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Hell's Kitchen is an American cooking reality show based on the British program of the same title, where Chef Gordon Ramsay puts aspiring chefs through different challenges and dinner services to decide who is the best.

Episode One [17.01][edit]

[Only two contestants are yet to show up in the dorms]
Milly: Who we got?
Michelle: Hi.
Jennifer: [quietly as soon as she sees...] Oh, shit.
Nick: Hey, there she is!
Jared: [to Ashley] Who the fuck is that?
Ashley: Elise!
Jared: Oh.
Manda: Who?
Ashley: The most hated Hell’s Kitchen contestant of all time.
Jennifer: (interview) This is the last person on Earth that I wanted to see today. The last.
Elise: [to Robyn, who hugs her] You looking good, girl.
Robyn: Thank you!
Elise: Hey, everybody!
Milly: [shakes Elise’s hand] How you doing?
Elise: Good, how are you? (interview) There’s not a day that goes past that I don’t think about the fact that I did not win. This time around, I’m gonna do whatever it takes to win. [introduces herself to Ben and Giovanni]
Robyn: Let me see those guns! [Elise flexes her toned biceps] Fuck, girl.
Nick: Damn, girl! [Van touches Elise’s arm] God, she’s in shape.
Elise: (interview) I’m still the same Elise who really doesn’t care what people think. [smiles] It’s okay, you can hate me.

Michelle: There’s one more, I think.
Nick: Probably.
Michelle: I don’t want to see Josh.
Nick: I said the same exact thing! [Michelle laughs] Yeah, he’s cute, but he’s a tool.
[The door opens a final time, and sure enough...]
Josh: [walks into the dorms] Whoa, alright!
Nick: [smiles] Ohhh, motherfucker. (interview) Of course, the last person that just arrived is Josh. I’m gonna make the best of it and kick his ass again, so... Bye, Felicia.
[Nick quickly sits down to avoid being seen by Josh, who is talking to Milly; Unfortunately for him, Josh notices him anyway]
Josh: Nick! How’ve you been?!
Nick: [deadpan] Amazing.
Josh: Get over here! [laughs]
Nick: [reluctantly hugs Josh] Hey, don’t be shy.
Josh: Glad you’re here, buddy. (interview) It’s Josh and I’m back, baby! You can’t have a Hell’s Kitchen All-Stars without me!

Gordon: Van, quick question. What do you have against maître d’s?
[Flashback to the infamous fight between Van and Jean-Philippe in Season 6]
Van: [laughs] Where is Whistle Britches at?
Gordon: [referring to Marino] I got an Italian one.
Van: Oh, you got an Italian?
Gordon: Don’t hit him!
Van: Alright, I’m gonna be good.

Episode Two [17.02][edit]

Gordon: Blue Team, entrée: One salmon, two beef wellington, one New York strip!
Milly: Heard!
Benjamin: Oui, chef!
Ben: Guys, salmon just went down. I need at least five on the salmon. (interview) I’m on the fish station tonight. All I’m thinking is just giving everything I got.
Nick: [to Ben] Two minutes for garnish to go to the window, guys. We do that, and we’ll go in three. [Ben doesn’t respond and continues cooking] Ben!
Ben: I'm sorry, I—I clocked out for a minute.
Jared: Yes. The answer is yes.
Nick: Heard.
Ben: That’s for me?
Jared: Yes.
Ben: Alright, I’m good.
Jared: (interview) For me, it’s a little weird sharing the fish station with Ben. Ben’s also not feeling well, so... I’m a little nervous, but I got his back. I’ll do whatever he needs.
Gordon: How long for the salmon?!
Ben: [to Jared] Salmon’s ready. Go.
Jared: [walking to the pass] Salmon coming in on your right, chef.
[Gordon quickly looks at the salmon before walking back to the workstation]
Gordon: Ben and Jared, come here!
Giovanni: (interview) Oooh, what’s gonna happen?
Jared: Yes, chef.
Gordon: The salmon, it’s ice-cold! It’s not even fucking pink, it’s just ice-cold! HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN?! It’s just ice [slams his fist on the salmon] FUCKING COLD! [pause] WHO COOKED THAT SALMON?!
Ben: I did, chef!
Gordon: How thick is that salmon?! Pretty thick, yeah. So, what does that tell you?!
Ben: I need to flip it three more times, chef. Heard. (interview) I screwed up. I think I just told Jared to go to the window with it, you know. You just recover from that. You come right back with another salmon that’s… [chef’s kiss] perfect.

[Elise brings her New York strip re-fire to the pass]
Gordon: Here we go again. [slices into the meat; sighs] Ladies!
Red Team: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Over here! This is what I call a disaster! Look at that. Overcooked! [Elise shakes her head] Take these to those tables and apologize! NOW!!
[The whole Red Team leave the kitchen with Marino and walk into the dining room]
Elise: (interview) I honestly wish the floor would open up and just swallow me up. That’s how embarrassing it is to have to go into the dining room and explain to people why they're not eating because I can’t cook a fucking steak. [to red diners] It’s my fault. I’m sorry. I apologize that you’re waiting so long and we’re gonna really try to make it up to you.
Red Diner: Girls, you can do it!
Robyn: Thank you! [to her teammates] Come on, COME ON! WE GOT THIS! (interview) Red Team better rally. If not, this ship is sinking fast.
[Gordon stops the ladies before they return to their stations]
Gordon: Hey, STOP! I am not gonna let this continue! [calls out to Giovanni in the blue kitchen] GIO! COME HERE!! Can you go up to the meat, please, and cook New York strips?
Giovanni: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Gio, I need six all day!
Giovanni: Yes, chef! [to Elise, who starts tearing up] Don't cry.
Christina: Slice them!
Giovanni: Don’t cry, come back.
Barbie: Come on. We can bounce back. Look at me! It’s your—Look at me!
Elise: I got it!
Barbie: Okay?! It’s your station! He’s (Giovanni) here to help, you tell him how you need him to help! Take control of your station, okay, girl?
Ashley: Hey, we’re gonna get this together. Come on. (interview) I don’t feel bad for Elise. I made mistakes and I didn’t cry. Suck it up and move on.
Elise: [to Giovanni] I just need you to tell me when it’s done.
Giovanni: Yeah, I got you. [sees Elise flip several steaks that are still raw on one side] Still needs more time. No. No, no... [takes a deep breath] Stop flipping them! Leave them on the side, get a sear! You’re gonna get both of us in trouble, man! Stop flipping it! Just leave it!

Manda: [to Gordon] Chef, walking salmon, walking pork!
Gordon: [separates salmon with a knife] Holy shit! [returns to workstation] Who cooked the salmon?
Manda: Chef, I did.
Gordon: It's raw! How does that happen?!
Manda: I'm not sure, chef.
Gordon: [throws salmon on the floor] You’re not sure?!
Manda: I fucked up!
Barbie: (interview) Oh my God, Amanda. Salmon is the most ordered piece of fish in the world.
Gordon: How long for the re-fire? Manda!
Manda: Right now, chef.
Ashley: That skin looks burnt. He is not gonna be happy.
Manda: I’m getting fucking PISSED! (interview) If you just give me a few minutes and back up off of me, I can get this done.
Gordon: Where is the salmon?!
Manda: I'm working on it, chef!
Gordon: That’s raw! Where’s the salmon?!
Ashley: It’s burnt, chef, on the bottom.
Gordon: Burnt?!
Ashley: Yes.
Manda: Yes! The skin was burnt!
Gordon: Bring it here!
Robyn: [brings Manda's pan to Gordon] Hot.
Gordon: Shit! [to Red Team] Come here. Hey!
Jordin Sparks: Oh, no. Oh, no!
Gordon: [puts burnt piece of salmon on plate] Look at where we are. ALL-STARS?! Let’s get one thing right: NO STARS! All of you, GET OUT!
Robyn: Fuck!
[The Red Team walks back to the dorms]
Gordon: [throws burnt salmon away] It’s like fucking jerky! [to Jordin Sparks] Jordin, I am so sorry!
Jordin Sparks: It’s alright.

[During elimination, Elise and Manda are nominated by the Red Team]
Gordon: Elise, tell me why you think you should stay in Hell’s Kitchen.
Elise: I’m not the weakest member of the Red Team. Meat is usually my strength. I’m not gonna sit here and make excuses and say who didn’t help me or who I was helping. I’m gonna say that if I’m given the opportunity, that I will do better.
Gordon: I had to get Giovanni from the Blue Team to come over and coach you on how to cook.
Elise: And that’s the most embarrassing part, chef.
Gordon: Jennifer.
Jennifer: Yes, chef.
Gordon: If you were to send one individual home, who would it be?
Jennifer: Elise is a better chef, I would send home Amanda.
Gordon: Barbie.
Barbie: Chef, I would send home Manda.
Gordon: Dana.
Dana: I'm gonna say Elise.
Gordon: Ashley.
Ashley: Amanda.
Gordon: Michelle.
Michelle: Amanda.
Gordon: Robyn.
Robyn: Based on tonight’s performance... Elise.
Elise: [rolls her eyes] It’s 'cause I’m a threat to her. That’s why.
Gordon: [sighs] This is hard. We’ve raised the bar, you guys are the best of the best. I brought you back for a reason. Hell's Kitchen is not a sprint. It’s a marathon. I need a chef that is durable, who’s a fighter, who can bounce back from anything. [pause] My decision is... Ben. Get up here. [to Elise and Manda] You two, back in line!
Dana: Ben? Oh, my God.
Gordon: [to Ben] Young man, I haven’t taken my eyes off you since you arrived in Hell’s Kitchen. And I don’t think you can go the distance. Give me your jacket. [Ben hands his jacket to Gordon and waves to both teams]
Red Team: Bye, Ben.
Gordon: [shakes Ben’s hand] Thank you.
Ben: I'm sorry.
Giovanni: See you later, Ben.
Ben: Bye, guys. Good luck. (interview) I knew it was gonna be difficult. It’s an all-star season, you got a lot of really hungry chefs, and clearly I’m not quite as active as maybe I was ten years ago. But I gave it everything I had, so no regrets whatsoever. I'm—I think Chef Ramsay made the right decision.

Gordon: Big Ben? More like big liability. He clearly wasn't going to be able to keep up, so I had to let him down.

[After both teams return to the dorms, Robyn confronts Elise]
Robyn: Listen to me, bitch. One on one, no bullshit.
Elise: Why?
Robyn: I just wanna talk to you one on one, because when you and me were teamed up together, I felt like it wasn’t a team, you and I.
Elise: You felt like it wasn’t a team at first, but I had four proteins...
Barbie: Alright, you guys.
Elise: ...and all you had to do was time wellington.
Barbie: Why don’t you guys go into a room and—
Robyn: [to Elise] You know what?! Don’t even work it out with me!
Elise: YOU'RE MAD! I asked you a question!
Robyn: Jennifer cooked your three fucking lambs and every strip came back!
Nick: You guys. Oh, God.
Robyn: [to Elise] Don’t tell me that, please! Don’t even get me on that level!
Elise: Oh, please!
Robyn: Because when I was asking you, you were like, "I'm the boss! I'm Elise, I'm the boss!" I wasn’t against you! I was trying to help you today...
Elise: Nobody said you was against me! I made a statement!
Robyn: ...and trying to make us work as a team!
Elise: Why are so offended about my statement?!

Episode Three [17.03][edit]

Robyn: [to Elise] You were like, "I’m the boss! I’m Elise, I’m the boss!" I wasn’t against you! I was trying to help you today!
Elise: Nobody said you was against me! I made a statement! Why are you so offended about my statement?!
Manda: (interview) Crazy and crazier... at each other.
Elise: [to Robyn] I'm more motivated than ever. I'm the Bounce Back Queen.
Robyn: I'm glad this motivates you! I'm glad, but we're a team! [Jennifer watches in disgust]
Elise: Why are you so offended?! You're mad!
Robyn: Do you know why I'm getting mad?! Because I know you talk shit behind my back saying I only had two fucking things to cook, and you only had—
Elise: No! Oh, oh—
Robyn: I'm sorry that I couldn't cook your strips, 'cause that's all you cooked today.
Elise: Are we going there?!
Robyn: No, you're going there!
Elise: Okay, good! [claps sarcastically] You had a good dinner service! Way to bounce back after two shitty challenges!
Robyn: Thank you! That's right, [pretends to throw a punch] 'cause I'm the Bounce Back Queen!
Elise: I've been nothing but a team player since I stepped foot in these doors!
Robyn: You said that to my face and all I did was time wellingtons! Are you kidding me?!
Elise: I did have all the other proteins assigned to me besides wellingtons.
Robyn: Elise, you are a bitch.
Elise: Oh! Oh, hold up! Excuse me?! Don't call me a bitch again.
Van: (interview) I don't know why the girls just can’t get along. They're ratchets! Ratchet girls!
Elise: You had wellingtons and I had everything else assigned to me.
Robyn: That's fine.
Elise: OKAY!!
Robyn: Go do you! [Manda laughs hysterically]
Elise: I'M JUST SAYING! I can't—
Robyn: Go do you!
Elise: Why are you so offended about my statement?! My motivation is offensive to you?!
Robyn: I was trying to help you today, but you had an attitude about it!
Dana: WHERE'S THE ALCOHOL?! (interview) They're going in circles and circles, and nobody is getting anywhere. Like, SHUT UP!

[Gordon sees Ashley drinking water during service after calling entrées]
Gordon: Earth to Ashley! What are you doing now?! Barbie!
Barbie: Yes, chef.
Gordon: WHAT IS ASHLEY DOING?! She’s looking at her watch!
Ashley: No, I'm sorry, chef.
Gordon: Oh! Hey, come here! Come here! Hey, you got an appointment now?!
Ashley: No, chef, I do not.
Gordon: Hey, hello! [to Marino] Hey, take her to the nail salon! Open the door!
Ashley: No.
Gordon: Take her to the bar, get her nails done.
Ashley: No!
Gordon: She’s a little bit late for the date! Fuck off!
Ashley: (interview) This is complete and utter bullshit!
Marino: [leads Ashley to the bar] Shake it off.
Ashley: Can I go back now, please?
Marino: No.

Robyn: Beurre Blanc! Excuse me! [Gordon walks to the workstation just as Robyn arrives at the pass] Oh, fuck!
Dana: [sighs] He's coming back.
[Gordon walks into the blue kitchen, where the men are cleaning up and preparing desserts]
Gordon: Blue Team!
Jared: Yes, chef.
Benjamin: Oui, chef.
Gordon: Blue Team, get over here!
Jared: Guys, come on.
Josh: Come on, guys!
Jared: Gio, Nick, you stay.
Manda: (interview) Fuck, this is not good.
Gordon: Hey, who cooked the lobster wellingtons?
Ashley: Me, chef.
Gordon: It is so overcooked, it's got fucking holes in there!
Ashley: (interview, facepalms) Ugh, this is horrible.
Gordon: And then, look. Ice-cold halibut in the centre again. [throws halibut on workstation] GET THE FUCK OUT! Blue Team, take over!
Benjamin: Oui, chef!
Michelle: Again! [to Dana] What happened?! (interview) The fact that we couldn’t finish two dinner services in a row is just terrible. It seems like we’re almost taking a step back at this point.
[The Red Team runs into Gordon on their way out]
Gordon: It is worse than last night! I asked you for passion, I asked for dedication, I asked you to get in the game! And you can’t even switch it on! Do me a favour: Get upstairs and come back with two names! Now fuck off, will you?! Disgusting!

[During elimination, the Red Team is up for the second time in a row]
Gordon: Ladies. Two dinner services and two challenges, you are zero for four. Oh, hold on a minute. You did actually win a cup stacking challenge. Big fucking deal. [to Blue Team] Give them a round of applause.
[The Blue Team jokingly clap for the Red Team]

Gordon: Ashley spent more time staring at her watch than paying attention to her station. And so, her time here on Hell's Kitchen is done.

Episode Four [17.04][edit]

[During prep in the blue kitchen]
Milly: What is your job title, Josh?
Josh: So I’m a personal chef to celebrities and I have my own catering company. I’m on my feet three hours a day.
[Nick, Jared and Milly stop what they’re doing and stare at Josh in bewilderment]
Van: Three hours, bro?
Josh: Three hours a day, I’m on my feet.
Van: I’m on my feet sixteen! [laughs; Josh just shrugs]
Jared: Josh, you make me wanna fucking slit my own wrists.
Josh: Yeah?
Jared: And that’s a good day.
Josh: One down, six to go! [laughs]
Van: (interview) I can’t respect that. I’d give my life to this business. I give my blood, sweat, and tears every day. [to his teammates while pointing at a pot at the pass] Who put this here?
Jared: Josh.
Van: It’s too small!

Gordon: [to Josh] Risotto, how long?!
Josh: I have three, uh... [looks at watch] five and a half minutes, chef!
Gordon: Fuck me. [points at forehead] You can’t think in there?! You’re like this! Fucking hell! Come on, up there! Let’s go!
Milly: (interview) It’s no reason that you look at your fucking stopwatch so you can time risotto! Like, that’s stupid!
Gordon: [to Josh] Risotto, how long?
Josh: Yes, chef... [looks at watch again]
Gordon: Can you just count?! [imitates Josh looking at his watch] You’re looking at that like, “Oh, fuck.” Look at your fucking dish, you dick!
Josh: Yes, chef.
Gordon: That’s gonna tell you how long! GIVE ME THE FUCKING WATCH!
Josh: Yes, chef, I’ll take it off. [hands Gordon his watch]
Gordon: Fuck’s sake! [throws watch into the oven] Piece of SHIT!
Josh: Fuck.
Milly: (interview) Yes! Chef Ramsay threw that motherfucker in the pizza oven, and you know, we had a new special for tonight.
[Marino pulls the watch, which has melted, out of the oven with a spoon]

Josh: Garnish for two risotto, chef.
Gordon: This guy can’t fucking count. [tastes risotto] Fucking extraordinary. What the fuck?!
[Gordon finds out Josh over-portioned the risotto again as he pours rice into a third plate]
Josh: Fuck. Not again! [walks to the pass] I’m here, chef.
Gordon: Hey, Blue Team!
Nick: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Come here! Two risotto, seventeen minutes on order! Two, four—this time I get five. [to Josh] What are you doing?! How screwed up is this?! Hey, hey! [gives plate of risotto to Josh] Sit down with Paige (VanZant)! Sit down with Paige, you’ve made enough! Go on!
[Josh sits down at the chef’s table in the blue kitchen with Paige VanZant and her guests]
Josh: This is what humiliation looks like.
Paige VanZant: Aw, what’d you do wrong?
Josh: I couldn’t— [Gordon brings out the extra plates of risotto Josh made]
Gordon: Sorry, I don’t like waste, Paige. [to Josh] Hurry up, you! Hurry up!
Paige VanZant: All of it?!
Josh: Yeah, I guess so. At least it’s delicious. [Paige giggles]
Van: (interview) Come on, man! That ain’t no punishment!
Josh: [to Paige] You’re awesome by the way.
Paige VanZant: Thank you.
Josh: Really!
Paige VanZant: Thanks!
Van: (interview) He’s over there just like... [kissing noises]
[Josh continues to flirt with Paige while she spoon feeds him risotto]
Paige VanZant: [laughing] Is it good?
Josh: It’s amazing. Best day of my life.
Gordon: [to Josh] Move your arse!
Josh: Yes, chef. [gets up from the table]
Paige VanZant: Have fun!
Josh: Thank you. [runs back to the blue kitchen]
Paige VanZant: Aw, poor guy!
Josh: Van, can you put some of that stock in the pot, please?
Van: Where, here?
Josh: No! No, don’t —[accidentally hits the ladle with the spatula, causing Van to spill the stock all over the stove]
Van: What the fuck are you doing, bro?!
Josh: Here!
Nick: Hey, hey, hey!
Van: (interview) I’m going over to help you, and you’re acting like a little BITCH right now, Josh!

Benjamin: Wellies to the window, chef!
[Gordon touches the wellingtons, sees that all of them are stone-cold and raw, then silently walks back to the workstation]
Gordon: [long pause] COME HERE!
Paige VanZant: Here it goes.
[The Blue Team follows Gordon into the pantry]
Benjamin: (interview) Oh, shit.
Gordon: CLOSE THE DOOR! [Josh and Benjamin quickly shut the door] I’M DONE! YOU’RE NOT FUCKING ROOKIES ANYMORE!!
Blue Team: Yes, chef.
Gordon: GET OUT!!
Jared: (interview) Fucking dinner service. Oh, my God. What a mess tonight. What a fucking mess.

[After getting kicked out, the Blue Team argues over who to nominate]
Josh: Listen, I will say this... the raw pork and the raw wellington is kind of what got us kicked out.
Benjamin: Wait, wait! Whoa! I think everything got us kicked out, realistically.
Josh: Gio, you burned pork, too.
Giovanni: Yeah, one pork!
Josh: You served it knowing it was burnt!
Giovanni: [shakes his head] NOOO! You got me twisted, man! I’m fucking staying right here where I belong! How many risottos did you mess up?! All of them!
Josh: I didn’t mess any risotto up.
Giovanni: ALL OF THEM! You gave him thirty risottos, he ordered six!
Josh: I gave him too many. I didn’t mess any of them up. [Nick laughs and shakes his head]
Nick: (interview) I think Josh is delusional. He was slowing down service all night.
Milly: You had, like, eleven extra risottos.
Josh: So you’re saying that eleven extra risottos is worse than not knowing how to cook meat?
Jared: Yes!
Josh: (interview) If you can’t cook meat, you shouldn’t be here. I get it. I cooked too many risottos, but listen, I didn’t do anything to get you guys kicked out. Benjamin should be up there, Gio should be up there, and Jared should be up there.
Jared: [to Josh] You’re a fucking mess in the kitchen!
Josh: I'm a mess in the kitchen?
Jared: At least I can fucking focus on my station and not, "Uh, uh, uh!"
Josh: I was fine! Your duck should have been perfect if you're gonna take my station, too, right?!
Benjamin: Hey, Josh.
Josh: I'm talking to Jared right now. If you wanna get involved, you're the reason that we got kicked out of the kitchen.
Benjamin: Done! I did that, I did it!
Josh: You guys are the best chefs, and he (Giovanni) burns pork, you (Jared) serve raw duck, and you (Benjamin) serve raw wellingtons? You guys are the best chefs?! You’ve been doing this every day?! Good luck!
Milly: We've taught you every nuance...
Josh: And I’m working on it!
Milly: ...on the fucking menu! Fuck you talking about?!
Josh: Will you sit down?!
Nick: Josh, no!
Milly: NO! We’ve taught you everything!
Josh: Sit down!
Josh: Then tell me more, Milly!
Milly: "I’m a private chef! I got a catering company!"
Josh: Yeah, bro!
Josh: You wanna sit down and tell me?!
Milly: Y'all wanna hear it again?! You can’t burn! Get on the line and burn it the fuck down!
Josh: Oh, yeah?!
Milly: (interview) You can’t say that shit to me. I ain’t let none of that shit fly, bro! Talk about how you can’t cook! Get OUT! Like, just get the fuck outta the kitchen, bro! It’s the same shit that you did in Season 14! [to Josh] I'mma keep crushing you, bro! You got me fucked up! (interview) You ain’t doing nothing, man. Put a suit on, take that chef’s jacket off!

[During elimination, Josh and Giovanni are nominated by the Blue Team]
Gordon: Josh, tell me why you should stay in Hell’s Kitchen.
Josh: Chef, I have a lot of passion and love for what I’m doing here, and I really want to be here. I deserve to be here, chef. [Nick and Milly shake their heads] And I will give you the very best each and every moment that I’m kept here, chef.
Gordon: [sees Benjamin raise his hand] Yes, Benjamin?
Benjamin: Chef, throughout the whole day, we’ve been watching over Josh, and he’s been the weakest link all day.
Josh: I disagree.
Gordon: All those who believe that they are carrying Josh on the Blue Team, raise their hands.
[Everyone on the Blue Team, minus Josh, raise their hands]
Gordon: What?! [Josh shakes his head] My decision is... Josh, give me your jacket.
Josh: Yes, chef.
Gordon: When a team gives up on you, there is no place to go. Josh...
Josh: Yes, chef.
Gordon: You’re going to the Red Team.
Dana & Barbie: What?!
Elise: NO!
Gordon: Robyn, get up and give Josh a seat.
Dana & Elise: [facepalm] Oh, my God.
Gordon: Gio, back in line! Robyn, get in the Blue Team!
Manda: [to Robyn] I’ll miss you.
Barbie: Oh, God.
Elise: No!
[Josh sits down with the Red Team while Robyn joins the men]
Gordon: Listen and listen carefully.
Manda: [sighs] Fuck.
Gordon: Josh and Robyn, I haven’t seen you at your best. And I am willing to give you one more chance.
Robyn: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Both of you need to perform at the level that you showed me when you were here last. Is that clear?
Robyn & Josh: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Now, get out of here!

Episode Five [17.05][edit]

[The Red Team head to the dorms before leaving for their punishment]
Manda: [to Josh] You went and dumped cold coals on a hot fire.
Josh: We needed fire and there wasn’t any, so coals create fire.
Elise: Not cold coals.
Josh: [to Elise] Listen, why do you bully everyone? You’re just a bully.
Elise: I'm not a bully!
Josh: Of course you are! Look at you! Sit down!
Elise: I'm not a bully and nobody on this team would agree with you in saying that I'm a bully.
Dana: I’m not going there.
Elise: (interview) Men that are soft like Josh tend to think that strong women like myself are bullies, but that has nothing to do with me being a bully. It has everything to do with me telling you we not gonna put up with this shit! [to Josh] Okay, this is how the Red Team works!
Josh: Oh, that’s not how life works!
Elise: We point out what went wrong and we discuss it so that we don’t make the same mistake over and over...
Josh: And you’re not a bully?
Elise: ...and we avoid that!
Josh: Sit down!
Elise: That’s not a bully!
Josh: Did you get your dose of HGH today? Would you just take a seat, please?!
Barbie: What?!
Elise: HGH?
Josh: Yeah, just take a seat and relax a minute!
Jennifer: Oh, fuck.
Josh: (interview) Elise is all about taking the blame and pushing it on others. Elise is a master manipulator, but you know what? I see right through it! [to Elise] Say something once and we'll move on. Know that I heard you all, and cut the shit.
Jennifer: Yikes.
Elise: Cut the shit?
Josh: Are we done? Are we over it?

Gordon: Okay, Blue Team! First order, you’re out the gate! Let's go. On order, four covers, Table 22: Two carbonara, two scallops!
Blue Team: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Let's go!
Benjamin: Scallops down, three minutes out.
Gordon: [looks at Benjamin’s pan] Less oil in the pan to the scallop. It’s a non-stick. What does that mean?
Benjamin: Doesn't stick, chef.
Gordon: You don’t need to fucking fry them!
Benjamin: Oui, chef.
Gordon: Focus!
Benjamin: Oui, chef.
[Milly and Nick look up in surprise]
Nick: (interview) Last time I checked, we are not in fucking France. So, stop saying, “oui.” Just say, “yes.”
Jared: [brings carbonara to the pass] Right side, chef.
Gordon: Beautifully cooked. Benjamin, hurry up!
Benjamin: Oui, chef!
Gordon: [walks to Benjamin’s station] Come on, where’s your tray? One's broken. One more scallop, please.
Benjamin: Oui, chef.
Nick: (interview) I don’t know how to say, "No, girl," in French, but... [shakes head] No, girl.
Gordon: Benjamin, we will succeed.
Benjamin: Oui, chef!

Gordon: Where the fuck is Josh?
Josh: [coming from the hallway outside the kitchen] Right here, chef.
Gordon: COME ON! I'm embarrassed you walk around so slowly! Hey!
Josh: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Have you switched off?!
Josh: No, chef, I’m not! [gets fries out of fryer] These are done. [to Christina] How many Cecil’s (platters), chef?
Christina: Two. Just two.
Michelle: [to Josh] Okay, I can help you now.
Josh: Just serve the fish and chips, please!
Michelle: [checks cod for fish and chips] Yes. Josh, you gotta re-fire these. They’re too dark.
Jennifer: (interview) Ay-yay-yay.
Josh: [to Manda] Is that too dark?
Manda: I think so! (interview) At this stage, if you can’t fry something, um... you need to get a job at, like... [pause] a law office...
Josh: Jeez, Louise.
Manda: (interview, pause) ...as, like, a receptionist.

Gordon: Where’s the garnish for the wellington?!
Manda: Chef, right now!
Gordon: [to Josh] What's in your hand there? Come here! Come here! All of you, come here! Hold that in your hand!
[Josh is shown to be holding several cloves of garlic; Gordon throws his spoon across the kitchen]
Gordon: THE WELLINGTON'S IN THE WINDOW! Where's the garnish?!
Josh: It's in my hand, chef.
Gordon: In your hand? Ice-cold?!
Josh: I'm doing my best, chef.
Gordon: Your best is not good enough! Say good-bye, GET OUT!
[The ladies smile and sigh with relief as Josh walks out]
Josh: (interview, sighs) I'm sorry, chef. I didn’t mean to let you down, but my team is toxic right now and they don’t want me there. And it hurts. It really hurts my feelings, you know? I felt like an outcast in my life before, but never more than I do now.

[After some time has passed, Josh is still sitting in the dorms]
Josh: (interview) I'm sitting here and I'm thinking, "I gave up my life to be here." I'm not gonna go down without a fight. I'm gonna go back! I have to go back! I gotta tell Chef Ramsay that I'm not done. I'm gonna do whatever it takes to come back.
[Josh makes his way back to the red kitchen]
Josh: [to himself] You got to be batshit crazy. (interview) If I have to go down, I'm going down swinging. [to Gordon] Chef, I need to be here. I need to be here.
Dana: (interview) Wait, what?! [stammers] Um... what are you doing here?
Gordon: [to Red Team] Two halibut fired, yes?! Followed by two lobster well— [sees Josh standing in front of him] What are you doing here?!
Josh: I need to be here, chef.
Gordon: What are you doing here?! [finishes calling out order] Followed by two lobster wellington, two New York strip, two beef wellington, yes?!
Red Team: Yes, chef!
Gordon: [points at Josh] WHAT IS HE DOING HERE?!
Michelle: I don’t know, chef.
Dana: I don’t know! Josh, get out! We can't deal with you right now!
Gordon: Let’s go with the halibut! [to Josh] In the back room, you! Fucking hell! [takes Josh into the pantry] What are you doing?!
Josh: My body told me to come back, chef. I believe in myself. I need to be here, chef.
Gordon: Young man.
Josh: Yes, chef.
Gordon: I put my balls on the line for you, big time.
Josh: I know you did, chef.
Gordon: Third ticket tonight, protein in the window, ice-cold garnish in your hand.
Josh: Yes, chef.
Gordon: What more can I personally do? Big heart, talented guy, but you are not ready to become my head chef in Vegas! That is it! Over! Give me your jacket now!
Josh: [takes off red jacket] Yes, chef.
Gordon: Let's go! I'm in the middle of service, Josh!
Josh: Sorry, chef. I didn’t mean to interrupt your time.
Gordon: I wish you well! Front door! Front door, good night!
[Gordon throws Josh's jacket down the hall and follows Josh out to the dining room]
Josh: (interview) You don't ever want to let Chef Ramsay down, but he knows I'm resilient. He knows I'm a fighter, he knows I have a big heart, and I gave it my all. Although it didn't work out, I know that Chef Ramsay still appreciates me. I wouldn't be surprised if he called me up again! [to Marino at the front door] Thank you, Marino. (interview) You know, not many people in this world get second chances. But if anybody's gonna get a third chance, it would be me! Right? [chuckles]

Episode Six [17.06][edit]

Manda: Spaghetti right on your right, chef.
Gordon: [eats spaghetti strand] Ladies! [returns to workstation] Over here! I want you to taste it, come here! Dig in!
Jennifer: It looks like a lot, chef.
Gordon: No, just taste it! Taste it!
Barbie: It's raw. The pasta's raw.
Gordon: It's crunchy as fuck!
Manda: (interview, groans) FUCK ME! Michelle, you told me it was cooked!
Gordon: I know you can’t eat pasta...
Manda: I know.
Gordon: ...but what can you do, then?!
Manda: I asked somebody to taste it for me, chef!
Gordon: So who did you ask to taste so I can help her illuminate her palette?
Michelle: Chef, I said thirty more seconds when she asked me.
Gordon: And did she cook it thirty more seconds?
Manda: Yes!
Michelle: I wasn’t sure, chef. (interview) I can tell when pasta’s done just by looking at it. So Manda should be able to do it, too.
Manda: I need them out! Here, Michelle.
Michelle: [eats spaghetti strand from Manda's pot] It's done.
Manda: Michelle says the spaghetti’s done. [to Elise] See if that's cooked.
Elise: It's raw.
Manda: Yeah, thanks, Michelle!
Michelle: My bad!
Manda: (interview) Good job. [claps sarcastically] You fucked me twice now.

Gordon: Two lamb!
Giovanni: Three more minutes of resting.
Gordon: Oh, my God. Three minutes ago, it was three minutes, and it’s still three minutes! It's an absolute joke! [sees Van smiling] Van, come here, you! Come on! [leads Van into the pantry] Do you wanna laugh?
Van: I'm sorry, chef.
Gordon: Hey, you wanna laugh?
Van: This is how I deal with this stuff.
Gordon: You wanna laugh?
Van: No, I really don’t think it’s funny.
Gordon: You ready to go home?
Van: No, chef. I came here to win.
Gordon: While you fucking smirk like that, we’re in the shit! It's not a time to laugh!
Van: I understand, chef. I’m so sorry. [Gordon opens the pantry door] I respect you a lot, chef. I really do. (interview) I'm not laughing at Chef Ramsay! I laugh when I'm nervous, I laugh when I’m happy. I just laugh! I'm not gonna change because of Hell's Kitchen.

Jared: (interview) There’s a fuck-ton going on in the garnish station. I got pasta, I got garnishes, I got polenta, I got mashed potatoes. I mean, I got all sorts of shit.
Gordon: Salmon, New York strip!
Jared: Three minutes, chef.
Giovanni: Three minutes? You said a minute.
Robyn: You just said a minute, man!
Jared: Listen, I’ll tell you when to go. That’s it.
Robyn: But I need to know your timing to match my fish!
Jared: Forty-five seconds!
Milly: (interview) The communication issue right now is Jared lying. Like, he’s literally lying to us on how long the garnish is gonna be. [to Jared] Walk that garnish, bro.
Jared: No, no, no! Forty-five seconds!
Robyn: That was ten seconds ago and thirty seconds before that!
Gordon: Are the proteins ready?
Giovanni: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Oh, my God.
Robyn: Jared, you're fucking us with the times.
Jared: Listen, I'm fucking everything right now! I get it! Stop telling me!
Gordon: Come on, Blue Team! PLEASE!
Jared: [moans and holds his finger in pain] Can I get a medic?
Jocky: Say that again?
Jared: Medic!
Gordon: Come here. [looks at Jared's hand] Where is it?
Jared: It's right there, chef. It won't stop bleeding, chef.
Gordon: Hey, Marino, come here! [sarcastically] He’s bleeding to death! He’s bleeding to death! [to Jared] You got a bigger cut on the end of your fucking dick! Emergency!
[Marino takes Jared to the hallway behind the kitchen]
Robyn: (interview) Jared called, “Medic, medic! I got a cut!” You're calling a medic because you’re crashing and burning!
Medic: What happened, buddy?
Jared: I just need a band-aid real quick.
Gordon: [to the rest of the Blue Team] Did you see that cut? Was he bleeding to death?
Blue Team: No, chef.
Gordon: Because it wasn't FUCKING THERE!
Van: (interview) If I cut myself, I sear that shit off on the flattop and keep going! Man up, bro!
[Later, Jared comes back after seeing the medic]
Gordon: Jared, are you bandaged up?
Jared: Yes, chef.
Gordon: How many stitches? Seventeen?!
Jared: Zero, chef.
Gordon: Hey, do me a favour.
Jared: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Grow some!
Jared: Yes, chef!

Gordon: [checks overcooked veal brought by Giovanni] Oh, man. What has happened to my fucking all-stars? [returns to workstation] Come here! Come on! Just touch that there. Overcooked. Nothing is consistent tonight! WHAT'S HAPPENED TO YOU GUYS?! [pause] WELL, WHAT IS IT?! I look at this, I go back to the opening night! It's like two different brigades! Come here!
Olivia Culpo: Oh my gosh, I feel bad. I feel so bad.
[Gordon takes the Blue Team out to the hallway]
Gordon: All-Stars?! Right now, I feel like I got no stars! [to medic] MEDIC! Where was the cut?
Medic: I’m not sure. I didn’t see the cut.
Gordon: Thank you so much! Professional medic can't even find a fucking cut! GET OUT! That is the worst performance I've ever seen in my ENTIRE FUCKING LIFE! GET OUT!!
Van: (interview) It was a NIGHTMARE tonight! And all I can do is smile about it, but... can’t even do that in Hell's Kitchen.
[Nick notices the blue kitchen is empty while serving tableside]
Nick: Alright, the blue kitchen’s gone. [sighs] (interview) The entire Blue Team is missing. Where is everyone?
Gordon: Uh, Nick.
Nick: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Come here. They were a disaster. Not just in the middle, not at the end, or even the beginning. And then Van's laughing his head off. I'm done! Upstairs!
Nick: Yes, chef. [throws his towel as he leaves]

Gordon: Medic? More like, pathetic. While Jared's cut was imaginary, now he knows what it really is like to get cut.

Episode Seven [17.07][edit]

[During the Cook for Your Life challenge, Milly is the first person from the Blue Team to be judged by Gordon]
Gordon: Visually, it’s beautiful. The ratio of the pasta, absolutely spot-on. How long did you poach the oysters for?
Milly: Just with the champagne up to one (minute), put it off the stove, set it to the side.
Gordon: That’s beautiful. I mean, really beautiful. Beautifully done. What’s missing, Milly? [holds up oyster]
Milly: Um... I think I forgot the peppercorns in my Beurre Blanc, chef.
Gordon: What’s missing, Milly?
Robyn: [whispering to Giovanni] Sauce on top.
Giovanni & Elise: Chives.
Milly: Um...
Gordon: What’s missing, Milly?
Milly: [pause] I can’t remember, chef. Uh...
Gordon: How many oysters did I make?
Milly: How many did you make? You made six. [realizes his mistake] Oh, shit.
[It’s revealed that Milly made five oysters instead of the six that Gordon made earlier]
Milly: (interview) How the fuck did I forget to put this oyster on there?! I should be embarrassed!
Gordon: You made one mistake, everything else is flawless. [Milly sighs] The question for me: Is your dish better than Manda’s? [pause] It’s better than Manda’s. You’re safe.
Milly: Thank you, chef.
Gordon: Head out to the patio.
Milly: (interview, laughs) I’m going! See ya!
[Milly joins the rest of the contestants on the patio and does a victory lap]
Michelle: Milly!
Nick: Yes, queen!
Dana: Yay!
Milly: Perfect, motherfucker!
Nick: I love it.
Milly: The only thing I fucked up on, I only made five spaces for myself.
Michelle: So it wasn’t perfect.
Milly: PERFECT! [Nick and Van chuckle]

Elise: (interview) I’m extremely excited that I’m safe, and I’m ready to go rub it in Michelle’s face! Definitely not letting Michelle get off easy. Now, I’m not being nice anymore. [to Michelle] It’s on!
Manda: Oh!
Elise: You opened a can of worms! It’s on now, baby! Just know! JUST KNOW!
Michelle: I didn’t send you out there because I hate you! It’s a competition!
Elise: It’s really on!
Elise: It’s really on!
Michelle: IT’S ON!!
Elise: IT’S REALLY ON NOW! And I will continue!
Jennifer: Hey, you need to relax. Thank you.
Elise: Guess who’s bizzack! You thought it was gonna be that easy?!
Dana: Why is this happening?
Jennifer: I don’t know.
Elise: Get used to this face!
Michelle: Your crying face?

Gordon: Giovanni may have age and experience, but his attention to detail in this critical challenge was a big disappointment. Arrivederci, Giovanni.

Episode Eight [17.08][edit]

[Manda and Barbie bring halibut and duck, respectively to the pass; Gordon cuts into a duck breast that turns out to be raw]
Barbie: [sees Gordon return to the workstation] Oh, shit.
Gordon: Hey, all of you, come in here.
[The Red Team follows Gordon into the pantry]
Barbie: Fuck! FUCK!
Gordon: Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.
Barbie: I’m sorry, chef.
Gordon: Fuck, fuck—[to Barbie] Stand over there!
Barbie: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Close the fucking door! [throws spoon] Christina, come in here! WHAT IS HAPPENING?! [to Christina] CLOSE THE DOOR!
Christina: Yes, chef.
Gordon: [holds up duck breast] It’s fucking raw!
Michelle: Yes, chef.
Gordon: [points at Manda] Pork’s not ready, WHAT’S HAPPENED?!
Dana: The pork didn’t get dropped and it backed everything up.
Gordon: We didn’t get going, Michelle!
Michelle: You’re right, chef.
Gordon: It’s been a massive meltdown! You need to start being a little more honest with each other!
Michelle: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Pushing each other, motivating each other! Get your shit together!
Red Team: Yes, chef.

Narrator: While the Blue Team continues to deliver perfect entrées to their diners, Chef Ramsay...
Gordon: Come on, ladies, please! We’re getting backed!
Red Team: Yes, chef!
Narrator: ...is hoping the ladies can find some positive momentum of their own.
Dana: Manda, how’s that pork? Is it resting?
Manda: I didn’t hear a fucking pork. Are you kidding me?
Dana: [looks at ticket] Manda, you have three pork all day!
Manda: What?!
Michelle: Manda, can I help you?
Manda: Yeah. (interview) There’s a lot going on right now, and the kitchen is just so fucking noisy that I can’t hear shit and I can’t think straight!
Gordon: Pork, wellington, halibut, duck! How long for that one?
Michelle: [to Manda] How long on the pork?!
Manda: Uh, ten minutes!
Gordon: Ten minutes?! [pause] Holy fuck. Hey, who forgot the pork?!
Manda: I did, chef!
Gordon: Do you know how bad it is forgetting pork?
Manda: I absolutely do, chef!
Gordon: Can we salvage a duck and a halibut and do one two-top?!
Barbie: Yes, chef!

[Robyn starts calling her teammates pet names to the annoyance of the Blue Team]
Robyn: [to Nick] Darling, I’ll run it for you if you want me to. Van, you have tartar sauce in there. You know that right, babe?
Van: Yeah.
Robyn: Okay. [to Milly] Behind you one more time, baby.
Milly: (interview) Robyn, I’m not your baby!
Robyn: Thank you, babe.
Milly: (interview) At all!
Robyn: [to Benjamin] You want more bone marrow in here, baby?
Benjamin: No, it’s perfect now.
Robyn: Okay.
Nick: Come on, Robyn. You gotta hustle with those.
Robyn: I’m trying, baby!
Gordon: [to Robyn] Hey, forget the baby shit will you, please? Hey, young lady. Forget the baby shit. Just sound like a pro.
Nick: Yeah, just do it.
Robyn: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Forget the baby shit! We’re not in a fucking night club, okay?
Robyn: [to Nick] Sorry, baby.

[Gordon cuts into pork brought by Manda and sees that it’s once again pink and raw]
Gordon: [sighs] Right in the centre. And the duck... [notices the duck is raw as well; walks into blue kitchen] Hey, Blue Team! Come here!
Barbie: Fuck.
Gordon: Red Team, line up!
Michelle: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Quickly, yeah?! Line up! Blue Team, line up there!
Milly: (interview) No telling what might be going on. This All-Star season has been crazy!
Gordon: I am done. Raw duck, raw pork! I mean, all-stars?! Fucking NO stars tonight! This has been the worst service ever by the Red Team! Send your LAST TABLE NOW, Blue Team! And jump in here and salvage this shit! [to Red Team] You five, FUCK OFF!
Blue Team: Yes, chef!

Gordon: Manda said she never heard the ticket that sunk her team. Sadly, she’s not going to hear her name being called as the winner of Hell’s Kitchen either.

Episode Nine [17.09][edit]

[The fighting between Michelle and Elise continues into the night and the following morning to the annoyance of the other contestants]
Michelle: Elise, you need to start worrying about yourself.
Elise: Oh, if that ain’t the pot calling the kettle black!
Michelle: No one agrees with you, Elise!
Barbie: [to Jennifer] I just want the fighting to stop.
Elise: [to Michelle] If I was you, I would stop talking shit already!
Nick: Good morning, Elise.
Elise: It’s a great morning.
Nick: It’s not.
Elise: [to Michelle] I’m gonna beat up on you every day!
Michelle: Okay, Elise. Whatever.
Elise: You talk all this junk. "I’m the strongest member of the Red Team!" You’re not!
Michelle: Elise...
Elise: Because your numbers ain’t backing up the shit you’re saying!
Michelle: ...this shows how immature you are.
Elise: Your numbers—your numbers ain’t backing up shit!
Michelle: This is showing how immature you are.
Elise: Your numbers ain’t backing up shit!
Nick: Elise, you’re a fucking bully!
Elise: [to Nick] I’m not even talking to you!
Michelle: This is proof that you’re immature!
Elise: [to Nick] I’m not talking to you!
Nick: I don’t care.
Elise: I’m not talking to you, Nick!
Nick: I don’t care!
Elise: Stop trying to fight her battles! (interview) Here comes Nick with all of this! [blows kiss] Move to the side, we ain’t even talking to you. BOOP!
Nick: But I can say whatever I want!
Elise: Bye!
Nick: I can say whatever I want!
Elise: Bye! Bye!
Nick: "Bye, check the scoreboard!" Girls keep losing! Bye, Felicia!
Robyn: [laughs] “Bye, Felicia.” [to Dana] He said, “Bye, Felicia!”
Elise: Yeah, girls’ team is losing, but my scores aren’t. So...
Nick: Oh, yeah? Well, guess what? You’re still on their team, honey! BOOP, BOOP, BOOP, BOOP!!

[Elise doubts Barbie’s ability to lead the Red Team, so she starts repeating the orders after Barbie does]
Elise: Two salmon, two cod, two strip! Garnish is in the window!
Barbie: One strip!
Michelle: It’s one strip, Elise.
Barbie: Two salmon, two cod, one strip!
Elise: Well, drive it, Barbie! Don’t give me an attitude! Either you’re gonna drive the tickets or I will!
Barbie: STOP!
Christina: I’m not doing it tonight! [points at Cheryl Burke and her guests at the chef’s table] You have guests in the kitchen! Knock it off!
Barbie: (interview) Elise is not gonna run shit. Not tonight, sister. Not today.
Gordon: Where’s the cod and the salmon, New York strip?
Barbie: Coming down.
Jennifer: Walking, chef.
[Gordon touches the meat and fish brought by Barbie and Jennifer, walks from the pass carrying the tray]
Elise: Oh, Lord.
Gordon: [walks towards the pantry with tray] Hey, come here, you guys. Come here.
Elise: Here we go!
Gordon: [to Barbie] Hey, come here, you. Come here. All of you! ALL OF YOU!
Cheryl Burke: Fuck. Back to the bread.
[The Red Team walks into the pantry]
Gordon: What’s happened?! That is ice-cold, touch it! That’s cold now!
Elise: Oh, wow!
Gordon: That’s cold!
Jennifer: Yes, chef.
Gordon: If you’re not ready, don’t send it!
Barbie: Yes, chef.
Dana: (interview) Pretty much five times a day, I say that Barbie sucks.
Michelle: Barbie, can I help you with New Yorks?
Barbie: No, please don’t.
Dana: (interview) I’m going for number six. Barbie sucks!

Christina: [to Elise] Here, check on them now.
Elise: Yes, chef.
Christina: I’ll finish this up here.
[Before Elise even moves from the pass, Barbie hurries over to the chef’s table]
Elise: Look. She outran me.
Barbie: How’s it going? How’s your duck?
Cheryl’s Friend: It’s a little too pink.
Barbie: I can fix that for you.
Cheryl’s Friend: No, it’s okay.
Barbie: I have another one. I—I can make it more done.
Cheryl’s Friend: No.
Barbie: We’ll cook you some more duck, okay?
Cheryl’s Friend: No, no, no.
Barbie: Yes!
Elise: Barbie, he said, “No.” [to Cheryl Burke and her entourage] You guys, I am so sorry! Are you all enjoying your meals? (interview) Barbie is a nutcase. She’s like, “I’ll cook it for you!” And he’s like, “No, I’m good.” “I’ll cook it for you!” “No, I’m good.” “I’LL COOK IT FOR YOU!” “No, I’m good.” So, I’m like, "This shit is getting weird." Barbie, he said, “No.” Like, they see the crazy in you like we all do! Chill!
Barbie: [to Elise] Please fire one duck garnish for me.
Elise: Why am I firing a duck garnish?
Barbie: Because we don’t cook for ourselves, we cook for our guests.
Elise: He said he didn’t want it.
Barbie: Our guest wants—
Elise: He said he didn’t want it!
Barbie: Fire duck garnish, please!
Gordon: Come on, ladies! Please!
Elise: [to Barbie] You’re a liar, but it’ll all come out!
Barbie: Listen!
Elise: It’s annoying! It’s, like, weird!
Dana: Stop, don’t even! Later!
Gordon: Barbie, Elise... [motions for them to follow him into the pantry] Close the door.
Elise: Yes, chef.
Barbie: I walked up to the chef’s table and asked them how everything was, and one of our guests said that he preferred to have his duck cooked a little bit more. And I said, “Okay.”
Gordon: Yeah. Okay, fine.
Elise: She’s a liar.
Barbie: Go ask the table.
Elise: She’s a liar! She’s mad because I was driving the tickets tonight and she wasn’t!
Gordon: You two, sort it out. Now. In here.
Barbie: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Sort it out in here, now. Your differences.
Elise: Yes, chef.

Gordon: On order, Table 3: One (Dover) sole, two lamb, two New York strip.
Blue Team: Yes, chef!
Milly: I’m five minutes out.
Gordon: Come on, Van. Talk.
Van: Five minutes, chef.
Gordon: Talk, talk, talk. Let’s go!
Robyn: (interview) Come on, Van. Open up that mouth! [imitating angelic choir] Ahhhh!
Van: How you looking, Milly?
Milly: I’m looking good.
Van: (Dover) sole, right behind you. [Milly chuckles]
Gordon: [after checking lamb] Hey! Lamb beautifully cooked!
Milly: Thank you, chef.
Gordon: New York strip, fucking raw!
Milly: (interview) Uh-oh. It’s just goin’ slow motion. Like... Rrrr...
[Sure enough, the rest of Gordon’s outburst is shown in slow motion]
Gordon: You slowed me down! Raw in the middle! Don’t fucking send me that!
Milly: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Back in the pan!
Milly: Yes, chef! (interview, starts speaking normally again) ...rrraw steak! Oh my fucking God!
Gordon: Can you give me a time so I can send the lamb?
Milly: Uh, I need five minutes, chef.
Gordon: Fucking hell.
Benjamin: (interview) Dude, you have, like, thirteen steaks over there. Are one of them cooked right? Boop, as Elise says.

[The Blue Team can hear the ladies arguing outside while they’re discussing their nominations inside]
Robyn: Holy shit.
Nick: This is ridiculous.
[Cut to the patio; the Red Team listens to Barbie going off and yelling at them]
Barbie: Somebody was running their mouths running off tickets!
Dana: She (Elise) didn’t have garnish up!
Elise: I never fired it.
Michelle: She was telling you what the next ticket was!
Barbie: Can you wait eight minutes, can you wait eight minutes?
Elise: I never fired it.
Jennifer: Fuck off, right now! [pause] I am so sick and tired of the fucking bullshit!
Barbie: I'm tired of the bullshit! Do the vote!
Dana: You’re the only one that got to speak!
Barbie: We're done! Vote!
Jennifer: Elise, because of the argument.
Elise: I'm not the weakest link on the team, though!
Michelle: We're better off without the attitude, though.
Barbie: Exactly.
Dana: But Barbie, the two of you were literally fighting. We all got yelled at for what happened between you two. This didn't work at all.
Elise: There was more problems in the kitchen tonight than that, but I don’t think y’all would be better without me. [Jennifer shrugs] But that’s fine, because I know I’m a better chef than she (Barbie) is. Every single time you’ve been on the meat station, that shit is [flaps arms like a chicken] fucking, "Moo! Cluck, cluck!" [Dana laughs] Like, that kind of raw. That shit was clucking!
Barbie: You have not had a good service yet!
Elise: You’re a lunatic!
Elise: (interview) Barbie is a crazy old lady. Not just like, “Girl, you crazy,” but like, batshit crazy! [to Barbie] Something up here is wrong, Barbie! You need help!
Barbie: (interview) Did she just call me crazy? [to Elise] You gonna cry tonight, Elise?
Elise: No, because you’re gonna go home before me.
Jennifer: Yikes.
Barbie: Are you kidding me?!
Elise: You're full of shit! You're a liar, and you're a schemer and a cheater! [stands up] You'll never win!
Barbie: You're not winning either!
Elise: Even if you make it past tonight, you’ll never win! You’re not gonna beat me out! [Jennifer laughs over Elise] You’ll never win, so I’m not worried about it.
Dana: She just wants to throw people under the bus.
Barbie: This is not a bus ride! It’s a train wreck!
Elise: You're a train wreck.

[During elimination]
Gordon: Dana, first nominee and why?
Dana: Our first nominee is Elise, chef. Sometimes she bullies members of the team when we’re trying to get food out of the kitchen, and we weren’t really hearing the call because she was fighting.
Elise: [quietly] No, I wasn’t!
Gordon: Red Team’s second nominee and why, please.
Dana: Our second nominee tonight is Barbie. She does not get along with the team, and she’s had several poor performances in service.
Elise: And you can’t cook meat! Your shit be fucking clucking at the pass! CLUCK! Her shit be clucking! [Michelle stifles a laugh]
Jennifer: And a moo.
Elise: Moo. Oh, yeah. Her shit’s mooing, too. You’re right. She could milk that shit it was so alive. [Nick facepalms while Benjamin rolls his eyes]

Gordon: Van’s always had one of the loudest voices here. Tonight, not only did he lose his voice but also his dream of becoming my next head chef.

Episode Ten [17.10][edit]

Elise: [to Barbie] Let me check that fish first.
Gordon: Yeah, just... look at this. Oh, my God.
Elise: [laughs in disbelief] Sabotage.
Gordon: Oh, my God! Fucking hell!
Elise: What the fuck is this?!
Gordon: Oh, my God! [slaps table repeatedly]
Elise: It's burnt! This is why I didn’t wanna turn my back!
Gordon: Elise, please! I need to go!
Elise: Oh, my God. Are they all burnt?! (interview) They’re saying it's not sabotage, but one fucking tray of fish was burnt. I can’t cook everything and plate everything.
Gordon: Elise, give them a time! [Marino walks into the red kitchen] 'Cause we are screwed!
Marino: How long?
Elise: Six minutes! Because they fucked the fish!
Marino: Okay, so six more minutes.
Elise: I need fish to the window!

Barbie: [to Michelle] I need that spinach!
Michelle: Ten seconds! I need to put more salt in it!
Gordon: Come on, Barbie! I’ve got the foie gras, where’s the beef?!
Barbie: Beef is coming, chef!
Gordon: You’ve got to go, Red Team! Let’s go, please!
Barbie: [to Michelle] I need that spinach, please!
Michelle: Worry about your beef!
Gordon: Oh, my GOD! [sits on the floor; facepalms] Oh, man!
Barbie: (interview) Michelle, this is not your course. Do what I tell you to do! [to Michelle] Thank you! Michelle, can you bring me that beef?
Michelle: Yeah, I’m organizing it.
Barbie: I—I need you to just bring it to me!
Gordon: Oh, my God. This is not how to run a course.
Jennifer: (interview) Barbie, you are sinking like the Titanic right now.
Gordon: Come on! Stop giving up!
Barbie: I'm not giving up, chef.
Elise: That's sloppy, Barbie.
Barbie: Can you please just pour the sauce, Elise?!
Elise: I will. I’ll do it right.
Barbie: That’s not how I want my sauce, Elise!
Gordon: Oh, my God.
Barbie: I want you to pour the sauce!
Gordon: Oh, my...
Elise: (interview) I’m trying to help and she’s yelling at me. So, you know what? If you don’t want this life support, this raft that I’m trying to offer you, then drown.

Elise: So let me guess. Me and Barbie, right?
Michelle: At the very beginning of your course, you said, “Everybody listen, because I don’t want everyone running around frantic.”
Elise: Frazzled.
Michelle: And then you were running around frantic!
Elise: No, I wasn’t running around frantic.
Michelle: Yes, you were.
Elise: That’s bullshit.
Michelle: You were trying to do everything!
Elise: YEAH! [gets up from chair] BECAUSE Y’ALL WASN’T DOING SHIT!
Dana: You wouldn’t let us!
Michelle: "Don’t do it yet! Stop!" You wouldn’t even let me walk the shrimp.
Elise: Because you didn’t have the burner on! How are you cooking shrimp with no heat?!
Michelle: Elise, the oil was hot!
Elise: How—
Michelle: I was flipping them over and they were pink on that side because the oil was fucking hot!
Elise: No, you were cooking...
[Michelle throws a water bottle at Elise’s feet]
Elise: ...with no fire going—
Michelle: Whatever!
Elise: Watch that shit!
Michelle: Elise, I’m sorry!
Elise: I don’t give a fuck if you’re frustrated! Don’t throw no shit at me!
Michelle: I’m sorry.
Elise: You are tripping.

Barbie: [pause] Can I explain what happened with my course now?
Elise: Oh, no! Wow! Wait, she’s gonna tell you...
Barbie: You need to shut up for one second!
Elise: ...why all that shit was my fault!
Barbie: It’s my turn now!
Elise: [laughs] Let’s hear this tall tale! It’s gonna be good, we need popcorn!
Dana: Elise, let her talk.
Barbie: My dish had fifteen things to plate on.
Dana: I think the main issue with your dish was that the potatoes were burnt, which it was.
Barbie: No, it was the distraction and it was just unnecessary.
Michelle: Who was distracted?
Elise: She’s (Barbie) gonna try and paint her like she’s better than me, but we all know that that was the worst.
Barbie: Now, hold up and wait a minute.
Michelle: Okay, I’m voting for Barbie because you needed to redeem yourself and you didn’t. Elise, I’m voting for you because you would not let us help you when—
Elise: That’s not true.
Michelle: You were very standoffish and defensive.
Elise: I wasn’t standoffish.
Michelle: You were.
Elise: No, I was not.
Michelle: That’s why I’m voting for you.
Elise: My vote is for Barbie and you.
Michelle: [sarcastically] Shocking.
Elise: Every time I gave you direction, you came back with something else to say...
Michelle: And Chef Ramsay yelled at you for that stuff!
Elise: ...and you weren’t executing what I told you to do! And it’s not the first time, it’s all the time with you! You can sit there, cross your arms, and shake your head, but facts are facts!
Barbie: Elise and Michelle is my vote.
Michelle: And me?!
Barbie: Yes, you.
Michelle: Why are you voting for me?
Barbie: Michelle, you come up with these snarky little comments at the most inappropriate times!
Michelle: That’s why you’re voting for me?
Barbie: That’s the example right there!! Oh, I can work garnish for you when I said, “Sure, that’s great.” But then, when I ask you for stuff, “Oh, you know what? I just decided I quit!”
Michelle: I did not say that!
Elise: You said, “I couldn’t do it because I had to cook desserts.”
Michelle: No, I did not!
Dana: Let her talk!
Michelle: I’m trying to tell you what happened with the situation. [Barbie shakes her head]
Barbie: (interview) Yes or no, Michelle. Yes or no?!
Elise: Did you say it or not?
Michelle: I did not.
Elise: [laughs loudly and gets up] She’s lying!
Barbie: Ohhh!
Michelle: I did not say, “I’m not doing it.”
Elise: You are lying!
Barbie: You did not come up to me and say, “I can’t do garnish for you?”
Michelle: No! [points at Dana] She just came up to me and said, “Can you have someone else do garnish,” and you said, “No.” And I’m like, “Okay, that’s fine.”
Barbie: [gets up] Well, what the fuck does that mean?! WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!
[Barbie leaves the room while Elise takes her vacant seat]
Michelle: I didn’t go up to her and say, “I can’t do garnish.”
Elise: She’s like, [high-pitched voice] "Um, Barbie, I can’t do garnish for you, because, um, I have to—"
Michelle: I did not!
Elise: Yes, you did!
[Flashback to dinner service where Michelle asked Barbie to have Elise take over garnish while she helps Dana with desserts]
Michelle: [gets up from chair] Fuck this.
Elise: Y’all are not real with y’all selves! Period! [goes inside the dorms] You’re full of shit!
[Barbie returns outside and retakes her seat after Elise leaves]
Barbie: So the answer to that question was yes.

Gordon: Barbie's performance at charity night was a disaster. So, I performed a charity act for her team by sending her home.

Episode Eleven [17.11][edit]

Narrator: Thanks to Elise, the Red Team is quickly delivering appetizers to their diners. Meanwhile…
Gordon: Scallops, let’s go!
Milly: Yes, chef.
Narrator: ...the Blue Team is keeping pace…
Nick: Walking risotto to the pass. Walk it hard, guys.
Narrator: ...and Chef Ramsay is ready to move on to entrées.
Gordon: On order, four covers, Table 6. Entrée: One halibut, two wellington, one lamb.
Blue Team: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Wellington in.
Robyn: Yes, chef. (interview) I’m on meat, and I feel awesome. Now is my time to shine. I’m gonna knock it out of the park tonight.
Gordon: Blue Team, I want the garnish up first, before the protein!
Robyn: Chef, lamb coming in the oven!
Gordon: She just blurts over me. I got no idea what the fuck she’s saying. [to Robyn] Before you blurted all over me, what was that? Sorry?
Robyn: I said I took the lamb in the oven. I’m gonna put it back in there for two more minutes, chef.
Gordon: Okay. Hey, Marino!
Marino: Si, chef.
Gordon: Come here! Breaking news: Robyn’s got something to tell you.
Robyn: [long pause] Lamb’s going back in the oven for two more minutes.
Gordon: There you go. [to Marino] As if you needed to know that. Fuck off! [Marino returns to the dining room] “I took my lamb out! I put my lamb back in!”
Robyn: Yes, chef!
Gordon: I don’t give a fuck what you took out!
Milly: (interview) One thing for sure, when Chef Ramsay start talking, everybody shut the fuck up!

Narrator: While Dana tries to pull herself out of the weeds…
Dana: I don’t know what the fuck to do.
Narrator: ...the Blue Team is forging ahead.
Gordon: Away now: One lamb, one beef, one lobster wellington, one duck!
Robyn: Yes, chef.
Gordon: What’s going?
Robyn: [draws a blank] FUCKING A!
Gordon: Are you—Are you okay?!
Robyn: Yes, chef!
Gordon: One beef, one lobster wellington, one lamb, one duck! Say it!
Robyn: One lobster, one lamb, one beef, one duck!
Gordon: Oh, my [slaps workstation] GOD!
Benjamin: How long? How long do you got?
Robyn: Three minutes! Let me know when to cut! [pause] My wellington!
Benjamin: (interview) She has, like, diarrhea of the mouth. She just talk, talk, talk, talk, talks.
Robyn: Hello!
Benjamin: (interview) I’m trying to concentrate, I’ll get to you in thirty seconds. Don’t talk to me right now.
Robyn: Let me know when I can cut my wellington, Benjamin! [Benjamin doesn’t respond] Benjamin!
Nick: Benjamin, you heard her?
Benjamin: What?
Robyn: He doesn’t fucking talk.

Robyn: [brings wellingtons to Gordon] Excuse me, chef! Behind!
Gordon: Where’s the lamb?
Robyn: The lamb’s right here.
Jocky: Why is she giving us two wellingtons?
Gordon: It’s one beef wellington!
Robyn: Fucking A, man!
Gordon: [to Robyn] Hey, what was going? What was going?!
Robyn: One lamb, one lobster, one beef, one duck!
Gordon: Right, and what did you bring me?
Robyn: I don’t know what—
Gordon: Hey, hey, look! You’re screaming at me what’s going, and you bring up the wrong order!
Robyn: Yes, chef.
Milly: (interview) Here we go with the dumb shit.
Robyn: Nothing, chef! I’m sorry!
Gordon: Come here, you!
Milly: (interview) And the volcano is erupting right now.
[Gordon takes Robyn into the pantry]
Gordon: What is— [to waiter] Hey, you! Get the fuck out of here! [to Robyn] What is wrong with you?!
Robyn: Nothing, chef. I’m asking what my callback is, and garnish is being quiet! Now, I understand!
Gordon: So, how long?!
Robyn: The lamb is ready, the beef is ready!
Gordon: Oh, I know the lamb’s ready. I told you that, but the beef’s fucking blue!
Robyn: Yes, chef!
Gordon: WAKE UP!!
Robyn: Yes, chef!
Gordon: GET OUT!!
[Robyn runs back into the blue kitchen]
Milly: Your next ticket is gonna be two beef wellington, mama.
Gordon: And the garnish is fucking up the meat apparently. [shrugs; to Benjamin] Answer that one if you would.
Benjamin: (interview) Robyn, it’s really simple. Go fuck yourself. No seriously, go fuck yourself.
Robyn: Alright, wellington pulling out! How long, Ben?!
Nick: How long on garnish, Ben?
Robyn: BEN!
Benjamin: Shut the fuck up!

[Both teams each have three tickets left to complete dinner service; Gordon tells the contestants the first team to finish wins]
Dana: Walking with beef wellington!
Gordon: [checks both sides of wellington slices] Dana!
Dana: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Ladies, come down here.
Jennifer: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Just look at the colour of that beef.
Jennifer: Overcooked, chef.
Gordon: Yeah, it is overcooked. So, it’s—it’s medium. [to Michelle] Do you have another wellington?
Michelle: Yes, I do, chef.
Elise: (interview) They’re overcooked, they’re undercooked. [shakes her head] The hits just keep coming.
Christina: Come on, Dana. Right here, right here. Right here!
[Gordon and Sous Chef Christina touch the re-fired wellingtons brought by Dana]
Gordon: Marino! Come in here.
Jennifer: What’s he freaking out about?
Gordon: Hey, just come here. [returns to workstation] Just touch that. Just touch it.
Marino: It’s not hot.
Elise: Come on, Dana!
Gordon: I just—I don’t know where to go. [crouches down on the floor]
Elise: Come on, Dana! Don’t stall us on the last ticket!
Michelle: Chef, can I put that back in the oven for you?
Gordon: Back in the oven? It can go back in the fucking field! [to Red Team] All of you, in the back room. Christina.
Christina: Yes, chef.
Gordon: On desserts, please. Quickly. [takes the ladies into the pantry] I want you to get out. I want you to go upstairs and think how your team can be stronger without two of you in it. Get out.
Jennifer: Fuck.
Gordon: I’m stuck. Christina and I will finish desserts. Get out!
Elise: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Get out.

Gordon: In two seasons, this was Dana’s first time ever being nominated. Unfortunately, it was also her last.

Episode Twelve [17.12][edit]

[For the second individual Black Jacket challenge, everyone except Nick and Milly have to race to grab the ingredients for their dishes]
Gordon: Finally, Elise. Let’s go, please.
Elise: (interview) I do believe that I am the strongest member of the Red Team. And one of us has to make it to Black Jackets, but I’m hoping it’s me.
Narrator: Elise has served a poached lobster tail with Parmesan rice and asparagus.
Gordon: Visually, there’s something on that plate that doesn’t sit right. Can anyone see it? Take a close look.
[Everyone gathers around to look at Elise’s dish]
Elise: (interview) Oh, my God!
Gordon: So, it’s got a shit sack there... [Elise lays her head on the pass] and that’s the poop sack that you do not want to crunch on. [holds up sack] One tiny sack of shit can destroy the flavour of a $60 lobster.
Jennifer: (interview) Oh, my God. Elise, you need to come up to New England to learn how to break down a lobster, because you do not leave the poop sack in a lobster. It’s not edible.
Gordon: What a shame. [hands plate back to Elise] Thank you.
Benjamin: (interview) Boop! That’s what I think about Elise’s lobster.

[Michelle, Benjamin, Nick and Milly watch the remaining three contestants cook during the last Black Jacket challenge on the lounge TV]
Milly: Come on, Jen.
Nick: Yes, Jen! Get that corn.
Michelle: She looks focused. She looks like she knows what she’s doing.
Nick: Jen looks fine. So far, Jen’s ingredients seem the most cohesive to me. Elise is confused.
Michelle: Look at her, she’s just staring. You need to be doing something, Elise.
Nick: She seems upset.
Michelle: Yeah, her last round was super bad.
Nick: That sucks.
Michelle: No, it doesn’t. [gasps] Oh, my God! She’s putting her potatoes in the Vitamix!
Nick: Oh, no.
Michelle: They’re gonna be gummy as fuck!
[Benjamin and Nick cringe as Elise quickly blends her potatoes]
Michelle: Nope, they’re done. Gummy. They’re already gummy.
Nick: That’s bad.
[Meanwhile in the blue kitchen, Robyn and Jennifer stare at Elise]
Jennifer: (interview) Culinary 101 has gone out of Elise’s brain. Elise is cracking under this pressure and I couldn’t be happier.

Gordon: Elise, Robyn, Jennifer…The person leaving Hell’s Kitchen right now... [pause] Elise.
Jennifer: [quietly] Oh, my God.
Gordon: Come here, young lady. First of all, I was so happy to see you back here. Your passion is exemplary, let’s get that right. That dish fell short, but I don’t want the jacket. I want you to walk out of here with your head up high.
Elise: Thank you, chef, for having me back. [shakes Gordon’s hand]
Gordon: Thank you. Hey, don’t you stop on that journey.
Elise: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Good night.
[Robyn and Jennifer cry and hug it out after Elise leaves]
Robyn & Jennifer: Yes!
Elise: (interview) I’m absolutely better than those three dishes I put up today, and I’m definitely embarrassed by my performance. Mentally, I was cooked, and I should’ve gotten that black jacket, but... I guess you could say the pressure got to me a bit today.
Gordon: [to Robyn and Jennifer] Uh, ladies... bring your dishes up here one more time, please.
Robyn: [tearfully] Yes, chef.
Jennifer: (interview) Motherfucking redemption, bitch! Bye-bye, Elise! You went home, first! BOOM!

Episode Thirteen [17.13][edit]

Gordon: Here we go, guys. Two tartare, one risotto, one carbonara! And I want two cured salmon!
Final 5: Yes, chef!
Milly: [to himself] Come on, Milly, let’s go. (interview) Can’t stop, won’t stop! You already know what it is! I’m from Philly! I’m turnt up on cold and hot apps! Whip, whip, whip! [stops stirring spaghetti carbonara] I need some more pans already. Fuck.
Nick: (interview) Oh, my God. We just started dinner service and Milly’s station is just a freakin’ mess. There is food all over the range. If I saw that as a diner, I’d be like, “I’m gonna pass, ‘cause it looks like someone just took a shit on your station. So, I—I’m good with that. Thank you.”
Gordon: [to Milly] Hey! Pan’s burning.
Milly: (interview) Burnt pan, what?! I don’t got no fucking burnt pan!
[Milly notices a lot of smoke coming out of his pan]
Milly: (interview) Oh, my God!
Gordon: Milly, start again!
Milly: Yes, chef.
Gordon: After that, clean down a little bit.
Milly: Yes, chef.
Gordon: When we work in a mess, we produce a mess. We’ve worked clean entirely, and we produce immaculate food, okay?!
Milly: Yes, chef!

Gordon: Away next: Two lobster, two beef wellington, one New York strip. All meat heavy, guys! All meat heavy, okay?!
Nick: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Five minutes to the window! [Benjamin once again doesn’t respond]
Michelle: Yes, chef!
Gordon: [to Benjamin] Hey, hey! You have the current back. Call back, and refresh each other’s memory! You’re not doing it, Ben!
Benjamin: Oui, chef.
Nick: (interview) Great. Here we go again.
Gordon: For the fourth time tonight, I need a voice now!
Benjamin: Oui, chef!
Gordon: You’re in control!
Benjamin: Oui, chef!
Milly: (interview) Man. Benjamin, I'mma keep it real with you. You've never been to France, you not French, you're Irish! Where the fuck is this, "Oui, chef" coming from?!
Benjamin: Oui, chef. Oui, chef.
Milly: (interview) I can, "Oui, oui" and "Parlez-vous français?" Like, "Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?" Like, I can do that shit all day! But guess what?! NO! Stop speaking French and speak some fucking English!
Gordon: Where’s the momentum?! Count back, let’s go! Three and a half, four! LET’S GO!
Benjamin: Oui, chef!
Robyn: (interview) You’re just saying, "Yes" in fucking French! Like, just because you say, "oui", doesn’t mean you have a voice! Okay? Just letting you know.
Gordon: [to Benjamin] Hey, come here. Quickly. I turn my back and there’s no countdown! And I’m getting zero feedback! That’s the last time I’m telling you!
Nick: Yes, chef.
Gordon: LAST TIME!
Nick: Yes, chef.
Gordon: GOT IT?!
Michelle: Yes, chef.
Benjamin: Oui, chef.

Gordon: On order—Hey! One six-top: Two pork, two beef wellington, two lamb!
Final 5: Yes, chef.
Nick: Robyn, that means you’re four minutes to the pass.
Robyn: Hold on.
Nick: How long?
Robyn: One second! I need more pots and pans, guys.
Benjamin: You need to get that table going!
Gordon: Benjamin, are you slowing down because of her (Robyn)? Yes or no?!
Robyn: No!
Benjamin: Yes, chef!
Robyn: Yes?!
Gordon: Fucking hell.
Robyn: I’m sorry, guys. I’m in the weeds right now, I apologize.
Nick: Don’t apologize. Just—
Gordon: Bounce back!
Nick: Take a breath!
Robyn: (interview) I am getting my ass pounded tonight. Like, pounded, pounded, pounded, pounded!
Nick: Robyn, can you walk garnish, please?!
Robyn: Hold on.
Benjamin: I’m ready now! We’re ready to go!
Robyn: Okay. [to Gordon at the pass] Pork... Chef, this is too—
Gordon: Just stop talking to me. Give me the fucking garnish!
Robyn: I don’t like this! I wanna put new ones down!
Gordon: Oh, my God. Hey, hey, hey, all of you! Come here!
Robyn: I don’t wanna send that!
Gordon: Yeah, just come here! Hey, hey! All of you, come here!
[The contestants follow Gordon across the hallway and into the pantry]
Robyn: Chef, I told you I didn’t wanna send that. I’m sorry if you misunderstood me.
Gordon: What did you just say to me?!
Milly: (interview) Robyn, you do not wanna get in Chef Ramsay’s way. If you get in his way, it’s gonna be like running at bulls in Spain, and you gonna lose!
Gordon: What...
Robyn: I said I didn’t wanna send that.
Gordon: ...is this? [holds out pan with burnt Brussel sprouts]
Michelle: Overcooked Brussel sprouts.
Nick: (interview) Chef Ramsay is pissed because Robyn’s Brussel sprouts look like rabbit turds.
Robyn: Sorry, chef! I changed the wrong pan!
[Gordon just throws the pan aside and silently walks back to the kitchen]
Michelle: Come on, Robyn!
Nick: Bounce back!
Michelle: Just re-fire it, okay?
Robyn: (interview) I feel like I just got a beatdown, but you know what? I am not going down like this.
Nick: Robyn, you’re good! Come on!
Robyn: I got it, I got it!

Gordon: I’ve always admired Robyn’s no-nonsense attitude, but tonight she had the wrong attitude and served up a lot of nonsense.

Episode Fourteen [17.14][edit]

Episode Fifteen [17.15][edit]

Episode Sixteen [17.16][edit]