes this late in the game, and...me and Rochelle are the Blue Team. Everyone else sucks.
Gabriel: You want the garnish up, chef!
Gordon: [to Richard] Yeah, you! Come here, you! I want the [slams fist on workstation] FUCKING GARNISH FIRST!
Richard: Yes, chef! [quickly stirring in the pan] Coming right now with the garnish.
Jason: Gabriel, the garnish is up! Let's go! Behind, behind!
Gordon: [after checking the steak brought by Gabriel] Raw. All of you, come here! Just touch that. Stone. Cold. Filet.
Jason: (interview) It's literally just, like, slightly above refrigerator cold.
Gordon: [to Gabriel] Why is that stone cold?
Gabriel: There's no excuses, chef. I'm getting it back in the oven right now.
Richard: (interview) Chef, how are you waiting on me if the steak's raw?!
Gordon: He's done, man. He is fucking done.
Gabriel: I'm not done, chef!

Gordon: On order, four covers, Table 34: Entrée, one halibut, one New York strip!
Blue Team: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Let's go!
Richard: Looking for those Brussel sprouts.
Gabriel: [to Richard] You got the garnish?
Richard: [to Jason] Where's the Brussel sprouts?
Jason: Um...they're waiting right behind you.
Richard: Alright, dropping the Brussel sprouts right now.
Gabriel: (interview) Richard, man. Why the fuck am I always waiting on you?
Gordon: Garnish?! [sees that Richard's pan only has a few Brussel sprouts] Oh my God. [walking to workstation] Hey. That's my garnish for the halibut. ONE BRUSSEL SPROUT FOR GARNISH! ONE!
Richard: Yes, chef.
Jason: (interview) Oh, come on, man! Come on, come on, come on!
Gordon: Rochelle. Can you jump on garnish?
Rochelle: Yes, chef!
Richard: (interview) Give me a break! I got the most experience! I don't need anybody to work my station. Never had, never will! Especially Rochelle!

Gordon: Richard had more experience than anyone here. But it's not experience I'm looking for, it's talent.

Episode Fourteen [12.14][edit]

[Only few minutes before dinner service started]
Narrator: In the Blue kitchen, Gabriel is unusually quiet.
Gordon: Let's go, guys.
Melanie: Gabriel, I miss your happy humor.
Narrator: Maybe, a little too quiet.
Melanie: I don't like this whole quiet thing.
Gabriel: I'm focused.
Melanie: (interview) Gabriel is just like moping around like, I don't know. I don't know what he's dealing with, but he better snap out of it before dinner service starts.
Jason: You seem depressed. You don't seem focused. I don't like it.
Rochelle: What's on your mind, Gabriel?
Jason: Do you want me to kiss you?
Gabriel: I don't know.
Gordon: [standing near the pantry] Gabriel, two seconds please.
Gabriel: (interview) Man, the service hasn't started yet, I'm about to get my ass chewed.
Gordon: One big concern I have with you is that there's no fightback.
Gabriel: Yes, chef.
Gordon: When you get in the weeds tonight, honestly you bounce back. You're still in the game. I have not given up on you.
Gabriel: I haven't given up chef.
Gordon: Nothing would make me happier to see you rise and absolutely nail the service tonight, okay?
Gabriel: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Let's go.

[Kashia brings her scallops to the pass]
Andi: [finds that there's only 14 scallops] I'm short one.
Gordon: You're short of one. Yeah, fuck me. Kashia!
Kashia: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Three times five?
Kashia: (interview) Um, I'm having a brain freeze.
Gordon: Three five's?
Kashia: Three times five 15, chef.
Gordon: I've got 14 scallops!
Kashia: I'm sorry about that chef.
Gordon: [to Scott] Scott, get me a scallop on!
Scott: Yes, chef! Right now! Give me a minute and a half, chef!
Gordon: Hurry up!
Scott: [to Kashia] I got those scallops. I'll take care of them. Take care of the other stuff, okay?
Anton: [looks at Kashia's pan] One scallop. Not a whole order, just one scallop. (interview) Like, really? Do I have to do everything?! [to Scott] Get the scallops over there! It's just one scallop.
Scott: No, they–Anton, I've got these scallops!
Kashia: Come on! I don't need y'all to argue! It's my station!
Scott: So you don't have it yet?
Kashia: Y–Yes! Scott, just trust me!!
Scott: I–I am trusting you!
Kashia: I got it. (interview) I didn't send up any rubber scallops. I had one to drop at the last minute. I don't need you coming up here like, "I got this!" That's not teamwork. [to Gordon] Here's your scallop, chef.
Gordon: Kashia! Cooked perfectly!
Kashia: Thank you, chef!

Kashia: [to Gordon] Here's your two salmon.
Gordon: Why is she braising the salmon there?
Andi: I don't know.
Gordon: Hey, all of you! Come here!
Joy: Yes, chef.
Gordon: ALL OF YOU! Just touch that. Since when are we braising salmon?
Kashia: I thought you wanted me to do all the fish like that, chef.
Gordon: No! Stop putting words in my fucking mouth! The salmon is crisp! I said nothing of the sort! Just cut the crap, will you?! I didn't tell you and nor did Andi!
Scott: (interview) I don't know how she's cooked fish before, but tonight was not the right way.
Kashia: [to herself] I'm getting tired of this shit.
Gordon: Oh, Kashia.
Kashia: I'm not a dog. Don't talk to me like that in any kinda way.
Gordon: [to Kashia] What did you say?!
Kashia: I don't give a fuck.
Gordon: KASHIA!! FUCKING HELL, HERE WE GO! Enough's enough! Are you okay?!
Kashia: Yes, chef, I am! I'm catching my rhythm and I'm gonna bounce back!
Gordon: LET'S GO, THEN!
Scott: [to Kashia] You're good, you're good.
Kashia: I'm–I'm really tired of getting, you know...
Scott: I–No. Don't be–don't be tired of nothing. You're doing good, okay?
Kashia: (interview) It's very flustrating. At that point, you have to just make it up in your mind, "Am I gonna continue to sink or bounce back?"
Joy: Kashia, let it go! Brush that off!

Narrator: In the blue kitchen, Rochelle is ready with her first entrées.
[Rochelle brings her chicken to the pass, Gordon checks it]
Gordon: Oh, fucking hell. That is pink.
Narrator: Well, almost ready.
Gordon: Rochelle?
Rochelle: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Pink chicken. Come on, get it back in the oven or a pan! Braise it, let's go! Pink!
Gabriel: (interview) You just do not fucking serve raw chicken. That's just 101.
Jason: [to Rochelle] How long on your chicken re-fire?
Rochelle: I need thirty seconds. Sorry guys, that will not happen again.

[Scott brings Anton's chicken to the pass]
Scott: Chicken, chef.
Gordon: [checks Anton's chicken] That is pink, right?
Andi: Yeah.
Gordon: Hey, Scott! You sliced the chicken, yes?
Scott: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Look, pink there. I'm showing you there.
Scott: Yes, chef.
Gordon: That's two minutes under!
Scott: (interview) I wasn't really responsible for that. I was just trying to help and do whatever I could for the team. I sliced the chicken, that's it.
Gordon: You sliced it, right?
Scott: Yes, I did chef. Yes and I didn't see that part right there. Give me twenty seconds, chef!
Gordon: Oh, fuck off. Chicken, Scott?
Scott: Yes, chef! Twenty seconds!

[Kashia brings her salmon to the pass]
Kashia: One salmon, you have to walk with that welli.
Narrator: And while Kashia hustles her salmon to the pass,
Gordon: Wellingtons, where are they?
Anton: Ten minutes left on those two wellingtons.
Gordon: Ten minutes?
Anton: Yes, chef.
Narrator: Anton appears to be in no particular hurry.
Gordon: Is there any way you guys can talk to each other? She's [Kashia] running over the salmon, [to Kashia; points to Anton] he's fucking ten minutes away!
Joy: (interview) What do you do when there's no protein? You're standing there and waiting to get cursed out some more because that's all you can do. These two men, they suck!
Gordon: (goes to Kashia's station and returns her salmon) Hey, here's your salmon. You cooked them properly this time, unfortunately, you're miles away.
Narrator: Thanks to Anton, Kashia must sacrifice her perfectly cooked salmon and cook another one. Meanwhile, back in the Blue kitchen...
Rochelle: [while cutting her wellingtons] Oh, I think I need a bread knife.
Gordon: (goes to Rochelle's station) Wait, Rochelle.
Narrator: Rochelle's wellingtons have caught Chef Ramsay's eye.
Rochelle: (interview) Oh, crap! Please, please be perfectly cooked. Please be cooked at all. Do not be blue or purple inside.
Gordon: [slicing the wellingtons] Perfect. Absolutely perfect.
Rochelle: Okay.
Gordon: Sauce, please.
Rochelle: Okay.
Gordon: You've never worked in a professional kitchen on the line before you come here?
Rochelle: Never ever.
Gordon: You cook like you've been working in a kitchen for five years.
Rochelle: Oh, thank you chef. (interview) To be complimented by Chef Ramsay, I mean for him to take me seriously as a potential candidate for a head chef... [brings her sauce to the pass] Walking with my wellington sauce. (interview) That blows my mind. It really does.
Gordon: Rochelle, that's beautifully cooked.
Jason: Yes!
Rochelle: Thank you chef.

Narrator: Back in the red kitchen, Kashia is ready once again with her salmon.
Kashia: [brings her salmon to the pass] Two salmon.
Gordon: Two salmon, two fucking wellington!
Narrator: But is Anton ready with his beef wellingtons?
Anton: I need two wellingtons cut.
Scott: Wellingtons, are they ready? Are they ready to go?
Anton: They're sitting right there, cut them off for me, please.
Scott: [slicing the wellingtons] Shit.
Anton: These are overcooked.
Scott: Yeah.
Anton: Fuck!
Gordon: Wellington, let's go!
Scott: [slicing another wellington] That's overcooked, too, man. Those are all over.
Anton: Oh, fuck!
Gordon: Hello?!
Anton: Those are my two newest. I've got a replacement.
Gordon: Hey, hey, hey anything?!
Scott: I'm checking! There are some of them that are over, chef! I'm working on it right now!
Joy: (interview) It was like a little wellington cemetery tonight for sure. Like, you know how expensive those things are?
Gordon: [goes to Anton's station] Stop! All of you, stop! Anton, these are not a little over.
Anton: That's way over, yes. Obviously, I screwed it up with the oven. Next door's oven, I got it down bad, this one I screwed it up.
Gordon: Oh, fuck me.
Scott: (interview) I just don't understand making an excuse for an oven, or whatever. I mean, it doesn't matter.
Andi: What is your process?
Anton: Normally next door, it's 18 minutes, five minutes on the side. I let it rest for another five minutes—
Andi: Stop yelling at me! I've told them it's 14 minutes. Done, that's it.
Anton: I understand that, chef. (interview) Don't think I'm going to let some little girl get in my face, start ripping a new asshole because you got issues on being a woman in the kitchen. [to Andi] I was just saying that this is way overcooked.
Andi: Stop talking back!
Anton: (interview) You will not break me! And I'm just going to piss you off more on purpose!
Andi: Anton, fucking pull it together!
Anton: I have it together, chef!
Andi: [angrily gets into Anton's face] DON'T YOU FUCKING TALK BACK TO ME!! DON'T YOU EVER TALK BACK TO ME!
Anton: I'm not talking back to you!
Andi: YES, YOU ARE! Pull it together! You're fucking doing this on purpose!
Joy: Anton, cut it, yo!
Kashia: (interview) He crossed the line. She's in charge. Unh-unh, you don't do that. You don't even rock like that.
Anton: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Anton, come here! [throws his spoon away; leads Anton to the pantry]
Scott: (interview) Anton's out of control, he's going down in flames.
Gordon: Get in here!
Scott: (interview) I don't see it ever getting any better for him here.
Gordon: [angrily slams the door] What the fuck are you doing? You've got to keep it together!
Anton: I do have it together, I have a clear head on it.
Gordon: But the wellingtons are way out of control! You're not communicating, your head's in the fucking sand, and at this moment now I need you to rise and get it back together!
Anton: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Let's go!
Anton: Yes, chef.

[The Blue Team is about to send their last table of entrées]
Narrator: Back in the blue kitchen, communication and teamwork are at an all-time high.
Gabriel: Walking wellington garnish in twenty seconds.
Gordon: Last table, guys. Salmon, wellington yes?
Blue Team: Yes, chef!
Rochelle: Wellington. [brings her wellingtons to the pass]
Jason: Salmon walking behind. [brings his salmon to the pass]
Gabriel: [brings his garnishes to the pass] Walking with garnish.
Gordon: Two wellington?
Rochelle: Two wellington.
Gordon: Blue Team!
Gabriel: Yes, chef?
Gordon: All of you, come here!
Gabriel: Hey you guys, come up here.
Jason: (interview) Oh, fuck! What went wrong?
[The Blue Team gathers around the pass]
Gordon: Just look at the standard. Seriously, I had some good services in my time in Hell's Kitchen, but nothing quite as good as tonight. That is immaculate. Great job. Well done.
Blue Team: Thank you chef.
Melanie: Great job, team. (interview) WHOOOO! Best service so far. Holy shit, I called it, too! I mean, I can jump into the Red Team tomorrow and have a great service. I can jump back into the Blue Team mid-service and have a great service. [to Rochelle] Told you I'd make a difference on your team!
Rochelle: You did!

[After the service in which the Blue Team had clearly won]
Gordon: [to the Blue Team] You guys, great job!
Blue Team: Thank you chef.
Gordon: And Gabriel, welcome back!
Gabriel: Thank you chef. Thank you. (interview) Oh, I'm so excited, man! I've killed it tonight!
Gordon: Red Team, I'm disappointed! Kashia, I never taught you to braise salmon ever! Scott, I'm done with raw chicken! Anton, you sunk your team!
Anton: This oven here, chef, is 14 minutes. The other side is 18 minutes, chef. [Rochelle shakes her head]
Gordon: That oven there is the exact same as that oven.
Anton: I'm just saying that I should have went there and checked it out myself.
Melanie: Okay, we can't blame the ovens right now.
Anton: I'm blaming the ovens, chef. [Gordon gives a shocked face]
Gordon: Okay! I don't want to hear any more shit about the oven! I want each and every one of you to come to a consensus of two nominees up for elimination. I'm done. Hurry up.
Kashia: Yes, chef.

Gordon: Anton let the little success he had in Hell's Kitchen inflate his ego. It was time to let the air out of that balloon.

Episode Fifteen [12.15][edit]

[During the team challenge, Joy is unable to get her pork cooked properly before Gordon calls time]
Gordon: Plate up, guys! Let's go. [sees Joy still plating her dish while everyone else walks to the pass to present] Joy. Everybody had thirty minutes, you're still plating.
Joy: [sighs] It don't even matter! It's not even done!
Gordon: What do you mean it doesn't matter?
Joy: [on the verge of tears] 'Cause it's not even done! It's not done! The meat isn't even done!
Gordon: So whose fault is that, then?!
Joy: It's my fault! I'm upset with myself, I'm not upset with you!
[Joy sobs and starts walking to the other side of the kitchen]
Gordon: Joy! [pause] Joy, when you ignore me like that, it's a sign of bad manners. [as Joy walks back to the pass] Come here. Compose yourself! Joy!
Joy: [crying] It's just, I'm not happy with my dish at all. Like none of it! I'm not happy, I'm not pleased with myself!
Gordon: You've got to keep it together.
[Scott goes to Joy and comforts her with a hug]
Gordon: Can all of you take ten seconds and just polish your plates?
Scott: (interview) I feel bad for Joy. She was definitely emotional about her pork. [to Joy] It's good. (interview) She felt she could've done more, and we all feel like that.
Joy: Fucking plate was raw.
Scott: Hey, hey. The pork's gonna rest. It will be good, okay? It's already done.

[During the individual challenge, Jason is the first to be judged by past Hell's Kitchen contestants]
Jason: Good to see Paul again. [Paul nods]
Gordon: Great to see Paul.
Jason: Alright. So, here we have a stuffed halibut with goat cheese, crab, and shrimp.
Dana: Is that spaghetti underneath?
Jason: Yeah, it's some capellini.
Paul: I don't really get the capellini to be honest with you. [chuckles] I think it just looks like you threw something on the plate just to add a starch. It's just very plain and boring.
Jason: (interview) Paul's a dick! He was a dick in Season 9 and he's still a dick!
Gordon: Uh, Rock. Out of five, how would you judge Jason's dish, please?
Rock: I'm gonna give you a three.
Gordon: Dana, how did that taste?
Dana: Um...everything's kind of coated in a lot of butter.
Gordon: Yeah. Not thought out properly.
Dana: I'm gonna go with a two. [to Jason] Sorry.
Gordon: Paul, please.
Paul: I'm sorry, man. I'm gonna go with one.
Gordon: One? Wow.
Jason: (interview) One?! Paul can go fuck himself!
Gordon: For me, it's a two as well.
Jason: [the scoreboard shows Jason at eight points] Alright, well, thank you all for your input. I really do appreciate it. Thank you. [joins the rest of the Blue Team] Wah-wah-wah.
Gordon: Jason, let's confirm one thing: you'll definitely not be the month of December.
Jason: [sarcastically] Thanks, chef.
Gordon: You're welcome.

Gordon: Gabriel, let's go.
Gabriel: (interview) Even though I'm nervous, I still feel confident in my dish. [to the judges] Hello. How are you all?
Paul: Where's the rest of the lamb?
Gabriel: Yeah, uh...it's roasted rack of lamb. The sauce is, uh...
Gordon: Can you just stop two seconds? [points to the kitchen] You gotta bring me the rest of the rack of lamb in the kitchen there. [as Gabriel runs back to get the rest of the lamb] Why would you put two chops on there?
Rock: I don't get it.
Melanie: (interview) Gabriel freezes up at the last minute and thinks that he's pressed for time, so he just freaks out and doesn't put anything on the plate.
[Gabriel returns with a much larger lamb chop]
Gordon: Why would you not put that on?
Gabriel: I was down to, like, one second. So, it was that one second to cut it or one second to take it off. I decided to make a professional decision and leave it off.
Gordon: Forty-five minutes.
Gabriel: I understand, chef.
Gordon: My instructions, every time we enter one of these challenges: Get your proteins on.
Gabriel: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Should we get straight to tasting and forget the presentation?
Dana: [cuts into the smaller lamb chop] The lamb is actually overcooked.
Paul: Yeah, the lamb definitely does look like it's overcooked.
Gordon: [to Gabriel] Did you slice and then re-sear?
Gabriel: I had to, chef. [Gordon facepalms] I put it back together, but I put it in, and then when I pulled it out, it...that's what I had.
Gordon: Gabriel.
Gabriel: Yes.
Gordon: That bit you left off...that we can't judge is cooked perfectly. And unfortunately, I'm struggling to give you a one.
Gabriel: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Thank you. Back in line!
Gabriel: Yes, chef. [the scoreboard shows Gabriel at zero points]
Gordon: [exhales deeply] Wow. Right now, I'm not too sure what I'm gonna put on the calendar.

Joy: (interview) Oh, no. I'm next. I'm–I'm the last one. Like, the situation just got so real. If I don't come through, that makes Chef Ramsay look bad because he put his faith in us.
Melanie: [whispering to Joy] Joy, take it home.
Gordon: Let's go, Joy, please. Thank you.
Joy: [to the judges] Hello.
Dana: Hi.
Gordon: Alright, what have we got?
Joy: We have a seared duck breast, and on top of that are some oven-roasted figs and mushrooms...and some Swiss chard for your veggie.
Rock: What was your inspiration behind the dish?
Joy: [pause] Uh...my inspiration was actually just cooking things I never cooked before. I never cooked duck, never cooked Swiss chard. I don't eat blackberries.
Gordon: Huh?
Joy: I ate a fig for the first time here.
Rock: So you cooked for us stuff you've never cooked before to get on the calendar?
[Gordon facepalms again as Joy nods her head]
Paul: Damn!
Gordon: Seriously? Fuck me. [slaps Rochelle's black jacket]
Rochelle: (interview) I'm gonna get my black jacket! It's right there in the center, I can see it! It's so pretty!
Gordon: Uh, let's go. Paul.
Paul: Aesthetically, the dish looked amazing. The whole dish itself eats very well. There's balance, you get the acidity. I like it a lot.
Joy: Thank you.
Gordon: Rock, how was that?
Rock: Flavor from top to bottom, it looked beautiful. The balance with that fruit...that's absolutely amazing.
Joy: Thank you.
Gordon: Nice. Dana, what do you think?
Dana: I think this is the first dish that I've tasted and said, "Wow, this is delicious."
Gordon: Rock, give us a number, please. One to five.
Rock: I'm just gonna go with a five.
Gordon: Wow! Wow, wow, wow. Paul, one to five, please.
Paul: I'm gonna go five.
Gordon: Wow. Dana.
Dana: I'm gonna give it a five also.
Joy: Thank you!
[The other contestants applaud as Joy earns fifteen points from the guest judges alone to beat Rochelle]
Gordon: I thought the dish was delicious. I'm gonna give it a four. Great job, well done.
Joy: Thank you, thank you! (interview) You know, thank you, chef. But I already got my black jacket! [laughs]
Gordon: Nineteen out of twenty! [Joy runs up and hugs Kashia]
Scott: Nice job, Joy!

Episode Sixteen [12.16][edit]

[Gordon checks on scallops brought up by Gabriel]
Gordon: Oh, fucking hell, man. All of you, STOP!! Hey, HEY!!! Come here! QUICK!! The one table I begged for absolute perfection, touch that! Look at these here! How can I serve that?! Secondly, it's overcooked! Touch them! COME ON!! [knocks his hand on the workstation] Gabriel! Of all the tables!
Rochelle: [under her breath] Ohh, gosh.
Gabriel: Fuck me, man!
Rochelle: You got it, Gabriel. Don't worry. (interview) Gabriel, this is like Minnie Driver's table. Get it together! [to Gabriel] Let us know Gabriel if you need help.
Gordon: [to the servers] Go with that please, guys.

[Gordon asks for scallops in the Blue kitchen]
Gordon: Scallops, please!
Gabriel: 45 seconds!
Gordon: Yeah, hurry up, you! Eight guests from the Oxfam table have been served, I'm begging you for the scallops!
Gabriel: Yes, chef! Ten seconds! [brings his scallops to the pass] (interview) Please, God. Let me get them alright!
Gordon: Service, please!

Gordon: Two halibut, one chicken, one wellington! How long?
Joy: How long, y'all?
Kashia: [to Scott] How much longer you need?
Scott: I got five minutes out, chef!
Kashia: Okay, five minutes heard, Scott! Good!
[Gordon has found out that Scott has put three halibut instead of two in the oven]
Gordon: Scott! Why did you put three in when there's two away?
Scott: [starts stuttering] Becau–I—I wa–I was–I apologize, chef.
Gordon: Oh, look. He didn't even answer me! [throws his spoon away]
Scott: No, chef! There was two away! There's one following right behind it, chef!
Scott: I apologize.
Scott: I got it, chef.

[Gordon notices Gabriel cooking halibut and salmon in one pan]
Gordon: Oh, my God. Gabriel!
Gabriel: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Why have you got a salmon and a halibut in the same pan? TALK TO ME, PLEASE!
Gabriel: I'm just searing it so I don't—
Gordon: Come here you! One's braised, one's—
Gabriel: I'm just doing the sear first right now.
Gordon: I don't want them! One's an oily fish, one's a white fish!
Gabriel: Yes, chef.
Gordon: They need to be separate!
Melanie: (interview) Oh, my God. That is like a fucking NO-NO!
Gordon: Twelve services, we've never done it like that. You are not going to start.
Gabriel: I'm not, chef.
Gordon: One day, if you're lucky enough to open up your own business, then you teach that bad practice!
Gabriel: Fuck, man!

[Gordon checks on salmon brought up by Scott]
Gordon: Oh, man! That's burned.
Andi: Yeah, that's for Minnie, too.
Gordon: Scott! Come here you. That's burned. For Minnie Driver. Burned! The charity table!
Scott: Chef, I apologize.
Gordon: Young man, you're making mistake after mistake, what you're doing is pissing me off!
Scott: I'm sorry, chef.

[Gordon checks on salmon brought up by Gabriel]
Gordon: What is he doing? It's just a soft shit. [returns to the workstation] Hey, just touch that. Just touch the skin! You can't give me crispy salmon!
Jason: (interview) Oh, my God! What a freaking idiot! Crispy skin, it's simple! It's just the simplest of physics!
Gordon: [to Scott in the red kitchen] Hey, Scott!
Scott: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Come here, you! [to Gabriel] And you as well. This is painful! Seriously painful!
Gabriel: (interview) Oh, fuck man! Chef Ramsay's pissed. This is not good!
Gordon: [leads Scott and Gabriel to the pantry and slams the door] What the fuck are you two doing?! You're out of fucking control!
Scott: No, chef!
Gordon: [to Scott] You knew you went over, and you still bring it to me!
Scott: No, chef! I didn't think I held it that far!
Gordon: [throws the tray away] You still brought it to me!
Scott: I apologize, chef. I didn't mean to do that.
Gordon: [to Gabriel] And your skin is soft!
Gabriel: Yes, chef.
Gordon: You two, ready to go?
Scott & Gabriel: No, chef!
Gordon: WAKE UP!
Scott: Yes, chef!

[Jean-Philippe asks Scott for salmon in the red kitchen]
Jean-Philippe: [enters the red kitchen] Scott, [repeatedly knocks the workstation] I do need the salmon!
Scott: Salmon's a minute and a half out.

Gordon: Four covers table 33. [to Kashia after seeing her drinking water] Don't stop! You gotta move that butt. Entrees: two salmon, two chicken.
Red Team: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Let's go guys.
Joy: Lemme know where you're at Scott so I can fire this salmon garnish.
Scott: You can make it two minutes, that's fine.
Kashia: Joy, can you run over here for one sec? I just don't wanna overcook it. [Joy checks Kashia's chicken] Check me out, look done?
Joy: Uhhh, you can go 30 seconds longer.
Gordon: Let's go!
Kashia: Chef, I have to drag on one of my chickens, it's a lil pink I'm gonna hold it.
Gordon: [to Andi] Haven't got a fucking clue what she's saying.
Andi: She needs one more minute on her chicken.
Gordon: Okay!

Gordon: How long?! Two salmon, two wellington!
Gabriel: Two minutes, chef!
Jason: Put more stock in there, dude. You gotta cook this.
Gabriel: It's searing right now. The stock is there!
Jason: (interview) Gabriel, he's not listening to anyone. [sighs] It's fucking infuriating!
Gordon: Salmon!
Gabriel: I'm walking right now! [gives Gordon the salmon at the pass] Walking with salmon. Hot.
[Gordon checks on salmon brought up by Gabriel]
Gordon: All of you, COME HERE! [throws his spoon away] Yeah! Oh, really?! What next?! What possibly could be wrong?! The salmon is fucking raw! It's raw and it's stone-fucking-cold! [throws the salmon on the tray; to Gabriel] STOP! YOU ARE DONE! The competition for you is over! GET OUT!
Gabriel: Yes, chef. [tries to return to the dorms]
Gordon: Hey, young man! [points to the front entrance] FRONT DOOR! GET OUT!
Rochelle: (interview) Crap, that's a bad way to leave.
Gabriel: [to the Blue Team] Sorry, team.
Gordon: GET OUT!
Minnie Driver: [sees Gabriel walking through the dining room] Oh!
Gabriel: Fuck me, man.
Jason: (interview) You can just be thrown out of that kitchen. It's that late in the game and it's that serious.
Jean-Philippe: [follows Gabriel outside the restaurant] Uh, Gabriel.
Gabriel: Yep?
Jean-Philippe: Sorry, man.
Gabriel: It was a pleasure. [shakes JP's hand]
Jean-Philippe: Listen, pleasure was ours. However, I need your jacket. [Gabriel removes his chef's jacket]
Gabriel: (interview) It just didn't go my way tonight. It was just one bad service too many. Instead of getting a black jacket, they took my blue jacket. Damn, my fucking heart hurts right now because... I was this fucking close.

Gordon: With Gabriel causing such a disaster in the kitchen tonight, it was hard to tell who else I should send home. So, I gave everybody the thrill of getting a black jacket. But somebody will definitely be going home after the next dinner service.

Episode Seventeen [12.17][edit]

Narrator: Back in the kitchen...
Melanie: Walking with garnish right now! How long, guys?
Joy: Chicken! Where's the chicken, guys?
Narrator: ...the team is ready to go on entrées...
Gordon: Rochelle, is the chicken ready?
Rochelle: Chicken's about thirty seconds!
Narrator: ...just as soon as Rochelle completes one simple task.
Rochelle: Slicing the chicken now, you guys. [cuts chicken breast] Oh my gosh. Dude, I'm gonna get yelled at for this crap. This knife isn't...
Joy: Hey, where's that chicken?!
Rochelle: Dude, I need a freakin' better knife!
Gordon: Chicken, how long?
Jason: (interview) Rochelle, you have, like, every knife but the right knife! I–I was dumbfounded! [to Rochelle] Don't tell me you're slicing it with a paring knife.
Rochelle: No, I was—
Gordon: CHICKEN!
Rochelle: Yes, chef!
Jason: Just bring it up.
Rochelle: Walking right now, chef! (interview) I didn't know what else to do. When you're under that pressure, like, sometimes you just literally do dumb stuff.
Gordon: [checks chicken with Sous Chef Andi] I mean, what is this? Fucking dog chewed it up. I've seen jerky looking better. [walks to workstation with the chicken] Just stop. It's supposed to be the best six fucking cooks. [throws spoon against workstation] This is supposed to be a dream team! [holds up badly-cut chicken breast] And that's what I've got given there! [to Rochelle] IS THAT YOUR BEST?!
Rochelle: No, chef.
Gordon: So, if you're not giving me your best, DON'T FUCKING BOTHER! [slams fist on workstation]
Joy: (interview) Come on. At this point in the game, you should know how to cut chicken. It's not rocket science.
Rochelle: (interview) Yep. Yep, this has to happen tonight.
Gordon: [to Rochelle] Put pressure on the skin and slice down. Hold it together. Hello?!
Rochelle: Yes, chef.
Gordon: [shows the chicken breast he just cut] That's a big difference from the shit you just showed me, okay?!
Rochelle: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Get a grip!

[Kashia has sent up salmon too early and it was rejected for being raw]
Gordon: [checks the salmon at the pass] Oh, man. Right, come around, all of you! Stop! The salmon, it's not even cooked properly. It's fucking still moving in the pan! It's RAW! [slams fist on workstation] RAW! [to Kashia] What are you doing to me?! Hello, I'm talking to you!
Kashia: Yes, chef.
Gordon: I know you don't care! I do care!
Kashia: Chef, I...I didn't want to overcook 'em.
Gordon: Oh, STOP!
Jason: (interview) Kashia is dead weight. She's just like, y'know, a chicken with her head cut off. [to Kashia] Kashia, how long do you need?
Rochelle: Kashia, let us know when you're walking up with the salmon!
Rochelle: Sorry, I just didn't know.
Jason: Settle down, please.
Melanie: (interview) When somebody gets into the weeds, like... that's your time to shine as far as how you get out of the weeds.
Kashia: Shit, half of my halibut still movin'!
Gordon: Kashia. Hey, is that you giving up now?
Kashia: No, I haven't given up, chef.
Kashia: Yes, chef. (interview; crying) I'm tryna get my hold and I'm still gettin' fuckin' hollered at every five seconds! It's flustrating!
Gordon: Is the chicken ready?
Jason: Chicken is ready.
Scott: [to Kashia] How long on the–
Kashia: Give me four minutes! [slams pan on the workstation] DAMN!
Gordon: Scott! On the fish station!
Scott: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Let's go!
Scott: [to Kashia] Behind. (interview) Kashia was in the fucking weeds, man.
Gordon: [clapping] SPEED UP!
Kashia: Yes, chef!
Kashia: [to Scott] You got my next three halibut going up?
Scott: Yep. Next three halibut, yep.
Kashia: Okay, thank you!
Scott: (interview) I don't wanna get caught up in Kashia's shit, but I'm gonna get it done, whatever I have to do!
Gordon: SALMON!
Kashia: Excuse me, y'all! Hot pan, hot pan, hot pan! [touches the salmon at the pass]
[Jason shakes his head as Kashia runs back to the fish station]

Narrator: The pressure is on Kashia and Scott to complete the table.
Gordon: We're dragging the halibut!
Kashia: It's not done.
Scott: [looks at the pan with Kashia] No.
Gordon: What happened there? Hey, you two! Bring me–Hey! Hey, you! Come here, you, with that! Yeah, bring it! [to Scott] I'm gonna fucking–Hey! I'm gonna turn you upside down. Put that down. [touches the halibut] That's stone-cold! Touch it! [to Kashia, while holding up a ticket] What does that say on there?
Kashia: One halibut, chef.
Gordon: No, I'm talking about the important thing.
Kashia: V.I.P. wedding anniversary.
Gordon: [to Jean-Philippe] And have they finished their wellington?
Jean-Philippe: Nearly, chef.
Gordon: Hey! What happened there? [sees Scott walk back to his station] SCOTT!
Scott: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Don't run away! What happened there?!
Scott: I have no idea, chef! I just pulled them out of the oven! They were like that!
Gordon: No idea how that happened?!
Scott: Chef, I don't know how that happened!
Gordon: Oh my God! I can see you've given up caring.
Scott: What are y–I don't know what you're talking about, chef!!
Rochelle: (interview; laughing) Oh my God! You don't give him any talk-back at all. Chef's not gonna put up with that.
Gordon: [to Scott] Hey, you! Hey, come here, you! [slams spoon against the workstation] All of you, a lesson in common sense! I've had enough!
Scott: NO, CHEF!
Gordon: You know what? I have. I've had enough. You fucking shout at me again, I'll fucking drag you out!
Scott: The halibut is cooked, chef!
Gordon: Hey, SHUT IT!! You still haven't got any idea what I'm fucking talking about!
Scott: I DO, CHEF!
Joy: (interview) Scott is being Scott. Chef Ramsay is, like, in his grill!

Gordon: Kashia is a great line cook with an incredible attitude. Unfortunately for her, she's just not ready to run her own brigade yet.

Episode Eighteen [12.18][edit]

Gordon: Garnish for the halibut, please? I'll take, I'll take!
Jason: Garnish needs about 90 seconds to finish the shrimp off.
Joy: Walking with the halibut. [brings her halibut to the pass]
Gordon: [throws his spoon away] I need the garnish for the halibut before the halibut! Fuck!
Jason: I know that, chef.
Gordon: Well if you know, why doesn't Joy know?
Joy: What?! What am I...? I don't understand what you're saying!
Gordon: Come here! Come here. I would like the garnish... look at me. Look at me!
Joy: Chef, I—
Gordon: Let me finish my sentence! Plain English: I would like the garnish for the halibut, before the halibut.
Joy: Chef, I just... I... I...
Gordon: Want to pick an argument? I'm ready!
Joy: [walking away] Can I finish cooking chef?
Gordon: Hey, young lady! If you're in a mood, don't take it out on my food.
Joy: [throws her cooking cloth away] I'm done.
Gordon: "You're done?!"
Joy: Leave me alone, leave me alone.
Melanie: Joy, stop!
Joy: Fuck you. I'm done with this shit. [removes her apron, throws it aside and leaves the kitchen]
Melanie: Joy, no! Come back!
Rochelle: Oh my God.
[In the corridor behind the kitchen, Joy removes her jacket and throws it on the ground]
Woman: She left. She left, she walked off.
Stan Lee: And he went chasing after her. I've never seen anything like this.
[Gordon follows Joy into the corridor]
Gordon: What a selfish attitude! One thing wrong, and you run away. Absolutely phenomenal.
Joy: I'm trying to tell you—
Gordon: No, you're not telling me!
Joy: You're not even listening to me! I'm—
Gordon: You're arguing, you're shouting...
Joy: I'm done!
Gordon: Yeah, I know you're done. It shows in your cooking.
Joy: Okay, fine. Fuck you. [returns to the dorms]
Gordon: Get out! Unbelievable. Fucking unbelievable.
[In the kitchen, the remaining four are still working]
Jason: Soooo... did that really happen?
Melanie: I guess.
Stan Lee: [laughs] I think we wrecked this place by ordering halibut!
Jason: (interview) I can't believe what was just happening. She just blew it. Over a fish. [shrugs] Chicks, man.
Melanie: She'd better not quit.
Rochelle: Yeah, she'd better not. (interview) I'm just like "Please, walk back in with Chef!" [Gordon returns to the kitchen alone; Melanie and Rochelle look dismayed] (interview) But... no! No!
Gordon: Melanie! On the fish station, please.
Melanie: Yes, chef.
Gordon: And, excuse me! Everybody!
Scott: Yes, chef?
Gordon: That is not the attitude I expect at this stage of the game, let me tell you!
Melanie: No, chef!
Gordon: So, we're one down, we're gonna get stronger. Okay?
Melanie, Scott & Rochelle: Yes, chef.
Gordon: We can still have a great service, let me tell you!
Jason: Yes, we can. (interview) Prime time, this is perfect! That's all we need, is four people! I like three, though. Three would be better.

[As Joy starts packing her suitcase, Sous Chef Andi finds her in the dorms]
Andi: Joy, what happened, girl?
Joy: I'm done, like...
Andi: I know, but why?
Joy: He (Gordon) just, like, went off on the handle, and he's like, "You're not listening! You're giving me atti–" I'm not giving you attitude! I–I'm–I'm telling you what it is!
Andi: I know, but you just have to say, "Yes, chef," and you were giving him attitude. You know you were.
Joy: (interview) Being in this place brings the ugly out of me. And when I'm in the kitchen and I'm not happy anymore, that's a problem.
Andi: It's gonna get stressful, but you have to take it.
Joy: I don't... I–I'm beat! Like, I'm beat down, chef! This is...it's just certain things that you just can't deal with or whatever. And then, it's just like...I've been beat down enough! It's just, I can only take so much. I'm just tired! Like, I'm really just tired! That's all it comes down to. It's like ...anything I do, when I've put everything into it, it's never enough! Nobody is ever satisfied!
Andi: No, but... I mean, he's been your biggest supporter. He's been pushing you through the whole time. It's like a coach. Like, look, I'm hard on you because I see some of me in you, and I know you're better than that. That's what he's doing. The people that are the hardest on you in your life are the ones that care about you most.
Joy: True. I'm so close, and then I knew I just threw it all away. I don't know what to do. Like... I really don't know what to do. (interview; sighs) Honestly, I made a mistake. I definitely regret it. I wish there was a chance for me to say, "Can I have just one more chance? Just, let me prove myself."

Joy: (interview) I need to tell Chef Ramsay I apologize wholeheartedly. I need just one more chance. Let me prove myself. That's the only way I'll be able to redeem myself, but I don't know if I have the confidence to go in that kitchen. So, do I do it, or do I not do it? I just don't know! Like, I don't know, you know? [Joy walks past the door leading to the kitchen and continues down the corridor] It's too late. I can't apologize. I feel like I let Chef Ramsay down, and I didn't think about anybody but myself when I walked out that kitchen. I was really hungry, I really wanted it, but the closer I got to the end, the more I started doubting myself. And I should've never did that, because my doubt is what drove me to just walk away! Now that I sit back and think about everything that went on here, I realize I've come a long way. Ever since my first service–my worst service–I've only moved forward. I grew a lot in the kitchen and outside of the kitchen. [referring to Kashia] I made a best friend while I was here... and I was the first one to get a black jacket. I really did blow one of the biggest opportunities I've had in a long time. It was everything I asked for... and I threw it all away. I threw it all away, and that's just... something that I have to live with.

Gordon: Joy's quitting was one of the most shocking things I've ever experienced in Hell's Kitchen. But her lack of maturity tonight proved that she is not ready to be a head chef because leaders never quit.

Episode Nineteen [12.19][edit]

[During dinner service, Rochelle is the first contestant to run the pass with Gordon]
Rochelle: Okay, guys! One risotto, one scallops, one capellini, one salad! I need that risotto, chef, as soon as you can! And I need those scallops, Jason, with the scallop salad and the capellini, you guys!
Jason: No idea what you just told me, Rochelle. It was too fast. (interview) I could not understand what she was saying. She was just like, "[impersonates Rochelle calling the order quickly] One minute!" And it's like... What?
Rochelle: I need those scallops, I need that risotto! I need a scallop salad! [pause; Jason scratches his head]
Gordon: Salad, come on. You have to control them.
Rochelle: James, how long on those salads?
James Avery: In my hands, chef. [walks to pass] Salads.
Gordon: Come on, Rochelle!
Rochelle: [touches lettuce] Um... [chuckles] Realistically, these aren't very pretty.
Gordon: Get him over to the hotplate, tell him. [sees Rochelle about to walk to James' station with the salads] Get him over to the hotplate! You don't run to him, you can't leave here!
Rochelle: Oh, I'm sorry.
Gordon: You're driving the ship!
Rochelle: [chuckles] Chef James, would you mind coming over?
Gordon: Yeah, hurry up, James! PLEASE!
Rochelle: I'm so sorry. [laughs]
Gordon: Rochelle, come over here a minute. [slams spoon on workstation] You're running Hell's Kitchen right now, okay?
Rochelle: Yes, chef.
Gordon: And every two minutes, you're giggling.
Rochelle: I'm sorry.
Gordon: No one's gonna take you seriously, okay?
Rochelle: Okay. I'm just so nervous. I'm so sorry.
Gordon: I know, but you're running a brigade now, okay? So get a grip, and stop giggling.
Rochelle: I'm sorry, chef.
Gordon: Yeah, serious now. Let's go.

Episode Twenty [12.20][edit]

Scott: Where's my remoulade for my beef?
Jessica: [walks to the pass] Here, chef.
Scott: [checks bowl] Hey, this isn't even mixed!
Gordon: Oh, fuck me.
Scott: This isn't even mixed, Jessica! Let's go! Come on!
Gordon: Scott's team, nothing coming out! [to Scott] This is a fucking mess. A big mess.
Scott: (interview) Nothing's coming out of that station. It's ridiculous, you know? My whole life is falling off a cliff. We just can't afford anything else to happen.
Jessica: [to Scott] I got the garnish coming. It's a hot plate, though.
Scott: [checks fries with Gordon] Dammit.
Gordon: They're not crispy.
Scott: (interview, sighs and facepalms)
Gordon: They're fucking–they're not even crispy.
Scott: [to his team] Hey, STOP! STOP!! Jessica!
Jessica: Yeah?
Scott: GO!
Jessica: No, no! Please, chef!
Scott: Go! Don't talk to me anymore. I want you out. Go. (interview) Jessica wasn't getting any better from start to finish. I can't do it anymore, man. That's it.
[Jessica is seen walking back to the dorms]
Jessica: [sighs] Fuck.
Scott: Rochelle!
Rochelle: Yes?
Scott: Take control of this station now, please.
Rochelle: Yes, chef.

Jason: [tastes spinach brought by Sandra] COME ON! This is bitter and there is no salt in this!
Gabriel: Fuck.
Jason: Come on! [drops spoon in Sandra's pot] Make it better!
Melanie: [to Sandra] Add more salt quickly! (interview) Sandra, get your shit together! If I was running that kitchen tonight, I would've thrown her pan, ripped off her apron, and made her get the fuck out of the kitchen. Like, how has Jason not done that?
Jason: [to Gordon] It's not just falling apart. This is going too slow, but this is the last table, and...
Gordon: Well, wake up.
Jason: What is going on with the garnish here?! This is not that hard!
Gordon: [to Sandra] Is there an answer there or not?
Sandra: [sighs] Fuck me.
Gordon: It's like talking to a fucking brick wall.
Jason: Come on!

Gordon: Scott won tonight because he has all the qualities I'm looking for in a head chef. He is passionate, determined and a true leader. He's an artist plating food and has a phenomenal palate. There's no doubt in my mind that he's got a great career ahead of him.