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Hell's Kitchen is an American cooking reality show based on the British program of the same title, where Chef Gordon Ramsay puts aspiring chefs through different challenges and dinner services to decide who is the best.

Episode One [15.01][edit]

[During the signature dish challenge]
Gordon: First name is...
Jackie: Jackie.
Gordon: Where are you from?
Jackie: (New) Jersey. [audience applauds] (interview) I am the epitome of Jersey. I'm tough, I'm beautiful, I'm sexy. I will kick your ass and suck your dick all at the same time.
Gordon: What's under the dome?
Jackie: [removes lid] I have a seared scallop and grilled corn salsa.
Gordon: [notices that there is only one scallop on the plate] Wow. Now, are we on a diet?
Jackie: No. [some of the contestants laugh with the audience] I thought it looked nice with just one.
Gordon: I thought I'd get more from a Jersey girl. Every time I've been there, man, they're generous.
Jackie: I know.
Gordon: [eats the scallop] I'd love to give it a four. I can't, there's only one scallop there. I'm gonna give it a three. Three out of five.
Jackie: Thank you, chef.
Narrator: With Jackie having a respectable dish, Rhode Island culinary manager, Kevin, is putting his faith in his...
Kevin: Chicken Caesar piadina.
Gordon: [facepalms] There's a reason why you don't put fresh, crisp salad on a hot pizza. [Eddie shakes his head] Honestly, it looks... terrible. The dough's uneven. How'd you make that dough so quick?
Kevin: Um, it was a prepared dough.
Gordon: So you didn't make the dough?
Kevin: No. [audience groans]
Alan: [whispering] Shit.
Gordon: And is it an authentic Caesar dressing?
Kevin: Pre-made. [audience groans again; someone shouts at Gordon not to eat the food]
Hassan: (interview, facepalms) Kevin!
Gordon: Store-bought dough... store-bought Caesar salad dressing. Let me ask you something. Do you want to go home?
Kevin: (interview) Oh, God. This is not good. [to Gordon] I'll do better, chef.
Gordon: You'll do better?
Kevin: I will. I can show you I will.
Gordon: One out of five. That's all you get. Terrible.
[Jackie and Kevin take their dishes and return to their seats]
Manda: [to Meese] That should've gotten a zero.

Gordon: [checks squash brought by Vanessa] Oh, fuck me. [walks back to workstation] Hey, hey. Hey, all of you, come here. Who in the fuck just brought me that?
Vanessa: [slowly raises her hand] I did, chef.
Gordon: It's like you shit all over the plate! It's even colder in the middle. [throws fork across workstation] Unreal!
Kristin: (interview) What it came down to was the bitch lost her fucking mind and was, like, seeing stars.
Vanessa: I'm trying to breathe and cook at the same fucking time, and this is hard!
Kristin: That's what we do! (interview) If you can't cook, it's time for you to go.
Ashley & Manda: Re-fire scallops!
Vanessa: Please, can somebody fucking help me?
Gordon: All of you, ON THE APPETIZERS!
Red Team: Yes, chef!
Jackie: (interview) How many red chefs does it take to make an appetizer? Uh... everybody but Vanessa.
Vanessa: Son of a bitch.

Narrator: Over in the blue kitchen...
Gordon: Two risotto, one capellini, one special! Yes?!
Blue Team: Yes, chef!
Gordon: LET'S GO!!
Narrator: ...the men are still backed up on appetizers, and have now put the tableside chefs in neutral.
Jared: Let me go check on them. I'll be right back.
[Jared and Eddie walk out of the dining room and into the blue kitchen]
Narrator: And so Jared and Eddie, in an attempt to be useful, head to the kitchen to offer their assistance.
Eddie: Guys, talk to me. What do you boys need? What do you boys need?!
Mark: I'm finishing off this risotto, Eddie!
Jared: [to Eddie while pointing at Mark's pan] Risotto!
Eddie: (interview) I heard everything going on. I was like, "You know, they need my help. I am going back in there." [brings risotto to the pass] Coming 'round hot!
Gordon: [to Eddie] Hey! Hey, you. Come here, you. Put it down. Who cooked this?
Mark: I started it, chef. Eddie finished it for me.
[Gordon quickly tastes the risotto, then spits it out after chewing it]
Gordon: [to Mark] Come here, you! Taste that. It's bland, the rice is still undercooked. Disgusting!
Kevin: (interview) Mark was not getting any of his dishes right. He looks like a deer in headlights when he's getting yelled at. Bro, like, wake up! Hello, you're here!
Gordon: [to Mark] Come here. You, come here. Sit down... [taps on the chef's table] and eat your shit. [to Eddie] Yeah, take a seat! You must be tired! Get fucking in there. Uh, Marino!
Marino: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Glasses of sauvignon blanc for Chef Mark and Steady Eddie. Hurry up, let's go!
[Eddie and Mark starting eating the undercooked risotto at the table; Marino comes by with two glasses of white wine]
Marino: Hello, guys. And if I were you, I would actually eat it fast.
Eddie: (interview) I swallowed the risotto just like I swallowed my pride. I still don't know how the hell I got roped into that to be honest with you.

Narrator: Back in the blue kitchen...
Narrator: ...Chef Ramsay is just looking for...
Gordon: Risotto! Where is it?!
Hassan: [to Alan] You got my two lobsters for the risotto ready?
Alan: Yep! [to Kevin] Make sure they're hot.
Kevin: Go, go, go!
Hassan: [brings lobster risotto to Gordon at the pass] To your left, chef.
Gordon: [touches lobster] Unreal. [to Blue Team] Hey! Hey, hey, hey! Come here, all of you. ALL OF YOU!
Joe: (interview) Fish station, Alan and Kevin, they were kinda... [whistles] Like—like a fart in a fan factory, man! They were fucking lost!
Gordon: Just touch that. Put your hand on there. Touch, fucking [slams fist on the raw lobster] GOD! WHAT'S GOING ON?! 'Cause I am getting seriously pissed off!
Female Diner: I'm done. Let's get out of here.
Gordon: I do not fucking get it!
Marino: Chef, Table 40 is leaving. They have not got anything yet.
Gordon: Now the tables are walking out! Just literally GIVING UP! A bit like you! Fuck off out of here! GET OUT! GET OUT!!
Joe: (interview) What a fucking shit show! I've never been a part of anything so hellacious in my life!
[Gordon stops the Blue Team in the corridor after they all walk out]
Gordon: [to Jared] Hey! Hey, hey, bozo! Do me one favour tonight. Get upstairs and think of two individuals that don't belong in the Blue Team. GET OUT!
Joe: Yes, chef.
Gordon: [pause] PATHETIC!!
Joe: [walking to the dorms] That was bru-TAL.

Gordon: Mark was a disaster from the start. The best thing I saw from him was his back as he walked out the door.

Episode Two [15.02][edit]

Episode Three [15.03][edit]

[During the team communication challenge, Ashley and Frank present their cheeseburger sliders]
Frank: What I did was I got some pancetta and rendered it down to crispy, just for another texture, and to enhance the flavor of the burger. And a little bit of liquid smoke.
Gordon: Liquid smoke?
Frank: Yes, just… just a drop.
Gordon: I didn’t ask you to get crazy. I just wanted you to cook what was on your back. Do the recipe.
Jared: (interview) Frank, I want to grab you by the neck and just shake you. The recipe is the recipe, and you can’t deviate from it.
Gordon: [to Frank] Here’s the thing. Had you followed the recipe, that would’ve been a near perfect burger. Ashley, congratulations. Point to the Red Team.
Ashley: Thank you, chef.
Jackie: Good job, Ashley.
Frank: (interview) She only won because I lost. That’s not a winner. That’s–that’s not a winner.

Gordon: Table 30: Two snapper, two tuna, two wellington.
Red Team: Yes, chef! [Kristin doesn't respond]
Gordon: KRISTIN! Call back that order!
Kristin: Two special-
Gordon: Call back that six-order. Quiet, everybody!
Kristin: Special—two special, two tableside—
Gordon: Kristin!
Kristin: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Call back the order!
Kristin: Two special, two tableside, risotto... Ah! Two... two wellington. [smiles nervously]
Gordon: It's funny, right?
Kristin: It's not funny. I'm just... focusing on a hundred things right now.
Gordon: This is not funny. I've had enough!
Kristin: Sorry, chef!
Gordon: I'm done with you. [pause] Come over, you!
Manda: (interview) Kristin, stop standing there like, "Uh-duh-duh-duh-duh."
Gordon: Christina, write that ticket on her fucking back.
Christina Wilson: Kristin!
Kristin: [to Meese as she walks to the pass] Behind you.
Christina Wilson: Get up here.
Kristin: Yes, chef.
Christina Wilson: Turn around. [begins writing on the back of Kristin's jacket]
Kristin: (interview) Oh, my God. What is happening right now? Why are you writing on my chef's coat?
Christina Wilson: [to the Red Team while pointing at Kristin's back] Do not let her forget what's on that table!
Red Team: Yes, chef.
Kristin: What's on this table?!
Vanessa: Turn around. [reads Kristin's jacket] Two special, two lamb, two risotto, two snapper, two wellington, two tuna.
Kristin: Thank you.
Gordon: Kristin.
Kristin: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Got it? Call back the order!
Kristin: Two special, two lamb, two risotto, two wellington, two tuna.
Gordon: And?!
Kristin: Uhhh... two snapper, chef!
Gordon: Finally! Let's go.

Gordon: [after stirring around a pan of vegetarian risotto at the pass] Oh, my God! Hey! [holds up the pan to show the risotto sticking to the bottom] I know they may be vegetarian, but they deserve better than that! Who gave me that?!
Kevin: I gave it to you, chef.
Gordon: The rice is fucking raw.
Joe: (interview) What the fuck, bro?! Kevin... [makes slapping motion]
Gordon: [throws pan and spoon across workstation] Is that your respect for a vegetarian?
Kevin: No, chef.
Kevin: Yes, chef!

[Kristin is helping Meese after multiple failed wellington attempts]
Kristin: [to Meese] If you're not comfortable with it, don't serve it.
Meese: I'm not serving that. No, I'm not serving that. [throws wellington in the bin]
Gordon: Oh, my God. Meese!
Meese: (interview) Oh, God! Fuck!
Gordon: You put the wellington in the trash. [picks up the wellington that was thrown away] Hey, hey! Stop! All of you, come here.
Meese: I know, chef.
[Gordon starts picking up the other wellingtons that Meese threw away earlier]
Gordon: Cooked perfectly, and it's in the trash. Cooked perfectly, it's in the trash.
Manda: (interview) Seriously?! This is crazy. You never throw it in the trash! I will tear into that meat caveman style. Like, "Argh! I'm fucking starving!"
Gordon: We're seventy-five minutes in, we've served one fucking table of entrées! We've put more food in the trashcan than we have in the dining room!
Ariel: (interview) Why did you throw it away?! It was beautiful!
Gordon: Get that in the trash!
Kristin: Yes, chef.

[Gordon notices the Arctic char brought by Jackie is raw]
Gordon: Hey. Hey, all of you, come here. Just touch that. Dannie, just touch that. Come on, come on! QUICK! Just touch that!
Jackie: Yeah, it's cold.
Gordon: Touch it! Touch—[pounds fist into the fish] FUCK! STONE-COLD! Jackie, we're stuck in neutral!
Jackie: (interview) Fuck my life! Chef Ramsay is going to eliminate me right here.
Gordon: JACKIE, COME HERE! Fucking useless! For the last time, get it together!
Jackie: Yes, chef! I gotta fire this fucking shit!
Ariel: How long on this char? [Jackie says nothing] Jackie?
Gordon: How long for that char?!
Jackie: Three minutes, chef.
Gordon: The rest of that table are eating their entrées!
Jackie: I know, chef. (interview) Fucking half the table's eating, so I got Chef Ramsay screaming, [British accent] "Where's the char?!" Don't worry. I'm with it. I'm 'bout it, 'bout it.
Gordon: I CAN'T WAIT! IT'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH!! [checks Jackie's re-fired char, and finds it raw again] Hey! All of you! All of you, come here! COME HERE! It's cold and raw!! I–I'm done. [throws raw char on workstation] I'm fucking done. I am done. GET OUT! GET OUT! I TOLD YOU I WOULDN'T PUT UP WITH ANOTHER SERVICE THIS BAD! [sees Vanessa still cooking] GET OUT, VANESSA! GET TO THE DORM!
Vanessa: [crying] Dammit!
[The Red Team walk back to the dorms in anger]
Ashley: This sucks! (interview) Somebody needs to go home tonight. It's just completely unacceptable.

Gordon: Vanessa had a lot of heart. But as far as her cooking was concerned, she made food only a mother could love.

Episode Four [15.04][edit]

[During prep, Sous Chef Christina has the Red Team go over “the list” while she goes out]
Christina: [to Dannie] Get your top kit set, make a list of everything you don’t need.
Dannie: Got it.
Kristin: (interview) Every kitchen has a prep list. Normally we don’t title the list. We just know it’s the list.
Jackie: Okay, this is the list. [starts writing with a marker] I’m gonna put, “The Fucking List.”
Dannie: (interview) Jackie wrote, “The F-ing List.” Like...why would you write that?!
[When Christina returns, she sees the “revised” list, and goes around the kitchen with it]
Christina: [to Kristin] “The Fucking List?”
Kristin: The fuck—I didn’t write that. [chuckles] So respectful, right? (interview) What were you thinking, Jackie? Disrespect like that does not fly anywhere.
Christina: [to Jackie] Is this you? It’s disrespectful is what it is! Never again, I swear to God! If any—
Jackie: It was the prep list, I know.
Christina: SHUT UP!
Jackie: (interview) She did not think that was very funny. [laughs]
Christina: If any of this happens in this kitchen again, “the fucking list”, whoever writes it will be finishing the fucking list!
Jackie: It wasn’t disrespecting you!
Christina: You just interrupted me. [points at the table near the kitchen] Take a seat! Have a seat and sit down! Just sit down! Never again! [Jackie sits down in the booth] It’s a professional fucking kitchen. You would be fired if you work for me! [Jackie just shrugs] You wanna have—Oh, you don’t care?!
Jackie: No! No!
Christina: You don’t care?!
Jackie: Not at all!
Christina: [pause; points at Jackie] This is your teammate. Find the cancer in your team and work around it!
Ashley: (interview) Jackie brought our whole morale down. She has to go! I’m—I’m done with her!

Gordon: Let’s jump to the chef's table, please! Two tuna, one wellington!
Red Team: Yes, chef!
Kristin: Two tuna, two minutes!
Meese: Working!
Jackie: Meese, how long for the wellie garnish?
Meese: Ah!
Jackie: Just give me a time, Meese! (interview) It is very hard to run the garnish station when you do not communicate! [to Meese] Garnish, talk to me! [to Gordon] Walking with wellington.
Ariel: Char is in, right? Walking with tuna!
Gordon: Where’s the garnish?!
Kristin: I don’t know, chef.
Gordon: What is she (Meese) doing?!
Meese: The wellington garnish is up, isn’t it?
Ashley: (interview) Bitch, keep control of your station! What are you doing?!
[Meese backs the pan away from Ashley, who tries to put spinach in the pan]
Ashley: What are you doing? What are you doing?!
Meese: I’m sorry.
Ashley: God, I’m trying to help you!
Gordon: Meese!
Meese: Yes, chef.
Gordon: I don’t want my guests eating on an installment plan!
Kris Jenner: [laughing] He did not just say that!

[Gordon and Sous Chef Christina look at the mash brought by Meese]
Gordon: Where’s the mash?
Meese: They’re right here, chef.
Christina: [to Meese] You can leave them in the pot. We’ve talked about this!
Meese: Oh, okay.
Christina: Leave them in the pot!
Gordon: Who put that on the tray like that?
Christina: Meese.
Gordon: [returns to workstation] Hey. Hey, hey, hey. [to Kris Jenner] Kris, I am so sorry. [to Red Team] Hey, all of you, come here. Come here! [starts leading the women into the pantry] Get in! I’m done!
Kris Jenner: Oh... Are they grounded?
Gordon: We have a chef's table in there tonight... [closes pantry door] sat a meter away, and look how I get the mash. It’s dumped on a fucking tray. I’ve been inside prison and they serve food better than this shit! [throws the plate down on the floor, causing it to shatter]
[Gordon opens the door and ushers the Red Team back into the kitchen without another word]
Kristin: (interview; screams) AHHH!!! We suck. Like, we can’t do this!

Gordon: Hey! Hey, Blue Team!
Blue Team: Yes, chef.
Gordon: [to Eddie and Alan] You two, on desserts. The rest of you, jump into the Red Team and help them finish! Now!
Blue Team: Yes, chef!
Gordon: NOW!
Jared: Where we at?
Joe: Who’s on fish? I’ll hop on fish!
Hassan: What do we got working?
Ariel: That’s already reduced in there. Right here.
Dannie: I can’t believe this is fucking happening.
Hassan: It’s fucking burnt, throw it out.
Manda: (interview) These boys just bomb-rushed our kitchen, kamikaze style. Like, fucking... [imitates bomb falling and going off]
Hassan: As soon as those two tunas are ready, we’ll go to the pass!
Ashley: Why are you screaming?!
Hassan: I’m not screaming! THIS IS HOW I TALK!
Ashley: (interview; impersonates Hassan yelling at her) "You guys need to listen to me, ‘cause I’m Hassan, and I'm big, and I blah-blah-blah!" Shut up!
Hassan: Tuna going to the window!
Joe: [to Christina] On your left, two fish.
Gordon: Okay, let’s go.
Hassan: First ticket out, team! Loving the teamwork, guys!
Narrator: With a very vocal Hassan leading the charge, the men have taken over the red kitchen...
Marino: [to Kris Jenner] And I have your tuna.
Kris Jenner: Smells so good.
Narrator: ...delivering entrées to the chef’s table and grateful customers in the dining room.
Gordon: Last table now! Two Arctic char, four wellington!
Both Teams: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Let’s go, guys.
Jared: I’m walking char.
Jackie: Heard!
Kevin: She’s (Jackie) got the wellies right behind you.
Gordon: Service, please.
Jared: Alright, guys, let’s clear it down.
Christina: [to Red Team] Please thank the gentlemen for finishing your service two nights in a row!
Jackie: Thank you, guys!
Hassan: No problem.
[The Red Team starts walking upstairs to the dorms]
Jackie: Fucking pathetic-ass shit. Bullshit ass team. Worst team ever.

Gordon: After being nominated three times in a row due to the lack of communication, Meese may want to consider changing her name to Mouse.

Episode Five [15.05][edit]

Narrator: While Jackie does her best to keep the diners entertained, back in the blue kitchen, Chef Ramsay finds nothing that is amusing.
Kevin: Right here, chef! [walks to the pass with scallops] Right here, chef.
[Gordon flips several scallops over to show them raw on the bottom]
Gordon: Hey, all of you. [throws towel across the kitchen] Fucking hell! [to Blue Team] Just touch them. Come on, just touch them! Just touch that! Touch it. Look at it, look! [slams fist on scallops] MAN! [to Kevin] I'VE JUST DONE THEM WITH YOU!! AND THEY'RE ALL OVERCOOKED, RAW! THIS IS NOT NORMAL! All of you, come here. [points at the pantry] GET IN THERE!
[The men all start running into the pantry]
Joe: Yes, chef.
Gordon: MOVE, CHAD!
Joe: (interview, sighs) Oh, Jesus Christ. Not tonight. Of all fucking nights, not tonight.
Gordon: GET OVER THERE!! GET OVER THERE! [slams pantry door shut] What in the fuck is going on here? What is going on? [to Kevin] You...
Kevin: I am fucking up, chef.
Gordon: ..do me a big favour, yeah?
Kevin: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Get your apron off, get packed, and FUCK OFF OUT! [opens the door] Yeah, GET OUT!! GET OUT!
Kevin: Yes, chef.
Gordon: [closes the door again after Kevin leaves] Who's next? [pause] Get your shit together and salvage what's left.
Jared: Yes, chef.
Gordon: All of you, FUCKING WAKE UP! NOW!!
Jared: (interview) Kevin just went down. I don't know what the fuck happened. [to Blue Team as they return to the kitchen] Go! (interview) No more mistakes. We can't have a shit service.

Gordon: On a night when the dining room was filled with children, it was Alan who needed a babysitter. He and Kevin should both understand I'm not running a daycare.

Episode Six [15.06][edit]

Gordon: Where's the fucking lobster? Come on, Hassan! Just hurry up!
Hassan: [wipes forehead with his sleeve] Ten seconds, chef! Fifteen seconds, I'm sorry, chef!
Jackie: (interview) Hassan, you look like you're melting into the lobster. I guess it’s the Red Team’s secret ingredient!
Gordon: [to Hassan] Hey, young man. Psst!
Hassan: Yes, chef.
Gordon: You're sweating into the lobster. It's dripping! I don't want a fucking lobster covered in your sweat! Is there a bandana or something, please?!

Chad: (interview) I’ve worked in Michelin Star restaurants, so the guys are looking at me as the go-to guy in the kitchen. I’m gonna help lead us to victory. [to Eddie] Slicing chicken!
Eddie: Garnish walking right now!
Chad: [to Gordon] Chicken in the pass.
Gordon: [after touching the chicken] All of you, come here! What is wrong with that?
Joe: It’s a little undercooked, chef.
Manda: Pink.
Jared: (interview) You fucking worked at a three-star Michelin restaurant! Cook chicken right!
[Gordon puts the plate with raw chicken at the center of the chef's table]
Gordon: [to Blue Team] All of you, take a seat. Fucking get in there. Yeah, get in there. Get fucking in there!
[Everyone on the Blue Team sits down at the table]
Eddie: (interview) CSI stands for, "Crime Scene Investigator," not your “chicken sucks, idiot!”
Gordon: So who wants to eat raw chicken?
Manda: (interview) Oh my God!
Jared & Joe: Nobody, chef.
Jared: [pause] Nobody, chef.
Gordon: Gordon: So why are you expecting [points at the V.I.P. guests for the blue team] them to do it?! GET A GRIP!!

Narrator: Ariel has her team off to a fierce start, impressing not only Chef Ramsay, but the customers as well. Meanwhile, Joe is struggling just to find his diners.
Gordon: He's going to the wrong table!
Marino: Joe, what's going on?
Joe: (Table) 23.
Marino: 23?
Joe: 23.
Marino: Yeah, what do you need?
Joe: I just need to know where the fuck it is.
Gordon: [to Manda] What's he (Joe) doing there? What's that fucking fat little donkey doing out there?
Marino: [to Joe] Hey, 23 is this way. I will show you. Watch your language.
Joe: (interview) Regardless of what's going on in my head or in the kitchen, I'm a people person. I'm always good with people. [to female diners] How are we doing today?
Female Diner: I'm hungry! [giggles]
Joe: Oh, okay. We'll, uh... we'll fix that in a hurry! (interview) I can always turn on the charm. [plates the tableside dish with...] Romanesco sauce... potatoes.
Gordon: Joe!
Joe: Yeah?
Gordon: Move your arse!
Joe: [to female diners] Here you go. Enjoy.
Gordon: Joe, get your fat arse in here! NOW!
Joe: [walks back to the blue kitchen] My mom never yelled at me this much.
Gordon: Hey, you! Come here, you!
Joe: Yes, chef!
Gordon: [points at the dirt on Joe's jacket] What's all this on here? It's a brand new jacket. You're like a sack of shit on a hot day. Your are dirty, you are slow. [pause] Get the fuck out of here. GET OUT! GET CHANGED, HURRY UP!
Joe: I don't have another clean one, chef!
Gordon: FUCKING FIND ONE! I DON'T CARE! FIND ONE! [to the rest of the Blue Team] Two Arctic char, two New York strip!
Chad: [to Joe] What do you need?!
Joe: A FUCKING COAT! COME ON! (interview) I would never think of talking back to Chef Ramsay. [runs down the hall and into the dorms] FUCK!! (interview) But a part of me was like, "Yo, bro! What the fuck do you want me to do about it?! You want me to feed these tables. or is this a fucking fashion show?!"

Gordon: On order, four covers, Table 22: One special tableside, one carbonara, two scallops!
Blue Team: Yes, chef!
Frank: [to Jared] Hey, two minutes on those scallops!
Jared: Two minutes! Two minutes out!
Gordon: Why do we call back, Jared? Why do we call back?
Jared: So we communicate, and so we know each other's times.
Gordon: When I learned this system, it was in French. And when you were begging for one more minute, it was crucial we got one more minute. You've got to talk, yes?
Jared: Oui! [Chad looks up in confusion]
Chad: (interview) What the hell is going on? All of a sudden, Jared is speaking in French.
Jared: Oui.
Gordon: [to Jared while lifting pans] So, these are really super hot now. So, you lift them up there as well.
Jared: Oui.
Gordon: Okay, and that comes over there now.
Jared: Oui.
Gordon: Yeah, there you go.
Frank: (interview) Are you fucking kidding me?
Jared: Frank, I can send the carbonara first, oui?
Frank: (interview) You try to fucking talk like that in Brooklyn, you know what would happen? I would pick this... [picks up nearby trashcan] fucking thing up, right? I would pick this up and I would put it over his fucking head.
Jared: Alright, guys. We're getting off to a great start! Keep it going! We're not slowing down, oui?

Gordon: Eddie couldn't lead, and he certainly couldn't follow. And so it was time to get the fuck out of the way.

Episode Seven [15.07][edit]

[For the wedding planning challenge, the Blue Team accidentally cook seven dishes instead of six]
Joe: There’s seven plates up there.
Gordon: I have one pork and two beef! Manda!
Manda: Yes, chef.
Gordon: How many dishes are there up front?
Manda: There’s seven dishes, chef.
Gordon: Unbelievable.
Joe: (interview; counts quickly) Yo, what the fuck is there seven up there for? Where’s the extra dish coming from?
Jared: Frank, you did chicken and beef?
Frank: Yeah.
Jared: Amanda told us she was doing beef.
Manda: (interview) This is not good.
Gordon: What have we got?!
Jared: We got three beef, chef.
Gordon: And that’s the best you can do for her (Andi)? Can you just get your shit together?! [facepalms] This is embarrassing!
Manda: (interview) Everybody knew I was doing this rib eye! Let’s do some math!
Gordon: I just want two beef dishes. Come on!
Frank: We’re keeping the steak Diane, and we’ll keep that one right there. That’s it, done.
Manda: (interview) I don’t know if Frank has a problem with me or females in general, but what am I, fucking chopped liver?

Narrator: Bryce and Chef Andi will select one of the four appetizers to feature on their wedding reception menu. First up...
Gordon: Ariel, let’s start off with your seafood appetizer.
Ariel: I did a grilled peso squid stuffed with lobster claw.
Gordon: Andi, what do you think visually?
Andi: It's really opaque-looking.
Gordon: Slightly phallic in terms of... looks like a bison’s penis. [Jackie and Ashley laugh while Ariel facepalms] Yeah.
Andi: [smiles] I didn’t want to say that.
Gordon: Not the most attractive.
Ariel: It’s an aphrodisiac.
Andi: [after tasting the squid] You didn't cook the squid enough. It’s still raw, it’s very chewy.
Gordon: Bryce?
Bryce: Yeah, it’s just kinda off-putting.
Gordon: That’s not a good start.

Gordon: I thought a move on the Red Team would give Hassan a chance to shine. Unfortunately, it only shined a light on his shortcomings.

Episode Eight [15.08][edit]

Episode Nine [15.09][edit]

[The Red Team discuss who to nominate for elimination after Gordon kicks them out of dinner service]
Kristin: That was a total—That was the worst service we've ever had. I don't know what the fuck happened.
Chad: Where was the major breakdown in service?
Kristin: The meat and the fish are supposed to push, especially on a night like this where we're so heavy on meat and fish.
Chad: Okay, Ariel and Ashley.
Jackie: Yeah. I'm voting for them, too, because service fucking sucked.
Kristin: For meat, the hardest part was just making the steak perfect.
Jackie: [to Ashley] Yeah, you weren't searing them correctly!
Ashley: I know how to cook a fucking steak, dude!
Jackie: But you didn't do it today! Meat and fish fucked up... and that's it!
Chad: Yeah, meat and fish. [Ariel throws her hands up in frustration]
Ashley: [to Jackie] I am telling you, I am not the weakest person on this team. Absolutely fucking not!
Chad: Well, who do you think the teams' stronger without?
Ashley: I can promise you it's not myself and Ariel. We were definitely two of the strongest people here.
Jackie: Yeah, but if those two stations would've went okay, we wouldn't have fucking got kicked out of the kitchen.
Ariel: This is the first dinner service I've struggled at all. The burnt tuna was not me.
Jackie: Okay, well, I didn't do nothing wrong.
Ariel: Like, a big part is when you come in to help people, you actually have to be able to help them. (interview) Jackie is not a strong enough person to come into a station and help. Like, if you’re gonna come into a station and help, you need to hold down that station.
Chad: Ariel, who do you think? Two weakest people on the team?
Ariel: I'd say Ashley and Jackie.
Chad: Ashley and Jackie?
Jackie: You’d say me?
Ariel: Yes, Jack. I would say you.
Chad: Ashley, who do you think are the two weakest people on the team right now?
Ashley: [points at Ariel and Jackie] Those two.
Chad: Uh, Kristin?
Kristin: I'd go with Jackie and Ariel. [to Jackie] Ashley's a stronger cook than you.
Jackie: She is not a stronger cook than me!
Kristin: She brings a little more to the table than you do.
Jackie: So you really think she’s more creative than me?!
Kristin: Yeah.
Jackie: Get the fuck outta here! She's not! (interview) Everything I cooked today was fucking perfect. And then I tried to fucking help everybody, and they wanna throw me in? I mean, come the fuck on! [to Kristin] It's baffling to me that my name would even be mentioned! [to Chad] Who are you voting for?
Chad: Based on this service, I would say Jackie.
Chad: Who do you want me to vote for?!
Jackie: [points at Ashley and Ariel] Them two! They fucked up service and made us lose!! I fucking kill it in service every fucking goddamn time!
Ariel: When you are in service, you shine as a cook! Challenges is where you shine as a chef! We cannot carry you through challenges, bro!
Jackie: I've only been cooking for three months!
[Ariel and Chad stare wide-eyed in shock at Jackie while Kristin throws her hands up]
Kristin: (interview) Wait a minute, what? Jackie’s only been cooking for three months? Everyone else has been cooking forever. We deserve this and obviously, Jackie doesn’t. [to Jackie] But that means you’re not ready for BLT (Steak). I got fucking...
Jackie: Hell yeah, I'm ready for BLT!
Kristin: ...seven years! Seven years on you—and six months!
Jackie: (interview) I’ve worked less anywhere than all these people, and I can fucking successfully do every station and nobody else can! [to her teammates] HOW AM I GOING UP?!?! I mean, that’s completely ridiculous! (interview) You know what? Fuck all of them, really. I just hate it that we can't choke people here.

Gordon: Joe had an amazing taste profile and was a standout in challenges. Unfortunately for him, dinner services were just out of his reach.

Episode Ten [15.10][edit]

Narrator: In the blue kitchen...
Manda: Guys, I need to re-fire just about all of these eggs!
Narrator: ...the chefs are still trying to recover from Jared’s raw chicken.
Frank: [to Jared] Hey, I ain’t gonna re-fire chicken all day.
Jared: How many orders down?
Frank: (interview) Jared, I know what I'm doing. You sent the chicken up, I didn’t. [to Jared] This can go right into the oven. (interview) You say, "Okay, I got it." It’s no longer my fucking problem.
Jared: [to his teammates] Alright, guys, keep pushing! Chicken going in the oven! (interview) I’ve had a couple bumps in the road, but for the most part, I’m feeling real good about myself. The worst is behind me. [to Gordon] Chicken and waffles walking!
Blue Team: Heard!
[Gordon walks over to the pass to check Jared’s second attempt at chicken and waffles]
Gordon: This is a fucking joke. Come on, man. [to Blue Team] Hey, hey.
Manda: [sighs] Not again.
Gordon: Hey! [slams fist repeatedly]
Jeff Dunham: Have you noticed his (Gordon) hair is much taller in person?
Gordon: The chicken is raw! Who cooked that?!
Jared: I put it in the oven again, chef.
Jeff Dunham: [laughs] Good luck!
Gordon: [points at Jeff Dunham’s puppet] We may have a fucking dummy on the chef’s table…
Jeff Dunham: Yeah, whatever.
Gordon: ...but I can’t accept this any longer! I cannot accept that! Jared, GET OUT! GET OUT!
[Jared throws a fork across the workstation as he walks out of the kitchen]
Dannie: Frank, please get two more down. Keep moving.
Manda: Guys, we need to push through this! I’m not fucking going down like this!
Jared: (interview) Frank should be kicked out, too! I mean, I’m taking the entire heat for this chicken. [flips over couch cushion in the dorms] GODDAMMIT!

Gordon: On order, four covers, Table 50: two French toast, two lobster eggs!
Red Team: Yes, chef!
Narrator: Kristin and Ariel are trying to ensure that Chad is in sync with the rest of the kitchen.
Kristin: Dropping my lobster.
Chad: Heard!
Kristin: Don’t fuck with me, alright? I’ve got five minutes on this.
Chad: Five minutes, two French toast!
Ariel: [to Chad] Flip those babies. Did you check those? [checks the pan with the toast] Yeah, we don’t want them burnt.
Chad: Right. (interview) Ariel has the nerve to come over, and she’s giving me a hard time. I don’t really need your lip right now. [to Ariel] Let’s go.
Ariel: Chad, I have to make sure they’re cooked and have color on both sides!
Chad: Are they cooked or not?
Ariel: They’re cooked, but they need to be cooked evenly!
Chad: Then put them on the heat! (interview) Ariel, either calm down or get the fuck off my station. [to Ariel] Alright, right here. Let’s get these sliced up.
Ariel: These aren’t cooked, Chad.
Gordon: Where’s that French toast?
Chad: Can I get these please? Can I get them? Thank you.
Ariel: (interview) Chad, I’m trying to help you. Like, I have a broken foot, and I’m not acting like a little bitch like you are.
Chad: [to Gordon at the pass] French toast, walking right now!
Gordon: Where’s the other one? It’s two portions.
Chad: Alright, chef. It’s coming right now. [to himself] Fucking killing me.
[Gordon flips over the toast and sees the other side burnt to a crisp]
Gordon: Look at that. [sighs] Hey, Red Team. Look. It’s—it’s not even—it’s just...
Kristin: It’s not cooked, chef.
Gordon: It’s cooked on one side. [to Chad] Fuck off. Upstairs, get out!
Chad: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Get out! Hey, bon appétit! Now, fuck off!
Chad: (interview; sighs) Oh, my God.
[Chad walks back to the dorms and sees Jared already sitting down]
Jared: You, too?
Chad: Yeah.
Jared: Frank let me sell myself down the river.
Chad: Yeah, Ariel sold me up the fucking river.

Gordon: Here we go, Blue Team! One French toast, one chicken and waffles, two New York steak and eggs!
Blue Team: Yes, chef!
Dannie: I’ll drop the French toast! (interview) With Jared kicked out of the kitchen, it’s definitely at a pressure, but I don’t wanna stand here and I don’t wanna talk about it. I just wanna get food done and out! [to Manda] We’re gonna put these tables out! Manda, I need you to watch those French toast. I need to know where he (Frank) is. (interview) We’re cooking for chefs. Everything should be spot on. [to Frank] Frank, please keep an eye on that French toast for me, please! I just wanna check this chicken!
Frank: Alright, I already turned them!
Dannie: Okay, cool! If you could run over here and drop that waffle!
Frank: Alright! Manda, could you watch that French toast?
Manda: I got it. I got that.
Frank: Thank you.
Gordon: Two New York steak, one French toast urgently! Yes?!
Manda: [to Gordon] I’ve got two New Yorks ready to go!
Gordon: [sees French toast burning in a pan] Oh, man. Manda!
Manda: Oh, fuck!
Gordon: Is that burnt?
Manda: Yep!
Gordon: Who’s cooking the French toast?
Manda: Frank was, then Dannie was, and then I was supposed to watch it.
Frank: No, no! Amanda said she was gonna take over it! [to Manda] Man up to it!
Manda: I... I just said I was gonna go watch it!!
Frank: Yeah. (interview) She is fucking useless! Useless! Don’t throw me under the bus for something that I didn’t do. I’ll pack this fucking girl’s bags myself!
Gordon: [to Manda] Young lady, you are standing right in front of it!
Manda: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Do me a favour: GET OUT!
Manda: Are you fucking kidding me?! (interview) I’m pissed the fuck off! They didn’t throw me under a bus, they threw me under a fucking Mack truck! [to Jared as she walks into the dorms] ONE MISTAKE! ARE YOU JOKING ME?! How many times did we send up raw-ass chicken?! It came back raw fucking three times!
Jared: Twice!
Manda: I’ve been re-firing eggs all night, and every single one of my steaks was perfect!
Jared: I don’t give a fuck what you’ve been re-firing! All you’re doing is bitching to me about, "I cooked a million eggs" SO FUCKING COOK ANOTHER ONE!
Manda: Just cook another one. We’ll just all wait for Jared to get his shit together.
Jared: [flips Manda off] Fuck you. That was fucking low!
Manda: Whatever.
Jared: Fuck you! THAT’S FUCKING IT! [punches wall as he walks away]

[After both teams bombed brunch service]
Gordon: I don’t want to even discuss a winning team. I’m not interested in a nomination; I want an explanation! Is that clear?!
Both Teams: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Fuck off!
[Both teams walk back to the dorms]
Jackie: (interview) It was a shit-fest all over, so... who the hell knows who’s going home.
Chad: Alright, so what’s the first thing?
Kristin: Accurate timing and accurate communication. French toast execution was wrong.
Jackie: Completely agree.
Ariel: Yeah. [to Chad] I mean, I would rather you take more time and have it perfect. The fucking French toast was getting burnt!
Chad: I disagree. It’s just gonna get soggy if you just leave it off the heat.
Kristin: You’re really worried about it getting fucking soggy? It’s not like toast!
Jackie: Yeah.
Kristin: It’s supposed to be French toast.
Chad: Well, then what happened with the quail eggs?
Ariel: The first salad, I forgot to put the quail eggs.
Chad: So then, I ran them up because you forgot them.
Ariel: He (Ramsay) wasn’t even yelling that the quail eggs weren’t there. His issue was, "Run them up to the pass!"
Chad: Yeah, well I thought if you had made a mistake, you would've spoken up and said, "That’s my fault!" (interview) Ariel, don’t stand there and act all innocent. Have the nerve to take some of the heat, too. [to Ariel] I don’t know, it’s just tonight’s failure was not just me. Is it only fair we bring Jackie into this conversation?
Jackie: Me?
Chad: Yeah.
Jackie: [shakes her head] No fucking way. All my chickens went out and every single thing [points at Chad] he made got sent back.
Kristin: Everything about that chicken was fucked up. I said, "How long was it gonna be?" And you said, "A minute." Then you said a minute again, then you said a minute again. You had plenty of time to time chicken!
Jackie: (interview) You know damn fucking well that I’m not the weakest fucking chef! [to Kristin] But honestly, I don’t think I did as bad as meat, so Chad should go home.
[Cut to the Blue Team sitting around the living room]
Manda: Alright, what went wrong?
Jared: The problem was that we got backed up in chicken, and Frank, I had no support from you. None.
Frank: Don’t hold shit in and tell me about it two hours later.
Jared: I can’t tell you because I got kicked out of the kitchen!
Frank: [shrugs] Tough fucking shit, then! That’s your fucking problem!
Jared: (interview) Oh, Frank, really? It’s not your problem, you’re not part of the Blue Team? [flips the bird] Well, fuck you, buddy!
Dannie: Frank, every problem—your problem, [points at Jared] his chicken problem—that’s all our problems.
Manda: Yeah, I’m just so pissed off I got kicked out over a fucking French toast. Frank left the station and said, “Manda, watch this,” and I said, “Okay.”
Frank: I said, “Watch the French toast,” and you said, “Okay.” That means you accepted all responsibility and I walk away.
Manda: No! There—there’s no…
Frank: Thank you! Thank you!
Manda: ...all or nothing in this kitchen!
Jared: Frank, this is what—this is what I’m talking about! You’re not—you don’t have to…
Frank: No, no, that’s—Then don’t fucking say, "Okay!" Do not accept responsibility! Do not say, "Yes, I accept!"
Jared: Fine, then you know what, Frank?! [gets up from chair] I’m not accepting shit! The chicken’s your fucking fault!
Frank: I wasn’t the one sending up raw chickens, buddy! YOU DID! END OF STORY! I am a leader! A leader acts like this! (interview) I take this so fucking serious. I don’t think there’s anybody on blue or red that has more pride than me.
Jared: Frank, this isn’t the fucking Marines!
Frank: This is the fucking Marines! This is a competition to me! If you don’t like the way I am, then fucking leave! [Manda slaps herself with a binder]

Gordon: I gave Chad numerous chances to regain his confidence. Unfortunately, he wasted them all.

Episode Eleven [15.11][edit]

Episode Twelve [15.12][edit]

[Gordon inspects some snapper]
Gordon: Blue team! Frank! Speed up, let's go! Raw fish. How thick is the fish?
Frank: Very thick.
Gordon: Thicker than last time. There's no two fish the same, right? But it's undercooked.
Frank: Yes, chef.
Manda: I'm sorry, Frank.
Frank: (interview) If I tell you to watch something, just fucking watch it, y'know? I mean, don't send it up raw.
Gordon: Come on, blue team! Come on! [claps his hands and pounds the workstation] Speed up a bit now, okay? [to Frank] Are they in the pan yet?
Frank: No, not yet, chef.
Gordon: Ah, fuck me.
Jared: Frank, get them in the pan!
Gordon: Please, please, please! Frank, can you bounce back a little bit?
Frank: Yes.
Gordon: You can? [walks up to Frank and stares at him; Frank continues cooking without responding] That's it blue team, yeah, we've switched off?
Dannie & Jared: No that's not it chef
Gordon: But look at his (Frank) FACE! [to Frank] Young man, would you like to go home?
Frank: Nah, I'm good.
Jared: Frank, bounce back. It's no big deal.
Frank: Bounce back about what?
Dannie & Jared: Okay, exactly, exactly.
Frank: Thank you. (interview) Like, "bounce back", you fucked me over. What do you mean "bounce back"?
Gordon: I'm dragging four snapper!
Frank: Jared, Jared. I got two beef, two snapper in the pizza oven.
Jared: Heard.
Frank: Thank you.
Jared: (interview) Here we go. Frank just tries to pass the buck
Frank: You checking the snapper over there?
Jared: (interview) That's what Frank does. Frank tries to be like, "well if my hands didn't touch it last, it's not my problem".
Dannie: Snapper, right now! [brings the fish to the pass] Snapper.
Narrator: With the refired snapper making its way to the dining room, the blue team is back on track...
Diners: Thank you.
Narrator: ...or are they?
Female Diner 1: [cuts into the fish, revealing the center is raw] Okay. It's no bueno.
Male Diner: Send it back.
Female Diner 2: Really?
Marino: Ohhh, minchia. That's uhhh that's not good at all.
Female Diner 1: The flavor was good and then I went towards the middle.
Marino: Maybe they thought you ordered some sashimi. Let me take this please. I'm so sorry, I apologize. [returns to the kitchen] Chef?
Gordon: What's the matter?
Marino: This is table 22.
Gordon: Oh no.
Marino: They already waited for the fish, and they are raw inside. They're undercooked
Gordon: [drops the bowls of raw fish in the trash] Oh, fucking hell.
Frank: Hey, from now on, don't-just don't touch the snapper until I look at it, please.
Dannie: Okay.
Jared: Yes.
Frank: Thank you.
Jared: Yes.
Frank: (interview) It sucks because I'm getting fucked by everybody else and I'm dragging now on fish because of them, but like, I didn't push out those snappers.
Narrator: While Frank continues to point fingers...

Gordon: [after examining New York strip brought by Jared] Blue Team!
Jared: Fuck!
Gordon: Yeah. Hey, look. Well-done New York strip. Jared!
Jared: Yes, chef.
Jared: Two minutes on re-fire, chef!
Frank: (interview) Jared, come on! At this point, I mean, you need to prove that you can cook fucking steak!
Jared: New York strip, walking to the pass!
[Gordon once again checks Jared’s steak and cuts into it]
Gordon: [walks back to workstation] Hey! We go from overcooked to blue now. Not even the fucking marble of the fat. OVERCOOKED TO BLUE!
Jared: Yes, chef.
Male Diner: [chuckles] I don’t think we’re getting our food anytime soon.
Frank: Alright, bounce back, guys. Come on.
Gordon: COME ON, GUYS!
Dannie: (interview; sighs) Not again, dude.
Jared: Thirty seconds on New York strip re-fire!
Dannie: Thirty seconds, heard! (interview) How can you go from extremely overcooked to raw? I don’t get it.
Jared: [to Gordon] Medium rare, chef.
Gordon: [sees that the New York strip has been cut into] Oh, man. Fucking hell. [to Jared] Hey, is that you? Did—did you gash that?
Jared: I gashed that, chef. (interview; facepalms) Oh, shit. This is not good. [to Gordon] Chef, I sliced it to check the temperature.
Gordon: And what about the touch?
Jared: Chef, New York strips are difficult for me. (interview) The steaks are thick today, but you can’t say that to Chef. You gotta be like, "Yes, chef. Whatever you say, chef. Lick the floor, chef? Sure, no problem, chef."
Gordon: [to Jared] I expect you to cook a New York strip!
Jared: Yes, chef.
Gordon: And if you can’t...
Jared: Yes, chef.
Gordon: ...I’ll drop you off at the fucking airport!
Jared: No, chef.

Episode Thirteen [15.13][edit]

Episode Fourteen [15.14][edit]

Episode Fifteen [15.15][edit]

Episode Sixteen [15.16][edit]