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Hell's Kitchen is an American cooking reality show based on the British program of the same title, where Chef Gordon Ramsay puts aspiring chefs through different challenges and dinner services to decide who is the best.

Episode One [16.01][edit]

[During signature dishes]
Narrator: With the men clinging to a small lead, it's now up to Los Angeles sauté chef, Matt, to try and add to it with his...
Matt: Dove breast Bolognese.
Gordon: Hold on. Bolognese, but the word you said beforehand was... dove?
Matt: Dove breast. Yes, chef.
Gordon: As in...
Matt: Dove.
Gordon: As in, the bird?
Matt: The bird, chef.
Gordon: The pigeon?
Matt: The pigeon. The one everybody would be scared to cook with. Um, never even made it before, but... [the audience laughs as Gordon facepalms]
Gordon: So, [slaps himself] let's get this right. I'm your guinea pig. [twirls fork around] Oh, Jesus. [takes a bite of pasta] You have absolutely fucked the word, Bolognese. One out of five.
Matt: Thank you, chef.

[Pat attempts to help Paulie make risotto]
Pat: [to Paulie] Did you put cheese in yet? Mascarpone?
Paulie: Yeah. (interview) Pat has this inability to leave me the fuck alone.
Pat: Put a little more salt in.
Paulie: (interview) And he's trying to help, but he's really hindering.
Pat: More salt. [sprinkles more salt in the pan]
Paulie: Alright, I got this.
Matt: [to Gordon at the pass] Scallops right here, chef.
Gordon: [to Paulie] Risotto, how long?!
Paulie: Coming 'round hot. Behind, chef.
Gordon: [after tasting risotto with Sous Chef Aaron] They're badly done again. [returns to workstation] BLUE TEAM!
Paulie: (interview) Oh, fuck.
Gordon: [points at everyone on the Blue Team] That's you, you, you, you, and you, [to Pat] and you over there, bozo!
Johnny: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Taste the risotto!
Paulie: (interview) Here it comes.
Matt: Salt.
Gordon: Yeah, it's too salty.
Paulie: (interview) Pat, I didn't ask for help, so stop helping!
Gordon: So, I want now two risotto, two scallops, and one fucking kale salad! IS THAT CLEAR?!
Blue Team: Yes, chef!

Gordon: Scallops, where are they?
Matt: Coming right now, chef! [to Andrew] No, no, no. Can't do it.
Andrew: Dude, do what you want, then. He's calling for them.
Gordon: It's fucking basic stuff now!
Matt: He (Andrew) tried to grab them! I can't serve nothing up raw, chef! Thirty seconds out!
Andrew: No, they're not raw. They're not raw.
Matt: They're not raw?
Andrew: They're not raw. (interview) Ninety seconds, and they're done. Golden brown and delicious. It's not rocket science!
Gordon: Come on, guys, PLEASE!
Andrew: Yes, chef!
Pat: Let's go. Walk those scallops.
Matt: Right here. Scallops in my hand, chef. On your right.
Gordon: [checks scallops] Oh, no. It's raw. [returns to workstation] Hey, come here! Who cooked these scallops? [beat; no one responds] If I don't get a straight answer, I'm gonna kick you out.
Matt: [to Andrew] Tell him, man. You sold them.
Gordon: Wow.
Andrew: He (Matt) cooked them, I tried to push them out to sell them.
Gordon: [to Matt] So, you cooked them?
Matt: He told me to sell them, chef. I kept telling him, "No." You can look at the cameras in here.
Gordon: Cameras?!
Pat: [rolls his eyes] Wow.
Gordon: [to Matt] Come here, you. Come here. Look at me, just look at me in the fucking eyes! Fuck the camera! Unfold your fucking arms now, and don't give me a fucking scallop unless it's cooked perfectly! Do you get it?!
Matt: Yeah, I understand.
Gordon: Look at me! And fuck the attitude! Cook it or fuck off!
Matt: Yes, chef.
Gordon: And if I hear you talk about a fucking camera one more time, I'll stick a GoPro up your arse so you can see how shit you are! GOT IT?!
Matt: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Fucking idiots!

[Gordon checks New York strip and sea bass brought by Devin and Matt, respectively]
Gordon: It's fucking raw! [returns to workstation] Who cooked the bass?
Matt: [sighs] Fuck.
Gordon: You two, come here! Genaro, Matt! [flips sea bass over] One cooked to fuck, and one's raw. It's the same table.
Devin: (interview) Why? Come on, man!
Gordon: Who cooked it? [long pause] Who cooked the bass?
Pat: (interview) You got Dumb and Dumber standing there looking at each other. Like, "You tell him I dunno, you tell him! I dunno! I dunno, you tell him!" Answer the question!
Matt: I would not have shipped that.
Gordon: So, how did it get up here?!
Matt: I can't tell him, so I don't know who brought it up!
Gordon: Oh, my God.
Johnny: (interview) What are you doing here, Matt? BIGGEST DOUCHE EVER!
Genaro: I did, chef.
Genaro: Yes, chef.
Gordon: He walks away! [points at Matt and Genaro] Hey, you and you, fuck off out of here! GET OUT! Have you ever heard anything so stupid in all your fucking life?! [to the rest of the Blue Team] Hey, the rest of you, come here.
Johnny: Yes, chef.
Gordon: One more mistake, I swear to God, I'm gonna kick you out. Is that heard?
Blue Team: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Let's go. Fuck me.

Gordon: Pat is Italian and he couldn't even cook risotto. What a meatball. Ciao, Pat.

Episode Two [16.02][edit]

[After elimination, most of the men get in the hot tub]
Johnny: Hot tub time!
Paulie: I'm going butt naked.
Andrew: Do it! [Paulie takes off his pants and boxers and jumps in] Okay! He wasn't kidding!
Jessica: Oh, my God!
Johnny: (interview) I see your little pee-pee! [takes off his swim trunks] I mean, if we're gonna have a bath...
[The rest of the guys, except Andrew, follow suit and get naked in the hot tub]
Andrew: Oh, God!
Jessica: [laughing with Heather] They're all naked! It's like their team bonding moment!
Andrew: [covers his eyes as Aaron gets naked] Oh, my God! No!
Aaron: (interview) I'm kind of like the little brother in the house, so it feels awesome to have a great time with the guys.
Andrew: [laughs and turns to Koop, who's sitting by the patio table] Koop?
Koop: Nah, I'm good over here! (interview) Too many wieners in that soup.
[Later, Gia walks outside and sees the men still naked in the tub]
Gia: [screams] Oh, my fucking God! (interview) When they told me there was naked penises in the hot tub... [laughs at the guys] I'm waiting until y'all get out! (interview) I had to see how they stacked up. [sits down on the patio] I'm ready to see the wiener schnitzel!
[Paulie stands up and gets out of the hot tub]
Gia: Oh, shit!
Wendy: [covers her face with her hoodie] I don't need to see this.
[Heather, Wendy, and Andrew clap and laugh hysterically as Aaron gets out with Paulie]
Andrew: Oh, there it is!
Heather: Oh, God!
Andrew: PUT IT AWAY!
Aaron: (interview) Hey, you know, they didn't call me, "Smock the Cock" in high school just 'cause it rhymed.
Gia: [slaps Aaron's ass] Damn, where my singles at?!

[As part of their punishment, the Red Team have to drink fish milkshakes]
Andi: Chef Ramsay put together a really good lunch for you. [pours the "shake" into glasses] It's nice and thick... fish guts.
Gia: (interview) A fucking fish shake. Are you fucking kidding me? [looks at Andi] I can't eat nasty food.
Andi: I'm sure you guys have swallowed worse. Enjoy.
Jessica: Cheers, y'all.
[The women try not to throw up as they drink their shakes]
Gia: (interview) The fish shake consisted of raw scallops, fish guts, fish eyes... and it's thick as shit! [sees Wendy throw up into a trashcan] That sound is not helping me drink this shit!
Wendy: I'm sorry. You think I... I wanna throw up?
Gia: It's some bullshit. I'm not drinking that shit.
[Shaina notices something different about her shake and smirks]
Shaina: (interview) Oh, shoot! Mine is chocolate milk! But there's no way in hell I'm about to let the rest of them know that!
Heather: (interview) We have Wendy to the left of me puking her fucking guts out, and Aziza puking to the right of me.
Gia: This is bullshit.
Heather: (interview) I have this bitch across the table telling me, "I'm not fucking drinking the shake." Bitch, yes you are, because we're a fucking team.
Wendy: Tell me I don't have to keep drinking this. I'm gonna...
Jessica: Finish the whole fucking thing.
Wendy: (interview) This is fucking killing me! Like, I wanna sit in a fucking corner and just fucking cry!
[Wendy gags as she tries to finish the fish shake]
Ryan: Fucking gross.
Wendy: (interview) I violently hate to puke, but I'm not just gonna quit. [tearfully] I work through tears.
Andi: Wendy, are you good?
Wendy: I'm good.
Kimberly: You can do it. Seriously.
[The Red Team cheer Wendy on as she holds her nose while chugging the rest of her shake]
Heather: Get it, girl! Get it! Come on!
Shaina: Good job, Wendy. Good job.

Devin: [to Gordon at the pass] Walking with two risotto, chef.
Aaron: Kale salad up, chef. (interview) It's a little bit hard for me to find my place. Devin's kinda taking over the whole station.
Gordon: [returns to workstation after checking the salad] Hey! Hey, hey, Blue Team! Who dressed this?
Aaron: I did, chef.
Gordon: All of you, come here! [picks up clump of greens dripping with dressing] Visually, just visually...
Koop: Overdressed, chef.
Gordon: Yeah, you're fucking right it's overdressed! It's pissing with dressing!
Andrew: Oh, my God.
Koop: (interview) It's a simple cold salad, soaking in dressing.
Gordon: It's a salad!
Devin: Alright, one more, Aaron.
Andrew: Real quick, Aaron.
Gordon: [to Aaron] Hey, young man! Where's the finesse?!
Aaron: (interview, sighs) This is gonna be a long night.

Aziza: [to Heather and Gia] Alright, risotto's working. Not there yet, though. I'll let you know when I'm at my four minutes.
Gia: When she says that she's ready, that's when I drop them?
Heather: Four minutes out, yes. (interview) I definitely don't trust Gia right now.
Gia: I'm getting it in my mind.
Heather: (interview) She's really nervous. Then, all of a sudden, she just randomly disappears.
[Gia briefly walks out of the red kitchen, then comes back]
Gia: [to Gordon] Chef, we ran out of toffee pudding. Do you want me to make some more?
Gordon: Excuse me?! Are you on fish?!
Gia: Yes, I'm on fish.
Gordon: So, why are you asking for desserts? We need to send appetizers and entrées first before the dessert, right?!
Gia: Yes, chef.
Aziza: (interview) Gia's just tripping! She's gotta quickly snap out of it and get right back on the game.
Gordon: [to Gia] Drop the scallops!

[Gordon notices Aaron topping two pizzas on a single paddle]
Gordon: Hey, hey, hey! Stop! [to Paulie, who's in the dining room] Hey, come here, you!
Paulie: What's up?
Gordon: Yeah, I'll fucking tell you what's up! Come here! Where's— [to Johnny] Get in here!
Johnny: [to the guests he's serving tableside] Guys, I'll be right back. [runs into blue kitchen]
Gordon: A Hell's Kitchen first. This Muppet's (Aaron) got two pizzas on the same paddle that aren't even fucking rolled out properly! What in the fuck is going on?! One pizza PER PADDLE!
Johnny: (interview) Aaron is just a goofball. He's not a good cook, he's freakin' brain-dead! [sighs] What an embarrassment.
Gordon: Hey, Blue Team! Is this it?! You take the reward, you come back, and screw the service?!
Blue Team: No, chef.

[Gordon checks New York strip brought by Genaro]
Gordon: It's fucking raw. [returns to workstation] Hey, Genaro.
Genaro: Yes, chef.
Gordon: It's raw. Hey, Blue Team. Hey, come here! Look, it's raw, it's white! The fat's not even rendered! [to Genaro] I'm—I'm talking to you!
Genaro: Yes, would you like another, chef?
Andrew: (interview) How is that even a question?! Wha—Oh, we're just gonna tell the guests, "Sorry. Our meat guy had an off night. You're not gonna eat tonight."
[While Genaro re-fires the strip, Gordon comes back with raw fish]
Gordon: Hey, what do you suggest with the fish?
Genaro: Chef, we gotta start over with everything.

Gordon: New York strip!
Genaro: [to Andrew] Are these still hot enough?
Genaro: Right here, chef.
Andrew: I got the bass coming to the window now!
Genaro: Strips right now! [to Gordon] On your right.
Koop: (interview) These strip steaks better be perfect or we're fucked.
Gordon: [cuts into steak] This is raw. [touches meat] And cold. [returns to workstation] Hey, hey, hey. Psst! Hey, hey, stop. Just touch that. Just touch that there. Just—just touch that there.
Andrew: (interview) That meat could've walked itself to the pass, Genaro.
Gordon: Red Team, come here! COME HERE!
Kimberly: All of us? (interview) I don't know what the hell is going on!
[The Red Team enter the blue kitchen]
Paulie: (interview) This is ridiculous.
Gordon: Ladies, take over! One on each section! BLUE TEAM, GET OUT! GET OUT!!
Shaina: (interview) We've conquered another dinner service. It feels great! Second time in a row, we're on a ball!
Gordon: GET OUT!
[The Blue Team walk out of the kitchen; Devin throws his towel]
Andrew: (interview) I wanna crawl up in a ball and cry.
Gordon: I'm done. I need two nominees. FUCK OFF!
Paulie: (interview) I hate losing. A second time, thrown out. Yo, that's so embarrassing!
[The Blue Team return to the dorms]
Devin: Let's sit at the table.
Matt: [whips towel around in anger] FUCK! FUCK, FUCK!!
Johnny: Let's go outside!
Andrew: Yeah, let's go out.
Matt: FUCK!
Johnny: I need a fucking cigarette before I murder somebody!
Matt: Damn, man! FUCK!
Johnny: "Fuck," is right!
Johnny: [to his teammates] Why aren't you all pissed off right now?!

Johnny: Guys, the girls just had to come in and finish our fucking shit, man.
Paulie: Again.
Koop: We look like a bunch of idiots.
Paulie: Bro, how are we losing every time?! [Johnny sighs while Genaro just shrugs; to Genaro] Yo, dude, are you just checked out?
Genaro: No, man.
Paulie: 'Cause your whole demeanor right now is like, "Whatever, man."
Johnny: Yeah, you're pretty laidback about all this.
Genaro: What am I gonna do, freak out?
Johnny: YEAH! Why aren't you flipping the fuck out?!
Genaro: What am I gonna do? Hang my fucking head low?
Johnny: (interview) I can't believe Genaro's attitude right now. How could you put out shit like that, and then act like it doesn't matter?! [to Genaro] You're sitting there just shaking your head, laidback.
Genaro: Like, I'm not happy with what happened. Yeah, I fucked up, man. But, I'm not gonna let you guys put me down about it. (interview) Johnny and Paulie were down my throat with their bullshit.
Johnny: [to Genaro] You just don't deserve to be here! Bottom line!
Andrew: We don't have to get personal. Just keep it at service.
Johnny: No, I'm pissed, man! It is personal! [to Genaro] You're embarrassing me in front of one of my heroes!
Genaro: [sarcastically] Well, I apologize for that.

Gordon: When a chef shows me he has no passion, I show him the door. Goodbye, Genaro.

Episode Three [16.03][edit]

[The Blue Team overhear Jessica bragging about winning dinner service again]
Jessica: [to Ryan] I think it's awesome that we're working as a team. We schooled them today, and we're gonna keep schooling them until all those boys are gone.
Koop: She's stupid.
Johnny: (interview) Although we're two different teams, we still have to live together. So why rub it in and make you feel worse? [walks into the dining room with Aaron, Paulie, and Andrew] Oh, man. Service tonight was like pulling teeth.
Andrew: Yeah.
Jessica: Not for us. Sorry, boys.
Johnny: Nobody's talking to you. [pause; Shaina laughs] I don't even know why you fucking look at me like that. Just stop talking to me for the rest of this fucking season. [Jessica says nothing] Thank you, good.
Wendy: (interview) They're just being bullies because they're salty that they lost. They can talk as much smack as they want and they can keep on losing.
Andrew: I'm not drinking the haterade, but... Jessica, shut the fuck up! (interview) I confess, I hate Jessica. Pretty much. Yep, I hate her. She's annoying. Bitch, you could give aspirin a headache! [to Jessica] Nobody likes you.
Jessica: That's not true!
Andrew: Nobody likes you!
Johnny: [mocking Jessica while walking downstairs with Paulie] "Oh, that's not true!"
Jessica: (interview, tearfully sighs) I've never dealt with this kind of bullying before, so it's rough. I don't know if they're intimidated or if they really don't like me now!
Wendy: [to Jessica] It's ridiculous, so just move on.

[The Blue Team have to clean up the dining room for losing the ostrich challenge, but Matt refuses to participate and goes outside]
Matt: Oh, my God. (interview) Man, fuck this whole competition. The judges don't even know what the fuck they're talking about, and that's the problem. [walks out of the dining room] It pisses me off. (interview) I'm a force to be reckoned with inside the kitchen. I don't wanna sit here and listen to these guys degrading me and talking shit. It's just really starting to irk me.
[Later, Marino checks on the men while they sweep the floor]
Paulie: Here comes Captain Happy.
Johnny: Marino, how are you?
Marino: Not good. I don't know what the hell happened here. It looks like a war. Uh, where is Matt?
Paulie: [looks around the dining room] Where the fuck is Matt?
Devin: Did Matt leave?
Johnny: Are we all agreeing we don't want Matt here anymore?
Andrew: Yes.
Aaron: (interview) We're a team. Do the punishment with us. Don't sit back and pout like a little boy. Be a man.
Marino: [to Aaron] Get Matt.
Paulie: Go back and get him.
[Aaron runs outside and sees Matt smoking in the patio]
Aaron: Matt, where the hell have you been?!
Matt: I'mma pack my shit up, and roll the fuck out of here!
Aaron: Take the punishment like a man.
Matt: Fuck that, yo! I'm not doing it! (interview) I don't give a shit. I don't give a shit what nobody says. [to Aaron] I'm not doing it, yo.
Aaron: You're bitching about everything!
Matt: Fuck you! I'm not on that level! You're not gonna sit here and degrade me every fucking day, and think I'm gonna sit here and listen to that shit! I'm not the fucking one!
Aaron: (interview) You feel like you're too cool for this? [shrugs] Go the fuck home.
Matt: Go!
Aaron: Okay. You know what, fine. [walks back inside]
Matt: I'm packing my shit and I'm out this motherfucker! GO!
Aaron: [returns to the dining room] Marino.
Marino: Where is Matt?
Aaron: He said he was packing his stuff and leaving.
Marino: He's leaving?
Aaron: That's what he told me.
Paulie: (interview) Matt is not a team player. He's a coward. I wouldn't piss in his ear if he was on fire. [to his teammates] He's going home. You know I'm right!
Johnny: [sees Matt walking toward Gordon's office with Sous Chef Aaron] He's right there.
Andrew: [to Matt] Bro, you're not really leaving, are you?
Johnny: (interview) I don't know why he doesn't have his bags with him. Get to the airport and get out of here!

[Gordon flips over scallops brought by Paulie that are raw on one side]
Gordon: Hey, Blue Team!
Blue Team: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Who cooked these?
Paulie: I did, chef.
Gordon: Get the fuck down here! Yeah, don't—Just stop cooking for a minute! [drops scallop platter] Look, look, look, look, look. Just touch that!
Paulie: (interview) Oh, man. What the fuck?
Gordon: [to Paulie] I'm not gonna spend the next two hours looking at you like a fucking space cadet on drugs. Look at me! Listen and absorb!
Paulie: Yes, chef!
[Later, Paulie brings his re-fired scallops to Gordon]
Gordon: Hey. Visually, how do they look sat next to the lobster?
Devin: That's burnt.
Gordon: I'm trying desperately hard to make you look good.
Paulie: Yes, chef.
Gordon: NOW I'M FED UP!
Paulie: Yes, chef!

[Gordon checks wellingtons brought by Gia]
Gordon: The fuck is that? Oh, look at that. [returns to workstation] Hey! Hey, ladies! Do you know what's happened here? I have never, ever in the history of fucking Hell's Kitchen been given a wellington that's not even sliced. It's like some bear shit from the woods! The most expensive cut anywhere in the world, and look at what you've dumped! Who gave me this?
Gia: I did.
Gordon: [drops plate with wellingtons] Fuck off, will you?
Shaina: Get a re-fire!
Gordon: [to Gia] And it's not even sliced all the way through.
Gia: I'm sorry! I cut my finger off, chef! Sorry!
Gordon: You cut your finger off?
Gia: Yes!
Gordon: Show me. Shall I get the medic? Medic! [to Gia] How bad is it?
Gia: It's really bad!
Gordon: Get me a medic, please.
Wendy: (interview) Are you serious?!
Gordon: Oh, man! Oh, my God! [to Gia] How bad is it?!
Gia: It's really bad, but it's okay 'cause I'm working through it.
Heather: (interview) Gia, if you're fucking cut, I don't want your blood all over everything!
Gordon: Medic!
Gia: I don't need a medic!
Gordon: Stop what you're doing! Where's the cut? [looks at Gia's fingers] Where's the cut?!
Gia: Right here.
Gordon: Where?
Gia: It's not there.
Gordon: [pause] When you have a cut, it normally bleeds! Where's the cut?!
Gia: I'm squeezing it, chef! It's not coming out!
Gordon: Oh, my GOD! You're such a drama queen! [walks back to the pass]
Medic: Someone need a medic?
Gia: No! Nobody needs a fucking medic!

[Gordon stirs mashed potatoes brought by Aaron]
Gordon: Uh... Stop! Come over, take a seat!
Devin: (interview) Please don't kick us out, man. We're so close, chef. So close.
[The men sit at the chef's table in the blue kitchen]
Gordon: Take a seat.
Koop: Yes, chef.
Gordon: [plates mashed potato] It's burnt. Just taste that. I'm talking about a mashed potato! And that pan, yeah? It's burnt. [to Aaron] Just smell it.
Aaron: Yeah, it's burnt, chef.
Gordon: And you wonder why I'm fucked off? Can I have two portions of stunning mashed potatoes?
Blue Team: Yes, chef.

[Jessica overcooks a pan of pasta tableside, and Marino brings it back to the red kitchen to show Gordon]
Marino: Sorry, chef. Tableside, she's (Jessica) making a new one, but she just took it away.
Gordon: What has she done?
Marino: Look at the pasta. It's overcooked, it look like mush.
Gordon: [after tasting pasta] Jessica!
Jessica: Yes, chef! [runs back to the kitchen]
Gordon: JESSICA!
Jessica: (interview) I'm getting compliments from everyone in the dining room on how good this dish tastes. This one was just a fluke!
Gordon: Just—just all of you, taste that. All of you, dig in and taste it. And whilst we're doing that, I'm sending two salmon, two wellington! Stay there, stay there!
Heather: Wow.
Gordon: [returns to workstation with salmon] My salmon's raw. Salmon's fucking raw... and wait. Hey, look.
Kimberly: Oh my God, guys.
Gordon: [comes back with wellingtons] Just—just—just touch that. It won't bite! The cow's dead! [pause] Fuck off! GET OUT!
Heidi: Fucking A.
Gordon: GET OUT!
Kimberly: (interview) I cannot believe I just got kicked out of the kitchen. How do we go from two awesome services to the point where Chef's saying, "Get out of there?"
Gordon: Hey, hey! [hands wellington tray to Kimberly] Take your entrées.
Kimberly: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Have a little debate on who's the shittest. Embarrassing!

Gordon: A chef who can't handle confrontation is like a boxer who doesn't want to get hit. Jessica just threw in the towel.

Episode Four [16.04][edit]

Shaina: [to Gia] How long on the garnish?
Gia: Yo.
Heidi: Gia, how much time do you need?
Gia: Where is my thing?!
Ryan: What thing?
Heather: How much time do you need, Gia?
Heidi: GIA!
Gia: It's happening now! Two minutes.
Heidi: (interview) Gia, snap out of it. Get your head into the game.
Gordon: Ladies.
Red Team: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Is the salmon ready?!
Shaina: Yes.
Gordon: Are the wellingtons ready?
Heather & Kimberly: Yes, chef.
Gordon: What are we waiting for?
Shaina: The garnish.
Gordon: [looks at Gia] The fish and meat are ready, but we're waiting on the garnish?
Red Team: Yes, chef.
Gia: God, fuck!
Heather: (interview) Having to wait on garnish is like a fucking sin.
Gia: [carries hot pan out of the red kitchen] Excuse me. Fuck, man.
Gordon: Where has she gone?
Heather: She burnt something, chef. I think.
Gordon: [to Gia] You burnt the potatoes?
Gia: No, I put currants in them instead of capers, chef. God!
Gordon: Who told you to put currants in there?
Gia: Nobody, chef! Nobody, nobody! (interview) I got a million shit going on in my head, Ramsay! You understand?! Give me a minute to absorb this shit!
Gordon: Fucking hell. Oh, my God.
Gia: Like, leave me the fuck alone!

[Gordon touches salmon brought by Paulie that turns out to be raw]
Gordon: Hey. Hey, Blue Team.
Andrew: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Yeah, that's you. [to Koop] Hey, move! MOVE! Don't worry about the sauce! The fucking salmon's still raw! [to Paulie] Put your finger in there!
Johnny: It's raw.
Gordon: THERE IS NO SUSHI ON THE MENU! [pause; slams fist on raw salmon] I got a table of pregnant ladies out there now that don't like hanging around feeling uncomfortable in restaurants. At this pace, one of them is gonna give birth soon!
Johnny: [to Koop] Do you need me to come over there and cook that fish?
Koop: No! (interview) I lost my job to come out here. I go home to no job, so it's time to buckle down and fucking fight back.

[Gordon checks wellington garnish brought by Gia]
Gordon: Green beans... that one's burnt. [returns to workstation] Ladies! So, I got three beans, four beans. I got four and a half beans per portion!
Gia: I asked them if it was enough!
Kimberly: Sorry, chef. (interview) You can't even cook green beans? Gia's sinking tonight like the Titanic on that cold winter's day.
Gordon: [to Gia] Hey, and you're not even listening.
Gia: I am very much listening.
Gordon: Okay, well let me just tell you something in plain English. They're saturated in butter, they're overcooked, and you're missing about one and a half portions. [Gia throws her hand up] Hey! Hey, when you throw your arms in the air like that, what's all that for?
Gia: No, when I'm—I'm trying to say that I am answering, I am focusing.
Gordon: You are?
Gia: I'm listening. (interview) That's my New York hands. These are my New York—Are you fucking kidding me? Are you really fucking kidding me?

[The Blue Team continues to wait for Aaron to bring wellingtons to the pass]
Gordon: HOW LONG?!
Koop: Four minutes, chef!
Andrew: [to Aaron] He said four minutes, so you say four!
Aaron: Four minutes!
Andrew: There you go.
Gordon: Hey, has he (Aaron) found his voice yet?
Andrew: Nope. He's getting there, though. [to Aaron] You gotta talk!
Koop: I'm ready on sea bass! You take yours!
Gordon: [to Aaron] So, how long for your wellington?! [Aaron says nothing; claps] Come on, AARON! [Aaron goes to turn off a beeping timer] He's standing there like the Statue of Liberty! Turn the timer off! Or is that your alarm clock to wake you up?
Aaron: No, that was my timer, chef.
Johnny: (interview) Aaron looks like a little, scared bunny rabbit. Grow a pair of balls! This is Hell's Kitchen!
Andrew: Garnish is up. Let's go.
Koop: [walks to the pass] Walking, walking. Sea bass, chef, on your right.
Gordon: Where's the wellington?
Aaron: [slices wellingtons in half] They're cold in the middle.
Gordon: Bring me the wellington. [looks at wellington tray] I tried. I begged. Look at—Look at the state of it. Sliced too early, reheated. [picks up sea bass] But then, look at this.
Johnny: Burnt. Overdone. [quietly] Fuck.
Gordon: What is going on in here?! [pause] Get out.
Andrew & Johnny: Fuck!
Gordon: GET OUT!
Andrew: (interview) Man, it sucks losing. It sucks to bust my ass and still end up with a loss.
Gordon: [stops Blue Team in the hallway] I am fucking done. I've never seen such disarray, and every ticket's been a battle. Fuck off to the dorm, have a fucking good chat, and come up with two nominees. Again, you are spoilt for choice. Get out!

[During elimination, Koop and Aaron are nominated by the Blue Team]
Gordon: Aaron, you can cook.
Aaron: Thank you, chef.
Gordon: But your lack of confidence may be your undoing. The person leaving Hell's Kitchen is... Gia. [some of the contestants look surprised] Stand up, young lady, and come over here.
Heidi: Oh, man.
Gordon: Let me tell you something. You were already on thin ice coming in to this service. Your brigade, your team have lost faith in you. You are not ready to step in to the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. [Gia takes off her jacket and leaves]
Johnny: Wow.
Gia: (interview) I'm in shock. I don't even know what happened. I don't know why I'm standing here. I'm not happy to be leaving under these circumstances. I think somebody else deserves to be out here. Who? I don't give a fuck, but I wasn't up for elimination! So the person that was up for elimination should be out here!

Gordon: I gave Gia a second chance, which proved to be two chances too many. See you, Gia.

Episode Five [16.05][edit]

[Gordon walks to the back of the blue kitchen after touching salmon brought by Johnny]
Johnny: Shit. Fuck.
Gordon: Hey, hey, hey. Come here. Come here, you. [points at green beans] Hey, who cooked these? Just touch them. Not even semi-warm! Stone-cold! STONE-COLD! But here's what I'm really fucked off about. [uncovers raw salmon] Look. Raw. Just raw! FUCKING RAW! FUCKING [slams fist on raw salmon, causing bits to fly everywhere] RAW!
Koop: (interview) Chef straight up fucking obliterated two pieces of salmon. I think he hates fish.
Gordon: I'm pissed now. [to Andrew] If I was you right now, I'd get your fucking team in order!
Andrew: Come on, guys! Listen, we're just cooking, guys! That's it!
Gordon: [to Devin] Hey, don't give me cold shit. I—I swear to God.
Devin: Yes, chef. That's my bad, chef.
Gordon: Hey, I know it's your bad! I just don't expect that back from you!
Devin: Yeah.

Devin: Behind with garnish, chef. To your right.
Johnny: Salmon needs one more minute, fellas.
Gordon: [after tasting spinach] Hey, hey! Hey, all of you, come here!
Andrew: What the fuck?!
Gordon: Yeah, what the fuck? Little taste test. Get a spoon, dig in there.
Andrew: (interview) Creamed spinach?
Gordon: Just taste that.
Paulie: No salt.
Andrew: (interview) My three-year old makes creamed spinach!
Gordon: We got a bowl of spinach that's bland as shit!
Andrew: [to Devin] I got all the protein covered! Just get veg up!
Devin: Alright! Stop yelling, man! (interview) You're yelling at me? Calm down and just cook! Shut up, Andrew, and stop screaming at us!
Gordon: Two salmon! Johnny, New York strip! Andrew!
Andrew: Yes, chef! Walking up to you! [walks to the pass with strips]
Gordon: [cuts into steak] Oh, fuck me. [sighs] Fucking hell. [returns to workstation] No, no, no! Fucking no!
Devin: (interview, sighs) Here we go again!
Gordon: [to Johnny and Andrew] Come here, you!
Andrew: I rushed that out to you, chef. It's my fault.
Devin: (interview) We look like fucking chumps!
Gordon: Just—just... Hey, hey, hey, COME HERE! [picks up burnt piece of salmon] I get that, second time around. Dry fucking [slaps salmon] shit there, [points at raw New York strip] and I get that. All of you. All of you, come here.
Paulie: Not again. Please, please, please.
[Gordon leads the whole Blue Team into the hallway behind the blue kitchen]
Gordon: It's just mistake after mistake after mistake! I had lunch with you. You all sit there and say, "yes," you all sit there and stuff your faces, and you come back and you fuck me! Nominate two people for elimination!
Paulie: Again, the last check.
Andrew: Last fucking table. We can't get spinach right. What the fuck?

Gordon: To be a great chef, you have to earn respect from your brigade. Being so young and inexperienced, Aaron was never going to do that with his team and that's why I took his jacket.

Episode Six [16.06][edit]

[Gordon samples Paulie's dish during the library challenge]
Gordon: Okra badly prepared, raw. Puree's slimy, and [holds up badly cut rib eye] that is the worst bastardization of a rib eye I've seen this year. Out of five, Paulie, that's got a one. And I'm struggling at one.
Paulie: (interview) I'm pissed off. Like, I'm not used to being the bottom of the barrel. That's just not me. [whispering to his teammates] Dude, that was fucking terrible.
Gordon: [looks up at Paulie] You can get defensive all you want.
Paulie: I'm not defensive at all, chef.
Gordon: If you give me raw fucking okra and expect me to kiss your arse...
Paulie: Absolutely not.
Gordon: ...you [whistles] are dreaming. Let's get that right.
Paulie: [beat; walks up to Gordon] Was there anything redeeming about it at all? [pause] Any one component that was good?
Gordon: Yeah. The plate you served it on. Now, fuck off!

Johnny: [to Paulie] You wanna give me a burger? I'll walk. [to Gordon] Walking burger.
Paulie: Walking (lobster) tails.
Johnny: Burger, chef.
Paulie: Tails, chef.
Gordon: Got to check everything, especially the kids' side. [cuts burger patty in half] Raw burger. [walks toward pantry] Hey, Blue Team, come here! Hey, ALL OF YOU! GET IN!! [shuts pantry door] Fucking... [throws tray in nearby bin] RAW! I DO NOT MIND WAITING! BUT I DO WHEN I'M KEPT WAITING FOR SHIT THAT'S FUCKING RAW!!
Blue Team: Yes, chef!
[Gordon exits the pantry and returns to the pass]
Johnny: Alright, whoever has free hands, help Paulie. I'm good on garnish.
Koop: I have free hands. I'm gonna check on who needs help.
Matt: He needs help, bro. Paulie needs help.
Koop: (interview) Paulie is losing credibility as a chef.
Johnny: [to Paulie] Wake the fuck up, let's go. We got this.

Gordon: [to Wendy] Two salmon, two lamb!
Heather: Hey, Wendy.
Wendy: Huh?
Heidi: (interview) Wendy, don't shut down right now. We really need you. Don't lose it now.
Gordon: HOW LONG?!
Wendy: [pause] Thirty seconds!
Heather: I'm ready to walk with salmon. [to Wendy] You ready? Salmon walking! [to Gordon at the pass] Salmon's up.
Gordon: Lamb?
Wendy: Walking lamb!
Aziza: Walking with garnish.
[Gordon cuts into lamb cutlet that turns out to be raw in the center]
Gordon: [returns to workstation] And the lamb... [to Wendy] Hey, psst! The lamb's still got its fucking wool on!
Ryan: (interview) Are you kidding me? We're falling apart here.
Gordon: Who cooked this?
Wendy: Me, chef.
Gordon: Ice-cold and still running around in the fucking field! [throws towel]
Wendy: Sorry, chef. (interview) Oh, my God! I have to start from scratch. It's a fucking nightmare.

[Wendy and Heather bring up re-fired lamb and salmon respectively; Gordon flips salmon over and checks the bottom]
Heather: Come on, ladies. We got it, right?
Shaina: Is everybody good?
Heather: We're good!
Gordon: [returns to workstation] Ladies! Everybody good, yeah? That's what I just heard. [points at salmon] Just touch that there. It's still raw and cold in the middle. [to Heather] And you say to me, "I don't wanna overcook it!" Well... thank you so much! And [points at dining room] they don't want overcooked salmon either! But what they do deserve is crispy SKIN! They should cook, for the twenty-seventh time skin side [smashes salmon with fist] down! How many fucking times?!

[The Blue Team has to nominate two people for elimination after being named joint losers]
Andrew: Who do you think, Koop?
Koop: I'm going with Paulie... and I didn't see Devin go down. [to Devin] Did you go down?
Devin: No. I had a grilled cheese in the beginning and that was it. Everything else came out fine.
Matt: Devin, you had a grilled cheese and didn't even melt the cheese, bro. You guys told me last night whoever fucked up tonight was going to fucking go home.
Devin: Who made that deal last night?
Johnny: Everyone did.
Andrew: We all did.
Devin: Where was I?!
Andrew: I don't know.
[Flashback to Devin fast asleep while the rest of the Blue Team made their rules for the next day's dinner service]
Devin: I'm glad y'all are deciding stuff while I'm sleeping.
Matt: Bro, it's not—it's not about that.
Johnny: You go to bed at 8 o'clock.
Matt: You went to sleep at 7 o'clock!
Devin: (interview) They had their fucking meeting last night while I'm sleeping. So, fuck them for doing that behind my back! I had one little hiccup with a grilled cheese sandwich. I do not deserve to be put up right now! [to Matt and Johnny] Hey, I just gotta say, 'cause this is getting me pissed off! You're having a fucking meeting while I'm sleeping?!
Koop: Hold on!
Devin: No! You fucking decided last night who was going home today! I was not—
Matt: No, we didn't.
Devin: Yes, you did! Evidently, you did!
Koop: Lis-TEN!
Matt: Look, ain't no yelling! There ain't no reason for you to yell like that, bro!
Devin: I mean, I'm not gonna—I can't just can't keep sitting here quiet and say, "Devin's nominated again because it'll happen a third time, and a fourth time."

Matt: [to Devin] I wanna hear who you would put up after tonight.
Devin: I'm not basing it anymore off of tonight's service!
Paulie: Alright, who would you put up?
Devin: I would put up Johnny.
Johnny: Why?
Devin: You had one hiccup tonight. That one spinach, right? And Johnny, you don't have the best challenges, man.
Paulie: Bro, you fucked up a grilled cheese.
Devin: We were able to fix it!
Paulie: You're saying you don't have any business up there?
Devin: No.
Paulie: Are you delusional?!
Devin: You can't say I sent wrong shit up to that pass!
Matt: You say what you want!
Paulie: [gets up from couch] And then, you had two people on your station! I had one!
Devin: Well, you're putting up raw food.
Paulie: You can suck a dick!
Devin: That's fucking kinda rude! DID I TELL YOU TO SUCK A DICK?!
Paulie: Do the math!
Devin: No, you fucking suck a dick yourself, too, you fucking... [walks back inside]

Gordon: Aziza has four kids at home. I think they need her more than I do, unless of course, they're hungry.

Episode Seven [16.07][edit]

[Gordon touches catfish brought by Andrew]
Gordon: Wendy!
Wendy: Yes, chef!
Gordon: [to Blue Team] Who fried this?
Andrew: I did, chef.
Gordon: Come here, all of you. 'Cause you all look at me as if I'm exaggerating sometimes. Just touch it.
Wendy: Is it soggy? Oh, God! (interview) He fried it off way too early and it sat, and it went from beautiful crispy to a soggy fucking mess.
Gordon: Andrew, you can't cook that in advance!
Andrew: Yes, chef.
Gordon: I don't mind you getting crispy skin on salmon, I don't mind the snapper, I don't mind that! But I do fucking mind when fish is fried and left to go soggy as shit! Yes, I do mind!
Andrew: I have another one for you, chef!
Gordon: Just HURRY UP!

Wendy: [brings catfish to the pass] There you go, chef.
[Gordon cuts catfish in half, then walks back to the workstation]
Wendy: Oh, fuck!
Gordon: Stop! Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop.
Heather: Fuck me. [whips towel]
Wendy: I fucked it up.
Heather: (interview) Wendy, how do you get an A+ rating from Chris Hastings...
Gordon: [opens pantry door] Come here! Come here!
Heather: (interview) ...and fail at dinner service?
[The ladies follow Gordon into the pantry]
Gordon: This is when I know things have gone absolutely tits up! And we started strong, we looked good.
Wendy: Yes, chef. That's completely my bad. It's my dish, and I fucked it up. I'll take full responsibility.
Gordon: Really?! I know it's your dish, but it's just not you! Why have you given up? Where's the comeback?! [pause] There's a fucking chef's table sat there looking at me like I'm an idiot!!
Kimberly: You're not an idiot, chef. We are.
Gordon: [angrily dumps catfish into ice bucket] SORT IT OUT! [slams pantry door]
Heidi: [to Wendy] Fucking start talking! I swear to fucking God! I want you talking your fucking head off!
Wendy: (interview) We're almost at a loss for words, and Heidi just fucking screams at the top of her lungs, "Communicate!" Once you hit that decibel, I—I don't listen.

[Gordon sees that Wendy's re-fired catfish is once again raw]
Gordon: Ladies!
Kimberly & Wendy: Yes, chef!
Heather: I swear to God.
Gordon: [points at undercooked wellingtons] Raw fat. Raw, cold. Cold! Ice-cold! [picks up catfish] And raw again. [pause] Get out!
Wendy: I'm sorry, chef! I check it, I thought it was okay.
Gordon: You checked it?!
Wendy: I checked the meat!
Gordon: Then you better get to LensCrafters! GET OUT! That scares me even more!

[During elimination, Wendy and Shaina are nominated by the Red Team]
Gordon: My decision is... Wendy, take off your jacket. [Wendy gives her jacket to Gordon] Your team may have given up on you...
Wendy: Thank you, chef. [turns to leave]
Gordon: Wait, I haven't finished yet. [Wendy walks back to Gordon] Shaina, take off your jacket! After a night like tonight, I have to do something drastic. So, both of you, say good-bye to your teammates... because you're going in the Blue Team. [Paulie and Johnny exchange shocked looks] Matt, Andrew, get up and make way. Wendy and Shaina, sit down... because [points at Andrew and Matt] you two are joining the Red Team! Get over there!
[Shaina shakes Johnny's hand while Andrew and Matt stand next to the ladies]
Gordon: And listen carefully. I'm hoping the change of environment will really help bring you back to your earlier performances.
Wendy: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Now, fuck off.

Episode Eight [16.08][edit]

Gordon: [to Blue Team] Two risotto, two carbonara. Four minutes to the window.
Blue Team: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Let's go.
Johnny: [to Paulie] Yo, you said you needed two or three? [Paulie doesn't respond] Wendy, Paulie... Guys. Guys, talk to me! How many risotto?! Paulie! (interview) There's no communication over there on hot apps. Paulie's got a Mount Rushmore of risotto, and Wendy can't even get out her freaking carbonara.
Gordon: [to Paulie] Look! Come here, you! Come here! Who's doing what?!
Paulie: I'm doing all the risottos. I—I fired them all.
Gordon: Yeah, no— Hey! [brings multiple pans of risotto to workstation] Yeah, I didn't say throw them up, but which of these are any fucking good? Who in the fuck is organizing [taps spoon against pans] one, two, three, four, five, six?!
Paulie: [points at pan] This one was going first.
Gordon: No, that's shit! That's got fat coming out of it! That's gone! [throws pan underneath table]
Paulie: I'm remaking you a new one.
Gordon: You're not organized! You're just dumping shit on top of shit on top of shit!
Paulie: I'll re-fire two more.
Gordon: Let's go, then!
Paulie: Yes, chef.

[Gordon touches scallops brought by Matt that look burnt]
Gordon: [returns to workstation] Hey, Red Team! Red Team, urgently!
Red Team: Yes, chef!
Gordon: What is going on here all of a sudden?! What the fuck is happening?! I don't expect this shit on our eighth dinner service!
Ryan & Heather: Yes, chef.
Gordon: [sees Matt leaning over to look at the scallops] Hey, you don't need to re-examine them!
Matt: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Stevie Wonder knows they're shit!
Matt: Yes, chef!
Gordon: They're that bad!
Heather: (interview) Matt, I know it's our first time working together. But if you keep screwing up, it's gonna be the last.

Wendy: [to Johnny] Did you baste it?
Johnny: Yes.
Devin: Walking with two New Yorks! Where are the sea basses?!
Johnny: Walking with two sea bass! [brings sea bass to Gordon at the pass]
[Gordon cuts fish in half]
Gordon: Blue Team! Raw! Cold and fucking [throws towel] raw!
Johnny: So close, goddammit.
Shaina: (interview) Now we gotta look like a bunch of assholes! I knew we was supposed to sear the fish! [groans]
Gordon: [to Johnny] How long?
Devin: Uh, chef, he had to cut the skin off those two sea basses. It's gonna take him six minutes.
Gordon: Oh, fucking hell. So the sea bass is not even fucking seared off?
Koop: No, it is not, chef.
Gordon: [to Sous Chef Aaron] Aaron, continue cooking that. Hey, Blue Team, come here! All of you, come here!
[The Blue Team follows Gordon into the red kitchen]
Gordon: [to Heather and Andrew] Out of the way. Out of the way, please. All of you! We've always seared! It's raw in the middle, but what is it?!
Blue Team: Seared off.
Gordon: Touch it!
Shaina: (interview) I told him! I told him to sear the fish! I told him, I told him, I told him!
Kimberly: (interview) Hey, Blue Team. Fucked up again, huh?
Gordon: We've always seared! And we haven't even seared anything! NOTHING!
Johnny: Yes, chef.
Gordon: [to Johnny] WHY DIDN'T YOU SEAR THEM OFF?!
Johnny: I was holding.
Gordon: Holding for WHAT?!
Johnny: I didn't think we seared off anything.
Johnny: I didn't think that was the way to do it, chef.
Johnny: Okay, chef.
Johnny: Yes, chef.
Devin: Alright, let's go. Let's get those seared off!
Koop: Get 'em all on.
Johnny: (interview) She didn't even tell me to sear that fish! She asked if I should be searing the fish! And then because I said that's not how we do it, she just let me go down?! Fuck you, Shaina!

Koop: [to Gordon at the pass] One chicken, and a second one's coming.
Gordon: [picks up and cuts into chicken breast] Where's the other portion?
Johnny: Where's the other portion of chicken?! Come on, Devin!
Koop: Chicken, how long?
Devin: One minute, guys! It's still raw!
Johnny: Yo, pick up your head! Stop complaining, let's get it done!
Gordon: [returns to workstation] Hey, that's still raw, [points at chicken] and that's still pink.
Devin: That's what I said, man!
Paulie: What else can I do for you?
Gordon: Hey, Blue Team! Storeroom, NOW! [leads Blue Team into pantry] Do you have any idea what the fuck is going on?! The Red Team have served all their entrées! It started off bad, appetisers were terrible! We're ten tables left! Got any answers?!
Johnny: [beat] We gotta pick it up and we gotta talk, chef.
Gordon: Yeah, FUCK OFF! Let me tell you what you're gonna do. Get out of here! Fuck off to the dorm, and come up with two nominees, and fuck off! Do you know why? Because the Red Team's going to finish your service!
Wendy: (interview) This sucks. This sucks so fucking bad.
Gordon: GET OUT!!

Gordon: Johnny's a burger chef from Philly. Unfortunately for him, the two words he'll never hear from me are "well done."

Episode Nine [16.09][edit]

Heidi: Two Loup De Mer and two lamb.
Matt: He said one lamb, though.
Heidi: You need to double-check if it's one lamb or two lamb.
Matt: Andrew, check that!
Andrew: I got your check, just give me one sec. I gotta get my creamed spinach up.
Matt: I—I don't really have a sec.
Andrew: Two Loup De Mer and two lamb is the next check!
Matt: I don't have another lamb.
Heidi: That's what I was trying to say.
Andrew: What is he saying? What do you need?
Heidi: He only has one lamb. He doesn't have two.
Gordon: Two Loup De Mer, two lamb, yes?!
Red Team: Yes, chef!
Andrew: Chef, one question.
Gordon: Go on. Hurry up, I'm busy!
Andrew: We're behind for the lamb on that next check. We're down a lamb.
Gordon: We're down a lamb?
Andrew: For that next check.
Gordon: [to Matt] Come here, you!
Matt: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Why are we down a lamb? 'Cause you're doing garnish. I want to know from the man cooking it.
Matt: It was just heard one lamb, and that's what I had.
Gordon: So you forgot it?
Matt: No, chef. I had one lamb sitting on top of there.
Gordon: The next table's two Loup De Mer, two lamb!
Matt: Heard, chef, and I'll have one out!
Gordon: So, look at me.
Matt: Yes, chef.
Gordon: You only got one portion of lamb?
Matt: Yes, chef.
Gordon: So did you forget it?!
Matt: No, chef, I did not! I just was told one lamb!
Gordon: Who called the tickets out?
Matt: [pause] You, chef.
Gordon: I called out two lamb.
Matt: Okay.
Gordon: Every time we open this kitchen, I asked you to put one lamb extra in front!
Matt: Which I have.
Gordon: You have? So you got it, then? Two lamb?
Matt: Chef, no. I have one lamb, is what I'm telling you.
Gordon: So that means you forgot the order!
Matt: No, chef, I did not forget the order!
Gordon: So let's cut to the shit! Look at me!
Matt: Eight minutes.
Gordon: Eight minutes? Look at me! I know it's easy for you, but it's not easy for me! Do you know why it's easy for you? 'Cause you don't fucking care!
Matt: I do care, chef.
Gordon: Okay, so if you forget, then man up and say, "Chef, I forgot!"
Matt: Alright, chef, I forgot!
Gordon: Thank you! Hey, are you pissed off?!
Matt: No, chef!
Gordon: You gonna show me some more attitude?!
Matt: No, chef!
Gordon: I'm fucking waiting!

Paulie: [brings lamb to the pass] Chef, two lamb. It's hot. [returns to station] Please, please, please, please, please.
[Gordon cuts into the lamb, which turns out to be raw]
Gordon: Blue Team! BLUE TEAM!
Devin: Yes, chef.
Gordon: I'm saying it once! How many filets of fish are we serving per portion?
Paulie: Two, chef.
Gordon: [to Koop] How come you're the only one that doesn't know? The lamb's still raw and there's half a fish missing.
Koop: I'll have another fish for you in four minutes, chef.
Gordon: LET'S GO, THEN!!
Blue Team: Yes, chef.

Devin: Two minutes out on the lamb. I'm walking with the lamb garnish, Paulie.
Gordon: Two lamb, one salmon, one sea bass!
Paulie: I need five minutes. I need five.
Gordon: Who should you be telling?
Paulie: I told Koop that I needed five.
Koop: He needed five, five minutes ago!
Paulie: I need five! I need five minutes in order to get it right. (interview) It is imperative for me to do everything perfect tonight. If I go up on that block one more time, I'm out.
Koop: [to Wendy] Get my salmon, get my sea bass garnish to the window, please!
Wendy: Yes!
Koop: Sea bass, salmon walking! Walking!
Gordon: Lamb?
Paulie: Two minutes out!
Gordon: Two minutes for this?! BLUE TEAM!!
Devin: Still two minutes on the lamb?
Paulie: Let me see, let me see. [runs to the back of the blue kitchen]
Gordon: What is going on?!
Paulie: [takes lamb out of oven] Alright, we'll sell it now. Let's see.
Gordon: The garnish is in the window!
Koop: (interview) My fucking fish is dying, Paulie.
Paulie: It's gonna come back. It's gonna come—It's gonna come right back! Thanks, guys, you just screwed me. You just sent me home, guys. You just sent me home because you screwed me on the time. I asked for two minutes.
Gordon: [cuts into lamb] Jesus Christ, almighty.
Paulie: I asked for two minutes, and you guys couldn't give me two minutes! I asked for two minutes! That's what I asked for! Two minutes!
Gordon: [returns to workstation] Shut the fuck up.
Paulie: I know, I know!
Gordon: Hey, Blue Team. BLUE TEAM!
Blue Team: Yes, chef.
Gordon: [to Paulie while touching raw lamb] That's not two minutes away, okay? FYI. It's non-stop. Hey, hey, hey. [hands lamb tray to Devin] Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. [points at every member of the Blue Team] Out, out, out, out, and out. Because you think I'm gonna serve that shit, you eat it! Now, all of you, fuck off!
Devin: Yes, chef. (interview) Back to the dorms to nominate somebody once again on the Blue Team!
Gordon: [stops Blue Team in the hallway] Hey, are you serious?! The entire team have given up! And for the last thirty minutes! There's no team effort, there's no fight back, there's no passion! Halfway through, we switched off! [to Paulie] And you've been trying all night?
Paulie: I have been trying all night, chef. I have not given up.
Gordon: Right, so what do you want?
Paulie: I wanna stay here!
Gordon: Yeah, well, do you know what I want you to do?! [points at raw lamb] Eat that shit! Then come back down here and tell me how FUCKING GOOD IT WAS! BON APPÉTIT!

[When the Blue Team return to the dorms, Koop angrily throws his bottle in the floor]
Koop: MOTHERFUCKER! WHY THE FUCK CAN'T WE FUCKING DO THIS?! [throws chair] SHIT!! [sits down near bench press while the rest of his teammates sit at the table]
Wendy: (interview) Koop, settle down! You're breaking the fucking chairs, grow the fuck up! Why don't you check yourself and realize that you and Paulie both deserve to go up?
Shaina: Where did we get lost? At communication?
Koop: The six-top.
Paulie: Koop, you were not communicating! I asked him for more time, and he put up the fucking sea bass!
Shaina: But it's all—It's a collective thing.
Paulie: Sure, but I'm―
Shaina: I should've kept talking.
Paulie: I'm talking, I'm talking, I'm talking, and he's (Koop) pushing shit up! Why were you putting up those two sea bass?!
Koop: How many fucking times did you call five minutes?!
Paulie: Koop, you fucked up all day today.
Paulie: You're going up there no matter what.
Koop: SO THE FUCK ARE YOU! You think that [points at Devin, Shaina, and Wendy] these three aren't gonna put us both the fuck up?! (interview) Paulie fucked us royal. [to Paulie] WE LOOKED LIKE FUCKING IDIOTS!
Paulie: You're full of shit, man. Then you come back here breaking shit. I don't understand what the fuck that's about.
Koop: (interview) Paulie, you're lucky that was just a chair and not your fucking face off of the fireplace, you little piece of shit!
Paulie: I'm not a stupid man, Koop. You had an agenda, and you're letting people fail. You got what you wanted now, Koop. (interview) Koop is a piece of shit. I swear to God, I'm—I'm starting to see his game. He's trying to get rid of his competition. I don't trust this kid. He's just very slimey.
Koop: Well, think whatever the fuck you want. That's fine.
Paulie: If I'm asking for more time, and you're putting shit up, why are you doing that?! So you can look good! You fucked me! You know you did!
Koop: You fucked us all, motherfucker!
Paulie: Get the fuck out!
Koop: You fucked us all because you don't know how long it takes to cook lamb! You wanna keep pushing this bullshit on me?!
Paulie: Yep!

Gordon: Like many chefs, Koop can talk the talk. But after witnessing his cooking, I told him to walk the walk.

Episode Ten [16.10][edit]

Episode Eleven [16.11][edit]

[The Blue Team once again argue over who to nominate for elimination]
Devin: Wendy's definitely one of my choices. And I hate to say it, but I hate being frantic, and Paulie, you made me frantic. You did, man!
Paulie: Are you kidding me?
Devin: You did, 'cause as soon as we started you're like, "Devin, as soon as risotto's done, I want to sear salmon." And I'm thinking, "Where are my scallops?"
[Paulie abruptly gets up and leaves the patio]
Devin: Paulie, you gotta vote!
Wendy: Paulie, come back so you can have your vote.
Paulie: Go fuck yourselves.
[Paulie is seen walking down the back hallway, and then suddenly running back to the dorms]
Paulie: And I wanna say something, too. Devin, you need to change your vote, because that's bullshit. She (Ryan) needs to go up there. It's about a team. She was working by herself, Devin. All you did was cook your steak. Why didn't you sear?
Ryan: I was searing salmon.
Paulie: You didn't sear one! You didn't touch one of them!
Devin: She did, man! I swear to you she was over there.
Paulie: Whatever. [leaves patio and walks down the hallway again]
Devin: She wasn't over there the entire time, but she was over there.
Paulie: You're—you're crazy. You're all crazy. (interview) There's no way on God's green creation I should be up there. But they're like, "Oh, you made us frantic." What?! The only reason why Ryan wants me gone is because she's scared of me. [runs back to dorms; to his teammates] The only reason why you guys would vote for me is because you know I'm stronger. That's bullshit.
Ryan: Why would I wanna get rid of you? You're a solid cook, alright? But that... You're frantic.
Paulie: So, who are you putting up?
Ryan: I would go with you, Paulie. Yeah.
Paulie: And who else?
Ryan: I—I'd have to think about that one.
Paulie: And who else? Put up one more person.
Ryan: I just fucking said! Are you deaf, too?! This is how you act in the kitchen, too, and it's contagious! I don't wanna work with that.
Paulie: Shut the fuck up!
Devin: You can't—
Paulie: [to Ryan] You're so weak. You hide behind everybody else. You've never taken—
Ryan: No. Who am I—
Paulie: Yes, you do!
Ryan: Who am I hiding behind? You fucking took the whole kitchen over about salmon.
Paulie: So, I helped everyone, but I'm going up?!
Ryan: It's your energy in the kitchen, Paulie.
Paulie: Stop it.
Ryan: I can say whatever the fuck I want.
Paulie: Stop it! Your energy, you're—you're like, "Oh, I'm going to be the savior over here."
Ryan: No.
Paulie: But you're not. All you're worried about is yourself.
Ryan: That's not true!
Paulie: You are lying.
Ryan: You know what, send yourself home, man.
Paulie: Fuck this shit. [gets up and leaves yet again] This is bullshit. I'm done.
Devin: Screw you, too.
Paulie: Done!

Gordon: First, Wendy told me her capers took a walk. Then, it was the potatoes. But after watching her lack of consistency and confidence, I knew it was her turn to take a walk.

Episode Twelve [16.12][edit]

Episode Thirteen [16.13][edit]

Episode Fourteen [16.14][edit]

[Paulie is taking his turn as sous chef while the regular sous chefs are at the chef's table]

Paulie: Alright I need two strip, one salmon, one wellington.
Gordon: No, no, no, no.
Paulie: Excuse me - two salmon, one… New York strip, one sea bass, one wellington.
Gordon: One lamb.
Paulie: Ooooone lamb. And I need two, and I need TWO….. tw- ONE lamb…
Aaron Mitrano: [cringing] Jesus.
Paulie: Two salmon, one strip, one sea bass, one wellington.
Heidi: This is after that order?
Paulie: This is after I need those two strip, salmon, the vegetarian, those two…
Gordon: Two salmon, one New York strip, one lamb, one wellington, one sea bass.
Kimberly: Yes, chef.
Gordon: That is it.

Episode Fifteen [16.15][edit]

Episode Sixteen [16.16][edit]