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Hell's Kitchen is an American cooking reality show based on the British program of the same title, where Chef Gordon Ramsay puts aspiring chefs through different challenges and dinner services to decide who is the best.

Episode One [14.01][edit]

Gordon: [as Chrissa describes her signature dish] What in the fuck is that?
Chrissa: That is ginger-crusted chicken. I was in the cookie aisle, and I was trying to get ideas, and the ginger cookies...
Gordon: Ginger cookie-crusted chicken breast?
Chrissa: Yep, that's what's in there.
Gordon: [laughs along with the audience] I'm glad you were inspired in the cookie aisle and not the fucking pet food aisle! [takes a bite of the chicken] Aw...
Chrissa: Oh, really? [as Gordon spits out the chicken] Oh, no! Oh my God, really?!
Gordon: That is hideous.
Chrissa: Sorry!
Gordon: One out of five.
Chrissa: (interview) I'm not really used to people spitting out my food, so it was very embarrassing.

Gordon: [to Monique] Tell me about the marinara sauce. I want to know how you made it.
Monique: It's just from a jar.
[Gordon spits out the pasta onto his fork]
Gordon: So you didn't even make the marinara sauce?
Monique: No! (interview) I don't think there's anything wrong with canned sauce. Unless you're from fucking Italy, and you're like born as an Italian, you're not gonna be making your sauce from scratch all the time. [to Gordon] No, if you wanted it, you should've just told me! I would've did it!
Gordon: Oh, I've got to tell you what I want?
Monique: Yes!
T: (interview) Who the fuck uses jarred tomato sauce for Chef Ramsay? Who does that?!
Gordon: Mo's pasta, one out of five.
Monique: Okay, got it.

[After Michael brought the scallops to the pass]
Gordon: The fuck is that? [brings the scallops back to the kitchen] Hey, all of you, come here. Hurry up!
Nick: (interview) This isn't going to be good.
Gordon: Just touch them. Just touch the top of them. Look at them. Look, look. Look. So, we've got fucking colour on one side, and boiled the next.
Michael: Yes, chef.
Adam: (interview) Stupid mistakes, Michael. We're on our first ticket. We've got Chef Ramsay up our ass. This is not a good sign!
Gordon: The sad thing is he [smashes the scallops with his hand] FUCKS two portions as well! Young man, you need to know, you are not at the fucking senior home!
Michael: Yes, chef.
Gordon: One more like that, and you can fuck off back there!
Michael: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Tonight!
Michael: Yes, chef.
Bret: (interview) I don't understand it. We've been in this business our whole lives. They're fucking scallops. It ain't rocket science.

Christine: [after cutting into lamb prepared by Monique] It's really rare. Monique, it's really rare. Screw it, back in the oven.
Meghan: That shit's not even hot! Put that in the fucking convec oven! Are you kidding me?! (interview) I open the oven, and I'm expecting, like, a facial, and it's nothing.
Monique: Our oven is not hot for some reason.
Meghan: It's not on!
Monique: It is on.
Meghan: The oven's off! (interview) Monique, are you fucking kidding me? Your goddamn oven is off, and you're cooking lamb. Are you like...are you high?
Gordon: [to the red team] Lamb!
Meghan: Chef, we're bringing it up. Pork?
Christine: Got it. You following me?
Monique: Yes. Right behind.
Christine: Right behind!
[Gordon looks at the two pans of raw lamb and pork]
Gordon: Ladies! ALL OF YOU! COME HERE!!
Alison: (interview) Fuck! Really?! Like, again?! Oh my God! This is not happening!
Gordon: Raw lamb and dry pork! Like pork jerky! Look at it! RIDICULOUS!! [throws spoon up before walking out of the red kitchen] Aw, fuck off.

Gordon: [to the red team] Lamb!
Meghan: [to Monique as she brings the lamb to Gordon] Behind you, Mo.
Gordon: I've got the lamb! Where's the pork?!
Mieka: I need these two right here.
Gordon: One, two, three, four, five, six chefs on meat!
T: Pork is fucking raw.
Gordon: Is it raw? Stop! Stop! Bring me the lamb, please!
T: (interview) We started off strong, and then the meat station! It's like a ship out at sea, the pirates came and fucking capsized that bitch!
Gordon: So you bring me the lamb and the pork's raw?! Now, I'm taking it personally! I need you to do one more thing together as a team. GET OUT! GET OUT! It's such a fucking joke! PISS OFF!

[While the red team discuss who to put up for elimination, they notice Chrissa unloading the dishwasher and putting glasses away instead of participating]
Christine: I don't think she cares.
Monique: Chrissa, can you come join us, please?
Alison: Why are you over there doing dishes?!
Chrissa: 'Cause, like, I don't wanna argue.
Christine: You're part of this!
Alison: We're having a conversation! Like
Chrissa: I know, but I just—
Alison: You're a part of the team that we're talking about!
Chrissa: And I feel like I'm helping with it!
Alison: Are you helping?!
Chrissa: Well, because I broke a glass, I wanted to clean it, and I was gonna put fresh coffee on for us. I'm sorry!
T: I don't want no damn coffee! I want a cigarette and a W! Can you provide me with that?!

Gordon: There is nothing more terrifying to Chrissa than jumping off a building. But there is nothing more terrifying to me than the thought of having her as my next head chef.

Episode Two [14.02][edit]

[Gordon notices Michael reading the menu as both teams are about to start dinner service]
Gordon: [to Michael] What are you reading through there? What are you—
Michael Dussault: I'm just going through it in my mind, chef.
Gordon: This, [rips up menu] you don't need.
Michael Dussault: Yes, chef.
Gordon: You do not need that. Look at yourself in the mirror, and scream risotto ingredients.
Michael Dussault: Risotto ing-!
Gordon: Number one, what is it?
Michael Dussault: Oil, chef.
Gordon: Rice, you fucking pillock.
[Brendan and Nick look up and shake their heads]
Nick: (interview) Michael's kind of just a hot mess.
Gordon: If he doesn't know what's in a fucking risotto, we're screwed!
Nick: (interview) Hey, Mike, I like you. It's nothing personal, but everyone knows you're the weakest chef here.

[Michael brings an unordered beet salad to the pass]
Michael Dussault: Beet salad.
Gordon: Oh my God! MICHAEL!
Michael Dussault: Yes, chef!
Gordon: What's the beet salad for? It's not even on order.
Josh Trovato: (interview) What?! [chuckles] Michael, what? What are you doing?
Gordon: [to Michael] It's like you're cooking for imaginary friends! It's not on order!
Michael Dussault: Yes, chef!
Milly: (interview; sighs)
Gordon: Is it just to look busy?!
Michael Dussault: No, chef. I–I heard, chef. I made a mistake.
Gordon: You heard it? You got little voices in your head?
Michael Dussault: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Let me put one more in there. [whispers in Michael's ear] WAKE UP!
Michael Dussault: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Now fuck off!

Brendan: How are you on risotto, Milly?
Milly: I'm two minutes out on this risotto!
Cameron: Holy shit! I don't know what's going on.
Brendan: (interview) Cameron is confused already.
Gordon: Scallops! Where are they?! [turns over the scallops Cameron brought to the pass] Oh my God. [to the blue team] Hey, all of you! All of you! Come here! Come here, come here! First table of the night, I've got raw fucking scallops!
Milly: They're not seared on both sides.
Gordon: Who cooked them?!
Cameron: [raises his hand] I did.
Gordon: Do they deserve that?!
Cameron: No, chef. Definitely not.
Gordon: Our first table!
Milly: (interview) Cameron wasn't even flipping the fucking scallops over! I couldn't believe it at all!
Gordon: First table, James! Let's start it again!
Cameron: Great. (interview) I just looked like a fucking idiot there, man. I dropped the ball.
Gordon: [to Cameron] Watch. You're frying them in fucking too much hot oil, yes.
Cameron: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Thirty seconds each side!
Cameron: (interview) Chef Ramsay, when he's in the kitchen, he's very, very intimidating.
Gordon: Shake the pan, gently! And then out! Clean pan, let's go!
Cameron: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Fucking hell!
Cameron: (interview) It kinda throws you off.
Gordon: Hey! Was that so hard?!
Cameron: Yes. Thank you for the—Yes, chef!

Randy: First ticket!
Cameron: First ticket, give me...fif—twenty seconds, please. Twenty seconds!
Milly: (interview) I don't know what the fuck is going on with Cameron.
Cameron: [to Brendan] Help me!
Brendan: I got it.
Milly: (interview) He was going crazy! Like, literally scared of the food or something!
Nick: You guys, keep calm, okay? (interview) I'm cringing right now thinking, "These have to be perfect." They have to be perfect!
[Gordon flips over the scallops and sees that only one of them is cooked both sides]
Gordon: Fuck me!
Bret: Nope. Coming back.
Gordon: They're fucking rubber! [to the blue team] HEY! HEY, STOP! ALL OF YOU!! All of you, fuck off! Come here!!
Randy: Yes, chef!
Nick: (interview) This is–this is not good. He's gonna kick us all out!
[Gordon takes the blue team inside the pantry]
Gordon: What is going on?
Cameron: It's my fault.
Gordon: What the fuck is going on?
Bret: (interview) He can't cook a scallop! One side, gorgeous! The other side, nothing!
Gordon: They're fuck–just touch that!
Cameron: I see it. It's my fault. I'm sorry.
Bret: (interview) Fuckin' ridiculous!
Gordon: Have a fucking meeting here, one minute on your own, and GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER!
Milly: Heard, chef.
Josh: (interview) Chef Ramsay, just seeing him angry, it's horrific! It's the scariest thing I've ever seen! [laughs] It's terrible! [to Cameron] Hey, brand new! Brand new! Brand new, right now! LET'S GO! [tries opening the door] There's no handle.
Gordon: There's no handle on that door, so they can't get out. [James laughs along with Gordon]

Brendan: [to Cameron] Listen to me. Get four halibuts working. (interview) We got off to a bad start on appetizers, so I'm gonna take the lead. It's gonna work out better this way, trust me.
Josh: Walking lamb!
Gordon: Lamb here, come on!
Josh: Yes, chef.
Brendan: Walking with salmon.
Gordon: [starts plating Josh's lamb] There you go. That meat's perfect.
Josh: (interview) Nice!
Gordon: [notices Brendan's salmon burnt on the bottom] Oh my God! [to blue team] Come here! All of you! I got soft salmon there, and then look. You flip that over, and it's burnt to shit. [to Brendan and Cameron] Come here, you two. There you go. Hey! [throws plate of burnt salmon on the table next to the blue kitchen] Eat that shit!
Cameron: (interview) This is just a mess.
Gordon: SIT DOWN!
Cameron: (interview) The fish station shit the bed tonight.
Gordon: [to Marino] Service, come here, you!
Marino: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Two nice glasses of sauvignon blanc and some knives and forks for the fucking Muppets!
Marino: Absolutely!
Cameron: [to Brendan] Do we have to really eat it all? [Brendan says nothing as he cuts into the salmon] Very humbling for me. [Brendan remains silent] Alright, don't say anything.

[Brendan and Cameron have returned to the blue kitchen to fire a late appetizer]
Gordon: Have you two got this?
Brendan: Yes, chef. (interview) I need to fight back, you know? I want to show Chef Ramsay that I'm sorry that I gave him shit!
Gordon: Two scallops, Michael?!
Michael: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Where are they?
[Michael and Josh point at Cameron and Brendan cooking with a pan with nothing in it]
Gordon: Hey, hey, hey! Stop! STOP!! [to Michael] What did I ask you to do?
Michael: Scallops, chef.
Gordon: The scallops aren't even in the pan, right? And look. I got the dressed salad!
Brendan: (interview) Michael, we are going down in flames right now because of you!
Josh: Let's go, boys! We have to come back! Come on!
Brendan: [to Milly] Fuck it, I got it.
Milly: You sure?
Brendan: I got it! [to Gordon] Scallops at the window.
Gordon: [flips over scallops and sees them raw underneath] Ah, fucking hell. [to blue team] Hey, hey. STOP! [points at Brendan, Cameron, and Michael] You, you, you, come here!
Michael: Yes, chef!
Gordon: The rest of you, continue cooking!
Blue Team: Yes, chef!
Gordon: [to Michael while handing him the scallop tray] Take that...
Michael: Yes, chef.
Gordon: ...and fuck off out of here!
Michael: Yes, chef!
Gordon: GET OUT!

Gordon: Right, Bret...
Bret: Yes, chef?
Gordon: ...and Milly, take over the fish!
Milly: Yes, chef!
Bret: Four minutes, two pork; four and a half minutes, two wellington!
Josh: Got it, let's go! We gotta finish this!! (interview) Chef Ramsay's pissed. We have to turn it back around! I'm not losing. I do not want to lose.
Gordon: [to Nick] What's going, Nick?! Nick, what's going?!
Nick: Uh... two salmon, two halibut! Two pork, two wellington!
Gordon: [shakes his head] Two pork, two salmon followed by two salmon, two wellington!
Nick: Heard, chef!
Gordon: There's no halibut going! [to Josh] What's going, Josh?
Josh: Two salmon and...two lamb?
Gordon: Enough's enough! I have never seen a team so fragmented in all my fucking life! You, you, you, you, you, and you fuck off!
Randy: Yes, chef.
Gordon: James, you and I will finish them. [to blue team] GET OUT!
Randy: Yes, chef.
Bret: Fuck!
Gordon: GET OUT!!
Bret: Un-fucking-believable.
Milly: Come on, man! (interview) I feel disrespected, I don't understand it! I ain't never been kicked out of a kitchen in my life!

Gordon: Cameron was too intimidated to perform when I was watching him. So I did him a favor and made sure that he doesn't have to be around me anymore.

Episode Three [14.03][edit]

[Sous Chef James serves the Blue Team lunch during their punishment]
Bret: About time, chef.
James Avery: [removes lid to reveal...] Guys, it's peanut butter and jelly.
Bret: I don't care, I'm hungry. I need something to eat!
James Avery: I mean... peanut butter and jellyfish.
Milly: (interview) What the fuck?! I never even knew you could eat jellyfish!
James Avery: Get 'em down, and get back in here. Come on!
Bret: Fuck, man! (interview) Are you kidding me? Are you crazy?! [as he walks out of the kitchen] Man, FUCK! (interview) I'm not eating that shit, man. I'm good, man.
[The men walk back to their dorms to eat the sandwiches]
Josh: Peanut butter and jellyfish?
Bret: I'm the only one who scored a point, so I shouldn't have to eat it.
Nick: Well, we worked as a team. We're all eating it. (interview; claps sarcastically) Congrats. I'm glad you got the point for our team, but you better step up and eat a sandwich.
Josh: Egh! (interview) Peanut butter and jelly... fish? It's not good!
Brendan: I don't feel good.
James Avery: How's lunch?
Josh: Good. It was good. [burps] Oh, God! (interview) It's not good.
James Avery: Yeah. I bet.

[Marino brings a scallop salad with a piece of plastic back to the pass]
Marino: [to Gordon] Chef, Table 22. They found this on the salad of the scallops. It's a plastic.
Gordon: Hey. Hey, Blue Team!
Adam: (interview) Something happened. I hope I didn't do it.
Gordon: [holds up plastic strip] That was in the scallop salad.
Bret: What the fuck?! Come on, fellas!
Gordon: Who dressed it?
Adam: I did, chef. (interview) But as it turns out, I did. [to Gordon] I apologize.
Gordon: You're gonna slice somebody's throat open!
Adam: Understandable. (interview) Fuck! Another fuckin' dumb, little mistake.
Gordon: It's just so fucking basic! So basic!

Narrator: In the blue kitchen, things are starting to heat up...
[Michael takes a smoking hot pan underneath the table]
Gordon: Michael, what the fuck are you doing?
Narrator: ...and it's about to get even hotter.
Gordon: Fucking Jesus. Michael! [puts pan back on the stove] What are you doing?
Michael: Chef, I put it away, chef.
Gordon: What?
Michael: It was over here burning, chef.
Gordon: But why stick it down there?! Whose tray is that?
Michael: It's, uh, salmon, chef.
Gordon: Fish [station].
Michael: Yes, chef.
Gordon: They're talking, they go down and grab the pan, they're gonna scald themselves!
Michael: Yes, chef. You're right, chef.
Gordon: Then why would you put–[backs away while Michael reaches to grab the pan]
Michael: Sorry, chef.
Gordon: What are you doing?!
Michael: It was over here burning.
Michael: (interview) I put the pan out of the way just so that nobody would get hurt.
Gordon: If the pan's about to burst into flames, what do you do?!
Michael: I'm sorry, chef!
Gordon: Come on young man!
Bret: (interview) Myself and Josh on the fish station could've had to leave Hell's Kitchen because of a third-degree burn. Like "taking skin from your ass to put it on your hand" type shit.
Gordon: [puts pan in the sink] Fucking hell!

Gordon: LADIES!
Alison: Yes, chef! Monique, just throw it up.
Monique: I wanted to make sure it was ready. [to Gordon] Walking with scallops! (interview) I know I'm solid on my scallops. This ain't my first time in the kitchen!
Gordon: [while checking the scallops] These are fucking disgusting. They're just cooked to fuck. [to red team] Ladies!
Red Team: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Come here! All of you. WHAT IS HAPPENING?! TOUCH THEM! Just touch how rubber they are! Yeah, it's not gonna bite! It's fucking dead!
Red Team: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Alison, who cooked those scallops?
Alison: [pause] Monique, chef.
Monique: (interview) Like, what a bitch move! I can't stand Alison. You accent's stupid, your makeup's stupid, you're stupid.
Gordon: [to Monique] You've got no idea they're rubber! Way overcooked!
Monique: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Start again!

[Gordon receives a bad order of risotto and cavatelli as the red team tries to finish appetizers]
Gordon: [to Red Team] Hey. Hey, all of you! Come here!
Mieka: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Come here!
Christine: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Tasting Lesson #17. Taste the sticky, over-reduced cavatelli and the bland risotto! No richness, no sumptuousness. Nothing! I have no idea what you two are doing!
Meghan: (interview) I didn't fucking train for ten years to have some fucking asshole next to me not keep up with risotto.
Gordon: Hey, here's what happening! It's the last table of appetizers...
Meghan: Yes, chef.
Gordon: ...when you should be at your height! And that tastes like it's at the fucking bottom.
Mieka: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Yeah, disgusting. Sticky, bland...
Sarah: Can you just please–
Gordon: Sorry?!
Sarah: [beat] I'm sorry, chef.
Gordon: No, what were you gonna say?
Sarah: Please let us try again.
Gordon: "Let us try again?"
Meghan: (interview) "Oh, please Chef Ramsay! Can you give me another chance?" Seriously?! I'm a girl, and the puppy-dog eyes–that shit doesn't fucking fly! Are you kidding me?!
Gordon: The last table of appetizers. "Let us try again." What do you think I want? All of you, GET OUT!
Meghan: (interview) Dumbass!
Gordon: FUCK OFF! And what did you say, Sarah? "Can we try one more time?!" GET OUT!
Monique: (interview) I'm so angry. I literally want to start punching bitches.

Gordon: One wellington, one lamb!
Blue Team: Yes, chef!
Nick: The lamb's under.
Bret: Close it up and get back in for a minute.
Nick: Alright. Mike, we'll give it a second, okay?
Michael: Right now?
Nick: No, like, I need a minute. Okay?
Michael: Extra minute heard.
Nick: Yes, thank you!
Michael: Walking with garnish!
Nick: Michael. I said a minute! (interview) I'd rather have Chef Ramsay yell at me for taking too long than have him yell at me for sending him undercooked lamb. [to Brendan] Brendan, bring it up.
[Gordon checks the lamb brought by Nick]
Gordon: Hey, the lamb's full of blood. All of you, come here. Who donkeyed that?
Nick: I sliced the lamb first, chef.
Gordon: And what did you tell yourself?
Nick: It was a little under, chef.
Gordon: No, it's a lot more than a little! [cuts into the lamb] Raw white fat. [slams fist onto the plate]
Bret: (interview; sighs) Fuck!
Gordon: Fuck off, all of you! GET OUT! Shit beginning, shit middle, and a shit end!
Bret: (interview) I'm a little furious right now. I hate fucking losing and getting kicked out of the kitchen.
Gordon: Get out, get out, get out! GET OUT!!

Gordon: Fortunately for Michael, he can go back to his job at the senior center. Unfortunately for his residents, it's as the chef.

Episode Four [14.04][edit]

[Michelle brings a mac and cheese to Gordon, who tastes it and spits it out]
Gordon: Oh my God. Fuck me. [to red team] Hey, all of you.
Red Team: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Come here. Yeah, HURRY UP! Taste that!
[Everyone on the red team grabs spoons to taste the mac and cheese]
Alison: Where's the spoon?
Gordon: Taste that.
T: Oh my God. It's salty.
Gordon: That is disgusting!
Red Team: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Who made that?! Who fucking made that?!
Michelle: I put the extra salt in at the end, chef. I'll fix it though!
Gordon: Michelle, there are young children!
Michelle: Got it, chef!

Bret: (interview) I don't mind taking control of situations, especially if I feel like I have a handle on it. I got this shit! I got this!
Gordon: Two risotto!
[Bret starts pouring an old batch of risotto into the pan with the new one]
Gordon: Stop. Stop! [to Bret] Come here! Bring that fucking pan and bring that pan here! All of you, come here!
Bret: Yes, chef.
Gordon: That's the old risotto that's gone three, four minutes ago dumped into the fresh one.
Bret: Yes, it's both, chef.
Gordon: What in the fuck are we doing?!
Josh: (interview) Now we're in trouble.
Gordon: Cut the bullshit! [slams fist onto table] COME ON, GUYS!
Bret: Yes, chef!
Josh: (interview) Bret used the old risotto into the new risotto, and you never do that! You can't do that!
Bret: My fault, my fault, MY FAULT!
Brendan: It's alright, man.
Bret: How dare I do that! How the fuck dare I do that!
Josh: (interview) He likes to think of himself as our quarterback, but a proper quarterback wins, you know?

Adam: [to Bret] Salmon's medium rare right now, bud.
Bret: That feels sex.
Adam: Alright. [to Nick] Nick, how are we looking on those three salmons?
Nick: Just pulled out! Whenever you're ready!
Josh: My garnish is ready to go!
Nick: Walk now.
Adam: [to Gordon] New York up!
Bret: Onion rings to the pass.
Gordon: [after cutting into a New York strip brought by Adam] Hey, all of you! ALL OF YOU!!
Brendan: (interview) Here we go.
Gordon: Salmon soft as shit, New York strip cooked to fuck. You wanna serve it?
Blue Team: No, chef!
Gordon: Fucking eat it! Hey, all of you, sit down!
Bret: I'm not eating that.
Gordon: Enjoy. Yeah, fucking eat it!
Bret: (interview) No fucking way! Are you kidding me?!
[Everyone on the blue team sits at a table in the back of the kitchen to eat the bad New York strip]
Adam: [to Bret while eating a bite of the meat] That's the one you said was sex?
Josh: Come on, let's go!
Female Diner: I don't see anyone cooking!
Marino: Sorry, guys. We have a Cabernet to enjoy with your steak, and the salmon as well.
Bret: (interview) This is embarrassing. This–this is embarrassing.
Nick: Who's gonna drink that wine?
[Bret takes the glass of red wine and chugs it down]
Nick: You can do it.
Randy: Come on, man!

Gordon: [to the red team] All of you. All of you! There's the last New York strip. Look how well done it is. It's just so basic!
T: (interview) You have an idiot and a clown on the meat station, and they're just fucking everything up.
Gordon: Is anyone going to step up and say anything?! This is an embarrassment! [throws meat onto the table] Get out! GET OUT!!
Michelle: Go, go!
Alison: (interview) This is a complete, epic shitshow!
[As the red team leaves the kitchen, Sous Chef Andi shows Gordon a burger that was brought back]
Gordon: Is that raw?
Andi: Yeah.
[Gordon follows the red team into the hallway carrying the plate with the raw burger]
Gordon: Hey, ladies! Come here! Who cooked the burger? Burger's still raw. [pause] Whilst you stare at your raw burger, and I re-fire that table myself, I suggest you come up with two nominees that you do not want on your brigade. Fuck off!
T: (interview) There were little kids out there. It pisses me off completely! There were families out there. Families. Simply atrocious! Shame on the red team!

Michelle: Whose raw burger was that?
Sarah: That was my bad. I thought it was ready. I'm not kidding, like...
Alison: Sarah, it's a rare burger!
Sarah: I understand! I don't know how to cook burgers!
Alison: Oh my— (interview) A burger! Who in America does not know how to fucking cook a burger?!
T: Sarah, I need you to bring your confidence to the fucking party. You are a good chef! Stop fucking second-guessing yourself!
Alison: Yeah, that burger was a huge problem. But on the same token, are you fucking serious that you don't know how to cook meat?! (interview) I've been on that meat station. It's so easy! Mieka is not good, but Monique is a complete dead weight. She is just a body taking up space. [to Monique] Monique, straight up, it's your second time on meat! How many times?! Second time!
Meghan: I mean, seriously!
Monique: Yeah, I fucked up in the beginning. The second batch came out, they were under, but I got my shit together.
Monique: I did!
T: Oh my God!
Alison: The meat station failed.
T: Right.
Alison: It's gonna be Monique and Mieka.
T: If we put both of them up, Mieka's going home!
Michelle: I don't want Mieka to go home.
Alison: I think we should strategize in the elimination.
T: I think we need to send Monique and Sarah up there. If you wanna strategize, that's strategy.
Alison: Yep!
T: Sarah, I'm sorry, but he's not gonna send you home.
Sarah: Nothing personal
T: I nominate you and Monique. That said.
Monique: You guys wanna put us up in front of Chef, let's do it! 'Cause you guys know I'm not gonna go up there and sit there like, "Yes, please send me home, chef!"
T: (interview) I know we're taking a risk, but hopefully our strategy works and gets Monique the fuck up outta here! Let the chips fall where they may.

Gordon: You've heard of the saying "the Meek shall inherit the earth." Well, the Mieka shall not inherit the position as my next head chef.

Episode Five [14.05][edit]

Adam: You didn't go with truffle butter yet, right, Josh?
Josh: No, I did truffle butter! You're putting too much butter!
Adam: I didn't put butter in it!
Josh: You put a lot of butter. (interview) Adam's struggling on the risotto. He's very confused.
Adam: Risotto's up, ready to go whenever you guys are good!
Josh: You gotta get these hotter! You gotta let this reduce! (interview) Adam, come on, man. It's simple mistakes! What's going on, are you sleeping? Wake up for me!
Gordon: Where's the risotto?
Adam: It's coming right up, chef.
Josh: Go, go! This way!
Adam: [brings risotto to the pass] Here you go.
[Gordon takes a spoon to taste the risotto before bringing it back into the kitchen]
Gordon: Hey, look at my risotto. [holds pan up to show the risotto stuck to the bottom] Look, just stuck! Hey, it's glue! Glue!
Adam: I'll put it back, chef!
Bret: (interview) Adam better tighten the fuck up. If you can't cook the risotto, you have no reason being in Hell's Kitchen.
Gordon: Look at it! It's like a fucking clock! What am I supposed to do, hang it on the wall?!
Brendan: No, chef!
Adam: No!
Gordon: A risotto clock, Joshua?!
Josh: I'm sorry, chef!
Adam: That was me! That was me, chef!

Narrator: With Bret's soggy salmon killing the blue team's momentum, over in the red kitchen...
Michelle: Monique! You have to get all that done! Can you do it?!
Monique: I'm working it right now. I'm ready.
Narrator: ...Monique's struggles on garnish has the ladies' first order of wellingtons and lamb dying at the pass.
Gordon: Let's go, Mo!
Monique: Yes, chef! Lamb garnish!
Gordon: Have you tasted any of your garnish?
Monique: Yes, chef. I've been tasting.
Andi: [to Gordon as he checks the garnish] You all right with that?
Gordon: [touches eggplant] It's fucking raw. [to red team] Hey! There's nothing worse than a bitter, raw eggplant, yeah? It's just solid! Just...[slams fist on table] it's just solid! Look!
Monique: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Oh, yes. Oh y–Oh, YES?! OH, NO! IS ANYONE ENGAGING?!
Red Team: YES, CHEF!

Gordon: [after checking salmon brought by Christine] Oh my God. Wait, wait. Wait! All of you!
Red Team: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Get your arses over here!
Sarah: Shit!
T: Chef, what's wrong?
Gordon: Undercooked rice. But here's the insult–I got raw salmon as well! It's fucking raw, it's not even pink!! Hey. Hey, all of you, come here! Come here.
[Gordon follows the red team into the pantry]
T: (interview) Like, seriously? Oh my God. I can't believe–I... [sighs]
Gordon: What is going on?! That risotto was disgusting. Those salmon were raw. Who cooked that salmon, first off?!
Christine: I cooked the salmon, chef. I lost my train of thought, I should've just focused!
Gordon: I swear to God, the next mistake, you're out of here.
Red Team: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Get it together, now!

Gordon: How long?
Brendan: Five minutes, chef.
Gordon: What?!
Brendan: I just have to put it out right, chef. I'm sorry. (interview) Lamb takes fifteen minutes, start to finish. So we're just fucking waiting. We're waiting and waiting.
Milly: How long on the lambs?
Brendan: This fucking lamb's still not cooked! Still not cooked!
Bret: Come on! Fuck.
Gordon: How long, two chicken, two lamb?
Bret: How long, Brendan?
Brendan: Two minutes, chef.
Brendan: No. It's one–one minute out.
Josh: A minute?! Brendan!
Gordon: Garnish, Milly, to the window!
Milly: Yes, chef.
Brendan: Milly, I need you to wait another minute. I–I'm sorry. The lamb's just–it's not cooked yet.
Bret: So then don't tell us two minutes! Tell us four minutes! Don't lie to us! Don't lie to chef!
Gordon: Brendan!
Brendan: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Did you just shut down the kitchen? Now we look like fucking idiots! I asked for one of you, two of you, three of you to start showing some leadership qualities! NO ONE'S STEPPING UP! WAKE UP!
Blue Team: Yes, chef!

Gordon: Monique acted like she was the victim, but the real victim was anyone who had to eat her food tonight.

Episode Six [14.06][edit]

[The red team start prepping chicken wings in the kitchen for punishment]
Meghan: I look like a fucking moron right now. (interview) I'm not feeling so good after that loss. I don't like to fail and I don't like to be embarrassed. [to T] T, put that on there! It's not even fucking on! GAHHH!! This is like, no way. Seriously, it's nuts. (interview) I don't like this fucking horseshit that's happening in the red kitchen right now. [to red team] Come on, guys! Let's go, or I'm gonna fucking ride your ass!
Alison: Ugh! (interview) Meghan is just annoying! Like, we're already in the shit...
[Meghan brings the whole red team into the pantry]
T: Meghan, what is that look on your face about?
Alison: (interview) ...and she isn't helping! [to Meghan] What happened?
Meghan: Are you kidding me?! This is fucking easy as shit! Correct?!
Alison: Meghan, stop it.
Meghan: No!
Alison: It's annoying, it's stupid!
Meghan: I can't do this anymore, guys. Like, seriously...
Alison: I don't know how this is gonna work!
Meghan: ...I'm about to, like, fucking nominate myself so I can go the fuck home so I can stop being embarrassed. I'm fucking sick of this shit!
Alison: [scoffs] Good-bye.
Andi: Guys, let's go.
Meghan: So done. (interview) I am not a quitter. But at the same time, I cannot handle it if we lose another service. I'm–I'm gonna, like, go through the fucking roof.

Randy: Two risotto walking in one minute!
Nick: I need a minute and a half!
Randy: Okay, Roger! Copy! One minute and a half on the scallops!
Nick: Scallops are not fucking cooking!!
Randy: (interview) I'm trying to put risotto out, but scallops was just not going anywhere. [to Nick] How long out on the scallops?
Nick: I already told you! ONE MINUTE!
Randy: Okay. Ready, walk risotto.
Nick: If I hear him say "risotto" one more time, I'm gonna cut my own dick off.
Gordon: Come on, Nick! I need to plate the scallops!
Nick: Walking! Two scallops, chef.
Gordon: [checks scallops] Scallops are overcooked. Fucking hell. They're rubber. [to blue team] Hey! Hey, hey! All of you, come here. Just touch them, how overcooked they are! We're waiting for them, yet they're overcooked! I don't get that!
Nick: Yes, chef.
Randy: Come on, guys.
Gordon: Fucking hell!

[Bret tries to entertain diners table-side as the blue team falls behind on appetizers]
Bret: (interview) I'm trying to deliver some sexy food to these sexy ladies with my sexy 6'5" Italian-Jew ass, but I can only flirt with these ladies so much before they start getting anxious for the rest of their food. [to female diner] Yeah, the apps will be about a minute behind it. (interview) Where the fuck are my scallops?
[Later, Bret comes back to the pass]
Bret: How long on the next table?
Nick: Right here! [to Gordon] Scallops, chef.
Gordon: Hey, stop! Overcooked, because the fucking pan is not hot enough! It has to be screaming hot!
Nick: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Thirty seconds each side! [slams fist onto scallop platter] FUCK!!

Brendan: We're gonna go with two more halibut in that pan.
Nick: No, they're right here. You only need four there, right? You have two there already done. (interview) Brendan and I are just cooking fish. It's a fucking free-for-all of fish! Fish everywhere! And they're all cooked improperly!
Josh: [to Brendan] Hey, can you have two halibut? How long? [pause] Can you just give me something, Brendan? Just something.
Brendan: Guys, I need fucking help here!
Nick: It's falling apart!
Josh: [to Nick] No, you gotta help him! He's your partner!
Nick: I'm trying to!
Josh: So talk to him!
Nick: I–I am!
Josh: We have to talk to him! It's a team effort!
Brendan: I'm walking with two halibut!
Josh: Fucking lamb, behind!
Gordon: [checks center of the halibut] Fucking hell. Hey, hey, hey.
Nick: Oh my God. Fuck my life.
Gordon: All of you, come here. I'm gonna go fucking crazy. [separates fish with spatula] Raw. Raw, raw.
Milly: (interview) Brendan could not get it in the middle. Either it was overcooked or it was raw. Stop somewhere in the fucking middle and you'll be right!
Gordon: What is this? [points at Nick and Brendan] You and you, fuck off! GET OUT! Milly, Bret get on fish!

Josh: Lamb's coming right now!
Gordon: Where's the fucking lamb?!
Josh: Slicing lamb now! I need a sizzle platter!
Gordon: [to Josh] Hey, you! Come here, you! Bring that over. [shows Josh the bad platter of lamb] One third of them overcooked, and the center bits are raw. When you slice it and it's not right, wh–wh–what do you do?!
Josh: I panic.
Gordon: You stop what?!
Josh: I stop thinking!
Gordon: You stop slicing!
Josh: Yes, chef.
Gordon: But no, you slice it more? Get out. Get out!

Gordon: Brendan considers himself a well-read chef. Unfortunately, it's only his books that have a spine.

Episode Seven [14.07][edit]

Gordon: Lobsters!
Alison: [walks to the pass] Lobster, chef.
Gordon: [touches piece of lobster] Alison! [returns to workstation] Uh, ladies!
Alison: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Look at the colour of my lobster! And it's just–just smell that!
Meghan: (interview) This is amateur. Amateur cooking.
Gordon: And they taste like they've been fried in butter! [to Alison] What have you done?! Stay there! Oh, no! No! No, no, no! [checks the melted butter in Alison's pan] Oh my God. Oh, shit. Shit! You burned the butter! Look at the lobster! You've burned the butter!
Alison: (interview) I saw the butter and the meat was burnt. That was a stupid mistake, like, I should've just redid the butter and kept it moving! [while whisking butter in a clean pan] Give me a couple more minutes.
Gordon: The Red Team, fuck me.

Randy: [to Gordon at the pass] Two wellington.
Gordon: It's just like liquid. It's like liquid fucking mash.
James Avery: Yeah.
Gordon: I'm not gonna have it, James. [returns to workstation] Hey! Hey!
Randy: Three minutes.
Gordon: No, no! Just stop! [holds up spoon dripping with mashed potatoes] I've got like a liquid mash now. Look at it when it's on the plate. I know sauces that are thicker than that!
Randy: That's soup, chef. That is soup.
Gordon: Hey, come here, you. Come here. Come here, you! Hurry up!
[Gordon takes Randy into the pantry near the blue kitchen]
Milly: I need wellington garnish in the window right now, or I'mma die! Right now!
Gordon: [to Randy] What's going on?
Randy: I didn't make the mash.
Gordon: Who made the mash?
Randy: I don't know.
Gordon: So who put the cream in there?
Randy: I don't know, chef.
Gordon: So you got no idea?
Randy: I did not, I—
Gordon: I need to know who put the cream in there.
Randy: I don't know, chef!
Gordon: You don't know?
Randy: I don't know!
Gordon: What about asking your fucking team, then? Communicating with them.
Randy: I agree. They were like soup.
Gordon: Apart from that, you gotta fucking talk a little bit, yes? [opens pantry door]
Randy: Yes, chef. [returns to blue kitchen] Okay, I'm back. I gotta—
Gordon: Hey! Hey, Blue Team!
Blue Team: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Who put the cream in the mashed potatoes? The truth.
Milly: Who put the cream in the mash?! (interview) Who put the fucking cream in the mashed potatoes?
Nick: Did you put the cream in?
Randy: I didn't. They were...
James Avery: In that little pot, you didn't do them?
Bret: Who put the cream in the mash?
Nick: I didn't put the cream in the mash.
Gordon: Who put the cream in the mash?
Adam: It's an easy question! [pause; Milly points at someone off-screen while Bret shrugs]
Gordon: What the fuck is going on here?!
Randy: Okay, I'm ready for garnish.
Milly: (interview) Obviously, Randy put cream in the mashed potatoes. He just gotta step up, 'cause it ain't no ghosts in Hell's Kitchen.
Gordon: [to Randy] Here's the issue. I don't care who put the fucking cream in. I just don't want it!
Randy: Yes, chef.

Randy: Walking garnish, one minute!
Milly: Ah! (interview) I was moving too fast, and I didn't recognize what end of the wellington was closed. You're supposed to cut it on the closed part of the pastries.
Randy: We good, Milly? Can I walk garnish?
Milly: For wellingtons, yes.
Randy: Okay! I'm walking garnish right now!
[Milly brings wellingtons cut the wrong way to the pass]
Gordon: Oh, fucking hell. [walks back with the wellingtons] I just, I–I give up. I fucking give up. [to Blue Team] Come over here! Yeah, that's you, Milly! COME HERE!!
Adam: Coming, chef.
Gordon: What's wrong with that?
Milly: It's cut the wrong way.
Gordon: Cut the wrong way!
Adam: (interview) It's a very noticeable mistake. Milly's usually on point with that kind of stuff. I know Milly's better than that, so what the fuck is going on? That's just embarrassing.
Gordon: [to Milly] I got two wedges like doorsteps! We are making such basic errors tonight, and I don't understand why! AND YOU KNOW THE ISSUES!
Nick: Yes, chef.
Milly: (interview) I didn't know that I was going to get it sent back just for being cut wrong. I have one more sitting right here, and I'll be ready to go. [to Gordon] I got another wellington!
Gordon: HURRY UP!!
Milly: Yes, chef.

Gordon: [checking wellington and lamb brought by Sarah] It's just undercooked. Yeah, four or five minutes off. Lamb's overcooked. [to Red Team] Just–just stop! COME HERE! So does anyone know what... Uh, Meghan, please?
Michelle: [walking to kitchen from dining room] Hot pan, hot pan.
Gordon: Does anyone... [to Michelle] Please, fuck off in the dining room, you!
Michelle: Yes, chef.
Gordon: The wellingtons are undercooked–that's raw in the middle–and the lamb is overcooked!
Meghan: (interview) Sarah, you should've learned how to cook before you got here!
Gordon: Back in the oven and a fresh lamb!
Red Team: Yes, chef!

Gordon: Entrée: two branzino, two chicken!
Blue Team: Yes, chef!
Adam: A minute and ten seconds on branzino, okay?
Randy: Heard.
Nick: What do you need from me? Anything?
Adam: No, I'm good, Nick. I'm good! (interview) I've been wanting fish station for a while. I haven't done it since the first dinner service. It was a disaster. [while cooking fish] Branzino looking beautiful. Whenever you're ready to go, give me a yell, I'll walk it, okay?
Milly: We're going out with meat on the branzino.
Adam: Thank you, Milly. Pleasure doing business with you, baby. (interview) I'm loving the branzino. It's just gonna come down to me executing it. [to Gordon] Branzino! Branzino and lemon. Very hot pan.
Gordon: Can you just try...Hey.
Adam: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Hey. And just work your fucking balls off. And just...just try.
Adam: I'm sorry, chef.
Gordon: No, but look! So visually, what's wrong with that?
[The Blue Team sees the branzino in a pool of oil]
Adam: It didn't get–
Gordon: Visually?!
Adam: It didn't get kissed on the other side.
Gordon: No, but–not kissed on the other fucking side! I'll give you a fucking–Hey, what is wrong with that visually?!
Nick: Too much oil, chef.
Adam: They're not cooked on both sides.
Nick: Too much oil in the pan.
Gordon: It–it still hasn't got it. Two different sides? Look at the fucking oil on that! It's swimming in it!
Adam: I'll fire a fresh one.
Gordon: Just start again!
Adam: Absolutely, chef.
Gordon: What the fuck are you doing?! Just careless!
Adam: I apologize.
Gordon: COME ON!!

Narrator: While Adam re-fires his branzino, over in the red kitchen, T has jumped onto the meat station to help Sarah recover from her lamb and wellington misfires.
T: [to Sarah] Go ahead, slice the lamb. [Sarah continues to cut into a raw piece of lamb] No! Why are you cutting?!
Sarah: You told me to cut the two!
T: No, they're raw! They're raw! You cut them and you see they're raw, you have to put them back into the oven! You don't keep cutting them, Sarah. It's common fucking sense! (interview) Sarah, no one trusts you because we cannot leave you on a fucking station and expect you to hold your own!
Gordon: Two chicken, two lamb! How long?
Sarah: Two minutes, chef.
Gordon: But you've sliced everything!
Sarah: It was a miscommunication, chef.
Gordon: Oh, fucking hell.
Meghan: (interview) Sarah buried us. [to Sarah] Four branzino and two chicken! Are you gonna be ready on two chicken?
Sarah: But they're right here.
Meghan: Another two chicken! It's a followed-by, yes? [to T] You guys have two chicken and two lamb ready to go when I say yes?
T: Yes!
Meghan: Alright, go!
Gordon: Lamb garnish?
Meghan: In the window! Right here.
[Sarah and T bring lamb to the pass; Gordon picks up two raw pieces]
Gordon: What the fuck is this? [takes a spoonful of lentils from the pot and tastes it before spitting it out] Oh God. [to Red Team] Ladies, come here! All of you! Stop! Yeah, stop! WHAT IS HAPPENING?! I swear to God! This. Is. A. Joke. Taste that. Taste that in there! [the Red Team tastes the lentils] What's the first thing that hits your mouth?
Alison: Too much garlic.
Gordon: Just garlic! That's the lamb that's sliced because you (Sarah) weren't ready–it's already oxidized–and look how stringy that chicken is.
T: (interview) When you got Sarah who doesn't know what she's doing, and Christine who's in mid-meltdown phase, it's like the fucking headless horsemen! [looks around] Where is my head? Where's...Where is my head?
Gordon: Come here, all of you. Come here. [points to the Blue Team] They're firing that. That's their last table. And look. We're [counts out tickets on the pass] one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight tables to go. I'm so embarrassed! Get out!
Michelle: Ugh!
Gordon: Get out! You lost! [stops Red Team before they leave] Hey. Think about two individuals up for nomination! And by the way, the Blue Team will finish it off!

Gordon: Sarah kept telling me she was here to learn. Unfortunately for her, I'm not looking for learners, I'm looking for leaders.

Episode Eight [14.08][edit]

Bret: Yo, stepping off to use the restroom, team.
Adam: Yes, sir.
[After some time passes, the Blue Team continues to prep for dinner service, but notice Bret's extended absence]
Josh: Is Bret gonna start these, or...
James Avery: I don't know what he's doing to be honest with you.
Josh: Where is he?
Adam: Bret! Bret fell in the toilet. He's been in the bathroom for a long time.
[Cut to the bathroom; Bret flushes the toilet and is about to leave the stall, but feels a sudden sharp pain]
Bret: Oh, shit! [groans] WHY?!
[The Red Team hear Bret screaming as they prep in the red kitchen]
Christine: I just heard, "Fuck!" from out there. [leaves the kitchen and finds Bret hunched over in the hallway] You okay?
Bret: I need a medic to the back of the kitchen.
Christine: Medic!
Bret: (interview) I had a severe flare up off my disc that is already slipped, which puts me in excruciating pain.
Christine: [to the Blue Team] Hey, he needs a medic back here.
Josh: Bret does? What, did he have a problem in the bathroom?
[Adam walks into the hall with Christine and Sous Chef Andi]
Bret: I have slipped discs that are pinching nerves... and I just was taking a shit, and something happened...
Josh: Is he alright?
Adam: [walking back to the blue kitchen] No. He's got a slipped disc or something.
Josh: Slipped disc?! Holy shit!
Nick: (interview) Tearing your back while you're taking a dump, like... that's something you see in, like, a horror movie. I just hope he got to wipe. That's my main concern.
[Josh and Milly help carry Bret out of the kitchen and into the dorms]
Bret: Ugh! Why did this shit happen?!
Milly: (interview) Bret, he fights hard! He's one of the best cooks on our team.
Josh: [to Bret] Watch your step. Go.
Bret: I gotta go left foot first. Agh! Okay.
Milly: (interview) Take your time, do your thing, and we're gonna back you up regardless.
[Bret lies down on the floor while Milly puts a pillow under his head]
Josh: If you need anything just holler.
Bret: Yo, thank you, bro!
Josh: No problem.
Bret: Yo, Blue Team, man! I'm sorry, y'all!

[Gordon notices that Bret is missing while checking on the Blue Team]
Gordon: Where's Bret?
James Avery: He hurt his back today.
Gordon: What?
James Avery: He pulled his back out.
Gordon: Uh... where is he?
Josh: He's upstairs, chef.
Gordon: Wow. Stay here two seconds.
Blue Team: Yes, chef.
[Gordon walks upstairs to the dorms]
Gordon: Bret!
Bret: Chef. Good afternoon, chef.
Gordon: How are you, buddy?
Bret: I've been better. Unfortunately, I have a slipped disc pinching on my sciatic nerve.
Gordon: Damn, Bret. I am sorry. I am so sorry.
Bret: No, I'm sorry to myself, to my team.
Gordon: That's unquestionable. Here's the thing. You've done bloody well, okay? But, I cannot let you continue. Kitchens are busy places. The last thing I want you doing is severe damage to your back. That–that's long term, that's not happening.
Bret: [sighs] Yeah. Yeah, I know.
Gordon: Listen. Your family are going to be incredibly proud, but you right now have got to think for yourself and not the Blue Team. And not Hell's Kitchen, young man. Okay? [helps Bret get up] Take of yourself.
Bret: [shakes Gordon's hand] Yes, chef.
Gordon: Take it easy, yes?
Bret: It's been a fucking honor! Thank you!
Gordon: Get better, okay?
Bret: Thank you, Chef Ramsay. It was an honor.
Gordon: Take care, bud.
Bret: I will take this to the grave! (interview) You know, it's my life, it's my passion. But I'm worried about the present and the near future, you know. At this point in time, this is the end. I got a lot of support, and that's why I'm not gonna fucking stop doing what I'm doing here! [starts sobbing and slamming fist onto the floor] FUCK!!

Gordon: Two fish and chips, two New York strip, yes?!
Adam: It's gonna be eight minutes on the New York Strip, chef.
Gordon: His (Randy) fish is out!
Adam: [to Randy] I–I'm gonna need you to re-fire those! It's about eight minutes on my strip!
Gordon: Hey!
Adam: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Hey, come here you! Come here! [brings out plate of cod for the fish and chips order] They're perfectly cooked.
Adam: (interview) Fuck, man! Uh...I'm kinda kicking myself right now.
Gordon: When you're eight minutes behind...
Adam: Yes, chef.
Gordon: ...and you're not saying anything [points at Randy] to him, and he's cooked all of this perfectly...
Adam: Yes, chef! I need to communicate with Randy better, chef.
Gordon: You had better get organized.
Adam: Yes, chef! Understood!
Gordon: Fucking useless.

Gordon: Two fish and chips, two New York strip! How long?!
Adam: We're coming up in a second!
Gordon: Let's go.
Randy: [to Adam] You ready?!
Adam: Two New York strips!
Josh: He's walking! Go!
Adam: [brings fish and chips to the pass] Fish!
Gordon: Now the fish and chips are fucking burnt. [walks back towards the blue kitchen] Hey. Hey, all of you, come here. Come here!
Randy: Dammit!
Gordon: What is going on?!
Adam: Nothing, chef! We're gonna regroup right now! We'll re-fire it, Randy.
Randy: (interview) Me and Adam are just, like, screwing each other. It pisses me off.
Gordon: If there's one thing that I grew up with, it was fish and chips!
Blue Team: Yes, chef.
Gordon: And it wasn't soggy shit like that! [to Randy and Adam] Come here, you two! Hey, hey! Come here, you two!
Adam: [to Josh] Watch my steaks, please! And my chicken's coming up!
Gordon: COME HERE!
Adam: Yes, chef.
[Gordon walks into the hallway with Randy and Adam]
Gordon: What the fuck is going on? You screwed it the first time around...
Adam: Absolutely.
Gordon: ...now it's back over to you!
Adam: Yes, chef.
Gordon: [points at Randy] Now it's back over to him!
Adam: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Now it's back over to you!
Adam: Yes, chef.
Gordon: I don't know if you noticed, but we're not going anywhere!!
Adam: Absolutely, chef! We'll–we'll bring it back.
Randy: Three minutes, we'll get out fish and chips.

Gordon: Lamb, please.
Alison: Here, pass this over, Michelle!
Michelle: Okay.
Gordon: Let's go!
Michelle: (interview) That lamb was undercooked.
Gordon: Yeah, bring it down. Bring it down!
Michelle: (interview) I wanted to give it back to Alison, but Chef Ramsay's like, "No, give it to me!"
Gordon: [after checking the lamb] Uh, Michelle.
Michelle: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Come here!
Michelle: (interview) Oh, my God!
Gordon: Yeah, T! Come here!
Michelle: (interview) Are you fucking kidding me? You're gonna make all of us look bad.
Gordon: [to Alison] You handed that to Michelle. [to Michelle] What should you have said? Being the youngest?
Michelle: I should've said it's raw, chef.
Gordon: Yeah?
Michelle: (interview) That was fucked up because Alison gave it to me to pass off the blame.
Gordon: That's raw, that's raw, that's raw.
T: (interview) Fucking Ray Charles could see that this fucking lamb was raw.
Gordon: [to Alison] So you undercook it and pass it to the youngest in the kitchen?
Alison: No, chef.
Gordon: Get it back in the oven!
Alison: Yes, chef. (interview; sighs) The fuck am I thinking?

Adam: Walking with two lamb.
[Gordon checks the lamb and sees that the meat is overcooked]
Gordon: Hey, Blue Team! All of you, come here! What's wrong with that lamb?!
Nick: The lamb is medium, chef.
Gordon: And look at our guests.
Adam: Yes, chef.
Gordon: No, no. Look at–take a look at our guests! [Fred Willard waves at the Blue Team from the chef's table]
Adam: Yes, chef.
Gordon: And they deserve that?
Adam: No, chef. (interview) Fuck! Uh...I'm normally on point with lamb. Of all the times to have an overcooked lamb.
Gordon: I'm not accepting that!
Adam: Absolutely, chef.
Gordon: And I'm going to blame him (Randy), I'm going to blame him (Josh) because they're standing one meter away from you, right opposite you, and they're watching you go down!
Adam: Absolutely, chef! (interview) I gotta–I gotta tighten it up! I've gotta tighten this ship!
Randy: You got any other lamb that can go?
Adam: Yes, I have lamb ready to go!
Randy: I'm ready with fish and chips! Walking it!
Adam: Give me another thirty sec—give me another minute! One more minute!
Josh: He needs another minute! Hey, Randy! Get back! He needs another minute, just get back!
Randy: [to Adam] You just told me to walk! (interview) The meat was not coinciding with the deep-fried foods. It wasn't. [to Adam] How long until we can walk?
Adam: Coming up right now.
Randy: Walking it! Fish and chip!
Adam: Walking with lamb now!
[Gordon checks the orders brought by Adam and Randy and notices the lamb is raw]
Gordon: What the fuck is this?! Hey. Look at that. Raw lamb.
Adam: Fuck, man. Chef, I'll shoot it back in. (interview) An overcooked lamb, then it's a raw lamb. Why and how is this happening right now?
Gordon: This is the worst bit for me. Just look at the fish and chips. Just touch that. Yeah, touch.
Randy: (interview) That was, I guess, the straw that broke the camel's back.
Gordon: [to Blue Team] Come here, all of you.
[Gordon takes all of the men into the red kitchen]
Gordon: Ladies, come here. This has been the worst performance the Blue Team have ever cooked in this competition. I'd like the Red Team to take over the Blue Team, I'd like the Blue Team to fuck off out of here!
Red Team: Yes, chef!
Gordon: NOW!! [to Adam] And young man! Every table, you've fucked! [to Josh] You watched it go down, you wouldn't even talk to them! Every table was a struggle! GET OUT!

Gordon: Bret's competition may have ended in the bathroom today, but it was Adam's failure on the meat station that flushed his dream down the toilet.

Episode Nine [14.09][edit]

Gordon: Christine clearly didn't have the faith and confidence of her team. After giving her a chance to cook for her life, she didn't do enough to change their mind or mine.

Episode Ten [14.10][edit]

[Gordon calls out the first ticket for the Red Team at the start of service]
Gordon: Three risotto, yes?
Red Team: Yes, chef!
T: Chef, I need–
Gordon: Watch your butter first!
T: Chef, I need one more minute on this, please! [the butter on T's pan starts to overflow, causing a fire]
Gordon: Fucking hell.
Meghan: What the hell?
Alison: Oh, my God.
Michelle: That's on fire right now.
T: (interview) Oh my God! I fucking set the whole flattop on fire. I can't believe it. I am just completely embarrassed.
Gordon: No, don't–don't blow it, just let it go. Put more on top. Please let it go! [T lifts the pan from the flattop] Okay? Watch that!
T: Alright. Heard, chef.
Gordon: T, get a grip a little bit. Butter's boiling all over the fucking place! I've never evacuated this place due to fire and I'm not going to start! Just stay composed, yes?
T: Heard, chef!
Gordon: Jesus Christ, let's go!
Red Team: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Fuck me.

Milly: [to Josh] How long on the two risottos?
Josh: I need thirty seconds, yeah?!
Nick: (interview) From the get-go, Josh is very, very flustered.
Milly: Listen.
Josh: I'm working on the risottos! Yeah!
Nick: Right now.
[Gordon takes a spoon and tastes the risotto brought by Josh]
James: Is it good?
Gordon: It's all wine.
James: It tastes like wine, right? Raw wine?
Gordon: Fucking Josh. What is he on? [to Blue Team] Hey. Hey, all of you! Taste that. Hurry up! HURRY UP! [as the men take spoons and taste the risotto] They're seventeen years of age. What's the one thing you can taste there instantly?!
Nick: White wine, chef.
Gordon: Thank you! [to Randy] What can you taste in there?!
Randy: Little bit of wine, chef.
Gordon: It's like an alcoholic fucking risotto! IT'S FULL OF WHITE WINE!! [to Josh] What, do you want to get them drunk?!
Josh: I apologize, chef!
Nick: Please taste every single step of the way!
Josh: I tasted it! I taste–I taste everything ten times!
Gordon: Hey! So you tasted the white wine ten times?! Young man, you must be drunk then!
Josh: No, chef. I will get better, chef.

Narrator: Meanwhile, in the blue kitchen...
Gordon: JOSH!
Josh: Coming right now, chef! Right now!
Narrator: ...Josh is finally delivering his re-fired risotto. But Chef Ramsay is still waiting for...
Gordon: Capellini!
Milly: Right now, chef.
Josh: RIGHT NOW, CHEF! [to Milly] GO! RUN!
Gordon: [bangs tongs on table] Come on! Speed up, Milly! [tastes capellini] It's raw. [to blue team] Hey. Hey, all of you. When capellini stands like that, what does that mean?!
Josh: It's undercooked, chef.
Nick: Fucking raw. It's raw.
Gordon: That's right. It's fucking raw! [breaks up raw capellini strand] I can fucking snap it! I can snap it still into little bits! BULLSHIT! GET A GRIP!!
Josh: Yes, chef!
Milly: Get the capellinis working right now!
Josh: I gotta recover! I gotta recover!
Nick: (interview) Josh wants so desperately to be the leader of this team. He keeps preaching and yelling and saying things during dinner service, but he's not actually doing any of those things. [to Blue Team] Keep it up, guys. Keep the momentum up!

Gordon: Is that oven on high, Milly?
Milly: Yes! Five hundred, chef!
Gordon: Are you ready? Yes?
Milly: Yes, sir.
Gordon: Is that stove on or off?
Milly: It's on, chef.
Gordon: It's definitely on, yes?
Milly: On.
Gordon: Feel the heat there! [both place their hands over heating element] That stove's not on! All of you, come over here! That's not on there, guys! [to Milly] Look, it's off! Oh my God.
Josh: (interview) Yo, Milly! What the fuck is wrong with you?! This should be easy! [to Milly] That is off!
Milly: All of these were on.
Josh: (interview) The flattop needs time to get hot. This is the first ticket, and it sucks to be this far behind!
Gordon: Hey, guys! You have to watch.
Milly: Check the heat.
Gordon: Check the fucking heat! It's like a high school home ec class in here!
Milly: (interview) That's very embarrassing. My stove wasn't hot, so now I gotta keep calm and just pump it out.

Nick: (interview) The Blue Team will get their shit together when the weakest players are voted out. Whoever makes the most mistakes has to be put up, and it's clear to me who should go home.
[The men return to the dorms to deliberate nominees for elimination]
Nick: I'm putting up Josh and Randy.
Josh: We have to go throughout all ten services. [pause] You have to.
Nick: It's tonight's service. It can't be all ten services.
Josh: He asked, "Who's the weakest link!" Who's gonna make us stronger?! Go!
Milly: I'm going Josh and Randy.
Josh: I'm gonna have to disagree with that. I have to go Nick and Randy. [Nick laughs]
Randy: I thought Nick did a good job.
Josh: It's garnish. It's the easiest station in the fucking kitchen!
Nick: [still laughing] What are you talking about?
Josh: He said make your team the strongest! You two are the weakest links! Time, communication, knowledge, and perseverance. That's what we need most.
Nick: Yeah. I stick with my two votes.
Josh: So you think that you're better than me?
Nick: A hundred percent. Yes.
Josh: Wow, that's crazy. Okay. Good for you.
Nick: Well, that–it's nothing personal.
Josh: No, no th–that's okay. Good for you. That's crazy, but okay. Good for you.
Nick: Why do you have to say...
Josh: Yeah, that's crazy.
Nick: Why is that crazy?
Josh: 'Cause you... I mean, it's you. I don't think you left, but...Okay. (interview) Nick, no way! You are not as strong as me! I'm the heavyweight, and I'm not going down from a lightweight. [to Blue Team] Chef said do what you have to do to make your team stronger. If I go home tonight and Nick stays, he will not give you what I will give you.
Nick: What are you talking about?!
Josh: Nick, he's a Suzy Homemaker.
Nick: You're a dick!
Josh: Chefs take control and lead, and Nick hasn't done that.
Nick: You don't know how to respect people!
Josh: You don't have the balls to take over!
Nick: Josh...
Josh: And if you don't think I can run the kitchen–
Josh: He wants to cover his ass every night!
Nick: That's not true!
Josh: He's trying to ride this competition, and I see right through it! I've had enough of it. And I'm letting it out now, because now's the time.
Nick: Yeah, save your ass. Now's the time.
Josh: You don't have the heart or the balls to be a chef! You, gone, make our team stronger!
Nick: You are–you're ridiculous!
Nick: Alright, can we just vote and tell Josh to shut up? Because I've heard enough! I'm done!

Gordon: This was the first time I've seen Josh and Randy perform that poorly. So, I decided to give them a second chance. Hopefully, having new teammates would ensure that it never happens again.

Episode Eleven [14.11][edit]

Gordon: Red team, the blue table are eating. This is exactly what I didn't want to see. [to Josh] Hey, would you mind explaining [points at Marino] something to him?
Marino: How long for meat?
Josh: Marino, I'm coming as fast as I can. Can you just give me two minutes, please? I'm sorry.
Marino: Two minutes.
Gordon: Fran Drescher's table.
Josh: I'm very sorry.
Marino: [to Fran Drescher and her entourage] Do not despair. Your food will come out.
Fran Drescher: Oh, we're fine. But we don't wanna make our chefs nervous.
Josh: (interview) Like, are you kidding me? I forgot how to cook tuna! I mean, come on! It's one of the easiest things to cook, you know? [to Michelle and T] They're done, they're done! Take them out! (interview) Hopefully, I can bounce back.
Gordon: Come on, Josh!
Josh: Come on, girls!
Gordon: Just stop! Just stop! Hey, red team, come here. Come here. Come here, yeah?! Fucking hell! [carries two plates of tuna to the workstation] Look. Look at the difference!
Michelle: Yes, chef.
Gordon: That is overcooked. Canned tuna has more moisture and more texture!
Michelle: Yes, chef. (interview) It was a disaster. Josh really fucked up.
Gordon: I am not serving that!
Alison: Yes, chef.
Josh: Do you have more?
Gordon: [checks the other plates at the pass] There's another one overcooked! Here's another one!
Alison: Yes, chef.
Josh: Fuck.
T: [to Josh] You have more tuna on?
Gordon: Jesus Christ, it's all overcooked!
Josh: This is all the tuna I have? I need more tuna! I need more tuna now! [to Michelle] I need like... a lot more!
Michelle: Here, use this much.
Josh: No, that's not enough!
Michelle: This one's good.
Gordon: COME ON!
Alison: (interview) I told Josh it's overcooked, and he didn't wanna listen! Our ass is grass!
Gordon: Oh my God.
Josh: Can I grab some tuna from them, (the blue team) chef?
Gordon: "Can you go grab some tuna?!" Are we run out? There's twenty pieces! WHAT IN THE FUCK IS GOING ON?! I swear to God, all four of you, fucking go upstairs and Andi and I will finish.
Red Team: No, chef!
Gordon: Get on the same page!
Red Team: Yes, chef!
Gordon: [to Josh] Hurry up, you!
Josh: [walks into the blue kitchen] Milly, I need tuna.
Gordon: Oh my God.

[After dinner service, the blue team are declared winners, but Randy is still not pleased with Nick and Milly]
Nick: [to Randy] What's the matter?
Randy: Huh?
Nick: What happened? What's the matter?
Randy: Seriously?
Milly: Come here!
Randy: You guys act like... I–I said what I wanted to at the very beginning. I said four minutes, I asked for twelve plates to be taken out, right?
[Flashback to during dinner service; Nick tells Milly to grab plates after Randy tells them he's walking to the pass]
Randy: That's all I had to say! I can't say any more! You didn't think it went that way?
Nick: We're responsible for our own dishes, so at the end of the day, you should've went up there and already counted them. That's it, end of story.
Meghan: And you have to pay attention to every single detail when you're a chef.
Randy: No problem. I'll tell you what. If I leave, I leave. If I stay, I'm telling you right now, you are not gonna like me tomorrow. Or tonight.
Milly: What are you talking about?!
Nick: What are you talking about?! No one's trying to sabotage you with plates! There were too many plates to put up!
Randy: I'm telling you.
Nick: Okay. [chuckles]
Milly: What are you talking about?
Nick: I don't know.
Randy: I've gotten along with everybody until now.
Nick: W–what did we do?
Randy: You won't like me tonight.
Milly: Cool. I'm with that. We can just talk food from here on out. Matter of fact, you ain't gotta start liking me right now, since you wanna wait until tonight or wait until tomorrow. Right now, food only. (interview) Randy flipped the fuck out! If that's how you get when shit don't go your way, then that's who you really is.

[The red team goes to the dorm after Gordon names them the losing team]
Alison: Okey-dokey, homies. Let's start. T, who's your vote?
T: Josh, I gotta go with you for that overcooked tuna.
Josh: If the tuna was cooked perfect, then it was the best dish. [Michelle and T shake their heads] It was the smoothest dish.
Michelle: But it wasn't.
T: It wasn't.
Josh: I'm just telling you.
Alison: Your shit was overcooked and it stalled us, so it's a fact! There's no hiding!
Josh: Did I fuck up? Of course! Of course! But when it comes down to it, a kitchen is ran by communication and listening. Listening. In the kitchen, it can't be about yelling and bickering and attacking people. We have to realize why we're here. We're here to do a job!
Michelle: Yes!
Josh: Those people out in the dining room don't give a shit what the problems are! They don't care if you don't like each other! They want the job done right, and they deserve it! It's really hard to communicate with people who aren't listening. You can't–
Michelle: Well, the only reason–
Josh: I'm trying to talk right now. You're fucking cutting me off...
Michelle: No, go ahead. Go ahead.
Josh: ...so that's crazy. You're not even listening to what I'm saying now.
Michelle: I am listening. You said the communication between us is terrible in the kitchen.
Josh: You're already talking over me. [points at Alison] She's listening to me right now.
Michelle: I'm listening to you!
Josh: You're talking.
Michelle: I'm listening to you.
Josh: I'm talking.
Michelle: Go ahead!
Josh: You asked for my opinion and I'm giving it to you. [Michelle tries to speak] You're still talking.
Michelle: [throws hands up angrily] You have the floor, Josh.
Josh: I'm done.
T: (interview) Josh is looking like an asshole, trying to pass off the blame when he cannot cook tuna.
Michelle: I'm not the one that starts arguments with T. T is the one that yells at me!
Josh: So–so stop! Somebody has to stop though!

Gordon: I love Randy's work ethic. Unfortunately, his positive attitude couldn't camouflage his lack of experience.

Episode Twelve [14.12][edit]

Narrator: Meanwhile, in the red kitchen, the entire team is working together to produce their first appetizers.
Michelle: Chef, two capellini.
Gordon: Why is it all fucking stewed? [walks back to workstation with both pans of capellini] All of you! Hey, all of you! It's like a fucking piss stew! I'm fucking damned if I'm serving that fucking dish water!
Michelle: Yes, chef.
Gordon: [to Michelle] And I wanna ask you a question, young lady. Is that worthy of a black jacket?
Michelle: No, chef. I'll fix it, chef.
Gordon: Swimming!
Michelle: (interview) I was trying to get off to a good start and now I'm looking like a fucking dumbass! It's like a war! It makes you wanna fight harder.
Gordon: Come on, Michelle! Please!
Michelle: Yes, chef!

Alison: [to Gordon at the pass] Two salmon, two filet.
Gordon: [cuts into steak] Ah, fucking hell. [to red team] Hey. Hey, hey! All of you, come here! [leads everyone into the pantry] All of you!
T: (interview; facepalms) Oh my God.
Gordon: This is so fucking embarrassing!
Narrator: It's an hour into steak night at Hell's Kitchen...
Narrator: ...and Alison's raw filet...
Gordon: It's not even hot! It's raw!
Narrator: ...has halted the red team on their first order of entrées.
Gordon: Black jacket?! Right now, you don't even deserve a red fucking jacket!
Alison: (interview) Right now, there's no excuses. Tonight is not the night to fail.
Gordon: Hey! Don't come out until you figure it out!
Red Team: Yes, chef!

Gordon: Two chicken, two New York strip!
Blue Team: Yes, chef!
Meghan: (interview) I literally have, like, fourteen steaks going at the same time.
Milly: Two salmon, two New York; and then after that, it's gonna be two chicken and two filet!
Nick: Heard!
Meghan: Wow. (interview) So, there's a lot of shit going on.
Gordon: Come on, Meghan.
Meghan: Walking to the pass right now, chef. Right behind! Coming with two chicken right after that!
Gordon: [cuts into New York strip] What is that? Meghan!
Meghan: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Come on! Quick!
Meghan: Fuck me!
Milly: Go, Meghan.
Gordon: Of all the people! Come on, look! Fucking raw New York strip!!
Meghan: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Come on!
Nick: (interview) I have never seen Meghan mess up, so I was genuinely surprised. [to Meghan] Do we have another one?
Meghan: Yes. Give me one second.
Nick: (interview) It shows that she is a human being and not a robot.

Narrator: Back in the red kitchen, Michelle is ready for the steak re-fire...
Gordon: COME ON, GUYS!
Michelle: Two filets walking!
Narrator: ...but Chef Ramsay is still waiting on...
Gordon: Salmon!
Alison: Alright, let's go! Josh!
Josh: I need–I need two minutes, yeah?
Alison: You need two more minutes?!
Josh: Yeah, I need two minutes!
Gordon: So we can't go now because of the garnish!
Josh: Yes, chef. I guess so.
Gordon: So now we're gonna overcook the salmon because he needs two more minutes?!
Michelle: (interview) Between Josh and Alison, it's hard to say who's worse.
Josh: [to Alison] How long, Al? Are you ready?
Alison: Yes, chef.
Gordon: "Are you ready?" Did you hear that?!
Michelle: (interview) They just gotta put their heads down and cook and execute, and it just doesn't seem like that's what's happening.
Josh: I need one minute.
Gordon: Pathetic!

Gordon: Where are the salmon?
Alison: Thirty seconds, chef! Thirty seconds!
Marino: [to Alison] I cannot go back on the floor if I don't have those food.
Alison: I know. [to Gordon] Chef, I need a few more seconds. Please, chef.
Gordon: Just look at the position you've put him (Marino) in!
[Marino pretends to shoot himself]
Gordon: The other two people on the table are finished now!
Alison: Yes, chef.
Gordon: They're finished! I gotta go with garnish, Josh!
Josh: Yes, chef!
T: Josh, do you have garnish right now?
Josh: No, I need more time. [T shakes her head] I'm cooking seven at a time!
T: Okay, heard, Josh!
Josh: Do we understand, though?! You don't understand that?!
T: Josh, I got you! (interview) Come on, Josh!! Do you not know that you're in Hell's Kitchen?! Secondly, do you not know that it's Gordon Ramsay at the pass?! Third, do you not know that they're giving out black jackets tonight?! [to Josh] How long? Josh!
Josh: I need one more minute!
T: Okay, one more minute.
Josh: Okay?!
T: Heard!
T: I HEARD YOU! (interview) I'm not gonna let you talk to me like a child, I kid you not!

[Gordon returns to the workstation with yet another failed attempt at salmon from Alison]
Gordon: Hey, all of you!
Michelle: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Look at that.
Michelle: (interview) This is like our eleventh, twelfth dinner service, and she still doesn't know how to cook salmon?! What the fuck, Alison?!
Gordon: Steak night?! DISASTER NIGHT! One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine tables! It's like you've given up! No one's fighting back, no one's communicating! [to Alison] That dish resembles you. Fucked! All of you can take your jackets off and fuck off home! [flips salmon over; to T] T, can you get on fucking fish?
T: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Can I have two fucking salmon?!
T: Yes, chef!
Alison: (interview; facepalming) Oh my God! This is not happening! I just wanna die right now!
Gordon: I am dying!
T: Chef, four minutes for two salmon! Please, chef, four minutes! (interview) When you're put in a situation where you gotta adapt or die, trust me, death is never an option. [to Marino] Marino, please. One and a half minutes, okay? [to Josh] Josh, can I get salmon garnish in thirty seconds? (interview) Come on. Like, let's get this shit rolling! I don't wanna have to come over on fish to be the hero and then end up being a fucking zero.

[The red team discuss who to nominate, along with Meghan, Nick, and Milly, who have already won black jackets]
T: (interview) The red team was a fucking epic fail tonight! [to red team in the dorms] I'm annoyed right now! I'm annoyed! This is like we never cooked together a day in our life, and this is the first day of culinary school! That's how the performance on this team was! [to Alison] Alison, I don't know what the fuck happened to you, but raw steak?! Like, sushi-grade raw!
Alison: I'm gonna man up and say, yeah, of course it wasn't smooth. I've done way better.
Michelle: Yeah, but you can't hold down your station, Alison. This isn't the first night!
T: But Michelle, the same two capellinis, you sent them up like they was fucking Ramen noodles with fucking broths in them! Did you really look at that?
Milly: I'mma keep it real. Michelle...Why you so mean?! I just don't understand why are you so mean in the kitchen?! Whenever I hear you, you're like mean!
Michelle: Look, I don't try to come off mean. If I have people that I can work with, and people that can do their jobs and cook right, I won't get so frustrated. But I cannot just stand there and be submissive all the time. I have to fight back!
Meghan: There's a way to do it.
T: Josh, I'm gonna be real with you. You never got it together tonight!
Josh: Bullshit!
T: You was frantic going into service, because let me tell you something–
Josh: I recovered immediately!
Alison: Garnish was all over the place, so–
Josh: I did not have a problem.
Michelle: Look, Josh, we have to look at the whole picture, though!
Josh: Alright, three on one. That's good. I'm on the red team, good. If that's my demise, then, congratulations.
Michelle: The red team is not your demise. Did you do well on the red team? [pause] Did you do well on the blue team?
Nick: [to Josh] You haven't admitted once that you did anything wrong.
Josh: I don't know what you're saying! You're, like, making shit up in your mind! [T facepalms]
Milly: It's nothing personal. We gotta come together as a team and we gotta make a decision. We gotta figure out who has had the worst services out of [waves hands over Alison, Michelle, and Josh] y'all three.

Gordon: Alison had a strong voice in the kitchen. Unfortunately, she couldn't talk her way into a black jacket.

Episode Thirteen [14.13][edit]

Gordon: You've got be fucking kidding me. Michelle!
Michelle: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Caesar salads on a bowl, not on a plate. You had the easiest job tonight! Wakey-wakey! HURRY UP!
Michelle: Sorry, chef. Fuck me, stupid bowls! (interview) I had a brain fart. Duh, they're supposed to go in a bowl!
Gordon: Come on, please, Michelle!
Michelle: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Speed! The scallops are in the window dying!

Gordon: Entrée! One halibut, one wellington, one chicken!
Final 6: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Let's go!
Josh: Ahhh, yeah! WOO! WOO!!
Gordon: Hey. Hey, hey! HEY!
Josh: Yes, chef! I'm listening, chef!
Gordon: Hey, "Woo?!"
Josh: I'm burning myself. I'm sorry.
Gordon: "WOO?!" Just–Hey, I don't fucking care! Just compose yourself!
Josh: Yes, chef, right away!
Gordon: You're like a fucking baboon there!!
T: (interview; laughs) We were waiting for Chef to call someone a baboon, and you are the lucky recipient! [claps] Congratulations, Josh!

[Josh continues to freak out during dinner service]
T: [to Josh] How long, please? Josh, talk to me.
Nick: We asked you a question! How long?!
T: Tell me how long!
Meghan: It's gonna be four minutes.
T: Thank you, Meghan. Heard! Four minutes!
Josh: [to himself] Come on, Josh. Hold on to this.
T: (interview) During service, Josh does not hear anything other than the voices inside of his fucking head.
Josh: Ahhhhhh. Ahh.
T: (interview) That type of person is dangerous in the kitchen.
[Josh pours too much oil in the pan, causing it to burst into flame]
Michelle: Oh my God, Josh!
Nick: Josh, come on! Guys!
T: No, no, no! Josh! Josh!!
Nick: Watch out.
[Meghan lowers the heat on the stove; the fire is put out instantly]
Meghan: (interview) Turn the fucking flame off! Josh is completely frazzled!
Josh: WHOA!! WOO!
Gordon: Who's making those fucking noises?
Meghan: Josh.
Gordon: What's the matter with that guy?
T: (interview; facepalms)

T: I'm walking to the pass in ten seconds.
Josh: Alright, heard! Yeah. Okay, cool.
T: Right behind, hot.
Josh: [to Meghan after touching a tray of undone lamb] Meg, they're not done. Yeah, Meg, put that in.
Gordon: Wait, the lamb. Hey, we've got no fucking lamb!
Josh: Yes, chef! Coming right now! Wait, can I...Chef, honestly, I need a minute and a half, chef!
Gordon: Hey, young man. The salmon's ready! Hey. So you let her (T) come up with the salmon, and now it's one and a half.
Josh: I didn't know she was going, chef. I didn't hear.
Gordon: You didn't know where she was going?
T: Chef, I–
Josh: Don't talk to me, T!
Nick: What?!
Gordon: Oh my God.
Josh: [to Gordon] Chef, she didn't tell me we were going.
[Flashback to T announcing to the other team members that she was walking to the pass with the fish]
T: You knew I was walking to the pass, Josh.
Gordon: Oh my God.
Meghan: (interview) Oh my God, T is gonna kill him!
Josh: I'm being honest, chef. I swear. I didn't know she was going, chef.
T: (interview) Dude, I'm doing a countdown from four minutes! You zonked the fuck out for four minutes?! How much of service do you actually remember?!
Gordon: Move, Josh!
Josh: I'm moving, chef! Right away!

[The final six chefs deliberate over who should be nominated for elimination]
Meghan: If anybody got anything sent back, what was it?
Michelle: I had one tuna that was slightly cold in the middle...
Meghan: And the plate.
Michelle: ...and I put a salad on a plate instead of a bowl because I had a brain fart.
Meghan: (interview) Seriously, Michelle? We're in black jackets now. It ain't amateur hour anymore. No time for rookie mistakes.
T: Josh?
Josh: I needed two minutes on the chicken leg. Everything else was perfect.
Nick: It honestly wasn't, Josh. It wasn't perfect. You were frazzled as fuck!
Josh: But on the inside, I'm cool as a cucumber. All my shit came out perfect temperature.
Nick: The meat–Yeah, the meat was cooked great.
Josh: That's all that matters.
Nick: That's not all that matters.
Josh: It doesn't matter what I look like. I had control of myself all night. And what were you on tonight?
T: Nick was cooking appetizers!
Nick: Scallops, appetizers, and the halibut section.
T: Scallops and lobster!
Meghan: And did anything come back?
T: The cold lobster.
Josh: Stone cold lobster? Really?! Look, let's do a percentage!
Nick: It's not about percentage!
Josh: No, no, no! The percentage of the food you cooked compared to how much came back.
Nick: Then, let's do percentages. Let's get the fucking calculator out, Josh.
Josh: If you cooked twenty dishes and three came back...
Nick: [facepalms] Oh my God.
Josh: ...that means you didn't do a great job.
Nick: This isn't a fucking math equation, Josh! You're a frazzled mess in the kitchen, end of story!
Josh: Ticket after ticket has meat on it. My lamb has four minutes, my chicken just went...
Michelle: We all get it, Josh.
Josh: But you don't get it, because you're saying I'm frazzled! All the times, everything that I know is going on. And Chef Ramsay deserves the best chef!
[Nick facepalms again while Milly shakes his head]

Gordon: Josh had great passion and a strong service tonight. Unfortunately, it was too little, too late.

Episode Fourteen [14.14][edit]

Gordon: Having the remaining black jackets work as my sous chefs was an eye-opening experience. Unfortunately for Nick, it helped me see he's not the leader I'm looking for.

Episode Fifteen [14.15][edit]

Episode Sixteen [14.16][edit]

Gordon: Meghan has every quality I look for in a head chef. She is passionate, determined and has an amazing palate. But most importantly, Meghan is a born leader who makes every chef in the kitchen better. Talent like hers comes along very rarely and I have no doubt she'll be a great success in Atlantic City.